Retrial Video Replay – Day 5

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Retrial Video Replay – Day 5:

Part 1/2 (Crime scene photos):

Part 2/2 (Jodi texts/photos):

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    • Justus, if I havent told u lately how much I appreciate yr knowledge and hard work #1JODI !! YR THE BEST OF THE BEST!!! “YEAH” Bet Jodi gives you the biggest HUGS when she steps out of the dsrkness and into the light! ; ) GUIDEING LIGHT TO TEAM #1JODI !

  1. Justus…can,t help but notice how it seems all the knife wounds are made with the left hand…..seems on the back that none go beyound the spine…he had one …right.In the chest once again all wounds are from the left as well as the neck wound LEFT LEFT LEFT.Now back to the back wounds, do they for the most part seem to be up ward and at an angle as if the knife was being held in a normal(kitchen use) manner.these wounds appear as Frantic not planned…SELF DEFENSE p.s. great site even a luddite like me can use it.

    • Yes, Justus Forusall, you deserve the highest praise for your creation of that site, and all the work you have put into it.

    • Thanks, Wayne and Amy. And yes, Wayne, the back wounds appear to be from her left arm (and dominant hand) wrapped around him, trying to get him off of her. The State’s theory, that she was standing behind him at the sink, would indicate that she was stabbing him with her non-dominant hand. Of course, Martinez came up with an idiotic theory to account for that – that she switched hands because she had injured her left hand while stabbing him in the shower. Pure unadulterated bullshit that a bunch of idiots fell for, simply because they wanted to.


    Steve Krafft on restitiution hearing & the Jennifer Willmott interview. She does say that Jodi is working hard to behave herself, but she also says that she has a good attitude and is adjusting and getting along well. I think you would have to work in prison to “behave” yourself to their standards, especially if others could be trying to make things difficult for you.

  3. Veronica Harris, hi. You asked for proof about the alexander family asking for money. I have sent you 4 ss in a pm at facebook. Those ss are from 2013. Among those 4 ss there is a receipt from paypal too (1$ donation). So you’ll see that it’s not bogus. You can’t ignore proof. I’d love to hear your POV.

    • Dwight,

      I agree with you concerning the Hughes IMHO!!! What length some people go to for the “love of money”, huh – IMHO? Which, “the love of money” is the root of ALL evil!!! Not money in itself but the LOVE of it!!! Which the Hughes sure proved by lying about Jodi so as to set her up to be framed for TA’s murder so, like you said, they could make “money” off an UNTRUE book – IMHO!!!!!!!!

      “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” 1 Timothy 6:10 KJV

    • Marja, well said. Money doesn’t bring happiness. Money helps to live a more luxurious life but it will never buy true happiness and true love. Those are virtues that are not for sale.

      Some people ‘mask’ their life and fool themselves with expensive materialistic things thinking that they are happy. If they search deep down, they are only hiding their misery behind money. Without that, they are totally empty.

  4. This is the day of the retrial that Flores was asked if it was hollow point and his answer can’t tell. Horn testified that he did not believe it was hollow point when he removed it.

      • Have no idea…. but a faceless, naked, female… it could be anyone of that approximate age and shape!
        All we have learned about TA’s activities…. it could be anyone.
        What makes anyone think that Jodi was the only one he took pictures of… he had multiple sex partners… it could have been any one of them.
        Point: why was it allowed as evidence if it can’t be determined exactly who it is…

        • Because Jodi did not dispute that it was her. Also, there were pics of her with her pigtails lain out on the bed.

          What got me with that testimony was that with the same question posed by Nurmi, JSS would switch back and forth with her rulings. That drives me cray cray.

          • Which she said was taken at a different time…
            The dates and times stamped on the pictures means absolutely positively nothing at all…
            In law, if one thing is false, the presumption is that all things are tainted…

      • What’s the big fuss if it was Jodi or not in the pics? Since she didn’t state that it wasn’t her, then why should we question that? We’ve all done ‘crazy’ stuff with our partners behind closed doors.

        All I know is that JM put up those ‘close up’ photo’s to embarrass Jodi and make her out to be ‘cheap’.

        The truth of the matter is that Jodi was very healthy regarding her sexual activities. I’m sure a lot of men (including JM) would love to have a woman like Jodi in their bed, instead of a woman that just lies there making them feel as if they are making love to a corpse!

          • Well now, is that so Veronika Harris. Sounds like you were front row and in the center of things. Always amazed by the points you deem important. 🙄

  5. And speaking of knife wounds….there is but one that i can see that was a slash….to the neck….as if as he was trying to get off the floor and continue the attack an in a frantic effort to syop his rage JODI slashed at him. Rember that only TWO knife wounds might have been fatal….but even the hit to the vena cava was most likely…NOT…see Ed Gavagon Live at the moth PBX..? To me all other knife wounds are more like back the – – – – OFF. and that is even the hits to the vena cava and the neck. This almost decapatated crap…thanks to horn pulling it,s head back ….BUT the wound was only 2 in, deep on a 6 in. thick neck Trust me on this if SHE had just slashed for the most part that would have stopped him cold ask any military person SPELLLING problems ? well Iam……GRIZ..

  6. The Felony Murder charge and why it is another valid point on appeal:

    Off topic again LOL !!! But another good point on appeal :

    How can a juror with any thinking brain decide that Jodi had BOTH the intent to kill and therefore premeditated the killing of TA and convict her of first degree premeditated murder and at the same time also convict her of Felony murder which is a conviction based on an intent to only harm or injure TA?

    The fact that idiot JSS allowed this farcical felony murder charge to stand is in the end a good thing for Jodi Ann Arias. A BIG THANK YOU TO IDIOT JSS !!!! and a BIG THANK YOU TO THE IDIOT JURORS WHO VOTED FOR THE FELONY MURDER CHARGE AND THE PREMEDITATED FIRST DEGREE MURDER CHARGE !! There were seven idiot jurors who voted for both !!! THANK YOU !!! Because you have just announced to the appellate court judges that you believed that Jodi did not premeditate the killing of TA but that she only had an intent to injure or harm.

    You can NOT have it both ways. Either she premeditated the killing or she didn’t. Which is it? Well seven of you numskulls said it was both. WRONG !!! But thank you anyway !!! The appellate court will look at this and say, hmmm, now was it the intention of those seven idiot jurors to say she premeditated the killing? or was it the intention of those seven idiot jurors to say that she only intended to harm or injure TA? You can not have it both ways but thankfully Goofy (s) blundered into that one !! “aww shucks!!” The judges can not determine this and voila!! Remand back for a new trial !!

    Even teeny tiny pipsqueak JM didn’t believe his own premeditated theory!!!

    In the end, prosecutor Juan Martinez didn’t even believe his own theory of premeditation because he included the Felony Murder charge (a murder that was not premeditated but a murder that occurs in the course of committing a felony) Judge Stephens denied the defense motion to dismiss the felony murder charge (THANK GOD !!!! Goofy, not stop it !!! ) saying that the intended felony could have been assault (HELLO??? ANYONE HOME????). Assault has as its intent an intent to harm or injure not an intent to kill. So the state’s contention was that the assault was the underlying felony which has the intent to harm or injure, not kill. How can Jodi Arias be charged with premeditated first degree murder when the state says her intent was to harm or injure, not kill? And further, how can assault be the underlying felony in felony murder? Doesn’t every murder involve assault and wouldn’t every murder then be classified as a felony murder ? And wouldn’t that completely obliterate the distinction between 1st degree premeditated and 2nd degree murders? Now, now, Juan baby, are you trying to re-write laws and obliterate the distinction between 1st degree premeditated murder and second degree murder???? Not allowed.

    The prosecutor as tiny and as zealous as he is does NOT have the authority to make laws. You can not change a law simply bc you want to make sure you get a conviction. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY was and is his life long motto (wow!! what ethics!! It is astounding!!) and it will come back to bite him in his tiny little a$$.

    The jury was confused (boy is that ever an UNDERSTATEMENT!!). Five jurors voted for premeditated murder and seven voted for both the felony murder charge and the premeditated murder charge.



  7. I understood the felony murder to be that if Jodi didn’t steal her grandpa’s gun, then she stole it from TA and from that point on she was an intruder in house and therefore a felony. Who but the frog would do that?

    • Not sure, but I’m pretty sure “intruders” do stop and have sex, sleep with and make pictures together. SMH Only in The Land of OZ, whoops I meant AZ!!!! 😆

    • No, they always claimed that Jodi stole the gun from her grandfather and brought it with her. What they contended was she was committing burglary. Let me the state of AZ they changed the meaning of “burglary” from “intent to commit a theft therein” to “intent to commit any felony therein” thereby allowing the predicate felony to include any felony within the bounds of burglary including “assault.”

      However, there is something called the “merger rule” and this says that the underlying predicate felony in felony murder can not be related to the murder that is why assault can not be the underlying predicate felony in felony murder.

      Az defines burglary more broadly to include simply entering or remaining unlawfully on a property with the INTENT TO COMMIT A THEFT OR ANY FELONY THEREIN.

      The state’s argument was the at some point during that day TA revoked permission for Jodi to be present there thereby she was committing the crime of “burglary.” However, you have to think to yourself – okay suppose he did revoke his permission for Jodi to remain on his property – okay, SO WHAT FELONY WAS SHE INTENDING TO COMMIT?? JSS idiotically stated that she was intending or could have intended to commit “assault.” NO, WRONG, ERROR !!!! You can not have “assault” be an underlying predicate felony in felony murder. Unless the law gets re-written and that can only be done by legislatures, not mini dictators like JM!!!!

      And, if she was intending to kill him that is the same thing as first degree premeditated murder.

      The court by suggesting that the predicate felony underlying the “burglary” was “assault ” is error. You can not have “assault” as the underlying predicate felony in a felony murder otherwise you are obliterating the distinction between first degree premeditated murder and second degree murder bc every murder involves assault and therefore every murder would be a felony murder and there would no longer be any first degree murder. In essence you are re-writing laws and only legislatures can write or re-write laws. This is where mini Juan is going to get bit in his tiny little a$$ on this and this would be a valid point in an appeal.

      Bottom line is that JM’s refusal to recognize the truth and his incessant need to win at all costs is going to cost him big in the end on this one.. .IMHO, of course…

    • No, the state always contended that Jodi stole the gun from her grandfather and brought it with her. They were contending that she committed burglary. Let me explain: in the state of AZ they define “burglary” more broadly as entering or remaining unlawfully on someone’s property WITH THE INTENT TO COMMIT THEFT OR ANY FELONY THEREIN.

      The state alleges that at some point during that day TA revoked his permission for Jodi to remain there lawfully so she thereby was committing “burglary.” However, you have to ask yourself, okay perhaps he did revoke his permission for her to stay there, all right, but WHAT WAS THE FELONY SHE WAS INTENDING TO COMMIT????

      Well, this is where the error comes in. The court suggested that she was intending to commit “assault.” Well, hello?? you can NOT have “assault” as the underlying predicate felony in felony murder. Let me explain: there is this rule called the merger rule that says that the underlying predicate felony in felony murder can NOT be related to the murder, that is why “assault” can not be the underlying felony in felony murder. Just think about it…every murder involves assault so therefore if you allow “assault” to be the underlying predicate felony in felony murder then every murder would be a felony murder and you would therefore have no more first degree premeditated murder. You would in essence have obliterated the distinction between first degree premeditated murder and second degree murder. You can not do that….unless the legislature re-writes the law, which they haven’t.

      Little tiny tim, JM, was re-writing law by asserting that she was intending to commit “assault” during this felony murder. Which by the way, “assault” has as its intent an intent to harm or injure, not kill. So the state was alleging that Jodi Ann Arias had the intent to harm or injure TA, not to kill him. THANK YOU TINY TIM, OH I MEAN JM !!!!

      And JSS’s refusal to drop the felony murder charge deserves much praise and thanks….THANK YOU JSS!!!!

      And oh my were the jurors ever confused (AN UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY!!) Seven of the jurors also agreed that Jodi Arias had the intent to only injure or harm TA. So the question is why the hell then was she charged with first degree premeditated murder?

      Errors for the appellate court to consider here:
      1) the state’s admission that Jodi Ann Arias had the intent to injure or harm TA, not kill him
      2) Seven of the jurors agreed that Jodi Ann Arias had the intent to injure or harm TA, not kill him
      3) the state contended that the underlying predicated felony that Jodi intended to commit was “assault” and you can NOT have “assault” be the underlying predicate felony in felony murder unless the law is changed which it has not despite the state’s attempt to do so on it’s own – unlawfully, I might add !!!

      And, Juan baby, trying to disguise the underlying predicate felony “assault” as the predicate within a predicate WON’T WORK AS THE APPELLATE JUDGES ARE NOT STUPID !!! OKAY, STUPID???? The merger rule still applies !!!!

      You lose…Jodi walks free…….



  8. okay so i wrote another post thinking the first one was lost and added some other comments. so I will add them again here since my second post got lost….at least it hasn’t showed up here goes…

    “Assault” has as its intent the intent to harm or injure a person, not kill.

    Since the state claimed that the underlying predicate felony was “assault” they are admitting that Jodi did not intend to kill TA but only to harm or injure TA. Seven of the jurors also admitted that Jodi did not intend to kill TA but only to harm or injure TA.

    And, no, Stupid, and I’m talking to you, JM, you can not disguise the underlying predicate felony as a predicate within a predicate!! The appellate court judges are NOT stupid and will not be fooled!!! The merger rule still applies !!!!

    points that the appellate court will consider regarding this felony murder charge:

    1) the state admitted that Jodi Ann Arias had the intent to harm or injure TA, not kill him
    2) Seven of the jurors also admitted that Jodi Ann Arias had the intent to harm or injure TA, not kill him
    3) “assault” can not be the predicate underlying felony in felony murder and this is what was done here in this case albeit a little creative and slight of hand, the court will NOT be fooled
    4) Prosecutors nor the state court can re-write laws, only legislatures can lawfully write laws
    5) by the state changing the law regarding felony murder, the state denied Jodi Ann Arias her due process rights (they unlawfully changed the law !!!)



    • And since the state admitted that Jodi Ann Arias only had the intent to harm or injure TA then WHY THE HELL WAS SHE CHARGED WITH FIRST DEGREE PREMEDITATED MURDER???

      Seven of the jurors agreed that she only had the intent to harm or injure TA when they voted for the Felony Murder charge.


      YOU LOSE !!!

      JODI WINS !!!!

      • Or maybe it wasn’t Juan Baby’s idea, perhaps JSS’s idea…oh well whoever thought it up deserves a front row seat when the appellate court overturns this case !!!

        • And I can’t believe how many idiots out there are saying “Juan did nothing wrong!” It’s pandemic ignorance! They obviously believe that Juan’s way of trying someone is the legal, proper and just way to do it (maybe because it matches their own hateful way of conducting their own lives). Until, of course, it’s their own loved one on trial. Then they would see things differently because to them legal, proper and true justice depends on who they believe is guilty or innocent, that the people they decide are guilty don’t deserve anything better than Juan’s form of justice (that is, lie, cheat and bully your way into a guilty verdict).

          • martinez thought that he will always be above the law and his corruption and misconduct will not be punished. His time to pay the piper for everything he has done is coming up. So have your pop-corn close by cause it’ll be worth the viewing!

  9. As I, and a few others, keep trying to point out the fallacies in law and circumstances in the prosecutor’s case, in the evidence and in the testimony, others respond with almost a shout for acceptance that Jodi took responsibility for the death of Travis and everyone should respect her for her decision and move on.

    Justice is for us all. All of the people must respect and follow the law so that it doesn’t become watered down, so it is always there for everyone under all circumstances. Examination of this particular case has uncovered too much corruption of the law to be ignored.
    Realistically thinking, it is not JUST Jodi’s future I am concerned about although her plight drives me.

    When detectives can obtain a confession with dishonest statements, and witnesses are allowed to blatantly lie in their testimony in court, and prosecutors can deceive the court with tainted evidence, and defense attorneys are allowed to put their client at risk of receiving a death sentence by putting them on the witness stand, then YOUR life and MY life is also at risk, never say never.

    This is first and foremost a country of laws. There are laws governing both sides. If the people do not respect all of the law, on both sides, and allow the State to impose injustice on just one person it opens the door for them to do the same to YOUR life, as well as mine.

    • Carol, I don’t think anyone here is disputing that this trial was totally unjust, no matter whether you believe Jodi was there or not. As to the defense team being allowed to put their defendant on the stand, that is not the decision of the defense them; it’s entirely up to the defendant. However, maybe you are saying that by allowing her to plead self-defense she was almost required to take the stand. I, for one, believe it was self-defense (as does Jodi) so I think it would have been dangerous to go any other way than with what Jodi certainly believed to be true.

  10. In self-defense cases the defendant most certainly has to testify otherwise the jurors will ask where’s the self-defense?? They must hear from the defendant claiming self defense, there is no way around that..unless you have witnesses which there were none that we know of…

    • When the State has no PROOF it is not up to the defense to claim anything. Where was the PROOF?
      Why the defense decided there was a need to claim anything was poor judgment.
      You believe Jodi was in charge; maybe yes, maybe no.
      Of course once pled the testimony had to be.

      • You are correct. The state had no proof, and the defense does not have to do a thing…..but realistically, the jury expects to hear from a defendant that is claiming self-defense. The defense could have and maybe should have (depending on your point of view) not put Jodi on the stand, but then what do you have? you have the jurors listening to the fairytales of rumpelstiltskin with no other storyline to rebutt it…that is hard to do and as it was, putting her on the stand was for not with the idiot jury that couldn’t add 1+1….You’re right, but you must think about what the jury expects and wants to hear..

  11. As soon as one claims self defense then all involved in the fight must be investigated and that would be t.a……mr. det. f. As a det. it,s his job to DETECT….never think he knows what went on that day Open your eyes and mind and investigate the facts…he or anyone does,nt have to believe what SHE said in an interview…s But as soon as SHE claims S/D then they must do all to find facts. Justice is not a game. The win means nothing if gained by hate vile and lies .SHE took the stand to save HER life as on that day SHE made a stand…..Thanks to that jury of pure evil and their crazy questions We now know just how they did all to bring HER to harm……and FAILED…4 times. Bring on the APPEALS!

  12. Day 51 2:59:35
    Juror Question:” Regarding all of the electronics seized, did you find any indication of pornography, naked women or child photos on any of the items that you examined?””
    Melendez: I did not find any of that on the items that I examined related to Mr. Alexander.”

  13. In some very real ways the judicial system is a game. A defense lawyer is supposed to know the State’s case inside out; it is a slight edge because his client has told him the client’s side. The State tries to learn what the defense strategy is going to be.
    Had the defense said ‘not guilty’, whether true or not, the prosecutor has to accept that plea and the burden is on the prosecutor to PROVE his case.

    Of course, if the defense pleads, whether there is evidence or not, the case is pretty much over for the defendant; this is especially true when it comes to this particular case with all the exposure it had. It mattered little or nothing about what the prosecutor could prove.

    It is almost always the case when this happens, a confession is the strongest of all evidence. When a defendant pleads, the jury accepts the fact of their guilt. To a jury it only makes sense to believe the defendant if they admit guilt.

    Now! To this case and self-defense. Self-defense is not a criminal act.

    The ‘reasonable man’ theory comes into play at this point, and what a ‘reasonable man’ would do if there was an initial attack would be to leave; if the ‘reasonable man’ couldn’t flee before becoming imminently afraid for his life, a ‘reasonable man’ would try to protect himself by using whatever weapon(s) was at his disposal; after using the weapon and debilitating the attacker the ‘reasonable man’ would escape the scene because at that point the assailant was incapacitated.

    The problem with this case is the number of wound the victim suffered, too many serious wounds to be self-defense in the ‘reasonable man’ theory the jury is expected to use.

    Could the defendant have gone temporarily insane or heat of passion during such a fight and the answer might be yes. If one believes, in this case, the defendant performed all the wounds, then the proper defense would have included temporary insanity because of heat of passion.

    • And then there is the “reasonable woman” theory. If you’re being attacked by someone you love, who is 50% bigger than you (who not only has a punching bag in his house but brags about having 16-1/2 inch muscles) and you happen to be terrorized out of your mind but have a knife in your hand, what would the “reasonable woman” do? Apparently they are supposed to do the same thing that a “reasonable man” would do or else they could not possibly have been trying desperately to save their life.

      • The word ‘man’ is used to mean both in jury instructions. Men and women are expected to act reasonably. Unless the defendant has gone temporarily insane/heat of passion that is.

        • There is what it means and then there is how it’s actually interpreted in a society of double standards, where for thousand of years women’s behavior has been judged using men as the standard for reasonable behavior – that is something entirely different. Why is it so difficult to understand that a woman, after just accidentally shooting the man she loves, might stick around to see if he needs her help? Why, because a “reasonable man” wouldn’t do that, he’d just run out the door?

          • In your theory, the defendant shot the victim but not mortally, then tried to help him; at which point he attacked her more ferociously, she grabed a knife to get him off her and then she stabbed him in one of three places; at which point he was no longer a viable threat.
            The only way to explain the remaining wounds is to say she went temporarily out of her mind and inflicted the remaining wounds.

            • You are correct about my theory right up until the final knife wounds. I don’t think she stabbed him in three places and then had a chance to leave. I believe he received every one of those knife wounds in the very final few moments of the violence when, yes, she went nuts and did whatever she could to get him off of her. So if someone wants to say that in the course of defending herself against a third attack in less than two minutes, that she went temporarily insane, fine, but it is still self-defense. And as to whether she should have left after he was incapacitated. She did. Unfortunately he was dead.

              • And, as CanadaCarol points out below, according to research “reasonable women” who have been abused often don’t know when to stop once they lose control. Should we throw that out as reasonable because it doesn’t relate to everyone, and especially doesn’t relate to the “reasonable man”?

              • There is only one way for your point of view to be accepted in a court of law and that is to lobby the legislatures to make the law state what you believe it should state.

                Look to the future, and with your theory, if tried for this crime again, the defendant will be found guilty again. There is another way, if all you say about what happened is true, but it cannot be ‘just because she is a woman’ she had ‘rights’ not given her by the law, it must be sustainable with the laws we have and the only one I see is temporary insanity.

                • There is no law that says what is reasonable in any particular situation. That’s a subjective call by the jurors and if the jurors think about what a “reasonable man” would do, I don’t suspect they will necessarily think about what a “reasonable woman” would do under those circumstances and that it might just be different because of what her life and experiences have been. There are no laws that can or need to be changed; it’s the way people think. These jurors obviously didn’t believe a woman would fear enough for her life that she would go crazy on a man, even though they were told exactly that by an expert with more nearly 30 years experience in his field. Doesn’t such data indicate that even a reasonable person might react that way?

                • On the other hand, maybe there should be a rewording of the jury instructions if it includes the phrase “reasonable man”. What’s wrong with “reasonable man” if the defendant is male and “reasonable woman” if the defendant is female? Or is it just assumed that reasonable behavior is the same for both genders, even though their life experiences are vastly different?

            • I have always felt that a very reasonable explanation of all the wounds on TA is explained very well by Herr Speights Essay on Innocence (I believe that there is a link on this site in the “trusted sites?” but anyway this essay makes a very clear picture of what could have happened that perfectly explains all the injuries. When a large muscular man is attacking a relatively small woman, the woman must fight with all the ferocity she can muster to save her own life. The problem was the TA didn’t know when to stop and that’s too bad bc if he had stopped he would still be alive today. Better yet, if had never attacked her in the first place he would be alive today. TA is responsible for his own death. No one to blame but himself. Jodi was defending herself and she was terrified out of her mind that he was going to kill her and but for her fighting him, she would be the one that is dead and then would we even be having this discussion?? NO. He would already have been sentenced to prison and done with.

              • And we would never have heard Travis’ name because that sort of thing happens every day, a man killing a woman.* We don’t hear about them. But a woman winning the fight is so unusual that it seems to be automatically assumed that she must have used some trickery to overpower him when it could very well be just plain and simple terror. Damned if she dies and damned if she doesn’t.

                * Everyday in the U.S. more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends. –

                • It is an interesting and illuminating website, Justus.
                  It is a great place to share the horror of domestic violence from personal experience. It goes into men who are abused as well as women. It should also included elder abuse, a subject not often taken seriously since the oldest generation isn’t adept in using social media, and perhaps cannot express that they’re even being abused on a blog post.
                  Abuse is a horrible experience to be sure no matter who is involved.

              • I very much agree with you about the Speights essay and this all happened very quickly with Jodi in fight or flight.

                Nurmi closing argument:

                “What this evidence shows is that either what happened is that Jodi Arias defended herself and didn’t know when to stop, or she gave in to a sudden heat of passion…Ultimately, if Miss Arias is guilty of any crime at all, it is the crime of manslaughter and nothing more.”

              • There is almost nothing I personally agree with that Speights said purporting his theory about the knife wounds. In fact, I think much of it is absurd.

                I wrote a l-o-ng post shortly after he had first written his thesis a long time ago and it went into the never never land of posts that must be behind the sun. I just got disgusted and never rewrote it. But you would have seen why almost none of what he says makes sense. Some of the things he describes are as far fetched as some of what Martinez made up.

                Now, his lengthy description of Horn’s outright lies and the forensic analysis of what really happened involving the bullet and the bullet trajectory, I thought that write-up was great and right on the money.

                But I’ve never been convicted in a court of law of being smarter than anybody.

        • Dr. Samuels used the mess of the crime scene as one of the criteria/indicators that Jodi had suffered from Acute Stress Disorder even though the usual period of two months’ duration and the time to diagnose had passed. Ms. ALV testified that very often women who have suffered domestic violence, “don’t know when to stop” once they lose control. They did address the crime scene but did not call it temporary insanity, and Nurmi did refer to it as a heat of passion.

          • I agree that woman who have been abused previously when attacked will have that will to survive and do what is necessary to survive. I don’t think it is as much about losing control as it about simple survival. Do what is necessary to survive. And that is not a crime. But for the grace of God we all go….

            • BB, as you say, it’s human nature and instinct, to do whatever is needed to survive. All living beings do not stop defending themselves when their lives are in danger until they are certain that they are not in danger anymore. If fear kicks in, it’s possible with all the adrenaline rush, that they will not stop even if they are out of danger.

    • Dwight,

      I so agree with you! I don’t believe Ashley Reed Thompson’s death was a suicide! I think she was murderd in connection with TA, IMHO!!! I, also, do not believe that cop shot himself either, IMHO!!!

    • Was it ever confirmed that the cop who presumably shot himself with a gun that was found on the other side of a fence, some twelve feet away from the body – was it ever confirmed anywhere that he had any connection at all to either Travis or Ashley?

      The only connection I ever heard of was that the same medical examiner did the autopsy for the cop (so sorry, I don’t remember his name now which is awful, he’s the one who died but it’s the ME’s name that I remember) as did the autopsy on Ashley. A doctor Levine, if memory serves.

      I never heard of any connection AT ALL that the cop had directly to Travis’ death.

      • Ah, my mistake (but at least I wasn’t remembering the ME’s name while forgetting the dead policeman’s name)

        ME’s name was Robert E Lyon
        Seems like the cop’s first name was Sean, and his last name began with a T – I’m gonna see what I can dig up on google now that it’s bugging me that I don’t remember

        • my mistake again – Drenth died of a gunshot wound to the head in October of 2010, Lyon didn’t rule the death a suicide until December of 2011

      • Journee,

        You are correct that the officer shot was not connected with TA but, like you said, it was the same ME who did Ashley Reed Thompson’s autopsy that also did the officer’s autopsy!!! Very odd that the same ME ruled both shootings suicides, isn’t it, IMHO!!!!!!!!!!

      • Journee, is the cop the third person that died? I remember they said Ashley committed suicide (although her life was finally getting better… that’s always been a headscratcher for me). Then, the other male that committed suicide the day Jodi was arrested and there was a third person… Am I getting this right?

    • Okay – just confirmed:

      Officer Sean Drenth, in 2008, was employed by the PHOENIX police department.
      He would NOT have been a responding officer at a homicide in MESA.

    • Shuffling in slowly ♥ Vicky, GOOD MORNING ♥ TEAM JODI!!!!!!! I’ve been busy cleaning around here. Amazing how dirty things can get just over night. Sweeping and scrubbing up the floors, I’m thinking we might have another big blow out real soon. 😉

      • BTW, who took the disco ball home with them? Would you please be so kind as to bring it back here asap? Thanks ♥

        • perhaps StillOutThere showed up after everyone went home, took the disco ball as a memento of her big Five-Oh

          Slut Puppy says to assure you that he had nothing whatsoever to do with any missing disco ball.

          • Thank you for clearing that up Journee. There was an awful lot of canned cheese on the floor. He probably was too excited over the party. Well, someone has it and they better get it back before the next big Shindig. Please return it, we will not ask questions and we’ll always give you the benefit of the doubt. 😉 Headed to clean litter boxes now. . .why SJ has to have so many cats I don’t know. . .those high heels are really damaging the dance floor too. Sorry, I’ll stop complaining, for SJ’s cats I’ll do anything. . . they are puurrrrrrr fection! 😉
            ♥ (((SJ’s dancing cats)))

            • cheese on the floor has to have happened after we left –

              I promise you Tucker the Slut Puppy would not have left food of any kind on the floor – in fact he is jumping up and down here next to me volunteering to come and clean up any that might remain.

              • WOW 😯 While I was out cleaning litter boxes some darling little angels flew in here and finished mopping and waxing the floors! Thanks, Lucky Tucker and your tiny friend Slut Puppy. . . I knew we could count on you. I’m thinking Marja took the Disco Ball to polish it up for this next huge function. I’ll give her a ring a ding! I know it is getting close to the end of the month but everyone PLEASE remember to DONATE for Jodi’s Appeals. . .we may all have fun but we must never forget JODI NEEDS US!!!!! We will seize every opportunity for a fund drive!!!!!! Be On The Look Out!!!! ♥

  14. This reminded me of SJ ~~~~
    “Heroes are not made. They are born out of circumstances and rise to the occasion when their spirit can no longer coexist with the hypocrisy of injustice to others.”
    ― Shannon L. Alder


  15. This bull- – – – ! of SHE went to far…what to live! So America have You ever crapped on a cop or military for doing far worse…not to often from what i,ve seen. If a person attacks You then You fight back. Most men could have stabbed him 100 times and gutted him and taken his head clean off. And been called a HERO to boot when all his evil ways were shown….This She was out of control…..well SHE won he lost and trust me on this if SHE had have stopped then there would have been NO TRIAL. Ask any who trains people to fight…police or military When is a person MOST DANGEROUS…when their about to die hence the neck as he rose of that floor to once again CONTINUE the ATTACK. And if any of You face such rage and wrath as SHE did on that day just do what You think is right and GOOD LUCK ON THAT…I,ll be the first one to send flowers….you just might need them.

    • I completely agree, and I am so glad you wrote what you did.
      Jodi DID NOT go too far!
      Each and every action she took in order to defend herself was entirely legitimate and necessary.
      Jodi, because she has been under a microscope, and scrutinized to such an extreme degree, which almost no other defendants ever are__ Jodi has been judged by absurd standards of ‘reasonableness.’
      Such notions of what is reasonable are absolutely UNREASONABLE!!!
      Jodi was not, and could not possibly have been, a dispassionate observer making considered, thoughtful evaluations of the situation; the idea that she could, or especially the idea that she SHOULD have is sooooo absurd, and unjust to her, and the situation she was in. And this in no way implies temporary insanity; on the contrary it demonstrates sanity under the most dire conditions.
      How many people have been in a similar situation and even have first hand knowledge of what she had to contend with?
      Each and every defendant’s situation is unique and particular to them, and most often there are no witnesses, so how can armchair critics know what exactly happened, let alone be self- righteous and presumptuously claim they know what is what?
      When one faces a situation of such imminent and unavoidable ( And it WAS UNAVOIDABLE; Jodi was literally in Travis’s clutches, and she knew he was intending to kill her.)___ unavoidable danger to one’s life, a different kind of consciousness takes over in order to enable the person to survive; a superior, more ‘total’ intelligence, far more aware than every day mundane consciousness.
      This greater consciousness doesn’ t rationalize and does not utilize a process of time; instead an eminently intuitive intelligence presides, knowing exactly what to do, and how to do it.
      Mundane ego- consciousness is inadequate to the task.
      She did not go too far.

  16. Someone named Mike Le Blanc has graced us (on “The Official, Super Duper, Actual, Authentic, Original JA Defense Fund” FB page) with the following theory of what occurred in that bathroom:

    Jodi brings the gun with her planning to shoot Travis in the shower so as to leave no mess. She sets up the photo shoot, holding the gun in her left hand and camera in her right. She takes the final photo in order to blind him with the flash. She gets over him and shoots right-to-left downward. Gun jams. Jodi is standing around waiting for him to die but 44 seconds later Travis comes to and gets out of the shower because the gunshot may not have incapacitated him as Jodi had hoped. Jodi tries to keep him down by kicking and hitting him (accounting for blood on walls and blinds) but when that doesn’t work she runs to get the knife. Travis makes his way to the sink. Jodi returns to continue the attack. Travis turns from the sink and tries to defend himself. He then attempts to escape and starts down the hallway. Jodi jumps on Travis’ back and begins making stabs to the upper back. He makes it to the end of the hallway where he falls face down on the floor. Jodi knows he’s close to death at which point she just walks up and slits his throat to finish him off and then drags him back into the shower.

    And here’s my initial response to this fantastical bullshit:

    THE MIKE LE BLANC INVESTIGATIVE AND REASONING TECHNIQUE: Instead of letting the evidence tell the story, devise a story as complicated as necessary to fit whatever you would like the evidence to say.

    And LeBlanc is certainly not alone in this kind of ignorant thinking process. One of the amazing ironies to this whole case is that everyone of those people who are so sure of her guilt, each has a different theory about what actually happened in that bathroom. (And most of them, like Mike here, don’t even agree with Juan’s version.) How can there be so many different (and often opposing) theories about what is supposedly an iron-clad, no reasonable doubt case? (Hurts my head just trying to think about it.) And what amazes me even further is that these people believe, with no trouble at all, that Jodi was capable of that kind of violence but can’t believe that Travis, who grew up in a household of violence, would ever attack Jodi three times in matter two minutes. Travis no but Jodi yes? I don’t get it (other than the fact we are dealing with people with stunted intelligence).

      • The problem is the the likes of Le Blanc believe that if you have one explanation that points to innocence but are able, in any convoluted way possible, to conjure up one that points to guilt then you should go with the guilty one. Thank God the founding fathers were not as stupid as these people.

        • They’re too stupid to understand that if you have two theories both of which are reasonable, one that points to guilt, the other points to innocence, then you must under the law vote for the innocence. The benefit of the doubt always must go to the defendant, except of course in this case. That is what reasonable doubt is..Hello, people??? Do you have a brain???

          Not to mention the fact the the “eye photo” that was examined by an expert showed that Jodi had no knife in her hand, only the camera. And the fact that the back knife wounds were shallow slashing wounds that indicate that the wounds were made while reaching around TA…

          The Mike Le Blanc theory is just that THEORY! It is not what happened ACCORDING TO THE FACTS!!

    • Justus, I’m sorry, I think this is the first time I didn’t read your comment! 🙄 – Once I saw the name you wrote, I lost interest. This person has been very vile against all of Jodi’s friends. Especially when he was a part of the ‘BUTCHERS’. His behavior was very juvenile.

  17. I read the MIKE LE BLANC THEORY as it is described above and I wondered who is this LE BLANC guy? …Is he in competition for the idiot of the century award? …I thought of the name LE BLANC, and wondered if he is from Louisiana because that is a common & respectful name in my state of Louisiana. …And, I thought of the swamps & the fog in the Louisiana swamps.
    …Then I thought of the “swamp gas explanation” that Dr J. Allen Hynek, a very respectful “ufologist” gave to the country and the world, as his explanation that UFO sightings are explained in a way that “debunks” the very real sightings as: “swamp gas”. …And, certainly Dr Hynek was very intelligent but wanted to please his “Blue Book handlers”, the US Air Force, to debunk sightings.
    …So, MIKE LE BLANC, in my opinion, is trying to join the “stupid is, that stupid does” club. …
    …MIKE LE BLANC, don’t mess with the good Cajun name of Leblanc. …Where you from Cher?? …… …Travis was losing in a fight against Jodi, in her self defense, & he thought he could not let a woman protect herself by defeating him, it is just NOT the Mormon thing to happen.
    …So, he escalated the fight to defeat her. …Jodi went into total defense mode, just like St Joan of Arc did to the English invaders. …A woman who led armies to:
    DO NOT RETREAT >>>FULL CHARIOT SPEED AHEAD !!! …Jodi Arias is innocent !!!

    • Not a correction but I see on Google that the name LE BLANC is spelled or presented different ways such as Le Blanc or LeBlanc, or Leblanc, etc. …Living most of my life in New Orleans, Louisiana, I usually saw it spelled: Leblanc. …But, I think it is mostly considered the same name.

      • Hi Vicky, Hi R.Love, Hi to Team Jodi. Hi to St Joan of Arc. …God Bless the holdout juror in the penalty phase of the trial who said NO, to the death penalty for Jodi’s self defense.

  18. These have got to be some of the dumbest experts I’ve ever heard on trial. What makes these idiots experts? I’m sure they’ve read a lot of books and seen a lot of dead body’s BUT I doubt they’ve ever been in an actual fight to realize the truth to JODI’s instant reaction to defending herself.

    When the gun went off accidently and penetrated the skull, it was immediately picked up by the blood flow of the adrenaline rush inside the aggressor’s head. A round doesn’t always puncture or penetrate through a human body the way it is portrayed in the movies. Especially if it is a small caliber handgun like the one in this situation.

    When the adrenaline is in full effect, the aggressor will continue his attack until all that energy lapses, but without JODI knowing that, she continued to defend herself until she felt the threat was neutralized. Which is very common in a life or death situation making it seem like overkill.

    You can shoot somebody with an M-16 in the chest and the round will exit the rear of the head or toes or it might not even exit the body. No one can ever predict the trajectory of a round when it penetrates the flesh of a human body. It doesn’t matter how much of an expert you think you are.

    Too many inadequate accusations of scientific method speculations for these experts to justify their expertise.

  19. After two years of trial and millions of dollars spent, Juan’s groupies are still trying to figure out what happened,. Jodi’s going to set up a photo shoot with a gun in her hand and a camera in the other? How would she have explained that to Travis? Sweetie, don’t worry about that silly old gun ….

    • Exactly !! Do these idiots not remember that Jodi could have if she wanted to kill TA she could have killed him when she first arrived while he was watching the youtube videos with his back turned and didn’t realize that she was even there. Then, next, if she wanted, she could have killed him while he was sleeping in bed after they had sex..then next, she could have, if she wanted, killed him WITH HIS BACK TURNED IN THE SHOWER !!! HELLO!!! DO WE HAVE A BRAIN !!! These people are dumb sheeple…

      • Le Blanc also took a shot at answering some of my 24 proposed questions. As to why she didn’t kill him upon arrival, he has another of those answers where you start from “she’s of course guilty” and then work backwards. Without one bit of evidence he says she wanted to work on him, trying to get him to take her back and when that didn’t happen she decided to do him in. Of course, he doesn’t answer the natural follow-up questions: (1) why would she wait until 5:30 in the afternoon when who knows who might be walking through the front door, and (2) why would she intentionally fire a gun at 5:30 in the afternoon in the front part of a house on a residential street when who knows who might be walking by. Of course, to these questions I’m sure we would get the usual cop-out answer of “she’s stupid” or “she just wasn’t thinking straight”. Incredibly lazy thinking and analysis based on confirmation bias!

        • Exactly right ! The problem with these idiots is that they do not understand what a juror is supposed to do – and that is look at the FACTS only, no conjecture in their little heads…the FACTS are she did not kill him at the most opportune time (if she was planning on killing him which she was NOT) ! The FACTS are there was a fight for survival and the scene clearly showed that…those are the FACTS. And the FACTS are she did NOT kill him upon arrival, or when he was sleeping, or when his back was turned. Those are the FACTS.

          Here are just a few more FACTS:
          1) Det Flores testified in the Chronis Hearing that the gunshot was FIRST stating he was giving the opinion of Dr. Kevin Horn (the Chronis hearing was held to establish death aggravators and without the testimony of Det Flores there would be no death aggravators)
          2) This was the state’s official position for years that the gunshot was first until just before trial commenced and Jodi changed her defense to self-defense
          3) Dr. Kevin Horn’s medical report clearly states that the Dura Mater was “intact” and he describes an undamaged brain
          4) Dr. Kevin Horn then tries to disown his own autopsy report and contradicts it by stating on the stand that the Dura Mater / brain “must have” been penetrated and that his report stating it had not was simply a “typo” (LAUGHABLE IF IT WASN’T SO SERIOUS !!!)
          5) Dr. Horn equivocates in his answers and does NOT answer important relevant questions like did the bullet penetrate the brain? with definitive answers like “yes or no” but instead equivocates and misleads with answers like “it must have” etc..trying to make it sound as if the bullet did penetrate the brain without ever stating it as fact ( I guess he did this to dance on that tightrope that JM had him on…IMHO)
          6) Det Flores destroyed possible exculpatory evidence at the scene and again a year later
          7) Det Flores by his testimony admitted he had perjured himself in the Chronis Hearing where he testified that the gunshot was first
          8) State witnesses and experts testified that there was no porn found on TA’s computer.
          9) Tons of porn was found on TA’s computer
          10) the original mirror image of TA’s computer was withheld from the defense for over 6 years
          11) Seven of the jurors agreed that Jodi’s intent was to harm or injure, not to kill
          12) The state agreed that Jodi’s intent was to harm or injure, not to kill
          13) The state in essence re-wrote state statutes regarding the Felony Murder rules – we’ll see if the appellate courts let them do that – I don’t think so !!
          14) The fact is that Jodi changed her hair color before ever leaving Mesa to move back to Yreka (to get a fresh start away from TA!!!) The photo shown in court shows CLEARLY that Jodi’s hair was brown, not blond (so the state’s theory that Jodi somehow secretly dyed her hair from blond to brown just before arriving at TA’s in order to disguise herself is ________ (you fill in the blank)
          15) The fact is that Amanda ? (can’t remember her last name at this moment) testified that mistakes could have been made and information could have been lost when testifying that all the info from the original Walmart store in Salinas where Jodi bought the kerosene can may NOT have been transferred to the new store location also in Salinas
          16) Amanda ? also testifies that her own investigation of the return of the kero can was not complete

          I mention the last two items (haircolor and gas cans) bc the this is what the state relied on to “prove” Jodi’s premeditation !! Yea, right…NOT !!

          Oh, gosh I could go on but….

          The jurors were supposed to look at the facts and where there was reasonable doubt it should have gone to the benefit of Jodi. It did NOT. The jurors did not do their jobs IMHO. They FAILED.

          FAIL….GRADE F

          • This case SCREAMS REASONABLE DOUBT !!! It screams for:


            Read it, learn it, accept it…it will happen !!!

            • We can agree to disagree for sure.

              We’ll see what the appellate court says. It boils down to this..the state alleged that the underlying felony in the felony murder was “burglary” which in AZ is defined quite differently than most states. “Burglary” in AZ is defined as having the intent to commit a “theft” or “any felony” therein upon entering or remaining on someone’s property without permission (or permission that has been revoked – which is what the state contended happened in this case). Well, the state certainly never claimed that Jodi was committing a theft (like she took (stole) TA’s gun) otherwise they would just shoot themselves in the foot (pun intended) so they had to be more creative and clever to come up with something else. So you ask yourself well if she wasn’t committing a theft then what felony was she committing? Well, their foolish and clever answer (or so they thought it was clever) was that she was committing “assault.” Here is where they are running afoul of the statute itself for felony murder. You can NOT have “assault” as the underlying felony in felony murder. Otherwise every murder would be a felony murder bc every murder involves an “assault” and therefore it would obliterate and erase any distinction between first degree premeditated murder and second degree murder. So “assault” is NOT allowed to be the underlying predicate felony in felony murder, period. Ah Ha, the state says sooooooooo cleverly (maybe just toooooooooo clever for the appellate court, but we will see) it is not the “assault” that is the underlying predicate for the felony murder, but it is the “burglary” that is the underlying predicate for the felony murder so says the state sooooooo cleverly !!!. But this is a DISTINCTION WITHOUT A DIFFERENCE !!!! Because the “assault” is the underlying predicate for the burglary which is the underlying predicate of the felony murder. So the state cleverly thought to themselves well we will just hide the “assault” as the predicate within a predicate, right? WRONG !! How stupid do they think the appellate court is ??? In this specific case, the “assault” can NOT be the underlying predicate for the burglary bc in doing so it becomes the underlying predicate for the felony murder, PERIOD !!!!! I don’t believe that the state prosecutor has the right to change or alter statutes just to ensure they can dance on a high wire and win a case. WHY NOT JUST TRY THE TRUTH NEXT TIME, JM ???????????????????? WHAT A NOVEL IDEA THAT WOULD BE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • The truth? Juan? Never gonna happen. After all, the truth hurts. And what the truth hurts is his case. If he were to tell the truth he couldn’t possibly continue his occupation. Lying is a prerequisite for the position of prosecutor. So he’d have to resign immediately and try a new career. He’d probably make a fine janitor. But perhaps I give him too much credit for that.

              • And “assault” has as its intent, an intent to harm or injure, not to kill. When the seven jurors voted for Felony Murder, they are stating that Jodi’s intent was an intent to harm or injure, not to kill. It is plain. There is no way around that. Likewise the state alleged as well that Jodi had as her intent an intent to harm or injure, not to kill. So if I am the appellate attorney I am asking then why was she charged with first degree premeditated murder at all?????

                The burglary does not exist in this case without the “assault.” The “assault” IS the “burglary.” It is the “assault” that gives any validity to the “burglary” and therefore to the felony murder charge. The “burglary” is really meaningless and despite the state’s attempt to pervert the felony murder statute to win at all costs, the appellate court will recognize this as just a ploy by the state and ultimately Jodi will be given her due process rights. The state prosecutor is not the legislature, and only the legislature can change statues and laws.

                So to JM I will NOT say “nice try” bc when you screw with people’s lives in such a careless and reckless manner, I say that is evil….all IMHO, of course !!

                • Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it the state’s position that the “burglary” was the theft of Travis’ gun? The very gun that Juan said Travis did not own? How in the hell can you claim burglary on an item you say never existed? What the f@*k is that??? Is he saying that he indeed DOES believe Jodi’s story in some aspect? Ya can’t have it both ways, dude.

                • No, the state never alleged that Jodi “stole” TA’s gun. They couldn’t otherwise it would blow their entire case and they would be admitting that Jodi told the truth when she said she ran into the closet and grabbed the gun. So, no that is not what the state alleged. If you read above I explain how the state had to turn multiple sommersaults and a few back flips to come up with the creative little scenario that they finally settled on….which is that at some point during that day TA revoked his permission for her to be there on his property and she was therefore remaining on that property unlawfully…in AZ the “burglary” charge is defined as entering or remaining on someone’s property without their permission (or if permission has been revoked – like the state alleges in this case) with the intent to commit a “theft” or “any felony therein.” Well, they never said she committed a “theft” they couldn’t otherwise, you know they are just admitting that Jodi was telling the truth about the gun. So you ask what was the felony that she had the intent on committing????? Well, they had to reach really far into their creative thinking processes and came up with that she was committing an “assault.” The rest is explained above….hope I am not being too confusing but you really have to be a detective (LOL!!!) to follow their trail of deception…..IMHO of course…

                • You’re mistaken BB –
                  alleging she stole Travis’ gun is another thing JM threw out there during his summation. He floated a number of different theories, assuring the jurors that they only need to choose one of his theories to convict her.

                • Summary statements by prosecutors are not evidence. He did that in desperation, but his written motions and Defense response to them are what are defining this situation. The state claimed that TA had revoked his permission at some point and therefore she was unlawfully remaining on his property. “Burglary” requires an intent of “theft” or “any other felony therein” and the any other felony therein that the state asserted in written legal form was that she had the intent to “assault” which is an intent to “harm” or “injure” not to kill. Regardless of what the pipsqueak said in his closing drama performance – bc closing summations are not evidence. He could have stood there and bloviated about the cow jumping over the moon and it would make no difference in the law.

                  What I have stated above is what the appellate courts will be reviewing (if Jodi’s appellate attorneys deem it significant enough, which I hope they do), not his stupid idiotic mindless worthless closing statement…….JM was desperate to WIN AT ANY AND ALL COSTS and called chicken when the rubber met the road at the last moment and couldn’t quite man up and follow through and so could not help himself but to try to give the jury another piece of crap for them to feed on, even with JSS admonishing them that closing statements are not evidence..JM never during the jury trial itself, during testimony, etc. ever claimed that Jodi stole the gun from TA, otherwise he would have then had to claim that the predicate felony that Jodi intended to commit during this so-called “burglary” would have been the intent to steal TA’s gun which the state vehemently denied TA owned over and over again.

                • JM knew he could not claim Jodi stole the gun from TA and that is why he took a clue from his high school creative writing class and sooooooo cleverly decided to claim that the predicate felony that Jodi intended to commit while remaining unlawfully on TA’s property was “assault.” HOWEVER, “ASSAULT” CAN NOT BE THE PREDICATED UNDERLYING FELONY IN FELONY MURDER. The appellate court will look at this IMHO bc appellate judges don’t take too kindly to runaway out of control dictatorial narcissistic prosecutors who try to change a long standing law..The “assault” is the “burglary.” Without the “assault” there is no “burglary” and therefore the underlying predicate of the felony murder charge is the “assault” which can NOT stand otherwise you destroy the distinction between first degree premeditated murder and second degree murder. Despite Juan baby’s efforts to hide the predicate felony within a predicate, the judges are not stupid and it will not be lost on them.

                  Bye Bye, conviction. Hello REVERSE, REMAND, DISMISS WITH PREJUDICE.
                  Read it, believe it, it will happen..

    • Canada Carol, I have a different picture in my mind: Jodi dressed as Lara Croft: guns, knives, camera, flare guns… the works!!! “Oh travis, you silly dogg! Just stand still and don’t you worry about a thing!” 🙄 🙄 🙄 WTF?!!!

  20. Double doors swinging open into the ballroom. . . .stilettos heels clicking on the marble floor headed towards the stage…..sounds of cables being pulled across the stage to the center…checking microphone. . .testing 1. .2. . 3 Check! Perfect! Placing a HUGE 16 Layers Birthday cake in the center of the stage. . . .heels quickly moving to back of the ballroom. . checking Disco Ball ….oops “Don’t fall Marja!!!! Hide that ladder” OK, balloons, streamers, confetti, fog machine, Check!!!! Pushing all chairs to the side of the room, Check!!! Huge Coolers placed in the back of ballroom full of ice and liquid beverages, red solo cups. . .Check!!!!!! Positioning twinkling lights all around the ballroom for further dramatic effect. . .Check!!!! Band members rushing in, warming up with their instruments. “Pssst Cindy, lock the doors until we get started!!!!” OK now then, looking all around to make sure nothing has been overlooked.

    NOW this has been really hard to keep a secret but I’m praying SJ is sleeping and will never suspect anything but Sunday June the 28th is SJ’s birthday!!!!!! Now then, there is no way on this green Earth that we will forget his Special day so everyone get ready for a Big Shindig! Remember no gifts for SJ only good wishes but feel FREE to donate to JODI’s Appeals Fund in HONOR of SJ’s birthday!!! Nothing would make him prouder!!!! ♥♥♥♥

    SJ, this party is for you and all you have selflessly given of yourself to make this world a better place. I thank you and TEAM JODI thanks you for your dedication for fighting for justice for Jodi Arias. I pray God will bless you for the rest of your life with only great and wonderful things to come your way!
    Bless You SJ, sit back and enjoy your SPECIAL Happy Birthday party!
    Maybe Jodi will be at your next party! Praying!!!! ♥ Roll On SJ!!!!

    “OK, Cindy unlock those doors!!!!” 😉

    • We’re here!!!! We’re here!!!! (marching in ballroom – 52 heels clicking on marble floor) Sorry we’re late but SJ’s cats insisted in wearing their party Louboutin stiletos! It took them forever to find their double pairs! 🙄 😀

      Putting on birthday hats, excitedly waiting for the birthday boy!

      This is going to be awesome!

      (((SJ))) ♥

    • Happy belated birthday SJ! Thanks for making my job such an easy one! You rock, dude! Hope you had a great time. BTW, is there any chance there’s any leftover cake???

  21. Happy Birthday SJ!
    Without you, we’d not have each other, to help Jodi to be FREE!
    I hope you’ll have a great, summer birthday!

  22. What do you wish the awesomest, selfless, genorous, brilliant person???

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet, dear friend, SJ!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    You have been our rock since 2012 and an amazing friend to all.

    The people that don’t know you fear you thus hate you.

    The people that DO know you, LOVE YOU.

    I am proud to call you my friend. Thank you for all you have done and all you do every single day for Jodi and for all of us.

    Although R. Love said no gifts, I couldn’t resist:

    A free two our speech from the one and only Dr. DeMorte. After that, lunch with soft spoken Det. Gloria Esteban, then a 18 round golf game with the Honorable Judge Pickles yelling overruled every time you hit the golf ball. Finally, a special edition book with original signature from Prosecutor Mr. Frog on how to TRY to get away with misconduct. :mrgreen:

    Hope you enjoy your day, birthday boy! ♥

    Σ’αγαπώ πολύ!!!

    ((((SJ)))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  23. Breathing hard, running up to R. Love!!! I’m here, I’m here R. Love!!! Whew, I didn’t want to be late for SJ’s party of all parties for sure!!! I’m so glad I brought the disco ball, all polished up, yesterday and, thank God I didn’t fall putting it up! It was sure heavy!!! It looks fantastic in here, R. Love!!! You did an excellent job!!! SJ is really going to be impressed!!!

    SJ, Happy Birthday, to a very wonderful person!!! Yes and thank you for all you have done and continue to do for justice for our sweet, dear JODI and for TEAM JODI!!! We appreciate you and love you!!! You are awesome and the BEST!!! I hope you have a fantastic time at the party and a great
    great day!!!


  24. Rolling right a long. . . .I dug SJ’s theme song out of the barn (No, Pandora it’s not Taylor 😉 )
    I heard a rumor SJ is in the house . . . Come on SJ the least you could do is take a bow!!!! 😆 What’s up with this sudden bashfulness?

      • I was thinking the smell of steaks on the grill would surely make SJ appear! :mrgreen:
        Hmmmmm Pandora said we couldn’t invite Taylor S. so maybe he is upset. . . . it wasn’t my
        💡 to exclude anyone.

        • Then again it might have been that gift of 2 hours of Dr DeMorte lecturing that scared him off. She should have known better. . . A 18 hole golf game with Pickles. . . smh. . .lunch with the Deceptive Detective? ………. maybe if we go push the green button and donate to Jodi’s Appeals Fund ♥ . . . yes, I’ll go try that!!!!

          Dang Pandora, you might end up on that Stool of Shame

  25. Hiya peeps!!!

    Thanks for all your birthday wishes, kind comments, video links, balloons, streamers and everything else too!

    It’s been a blast… and nothing short of monumental! :mrgreen:

    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  26. Happy Birthday, SJ! Mere words cannot express my appreciation for all you do. Thank you so much! I hope you’ve had an awesome day; you sure do deserve it!

    Sorry for my absence lately, I’ve been beyond busy with business and family. I have been keeping up with everyone’s posts as well as I can and have been here in spirit at least. Now I’m gearing up for my trip to Vancouver to see the Women’s World Cup final. I’m sure it’ll be a blast; Vancouver is an awesome city. Hopefully Team USA makes it.

    Anyways, I’ll be around much more frequently from now on. I finally have some help I can depend on. I guess I underestimated how difficult it would be to run two businesses at the same time. Oops! Oh well, it’s great to be back though!

  27. Thank You, SJ for all that you do for Jodi and for giving us this great site to speak our opinions! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  28. If Jodi is given a new trial it all starts over. Isn’t she afraid if there is another conviction that she will get the death penalty the next time? (This isn’t hate, just wondering how she feels about that or if she is worried or apprehensive on a new trial)


    “In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.‘” Acts 20:35 ♥

  30. (Bowing head in shame, sniffling while wiping away tears)

    I missed it all, didn’t I? 🙁 🙁 Political developments in my country have kept me busy all weekend, guys. I hope you’ll forgive my absence.


    Happy Belated Birthday to the coolest person I’ve met thanks to Jodes, a million wishes to a good friend who knows what solidarity means. SJ, you ‘re AWESOME!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    • OMGoodness! Don’t cry Maria!!!!! We saved you all kinds of steak, taters and birthday cake. . .SJ was so full of cake he left some for you and your family to take home!!!!! Even the cats were stuffed before he got them gathered up to go home. We missed you but we knew your hands were full!!!! You take care of you and yours and know we all are praying for our dear friends in Greece. Always! ♥ ♥ ♥ There will be other parties! Be safe! ♥

  31. Apparently Mr. Le Blanc has not read the reasonable doubt document because he’s now asking for my theory of what went on in that bathroom. So I will spell it out for him in as few words as possible.

    Travis (the abusive one in the relationship according to the evidence) attacks her when she drops his new camera. She gets away and runs down the hallway. She turns into the closet because it was the quickest way to put a door between herself and Travis. She remembers he has a gun on the top shelf and thinking if she points it at him that he will stop his attack. He continues to charge into the bathroom where she accidentally shoots him but his forward momentum sends them both to the floor. Jodi escapes and runs down the hallway. Travis goes to the sink to examine the wound. Jodi thinks the violence is over and maybe even comes back toward the bathroom wanting to help him but now Travis is twice as angry and he goes after her down the hallway. Perhaps it is there that the final battle takes place but Jodi now has a knife to defend herself and as he attacks her, pinning her in some way, she goes nuts, slashing around him with her left hand trying to get him off. He tries to back off but it is too late. She’s gone nuts in terror and he receives all of the knife wounds in those final moments. As for the neck wound, well, it can be a very messy business when one is defending oneself and a knife is involved.

    Of course, now I’m going to hear about how we can just dismiss this version because it’s Jodi’s version of what happened (while under oath) and therefore, because she previously lied (while not under oath) we don’t even have to consider whether it’s reasonable or not. We can just off-handedly throw that version away and now, apparently, the next most reasonable version is that Jodi is a homicidal maniac that would carry out such violence against poor innocent Travis who wouldn’t hurt a fly (even though he grew up in a house of violence and he has shown us all the warning signs of being an abuser).

    Mr. Le Blanc, Please read:

      • If those people can read the whole reasonable doubt document and still not have one ounce of reasonable doubt I have just one word for them – sick. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if a video of Travis attacking Jodi that afternoon were to surface, those people would convince themselves (and each other) that Jodi somehow forged it using a Travis-look-alike. They want Jodi to be guilty so they will use any distorted logic necessary to make it so in their own minds.

        • The thing is, they don’t even read the document. The minute they see something they don’t agree with, they immediately run off, patting themselves on the back about how friggin’ smart they are. They don’t want to hear anything that might create reasonable doubt because it would be too painful to even consider that they might be wrong. Jodi-hating is so much more fun.

      • Jodi testified that she turned right instead of left because she had, during a previous altercation, tried to run that way and he caught her. Whether the doors were locked or not, she would have had to open the closed door inward, slowing down her progress even further. She doesn’t mention that, just that he had previously caught up with her when she turned that way and in a moment of panic she chose to turn into the already open door to her right, close that door and thereby create a momentary barrier between herself and Travis.

      • Exactly right ! Jodi is by and large a passive, loving, cheerful person…that is until she was FORCED TO DEFEND HERSELF FROM THE MONSTER TA !!!!

        • Right! Those of us who know Jodi, who have interacted and communicated with her, know that she is a kind, caring, highly spiritual young woman who would never intentionally hurt anyone – unless, of course, she was fighting for her life. But those people who don’t know her (but believe themselves to be so fucking brilliant and insightful) think they know her better than we do. Ignorance on steroids.

  32. So now Mr. Le Blanc says (sarcastically) that he didn’t know that they were supposed to automatically believe her because she was under oath. In actuality what he doesn’t know is that they were not supposed to automatically NOT believe her (which is exactly what they did).

    • Now I ask, why would you automatically believe JM? He tells travis revokes permission at some point for Jodi to be there!! Where is the proof of him saying that?! He knows this how? Hearsay!!?! That comment should never been allowed!! The proof is travis did allow his so called/stalker/intruder for rough sex and provocative pictures of himself!! Travis was obviously enjoying himself ! So where does the shrimp JM get of saying Jodi was a unwelcome intruder? All his friends / girlfriends/hughes knew he was a phony! /lier/SNEAK/cheater!!! They all knew this!! Now I say, how can Jodi possibly get a fair trial? So much corruption! Bought and paid for by the hughes/mormons. Still want to know who’s boot print and man size sock prints were at the crime scene! After driving half the night, hours of being tied up for travis sexual assults and then a very physical fight for yr life Jodi WOULD NOT HAVE THE STRENGTH not only to drag a 190lb dead weight man down the hall but to also put him so neatly back in the shower!! IMPOSSIBLE!! I think Chris Silk might b on to something with ehat the mormans eere thinking about travis! Ta was very shameful/embarrASSment!!

    • Reminds me of the time one of the “brilliant ones” stated, “You just can’t fix s t u p y d!” Maybe it was Mr. LeBlanc himself that stated that one…….. 😆 😆 😆

  33. Travis as an member of the L.D.S. church was ordained an Elder holding the highest spiritual gift from God. and with this gift he walked with god for two years while on a mission to bring gods word to mankind. . Somewhere he turned away from god and chose another road to walk and knowing this his life must have been pure sorrow and filled with guilt to the point of despair. ” We don’t promise our love to god and decide we had enough of it, Who do we hurt when we offend the holy spirit.”

    • IMO, being an elder in the church of the LDS church would not be the highest spiritual gift from my Lord and Savior. I do not believe in the Book of Mormon. One thing your right about is, God will not be mocked. ♥

      • Deuteronomy 7:9 Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations.

    • Dwight, although that’s a very good thought process…I do not believe Jodi would intentionally the camera. I also do not believe that the pictures you are referring to were taken on that day.

    • I’ve always believed that Travis used those pictures for his own pleasures and also to “blackmail” Jodi into doing exactly as he asked. Thank God he had lost his control over Jodi. . .she finally stood up to his abuse and protected herself! Self Defense is not a CRIME ARIZONA !!!!!! 😯 Wake UP!!!

        • Not sure Dwight, but I’ve wondered if TA was interested in promoting himself into the porn industry. I think he was using Jodi’s pictures to keep her to himself. Kind of “If you don’t come see me then I will show these pictures to everyone”, type of thing. He was self-centered and heartless imo. Among other things. SMH

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