Retrial Video Replay – Day 9

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Retrial Video Replay – Day 9:

Part 1/3 (Defense Witness Dr Miccio-Fonseca testimony):

Part 2/3 (Desiree Freeman’s video testimony + testimony of Dan Freeman):

Part 3/3 (Dr Miccio-Fonseca testimony continues):

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    • I remember Mrs. Halterman, Jodi’s aunt making a post on my FB page about her and her husband having purchased Pre-Paid Legal Permits years before the events surrounding Jodi and Travis took place. My Think-O-Meter is telling me that PPLS might have been after Jodi for a very long time. Jodi at one time was a very good student in school but was then introduced to…sssssh (marijuana) causing her grades to drop and her eventual dropping out of school.

      It seems like the same group that harass her in school causing her to become a pot smoker to be part of the cool crowd seems to have followed her into her adult life.

      I would go so far as to say that the same methods used to get Jodi to smoke pot during high school were the same tactics used to make her think lesser of herself in adulthood. Tactics that were used very well by Travis. Skye and Chris if you read the e-mails between all three of them.

  1. Good morning all. – I have been re-watching the trial and came across something interesting. At the end of day 8 JM motioned not to have Lisa Andrews testify because of the stalking issue claims brought up be the Defense. The Defense claims it was the State who first introduced that information. JM cited that if Lisa Andrews testifies (which I know that she does) an appeals court might look at that as unfavorable in the States case against Jodi. JM cites 401, 402, and 403 as what could potentially be grounds for a reversal in conviction. – My question is, is this just puffing by the State or are there legal grounds here for a possible reversal? I am about to watch Lisa Andrew’s testimony again but I am pretty sure the stalking thing is bought up. – I know that some of you are in the “know” about what is going on with her appeal, are these valid grounds?? With JM it is hard to tell what he really wants. He acted as if he did not want Lisa to testify but did he really want her to? Just like in pre-trial he did not want the sex tape admitted (supposedly) but in reality I believe he really did.

      • Cant believe that judge AND Jodis DT would allow hearsay/speculation in trial!!!? What happen to proof like in police reports/documents. Why would travis hire his so called stalker to clean his house, have phone sex and have her over to have sex with him on the night and most of day of the 4th.? lisa and mimi might of been dating travis but he always went behind their backs and seen/spents hours with Jodi. On the haters side someone posted Ryan Burns facebook back at the time he WAS INTERESTED in Jodi. The guy was quite good looking. Had 2 pretty girls on each arm. Jodi would of had so much adventure with him. She loved photography and he was surrounded by African animals. Reslly, he was a interesting dude! Travis had alot to be insecure/jealous of.! This guy was on a whole different level. Bet you would of never caught this guy with a stupid wig on OR doing that stupid chock your chicken dance! TA attacked Jodi and she defended herself!! By the Grace of God she won the brutal wrath of travis! #1 jodi , Free Jodi ! Self Defense Is Not A Crime !!!

        • Jodi did not know anything about Lisa A. and TA when that email was sent, and why didn’t TA trace the IP address like Jodi suggested to him? And as for the tire slashing, since TA could not afford to pay her that month because he had to spend his money on new tires, that defies logic. TA, himself, did not really believe it was Jodi, but it was his sister Sam that suggested that.

          There was absolutely no proof of any of these things – quite the opposite!!!

          • CC, I so agree! Another one of those WHYs! Another question I have is why Det flor was allowed to set with jm through all of trail but couldnt get his story (testimony) stright!? I thought if you testify you waited outside court room until called. I also wounder if det flor sons accident death wasnt really a warning of the true corrupt people behind this isnt really sending a message of showing det flor that they “can” reach out and touch him!? Maybe the son had been abused in this cover up sex scandal and made quiet. Nothing makes sense . Yr just left with why was or why wasnt or why not.?

  2. Sometimes I go back and read comments from 2013. As I have expressed many times, one of the people I love to read his comments is SIRLIPS. I found a 2013 comment from him that still fits today’s events. I’m re-posting it below. But before I do that, here’s a message from me to SIRLIPS:

    Mr. Sirlips, I’m a big fan of your brains! You have my total respect and admiration, sir. ♥ Hope you’re doing ok, whatever it is you’re up to. Really miss you.

    Here goes:

    “I have been reading a lot of stuff about that talks about all of our negative comments towards the state and the victim…here is my response to all of the HATERS:
    What we call you, and then WHY we call you that name:

    Haters: Well, if you HATE on someone, what better name than “Hater”. If you were talking love…you would be a lover, if you talked forgiveness, then you would be a forgiver…but you promote HATE, so you are a “Hater”. If you don’t like your spots, then change them. Shoe fits….

    Travis Taliban: If you support Travis, blindly, then you are a “Travis” supporter. If you terrorize innocent people, then you are a terrorist. The Taliban seems like the perfect example of a terrorist…there for, if you Don’t want to be the “Travis Taliban”, stop Terrorizing ALV, Dr. S, the defense team and anyone else that is simply doing their job. I don’t expect people to like Jodi, but i do expect people to be respectful of EXPERT witnesses, even if you don’t agree with them. AND, don’t give me that shit that they are lying, so they are fair game, as 2 defense witnesses were getting death threats BEFORE they even testified. If the hijab fits….

    Pedo Huggers. This should be pretty obvious. If you like someone, you may “hug them”. that would make you a “hugger”. For example i could be called a “son hugger”, as i like my son…or a “SJ hugger” as i like SJ, MAYBE even a Batte/Ann hugger…for obvious reasons. As far as the Pedo thing goes; It is just too wordy to call you a “A person that wants to ass rape a 12 year old that is tied to a tree hugger” its not as catchy and some sites may frown on the wording. NOW, if you are going to argue that he wasn’t a pedo because there is no proof he actually molested any children. Stop for a second and think, or be educated. PEDO’s do not have to MOLEST anyone, they are simply ATTRACTED to children. We are not calling him a molester, that would mean he actually MOLESTED a child…he was just fantasizing about doing it…that makes him a PEDOPHILE. Pedo…hugger. If the spiderman undies fit…

    There are a lot of names for the Alexander family floating around, however most have to do with the fact that they are FAKE. Not because they are not sad about the loss of their brother. This is expected. Not because they wanted justice, if justice is to be had….NO, they are being thrown under the common sense bus because they are FAKE. They love Travis sooo much…NOW. They miss Travis sooo much …NOW. They need Travis sooo much…NOW. What about when he was alive? How did that family love thing work out for him then? I expect you to be sad, mad, etc… But you are going way past grief. You are going after innocent people to fill your empty bucket of hate to the rim. You are lying about your relationships to make it look bad for Jodi. Jodi killed your brother. WE ALL know killing her will not undo that act. She is not a “monster”. She is not what the law has the DP for. You are making her out to be this, to fill your need for Publicity and Money. Seriously, one brother went so far as to blame Jodi for him not quitting smoking! Hey bro, stop doing drugs, maybe your relationship with your kid would improve. Hey bro, stop doing drugs and maybe your next wife won’t leave you. Hey bro, stop doing drugs and maybe you will be able to deal with your issues rather than have nightmares about them. If the crack pipe fits…

    Kermit, Nancy Disgrace, etc…. This one is easy…because you are all assholes and whole asses. When you act like a devil, don’t be surprised when people demonize you. You are only being called these names because “Fuck stain piece of shit cunt assholes” is a little to vulgar on my TV stations and websites.

    Finally, to all the people that post here, then get deleted and banned: It’s not because, as you say, this site is a bunch of “uneducated man hating abused woman” with nothing else to do. I’m educated, i don’t hate men, and i’m ALL MAN. (except for my pink speedo, but that’s just cause i’m also dead fuckin sexy) If any of you are such “studs”, please post your info, location, etc… and i’ll be glad to visit. As far as deleting your comments… they are not deleted unless they are “anti-Jodi”, “trolls looking to speak anti-Jodi hate” or talk down current community members. You can hide these comments by using phrases like “im concerned” or “i don’t understand…” but we know what they are…So, troll, if the bridge fits….

    Fuck you very much Haters and have a very nice day.”

  3. WOW….AMAZING. Now to the fool or idiot who claims …no way JODI could have seen t-dog watching the videos of the box head men…..ppl video? just asking…,s called angles for a reason…DUH! but then I,m sure no one moved a thing in that house…..RIGHTIt,s like a det.? looking in an attic and seeing …NOTHING then claiming nope it was never there ….gee Ive looked into a few empty driveways an thought … way they have a car! UNLESS it was …MOVED. Imagine the CLEAN UP that house got……So state of injustice…AZ.! why …HIDE…LIE…LOSE?…and DESTROY …..EVIDENCE…if you had the facts…as for STALKING…that,s dating to t-dog…women were prey in his sad world….he was well on his way to owing a million bucks and all before 31..then the great one proved he was,nt so great….sometimes the small can smite the big…it,s called SURVIVAL. As for any judge saying oh we knew SHE was guilty…..WOW such GOD like power……there ya go az. no need for trials anymore …GOD sits on the bench…or crazy julie… of the many NUTJOBS who joined the cult of t-dog…..and just make a very sad man? a whole lot sadder …PITY the FOOLS / IDIOTS. and really do,nt have to nice a day….OMG the sun/light…BURNS so. Funny how evil loves …darkness.

    • We also have a Tarot Card Reader on our side. What do you have Super Duper Group?

      Juan doesn’t count because he is frOG…turns towards Canton, Ohio….bulLFROG…bulLFROG.

      • Dwight, care to elaborate on the Tarot Card reader? I have been read with 3 different decks plus Runes and they all say (repeat) the same message. They tell me that in one year im to patiently wait for the Gates of Heaven to open before me. I say, Alrighty Then.. so now I plant trees to make shade for my family for the future !;) I hope I havent offended anyone with my meaningless chatter!!!:) AZ FREE JODI, NOW!!!! UNJUSTIFIABLE IMPRISONMENT!! #1 TEAM JODI

        • No, I will keep that person’s name silent until they choose to be heard

          With what regards is your Reader making the claims about heaven? Does it mean that you are supposed to for a pending death to take you to heaven or are you supposed to sit on something like and idea or a product for a year and then sell it making a lot of money and thus opening the door to heaven?

          Being silent is meaningless chatter.

          • These cards speak of the Heavenly Father and guidance of light. Leaving everything behind, empty handed taking a leap into the unknown. A Spiritual Journey! Alls I know is time will tell. Im sure when the time is right I will understand perfectly. In the mean time lets ask for Angels to protect and heal Jodi!! Self Defense is not a crime!!! #FFJ She has alot of good people in support of her .. #1 TEAM JODI

  4. Hi All

    Is there enough now in the appellate fund or is much more required? Also how is Jodi doing in Perryville, does anyone know?


    • Maureen,
      The tally so far is around $91,000+. It’s printed below the videos in the top post. Jodi needs $250,000 for a deposit. I don’t know exactly how Jodi’s doing but I heard Jodi is doing O.K.

  5. as i never seen the video I thought they were …men…DUH! it,s two …gals in their undies ? well that,s t-dog…imagine that. Oh imagine if steve,aka ESTABOND!!!!! did a real investigation…like both sides….seems to me anytime a bf/gf are involved in a fight that just makes sense… did he phone the bishop first…you know protect the church at all costs….thing. Now when it comes to a cover up his so called friends did their part….did not two males go into the br tolook see.Now most folks seeing all that blood would not go in an just call 9-1-1…but in they go…and RELAY info to the gal pal……i think her name is……JODI. Now did these two men not have a cell phone? Were they doing something in that br? ARRANGING ! Now for the det. telling ryan..PANTS ON FIRE he was in danger…..well it seems he was….RONALD McDONALD or the BURGER KING (he is a bite creepy!) Now is that not the same det. who brought his NEW GLOCK into the room all alone with ….JODI ? Who does that! I lost my pen dealing with a PT. who had MURDERED and had to go back to get it yet he brings a GUN…WTF! As for a woman defending herself I,ve seen just that…My MOM being grabbed by the throat ….BUT not for long! I,m sure if I had stood by My MOM of 69 yrs would have won against a man? of 22 ,such is the ABUSE of women in our nations. t-dog embraced evil and sooner or later he went to far….JODI SURVIVED him and SHE will see FREEDOM with our help….$$$ , calls ,letters, visits, just do what you can…and wonderful posts.


    2 Corinthians 4:16-18 NIV 16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

  7. “Let me come clean about where I am at. 7 years of loving someone and wanting it to work and watching it not because of me is hard in itself, but in addition to that I have took the like of someone and not only gutted them but took the best 7 years of her life and let her waste it on me. She could have got married 100 different times but she didn’t because of me. Now because of her age and the dynamics in the church her chances of having marriage to the type of person she deserves has been so greatly diminished that I can hardly live with my self. What if she lives a life with no love, with no family or even worse is forced to marry a piece of crap because of me. It is more than I can bare, she doesn’t deserve it. With people like Brandy I am a bit of a sociopath , and she’ll be fine and move on so I don’t lose allot of sleep over it, but what I have done to Deanna is unpardonable.”

    • Oh my God…… This is *precisely* why Deanna is one of the people from the other camp I cannot hate.
      He destroyed her life, he used her to feed his own needs. Poor poor girl. I’ve been in her shoes, I know how great the pain is.

      You know, for a fucking POS abuser and psycho bastard he DID have a lot of self-awareness! Wow, I’ll give him that.

        • TA respected NO BODY !!! not man, women or child ! He had no morals!!! He was unfaithful to everybody and everything!! Jodi received the worst because she stayed the longest !:( The article Pandora posted about travis knife wounds is very telling, TELLS IT ALL !!! SELF DEFENSE!!! #1 SJ TEAM JODI … FFJ

      • I believe his thought process was that for Brandi it did not cause permanent damage – that she would easily move on. Travis recognized on an intellectual level that what he did to Deanna was “unpardonable” , and yet he didn’t have the compassion or empathy to cut her loose, so that she didn’t waste her life waiting for him for seven years based on false hopes and misplaced feelings.

        • I’m pretty sure that Deanna’s family didn’t feel all warm and fuzzy towards TA. I’ve often wondered where they all were and what they were up to at the time of this tragedy. Just curious. How proud they must have felt to see their daughter lying for St TA on the stand. Seems Defective Detective missed many different people who weren’t happy with TA’s behavior towards their daughters, sisters, cousins, aunts, wives and on and on it goes……….

        • People like TA are like energy vampires. They feed off of others. So no, he didn’t have any compassion or empathy to cut her loose b/c she was providing him with everything he lacked and NEEDED. His own selfish needs always came first before anybody else’s and no matter how much (or IF) he cared about Deanna, his own little self prevailed.

          Plus, let’s not forget TA suffered from the Madona/Whore Complex – once he had sex with Deanna, in his mind she was no longer pure and virtuous. So, he was caught in the middkle of having feelings for her yet not being able to marry her. She was damaged goods.

          UGH, sickening TWISTED thinking!! Why the hell did he NOT go to a shrink????

  8. IF Jodi was tryn to hide her car tag all she needed to do was back her car into driveway parking up against garage door. This would not only hide the tag but would also make for a fast get away if she premeditated/intended to kill travis! THERE WAS “NO” PREMEDITATED MURDER !!!

    • To remove and the screw the plate upside down would not attract attention? Come on now! That is the most hilarious bullshit I’ve heard as a theory coming out of a prosecutor’s mouth in any case! It just goes to show that the jurors were so gullible and braindead that they’d believe that a rainbow farting unicorn was involved in this case! Sheesh…

      (((((Unicorns & Rainbows)))))

      • Of course an upside down license plate would attract immediate attention. …Just as much attention as if she had a California license plate (up to 7 characters permitted) with [[ WRONG 1 ]] !!!! …even if it was right side up.
        …I was in a rented vehicle once & got stopped on the interstate (at night) because the cop said he could not read the temporary license number on the cardboard plate inside rear window. …Then he saw that the window was tinted & he let me go, after asking me if I had any guns on board. …I said oh, no guns. …Then I asked him what if I did have one gun for protection through this state (which permits gun carry inside vehicle)? … He said no problem, he was just asking to make sure I was not transporting carload of weapons for sale & etc. …. If I had an upside down plate with WRONG 1 …and asked him that question about a gun, he would certainly not be amused. …hahaha

        • So, I say that Jodi certainly did NOT take a gun from her grandpa, but “if “she took it with her in her escape from Travis’ house, it should be considered by a reasonable juror “for her continued self protection”, she did not comprehend he was dead.
          ….Just like if an innocent unarmed black guy was being pistol whipped by a prejudiced cop, & the cop dropped his gun, & the black guy grabbed the gun from the ground & threw it into a field of bushes & ran away? ……Is that theft of a weapon, ABSOLUTELY NOT, regardless what the written word of the fuckin law reads, it is removal of a deadly weapon from a fuckin nut person.
          …A fuckin nut MORMON or a fuckin nut prejudiced cop, same, same,same!!!
          …So, there was no felony murder by theft of his gun, ((IMHO)).

          • And, if the prosecutor that is same height sitting down as he is standing up, claims that it is Travis’ gun, (to argue it was stolen from Travis) then that absolutely proves that she did not take it from grandpa. …So he proves: she did not plan anything. …He can not use circular arguments to prove his absurdities.

          • I often wondered why JSS permitted so many sidebars, probably more than the OJ Simpson trial. ..I understand that certain times only standing objections are in order. ..And, I did notice the defense stand & object many times. …JSS would say “approach.” …But, I think she would say approach many time when the prosecutor (who is the same height standing up as he is sitting down) would object or even just make a grimacing face.
            …Probably because she could not really tell if he was still sitting, or if he suddenly stood up for a standing objection.
            …Mr Martinez, do you want to make a standing objecting? …I am standing Your Honor !!!!
            …Approach, Mr Kermit !!! …. …..((IMHO)) …..

          • Yes, there was no felony murder, period. That charge was there to ensure a 1st degree murder conviction, period. It never should have been allowed by the idiot judge. It did not apply and never should have been allowed and hopefully will be a good point on appeal. I wrote extensively on this issue just a short while ago. It served to take away Jodi’s chance for a jury to choose a lesser charge like 2nd degree or manslaughter..

            The theft of his gun option that was offered up to the jury at the very end by little Juanita was could not stand up for two reasons…1) the prosecution never proved when the intent to supposedly steal TA’s gun occurred – before or after the killing? and 2) if under the felony rule Jodi intended to steal TA’s gun and she furthered that felony intent by killing him in order to steal the gun (which is the definition of felony murder – someone intends to commit a felony and in furtherance of the felony, a killing occurs…) then Jodi would never have thrown the gun away…why kill someone to steal a gun just to throw it away? This option was thrown out by JSS and KN and idiot JSS settled on the other option that Jodi’s intended felony in the felony murder rule was that she intended to “assault” TA…NONSENSE!!!

            This I believe is error that could be cause for an overturn…It is not harmless error as I explained before

            All IMHO…

        • I read on the other side where they posted Jodis journal and Jodi did record that she had found TAs gun. The other side does have habit of posting and then taking it down! Imagine that!!!

  9. Tues, Jan 1, 2008

    Wow. 2008. This will be an extraordinary year. Armed with the knowledge of my own personal power, I will use this power in a responsible manner to create all that it is I desire in life. Speaking of things I desire, below is a list of a few of my goals. I will add to the list as more comes to me.

    1. Get married
    2. 25 Places on the List of 1,000 Places
    3. Learn/memorize one hymn each week
    4. Finish the Old Testament
    5. Finish the New Testament
    6. Finish the Book of Mormon
    7. Finish the Doctrine and Covenants
    8. Read 15 books
    9. Publish my book
    10. Learn one new English word per week
    11. Learn one new Spanish word per week
    12. Learn one new French word per week
    13. Re-learn to play the piano
    14. Ten core commitments
    15. Re-do my website (before Feb 15)
    16. Place 12 Books of Mormon
    17. Invite 3 people to church
    18. Bear my testimony
    19. Be disciplined w/my thoughts
    20. Do the splits by 3-1-08
    21. Take Joey to Cooperstown
    22. See Jim Rohn live”
    JAA journal entry

    No slashing of tires or crazy emails on her list of things to do.

    • Guess the kind of minds that will fully disregard the spirit of her list and pick out #1, that she wanted to get married that year. And from that they will convince themselves that she wanted to get married so badly that when she realized Travis wasn’t going to marry her, she decided to drive 1000 miles to kill him. Yup, that kinda thing happens all the time so we can just assume that was her motive, whereas men attacking women is such a rarity that it demands proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

      These are the kind of minds we are dealing with.

      • So where in #1 does Jodi say that she wants to marry TA??? NOWHERE !! In fact, she had already determined that he was not someone she wanted to marry. Thus the move BACK TO YREKA to get away from him and start fresh….most of her list has to do with religious studies and her church…doesn’t really sound like a cold blooded killer to me, what about you ??

        Their minds are deluded….

  10. The Bizarre and Circular Reasoning of Haters

    “Even though a neat crime scene more likely indicates a planned killing and a messy crime scene more likely indicates an unplanned killing, in this case the scene was messy because we can just *assume* that Jodi’s plan didn’t go as she had hoped. And even though things didn’t go according to her plan and we can only *assume* what that plan might have been, we know beyond a reasonable doubt that she had one. And we know this because of all the things she did beforehand and that these everyday behaviors were part of her plan because she stole her grandfather’s gun. No evidence that she stole the gun? Well, we can just *assume* she stole it, no proof needed, simply because he was shot with a gun of the same caliber. And we also know, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Travis didn’t own a gun because none of Travis’ friends ever saw it (and absence of evidence is obviously evidence of absence) but we shouldn’t *assume* that Travis just never showed the gun to anyone; we need proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Yes, making broad assumptions about Jodi is perfectly reasonable. About Travis – no way.”

  11. New Topic:

    Does anyone know whose decision it was to not have any of her parents or family members testify at her sentencing?

        • The lawyers could not get numerous witnesses to testify because of threats from frog and elsewhere. I’m sure Jodi made it clear she did not want to subject her family to more than they were already experiencing. Jennifer and Nurmi probably took Jodi’s choice in stride as they were blocked from a fair trial from the getgo.

          • I don’t think her parents would have been subjected to much more abuse than they already have been (guilt by association) and I’ll bet they wanted to testify. I think it might have been better if her parents and family could have given their “victim impact statements” prior to Jodi potentially being killed by the jury or sentenced to LWOP. It seems maybe Jodi let her pride get in the way of presenting the jury and court with an accurate representation of the impact of their decision on others.

            We, as a society, don’t seem to be very interested in recording the “victim impact statements” from condemned people’s family and friends. It’s as if the fact that they have been convicted of a crime (not necessarily committed a crime), voids any interactions they have had or will have, on society (either positive or negative depending on your persuasion).

            • I don’t really want to exchange with your comments, I’ll let someone else. I don’t think you understand Jodi at all. Pride is/was not an element. frog manipulated the defense witnesses through unwillingness to protect them or through intimidation and threats.
              Jodi made it clear she did not want to subject her family to the stress,threats or more.
              Jodi’s father has a serious health condition.
              Jodi’s immediate family’s testimony was no going to sway those juries.
              Did you hear any jury interviews?
              Let someone else take you to school. I can’t, without treading on you, for your earlier comments.

        • After the cyber bully hater mob put her expert witness Ms. ALV in hospital, and Dr. Samuels was not able to answer his own phone, after the bully prosecutor and the cyber bully hater mob threatened anyone like her friends Matt and Patti with death threats and being prosecuted for some trumped up charges, the defence team once again asked for a mistrial because they were not being given the chance to properly represent their client, which once again the mindless judge denied. How many trials are you aware of Michael where witnesses from the other side of the world can only come forward as Mr. Pseudo and expert computer witness who feel impelled to use an alias?

          “According to the defense motion, the threats Womack received included “threats on her life if she were to testify on Ms. Arias’ behalf.”

          Womack is not the first defense witness to complain of being harassed. Dr. Richard Samuels, a psychologist who testified that Arias suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, said he received so many threatening communications that he refused to answer his cellphone.

          Alyce LaViolette, a domestic violence expert who said Arias was abused, also claimed she was being threatened.

          Nurmi also complained to the judge about prosecutor Juan Martinez, whom he alleged intimidated defense witnesses throughout the trial.

          “This cannot be a modern-day version of stoning or witch trials. When you have a prosecutor that this court allows to personally attack witnesses and counsel, it breeds this sort of environment where intimidating can take place,” Nurmi.

          When the judge denied the motion for mistrial, Nurmi renewed a previous request for himself and co-counsel Jennifer Willmott to withdraw from the case.

          “We are in a position where we cannot provide effective assistance … We cannot present the complete picture,” Nurmi said.

          Stephens denied the motion.

          • Yes, this is just another appellate issue in a long line of appellate issues…

            Influencing/threatening/interfering with witnesses is a crime and why JSS continued to protect little Juanita in this regard is just another issue on appeal…

            KN was right he was unable to provide effective assistance of counsel due to these threats and interference with the defense witnesses…

            This case is going down in the law books and not in a good way…..

            • All IMHO, of course….

              ….and why JSS continued to protect little Juanita and all the others that were threatening those witnesses in this regard is just another issue on appeal….”


              • I have always thought that JSS, JM, DetcF were on someone’s back room payroll and they followed their instructions to the tenth degree to see that the so called St TA was held in highest regard by the blind citizens of Maricopa County, AZ. Also the media buzzards helped them along in the GreatCoverUp of St TA only to self promote themselves in a hunger to become famous off of the back of someone who has been abused over and over again. Pathetic. Unfortunately, TA’s despicable behavior is not something to be easily hid from we the people who are enraged with the injustices that occurred in this whole trial. What has happened to Jodi should have never EVER happened. This should have never gone to a trial of any sort. It has MISTRIAL screaming from the rafters since the beginning. Jodi should have been acquitted.

                Now there is a long line of people who will need to pay for their deceitful deeds, deleting, out right blatant lying, altering evidence, concealing evidence, the threatening of witnesses and complete all out campaign to ruin anyone who would dare speak up for Jodi. . .it is TOTALLY DISGUSTING. We will not STOP until Jodi is a FREE WOMAN. There should be many shaking in their shoes, shame on them for hiding behind their veils of secrecy to protect an abuser of the worst kind. SHAME ON ARIZONA!!! SHAME ON THE CULT of ST TA. LYING for the LORD. . .HA!! How many lives will they be allowed to ruin before the sheeple WAKE UP?????? Drink your coffee folks! What happened to JODI ANN ARIAS might just happen to one of you next, then what will you do? You will deserve it but will you accept it? I think you might protest. Who will help you when your cast out to the demons of this blood thirsty, greedy money worshipping abusive group? Have MERCY on your souls. . . Only GOD can help you. God does not want anyone LYING for Him. Bishop or not. People who find it easy to play with others lives so easily, should be very afraid. SMH with disgust!

                • Exactly !

                  What goes around comes around ! You can COUNT ON IT !!

                  And the seemingly group effort by JSS, Juanita, Det. F, to cover TA’s tracks is puzzling as to why would they would want to protect TA?? The only reason I can think of is the protection of the reputation of the Mormon Church…IMHO

                  That group rules AZ with much political power and money…

                  All IMHO

                • And from the get go at the crime scene with Det F waking up the computer and destroying potential exculpatory evidence…WHY ???

                  The computer was powered up and down on June 10, 2008…a quicktime update was downloaded and this was done with a person manually clicking “ok.” All without the “write blocker” that was standard protocol that Det F certainly would have been aware of.


                  Who was TA in the church?? Was he anyone of importance to the church?? Or was he involved in the porn industry so that it put the Mormon church in danger of being exposed and having their reputation tarnished and putting them at risk for liabilities ??


                • I’m thinking we are on the same page BB 😉 TA was a unfortunate embarrassment to his “Ward” “Sect” or whatever they prefer to be called. What a big disappointment he must have been for the many friends and family. I’m thinking his greatest disappointment was to himself. He sure fell short of his “so called intentions” for his life.

                • Excellent comment, R.

                  Rest assure that if any one of those who call us delusional because we dare speak up about this absurd trial, would hope and wish to have people like us supporting them if they ever happened to be in Jodi’s shoes with a corrupt justice system condemning them to the ultimate punishment for acting in self defense…

                  Honestly? I would put my personal feeling aside for some of them that have slandered me. I’d support them with all my passion because truth is: besides Jodi being our friend, we are also trying to prevent this circus trial and witch hunt to happen to any other human being.

                  (((Sticking to your believes no matter what))))

                • And does anyone know if TA and Det F knew each other through the church? What ward did they belong to, if anyone knows….I just can not understand how from the get go there was an effort to cover this up….there had to be a motivation for Det F to do what he did there at the crime scene and beyond…IMHO…

                  It could be that as Det F was perusing (my guess/opinion here) through TA’s computer after he ignored protocol and woke up a computer at the scene and then shut it down and someone manually clicking on a quick time download and destroying potentially exculpatory evidence without using a write blocker, he discovered the nasty porn and also somehow determined that TA was a Mormon and wanted to protect the church from a scandal….just my guess on why this all happened as it did at the crime scene and beyond in this case with further cover up….bc nothing else explains WHY anyone would ignore protocol and destroy evidence without a really good motivation…

                  All IMHO

                • BB, I’m thinking that is exactly when the $$$$ Cash Duo entered onto the scene. I’ve always thought they were in this up to their rather large noses.
                  Oh, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum 😉

                • Also if anyone knows what stake center did Det F belong to as well as what stake center did TA belong to? They may not have belonged to the same ward, but could still possibly have known each other through the stake center….just trying to figure out the WHY on all of what happened at the crime scene with what Det F did to the computer, etc. against all standard protocol which destroyed potential exculpatory evidence….

                  All IMHO..

                • BB, you ask why Flores would do what he did and whether it was based on a church connection. Now that the truth is finally known about the handling of the computer and other pieces of evidence, I found these two statements of his from Jodi’s Yreka interview to have a sinister ring to them now. Win at any cost is the motto of Maricopa County state attorneys, especially that little weasel.

                  Video 4 2:06

                  Flores: “I didn’t modify anything. We take absolutely special care of what we do.“

                  Jodi: “I know.”

                  Flores: “We actually take an image of that card or let’s say a computer – we take an image of the hard drive and make a copy of it – we don’t even touch your hard drive – we just work with the copy – and that’s exactly what we do with the photos – we don’t work with the originals – we just make an exact digital copy of everything – move it over so we don’t touch it – and then we analyze it. And our guys are so good – every case that we’ve ever done that I know of has never been lost in court. It’s been argued and argued and argued – there’s no way to duplicate or that they enhance or that they change or that they do anything to a photo ….”

                  Video 5 10:28

                  Flores: “But without the truth I can’t paint another picture – and’s it going to be up to the prosecutor to paint that picture – and if you want that prosecutor – and I’ve met him – and you don’t want him painting that picture because he is good at what he does – I’ve worked with him before. You and allow him to paint that picture for you – it’s not going to be good.”

                • Yes it sounds like he is anxious about this issue. You know how when people are guilty of something they are the ones that actually keep talking about it as if they are trying to reassure themselves that they aren’t doing anything wrong, when in fact it is their own guilt that is showing…Everything he said about how they handle the computer and photos was NEVER DONE !! They deleted files and messed with the originals more than a couple of times, destroying evidence ! and the photo time stamps just scream forged to me..It seems as if he already knows what is happening to the evidence but is trying to convince Jodi that they handle everything just right by the book…IMHO

                  Jodi caught on to it immediately during the police interview and of course he tried to deny it…but the truth always finds a way out over time…

                  Okay, who goes to a crime scene and from the get-go starts messing purposefully with the evidence??? WHO DOES THAT??? WHY???

                  Either he knew who TA was or they knew he was a Mormon and was involved in the porn racket and wanted to save the church from the scandal, either way it was a railroad from the beginning…IMHO

                • This is the first “news” story that I have ever found on this case. For me, it sounds more like an obit written by family and friends than a news story. If the friends hadn’t mentioned it to Flores yet, as soon as he found TA’s magic underwear in the washer or the CTR ring he would have known TA was Mormon. Then of course, he got the call from the Hughes instructing him on the case and how to run his investigation. When were those 60,000 files zero’d out and by whom will always remain a mystery …..


                • The things that Flores said to Jodi in the Yreka interrogation about preserving computer evidence sure didn’t jive with his testimony from the stand where he was just an ol’ dummy about those kinds of things…

                • The above AzCentral article is a prime example how the creation of a Saint is born. In the first sentence I found myself wondering who in the heck are they talking about. . . TA was nothing like the media portrayed him to be. In fact, I found it filled with one lie after another. . .facts apparently aren’t important to the citizens of Maricopa County, AZ. People actually fell for the great scam of St TA and his so-called friends and family. Certified, Professional Scammers. WOW

                  As far as the Defective Detective goes, I would think this wasn’t his first time at concealing, altering, tampering and deleting evidence BUT then again, he appeared to feel indestructible with the likes of JM backing him and setting him up to take the fall. Poor Ole Defective Detective caught in the JM web of deceit. One should be careful who they put their trust in. Pink Undies for all of them.

  12. For ♥JODI♥ and Everyone at JAII! ♥
    There will always be those people who simply will never understand why we support our friend Jodi, but for all of us Jodi Arias was wrongly charged and convicted in this case. Period. We have not been blinded by the veil of secrecy and deception that this whole tragedy has created. JAII, our eyes are wide open and have been the entire time. 😯 Self Defense is not a CRIME! However mental and physical abuse is a crime. Just because it is hard to prove does not mean it didn’t happen. We know it happened to Jodi. TA was not the Saint that his friends and family tried to portray him to be. . . in fact he was far from it. His own words proved he was known for his abuse to Jodi and then also t other people who feel for his scams. His friends and family were aware of his behavior, clearly and plainly aware!

    One day it will all become clear for the doubters, no need to waste time arguing.

    • * then also to other people who fell for his scams. Just want to be correct for the looky loos (who are under the TA spell). ♥

            • For sure!! That one that said he pooped his panties had the look of a abusive alcoholic/meth head !! He was the bully of the bunch! Gave juor#17 a real bad time. Im sure behind closed doors he was yelling. Truthfully I would of enjoyed putting that stupid man bitch in his place! !)))

              • GOD BLESS the one juror in the penalty phase of the trial who (figuratively speaking) BITCH SLAPPED THE PROSECUTOR: Kermit, Juanita, frog, sign my cane guy, too short to play Tattoo-the plane-the plane-guy, & other aliases, etc.
                …This one BLESSED JUROR, refused to vote for the death penalty for Jodi Ann Arias (THE VICTRESS) in her self defense.
                …All in my humble opinion of course… ((((Jodi the VICTRESS ))))

                • Ive been holding myself back for a while of making this comment but but, I must!;) when I watch the reruns of Breaking Bad I think of tanisha. That horrible travis blue crystal meth ! When you look back at begining trial tanisha looks like the walking dead. Her face is so sunken in like she forgot her dentures. Her love for the crystal blue meth is why she chose that color. IMHO I know this coment is mean but O’so kind compared to the vulgar disgusting uncalled for comments they say about Jodi and the rest of her family. Those people on other side cant even speak without being vile disgusting evil creatures. AND very very perverted!! SICK SICK BUNCH! but then again what kind of people would you expect to support phony bologna travis alexander.? The father of lies! May a flight of demons wing them all to hell hell hell for what they have done and doing to Jodi !!! #FFJ Self Defense IS NOT A CRIME

                • ΤΑ fans lavished the Alexscammers with donations and gifts. So, now Tanisha has a new set of donkey teeth 😆 😆 😆

                • Matthew 7:2

                  “For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.”

                  What goes around comes around….watch out for that boomerang haters !!!!

    • ((((R)))) ♥ ♥ ♥

      I am so grateful to SJ for creating JAII. This is where support began. This is where support continues. This is where support will always continue even after Jodi is freed.

      No matter how hard both sides try to slander this site, if it wasn’t for JAII Jodi’s appeals case would have just fallen in the large stack of appeals and the injustice would never have been exposed for the world to read.

      So as long as those who slander JAII from behind their screens or their sekrit groups, I’d like to tell them: STFU. As long as you are anonymous or chickenshit to speak your mind publicly your word doesn’t count.

    One day at time we will reach SUCCESS FOR JODI! Never Doubt It!!!!

    Proverbs 3:6 “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

  14. The name of this site says it all…THE TRUTH…We use facts and truth to expose their and his evil….and bring freedom to a person who was wronged . All the haters want is more hate …if the shoe ….! Seem to me what ever We call him…t-dog…We can back it up….and with his OWN WORDS…..POW! This case was made into a SHOW TRIAL that brought shame to justice. Thanks to one judge? who can EVER get a fair trial …NOW. One day I saw a young lady who needed help…should I have let HER be lynched? I know who SHE is……and that,s why I will always be there for HER. This hate for HER just shows their evil…such fools. And any church that puts itself before a person…shows it,s truth or lack there of. A man of faith(bishop) who brings a…lawyer…was he worried about his trial..oh right he was,nt on trial…YET! Thanks to all who make this site amazing…HUGs to You all. keep up the great work.

  15. In one of the first interview tapes det. F did with Jodi I did get the impression that det. F knew travis. The things he said about travis to Jodi made me feel that he didn’t think much of travis. Didnt like travis character! Others besides the frog was/is stepping on det. F chain .. FFJ SJ-TEAM JODI

  16. I really enjoy when every now/then SJ pops in to share his thoughts/sense of humor. What a mighty fine good man !!! Jodi is lucky to have him on her side!! :)) SJ/TEAM JODI FFJ SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME ps. From what I hear from the other side its like SJ IS MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE !!! ;)))

    • Very good point Dwight! A while back (years ago) I remember reading where Jodi supporters were screaming why the prosecution attorney was allowed to walk through the crime scene. I also read where the Alexanders wanted frog and only frog to represent them in this case. That was why there was such a long delay for this case to begin trail. Frog was not available at the time so they waited. Yes, I believe the crime scene was staged along with photos of beard/no beard. Frog was yelling at Jodi about travis being clean shaved in the most famous picture of travis in shower but some of the pictures persentrd as evidence TA had beginings of beard. How did travis grow a 3 day old beard in matter of minutes? OOOPS.. thinks the frog but with his snarling grin he turns to the jury and says to himself. I SEE STUPID PEOPLE ! How did these phony pictures get past the Defense, I ask?

      • Urghhh, there was so much that the Defense missed. Aside from the fact that they seemed unprepared or so it seemed for trial. I am by no means a JM lover but his flow was never interrupted in questioning even with all of the sidebars called. He always picked up right where he left off. The Defense especially JW did a lot of uhms and long pauses, blank stares, repeating questions, shuffling papers, seeming lost, and just seeming unprepared. KN spoke soooooooo slowly if he had spoken any slower he would have been going backwards. I know this effects juries. Let’s face it, the State really had their whole case handed to them (camera, hand print, and RECEIPTS). Jodi’s whole trip was just handed to them via the receipts they gathered at her home. BUT, there were some moments where the Defense could have/should have capitalized on evidence namely the compromised crime scene, manipulated photos, mis-handling of the computer erasing all of the files which would have put Saint Travis in a bad light. There was also the testimony of Deanna when she was asked if Travis ever called her a Slut or a Whore. he did in a text message when she asked about him paying her back money he borrowed. Granted this was in jest but he did call her those names. The Defense also should have looked into Saint Travis’s finances. he was woefully in debt and probably behind on mortgage payments which could have pointed to another suspect (perhaps he borrowed money from a dangerous person). These were never looked into and Jodi was the only suspect ever. Flores stated in Jodi’s interview that there was NOTHING in his back round that would justify someone wanting to hurt him. This is not entirely true and should have been brought up if nothing else a rush to judgment. Aside from being in debt, he was a womanizer and was playing footsy with a married woman. Very far from being Saintly.

  17. The case record shows a motion filed September 5 to disqualify the Court of Appeals. I wonder if this is a response to Judge Cattani’s outrageous behavior?

  18. To see a judge who will sit on HER appeals say such know it all statements , for that this case should go straight to a fed. court of appeals and no matter the cost to az. If all they,re worried is money then federalize az.courts and let them get real justice…or is az as tx…anti U.S.A.? When any judge says he knew HER guilt now that must be someone who GOD speaks to or that,s what he thinks!

  19. Does anyone know anything about what’s going on with JODI’s current attorneys ?? I hope everything is going in JODI’s favor on the road to freedom.

  20. I did read a comment from a lady that said she wanted to make it quite clear that she is on neither side but alexanders asking for a trip to Cancun is absurd ! No trip to Cancun..

  21. Finally someone from the Snoopers got something right

    “K S: I hope the Hughes have eyes in the back of their heads..all the back peddling theyve done I’d hate for them to trip. JMO.”

      • .me email accounts no longer exists. The site closed down in 2012, so why she doesn’t have an account any longer is not connected to a sinister motive.

        As for .me accounts being a “fringe” email provider, check You will find that the service belonged to Apple, which isn’t exactly a fly-by-night company.

        I’m not trying to be ugly – and please don’t take this that way.

        I have read your posts since you connected with this board and I can tell that you are truly concerned with Jodi’s welfare. I can tell that you put a great deal of thought and effort into your posts. I can also see that you are no stranger to research, so please check before you post negative items like this. This only gives the anti-Jodi camp more ammunition.

        Thanks for understanding that I am just trying to help.

  22. So just why would the uses be covering their tracks….they seem to know the true t-dog and want to keep it that way…BUT in time the world will know just what they hid from justice…mr. ca$h better keep a close eye or grip on sky less the damn burst…then it,s by by l/s. Should have any involved in such a case just delete because thy wanted to? Could have not been to kind to t-dog or why the delete…hail the cult…. of t-dog Maybe the uses should teach their own ? boy to respect woman n men and not just use them…..because sometimes folks do fight back to survive. a very good? fiend of theirs found out about that. There be no rest for me untill SHE,s free safe and sound….JUSTICE 4 JODI…SOON.

  23. Dwight, I took a big sigh of relief knowing that Tanisha would be able to pay off her Drug Dealer. – I am so happy that she will not have to go through life as a Dead-Beat Drug User but rather just a Dirt-Bag Drug User. – I am so happy that she will be able to clear her good name………NOT.

  24. Hello Snoopers! I simply posted this one comment because it is the only thing that you do on your stupid site every single day to us!!! Have a nice day!!!

    Joe Gesell Congradulations Karen , Canadian Clubhead Carol spliced a section of your comment & posted it on JAII. Of course she added a little bit of spin (and gin) to make it fit her poor widdle Jodi fantasy but you gotta expect that from the mentally challenged like Carol. It’s a start though lmao

    Karen Sumner Oh dear @ Joe Gesell’s comment… Stalking Canadian Carol whoever you are , my opinion of the Hughes’s is mine and based on very little information unfortunately. That makes you and I similar in some ways but thankfully what separates us is I think for myself without having to steal someone else’s thoughts and spin them to suit a limited audience.

  25. True Crime Radio Interview talking about computer evidence during the deliberation of the first trial at 1:56:00

    Chris Hughes – “Because it was discovered at a hearing years ago, that computer analysts went and looked at Travis’s hard drive, and there was ZERO pornography of any kind. And, I personally, in 2010 talked to the guy who analyzed Travis’s computer, and I said, so nothing – no man, no woman, no child nothing? Nothing Chris, I’m telling you squeaky clean, like one of the cleanest computers I’ve ever seen. And I said, yeah, but he could have, I mean people can wipe their computers clean, right? You know, they’ve got the software you can wipe it clean. And he goes, oh yeah, oh yeah, Travis, he could have done that and I would know. He goes when you wipe your computer clean it leaves a scar. There is a scar, and I don’t remember if he said this or I kind of understood it this way, but like rings in a tree, you know. You can see every time that hard drive was wiped. And I’ve asked him was his hard drive ever wiped? And he said, no Chris. He said that hard drive was squeaky clean. It had never been wiped. It was in pristine condition. There was nothing on there and we all know, that anybody who is a pedophile has – you know, you’re going to find something in their – on their computer, in their attic, under their bed somewhere. There’s going to be some bread crumbs.”

    Host: “Nothing – nothing and his computer was taken apart by the best. Not only did he have no pictures. Travis Alexander did not even erase – he didn’t wipe out his hard drive.”

    Yeah, right Mr. Hughes – no porn on that computer!!

      • Dwight, his Compaq Presario that Deanna bought him for Christmas was the computer that he used for both business and pleasure. There was one drive that Neumeister found very odd in that it was stripped or wiped so there was absolutely nothing on the drive but one best performance type setting that someone would have had to set.

    • True Crime Radio: 1:24:06

      Chris Hughes: “Sean, Travis’s webmaster and he was my web master as well. And I said Sean, do you have Travis’s pass codes to get into his blog. And he said yes, and he knew Travis had been found dead and everything, and so he said yes, it’s this. And he sent me the pass codes. So I tried that same passcode on his g-mail account and it let me in. Because at this point investigators, Flores, told me that they weren’t really looking at Jodi.”

      “So I got so upset at that, not knowing he was doing police work. So we came home, I called Sean, got the information and got into his email because I was determined to find proof that Jodi did this. And here’s what we found. We found, obviously that May 26th. Oh, and by the way, we read every email, EVERY email between Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias, and most other emails between Travis and other girls. And we read every line of Google chat, and there were LOTS of them between Travis and Jodi.”

      It sounds to me like Hughes was accessing the evidence while it was in the hands of Flores.

      • True Crime Radio – 1:43:30

        Chris Hughes: “and we were being careful about who we told, you know, that we had access to the emails. Oh and by the way, we called the investigator and said hey, you might want to look at these emails, and he said how did you know about those emails? And we said, oh we have his codes, and you know, relinquished all the codes, and they locked them down from that point forward. (1:43:50) We never – we didn’t make a copy, we’ve not had access ever since. And also, an interesting side note in a hearing that occurred a couple of years ago, it was suggested that maybe Sky and I had, you know, deleted some of those emails”

        • OK I have been pretty quiet for a while just reading and learning. you are also brilliant and what you have uncovered.

          Now I cannot keep my mouth shut. why in God’s name would Chris automatically just think it was Jodi ??? Think about it Jodi had left Mesa when? She was living back home
          Hell yes he wanted to get into Travis’s computer he wanted to delete something.
          What was it?? He is guilty of something. ..

          Sure was sloppy detective work. that computer should have been locked down so no one could have gotten into it. Gmail should have been contacted immediately.

          • I know, Cindy. As far the Hughes were concerned TA hadn’t been seeing Jodi since sometime in the spring or summer of 2007 when they had ordered him to stop seeing her. These things that he said on that show sure made me wonder……

            • I’m so over his lying ass. No matter what your faith is or isn’t there still is karma.

              I ask one question: who would think to do what he did when morning his so called best friend death? something is very, very wrong here.

              I call foul he’s deflecting….

              • Still wondering how The Hughes Duet have not landed in Joe’s Jail yet. It would serve the both of them well. . .plus they both would look good in pink. 😉

        • Thanks for these posts from True Crime Radio, Carol.
          There is so much wrong with what happened here. First, the webmaster, Sean. Who in their right mind would hand out the passwords of someone who had just has been killed? How well did he know Chris Hughes? I understand he was Chris’s webmaster, too, but Sean knew of Travis’s death and he’s going to allow someone to go through Travis email and Gmail. Really? He must have known police were going to be involved.
          Second, I doubt if Chris Hughes would risk being charged with a crime (Tampering with evidence???) to try to find information that Jodi was involved in Travis’s death. I think it had to be more personal involving something that involved the Hughes and Travis. Something important enough to take that risk.
          Third, if I’m the lead detective, Chris Hughes’s activities would put him at the top of my list of suspects. Plus, I would have had a police computer tech find out if Chris Hughes destroyed any emails or Gmail and try to determine what the content was. I don’t think Flores even gave Hughes a slap on the wrist. Weird.

          • Correction: He must have known police were going to be involved and he might be committing a crime by allowing Hughes access to Travis’s computer.

              • You’re correct, Justus. I actually made the same mistake on Twitter a long time ago and Chris Hughes himself stated pretty much the same thing you did. How could I make the same mistake twice? Thanks.

                • I don’t quite understand the difference, but then again I’m mentally challenged. My mind keeps going to Neumeister’s testimony about the program that zero’ed out the 60,000 files that wasn’t on TA’s computer. What could a webmaster or someone else do to a computer from another site? I need to talk with Neimeister and Smith.

          • cc53, I find the actions of both Hughes and his webmaster to be outrageous. Who in their right mind would feel they have the right to do that and then go on the internet and brag about it?

            • And I don’t get why the lead investigator is talking to Hughes about the evidence, and now that we all know how much porn was on that computer it seems a very suspicious conversation to have occurred indeed.

      • When so many people were outraged over OJ Simpson’s “Dream Team,” I said that what they should have been outraged about is that it took somewhere in the neighborhood of $3.5 million dollars to level the playing field so that a defendant could get a truly fair trial. They should think about defendants who do not have the assets available to them that OJ did – and they should be outraged that those defendants usually do not stand a chance in a courtroom because they cannot afford to hire experts to evaluate the state’s “evidence” or to hire private investigators to interview witnesses or to track down leads or attorneys who have the expertise to vigorously cross-examine witnesses and to put on a more experienced defense than many court-appointed attorneys.

        THAT should be the outrage.

  26. I too heard this story on tv news. It told September 28th will have what they called a blood moon and a HUGE earthquake is to hit Utah. So now preppers are buying tents, nonperishable foods, bottle water, batteries ect. and running for the desert… Massive Hysteria! And yes, the predictions was made by the Mormons. I have never seen a blood moon before so you know I’ll be watching ! 😉 But “HAY” if you do live in Utah.. might he time to get the hell out of Dodge, just saying.

    • Yo, Pam –
      you’re aware, aren’t you, that Halloween ALWAYS falls on the THIRTY-FIRST of October? And never EVER on the 13th of October – Friday or otherwise?

  27. Journee, color me all shades of red!! I just checked my calendar and big as life Halloween is the 31st.! I just got played by my daughter!:( she sent me this very colorful Halloween pix telling this wrong info. Thanks Journee for helping me see the lite.. the part that bothers me the most is all I had to do was check the fact and laugh along with her.. Dang, I feel like a travis alexander chump!:(((

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