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  2. Does anyone know how exactly juror number 5 was dismissed?

    I know she had shown bias. But how was she caught doing that? Had there been eye witnesses or did other jurors tell on her?

        • I heard HLN was scared of her… That she was shaking her head in agreement with Alyce. How true that is, I’m not sure, but I want to know from her, if she would’ve hung the jury!

            • That Jean woman said, “Boy, I don’t know about her! I see her shaking her head in agreement w/Alyce”….. Like I said, I don’t know, just repeating what I heard…. And this was before she got shown the door.

    • think there was a ta tel tail on the jury told on her that is what I hear could be wrong every thing about this trial has been wrong starting with every one lying and jet they raised there hand and said I will tell the truth sure you did.

      • The most important thing is to find out if the jurors who were excused were for Jodi. The first juror excused was not. But as a person on the jury, did she tell the “establishment” who she thought was leaning toward Jodi, so that they could get rid of the jurors who were for Jodi?

        No mock TV jury, on HLN After Dark, ever convicted Jodi unanimously on any point. There were always two, sometimes three jurors who would hang the jury. Get rid of those, and you have a unanimous 1st degree conviction, maybe a death penalty

        But isn’t it illegal to get rid of the two jurors who would vote for jodi?

        • That is my concern too. Juror number 5 might have been the only one who was in favor of Jodi, Could she have been the juror who was a victim of domestic violence?

          I find it hard to believe that all the other jurors did not show any bias. Wasn’t one seen moaning while Jodi was on the stand. Weren’t there reports of expressions of boredom on the face of many jurors at the same time.

          But we all know all these juror did not have any bias.

          • The judge might have been worried this jury was for Jodi and let he go because of that reason. The judge, prosecutor and everyone else was going to make sure Jodi had no one on her side. It will all come out sooner or later and someone will pay for railroading Jodi.

              • I don’t think 5 was for Jodi. Drunk loser 8 definitely wasn’t. But I think 11 may have been…we hear nothing from him.

                • Juror #5’s husband said she agreed with the verdict, for whatever that is worth.

                  Juror #11 left for health issues. No idea how he may have voted.

            • I am not certain about this. I personally feel the judge realized that Juan crossed the line so many times that an appeal is winnable. This is why I feel she permitted the sir rebuttal wittness go on the stand til the wee hours of night. I could not keep my eyes open to finish watching that it and that defense expert was very good. I am certain the jurors were falling asleep but the judge wanted to end it that night, no matter what. It was becausenshe knew there were numerous fubars already that are winnable on appeal, and she just figured there was no reason to drag the case out any longer.

              I want to stress once more that the shows that boosted their ratings by exploiting lies, will be part of the appeal that ends up helping Jodi in the end. There is solid proof that Juan connected with people that lead these shows and he sometimes repeats, verbatom, their suggestions in court. It is not coincidence and is provable and he knows it, and they do to. It is visible also by their body language. All the defense has to do is replay the shows, Nancy and Drew for certain, and they will see the misconduct and clear media input that denied Jodi a fair trail.

              On that note I have to say, “Goodnight friend”. Lol.

  3. OFFENSE: On my Facebook page, I posted a photo of Samantha giving her victim impact testimony. Caption: ‘If Lizzy Borden Fucked a Golden Girl’.

    RESULT: This morning, I received the following FB private message (I do not know this person):

    “Neil Attenborough Hey Basse, there’s something about this photo that bothers me. Would you please take it down? Thanks. I am sure photos like these aren’t meant to be on facebook! Please can you remove it. Thanks!”

    My bad! Did I offend the Travis Taliban with a controversial post about a saintly Alexander sibling? Pfft. I cannot believe the people responsible for the ubiquitous grotesque photoshopping of Jodi Arias that wallpapers the Internet, has the stones to write me that message.

      • I think I like you ideal better than mine. It takes a couple of cups of Java before my kick ass button to kick on.

      • “Then give him the full-on ‘TA Justice Served’ pic.”

        Too late. Last week, I posted the body-bag pic with the caption “Travis looks good in blue”. I was FB jailed almost immediately.

    • Well, I don’t feel so bad now I guess….. My daughter just asked me about that HLN post on my wall last night, so I told her…. I only watch to find out what’s going on, but those stations will be blocked on my TV after the trial! I just can’t get over how biased they are!

    • Write back . . . “Hey Neil, there’s something about spinach that bothers me, but when I see a photo of it on somebody’s web page I don’t waste time writing in about it. I got enough to do just keeping up with myself.”

    • Isn’t that the message that is automatically sent by FB if someone reports an offensive photo? I got the same message when I posted a picture of my cousin when we were kids that she apparently didn’t like.

  4. To Jodi Arias & her family & friends:

    I cannot imagine what you all are going through at this moment. But perhaps it might make you feel just a little bit better knowing that you are not going through this alone. The media is overwhelmingly biased against Jodi Arias and for Travis Alexander. There is no disputing that. And, they have taken it upon themselves to humiliate, denigrate and assassinate Jodi Arias one-by-one, little-by-little, every single day of this trial. Yet this woman keeps going back out there every single day to face the fire, face her critics, face her tormentors, face her would-be assassins and never backs down from any of them. This is one of many reasons why I admire and love Jodi Arias.

    I was raised Roman Catholic and I will be the first to admit that I am far from a perfect Catholic or a perfect human being. To me, perfection is unattainable and only God is perfect. However, I also think that as human beings we should strive for excellence and that the path to heaven is by being as Christ-like as possible. Not with words or slogans, but with adapting behaviors and a code of conduct that is consistent with the teachings of Christ. There are many men in this world who are charismatic speakers. Personally, I feel that charisma is overrated. Charisma is no substitute for character. You could have the greatest oratorical speaker in the world giving a speech, but if he does not believe what he is saying, then how can anyone believe what he is telling you?

    There are some so-called “Christians” in this country who have made themselves quite visible during this trial that not only want to see Jodi die, but they are reacting to the prospects of Jodi dying the way Travis was getting off on using Jodi and then discarding her like a piece of trash. Shame on them. Shame on Travis. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting awfully tired of the judgmental, holier-than-thou voices coming out of the Travis Alexander camp these days. They approach the Bible the same way the Taliban and al-Qaeda approach the book of Islam. They twist the words and teachings and exploit them for their own personal and political agendas. The only thing the Travis Alexander camp has not done yet is commit violence against innocent civilians. They only support the man who did.

    I am very intuitive and while it would be inaccurate to call me a psychic, I believe that I am more like a mentalist who has the ability and gift to read people. I know Jodi’s heart and while I don’t know her personally yet, I do know one thing: this murder was not pre-meditated. She is innocent. And, as an American who believes in the freedoms and liberties of citizens and a Christian who believes in the teachings of Christ, I have chosen to defend her, support her and do everything within the confines of the law to free Jodi Arias. And I will never back down from anyone no matter how much they try to intimidate me or my message. I will never surrender and, to paraphrase Pete Rose, I would go through hell in a gasoline suit to free Jodi.

    It will not happen overnight and it might take us some time, but together we will free Jodi Arias and bring her justice. Jodi, we love you and to Jodi’s family, we love you, too, and we aren’t going anywhere without you. I want you to stay positive and focused no matter how confused, desperate, helpless and hopeless it might seem to be or get. Their agenda is driven by hate. Ours is driven by love. Their agenda is driven by revenge. Ours is driven by justice. They want Jodi to die. We want Jodi to live and would have preferred Travis to be alive today and in jail to face his consequences. In the end, we will achieve and receive justice and freedom so long as we believe and conceive justice and freedom. God bless you, Jodi, and your family. And, if there is anything that I can do for you all, email me here. Thank you for listening.

    • charismatic speakers best one I know of was Hilter and look what he did I’m catholic to but was excommunicated because I married a divorced man. So its just me and God now. You don’t need a church to know him. One day Jodi will lean this and give up the Mormon religion that is what got here to were she is now.

      • The only thing the Travis Alexander camp has not done yet is commit violence against innocent civilians. They only support the man who did. Not true Flores report link above they was a woman that came forward said I think my husband did it or may know how did She is dead now shot in the head just like Travis and they called it suicide no mention of the gun or the bullet on autopsy report another suicide was Dan Freeman’s brother the day the Trail started what did he know.

        • Frank Queen thanks for you comment here you are now family and we hope you will stay for a very long time for it is not over and we are taking this fight for Jodi to the world for the injustice that AZ and other have dished out can you imagine what if Jodi is innocent of the killing him and that someone else did this and her defense team told her to change her story so they could us the self abuse I’m not saying Travis did not abuse her but if the abuse came from the killers that put a gun to her head then she to me is the Saint in all of this no Travis she has endured the hate the lies the cover up the Travis clan the Jury the prosecutor her own defense all have let her down and they what to know why she want to die give me break they a blind and stupid

        • I did not know about Dan Freeman’s brother. Can you shed more light on this man and how he was related to the case?

          • Just got hate male telling me to keep my mouth shut about his brother and his death that is all I know and to Ashley death to …. 🙄 from the kkk clan on my fb changed my profile here and they still tracked me down

            • Whoa!! That’s interesting! Keep copies of EVERYTHING! I did not know that either! It’s sad they can post-post-post, but if we post, we’re threatened! I’ll track their IP thru work, and I WILL file charges on ANY & ALL who want to engage in hate, and threats with me! I told the Colonel at work what was going on, and I’m ready to rock-N-roll with these PERVS! I’m telling them to BRING IT ON! And BTW – Did anyone else notice, Bobble Head Samantha went thru the “crying” motion, but I didn’t see ANY tears…Hmmmmm!

          • yes to strange suicides all because of this trial and I’m sure with all the hate and the love for Jodi or anyone who would speak the truth my have a short life and be called a suicide…. 🙄 more kkk mentality Hitler mentality and Hughes mentality Family Mentality when will they see that something is wrong with the picture how can you be a cop and not scratch your head the roommates were in the house for 5 day and did not do anything about the smell and the other odd stuff they saw. Travis Phone is left in the house and ring and ring and ring and no one goes to pick it up to investigate and Flores if he had done his job a lot of dead people would be alive today thanks to him he’s a FUCK UP big time and he has the backing of the police department and the Mayor FUCK AZ

            • The roommates in the house for 5 days kills me!
              No one in Arizona thinks that is strange? This Flores cop sounds like a lazy ____. He asks was there any one that was stalking Travis, would want to hurt him? And the first answer he gets he goes after. He doesn’t even consider the source of where it came from? That is poor police and detective work. The whole trial is poor American Constitutional Justice Work! It makes me want to vomit.

              • Marianne….

                and Zach Billings one of the roommates….He told Flores that Wednesday was his day off work…he returned a car rental that morning…returned to Travis home around 3pm….stayed in Travis’ home until around 4pm…then went to clean his girlfriend Amanda’s house…then returned to Travis’ house around 9pm….

                And Enrique the other roommate told Flores that he saw Travis that Wednesday morning and talked to him…then Enrique went to work…and Enrique returned to Travis’ house right after 6pm that same day….

                Now how in the hell was Jodi supposed to skirt around the two roommates…washing two loads of clothes and drying one load of clothes…and do that massive cleanup and wipe down the staircase banister in less than 30 minutes…

                Nothing makes any fuxxing sense…

                • Don’t all these “issues” make you wish the defense had used a different strategy (other than self-defense)? Think about it for a moment. Jodi’s first story (briefly) was that she wasn’t in AZ at all. That could be based on fear. Her second story, which she maintained for 2 years and even appeared on national TV with was that there were two intruders who killed Travis, and they let her go. Sure, it seems farfetched, but is it plausible? It’s actually as plausible, if not more so, as a small thin woman killing a much larger man with 16 inch biceps with a knife, right?

                  At some point, according to Dr. Samuels, Jodi was “gently nudged” into pleading self defense (by him and Nurmi). Why? Well, if they had gone with the strategy of “whodunnit,” lesser included offense would most likely not have been included in the jury instructions. With self-defense, it was almost a given. So, the defense wanted to save their client’s life, first and foremost, understandable. But self-defense is incredibly difficult to sell to a jury, and obviously, the lesser included offenses didn’t help.

                  So look at the other strategy for a moment:

                  1. Small thin woman attacks muscular larger man with a knife — not a gun, according to the prosecution. This woman has no previous history of violence and no criminal record.

                  (Okay, criminals commit crimes with no previous record all the time. Haters will say she kicked her mother as a teenager — but that an under the table kick in response to a kick. And she kicked a dog in the back yard as a freshman in high school when he tore into a garbage bag full of stinky diapers. I pushed my stepfather when he was trying to rape me, and I once spanked a cat for peeing on the floor of my stepfather’s home, because I wasn’t supposed to have the cat inside the house. I was 15-16 when both of these incidents occurred. As a 35 year old adult, I also once slapped my boyfriend across his face. He later became my husband and beat me, and blamed it all on that slap. So, I guess all of this makes me a violent person, right?)

                  2. There’s a footprint of a fairly large sized boot in the blood at the crime scene. But the body (and the blood) wasn’t discovered until 5 days after the killing. A pool of blood would have been completely dried in that length of time, not just congealed around the outsides. (Research that one if you don’t believe me.) Was Jodi wearing boots? I thought she was wearing socks. Did anyone match the boot print to Jodi’s shoes? Nope. No further investigation.

                  3. Travis was alive (per the photos) at approximately 5:30 p.m. Enrique came home shortly after 6 p.m. Let’s even assume he was mistaken and he got struck in traffic that day and he didn’t get home until 6:30 or even 7 p.m., although it’s unlikely he had forgotten such a significant traffic jam in 5 days right? He found it odd that the door was locked (it was always open) and that Napoleon the dog had a barrier up preventing him from going upstairs. His girlfriend noticed Travis’s ring and watch on the counter. Since the door was locked, Jodi was most likely gone. Is it possible he missed her? Sure, it’s possible. But how did she lock the door and leave? Okay, so let’s say she locked it from the inside so she’d have notice of someone getting in while she cleaned up and she was still there when he got home.

                  Well, here’s one thing we know, she made calls around Kingman, AZ beginning at 10:30 p.m. That’s a 3.5 hour drive (in good traffic) from Mesa, AZ. In order to make it there by that time, she had to have left Mesa by 7 p.m.

                  So, the latest time Jodi could have been in Travis’s house is 7 p.m. Have we established that fact? I think we have.

                  Again, Travis was alive at 5:30 p.m. Jodi was gone by 7 p.m. at the very latest.

                  Between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. (but possible even earlier than that), here’s what Jodi did (according to the prosecution):

                  (a) stabbed Travis in his chest perforating the vena cava (while he was seated in the shower, but looking at her);

                  (b) stabbed Travis in his back, back of his head, multiple times;

                  (c) chased or was chased by Travis down the hall;

                  (d) slashed Travis’s throat;

                  (e) shot Travis in the head;

                  (f) dragged Travis back to the shower and placed him in it;

                  (g) ran the shower on his body and did some rudimentary clean up;

                  (h) stripped the bed and threw the bedding and the camera (perhaps accidentally) into the washing machine and started the cycle;

                  (i) cleaned herself up (since there was no blood elsewhere in the house and she, therefore, didn’t track it);

                  (j) waited for the 40 minute (?) washing cycle to complete and transferred the bedding plus camera into the dryer;

                  (k) assembled and loaded laundry into the washing machine for a second load and started the cycle;

                  (l) dragged out a floor cleaner, re-arranged furniture downstairs, and wiped the banister;

                  (m) checked to ensure she didn’t leave her belongings behind;

                  (n) tracked down Napoleon, brought him downstairs (or maybe got lucky because he was downstairs), and put up the gate to prevent him from going upstairs;

                  (o) locked the door and left the house.

                  She did ALL of the above in a space of time somewhere between 30-90 minutes and probably within the lower end of that time. WOW!

                  3. After Travis’s decomposing corpse is discovered 5 days later, Ashley Reed (then Thompson) calls in a tip suggesting her husband may have been involved. The police talk to Ashley. She discusses her close friendship with Travis and that she was divorcing Dustin and had planned to move in with Travis. Travis thought it would not look right, so she moved elsewhere. This occurred within the week before Travis was killed. Ashley says Dustin was acting “strange” at the time of Travis’s death. Ashley has an order of protection against Dustin, therefore, he has a violent history. The police never interview Dustin even though they have a tip and perhaps a very sound motive. They already have their perp: Jodi, they believe. Later, after the divorce is final, Ashley commits suicide. Shortly thereafter, Jodi wants to change her plea to self-defense.

                  4. Lisa provides the police with yet another tip. Travis had a roommate with whom he didn’t get along, John Hepworth. He moved out mysteriously in the middle of the night, without telling Travis. The police never spoke to him. Again, they already have their perp: Jodi.

                  5. For five days after his death, neither of Travis’s roommates smelled the decomposition of Travis’s corpse even though they spent long periods of time in the house, often with their girlfriends. Enrique thought he smelled something funny on the fifth day, but didn’t investigate. When the police arrived after the body was discovered, the smell was overwhelming.

                  6. Enrique’s girlfriend noticed Travis’s ring and watch on the counter. He never went anywhere without them. They never moved for five days. Travis wasn’t a guy who stayed home all day every day. He was very involved in his church. He didn’t attend church activities, not even church on Sunday.

                  7. The roommates also observed that Travis’s wallet and laptop were in the den and did not move for 5 days.

                  8. Zach said he did laundry on Saturday, at first. Later, he said he did laundry on Wednesday. If he did laundry on Wednesday, when? He was only home early in the morning, and between 3-4 p.m. But he supposedly got up and went straight to the return his rental car. One hour is not enough to do laundry, wash it, dry it, and pick it up. So, did he pick up his laundry that night? If so, why didn’t he notice the blood? Did he take Travis’s laundry out and put it back in?

                  9. When Jodi returns the car, there’s a smell of cigarette smoke. Jodi doesn’t smoke. Who does? (Steven Alexander smokes, but he was a long way away. Did Leslie Udy smoke? She was in the car in Utah. How about Ryan Burns?)

                  10. Jodi told Dr. Karp that Travis admitting to fondling young boys. She told Dr. Samuels a similar story. Who is/are the fathers of these boys?

                  11. Throat slashing is the sign of (a) blood atonement in the Mormon religion (Jodi was a new convert without a temple recommendation, so would not have known this); (b) the mark of a professional killer; (c) a sign of a hunter. Jodi didn’t hunt. Who did? Dave Hall hunts. Travis hunted. Who else?

                  12. An upside down license anything even a license plate is a universal plea for help. Was Jodi crying out for help when her license plate was turned upside down?

                  Back to no. 1, there has to be some doubt about a woman killing a man with a knife in the first place and having the strength to drag him. It’s more probably someone else did this. Reviewing all of the above, could the defense have made a case and used a different strategy and been successful? Once they chose self-defense, they couldn’t use any of the above.

                  None of this really matters now, but it’s interesting, right?

                • Abused…Awesome…

                  That is the most accurate narrative of that Wednesday, June 4, 2008 that I have read so far…you managed to pull in all the factual information from the detective’s report of the roommates own words given in testimony and it made an excellent factual timeline of what happened that fateful day…

                  Too bad…all the idiotic people aren’t intelligent enough to read the detective reports and watch enough of the trial to put all this into perspective as you have done…

                • I can’t take credit for it all, honestly. It was discussing the case on another site, with a criminal defense lawyer, that made me look at it the way I have. Although I had some doubts, I was fairly satisfied with self defense, but looking at the evidence that was NOT investigated, I began to really feel differently about everything. This might be Monday morning quarterbacking, but wow. It’s now so obvious in hindsight that the defense should have taken a different strategy. But they reverted to training — conventional defense “wisdom”. Nurmi was, after all, straight out of the PD’s office. But I think they did their client an injustice in not pursuing more of the things that were sooo out of place. I’m sorry if that offends anyone. My thinking about this case has changed so dramatically from looking at it from another perspective — one of a defense lawyer who has challenged me (and all his other readers) to really think this through.

    • Great post Frank. I too admire Jodi Arias for the way she has held up during this trial despite all the stones that have been thrown at her. She has endured. She has won my compassion.

      I like how you stated the motivations of the two sides as: “Their agenda is driven by hate. Ours is driven by love. Their agenda is driven by revenge. Ours is driven by justice.” — Spot On

      In reference to your charisma comment, It seems the media has dubbed him as a ‘charasmatic motivational speaker’. That is inaccurate. What he did was speak at Prepaid Legal Services meetings to recruit other potential members to help his employer and himself make more money.

      I hope and pray that Jodi Arias is able to crawl through this river of shit and come out smelling like a rose on the other side. — Morgan Freeman / The Shawshank Redemption

    • Frank Queen, you say “thank you for listening,” and my reply is thank you for posting. “They approach the Bible the same way the Taliban and al-Qaeda approach the book of Islam.” My thoughts, exactly. Since the unjust verdict, a night has not gone by where I don’t wake up in the middle of the night and think; what is our world coming to? I see Christianity spreading – but then so is hatred, so what is happening? I am continuing to do everything I can, write, pray, visualize, meditate, for justice to come, soon.

    • FrankQueen….

      Sounds like you and I could be twins…LOL…I have always been intuitive and when I first started watching this trial…it is that feeling of what I was hearing audibly than what they are saying in the physical that convinced me right at first that she was innocent…

      I read people too…but have had an army of angels around me since I was a crawling baby and when I was a teenager I tried talking to my Baptist preacher about them and he didn’t understand what I was talking about…then I got a lot older and I made an appointment to talk with a Catholic priest…(the was the first time that I had ever been inside a huge Catholic Church)…and for once I found someone who understood what I was talking about…he told me that a lot of people have this gift of seeing, talking and receiving messages from the angels…he welcomed me back anytime that I wanted to talk with him again about the angels…

      [quote]I am very intuitive and while it would be inaccurate to call me a psychic, I believe that I am more like a mentalist who has the ability and gift to read people. I know Jodi’s heart and while I don’t know her personally yet, I do know one thing: this murder was not pre-meditated. She is innocent.[quote]

      Thanks for your wonderful post…it truly meant a lot to me on a personal level…it is so hard finding people like me…and I love everyone…

      • Thank you to all of you for the kind words in regards to my earlier posts! I meant every word from the bottom of my heart. Together we’re going to get this done. Never, ever give up!

    • Thank you Frank from me too for this very good post, it echoes how I feel too, how all of us feel on here.

    • I think every thing about this has been Jodi protecting her family from the moment she pusher her way past the ass hold that pointed the gun at her head and shot and missed because it did not fire.

      • Yes I believe the family feels threatened. If they’re not being watched by the Morman Klan outside the courthouse then they have HLN harassing them. That doesn’t include the crazies who show up with their blue ribbons that didn’t even know TA or JA. I feel the jury was persuaded and intimidated too.

    • Good question!

      It could be that the family feels threatened.

      But I wonder if Jodi’s mother is afraid that she would not be of help and might make things worse. Maybe she is afraid that the jury just does not like her.

      Though I think if that would be her reason for not taking a stand for Jodi she should at least give it a try. How worse can it go now?

      • I have always felt, (and I reiterate….. Me, Myself and I), Jodi is protecting someone, not just her family. I hope one day we will find out from Jodi….. But look at Casey Anthony. She’s still in hiding! I’ve asked the same question MANY times about the roommates! Being in Law Enforcement 12 years, I pause w/this investigation! I’ve done it, seen it, and heard it all! I worked in the Narcotics Unit, SWAT, and Road Patrol….. A lot does NOT add up! TA’s family and friends are weird, and that’s a MILD understatement! Jodi was in danger w/TA, and I feel strongly, in danger w/TA’s friends!
        Now, Jodi is responsible for the grandma’s death too! WOW! They really do have a set of balls!!
        One other thing, I have to “vent” for a sec…….. WOULD YOU SHUT UP NANCY DISGRACE ON YOUR FIANCE’S MURDER!!!!! What does your hubby say about you constantly bringing that up?!! My goodness!! It was OVER 30 years ago!!! MOVE ON! Talk about “playing” the victim!! NO ONE cares!!
        I know she’s reading this, and I will say, you really are a Disgrace!!!

    • Yesterday, someone posted a film clip that explains it. Her mother testimony would go against one of listed mitigating factors. ????

      • Hey Ann 🙂
        I wondered why Jodi’s mom, and dad would say things of that nature in an interview with a Det. I think the mom really didn’t believe she did it, and was trying to “help” her, in her own way….. Once Jodi said she did it, you see no more clips of them (parents) talking about her. (Or I haven’t)
        Look how Cindy Anthony explained herself. Jodi’s mom could explain why she said that…..
        Do you agree? I don’t know, but would like your insight on it….

        • Sandy Arias should testify, things cannot get any worse. She believes her daughter is
          mentally ill. As much as I do not think this is a murder one, I do think that Jodie has mental
          issues. The mom could be very sympathetic.

    • Hmmm. I don’t want to say threatened yet. Although ultimately that is what happens. I get the sense that Jodi’s family are not as viscous of the other players i.e. Travis’s side. For example: both her parents sat down individually with the cop spurting out how they always felt something was wrong with Jodi. It was the worst move parents could take at that moment especially since what they were describing didn’t at all identify her as a murderer. Just a normal teenager. So to put her family up to testify or speak for Jodi could be a wrong move. Even when I see Sandy being approached by news media, she is very kind. In one way it is great that she is that way. But with my understanding, background, education, experience I would have haul off and punch them. I would feel like this is my daughter who’s life you are taking away. How dare you want to bleed me more.
      Jodi was very different from her family. Even though she didn’t pursue her education she was self taught. She speaks eloquently and she has an excellent vocabulary. She is an artist and a painter. She was fouled by Travis’s bullshit thinking he would be a step up to marry when really he was many steps down. She had done so much work on making herself better that she fell for a scam like Travis.

    • cindy jewell,
      I have been out of the loop since just after the verdict was read (except I did pop in here to say hi to everyone since then) I did not watch any of the impact statements and your comment here is the first I have heard of anything regarding Jodi’s wish that her family refrain from impact statements. My guess is that Jodi does (did) (?) not want to sway the jury from imposing the death penalty as sentence for her. She stated in her post-verdict interview that she prefers death to a life natural sentence. I think she wants to eliminate her family’s involvement with this stage of the trial in order to make it easier for the jury to feel completely validated in recommending a death penalty sentence. I think it may be too difficult for her to hear her mother’s plea for mercy to spare her daughter’s life when Jodi herself finds life imprisonment to be worse than death itself. Jodi seems to be opting for what she possibly perceives as relief vs. hell behind bars. I believe she does not want to go through THIS hell that she and her family has had to endure ever again. I empathize with Jodi. This trial and all that has preceded it is enough to push even the strongest of humans to a breaking point. I believe Jodi is broken and feels defeated. Maybe she feels allowing herself as sacrifice will cleanse her of sins? Another thing that may be possible; perhaps Jodi does not want her family to speak because she does not want the jury to be swayed away from death penalty because she feels her life imprisonment will only be an added burden to her family. Another reason she may prefer to die asap is that she believes that Travis is in the same place she is headed. After all HE certainly was as much a sinner as she. Maybe she believes she will be with him again…however absurd that seems, it could be the way she views things…after all, Mormonism is full of ridiculous beliefs. Who knows really though. I am so sad for her and for her family. Jodi sure walked into the lion’s den the day she met Travis.

  5. I agree too there is no Catholic that would agree with what is happening and I would love it if the Catholics got involved to fight the Mormons I always wondered as I was growing up why my father told me we do not go to other religious churches I now understand why after what I’ve seen in this Trial

  6. Janeen Russo ((((( good morning big hug to you have a good sleep )))) woke up early 6am had a bad nightmare baby horse broke its leg and the money hungry assholes did not want to fix it

    • ((((((((((((((I Will Survive)))))))))))))) Good morning doll!!!!

      Those bastards!!!! I’m so sorry about your nightmare!!!

  7. I watched the last 15 mins of CBS 48 hours. The Hughes were mouthing their usual rant against Jodi. I am not a psychic but quite intuitive as well. I see the hypocrisy in all their faces who claim to be part of Mormon faith and yet are out for an “eye for eye” against Jodi. To me it makes them worse than Jodi because until today, Jodi has not bad-mouthed Travis, which I am sure she knows first-hand about. But these people, church people, pray in a temple, get baptized into the faith are mocking and want a full extent of the law to kill Jodi. I am losing my faith in humanity and this hate circus the media entertained has only proven the caustic society we live in. If not for people like you who still have a heart of humanity, there would not be HOPE! My heart is breaking! Thank you!

    • Be Well think about what you just said and now visualize the Hughes in the house knocking Jodi out as they shot Travis why because he may have molested their son I see this I feel this and every time the speak I know this my intuition tells me this they have been on a rant from day one my have start weeks before they killed him now that I have said this I need a can of Troll spray for the roaches that are going to come after me

  8. I came across some beautiful things that Jodi wrote such a short time before this tragedy happened to her
    and I am posting one of them below.

    “Tuesday, April 29, 2008


    One little moment of clarity is all you need to unlock the infinite potential that lies within, and in doing so, you can become a source of miracles. What miracle might you create? Besides the fact that the very act of creation itself is miraculous, you can create Heaven on earth. You may have been led to believe that you are defined by weakness, greed, or poverty. That is not you, that is an illusion. How you are defined by others has no relevance when you finally wake up and unplug from the matrix. Open your eyes and realize who you already are – a child of the Divine. Realize what you already are – infinite. Realize where you already are – in Heaven. Choose to awaken, and you will soon become well-acquainted with your unlimited potential.

    The following is borrowed from Marianne Williamson’s book A Return To Love, and has made the rounds on the internet since its initial publication over 16 years ago. It doesn’t just bear repeating, but it is in harmony with the theme of this post, and couldn’t be more well written:

    Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

  9. I still cant sleep. Been up all night thinking about jodi. I was just thinking the same thing about patty and any other witnesses to speak on jodis behalf might be afraid of the hate they will receive afterward. Is the judge stupid? oh ya lets wait until next week to start jodis witnesses so that the haters can intimidate them all weekend. I heard ALV was supposed to be one but backed out and I DONT BLAME HER. Does anyone know about what patty is doing? First I heard she was testifying by video cam and now after dark said she will be testifying and that JM will attack her. But if its video cam he cant really do that

  10. If JM is allowed to attack any and all of the witnesses who speak on Jodi’s behalf…What the fuck is the point?

    I just want this shit to be over so we can concentrate on her appeals.

    • AMEN.

      I can’t wait for this shit to be over so we can MOVE ON. Enough is enough.

      They had their funfest. They sucked the blood out of every fucking iota that they could concerning their railroading of Jodi. They’ve had their turn.

      It’s ours now.

    • At first I didnt realize that JM would get to cross examine all of jodis witnesses until I heard Dr pew and after dark say he would. You are right what is the point. Still worried about how he will treat patty though

      • Excuse my french….BUT….

        FK Patti….she shows up in court HIGH and dressed inappropriately….ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????? On the day she is supposed to testify FOR Jodi?????

        She couldn’t stay off drugs for 1/2 a day?????!??!!??!!? How much is she really on Jodi’s side???

        I am LIVID that this person would sabotage Jodi at the greatest time Jodi needs SUPPORT and SOMEONE to be on her side…

        For fuck’s sake – stay the fuck home in a drug induced stupor you dumb bitch….don’t bother showing up on Monday – you are such a piece of shit – Jodi doesn’t need you.

        • I totally think she’s come to court dressed inappropriately, I dont know why Jodi’s mom didn’t take her aside and counsel her. I think she’s been a drug user in the past, not sure about now. I doubt Jodi or the DT knew about until Thursday though. I did see a arrest for drugs, which I’ve heard was heroin. I’d like to believe in the best of Patti, she was probably terrified that Juan would be able to bring up her drug usuage. I just don’t know.

          I realize that anyone standing up for Jodi will be a target, but where are her friends, her sister? I feel awful that they have been scared off.

        • I cannot find it anywhere. Did any of you try a goggle news search for “Jodi” + “Arias” + “mother” + “arrested”?

          I do not find anything but I probably do not get any results for news in the English language…

        • I have never posted here, I am not a Jodi supporter, but not a hater either, but I did want to give you some info, before you all start hating on her friend Patty. The person who originally posted this information, falsely identified her as Jodi’s BFF. If you look into it, you will find that this Patti Womack is actually 52 years old, so that is not her. I only found arrest records and drug related arrests on the Patti Womack who is 52 years old. So please before you start ruining an innocent girls reputation, please do your homeword and verify it.
          This is the person who has falsely indentified Patty. Chris Stark@stark39233m.

          • Hi Tori,

            Thank you for offering input. It seems you would like to clear up a rumor.

            Not sure what you mean by hating? It seems to me both sides are accusing each other of hating and perhaps, each side should focus on support and not pay any attention to what the other side is saying.

            So what I hear you saying is that there is a patti Womack who is 52, with a criminal arrest record and Stark ( allegedly ) is spreading false rumors about the “real” Patty Womack, who is testifying for Jodi? I’m assuming, the travis supporters are trying to dig up dirt on womack to help Martinez? What’s funny to me is he has asked those super “sleuths” to stop contacting his office. I assume if Womack has any negative in her background, Martinez will find it and doesn’t need the help from social media.

            FYI, Our posters don’t sleuth people on Jodi’s side that I know of.

            They don’t sleuth haters either because then that makes us just like them ( that I know of ). On occasion, we looked into people mentioned in the police report, as do pro pros sites.

        • I don’t think this is true at all. I read a message from someone that was in court & that person said that PW looked appropriately dressed to them. This person didn’t say anything about PW LOOKING like she might be on drugs. I don’t know where the PW information came from but I wouldn’t believe it until I heard it from someone reliable.

          • the dung dug up info about darrell brewer too, posted it and he was a 77 yr old man. It’s like how much can they fk up to keep us chasing and finding truths.

    • What a reply (((( Sil )))) good morning to you did you have a nite-mare get up on the wrong side of the bed as I did I too want the appeal process to begin but first thing is to get Jodi back from the Dark Side of wanting to die and feeling she just cant win this

      • ((((I Will Survive))))

        No sweetie…I didn’t have any nightmares last night…I came home after a long drive and started on the letters we’re going to write to anyone with ears. =)

        Sorry, you had such a terrible dream though… 🙁

        Don’t worry though…We will prevail. You know and I know it and the haters know it…That’s why they’re so pissed and feel the need to come shit on our site. 🙄

    • True, there will be an appeal and there will be real justice for Jodi. She will be free again. May all who had part in convicting her all go to hell and have a terrible life.

    • Why is JM allowed to cross examine Jodi’s witnesses? And why didn’t the defence cross examine the ‘cry me a river’ siblings??? WTF is wrong with this picture? And what is JM going to ask: example:

      WITNESS: Jodi was very loving to me and my son
      JM: Liar!
      WITNESS: But is the truth!
      JM: Liar – liar pants on fire!
      DEFENCE: Yoy honor he’s badgering the witness!
      JUDGE: Approach to the bench
      JUDGE: @#$^%&(^()*)
      JM: With the judges approval I can fuck you over any time….

      Pffff. This is a circus de soleir! Bring in the clowns!

      • I didn’t think anyone was cross examining anyone. Jodi’s side can’t just talk? Martinez can still be abusive?

    • I think that’s the main reason, Sandy won’t testify on Jodi’s behalf. The limp-noodle-dick motherfucker will surely make her breakdown and twist every word she says.

  11. Oh, and another thing…If you are a troll posting in disguise as a Jodi supporter…We’ve got your number. We can tell who you are.

    Just sayin’….

    • Are you referring to me? OMG I am so NOT one of the trolls. I hate those people and now most of society too because how is this kind of witch trial going on and it seems like a majority of people believe this shit when there is absolutely no evidence. No I have been up all night thinking about jodi. I have not slept a wink yet

      • was not directed at you ((((( mystery))))) have read what you write and don’t think you are a Troll

        • Thank you because I am so passionate about this case almost in tears, sleep deprived, and so sad we live in a world that allows this crap to go on in courtrooms.

          • I have been there too when Jodi cry’s I cry and when she wont I cry for her I have spent many nights awake going over the Flores report revisiting video’s and SJ has done a great job making it easy to find and watch just have to go to the top and click choose and watch or look cant get that anywhere else unless you go to u tube or HLN witch I have to vomit to watch them. HATE them want to see them Die all of them

        • It was tense here, yesterday, mystery. You could not have chosen a worse time to post here for the first time. But you have definitely shown that you’re on our side.

          • I am very much on your side. I just wish I would Have come here 3 months ago and gotten to know everyone earlier. I didnt know about this site 3 months ago

        • Oh thank you. Hey I hope that this cover up thing releases some kind of scandel before anyone gets to vote on a verdict and the cover up screws up the whole trial. I have some hope. That would be great and then we could laugh at all the haters and make them eat crow!

  12. I don’t know what Jodi could possibly say to satisfy anyone. If she says she is sorry for something she didn’t do, it would only hurt her appeal and not accomplish anything anyway. If she gets on the stand and pleads for her life, they will only mock her for what she said previously about begging for death. If Darryl and Patty try to tell the world about Jodi, JM will simply make a fairy tale out of what they are saying or call them a liar. You’re right, Sil. Lets get it over with.

    • I wish I had known Jodi personally.. I would be up there in a heart beat !!!!!!!!!

      Getting to have a go round with the little ff rat would make my life !!!!

      • I second that. In a heartbeat I would do that! You know what? I thought patty sounded weird on ng. Maybe she was high that day. she stopped in the middle of her sentences a lot and paused and then talked again. OMG So now if she comes back high on mon then we may only have darrel brewer to testify for her? Just one person? that is so sad. It makes it look like she has no one and no friends. Or maybe that is why they want her to testify by cam because she is too high to be in the courtroom and the jury may not notice as much if she is on camera. I wonder what kind of drug she is on?

      • I wish we could get all her supporters and go into that courtroom and stand up for her. Thousands of us. We would not be able to get it together and go through proper channels at this point.

    • Yea I agree, I think she shouldn’t even say anything. Its a waste of time and she shouldn’t give them the pleasure of apologizing. That’s what they want, and for what?! They’re still not going to blv her apology is sincere.

  13. Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday!

    I have learned that someone posted something I shared in Vent on the main page. Please do not do that again… anything said there was said there for a reason.

    Thanks, and have a wonderful day, all!! ♥

  14. Just a little about myself. I left home at 15 because of a broken home, like most animals in the pound. The difference was, I wish I was in a pound at least I would have had some food and shelter waiting to be executed. My mother rejected me since 5 and separated me from my siblings. I grew up without her love, something every child need. So much has happened more worse since then but I am happy to report that I am a survivor of an unloving path. I made a pact early on NOT to screw up my life even though my life began that way. I went to therapy, vented, took kick boxing classes, journaled, meditate to evoke human emotions in me to reverse the effects of abuse on my mental health. I took on belief that I had no excuse to be a victim of it and will survive. So yes, 30 years later, I did. I grew up in a Catholic home, with a preaching mother who made sure we read the Bible but she broke every commandment behind closed doors. Our family were a witness of her dirty secrets but no one dared to point it out to her. As that innocent child, I was so intuitive, I pointed her out and told her as is without realizing the power she had. She targeted me and made an example of me to the other children, that I was a bad child and not to support me ever. That is in the past now, I am not sorry of the past, I learned from it and became a solid person now. I kept my promise not to be a victim and I made it!
    That is why I feel for Jodi in the most compassionate way and I know first hand about hypocrisy and hiding behind religion and conning people. Hughes and Alexanders are misrepresenting everything good about the Christian faith. It is NOT an eye for an eye, it is about forgiveness, compassion and MERCY!
    I forgave my mother and she passed in 2010. Thank you nature for saving me so that I can may be give someone a rope to get out of a well and not give up on themselves!

    • Be Well, thanks for sharing….. im glad to hear that you had the chance to forgive. It must’ve been very hard. Keep your head up and best luck to you.

    • Be Well,
      I believe that most of us supporting Jodi have had a handful of terrible situations happen to us. A lot of pain that we felt and a lot of heartaches. Either it comes from our immediate family, our friends or our work, it only has made us stronger – at least it has me.
      This is the reason we relate to Jodi. This is the reason we support her. She is only human. She is not a saint but nor are we…
      It is because we have big hearts that makes us see beyond the fakeness of the travis clan. It is because we embrace the mistakes that Jodi has made and we want to make sure that she is given a second chance to life. Knowing what she knows now, she will become more strong and she will be able to see evil when it is around her.

    • Be Well,

      Thanks for sharing. I sure wish the Alexanders would have the same kind of attitude you had in the face of neglect and terrible circumstances. They at least had a loving grandmother who did what she could to help them and still…look at how they act?

      People who through the most horrific experiences can come out as winners and survivors and overall better people.

      I’m glad you can relate to Jodi…I’m glad you support her. =)

    • Oh Shit I need some sleepy time tea. I cant stop thinking about this stuff. Ok ladies can you drag a 200 pound man because I have been wondering about that? Im about jodi’s size 5 foot 7 and 105 pds. I think she was 115 pds at the time she supposedly dragged him. Im going to experiment this

    • good find..good thing i’m typing and not talking, i’d have to pick my jaw up off the floor first. this is just not right!!!

  15. Thank you all for the human touch of compassion, which is why I love being here with you all.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Now our Jodi needs our ropes and love to get out of this hole!

  16. Can anyone explain why there isn’t a gag order on the Hughes and Alexander family while the trial is on?
    Is the media going to get away with influencing public opinion in convicting Jodi?

  17. CBS couldn’t wait to continue boosting its ratings and continue with its slanted coverage of the Jodi Arias trial.

    I didn’t watch the “update” since I, like everybody else, knows what happened, but I let them know what I thought of their coverage:

    CBS has blood on its hands for engaging in journalistic malpractice. Maureen Maher and her producers should be FIRED for having promoted a lie to the American public because they did NOT seriously question the motives of Travis Alexander’s lying friends when they peddled a false narrative that was debunked in court.

    This case was a classic domestic violence case and not premeditated murder (hence the overkill involved). It strains credulity that Jodi Arias was some crazy stalker who traveled a thousand miles to kill Travis because she was jealous over taking his girlfriend to Cancun–the lie peddled by the county attorney’s office thanks to the lies peddled by the likes of Chris and Sky Hughes. We know, if we are honest, that not only did that not happen, but that Travis was actually addicted to Jodi and wanted her to visit him, had sex with her, and then something happened in a life-or-death struggle where he ended up dead. If it hadn’t been him, Jodi would have been dead. There is no point in rehashing the entire trial, but the prosecution knew it had a dog of a case that will be pitched out on appeal. That jury was tainted and scared of the mob mentality that was ignited by a handful of Travis’s Mormon friends who felt they had to save face no matter what the cost. It is a disgrace that CBS started this whole debacle when Maher and her producers did NOTHING to critically look at the motives behind Travis’s alleged friends.

    And WHY did CBS EVER interview Jodi Arias while she was incarcerated? THAT should be against the law, and I don’t care if Sheriff Arpaio allowed it, given the fact her statements, which showed she was suffering from obvious trauma, would be used against her in court. Maher and company should be FIRED for that.

    Edward R. Murrow would turn over in his grave if he knew the network he once worked for not only has gone the tabloid route, but that basic journalistic principles were thrown into the trash.

    • Tonysam, I know you are an avid supporter of Jodi Arias as am I. I enjoy reading your posts and they are always spot on. You are right about CBS carrying the torch for the following lynch mob. I think laws need to be enacted making it a criminal offense to report certain events in such a way that jeopordizes a defendant receiving a fair trial. JODI ARIAS HAS NOT RECIEVED A FAIR TRIAL.

      I am so upset about the railroading of Jodi Arias that any TV station or it’s affiliates that does not report the facts in a fair way will not be getting any air-time in my household.

      Jodi Arias’s trial was tainted before it ever began. 50% of the proceedings were a waste of time because Juan Martinez made this trial into a circus.

      • CBS was the one that lit the match for the lynch mob four years ago, while HLN was only a recent newcomer to the lynching.

    • can’t get the charges page to load . . but violation of probation, fines mean she’s been charged and wow at all the alias ..

    • wow…

      Criminal Case Report:

      Defendant also known as Tanisha Joy Alexander
      Defendant also known as Danisha Alexander
      Defendant also known as Hilary Jean Alexander
      Defendant also known as Renee Weasea Tilghman

      Arrest Charges:
      Count 1 – PC M242
      Severity – M
      Description – Battery
      Plea – Guilty
      Status – Convicted

      Summary probation granted for a period of 24 months, under the following terms and conditions:
      1) Obey all laws, ordinances and court orders
      2) As to count(s) 1 Pay fine and penalty assestment….Pay victim restitution to the court…

  18. I have no contacts with media or any other blog about this trial.

    Can someone on this site please get this news to the “mainstream” media.

    Jose Martinez plagiarized last week during his argument to the jury that Jodi deserved to die, in other words he (SHOCKER) lied.

    When he was describing how TA died, Juan Martinez, an officer of the court, stole a line from a poem by Dylan Thomas, a Welsh poet.

    But he SURE DID NOT TELL THE JURY THIS!! He said that as TA was stabbed, that Jodi did not “let him go gentle” into that good night.

    Did JM tell the jury he was quoting a well known poem from Dylan Thomas called “DO NOT GO GENTLE INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT” ????????

    No. He didn’t.

    Why? He’s a paid professional liar. He’s got pay stubs from Maricopa county going back many years.

    Did he say “In the words of the Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas, she “did not let him go gentle.”

    NOOOOOOOOO. He sure likes to score points on Jodi’s lies.

    Well…. I bet if anyone could get access to his college and law school records, they”d see that JM learned how to lie and steal quotes a long time ago.

    So let’s get this out on HLN. Let’s ask Nancy Grace why the fuck come Juan Martinez could forget the source of his lies???

    But he wants Jodu to die for hers.

    I want to See Juan Martinez do a press conference to apologize for lying.

    • Please.

      Someone in Mesa or Phoenix– if you are reading this .

      Please go to the court house steps. Ask one question: of the media.

      If Juan Martinez can brand every single one of Jodi’s witness’s as liars (then why isn;t he a liar5 and fraud ?

      Remember, he told the jury that because the therapist who testified for Jody listed a conference as “Key Note” speaker instead of “panel speaker” is a LIAR and her whole testimony has to be discrarded… then why can’t the prosecution’s case be discarded because Juan stole a line from a poet and he didn’t give credit???

      COME ONE JUANboy.



    • I think he was actually quoting, or referencing, Jodi. She used the same phrase during her post verdict interview.

      IMO it was a *wink wink* at the jury, as in ‘You saw her say that on TV the other night, RIGHT? Even though we know you tell us every day that you are abiding by the admonitions, you’re really watching everything you can about this trial on TV, RIGHT?”

      • I know. But still. Juan passes himself off as Mr Perfect Memory. Except when it comes to things he disapproves of : )

      • Dirty Sanchez has said some really egregious things throughout this trial; I hardly think that quote rates. If someone goes after that goblin, there is endless fodder.

  19. havent read all comments lately been trying to scan through some today I have been trying to do outside work in between court days and read at night but I am so tired i end up falling asleep. I did see the post about Monday night regarding AZ AG and I cant wait to see it . I do hope this will shed some light on some things. Ive said it before and I will say it again something stinks in AZ. Even SA can smell it or it could be samantha since he always sits beside her, whatever it is he seems to always be smelling something or so it appears that way.
    Found this also CH and SH look like 2 deer caught in the headlights when asked about visiting TA’s home, S said no C said yes at the same time and then they both had to come up with something to fix it.

    • Have you noticed how strongly the Hughes went out there voicing their hate against Jodi?

      …After the emails came out where they were warning Jodi about Travis and also the ones they exchanged with Travis about Jodi…they became even more aggressive.

      Methinks Chris and Skye doth protest too much.

      I want them to keep talking on and on and on…Oh Please KEEP giving interviews!

      Because thanks to those interviews, we have proof about all the lies they told about Jodi. All of them have been documented in all that video footage. So yeah, Chris and Skye..keep it going.

      • “I want them to keep talking on and on and on…Oh Please KEEP giving interviews!”

        Yep. Keep digging your own graves, a$$holes.

        • At the rate they keep giving out interviews, they should be able to retire from their PPL scam in…I don’t know…probably sooner than Travis’ 15 PUMPS.

      • I would almost bet Chris and Sky Hughes were the ones who suggested to CBS’s 48 Hours to cover this case.

        CBS gets hundreds of suggestions a year for stories, so I suspect the Hugheses tipped them off.

        The narrative the prosecution used is virtually identical to the b.s. the two spewed on 48 Hours.

    • Thanks for posting the link it is a really interetsing video about Sky and Chris Hughes.

      How comes that they haven’t talked about that before? How could the miss that part of their story?

      • exactly yall, i keep going back and listening to roommates, friends, ppl peeps, ch & sh, and comparing to each other and testimony given and putting it all together

  20. For those who know more about the law than me:

    If Jodi gets the death penalty, there will be appeals that are paid for by the state. As I understand it, if she gets life with or without parole, she can appeal, but she has to pay for it, which she can’t.

    If she gets death and mounts an appeal, what all can happen? Is the appeal ONLY to overturn the death sentence, or can the appeal (or subsequent new trial) also overturn the entire conviction?

    Following on the last, if the sentence is DP, does she have any possible way of getting the first trial thrown out and having a new trial? If so, would Judge Pickles have to be on the bench?

    After the verdict, in the interview, she said she prefers DP over life in prison. Right after that (if my facts are straight), Kirk and Jennifer asked to be removed from the case, and Pickles denied the request. What kind of position does this put the attorneys in? Here they are charged with trying to get Jodi’s life spared, and there’s their client telling the world she wants to go to death row. What kind of strategy are the attorneys taking now?

    Can they just lay back and make no attempt to persuade the jury to choose life over death – i.e., in a sense throw the case? Can they choose not to have defense witnesses’ impact statements read? Can they just “let nature take its course” and hope Jodi gets what she wants?

    I know these are a lot of somewhat unrelated questions, but I would like to hear what others think about any/all of them.

    • A successful appeal can result in a variety of things. Sentence reduction, new trial. and on and on. It’s a matter of what the court decides to do.

      As to the attorneys’ request to be removed from the case, we’ll have to see what happens on Monday. IMO, they aren’t going anywhere and will fight for her life regardless of her wishes. That is all they are permitted to do.

      • The attorney should have left the case upon their request. They are no longer effective.

        1. Nurmi did not want the case in the beginning

        2. Most important -Nurmi claimed he did not like client 9 days out of 10, now it appear he
        does not like her 10 days out of 10

        Nurmi and Wilmot requested to leave case but were ordered to continue by judge. They are
        no longer effective counsel

    • I wondered about this too. From what I have read, it appears that if she cannot afford an attorney, or doesn’t get one pro bono, she can get assigned a public defender for the appeal for both life and death penalty. If she is given death penalty, there is an automatic appeal. With life, she can appeal, but it could be denied.

    • oh yeah Basse…I’ve seen that before. I think someone posted it when it had only like 200 signatures. I don’t know how effective those petitions are to be honest.

      That started on the same day SJ posted the infamous picture. 🙄

        • lol I kinda figured. Someone sent it to me, and I was curious though. I thought you were on vacation, SJ, or I would have emailed that question to you personally.

      • Oh, thanks, Sil. Well, they reached their quota of signatures, but I still don’t see much clout in having GoDaddy as your threat to us? How much could GoDaddy really affect anything?

        So, the body-bag photo is what set these assholes off? Unreal. The crap they post is just SOOOOO unbelievable offensive, that their petition is a joke.

        • LOL Well I wonder where Go Daddy’s headquarters is?? Maybe a certain person on here might just know higher ups in the company that say the petition is (cough cough) BULLSHIT!

  21. I just heard that one of the two people that are speaking out for Jodi on Monday (ex-Darryl Brewer and best friend Patti something) is backing out of testifying now. I hear Patty may be backing out because she has a criminal record and does not want to get ripped into by JM. That SUCKS if so!
    PLEASE someone tell me if you have heard anything about this?! Jodi only has two people speaking out for her and one is possibly backing out?! Also, why do you think Jodi’s mom is not scheduled to speak on her behalf? I am so worried about Monday and the lack of support for Jodi I can hardly stand it.

    • I haven’t heard this. Is Martinez even allowed to attack the people making statements? That doesn’t seem fair.

      • I agree! I am not absolutely positive but I did hear that if anyone gets on the stand for Jodi they are subject to cross from JM. Can someone here verify if they know for sure?

        • An AZ Attorney on Fox & Friends with CH this morning said “JM will be crossing all defence character witnesses including Jodi herself”.

          I would really like for Jodi’s Mormon Priest to speak.

          And Jodi’s abuse by her mother is one the mitigating factors that the defense is going to argue to the jury. That is why Sandy Arias can’t be a character witness.

    • Several of the Alexanders have a criminal past and/or drug problems. This has more to do with the fact that she has been heckled and attacked via social media posting her information since she left the courthouse Thursday but of course the media won’t say that as they are part of you. Speaking of the media why does the media have such liberal access to the jail anyways? Filming and making fun of Jodi’s cell? Filming Nurmi and making fun of his weight and clothing on Friday? They are like vultures circling.

      • No one made fun of Nancy Dis Grace when she went into pre term labor. We didn’t say hell even her own flesh and blood couldn’t stand to be near her!!! Nor do we say hateful things about that fiancé she had that died..We don’t say stuff like…He chose to walk in front of a speeding bullet so he didn’t have to spend one more second looking at her ugly mug!!! We could but we don’t. But we could say Nurmi may be fat but your ugly and he can always lose weight. ( a zinger I learned in elementary school .I have always defended the person all others were against.)

    • Good video Ed, thanks for sharing. I understand the point now for why they see it as a risk to put Jodi’s mom on the stand. I still believe though that the one thing that would make it hardest for at least hopefully one of the jurors to vote death for Jodi is to see her mom pour her heart out, pleading for her daughter’s life. I just could’nt do it.

      • If I was her mom I would have zero problem saying that yes I was WRONG when I hit my child with a wooden spoon. I was a young mother and I was wrong.

        I’m sorry I harmed my daughter whom I loved very much then, and still do today.

        What could JM say to her? That she’s lying just like her daughter? He’d be a bigger ass than he already is, if that’s possible, if he would attack her mom for her parenting skills from 20 years ago.

        I hope her mom speaks as I feel if she doesn’t she may regret it down the road … unless she knows more than we do and has a bigger better reason than Juanita twisting her words than we are aware of,

        Fuck the haters and their threats.

  22. “I believe there are only two unstoppable forces in the universe. One is love, the other is intelligence. I also believe that a person’s capacity to love is directly related to their intelligence level, just as hate corresponds to a person’s level of ignorance. The only thing that makes it impossible for the system to destroy you and grind your spirit into nothing is to be more intelligent than it is.”
    ― Damien Echols, Life After Death

  23. I have a message to the jury:
    I know that some or all of you are God fearing Christians. When you go to church this Sunday take a look at the man on the cross and remember that he was EXECUTED for a crime that was considered most heinous. Look into the eyes of Jesus Christ and remember that his mother was deprived of her son, who was about the same age as Jodi when he was nailed on the cross. Remember that compassion was his message, and if you show compassion towards Jodi, you have fulfilled your deed as Christians and I guarantee it. Please, remember you will be judged by the same standard you use to judge others. Make the right decision and give her life. Do not fear the blood thirsty mob who will disagree with you. God will protect you and your family.
    God works in mysterious ways my friends. A compassionate action by you may guarantee a permission slip to heaven.
    Pray for TA and JA.

  24. I seriously hope the media is wrong and Jodi’s friend Patty will testify on Jodi’s behalf and not back out. Yes, JM will most likely attack her criminal record if she has one but I don’t see how she will be able to live with herself if Jodi is sentenced to death knowing that there was the slight possibility that her testimony could have gotten to one juror and made a difference!

  25. just found this on DF’s brother
    I hope i am not repeating anything that has been posted. I am sorry if i am, trying to do this during breaks.

    Sad story Prayers for the Freeman family ..wonder if he told who the neighbor child was, I hope so, humm did they know TA back then. This person needs to be brought to justice, I am sure this was not his last victim and may have not been his first.

  26. If I were the Defence, I think I would take a chance with Mom and Darryl. It’s too bad that Matt could not as well. I read something that he wrote about Jodi. Patti, although I am sure she cares, has too much baggage that JM would just love to gloat over. The mitigation factors probably won’t work as they stand anyway, so why not put Mom on the stand.

      • But I wonder if the contradiction itself couldn’t be ‘mitigated’ by standing up there herself and ‘owning’ it – talking about the ways she and her husband might have failed as parents, or things that might have gone on in their lives that put good parenting n the backseat.

        Ahhh, no, I think probably the main reason not to put Sandy Arias on the stand is so that JM can’t pounce on her about the things she said to Flores after Jodi was arrested.

    • I totally agree-I see the point of not wanting to go against the mitigating factor for Jodi by putting mom on the stand, however, I think the risk is worth it since there might be at least one juror who would find it too difficult to vote for death after seeing the anguish of Jodi’s mom begging for the life of her child. What do you guys think Jodi is going to say?

      • And if the mom would say how confused and lost she was when she found herself in that interrogation room with stupid Flores as she was clearly lost when she was there is that a bad thing?

        I have such a hard time in how every feeling and emotion this family has felt they end up getting their face rubbed in it. But the saintly liars from CA get a pass every which way. Can you imagine if Jodi’s brother was the arrested meth head addict or had been in prison????

        The haters would be requesting a double room for them both.

        Fuck you haters.

      • “What do you guys think Jodi is going to say?”

        JMarie, I believe Jodi will just be Jodi and basically repeat her post-verdict feelings … Jodi said in her interview on FOX that she prayed to God for a fair jury.

        Remember, this jury agreed to to hear this four month long DP case – so they started off assuming Jodi was guilty of M-1. This jury is sure to have horrific nightmares for having put one of God’s children to death. In God’s eyes, a DP juror is no better then Ted Bundy.

      • Some jurors are older then 60, I am sure they were not raised in a “Leave it to Beaver”
        household where everything is perfect. Sandy Arias can admit that she was not a perfect
        mother and the jury would understand

  27. Regarding Jodis friend, Patti: if it IS true that she is a drug addict, I blv that shouldn’t matter. She was still Jodis high school friend and IF she has only goid things to say about Jodi, why wouldn’t she be able to say what she has to, to TRY and save her friend. Drug addiction is a disease and maybe she hasn’t gotten the help she needs. It doesn’t mean shes not a good person and that she doesn’t care and love Jodi.

    I dont know what and if she’s backstabbed Jodi (that’d be the only reason for her to stay away), but if she’s been true with her words about Jodis, then I think her personal drug addiction problems should have nothing to do weather Jodi lives or dies.

    • Exactly LC. I say put both the friend and her mom on the stand and let them try to get through to maybe one juror despite the risk of it interfering with mitigating factors or because the friend may have a drug problem. What matters is their history with Jodi and for the jury to see and hear about the many redeeming qualities about Jodi that the jury have NOT heard about. To me it would speak volumes that her old friend would get on the stand despite her struggle with a deadly addiction. That loyalty would show me how much Jodi means to her. Geez…it is looking VERY VERY VERY dismal if the only one willing or able to get on the stand is Darryl. Why not Matt??? I feel sick to my stomach over this and cannot imagine how Jodi must feel.

      • I still don’t understand how her mom standing up will interfere. If there was abuse in the past, it is just that, in the past. The jury can obviously see she has been there this whole time supporting Jodi. If her support interferes with the mitigating factor, then the damage is already done with her sitting there each day. (although I don’t personally think it does any damage, but rather the opposite). Its a mystery to me.

      • One of the problems with the drug use might be that JM can then cross examine her and accuse her of having “memory problems”?

      • Yes … big deal! If she is. It has nothing to do with her relationship with Jodi. In fact she could take a cue for the TA brother and blame her continued addiction and nightmares on how she knows the real Jodi and that she is not the monster she’s been made out to be.

    • another sad part to the story is people are afraid to talk. look what has happened to every witness for Jodi. people should not have to be afraid to speak on her behalf. Why did her story change the same year ashley supposedly committed suicide, coincident or not?

  28. My apologies if this has already been discussed (I read alot of what is posted here but I can’t read it all obviously) about what ever happened to Juror #5? I saw a very short 2 minute news clip where she says she wants to go home and speak with her legal advisor before she makes any statements or talks with any reporters. I seen one other news clip with her & she says that she doesn’t want to speak until after the verdict but other than those short clips as far as I know she has never spoke out about the trial or if she did I must of missed it?

    The verdict was read & still no Juror 5 and to me that seems somewhat suspect because you know that she had to of been approached by those fools at HLN so why hasn’t Juror 5 giving her opinion shown up anywhere? Is it possibly because she doesn’t want to be subject to the Travis lovers so she is keeping silent or maybe because HLN doesn’t allow any pro Jodi talk on their network?? I saw the news report said that it was the defense who asked for her to be removed, does anyone know if this is true?

    • I was thinking about this very same thing last night and I have only seen the same clips you are talking about. In one clip she said she had alot to say and she did do alot of evil looks the next day she showed up in court after her boot to the curb. I wonder if she still plans to talk or if she has been told to keep her mouth shut. It would seem if she had something to say against Jodi the media would be all over it.

    • My understanding is that she made a degoratory “joke” about Dr. Samuels and the amount that he was being paid to other jurors. I believe that it was the Defence that saw it and they questioned the jurors individually in chambers. She was excused after that. I also understand that she was pro prosecution.

      • Where did you hear she was pro prosecution? Just wondering because I would think that just like EnoughISEnough said if she was against Jodi the media would be all over it. I heard that the “Joke” was something along the lines of for the hourly rate they were paying to Dr Samuals it would seem they would be able to afford more comfortable chairs for the jurors? If that was the joke that seems more like a random comment that wasn’t a big deal and doesn’t sound like its against Jodi to me really…

      • Good afternoon,
        Juror #5 was removed because she made a statement that if they can pay $300 hr to Dr. S, they can afford to buy more comfortable chairs for the jury. Somebody from the jury rotted her out, and they did that back in Feb. So she was on their shit list. That’s what I read somewhere, but it could be just a rumor.

        • OK, but bear in mind that the REASON the jurors were all being questioned that day was because of the Martinez fan club on the courthouse steps. It wasn’t, to my knowledge, because of the laughter at #5’s quip that was heard as the jury left the courtroom.

          I guess it’s possible that, when the jurors were being questioned individually whether anyone observed Martinez’ fan club, they were also asked what that burst of laughter was about.

      • thank you, well shucks, wonder why she hasnt already talked then.

        I must get back to work. I think my break was over hours ago. oh well, i’ll just have to work extra hard!

  29. Just making sure I am understanding this correctly, JM gets to cross the people who speak on Jodis behalf? I have never heard of this so just wanting to be sure.

    • ” JM gets to cross the people who speak on Jodis behalf? ”

      A Phoenix, AZ attorney on FOX today with CH said “JM can cross everyone who speaks on Jodi’s behalf”.

      • Fuck the CH and the buss he was on in cancun want to turn his as into stone to bad this one was destroyed we could use her now

        • You got that right…Chris Hughes and his pedo hugging wife can jump of a cliff..somewhere..and I phrased that nicely. They are sick nasty people just like TA morman klan…gross…

    • If Jodi’s mom can’t talk, why her aunt or even her grandmother don’t ? I think Jodi’s grandma can make some impact on the jury.

      • “grandma” — I finally agree with someone on who should testify for Jodi. Yep. I think that’s the way to go.

      • been trying to figure what would I say as Jodis g’ma. Jodi is a girl, a sweet girl not like many nowadays. So I see her bottom, I’ve seen her bottom since she was a baby. WHY and what made her show her bottom like this is what disturbs me. What happened for her to have pictures of her bottom and seeing others bottoms too, .. these kids . . your kids . . everyones kids .. dont show bottoms . . it gets you dead.. I don’t mean that to be funny or mean, just like an older woman might appeal with simple logic.

  30. I will survive the attacks of the kkk clan because when and if they come to my house this is what they will see

    • when they come here they have to catch me out first .. they get to introduce themselves then I interrupt them and say we have two different Gods, if they do not leave I can make arrangements for them to meet mine. Some start up so I get some iron . . I won’t mess with them but then I live in the hills .. there is no law here.Actually our prosecuting attorney is our worst problem .. unless you’re one of the good ole boys, if you have problem and call the sheriff, they just say oh that’s ole so n so’s .. take yer time. I hate the way America is not one nation under God with each state and municipalities within the state make their own rules. .. Sorry . . I think “pissed off” has surfaced and seeing IWS feeling intimidated torques me.

      • Thanks, cb, to make my comments suspicious. Square reasoning people like you succeed, to get the coldest icebergs on battle.

  31. Confession time:

    I am just now listening to the impact statements. Send positive thoughts and prayers to me to give me strength… =)

  32. Thank you all for the kind words and comments to my above post! 🙂 I wanted to re-post this since some of you may not have had a chance to see it the other day in the “Leave a message for Jodi” section.

    My name is Frank Queen. I’d like to tell you all why I support Jodi Arias. First, I would like to begin by expressing my thoughts and prayers towards the Alexander family. Whatever anyone thinks of your brother, including me, if there is a single person alive who is not moved or touched by the bond you all share, then he or she simply does not have a heart. Second, I must confess that I did not watch this trial every single day from the very beginning nor did I watch it religiously until the month of February. I have not only been watching the trial since that time, but I also have been doing diligent research on all of the parties involved including Ms. Arias and Mr. Alexander.

    In the last 4 1/2 months, those of us who have been watching the trial on television have gotten to know Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander more than they knew of them a year ago or even 5 years ago. I’m sure that there are some people out there who wish that they didn’t know as much about either of them or the both of them as they do now. For some people in this country, this case, this trial is very black-and-white. Travis Alexander is the murder victim and he’s the hero, the good brother, the mentor and the Mormon role model who not only wore his heart on his sleeve, but his sleeve on his heart. Jodi Arias is the villain and the murderer who killed him, ending his life at the tragically young age of 30. She has been portrayed as evil, a slut, given the derisive nickname of “Hodi”, been attacked and villified on television and the Internet.

    In a perfect world, this trial would be a slam dunk. However, we do not live in a perfect world. And, contrary to what some people might think out there, nobody is perfect. Neither Jodi Arias nor Travis Alexander are perfect. We also know now that both of them were far from perfect Mormons. But going beyond the sexual activity and pornography which Travis and Jodi were engaged in during their time together, how does a sincere individual reconcile with the fact that Mr. Alexander referred to himself as a “dildo with a heartbeat” and Ms. Arias as a “three-hole-wonder”? How does a sincere individual reconcile with the fact that Travis Alexander audibly gets excited after Jodi Arias climaxes orgasmically and he compares it to a 12-year old girl having her first orgasm?

    The Travis Alexander supporters typically respond with “Well, he’s a guy! C’mon, Frank!” Seriously? Is that the best that they can come up with? Call me crazy, but this sounds tantamount to the age-old excuse of “boys will be boys” when girls have been prone to sexual harassment or misogynistic language directed at them in the past. And, while there may not be visible signs of physical abuse on Jodi Arias at this point, I feel that Mr. Alexander’s cruel, insensitive words, his disturbing behavior and his hot-and-cold sexual feelings for Ms. Arias in which he took it upon himself to use her as a female body is tantamount to psychological and emotional abuse. On a personal level, I was bullied for several years when I was in school. Some of the abuse was physical, but the bruises and cuts typically heal. Sometimes a scar will form, but that pales in comparison to the verbal and psychological abuse which is inflicted upon us by bullies or family members or friends or lovers we thought we could trust and loved us. Those scars are not able to be seen because they are on the inside. Yet they manifest themselves in other ways when some of us don’t fight back and we take in the abuse day after day after day. Why don’t we fight back? Fear. Fear of getting hurt even worse. Fear of rejection. Fear of being abandoned. Fear of not being loved. How many of us know women or men who have been in destructive relationships and continue to remain in them because they would rather not be lonely?

    I am not here to make excuses for Jodi Arias. Clearly, she has made mistakes and done some wrong things in her past prior to killing Travis. And, early on during this trial I kept saying that I wished that Jodi would have came clean from the get-go and just told the truth about everything instead of running away and telling lies about what happened. However, it occurred to me not long after that I was thinking in terms of black-and-white when the world we live in is much more gray. I began to talk with people who have BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), abuse survivors and people who help abuse survivors, particularly domestic abuse. And I realized that I was basing my opinion on my own life experiences, but not taking into consideration what someone else’s life experiences have been like. I don’t know what it’s like to walk into the shoes of a woman who has been abused by a man whether it be physical, mental, psychological or sexual. But I now have a much better idea of what it must be like and that was when I realized that Jodi Arias’s behavior and actions are not unlike many other men and women who have personality disorders. We also know that Jodi Arias grew up in a turbulent home life with her mother and father with allegations of abuse. And, Jodi’s behavior over the years is not inconsistent with someone who has been sexually abused at a young age.

    Jodi Arias was far from a goody-two shoes in her youth and I believe she would be the first to admit to that. However, to her credit, she has managed to turn her life around, become a successful woman in her career and is an amazingly talented artist and photographer. Moreover, Jodi does not have a background of violent crimes prior to being involved with Travis Alexander. If she was so evil or this temptress that the media and some haters make her out to be, then why didn’t any of her other suitors die? How come they are all still alive and well? She didn’t kill any of them, so why Travis? Is it possible because the other men never abused her? Is it possible that they never referred to her as a “three-hole wonder” nor did they give themselves the self-proclaimed nickname of “dildo with a heartbeat”?

    As I sit here and type this, there are people on the other side, the pro-Travis Alexander faction, that is literally salivating like Pavlov’s dog and waiting with great anticipation for the bell to ring on what they presume to be Jodi Arias’s death sentence. I find that odd for so many of them to be such devout Christians and “pro-life” yet gleaming with excitement over the prospects of, in their own words, “frying her”. It is almost like they are a football player running downfield with the ball in their hands and they’re just about ready to spike the ball in the end zone and do their celebratory dance. Enough to make you sick? Try reading some of their comments on the pro-Jodi Arias Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. And, incidentally, I did say that right: PRO-Jodi Arias. Yet these people have taken it upon themselves to join groups in which they hate to talk with people whom they hate to smear and destroy a woman that they hate. Well, this makes no sense, does it? It’s like a vegetarian going to a Burger King and screaming at the employees and customers about how much they suck because they are murderers for killing animals and demanding that the business be shut down. They have a right to operate their business just as the people who support Jodi Arias have a right to operate their pages. If you don’t like it, perhaps that could be because you’re on a pro-Jodi Arias page. Try joining an anti-Jodi Arias page or website. I’m sure there’s at least one around.

    I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen regarding Jodi Arias’s sentence. My gut feeling is that she will be given life in prison instead of the death penalty. Regardless of the outcome, our resolve does not change and we will begin immediately working on setting Jodi free from prison. There is no question that she needs help, but she needs it by professional psychologists in a doctor’s office, not in the confines of a prison cell. She needs the love of God at this most desperate hour and I believe He is there for her at this very moment. I’d like to close this with a quote from Abraham Lincoln. He once said, “If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what’s said against me won’t amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong, ten angels swearing I was right would make no difference.” Thank you for listening. God bless you and your family. And, Jodi, if you read this, God bless you and your family. We love you.

  33. I also wrote this poem earlier this week for Jodi. I’m going to be sending her a postcard and plan on including this poem with it, but I wanted Jodi’s family and friends to see it. And, if someone could get this to Jodi sooner, I’d much appreciate it. Thank you!

    “Stay Alive”
    The verdict is out, so speaketh the jury,
    “Guilty!” they said as the haters flashed a smile.
    The vultures swooped in with venomous fury,
    Emboldened by injustice at this trial.
    They claim to love Christ yet cheer for your death,
    Whilst making the Mormon prince into a martyr.
    I will fight for your freedom until my last breath,
    Unwilling to surrender for there is no need to barter.
    I know you said death is a viable option,
    But I insist that you reconsider your life.
    I am a foot soldier to your cause and its adoption,
    Willing to fight the challenges which are sure to be rife.
    Stay alive, Jodi, for your family and friends,
    Stay alive for the people who created this page.
    Stay alive for the chance to start over, make amends,
    Once we free you, sweet dove bird, from your cage.
    To me, you are beautiful and lovely as a woman,
    Talented and artistic, passion flowing from your art.
    Someday you will find true love with a true man,
    And he will want to get inside your mind, soul and heart.
    Stay alive, Jodi, for the other abuse survivors,
    Stay alive for the gifts God has put into your hands.
    Always remember we love you and we are the drivers
    Of the train of justice soon to be part of your plans.

    • Frank Queen you have a good heart the world need trillions more like you and other like us her that love Jodi and do not want to see her sad, cry, or feel alone do to the hate against her

      Thanks 😆

    • Beautiful poem Frank Queen…

      Are you a published poet too?

      I write inspirational poetry too…mine is in a book out there in the world…

      • I have had some of my poems published, yes. It is my passion and whenever I look at Jodi’s artwork and photography I can see the passion and love for both that she puts into them. I believe that an artist reveals so much about themselves in their art and when I see Jodi’s drawings, paintings and photographs, I get to see the real Jodi Arias. They provide us with a glimpse into the window that leads to her heart, mind and soul. I don’t know Jodi Arias, but I feel like I already know her a little bit, if that makes any sense?

        I feel like Jodi Arias is the kind of person whom would hurt herself before she would ever hurt another human being. And, I am not ashamed to say this, but I would be honored and grateful to have Jodi as my friend. She doesn’t need people spitting at her; she needs compassion. She doesn’t need people calling her all sorts of derogatory names; she needs love. She doesn’t need a tiny cell where she is forced to live in isolation; she needs a happy, healthy home filled with family and friends who will love her unconditionally and walk with her hand-in-hand every day and simply be there for her.

  34. sooooooooooo the hate messages have started:

    John Henry:


    “Don’t forget they also blamed Jodi for grannies death.

    sick twisted freaks of nature”

    What do you get out of supporting someone who actually killed someone? I hope to cheer your death one day, hopefully soon. Too bad you are such a coward you would never reveal your true identity.


    John Henry

    Its amazing how you all act like champions of justice when at least the pro Travis crowd has sympthay for Jodi’s family. You all are sick fucks that deserve to die.

    • Glad to see you are back was wondering about you ready to get them did you see my Medusa Gavatar well changed love kitty and we need love here with all the hate

      🙄 RENEE 🙄

        • The pro-Travis crowd has sympathy for Jodi’s family? Really? Then why have we read that:

          –Jodi’s grandparents were poor trash with a small, cluttered house
          –Jodi’s mother and aunt laugh in court
          –Jodi’s sister’s baby girl is a cunt

          and so on.

  35. Basse Krokke (or is it really Heather or Chris?), I just saw your post on the message page for Jodi.

    Can you explain yourself regarding these posts from March of this year?

    Dr. Glass. — What do you think of the video showing Jodi laying on Travis’ lap, yawning, while Travis was telling a compelling story about a terrifying near-death experience?

    Besides Jodi’s OBNOXIOUSLY rude behavior in the video, I was struck by Travis’ demonstrative actions. Hasn’t Jodi been asserting that Travis never publicly acknowledged their relationship? That Jodi was Travis’ “dirty little secret”? My lord, does that woman ever NOT lie?
    Basse Krokke – March 9, 2013 at 11:18 pm

    • BeeCee best explain those words Renee what is up with this do we have a TROLL on the loose using someones name

    • I must go now Basse, but I await your explanation and your explanation for the post you just put on the message for Jodi page.

      • BeeCee,
        I’m with you…I don’t know what hell to think…”YOUR TURN”.
        Yes, Please explain this is creeping me out!!

    • She was Travis dirty little secret after they broke up. That is why he put the facade with his naive friends that Jodi was a stalker. Why else can he explain why she was hovering on his space. If you don’t see this crystal clear, you are delusional. But then again, the media does wonders to fool the naive masses.

    • I will answer that obnoxious question as Jodi did during her testimony. She testified that she had been up very late the night before this video was shot during one of their conventions. She said during her testimony that that was the one time that weekend that he did spend time with her, and she testified how she had felt good about it, but that she was too tired and she just had to go to sleep. Of course, TA had to be the centre of attention.

    • Basse started posting here only a month after this. The difference in opinion is opposite. Did you change your mind from one extreme to the next? Somebody got some SPLAININ to do!

  36. What in hell is going on here!!!!!!!!!???????????? I am seeing that haters and hate mail have started again! Tell them to (to the tune of let’s get rocked) go get, go get, go get, go get fucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I received my Survivor T-shirt yesterday, and it’s so cute. Jodi is a true survivor, and she will survive ordeal with the biased jury, judge, and media. Be strong, Jodi.

    • Lidia your so kind to get one me too have one and love and ware mine everywere to show support for me and lots more who have be abused by men or vis versa

  38. I’ll be leaving soon to head out to eat. Hopefully I’ll get to check back in later and I sure hope this is fixed soon. Something is weirdddddddd!

  39. March 9, 2013 at 11:18 pm on the message to Jodi does not exist just looked but comments from her at the end

  40. WOW!!!! Who would of guessed Miss. Tanisha has a criminal record a mile long. I mean that’s more than just a little bit of trouble in the past…did you see all those alias’s that were listed???? One of them was a Hillary Alexander, I could be wrong but isn’t that the name of one of her sisters?? I just know there is Samantha & Tanisha..I guess I could google it & answer my own question haha

    Anyway Tanishas bad behavior makes a little more sense now… that is a rap sheet of a career criminal if I ever saw one…Battery, Burglary, shoplifting, posession of a controlled substance (from the looks of her I would guess METH), Identity theft, shoplifting & on & on & on.

    I bet Tanisha is LOVING all these donations that are pouring in….what could be better for her, now she doesnt have to steal jn order to be able to afford her meth …why in the world would she want to know the truth about what happened to her brother Travis (who I bet when he was alive wanted nothing to do with her because he wanted nothing to do with any of his family & I’d imagine especially ones like Tanisha wouldn’t fit the image that he liked to portray of himself so she could probably give a rats ass about Travis truth be told) when if the truth were to come out about T-DAWG it would probably cause the gravy train she is living off of to come to a screeching halt.

    Funny how Steven said Travis had wanted to help him quit smoking cigarettes by having him come stay at his house with him…well wouldn’t a loving brother be just as concerned if not more about his criminal sister Tanisha who had/has a drug problem & a revolving door at the prison….that whole family seems as fake as Travis & the rest of his group are….

    • Yes, Hilary is her sister. She pulled the same trick that Travis’ asshole druggie brother did.

      Just shows you how “close” these siblings are, throwing one another under the bus when they get arrested.

  41. Frank Queen – your post of 1:57 p.m. was good for my heart. The one thing I have always wondered is whether Jodi suffered child sexual abuse. She denies that but her behaviour is very indicitive of one who has experienced sexual abuse. Maybe we will never know. There is much compassion in what you write and I too believe that true Christians look at how they are practicing their beliefs. I am beginnig to understand more that the Alexander family are carrying many issues given their disruptive childhoods. Some of them have acted out in the court system prior to Travis’ death. Jodi seems like she wandered in life seeking but never finding. It must have been crazy making trying to keep the good mormon life, while acting out sexually. Unfortunately I think Travis was very troubled and I do believe he abused Jodi mentally, spiritually and physically. He was a good “salesmanJ” so to speak and that is why people are reluctant to believe anything bad about him. I cannot understand how his behaviour is swept under the rug in the jury’s decision. He was abusive. Jodi already had problems and I think on that day June 4th, something major happened and she lost it. Sadly one can see how their toxic relationship made it to that point. To me, these are mitigating circumstances that should have been considered by the jury before they found her guilty of m1. But we all know the problems with this trial and the whole process. I sure hope you are right Frank, that Jodi gets something less than the DP.

    • Judy,
      Thank you for your kind words. I went to both Travis and Jodi’s MySpace pages. I have also read Jodi’s blog on Blogger. If Travis felt so threatened by Jodi and if she was so bad and evil as she has been portrayed, why didn’t Travis call the police and get a restraining order against her? Why wasn’t she reported for stalking? And, if Jodi was such a horrible person, then why did Travis have no problem whatsoever with her being in his house in the middle of the night and to be used for sex.

      Travis was an intelligent man, but he was not unlike a lot of men in their late 20s. He was a douche bag that initially came across as a sweet, funny, charming and romantic man, but the more you got to know him, a woman would begin to see his true colors. I don’t care how many women from Travis’s past get up in front of court or in front of a TV camera and talk about how he never did them any harm. I personally don’t believe that they are telling the truth about everything. What we do know is how he was with Jodi. He treated her with disrespect and used her. Where is the decency in that? Where is the goodness in that?

      Travis was not unlike a lot of abusive men in that they are able to operate under a facade in public. Privately, Jodi saw the real Travis. And, those of us who have an open mind and heart, we are able to see the real Travis. Anyone who dismisses the way he treated Jodi as typical behavior of a guy or says “what did you expect? He’s a guy” are missing the point. Not all men treat women the way Travis Alexander did. And, as a gentleman who grew up with a wonderful mother and sister and treats women with the utmost of respect, I personally am offended whenever people try to make excuses for Travis’s behavior by equating it with “guy behavior”. I am even more offended when it is women defending Travis Alexander because, ladies, you ought to know better. Shame on you.

      • I don’t believe women can know better necessarily though. If society is telling women that men can treat them any way they want, and if they stick around it’s their own damn fault, what other conclusion are they going to come to?

        • I agree with you that society often tells women that men can treat them as they want, but that is where people like us have to come in and speak out when it becomes the status quo. It is up to people like us to let our voices not only be heard, but felt with reverberation throughout society. This trial is the perfect opportunity for us to take a stand.

          • Well, and we have taken a stand, for whatever good that does knowing that the propaganda machine and 99.999% of the Internet is drowning us out. I’d love to make a reverberation throughout society, and who knows maybe we have – but it seems most people think we’d all be better off in the bad old days when men could abuse women without any accountability and women just had to put up with it.

            Women are just like anyone else in that they are products of their experiences and influences. So, rather than shaming women for what happens to them, or shaming them again for behavior that is a product of the abuse they suffered; I prefer to address the cause rather than the effect. Unhealthy attitudes produce unhealthy behaviors, no matter who it is.

            • Well, if you weren’t looking for another foot soldier in your cause, you got one anyway. 🙂 Nobody said that this was going to be easy and it won’t be, but I can tell you that as long as we stick together and keep on keeping on with perseverance and determination, we will be victorious for Jodi.

              I understand what you are saying about addressing the cause rather than the effect. I want to do that, too.

      • I just knew that there were men like you out there who felt that way, Frank…

        I’m so happy you posted that because a few days ago, I was actually pondering that very issue. I could to some degree understand why some women hate Jodi so much, but I was baffled by the level of viciousness in which some men have attacked Jodi. And I’m not just talking about the male talking heads on HLN. Even though I’m a fairly independent woman who tends to lean left on most issues, I still believe that men should be chivalrous and respectful to women — and I find the men who attack Jodi with such vulgarity truly disgusting. I have a son and I am diligent in making sure he understands those values.

        • Sil, you sound like you are an excellent mother! I think that, to a large degree, peer pressure might have something to do with the way many men attack Jodi. It’s the “herd mentality” rearing its ugly head again, isn’t it? But I know these guys and they are not representative of the good guys out there who are committed to their girlfriends, wives and significant others and devoted to their children. They are, simply put, douche bags that have little or no respect for women because they have little or no respect for themselves. They are far too liberal with using the words “slut” and “whore” when it comes to promiscuous women, but if they were to look in the mirror and be truly honest with themselves, which isn’t easy to do, they would begin to see just who the real slut and whore really is.

  42. Tanisha aka Hillary aka other names is a real piece of work. Quite the criminal background she has there. Thanks for posting those links.
    You spell Tanisha H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E or C-O-N-V-I-C-T

  43. Judging from the comments I’ve been missing a lot by not watching the ‘begging for Jodi’s death’ phase. Some theatrical high jinx and overwrought melodrama from TA’s family but no actual tears or true emotions other than anger and relief that they have a scapegoat for all their problems. I bet they’re relieved to finally have someone to blame for all their fuckedupedness. Whew! Talk about lack of accountability. You don’t see your brother or get together as a family for years but suddenly your whole twisted screwed up lives are ruined by the loss of someone who was in the outer realms of your hemisphere anyway. As for trolls lurking around…they are most pathetic of all. They just wanna hang with the smarter cooler kids.

    • Hey Gwen,
      Been waiting for you to show up. There are a couple of YouTube posting up thread of NG. 🙂
      Ed B post and the one above it. Maybe Lainy’s
      I know how much you love the witch. These are funny!

      • I just watched it Ann. lol HLN has made a laughingstock of the whole CNN organization as well they should be. It’s obvious soap operas are alive and well and playing every day on HLN and NG is their Erica Kane. Did you see her holding her ear? That pesky devil was whispering sweet nothings to her again.

        • OMG! As soon as I saw them…I thought…Oh I can’t for Gwen to see them…she will die!
          I love the side by side picture of her and BD (What ever happen to Baby Jane)…LMAO

          • I consider that an insult to Baby Jane. Lol Now lets but JVM side by side with Joan Crawford. Maybe she can dumpster dive for hangers. I’d like to feed them both a rat!

  44. Hi guys I looked up Patty womack but is this the way her name is spelled? Because there is a patty womack that is 52 yrs old that is a heroin addict. This cant be the same one. They call her pothead patty Jodis friend would be about 32. All confused now! Maybe both are heroin addicts

    • Gee mystery –it’s a mystery to me why you are so concerned with this topic. Why don’t you try to find something positive to post about? Your not very clever.

          • OMG You dont even know me and your starting shit? What is your problem? Thats the last thing we need is people not getting along here. This place is for us who believe in jodi! I find your statement rather unfriendly and rude! Feel bad for you! Off to work

          • Hey Zoe what’s with the attitude? She has every right to be concerned as do we all. I haven’t seen you post anything positive today. No need to attack someone who has…

            • If you read mystery’s posts – mystery started the Patty Womack is a junkie thing- I am sick of hearing it. There is no basis in fact that Patty Womack has a drug problem.

              • Actually the first post I found about that was from Janeen who I completely trust. Mystery was as surprised by that news as the rest of us were.

  45. I am going to keep googling every patty womack. Anyone know if this is the correct spelling? damn and I have to go to work in 1 hour and got 2 hours of sleep. Was up stressing over jodi most of the night

    • mystery…I’ll bet that if you go to the Travis Taliban page, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Believe me, if there’s anything bad about anyone on Jodi’s side, they have it posted there.

  46. OMG I missed out on everything. Tanisha has a bad record of criminal activity? I swear that family should be on the Jerry Springer show. WHITE TRASH!!!!

  47. My heart aches so badly for Jodi. She.should be taking care of her ill father.
    I was a victim of abuse for many years and was too ashamed to tell a soul.
    Maybe she stabbed, shot, slit cause in true fear she thought he was stilll
    coming for her. She’s tiny and Travis isn’t! Im thankful that there are victims
    Here just like me. I feel safe. Please, there has to be something we can do to
    help her.

  48. The Taliban is defending Meth Head Tanisha. Imagine that. They can put Jodi to death and that’s cause for celebration to them but it’s okay that Tanisha has multiple convictions. She was young and dumb. The TT has an excuse for everything. No facts and no evidence but excuses up the wazoo.

    • It’s because I posted it on there and they promptly removed it and banned me.

      They are blind to facts and are so obsessed they will NOT look at truth unless it portrays their higher power Saint Travis as a saint, and Jodi and everyone around her is trash.

      So EXTREME DUIs and FELONY ARREST RECORDS AND CONVICTIONS are okay with them if is the jury or siblings, but NOT okay if it is anyone associated with Jodi,


      • If I had it my way, I would have ALL the criminal records posted if they are going to start going after Patty.

        They have NO room to talk, EVER.

          • Uh, Tanisha wasn’t THAT young. She was born in 1979 – her arrests span between 2004 and 2009, which would put her in her mid to late 20s.

            • What a great role model Tanisha is for her children…. Her third child was born in 2003…. It was posted on her FB until she recently deleted it that her last son was born ten years ago …. and recently had a birthday.

                • Judging by her criminal record, one would assume YES……….. FK she was very ordered to anger management classes, and probation for 2 years that was in 2010. Also arrested in 2008 in Oct……………… do you really think she was thinking about her brothers death? Also, she was married in 2010……..

                  Great family……. and they say they are close, only closeness I see is stealing each other’s idenity.

                  Suprised she still has her kids, but I don’t know anything about their fathers…. Maybe she doesn’t know their fathers………… Nothing suprises me with this ” white ghetto trash family”…………. They all have issues

                  Tanisha- major arrest record
                  Gary- drugs and arrest record
                  Steven – issues with marriage, depression and lord only knows what else
                  Samantha- depression and anxiety
                  TA -anger issues, pedo, liar, money issues, relationship issues
                  HIllary – I am sure she has some issues since she lost a child a few years ago
                  Allie — ?

                  DON’T THROW YOU BRICKS AT GLASSES HOUSES IF YOU CANT TAKE THE HEAT YOURSELF ALEXANDERS………… YOU ALL ARE A BUNCH OF LOW LIFE MOTHER FUCKERS………….. Your grandmother didn’t die because of JODI she was old…………. Steven you are a pathetic piece of shit for blaming your failed marriage on JODI, relationship issues seem to run in your family, it’s a pattern…… PTSD maybe from the military not from your ESTRANGED brother that you never visited in AZ………………

        • We could dig up EVERY single little thing they ever did wrong starting at their toddler years and make a big deal about it. See how they like that.

          God they’re hateful people. 🙄

      • It’s the same way when the Alexander’s started that petition about victims that can’t speak for themselves…

        In their minds it is ok that witnesses for the prosecution can say…Travis said this and that about Jodi…

        Yet Jodi can’t say…Travis said this and that about things…because if Jodi says anything about Travis then she is dragging his reputation through the mud…

        None of their idiodysseys makes any sense….

      • One person on Twitter is going ape shit that I posted Meth Heads arrest and conviction record. “Its FAKE. ITS FAKE. WHITEOUT” “Don’t believe Joe Yinzer. He’s a Jodi Junkie”

        Again I asked for one piece of irrefutable evidence that proves premeditated murder beyond a reasonable doubt. I’m still waiting. I’m being insulted and bashed but no proof yet.

    • Fuck their excuses.

      If they’re going to hold smoking a joint against Jodi or Patty, then EVERYTHING the Alexander family has done is fair game IMO.

      I have been VERY nice not to post and rub their records in the faces of every Travis Taliban asshole out there, but watch as that may go out the window for their hypocrisy.

  49. My Survivor t-shirt arrived today. It’s great! The cotton is very soft and the shape is fitted and feminine. The sleeves are not cap, by the way, in case anyone is wondering. I ordered a medium and it comes to my hip bone. I’m 5″7″. The letter and ribbon were a very thoughtful touch. Even with all that is going on for them, they are fundraising for domestic violence programs and trying to make the world a better place.

  50. I guess it’s fine and dandy to lie, steal and do illegal drugs if your brother was a saint. ‘We FORGIVE you!’ say the hate zombies. ‘Take our MONEY’. Maybe it’ll keep her off the streets. All this posthumous grief the family is displaying is making me ill. If anyone ever needed deep psych therapy this dysfunctional bunch does.

  51. So little time, so many morons I would like to slam on the internet in various places. Gawd I have so little tolerance for this stupidity. These tools will believe anything and make up anything to justify their bias. I just watched the youtube link from above about the dvd/remote etc.

    And it just infuriates me how these idiots are intimidating wittnesses left and right.

    Tell me, exactly how does karma work? It doesn’t necessarly affect the person directly right? So some of these people might get to watch a loved one go through something bad, when really, it goes back to the attitude of the other person regarding this trial?

    Why don’t we just get rid of the whole courtroom thing completely and let Nancy Grace and her fellow cronies just try and convict them on tv. The side that gets the most support gets to decide innocent/guilty and also to decide the punishment. The hell with if the person is found innocent later. What’s one person’s life?

    I’m sorry if I’m rambling. Been busy de-cluttering and cleaning all day for a house showing but I can’t get Jodi and this whole entire sordid, shitty mess off my mind for one minute. Kinda like the rest of my newfound friends on here huh? I don’t know if this hits home more for me because I have daughters her age. Even if I had a son I would still be affected by this because if I had a son who acted like Travis I would be so ashamed and disappointed in him.

    • Hi Bev Thank you so much for standing up for me. I did not start the patty on heroin rumor. I heard it last night and I just got concerned for jodi. But I guess it would be smart if i quit talking about it and try to be more positive. Sorry if I upset anyone.

  52. Did anyone else hear Vinnie Politan say this the other night???

    Yesterday…one of my clients told me that he was watching Vinnie Politan and someone asked about the roommates that were in Travis’ home when he was dead upstairs…and Vinnie Politan said that none of the roommates were in Travis’ home that the roommates were all gone on a Cancun vacation…

    I told my client that if Vinnie Politan did say this…then he has not read the Detective Flores Report….and he has only been yapping his mouth off each night to keep people interested in his show…and he has not been paying close attention to the trial…

    I also told my client that the roommates were there…and Zach Billings was one of the roommates….He told Flores that Wednesday was his day off work…he returned a car rental that morning…returned to Travis home around 3pm….stayed in Travis’ home until around 4pm…then went to clean his girlfriend Amanda’s house…then returned to Travis’ house around 9pm….

    And Enrique the other roommate told Flores that he saw Travis that Wednesday morning and talked to him…then Enrique went to work…and Enrique returned to Travis’ house right after 6pm that same day….

    And how in hell was Jodi supposed to skirt around the two roommates…washed two loads of clothes and dryed one load of clothes…and do that massive cleanup and wipe down the staircase banister in less than 30 minutes…


  53. Praying for Sandy to help her daughter. This is your time to show the world, a mother’s love. Let the jury see the pain in your heart, Sandy. You have endured so much seeing your own daughter humiliated in the court and now for the world to see and judge. Sandy, the hardest thing to do is the right thing. God Bless you with courage and strength.

  54. I’ve never witnessed a more visually strange, odd and frightening family than that of the Alexander’s. There’s the brother with botox lips and permanent snarl/sneer. How is it possible to have such a physical defect? Is it practiced in front of a mirror? The two sisters who resemble one another look like they’re on a perpetual drinking binge. How do people have continual bags and dark circles under their eyes? Then there is the meth-head with contorted teeth. Since Nasty Disgraceful is intimate with Lucifer, she looks as if she might be the offspring of Nasty and the Adversary, hating everything and everyone. The saddest part, however, is the shameless manner in which the family goes about profiting on the death of a sibling. Disgusting is too kind a term.

    • You have a way with words. I couldn’t have said it better myself. They will spend the rest of their lives capitolizing on the death of their brother. The only justice I find in that is that had it been one of them instead and Travis was still living, he would have jumped on the bandwagon with his siblings and done the exact same thing.

  55. I just watched the 48 hours episode about Jodi (originally aired yesterday 5/17) and I should be used to it by now but it still just floors me…I am disgusted with the extreme bias against Jodi….48 hours had not one mention of Travis living a lie pretending to be this 30 year old mormon virgin, I mean the guy proudly wore his law of chasitity ring every day & I could go on & on about the hypocrite the guy was but everyone here is well aware so no need but what is 48 hours exscuse…you would think someone, a reporter a network or whatever would want to tell the real story because the one everyone has been doing is old news and has been played over and over but the real story has yet to be broke…..

    It is just so frustrating to watch something like that 48 hours episode when you know the truth and its no what is being reported. It’s funny because I’ve always enjoyed that show & other similar shows like Dateline etc but now I feel kind of like why bother watching them when I know that from now on I’m going to be wondering how much of what they are saying is even true. Ive never been the type to believe everything I see on TV but I never really stopped to consider that the actual story could be completely different from what is is being portrayed… Jodi was obsessed being the main theme of the show last night and my god people , WHERE is the proof of her being obssessed. There is none, NONE yet its being reported as fact. Its ridiculous.

    I would just love for somehow the truth to come out (I know eventually it will but I wish it would happen sooner rather than later) and for all these people hating on Jodi to realize how easily led they are and how wrong they were to villianize a victim like Jodi. It seems like all anyone would have to do is research and think, come to your own conclusion people and concentrate on the FACTS not what those snake oil salesman CASH HUGHES is saying. THEY ARE LIARS…Chris Hughes lies for a living for god sakes…

    • I know CM, I used to love those shows too. They ruined it did me! I can’t watch it now thinking, well what are they NOT telling us. Is this person really guilty, evil or whatever they portray them to be! It dies upset me! They shoulve kept it REAL!

      • I used to be a total fan of all the crime shows. Now, not so much. Especially Dateline, which was not really one of my favorites to begin with, but after what they did with Jodi’s story…I’d like to send them a cactus for them to rotate on.

          • heheh…

            Hell no…I’m trying to find a way to get from Texas to California without going through Arizona.

            I’m a rather small Hispanic woman with dark hair and I do own a couple of gas cans… 😯

  56. I’m so very tired of EVERYONE abusing this young lady more and more everyday.
    I am completely naive when it comes to the law. Can someon here tell me whom I need to write and explain how unfair this trial was?? If they give her death that will absolutely break my heart and demolish what little respect I have left for the justice system. So do I write congress, senators, mayors, judges, attorneys? Just point me in the right direction please?

  57. Seeing the way in which a story can be twisted and tainted by the media as well as the prosecution has taken the shine off for me too as far as watching ‘true’ crime documentaries. I have seen a few that I was skeptical about that had shady elements but now I won’t be able to view without thinking is this the real story or the one they made up? Where is the PROOF that Jodi was obsessed and stalked Travis. In every photo I saw they were together by mutual consent!!! He had a beautiful woman who loved him and would have done anything for him but he chose to treat her like toilet paper. POOR motherfucking Travis Alexander. Excuse me if I can’t even wrench out any fake tears for him.

    • Gwen…that is the very reason that I have been watching FOX news…they are more humanized…I haven’t heard them drag Jodi thru the mud like HLN and the rest of the talking heads have done…

      • Will try that truthseeker but I usually avoid them during election time. lol I can’t even watch Robin Meade anymore because they have her reading updates which I will say she does in a perfunctory manner and not gleefully like the other hedgehogs. I am way behind on the news because my loathing taketh over.

        • I heard Robin making fun of Jodi about 6 weeks ago…I haven’t watched her show since…I have not use for heartless people…

          Robin is releasing a 2nd album…I heard her sing on her show a long time ago…and she’s not as good as the guys and gals that audition on American Idol…

    • I hear you Gwen!!! Seeing that I live in a foreign country and have always been fascinated by crime stories,these kinds of documentaries were my only source of info.Now,I’m afraid I must have formed the wrong opinion about half of the cases 🙁

  58. I don’t know if this has been said or not…after hearing bits and pieces of what the sister and brother said on Thursday…and they had the idiotic audacity to blame Jodi for their anxieties, nervousness, can’t sleep in the dark anymore, need a night lite on, check on kids to make sure no one has hurt them and etc. and etc…


    I feel the only thing that Travis’ death did for all of his siblings was open a mental door that each and everyone of them had closed from when they were younger and living in that hell hole of a house with their drug addicted parents…it is called a coping mechanism….we all have that ability to completely close those door in our minds…only to have them open again when a traumatic event happens…

    The death of their parents….and the death of their other loved ones only opened up those doors and let the repressed memories come to surface again..those bad memories were already there…their mental doors were probably already opening all along and Travis’ death finished opening the mental doors for those repressed memories to escape outward…

    JODI IS NOT THE ONE TO BLAME FOR THEIR RECALL OF MEMORIES…and the entire Alexander clan needs to go into counseling….they should have been in counseling all along in their lives from youth onward…

    • Amen TruthSeeker…….. 1000% agree with you. I am not a psychiatrist,but I am a psychologist. What Steven said on the stand about not being able to see at night without a light, nightmares, checking on his kids, depression, failed marriage, anxiety, seems to relate to the military or the Mafia Mormom CULT………….. fk they didn’t even know Jodi.

      Plus all the pent up issues from their childhood, no food, living with MEGA cockroaches, mother and father on drugs, anger issues, shooting the dads car, dad taking axe to the car……..WTF…. and these kids witnessed all this crap………… DON’T BLAME YOUR DYSFUNTIONAL FAMILY ON JODI……….

    • You know what?I’m gonna sound really cynical but I think that 99% of what both siblings wrote were not even true.Not only waas it a script but it was a cheeesy one too. No,they dont have such problems,for god’s sake Steven is a big boy,his constant sneer looks as if he’s one guy you dont wanna mess with just like his brother was and he leaves the night light on or is afraid for his family’s safety?? WHY? As far as I know his brother wasnt killed by a GANG or by some unknown people who left behind a note ”We’ll kill you all” or sth like that.His brother according to him was brutally murdered by his girlfriend,period.The gal is in prison.Then why be afraid?W…T…F…?
      Ιf anyone it should be JODI’S FAMILY, who should be unable to sleep at nights.THESE people have been humiliated,threatened and are hated by the general population watching the trial.
      Well(not so much)-written script,guys….

  59. I continue to show my support to the justice that we are all seeking. Not only do we seek justice, we seek acknowledgement of seeking justice for Jodi.

  60. Frank, society has conditioned women to behave in certain ways. For generations we have been brainwashed that the good girl gets the husband and the “loose” girl gets laid but not picked for marriage. So this case brings out the sanctimonious behaviour in many women who like to think of themselves as good girls. They are brutal to other women. I have seen it many times. They think by putting someone else down, they are somehow better. It is twisted but unfortunately, it stems from society’s norms good and bad. I look at all those hate filled messages and how easy it is for those women to refer to Jodi as a “skank” and how easy it is for women to use the “c” word. Where did these words originate? How and why do women learn to perpetuate this stuff? It is because by putting someone else down, they feel self rightous. It is very insidious how women are manipulated over the generations to behave in these ways. It makes me sad as I don’t think things will get better until we decide who we want to be and how we should behave

    • Excellent post, Judy. This might sound cynical, but I’m going to say it any way. I think that a lot of women in this country who have been watching this case have fallen in love with Travis Alexander. They have some kind of twisted crush on this dead man and so there is a lot of hero worship put into their fandom and enthusiasm for him to get “justice”. Truth be told, a lot of these women don’t know crap about the case and very little about the criminal justice system. They see videos of Travis on the Internet, read his blogs, see his pictures and swoon. And, even if they had video of Travis abusing a woman, they would deny it and say that it was edited out-of-context. They don’t want to hear the truth. They don’t want to hear anything other than what they agree with. If you disagree with them, you’re just wrong. There is no respecting your opinion and agreeing to disagree. They just attack and deny, attack and deny. Eventually the truth will come out. Karma has a funny way of evening things out over time.

      • Yes, Frank! I have long, long thought that there’s a really strange romantic/sexual element to the female hero-worship of TA. Maybe others have intuited this, but you’re the first person I’ve heard give voice to that. It’s so odd and creepy–many of this type even refuse to believe that he had sex with Jodi that day. Like they want this dead man to be “untainted” for their own fantasies. These same women also worship Martinez. It’s like they’re turned on by cruelty and domination, but choose to redefine it into something desirable. Repulsive …

    • sob is a cook . . aint that some shit . . We suspected cover ups but had no idea what all would be found . . wtg Angie . . btw should some of this be on an out of sight page? Guess doesn’t matter . . it’s public record the braindead zombie jurors should be seeing anyway and this can’t be back pedaled out of like the hughes excuses about why they didn’t contact t not being in cancun.

        • this the kind that after they generate all those “funds” they will celebrate .. next headline news .. ta family members found in ceremonial death camp due to grief of slain brother . . not .. fkrz overdosed. Galls me the media and jury giving the rampant meth users and cook scum, that’s bringing down our society, a free ride.

    • Another Alexander sibling (Dennis) with a lengthy criminal record….Travis has a record (HOW in the world did that get by the defense and if they knew about why wasn’t mentioned during the trial) and I’ve heard the lies (cant remember where…somewhere online I guess) the Alexanders are trying to spin that Travis didnt have a record because it was actually his brother Dennis who was arrested and he used Travis’s name but how is that possible when Travis was arrested in 2002 and Dennis has a record from as far back as 1997 so the police have Dennis’s fingerprints on file..(not to mention his file with past mug shots .hahah) .that means the minute Dennis (suppousedly arrested and charged usingTravis’s name) was booked it would have been made clear that it wasn’t Travis it was Dennis but thats not the case here because Travis’s record shows multple court appearances for that charge so it wasnt Dennis it was Travis.

      ALSO IN SAMANTHAS OWN VICTIM STATEMENT she says shes been a police officer for 11 or 13 years (cant remember which but it was between 11-13 I believe she said) so you know if your a cop and your brothers arrested your going to know about it so how could it of been Dennis saying it was Travis when Samantha the sister was a police officer for the Im almost positive the same county her siblings keep getting arrested in….weird thought, I was thinking how its kind of funny how so many of the Alexander siblings are criminals then there is Samantha the police officer….maybe she became a police officer so the Alexander family of criminals could have one of their own on the inside…what better way to be a criminal than to have someone on the inside …we know travis lied for a living, wouldnt shock me if Samantha did as well and the rest are crimninals hahahah yikes and now they have all these people sending them money and they are laughing all the way to the bank I

  61. I have a computer. but with do thes mean? I have a voice. bet ahtt do that men? I am all for the fredom e deser and so dos Jodi. Will Jod see the? I a3 so upsa about that that I am haing a ha7rd tim thanking is crazy I n0ow. but I an=m with you Jodi in spirit and such I am drinking riht now and it is

      • MB,

        I am not buying that B.S. story that they claim they have the finger prints which they never provided to the public…. They are all low life mother fuckers………. every one of them. Gary Dennis Alexander is who your referring to….. If he didn’t these acts why the FK wasn’t be arrested? Where is the photo from the arrest………. all the arrest?


        • MB

          Sorry got the name wrong… Think it’s Dennis ( Greg) Alexander that claims he used TA ID……. B.S. they all have records of some sort………….. or mental issues.

          • not that it matters to the “bought or intimidated” jurors, their damage is done but these arrest records made public will show more than 12 . . something stinks about this whole mess. Not sure who’s buying their cover but it’s gonna cost more than anticipated, lmao.

        • Exactly…and Dennis has a record from as far back as 1997. Travis was arrested in 2002….they had Dennis fingerprints on file…he wouldnt of gotten far using a different name and there is court dates attended and probation etc..for the 2002 arrest and its listed all the way through as travis

          • Thanks Sil,

            That’s the same Bullshit story that was in huffington Post when this broke out in March…. I am not buying that story for one minute…. Soon as they ran his finger prints he would of been busted again………..This is another Mormom cover-up.

      • How can someone go to court several times and be on probation for something and it never be realized that it wasn’t Travis but the brother (Dennis or is this a different brother your talking about?) who gave them a wrong name? I posted more about this a few posts up…and this the same county that Samantha was a police officer or was she employed in a different juristicion? Even if she was it still seems weird she wouldnt of called out a brother giving another brothers name. I think Tanisha actually using one of her sisters names is where they got the idea to lie and say that it wasnt Travis but it was the brother who gave Ta’S NAME?

  62. Good deeds needs to be rewarded…

    It would be kind to drop a nice thank you to FOX news for not acting like the talking head idiots on HLN…in my business we have the television on all day…and the FOX news has not drug Jodi thru the mud like HLN has done…

    thanks FOX news…

  63. Dennis(Greg)Alexander Violate order to prevent DOMESTIC VIOLENCE court record …… Wow, this just gets better by the minute…………….

    • One of Travis’ brothers got arrested for shoplifting and battery, and used Travis’ name instead of his own.

      • All this came out months ago, and everyone on HLN about had a stroke! It was all clear up then that is was not travis.

        • The mug shot is clearly the one that has been present in court, not Steven. Mug shot shows minor cut him

      • MB…a while back I read on one of the post that there were two police officers in the Alexander family…one of the sister’s…Samantha….and one of the brother’s…I believe it was one of the older brother’s…

        Do you know if this is true about the brother being an officer too?

  64. When a person is arrested they have your fingerprints on file so if you’ve been arrested before you would be outed when your being booked wouldnt you if you were using your brothers name??? Travis was arrested in 2002…I know one was but wasnt the other brother also arrested years before 2002?

    Samantha probably got rid of the booking photo…a crooked cop is exactly what that faker is I bet

  65. It will all come out in the end. You can’t keep shit from floating to the top and this family seems to be full of it.

    • Someone said weeks ago that it was identity theft or something to that affect…a mystery around that…

    • It was his brother, not Travis. They dug up the mugshot and it was the gnarly-looking brother, Dennis I think.

  66. I never get migraines, but I am starting to get one just trying to keep up with the entanglements of the Alexander family.

    Which of the siblings HAS no criminal record? Would that be Steven and Samantha only?

    • I’ve always heard that some people that go into law enforcement do so because of their own past abusive or rough times they had when they were younger…that anger aggressive behavior needs an outlet…and sometimes law enforcement is their outlet…and sometime their anger aggressive behavior causes them problems on their jobs as officers…

  67. Good evening people. Have you seen the commercial of Nancy Grace behind bars the Nancy you’ve never seen before? What a freaken JOKE! She’s trying to gain trust and support from women in prison. Like that’ll ever happen LOL. No one likes her and its a sad desperation she’s trying to redeem herself pppfffss!

  68. Hey folks. I have stayed away from all media involving the impact statements and sentencing phase of the trial. Has Jodi’s sentence been given yet? I have pretty much avoided everything since the verdict came in. any overview, insight?

    • Thanks tonysam and Kalista…I think I might wager what their sentence will be…at this point I don’t think the jury was watching the same trial I watched. After their verdict was announced I see how these jurors think. They make me sick and ashamed to be a citizen of the same country as them.

  69. I want to address some of the comments that have been made by the “talking heads” on HLN. First of all, none of them give a rat’s ass about Travis Alexander’s family. Vinnie, Ryan, Jane, Nancy, all of them, could care less about anyone from Travis Alexander’s family or Travis himself. They are nothing but corporate sharks that smell blood and go to it as fast as they can and exploit it to death. Why else would they be devoting all of their news coverage 24/7 to Jodi Arias? Even on the weekends, they are re-airing moments from the trial. You know, in case you missed it the previous weekend. LOL 😉

    Just in the past two weeks, Jean Velez-Mitchell commented on how offensive the sex tape between Travis and Jodi was, but then had no problem playing excerpts of it right after that. She also was interviewing an elderly woman who is a Travis Alexander supporter who was very emotional and in tears and twice told Jean she did not wish to speak, but that did not deter Jean from shoving a microphone into her face. After the woman broke down into tears, Jean attempted to cover her ass by making a feeble apology towards the woman.

    But as bad as Jean Velez-Mitchell is, no one comes close to Nancy Grace. Nancy is usually the first one to point out someone else’s track record of lies, but she is reticent about her own record of lies and getting things wrong. The only thing consistent about Nancy Grace is her inconsistency. This woman might have been a good prosecutor 10, 15 years ago, but she’s got far too much time on her hands now. When she’s not concocting another conspiracy theory like how Whitney Houston was murdered or eating another Happy Meal at McDonald’s, she’s passing judgment on others and thinks she’s clever for using such terms as “Tot Mom” for Casey Anthony and relying on sarcastic attacks to try and discredit Jodi Arias. One of the things you won’t hear from Nancy or her supporters is the fact that she has a track record of prosecutorial misconduct in her past. This is probably one of the many reasons why she’s working for HLN instead of as a prosecutor. I recently watched her interviewing Elisabeth Smart, the young woman who was kidnapped a few years ago and later rescued, and Ms. Smart caught on to Nancy Grace’s disingenuous, sanctimonious behavior like so many others have. Jodi was right to give her the finger.

    During the trial, HLN has frequently put the trial on “pause” for commercial breaks and they tell us how we’re not missing a thing. Personally, I’d rather they put it on “mute” so we don’t have to listen to any of their garbage. None of them, not one of them, have a care in the world for anyone except for themselves and they are all about ratings and money. When Vinnie Politan isn’t bashing Jodi Arias and mocking her, he’s constantly plugging his Twitter account. I’d rather follow Jodi Arias on Twitter any day and I do. Ryan Smith is nothing more than Vinnie Politan’s lackey although I’m glad to see Joey Jackson working again after getting fired from being the voice of the AFLAC duck.

    We don’t need HLN or any of these people. We’ve got each other and we’ve got an increasingly growing community of supporters. Let them continue to exploit, attack and lie. Is it no wonder why they are in bed with the Travis Alexander camp? They might have ratings on their side, but the one thing that they don’t have on their side is the truth. And, Jodi, the truth shall set you free very soon in the not-so-distant future. So don’t ever give up, Jodi. Don’t ever give up, Team Jodi. We WILL be victorious!

    • FrankQueen…

      Another great post to the point…

      I grew up in an era of time when they talked about “Mark of The Beast”…and the more I watch NG the more I feel that she is connected…she doesn’t have LOVE in her heart…

      Revelations 13:15-18
      Revelations 14: 9-11

  70. Joey Jackson as the AFLAC duck. LOL Brilliant. So I think all these money whores can have a cartoon character assigned to them, Of course JM already has Kermit…Nancy as Cruella De Vil….JVM as Miss Piggy…Vinnie can be Wile E Coyote The list goes on and on…

  71. Can I quote from Matthew 7:1-5? This is especially for “Team Travis”.

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

    • Frank, I agree with the Gospel reference but if you want to reach Team Travis, you will have to post a quote from Joseph Smith or Warren Jeffs.
      Sarcasm intended.

  72. OK, I know there’ve been some issues here lately with trolls coming on with seemingly innocent “but what about…?” questions. And I know I am pretty new here so y’all have no reason to trust me (which is why I’ve never even asked for a password, lol). But I’ve got someone coming at me with a couple of arguments that *I* don’t know the source of – pretty sure I never heard about them in testimony.

    So I am hoping – asking ever so sweetly 🙂 – someone might know where the story that the fibers are from a missing pillow came from? (Really does nothing to shoot down MY theory of the crime, because *I* am in the “intruders” camp – but I am curious as to who is telling that story). And does anyone know anything about a story that Jodi cut someone’s phone lines?

    • Journee,

      Are you FK serious, people are saying she cut a FK-en phone line? When does the B.S. stop……….

      • Yah, that’s what I was told. I asked whose phone line, and who is saying it, but I haven’t gotten a reply yet.

        • Nurmi argued that the fibers found on the steps were from the ‘sex rope’ & not from a pillow fringe.

          • Yes, that is what I thought. And I don’t remember anything about a missing pillow, either. But I DO tend to hit the mute button when Martinez is talking, his voice raises my blood pressure. Could the “missing pillow” be another one of those things JM sneaks into his monologues and pretends it is evidence? Or did this pillow thing come from HLN? (cuz I don’t watch them either)

          • The Bishop General Handbook by the LDS instructs the mormon guys about tying their hands to the bedframe when they can’t quit masturbating…it is a NO NO for the mormons…

            Scroll down in the link below to Mormon Sex Education…paragraph 14…about tying hands to bedframe…

            Travis and Jodi used rope that Wednesday, June 4th…no wonder Travis had ideas of tying hands to the bedframe…it was testified earlier on in court that Travis was being groomed to be a Bishop in the mormon church…Travis would have known about tying hands to the bedframe…NOT Jodi…

            Travis would already have had the rope and the knife or scissors already in his room…because he was probably following that advice for himself on the days when Jodi or some other female was not around…he himself had admitted to wanting to dump his load…and he being groomed to be a Bishop would know that he would have to tie his hands to the bedframe if he did masturbate…

            At some point in Jodi’s testimony JM kept saying something about tying your hands and feet to the bed…and Jodi said something about…no…just the hands…Jodi innocently did not know about this Bishop instruction on masturbation…but Travis did….no wonder he already had the the rope and knife or scissors easily accessible in his bedroom…

            I wonder just how many times that Travis used the rope to tie his own hands when he couldn’t control himself?


              • true….

                And it is Travis who was always talking about rope tying Jodi to a tree and xxxxxxxxxx

                So the rope is very much a part of Travis’ conversation with Jodi…

                Travis has the rope…

                Rope is on his mind…

    • I suspect it’s another morph of the ‘stalker’ stories. Right up there with Jodi sneaking in Travis’ house thru a pug-sized doggie door.

      • “Waaah Waaaah Waaaah…Lisa, I’m so scared of Jodi…she’s stalking me like on the internet and stuff…can I please hide INSIDE your VAGINA!!!?
        I am so fucking tired of people saying Jodi stalked Travis.

      • And stealing Travis’s cubic zirconia ring intended for whatever 12-year-old girl accepted his marriage proposal.

    • The BS will never stop. We have to be above all that shit. I can’t understand why this was so sensationalized, or why the media strived so hard to make everyone hate Jodi. Screw them all. Strong in my resolve to see Jodi is found innocent on appeal.

  73. This weekend replay of Steven and Samantha (awwwwwwwwwww Sammie in her p.j.’s………so sweet…….awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww)–their Melodramatic testimony–palpable pain…………

    WHAT a Bad exercise of self delusion. (and Wallowing)

    Samantha? (well, race appropriate name…..what’s the deal with Tanosha…Tanisha…whatever……ummmmmmmmmm… she awaiting HER violin accompaniment?

    Darling (BI-Curious?!!!!!) Steven presents as a quivering mass of …….(G-audience)…..Jello.
    awwwwwwwwwwwwww (again)

    SO! Let’s replay any/all testimony to smear Jodi before the final disposition of the Court/Jury.

    Ratings game.
    Grace. (that ‘never forgotten thirty year old death of fiance…Luckiest MOMENT OF HISt……mangled in death….
    and, awww………………….torturted “Nan”—–earning those six figures a year………… if the sensationalism and big necklaces visually hold out a little longer than her next diet)

    Valez-Mitchell. ….well……
    …..none of this “crew” Could give a blob about the Alexander ‘riff raff’ CLAN if not for Ratings.
    Yahoo. (Better yet: BING)

    How genuine.

    CNN and the Alexander “family” seem tailor made for one another.

    Enjoy…..CNN-at least–will be here in a few months. More longevity than I would project for the sorry Alexander relatives who are jockeying for airtime.

    Time to get a day job Samantha, Steven, Tanisha, etc. etc. etc.

  74. I got a little off subject while looking for more info on this trial…

    How many liked watching “Gilligan’s Island?” (or maybe some never heard of or were too young…LOL)

    While I was surfing on google reading more of the haters comments about this trial…I decided to look for that recent commercial where Gilligan is running crazily around the Island while publishers clearing house is trying to give Gilligan a check…

    And I found this really cute youtube of Mary Ann…

    The song, “Sugar Sugar” released the tension that I was feeling from reading so much hatred toward Jodi on google…

    So if you like watching Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island…I think that you’ll love the music and video of her and Gilligan…

    Enjoy it and maybe you can relax a little of your tension too!!!

    • OMG, I use to watch Gilligan’s Island…….. damn , I am showing my age ….. Ginger, Mary Ann, Skipper, Mr Howell, and his wife, The Professor, and Gilligan himself… Boy those were the gold ole days………

      Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
      A tale of a fateful trip,
      That started from this tropic port,
      Aboard this tiny ship.
      The mate was a mighty sailin’ man,
      The Skipper brave and sure,
      Five passengers set sail that day,
      For a three hour tour,
      A three hour tour.

      The weather started getting rough,
      The tiny ship was tossed.
      If not for the courage of the fearless crew
      The Minnow would be lost.
      The Minnow would be lost.

      The ship aground on the shore of this uncharted desert isle
      With Gilligan,
      The Skipper too.
      A millionaire and his wife,
      A movie star,
      The proffessor and Mary Ann,
      Here on Gilligan’s Isle.
      Lyrics from

  75. Okay, first of all, I am furious with HLN right now. It’s one thing to lead a smear campaign against whatever unfortunate soul comes along who has a bit of a criminal cross to bear that will boost their ratings but it’s a whole different ball game when you fuck with my emotions!

    My 20 month old is all into changing channels because he likes to push buttons. Yes, I mean that literally and figuratively. So, my little rugbrat jacks me for the remote control while I was deeply engrossed in SpongeBob Squarepants, which, puts me in a sad state of mind on it’s own and sets the tone for the rest of what happens. Somehow, and if I believed in Satan I would not hesitate to blame him, the little turd changes the channel to HLN. Now, if I was a parent that spanks, I’m pretty sure this would warrant such a punishment. But, alas, I’m not a parent that spanks. In fact, when it comes to punishment I can honestly say I’m as yellow bellied as they come. My children have me by the short and curly hairs……..if I had any, that is……..I go with the bald look in an effort to desperately cling to my youth. Yeah, how’s that for fucked up? Although, I am kidding so…but I digress.

    I’m sitting there tickling the hell out of my son for changing the channel to HLN when I heard the words, “Nancy Grace Behind Bars”

    I freeze, my hands out with fingers splayed and bent in the monster claw tickling pose hanging suspended over my wiggling and giggling baby……who is going crazy from the anticipation of when those hands will carryout their attack on his bare baby pot belly……and I listen again. Yup, I heard it right! The person just said Nancy Grace and behind bars in the same fucking sentence!!! Could it be? Did the quarter I’ve dropped in every body of water I come across for years actually pay off and my wish was granted? Was it possible that every wish I ever made on 11:11….AM and PM…..finally came true and Nancy Grace was sitting behind bars fighting off the advances of some bull dyke bitch who is very open about the fact that Herpes is the least serious STD she currently carries?!

    Before I allowed myself to get so excited that I would run around humping anything that holds still…..or, doesn’t hold still but just moves at a standard pace……I remembered that it’s HLN and I should probably investigate this further. I do just that and, you know what I found?!!!

    Yeah, she’ll be behind bars alright. AS A FUCKING FAKE ASS POSER TRYING TO SUCK CLIT IN THERE WITH ALL OF THE HARDCORE BITCHES IN AN EFFORT TO REPAIR HER IMAGE! It’s bad enough we have to tolerate Nasty DisGrace being self righteous and a victim of a violent crime, it’s bad enough we have to share the same air as her, but now I have to quietly sit by as she makes such a blatant superficial attempt at warming that frozen piece of coal she calls a heart to show everyone that she’s not the douche bag we all know and hate her to be? I’d fuck Travis in is current form before I ever contributed to those ratings.

    For fuck’s sake, HLN!

    To top it all off, by the time I was done investigating the authenticity of the claim that the bitch would be behind bars and finally wrestled the remote from my booger monkey, SPONGEBOB WAS OVER.

    I’m feeling a stabby fit coming on.


      You’ve made my day!!!

      That is just too funny!!!

      I can’t quit laughing…hahahahahahahahahahaha…


    • ROFL!

      You know, I might even change the channel to watch that – IF AND ONLY IF Nancy goes bare-faced like the rest of the gals, AND wears striped pajamas and flip-flops like the rest of the gals!

      • “You know, I might even change the channel to watch that – IF AND ONLY IF Nancy goes bare-faced like the rest of the gals, AND wears striped pajamas and flip-flops like the rest of the gals!”


        What?! You WANT to see that woman in her true form before she puts her face on? Why don’t you just wash your eyes out with acid? It will have the same effect but much less painful and way faster.

        You should count yourself lucky that I won’t be watching it, otherwise, I might have gotten offended that you would have Nancy go all bare ass faced and subject me to such a gruesome and traumatizing sight. I’d sue you faster than shit for the PTSD I would certainly experience if I viewed that monstrosity.

        For shame, Journee……For SHAME.

        You’re on a time out. 5 minutes in the corner, nose to the wall! GO!

    • Just call squidward…. He will help you…………. Aww Spongebob…… don’t like Nancy Disgrace? SPONGEBOB what is wrong with you? Squidward lets discuss this over come CABBY CAKES>>>> AWWW DID you say CRAB? Oh fk that is what Nancy Disgrace has…………….. Varoom……………. beep … beep…. oh lord how it’s ROADRUNNER coming through…. Beep Beep

      • FUJuan,

        You changed the channel like three times on me there! How the hell are you going to go from dining with Squidward (who is SO lame anyway) over Krabby Patties (I’m assuming this is what you meant as I’ve never heard of Cabby Cakes) to Nancy Grace’s nasty crabs (who she’s given names to by the way) and then have the fucking roadrunner rudely interrupt it all at the end? What the fuck is that?!

        Put the remote control down and slowly step away.

        Actually, FUJuan, all joking aside, I like the scene you played out for me in your post. Not a lick of it made a damn bit of sense. This is the very reason why I love SpongeBob Squarepants. When I watch it, I live in Bikini Bottom and I work at the Krusty Krab. I build roaring campfires under the water, I go swimming in Goo Lagoon….under the water, and I have a snail that meows. There is nothing like being able to escape into a world where the overall way of thinking is, ‘FUCK LOGIC’.

        It would be epic if the roadrunner stopped by Bikini Bottom.

      • I have no idea how she signed off because I’d have to fuck Travis in his current state of existence before I could, in good conscience, watch it. After all, I’m a woman of my word and I did say I would rather do that than contribute to her ratings.

        But, oh my god, do I totally know what you mean about the sign off to her ‘friends’. I cannot tell you how many times I have come thisclose to spontaneously combusting when I hear her say it in that drippy nasal twang and it’s even worse if I see the face she makes as she says it…..her fucking nostrils flare up a bit…….UUUGGGGHHHH….she makes my hand burn from wanting to bitch slap the douche out of her.

  76. Im kinda sad. someone was rude earlier today for no reason. Next time anyone hears from BEV could you tell her thank you from mystery? I dont see her on here right now. She kinda stuck up for me and that was very thoughtful.

    • mystery…please don’t take offense if we don’t trust you right away. We have been bombarded with trolls lately. Thankfully we now have implemented certain criteria to weed them out. We’re just working out some kinks… =)

      FWIW…it did seem to me like you came on a little strong trying to find Jodi’s friend criminal record.

      I would not have liked it at all if you had posted that here. Insofar as Jodi is concerned we have an unwritten rule not to feed the trolls by posting information which can hurt her or her defense. This is the ONLY place Jodi has all over the internet where people don’t hate her. 🙁

      So please understand why we are so protective. We may be small in number, but we won’t let ANYONE fuck this up for her. We truly do love her and support her and want her free.

      • I understand and I just got worried for jodi because she only has the 2 witnesses to speak mon and i too want this to go well for jody. she needs both of them. Yes I am pretty new here and I see why you are protective. But I had never talked to that person who was rude and had never seen any of her posts before. But also I was not looking for her criminal record. It was some article by chris something or rather about a diff woman named patty

        • mystery…you’re okay in my book. Thanks for supporting Jodi.

          Stick around and you’ll get to know all of us…There are AMAZING, intelligent men and women here who have bonded in so many levels by supporting Jodi. I am so proud to be able to post here freely and without fear of all the fucking hate that’s out there. =)

      • Oh and by the way I went back several pages and checked out Zoe’s posts. They are basically one liners regurgitating what others are saying. Nothing of content that I saw.

    • Yep, if your not crazy before going to solitary comfinement, you will be in a few years…. I was reading the Boston Bomber last night that he made a plea deal with the attorneys … He provides all the information so he won’t in return get the DP… Now that is what pisses me off and I call corrupt FK-ed government………… Terrorist that kills innocent Americans and can make a plea down bargin so he doesn’t get the DP, but DV victims get the DP……… Boy we need mass changes in our laws, and government.

      Barbara you link didn’t work for me… but I read on that last night. It’s totally horriifying.

      • chances what he tells them won’t be an accurate account anyway, most likely pre-dialogued because I also heard he says he plans to be with his brother soon

        • Cb very true,… but the point is , he gets to plea bargain for his life unlike Jodi. Unfathomable, and I went to bed so FK-en pissed off last night after reading all the crap about him and his rights blah blah blah…………

          • Oh I hear and agree with you and refraining from saying more. Unjust, unfair, and a whole buncha other uns lol. Have you caught up with the arrest records yet? another un as in unfknbelievable. When appellate starts, that damn family won’t be showing their mugs in court the next go around.

            • Cb,

              I did read all the arrest records earlier today on TA family….. All I can say is ” white trash” and Samantha claims they have turned their lifes around for the better…… WTF ever bitch.. Wish Jodi could read those in court to the jurors……… that would make their heads spin and maybe think twice about what they did to Jodi…….. with a M1 conviction.

              You Betcha they would be showing their mugs in the next go around………. they are so hateful………. because of their fk-ed up life. Now want to take it out on Jodi… so unfair..

              I am sure there is more dirt out there too, it just hasn’t been discovered yet… 🙂

              • ohh yeah. I said something a few days back to someone that when the jurors get their lives back and try to put this behind them . . we are their haunting

              • Prob wh y the one sister went into law enforcement … so she could get the other siblings free of any charges

    • Thank you Barbara, that link worked.

      I pray this doesn’t happen to Jodi…………. !!! FK I don’t even think Charles Manson has it that bad in prison. He gets one hour a week for visitor behind a glass, and has been let out of solitary confinement. This dude surely deserved the DP for all the murders he did back in the day……….

      It’s one fked up system…. and AZ is one state I will never visit again after this fked up trial.

    • Thanks for that link to the New Yorker article, Barbara. It’s powerful and devastating. The very last paragraph says it all.

  77. Please read…I feel this is an important finding about why mormons have to use rope to tie hands to the bedframe…

    The Bishop General Handbook by the LDS instructs the mormon guys about tying their hands to the bedframe when they can’t quit masturbating…it is a NO NO for the mormons…

    Scroll down in the link below to Mormon Sex Education…paragraph 14…about tying hands to bedframe…

    Travis and Jodi used rope that Wednesday, June 4th…no wonder Travis had ideas of tying hands to the bedframe…it was testified earlier on in court that Travis was being groomed to be a Bishop in the mormon church…Travis would have known about tying hands to the bedframe…NOT Jodi…

    Travis would already have had the rope and the knife or scissors already in his room…because he was probably following that advice for himself on the days when Jodi or some other female was not around…he himself had admitted to wanting to dump his load…and he being groomed to be a Bishop would know that he would have to tie his hands to the bedframe if he did masturbate…

    At some point in Jodi’s testimony JM kept saying something about tying your hands and feet to the bed…and Jodi said something about…no…just the hands…Jodi innocently did not know about this Bishop instruction on masturbation…but Travis did….no wonder he already had the the rope and knife or scissors easily accessible in his bedroom…

    I wonder just how many times that Travis used the rope to tie his own hands when he couldn’t control himself?

    • And the way that JM implied the tying of the hands to the bedframe during the trial he made it sound like it was Jodi’s idea into more of this kinky stuff…

      JM twisted everything around…and I feel that Travis already had his own rope in something like a night table drawer next to his bed with scissors or a knife to cut the rope with…

      • And it is Travis who was always talking about rope tying Jodi to a tree and xxxxxxxxxx

        So the rope is very much a part of Travis’ conversation with Jodi…

        Travis has the rope…

        Rope is on his mind…

    • On the sex tapes, TA talks about doing it 4 or 5 times a day. His whole calendar would have been blacked out. No wonder there are so many messed up people trying to follow all those commandments. Ten are enough for me. Jodi must have had to do some major psychological adjusting to go from a nonsectoral Christian to this religion with such a long list of sins.