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People are always asking me how I counter the TA supporters or TA “fans” (as they call themselves). The answer is simple. I don’t. I also get asked every day if I’ve seen this website or that website or a particular forum and what they’re saying on it. Well, I don’t read or even visit any sites that are diametrically opposed to this one. Why would I?

They can plough on doing their thing, and we’ll plough on doing ours… which is supporting Jodi as much as we possibly can throughout this ordeal. We’ll also continue to support Jodi long after the trial, irrespective of the outcome and any other prevailing factors that come into play.

But the thing is… and it’s gotta be said… there’s a big difference between us and them. You see, we don’t go around hating, spewing filth and sending out death threats left right & center. We observe, and we comment accordingly. We also don’t pull any stupid boycotting stunts or off-tangent stuff like posting negative reviews on Amazon book pages for example.

We’re above all that.

We’re also above them.

Just like the Casey haters and knuckle-draggers, they are operating at their best level.

And so are we.

For any quest to be successful, you have to be fully focused on your objective. You also have to be equally focused and channel all your energy in a positive fashion. That’s why (for example) if someone is an avid supporter of world peace… and no doubt many people are… their best option would be to go on a world peace rally… not an anti-war rally. Do you see my point?

We are therefore focused on our objective – that being Jodi’s freedom. We don’t go off on tangents.

And that’s why we will ultimately be successful.

You can mark my words on that, as the saying goes…


  1. ” You see, we don’t go around hating, spewing filth and sending out death threats left right & center. We observe, and we comment accordingly. We also don’t pull any stupid boycotting stunts or off-tangent stuff like posting negative reviews on Amazon book pages for example.”

    Well said SJ!!!

    • Consolidate all the blogsites, that have forced the criminality out of the prosecutor, as he does his balancing act, concealing evidence…

  2. Well said, SJ. I’m glad to have this place to read intelligent discussion and to read how people with differing opinions can remain civil. I think you set a great example.

    • SJ

      I agree you are a great examp. I also, don’t read or even visit any sites that are diametrically opposed to this one. Why would I?. Waste of time n energy. So I dont try resoning with these people. Thank you!!!
      Go team jodi!!!!

  3. I have some strong opinions against this Travis guy. His friends said he was a good guy, likable, blah blah blah. His friends also said he was afraid of Jodi. I disagree and here’s why, 1) a good guy doesn’t string along a woman who he doesn’t care for, just so he can have sex with her. He was already committed in his mind to another woman, yet he was more then happy to use Jodi as a booty call, 2) afraid of Jodi, that’s a laugh, if he was so terrified of her he would have not had her in his home, and alone with her no less. Travis was a user, and a smooth talker. That is why he was a motivational speaker, and why he could string Jodi along. Travis knowingly played with fire, and in the end got burned. Travis is not the all american boy he was portrayed as.

  4. SJ I have a question. It has come to light through the news that Jodi Arias tried to plea bargain for second degree murder two years ago. The prosecution turned it down stating that there was no time for that. So what happens if the jury decides she is not guilty of premeditated murder? Does she walk?

    • Debbie, I “think” so….. unless of course Martinez pulls one of his n im sure he will. He wont let jodi walk, itll look bad on him. I think hell take whatever the jury suggests. Did you have a chance to read my last post under the Evidentiary Hearing??? Also the following website is a great read. This is were I got the idea that the jury can suggest a lesser charge. I got this website from one of SJ’s comments.

      • wow. I just looked at that website. The prosecutor sure likes witholding evidence.

        So Martinez must be treating the text messages like wife’s journal and letters….

        • Yup!! This website blew me away too! Also how the prosecuter had 3mnth n the defense only 2 weeks with a holiday in between. Amazing!!!!!

          It just shows hiw screwed up Martinez really is.

          • Yes, LC. And I firmly believe that we reap in the afterlife what we sow in this life. There is no way that Deatheater Martinez will get away with his dishonesty after this life. Karma may not be touching him at this time for all his underhanded tactics, but it will eventually, as it does for all of us.

    • Nah… not likely; and, it’ shows the ignorance of the Arias bias sites, that, Jodis’ changing stories, even though each has its’ truths, simply is the result of post traumatic stress disotder; compartmentalization, of glimpses, of trauma, and, while all the third grade Nobel laureates, are whining, that she is such a liar, now, they claim that she has confessed; and, that’s believable, because it coincides with their preconcieved notions, of boot licking the gestapo, who’re too damned lazy to arrest whom by now, they know to be guilty; so as to burn Jodi, to get the State, and, the church, off the hook. Let’s see the bishop, claim religious privilege, over Travis’s bought and paid for heart plunge, eternal soul saving ritual… and, explain how the church is not morally obligated to defend, Jodi, from what they know to be an above the law, church matter. After all, they, buy and sell crooked D.A.s… Why are there dozens of reasonable doubts posted, and, not one of them, entered into the trial ??? Read my hundreds of blogs, as posted for four years, plus, and of their concealment by shutting down the sites; only for new ones to start up overnight, sleazing the same Arias bias, and, not one refutation. Almost makes you believe that there are thought police, controlling to get their vpartyline propaganda, programs, fine tuned… Read “The God Makers,” and others, for the exacting parallel, between Anderson, and, Alexander; heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, bleed out, body washed, and clothes [ and sheets, symbolically, ] laundered… with, one simpleminded difference… the sacrilege of such an eternal soul saving blood atonement murder / suicide, there’s the pecking away, with, the haphazard stabbings, to make the setup against, Jodi, look like a jealous rage, was at work, and to cloak the quasireligious secret doctrine [law], and, covenant [agreement]…for and of which, Travis had confessed to the bishop……Why, was their no contact in five days, when all the other workers were on the job; except, maybe, those who excused themselves to end the philanderig, once and for all…? In each probability, there is enough proof, to regard, each “story,” as no more or less than, reasonable doubt… An honest D.A. would not have prosecuted this non case, with no such evidence… and, claiming that she shot him to get the upper hand, when, forenswics, proves, she did not fire a gun, before, or, during, the mayhem, and, photo proven collapse to the floor, with the camera; wherein, only then, did she have both their bloods, together, from the floor… No doubt, forensics, proved that, by hand, knee, and foot prints on the bloody floor, told the truth, even though the crook prosecutor, did not… Was Travis, molesting, Jodi, and, being observed through the window, as per Travis’s recorded statement, that, oral and anal sex was less of a sin, than, vaginal sex ? if not, and Jodi, carried a gun, why did she need to also carry a knife ? She didn’t; Travis had the knife, as evidenced by the cut pieces of rope, he, obviously intended to tie Jodi, up with; surely, not to tie himself up with…Read my other comments, on every site I can find… Molly claims, I’m just trolling; whatever that means; obviously, derogatorially… to which, I was not given, on that, then, shut down site, the right to cross examine the charge; that, trolling required trolls; a reflection on the trolls, actually… Edgrrr…

  5. THIS IDIOT PROSECUTOR NEEDS TO SHUT UP, SIT DOWN AND QUIT THE OBJECTING. Let the defense present its case. The defense wasn’t over objecting. They let the prosecution speak. This just goes to show you how arrogant and narcissistic the az state prosecutor is.

    “prepaid legal outfit” he demeans EVERYONE. Cocky little short a hole. Get RID of this guy.

  6. Thank you SJ!
    I follow your blogs because I believe you are respectful and value that. Thank you for allowing us to comment and read other people’s opinion to these matters. Have a nice day!

  7. GOOD GOD, tell me martinez isnt married. his poor wife. Holy Moly. What a combative person. This trial is becoming more about his heated little attitude and grand standing.

  8. What was the Point of this guy Searcy’s testimony this morning? Am I missing something? I thought he had a “Bombshell” that could Hurt/Help her case? Which is confusing in its self….Does said “bombshell” hurt or help her? Perhaps, the defense was aware how badly this witness would irritate Martinez, and he testified solely for that purpose, because he made the prosecutor look like a FOOL losing control like that. Tsssk Tsssk. Good Luck Jodi,,, I really hope You WIN!!!!!

    • I think the defense wanted to ask Searcy about the phone call between Jodi and Travis, but it wasn’t allowed in because it was deemed hearsay. His testimony did plant in the jury’s minds that there was a phone call though.

      • Also, deemed, hearsay, is the jurors conversation with Travis’s group, as reported to a member of Jodis’ group, who, told the judge, and, was told to be quiet about it. Did the judge, in chambers, interrogate, the jurors, individually, to get to it, as it would not be likely, that they could lie about it, not knowing, how the judge could know. Of course not; Arias Bias, flu, has struck, again. Another ground for a mistrial…???

  9. Hi, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for making this site.

    I don’t understand the Travis fans. Any reasonable person who takes an objective look at the facts will arrive at the conclusion that Travis was a two-faced manipulative liar that used and degraded women for his enjoyment. It confuses me how HLN talking heads are trying to convince the public that Travis Alexander was a “good little mormon boy” when so much proves that he was in fact a sexually depraved 28 year old grown man who allowed Jodi to take the brunt of the blame for his behavior.

    In contrast, all the things HLN has said about Jodi have been proven false. She was nowhere near the evil slut that led some poor mormon boy astray (evidence has it he was already so far astray it’s not even funny); but was a stable, relatively emotionally healthy young woman until she got involved with Travis and the mormon church. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t care what people want to believe as a religion. But the way the media talks about Wicca or witchcraft having some nefarious influence makes no sense because Jodi’s behavior changed for the worst only AFTER converting to mormonism. Just pointing that out! I am Agnostic so I have no stake either way in what religion does what; but from what I know, Wicca is a peaceful religion that rejects dominance-based beliefs; and focuses on celebrating life. Wiccans, pagans, and Neopagans SHOULD be angry at the way HLN has portrayed their religion.

    Also, it seems that people don’t stop to think that Travis had every reason to want to harm Jodi. One, she knew about his secret double life that may get him excommunicated and deemed not Temple worthy. Second, he may have held the paranoid belief that Ms. Hall might have known about Jodi and that was the reason she wouldn’t date him officially. He may have thought getting rid of Jodi was the only way to resolve that. And third, the worst of all: that sexualized murder was the last taboo to satisfy his warped sexual desires. I have no doubt that he spread rumors about her being a stalker to set her up to murder her then claim self defense. Judging by the way people react to this case by uplifting him as some kind of saint he probably would have gotten away with it too.

    Let’s be clear – I would not come to these conclusions if I wasn’t given a good reason to. The evidence keeps mounting that Travis was a demanding, domineering user with violent persuasion both sexual and privately, which gives me reasonable doubt to believe she murdered him out of self defense.

    Likewise, I have been given NO reason to believe the all the awful things said about Jodi. Before Travis, Jodi held down a job, paid her bills, and carried on a healthy, nonabusive long term relationship with another man. She may have been a young woman still wanting to have her lifelong goals realized: settling down and getting married, having kids maybe. I don’t see why she in particular should be condemned for wanting what millions of women want. It certainly doesn’t mean it’s ok for Travis to do the things he did to her, or treat her like a subhuman nothing. I am not saying this because she’s pretty, either. I want to be abundantly clear that if Jodi were 250lbs, pimply, flat footed and balding; she STILL deserves all the support and her long standing good record recognized. There is no justification for the torrential downpour of catty, petty, immature avalance of gossip that has poured down from the media. None whatsoever.

    I find it incredibly hard to believe that Jodi was a stalker, despite Travis giving her every reason to hate him. I don’t think the media should be so irresponsible as to claim Jodi was the one who slashed his tires or followed him around on dates as there is no proof that Travis ever filed a complaint against her. He continued to see her, have sex with her, string her along just to use her as a sexual plaything. He even sold her a car and he was taking payments from her. Does THAT sound like a victim of stalking to you? Travis exhibited behavior of someone who enjoyed manipulating and unraveling the minds of women; so they would destroy themselves for his own sick enjoyment. Yet I’m supposed to believe Jodi was the nutjob?

    It’s like the world has gone blind and insane. There’s got to be a level of delusional denial going on, especially in the media where no matter how disgusting and depraved Travis’ behavior was; they still cling to him like he’s a darling little boy. People can think what they want, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask for people to have facts and evidence to back up their opinion. Jumping to conclusions without it only makes people look like morons, but let the knuckle draggers show themselves for what they really are. IMO those supporting Travis despite his sociopathic behavior says a lot more about them than it does about Jodi.

    But what I refuse to tolerate is the HLN spin doctors desperate attempts to play God and tell others what to think of this case. To which I say: Fuck that. I refuse to repudiate the facts and evidence in this case to soothe someone else’s twisted desire to form a lynch mob. I refuse to pander to the masses of emotionally fragile nonthinkers whose personal lives are so empty and devoid of meaning that they NEED someone to throw under the bus to make themselves feel better.

    Most of all, I refuse to acquiesce to the idea that the court of law should have the same low standards as trash tv like HLN. There’s a reason why public opinion isn’t enough to condemn someone to the death penalty. Anyone with any ounce of respect for the justice system or the constitution would understand that. The fact that HLN’s “experts” are all experienced trial attorneys demanding her head on a platter is a very disquieting factor in this entire situation.

    Have they no shame? Have they no sense of professionalism, dignity, intellectual honesty? It’s almost sad that there are people out there without degrees, fancy titles or expensive fashion taste but have more sense and human decency than those shitheads do.

    Speaking of HLN, It’s laughable to me that Jane Velez Mitchell has been preaching for years that “you are only as sick as your secrets” while supporting Travis. If that’s true, then one would easily deduce that Travis is one of the sickest assholes to walk the planet. If the old saying “you are who you hang with” is true, what does it say about the friends and family that have gone on television to vilify Jodi KNOWING that Travis was a two faced sexual deviant?

    The only conclusion is this: they are just as sick as he is, and deserve to be avoided like the plague they are. That includes HLN and all their lackeys.

    • Great post, and you are SO right about the HLN knuckle draggers. Their lynch mob mentality toward Jodi is the same as it is toward Casey Anthony…they refused to even consider that George Anthony was not the “loving, concerned grandfather” whom he tried to portray. Those idiots get one target in mind and nothing will dissaude them from fueling the hatred of the public masses with their bullshit.

      • Kira,
        You’re right about the HLN knuckle draggers. I stayed away from them during the Casey trial.
        Even when the trial was going on, ALL of them were out for her to get the death pentalty.
        The first question they want to know is not listening to the trial because they lied too much to watch the same one I watched. they want the death pentalty, NOT the truth.
        That’s all BS when they say they want to know the truth.
        That’s the only thing bad about it being televised, is the haters, 4 hours in a row on HLN and the In Session haters is what causes the peole to already hate, even the jurors if it doesn’t go their way.

  10. Still looming, is the pleading of Travis’s philandering; somebody ratted him out, to the bishop, and, he was more than eligible for a visit from the Danite descendants, whose preferred methot of blood oath, eternal soul saving, was, a heart plunge ear to ear throat slice, blood letting. Read “The God Makers,” for Brigham Youngs’ admonitions as to which crimes, made one eligible for their ascension to planet playboy, and, all those virgin angels; contradictorially enough, for doing the same thing here, on planet, evil… Doesn’t really compute… nor, does all that alleged premeditation; gas cans, that with gasoline, could easily have reduced the crime scenes, and the wounds, to ashes. Check all the sites for many many more reasonable doubts; all, as in rvery one, concealed from this miscarriage of justice… Edgrrr…

  11. Why are there those who have confessed to being accessories after the fact, by publicizing, that they each, have secret facts, known only to them, and the police; hello… the prosecution is over, aided and abetted by the prosecutor, because if in fact they had evidence the police had on her, during the trial, would have been a good time to put those facts, in front of a jury; of course, as those facts, are just more exculpatory evidence, being concealed by the defense, they were concealed by the prosecutor, crooks, whose obstruction of justice, has violated due process, rights, and, clearly, usurped, any bogus conviction… … Edgrrr……

  12. I think that most women respond to respect in a positive manner. It is very obvious that Mr. Travis was treating Jodi in a non respectful manner. It seems from the testimony that Travis was Mr. Hyde with Jodi and Dr Jekell with the “nice girls” in the ward. Jodi lived it and felt that disrespect. She would have felt extreme guilt because everything was in secret. I have been LDS all my life and everyone post away on all the cult stuff, etc. It does not offend me in the least bit. I am sad when I see the term fans. This whole affair has destroyed many lives. I think we need to love more and judge less.
    I am old enough to say I have a daughter Jodi’s age.
    Thanks again to all that post. I have only known about this case a month, so thanks to all for their patience with my ignorance.

  13. Oh here we go again. I bet you can’t guess what Nasty DisGrace is airing on her show tonight. The sex tape AGAIN! She has really sunk to a new low with this case. So much for being a victims advocate and talking the truth. I have heard more lies and misinformation on HLN in the past several weeks. If there was a truthmeter, it would be going off the charts.

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