Retrial Video Replay – Day 22

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The retrial videos. Certainly the gift that just keeps on giving!

After a break of several days to cover the John Smith/Secret Witness testimony, here are the highlights from Day 22, featuring Dr Robert Geffner:

Testimony continues (from 1/20/2015):

Part 1/2:

Part 2/2:

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UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $105,867.49 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling throughout 2017, so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

All donations via go directly to the fund. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi’s future – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.

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  1. First time poster here. Just wanna say from what I saw in the retrial circus, the State withheld vital evidence that showed abuse and TAs childhood problems. That “absence of evidence” was used to paint Jodi as a liar in the first trial. Unacceptable.

  2. Welcome Kal! I have been here since October myself. If you get a chance, read the wiki page that another supporter has created. You can find the link on any of the previous threads usually at the top.
    What’s up JD!

  3. Luke 6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

    Jodi deserves freedom and will not be able to do it without the support of ALL of US!!

    Sad news: A truly devoted friend of Jodi’s and all of us, has suffered a heart attack and will be undergoing heart surgery this week.
    There is power in all of our prayers. ♥


  4. Since this is a new thread, I figured I would add a new question.
    I am assuming that most of us have now seen the Enquirer story that aired in late April. Apparently, what made the show an “original” episode was the introduction of the letter that we all know that TA wrote to Jodi as well as the deletion of child pornography from TA’s laptop. I do not know how the Enquirer decides when or how to air “new information” that is received from whatever sources they use. I am curious to know if it would be possible to try to “leak” or promote the entire wiki site with all of the background that we know to be true. Obviously, the Enquirer read the main page and saw that we have raised over $100K. In addition, we also emphasize or promote the fact that date-stamped pictures exist of Jodi with her sister NOT ROBBING their own home. We might even convince the Enquirer to cough up some cash to help access the drives?? The Enquirer story was predominantly an extension of the previous tabloid shows and thus still slanted heavily toward the prosecution. Any thoughts??

  5. Is the Enquirer in the business of gleaning evidence in criminal cases or selling tabloid fodder?

  6. This is why I am curious how this show even aired in the first place. The only two pieces of “new information” were the letter that TA wrote to Jodi revealing his pedo tendencies and the deletion of child pornography from TA’s computer by AZ police. However, they then degenerate into Jodi stabbing TA in the shower etc. One of the Enquirer staff in the show says that if new evidence comes forward, WE WILL INVESTIGATE IT. Why would we not want to put the truth forward if possible?

  7. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! to all of the moms on this site and especially to Jodi’s mom, Sandy.

    Also, an FYI to anybody who may be curious, I just watched a new episode of SNAPPED that runs on Oxygen. The episode is about Scott Peterson’s case. The reason the show is new is because Scott’s legal team filed a habeas corpus petition which the court must respond to by December 2017. Several legal defense people are interviewed in this show stating that Scott Peterson is innocent. The argument is that a cult group that was known to authorities in the Modesto area kidnapped Laci when she was out walking her dog. Several witnesses stated that they witnessed Laci walking her dog out on the sidewalk while Scott had already left the house for the marina to go fishing. The argument is that this cult group was known to prefer pregnant women for their evil purposes and kidnapped Laci off the sidewalk, threw her in a van and ended up dumping her body off the bridge where she was eventually found off Berkeley marina.

  8. The inquirer is as low as it can go…..they could care less about the truth.And now it seems some thing or things were found in the attic according to some one on super d….a RING or nick nacks…and whatever it was it was given to one of the sisters…but hold on that could not ever have happened as the rats minion told the court NOTHING FOUND IN ATTIC…..once again a state witness lied? Imagine that…but remember how that question was asked…was anything found in the attic…after June 4th 08……now that house was left alone to any who may walk in and clean up things! And did She not see him in Jan. of that year looking at one photo on his bed next to a lap top when She went back for the angle he had given Her…..he may then have done a major clean up and mighty fast. Who knows what went missing….. this I looked in the attic and nothing was there does not mean there was nothing ever there does it? Look in any fridge and if You see no milk does that mean there was never any milk in that fridge…EVER….they use logic that only idiots will buy…see that first jury. But why would brad smith tell Me it may have been a ring found and was given to a sister……a….RING??? could that be the ring that all haters say was STOLEN. Interesting how b.s. brought up the subject of a ring and nick nacks……..the more the haters talk the more We see of Her truth. Keep talking…..and never worry as they also love to write BOOKS…….that do not make sense.

  9. Unfortunately, I do not know much about the attic issue other than TA didn’t want Jodi cleaning up there because he was worried of what she might find as it has been shown that he had pedophilic pictures up there along with some “toys”.
    Loretta and Wayne are right in that the Enquirer is not about truth but about tabloid sales. It just gets tiring to see the same nonsense every time they bring up her name!

  10. “Me & Julio Down By The School Yard”

    The mama pajama rolled out of bed
    And she ran to the police station
    When the papa found out he began to shout
    And he started the investigation

    It’s against the law
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    What the mama saw
    It was against the law

    The mama looked down and spit on the ground
    Everytime my name gets mentioned
    The papa said oy if I get that boy
    I’m gonna stick him in the house of detention
    Well I’m on my way
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    In a couple of days they come and
    Take me away
    But the press let the story leak
    And when the radical priest
    Come to get me released
    We was all on the cover of Newsweek
    And I’m on my way
    I don’t know where I’m going
    I’m on my way I’m taking my time
    But I don’t know where
    Goodbye to Rosie the queen of Corona
    See you, me and Julio
    Down by the schoolyard
    See you, me and Julio
    Down by the schoolyard
    See you, me and Julio
    Down by the schoolyard

  11. O.K. here’s what’s up with the attic…minion boy(det.f.) said on the stand nothing was found…and it seemed nothing was ever put up there…he must have the best eyes ever! So that jury bought that b.s……well it was 5 days that anyone could have gone up there to clean…but after Jodi caught mr. pedo he could have done a house cleaning as that was months back from June 4/08. Minion only said after the day and 5 days it was nothing was NOW there…this it looked like it had never been used…how would he ever know that…but the jury needed that logic or lack of to go after Her. Now some say things …MAY…have been found and given to the sister or family…a ring or what looks like a ring??? and nick nacks or other stuff…and now the new home owners may have found stuff and on n on it goes…FIRST nothing found…NOW things may have been found or where found and given to the kin…gee sounds so much like shot FIRST ,now must be LAST…as NO porn found….OPPS lots of porn found…..a typo here a bad memory there as it that head shot had to be fatal and fast…but horn claims not to have known of the worlds most famous head shot…it was launched via black powder. Seems Phineas Gage did live with a wound some 1200 X’s greater then dear t-dog (as in force)…so it’s plain to see why the state did win…seems facts do not work in az. but hate and faking evidence sure does…Now it …ANYTHING…was found after minion boy did his SEARCH then he bold faced lied on the stand again….as far as him forgetting which came first as far as the shot went…DID he NOT TAKE NOTES? This from a police person who goes into a room with a loaded gun and locks the door to be alone with a suspect…wise move or what? Seem mr. det. did not fear Her one bit.

  12. Why would he fear Jodi Arias? I’m sure he’s been in an interrogation room many times with suspected murderers. It was also being filmed, right?

  13. Lance, where was it “shown” that Travis had “pedophilic” pictures as well as toys in his attic? I haven’t seen that testimony, I guess. I also think the whole cleaning the attic tale is funny. If you have a cleaning person, do you have this person clean YOUR attic? Doesn’t really make sense to me. Are we also required here to post song lyrics randomly? Wondering. Does anyone recognise the handle, @Ellenbeard16 on Twitter?

    • Loretta,

      I am basing this statement on previous statements by other supporters that pictures of young boys, possibly naked were in the attic as well as TA’s letter to Jodi which mentioned this as the reason he didn’t want her up there anyway. Also, Jodi’s description of TA “playfully” chasing around a naked little boy with his bible out trying to be funny may have been innocuous then but not now considering.
      I have not heard where the picture that TA had when Jodi caught him came from.. PC, picture collection etc. The fact that pornographic pictures were ON HIS PC and were deleted can lead to a lot of assumptions.

      Loretta, check this out. Apparently, I have now graduated from just a Jodi supporter to now being a wannabe lover according to what I am assuming is a hater site which I clicked accidentally and then was curious. I feel so privileged!! I would respond through somebody else but I don’t talk to idiots.

      Sally Smith‏ @Dejavuwoo · 22h22 hours ago

      Replying to @azfamily

      Has anyone told #jodiarias wannabe lover, Lance, about this? There will be gnashing of teeth at JAII, a Stabby FB support page. Juanderful

  14. Jodi testified that early August 2007, she agreed to clean TA’s house for $200 a month. She did that the whole time she lived in Mesa. He sent her a pic of the French Maid’s outfit.

    Jodi had gone to TA’s after work to help him with Christmas boxes in Jan 2008. She was handing the boxes up to him while he was on the ladder up to the attic. That is when he gave her the angel that she left behind.

    Nurmi questioned Jodi about TA’s fantasies after playing the sex tape. She testified about the little girl school outfit, braids, tootsie rolls and pop rocks. He asked her if he ever asked her to act younger and she said yes, one time in the Fall of 2007. “He had some toys out on the floor. We didn’t do anything with them but I think he had ideas for it.”

    The first time I remember testimony from Flores about the attic was during rebuttal when he went back in March 2013 to measure the shelves.

    That’s what I remember…

    • Hi Carol! Good to see you and as usual your memory is pretty on point as far as I remember.

      Good News: Our friend Ray is doing really well and getting stronger everyday.

      • Hi RL I always double-check the videos cause so much time has passed. It is fairly easy to find things in the direct testimony because Nurmi’s way of questioning was chronological. When it comes to cross-examination, it is impossible because he jumped around like a mad frog.

        Lance, you are right that Jodi was talking about the “spidie” underwear that he sent her for Valentines. She testified that little boy’s underwear and anal sex was his most frequent fantasy. I made a mistake and forgot to mention his biggest.

        Griz remembers more about the attic testimony that I can find, but I have a vague memory of Nurmi asking the defective detective if it was the kind of attic that you could store boxes in.

        That is really great news about Ray!

  15. Lorretta can not say I ever heard she cleaned the attic…just helped him put things up there in boxes…? As for the minion fearing her in a locked room…never did say he did but boy it shows real lack of training on his part…She was not cuffed in any way and he took his gun into a locked room…now IF She was a real murderess(!) what would she have to lose by gaining the firearm to use to escape…..if I was in charge, that minion would be fired for bringing a loaded gun into a locked room…who cares if it’s filmed? Seems the U.S.M.C. might have been glad to be rid of that man. Why O why would he take such a risk and put others at risk…She was a suspect in a murder as far as they were concerned. Sounds very much as t-dog calling the man who held a gun to his head and the gun failed to go off….seems travis just had to call the man who min.s before tried to shoot him in the head. Why would any call to get their phone back and risk their life as others lives in the bad guy returning. What was on that phone??? Shows what risks t-dog loved to take with his life as others….he was very strange indeed…there is video of him on this robbery…BRAGGING!…..and minion boy went back to fake a shelf tilt at one time…in trial no. 1…look they tilt with his hands…but not on HLN as a man of 210 lbs. goes on a shelf twice…with ease. As for the attic flores did stat nothing was found …after 5 days after the fact of June 4 th/08…as if to say nothing was ever up there…..sounds like a know it all judge who never had a doubt…!

  16. So now I am waiting for Jodi Arias other hard drive (over a year now…the one that her dad secured for her and it is in this storage facility that her family can access and if not the lawyers could….. remember?) and “stuff” in the attic? When is this new evidence coming out. All there was was some phony letters given to the Enquirer by Jodi’s mom. Been a long time and a lot of written “words”…. period.
    I am still baffled why so many stab wounds. The shot and the decapitation would of kept her out of “harms way”. Any one agree? I only agree on one thing with the courts. Especially Cruel. It was. It so was.

    • Deb, there was absolutely NO decapitation and the shot was a 22 which would only make someone madder than they already were. If someone was on top of you holding you down or trying to hold you in a bear hug it would completely make sense that there were several stab wounds. The cut to the throat was exaggerated by the autopsy that the ME did. That is the picture that JM decided to throw down in court to repulse the jury. The photo was only for the Shock affect, one of his many tricks. Of course, the Haters have loved to pass that particular picture around as hard evidence when it truly isn’t. It was a three ring circus…….. Deleting, concealing and withholding evidence. 🙄

  17. Hi Deb,

    The other hard drive, according to Jodi, was inaccessible for whatever reason as Jodi states this in her Troy Hayden interview. Jodi stated that indisputable evidence(date stamped pictures) exists that proves she didn’t rob her own house which then destroys the premeditation aspect of JM’s case and possible creates enough doubt that brings Jodi’s narrative some credibility. I would be certain that if this drive is accessed and those pictures are obtained. They will become public after disclosure of evidence rules are followed with the DA
    The stab wounds occurred at the end of the struggle. As we know, TA is agitated still after not being able to view Jodi’s CD of pictures in the den. After Jodi is tackled the second time and after she has shot him above the eye and had the bullet bounce around the inside of his face and end up in his cheek, she is able to obtain the knife which I believe was already up there from when they were doing rope cutting the previous night. TA is on top of her and Jodi is using the knife to try to get him off of her. She pokes him many times in the upper back which the coroner rules are oblique in nature, which means they are at an angle and very shallow. During this struggle, she also cuts him on the neck under the chin however, it is NOT EAR TO EAR.. but rather it is the length of his eyes. There is an autopsy photo of this and it is not a Cuban necktie which is what the ear to ear wound is called. Nicole Simpson had a Cuban necktie and was almost decapitated.
    I hope this clears that up for you.

  18. O.K. Deb for one thing saving ones life from a madman is NEVER cruel…but allowing any state to do all to take ones life 4 X’s is way beyond cruel….horn did state only one side of the neck was slashed. You really must ask why any persecutor would state in open court that the round was a .45…and there is a huge difference in the two .25 V .45. As for any evidence the family or Jodi may be holding back there may be a very good reason for that. On Her appeals they will show what true state corruption really is…..I dare say all books written about this case will be used to win her freedom….this She would lie on the stand for secondary gain…seems all courts are in on that one but ask this why would the state ever …LIE…fake and destroy evidence as well as hide it. Why would the state change it from shot first to shot now last. Was ANYTHING found in that attic?…even though the minion who faked a shelf tilt said nothing was found and then drilled it into the jury as he said it looked as if nothing had ever been up there…..never knew builders were so keen on cleaning up in az. One can put things up there and then take them down many times in one day. Look at it this way there is a table with nothing on it…does that mean nothing was ever on it? Now just how would You know the letters were phony……do You work for the state or the N.E. …lol. Tell Me how any could ever prove a letter was the real deal…I alone have written to her many times and even I do not know if I could spot all My own LETTERS! Our writing does change more then we might think. I can see the rat in front of the U.S.S.C. screaming …prove that is the real copy of the Constitution…now how could any prove that…when they are all dead…You know …the Founders. Look here is any easy way to prove if the letter may be his…just put it beside known writing…as JAII has and see how they look the same. But then just listen to a man of God speak of the rape of a child 3 X’s as if it was normal guy talk. odd how sky though it could be real until her chri$ told her it was not but never wanted it find out if his own had been victims to his dearest fiend…dad of the year…NOT…who would not want to find out if their child had been harmed so then they could seek help….u$e should answer that question….WAITING!!!!

    • How does someone get a vent password? I come to this website every few days (I’m not a hater), just a person who feels that the trial was a total sham. Will gladly give my info off-site if needed. Thanks….

  19. In light of the terrorist attack in Manchester, I would like to extend my support and best wishes to all of the UK supporters here! UK Strong!!!!!!!!

  20. Thanks Lance!!!! YES, hoping everyone had a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.
    Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” 
    — Winston Churchill
    She needs each and every one of us to HELP!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! ♥♥♥
    Also, if you have time don’t forget to send Jodi a note to let her know we are still here for her. ♥ ((((((((TEAM JODI & JODI ARIAS))))))))

  21. Hi R,

    Jodi has a letter of mine in her pile. I just responded to a new poster, Lucie, on another thread. I told her to read the wiki site or post on this thread. I am assuming you watched the B.S. National Enquirer episode last month.

    • No Lance, I didn’t watch the National Enquirer episode. My heart can’t take anymore of the media lies. Thank you for answering Lucie. It’s wonderful to see new people at Jodi’s site reading and learning the truth about Jodi’s case. Slowly the truth will come out and this circus will be uncovered for the sham it was. We need to remember the best way to help Jodi right now is raising money for her Appeals. One day Jodi will be a FREE WOMAN. The injustices that happened in this trial were horrible and should never be allowed in the United States of America. It’s embarrassing to say the least. Self defense is NOT A CRIME. ♥

  22. I probably knew the answer to that question before I asked it!
    I think Lucie will become a regular as she says that she is a lawyer where she lives and she has seen the same inconsistencies that we have all seen. I would imagine she won’t be the last.

  23. I’m not a prolific poster here….but who do you have to “give favors” to in order to get a vent password? 😉

  24. Hmm…Loretta even I la Griz do not have one but being a blunt guy I like to say what I say so the haters can not sleep…take the b.s. how could She have no wounds…..well concussions really do not show up well,ask any who has had one. But show Me one person no matter how well trained they are that think they can take a knife from someone they are trying to kill as they just told them that..”.I’ll kill You bitch…..”. No matter how fast that man was he would have to have LUCK on his side…notice there was only one deep wound on the body…looks to Me as a man running into a knife. If he had been attacked why all the odd angles to the back? as well as only from the left side from Her to the right side of him.See any wounds on him only to the left….take a look haters! As he attacked again n again all She had to do was put the knife in front of Her to keep him back. Do not put blame on Her that She fended off his attacks. This idea that others may have disarmed Her is so weak as mindless….the fastest punch in the world can be stopped by a mere cut…ask some idiot to try and punch a hand You hold a pencil in it pointed at them…see how far they get when they land a hit on said pencil and put back asap……As long as She had that knife he had left in the B/R She could and did keep him away…that neck wound seems more of a t-dog on the floor trying to pull Her down to end Her life but She was sable to slash out and end once and for all his continual attacks. Remember as hard as it seems none of the wounds were fatal if he had just stopped his attack…even the neck wound but ask this of any …would they call 911 if they faced such wrath from their abuser. This She had a duty to call for help no matter what…name one police or military who ever faced such violence that has called for help to save their attacker…I’ll save the haters a search…NONE! Her duty is to survive any attack on Her person. read az’s b.s. s/d law and see BULL SHIT to the max…by their own law any police that kills should be on DEATH ROW right now…read their law and see how corrupt it really is…nothing but a catch all law…one MUST stop when the threat is over…seems She did and he attacked again…now attack a cop or grunt and if they stop you…attack again and see what they will do with you…R.I.P. friend. Ask any if a violent fight if they allow a person to walk away and are attacked again what they did……=(. Why any are allowed on juries who only have hate in their hearts makes Me wonder…see Her jury.

  25. I don’t really think the “haters”, as you call them, lose any sleep over the comments here. I’ve haven’t seen any REAL interest from them. I’ve looked, too. Rehashing the details is hardly the stuff of nightmares. It’s redundant. I would like to actually discuss supportive and/or new details about Jodi’s life as it is now, ways to increase the appeals fund, etc. A pathway into some decent conversations would be appreciated! Password, anyone?

    • Hi Loretta,

      Hope you had a great holiday weekend!! I agree with you on the support issue. I don’t have one either but then again I have only been here since October. As you have heard me say, I have been focused so much on the hard drive pictures that Jodi mentions for one simple reason….they absolutely prove that she did not rob her own home which means she did not steal her grandfather’s gun. This fact alone would alter many people’s opinions and would cast some doubt on the rest.
      The May update for the appeals fund will likely be posted soon and we will see how the fund did.

  26. I believe monthly reporting has ended for now. Jodi was never eager for her fund total to be public, and recently not enough donations have been coming in to be worth reporting.

    • Hi Alan,

      Thanks for clarifying. If we are still assuming that the 5 year appeal window that you mentioned before is the “default”. That clock is running out quickly! Obviously, Jodi’s appellate attorneys are doing quite well and running under the radar which is always a good thing.

  27. haters lose sleep and their minds as they fear She may one day walk free …see Debra on that haters! I know haters lose sleep as well as their minds as We do all we can to bring justice to a broken system. The lynch mob does love the win and the kill. Now if any want to donate in other ways reach out to others and ask what can I do…A little helps a lot. may i remind you how unjust said trials were…..who would want such a trial. Look to the haters for the big rehash or should I say lie…s. they are masters at b.s….but ask this question just why spend all the time on t-dog who as We all now know was an abuser to the max…and mighty proud of it. Lorretta did You know the dear travis put many at risk of DEATH as he called the man who almost shot him in the head to ask for his cell back…now what could be on that cell to risk DEATH…imagine if that man was just across the st. when he got that call and went back to finish the job? Seems a few were still in the diner when t-dog did such an idiot act…who in their right mind would be willing to die for a cell phone…seems travis was as well as he could care less about others who were there…so much for just a good guy.

  28. Hi Lance. Weekend was great, thanks for asking. If these hard drive photos help Jodi’s case, why haven’t they been brought out before now? It seems a little thin to me that these photos would really prove anything. If they are absolutely proof of her timeline on that day…..then I’ll admit my error. The appeal has to be presented soon, doesn’t it? This alleged evidence won’t be presented then, will it? Only trial errors will be in question, correct? I’m not trying to get into vent any longer, just feeling left out there for a minute 😉

    • Hi Loretta,

      I can assure you that these photos would prove that she was not robbing her own house. In addition to that, her younger sister was with her on this trip. In her interview, she says that the drives were not pursued or were inaccessible for reasons she doesn’t elaborate on. This in turn began the discussion on “new” evidence vs. existing evidence. If the drives were known about BUT were inaccessible for whatever reason, does anything ultimately found on the drives count as new evidence? Jodi knows what is on these drives which is why I have been arguing this for so long. If somebody can ask Jodi directly about these drives, we might have some clarity.

  29. Lets say one is walking and see a young woman surrounded by young men and it does not look good at all…what to do…911…see what’s going on or just pass by….What would you do ? well if one is on this site then I hope it’s for good. Once She needed others to stand by her and stop this darkness and she did stop them and him cold. his attacks were stopped by a young woman who feared for her live as She knew from his past what a violent person he could be. And then She stopped a state from taking Her life after an unjust show trial…4 times! Now there is another site were idiots have a vile need to mouth off in hopes We will not take up Her cause…they have a need to back an abuser and a pedo…for some very sick reason….all We do is back a survivor of abuse. One should really look at their site to see what means they go to for a win. I was in recon and one had a need to know the foe. No one had to tell Me of t-dogs abuse as it’s on the web for all to see and posted by his so called friends or fiends…pick one! Now it is claimed that a person who knows Her very well wrote a letter…and what a vile letter that was …to read it makes one cringe. Just shows that these thing will do all for the win…they are the sickest of the sick and hate all women with glee…odd how any woman would post on that site but then they may have been abused or forced. I stand by My word to bring Her help no matter the cost or time. I work for Her and know Her truth. Look to his wounds for the truth and see what a violent person he really was for most of his life as You see any video of such violence as he played eddie snell….the person who posted that letter should be ashamed of himself….just another hater of females I pity the woman who hooks up with that trash!

  30. Yes nice to see you back…..have been wondering about Jodi and if there are any updates of how she is doing.

  31. A message from Stef from UK… copied from trusted sites thread

    I wish you luck. It saddens my heart to learn about jodi’s plight. It’s not for me to judge, I don’t know the truth, I don’t need to – the tears the well in my eyes as I write this tell me that I should send my love to a fellow human – Jodi you are loved and not forgotten. I pray you find justice, peace and happiness x
    Stef – U.K. x x

  32. According to a recent visitor, Jodi is trim, healthy, and full of plans and projects. She is still working at her job in the commissary. She gets up to an hour a day of phone calls to those on her visitation list, and up to 12 hours of contact visits each weekend in a spacious air-conditioned visitors’ area, with the option of going outside to sit at picnic tables under some trees and play with the prairie dogs.

    Now is a good time to send birthday cards — or even to make a money gift to her commissary account via!

  33. I just saw a video on 12news that Juan Martinez is facing another ethics violation in Jodi’s case for inappropriate relationships that may have compromised her case. This 1 is about his relationship with trial blogger Jen Wood. If he shared non public information with her then that could be a problem. The complaint was filed by an attorney on Jodi’s behalf.

  34. Good to hear that Jodi is healthy and active and staying COOL!!!!!!!

    Apparently, we have some new info to discuss as evidenced by the below article. This would be so awesome if it’s proven to be true!

    “Tonight at 10, a 12 News exclusive — an ethics complaint filed against the high-profile prosecutor in the Jodi Arias case — alleging misconduct during her trial”

    • Hey Lance! I saw the video of 12 news! Good news! As far as Juan Martinez goes, where there’s smoke there’s fire! The thing about it is it’s just not Jodi’s case, there are several cases where he’s been accused of ethics violations and misconduct!

      • Exciting news to see the Frog and Scoopy will be making news again. Brings back fond memories of them in the broom closet exchanging info for Scoop’s little blog. May the WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH BE HEARD!!! FINALLY!!!

  35. You can’t make this stuff up….first Nurmi is out…..and now Trial Diaries Jen and Martinez???? Crazy! What kind of a trials go on in Arizona? Jen and her husband parted either during that time or shortly after. I guess the chickens will come home to roost eventually.

    • I have been away from this site for quite some time, and I completely missed the Nurmi disbarment. Now it looks like Martinez is in hot water himself. I wonder how Martinez’s live-in at the time and may still be his live in, Treena Kay, thinks about it.

  36. From the news report, for the prosecutor to have an affair during the trial is not enough to get him into trouble but the key issue is to prove that he shared information with Jen Wood during the trial that he should not have. What a weasel that guy is never mind a frog. How to prove the allegation is the sticky point. Bed partners usually do share information.

    • Karen Clark is a pretty smart cookie so I don’t think she would bring forward a charge/complaint based purely on rumor and innuendo – with no proof to offer (contrary to what a bunch of ignorant knuckleheads might think).

  37. I would imagine the toughest part of this will be to prove what was said since no recordings exist. I also saw that these trial divas were two stay at home Moms. I wonder how Wood’s husband feels about all this (if she actually has one!!?)
    I agree with Justus that this reporter, Karen Clark, would not have brought this forward if she didn’t think it was worth pursuing.

  38. The one cop sat in the court room through out the trial then testified against her. This is not supposed to be allowed. He listened to all other testimony and could form his own testimony to support others.

    • Welcome Jer, Interesting Point. The Defective Detective was certainly a major part of the Frog’s plan. Martinez was cunning in finding out the ones who would further promote his scam. IMHO

  39. Hello Jer!!!!

    That is a great point.. all witnesses are supposed to be kept out of the courtroom until they testify. This should be another point that the ethics committee brings up!!!

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