Retrial Video Replay – Day 7

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Retrial Video Replay – Day 7:

Part 1/1 (Jodi’s Sealed Testimony):

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    • dwight huth,

      That’s exactly what I’ve been wondering also, dwight, who was directing Marie and all the others involved in showing up at TA;s house together on J0908 at the time they did!!! It’s just too strange, like you said, that Marie Hall wouldn’t have tried to inquire about TA long before she did, which was at the last minute!!! That’s just too fishy IMHO!!!

      • Remember everyone….THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE in crime…PERIOD!! Nothing in this case has been by coincidence, not Det Clouseau (of Pink Panther fame…LOL!!) waking up the computer, not Juanita sitting at TA’s computer itself and at the command controls while the defense team looked on, not Dr. Horn covering his mouth in aghast “surprise” at the oh so laughable “typo,” not the pristine mirror image of TA’s hard drive being in hibernation until AFTER the criminal trial was over, etc…etc…etc…NEED I SAY MORE???????

        Now can anyone say MORMON CHURCH ????

        Who was directing little Miss Marie??????

        Does little Miss Marie sleep well at night…oh that’s right, she as well as all her Mormon friends can circle their Mormon wagons around and play their pioneer games…LOL !!!

        All IMHO, of course !

        • BB, unfortunately, they all sleep well at night because they have no morals and conscience. But when something personal happens to them they always ask “Why me? What have I done?”… uhhhmmmm, you tried to kill another human being just because you wanted the ‘win’ or out of vengeance!

    • Okay, so you are going on a great trip to Cancun. Who wouldn’t be excited about that? Who wouldn’t be calling and checking on details with the person you are supposedly going with? Right? DEAD SILENCE….NOT A WORD….NOT A PEEP….

      It’s like the scene from a Few Good Men, where Tom Cruise gets Jack Nicholson to recite to the court all the people he had called bc he was taking a short trip….Well the Marine that was killed was leaving the base for good…he was being transferred off the base, something he desperately wanted, yet he called NO ONE…NOT A SOUL…

      DOES NOT ADD UP !!



      • Again BB, you’re so right! I’m vacationing right now (at Maria’s ♥) and the planning and traveling was checked & double checked that everything was going according to plan. Imagine I never showed up: Maria would have sent the secret services to find me if I hadn’t contacted her! Sheesh! Either their ‘love’ for the friend travis was totally bs and they didn’t give a flying fuck where he was and why he had disappeared or IDK what… Matter of the fact is that deep down inside they know it’s their fault for letting him lie there 5 days….

  1. Sorry i missed all the B-Days, it was not intentional- it was internet (none) web browser problems, and me being sick. I’m still here just way behind. Did send Jodi a B-Day card, and did make a donation to JAA Appellate Fund.
    Now, do all, or maybe none, or perhaps some, believe that it is way past time that the “real perpetrator” of this ‘crime’ be found and brought to true justice?
    When Jodi, was interrogated, she said that she did not kill Travis, but that she knew, who did. She said, that she would never hurt Travis, he’s done so much for me.
    Strange that Det, Flores, for some reason, just would not listen to, or believe her. I believe, Jodi spoke the truth.
    Was it not Abraham Lincoln who said, ” You can fool some of the people some of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

    This is just my two cents worth – for today.

    • “Was it not Abraham Lincoln who said, ” You can fool some of the people some of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. ”

      Jo, I don’t know if Abraham Lincoln said that but I know that Bob Marley (one of the biggest loves of my life) sang it!!! 😉

  2. Have you seen the stupid bs that rob roman is spewing? All I can say about him is to have a window installed so when he has his head stuck so far up his own a** he will be able to see out!!! Another one of those trolls that thinks his speculation is facts! He even had the nerve to lie about Jodi when in travis own voice said different!! Talk about wanting to reach into yr pc and kick him in his face!!! The facts are that the evidence that would of cleared/helped Jodi prove her case was in fact hidden, deleted, tampered with , lost, stolen, destroyed.

    • I don’t know what happened to him. He started off as a very vocal supporter, with excellent articles in favor of the defense only to end up in the haters’ camp. Can we say psycholigically imbalanced??? Two-faced? Split personality? LOL.Seriously now, I’ll never know why he changed so much. Oh well….Another one bites the dust.

      • I suspect that he has projected his personal issues regarding relationship- dynamics onto her. He seems to deeply resent and reject Jodi’s right to autonomy. He seems to have a narcissistic wound that demands that Jodi lower her self- estimation, while simultaneously elevating his self- estimation.

        He seems tyranical and petulant in his fanatical need to be the ‘authority figure.’ He seems outraged that Jodi has a voice.

        A narcissist has a deep- seated need to annihilate the ‘other,’ because otherness is perceived as a threat to a precarious identity. Jodi won’ t capitulate to his demand that she conform, so then he sees her as ‘bad.’

        He seems outraged that she refuses to humble herself into ‘extinction.’ He is livid that she does not prostrate herself before him and declare that she ‘owes’ him everything, and she is nothing without his all- knowing wisdom and direction.

        It’s sad and ironic, but it seems to be about his desire for power, control and domination.

        I’ m not writing this to belittle him; I’ m writing this because Jodi deserves to have people defend her when she is being unjustly maligned.

        P.S.: He is calling himself a ‘Jodi- supporter.’
        As the saying goes, with a friend like him, who needs enemies?

    • Pam, when I first heard that rob was writing bs about Jodi I was upset. I always knew him to be a supporter. Between then and now I don’t know what happened. But I didn’t spend too much time wondering about him. We shouldn’t give him too much attention. He’s not worth the ‘spotlight’. 🙄

  3. This upcoming week is the final chance for matched donations so please, everyone, dig deep and give whatever you can (even if it’s just loose change dug out of the crevices of your couch).

  4. The fact that a person receives a severe sentence like Jodi did doesn’t mean it will always be carried out. I was reading about the case of an Australian woman named Brenda Hodge. She was found guilty of murdering her boyfriend by shooting him 3 times during an argument in 1984. She was leaving him and apparently he began ridiculing her while she was packing. She claimed she didn’t remember much about the shooting. She was sentenced to hang but her sentence was later commuted to life in prison. She became a model prisoner, took some college courses and was paroled in 1995. In 2005, she published “WALK ON: The remarkable true story of the last person sentenced to death in Australia.”
    There have been similar cases in the USA where people have been sentenced to death, later had the sentence changed to life in prison, appealed and had the sentence reduced and eventually have been paroled.

  5. That day that Jodi’s friend gave her the DVD with the Legal Shield stuff was the day Jodi was cursed.

    She then met travis, he started talking to her about mormonism

    And in a matter of days, travis was already using her for sex. I wish Jodi had more self esteem back then and had told him to go fuck himself.

    And what a good mormon travis was: sending Jodi text pics of his dick… smh.

    I’m not prude or anything but hey, if he couldn’t stick to his religion’s rules why did he remain in the mormon church? He ridiculed his faith. What does that tell us about a person that fools his religion? Immoral, unethical, hypocrite, liar…. And THAT’S what I can’t stand about travis: that he was a fake and people see it but don’t want to admit it. Just because he’s dead doesn’t erase all the shit he pulled.

    His siblings didn’t want to agree to a plea deal. All his perverted lies and manipulation would have been spared. They wanted REVENGE. Well, I’m guessing they’re not that proud now when they were the ones that played a major role in unraveling travis’ perverted ways. Now he will be remembered as a LIAR, a MANIPULATOR, UNETHICAL and probably a pedo too… Way to go, siblings!

    If one doesn’t have the balls to be true to himself and to his surroundings then how can he be respected…

    Just sayin’

    • Yes!! He was a FAKE! Fake, fake, fake. Hypocrite and rotten to his core. And it’s ironic how he used the word “rotten” to cuss at Jodi. I guess he was hainted and would see his own reflection into people 🙄

    • Why did TA remain in the Mormon Church you ask???
      I believe the Mormon Church is one of the largest and most successful and richest corporations in the country.

      • BB can you tell me what it is, and why the mormon church is the most successful and so wealthy?
        i am asking, bc i do not know – Jo a

        • I have no idea….other than the Mormons believe in having very large families all of which eventually grow up to contribute to the Church, etc…

          • Because Mormons are required to donate 10% of their weekly income. Imagine how many members there are?? That is a lot of money.

  6. I was chatting today with a girlfriend and we kinda found it weird that there haven’t been any pics floating around in the internet of all those ‘friends’ of travis’ that were at Cancun in 08. Has anyone seen any? Have the hughes ever posted any? It’s not like they’re shy and private, so I’d think they’d have plastered pics from then somewhere on the internet.

    • You are is being advertised on Amazon…and it is soooooo aptly named:

      Conviction: The Untold Story of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars

      Yes, “THE UNTOLD STORY….” Yes, please do tell us Juanita the real truth, you know about all the stuff you so cleverly chose to “keep close to the vest…” Your so-called “details from the investigation that were never revealed at trial.” Hmmmm, wonder why they were never revealed??? Hmmm, let me think on that one……

      Do tell us, Juanita…

      Trying to profit off your notoriety? Now, now, Juanita, shame on you !!

      Is it time for you to retire now and write more fiction???

      • That is sickening that a prosecutor who is still working for the state publishes a book on one of the cases. It will be full of crap. The real story is still yet to be told.

        • Perhaps the appellate attorneys should have their aides or someone wade through the crap for anything that may help their appellate case….you the old sayin’ don’t you? LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS !! LOL !!!

          Go ahead, Juanita, sink your teensy tinsy rubber raft…

            • I know….just another person who is cashing in on Jodi. I actually expected Nurmi to do this not JM. But, nothing surprises me anymore. I hope Maria and Pandora don’t puke too much when they find out.

                • That bitch Samia Khan always talks shit about JODI continuously throwing her under the bus acting like she knows everything.

                • Canada Carol, you are such a great source for information! You always are able to reference good sources and articles!

                • Thank you Vicky. I filed it away in my memory bank when Krafft said it because he was/is an attorney which gave his opinion more weight with me than the others.

                • Joe >>> I don’t know why Samia Khan doesn’t wear a t-shirt with “I FUCKED TROY HAYDEN” printed on it. She’s probably fucked him more times than TA fucked Morticia.

                  Happy Saturday! :mrgreen:

                  Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

                • We’ll all be waiting to see what Steve Krafft has to say on Jan. 16 2016 then 😉

    • I see on Amazon that it won’t be available until Jan 5, 2016 so apparently it hasn’t even been written yet. Maybe he’s just putting out feelers ’cause you can pre-order. I hope he does open his big mouth and tells us exactly how that brain actually operates.

      • It might – but it won’t do Jodi any good at all to win a new trial if Martinez manages to further contaminate a future jury pool with innuendo the law prevented him from using in court.

    • OMG, I didn’t go to Amazon mysef to check but a friend of mine sent me a SS!

      IS it true? Am I dreaming? If yes, it’s an expected nightmare yet I still wish to waker up! If I’m not dreaming, I should definitely consider puking till my face turns blue or white or whatever!!!

      That FUCKING SON OF A BITCH!!! That dirty old midget! That vile poor excuse of a human being who’s just a waste of good oxygen! (yes haters I’m mad – get over it)

      “The Untold Story” ? What is LEFT to be said? How many more LIES can his sick mind come up with? How much more can he twist the facts around and mezmerize the sheeple?

      Amd most importantly:when is he gonna STOP RAPING LADY JUSTICE????? He is a disgrace.
      I live for the day he will have to pay for everything he’s done NOT only in Jodi’s case but God knows to how many other defendants whose trials were not publicized.

      Why are you allowing this Arizona? Why are you allowing this America? 🙁

    • Ha! It was something we all knew would happen. Let’s cut some slack for juan! He’s trying to make a buck or two because he will need it. He sees the end of his career coming up and maybe even face jailtime for all the shit he’s pulled so he will need a few dimes for his commissary!

      Funny thing is that when the sentencing phase was over and juan gave his famous after trial interview, he had stated “Jodi Arias was just another case… blah blah blah” Ya, ok dipshit, we believe you… NOT. My question is: how many books did he write about all the other cases he had prosecuted??? Zero? See, he knew that Jodi was his gravy train. He couldn’t care less about facts and justice. For him it’s always been about the wins and the money…. He proved it so nicely!

      And yeah, I’m sure his book will be fair and full of truth (hahahahahaaaaaa… sorry I fell off my chair laughing with the joke I just made!) but I personally will not give him the time or the money to read his filth. The only use I’d have for his book would be to use it for helping me light my fireplace during winter… 😉

  7. Juan’s book is apparently co-authored by Lisa Pulitzer, who also worked with Jeff Ashton on his book. Isn’t it incredible that the haters just lost their minds because Jen Wood dared to interview Nurmi, and there was only a brief mention of his weight loss book, but now they are all loving Juan for capitalizing on the case to promote his book?

    • Paul, when it comes to hating Jodi, the haters will always have double standards.

      For them, it’s ok for juan martinez to write a book about Jodi’s case but if someone – let’s just say for example Jen Willmott – was to publish a book about the case, they’d crucify her or burn her at the stake (witch hunt) calling her a money whore, etc… And who would have a better point of view about the case? juan who used cas cans, Snow White, hair dyes, red colored rented cars as evidence to prove that Jodi was guilty of premeditated M1 beyond any reasonable doubt OR Jen Willmott that actually was by Jodi’s side for approximately 6 YEARS knowing what did take place and hearing it from ‘the source’ (Jodi)?

      Double fucking standards. 🙄

  8. Who else is thinking that the Frog will probably give a part of (or all ) the profit to the Alexcammers??

    I’m sure Tanisha’s pupils have turned into dollar signs! And even if they don’t get a dime, they’re definitely thrilled by this book coming out. Let them……

    Hell’s waiting MFs! 😉

    • Oh I very seriously doubt that, Maria – he has his very own fan base, you know, he doesn’t need to promise to give money away to sell his book. They’re rabidly preordering it already, with no such promises.

    • Maria, the siblings are not getting one red dime! 😀 That’s enough for them to get pissed. After all, as we’ve established, it was never about justice for them. It was always about the money! And if juan is pocketing monies and they’re not getting a piece of the pie, then they won’t be happy AT ALL! 😉

  9. CONVICTION…..well tiny that may be headed your way…..I would love to read how you did all to MURDER an INNOCENT and FUCKING FAILED….4 TIMES! t-dog (t-dog sounds right) only FAILED ONCE! Oh I would never spend $$$ to buy such as the state of az. PAID FOR IT! Thanks to a tiny rat…….! it used all and any to bring forth a book deal. No matter what is in that book … can be used against him and his boss,s SWEET! OWN your words and actions creep say whatever you want just don,t hide behind TYPOS (is that spellled right…LOL) and trust me on this he FUCK UP…that,s his real style can.t even bully a person w a ged. Oh why did,nt kirk do the right thing and just fall on him at the bench. NOW PLEASE …WE all knew this was coming (t-dog would luv that….EW!) but such is the power of GREED (t-dog would lov that too) Remember all have the right to write(?) a book even a book of HATE…..but one day soon a book of TRUTH and FACTS will show the world what a SHOWTRIAL….let them keep talking….their memory aint so good…that works well for our side. The appeal lawyer should use that book to show the EVIL he did. I for one will ask my book store why they carry such a book…You should too.

  10. So, according to “courtchatter” Tanisha found a homeless man on the street, gave him $10 ( no comments!!!)
    and then she gave him ‘ a card with Travis picture on it and his favorite quote’.

    OK, all I can think of is WTF? Why print cards first of all? And WHY handing them out to strangers? The Alexanders are getting creepier and creepier. I mean it. C-R-E-E-P-Y and obsessed. Who does this woman think her brother was/is?

    They need to get off their high horse asap. Tanisha especially, she needs professional help. She’s not vmourning, she’s already delusional idolizing a dead man who was a NOBODY.

    What exactly had Travis Alexander do to improve society? How did he help humanity? How did he change the world? WHY should he be remembered by anyone except his circle of friends and family? They say because he was an inspiring motivational speaker. What was he motivating people about that is so noteworthy and noble a cause?????? World peace? Environmental causes? Third-world country famine? Human rights? Injustices around the world? NO! N-O, NO! He was part of a stupid pyramid-scheme and he wasn’t even good at it either, thus all the debts.
    Did he do any volunteer work? Was he giving half (or some) of his money to the homeless unintermittently throughout his life? I’m not talking about the occassional good deed, I need PROOF that Travis had somehow dedicated his life to the homeless and poor; it would then justify some part of the Alexander’s obsession!

    Tanisha needs help. I Seriously. Here’s an extract I had read a while ago, by Dr Lachman Psychotherapist:
    “Another indicator that someone has recently suffered a close death in the family is by hearing that person either idolizing or demonizing the person for whom they are grieving. Either the spouse or parent continues putting the deceased partner or child up on a pedestal—as if they could do no wrong—or, they concentrate on all the bad and inconsiderate things that the person did while they were still alive. Both of these tendencies are to protect the soul. These “protective” maneuvers reduce pain. It’s very hard for a recently bereaved person to think about all the rotten things that their dearly departed did when they were alive, without feeling pangs of guilt for thinking such thoughts. However, by not doing this, it causes the bereaved to become soulfully out of balance, and in my experience, keeps the person “stuck,” in their grief. In group, I have to address and help them “work through” the fear that if they think anything “negative” about their departed loved one, that that would be disrespectful in some way. Sooner or later, they must be able to do this in order to fully “let go,” and say good-bye to the person who they’ve lost.”

    • Totally agree, Maria !

      TA was doing only for HIMSELF!! He was self-centered with little if any conscience as evidenced by the way he treated women and they way he abused Jodi.

      The family needs to move on and to live their lives before life passes them by. Stop whining, wallowing, and lying to yourselves about who TA really was. They are going to end up destroying their own lives if they continue down this path they have chosen.

      I could feel sorry for them but for their arrogant, ignorant ways and their absolute refusal to deal with reality of the truth…

    • I’m in awe at morticia’s philanthropic deeds! 10$ !!! Woooo-Hoooooo! I’m sure she’s having nightmares about giving that money away! 😀 😀 😀 As for the business card or whatever the fuck that card was? It will absolutely come in use for that homeless person: to clean his teeth. 🙄

    • According to wikispaces 4 of the 6 Alexander siblings have records including Tanisha. 🙂
      She (Tanisha) has 4 aliases and her charges were:- Burglary, possession of stolen property, grand theft, false personate, shoplifting, possession of a controlled substance, providing false ID to a Peace Officer. – Most of these charges were dismissed or part of a plea deal she was forced to do 6 months in a anger management class. Classy lady huh???
      I am so tired of them portraying themselves as this wholesome modern day Waltons. Travis although not a criminal was broke, borrowing money off of everyone he knew, was probably going to lose his house. He should have gotten a real job instead of sitting home getting blow jobs.

  11. Tweet by a Phoenix lawyer about Martinez’s upcoming book (in response to a Chatty Cathy promotion of the book):

    Jason Lamm ‏@PhxCriminalAtty 22m22 minutes ago
    Given that #JodiArias is still on appeal, the book could constitute an ethics violation.

    • I had the thought that JM writing this before appeal would be improper. However ethics violations are par for the course for the wee man.

      Prayers for Jodi today and everyday.

      Self defense is not a crime!!!

    • BAM !!!

      Appellate attorneys are you listening (and reading) ?? Please 🙂

      Juanita’s ego is getting the better of her…all hopefully to Jodi’s benefit !!!

      Time to retire and write more FICTION, little one??

    • CC53, it’s as if juan martinez is trying to destroy himself and add more misconduct to the long list of bullshittery that he’s pulled during his career.. He’s taking himself down…

  12. Lets call it like it is…..the CULT of travis…who really was a NOBODY who did all to ABUSE ALL. Maria Thank You so much for that post…reminds me of that song that kids love LET IT GO…LET IT GO….I,m talking to you…family…just let it go and move the BEEP on! Our side will see the matter what they want. The facts and truth are on our side….OWN the rat.

    • Jodi “implicated” herself as she testified she killed Travis in self-defense. Not only in court, but in subsequent letters to people that write to her, she has admitted this. I’ve gotten the impression she gets upset when people suggest otherwise.

      • I don’t know why you are posting here, Veronika Harris, since you do not support Jodi. You are a member of a Jodi hate site.

  13. Guys…..please tell me dumbass Juan Martinez didn’t just write a book about JODI’s case because that is great for JODI. And JM will join Joe Arpaio as cell mates wearing pink undies.

    • Yep, he did. I don’t know if it’s good or bad for Jodi, but we ALL know it’s gonna be a book to make us puke!

  14. Apparently, Travis wrote in his journal on May 15, 2008 that Marie “Mimi” Hall told him: “Lets be friends” (i.e., instead of lovers). Do we know exactly when Jodi knew about Marie’s feelings (or lack of feelings) for the “dawg/dogg?” A woman on a bully/hater/low IQ/jealous of Jodi site wrote that Jodi was aware of Marie’s lack of passion for TA by May 25, 2008. Anyone know for sure when and if Jodi had this information? Little Jaun (hater spelling) Martinez used TA/Marie going to Cancun as a motive for TA’s death. But, in reality, Jodi was moving on by moving back to Yreka, starting a relationship with Ryan Burns plus she had always said: “There’s something not right with that boy” and knew he wasn’t marriage material. TA, on the other hand, was alone again naturally. Jodi could have snapped her fingers and TA would have come running. How the little twerp Martinez ever convinced 12 jurors and Tara Kelley that was a legitimate motive is beyond me.

    • My recollection is that Jodi found out at the memorial service about Mimi’s lack of feelings for TA and that it was discussed with Flores and testified to. That person’s argument would not make any sense anyway even if it were true.

    • Also, Jodi thought that T-dogg was taking the babysitter to Cancun and didn’t find that out until the memorial. The T-dogg did not discuss his personal relationships with Jodi or Lisa or Mimi or Reagan or all the others.

      • The Hughes seemed to indicate that Mimi WAS to be the babysitter.

        They, too, talked about the babysitter arrangement.

          • My understanding was that he owed money to the people who needed the babysitter, and was giving up his +1 ticket as fare for a babysitter for their kids.

            • Was Jodi booked on Cancun trip with Travis?
              By Staff
              updated5:01 PM EDT, Sat March 23, 2013

              “In court, Arias has repeatedly denied she was jealous that Alexander was dating other women or taking Hall to Cancun. In fact, she has stated that she believed Alexander was actually taking a friend’s babysitter as repayment for a debt.”

              • And from that you get that the debt was owed to the babysitter?

                I dunno… that’s not how I read it.

                And I did read or see somewhere the Hughes talking about the babysitter and the schedule…

                • We are talking about the same thing I guess. What is important to me is that in Jodi’s mind he was taking someone as some kind of debt repayment because that’s the reason he gave her for not taking her. Who owed who is not really clear from that article, but he owed the friends so instead of repaying them, he was going to give his ticket to their babysitter is how I understood it. The Hughes have really said so many things that I don’t believe…

            • I think the Hughes have made up a whole bunch of tales and with people like T-dogg who live compartmentalized lives, nobody really knows what the truth actually is a lot of the time.

              • Well, that’s certainly true enough.

                Wonder how many folks were brining their kids along for that Cancun trip?

                • Did you notice on the video that Carol posted @ 5:14pm that in the last minute of the video Martinez notes to the black phone technician (?) that Jodi called Travis’s number on June 14, 2008 (10 days after he died and 4 days after Jodi was told by Dan Freeman that TA was dead). She must have known police would notice her call b/c she talked to Flores on June 10, 2008 by phone and he mentioned they were getting a search warrant so they could check her email, G-mail, FB, etc. I wonder what the reason was for her to call TA’s number on June 14, 2008? Just curiosity or was she searching for something/someone specific? I’m beginning to sound like I’m working for 48 Hours Mystery so I’ll stop here.

                • T-dogg owed a lot of people money so it could have been anyone’s babysitter. Since it was common knowledge that the Hughes were going the same time as TA and because of their orders for him not to be involved with Jodi even as a friend, neither Jodi nor Travis could have even considered Jodi accompanying him. That’s the bottom line as far as I am concerned.

              • yes.. the Hughes are master manipulators in their position on the PPL Pyramid they controlled those under them financially and personally.. Who owed who what and what for?? Dollars to donuts no one was taking their kids to Cancun on a Business Trip!

                • There was a suggestion on Twitter today that the price of “Cash” Hughes’s book on T-Dogg should be “30 pieces of silver.” Seems appropriate. I think R.Love would get a chuckle out of that one.

                • I think the price of the book should ideally reflect TA’s family and the other main pedo-huggers… price should be “30 pieces of shit”.

                  Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

            • Journee, I too remember the same thing: mimi was going to be babysitting for the hughes while in Cancun.

              So, let me make a theory:

              travis owed money to the hughes. He adds mimi as his +1 as a way of paying back the hughes.So of course, the prosecution used mimi & travis traveling ‘together’ as a couple just to make a point that Jodi was jealous of that non existent ‘relationship’ between mimi and travis.

              And of course, once again, the defense didn’t jump at the opportunity to rebuttal that theory by questioning mimi and the hughes about that arrangement while they were on stand… *sigh*

              These are the things that make me wonder how things would have turned out if Jodi had a defense team that was not court appointed.

  15. Secondary gain….well now We know just why tiny went for the D/P or should I say MURDER of an INNOCENT…..a book deal and really is this case over when there will be APPEALS. az. just had to let one go from d/row and all because of LIES…..well in this case there are FAR more then just lies….every dirty trick in the book was used to bring HER to harm . Strange how in its post LOST AGAIN interview he looked like a pitbull who had been…..CLIPPED…OW! Not to loudmouthed then was it. Please remember to try to give to the fund and hold HER in your heart….SHE SURVIVED these haters and SHE,LL SURVIVE still…..the sun shall find HER soon.

  16. An interesting article posted on Twitter by Lise Lasalle (although not written by her) about a method of sending Do It Yourself “Flipbooks” to inmates (i.e., sort of a manual Youtube-like experience, I think ). It could possibly enable any of us to send a small segment of our lives to Jodi if Perryville allows it. Or, an ambitious person could start on a few places in the book Travis bought for Jodi “1000 Places to See Before You Die.” Prisons need more of these kind of things to make life more bearable for people inside.

    • I clicked on the above link to the story about the American dentist who hunted the magnificent beloved lion, named Cecil, in Africa, or should I say paid to have the locals trick the gentle & loved lion out of his protective environment to be killed by the sardonic smiling doctor-dentist. …I did some research and Googled: “sardonic smile joker,” many pictures of sardonic smiling actors. …This comes close to the sardonic smiling doctor-dentist, showing his happy-face with his bleached white teeth, sort of suggesting that his patients can also have such a smile, (IMHO). …I would like to suggest that any dental patients should not want to have this sardonic smile that is usually associated with the fictional super villain comic book character of years ago. …Also, I may try to put up this link: which tells about how children fantasize with a hero villain with the sardonic smile. ….But, children grow up. …And, their entertaining comic book trip is imaginary & fun.
      …Mr Doctor-Dentist: death for trophy hunting of animals is nothing to smile about. …(IMHO). …May the next greater sardonic smile that you see will be the devil himself.

    • That jerk has already been in trouble for shooting another magnificent creature. Not only has the world lost Cecil, but all of his cubs will be killed by the next dominant male. 🙁

    • “I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it’s such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.”
      Ellen DeGeneres

      “Man is the only animal that blushes – or needs to.”
      Mark Twain

      “Animals are not property or “things” but rather living organisms, subjects of a life, who are worthy of our compassion, respect, friendship, and support.”
      MARC BEKOFF, Minding Animals

      “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

      “Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.”


    • The person who gave Michelle the keypad combination was Taylor Searle, a friend of Travis’. Not clear on whether he had lived in the home at some point, but he was a business partner of Travis’ in a T-shirt business.

      To your last question, Marie was supposed to accompany Travis to Cancun, knew the departure date was Jun 10.
      Gus Searcy said these Cancun plans were booked way in advance, ‘carved in stone’ so to speak. The PPL group so large that two separate group packages were booked. Travis was in the second group, could not have swapped out for the earlier group at the last minute. The Hughes (because of their higher placement in PPL, I guess) were booked in both groups.

  17. Hey everyone! Just popping in to say hello, been very busy with work. Miss everyone especially our sweet R. Love! Xoxo

    • Yes, I join everyone in saying that I also miss reading the sincere comments of ((R Love)) on this site, in all of our support for ((Jodi)). Whatever the reason, God Bless you ((R Love)) and come back when you can.

    • ((((((JODI)))))) ♥♥♥♥♥ I’m here . . . .never far away… fact my ♥ stays here and never leaves but unfortunately that ‘ole thing called life gets in the way and sneaks up on us when we least expect it to. Last week the LOVE of my life went home to be with our Dear Sweet Lord. 😥 It was sudden, very fast but extremely devastating for all of us here. Thankfully, I can relax and take comfort in knowing one day I will see him again but for now he is working hard up in Heaven (he never was still) no doubts and I’m here struggling with this sometimes very ugly cruel and evil world. My husband loved Jodi and we prayed for Jodi’s freedom constantly. He was always the best judge of character and he was never wrong. . .ever. He was able to see the twisted and evilness that Jodi had found herself pulled into and many times wanted to go straighten many horribly cruel, bloodthirsty people out. Just know that God has been with me every step of my journey and I have felt and appreciated all of the outpour of love and prayers for me and my family. Today I made a donation for Jodi and am praying that Jodi will receive the help that we all have been working for soon. Jodi needs us and we will not betray her for any reason. We will never give up our fight for Justice for Jodi, no matter how bad things get in our lives Jodi is our daughter, sister, best friend and part of my forever family and I’m in this to WIN FREEDOM FOR JODI. ♥♥♥♥♥ ((((((((TEAM JODI))))))) Love All of You! ♥

      PS If anyone dares to be a Hater of Jodi, just know NOW they should avoid thunder storms because I’m certain I know a very devoted friend of Jodi who is in Heaven and would love to send a major zap your way(and wouldn’t think twice) 🙂

      • Beautifully written, R. Glad to see you’re hanging in there but I knew you would be able to. I went through a similar experience several years ago. You move on but life is never the same. I miss your messages. Come back full time when you’re ready.

      • Yeah R.Love! I’m glad you’re doing better! I’m praying for you and your family and Jodi! It’s hard to lose loved ones and it’s great you have family to support you, just like Jodi has us to support her! Take your time R.Love we’re here for you!

      • Thanks for your wonderful message R. Love. My heart and prayers are with you and your family.

        My Dear Hubby will be tossing down those bolts with yours!


      • So sorry for your loss, R. Love
        (((((R. Love)))))
        May God continue to wrap his arms around you and comfort you and lift you up. Our home here is just temporary and you will see your husband again. My prayers are with you and Jodi and yes, Jodi is our daughter, our sister, our dear friend who needs all our prayers and continued perseverance until the truth is finally acknowledged and she is set free.

        God Bless You

      • Take as much time as you need my sweet R. ♥ ♥ ♥

        Jodi is SO lucky to have you in her life, you’re an exceptionally good friend and you’ve proved it more times than I care to count. I am amazed by the devotion and genuine love all of us have for our girl; even in the saddest times we still think of and pray for her.

        I hope you felt the outpour of our love and that all our prayers somehow helped you start healing.
        I love you so very much ♥

    • Love to All of TEAM JODI and OUR DEAR JODI ♥ !!! I feel your love and just wanted to share one of my husband’s favorite songs with you. My JAII family has been so loving and supportive, just know each one of you are special to me and my family.

  18. My boyfriend and I just donated to the appellate fund.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank the Anonymous Donor for helping Jodi. Thank you for having such a kind, generous heart.

  19. Alan (or anyone),
    We are about $12,000 short of getting the full benefit of the $25,000 anonymous donor offer. Will the unmatched funds be sent back to the anonymous donor immediately on August 1, 2015? Has there been any discussion of a possible extension of the offer? It seems a shame to miss out on the full benefit of such an opportunity.
    I was just doodling around tonight. To get the remaining $12,000 of the offer for Jodi, we would need:
    240 donors giving $50 each
    120 donors giving $100 each
    60 donors giving $200 each
    30 donors giving $400 each
    15 donors giving $800 each
    We may have to sell some VENT memberships to the haters for $1000 to reach out goal.
    P.S. VENT comment was a JOKE! Just a JOKE.

    • and keep his name in the press, maybe

      2.99 ebook on Amazon gets 70% royalty, so two bucks per download – not a fortune but could be a chunk of change if his name were Juan Martinez instead of Kirk Nurmi

    • Whaaaa? He wrote a book on weight loss? Did the fact that he lost weight suddenly turn him into an expert on the subject? UGH! Every day I like Nurmi less and less. Not that I was ever particularly fond of him, but I’m starting to lost the last smidge of respect I had for him. He seems to be enjoying the spotlight. Just saying…. 🙄

  20. I was wondering if someone could help me? Does Jodi’s mail room work and if so do you know how long it takes, generally, for her to receive your letters? I, understand, she must receive a lot of letters I was just wondering on a time frame.


  21. Hi everyone! I know I haven’t been around lately but you are all in my thoughts! I’m on vacay with my beautiful Maria ♥ . There is not a moment that we don’t talk about Jodi and all you fantastic friends. I wish pics could be attached to comments here so we can share them with you!

    Happy August 1st! ♥

    (((((JAII friends)))))

  22. The anonymous “matching offer” was successful. We contributed $18,901.45 which was matched so $37,802.90 more to the fund. On the receipt I received it mentioned additional matching campaigns for her in the near future which should keep the ball rolling. I have a feeling when people see this is happening, really happening, they may want to get involved and contribute so they can be part of Jodi getting released. I expect Jodi is aware, or will be shortly, that the fund is approaching $100,000 so I hope it makes her day. It made mine.

    • Terrific result — and I’d love to see an announcement of those additional matching-gift campaigns! Yes, anyone who’s been sitting on the fence should start getting involved.

    • Well, well, what do you know….funny how what goes around comes around…

      Matthew 7: 1-5 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

      “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You HYPOCRITE, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

      Matthew 7:12 “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”


      Guess this guy should have cared more about the real facts of this case instead of the malarky fairytale story that was the pathetic “Dirty Little Secret” but how aptly appropriate that movie name was apparently for HIMSELF !!!!

    • OMG, Carol, you struck pure gold. Karma extracting revenge on Jodi’s enemies. I wonder if he & Travis ever crossed paths in their travels? The list is growing: Jane Velez-Mitchell, Steve Flores, Dave Hall, Jason “Jace” Alexander, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Jen Wood (if a divorce can be counted), Juan Martinez (if lawyers charges stand up). Who’s next?

      • I predict that anyone that had a hand in all the lies, coverup, perjury, Brady violations, etc…will end up with the same fate…which is : WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND..

        …for the same way you judge others you shall be judged and with the measure you use. it will be measured to you…

          • UGH! That piece of news has been around FB fr a couple of days, I thought someone must have already posted it here – I haven’t caught up with all the comments yet. Thanks Carl for linking us to it.

            OF COURSE the director he had a bias for Travis!!!!!! Birds of a feather flock together, don’tcha knowHow ironic that they also share the same last name. YUCK.

            🙄 🙄

  23. Rain Shine ‏@RedTailspin 5m5 minutes ago

    Phone rings…
    @troyhaydenfox10 Juan, it’s Troy
    JM Shit
    TH Anything u need?
    JM NO!
    TH I’m here 24-7
    JM FU
    TH TY, Juan. 24-7. Luv u, lil’ man

    • I will be praying to the Karma God tonight – chanting Troy Hayden’s name and invoking…THE POWER OF JODI. Be afraid, Troy, be very afraid.

        • It was a “typo” ……

          What goes around comes around………

          It “must have” penetrated the brain…..a non-non statement that the jury was too STUPID TO UNDERSTAND WAS NOT A STATEMENT OF FACT but one that was meant to sway the jury into believing that the bullet did penetrate the brain, which it DID NOT PER DR. HORN’S OWN AUTOPSY REPORT !!!!

          What goes around comes around……..

          The gunshot was first, no I meant the gunshot was last…….

          What goes around comes around……….

          There was no porn on TA’s computer, no I meant well, there was a plethera of porn on TA’s computer……

          What goes around comes around…….

          The defense team destroyed the computer evidence, afterall it would have helped their client, no I meant well, I was sitting at the computer handling the keys and messing with the computer with NO WRITE BLOCKER ON IT AS PER PROTOCOL……

          What goes around comes around…..

          Your turn is coming……in due time…..

          • When Jodi gets a retrial, her defense needs a really good pathologist to point out Horn’s many errors.
            For example, Horn (while talking down to Willmott) explains to her: ” With firearms, you don’t just have an arrow or an object passing through the head…with a firearm you also have gas and an expansive cavity (which he later calls a “temorary cavity”) that damages the brain as it goes through it.”
            I found a forensic article that stated that the “temporary cavity” caused by common handgun bullets, like a .25 caliber, is too small to be a significant wounding factor. Apparently, this has been known since the 1940s but Horn doesn’t seem to know it. This would probably be especially true for a bullet that wasn’t a hollow point bullet.
            Too bad Al wasn’t still around b/c we talked quite a bit about the gun and bullet midway through the original trial. I think Also Abused (?) was in on those discussions, too.
            BTW, did Flores ever mention when he first heard from the police in Yreka (or however he heard it) that a .25 caliber gun had been stolen from Jodi’s grandparent’s home? It seemed a little odd that with police and other people milling around Travis’s place that he, of all people, would be the one to find the .25 caliber shell casing. Plus, I could be wrong, but didn’t he find it the following morning, not that night TA’s body was discovered? And, yes, I’m suspicious of everything he says and does. Of all the people that testified for the prosecution, not many came across as telling the truth.

            • The thing you have to understand about Dr. Horn’s testimony is this: He made some statements that had the appearance of being factual but were not. For example: his statement about the bullet going through the brain as “IT MUST HAVE” (referring to whether or not the bullet penetrated the brain) “YES, THERE WOULD HAVE TO HAVE BEEN” (referring to whether or not there was a perforation of the brain) were not definitive statements at all but EQUIVOCATIONS !!!! The jury was TOO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND THIS !!!! He was NOT stating that the bullet went through the brain at all. It was misleading at best and perjury at worst IMHO. The jury was stupidly mislead into believing that the bullet penetrated the brain without any facts to support that. Just look and read Dr. Horn’s autopsy report that was done just days after the discovery of TA’s body. Now what are you going to believe. An autopsy report done just a few days after discovery of the body, or testimony years later that tries to dispute and disavow that very autopsy report?? VERY CLEVER !! LET’S SEE IF THE APPELLATE COURTS THINK THIS IS SO CLEVER…They possibly have heard Dr. Horn’s name before in the Lisa Randall case and the Harold Fish case both of which were reversed and dismissed with prejudice !!!

              His statement about gases and gunshots very well may be true BUT DOES IT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS CASE???? NO !!!!! As you pointed out, Coldcase53, the .25 caliper is so weak as to be compared to a toy gun with no stopping power whatsoever. So why would one make such a statement in a case where there is no relevance at all???

              Just like Dr. Horn’s statement on the stand about “IF A PERSON’S LUNG IS NICKED” a person can cough/spew blood from the mouth…..this may and most likely is a true statement…but again WHAT DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH THIS CASE??? NOTHING !!!!

              IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF………


              It would mislead the jury into believing that TA’s lung was actually factually nicked and thus THE STUPID JURY COULD CONCLUDE that this is what caused the blood at the sink and not the bullet wound to the forehead…


              WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND !!!!!!

              As a medical examiner his job is to be a completely unbiased scientist and medical professional. Is this what he was in this case?? Is that what he was in the Lisa Randall case?? Is that what he was in the Harold Fish case?? Just askin’………..


              • Pinocchio Horn did everything he could to make the jury believe that Travis was incapacitated, helpless and at Jodi’s mercy. What took place was quite the opposite. Time will prove that Hron was just sucking up to kermit for whatever reason.
                Horn WILL become the laughing stock among his colleagues. And I hope he’ll pay for his perjury. All in good time, peeps. ALL IN GOOD TIME.

                • I was upset that Nurmi didn’t shred Horn when he claimed Travis would have been incapacitated by the gun shot. Why didn’t Nurmi ask him how many people in his practice has he seen who were not incapacitated? In other words, how can someone who only sees dead people claim to an expert on how many people not only don’t die but continue to function? Nurmi should have demanded proof of such expertise beyond just the fact that he’s a doctor.

              • BB,
                After reading what you wrote, it made me think maybe Horn wasn’t ignorant about the small “temporary cavity” damage from a .25 caliber gun. Instead, perhaps he was describing the damage a temporary cavity resulting from a gun shot would make and allowing the jurors to interpret what he said. It’s not his fault if they believe he’s talking about a .25 caliber peashooter doing all kinds of damge when he’s more likely talking about a more powerful caliber gun. He doesn’t have to spell it out for them unless he’s put on the spot. That’s just a misinterpretation on their part (Oh yeah).

                In a way Horn does the same thing describing (or not describing) Travis’s injuries. He’s not specific about the degree of injury to the superior vena cava. Here’s what he wrote:
                “The wound extends to a maximal depth of approximately 3 1/2 inches with penetration of the superior vena cava near the base of the heart, with a small amount of surrounding hemorrhagic in the mediastinal soft tissues and the pericardial sac of the heart.”
                I’ve never seen any photos of the damage to the superior vena cava which is important since it could relate to Travis’s ability to walk or move about or his amount of energy. If it was a tiny little nick he wouldn’t lose a lot of blood quickly but if the blood was pouring out he would become weak in a very short amount of time. From the description above, it doesn’t seem like there was a great blood loss but then the throat cut came shortly after the chest wound and the heart would stop pumping quickly after the throat cut. This comment is based on a 2010 report that said the last 2 wounds were the chest wound and the throat cut. It also said Travis was still fighting or struggling or active to the end. Can someone post it? I can’t seem to find it right now but I know it was posted on this site.

                I mention this b/c I found this comment this morning in Lawyers on Strike dated January 19, 2015

                Lawyer on Strike: “Back when I was posting about this case, I noted one of the things that bothered me most: how does Jodi Arias, all by herself, get the better of Travis Alexander in a knife fight?

                This seems all the more problematic when you look at what the prosecutor argued, according to Nancy Grace’s HLN:”

                HLN STARTS:
                GRACE: OK. Let`s go over the evidence. Beth Karas, what is the state`s theory as to how she could murder him? She`s a couple — a few inches shorter than him. She weighs less than him. What`s their theory?

                KARAS: Their theory is that as she was taking photos with his consent, while he was showering, she got him to sit in the shower to take one last photo. And two minutes after that photo was taken, there he is, on his back with his neck slashed. And that`s an accidental photo that her camera took.

                So the theory is she got him in a vulnerable position, started to stab him. He grabbed at the knife because he has defensive wounds of cuts on his hands. And then he stumbled around, hung his head over the sink, bleeding into the sink, spitting. That`s the spatter. He probably stumbled, and she`s stabbing him in the back nine, ten times.

                As he`s stumbling down the hall, he falls at the entrance to his bedroom. She slashes his throat, three-and-a-half inches deep, severs the airway, turns his body around and starts to drag him back and stuffs him in the shower — shoots him in the head, though, before putting him in the shower.
                HLN STOPS

                Lawyer on Strike: “If she doesn’t kill or incapacitate him immediately with the knife there will be a ferocious response, right? I mean, she would certainly lose that.” END

                This last statement of this lawyer is such a key statement.

                So, if we follow Martinez’s theory that the gun shot was last, here’s what he wants us to believe:
                Jodi stabbed Travis 25 times or so (all superficial or at least non-life-threatening wounds) while Travis did not fight back. Or, did not fight back effectively. Lets say it took approximately 30-45 seconds. Count it out and see how long that is. What is he doing all this time – standing, running, crawling, wrestling, or attacking Jodi? For those 30-45 seconds, he should still have quite a bit of energy and strength. He’s lost some blood but nothing near enough to make him collapse. He should have been able to flatten Jodi, knock her down and probably out. Have you seen the Eddie Snell video where he’s doing those extremely fast, powerful kicks (in his bare feet, I think)? One kick would have ended any struggle between the two of them. Plus, he’s been working on a punching bag in his home. So feet or fists, she’s done. But, Jodi is not injured. Finger cut only & it may have occurred there or at the restaurant??? Eventually, he receives the serious knife wound to the chest and his throat is cut and his life ends very quickly with the throat cut. There is the dragging photo where he is dead or near death 2 minutes after the turmoil starts. Then, he is shot. Pretty far-fetched story IMO.

                I think he was shot first, sustained a concussion from the gunshot, went unconscious for just a few seconds as he fell and came to quickly, confused and in a rage. I read an article that said when people are shot (in the head, I think) they usually “cower or go into a rage.” Travis’s legs were probably uncoordinated and not functioning well b/c of the gunshot/concussion. Have you ever seen a boxer when he is punched hard but doesn’t go down? He staggers trying to maintain his balance, his legs wonky and going this way and that way as he zigzags around the ring. Jodi is terrified and grabs a knife from somewhere or runs and gets a knife. Travis comes after her with Jodi trying to get away, stabbing at him to keep him away but not delivering any fatal wounds. Perhaps at some point, he gets her in a “wrestling bear hug,” maybe even lifts her off the floor and is squeezing her hard. Maybe she chops at his back and breaks free. Travis may not even know what he’s doing now (maybe he’s in a state of “automatism” where a person is not conscious of what he is doing) but he keeps after her and she is forced to kill him. It’s a theory. Please point out any weakness/errors. I can take it. Waiting with a pen and pad.

                • I agree with your theory. This is what Jodi testified to. She said that she shot TA first as he lunged at her football style and fell on her as he was attacking her. He had already attacked her when she dropped the camera. She was desperate to get away from him remembering the last time he had her on the floor and was on top of her and nearly choked her to death. He continued after her and she defended herself with a knife. If you read Herr Speights essay on this fight it explains every wound on his body in a sensible way.

                  Dr. Horn testified in some instances with generalities and equivocations using terms like “if a person’s lung is nicked” with no reference to Travis Alexander specifically. He used terms like “must have” or “yes, there would have to have been” instead of definitive words that one would expect like a simple “Yes” when answering the question did the bullet penetrate the brain. He is a doctor, a man with expertise training. Why equivocate? Why? Why give answers like this? Why try to disavow your own autopsy report done years earlier and only days after the body of TA was discovered? Why?

                  His autopsy report clearly stated that the Dura Mater was “intact.” You can not make a mistake about this. Either it is intact or it is not. And if it is not, then you would describe the perforation, tear, or injury to the dura mater and how big it was and it’s location and so on. Was there any corroborating facts in the autopsy report to back up his new claim that the bullet “must have” penetrated the brain and that the dura mater being “intact” was just a “typo?” NO NO NO NO NO !!!!! And it “MUST HAVE” ??? Really ??? Who speaks like this unless you are an idiot that is just guessing (which I do not believe that Dr. Horn is) and if that is the case how did you become a doctor? How this testimony bamboozled the jury I will never figure out unless of course they already had their minds made up. Oh, that’s probably it, right??

                  I do not believe though that the appellate judges will be quite so stupid as to be bamboozled by this testimony of Dr. Horn’s. Or the admitted perjury of Det. Flores, or the Brady violations of the state, and on and on and on….

                  TA did “keep after her” and she told that to JSS at her sentencing when she said that he continued after her until the end. She defended herself. That’s it. She did not make a conscious effort to kill him, in fact, she tried desperately to get away from him but he would not stop. I don’t believe that Jodi consciously killed TA. She wasn’t thinking well now I will kill him. She reacted to his attack by defending herself to save her own life. She was forced to kill him in that she reacted out of instinct to defend herself and to try to make him stop and to save her own life.

                  So we agree on your theory.

                • Also, I notice a lot of people (elsewhere) being upset Jodi mentioned on March 13, 2015 – her sentencing – that she now remembered Travis was conscious when his throat was cut and he was attacking her. I see absolutely nothing wrong with her statement which actually fits with what we know or have been told by Dr. Horn. The Alexanders knew, or should have known, Travis was conscious up until the time of his death because the 2010 report said he was. Jodi is simply saying she had regained that memory. Plus, Jodi doesn’t actually say she was the one cutting Travis’s throat although most people assumed it was her because she’s never said someone else stepped to save her. What she actually said was:

                  “I do remember as I testified to this…I’m sorry…I think I would have testified to this in the 2014 trial. I do remember…….I do remember when the knife went into Travis’s throat and he was conscious. He was still trying to attack me. It was I who was trying to get away, not Travis, and I finally did. I never wanted it to be this way, Judge.
                  The gunshot did not come last, it came first. And, that was when Travis lunged at me just as I testified to and just as the State’s own detective testified two years ago before he and Juan got together and decided to change their story for trial.”
                  These above comments of Jodi’s start about 2:31

                • You got it, Coldcase53 ! TA was attacking her all the way until the end. She had finally remembered some of the details of this day she wanted to let the judge know that she was defending herself from his attack that day. JSS could have cared less. She too had her mind made up already. She is an IDIOT AND A DISGRACE !!!! Hopefully Jodi’s appellate lawyers are meticulously going through all the evidence of the big coverup, collusion, perjury, suborning perjury, Brady violations, prosecutorial misconduct, destruction and hiding of evidence, and on and on and on…and the appellate court judges should do according to the law and reverse the decision and either remand the case for a new trial or dismiss with prejudice.

                  I personally believe the violations of due process to deny Jodi a fair trial were so egregious that it warrants a dismissal with prejudice and that those involved should be held to account for their wrongdoings and crimes.


                • The only thing where my theory is different is that the knife was on the sink from cutting the rope and no one went looking for it. If it had been a thread from those slippers that kermit showed in court, Flores would not have asked Jodi about a pillow with fringe if it didn’t look like a type of cloth rope or fringe. The spray at the sink is consistent with blood from the gunshot wound and TA could have even been the one to pick it up from the sink.

                • Carol,
                  To be honest, I’m not familiar enough with certain details of that part of the case to give you a decent response. But, since there are no stupid questions (whaat?), here goes:
                  (1) When you say no one went looking for IT, are you referring to the knife or the rope? I’m assuming the rope since I think they did check the knives in the house.
                  (2) Are you referring to the rope used in the a bondage role play that was attached to the head of the bed (?) and to unidentified fringe-like material found on the stairs?
                  (3) Are you saying the blood spray at the sink is from the impact of the bullet hitting above his R eye OR from coughing blood which entered his mouth from the damage along the bullet track?
                  (4) “TA even could have been the one to pick it up at the sink.” The knife? Got to be the knife this time.
                  It’s strange you should say TA may have had the knife (if that’s what you are saying) because I read something similar recently and had never come across that idea before.

                  Sorry for the denseness, Carol. I turn off the thinking part of my brain when I enter “enemy territory” outside of this site and I may have done permanent damage to myself.

                • Not Carol, but I think she’s saying – and I agree – that neither Jodi nor Travis ‘went looking’ for the knife. The knife was at the sink where Travis had cut the rope.
                  Yes, the rope that was used for the bondage game, not tied to the bed but wrapped behind the headboard (sled type bed).
                  Blood spray at the sink/mirror because the bullet traversed the frontal sinus, Travis’ nose and mouth would have been filling with blood.
                  And, yes, Travis might have been the one to grab the knife at the sink, although that seems unlikely to me.

                • Thanks, Journee,
                  Well, if someone shot me and there was a knife nearby, I would grab it. But, then Jodi would have to get it away from him somehow.
                  I was trying to come up with a scenario where Travis was feeling desperate because of what he believed Jodi had done to him, i.e., “You’re the worst thing that ever happened to me.” Perhaps, whatever she did (if anything) jeopardized his standing in his community, the church, his job or perhaps involved something illegal. Maybe, he was desperate enough to shoot himself in front of Jodi to “punish” her and just put an end to the whole thing. But, then a failed suicide attempt would have to turn into a wild scene where Travis ends up dead. Plus, who shoots himself in the forehead and there was no stippling so I can’t see any reasonable explanation there.

                • But, I will say one more thing. If Travis was in desperate trouble with his standing in his community, his church, his job or with the law because of something Jodi did, he might have more of a motive to kill her than she did to kill him. Way more.

                • I’m inclined to think that Travis was kinda dazed and confused after the gunshot… was standing there at the sink trying to figure out what the hell had happened, why his nose and mouth were filling with blood, not even realizing he’d been shot.
                  Jodi might have even been right there with him, solicitous until he heard her say she didn’t mean to shoot him… THEN he was enraged.

                  I dunno… just watching a movie in my head, here

                • I’d pay to see that movie – a sympathetic view of Jodi. I agree Travis was probably confused from the head wound otherwise he would have destroyed Jodi in a flash and not suffered so many wounds…especially if the chest wound and throat cut came in the 2nd minute.

                  I just saw a tweet by Chatty Cathy, or whatever her name is, dated July 21, 2015 but I couldn’t transfer the complete tweet here. It was one of those official listings under court documents:
                  13-1105 (F1)
                  Case Documents
                  SDD Notice Sealed Documents
                  Note: Juror Biographical Information

                  A woman name Lori Engle added a tweet that stated: “Juror questionnaires are always sealed…Sealed documents are filed separately…This court doc is asking to unseal.”

                  Probably nothing since there hasn’t been any “buzz” about it. Maybe something for the appeal.

                • cc53, Journee interpreted my vagueness correctly. I did mean that the knife was on the sink from cutting the bondage rope. A piece of the rope was also found in the middle of the bathroom floor. I think it would be a kind of automatic reaction for TA to have picked it up when he was at the sink. as he would have dazed but I do believe he would have known he had just been shot.

                • Thanks, Carol
                  It seems the one thing we all agree on is that the gun shot was FIRST. Jodi’s conviction was ensured by Martinez convincing Flores & Horn to change their testimony to “gun shot last” ruling against self-defense. That trick or lie, whatever we want to call it, by Martinez got a first degree murder charge and with it a death penalty qualified jury which is known to be more likely to convict. A drooling, knuckle-dragging jury. It’s so wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong…WROOOONG!

                • This is why the admitted perjury by Flores is going to be a point on appeal…the entire basis for the death penalty aggravator was a lie according to Flores and once you get a death penalty aggravator you get a death qualified jury which as you say is already more likely to convict….the obvious equivocations and semantics games that Dr. Horn played on the stand in order to dance on his high wire for little Juanita will also not be lost on the appellate judges…and JSS’s pathetic explanation that she used trial testimony to justify the death penalty aggravator is unprecedented..this strips Jodi of her right to a fair trial….it is egregious what they did and the judges should make them pay and Jodi should be set free…

                • You see the state really boxed themselves into a corner didn’t they??? At first it was the gunshot was first, which is the truth….then they decided that they had to change that to gunshot last in order to try to take Jodi’s self defense away and try to win the case bc afterall stating the truth isn’t good enough, no they had to win at any and all costs…but then you had to have Dr. Horn and Det. Flores in on this little charade and then you had to decide which way are the odds more in our favor to win….saying the gunshot was first (which they all claimed for years and is the TRUTH,) or do we make Dr. Horn dance the Limbo and det Flores be the scapegoat and admit to his perjury?? Afterall you could count on IDIOT JSS TO COVER YOUR DONKEY ASSES !!!!! Hmmm, well what should we do???? Well guess what, Juanita???? EITHER WAY YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE !!!!!

                  Do you think the appellate judges are so stupid as to believe you cock and bull story??? Or Dr. Horn’s story about a “TYPO” with no corroborating proof to back it up or his the bullet “MUST HAVE” penetrated the brain or his “IF A PERSON’S LUNG IS NICKED” …A PERSON ??? IF ???? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ?????


                  ALL IMHO, OF COURSE !!!!!!

                • So which is it? Were they lying in the Chronis Hearing?? or were they lying during the criminal trial??

                  EITHER WAY YOU LOSE !!!!!!!!!!

  24. Dr. Kevin D. Horn
    #105 of 108 Pathologists in Phoenix, Arizona

    Dr. Horn is rated #105 out of 108 pathologists in Phoenix on RATE MDs. On the same page, the top 5 pathologists are listed (i.e., name #1, name #2, etc). I don’t know if 105 is a competency rating or his golf score. After all, none of his patients have written a review. We could have some fun with this page some day when we have nothing to do. BB, you can be the ghost of Cadaver 1, Carol will be Cadaver 2 and I’ll be Cadaver 3. We can complain how our autopsy was done by Dr. Horn. Maybe, we can get him bumped down to #108 out of #108 where he belongs.

    • Didn’t he like say he had performed more than 6,000 autopsies? Imagine how many “typos” and how many false testimonies. I’m telling ya, this guy is gonna get seriously haunted by all those people 😉

    • I think I would be taking night classes and reading my peer reviewed articles if I were rated that low on the scoring board. AZ boasts about their death penalty and then hires the worst ME’s they can to perform the post mortems in capital cases. If I were the ghost of Cad 2, I would haunt that guy!!

      • Dwight, he would have been assigned the case because it was his day in the rotation, unlike Juan who was on call the day before until midnight and could have passed the case on to the next district attorney.

  25. Very nice article on Debra Milke by Michael Kiefer about her struggle to adjust to today’s society – cell phones, computers, traffic, noise, etc. She looks so much better and has gained weight. “There no ice cream in prison.” Note to self: never go to prison – no ice cream. She actually had quite a bit of freedom in the prison until the guard Lumley was killed. I hope she writes a book.

    • Debra Milke was unjustly imprisoned on death row for over 20 years. The truth finally won out. Jodi’s case is Milke 2.0. Let’s just all pray that it does not take 20 years for Jodi to be released.


      The people involved in the coverup of Jodi’s case and their efforts to suppress the truth make them souless ghouls !!


      • Will do, Maria.
        I’m also keeping an eye on Shayna Hubers sentencing. She shot her husband (or bf) 6 times, I think. The last shot was in the face. She told the police: “He always wanted a nose job, so I gave him one.”There’s a possibility her sentence could be reduced from 40 years to 8 years because she claimed domestic abuse.

    • It’s insane to read about Debra’s faith and how she lost over 20 years of her life because of a corrupted detective, a shady and despicable prosecutor and a State that takes pride in putting people on death row – even if they are innocent – just as long as their ‘numbers’ are high.

      I can’t even fathom how difficult it must be for Debra to ‘catch up’ in life and the evolution of technology.

      Debra is a strong, wonderful human being and I do hope that she lives the rest of her life in luxury and happiness. She so deserves it!

      As for all those pieces of shits that ‘duped’ justice for over 20 years holding Debra hostage? I hope they get what they deserve: a LONG life in misery, mental pain, agony. Just like what Debra had to go through. Only difference? They deserve the worse…. Debra didn’t.

      (((Debra))) ♥

  26. Correction on Jodi’s sentencing date: It was April 13, 2015, of course, not March 13. First mistake I’ve made this year. Ruined a perfect record. Damn.

  27. Here is my perspective on the matching-gift fund drive, just completed.

    In 14 weeks, Jodi’s supporters donated $18,901, or $1350/week on average. When the drive began April 24, the fund had $54,002 in it, given since the fund was established some time around mid-October 2013. If you make that a year and a half, or 78 weeks, then the base rate of donation before the matching drive had been $692/week.

    So, during the drive, Jodi’s supporters nearly *doubled* their previous weekly donation rate, from $692 to $1350 — before match, which means the rate almost *quadrupled* after match.

    To me this shows that supporters made a strong effort to meet a rather demanding deadline, and in the end came up with about $19,000 out of $25,000 that could have been matched. I’d call that a very successful fundraising drive!

    • Absolutely Alan! It just goes to show that although Jodi’s friends and supporters are a minority in comparison to the haters out there, we are a strong, powerful bunch that don’t get spooked easily and don’t give up!

      I’d like to personally express my appreciation and respect to everyone that donated to the appellate fund – whatever the amount was: small or big. Every cent counted!

      I’d also like to express my appreciation and respect to those that couldn’t donate BUT spread the word about the fund, encouraging everyone to donate.

      It was a team effort through JAII and all other Jodi groups (fb & twitter). So wherever each person feels comfortable in supporting Jodi, all I have to say is AWESOME JOB !!!! WE *ARE* TEAM JODI and I’m damn proud of that!

      ((((Jodi Arias))))
      ((((Team Jodi))))
      ((((Generous donations))))

          • I hope so, Pandora. It was 108 in Goodyear all afternoon and still 98 at 10pm. Supposed to be like that for the next week.

            And, look who Steve Krafft writes about:
            Steve Krafft ‏@SKrafftFox10 · Aug 3
            Some residents at East Phoenix apartment complex say they’ve had no air conditioning for a week #Fox10Phoenix

            A whole week. How about years?

          • I’m still concerned. Debra Milke said her swamp cooler was pretty useless during July and August. Has anybody here heard from Jodi lately? I think about her everyday and worry she is having a terrible time.

            • Hi Mickey7,

              You have no need to worry. Jodi is having an awesome time. She’s actually happier and has more freedom than most people on the “outside.”

              Jodi’s situation is only temporary after all.

              Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

              • Thank you ever so much SJ for the feedback. So happy to hear Jodi is fine but did you really mean to say she is having an “awesome” time? We can only hope she gets out of there soon!

                • Hi Mickey7,
                  No probs… and yes, I meant exactly what I said earlier. All is good!
                  Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

        • Okay, thanks SJ…

          Yes, I believe that Jade dissected the photos before as well. I have always believed that some of the time stamps were manually manipulated. In one of Jade’s articles on these photos she shows a photo that clearly you can tell that the time stamp was manually inserted – uneven lettering and spacing, etc.. – so yes, someone manipulated the time stamps on the photos. So the question is WHY?? Well, of course, so they could put forth their little fairytale story of the crime scene and what they wanted the jury to believe. And I also believe that some of the photos presented were not taken on June 4 as asserted by the state. This case was corrupt from the get go with Det. Clouseau at the crime scene waking up the computer and thus deleting potentially exculpatory evidence with no write blocker in violation of law enforcement protocol to little Juanita sitting at TA’s computer in front of the defense team handling and manipulating the keys on the computer without a write blocker deleting more evidence and trying pathetically to blame the defense team to…..and the list goes on and on endlessly in this case…….

          This case screams for a DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE !!!!!!

        • Youre absolutely correct SJ. Its clear from this photographic evidence that Jodi did not kill Travis and she is completely innocent!!! Free Jodi now!

    • In the two pictures of the bedroom there are differences too:

      1. In the left one, there’s a picture frame on the nightstand. In the right picture, that frame is not there…
      2. In the left picture the loveseat has throw-pillows on it. In the right picture, there’s sleeping pillows and other cluster on the loveseat.
      3. In the left picture, the sleeping pillows are on the floor. In the right picture there aren’t any pillows on the floor.

      If both those pics were taken by the crime scene detectives, then there was absolutely a lot of evidence tampered with. Isn’t a crime scene suppose to be intact w/o anything AT ALL changed?

      I don’t remember but can someone tell me if from the crime scene pics of the shower there was a metal rack (for placing soap and stuff) in any of the walls of the shower? In the pictures of the ‘bearded’ man, there is a rack on the right side of the shower wall – at the height of his head).

      It’s amazing that although I have looked at and studied the shower pics plethora of times, I never ever noticed the clean shaved face of travis in some and the stubble bearded face in others… I absolutely shows that these pics were NOT taken the same day or place.

      I truly hope that whoever created this has sent it to Jodi’s appellate lawyers or at least Jen Willmott that will surely fw it to Jodi’s lawyers.

      And seeing all this and so many other things that we have proved to be misleading during the trial, how can anyone say that this trial was a fair trial? It oozes of deceit misconduct.

      Jodi, hang in there girl, each day that passes by is a day closer to your freedom.


      • I think you’re right Pandora. It certainly does look like Jodi was framed and should not be where she is. Jodi is innocent!!

      • Once again all of those unanswered questions rise to the top. . . . the truth is coming very soon.
        Jodi Ann Arias will be a free woman soon and very deserving of it! It is time for the criminals who committed the crimes of tampering with evidence, deceit, creating and spreading complete lies, destroying Our Justice System into a deep dark mass of corruption, pay for their crimes against Jodi. Hope Maricopa County is ordering a bunch of pink underwear in all sizes. . . .so many guilty, but not Jodi. And as we always have said from the start, the bottom line is self defense is not a crime. It has always been about the bottom line $$$. IMO

        • (((((R.Love)))).

          We have always know that the time stamps on the pictures were bogus. They were taken at a different time. Who knows if some of the shower pictures are even Travis. The picture that are supposed to be Travis with a beard…that’s more than a five o’clock shadow. Seems kind of strange to me that Travis’s death pictures don’t show that amount of growth.

          So we are back at the beginning as R said. Yes the truth is beginning to come out. I want to figure out where the $$$$ trail leads. This really is a conspiracy. What in the name of God are these people trying to hide? We can’t logically say that it was the Mormon Church. Travis wasn’t a big shot in the church. He had lost his temple right two times that we know of. So they could have just come out and said he was a fallen man.
          They didn’t. Why?? I persoaly think that Travis was into something way more then we might ever know. Way too much covering up…. IMHO

  28. I don’t know JODI and I’ve never met her, but I can say that I’ve been around the world a couple of times and I can honestly say that she is a very beautiful person inside and out. I admire her for being so strong in a situation like this. She kept her composure even while all haters wanted her to get the death penalty. JODI will have the last laugh and she will get to enjoy freedom again.

  29. In Okie Land , even the hicks practice this! Mandate a change of venue and change of television market before trail due to pervasive pretrial publicity. Insist on a gag order all the way around. Move trail to other county to better find an untainted/unbiased juty pool.Do what must be done to ensure a fair trial. All evidence must be in proper order and sequence!! OTHER WISE THE CONVICTION BE TOSSED!!!!!

    • BAM BABY!!!


      It is the law !!

      All of you pathetic idiots involved in the coverup and corruption on Jodi’s case…..YOUR TURN IS COMING!!!!!

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