Retrial Video Replay – Day 3

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Retrial Video Replay – Day 3:

Part 1/3 (Flores cross):

Part 2/3 (Walmart Manager/Officer Friedman):

Part 3/3 (jury addressed + trial day ends):

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      • Someone should write a book about the perjurors with the cover being the hughes, alexanders, roomates, juan, flores and the team of liars on the front cover.
        All of them with the noses growing and their pants on fire.

        That would be a beautiful cover.

        Also add the “judge” with her ears and eyes closed.

        That would speak volumes about this trial without reading a word.

        The jury asleep!

    • If you want to read the comments on the actual day of the trial, starting right when the morning session actually begins (i.e., at the beginning of video 1), open the following link (in a separate window from the one in which you are playing the video):

      I thought it would be interesting to compare what was being tweeted against what was really going on. And perhaps add additional comments? But if we do add additional comments I would like to suggest that we put a common note at the beginning of each comment so we can easily see what was original and what came after watching the video. Might I suggest the word VIDEO. Example:


      I can barely stand listening to Martinez. I must still be suffering from the PTSD I developed while listening to him during the first trial.

  1. For those who may like a little explanation for the appellate process:

    This is a very easy to read, interesting, and understandable article about appeals that some of JAII readers might find interesting.

    Right now, in spite of the position Jodi finds herself, a positive outcome IS possible.
    The appellate attorney who has been assigned to this case is knowledgeable and respected; hopefully she is also aware of the antics of the prosecutor of Jodi’s case, and the fact that he has a ‘dubious’ reputation and who very conceivably could have broken rules, especially evidentiary rules, during this trial!

  2. Walmart lady: Were the audits the same? What’s an audit? No they didn’t change.

    She doesn’t know what an audit is but she knows that it didn’t change> Another state witness who will say anything the prosecutor wants them to.

      • It was a question from the jury – and she answered it that way. SMH to the jury!! Nurmi did do a decent job IMO on the move that Walmart made from one store to another and although she was testifying like she knew everything for positive sure, she was working in clothing as a sales clerk during that time and she sure wasn’t an IT person. Nurmi kept objecting a to foundation for her testimony but as usual JSS overruled his objections.

    • So right Carol ! The Walmart lady admitted that she was not sure if everything was moved to the new location. END OF STORY !! This is just another example of how this idiotic, stupid, moronic jury did not listen to the testimony and follow the juror instructions as to reasonable doubt….hello?? anyone home???

      ***The gas can issue:
      Much was made by the state about Jodi purchasing a third gas can from a Walmart in Salinas, CA. The state has asserted that this is part of the proof that Jodi premeditated the killing of Travis Alexander. Let’s look at the facts on this: from testimony in the criminal trial:

      Jodi asked her former boyfriend, Darryl Brewer to borrow his two gas cans as she was planning on traveling through the desert alone and this is something that she and Darryl did when they traveled through desert areas when they were still together. Darryl borrowed her the two gas cans.

      1) She bought a third gas can (labeled as a “kero can” on the receipt) from a Walmart in Salinas, CA store #2458 on June 3, 2008 but then testified she returned it shortly after she went to Starbucks for coffee figuring she really did not need it. She states she got cash back. It was a small purchase amount.

      2)Jodi testifies that she returned the gas can to the same store that she purchased it from in Salinas. However, that store #2458 moved its location after 2008 to a nearby location also in Salinas. So there are now two stores in Salinas, CA each with a different store number.

      3)Amanda Webb is the employee (asset manager) for Walmart store #2458 that did the research on this issue to try to find the data to show that Jodi returned the gas can (which by the way was labeled as a kerosene can on the receipt) Amanda was not working for the Walmart in Salinas in 2008 she was working somewhere else at another Walmart folding clothes as a sales associate.

      4)Amanda’s task was to research the computer data for store #2458 which she did.

      5)She testified that she could NOT state whether or not the new store location for store #2458 got new computers and registers or whether the old ones were moved/transferred to the new location.

      6) The old store location on N. Davis where Jodi purchased the kerosene (gas) can now has a different store number…it is no longer #2458 but is now #5751 as Amanda Webb testified on the stand

      7) Amanda Webb states in testimony that she does NOT know if all the data got transferred to the new store during the move OR IF ANY MISTAKES WERE MADE

      8) She testifies that she can NOT state that her records on her research is complete

      9) She also testifies that she can NOT state whether any records or data were lost during the transfer to the new store

      10) She agreed that data could have been lost


      Despite the many, many questions that Juan Martinez asked regarding the gas receipts and the number of gallons of gas that Jodi bought, none of those receipts prove that Jodi had a 3rd gas can. In other words, the total amount of gallons could be explained by Jodi putting gas into the two 5 gallon gas cans, and putting gas into her car, and then perhaps “topping off” her car and “topping off” the gas cans or some similar combination of events – this could explain the three gas receipts that totaled up the approximate 25 gallons of gas that she bought at the station in Salt Lake City, Utah on her return trip home.

      Another question to ponder is why on her return trip from Salt Lake City, UT to her home in Yreka, CA did she still feel the need to fill up the gas cans that were supposedly only in her possession to keep her trip to AZ a secret. Her so-called mission to “murder Travis Alexander” was over so why bother to fill up the gas cans especially if you are trying to hide the existence of a supposed 3rd can. You know the one she purchased at a very secret location and little known or used out of the way store !! LOL !!! Well, certainly if you were trying to hide the existence of a third can you would not fill that can up on the way home from Salt Lake City after the murder was done. Why fill up a supposed third gas can on your way home that you are trying to hide the existence of? Perhaps it was because she used the gas cans for exactly the reason she stated and that was that Darryl Brewer (her former boyfriend) and her had gotten into a habit of carrying gas cans in the car when traveling through desert areas and she also states in testimony that it would allow her to buy gas at cheaper prices and save money that way.

      Jodi was and is highly intelligent. Her so called premeditated plan is one that is full of a long trail of so-called evidence like gas receipts that she kept (she could have thrown them away), credit card bank account receipts (she could have used cash which she had available in her bank accounts), a burglary report of a stolen gun and other items (she could have just taken the gun and returned it before her grandfather ever knew it was missing from his messy, disorganized home; and she could have not taken other items thus not alerting her grandparents that the home had been burglarized and thus avoiding a police report all together – if you believe this nonsense at all !!!), renting a car when someone was with her using her own name (she could have rented while alone – no unnecessary witness – using a phony name/ID), borrowing gas cans from her former boyfriend (could have bought all the gas cans from some small out of the way hardware store or something using cash which is harder to trace)

      During trial Kirk Nurmi points out that the prosecution did not check the other stores in the Salinas area – only store #2458. Store #2458 at the original location on N. Davis was re-numbered as store #5751 after store #2458 moved to a nearby location in Salinas. There are now two stores in Salinas, CA. Jodi bought and returned the gas can at the original location at N. Davis store (formerly #2458, now #5751)

      If someone perhaps were to go back to store #5751 where Jodi testifies she originally purchased and returned the 5 gallon “kerosene” container they may actually find the return proof there. Or simply, it could be as Amanda Webb testified to that mistakes could have been made and data could have been lost when the transfer of data from store #2458 was made to the new location of the store. She could not even state that her research records were complete. We have all been to a Walmart and returned things. I have personally been to a Walmart to return items even without a receipt and gotten cash back for a small purchase. Who knows if this is what is supposed to be done, but we know it gets done sometimes regardless.


      • Good post BB even though the gas cans are just one of those issues that leave me feeling like I want to pull my hair out. How 12 people could believe any of that was true I will never ever understand. So much time spent on just BS. I personally would like to shove those gas cans right up JM’s butt along with a list of other things.

      • BB, excellent points.

        I still think that all the GAS CAN mumbo jumbo was nothing more than bullshittery. Prosecution tried to make something out of it when there was nothing to actually find. If travis had been beat to death by a gas can, I would understand martinez’s obsession about why the gas can would be of importance. Other than that? No point in making such a big fuss.

        Ya, there is a perfectly normal explanation why Jodi wanted gas cans: she was going on a trip driving through the desert. That was ‘proactive’ thinking for her not to get stranded in the middle of nowhere. Only an idiot taking a trip through the desert wouldn’t think of having extra gas with him…

      • BB ♥ ♥

        Summing up all this craziness and all the ridiculously weak arguments the frog put forward and the brainless jury bought pretty well!
        Jodi left behind her a looooong trail of evidence. The State and the jury must make their effing minds up: what is she? Extremely cunning manipulative and a cold-hearted calculative killer OR as stupid blonde?
        They cannot attribute both to Jodi. Coz they did! So,she carefully planned and thought out the crime but left a disgacefully sloppy crime scene pointing at her behind and a paper trail documenting her ever move.
        PUH-LEEZ! 🙄

  3. Guys, you might like to read about this case that happened in England so much like Jodi’s except that there were two women involved. The result was a girl defended herself by stabbing an abuser to death. The girl got life in the first trial but in a new trial she got off because the Prosecutor was found wanting in this case by her practices …the girl here gives an interview to the BBC about her case & calls for the DPP to resign. Here’s the link.

  4. I have to thank you, SJ, for putting up so MUCH information about Jodi’s case.

    Some of it is boring to read or listen to, but it is so terribly important to Jodi’s future; all this information will be available to the appellate lawyer UNLESS Maricopa County only gives them most but not all of it;
    because it really starts with the original Flores Report that was edited for the probable cause hearing to fit the detective and prosecutor’s story.

    The lengths they have gone to convict Jodi is mind-boggling!

    • I must say, It is Handy having the Carol commenting on this site! Mostly when she said there could be a positive outcome!! I will say you can be a wee bit abrasive at times but I do know yr heart is in the right place. Lets hear it for Carol Handy! YEAH !:)

    • Dwight, she changed her hair color sometime between the end of the first trial and the retrial penalty phase. The tweeters were all commenting on the first day she showed up for retrial.

  5. ♥♥ ONWARD TEAM JODI ONWARD!!!!!! ♥♥
    ♥♥♥ Don’t forget to write to Jodi and DONATE! ♥♥♥

    Romans 12:10 Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.

    • Thank you Vicky!

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer · 1m1 minute ago
      Actually, at least two complaints filed on Juan Martinez so far; State Bar will only confirm he is being investigated for #JodiArias trial.

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer · 27m27 minutes ago
      Fed Judge Silver sets Aug 10 trial date for DOJ civil rights case against Joe Arpaio and MCSO alleging Latino discrimination and retaliation

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer · 44m44 minutes ago
      State Bar of Arizona screening first of bar charges against #JodiArias prosecutor Juan Martinez. Defense bar preparing a second.

  6. Wow! I guess Tyrant Arpaio is really trying to manipulate the focus and dynamics now, in a desperate effort to get public opinion on his side.
    ***IF***what I just read is true___ the manipulator just hired disgraced cop Eric Casebolt ( cop now notorious because of Mckinney pool video).
    Even though Casebolt’s own police chief called Casebolt’s actions in the pool video “indefensible,”
    Arpaio just decided to hire him to head up his new SWAT unit.
    Thugs that are birds of a feather.

    Also, an apropos term I came across on the internet: “culture of cruelty”.

    All of this is IF the article is true, which I am not sure.

      • I can’ t link it, but it was an article reported on and the purported author is Darius Rubics, who the site says has won a Pulitzer and Peabody award.
        But it appears that both the article and the author are false. I googled Rubics’ name; apparently he has committed similar hoaxes.

        I don’ t even know if is a reputable site.
        I don’ t think it is the same examiner that includes the shoddy, made- up gossip ‘articles’.

        (I DID think it was plausible that Arpaio would do such a thing.)

    • I think this a ‘spoof’ Amy – all ‘fun and games’. If it were for real there would be a mention of it in the Arizona Republic newspaper for sure, and no, it isn’t there!
      Well, it was good for a chuckle!

      • Yes, it is definitely a spoof; so much time has passed that if it was true, major news outlets would have picked it up.
        I still believe it is the sort of thing Arpaio would do if he could.

  7. Can’t wait for the day when appeals finally set Jodi free. She’s been through so much and i just know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. She’s the strongest woman i know and i’m so grateful that i got the chance to webcam with her. The haters don’t know Jodi like we do. I’m 18 and have been through an abusive relationship in the past & totally understand why Jodi had such a hard time ending the relationship for good. (mostly because travis kept pulling her back in and wouldnt leave her alone) only people that have been through similar situations would understand. Jodi is such a sweetheart and she deserves an amazing guy that will treat her with respect. I love you Jodi 🙂 stay strong, beautiful..remember what i told you xo

    lil mermaid luvs ya! hehe

  8. Troy Puke Haden just tweeted this :

    Troy Hayden ‏@troyhaydenfox10
    Maricopa County Attys office on AZ Bar investigation of prosecutor Juan Martinez in #JodiArias case: “No comment. Routine defense tactic.”

  9. Questions, again!!!

    I’m always talking to my husband about this case and Jodi. Last week was the first time he had heard there was a burgsome had burgulized Jodi’s grand parents house.

    Myself I had only heard about Jodi taking her Grand Father’s gun, but we didn’t know other things like the TV and other electronics were stolen.

    So who actually stole the gun and why would Jodi steal it knowing ta had a gun.

    Does anyone know where both guns are?

    • No one knows who stole grandpa’s gun and the other things from their house. I wish that person would come forward. As for TA’s gun, Jodi testified she threw it away in the desert. It doesn’t make sense that she would “steal” grandpa’s gun and get the Yreka police called out, when she could have just borrowed it and no one would have known it was missing.

      • Thanks CC,
        We must have been writing at the same time. : )

        Anyway thanks for answering. : )

        Did they investigate that OR just say well his gun’s gone so everyone is pointing at Jodi?

        They don’t work very hard at investigating, do they?

        Did they try and make the jury believe that she shot him with her Grandpa’s gun or ta’s gun?
        What about the knife. I thought it was in the dishwasher, but they never had any weapon to show us and the jury she supposedly used?

        • The Yreka police were called out by the grandparents because the door was kicked in and things were taken. Jodi and her sister were out of town at a retreat on the Oregon border when it happened. The detective testified that he had never heard of someone breaking in and leaving change behind but it happened to someone that I know and whoever broke into his house took some things and left others, including his change jar. Jodi was never charged with the break-in but kermit stated it like it was a fact. I understand that Jodi had pictures of that retreat on her camera, but of course, all the sim cards are mysteriously missing. Jodi testified that she had a faint recollection of putting a knife in the dishwasher, but does not know if it relates to the 4th or another time. They had pics of the knives in his knife block, but they didn’t collect any of them as evidence.

          Kermit actually argued it both ways in the first trial, and used the burglary of TA’s gun against Jodi to turn it into a felony murder charge and some of the jury actually bought it. 🙄

          • Thanks CC,
            Of course they bought it. Anything thrown at her they “believed” it must be true.
            There is no way that a jury could set there and buy all of the crap that was thrown to them.

            You’re right, money is left all of the time in a burglary.
            Not uncommon at all.

            I just get sick and sicker every time I hear more about NO evidence.
            Certainly they have the wrong person that did that and makes it just as easy that they have the wrong person that killed ta.

            Every way they try and prove it, there’s none!

  10. I really hope the Bar gets him this time. When u google about him it tells he had other cases he was being investigated on. I wondered then why he was allowed to be on Jodi’s case . I think there was at least 3 other complaints. He should be suspended while under investigation! From what I read alexanders wanted him and only him as pros. attorney so they waited and waited till he became their useful bogus tool. Hope that piece of stinking awful finally has to pay for all his wicked deeds! THE little john will have his day in court.. AGAIN

  11. Correction!!! : )

    “there was a burglary at Jodi’s Grandparents house”

    while I’m correcting that, I want to know IF they found out who did it?

    • If they did, nobody has mentioned it.

      The statistics show that little town Yreka had nearly one burglary a week that year, another little detail that Nurmi failed to get before the jury. Doesn’t that help raise the probability that someone else burglarized grandpa’s house? Isn’t that an important thing to point out?

      • Absolutely Justus. See, it’s those little things that the DT didn’t dig into that would have made a difference to the jury.

        • It was VERY important!!!!
          Several things were stolen and jm made it sound like
          Jodi just went in and stole the gun.
          WHICH was another lie.

          They try to say that to make it sound like Jodi’s plan was to kill ta, when ta had a gun.
          BTW, where is granpas’s gun. IF they find the other things that were stolen that night,
          they will find out who took the gun.
          I wonder if they checked all of the pawn shops around there.

    • It’s pretty simple: if you are scared shitless of someone you don’t invite them to yuor house and you don’t have sex with them over and over and over again. June 4th nulifies the whole Travis-was-afraid-ofJodi point. Let stupid people believe what they wanna believe, they are too commited to wearing their blinders apparently.

  12. This link is full of mugshots of those arrested in Maricopa for the past week…now you may say why am I posting that here? Well…the reason I am posting link, is because of what is written underneath the bold print headline. It starts with “Check out 50 of Maricopa mugshots of the week…it’s the words beside that that anger me…for I say, “why was Jodi Arias found guilty by Prosecutor/Media from day one”? Before her trial even started? Justice in Maricopa “Stinks”!

  13. Just to set the record straight, I am not a lawyer. Anyone can look up the law and see whether the law was carried out in the case. If a juror needs clarification on a legal point the judge must respond. So, being the 13th juror is what I have tried to be; I am questioning the validity of the evidence the prosecutor presented that convicted Jodi. Just about everything I look at is questionable: the pictures, purchased gas, stolen gun, the lack of fingerprints and DNA, the trip from Mesa to Utah, the physical condition of the corpse when it was found. If the evidence did not support the charge and verdict then….what?

    The Arizona Rules of Evidence states:
    (a) In General. To satisfy the requirement of authenticating or identifying an item of evidence, the proponent must produce evidence sufficient to support a finding that the item is what the proponent claims it is.
    (1) Testimony of a Witness with Knowledge. Testimony that an item is what it is claimed to be.

    During his testimony, Detective Melendez ‘verified’ that the pictures came from Travis’ new camera, which purportedly took some of the pictures by accident.
    The accidental pictures that were supposed to show the ‘crime in progress’ have been discredited by Jade’s focus on them, but they have not been discredited in court and they should be discredited by a court of law.

    Rule 403. Excluding Relevant Evidence for Prejudice, Confusion, Waste of Time, or Other Reasons
    The court may exclude relevant evidence if its probative value is substantially outweighed by a danger of one or more of the following: unfair prejudice, confusing the issues, misleading the jury, undue delay, wasting time, or needlessly presenting cumulative evidence.

    The prosecutor showed pictures of a naked woman’s vagina, but there was no face in the picture, so on what basis was this picture allowed into evidence, or was it just shown for some other reason?
    The picture of a couple in the act of sexual intercourse does not show the couples identity, so how did it become a part of the record, shown and distributed to the public, or was it released for some other purpose?
    If these pictures were not in evidence why was the prosecutor allowed to show them in court, and/or indicate and suggest it was Jodi in those pictures?

    The defense counsel did not question the authenticity of the pictures as to the date and time and identity. The jurors did not evaluate the pictures as to date and time and identity. The defense did not have their expert evaluate the pictures for date and time and identity.

    What if some of these pictures were taken at a much earlier time?
    What if some of these pictures, which are supposedly of Jodi, are not of her at all?
    When looking at these pictures carefully, it seems like some of these pictures show a much younger man than the man pictured lying dead in the shower.

    When looking at the picture of Travis with his back to the camera as well as some, where he is standing sideways, the physic is much less muscular, as is his face.
    When looking at the picture of Travis lying on a bed naked with his arm raised with his hands showing a ‘V for victory’ , Travis appears to have a flat abdomen, and does not have muscular arms and his face looks much younger.

    Rule 901. Authenticating and Identifying Evidence
    (a) In General. To satisfy the requirement of authenticating or identifying an item of evidence, the proponent must produce evidence sufficient to support a finding that the item is what the proponent claims it is.
    (4) Distinctive Characteristics and the Like. The appearance, contents, substance, internal patterns, or other distinctive characteristics of the item, taken together with all the circumstances.

    When and where were these pictures really taken?
    Could an expert have been called to examine the pictures of Travis to determine if in fact these pictures were taken at a previous time in Travis’ life?
    If the answer is ‘yes’ than why didn’t the defense counsel do that very thing?

    • Your wisdom and willingness to speak up for Jodi inspire me. Your posts also make me angry from time to time, which as I know you understand, is a good thing.


      • Isn’t anger what this trial evokes in us all? I am very angry, Sandra, just as you are!
        Oh, yes! Free Jodi Arias, SOON!!!

        • I agree Carol,
          You couldn’t have watched/read about this trial and not get angry.
          That what modifies you to ask more questions and show how many
          things were downright criminal in this case and demands someone take action against
          these, liars.
          I don’t understand how they can get by with it. There are a whole lot of authorities in AZ
          that should be arrested and why not interrogate them?
          They aren’t above the law.

          They can’t just ask for the DP and wish for it with a lot of their lies.
          That isn’t looking for the truth.

          This has been going on from the very beginning. It’s time for them to pay.

          REALLY, are all of those pictures that we’ve seen supposedly taken by Jodi?
          I haven’t realy understood that.

          Of course there’s a lot I don’t understand.
          The pictures have never made any sense to me at all.

          I, like to look at it in a way as a 13th juror too.
          I’ve taken notes and asked questions.
          If there’s no answer, no explaination, how can you get the truth?
          And Jodi’s paying for what?
          What did they prove?
          Where were the facts?

          ALL lies! Then you know they’re all lying to cover for someone!

          • I’ll probably get booted and banned from here for saying this. But it’s not the first time I’ve said it, and likely won’t be the last. I don’t believe Jodi’s entire testimony on the stand. I am NOT saying she was willfully lying before the usual suspects accuse me of this. Helping Jodi is NOT easy for a myriad of reasons. I care about Jodi and last word I got from someone who recently visited Jodi is that she said, about me, “I like her.” Period. Full stop. Does what I write help or hurt Jodi? I wouldn’t keep doing it if I thought it hurt her more. I’m not a sadist. I don’t mean to offend anyone here, though I’m sure I do, but Jodi’s case seemed to land in my lap, so to speak, at a really interesting time in my life. I have many reasons I want to untangle the clusterfuck in Arizona. Jodi’s one of them.

                • Oh well now, you just had to bring that up didn’t you!!! I no longer believe in the Easter Bunny or Snow White thanks to a evil tiny frog……he ruined all of my childhood fairy tale memories!!! Pfffft………..smh. Giggling. 😉

            • From day one when I heard about this case I started reading up and had alot of questions which were adressed when I found yr site! I dont mean to gush but you have the most logical intelligent web site on these issues concerning Jodi ! Thank you for your beliefs and insight cuz I too believe there is ALOT of corruption , mysteries and unanswered questions! Dont understand how jm could put irrelevant pictures of vaginas and go on on on about poprocks and other candy, WTF! I thought the wee man wanted to touch himself after his spew of argument !!! MISCONDUCT ! How was he possibly allowed to due that??? Along with autopsy pic’s of the cut throat that had nothing to do with nothing!!! Horn did that! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHA … This prosecutor/judge/det flo/horn/the phony shrink that lost her laptop etc. Makes me feel so crazy. How in Gods green earth could this truly be allowed!

              • I agree, Sandra!
                And I also agree she wouldn’t do it willfully.

                However the state was full of nothing but lies, so how can she answer
                any of his questions. He loved sceaming at her.
                I’ve NEVER understood the pictures.
                And as Pam said more to speak, I think he was enjoying way too much.

                Also, he wanted this to really be a turnoff to Jodi and maybe to some it was, BUT to me it was more a turnoff to the little idiot that had never seen anything like this before.
                Like dwight said about some of them, there’s no way to prove they were Jodi.

                • No one under the conditions Jodi has endured for seven years and under the grilling of that rabid bulldog, no wait, that’s not fair to bulldogs, Juan, could anyone at the head of the Mensa class be expected to answer 100% truthfully, or accurately, or anything near that! Damn, I’m getting mad again!

              • Thank you so much, Pam. I realize I am not everyone’s “cup of tea”, and that is actually fine by me. You feel “so crazy”? Cool! I’m a member of that club. 🙂

                • I m guessing for a better word than crazy it would be O so frustrated!!! I can just imagine how all you better people have been able to deal with this HUGE INJUSTICE!! Good advice from one of Jodi’s more spunky but kind supporters said to take a minute and just breathe! He said ta was a BIG JERK and got what was coming to him for his lifestyle and use of women but Jodi killed out of crime of passion. Ive heard of crime of passion cases before. The defendant gets around 15 years but gets out after 7 for good behavior. Hopefully this can all be turned around for Jodi.. So lets raise our glass for a second chance for Miss Jodi! Hope when she does get out she will go on to law schooling .

                • Tot Doc losing her laptop…… was “stolen”. Blinkblink remember? Another fairy tale for the brainwashed. Very convenient I would say. Wonder if she collected insurance on that farce?

    • Anger, frustration, ‘shaking my head’ moments, ‘screaming at screen’ moments, ‘wtf?’ moments… All that and many more emotions while watching & following both trials.

      Even today, when we discuss issues from the trials, I still get wound up about how clueless both juries were. If they didn’t believe Jodi 100% that’s ok. BUT WERE THEY 100% CERTAIN THAT THERE WAS NO REASONABLE DOUBT? Come on now, there are so many holes in the case that it reeked of REASONABLE DOUBT. I think that both sides can be honest about that.

      So if the jurors had at least 1% of reasonable doubt, how was it possible for them to give a verdict of premeditated 1st degree. It contradicts from the juror rules that they were given before going in to deliberate.

      • Why oh why did not a single juror from either trial mention the fact that the two most important state witnesses setting up the premeditation and sequence of the injuries were caught in a BIG FAT LIE?

        I could not have found her guilty of premeditated murder based on their lies and would have mentioned that I found their perjury very troubling in the any post interview, but I am one very happily one of the boring dummies that believe that Jodi was telling the truth on the stand.

        • First jury consisted of impressionable,brain-damaged Juan Martinezmerized stupid fucktardss, that’s why!

  14. Ok, listening to the cop that investigated the grandparents’ house robbery, he said that the gun that was stolen was fully loaded with 7 bullets.

    Having that in mind, let me play devil’s advocate: IF Jodi had stolen it with intention of killing travis, why the hell would she find it more practical to only shoot travis once and then have a man to man combat using a knife as a second weapon. It’s absolutely ridiculous!

    She could have emptied the 7 bullets on travis from a safe distance and be done with him!

    So, this only goes to show that premeditation was out of the question based on logic. Somebody has to be really stupid to have planned to kill someone and not use the weapon they already have (that is fully loaded) to finish off the ‘job’. And we know that Jodi is NOT even close to stupid… 😉

    Basically what I’m saying is that Jodi didn’t steal the gun. She reached for the one that travis had in an attempt to scare/ stop him from attacking her more! Apparently, that gun was not fully loaded with bullets. It probably had one and so after he continued to attack Jodi, she had no choice but fight back with the knife.

    • Pandora –
      I haven’t heard the Yreka cop’s testimony. Did he specify, on the witness stand, what he said in his report? That the bullets in the .25 were hollow points?
      Because the bullet removed from Travis was not a hollow point.
      And Geffner testified to the damage that would have been done by a hollow point bullet traveling through the brain – damage that wasn’t noted in the autopsy report or in Horn’s testimony.

      That said – numerous sources report that the .25 auto is VERY prone to jamming, particularly if it isn’t well and consistently maintained. And a jammed gun was part of Jodi’s intruder story.

      • Hey there Journee.

        It’s video 2/3 and his testimony starts at exactly 35:00 min in.

        All he says is that the handgun was semi automatic, 25 cal. 3-4 inches long. He also says that the handgun was loaded with a full magazine of 7 rounds.

        During the cross and at 58:00 in he does state that he was told that the bullets were hollow points! 😉

        • Why was jaun able to bring up the burglary at her Grandpa’s house,
          I can’t remember every detail, but if I remember right, juan did bring that up.
          So, who’s gun was juan accusing Jodi of using?

          That was so totally bullshit!
          Where is grandpa’s gun now?

    • So very true, Pan! Try as they might to make Jodi THAT stupid. She just really isn’t. But Juan is and he counts on everyone else also being THAT stupid. We’re not.

      • We are not. But the 12 fuckers who got to sit on that jury box unfortunately were. And there’s no turning back time. 🙁

    Don’t forget to write to Jodi with all of your positive thoughts and donate when you can!!!!!

    “We each have the power to give. It’s the most gratifying feeling ever. By reaching out to help another human being you’re sending ripples of positive change.” ~~~~ Dana Arcuri

    Two things we agree on is Jodi Arias should be a FREE WOMAN and changes need to be made in the justice system of Maricopa County, Arizona. Positive Change is coming……♥

  16. Now that I have watched the video, I am left wondering why Miss Samantha did not seem to know that it was Tara, aka original juror 17, who was going to be on Drew show since she seems to have been adopted by the “family”. Also, I am very happy that Jodi did not waive her right to be there like it seemed everyone wanted.

  17. This JODI did not tell the truth on the stand I will never buy.For one it would end HER right to appeals and SHE knew that tiny would rip HER a new one if he caught HER in a LIE…….he did not…that,s FACT. Tell me one person on this earth over 18 who has,nt lied just one No such person we all lie for many do you like/ love me …Hmm or have you ever lied… unless you have a memory like a certain rat (tiny rat) you,d have to be real careful answering that one. SHE did say …I told the truth on the stand and why would SHE lose HER life or freedom for him…NOW! duh Please don,t ever ask or tell JODI to keep quiet or shut up….once SHE said it was selfdefense what else could SHE do and SHE alone saved HERSELF with HER allocution who I ask has ever hung any jury 8 to 4 after twice wronging the defendant. People 5 times they have tried to harm HER and all 5 times FAILED….none I know of have survived such hate and evil But SHE has and will the bravest of the brave and a true survivor. I for one believe in HER and stand by HER w/o end……GRIZ…out.

    • Personally I do not think Jodi lied when she testified she had developed a confabulated tale.
      She started confabulating a story at the end of her police interrogation when she said she was there. This was done ‘for Travis’ family’ to give them some understanding and she fit her story to the evidence. Even then she did not admit to killing Travis.

      It was a foolish thing for her to begin: her confabulated story to fit the evidence, and later, after two years of maintaining her innocence, the attorneys convinced her to continue confabulating and the story grew.
      In spite of everything, there were entirely too many if, maybe, might have, could have, must haves to make me believe she was not confabulating.

      During her testimony on the stand: ‘Why did you say that’ Nurmi asks Jodi. She says ‘because it fits the evidence’. He then says ‘did you mean to say that’ and she says ‘yes’.

      • You’re in for a big blow to your imagination. I tried to tell you before. There is more info out there from Jodi, you are not privy to yet. So measure yourself. You might be wrong.

      • I’ve always heard you follow your lawyers instructions.
        He/She is supposed to defend you.
        Flores told Jodi no one would believe her.
        Am I wrong in asking didn’t nurmi say the same?

        Why is intruder surprising? Happens all of the time.

        • You have to admit that you are saying that Jodi has been manipulated from the very beginning all the way to the end of the trial. You have this idea that Jodi was pressured into the decision to plead self-defense. You seem to think Jodi was pressured away from the intruder story. What you have not stated is the actual evidence is more inclusive, than exclusive of Jodi. When Jodi attempted to take a plea deal,way way before the trial, she handed frog the reins.Jodi was at least 4 years into the process at that point. frog had little to prove, at that point, except if it was or wasn’t self defense. Jodi incriminated herself, and Jodi was completely intelligent enough to understand the ramifications of asking for a plea deal.
          Why, oh why, would Jodi, a woman with vastly superior intelligence to most of us except maybe Journee, accept responsibility for ta’s death if she didn’t do it? You really think flores and nurmi convinced and brainwashed Jodi? What about the interviews by Gefner and Alice. They knew that Jodi was pleading self-defense before interviewing Jodi, and didn’t bat an eye when it came time to reveal their opinions in court. Your saying that every part of Jodi’s defense was based on Jodi being manipulated to choose self-defense, and then Jodi had the sheer incredible ability to face the frog for 18 days and lie? Every bit of testimony put forth by nurmi and Jennifer was based on self-defense. You’re saying that not only was Jodi lying, but every defense witness was testifying based on lying from Jodi.
          Seriously, I understand you have something that made or makes you believe, what you believe, and everything else is reinforcement. What I don’t understand is why oh why you think Jodi is in some kind of fog for these seven years, and portray this circumstance as all out of Jodi’s control and weak imagination. Give Jodi the benefit of the choices she’s made to plead self-defense. Give Jodi the respect she deserves to make her own choices and live with it.
          Jodi had opportunities to freely tell the court when Jodi was pro se twice that she didn’t do it, and she had opportunities at other times in the trial when testifying and in her TV interviews.
          You can think what you want Aly. I just think you are not giving Jodi her due by saying she was wholesale lying or not under her right mental faculties as an adult to exercise her prerogative to accept responsibility..
          You need more than suspicion to prove Jodi was not defending herself.

          I would never dispute that the evidence presented, is not incriminating, and is not direct., except for Jodi’s admission.
          Believe what you want. I really am NOT asking you to capitulate. You wouldn’t anyway. Your choices are deeply reinforced. What I am asking is for you to consider the possibility you are wrong.
          I’ve considered I might be wrong, and I consider your opinion is based on your interpretation of the evidence. In choosing my viewpoint, I had to consider I might be wrong. And to that point I give the benefit to Jodi. She has every right to accept the fates from defending herself, and she should be free, and deserves our respect for the choice she made to plead self-defense.

          • johnm,
            I have considered I might be wrong, just like you
            and I can’t for the life of me see it that way.

            Everything in the house says someone else did it or was there.
            Usually a speedy trial is less than 2 plus years, while Jodi was telling them what they didn’t want to hear.
            Why didn’t they go ahead and have the trial then.

            IF I’m on a jury and I see and hear the states witnesses, there is NO credibilty there.

            I KNOW ta was very abusive, I don’t doubt that at all.

            If they were so sure of the confession, why did they have to lie.

            Since Jodi pleaded guilty, why have a trial?

            Why should Jodi spend 7 years in jail, 5 before a trial?

            Who’s gun was she supposed to have used, her grandpas or ta’s?
            Where are both of them? I know one that ta’s issupposed to be somewhere in the dessert.
            But where is her Grandpa’s gun?

            • Jodi changed out lawyers, including pro se, that was the major trial delays. Jodi didn’t plead guilty, she pleaded self-defense. When AZ sought the death penalty Jodi was obligated to have a trial. Jodi did try to plead to 2nd degree. If 2nd degree had been accepted, it would have given an abbreviated sentencing, no trial.
              AZ is the wild west. The juries were/are the same voters that pick sheriff joe and frog and pickles, so much for them.
              We don’t know which gun was fired. Even if Jodi had her grandpa’s gun on that long trip, that doesn’t mean she premeditated anything. It was not proven ta had a gun or that Jodi stole grandpa’s, and it was never found. It’s the unknowing that frog used to bolster his fantasy.
              I want to thank you for at least saying you have considered the possibility you are wrong. That will be important, as flexibility is forgiving.

              • johnm,
                I’m never ashamed to admit I was wrong.
                But, first I do want to make this clear, I never thought for a second that Jodi premeditated murder, ever.

                Do you think she pleaded self-defense before nurmi was on the case?

                I do think that it isvery important to know which gun was used.
                IF she didn’t steal grandpas gun ( And I don’t believe for a second she stole anything)
                and if they say ta didn’t have a gun, what hun as used?


          “In psychology, confabulation (verb: confabulate) is a memory disturbance, defined as the production of fabricated, distorted or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world, without the conscious intention to deceive. Confabulation is distinguished from lying as there is no intent to deceive and the person is unaware the information is false.
          Although individuals can present blatantly false information, confabulation can also seem to be coherent, internally consistent, and relatively normal.
          Individuals who confabulate present incorrect memories ranging from “subtle alterations to bizarre fabrications”, and are generally very confident about their recollections, despite contradictory evidence”

      • I agree. I LOVE that word…confabulation. I have witnessed confabulators up close and personal. It’s fascinating, but not so much perhaps if you’re being tried for murder in Arizona.

  18. If your are ‘PRIVY’ to ‘information not AVAILABLE’ to me that would convince me of something else, TELL me! Otherwise….

    • Otherwise it is. It’s not my place to be repeating words from Jodi that are personal and/or confidential. Your refusal to accept Jodi’s right to her own prerogative, makes me think you have limited regard for Jodi herself.
      Nothing you have ever said is substantiated, you are the confabulator, in my personal opinion.

    • john,
      We saw the same things, heard the same things, but for 2 plus years believed,
      Jodi. I myself was surprised when Jodi said self defense.
      But, you say you were privy to other information?

      Jodi’s testimony was very personal and had to be very hard for her.
      It isn’t Carol’s imagination nor mine we saw and all heard the same thing, WE THOUGHT!!!
      If there’s more information that we aren’t privy to, how could that happen, if we heard it all.

      Did you believe Jodi before they “got” a so to speak confession?

      • Thanks, Aly. I saw the trial, like you did, from the first day.
        When the prosecution rested I wondered how could Jodi be found guilty?

        There was no cold hard evidence, except for the pictures; I felt at the time were odd, but not until Jade showed them did I really stop and think, look at them closely, and then I got really angry about this trial.

        When Jodi said she did, it simply didn’t ring true to me and others.
        Sandra mentioned confabulated memory, which is a very distinct logical explanation for Jodi’s testimony.
        Over the retrial I began to research various things that bothered me.
        When I found the transcripts of the interrogation tapes I was even angrier.

        How could this have happened? Something is very wrong with the way this whole trial went down.
        People have to begin an investigation at the beginning to understand.

  19. The Arizona Rules of Evidence:

    Rule 403. Excluding Relevant Evidence for Prejudice, Confusion, Waste of Time, or Other Reasons
    The court may exclude relevant evidence if its probative value is
    substantially outweighed by a danger of one or more of the following:
    unfair prejudice, confusing the issues, misleading the jury, undue delay, wasting time, or needlessly presenting cumulative evidence.

    The ‘bloody palm print’ or ‘palm print in blood’ was not put into evidence.
    Had it been put into evidence it would have been unfair prejudice, confusing the issues, and misleading the jury.
    But the IMPRESSION that it was ‘a palm print in blood’ has been left with just about everyone, in spite of the fact it did not exist.

    Detective Flores said a ‘palm print in blood’ was visible on the wall in Travis’ bathroom wall of the crime scene from the beginning, and he said it was investigated, and that is what was found. He told that to Jodi that during her interrogation.
    She said it was something she couldn’t explain still maintaining her innocence.

    Flores said it in the Probable Cause Statement.
    “On 6-26-08, the latent print left on the bathroom wall in blood has been identified. It was individualized to Jodi Arias’ left palm. This was conclusive evidence that Jodi was present at the time of Travis’ death or at least at the time of his initial injury. The print was left either by Jodi touching a bloody wall with her left palm or she touched the wall with a bloody hand.”

    The fact is this: an image simply showed up when chemicals were put on the wall and detected it.
    This evidence was cut out of the wall and taken for forensic examination.
    When it was analyzed, as the forensic scientist explained on the witness stand, the results showed a mixture of two people’s DNA and a side of Jodi’s left palm; the mixture was too weak to provide a profile for Jodi’s DNA, and she testified that Jodi’s DNA in the mixture could not be tied to any specific date; it simply was impossible to tell how long it had been there, the State’s expert witness said.
    This witness said nothing about it being a ‘palm print in blood’, and that is what is really important.

    Flores either didn’t know the facts (doubtful) or he lied in his Probable Cause Statement (likely).

    Actually, Jodi’s palm print was NOT in blood on the wall at all, and yet it was asserted over and over before the trial, during the trial and after the trial, that it was a ‘palm print in blood’, and to this day people still make that claim.
    The ‘bloody palm print’ as shown in pictures in all the media, TV, newspapers, and Social Media, could not in fact belong to Jodi Arias because there was NO such evidence!
    Where did the picture of a ‘bloody palm print’ come from to begin with; where did it originate – HLN?
    Why was this picture promoted to be Jodi’s ‘palm print in blood’; Detective Flores made it central to his case when he discussed it on TV, to the print media and for the TV movie. Surely he knew it was a lie.
    However, and this is very important, it was NEVER shown in court, at trial, because it DIDN’T EXIST in the State’s evidence at all.

    Detective Flores understood what arouses the public and he deliberately distorted the evidence to arouse the public in order to view Jodi Arias as being guilty of this horrible murder. What did the jurors’ think about it; did they question it at all?

    I will reiterate: There was absolutely NO ‘bloody palm print’ belonging to Jodi Arias found at the crime scene or anywhere else in Travis’ house!

      • I really don’t think the State ever said anything at all about a ‘clump of hair’. There was mention of ‘a hair found in blood’ being consistent with Jodi’s, but was it testified to or just dropped by the State, I don’t know.

        The State was trying to say Jodi dyed her hair at some point in their version of what happened. It may be that ‘the hair’ that was found was BLONDE and Jodi had obviously changed her hair color way before June, so they dropped that part of their ‘story’.

        Recently, the Federal Government said that ‘DNA hair science’ was unreliable and many convicted by the use of DNA testing on hair would have their cases looked at, maybe even thrown out.

    • dwight,
      WHY didn’t nurmi subpoena Enrique?
      He may have been a hostile witness but, damn get him and his roommate.
      It makes me so mad that they try and murder an innocent girl because the timeline would not have put her there.
      That’s the Brady Law, right?

      • The Brady Law is about gun control. The Brady Rule requires the state to release all the evidence they have to the defense.

    • It is also rather strange that Enrique said in the very beginning when questioned, that he smelled something bad in the house on Monday the 9th. Since a dead body begins to smell bad after about 36 hours, Enrique was suggesting, unknowingly, that Travis died Saturday or Sunday.

      But, the defense didn’t call Enrique who seems to be up-front and honest!
      Maybe the defense attorneys never read the whole file on the case!!!

  20. From her retrial testimony:

    JW: Why did it take you that long to admit it to yourself?
    Jodi: Because … because what I did was so horrific that I couldn’t have …. I could never have imagined myself doing that to another human being.
    JW: In those interviews, were you being truthful about your participation of what you did to Travis?
    Jodi: Anything surrounding my having to deal with Travis dying I was not truthful about that.
    ……. Well, again, it was something that I was years from being able to even come … coming around to admitting to myself that I did something that horrible. Also, I have never been in trouble with the law. I didn’t … I was very lost. I didn’t really … I didn’t really know how to act or what to do.
    JW: When you look at yourself in those videos, what do you thing about yourself?
    Jodi: It is revolting. I look at that, I just think about how stupid I was. I was lost … just … I think of what just those lies put so many people through, and I just wish I could … there are a lot of things I wish I could do over again, but that is just one of them.
    JW: At that point why is it that you couldn’t say something to somebody … that you couldn’t say what really happened?
    Jodi: Something like that is just … that is … I mean, I know who I am and who I have been my whole life, and I … for these few minutes out of my whole life, I was somebody that I wasn’t and I couldn’t ….. I couldn’t even face that. It is completely discording with how I lived my whole life, and I couldn’t even wrap my mind around the fact that I did that. I can’t even … it is still hard to imagine because … just who I know that I am, and I think that’s why it just took me so long to finally be able to say yeah, I did that.
    Jodi: As I was saying, my whole life I was … I have been …. I considered myself somebody who is …. I know who I am. I know who I was. And I did that, and it is not who … that is not who I am; but I did that and I can’t .. it is so hard to believe that I did do it, and I just … it is hard. I can’t .. I wish so much that that day never happened.

      • No, Carol, I don’t disrespect her.
        What you posted supports a confabulated story. It reinforces my belief in her innocence. Thank you for posting it.

          • And in my opinion you are disrespecting her when you do not believe what she is confessing to, which was that she had to defend herself and took a life in the process. Jodi is a very spiritual and religious person who by all the testing is not at all confrontational and what happened that night does not fit with her norm. You have the whole thing confused in your mind and it seems you are the one suffering from confabulation.

          • CanadaCarol-
            I’m gonna quote, here, from a link you provided awhile back about dissociation – from Out of the Fog – I saved it (among many) as a resource for my current book.

            Dissociation may mean believing or imagining that something very real does not exist or it can mean believing that something very false does. Whole blocks of memories can be ignored, rearranged or reinvented at a time.

            In what way does that differ from the definition of confabulation that Carol Handy gave above?

            All of the psychological testing done on Jodi – by BOTH sides – says that she is suffering from a personality disorder. That is not a judgement against her, moral or otherwise. It’ merely a psychological assessment. But it also offers a different lens through which to view everything that Jodi has said and done.

            We all have our own thoughts and theories about what the evidence tells us, and our own confirmation bias to support our opinions.

            At this point, my own opinion is that IF Jodi is the only person alive who was present when Travis died, then we’ll probably never know what really happened that day. I absolutely trust Jodi’s heart and soul and even her intelligence. But the mental misfirings that can occur with certain personality disorders (in particular those ascribed to Jodi) have nothing to do with intelligence. I don’t trust Jodi’s ability to know what is true.

            And that’s not a judgement or condemnation of Jodi, either. Expecting a person with a dissociative illness to know what is true is like expecting a deaf person to sing in perfect pitch.

            • “Some people will experience having limited ability to regulate their bodily functions and may feel like they are “going crazy” or are “out of my body” during dissociative events. Other people may lose control of their emotions or actions during a dissociative event and can do things that are otherwise quite uncharacteristic. Some people will have limited memory of the dissociative event and may feel surprised or disoriented when it ends. Many people may later recall what happened during their dissociation, but others may not be able to remember significant parts of what occurred, sometimes for even for a time before they dissociated. All of these combined make dissociation a very disturbing and frightening thing for the people who experience it.

              There is an association between traumatic events and the process of dissociation. It may be that dissociation is a way the mind/brain contends with overwhelming stimuli. There is much more to be learned about the process of dissociation and the best strategies to address it. Dissociation can be part of a symptom of an existing mental illness. For example, many people who have experienced a traumatic event, such as physical or sexual abuse, may have some aspect of dissociation during the event itself and will be unable to recall details regarding their victimization. ”


              Journee, the previous article was linked because of the word “fog” that was so over-used by the media and not the best definition for Jodi. The above better describes her loss of memory about the traumatic event, which according to JW and her penalty statement, she now has recovered completely.

              • The FOG at Out of the FOG is an acronym for Fear, Obligation, and Guilt – nothing at all to do with the fog described by Dr. Samuels and over-used by the media. OOTF is a support website and forum for people experiencing fear, obligation and guilt because they have loved ones suffering from personality disorders.

                Confabulation commonly occurs with dissociation, as a part of the mind’s natural attempts to fill in the blanks.

                But if you’ve decided all the psych testing was wrong and Jodi has no mental disorder, it’s a moot point.

                • Journee I did not say that it did have anything to do with what the media was saying – simply the word “fog”. Dr. Geff and his thirty years diagnosed her with traumatic dissociation, not me, with her first dissociative episode being as a young child during sexual trauma, again at the age of 12 when the boy held the knife to her throat and the night of June 4th, 2008 when she had to defend herself. I believe that she suffered from both traumatic dissociation – Dr. Geff, and PTSD as diagnosed by all the psychs with the exception of DeMarte. I even think that DeMarte may be correct with the part of BPD that she described as being born with a higher level of sensitivity to the world around them and things that other people do not notice have an effect on them that others do not understand or appreciate.

                  Do you and Carol feel she has no mental disorder?

                • I think she DOES have a mental disorder. I am inclined to believe BPD/ERD, just based on what we’ve seen (testimony/interviews/texts/gchat/journals) and what I’ve learned about it.

                  I’m not speaking for Carol.

                • Not speaking for anyone else for sure, but if I were arrested for a crime I didn’t commit, locked up in a jail cell with criminals for two years, and then three more years, I would be having all kinds of emotional and mental problems and my family would certainly not be surprised to have me be diagnosed with disorders; at least that might be an explanation to them for my behavior.

                  Add to that my own attorneys didn’t believe in me, or like me, and I would feel abandoned. I would do just about anything, say just about anything, to have the whole darn thing over and done with, and I probably would not care what the outcome was; just to have it over with. I would take any chance just to end my ordeal; I’d plead to the offense if the attorneys said to; But, that is just me….
                  Yes I do believe Jodi has a psychological disorder, maybe more than one.

                • Carol,
                  It’s torture.
                  Like Kailief Browdwer.
                  They were torturing him to get him to confess and that was 3 years
                  They were even taking his money.

                  I don’t think they can take Jodi’s if it’s through Paypal, hopefully!!
                  When you think about torture and how it effects so many.
                  They not only confess, they live over what happened in prison.
                  Also, how does the medication effect her?

                • CanadaCarol –

                  My point was that, if you accept the premise that Jodi has experienced dissociation – whether it was limited to traumatic events or part of a chronic psychological disorder – it is not DIS-respectful to say that Jodi’s mind might have confabulated details to fill the gaps left blank in her memory.

                  EVERY brain does that – it’s why the eyewitness reports from bystanders are only marginally useful to police. Because hardly anyone captures every detail and when they try to describe what they saw their brains try to complete the picture for them.

                  Jodi’s had a very long time to try to imagine herself doing what was done to Travis. It’s not a mental leap at all – barely a baby step – for a briefly imagined moment to become a memory of something that really happened.

        • Carol, You apparently believe her memory of the knife going into his throat and that he was still attacking her is also a confabulated story? That’s pretty heavy duty as far as false memories go.

          • Justus, I completely agree with your post.. Why even say that final comment if her story is made up? Defies logic. The reason she changed her intruder story is she “couldn’t keep her lies straight”. All of the other details since then she seems to be able to keep straight.

            • Right, Veronika. Even false memories are going to be extremely vulnerable to contradictions, just like out-and-out lies. I can’t imagine that whole scenario leading up to the gunshot (with all that detail that she never deviated from one bit) being a false memory and her real memory is either she wasn’t there or two other people did it.

              Or maybe the theory is that she WAS there and everything happened as she said it did, up to the gunshot and to the onset of the PTSD, but then she left and someone else came in and finished Travis off, either then or days later, because after the gunshot Travis just laid around in the bathroom with a bullet in his cheek, even though we know he was still conscious and that he even went to the sink after being shot.

            • A confabulation is not a lie, not a ‘story’ that is ‘made up.’

              It is a subconscious construction to compensate for loss (or absence) of memory.

              Every human brain does it, all the time.

                • I’m awaiting a response from Jodi on her feelings regarding everyone here’s postulations and their ensuing arguments. This will make interesting reading as opposed to what we have now.

                • true –

                  Just thought the distinction needed to be made, and reiterated as often as necessary.

                  A lie is conscious and deliberate and brings judgement upon the one who tells it.

                  A confabulation is subconscious and is the TRUTH of the person who tells it.

                • Should anyone write to Jodi asking her to referee for the thoughts and beliefs of people posting from this site, I would ask that person for what possible purpose could there be in doing that; to ask Jodi to pick sides?
                  Hasn’t she been through more than enough mental anguish?
                  Let the appellate courts decide whether there was enough evidence to PROVE Jodi guilty!
                  Anyone trying to put Jodi in the middle of our discussion here is hardly doing Jodi a favor, and hardly a friend.

                • You seem to think you have the only solution. I have a few bits of info, you STILL lack! You have to keep in mind you are creating some of this. And so I say, measure yourself, you MAY be wrong!

                • lol john

                  There’s only one reply button left on this string, so it’s hard to know who’s talking to whom.

                  Just wanted to make sure I hadn’t ruffled your feathers somehow. 🙂

                • johnm.
                  Are you saying that you know more about what happened than any of us?
                  You’ve even said that you wish you were wrong.

                  So, you’re expecting a response from Jodi?
                  I’m assuming that means you’ve already sent it.
                  Rather juvenile!

                  Do you realize that everything that comes in is read before Jodi get’s it
                  and the same before she sends it?
                  Jodi appreciates this site. She knows however we see it, it only means that we ALL care for her very much.

                  Curious, do they allow you to talk about the case to Jodi?

                  Everyone on here is pulling for Jodi, they care what happens to her, OR they wouldn’t be here.
                  Whether you like Carol Handy’s attitude or not, can’t you at least think that you may be wrong and we may be right.
                  Because, you know I agree with her.

                  Carol has given you some very nice compliments, even when we disagree with you.
                  She’s only giving you even more info about what something means.
                  Words that explain different meanings of why people do what they do and you just get pissed off.
                  You say only Carol, why so hostile towards her when there are others that agree?

                  There are so many questions that need to be answered. They may not ever be answered, BUT they sure won’t be answered if someone doesn’t ask.

                • Aly, yes, I do know something more about things than what has been presented here. If you think my comments to Jodi are juvenile you must not have understood what I said. Carol’s comment was a miss characterization of what I wrote and presented to Jodi…We’ll see what we’ll see, and let the chips fall where they may.

                • No,
                  It’s juvenile to write and ask Jodi what she thinks.
                  I still don’t get how you know more than what’s here or what we’ve seen and heard.
                  To keep saying that, don’t you think you at least owe us information
                  that we don’t know?

                • How you manage to not understand what I said is beyond me. I stated 5 or 6 times I have info that is not presented or has never been discussed here, and it’s not mine to give, and I wouldn’t anyway.. I don’t owe information..My comments to Jodi about the myriad of scenarios that contradict Jodi’s trial testimony have zero to do with getting Jodi to approve or disapprove. I simply sad that I’ve written Jodi about it. Send your own letter, see what happens.

                • johnm,
                  I guess the reason I don’t understand is because you keep saying you know thngs that aren’t discussed here.

                  We’re going by what we’ve heard, read and seen.
                  What happens if I’ve sent my own letter?
                  I have sent two cards, but I’m not asking Jodi anything about the trial.
                  What was suposed to happen that I don’t get?

                • Just let me add one final note of clarification for you Aly. I did not ask Jodi to give me her opinions on anything. My purpose in relating the differing scenarios represented here at JAII, was personal, and not about getting Jodi involved or her opinion of what others think or believe. I may never hear from Jodi, who knows..
                  With regard to the info I have, that I won’t share, just know, it was related to me, it’s from Jodi, and it bolsters her trial testimony, that she defended herself. End of convo, for me anyway. P.S. prayers for Jodi and your friend!

          • Justus Forusall,

            It could have been from the fact that the man she loved was being murdered before her very eyes and she couldn’t help him, and also that her family’s lives were threatened if she said anything!!!

            • Marja Lisa,
              I heard her say somewhere I wanted to stay and help him.
              He felt terrible that she couldn’t!!
              Also, I really do believe her family was threatened.
              There was also a story about Ashley’s husband in jail a couple of years back.
              I’ll look it up.

              I just don’t know how to put the link on here, but I’ll find it.

              • Marja,
                I went to google
                and checked in Dustin Thompson Mesa AZ.
                At the top it says he was sent to prison for 27 months about mortgage fraud
                That was May 2011.
                Pretty interesting!!

                • Aly,

                  Thanks for the info, Aly! Yes, that is very interesting about Dustin Thompson!!! I wonder where he is now and why he didn’t have to testify like SO many others who knew Travis Alexande The whole trials were so messed up anyway so it doesn’t surprise me! Something seems strange about the two jury’s! How could there possibly be a WHOLE jury, minus the one who saved Jodi’s life, thankfully, all be Mormon and come for sentencing with blue ribbons on??? C’mon now, that’s just odd!!!!!!! No one had ever seen anything like that in a court of law before is what one newscaster stated!


        • Carol Handy,
          You didn’t deserve that.
          I know that you very much so respect Jodi as I do.
          We’re here because of that.

          I was slapped down at any site I went to for standing up for Jodi and finally
          found Jodi’s Team.

          To be told that if we believe Jodi’s first story that we disrespect her is so damn rude, that I don’rt even have words for.

          I totally agree with what Carol Handy said.

          I thought there was room on here for both, IF they trusted Jodi and believed in her innocents.

          Don’t EVEN think that you have to prove your respect for Jodi.
          I know you do as well as I do and there are others on here that also believe like we do
          and we KNOW they respect Jodi.

          Even though some believe different that’s no reason for you to be treated like that.
          YOU are a HUGE supporter of Jodi as I know we all are.
          Like you’ve told me Carol, Keep The Faith.
          You do the same.
          God knows you’ve done no one any harm and CERTAINLY not Jodi.
          That’s who we’re pulling for and will continue!!!!!
          I love you
          Carol Handy
          Here’s a BIG HUG!!!!~

          • Aly, you must be asking for an apology from me. If I could have used an emoticon with me on my hands and knees begging, I would have used it. I have been on this site long enough and have been vocal enough that Carol Handy would know that I absolutely believe Jodi’s testimony and that I believe it was a very painful process for her to accept the truth. It very much hurts me when I post an alternate view from Carol’s and she twists my words around as I believe she is doing with Jodi’s. My reaction was immediate, guttural and mother bearish as she has done this to me before. I was just trying to express my view without it being turned around and inside out. I will try to keep a further distance from your discussions. Peace out.

  21. So JODI wanted a plea deal…well as SHE said all killing is wrong…..and as I would say ask the folks getting killed…it,s sure wrong to them EVEN an ABUSER! Most folks plea out to escape death or the long version of that LWOP…..SHE was willing to pay a prise for what SHE thought was wrong…it was,nt but SHE thought it was . I respect HER for that. Ask john mc cain …just what did you do to survive 5 yrs in the NORTH. He knows that his fellow P.O.W.s at times did what they had to …to come back home. I ask any…if You had to go through what JODI has for these 7 long yrs just how would You do……I for one don,t know if I could have weathered that storm as SHE…and this from a man who would have ended that ABUSERS so called life in @3 sec,s if He dared threatened my life. In N. America We love to see the system win at any and all costs …unless We,re the ones paying the cost…THEN not so much! ! know a SURVIVOR when I HEAR and SEE one as I have SURVIVED…and john mc cain does too.To bad he won,t speak up for HER…I use to respect that man but now. Wonder how he would have done on trial in the…NORTH…were his actions S/D or even legal…ask him on that that was never a declared war was it. P. S. I would make john look like a DOVE. THEY don,t call me GRIZ for nothing…I earned that handle.

  22. Another good article about Martinez from Rob Roman who is an impartial writer (Spotlight on Law) who really says it as it is, about Martinez.

    • “During the trial, Martinez was accused of bullying witnesses and cutting off their testimony. Members of the jury were kicked off of the jury during the super-charged trial, and sat with the family of Faylene Grant — a pattern in trials with Martinez.”

  23. Here’s a horrifying video of a little girl calling 911 because her Mom, sister are being abused by a stepfather…the ending doesn’t tell what happened so you’re left to wonder how it all ended. But it is horrific what abuse children in US have to suffer & witness in their own homes. Warning; it is upsetting.

      • That would be highly unusual, Journee. I don’t come here often (only recently, really) but for everyone that is trying to find alternate scenarios to Travis’ murder……..I have to ask why? Jodi, her family, MOST of her super supporters, her mitigation specialist and her defense team all believe what Jodi testified to. I don’t understand the confusion.

  24. I love, support and believe Jodi!

    What has puzzled me is the fact that it was reported that Ashley Reid Thompson commited suicide! I don’t believe that she commited suicide. I believe that she was murdered because she knew what really happened when Travis was murdered and she may have been ready to talk! Shortly after Ashley Reid Thompson’s death is when Jodi changed her confession of the two intruders to self defense! Jodi had stuck with her confession of the two intruders for two years after confessing it to Flores!

    I don’t believe that it was coincidence that Jodi changed her confession of the two intruders to self defense after the death of Ashley Reid Thompson! I think that there is a definite reason for Jodi changing her confession from intruders to self defense!

    This is my belief and I just pray that the truth is revealed! I, personally, believe that there are many people out there who we’re involved in some way in Travis’s horrible murder!


    (((((TEAM JODI)))))


    • That’s exactly what I believe, Marja!
      There’s a many people involved.
      You can’t help but believe that when you hear Jodi’s interrogation,
      everyone pointing fingers at her and that’s why she was in jail for
      5 years before a trial started.
      Anybody can point fingers, but that isn’t proof of anything, just trying to get the focus on Jodi
      from the very beginning!

  25. Journee, I believe that is what Jodi did when she made up the story about the intruders during interrogation. She said while talking to Flores that the whole week was fuzzy and then she started to remember certain details as they spoke. Unfortunately, it seems to be the common practice for a suspect to have one chance to give their side of the story and then they are thrown into the system and next chance is court, just like Jodi. The female detective, in an unusual practice, brought Jodi back the second day to give her another chance to confess because she fully recognised Jodi to be not their usual suspect. She filled in the memory gap back then to give the detectives that part of the events that she did not recall with a story that did not hold together even during the interview so Flores got frustrated and stopped the interview. One of her biggest regrets is making up that story for the cops and the family. Anyone suffering from traumatic amnesia or dissociation as a result really is at a disadvantage right from the first interrogation cause you only get one shot.

    • “One of her biggest regrets is making up that story ”

      See conversation above –

      Confabulation is NOT “making up a story”. It is not a “lie.”

      So do you think Jodi ‘made up a story’ to tell Flores on that second day? Or do you think her subconscious constructed a false memory to fill in the gaps?

      • I don’t believe that confabulation or false memories have anything to do with Jodi’s case.

        I believe that Jodi told the truth as much as she could remember even during the police interrogation, but because of traumatic amnesia/dissociation she had been left with a big hole in her memory. She regained some of her memory for the first trial and even more for the retrial.

        She was told repeatedly by Flores and the female detective during the interrogation, that it was the only good thing that she could do for the family, and so she came up with a story that had her present, but not responsible – hence the intruder story.

        • Fair enough. We are all entitled to our beliefs.

          Just understand the distinction. Carol Handy, if she was using the term confabulation properly – which I assume she was since she posted the definition – was not accusing Jodi of lying or disrespecting her when she posited that the ‘truth’ Jodi is telling now – YES, I AGREE, a GREAT emotional anguish for Jodi – is confabulation.

          You believe Jodi is telling exactly what happened and LIED to Flores in interrogation.

          Carol believes something else happened and the ‘truth’ Jodi’s telling now is a construct of her subconscious. Not a lie but a false memory.

          I believe that Jodi believes she’s telling the truth, and that she probably suffered a great deal in getting to that truth. But I also believe she dissociated that day – that she suffers (note the word SUFFER) from a psychological disorder for which dissociation is a common symptom – and that a ‘recovered’ memory that was so hard fought is not reliable.

          Not only are we all entitled to our beliefs, but NONE of those beliefs are DISRESPECTFUL to Jodi!

          • I think that is disrespectful to twist other long-time supporters’ words around like some people have been doing lately. I too am entitled to my opinion without it being used against Jodi or myself.

            • But where’s the disrespect – to you or to Jodi – if confabulation doesn’t mean lying?

              What Carol read in what you posted supports her belief that Jodi’s recovered memories are confabulation. And I don’t disagree that MUCH of what Jodi said in secret testimony seems to support that possibility. Was it wrong of her, was it an attack on Jodi or you, for her to say that? Or was she just talking about the case, stating her opinion?

              You were shouting at her about dissociation, I was trying to explain to you that confabulation and dissociation can go hand in hand, and I think maybe you were just feeling ganged up on, but that wasn’t the case.

              Yes, Carol is strident in her beliefs. Many of us are, and we don’t all agree, either. But we’re all on Jodi’s side.

              • What I posted supports Jodi and why she did not tell the complete truth from the start and the struggle that she had coming to the realization of what happened. I certainly do feel that it is disrespectful to me and to her that her words are twisted around to meet Handy’s confabulated story about confabulation. I will stay completely out of any conversation that involves her, and hopefully, that will be enough for her to leave me to my thoughts without her jumping all over them.

  26. Rather than trying to rely on a bunch of very unreliable “eye witnesses” the roommates, to establish time of death or date of death, a simple check of his phone records shows that all communication stopped after the 4th and he was a guy that lived on his phone for social and business reasons. Those two guys in the house were not used to being in each other’s business and kept to themselves. During the retrial, they played the interrogation of Billings so it wasn’t like the defence did not interview them.

      • With that bunch who knows, but I prefer to rely on black and white, hard-core facts like telephone records. If TA was alive, he would have been on social media responding to all the messages piling up, especially from CH and all his babes.

  27. May be just a little off topic, but not really!

    The people on this site have grown to know one another.
    I was on a message board years ago, about 1997.

    I met a friend and she and I started e-mailing, then calling each other.
    We’ve never met in person, but I feel like we have.
    I call her my best friend on the internet.

    She was a lot of support and help when we lost our son. She had spoken
    with him to. She sends me angels and I send her angels.

    Monday I received an e-mail, it was her address, but it said My Mom.
    I was so concerned, I knew her parents weren’t living.

    Anyway, it was her son telling me that my best friend was in the hospital, very sick,
    so sick they had to put her in a medically enduced coma. I can’t tell you how much I love her
    and am so worried about the case of never hearing from her. I’m frightened.

    I say this because we’ve all met here and you never know when you’re going to get
    a message like that. It’s though you’ve known them all of their lives. I’ve lost 3 others
    and this one was the closest. I don’t want to lose my very best internet friend.

    Some times we get passionate about something or someone and in the fight for them, it’s easy for people to disagree, BUT still are fighting for the same cause.
    Just think about it.
    IF we all thought the same, wouldn’t we be just like the sheep that just follow and never ask.

    • Aly that is the most profound post I have read anywhere. You are without a doubt a most loyal and devoted friend. I will keep your friend in my prayers, as I do you. Stay
      I appreciate you more than words we speak, it’s a heartfelt feeling.((((Aly)))) and ((((Aly’s dear friend))))

    • Your post really did touch my soul, Aly. I am sending prayers and asking the Archangels to protect both you and your best friend on the internet.

      You are very right with everything you’ve just written. I, for one, read here every day but refrain from commenting when I do not agree with some beliefs/thougts/opinions etc. However, I am grateful to have found each and every one of you because even though we disagree on what went down on June 4th, we ALL love Jodi. And Jodi is my sister, so I love you all for loving her
      ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Not at all off-topic Aly. …I sincerely wish & pray that your long time friend does well, recovers & enjoys many years along with all of us, observing good things that will happen with Jodi, perhaps a total new trial & release for time served. …Surely, we all prayed for a hold-out juror to refuse to vote for the death penalty for Jodi. …Someone answered our prayers & inspired that one juror. …Hopefully, the same Angels will watch over your friend & she will do well. … I pray. …

      • Thanks WLOPEZ and R.Love,
        I know that is so true and I that my friend feels the prayers and love.
        Funny, how you get to know each other, never meeting them personally,
        but become precious to each other, knowing that all of our minds may not be exactly in the same place but, our hearts are. : )
        Thanks to all of you and Team Jodi!!

    • Aly, you touched my heart. We are like a family here. We do not have to agree all the time. But I have seen so much compassion for one another and needless to say Jodi.

      Aly I will pray for your friend as I pray for Jodi!!!!

      • Thanks Cindy,
        You’re so sweet!
        That means so much.
        I guess I feel like we are all family because I felt comfortable
        to share what’s going on in my personal life as well, at this moment.
        And this is the kind of form where I met my precious friend.
        I feel so bad for her kids and grandkids.
        I could tell when her son wrote that he is very worried.
        I know he appreciates all of the prayers. : )

  28. Thanks Carol and maria,
    I wanted so much to talk about this, but was also worried whether it was appropriate.

    Some times people will say , oh let’s just get to gether and sing “cum ba ya” lol
    I know that I spelt that wrong. : )

    That’s ok too! I mean that we sing.

    So sweet to send prayers to my friend and myself. I appreciate it so much.
    I’m so worried, I’m having anxiety attacks. She has children and grandchildren that love het so
    much and they love her.

    We don’t live close at all. She lives in Quincy, Ma. and I live in Spring, TX.
    You can imagine how we both had trouble understanding each other the first time on the phone.
    Her with her Boston accent and me with my Texas accent, but we finally got to understand each other real well after a few conversations. : )

    Carol and maria thanks so much for your prayers and Archangels!
    I love y’all so much.
    Carol always telling me to keep the faiyth and stay strong. : )

    You said some very sweet things and I feel we will make it. : )
    HUGS back to y’all. !
    Thanks for caring. It makes my heart feel lighter. : )

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