Retrial Video Replay – Day 4

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Retrial Video Replay – Day 4:

Part 1/3 (Voicemails & journals):

Part 2/3 (Flores):

Part 3/3 (Flores):

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  1. If you want to read the comments on the actual day of the trial, starting right when the video actually begins, open the following link, in a separate tab (if you just want to listen) or a separate window (if you also want to watch) from the one in which you are playing the video:

    I thought it would be interesting to compare what was being tweeted against what was really going on. And perhaps add additional comments? But if we do add additional comments I would like to suggest that we put a common note at the beginning of each comment so we can easily see what was original and what came after watching the video. Might I suggest the word VIDEO. Example:


    I can barely stand listening to Martinez. I must still be suffering from the PTSD I developed while listening to him during the first trial.

  2. If perjury, corruption, misconduct and blood-lust is what Arizona calls justice, then congrats AZ you’ve made it! You overcharged a woman who simply defended herself!

    Self-defense is NOT a crime and we will keep screaming it to the world till our faces turn blue! We’re not going anywhere! Ha!

    JODI ARIAS IS INNOCENT! And we love her and support her!

      • Number 1: Verified by Ryan’s testimony as to what she told him (and I suspect by cell phone records that the call was actually made).

        Number 4: Exactly. Or they didn’t even have to be on the floor. He could have had her restrained in any manner with his arms wrapped around her. By the time he realized what was happening and tried to back away it was too late; she had gone nuts with fear and it was equivalent to him walking into an airplane propeller. That’s when he got all the frontal wounds, including the so-called “defensive wounds” and the slice under the chin.

    • Yes, JSS wasn’t seeking truth and justice IMHO she was stomping it out at the footsteps of the courthouse..and that goes for JM and DF as well among others. Her actions clearly showed her bias against the defendant and this will come back to bite her in her A$$. The people of Maricopa county better smarten bc they could be next for receiving injustice at her hands She is an idiot !!!

        • Dwight Huth,

          Thank you for putting something into motion.

          A huge complaint I have against Martinez is that NO prosecutor should ever be allowed to prevent the environment among the key players in a courtroom to become a place of so much cognitive dissonance that nobody is able for form their thoughts. If this were Juvenile Court, would the Judge be allowed to muddy the water so miserably that said Juvenile was unable to compose thoughts, replies, formulate clarifying questions about the case against them. I WOULD HOPE NOT. Then why is Martinez allowed to do just this and employ it as a specific tactic. THIS MUST BE CONSIDERED A MAJOR PROSECUTORIAL SANCTION.

          Court hearings are not supposed to be about “How many “tricks” the prosecutor can pull off!

          A second major offence is allowing the court agenda to become so chaotic that the average citizen is unable to use logic to follow the plot.

          Nobody can understand that game. “Law” is difficult enough as it is. We should be able to get an “Objection/ALLOWED or Denied” for any lack of understanding, Before moving on. I graduated Stanford, but am now 76 yrs. I lost the ability to follow Sherry Stevens trial very earl on. If I can’t follow it, I call that UNFAIR CONFABULATION! No jury can be expected to follow it, either. Not wanting to look stupid in front of their peers, those juors are simply going to “FAKE IT”: That courtroom appeared to have no compulsory rules. IT WAS a total FREE-FOR-ALL that the PROSECUTOR! was permitted TO CONTROL!

          Conduct rules are not something to be made up at the moment, or something that is only followed when forced to. That is just plain RUDE because any court participant should accept Some rules should be LONG_STANDING. The common courtesy and decorum should be standard, like how to behave in CHURCH!.

          Why do Courts exercise no mention of regulation to frame Court Room “Do’s and Don’ts?

    • I don’t see the point in parading Jodi or Travis’ family history in a public forum unless you are willing to publish your background and history. Everyone has some kind of skeleton in their closet. This does nothing to find areas for appeal. A question I would like answered – why did Nurmi not have Jodi’s finger x-rayed to prove it was broken and not a knife injury to a tendon?

      • Their history is a matter of public record and is IMHO central to who TA was. It gives us insight into the abusive dysfunctional home he came from and shows the violence he grew up with and why he himself was a violent abusive man. You really can not separate the two. When the family wants to portray TA as some angelic good doer, then the truth must come out. And his family history is part of his truth of who he was.

      • Kirk Nurmi didn’t do a lot of things he should have IMHO. He didn’t hire his own medical examiner or forensic expert. He had a completely different focus. The crime scene shows that what Jodi says about what happened is true. JM’s version is complete fairytale to rival the Grimm Brothers. Ineffective of assistance of counsel.

        • BB, in no way am I wanting to defend the defence, but when the prosecutor gets his two witnesses to agree to commit perjury just before the trial it certainly leaves them in an unfair position. Who would have thought that that someone could be so low-down and dirty, let alone three of them? The little prick even made sure to call Horn out of order every single time just to try to catch them unprepared. All the evidence, and there is so much written evidence, all points to dv so that obviously was Jodi’s defence. The work that Jodi’s experts did with all that material was exemplary IMO, but unfortunately, the majority of the jurors did not really listen to the evidence. The only thing they seemed to remember in the jury room was the shocking photos that JM shoved in their faces at every opportunity.

          • C Carol, I truly believe that the DT could have done more. I agree with BB. They could have hired more experts and examiners. I don’t know if that would be something that the budget they got from the State would be willing to pay for those expenses.

            It’s what the saying says: you get what you pay for…

            Example: Jose Baez went to Holland and flew in DNA experts from there for CA case…

        • Canada Carol: There you have it! See how little is accomplished by “throwing money at the problem.”

          Herr Speights’ opening statement is about not tackling the strongest part of your target first. You will waste your army.

      • TA not only witnessed severe domestic violence, he was also a victim of severe physical and emotional abuse particularly from his mother, the one person in the world who is supposed to protect you. Stats prove that boys who grow up in abusive homes tend to become abusers while girls often fall victims to the abuse. Domestic violence is the heart and soul of this case.

      • Fanciful, Jodi’s finger:

        The deformity is on the dorsal aspect of her knuckle. During interrogation, Flores and Jodi were looking at the palmar aspect of her left hand for faint little scars. If Jodi had cut herself deeply enough to have caused a permanent deformity, the scar would have been very visible only just a month later.

        Also, during court I could see that Jodi still has the ability to curl her finger enough to write and is able to straighten it out, with a deformity to the joint being visible. If Jodi had cut her tendon and not received surgical repair, she would have been left with the permanent inability to have motion of that joint and her finger would not work properly. I injured a tendon in my finger and had to wear a special type of splint for at least two months to straighten out my finger and allow the tendon to heal.

        ALV was asked if she saw Jodi’s finger and she testified that it looked like it had been broken in her opinion. I think they also asked Dr. Samuels but I’m not a hundred percent on that.

    • Exactly right. And you would think that the siblings would really know the truth about how aggressive their brother really was having grown up in the same abusive dysfunctional home and having their own problems with violence and drugs. Witness #1 (I think that was his number) who submitted an affidavit relaying how he and his wife both witnessed TA being aggressive and violent towards Deanna Reid and also how he had a conversation with TA about his problems and that TA admitted that he had been abused when he was 12 yr old by an older adolescent. And testimony of Brian Nuemiester that said that there was so much porn on his computer that it wasn’t just the “elephant in the room” but it was the “AIRCRAFT CARRIER IN THE ROOM” Having an extreme amount of scrubbers on your computer is a good clue that the owner or the user wants to erase his computer tracks and is trying to hide the sites that are visited. The truth is the truth is the truth and there is no way around it no matter how vehemently you deny it. Jodi Arias was defending her own life when attacked by TA. PERIOD !!! Self-defense is not a crime and she should not be in prison. But Jodi’s own predisposition to being passive and submissive led her to believe that even though she was defending her own life she believed that she deserved to be punished for taking a life. She did not realize that she had every God given right to defend her own life and rightfully do so without feeling like she should be punished. Her willingness to plea out to 2nd degree murder shows this and it is unfortunate that she had this mindset as this has led to where she is today. Yes, you feel sad that you may have killed someone in defense of your own life, but you do not take on the responsibility for that killing. TA is responsible for his own death, period. No one else.

      • Amen BB, I agree with you.
        Not sure why everyone is concerned with the “did she or didn’t she” we all agree that whatever happened that fateful day Travis brought it on himself (I think we all believe that). His abusive actions, his deceit, his scamming and scheming all are a major part of his death. I also feel his friends are a big part in this mess, I always have. What ever happened, I believe that Jodi has been railroaded and unjustly charged and convicted for a crime that she didn’t commit. For me, self defense is not a crime. . .it is a God given right. We must concentrate on helping raise the funds for the Appeals Fund and stop wasting time worrying about who is right or wrong. When it gets right down to the nitty gritty of it all what we believe doesn’t matter, who is right doesn’t matter but Jodi is in need of help for the injustices that she has been subjected to IMO. We have to pull together and make this all happen. Unfortunately, what we believe doesn’t help her in the courtroom in Arizona……the Land of Kolob. If it did help she wouldn’t have ever been charged, that is, if we were in control. All of this is just plain and simple…….SELF DEFENSE IN NOT A CRIME!
        Everyone has a right to their own opinions but why squabble over it. The Main Goal here is to HELP JODI A. ARIAS RECEIVE HER FREEDOM!!! She deserves our Love and Our Help!!! FREE JODI!!!

        • Too many unanswered questions all pointing to REASONABLE DOUBT!!! The Truth will Slowly Rise To The Surface, I’m counting on it! It will happen. 😉

      • I agree BB, and to a certain extent R.Love.
        I allowed myself to get into it. I don’t appreciate Jodi being accused of lying, or confabricating or confabulating or sick or brainwashed. They are saying Jodi wasn’t even there, didn’t defend herself, and was sick or mentally deficient. I understand support for Jodi is important. If you think it’s important to allow what I view as disrespect to be ignored, that’s your choice. I see disrespect, not support. Like it or not, someone of us is WRONG. Jodi defending herself or someone else did it, both cannot be true. I side with Jodi, and I won’t let the other snowball get too big,especially when I view their comments of Jodi or her mental health as being disparaging.

          • You must know I’m not speaking to you fanciful. The truth for me breaks down this way. Why not support Jodi for the choices she has made without regard to how they were made. Jodi chose to say she defended herself and staked her life on it, once again. This is how I view supporting Jodi unconditionally. I support Jodi’s right to soundfully of mind make her own choices, and I stick by Jodi. I understand we all have our interest to uncover the underbelly, but when it throws shade on Jodi or her mental health or her RIGHT to choose the amount of responsibility Jodi chooses for herself, and when her fate is in az killer juries hands, I get bent.

              • It has been written that as a child grows up they may stray from their upbringing but they will always return to it ! OR U can take the boy out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of the boy! It was written in travis own hand writing thst he never bathed, had dirty ragged clothes that didn’t even fit him plus he had fleas and lice AND that he stunk! He wrote this in his poor travis book for the whole world to read if they choose! So I say fanciful, stop defending ta! Nobody has said anything about him that he hasnt said himself with the intentions of publishing! poor pitifully ta . He thought it would “sale”

                • I wasn’t defending anyone – just posed a question and don’t understand where you got that from.


              Justice, JohnM, BB, Amy, and others: I was attempting to comment for more than an hour last night _ until 12:30 AM. I don’t know if it was sabotage, but my computer would not scroll smoothly, due to jerky reception that made typing nearly impossible.

              In the end – I lost it all. I think it was because it took me too long.

              My shocking, but inevitable revelation is that:

              Jodi is dying AND NOBODY SEEMS TO NOTICE. She puts on a brave face. But it is known that most inmates subjected to death row conditions and isolation become very mentally ill long before two years of such sub-human treatment as has been forced upon Jodi; Let alone seven continuous years, with the added stress of being put through a CHAIN OF RE-RUN TRIALS. She is continually subjected to cognitive dissonance from “The Prosecutor” that would leave any one of us unable to commission our brains for logical problem solving.

              Make no mistake. Jodi has been thrown to the lions. She needs professional therapy to achieve recovery. She must stop being sent to that courtroom non-stop. She belongs in a hospital in a bed and supervised by a qualified physician.

              Has any one explored the state of her INTERNAL ORGANS, as a result of Travis’ brutal rapings and assaults? I doubt it. Prisoners are not supposed to have their medical needs ignored. What is Team Jodi doing to project her?

              Please do not turn the responsibility over to that Mouse, Jennifer Wilmot. She is decades away from becoming a competent lawuer, if ever.

              The Judge’s job should be like a librarian who is responsible for mainting an environment where guests can concentrte, plan, study, and learn. Once that is allowed to degrade, any defendants Constitutional rights have been snatched away.

              If anyone has the skills or tool to plot Jodi’s decline, it will be demonstrated that she is sliding into horrendous and brutal mental torture, from which she will succumb with the year, if not sooner.

              Cannot ANYONE see for themselves that she is already mentally and emotionally tortured for her to fully understand the consequences of what happens in that torture-chamber of a courtroom. i BLAME HER DEFENCE LAWYERS for not protecting her from the mental cognitive dissonance abuse in which MARTINES submerses her each and every court session.

              THINK about it: How long would a dog maintain it’s true disposition if subjected to SEVEN YEARS, YES, SEVEN L O N G endless years _ to the exact conditions under which those monsters have confined Jodi in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT..

              I have been researching that EVIL PPL Ponzi scheme. It has DESTROYED the lives of every “cared for” Mormon that have managed to PIMP and seduce into their BEEHIVE. PPL investigation was a devasting shock to this sub clan of Mormons who had ensnared the likes of Travis, Jodi, and maybe Gus Searcy, Dr. Haiiat and hundreds of others.

              Travis more than likely committed suicide, having been pushed to as far as he could go. Who could blame him for numbing him self in “mind-blowing-sex” to dull the pain and the hopeless his BESTest BEST friends had seduced him into.

              Have you not noticed those red ringed hollows under and around his weary eyes in the last years of his life?

              YES _ the Mormons, their RELIGION, their BUSINESS did kill Travis Alexander.

              Make no mistake; it is at this moment KILLING his sweetheart, Jodi Arias, as well. Either brace yourselves or be preprared to write her obituary. She is indeed deeply suicidal. How could she be otherwide.

              The best just punishment for the three musketeers (Martinez, Hoene, and Flores) is to lock them in 8 X 11 foot cells like jODIE’S; LOCATED ON THE SCREAMING, WEEPING, AND WAILING MENTAL Row where they intend to cause jODI TO KILL HERSELF out of HOPELESSNESS.

              Are you listing “Team Jodi?”
              Your good friend will be UNRECOGNIZABLE before long.
              It will be like losing a LOVED-ONE to Alsheimer’s diseas.

              Put Arpaio in front of a firing squad for his FINAL CHAPTER OF CRUELTY.

              • seabird, the many years that she spent in Joe’s jail waiting for her “speedy” trial is unforgivable, but thankfully over. Jodi survived Joe and his torture chamber!

                Dr. Geff testified that Jodi is on a med to help with her depression and that it seemed to be helping her. Troy mentioned awhile back that soon Jodi will be eligible to get a job and start to eat with the other inmates. Thanks to juror 17, her life inside will be much better than if she was sitting on death row. Her leaked letter to her supporters seems to have her in good spirits and making the best of things. She takes comfort in little things like the little creatures running around. The food is much better at Perryville, and eventually, she will even be able to attend art classes!

                Jodi is our strong little survivor!

              • Seabird, I’m going to have to disagree with you. Jodi is NOT suicidal. She has come to terms with her current living conditions. She also knows that the appeals process will take a few years and is patiently waiting for that day when the higher court will examine the way her case was tried. There is no way that they will turn a blind eye to all the corruption, misconduct, perjury, hidden evidence, etc. It’s a matter of time for the tables to turn. And they will. Have no doubt about that.

                In the meantime, Jodi is doing fine. Much better than Estrella. She has her TV, she has her fan, she started using commissary, she started communicating with her family and friends and she has had visitors too. So, no she is not going insane and she is not mentally ill and she is not screaming, crying, etc. I don’t know where you have heard all that. It’s totally false.

              • Pandora is right. A recent visitor told me that he had never seen Jodi looking so well-nourished and well-rested, or in better spirits. And it’s not due to a drug. It’s probably due to the fact that not only are the trials over, but her living conditions at PV are better in almost every way, except communications, than at Estrella. Now that she is finally able to buy paper and envelopes, lots of people will hear how she’s feeling by her own voice.

                • Pandora and alan are RIGHT! I can verify it too. Jodi is NOT suicidal; on the contrary she is in great mental and physical health. 10 times better than she was in Estrella.

                  Seabird, please stop spreading unfounded rumors. She is fine. 100000% fine. 🙂

          • Cindy Jewel: I am disappointed in the tone of your comment about “Fanciful’s.” post. I now feel like I need a Score Card.

            Fanciful is being labeled as “Having an Agenda.” Is this meaningful, or just paranoia?
            The “Agenda” in Fanciful’s mind is labeled as somehow DIFFERENT than “The rest of us.”
            It has been “Judged that what is in Fanciful’s mind is some how DIFFERENT than some implied “Ingroup” that has been labeled as “The Rest Of Us” At the very least, this language bifercates Jodi’s camp AS: US (EXCLUDING THE POSTER AND READER)
            AND: (“THE REST OF US.”) THEM?

            Darned if I know who that group would be. Cindy you obviously seem to be including yourself in (“the rest of us”), So by logic, It would seem that leaves out “The Rest of the Rest of Us. It sure does not include me, for instance. I like to think of myself as a “FREE” thinker. As in 1st Amendment “free speech.,”

            When did JAII become a

            Do what you must about kicking me out of Jodi’s support group. I’m already pretty much excluded from any social media because I not only do not know how to use it, but I REFUSE to be Forced to Register to use it.

            I do enjoy Sandra’s forum immensely, but now her’s requires Registration also, which it formerly did not. LOVE YOU, Sandra 🙂

            When did JAII become a Forum of “Group-think.?”

            This has confused me so much, I think I’ll just stick to:
            Keep it simple, Stupid! or is it ___Keep it Stupid, Simple?

            • Seabird, don’t know what’s going on with you but you’re not forced to come to JAII if you don’t like it here. I’d just ask you to take it down a notch. Thanks.

              Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI

            • Seabird, have you tried Twitter? You can remain more anonymous on Twitter than on Facebook. Twitter is easy to learn. It takes very little time to learn. You can google how to use it.

              • ((((((Cindy))))))) Gotta Love TEAM JODI never a dull moment. Most every one who comes to read here, IMO, feels the same way about Jodi as all of “us”. Of course there are those snoopy haters that like to try to stir up trouble if possible. They read, cut & paste all of us all the time. Apparently they have nothing better to do with their lives, I guess they would be called the “they” in all of this. How do we know who is truly who they present themselves to be. Sometimes it gets so confusing trying to keep up. I suppose the “us” comes from the ones who have stood the test of time, suffered all the heartaches right along beside Jodi and held firm to our commitment to lend her a helping hand through out the years. We will not stand and watch anyone try to cause trouble among us and we will stand firm in our promise to see Jodi is free again. Jodi Arias needs no more heartache and we do not either. When one of us is insulted we all take it personally. . .whether it was meant to be or not. That is just what family does. ♥

                • I couldn’t have said it better, Ms R.Love.

                  We try and give the benefit of the doubt to some and expect them to behave, although we know that they are not 100% supporters. Behaviors like these just prove why haters and fencers are not allowed to comment here at JAII. There are plenty of playgrounds they can go and have some fun. JAII is not one of them. If they can’t behave, they’ll eventually be booted.

                  As for those that have come from the ‘dark side’? We’re still waiting to see what their ultimate motives are. Rest assure that we know each and every one of them. 😉

                  Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI

  3. NOBODY WII EVER CONVINCE me that Jodi did that all by her little self!! Ta was a trained fighter! Out weights her by 80-90 lbs! I feel people in the house helped Jodi! They heard the normal yelling/cussing and the scuffing, slams of fighting that ta does behind close door with Jodi. THEN they heard the gun shot and the pause and then heard ta screaming he was going to kill Jodi. When they enter the bathroom they find ta on top of Jodi to take her life and the witnesses jump in and help Jodi.I think it was a tag team effects. THAT is how the dead ta made it back in shower without a scrap! THAT EXPLAINS the boot print on ta’s blood! The floor cleaner and furniture back in place. One of them tracked blood from the bottom of shoe’s. Camera was put in washer with bloody towels because who ever did that didnt know any better that the sim card needed to be removed! The roomates are the ones that told lisa that ta was cheating on her with Jodi ! The mormon roommates like ta wanted to marry a virgin mormon girl but ta was taking ALL OF THEM ! There was no virgin girls left to marry cuz ta had already taken them with a promise of marriage but never married them. Ta couldn’t give up the JodiHe would always want/have Jodi even it it had to be a secret… True! There is a material witness at the very least. Who ever helped put ta back in shower is a accessory to the fact or so called crime! This is why the roommates livied with a stinking dead body for as long as they did. They too was freaked out and didnt know what to do or how to handle this situation. They woild be in jail after the facts! A HUSBAND/children, a Father or brother or the fact ta lost $250,000 some where!!??! That had to piss off old chris hughes.. JODI COULD NOT HAVE THE PHYSICAL STRENGTH TO HAVE DONE ALL THAT. Yeah us gals have the heart/will of the lioness but lack the strength to take down a meam KICKboxer.. NOPE, OTHERS WERE INVOLVED

    • U can only imagine how a mormon man would feel when he does take a wife and u have to look in the face of ta smiling with his eyes that he had yr wife first. That he took her virginity! As ta stood tall pimping his phony ring on the grounds of the Church.. But butt , he’s the t-doggie dog. I bet there was alot of people that wanted to jump and go nuts on him!! MORE REASONABLE DOUBT

      • Another thing that makes perfect sense is that if Jodi’s finger was cut so deeply in the fight she WOULD HAVE left blood evidence in the rental car! NO BLOOD FOUND.. NOT-AH, ZIP .. REASONABLE DOUBT! Dont know about U’alls but im ready to call on the Boondocks Saints!! 😉

      • Sandra was right. She recognizes that Jodi’s need is on such a scope that it requires the depth of passion for “Fixing the rape that is being forced on us all. There is not enough money in the world to compensate for a fighting spirt to eradicate the indifference to the obvious “Court of Abuse.” It needs to be fixed by stopping it with a passion for what is fair. Not by throwing money at it!

        The good news is that “Trending” is with us. Folks are actually becoming sick to their stomach over the victals that Arpaio would have us dine on. What is happening in Arizona is just plain wrong. If you drill into the heart of it, It is bound to lead you to the great Mormon Cash Cow. PPL and the wealth that it generates. They may be trying to call it Legal Shield, but this morning I am reading it as PPL: The destroyer of human hope. It functions exactly like the Pimps for drugs. I is nearly impossible to escape. These people are deeply trained to hook in their MARKS.

        By the time TA died, he was already hopelessly lost. It would be very interesting to follow the developing aftermath of the Alexanders’ windfall from heaven.

  4. Jodi has a lot of violence in her background. She was knocked unconscious by a blow from her father, FFS. She was hit with a spoon repeatedly when she misbehaved. She grew up in a household of mistrust. She saw drugs in her home, didn’t trust her parents……you can’t just discount these events as not having an impact on her life. These are the things that inform/form us as we grow into adulthood.

  5. Veronika Harris,

    Thank you for the above post. You have include the obvious MERRITS of evidence that others appear not to want to confront. It fits right in with my suspicions.

    Do we have ANY ways of working around these baracades designed to HIDE the CORE of evidence that drives JODI’S STORY?

  6. After watching DAY 4 re-trial which was only a replay of part of Jodi’s interview with flores, I say that that day was a total waste of taxpayers money.

    Day 4 started off with the oh so famous gas cans and receipts from gas stations. Ya, Jodi did get more gas for her car. And that is suppose to be suspicious? The purpose of keeping the gas cans was for emergency only: in case she was out of gas in the middle of the desert or if she didn’t have any more money to fill her tank. So, the big fuss about the gas cans is still a mystery to me…. It’s like having a spare tire: you don’t use it unless it’s totally necessary. Maybe the whole gas can fuss was because they were red colored! LOL!

    As for the ‘re-run’ of Jodi and flores: Ya, the only reason that video was played was to convince the jury that Jodi was a liar. And at that point, yes she did lie. But she lied out of fear and denial. Totally normal. Who wouldn’t be afraid to admit what they did to a person they loved. We’d all be shitting our pants. And of course Jodi was in denial because admitting that she killed travis would mean having to face the consequences of her actions and the worse consequence is facing yourself: All people are the harshest judges to themselves.

    At some point in our lives, we’ve all said “I never imagined I’d be able to do this or that”. Imagine having killed the person you love. Someone that in any other moment, you’d take a bullet for… that is a hard pill to swallow. So, I can understand why Jodi lied.

    Did Jodi’s lies harm her? Absolutely. From that moment on, she was named a ‘liar’. Anything she said from then on was characterized as a lie. Even if she was telling the truth.

    I’m glad she did come clean on the stand in her sworn testimony. Although it must have been really hard, I’m hoping that telling the truth made her pain more bearable.

    What I realized from watching Jodi then and knowing Jodi now, is that Jodi has matured and has blossomed into an amazing human being. I am never going to judge Jodi on killing travis for 3 reasons:

    1. MOST IMPORTANT: travis left no choice to Jodi. She acted in self defense. And as will never get tired of saying: SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME.

    2. That one act doesn’t define Jodi as a person. She is so much more than that one act. She is a caring, loving, generous woman. I am so proud to have her in my life and I do wish that one day I’ll get the chance to meet her face to face.

    3. I cannot judge Jodi; for I have not walked in her shoes. Even if some things in Jodi’s life might be similar to situations in our lives, nothing is the same: others can endure more; others can endure less..

    (((Jodi))) ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Pandora, everyOne wants to say Jodi lied but what about det flor, jm, horn and DR. Why did they lie? All the state and state witness did was lie! Tiny man would go off on some stupid story about cat sounds ect to amuse the sheeple and take their attention off the true issues! He played them , confused them to the point they didnt even remember what the evidence pointed to Reason for Doubt ! They all lied, deceived, covered up the truth UNDER OATH! This trial was bought and paid for by the mormons. Their kids “roommates” were also involved in ta death and jail bound so the parents jumped in and pulled all the strings so save the reputations/life of their children. Jodi was a outsider so she took the fall all alone!:( Have you ever wounder if that one brother that shot and killed himself after Jodi’s arrest wasnt scared cuz he was involved? Its just a thought

      • The Freeman boy? He committed suicide because the abuse he suffered as a child was haunting him and becasue he feared he may have been developing dangerous sexual urges himself, too.

        • Maria, thank you for answering my question about the Freeman boy. I thought it was a little odd that he killed himself right after Jodi’s arrest! There was other suspicious deaths after travis death! Who does the boot print in ta’s blood at crime scene belong to? Det. Flor and his sloppy investigation? That was never brought up in any of the trials so that makes me wounder why was the boot print irrelevant? I was tryn to show legal error on det flor. Not only did he perjury himself on the stand under oath he shoes contamination of a crime scene! Thanks to Jade’s written article I see a boot print, a tiny womans bare foot print, a blue w/strips tennis shoe and a mans size sock foot print. That was not addressed in trial either. All must be irrelevant! Just smoke and mirrors. ?

  7. Hi Team Jodi! I have been busy working but I try to stop by whenever I can! Love y’all! 🙂 (((Team Jodi))) (((Jodi)))

  8. OK the last time I knew this is the United States of America. We do have rights. I have Never once said one negative thing to anyone on the site that didn’t believe the way I believe. But yet there seems to be thoses who feel they have a right to berate others and myself for believing differently then you. I think that’s borderline bullying.
    I thought that this site was to support Jodi.

  9. seabird, pam holt, et al, I am beginning to realize there is no way an alternative theory will be listened to here. Maybe we should save ourselves the anguish and frustration.
    There is no room for any other theory, rational, logical thoughts here nor is there any interest in understanding the laws that govern self-defense – or justifiable homicide – for any reason!

    THIS IS what each of us Jodi supporters must believe: based on Jodi’s testimony (because her testimony is the only thing we are supposed to believe),
    Travis attacked Jodi without provocation (maybe a little ’cause she dropped his new camera) on 6-4-2008 But, because he abused her in the past, we are to accept that she had the mindset to believe that her life was in imminent (immediate) danger and went temporarily insane (the description fits insanity, not claimed or proved but that is the inference) inflicting multiple fatal stabs to Travis (who chose not to beat the crap out of her but instead just submitted to her stabbings) and then, while still in a state of insanity (maybe not), she drove mindlessly (recklessly) on poor state roads hitting the cell phone tower at just the right moment, just as the prosecutor stated, finally meeting up with her new ‘alive’ boyfriend for cozy hugs and kisses.

    Now: she took ownership of killing Travis so we should all respect it, and so believe it! … so now Jodi owns the outcome.
    (This is not my theory, believe me, but this is the theory she has been convicted on (leaving out the insanity), and is what she is, and will be, serving LWOP for) and what we all should accept!

    This “version of events” does not reflect the Jodi I watched in court and instantly cared about. This is not the Jodi that I am compelled to help…. or Ifelt called to speak up for because the case has never made sense to me.

    Jodi’s confession does not match the crime scene. When the confession does not match the crime scene… (and it actually doesn’t fit… not in 2, 3, 4 minutes) then I am concerned.

    I, and others, came to this site because we wanted to discuss the inconsistencies and brainstorm how we could help Jodi. In order for us to really help Jodi…
    Jodi’s best chance at receiving justice is a re-trial.
    In order for Jodi to get a re-trial, she must win at appeal; In order to win an appeal, there must be an actual legal error.
    It is too late to rely on evidence that was reasonably ascertainable during the trial.
    And there was not enough evidence presented at trial to support a self-defense claim. If there was enough evidence to support that defense then KN failed Jodi because he didn’t make the case strongly, or there was never enough evidence of self-defense and it was always a bad defense.

    We all agree on Jodi not being granted a fair trial. And since Self-Defense failed at trial, it behooves us to consider alternate defense theories.
    We do not know whether any member of the defense team reads or even cares about what we post here. We are brought together because of our interest in justice and passion for helping Jodi. We should never forget the big picture here – Jodi’s freedom.

    • Carol Handy, what happened to the the accidental gunshot?, you know the one that came after ta bounced Jodi off the bathroom floor?

      • Oh, yea, johnm, you mean the gunshot from the gun no one knew he had, or the one she stole from Grandpa, I did forget about that… it wasn’t in evidence, johnm… not even the bullet… so we know nothing about it… except Jodi says she grabbed it off the top shelf of his walk-in closet ’cause she saw it right there months before when she was straightening up his closet … and it was the first time she had ever held a gun… and it went off accidentally…. and she must have thrown it in the dessert… maybe… or maybe not… who knows!
        But, johnm, if you say it is important well then…. okay

              • Not identified – hollow or not…was it Grandpa’s or Travis? See what I mean… if it was hollow you know the prosecutor would have said it was Grandpa’s; if it was not, then he would have said it was Travis. The bullet was too messed up to determine which…

                • no – nobody said it was hollow, but it was shown on film during trial

                  even I could tell it wasn’t hollow point

                • If it had been a hollow point bullet TA’s brain would have been scrambled eggs and mush. The autopsy report describes an undamaged brain with an “INTACT DURA MATER” HELLO, DR. HORN DID YOU HEAR YOUR OWN WORDS??????? Are we brain dead ????? You really must think you are soooooo smart and everyone is soooooo stupid, right? NOT!!!!! With the exception of the idiot jurors !!!!!! DIdn’t you learn as a little boy that the truth will ALWAYS COME OUT !!!! Didn’t your mother teach you that ??? For shame !!

                • Dr. Horn’s pathetic testimony where he valiantly tries to deny his own autopsy report:

                  Ques: “Did the bullet go through the frontal lobe of the brain?”

                  Answer: “it must have”

                  Ques: “With regards to that issue of the perforation of that particular part of the anatomy (referring to the brain / Dura Mater), so as you look at it and your recollection, based on what you saw, was there that perforation?”

                  Answer: “Yes, there would have to have been.”

                  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? “It must have” “Yes, there would have to have been” These statements are a non-non statement that unfortunately persuaded the idiot jurors into believing that the bullet did go through the brain when Dr. Horn NEVER SAYS THAT !!! He equivocates like Elmer Fudd chasing da rabbit !! He never states definitively that the bullet did pass through the brain bc IT DIDN’T !!!! The jurors were either too stupid or didn’t care, either way they’re idiots and should never be allowed on another jury as long as they live IMHO !!!! Days after the discovery of TA’s dead body Dr. Horn did his autopsy. He would have no reason to lie on that report. But years later on the stand after Jodi changes her defense to self defense and after the state suddenly does a 180 and states that the gunshot was no longer first but it was last, Dr Horn suddenly can speak definitively about his own autopsy report? This whole trial and retrial was one big load of ______You fill in the blank. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME

                • BB, it suddenly occurred to me that Horn introduced x-rays during the retrial. I skipped over the direct before. H-E-L-L-0 – Dr. Horn – where is the hole in the skull on the x-ray? He shows the bullet in the cheek and what he thinks might be a bullet fragment, but he doesn’t point out a hole in his skull because there isn’t one.

                  Day 3 – 19:55 That guy should lose his job.

                • CanadaCarol – BRILLIANT!


                  amazing that it slid by all of us for all this time

                  guess we can’t blame the DT for missing that one, huh?

                • Canada Carol, great point ! Exactly right there was NO bullet hole or perforation of the brain on the xray which perfectly validates Dr. Horn’s own autopsy report which described an undamaged brain and an “intact Dura Mater.” The problem was that his testimony was so disjointed in presentation at varying times and out of order that the jurors got lost on it and didn’t ask follow up questions or just plain didn’t put two and two together like no bullet hole in the brain on the xray coupled with his equivocating answers like “it must have” when asked if the bullet penetrated the brain…in addition to what I believe was their predisposed bias against Jodi and willingness to convict no matter what and there you have it a miscarriage of justice.

              • Journee, at some point during the retrial Nurmi showed Flores some exhibit and asked him if he could tell if it was hollow point or not and he said that he couldn’t tell from the photo. We don’t get to see the exhibits like the first trial so I don’t know what the picture was. If you could tell then he should have been able to tell and that must have been another lie, or you should have been the detective.

                • Yeah –
                  As best I can recall from tweets, MOST of Flores’ replies to Nurmi were “I don’t know” “I don’t remember” “I’m not sure”.

                  If you google images for hollow point bullets, you can see how the tips blow out to maximize soft tissue damage. The bullet shown at trial was misshapen but did NOT have a blown out tip

                • Hollow points when fired open up like a flower, like a mushroom. The bullet extracted from travis’ cheek didn’t look like a hollow point at all.

                • no – it was blunted and smashed down on ONE side – like it hit something hard -like maybe a skull – at an angle.

                • There was an ex-FBI guy on CNN (Tom) talking about their training when it came to shooting at a hard smooth surface. They are taught to shoot straight on, because if you shoot at an angle the bullet will ricochet off and not break through. He wasn’t talking about a skull, but it being the strongest bone in the body and smooth, the same principle of physics would apply.

      • I agree Journee. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about what happened that day. We can also express our disagreement too but it should be civil. I don’t understand why there has to be sarcasm and irony.

        As I’ve said, I believe that Jodi fought in self defense. After Jodi left, we don’t know who might have shown up and what they could have done. For all we know, travis could have still been alive and someone else finished him off. So there are many things that we will never know….

    • It’s irrelevant whether Jodi get’s a re-trial or not if she’s lying. The truth will come forth with more release of information so that any other prosecution will be able to use that to convict. Based on what I’ve seen of the trial and the evidence that has come out, she has not lied to the extent some people might believe. On the stand and on cross the prosecution had a massive amounts of information to shredded to pieces any story she could have come up with. They had every opportunity and extensive support to crush her and put her on death row. None of it worked. I wonder why? I think in the end in terms of fairness she should get another trial or condition a plea to avoid another trial and likely get out on voluntary or involuntary MS. The guy is dead and she was going to pay somehow self defense or not especially based on the circumstances.

      Despite getting the conviction, I think the prosecution failed and had to resort to tricks and manipulations to win what should have been a slam dunk case. If Jodi had taken the intruder story to trial and got on the stand she would have been shredded. Based on her story, how did intruders shoot through the walls to hit TA in the shower stall, if they were in the hallway? Sam in her closing statements to the judge mention how the fight was in the hallway. I don’t think she’d purposely do Jodi any favors but that’s what the physical evidence and the photos indicate. They both had abuse issues coming in and it was the two of them together that combust and created this situation. I think Jodi accurately described the physical abuse by TA, it was not extensive but the quality of it with her background and his sparked the situation. Most women know they don’t stand a chance in a fight against a man in general unless she’s skilled prepared or has the advantage. Because of this it’s easy to say based on the other evidence that Jodi premeditated the fight. It’s like automatic premeditation because she planned the trip in the first place. Jodi had to know that even if she premeditated the fight if she lost the advantage once, she’d be hurt or dead. So why would she have gone so far to defend herself? It’s because of what she believed about TA. When he set his mind to accomplish something, he does. It’s like a hungry wolf chasing a sheep. The sheep knows instinctively once the wolf catches it, it’s lights out. I think Jodi’s version of events on the stand is the most accurate because of the prosecution’s failures where they should have been successes and the defenses successes while they were failing. She was there and with a few thinks moved around here and there it’s been the same basic story whether she was claiming intruders or self defense. To understand what happened you need to step into both of their shoes with the baggages they brought into it that day.

  10. Could someone please tell me the exact address for the Tessoro Gas Station Jodi went to in Salt Lake City, Utah?

    If I remember right, I will be baking another Birthday cake tonight!!!
    StillOutThere is going to celebrate a BIG Birthday tomorrow!!!! The BIG 5 0 !!!
    It is not everyday we can celebrate 5 Decades Old!!!! Cindy I have you down for the Punch and Party favors!!!! Pandora can furnish the music, with SJ as our DJ, Vicky would you mind bringing some tiny little sandwiches? Maria is down for the Silly String and Plates and cups, Patty how about chips and dip? Marja you are in charge of our party games. . .you know Pin the tail on the Frog !!!! Journee in your spare time today I will need you to polish the Disco Ball up! johnm you will be our head security officer! ♥
    Everyone else please come enjoy the party atmosphere and plan on DONATING for Jodi’s FREEDOM in honor of StillOutThere’s 50th!!!!!! Remember to keep this quiet until tomorrow. 😉

    • Um – I am afraid I have some very bad news about the disco ball.

      But it’s all Slut Puppy’s fault. Honest! I mean, sure, I’m the one who taught him he gets a mouth full of squirt cheese when he brings me the ball. But HE is the one who thinks he’s a big dog and can carry something that’s 10 times his size.

      I’m really very sorry.

      He isn’t, of course.
      He’s remorseless.
      But he’s very cute.

      Happy Birthday StillOutThere!

      (and R. Love, if it would help at all I could probably swing by and borrow those fog machines – you know the ones I mean?)

      • Oh my Journee, What in the World was Slut Puppy thinking??!!!!!! Oh well, he meant well! We love him even though he sometimes has his problems. 😉 Fog Machines would be PERFECT!!!! Wonder if Justus could furnish all the candles? It ought to be a real glowing spectacle!!!!! ♥

        • Tell ya what tho –
          Miss Daisy has Cindy hopping today, so in addition to the fog machines I’ll take care of the punch and the party favors….

          make up for my little bad boy

          • Journee hey that’s for covering for me. I really feel bad about the disco ball… Let me look around here see what I can come up with. WOW 50dy. Such a baby…

            Oh Journee I have the addition to the punch…hehehe….

          • OH WOW!!!! That is marvelous!!! 😯 That’s the first time I’ve heard the Birthday Song upside down!!!! StillOutThere will be overwhelmed!!! Thanks for helping Justus!!! Do you think we need to have Kareem drop in and sing his new song for the party too?
            ♥ It would be perfection!!!

    • Happy Birthday StillOutThere!
      Lookin’ like R.Love and Journee and Slut Puppy are raring to go! a day early no less!
      50! just a babe in the woods! Enjoy it!!

    • I’m on it R.! This is gonna be an awesome party!!! ♥♥♥

      SJ are you ready to play that funky music? LOL! PLEASE, for the love of all gods: NO Taylor Swift please!!!!!

      ((((StillOutThere’s B-day party!)))) ♥

      P.S. R., is the party today (Friday) or tomorrow?

    • R. Love,

      Yes, I am honored to be in charge of the games for the party, especially “Pin the Tail on The FROG!!! I can’t wait to see all the places his tail is put – hehehe!!! Wait until you all see the OTHER games that I have planned – OMG!!! They will blow your alls mind – lol!!! StillOutThere’s birthday party is going to be a blast!!! I can hardly wait!!! Let the gmes begin!!!


      (((((TEAM JODI)))))

      (((((StillOutThere’s Birthday Party)))))

    • You’re ONLY giving me silly string, plates and cups?????? (stomping foot)

      OK, I will turn this into a Phoebe from FRIENDS kind of party:D 😀 😀
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      StillOutThere is in for a biiiiiiig surprise! Here’s a little preview 😉

      • ROFLMAO!!!!!!! 😆 Ok, I knew exactly what I was doing by putting you in charge of cups and ice Maria! I felt bad after you had to carry all of the crystal goblets and china we used for Pandora’s celebration. . .I was hoping you would just use those “Red Solo Cups” . . . . would be much easier to carry into the ballroom from your jet at the airport. OH heck, just get your hired help to deliver them for you this time. You know I think I remember an old Disco Ball in the back of the barn, we used it at the horse shows. I think I can dig it out from under piles of treasured posts. 🙂 One tiny thing I did forget. . . who is bringing StillOutThere to the party??? Now that might be a unexpected problem. Hmmmmmm Hope StillOutThere is not sitting at a beach somewhere on vacation. OH WELL. . .we can always dance, eat and make merry!!!! We will video our party, I’ve heard it can be done. You know, a documentation kind of thing.

  12. Canada Carol, yes, brilliant how you pointed out the x-ray shows NO hole in the brain!

    Yes, he certainly should lose his job due to his incompetence and to his surely lying.

    I’ m sure Juan Martinez was fully aware that the x-ray showed no hole in the brain.

    I hope the additional proof now of, “No hole in the skull” can help Jodi’s appeals, and if possible, be brought to the attention of the Bar Association which is investigating Juan Martinez for ethical misconduct.

    ( P.S.: I hope the x-ray does not somehow mysteriously vanish.)

  13. Hey everybody, there is a song about Jodi. I don’t usually listen to rap but this is great. Give it a listen.

    “Thirty-four-year-old Kareem Williams, a.k.a. Lefty, is a fanatical supporter of Jodi Arias, who was convicted of the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in 2013 and sentenced to life in prison earlier this year. Williams has recorded a song expressing sympathy for the woman, who a jury found to have slit the throat of victim Travis Alexander and stabbed almost 30 times. Like many other supporters, he believes that Arias was wrongly prosecuted for the murder.

    “I do think it was second degree manslaughter,” says the Philadelphia transplant. “I feel like it was not premeditated.”

  14. What possible reason would the State have to FALSIFY evidence, if the evidence they had was a ‘slam dunk’, as was suggested by ‘T’ above?

    As Canada Carol, BB and Journee pointed out (also above) there was no bullet path entering the skull, verified by the x-ray, and the bullet could not be a hollow point bullet from its appearance. Brilliant work, ladies!

    It sure leaves me wondering about these 3 questions:

    1. Why was Juan Martinez willing to risk disbarment by falsifying evidence? He had to know!
    2. Why would Dr. Kevin Horn be willing to put his medical career in jeopardy by distorting the facts in his autopsy report? He had to know.
    3. Why would Detective Esteban Flores risk his career and reputation by perjuring himself about the evidence? He had to know.

      • You could very well be right, dwight. There is always that lingering question in my mind: when did Travis really die… the smell of decomposition takes about 36 hours to become really noticeable and bad; Enrique told the detective he smelled something bad Monday the 9th… he has never said otherwise…. so there is a little added note on him and another reason, maybe, why he didn’t get called to testify.
        What a kettle of worms that would have been! 🙄

      • Exactly and this is why I could never understand why the defense did not call this roommate on the stand to testify. More ineffective assistance of counsel? You know when JM avoids calling certain witnesses it has to be bc they would hurt his case and might let the truth slip out !!!

    • My one and only guess would be the LDS/LSD Cult Money. . . .I think that is the way Edgrrrr would put it. Maybe it will all be made clear in the future for us. Pray so. Their futures are in God’s hands as far as I’m concerned and they have chosen an extremely difficult path. . .wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. LOL Reminded me of the Old saying: ” Always be careful who butters your bread. ” 😆

    • 1. Juan Martinez is used to it – he does it all the time in his pursuit of the death penalty in cases where it doesn’t apply.
      2. Horn is the worst of the bunch and the most difficult for me to understand because he took an oath to do no harm.
      3. Flores would say anything that the frog wanted him to do, or less he got yelled at and he did lose his job or at least demoted.

      • You got it, Canada Carol!!
        I wish this was an Umpired Baseball Game, with your guys in charge: 3 strikes! you’re OUT!!
        Would they ever be surprised! 😯

    • Carol Handy,

      They, (Martinez, Flores and Horn), probably didn’t think they were putting their jobs in jeopardy but that they were rather “lying for The Lord” all of them being Mormon, IMHO, because, remember, my research on the fact that that is what Mormons believe, that they can lie for The Lord! That’s why Deanna, C & S Hughes, and a whole bunch of other Mormon, state witnesses lied through their teeth, IMHO!!! Guess what though, there’s NO such thing as “lying for The Lord” in a court of law because you swear on the Bible that you’re going to tell the TRUTH and if you lie in
      a court of law it’s called PERJURY and is punishable by a PRISON TERM!!!!!!! There are a whole lot of people who need to be arrested immediately!!!!!!!


      • And IMVHO, Marja Lisa, no one can lie to Him.
        The trouble with ‘lying for the lord’ is that He KNOWS and LISTENS to HEARTS not words. He does not listen to, nor respond to, the words of those who have lied and condemned Jodi because He knows their hearts. That is: He knows their inner most thoughts, He knows the truth, He is on Jodi’s team 100%, He is in charge of her future, He will have the last word, and no one will convince Him otherwise with lies.

    • CH: There’s a gulf between falsifying and misrepresenting. The evidence can be spun, but which way presents the puzzle accurately with the least amount of pieces missing. Jodi’s excuses were pared down closer and closer to the events of what happened but the problem was that once she changed for the last time her story and that of the prosecution ended up matching pretty closely and aligned with the evidence. Since the prosecution interviewed the defense psychologists before trial, they knew what her story was going to be and then updated theirs to counter it whether she took the stand or not. I think most people are predisposed to convicting a person who’s accused of killing some one with enough evidence presented. Who want’s a confessed or allege killer running around? With Jodi’s confession and the autopsy photos especially the neck wound she wasn’t going to walk anywhere. So the question was could a woman do what she did only with premed or could she have done it in self defense? With her story so close inline with the evidence and the prosecutions own theory, she stood a chance of being convicted of something less than what she was accused of. So how do you gain differentiation? Misrepresent. If the state is misrepresenting, it robs TA, Jodi, the families and the citizens of AZ of justice. Had the state gone knife first all along, they could have claimed and gotten the other F(6) aggravators instead of just one and made things easier for themselves. If the state is misrepresenting and the defense catches on, they can easily manipulate to their own advantage since they could have better information from the defendant. When the state has to resort to obvious misrepresentation that even a layman can pickup, they have it wrong and know it. The case ended up being a real clusterf—k for everyone involved because Jodi was lying and by the time she changed her tune it had already progress too far. So in the end Jodi got closer to the truth and the prosecution moved away from it. I doubt this case would raise so much ire on both sides of the aisle if that wasn’t the case.

  15. An interesting point by Jodi herself: Nobody seems to have any problem believing that Tanisha is suffering from PTSD from just thinking about and seeing photos of the violence but as Jodi said recently, “I was actually there!”

  16. Hello all…me being off for a few days with chronic sinusitis I hope none of your good selves had to conflict with it. No, I wasn’t on the dark side…white side…or any other side.

    New date to watch out for, restitution date for Jodi on this Monday 22nd & 5-30 pm. The are now two investigations into Juan Martinez. Now I’m going off to party on my next antibiotic & 2 steroid tablets. Happy Birthday, Still out there, in case I’m not there for the celebration. (*hic!*)

  17. Sorry, I made a mistake it should be 8-30.a.m. See what the tablets are responsible for…

    Listened to the song, it is good & catchy & serious. Is it going to be commercially released & does anyone know a date?

    I would have added in over the music at the end after the last chorus line, ‘I want to talk to you about a girl I know whose name is Jodi Ann Arius,

    My added end line would be; “And yes Jodi (the girl that I know) is guilty of a crime, but innocent of Murder One to a whole lot of us. (In brackets, is optional.) Or another variation, would be, And yes Jodi is guilty of a lesser crime, but of Murder One (to many of us) is truly innocent. (Anyway, that is my belief).

    I am also studying music at the moment, have written songs before, but now have myself entwined in writing music for 30 second “Radio Jingles” in my town. The song writing will continue in time, but recording professionally is big money, so I have to write the honest crust “Jingle” to add same to the coffers.

    I may just yet think of writing something for Jodi – but I don’t want to just be doing same because everyone else is doing it or even a few, (or even just because I want to make up anything) like I heard Barry Gibbs is still on to be doing something even though Jodi escaped the “Death Penalty”. But again even he needs the right tune & lyrics to make the story “Sing”.

    But if I got the write inspiration, even an “Instrumental” just titled, Jodi’s Song” I would give it a shot. But it would have to be something that makes people from a wider audience ‘sit up & take notice’ to the injustice of all this carry-on in the Arizona Justice System. I would want to hit “‘Nerves’.

    The good thing with writing music though is that inspiration comes at you like a rocket, and once you’re ready for to catch it in that moment, the REST is easy. Now I have to go for for some real REST to get my medical condition sorted or I’ll be writing “Jingles” for just my doctor expenses. I close, wishing you a ‘One & All’ a great weekend of Partying. Hope the sun shines on you all & need prayers from you that it will shine for us in Ireland because it went walkies elsewhere, Friday.

  18. Good morning to Jodi’s extended family!!! We are passionate and compassionate people!! We are able to see injustice in our world. That is why we are here.

    I have been watching the memorial service
    for the victims of the South Carolina shooting. I know that each of us have different spiritual beliefs but I don’t think that anyone could not be taken back but the words that the victims family’s have been speaking. We forgive you!!! Hate Won’t Win!!!! Lies and deception will not win!!! I do not understand how people can say they are God fearing people but he have so much hatred in their souls. What shallow broken lives they will have.

    Jodi will walk free it is not a crime to defend oneself… The truth will prevail. Those who swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and then proceeded to lie will have to pay someday for their lies. They will not live a peaceful life.

    • Thank you very much, cindy. You’re such a sweetheart….. Monday is the big day, Greece is either going bankrupt or will succeed in striking up a deal with EU leaders. I’m dreading the future 🙁

      • Mira, keep the faith. Look at what we in the states have gone through!!! I don’t understand all that is going on but I do know that if we can get through it you can also.

  19. Happy Birthday StillOutThere!

    Are you still out there? 🙂

    Hope you find time to visit our little party for you today… just one of many, I’m sure, you’ll be like the prez making the rounds of inaugural balls today, I guess, with so many who cherish you wanting to celebrate your day!

  20. ………….sounds of wheels pushing cart in through double doors. . . .stiletto heels clicking across the
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    Hope you don’t miss your party 😳

    • Whoooops! ♥ SMH how did I forget?. . . . Stretching one more cable into the ballroom attached to the green DONATE button! Remember we are honoring StillOutThere with donations to the Appeals Fund for JODI instead of all of those silly gag gifts one normally gets for turning 50. ♥

    • Hey, am I here early? Where are all the guests? I see everything’s ready 🙂 Is StillOutThere here yet ????????

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY, StillOutThere!!! Our extended Jodi family is wishing you ALL THE BEST in life.
      Enjoy this special day of yours, you’re a beautiful amazing compassionate person and our little party is a small token of our appreciation for the support and love you give to Jodi! ♥ Smooches!

  21. OK I’m standing here looking at this cake and R. has slapped my hands a few timesfor just wanting to take a little taste of the frosting… still out there do you need a ride a fire up the broom ….

  22. Wow!!

    Jennifer Willmott received the “Attorney of the year award” for her hard work in Jodi’s case!

    Way to go, Jennifer!

  23. Any rappers out there that can help with the words to Lefty’s song? Troy is a snake in the grass cause all he’d do is run around and (? what) ? I can’t catch get the part about Nurmi either.

    • never mind … “cause all he’d do is run around with the rats”…. I think I got it.

      Happy Birthday StillOutThere. I remember that she worked very long hours so she is probably hard at work while everyone is at her party.

      • Great R.Love, : )

        It says something like Plazzo.

        I usually just go to paypal, so wanted to make sure it goes to Jodi’s appeal!

          • No, I was standing in line right behind you. I wish Kareem wouldn’t take so long signing autographs for us!!!! We’ve got to get back to the party!!!! The donation was simple for me. Hope yours went ok too.

          • Easier, R.
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            Splain!! : )

            • Not sure I just entered the info and did it with c.card. THe authorities will have to answer a more technical questions. 🙂

              • OK,
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                I’ve always used my credit card too, but some how
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                I’ve always remembered my number, then some idiot get’s
                ahold of it and we have to change.

                Thanks R,

                Before the day’s over I will find a way to get the Birthday gift in today
                for StillOutThere!! : )

  24. Changing the subject a bit here: This is NOT a “dead horse” here that I am beating….

    Getting back to the bullet supposedly going through the brain, NOT !!! Dr. Horn is key in convincing the jury that this is what happened. However his own testimony is not definitive but is speculative and does NOT in any way negate his own autopsy report which states just the opposite – that in fact the “Dura Mater was intact” and the report describes an undamaged brain. His infamous statement on the stand that it was a “typo” would be laughable if this wasn’t such a serious case where a life was at stake. When you are a medical expert you don’t get to say stupid things like it was a “typo” years after you wrote your report and years after you had multiple times you could have made a correction to that report. You have to act like a big boy and pull your pants up and do your job. Nothing in his report and I mean NOTHING supports his assertion that it was a “typo.” In fact everything in his report is consistent in showing an undamaged brain, PERIOD!!! Further as was pointed out yesterday upline here on this site, the x-ray itself does not show any bullet entry into the brain!!! Dr. Horn is going to be the reason this case gets overturned and remanded. MARK MY WORDS !!!

    It has happened before in other cases that Dr. Horn was involved in – one was the Lisa Randall case which was ultimately dismissed with prejudice. In that case the opinion of Dr. Horn seemed to change from a position where accidental death could be implied to one where it was a purposeful killing. Hmmm, why did his opinion change? Hmm, when did his opinion change? The court dismissed the charges with prejudice.

    And in another case where Dr. Horn was involved – the Harold Fish case – Dr. Horn’s testimony was not seen by the appellate courts (on appeal) as reliable and it failed to meet the minimum requirement that the opinion of a medical expert be an opinion with a reasonable degree of medical probability. When you have the state medical expert in this case answering with equivocating and potentially misleading statements such as “IT MUST HAVE” when answering the question as to whether or not the bullet penetrated the brain this is NOT a statement that has a reasonable degree of medical probability, does it? Instead it seems to be just pure speculation / equivocation NOT EVEN BACKED UP BY HIS OWN AUTOPSY REPORT!!! When you have the medical examiner stating “YES, THERE WOULD HAVE TO HAVE BEEN” when answering if there was a perforation of the brain this is NOT a statement made with a reasonable degree of medical probability, but again he seems to be speculating/ equivocating in complete contradiction to his own autopsy report and in contradiction to the physical evidence of the injuries to the head.

    Is the appellate court going to again decide that Dr. Horn’s opinion was too speculative and did not meet the requirement that it be made with a reasonable degree of medical probability? Equivocation and speculation deprive the defendant of her constitutional rights and this is exactly what the jury was relying on when they had to decide did the shot come first as Jodi claimed or was the shot last as the medical expert tried to claim with his feeble words that don’t even amount to a hill of beans IMHO. His words were meaningless, they were not definitive and certain but equivocating. WHY? You’re the expert – this is science. Either the bullet went through the brain or it didn’t. It’s that simple. YOUR AUTOPSY REPORT WRITTEN JUST DAYS AFTER THE DISCOVERY OF TA IS THE TRUTH, READ IT !!! LOOK AT THE X-RAY !!!! Why did your opinion change years later?? ARE YOU LISTENING TO ALL THIS APPELLATE COURT????

    Just look at it this way. What if Dr. Horn got up on the stand and testified according to his own autopsy report. You know, that the Dura Mater was intact and that the bullet did not penetrate the brain as the medical evidence showed?? Then what??

    Well here’s what:
    1) TA was not incapacitated by the gunshot
    2) Possibility exists that he was shot first as Jodi testified to
    3) Possibility exists that TA continued his attack against Jodi just as she testified
    4) Reasonable doubt

    Different outcome of the trial.

    Jodi was denied her constitutional rights. REVERSE, REMAND, DISMISS WITH PREJUDICE!!!

    The appellate courts will find in favor of Jodi in this case IMHO. You can not be allowed to win with speculation and misleading testimony. But for the grace of God go you. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

    This doesn’t even take into consideration the Brady violations, destruction of potential exculpatory evidence, prosecutorial misconduct, and the admitted perjured testimony of the lead detective.

    Okay, so we are going to have to add another party on our list. A party for Jodi Ann Arias when she walks free from prison for doing nothing more than defending her own life against the attack of TA. SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME !!! And for those of you who scoff now, if it God forbid it happens to you, you will be the first one to agree.

  25. correction to above:

    Dr. Horn did not necessarily “change” his opinion but his wording of his conclusion subsequently seemed to indicate intentional injuries (not purposeful killing) that ultimately the court found insufficiently supported by the evidence and ultimately the case was dismissed against Lisa Randall.

    • BB, Horn almost got his injuries mixed up as to severity and JM had to reel him back. The neck wound was of course the most fatal.

      JM: “And then the one to the heart, is that – I think you talked about it, but in terms of rapidly fatal, less fatal, um, which of these if we’re going to apply that standard as to which are the most fatal, how about the one to the chest, is that the most fatal or the least fatal? Horn: “Probably the middle.” (kind of a half chuckle) Uh, it’s a significant injury. It would definitely cause death without medical attention.” JM: “And would that cause unconsciousness immediately?” Horn: “Yes – not immediately. Not the chest wound, no. “ JM: “From what I’m hearing you say of the three that we talked about, two of them – the one to neck and the one to – the gunshot to the head, those appear, from what I hear you saying, that those would cause unconsciousness quickly? “ Horn: “Immediate.” JM: Immediate? Horn: Yes. JM: And the one to the chest, would not? Horn: Less likely. (148:50)

  26. ********Happy Father’s Day to all of Our Guys!!!!!**********”Anyone can be a Father but it takes someone real special to be a Daddy!”

  27. Horn’s testimony from Jan 9, 2013 – Day 3 of 1st trial:

    1:42:58 – asked for trajectory of the bullet – Horn: “it passes down through the skull, um passes through the face and uh, downward and to the left and terminates in the left cheek” (1:43:09).

    1:43:52 – JM: “This bullet and the trajectory that you described, did it affect the brain at all, in other words did it strike the brain or not?” Horn: “It must have. It passed through the right front portion of the skull. The problem in this case is that the brain is decomposed, and the brain is a very soft structure to begin with, so it falls apart very rapidly after death. So I was not able to see a tract through the brain but just because the bullet passes through the front part of the skull where the brain normally would be, I have to conclude the brain was perforated.” (1:44:26)

    1:44:29 – JM: “And if the brain was perforated what would happen to this individual once he was shot? “ Horn: “He’d be incapacitated.” JM: “Went down?” Horn: “Yes.” JM: “Immediately?” Horn: “Rapidly yes.”

    Not only does his pathology report not support his testimony, but the x-rays, which are black and white, do not show any points of entry or exit. Nor are the positions and size of entries are measured. Measurements were taken of the bullet wound on the forehead, but not the holes in the skull? Horn also took photos of the divots in the skull from the knife with the scalp pulled back to expose the skull,, but he did not take photos of the bullet holes in the skull. I wonder what the radiology report said.

    Was it that I was so distracted by the swooning and moaning of the family over the shocking photos or was it because Jodi was so upset, or was it because I hadn’t yet clued in on how slimy and sneaky that prosecutor is that I missed the fact that there are no holes in TA’s head?

    This is not normal testimony for a medical examiner – it must have – I would have to conclude.

    • Not normal at all ! but then what is in this trial!!

      I certainly wasn’t prepared for the level of slime either!!

      No bullet holes were found in the skull !!

    • Horn is very adept at skirting the issues during his testimony. Actually the ‘skull’ includes the whole bony structure of the head… in other words he can say it ‘penetrated’ the skull meaning the WHOLE structure without lying. He’s a slippery one for sure.

      Where was(were) the defense attorney(s)… did (s)he understand the case? Did (s)he care about Horn’s testimony. In answer to specific questions Horn qualifies his answers, but seems to avoid actually lying. Canada Carol, if you have the testimony written out, you might want to see if any answers Horn gave were lies.

      • The one x-ray is the entire front to back part of the head called an AP projection and the other is full view of the right side. That little jerk even had the nerve in the retrial to line up the bullet hole from the photo of the forehead to the portion of the skull, which appears absolutely normal on x-ray. I think if I had seen that testimony I would have finally clued in, but we just got stupid tweets about what clothes everyone was wearing.

      • Well, that is just the problem, isn’t it? He qualifies his answers and seems to avoid actually lying. He equivocates in his answers. He doesn’t outright say the bullet penetrated the brain but his answers are equivocations which allow the jury to wrongfully conclude that this is what he is saying. He leads the jury to believe that the bullet penetrated the brain without actually saying it. He could not out right lie, but what about misleading the jury? This is what the appellate court was talking about in other trials he has been involved in and they dismissed with prejudice the one case and reversed the conviction in the other. You can NOT mislead the jury with guesses or speculation which is exactly what he did in this case. When you answer with carefully chosen words to lead a jury to believe something that isn’t true, yet keep yourself out of trouble by not out and out lying, then this is still reversible error. The courts have already reversed on similar cases.

    • Horn’s testimony…Such a disgrace to all medical examiners. It screamed REASONABLE DOUBT but apparently the jurors were all deaf!

  28. Medical Examiner’s Handbook

    Just in the first few pages it indicates what the medical examiner is supposed to report. Pages 9 – 15 are particularly pertinent.
    The Medical Examiner, Dr. Kevin Horn, was probably THE most important witness in Jodi’s case. It was up to HIM to determine the cause of death and to report ALL of his findings accurately. He is expected to be in charge of this part of the investigation and can indicate ‘APPROX date and time of death’. Sequence of wounds, a very important issue, could only have been determined by a legally qualified forensic medical examiner. Horn holds himself out to be such an expert. He did not fulfill his obligations.
    IMVHO: The manner and date of death was the Horn’s responsibility NOT a detectives beliefs, nor a prosecutors hypothesis!

    • By the way, the social security death index reports his date of death as June 9, 2008. Just thought it interesting. (Probably reported that way early on before they had any other evidence.)

      • I think the date of death is always recorded as the date a person is officially declared dead.

        My brother’s date of death was recorded as August 6, 2002 – that was the day he was FOUND dead and the police and ME were called. The ME said he’d been dead at least three days when he was found, and that was in her report – which still recorded his death as Aug 6.

        • Hummm. I have never heard of that but then I have always known when a person does.

          So a person can die and not be found for a year and they still use the date they find the remains???

          • Yes, but the medical examiner is supposed to evaluate the body to determine an ‘Approx’ date the person died. That would include forensic entomology (for example bugs)…
            It is required by the position he holds as a medical examiner.

        • What this booklet is referring to is different than a regular death certificate.
          It is filed with more pertinent information.
          We as citizens are not privy to this information, but I presume the defense attorneys would be.

    • From the Medical Examiner’s Handbook:

      “In those cases where death is not the result of accident, suicide, or homicide, some States include in their laws a specific time period regarding how recently treatment must have been provided by a physician for that physician to be authorized to complete the medical certification of cause of death. These time limits vary from State to State. In some States where no time limit is specified, it is left to interpretation or local custom to deter-mine whether the cause of death should be completed by a physician or by the medical examiner or coroner. The medical-legal officer should investigate the case and ensure that the medical certification of cause of death is properly completed.

      “A significant number of the deaths occurring in the United States must be investigated and certified by a medical-legal officer. Although State laws vary in specific requirements, deaths that typically require investigation are those due to unusual or suspicious circumstances, violence (accident, suicide, or homicide), those due to natural disease processes when the death occurred suddenly and without warning, when the decedent was not being treated by a physician, or the death was unattended.

      In those cases where death is not the result of accident, suicide, or homicide, some States include in their laws a specific time period regarding how recently treatment must have been provided by a physician for that physician to be authorized to complete the medical certification of cause of death. These time limits vary from State to State. In some States where no time limit is specified, it is left to interpretation or local custom to deter-mine whether the cause of death should be completed by a physician or by the medical examiner or coroner. The medical-legal officer should investigate the case and ensure that the medical certification of cause of death is properly completed.

    • Because State laws, regulations, and customs vary significantly regarding which cases must be investigated by a medical-legal officer, each medical examiner or coroner must become familiar with practices within the officer’s area and ensure that all cases falling within his or her jurisdiction are properly investigated. If there is any doubt as to jurisdiction, the medical-legal officer should assume jurisdiction. Page 9
      The death certificate is a permanent record of the fact of death, and depending on the State of death, may be needed to get a burial permit. The information in the record is considered as prima facie evidence of the fact of death that can be introduced in court as evidence. State law specifies the required time for completing and filing the death certificate.

      … Because statistical data derived from death certificates can be no more accurate than the information provided on the certificate, it is very important that all persons concerned with the registration of deaths strive not only for complete registration, but also for accuracy and promptness in reporting these events. Furthermore, the potential usefulness of detailed specific information is greater than more general information. Page 10
      Responsibility of the medical examiner or coroner
      …. When the circumstances of death (accident, suicide, or homicide) cannot be determined within the statutory time limit, the cause-of-death section should be completed and the manner of death should be shown as ‘‘pending investigation.’’

      As soon as the cause of death and circumstances or manner of death are determined, the medical examiner or coroner should file a supplemental report with the registrar or correct or amend the death certificate according to State and local regulations regarding this procedure.

      When a body has been found after a long period of time, the medical examiner or coroner should estimate the date and time of death as accurately as possible. If an estimate is made, the information should be entered as ‘‘APPROX—date’’ and/or ‘‘APPROX—time.’’ Page 15

        • What this booklet refers to is the information Dr. Horn was supposed to file for the US Gov. and this was to include his estimated day of death ‘Approx’.

          It is different than the regular death certificate with more specifics.
          The regular death certificate will always show the day the body was found.

    • Yes, and this is exactly why it will be bc of his testimony that the appellate courts will reverse this case. I am not even touching the other subjects of Brady violations, etc….Dr. Horn will be the reason Jodi’s conviction will be reversed IMHO….Dr. Horn was key to getting the jury to buy the fairytale that the prosecution was serving up and he did his part exquisitely but that does not make it right. REVERSE, REMAND, DISMISS WITH PREJUDICE !!!!

      • Since he has done it before, did it here, and will do it again, his license needs to go ‘bye-bye’, IMVHO of course!!!!!!

        There is no room or excuse for lying to a court of law; especially one that is trying a young woman in a death penalty case.

        • I think when somebody lies to get someone the death pentaty, they should get a very strict sentence, like premeditated murder because it is very serious.
          The person could get death and probably a lot of them have because these
          authorities believe it’s ok to lie.
          They’ve gotten by with it for so long, it’s time to get serious with them.

          • The really really sick thing about this is that people like Dr. Horn can actually justify in their minds what they are doing because technically he did not lie. When asked if the bullet went through the brain / dura mater he said “It must have” this is equivocation, not a lie. However it is misleading and speculation and this is what the appellate courts will hammer down on in this case. They have done it before on cases he has worked on and I don’t think they will let the prosecution get away with speculative / misleading critical testimony that was key to convincing the jury that the gunshot was last, not first. The autopsy report speaks for itself. It is the truth. The dura mater was “intact” and the brain was undamaged. Dr. Horn knows this and his pathetic attempt to dance on a high wire with his carefully chosen words will NOT FOOL THE APPELLATE COURT JUDGES !!!!The conviction will be reversed IMHO. The appellate attorneys working for Jodi know all this stuff already and we hope and pray daily that they are diligent to get every detail necessary to lay it out for the appellate judges to see exactly what a farce of a case this was.


  29. So why did it seem that all who took the stand for JODI from what I recall at one time used the word murder? A mistake a goof up …so why did not the team correct them or the JUDGE.And with that the jury had all it needed to cover their butt to do their best to MURDER an INNOCENT. Now folks that sad day was either SELF DEFENSE or MURDER…and from the facts that I know of I.ll stand for SELF DEFENSE. NO matter what ANY GOV. says SELF DEFENSE is NEVER MURDER ….SHE did what SHE needed to stop his WRATH. In a real fight unlike MMA a person is one hit from getting killed. This SHE never could have done this or that….tell that to the 17 yr. who lifted her dads car to save him…now go out an try to lift Your car. Jodi had met his wrath before and this time feared for HER life and did what SHE had to do to survive. How is it that police or the military can shoot a person a 100 times and people say …they,re justified…ya think. NOW if any think it was MURDER….well there is another site…..

    • Besides the use of the word “murder”, before it had even been determined whether or not it was self-defense, I also cringed every time Travis was referred to as the “victim”. If a defendant is claiming self-defense, it is up to the jury, during deliberations, to determine who exactly was the victim. But constantly referring to Travis as the victim helped to solidify in the jurors’ minds that Jodi was the attacker.

      • Justus, are you saying that state witnesses used the word ‘murder’ in the first trial? Or just the second? It would be OK in the second because of the conviction.

      • I believe that Arizona law says that anyone who dies as a result of a homicide is referred to as a “victim”. There was a pretrial hearing on this issue and the judge ruled that there was no evidence to suggest that Travis didn’t die as a result of homicide.

    • They should not have. It is a very common mistake that even Jodi’s own attorneys made. It was a killing, not a murder and there is a huge difference. I don’t think though that this made a difference to this jury. This jury already had their pathetic idiotic minds made up !!

    • Yeah, like squeezing blood out of a turnip is really going to work !! LOL!!! NOT !!!! Jodi has no money to pay the Alexander’s they’ll just have to keep their hands out for “donations” LOL!!!!

    • OK, someone explain to me why the Alexanders feel they deserve anything from Jodi at all? Three million isn’t enough to comfort their “loss”? Jodi is the only one in this big wide world who ever cared and loved him. The Alexanders knew he was abusive and he proved his devotion to his family in his written words. Jodi was willing to give her life up to protect his sick and disturbed past but they weren’t. They wanted his dirty laundry out for the world to examine. The prosecutor and the Alexanders are why the state of Arizona have wasted millions of $$$$ trying to kill someone who was only defending herself from a vicious attack. Maybe the Prosecutor and the Alexanders should pay the ones to pay for their vengeful & vindictive in this ridiculous restitution hearing. The Alexanders were not close with Travis at all. . .Travis stated it in his own words. They are not his children, they are not his spouse so WHY would they ever deserve anything from this tragedy. The monies that have been scammed from the masses should have taken care of them for the rest of their natural lives. GREED will get the Best of them. . .if there is any IMO. IMO they do not want to heal from their grief because they never have suffered grief only their own guilty regrets that they weren’t there for Travis. . never really knew him.

      • *Maybe the prosecutor and the Alexanders are the ones that should pay for their vengefulness & vindictiveness in this ridiculous restitution hearing. Wanted to clear that up! 🙄

        • I believe she took that route because heading up the 15 through Vegas was her original planned route, before being sidetracked to Travis’. Considering her state of mind when she left Travis’, she wasn’t necessarily thinking about seeking out a new route. She was probably on autopilot by then.

          • To have driven that particular route on autopilot would be highly unlikely, Justus, you must be jesting! The route has many turns, minor roads, and towns with traffic lights. Few if any gas stations would be open late at night in the towns. A driver would have to be alert, not on autopilot to travel this route.

            • I completely agree with Justus Forusall; Jodi was able to drive that route on autopilot.
              When the mind is coping with unbearable trauma, the mind is able to compensate in incredible, unfathomable ways.
              The mind has great powers and is still a mystery even to the greatest scientists.
              Being on autoplilot can permit the ultimate alertness. Deliberate effort can greatly reduce alertness.

    • Dwight, Great thinking/writing! 😉 now, please write up in order (from begining to end) LEGAL ERRORS so Jodi can win her appeal. Like CH says it has to be to the point and well written. Please mastermind table of contents starting with the lies of Det Flor and the LEAKED SEALED DOCUMENTS that he recieved demotion over! PLUS HIS LYING UNDER OATH…PERJURY ! ThankYou Then the rest of the #1 FREE JODI SUPPORTERS will putour thinking caps on, fine tune and persent to the proper authorities. Hopefully this wont take years!!! So unfair if it does.

    • Here are some recorded facts about what Chris and Sky Hughes thought of Travis per emails read in court on the transcript from Chris and Sky Hughes – some written to Jodi and some written to Travis – so who is telling the truth????Jodi or the Hughes ??????? (reprinted from an earlier post of mine):

      Read it for yourself if you still believe that TA was not abusive…LOL !!

      Chris and Sky Hughes, both long time good friends of Travis Alexander who knew him well stated all the following in emails that they wrote to Travis Alexander and to Jodi Arias: The following is from trial testimony from the emails:

      ***he “abused women”
      ***he “gutted women”
      ***he used them for “booty calls”
      ***they were concerned that Jodi would become one of “T-dogg’s victims”
      ***they told Jodi that Travis was a “jerk”
      ***they told Jodi that Travis was “mean to girls”
      ***they told Jodi that Travis was “abusive to women”
      ***they told Jodi that she is “blind to the type of person that he really is”
      ***they told Jodi that Travis is a “broken person”
      ***they told Jodi that Travis is “fucked up in the head”
      ***they told Jodi that “Travis needs counseling”
      ***they told Jodi she would be better off with someone else
      ***they talk about Travis’ history with women – a history that starts long before Jodi ever came on the scene
      ***they told Jodi that Travis is “extremely abusive to women”
      ***Sky Hughes stated that she would be very afraid if her younger sister even showed an interest in Travis in fact she states that she would not allow that to happen.

      The Hughes tried to warn Jodi about Travis and that she would be better off with someone else because he treated women very badly and abused women. They cared about Jodi and were concerned that Jodi would get hurt and become another one of “T-Dogg’s victims.” T-Dogg was Travis’ nickname that referenced his alter ego. They saw what he had done to his former girlfriend, Deanna, and tried to warn Jodi about his ways. Sky Hughes talks in these emails about his history with women long before Jodi ever came into his life. This was a historical pattern that both Chris and Sky Hughes saw with Travis with the abusive way he treated women and they didn’t like it. Both of the Hughes tried to deny the meaning of the emails during the trial but the emails speak clearly for themselves and there is no way to read them other than for exactly what they say.

      Travis writes in emails: The following is from trial testimony from emails written by Travis:

      ***he realizes how “lucky” he would be to have Jodi as part of his life forever
      ***he writes how was suffering greatly and was distressed because he had lost $250,000 dollars and he was feeling a great deal of pressure. He states, “I’m scrambling and worrying and receiving intense outside pressure from so many sources to fix myself that I’m about to have a nervous breakdown.”
      ***he calls himself “a bit of a sociopath”
      ***he calls Jodi a “whore”
      ***he calls Jodi a “slut”
      ***he calls Jodi a “three-hole wonder”
      ***he calls Jodi a “skank”

      The above lists of quotes and other statements from emails are not exhaustive, they are just some of what was written in the emails and texts and chats that were presented in court. All of these that were introduced as evidence in this case are available online.

      So who really can defend this abusive behavior. Just ask yourself would you allow your daughter to date TA? Sky Hughes stated she would not allow her younger sister to even show an interest in TA. That says it all right there, doesn’t it?

      Abuse is abuse is abuse, period.

  30. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Made it but doors are locked at the moment. All the news crews are back!

  31. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    Juan is here in grey with a black tie

    (why does Jen think anyone gives a shit about what the frog’s wearing???)

  32. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    We are in! Cameraman doesn’t know if he’s streaming so my guess is no

  33. Chris Williams ‏@chriswnews
    In court awaiting #JodiArias restitution hearing. #TravisAlexander. #Arias has not yet arrived

  34. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer · 4m4 minutes ago
    Judge Sherry Stephens calls Martinez and Willmott to the bench for a sizzling sidebar, for old time sakes. #jodiarias

  35. Mike Watkiss ‏@mikewatkiss3tv · 6m6 minutes ago
    Deja vu all over again-back in Courtroom 5C-#jodiarias restitution hearing about to begin

    The whole gang is back!

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