Retrial Video Replay – Day 6

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Retrial Video Replay – Day 6:

Part 1/3 (“Victim” Impact Statements, aka GMAFB):

Part 2/3 (Jodi’s Sealed Testimony):

Part 3/3 (Jodi’s Sealed Testimony):

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  1. PTSD….kidding right because seems she? was enjoying that SHOWtrial ea. day. let it all hang out …t …and don,t relive ALL his life…it was,nt ALL good…and that,s from his own yap. Now there,s true evil all dressed up for the …KILL.Failed again n again n again n and again….may does that not say something about the power of LOVE…t you should try it just once embrace the light and push back the darkness…toot toot do you hear that it,s the train of justice We call it ….APPEALS PTSD really!

    • Jodi only represented herself for five weeks from August 4th to Sept 10th in an attempt to dump Nurmi, to hire a private investigator, and to finally get access to TA’s hard drive. There are no videos because the retrial hadn’t started yet.

      • Didnt that private investigator end up dead!? Im in hopes that Jodi’s court appointed attorney is hungry and wants to make a name for him/her self. Shows no fear and comes out swinging! #1 Jodi #FFJ .

          • Yes dwight, ,,,there was a cop close to the initial case & died, but (suicide?…I think not) …Please Google: phoenix police sgt sean drenth ……plenty of links & pictures of him

                • Thanks Journee, I appreciate that correction, that it was a coincidence, not connected …

                • I just feel bad, every time other deaths are drawn into these conversations. These deaths – discussed here as suspiciously coincidental events – were tragedies to people who still grieve for their lost loved ones.

          • No, the suspicious death of Officer Sean Drenth had nothing to do with this case whatsoever. He was NOT a responding officer when the friends called 9-1-1 that night. Drenth worked for the Phoenix police department, not the Mesa police department.

            THE ONLY REASON Officer Drenth’s death has been pulled into these conversations is that the same Medical Examiner who ruled his death a suicide also ruled Ashley Reed Thompson’s death a suicide. That is the ONLY CONNECTION folks – pure coincidence. ‘Luck of the draw’ at the Medical Examiner’s office. Nothing more.

            He has his own family and his own friends who are still fighting for justice in his suspicious death… they don’t deserve to be dragged into this mess.

        • No, it wasn’t the privately hired investigator who died. It was the investigator assigned to the case by the public defender’s office.

          • I’d just like to second Judy F’s comment about Journee. I appreciate that she (Journee) posts “corrections,” i.e., accurate information. To me, this site is not only for discussion and support for Jodi but a source of information about what happened on June 4, 2008 and the trial that followed. I’ve been corrected on this site by Journee (and others), and it’s made me double-check and sometimes triple-check information before I post it. I still don’t get it right sometimes. But, I do try to do some research before I make a comment especially about the facts of this case. BTW, I’m not trying to take anyone’s inventory with this post. Just “thanks to Journee” and a salute to others here who make an effort to “get it right.”

            • ::::: Journée is blushing now :::::
              I hope y’all know I usually only do it because it’s too easy to run down a rabbit hole and end up in wonderland with the wrong little snippet of information – repeated once the erroneous snippet becomes a revelation, repeated twice it becomes gospel and suddenly there are people who KNOW facts that aren’t true. I am convinced there was a lot of that going around amongst Travis’ friends in the days after he was found.

              And we all know how that ended up.

              Other times, it’s like above – when you’re talking about someone’s death, anyone’s death, keep in mind that there are surviving loved ones out there.

            • I also agree. Journee along with others have helped out many times to set the records straight. And that’s why I love this site: we can make mistakes (it’s only human) but there’s always a friend around to correct them.

              (((((I ♥ my Jodipedia friends)))))

            • We are all grateful to Journee for keeping us on our toes ♥ Her (with her amazing memory), Justus and Canada Carol have always been our Jodipedias. Yes, it’s true – people often make mistakes but that’s why we all heavily rely on each other to get our infos straight or get corrected if we make a mistake or represent something or speak too quickly. It’s not like we’re doing it on purpose. A case like Jodi’s is more often than not too complicated for the average person to take in. Too many players, too many details, too much evidence, too much corruption 😉

  2. I just want to thank Kareem Williams (“Lefty”) for his effort, via his recently created rap-song, to bring the message of Jodi’s plight and self- defense to a wider audience.
    I think putting the message in a different medium__ music__ will benefit Jodi’s cause.
    I believe Lefty’s actions are altruistic, heart-felt, and well-intentioned.
    And artists, being artists, have an inherent right to express themselves.

    • Amy, he did an awesome job! Before recording the song, we had talked a few times and I was thrilled with his idea although I felt that I had to warn him about the haters that would attack him. That didn’t scare him off and I am glad he went through with it!

      Before turning the song public, I had heard it and it was sooooooo hard for me to keep it to myself w/o sharing because I was so proud and wanted to share! I ended up playing it for my family and neighbors multiple times! 😀

      ((((Kareem)))) ♥

  3. And that folks is why all victim statements MUST be BANNED…..the have a melt down to get their way .And what if years later they were wrong or lying…should the system not take an eye for an eye…that would be the way REAL justice works.All in a court should own their words and actions….all. P.S. judge s.s. your only job was to see SHE as all defendants got a fair trial….you failed beyond measure. a A judge must protest the person on trial as they must protect the CONSTITUTION. Judges have the last say in any trial…not a jury and one that spews hate lies and mocks the defendant…SHAME on all who did all to bring HER to harm…you failed and will. The TRUTH is on HER side……on to appeals and justice

      • Dwight, Jodi admitted under oath that she was the person that was responsible for Travis Alexander’s death. Did you watch the trial? You may want to ask Pandora – who is one of the original members here – about Jodi’s confession.

        • Veronica is right. Jodi did admit to killing travis in self defense during her sworn testimony. I personally have no reason not to believe Jodi.

            • I think she was still in a foggy state of mind when she tossed evidence, Dwight. She confessed to killing Travis for the simple reason he attacked her. This is what she said in court, on tv, as well as on the RADIO.

            • Jodi testified to this. She has no recollection of where she disposed of the weapons. And Dr Samuels explained in a very understandable way what Dissossiative Amnesia is all about, the way the hippocampus is affected and doesn’t form or doesnt store memories.
              Jodi only has a faint memory of putting the knife in the dishwasher BUT she cannot say if that memory is from June 4th or from another time. She also testified to throwing the gun in the desert but has absolutely no idea where. No matter how much Juan would push her, she wouldnt’ have been able to remember. Because our brains do not work on command. You can’t make stuff happen, just for the sake of it. Memories will (and indeed have) come back. She may regain the memory of all of June 4th’s events eventually. Or not.

              Sometimes I don’t understand why it is so hard for people to believe in Jodi’s sworn testimony and they go looking for the most out-there alternatives. I’m not judging or criticising I guess I’m just thinking aloud. Jodi’s testimony fits the crime scene. There are holes, sure. But that’s only because of her memory gaps.

    • Agree Wayne MacDonald GRIZ!
      There IS more truth out there, pickles and the alexscammers, frog, horn and flores have an awakening coming that they’ll be forced to accept!

  4. Please tell me that Jodi wont get that same judge for her appeal! The ta trolls are all laughing it up saying judge probably wont even bother reading Jodi’s appeal ! Hopefully they dont know what their talking about but yet they might have a valid point!:( if Jodi has to deal with same judge and bm.. I mean jm how is it even possible for her to get a fair chance to win her appeal?

    • If an appeals lawyer is going to work for Jodi, they aren’t going to begin without a clear path to success. Jodi will know their motivation, and will be able to make the best of the situation, whether it’s with the state’s appellate or a private one. Jodi has payed enough and self defense is not a crime. The trolls may make light of everything contrary to their beliefs, but they have no way of factoring what the Lord wants, so in their face, is how it’s going to get, and be!

  5. I see Kirk Nurmi is doing an interview with Trial Talk Live tonight. I guess no major media outlet is interested in interviewing him.

    • Judy, did you find out how that interview went? I’m guessing he probably bashed Jodi. Let’s not forget that he gets attention by using Jodi’s name.

    • Hi everyone. Its been a while !
      I heard that the TDogg fam is furious with Jen of Trial Diaries for interviewing Nurmi. I found some screen shots of them arguing with Jen & her partner about disrespecting the family by conducting this interview.
      I fell out laughing.
      Jodi is always on my mind, and my donations will continue.
      I’ve been busy with work and school, and I also have a new grand baby.
      Love to all and keep on truckin!

      • (((((((( Trixels ))))))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ALWAYS nice seeing you here. Congrats on the new grandbaby, may the Angels always surround you and your family.

        Yep, Tanisha got maaaaaaaad at Jen Trial Diva – it was so good to watch. I wish I knew, I would have made popcorn 😆 😆

      • ((((Trixels)))) ♥

        I too had a look at that back and forth. I find it ridiculous how tanisha thinks she owns everybody and that they should do as they have been told by her, or else….. And then she lays out the attacks. Although Jen Wood showed her bias during the case, tanisha had no right to tell her who and who not to interview.

        Jen Wood got her verbal lashing and IMO she should have told tanisha to fuck off.

        It just goes to show that if you give some people an inch, they’ll take the mile. 🙄

  6. Well i must say that his big bro sure get a lot of lies on one index card…….this crazy talk of and HER b/f,s holding me down….is that a joke…and a real sick one at that? Correct me on this is he or anyone who speaks in a V I S not allowed to call for death in any way….asleep again jss. and little bro did just that twice. As he did before.i ask this from what we all now know who oh who would want the two of them by their side…..How could you feel safe from evil when their next to you…and s was in the military….really?If s is that sick he should be in a proper place…and i,m not talking home! My what a true waste of all that evil hate and vile and lies and still they…FAIL….GODS WILL BE DONE….now go to sleep s and do your best to get on with your life or just get o ne. I was in the military and I always had a place for the men like s….POINT! Don,t forget to SCREAM BOY!

  7. Just read some face book messages between Jenn of Trial diaries and Tanisha Sorenson. Tanisha is very angry about Nurmi’s interview. She let Jenn know in no uncertain terms that she thought Jenn supported her and the family and sees Jenn much differently now. Apparently Nurmi was promoting his book.l Ms. Sorenson has one acid tongue on her.

    • I read ther whole thing. Tanisha stooped to the ONLY level she knows, and it’s a LOW one 😉 She atatcked Jen and Harold did the same (man up, Harold! FFS!) . Their fans also attacked Jenn and she wrote she felt bullied. HA! Glad to see Jen stepping in our shoes for 2 minutes, how does it feel Jen Trial Diva??? I guess she got to see the Alexscammers TRUE COLORS!!

      • Good point Maria, some of you folks have put up with terrible bullying in the past few years. It isn’t fun. My hope is that the people who continue to throw money at the Alexanders are able to wake up to realize they have become involved way over the top of what is known as support. It is obvious to me that Tanisha is able to attack and change her ideas on a dime. I suspect Jen is wide awake now. Tanisha could have sent her private messages but instead, everyone got to see her anger and attack on Jen.

          • Justus,
            Go on the State vs page, to the 3rd post down, July 14th,with 165 replies. If you look through the replies you’ll see a bunch of jen to ta sister exchange.
            There was one little one elsewhere, but that’s all I could find.

            • Thanks, johnm…found it. Boy, isn’t it interesting how these people turn on even their supporters at the slightest provocation. Maybe Jenn will begin to see what the Alexanders are really all about, certainly not love as they profess, but anger , “let’s all feel sorry for me” and “if you even talk to people we don’t like we will crucify you in a public forum”.

              • Exactly. She could have taken this privately but she wanted to get her army ready to attack Jen Wood. SMH.

                On the other hand, it’s good to be able to see tanisha’s true colors.

  8. Further to note above. Someone who watched the interview said Nurmi didn’t talk about Jodi at all. He spent two minutes on his weight loss and the rest on his journey to become a defense lawyer. Jenn though has been called a pariah by Tanisha. This was a facebook conversation I viewed. It seems to have been removed now.

      • dwighthuth: Your comment on the traits of the bully tactics of tanisha alexander precicely remind me of what I read when trying to grasp what “Borderline personality disorder” is about. I could see no resemblence to traits that are descriptive of the true nature of Jodi, herself. This must be a classic instance of “projection” in psychology.

  9. Good morning,

    I’m currently on vacation or “on holiday” as the English would refer to it, but recently it was brought to my attention that someone has been impersonating me using my name and likeness on the Disqus website in conversations about the Jodi Arias trial. I just want everyone to know that this person is NOT me and I would think that judging by the comments which sound nothing like anything I would say would tip people off that this is an imposter. I know that many of you here have had to deal with people ripping off your pictures and stealing your identities on various social media as well.

    To prove that this person was not me, I created a Disqus account earlier this week and used the same picture the imposter stole, but writing the date and including my signature on the pic to further validate my identity. I also posted a comment to this person on Disqus and to let everyone know that this person is an imposter and reported this profile to Disqus for impersonating another user.

    Last, just to set the record straight once and for all, I NEVER used work computers nor did I ever use any software to gather personal information about some of the haters who were attacking me over a year ago. Just as my identity can be proven and validated, this was also proven and validated. Anything and everything I’ve ever done was on my own time on a personal computer. However, I do find it interesting that the very same people who have taken it upon themselves to post much more personal information including making death threats and stealing people’s identities and continuing to do this after the trial is long over to be hypocritical, disingenuous and dishonest. To be fair, it appears that most of the haters who attacked me back then have also moved on although there is still one person in particular who continues to attack me and others. I have a pretty good idea who this guy is and I say guy because I’m almost 100% positive on that one. He doesn’t have to worry about me because I’ve got better things to do and karma will deal with him if it hasn’t already.

    I’m sorry to have taken up your time with this post as I haven’t posted here in such a long time, but I just wanted to clear the record and let everyone know NOT to respond to anything “Jeff Mills” posts on Disqus. And if you ever see any profiles that look suspicious on Disqus or elsewhere, please email me. Thank you.

    • Thanks for the heads-up Jeff, even though I don’t use Disqus. It’s sad to see people resorting to such antics. Why can’t they just move on? They can support whoever they want, we can support whoever we want and let us NOT mingle. Ugh!

    • Jeff, hi! Ha! They’re back to their old tricks? And to think that they probably think that that’s cool of them. SMH.


    Luke 7:47-48 “…Therefore I tell you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven—for she loved much. But he who is forgiven little, loves little.” And he said to her, “Your sins are forgiven.” (Jesus speaking to the accusers and the woman caught in adultery)

  11. Kareeeeeem was IN the courtroom, and he witnessed firsthand the bullshit many other tweeter/reporters and seasoned reporters failed to tweet or report later on their media outlet sites. I take everyone associated with this case and trial with a grain of salt, and even a spoon of paranoia, and that certainly included Kareeeeem. But Kareeeeem stood up, or maybe sat down (courtroom and all 🙂 when others didn’t. I’m trying to make an analogy but it’s not quite coming to me. I love his song….especially the “haha!” at the beginning. Jodi needs every one of us varied, eclectic, and unconventional supporters to not only free her, but others who may be in and coming through the wicked system of injustice of Planet Arizona.

    Oh, did you all hear that Dirk Hartog is actually some woman named Christine M. White from NY? Guess I owe “Dirk” an apology! Somebody put together a blog…. and nope, not me!


    • I totally agree with you Sandra; yes, Jodi does need any and all supporters who sincerely wish to help her.
      I absolutely believe Kareem is acting with integrity, and he is in no way being exploitative. From what I can see, he truly cares about her. Additionally, news- outlets reported that her aunt like the song, and I bet Jodi appreciates the song and wholeheartedly welcomes his help.
      And I am sure Jodi does not consider Kareem’s efforts to be exploitative; quite the contrary__ news- outlets are reporting on the song, and that serves to get the message out that she had an unfair trial. Publicity that is favorable to her cause is a very good thing.

      Kareem is also respectful to the Alexanders, and that additionally makes his message more palatable to potential Jodi supporters.
      I also notice that he is quite mellow and respectful to his detractors.

      It disturbs me that some ‘supporters’ are disingenuous, and falsely pretend that Kareem’s promotion of his song is an act of exploitation; that absolutely is not the case. For anyone to pretend otherwise is injuring Jodi’s cause because it is dishonestly claiming that Jodi does not approve, and that can scare away potential or already confirmed supporters from listening to the rap- song.

      She needs any and all supporters, but that support should not be a cover for ulterior motives and agendas. And the support should be solely focused on her, and not used to salve egoes.

      And yes, the so – called justice system in Arizona is proving itself quite corrupt. The recently announced settlement of the DOJ’s case against Arpaio seems evidence of that. At the very least, the settlement appears farcical in its demonstration of impotence in the face of Arpaio’s tyranny and undeniable wrong- doing.

      Recently reported proof of his modus-operandi of unlawful retaliation against anyone who is critical of him, is not only frightening, but even more so is the way it seems he will be able to get away with his prior and inevitably future unlawfullness yet again, and still sadistically punish incarcerated people, most of whom who haven’ t even gone to trial.

      To be fair, I have to say I have only skimmed the reports of the latest settlement, but from my quick perusal of it, I believe it was ordered that the sherrif’s office must publish and post the required policy that no individual in law- enforcement is permitted to retaliate against anyone who expresses their opinion, since free speech is a constitutional right.

      Oh really!!!!!! So reminding law- enforcement of what they were already lawfully required to know, and strictly adhere to, in order to protect citizen’s rights, is absurdly promoted as the remedy. A posted reminder that is on par with a sign to remember to wash one’s hands! Absolutely a joke and laughable if not so tragic.

      The oppression in this country is becoming more and more severe. The Arias trial was seen on such an extensive public stage, and so few are outraged and scared by the obvious injustice committed against her, and are not disturbed by the way prosecutorial misconduct and more was brazenly flaunted in front of the millions watching on television or Youtube ___ this should make even the people who are against Arias scared out of their wits that the justice system KNOWS it can get away with its injustice.

      And people are so gullible that they don’ t believe prosecutors and law- enforcement would risk their careers!!!!!
      Newsflash!_ too frequently their unconstitutional and downright illegal behavior is NEVER a risk to their careers. Arpaio is a flagrant case in point.
      Too few citizens care, there is almost no policing of the justice- system and law- enforcement, the media focuses on trivia and exploitative sensationalism, and a large portion of the media doesn’ t care at all about what really matters.

      But I suppose networks of vested interests that determine careers, possession of power, promotion of vanity, and the large sums of monetary profit __ downright cripple any attempts to remedy the situation, because even judges fear they will be retaliated against.

      I heard an interview Paul Rubin gave discussing Juan Martinez’s prosecutorial misconduct and all- around egregious behavior. Rubin said many, many people in the legal profession who spoke to him denounced Martinez, but he could not quote them because they were wary of disclosing their names publicly; EVEN THESE people are apparently afraid of retaliation.

      [I know that the Christine M. White story has been reported on here.]

          • Kareem is a good guy. And Jodi REALLY REALLY appreciates his support.

            Dwight, I’ve never seen his saying he is Jodi’s biggest fan. First of all, “fan”????????
            What a terrible word, we’re not fans, we’re Jodi’s friends and supporters. I doubt Kareem used that word and even IF he did, he may have mispoken. During all my interactions with him, I have never detected anything dishonest. He’s trying to help by doing what he knows best.
            Come on, cut the guy some slack 😉

            • Maria, I seen on the news this morning about city up in flames.! Athens I believe 🙁 news told how they had to evacuate several villages. I thought about you and Pandora. Hope yr safe and yr homes! To sad to hear Athens Greece is being destroyed. Tears and prayers for yr beautiful country and people!! :(((

                • That’s horrific; I’ m so sorry.
                  I am not always up to date on the news; I will look it up now.
                  I hope you are both alright, Maria and Pandora.

              • Not only Athens, unfortunately. Lots of other places as well 🙁 🙁
                There are photos circulating the Net of the fires starting at different spots at the SAME time. Definitely arsons, people have already been arrested. 1 dead person, unmeasurable environmental damage and houses burnt to the ground.

                I just don’t get humanity any more…………… 🙁

        • Frankly Dwight, I feel Kareem is to be applauded for his help in whatever manner he is capable of. I appreciate his sincere belief in Jodi’s trial being unjust and totally unfair. What is the big deal about how many days he was in the court room? I wasn’t there at all but I’ve been aware of every underhanded, corrupt mishandling of this whole trial. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to see the Truth about Travis Alexander and Jodi’s relationship. Jodi didn’t stand a chance up against these twisted manipulative people. Now Jodi has friends everywhere doing everything we possibly can to help her out of this tragic mess. Don’t forget, the haters were threatening Kareem also and even by posting pictures of his home on the internet trying to scare and intimidate him. It’s about time we see more and more people standing up against this corruption in Maricopa County, AZ. Thanks for being strong and brave Kareem. The Truth Will Prevail!

      • Thanks for the support, Amy. Yeah, even other lawyers in AZ fear a certain wrath for speaking out against Teflon Juan. What a crock of shit! You’d think at least one or two AZ lawyers would step forward and use Jodi’s case as an opportunity to crunch Juan’s very small. well……you know.

        • Sandra, I still don’t understand why other atty’s are afraid of speaking up about martinez’s prosecutorial misconduct. Not only in Jodi’s case but in previous ones too. I know that he’s being investigated. Does anyone know what’s happening with that?

          We can’t let it be swept under the rug.

      • Great post Amy! You covered a lot of topics concerning the bs that has been going on around Jodi and her case.

  12. Im in hopes that Jodi’s Appealing Attorney knows/understands the seriousness of this case. Want her to study, be aggressive and be tall so jm HAS to look up to her! LOL with all the evidence Jodi Team has mapped out for this appeal she can win this !!! This female attorney can make a great name for herself plus earn the respect from all and in return be in high demand ! 😉 People need to understand that Jodi did not kill travis by choice, it was by luck! He controlled who she could date if he let her date! He called her late hours of night so he knew where she was at and what she was doing. He physically/verbal attacked her that day cuz he was jealous that Jodi was meeting a potential new man friend. Jodi was trying to move on! Travis treated all women with disrespect! He call DR a slut just for asking for the hundreds back that he bum fromher. He grab lisa’s butt in public even after she ask him not to. (Oh lisa, for him to treat u with such disrespect in public tells me he WAS tapping that ass!) But yet he still had to get his Jodi fix behind yr back of course 😉 Jodi had to defend herself from a jealous raging travis! He was upset cuz she was leaving, moving on.

    • Kareem did an awesome job for Jodi. He knew that he would be getting attacked by many people from both sides but that didn’t stop him. Kudo’s, my friend Kareem.

      Great rap!

    Just for FUN ~ ~ ~ ~
    ♥ I’m thinking we should all get a long! ♥ Spread the Love Team Jodi ♥

  14. I expect if people are not familiar with the name Jodi Arias or know the name but don’t know the details of her case, one of the first things they would do is go to Wikipedia. When you do a Wikipedia search for Jodi, it takes you to a site entitled “Murder of Travis Alexander.” So much for objective information! There are inaccuracies and innuendos in the Wikipedia entry, e.g., bloody hand print containing TA & JA’s DNA, report of the grandfather’s .25 caliber handgun being stolen and in the next sentence stating a.25 caliber shell casing was found near Alexander’s body, slashed tires, mentioning the sex tape and stating that Jodi “at no time showed any reluctance to participate in the sexual topics discussed,” suggesting the length of Jodi’s testimony was responsible for the loss of jurors, i.e.,”Arias’ 18-day testimony added to a very long defense portion of the guilt phase of the trial, which led to problems with retention of jury members.” There is no discussion of the “gunshot first, gunshot last” changed testimony, no mention that Alexander’s dura mater was intact which discredited Dr. Horn’s testimony, etc. So many other things. I know people are busy and I’m not suggesting we try to change it now. I’m just suggesting that if the public is to know the real Jodi, a revised and detailed Wikipedia entry would help. It might help with fundraising, too, if the Wikipedia entry could show this was not an “open and shut case” and Jodi was wrongly convicted.

    • I just googled “how to edit wikipedia” and there are a lot of entries on how to do it, and the ones I glanced at said editiing is easy. And there is an option to join wikipedia.

      When having looked at wikipedia in the past for info on other subject matter, I noticed that at times obvious alerts ( maybe they were in red letters?; I don’ t remember) were inserted in different places in order to let the reader know ‘problems’ had been found with the quality of the content, [ I don’ t know the specific terms used] such as incompleteness, inaccuracy, disputing the info, inaccurate citations etc.

      I don’ t know if that is addressed immediately and articulated on the site, or if the alerts just notify the reader to be wary and discerning.
      But my point is, maybe there is a very preliminary, not very time- consuming and not too effort- demanding, way to indicate that the whole story has not been told, nor entirely accurately told___ as a precursor to adding extensive, comprehensive and exhaustive info; a temporary quick fix until the wikipedia entry is thoroughly corrected.

  15. The appellate fund had another soft week — only $275 came in. Please, everyone, be aware that the matching-gift pledge ends in two weeks. Until then, every $1 you donate is $2 into the fund!

    I hope everyone who reads here also realizes that when Jodi’s state-paid appeals end, if they are unsuccessful (as seems likely), her case is over forever unless she can afford a private attorney. Without one, she cannot even reach the federal level. That is what the appeals fund is for, and it needs everyone’s full support.

  16. Thanks Alan for the update….remember the saying…We don,t leave a man behind…Well that goes for WOMEN too! Can We dare leave HER there….Not if We believe in HER and I know We do…..I know it,s not easy at times to give, BUT this time it should be…This world needs HER so….as HER family does too. As a scott in HER I see a true BRAVEHEART and am so blessed to have HER in my life…and I know you all do to….$ = $$….NOW that,s a good thing…just do what you can. Now as I recall all who on his side (darkside) in interviews said NO WAY he was like that and then OPPS…WHY even sky did that in front of her keeper then took the stand to harm an innocent….so did his crew lie in interviews or on the stand or both…one example the blonde with the hair said that even travis said his tires might have been done in by …pot holes when she was on hln one time.Seems even travis did,nt know…but the PERSECUTOR…DID! Anything for the …win…wel We know how it feels about women and justice. HATES em both.

    • Wayne, if there has ever been a corrupted, circus, witch hunt trial in the history of trials, it’s got to be Jodi’s.

      In the future, I am sure that law school classes will be using this trial as an example of how NOT to prosecute & defend in a trial.

    • OMG ! Where do I start? So many choices..First, let’s start with going back to school and perhaps learning how to string a few words together correctly…. Second, Jenn was pathetic in her attempt to appease TA’s sis, she would have been better off just ignoring her schoolyard comments…oh my, the whole world isn’t on my side!!! Quit your bellyaching. Your prosecutor Juanita, secured a temporary win bc the jurors were Class A IDIOTS who didn’t give a “crap” about the truth. However, the process is not over and there will be more to whine about in the future when the decision is overturned or dismissed with prejudice. You know, good things come to those that wait, etc….Remain calm and mature. You know, like Sandy Arias did throughout the entire trial!!!! (((((Sandy)))))

      Okay, nuff said…Have a good day and Jenn, be professional and don’t grovel so much…just sayin’

      You know, but by the grace of God go I and you and everyone….there is NO ROOM in the justice system for cheating, lying, perjuring, etc…bc next time it may be you or I that is faced with a rat like Juanita and then you would be screaming about his tactics and his win at any and all costs including trying to bury the truth under his rat hole…you know, like pretending there were no text messages to turn over; you know hiding the pristine (well, as pristine as it gets after Det Clouseau woke up the computer at the scene, etc, etc, etc) computer mirror image until AFTER the criminal trial was over, hello??? ever heard of Brady violations, well if not, you will be learning about it sooner or later in this case; you know like orchestrating the flip flop gunshot first gunshot last fairytale story… know if the puzzle pieces don’t fit you just cut the pieces to make them fit; you know like having your medical examiner dance on a high wire so to perhaps technically not perjure himself (but the appellate judges may see this as a distinction without a difference) but to equivocate and use semantics to fool the all so easily fooled jury into believing a non-non statements and being too stupid to know it; you know like blaming the defense team for destroying potentially exculpatory evidence that would HELP THEIR CLIENT!! when you yourself were in complete control of the evidence and sitting at the command controls; you know like throwing evidence on the floor to ensure that no further testing could be done on it; you know like threatening witnesses if they come and testify bc afterall we want the truth, don’t we?? On and on and on….what’s the old saying? There’s a fool born every minute…well all the jurors with the beautiful exception of one brave soul, were apparently all born in sync…well I guess it wasn’t nuff said…LOL !!!

      All IMHO, of course.

        • Woah, Dwight??? WHOSE side are you on? Team Jodi’s or Tanisha Methface’s?????
          Why attack BB just to defend Tanisha’s writing skills? Makes no sense.

          F COURSE Tanisha should go back to school, apparently she missed a lot! I am a foreigner and I spotted mistakes in her posts. I also noticed the lack of correct use of punctuation marks – she could also be a bit dyslexic.

          P.S: Words like “nuff” , “nite” “coz/’cause” , “ship” “yep/yup” are just slang in written form. They don’t necessarily give out a person’s education level. Other things do, however.

              • dwighthuth,
                Since you replied for the 1st time to a comment I’ve made, I’m going to reply. (I know Edgrr will post a reply sometime around Thanksgiving 2016, Hey Edgar!)
                No matter what you want to surmise about every single person associated with ta, in this horrible circumstance, you begin to tread on Jodi when you intimate someone else killed ta.
                It may be fun and interesting and easy to trash the players on ta’s branch, but we are all human, we ALL have MAX foibles. I don’t think your comments, simple observations rise to a tangible conclusion, that could have genuine meaning. So, ta’s group are all a bunch of selfish opportunists, that do things that are f*cked up, and helped convict Jodi. If they are getting away with it, they’re going to pay. Humans that burn humans PAY. You don’t get an exception because your friend was killed.
                I’m not going to go back and forth with you, as I’m sure you would enjoy more chances to reword the same ol same ol. It is your problem or pleasure, if you want to live in vacillation,
                Keep in mind, I believe in Jodi and her word, so I don’t bend in that respect. That may be a personal fault of mine, but I prefer being supportive of the choices that Jodi has made, until such time as Jodi makes a different choice. It’s just a choice to be unconditional.
                I hope you can understand my position. I won’t interrupt your dithering, unless you cross what I consider respecting Jodi, peace

                • All the time and effort some people take to over-analyze details that were not in evidence is curious to me. This page is devoted to the idea that Jodi acted in self defense, as this was her testimony. She wasn’t tricked into this defense.

                  p.s. Editing on Wikipedia: GB was booted for trying to re-write just about everything on Jodi’s page. The editors will let you know what is accepted and what is not. GB is not.

                • Dwight, Jodi said she lied about the intruders, in her sworn testimony she said she acted in self defense.

                  Did her lies do her damage? Absolutely. But those lies were said in fear of admitting to herself that she was capable of killing a person even if it was done to save her life. It must be scary facing the facts of what we’re capable of doing when fearing for our lives.

        • You’re hilarious, Dwight Huth! I mean that in a good way, of course. BB, “but for the grace of God”….yep. Is there a special “Mormon God” not everyone is privy to know about, perhaps? 🙂

            • For the past few day & weeks I could not figure out who is Juanita or who is being referred to as Juanita. …Then, I realized that the name “Juanita” is a well deserved bastardization of the name of prosecutor Juan. …And, of course Juanita is a fine name, it is my late wife’s name. …But, I am sure that she (my late wife, Juanita) is laughing & understood the bastardization of prosecutor Juan’s name before I figured it out. …hahaha…

              • Whoops! I will try to scratch that from my vocabulary then WLOPEZ4JAA. There is no way I would ever compare your dear wife to “you know who!” NO WAY!!! Sorry for the silliness. Pulling foot from mouth! 😆 ♥ ((((((((Juanita Lopez))))))))) ♥

                • Oh that is OK, I think it is creative to add silliness to the prosecutor’s name, by calling him Juanita, in order to express ridicule of him. …I hope that Google picks up on an alias of “Juanita” in referring to him. …Hello Google !!!

              • No offense meant to your late wife, WLOPEZ4JAA 🙂 It is simply my way of showing NO RESPECT to the rat who deserves absolutely NO RESPECT !! I refuse to call him by his given name, he doesn’t deserve any respect at all, period. He is a rat that knows no bounds to which he will sink into the sewer in order to chalk up a so-called win. Take heart in that it is only a temporary win and in the end it will all catch up to the rat and he will end up in a rat trap courtesy of the appellate courts…

                All IMHO, of course……..

                🙂 🙂 🙂

                • I totally agree, BB, and I think it is great to address the prosecutor as being a woman (as Juanita or Juan-ita or any other female name) because I believe he projects his misogynistic (woman hater) attitude. …And, by calling him a woman’s name, he will view it as the greatest insult to himself, which he cannot overcome. …(IMHO)…Can’t call him Nancy or Sherry because it phonetically don’t fit. …My late wife would agree with me.
                  …Remember I am the one who started using NAG instead of NG to identify Nancy Grace by including her middle name (Ann) in the initials. …Because I identify her personalty as being a “nag,” to get approval.

    • Jen Wood Interview – Kinsey & Troy – live steamed July 16th – FNN Aurora Shooting Verdict Recap……

      I have read many times on the hater sites that Nurmi had surgery to correct his weight loss. Per Jen Wood’s interview that is simply wrong. Someone needs to ensure that they correct their mistakes on the hater pages.

      28:24 –“ he had a ton of cyber bullying that did kind of spark this weight loss. He would see things on the internet. He felt he was fat shamed by the lead detective’s wife. “ ….”those things did affect him”.

      29:20 – Troy – What’s his secret? Jen – “Everybody thinks he got lap banding surgery. That wasn’t it. And no pills. He just did it by cutting things out of his diet. Troy – Like what? Jen – He loves .. I think he said he loved French fries. Troy: Ah, a French fry guy? Jen – “And he cut a lot of that stuff out. Yeah, he just had a healthier life style.”

      His book is only 40 pages.

      • Poor Scoopy, Troy and Kinsey are good ones to be poking fun at someone or anyone. . .they should look in the mirror at their big mouths and twitchy fingers. . . . They should be ashamed.

        • Scoopy said “it was a very good interview, he’s smart and nice”. They did do some pity partying about the backlash that scoopy got for doing the interview, but she says she is looking forward to doing another one with him. They weren’t really ridiculing his weight loss – it was said in a sympathetic way.

  17. I just read on Amazon’s “See Inside” section of a book appropriately named “Obscenity”. Don’t go there unless you need your blood pressure pumped up. I will just tell you here that it is the same “obscene” rendition of Jodi as a homicidal maniac who slaughtered poor innocent Travis. And even in this short synopsis the authors display their ignorance. According to them (among other unproven suppositions) Jodi shot Travis in the head after dragging his body into the shower. (Really??? Then she must have turned his body over after she shot him because when he was found he was laying on his right side with the bullet entry wound lying against the shower floor. Does it really take Sherlock Holmes’ powers of reasoning to figure that one out?) And then we are even made privy to what Jodi was thinking and feeling during this whole time, for instance, “On the long drive out of Mesa in the dark Jodi can still hear him screaming and struggling. It makes her feel good. It makes her feel strong. It even makes her smile.” WTF??? And so much more made-up crap such as she used her sexuality on Darryl to score a promotion. Pure unadulterated bullshit that people will take as fact and as proof. “Obscenity” is right!

    • Who buys that garbage anyways? I’m guessing the sales will go up to the amount of 5 pcs (parents, possibly a sibling and a couple of loser friends to help with the first sales! Hahahahaaaaa! )

    • It is supremely small, grotesque, and grandiose the way the ‘author’ feels entitled to pretend she knows Jodi’s inner thoughts. The ‘author’s’ pretension of being an author, of what in part she is presenting as a form of literature, is not only laughable and tragic, but it is also a cheap act of exploitation.

      If this ‘author’ is not an actual friend of the Alexanders’, if I were a Travis supporter, I would protest her disgusting exploitation.

      I think this woman wrote a series of such books on Arias.

      ?This woman posits herself as a ‘moral’ person opining on ‘immorality’. It just goes to show that a hypocrite does not know she is an hypocrite.

      Is she donating at least part of the profits to the Alexanders, etc.? If not, if I was a Travis supporter, I would be disgusted that the woman is trying to capitalize on a tragedy.

  18. Thanks Justus…makes me think of that saying …the(hater) does protest to much….but all one has to do is compare the two of them…..Good luck on that… fans….only an IDIOT would speak well of t.a….after they heard just how not great he was from his own mouth.Or is it the CULT of travis…SICK! So just what is up with all who still believe JODI WAS,NT there …are you kidding? how the haters must love you. If you do not believe HER…..why are you on this site….?


    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”
    ~~~~ Aristotle


    • What beautiful quotes you always choose R.Love!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

      Yes please everyone; write and donate. All we can do at this point. And hope and pray and not lose faith, of course.

    • I don’t see why her car should have been parked at his house. Unless I’m missing something. I mean, she could have walked to his house or they could have met somewhere else. I don’t know.

      The most poignant question to me is the stench. How could they have not smell the decomposition smell?
      Also, how could they have missed his ring and his cell phone and all his stuff lying around? Especially his cell phone, NO ONE goes anywhere wothout their cell phones.

  20. Why does Veronika Harris post here when she likes “Jodi Arias Supporters United Against JAII and SJ? Just curious….

    • That’s a good question Renee. But while we’re questioning people, why is it that you, back in 2013, went to the vile site ‘JAIAB’ and attacked JAII and SJ?

      You know, it’s hypocritical, IMO, to point fingers at others, when you did exactly the same thing. At least, miss Harris never stated that she liked or ‘loved’ SJ and this site as you had done in 2,643 comments before throwing him under the bus.

      When miss Harris comes to this site, she at least respects it, respects the fact that SJ is the creator of it, respects the supporters here and doesn’t pretend to ‘adore’ SJ. On the contrary, you – of all people – should not be criticizing others. I still haven’t heard you apologize for your betrayal.

      SJ, the other supporters on this site and myself know where miss Harris stands.We also acknowledge that when this site, SJ and some other friends were under severe attack by the Weberz, miss Harris took a stand and defended us. That’s ballsy, IMO.

      Renee, I’d advise you to look at your own backstabbings instead of trying to stir the shitpot against others. Take care.

      Rasna Admin

      • Thank you, Rasna. I have NEVER enjoyed, nor engaged in vile comments and name calling for either side of the aisle in this case. Dwight perplexes me, and I usually try to decipher his posts, to no avail. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again (broken record) the “thing” that was broken in both Jodi and Travis is the very “thing” that kept bringing them back together. Neither one is a saint (how many of us are?!) and I don’t “love” either one. This was a tragic ending to a very troubled couple. I’ve seen the best and the worst of human nature brought out by this case. I’ve made my feelings known about SJ from joining the group that “ME” mentions. Body bags and attacking family members is not my cup of tea. There is another person on the internet that disgusts me (who shall remain nameless) as she attacked a friend of mine and tried to threaten her employment. Not surprisingly, she also thinks someone other than Jodi killed Travis. It takes all kinds. Peace.

      • Well, well, well…Look who’s out of the woodwork.

        I don’t see why Veronika cannot stay given she’s been VERY respectful so far.

        • OMFG! I remember all the bs Renee said back then in 2013 before turning against JAII, SJ, her ‘friends’ and mostly Jodi!

          She’s got some nerve showing up again after almost 2 years.

    We are real, we are strong, we are determined! People come to read and poke fun out us, which is perfectly fine. . . if that is what they want to do with their lives. I pray for the day they will come and read and realize the real Truth about Jodi Arias’ and her fight for FREEDOM. Learn the truth about Travis Alexander and his relationship with the women he was associated with. Not the lies that have been created to promote him into false sainthood. What has happened to Jodi could very well happen to someone they love, then how will they feel. Justice has not been heard just yet in Jodi’s nightmare but it will and those who have laughed, joked, deceived, lied and persecuted Jodi and her friends will find their eyes wide open in amazement of TRUE JUSTICE. I’m thinking there are many who should be very nervous, knowing that makes all the trash talkers at the least bearable.

    “A best friend is the only one that walks into your life when the world has walked out.”
    ― Shannon L. Alder

  22. I havent seen a comment from Carol Handy in a long time!? Hopefully all is well with her! Heather from the UK is another one we dont hear from. They had great advice/insight on how to put together/pertinent Jodi’s appeals. CAROL HANDY, where you b ?!! This site has a GREAT JODI TEAM !!! #1 FFJ

  23. I just do not get it, these haters and TA supporters have only one kind of fuel called revenge. I only have one thing to say $78,504.55 = Reasonable Doubt….. just saying.

    Remember you gift will double. . . if made before August. Don’t Wait, Go ahead and DONATE!!!!!

    “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
    ― Winston S. Churchill

  25. R.Love, my heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family. May the comfort of God help you during this difficult time.

    (((R.Love))) ♥

  26. Pandora and Maria, have you ever been to A for Athens? I have a friend who is there and thought of you two. The pictures I have seen are amazing

    • Vicky, I lived in Athens for 20 yrs (right after I finished school). I have an apartment there but moved to a smaller town with more ‘green’ and love where I’m living now.

      Athens is a beautiful city but very crowded. Amazing nightlife, breathtaking ancient sights & tourist attractions, beautiful parks. Tell your friend to absolutely go to Monastiraki for souvenir shopping, Thissio for coffee and drinks and Plaka for food. These areas are all in the center of Athens and walking distance from one place to the other BUT there are metro stops to each place. I hope your friend has a great visit! ♥

    • I am very happy that Obama is addressing this.
      Also, I think the Pope is coming to the U.S. this fall, and I think he is going to address this topic and related issues.

      Hopefully the Pope will able to reach the hearts of people who wish for the convicted to suffer endlessly, and be punished endlessly.

      All people should be treated humanely and with compassion. Really, it has nothing to do with ‘deserving’ or ‘not deserving’.

      It is wicked to endlessly punish any person.

      Simplistic notions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and ego- driven dynamics of ‘us versus them’ create a cruel world.

  27. I don’t understand why Perryville Prison would let a human stay in a cell when it is so hot one inmate said that it feels like 125 degrees in her cell. We tell people to bring in pets from the extreme heat and cold but could care less for someone spending time in prison. I just don’t get it. I hope the president and the pope will address this.

  28. “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”

    ― Mark Twain

    This quote reminded me of Steven and his tummy ache…..

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