Retrial Video Replay – (The Computer Files Hearing, 12/4/2014)

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Here’s the replay of the computer files hearing from 12/4/2014… highlighting all the different ways the State attempted to tamper with (and cover up) the hard-drive evidence relating to TA’s infamous & well documented child porn obsession…

… and here are a few tweets from that same day:

t101 bryan neumeister

t102 bryan neumeister

Bryan Neumeister

The Computer Files Hearing:

Part 1/3 (testimony from Bryan Neumeister):

Part 2/3 (testimony from Bryan Neumeister continued):

Part 3/3 (testimony from Bryan Neumeister concludes + testimony from Greg Parsett & Gloria Esteban):

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  1. VIDEO 1/3 . My comments:

    While watching video 1/3, Kermit (juan martinez) seems to be suffering from ‘comprehension syndrome’. He asks a question, it’s answered and he repeats a totally different answer than what Mr. Bryan Neumeister has said. Mr. Martinez, are we suffering from goldfish syndrome??? Do you have a memory problem?

    It’s so hilarious that Kermit is trying to test his knowledge against a 36 Years Professional Expert in Computer Science! Kermit is throwing out ‘fancy’ tech words and ‘tech’ programs and has absolutely NO CLUE AT ALL what the fuck he’s talking about!!! Anyone with basic knowledge on computers can understand how ridiculous juan martinez sounds! It’s like asking a painter if he used a brush to paint but not acknowledging that there are a various amount of brushes depending on what needs to be painted!!!

    juan martinez aka clueless tried to grill Mr. Neumeister and got his balls handed to him on a silver platter by Mr. Neumeister! 😀 😀 😀


    “It would help to know what you’re talking about” Mr. Neumeister replies to Kermit and it is a legit reply!

    JUAN MARTINEZ: you’re so damn out of your league, it’s embarrassing!!

    “There was no INCINERATOR program used!” . Kermit has wasted a good 16 minutes trying to talk about something that wasn’t used by Mr. Neumeister’s team! Sheesh! Taxpayers, I hope you’re satisfied by the way your money is being used by JUAN MARTINEZ!!!

    “You’ve got to understand that no matter how you spin this, we actually had MESA PD’s copy of the drive and it’s been untouched and it shows exactly everything we’ve come up with.” Neumeister says.

    Ahhhhhh… and the infamous ‘waking up’ the computer that FLORES royally fucked up and tried to hide by not writing it in his report until he had to confess he did by saying “I didn’t find it a big deal to write it in my report”… This stated by a (hypothetically) experienced detective… (Rolling my eyes: the Samantha way!) 🙄

    Perfectly said by Neumeister in one simple sentence: “By any definition, IT’S TAMPERING.”

    And then the GOLDEN RASPBERRY AWARDS PERFORMANCE by JUAN MARTINEZ: He shuts down the lid of Neumeister’s computer and wonders why this computer doesn’t open by pressing the spacebar or enter button: My 5 years old nephew knows that a computer can shut down by closing the lid if settings are changed for it to do so! We are watching the most CLUELESS RIDICULOUS PERFORMANCE any prosecutor has ever done! I am laughing so hard right now! Best comedy ever!!! 😀

    And of course JUAN MARTINEZ actually realizing that he’s making a total fool of himself is trying to make a ‘big deal’ about the time stamp when Neumeister is explaining to him that the difference is due to adjusting to daylight savings. Simple math! This is a bad flashback when the idiot Juan Martinez was trying to make a big deal about the GREENWICH MEAN TIME difference which was totally IRRELEVANT in this trial!

    And of course, CLOWN of a JUDGE is ‘overruling’ like it’s going out of style. I’d like to ask that idiot how much she actually understood when overruling. I’m guessing ZERO!


  2. If N did what the rat kept saying again n again then just charge Him…..DID THAT HAPPEN…but calling the rat on a LIE DID ,now a court record. Thanks N. Is it just Me or is tiny somewhat crazy as in bat shit stupid…even he could not understand his rant…WTF. This it caught N in a lie…LOL…We have seen …horn caught twice…flores caught twice…a jamean caught at least once…to bad the defence could not bring a charge on them. When ever I view such evil in a court I fear for America and all who believe in justice. Old Abe was so right in saying that America will be destroyed only by Americans …You know the ones who sat on the first jury and worked so very had to destroy a young woman who survived Her abuser. And the mob does love the tiny rat…but remember it is …a mob.

  3. How greatly appreciated it would be if someone could please answer some questions for me? It was said by Lonnie Dworkin in so many words that whatever he couldn’t see on Travis’s computer, that Juan wouldn’t be able to either. Also, it was said that Neumeister ended up having his assistant John testify instead, who it seems had insisted there wasn’t any child porn on Travis’s computer other than what got put on there through viruses. How do we know for sure that there was child porn was searched for? It was also mentioned by Lise Lasalle that Travis searched “teen” and “tween,” but that the specific context was unknown. Good day Jodi supporters!

    • Ryan, hi there!

      Before I try to answer your questions, I want to make it clear to everyone that all this computer porn thing is not to chastise travis alexander for viewing porn BUT to show that there was tampering and withholding evidence by the State which leads to obstruction of justice thus prosecutorial misconduct.

      Having said that, here goes:

      LONNIE DWORKIN: I couldn’t find the video or part where LD says that juan martinez wouldn’t be able to see what LD couldn’t see on TA’s computer. If you have a specific video please link us and it would be very helpful if you added the time stamp of that video where that is said.

      So just in hypothesis, I am ‘reading’ into that, that Dworkin meant that a plain user would not be able to see something more ‘tech’ if he didn’t have the correct ‘tools’ and knowledge to do so.

      But in general if you watch his testimony during the Penalty retrial (Day 34) you will see and hear that indeed he did find porn videos and porn photography DOWNLOADED on the hard drive. That means that they were not just some sort of ad but these videos and photos were MANUALLY downloaded. He used a tool called IEF to detect and locate these files (one that wasn’t used when the hard drive was initially inspected) BUT nevertheless those files could have been detected with the ENCASE tool that WAS used back then (either in the physical sector on the hard drive or in the registry records or MORK text file references to sites visited or in the log files or the allocated space where flash video files were downloaded to… One would say: how could the computer forensics specialist used by the MESA POLICE & STATE have miss all this!!!!???? Unless it was just withheld information which leads us to misconduct and obstruction of justice).

      I don’t remember Neumeister’s assistant (John) testifying to no child porn found. Teen porn IS also child porn. A teen is not an adult under the US laws (as well as in most countries in the world) so if those videos and photos had children in their teens, yup: that IS child porn. I will try and find the specific video link to the testimony that states child porn was indeed found.

      As for my good friend Lise’s mentioning about the ‘teen’ and ‘tween’ you’ll have to ask her what she meant. She’ll be more than happy to explain to you.

      Hope this helped a bit. Have a great day.

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out here Pandora. The conclusion of what Lonnie said in so many words came from Jen The Trial Diaries and Lonnie said that whatever computer program, software or whatever Juan used (2009) wasn’t as updated as the current version. It was also mentioned by Juan as recalled, that he said in so many words about why couldn’t the defenses expert find child porn either. Please excuse me as it’s time to go. I WILL get this link to you and am so interested to read the rest of what you have to say. Your effort is greatly appreciated and enjoy your day.

        • From Jan 14th testimony of defense expert:

          Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago  Phoenix, AZ
          Is it possible malware was used to hijack and redirect to a porn site
          Smith- Yes it’s possible but on this machine it’s human interaction

          Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago  Phoenix, AZ
          Smith says that these viruses did not redirect to sites such as teen porn that was on the machine. It was manually typed in

          • Thank you Carol. Here John says that the child porn was manually typed in. There has been more than one person who mentioned Bryan’s accusations ending up being false. Once again, it’s best I watch this part of the trial. Take care.

            • I think you mean Melendez’s, Flores’ and Martinez’s accusations being false. You have to watch the three hearings and the testimony in order to get all the evidence as a lot of it was not allowed by Judge Pickles in the retrial. Bryan was definitely not the one who was making false accusations. 70,000 files zeroed out with no dates and times, the June 10th Flores’ hard shutdown resulting in 2800 modifications and Martinez and Flores in the Evidence Room a year later resulting in 23,079 modifications on a hard drive full of evidence of deleted porn, some of which certainly seems by title to be child porn which didn’t exist according to the Mesa PD.

              During Day 19 testimony, Smith testifies that the remnants of a history of visitations to pornographic websites were found on Firefox. A cleaner had been run on June 1st to erase history from Firefox. (That happens to be the day TA wrote in his journal about the 18-year-old he had just met.)

              I don’t understand your comment about Bryan. I believe all the accusations made by the defence were proven to be true.

              • There have been at least a couple people that said Bryan’s testimony was proven false. You got my curiosity going about what all happened at trial. It’s a good idea to watch this part of the trial and see how everyone came to their conclusions. Once again, how helpful you were to me with this comment. Good day to ya.

                • People tend to filter information through their own beliefs/experiences/biases.

                  IOW–they hear what they want to hear.

                  Just because ‘at least a couple of people’ said Bryan’s testimony was proven false, doesn’t mean it’s so.

                  You’re certainly free to embrace whichever version of the ‘truth’ you prefer. But if you care about learning what’s TRUE, your best bet is to evaluate all the evidence for yourself rather than accepting someone else’s interpretation of that evidence.

        • This is the current process of getting down to the bottom of the issue Journee. It’s a wonder why out of twelve jury members, (even if they thought Jodi was guilty of first degree murder) only one of them voted against the death penalty with Travis being proven as a serious pedophile. It does seem like their are two sides to this story. You guys have presented good evidence here.

          • Ryan–the hearing presented in the clips above did not take place in front of a jury.

            As Pandora noted above, this was NOT about proving that Travis was a pedophile or that he had porn on his computer–this hearing was about prosecutorial misconduct. It was about the fact that the state’s witness LIED UNDER OATH about Travis’s computer being virus free and porn free.

            We’ve yet to see all of what might have been presented to the jury in the form of ‘proof’ of Travis’s -um- various sexcapades. For much of it, we still only have that ‘filtered’ information that was offered through the live-tweets.

            • There should be at least time for me to get that video clip started tonight. It’s easy to more so understand the importance of watching them thanks to you guys.

      • That link will be posted soon after this comment. Your reply was very helpful to me. It’s time for me now to watch the trial, you even helped narrow down for me what needs to be seen. As recalled, Lise told me in so many words that John eventually ended up saying that there was some adult porn found on Travis’s computer and that the child porn was put on there from viruses.

      • It’s always good chattin with ya Pandora. Thank you again. Here it is.

      • Please excuse me Pandora. I did comment back to you again, but didn’t directly reply. There are two comments below me and Carol’s conversation. Take care.

      • Under Arizona State Law anyone portraying an adult as a minor in a sexual situation is considered a form of pedophile. Travis did portray Jodi as a minor when he made his infamous 12 year old little girl comment to Jodi on the phone. Although only a misdemeanor it would prove that Travis did in fact have a sexual preference towards little girls.

        Perhaps the what Jodi thought she saw Travis masturbating to was not a little boy but had in fact been a little girl around the age of 12.

        • “Most of the pictures I searched out were boys swimming or in their underwear. I wanted to see them happy. I saw some pictures online that were children being hurt but they’re not the pictures that I was interested in. “

          This quote is from a former US Marine from Minnesota who described his life as becoming very angry as a teenager because his sexual preference was not growing up with him. He stayed sober at parties in order to remain in full control of himself. “They may think of me as a monster, freak – whatever. But the way they feel about me, I’ve felt worse about myself. Everybody always talks about a cure and I got news for you, if there ever was a cure for something like this, I’d be in line. This attraction makes your life a living hell. It makes you an outcast.”

          Edward Chambers, a truck driver – “When I was in my early twenties, this was the stage when I was becoming increasingly aware of this pedophilic tendency within; and I was struggling, I have to say, I was struggling with the idea that there was the potential there within me to sexually interact with a child. There was nobody to speak to as such. The woman that I was with at the time, well she had plenty of her own issues, but she was kind enough to want to know what my issues were. It was like flicking a switch, from sitting next to me on the couch, she stood up pretty much like a soldier at attention and crossed the room, sat down, lit a cigarette, and just sat there looking at me. Within the week, the news was out. For a whole town, where you’ve been living for the majority of your life, where you’ve been based, to then find out that you’ve a pedophilic tendency is the end. But I thought if I can get help, maybe there’s a reason, maybe there’s a way of changing this. Maybe I can be different. I said to the psychiatrist, look I can’t see myself doing anything, but I can’t get these thoughts out of my head. He looked at me like I was an alien, like I had two heads. And I thought why am I doing this? Why have I even bothered to tell anybody? Nobody wants to know, and everybody is hating me for this. I didn’t want to be looked at again like this guy had been looking at me. It was like horror – this man is sexually attracted to little girls. My experiences about trying to talk to people about this – I was never going to go back to a therapist. I’d already changed my name thinking I’d left this part of myself behind me.”

          Firsthand I, Pedophile Two pedophiles agreed to appear in the documentary and others used actors to speak their words.

          Unfortunately this documentary is only available in Canada, but for those who can watch it, I highly recommend it.

          I learned that 1% of the male population are born with this affliction which Dr. Cantor of Canada has researched doing deep brain imaging. Most of them live out their lives never acting out on these tendencies like Edward the truck driver, and some like the former US Marine turn to porn as his outlet. He went to prison and lost his foster son that they wanted to adopt.
          The reaction of the psychiatrist described by the truck driver really drove home for me the realization that for so many of them they have no one to talk to about it and that is the only way for them to feel somewhat normal.

          So many have doubted that Travis would ever open up to Jodi, but this documentary showed me that this is the one thing that they want most, someone to talk to that they can trust not to judge.

          • Thanks for sharing this, Carol.

            According to Dan Freeman, his brother Joshua committed suicide because he was living in the hell these two guys described. Someone who used to post regularly here told us her own nephew had killed himself for the same reason.

            Judging these people as ‘scum’, ‘monsters’, etc.–it’s not productive, does nothing to address the issue, doesn’t rid the world of pedophiles. It only exacerbates the problem, gives them nowhere to turn for help, forces them to live with a secret shame that demands expression, some outlet.

            Who would CHOOSE that hell?


            • Journee, I remember that sadly about Dan’s brother. Apparently there is an online support group called Virtuous pedophiles that help some cope.

              In Canada, there are support groups called Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) Volunteers to keep offenders from re-offending. After 20 years of dropping re-offending rates by over 70%, CoSA had its federal funding cut in 2014.

              “The more open a person can be, at least for me, the more happy I am. If I can be totally open – I’m pretty happy with myself then and I mean, I don’t mean that happy people don’t do stupid things, but I think that happy people tend to not want to hurt others.”

              “Hating and pushing away and driving out is the easiest thing in the world to do. The hardest thing to do is look at someone who is afflicted with pedophilia and find there’s some room for compassion. Not everybody can, but if you look deeply, if you look really hard, you’ll find a human being in there.” CoSA

              “We should not condemn the preference; we should condemn the false behavior”. – Dr. Klaus M. Beier

        • Replying to Dinkus–
          One of the handwritten letters from Travis to Jodi (among the so-called ‘pedo letters’ that were not allowed into evidence) specifically mentions one of the Hughes SONS as ‘getting near that age’ (presumably, I guess, the age Travis would find attractive).
          Some pedophiles, I gather, are attracted to children of a certain age, regardless of gender.

  4. jeff goldburm…? one of the HLN twits did say that looking at TWEEN porn is not CHILD porn…words to that effect…You know how so called men say well She was 16….yes it is still porn viewing anyone under the legal age of consent. From what I know under U.S. law anyone under 17 can not consent thus it’s not legal. jeff is a lawyer making excuses for an abuser …t-dog must own his actions. Ask any have they EVER heard a man talk about the rare of a child 3 times in 1 minute…as We heard on that tape of …just a good guy…or so says a women of greed. Keep up the amazing work Pandora and all…THANKS!

  5. William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • 4m4 minutes ago
    Neumeister was given Dworkin’s actual drive yesterday to compare. #JodiArias

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • 4m4 minutes ago
    Neumeister asks if he heard Martinez say correctly that Dworkin’s copy was created in 2008. Wilmott says yes. #JodiArias

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • 5m5 minutes ago
    Neumeister asks why all the files on it say they were created in 2009? Wilmott: good question. #JodiArias

  6. JM: Did you know he reviewed the same information and concluded that there was no porn?

    BN: Yes, I know it from the testimony. I think whoever imaged the drive and gave it to Lonnie, did an improper image. I believe what Dworkin got was not a raw file. If Encase was used, they didn’t do a raw data recovery. There’s a good chance they didn’t get any of the deleted stuff.

    JM: You’re guessing? You don’t know?

    BN: There’s only one way Dworkin could have missed it – if he wasn’t given a raw image of the drive. It’s impossible to miss it. There’s so much data, Juan. It’s packed with porn.

    • Thank you Carol, with out Jodi forcing the issue we wouldn’t have known any of this shiz. It was always the frog and pickles’ show. One day it will be different. This is still more illustrations where nurmi kicked back in his chair and let Jennifer do the lifting like with Horn. nurmi should have been up, doing that 1st chair thing, in frog and pickles’ faces advocating for truth for Jodi. But that was beyond nurmi, he was a backseat failure,

      • It would be even better if Jennifer had done ” that 1st chair thing” , wouldn’t it? Sigh………..

        • Yes, Jennifer was/is awesome, the problem I’m reporting is that two of the greatest cruxes of the trial, horn and porn, were handled by Jennifer, when nurmi, the #1, needed to have been the driving force. I believe if Jennifer had been the #1 advocate, even if she had examined the exact same witnesses, that results may have made a different impression. Nurmi,day after day, his bloated self, leaning back like a slob dunce in high school sociology. The jury saw that unprofessionalism, we saw it. We remarked a million times about it. And knowing now that deep down, nurmi didn’t give two real shits for Jodi, his body language and sadsack performance diminished everything that Jennifer accomplished. Though pickles and frog for sure get the sophomore drama awards. WE NEED Jodi’s appeal, and pray for some real backbone and brains, please!

          • No matter the circumstances, having capable and effective legal representation is crucial. Unfortunately, besides Jennifer Willmott, Jodi didn’t. Her 1st chair (Nurmi) was inadequate, incompetent, indifferent.

            Good thing is that Jodi DID request (more than once) from the judge to remove Nurmi from her legal team, via motions. So did Nurmi.

            The judge denied all those motions. And then Nurmi ‘gifted’ Jodi with publishing his filthy book! That was the ‘cherry on top’. All this will be heard in her appeals:

            “A common ground for appealing a criminal conviction is to claim ineffective assistance of counsel, or that the defendant was not properly represented by his or her attorney. As a routine matter, these claims are not always successful; however, where serious and substantial lawyer incompetence has occurred to the point that the defendant did not receive a fair trial, appellate courts have overturned convictions on this basis. A criminal defendant who has been convicted under state law can appeal his or her conviction to the state appellate court, to a higher appellate court, such as a state supreme court, and, ultimately, to the U.S. Supreme Court. Any of these appellate review courts has the ability to review the conviction, including the performance of the defense attorney, and overturn the conviction if the defendant did not receive a fair trial for any reason, including ineffective assistance of counsel.”

  7. William Pitts ‏@william_pitts · 3m3 minutes ago
    Neumeister to Martinez: I don’t think you understand the difference between an image, a clone and a raw data recovery. #JodiArias

  8. I just wanted to let everyone know who writes to Jodi that they changed the zip code from 85395 to 85338. So make sure you use the new one now! 85338

  9. I would totally buy Amanda lunch. Would she like to join us for lunch as well? Does anyone know how much the governor of Arizona spends on a daily basis for lunch. I told him I would pay if he met me for lunch…. Just trying to get an idea in hopes of making a good impression.

  10. This computer stuff is really confusing to me. I have been watching the videos posted but most of it is so confusing! And with Pickles overseeing the whole thing…..forget it!

    • ((((((Vicky)))))) LOL I was thinking the same thing. It would almost make you feel sorry for the jurors but then again, they were hand picked by the slimy toad so they probably were in AWE of his crafty magic tricks. What a JOKE! 🙄

  11. Part 2/3 Video:

    9 minutes in and Neumeister says “There’s so much porn on this computer it’s taking time to go through it”…

    “I don’t know why you keep using this word ‘INCINERATOR’ as if it’s a program. “ And yet, the little clueless frog – juan martinez – doesn’t stop embarrassing himself by insisting on a ‘program’ name INCINERATOR… 🙄

    “Objection. Lack of foundation” juan martinez says
    “What foundation?” Jennifer Willmott replies! (it doesn’t get funnier than that!!!) – Jennifer (contrary to juan) had done her homework and actually knew what all this tech stuff was about! Jennifer kicked juan’s ass so badly I think it took him a week to sit straight! 😀

    When the dork flores ‘woke up’ the computer on June 10th 2008, 50 mbs of windows updates as well as the quicktimes and i-tunes installer were downloaded which resulted to overwriting data that was somewhere filed in the computer (trashcan for example) thus tampered with evidence.

    2300 files were modified on June 19th 2009.

    70000 files had all the dates zeroed out on August 26th 2014 and he can know because Lonnie Dworkin gave him the clone that the MESA PD had given LD and which those 70000 files are on there. And the porn files were on the MESA PD clone, which of course is nowhere on the copy that was handed to him by the prosecution (does prosecutorial misconduct ring any bells?).

    Neumeister and his TEAM worked on the clone they had. Write blocker on a clone is not used because then the write blocker prevents you to work on the clone thus not being able to make the ‘autopsy’ needed.

    ZELA (I hope I spelled that correct) virus was put on the computer manually. It’s a program to actually watch porn that the sites make you download if you want to watch porn BUT it’s also a virus which redirects you to porn ads. So those porn ads that juan martinez so stubbornly insisted were just viruses might have been BUT to get them on your computer means you had downloaded that ZELA program/virus that is for PORN!

    23 ‘scrubbers’ and antivruses found on the computer. HOLY CHYT! Why would someone have so many privacy cleaners on a personal home computer??? Something really fishy, wouldn’t you say? He (travis) would download porn and then when he was done he’d use his 23 scrubbers to wipe clean his computer of his actions… BUT unfortunately for travis, even then, there’s traces left in the registry of the computer. Caught with his hand in the cookie jar? Anyone that has expertise on computer forensic would absolutely understand that there was something definitely fishy about that. RED FLAGS, people… melendez saw no RED FLAGS. Might he be colorblind?

    So then Jennifer asks blank point:

    “If someone went through the history and the registry, could they miss the porn?” (melendez had then checked the computer and TESTIFIED UNDER OATH that he found no evidence of pornography).
    And Neumeister (let’s not forget that he has 35+ years of experience) replies:

    “There’s no grey area. Either they’re stunningly incompetent or they’re lying. There’s no grey area.”

    So someone has to absolutely go through the registry because as Neumeister said “Registry is the ‘brain’ of the computer.” In the registry even if something is removed, it leaves traces that it once WAS there. Fingerprints, so to speak.

    melendez not only said that he didn’t find porn but he said (under oath) that he had not found viruses either… (Perjury!!!) – It seems that all the ‘officers’ of the State committed perjury (flores, melendez, horn… am I missing anyone?).

    Neumeister typed in the word ‘porn’ on the copy that Dworkin gave him and it got 25.000 HITS! Holy chyt! IT WAS LOADED WITH PORN! But Melendez never found any! Ha! How is that even possible? BIG TIME COVER UP!

    Porn files were not all from viruses but from actual search that happened manually!

    martinez was objecting ‘relevance’ and he was being overruled (surprise surprise!) on many occasions because when he was previously examining Neumeister, he had asked the same questions! LOL! In essence he was objecting to his own questions. It doesn’t get more pathetic and desperate than that, does it?

    And for the record, Neumeister has worked with the County Attorney Office, law enforcement (in general), military and federal in the past thus they found him credible enough for other cases but NOW martinez is trying to discredit him…

    And the pièce de résistance of this 2nd video is at the end when martinez asks for a copy of the image of the hard drive that (GET THIS) the MESA PD already has (THE ORIGINAL) and gave a copy of that original to Dworkin. In simple words: They’re asking for a copy of the copy that they gave! LMAO!

    Thank you Jennifer Willmott for kicking ass! ♥

    • The flim flam frog was away over his head with trying to discuss this with Bryan. All that flap over an “incinerator” found in the recycle bin of Neumesiter’s working drive which has nothing to do with anything but the defence’s analysis of their working copy of the drive.

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer · 4m4 minutes ago
      Willmot says that was on a working drive that Neumeister was using to do analysis. She says it has nothing to do with whether porn was found

      I agree that Jen did her homework, but she had great witnesses to assist her.

      • “I agree that Jen did her homework, but she had great witnesses to assist her.”
        Absolutely true! He was professional and honest. If someone was to watch Neumeister’s testimony and then watch chris and sky hughes testimony, they’d see clearly how honest Neumeister was in his testimony and how rottenly dishonest those two other clowns were.

    • I could not read it all – a Post-traumatic stress thing – but this paragraph did catch my eye:

      Wherever she lands, however, will need to be comfortable with her trademark style of editorializing and the controversy it invites. Grace’s critics, and there are many, say she is more intent on inciting mobs than providing a voice to violent crime victims. “Since her show began in 2005,” the late New York Times media columnist David Carr wrote, “the presumption of innocence has found a willful enemy in the former prosecutor turned broadcast judge-and-jury.”

    • Good riddance!!!!!!!!! The world is an ugly place as it is without having to watch mentally ill people on TV supposedly speaking for Justice! 🙄

      Instead of *just* HLV, can’t she depart this planet too??

    • 😆 Happy Dance 😆
      What a hate filled Bimbo!
      If I never see or hear of her
      again it won’t be a day too
      soon! 🙄 Her poor children…smh

      • And what kind of a nut job must her husband be? Can you imagine living in that environment? I wonder if he shares her vicious anger, that holier-than-thou vindictiveness that thoroughly enjoys destroying people.

  12. She belongs in prison for manipulating big cases to fit her lifestyle. But that is just my opinion and as controversial as too think the world has the notion that I am bitter, biased, and just plain mean.

  13. I’ve never actually searched to find out why it is that nancy grace quit her prosecution job. Does anyone know? Did she get disbarred? That would be logical. Can someone actually find out if she had trouble with her job (but hid it). It would be nice to get her dirty secrets out, a taste of her own medicine, so to speak…

      • Judge AND prosecutor were improper in that case!

        Words and phrases that stuck out: “illegal” “demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness” “inexcusable conduct” “engaged in an extensive pattern of inappropriate and in some cases illegal conduct in the course of this trial”

        How familiar all the above are….

      • “Nancy Grace does not search for TRUTH! She is a first class moron who spews out falsehoods night after night. She flip flops on issues more than a fish out of water! She is ill advised and could take the prize for the most ignorant personality on TV… She should be ashamed of herself and the way in which she treats people, She yaps about cases she doesn’t know the evidence and convicts people on national television long before it goes to court..She is an absolute disgrace to any true journalist”

        “Nancy is a self centered self serving know it all that thinks She’s Gods gift to the world. Where she might help get the word out to help find missing kids. She is obnoxious and treats her guest that oppose her like trash. Clean it up Nancy or get oututThe real scull”

        😀 😀 😀

  14. “She is the worst kind of human. Imagine being trapped with her in an elevator. Man I would slit my own wrist just for a moment of sanity.”

    “Nancy Grace is such an obnoxious piece of garbage. The most dangerous part of our justice system is people like her and Kratz reiterating straight up lies and and creating injustice ‘in the name of justice’.”

    “Grace was a disgrace as a prosecutor and, before being given her own show, was repeatedly sanctioned or reprimanded by courts for her abuses in court”

    Endless opinions and quotes about how ruthless and disgraceful she is…

      • Picturing it…….Oh my…… It would then mean it’s the End Of The World and I’d advise us all to either commit suicide or hide into caves for ever. 😆

    • I am not sure she is worse than Drew Pinsky. He tries to sound like he is sane, which, as Alyce LaViolette had said, makes him even more dangerous.

      • HLN and their Minions have certainly capitalized on people who find themselves in less than fortunate situations. They’ve proven they will go to the end of the earth to sell lies to the mindless public. Very dangerous group of people, all of them. The darker the subject the faster they will grab it and blow it totally out of control.. SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME PEOPLE !!!! IMO the frog has created Jodi’s mess only to self promote himself and of course, many others followed his lead. MONEY is their GOD. They all underestimated the ones of us who will stand up and fight for TRUE JUSTICE !!!

  15. Hi everyone,
    Glad to hear of Nancy dis-graces soon departure from hln.
    never could stand that useless bag of hot air.
    just my opinion.

    I say Free Jodi. ~ jail nancy grace.

    ~a friend in Canada

  16. On the eve of Independence Day, I wanted to drop off a thought and tell everyone I have not forgotten about Jodi. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. Also, many days I think about the drum beat to kill Jodi, not just from the usual suspects on social media, but from journalists, known and unknown attorneys, psychologists, so-called forensic experts, and more, and it sickens me how they publicly turned a blind eye to the absolute grossness of her prosecution, and the ineptness of the investigation into Travis Alexander’s death. Some did it to make a quick buck or to endear themselves to an audience, and I believe, some did it out of plain ol’ fear. Makes me sad for this country. And of course, for Jodi.

    Oh, and it’s “Onward!”. Did I see SJ write “Forward!” somewhere? Ha! 🙂

  17. Some might find this hard to believe but….. remember one Monday morning a few years back. The courthouse was beginning to fill and in walked a chubby little blond fella holding a note that I had written. The couple of paragraphs explaining why I believe her story. As Sandra sat quietly everyday listening in disbelief at the denial of the truth the haters used desperately to disprove my argument and crush my reputation, I stood not so quietly behind her. I have no reason to fear the haters for I have already won. The only reason she is still in prison is for the simple fact that the governor of Arizona is a little doughboy. The State of Arizona has no reason for detaining Jodi any longer. The Arizona Supreme Court, The Georgia Supreme Court, The United States Supreme Court have already shown their support. A series of events have occurred and the haters just only have one prayer each among them. It is the true idiots that will self destruct trying to convince the world otherwise. I don’t need to toss anymore names under the bus, do I? I earned every ounce of my mother fucking reputation and I am still around to prove it, unlike some of the other Clinton administration. Have a great day.

    • Hey there Michael. Thanks for sharing but if I may: what are you talking about? I re-read your comment a few times but I still don’t get it:

      What note? Given to who? When saying ‘Sandra’ sat quietly are you referring to Jodi’s mom?

      “I earned every ounce of my mother fucking reputation and I am still around to prove it, unlike some of the other Clinton administration.” —–> ??????????????????????????

      You’ve lost me completely, dude! 🙂

  18. Nice to see you Sandra…and wonderful words…as always. When I hear the anthem I hear her voice…She lives that song…THE FIGHT…5 by My count and stands proud as She turned to a rat an a minion to speak truth…as they sat there like fools caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Odd how that judge looked so ….DUH! The families red glare …the truth was still there…OWN IT! That young lady is more American then all who sought to harm Her. Now I would ask any who speak of bruising and this She never had any…So You saw Her that day …right? Well I just might trump even Dr.s on that….I have had 2 broken necks( C1,C2 disks) and no bruising…..How can that be? Well even the Dr.s didn’t know. On the first break even I didn’t know I broke My neck and within 15 minutes was turning My head. The surgeon told Me that break was instant death and boy You broke it again…WTF! Well in Canada health care is free…LOL! Now it seems even Dr.s do not know it all….take dr. horn as he lied about Phineas Gage …Phineas who?….oh that Phineas ….right then and there his lies were shown again. A REAL judge would have asked him in front of any jury …WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? And when the rat spoke up would have told him if I find out you put horn up to this you will be getting a new home….BOY! REMEMBER any judge can do such in any court…no trial for any caught in lies…straight to jail or prison…Just maybe all judges should be told …You are there to see that the trial is just and fair….it never matters what the mob wants…EVER. And speaking of coincidences as if there is no such thing….the mob should really learn to read…MORE or THINK! This world is full of em. But the biggest coincidence of all is how every idiot lined up to have a crack at MURDER via the state…did any not see the vile and hate on HLN towards Her and not ask WHY??? travis the perfect….and far from it too. But then I never knew him as his sisters who now smile with joy as they turned him into a cash cow or is that dog?
    Two faced fucks…in court the sad clown face…as on the courts steps their true greedy face was shown…do they not know that things posted on the web are …SEEN! But greed makes one dumb. I know Her truth not from Her but the facts….one just has to open their eyes. And may I say this to ANY so called man who thinks he would never have lost that day as travis did….HOW WOULD you KNOW THAT…unless you like to fight women…as abusers do. In such fights there is more luck then skills…ask any in such fights.

  19. On or about February 19, 2013. I posted this argument online. I believe a friend or family member of Travis Alexander carried a copy of what I had written into court and it was presented to the judge. The State of Arizona has clearly failed to present a proper case before the court. I meant Jodi’s mom Sandy. I was never personally standing in the court, but I was in attendance, as noted by the judge. I have every reason to believe she killed him in self-defense, here is why. Oh and that Clinton being a cut throat liar comment is pretty much based on the history of dead bodies they have left behind.

    I believe her story. She is not on steroids, doctor prescribed meds or lack of, drunk, or on illegal drugs. She wanted to show the world her love for Travis in public, by holding his hand.. He denied all of these things in public. He lived a life of lies. She was forthcoming to everyone before and still is. She was scared and confused when being questioned by the police. She was terrified to tell anyone what had happened after he was dead. Everyone denies something that has happened in their lives. No matter who you are. News anchors wear makeup, dye their hair, and wear contact lenses. She would still be doing these things if not for the Maricopa Sheriff not allowing her too. It is amazing how one guy can be determined mentally ill for designing a mass murder, doing it, and telling the world he wanted to end the voices in his head. The world says “oh he is just mental” She was hurt, she wanted to hurt him, she would never have killed him, if he had not provoked her. He deserved to die that day for being abusive and threatening her. She really has just been totally abused by the two faced news anchors, the so called religious believers, and the idiots who feel sorry for a lying wanna be chick magnet, named Travis Alexander. Let her go home. She is not a murderer. She does not want to kill people so they hear her story. She does not want to kill people because they are aliens from another world. She did not throw a baby across the room. She did not hack her boyfriend in the head while he slept. She just wanted to be loved. I would marry her, in a heartbeat people. Grow up and realize you are just as mad and would do the same if threatened. I know what you all are thinking. “not me” get a clue. We are not talking road rage. We are not talking genocide. We are not talking about killing helpless people as they sit watching the stars. How many of you have a gun in the car or house that you don’t account for? How many times have you all sat and thought what if…. a spouse lied, a neighbor accidentally ran over your kids, the coffee served at a McDonald”s was just a little too hot. We are not talking about a school yard romance. He convinced her to date him. He convinced her to live a lie concerning her beliefs in religion. He raped her after baptizing her. again….She just wanted to be loved. He abused her. He came at her. She fought back and she kicked his ass.

    • All true Michael. All true.
      But you won’t convince the other side using these arguments unfortunately ,because you know what they’ll say right? That all this ^^^^ is based on Jodi’s testimony and no one else’s, that there is no proof for any of that (eg raping her after the baptism).
      The first jurors should have been the ones to take all this into consideration when deliberating. Since the Guilty verdict was rendered, none of these arguments can give Jodi her freedom back. She will be free again only if the Supreme Courts regognize the monstrocities that took place during her trial.

      What Jodi needs right now is not a recycling of any of this, IMHO. What Jodi needs now is to win her appeals, because due process was the one repeatedly RAPED during that charade of a trial. Let’s hope her state lawyers dealing with the appeals are as good as people have been saying. If not (touch wood),
      Jodi will need money and money only.

  20. That is so true Maria…from here on it will be appeals. Often I wonder why the appeals will not look at the evidence presented and if it holds up to truth …it’s as if the jury can do what ever they wish. Even t-dog did say with glee how he raped Her as She slept in the chair…not many men would do that…now what man would do that then think it’s NORMAL? Why not just wake Her to see if it’s o.k.? As Jodi did say…if You don’t believe Me then believe him…well to see what he has done said and was proves Her truth and the mob can’t have that. But any seeker of truth and is that not what appeals are should ask…why did the state lie, cheat and fake evidence…plus destroy it? To wake up a p/c once may have been a mistake but twice…then claim the defence wanted to destroy it….and thus the jury heard all the states b.s. The rat was allowed to do any thing and act like a nut…the more the better. If this is what stands for justice then America is DONE…Abe was so right. We must do what We can to undue this wrong for not just Her but all. Yes it will take a lot of money but We can always make more money. Will the courts look at the entire case and see how the states version just does not hold up to reason or facts. This mindset the We must trust any jury to do right…well Her first one proved that so wrong. Does anyone want 12 folks doing whatever they want….just because they can. There are people who just can’t wait to punish another for any reason….they find joy in doing that. HLN loves them so much..odd how male Dr.s know all about birth, but never gave birth as Dr.s who never had PTSD know all about it yet have never had it …and they are experts on things they have yet to REALLY know….kinda sad. But the courts loves em so. An expert explains only facts and not with a sneer on …fits jamean rather well i would say. So for now I will do all I can to help Her as She sees fit…I believe in Her and Her facts and justice…I would never say Her INNOCENCE was never in question till I say the facts unlike a certain judge who could not wait to judge Her. If good and just folks judge Her then freedom will be Hers…that is their job. The facts are on Her side…and why must the state cheat. Is a win that important?

  21. I just watched a video on CNN of an innocent black man, Philando Castile, killed ( probably should be labeled ‘murdered’ ) by a cop. Then I hear a legal commentator defend the possibility of the cop not being guilty of wrong doing, by saying that the cop may have overreacted ( in the sense of not being culpable of criminal intent and therefore not deserving of prosecution.

    I know there are good police, but more and more we become aware of how many bad cops there are. And most all of them will never be prosecuted, even though, as in this particular case, videos of the incidents exist.

    Yet when Jodi Arias defends herself in order to prevent herself from being killed, the consensus of the mob and the power- hungry prosecutor, is that her attempts constitute ‘over-kill’ and negate the possibility that she is innocent.
    Sickening double standard.

  22. Thanks Amy for seeing truth. As the cop goes nuts outside the car pointing his weapon at the girlfriend She remains calm…or She might well have been shot. So much for police training…? Even if one sees a weapon then all they have to do is take cover and get ready…what if the person was undercover? Really think they would tell that to ANYONE. LOTS of folks do carry in the U.S. for many reasons. Good n bad… But the system MUST protect it’s own. This I (police) was in fear of My life…Well looking to facts…POLICE have backup…training…vests…and being outside of the car they have the advantage of movement. On that day who had most of the advantages t-dog was trained to fight…worked out,a lot and was know to become rather violent to any who upset him in any way. Over kill??? One can only die once and in warm blood…in cold blood means one is rather DEAD…hence no crime. Now who in their right mind wants to be pulled over and play the cop lotto …? If any man can not control his actions then who could ever trust him with power? And just how many police women are involved in shootings as this? I really find it odd that some so called men say if that had of been them on June 4 2008 they would have won….what I would ask? Do they want to murder a woman so bad? She did not win that sad day but survived a madman…listen to his rants and threats and his eddie videos. BELIEVE him. Luck was on Her side and as that young woman in that car She remained calm as the man lost it. I would ask any cop if they would want to pull such on an udercover cop and find out just how good both are. To serve n protect seems to be now to bully n kill…way to many times I have seen police lose it…and don’t worry as I’ve had a job just as dangerous or more then theirs with no backup. Use Your mind and skills before KILLING…words alone can save the day.

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