Retrial Video Replay – Day 21

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Secret witness “John Smith” redirect + Flores direct, cross & redirect from 1/14/2015:

Part 1/1:

Video Notes: starts with Nurmi redirect with secret witness aka “John Smith”. Martinez cross (48:25). Nurmi follow-up (54:02). Flores testimony r.e. June 9th w/Willmott (01:16:40). Nurmi r.e. prosecutorial misconduct (01:26:25).

From 01:28:45 to 01:31:16, Jennifer Willmott plays Nurmi’s recorded interview with roommate Zach Billings, where Billings confirmed he never used TA’s computer. Both Flores and Martinez were present during the interview, however Flores states he now has no recollection of the interview and no recollection of Nurmi or Zach Billings even being present due to the recording being played at low volume. Martinez/Flores cross (01:39:20). Willmott/Flores cross (01:54:56 to 02:04:25).

It’s interesting to look back at this video from 2 years ago, and note (with the exception of Jennifer Willmott) that everyone else featured in it has either been held accountable, suspended, demoted, retired or disbarred.

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UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $104,853.42 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling throughout 2017, so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

All donations via go directly to the fund. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi’s future – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.

we are team jodi - and we will be victorious

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Remember… each day that passes takes us one day closer to Jodi’s release date… and whether that happens in 2017, 2018 or some time after that, we will be here.


Make no mistake.

Believe it.

Prepare for it.

Be part of it.


Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. Happy New Year Alan!

    The wiki site looks really good. The streamlined look should allow for easy reading and references to important points. I have to admit I still get a kick out of reading Deanna’s texts to TA trying to get her money back. Apparently, Prepaid Legal wasn’t the high paying gig the media made it out to be… Hmmmmm!!!!!

    • Trixels!!!! Long time, no see!!! It’s good to know that SO many people have NOT abandoned Jodi and are still distressed by the injustice done to her.
      Hope to see you more often! ♥

  2. Hi Trixels,

    Happy New Year to you!

    Click into the wiki site above in Alan’s post which takes you to the Justice4Jodi background. Click on Travis’s finances on the left. it’s actually kinda funny to see how broke this dude was and then hear the media stories talk about him being “highly successful” Happy Reading!

    • Lance, you’re so right! He had duped so many people that he was a success story and in reality he didn’t have a penny in his name! 🙂 I don’t criticize poor people BUT I do detest the ones that put on a rich man’s facade because that’s the only thing they think matters… He was not only broke in his pocket but also in his ability to have emotions! What a loser!

      • Pandora, I think we all know someone who prefers to “fake it to make it” and they usually go too far at some point with the charade and it catches up to them. It’s funny how the general public believes that this dude was a high flyer and all around good dude. I can’t tell you how surprised I was by the wiki site’s “behind the scenes” truths. If they only knew!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I don’t criticize people either for lacking means BUT I do detest people who hurt CHILDREN and are also DOGS! Obviously, the pedo aspect of this case WILL ALWAYS bother me as well as the behind the scenes abuse.

  3. I must say that the 2nd trial video sound quality….SUCKS! How could ANY judge let alone APPEALS court allow that trial to stand. Opps forgot about the transcripts as mike Mr. 300 wpm has also. How could any ever trust that trial and were they not reviewing the video and sound quality at all times as it is part of the record….a joke of a trial just got bigger. Face facts the courts in az. are broken…and will never be fixed by az. as the fix means $…how many times did We hear about the money…on and on they went. But az. loves to make deals until their masters want otherwise….$ does talk to the minions…and they obey. Thanks to time We now know which side embraced evil …the state! But the mindless speak of that …just a good guy….well play the tapes and video of him that is on the web and ask….do good guys say and do such?


    “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

  5. Seems that estaban or steve or minion has a rather bad memory….but does what he’s told….this is a Det. are they kidding or is just another az. joke? It’s a wonder stevo didn’t get lost in that rather big closet as he was faking a shelf tilt….as ordered. And why does the rat look like it’s ready to have a meltdown…..was the case that weak and STILL is? To think this was ever allowed in America makes one wonder….call that trial what is was…nothing but a show trial….when the state must lie, and fake evidence and yes lose and destroy it it speaks volumes to their evil and a win at any cost.

  6. Now and then I look at the hate sites and see the real problem of that trial. Folks that are twisted and broken who love to harm others for their joy…..Once upon a time there was a nation of them things…right up till 1945…May? The problem with evil is it can be reborn…TRAVIS not so much…see proof there is a GOD! See haters I can give as I get as I use facts…you all not so much…..2017…year of a rat…..hope it’s got a good lawyer…but then how does one counter a book based of hate vile and lies for nothing but gain and yes harm. And to think he is one of the beast in az….well he acted as one.

  7. OK TEAM JODI, the holidays are past us. We need to all do our part by donating to Jodi’s Appeals Fund. We need the money ready to put to good use the second she needs it. We can’t do this alone, IT TAKES ALL OF US!!! Please donate whatever the Good Lord has laid on your ♥♥♥!!! We have to GIVE to RECEIVE!!! I KNOW WE CAN DO THIS!

  8. You are so right R Love!! I have been looking at that Appeal total for WAY TOO LONG!! It’s time to change that number. I just wrote Jodi my first letter recently and I said that more $ was on the way. Time to put my $ where my mouth is!!!

    As irony would have it, I was helping a UK supporter who was confused about the US mailing rules. I did not know that letter writing was that different in other parts of the world regarding return addresses etc. However, I do not know how anal the prison publication review board is there with issues like this???

  9. Jodi loves to get mail from everyone. Hopefully people will understand that it is hard for her to answer right away but she certainly tries hard. Just follow the rules as given on the Write To Jodi page and she will get the mail. The most important thing that we can do right now is to give $$$ to her appeals fund. The money will be needed in the near future and we do need to provide for her appeals. At the beginning I committed to help her receive her freedom back, that is the main reason I’m here! Jodi needs friends and family who are there for her in every aspect of this horrendous fight for FREEDOM! As we all have learned during this ordeal …. MONEY is what this whole tragedy has been about for the everyone on the opposite side of this mess.

    As for Jodi, she has not and will not ask for money from any of us (never would) BUT if we truly want to help her, then WE ALL MUST GIVE, EACH AND EVERYONE! Jodi appreciate all of her family, friends and supporters whether they give or not. Not everyone is able to give, any amount is better than nothing.


  10. R. and Lance are so right. The most important thing supporters can do for Jodi right now is to donate to the JAA Appellate Fund (, or click on link at top right of this page). At the fund site, consider using the yellow “Donate” button to make an automatic monthly donation via PayPal. As little as $15 or $20/month would help a lot, yet you’d probably hardly notice it in your budget.

    Now’s the time! We need to get the fund total up while there’s still ample time to do so.

    • Hey Alan,

      I was thinking about the appeal fund and how we have stalled in recent months. The time frame that you mentioned some time ago could also be a motivator of sorts. My reasoning is this: if people saw that a “ticking clock” was counting down from a certain time in the not too distant future when Jodi’s state paid appeals expire, it may add the needed urgency that we have been lacking. Comments?

  11. ♥ ~~~~~~”History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.” ~~~~~~~~ Martin Luther King Jr.


    • Exactly! That’s why, we should never allow anyone to mute our voices about the unjust that Jodi has and is enduring!

      Self defense is NOT a crime! Abused women should not be afraid to seek help… Jodi was too ashamed and in love and look where that got her! Report abuse! If you see someone that is being abused, let them know you’re there to help and they’re not alone! Emotional and mental abuse is as painful (or even more) than physical abuse. The only difference is that you can’t see the scars.

      To all the people being abused out there: (((((I see you! You deserve better! Report the abuse!)))) ♥♥♥

  12. Hey everyone!

    HAPPY BELATED NEW YEARS! I wholehearted wish everyone health, happiness and success in whatever you set your hearts on!

    I’m so sorry that I’ve been M.I.A. for such a long time but with the holidays and having out-of-town guests I didn’t have a minute to myself. BUT I’m back! 🙂

    Hopefully this year will uncover more bullshittery biased misconduct from Jodi’s trials giving her more ammo for her appeals!

    ((((Hugs)))) to all you beautiful people here at JAII! ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. “It’s interesting to look back at this video from 2 years ago, and note (with the exception of Jennifer Willmott) that everyone else featured in it has either been held accountable, suspended, demoted, retired or disbarred.”

    SJ, isn’t it ironic that the ones that called Jodi a liar, a monster, etc. and tried to send her to death row are the ones that proved to be immoral, crooked, dishonest and greedy?! I’m so glad they’ve been called out and punished and I hope they are always remembered as the corrupted, clueless and disgraceful beings that they are! 😉

    p.s. I wonder when Pickles will be demoted to traffic court.

    • I was thinking the same thing myself! I have often wondered how J. Willmott has been viewing this from a distance. I hope she is thriving in her new practice!!

      P.S. “Pickles :)”…. Pandora you crack me up!!!!!!!!
      That may still be a problem… she might give some young person life without parole for reckless driving!

      • Yes, indeed. Who ever heard of Life without Parole for SELF DEFENSE????? Pickles is a BAD JOKE for a Judge. She should be next in line to receive a honorary doofus award for disgracing her position in a court of Law, especially when one considers she actually took directions straight from a devious lying frog. 😡

  14. LWOP is NOTHING then getting a D/P by another way…the win at any cost to The Justice system. Yes my friends there are two laws …one for the poor and one for the rest. Let the 1% almost destroy the nation and where are all them laws…opps but their kind make and enforce the law for them. She was up against an abuser that day and won more by luck then any skills. Remember even deanna did say he trained to fight on his own sisters…were the brothers busy or did he want to win? Then the state did all to finish the job the just a good guy started…and failed not once but four times. As the appeals judge did say in his own words GUILT WAS NEVER IN DOUBT…this is the sickness She faced day by day…so if guilt was known then they must do all to destroy Her in any way…and boys and girls they did try. Ever dirty trick in the book. I have viewed the trial somewhat of the men who tried to kill hitler(operation valkyrie) and God the abuse put to them as that fake trial went on. In Her trial I saw a past wrong as She faced a wrath by an out of control rat…I wondered if it would strip her naked as the photos that to me were nothing but a rape by others means. Tell me who when on trial for their life needs to be treated like that? Did the state show that PEDO in it’s glory??? and if they did that speaks to his rather fucked up family. Just looking at it’s face all I can ever see is a fake troubled soul who only used others as his own folks used him…odd how both parents had to die before others stepped in…or more normal for that crew. When ever I am asked to prove Her innocence I say I’ve done tests to prove her truth….has any hater ever posted such proof of Her guilt…even the state? Odd how even both juries will not speak to the facts how they came to judge…very much like the know it all judge of appeals. To know in American a nation i have loved from a very early age I must wonder what darkness has over powered them…this is not a RED or BLUE issue but something that will harm all. When i ever see a law in any’s name I fucking cringe…laws are never to be used to get your revenge….why not just do what sister sam told the court….I planned to kill Her…and this is now police woman of the year…is there a B.C. after that year?…as in BEFORE COURT. We will undue this wrong for Her and all of Us who believe in justice. SELF DEFENSE is never wrong and the facts and t-dog show that very well. Always remember that the few have changed Our world more then the many…I’m talking to you haters and traitors. We are UNITED for a JUST cause…ask a hater what it stands for…

  15. What is LWOP but another way to destroy a person…what a sick thing.But when was that trial ever fair…good thing an appeal judge could not keep his mouth shut or the fix would have been in from the get go. Now just how did he know?….but sis sam seems to have know even before a charge and was ready to act…police gal of the year…B.C. as in before trial? Who did not think ever day of that trial…is this for real or just a joke? Well it stands as the show trial of show trials. Odd how the haters and state never proved in any tests Her KNOWN guilt…most of their ideas are bat shit…the rest typos and duhs. When it came to memories who had the problems…did the states minion forget their lines. We know our cause is just as the haters know it is that’s why the fear the facts and truth so much. But i would thank travis for showing the world who he Really was, an abuser of females…right deanna as you joked that t-dog used his sisters to up his skills on fighting….didn’t he have brothers?

  16. Wow as the haters must say …THAT could never happen…way to many coincidences….REALLY shows how little they think…Griz and contact lens use…1 st. night I found out the white of the eye has a skin surrounding it….this is what keeps a hard lens in place somewhat…OW talk about hurting when a lens is jammed under that skin. One day I put in the contacts and then went up to the 3 rd floor and noticed …opps I had lost one on the way….back tracked to the kitchen and saw it in the center of the floor….and not crushed…seems Ma did not do Her happy dance that morn. So out riding with my cuz who just had to be the driver of the motorcycle and as I peeked around to see the view …OW! what just slammed into my eye! back home I found a crack in that lens….but it still worked fine being a Scott…..LOL. Then out in the back yard working at night I had a low branch hit me in the eye… thing I knew I was a bit blind from lack of a lens…..did a little shake to remove the lens from my frame and a big step away from that last spot and into the house to gang a few extension cords for the 62 ft. walk back with a lamp…who needs a flashlight? Well in it seems under 62 sec.s I found that lens in a pile of leaves and trash….popped it int the mouth (We all have done that who wear em…) and back in business. Then one day the lens was really bugging me so I took in out a few million times ( well it seemed so…LOL. Than I noticed I was blind in one eye…hmm that’s not good…so off to the FREE Dr. We have FREE health care! Well it seemed a bit of true grit had ground a hole in My eye….AAAARRRR….I like pirates but would not want to look like one…healed up real fine….and in all cases it was the RIGHT eye….so this or that could never happen …well things do happen and when so called folks of reason say otherwise one has to ask…..Just what are you up to with that kind of thinking…..a win at any cost mindset. All who reach 18 years no of the many coincidences in their lives…but some in that court have rather odd memories for good rea$on$!

  17. Wishing everyone a Happy Inauguration Day!

    With the forever clueless Obama now being shown the door, President Trump can finally get to work, and get started on making America great again.

    One people, under One God, saluting One American flag.

    Celebrate the day!

  18. Lance, to answer your question above, no one knows exactly when Jodi’s state-paid appeals will be over. The estimate I’ve been given is 4-5 years, but that’s just someone’s guess.

    What we do know is that the current donation rate is way below what’s needed. For the last 6 months, monthly donations have averaged $420, or $5000/yr. Jodi will never reach her target on $5000/yr.

    The fund site now has a yellow PayPal “Donate” button for automatic monthly donations. Just $20/month from all Jodi’s self-declared supporters – less than the cost of a newspaper subscription — would solve the problem. Everyone must realize that if she doesn’t have $250K when her state-paid appeals end, her case is over forever and she will die in Perryville.

    • Thanks Alan.

      I was basing this question on that estimated quote that you mentioned. You are right in that the current donation total will not do Jodi any good. As I told Jodi in my letter, I will be writing another check and mailing it out. As people have pointed out, Jodi will not ask for anything from any of us here. I believe that a visual reminder of some kind on this site will be a constant reminder that 4-5 years comes quicker than people think. An example of this is the fact that this web site is ALREADY four plus years old! Where did that time go? If my math is correct, the current shortfall means that Jodi needs about $35000/yr. If we assume that no other major donors step forward, this will rest solely on Jodi supporters. Hopefully, every one of them gets the urgency of this!!

  19. Hey I thought this post was on day 21…hmmm….well I for one wish the new boss all the luck in the world…but can’t wait to see the video tape…..and i hear he’s all for law and order… would be a mighty fine start. And I must say that Our Jodi does a much better job on the anthem ….sorry Jackie but I calls em as I sees em…one should never try to own that song but just sing it well. Jackie I still think You’re amazing. Now I would tell any in the rust belt what many of my islanders were told….NO WORK…move to where the jobs are…..and that was from Our brain trust We just showed the door too.

  20. Sometimes I refrain from writing here, and some may wonder why and if I have lost interest in this or if I have forgotten about Jodi, but those who know me well are wella ware of my devotion to Jodi.
    It’s just that from time to time I feel as if everything has been said, everything has been commented on and that there are no words left to express my sadness over this great injustice. Lady Justice does seem to take looooong to fix this sh*t; however, Nurmi’s downfall and Kermit’s corruption unmasking have been a long-awaited relief!

    For the time being, I am simply popping in to REMIND everyone posting and reading here that nothing is final yet. And that the one thing that is now Jodi’s ONLY hope and chance to freedom is her supporters’ donations.
    Things look miserable at the Donation site and the rate of incoming donations is lousy.

    PLEASE PLEASE everyone! Let’s all do what we can, even if it’s just a few dollars each week/month.

    We owe it to Jodi. We were here in 2013 screaming and being indignant. We were here during the retrial, still screaming and being indignant. WHERE did all that go?
    Why are people so willing to let go, forget and put something they invested so much time energy and emotions behind? Are we truly heading towards a society who has reduced to people being merely bystanders? I hope not.

  21. As a follow-up to this conversation, I will ask this question once more. As I watch a lot of these crime shows on ID, I see a lot of cases where a case review some time later reveals that an error may have been made in the verdict or during the trial. Does anybody think it’s possible that any innocence project would be able to see what we know is the truth and come on board and assist Jodi. I am asking this again because I see crime episodes with less doubt than Jodi’s case. The fact that so much evidence was left on the table as we all know and that Jodi remains the only witness to many of the events is what makes me ask this. Having said that, I will also say I do not know of any of these groups and the ones that have been publicized are out on the west coast in California. I have heard that somebody reached out many years ago but I believe that another inquiry would be worth the effort. Comments?

    • I believe they only deal with cases where the defendants maintain their innocence, in the no-I-didn’t-do-it sense. Jodi has testified to killing Travis in self-defense; so it’s not the same thing.

      • Thanks Maria. That is very unfortunate. I thought innocence projects were about righting legal injustice in ALL FORMS! Apparently, they don’t deal with any cases where a justified killing UNDER OUR RULES OF LAW occurs!
        They don’t sound as good as I thought they were.

  22. Well these project depend on folks keeping their jobs…as in when any step up for Jodi the mob does all to destroy them …GO ASK ALICE…ask the shelter that feeds the poor on donations and how they disown Her….seems haters don’t want folks getting food…they must be lazy all all were in the 30’s…there were lots of jobs …starting in DEC.08/41…My the poor do fight well. I have been asked if I fear any nut jobs showing up…so be it. This no one backs Her is b.s. many do but they fear the wrath…and where is the so called law on that? Her own lawyers had reason to fear…for JUST doing their jobs. So Lance seems this one is up to the FEW,the Brave…and not the Marines…det. fake shelf tilt was one of them a fucking disgrace to the CORP….so much for his many oaths. As long as haters do all to bring Her to harm then We must stand up with or with out others. For one thing She told Us all from the stand She killed him to survive….and in most minds that’s never right…unless you’re a cop. Look to sister sam and her MURDER plot she spoke of in court and then rewarded with officer of the year…another WTF moment. Stay the course Lance and never give up…She now depends on the kindness of others who seek to undue a wrong and are hated so. May their hate destroy them.

  23. I will then move on to my next question/suggestion. I would like to illustrate it with a quick story. I work in the legal industry as I have mentioned. I once worked with a young attorney who was around my age who had a lot on his plate and may have even been a little scatterbrained admittedly. In one instance, he almost missed a filing due date because of the amount of work he had taken on and the other stresses in his life. He decided to rectify this by requesting his legal assistant to LIE TO HIM about his upcoming due dates to give him some “grace time” before it was actually due. I asked his legal assistant one time how this little “workaround” was going and she told me that he was thriving with it. He was getting things done early and not running up to the deadline all the time.
    My point is that none of us really know when Jodi’s state paid appeals end, except maybe her and the attorneys working for her. We know she won’t say anything.
    Should we as a group assume that the estimates that Alan has mentioned in previous posts are correct and make them an “unofficial deadline” on this site to reflect the urgency that her appeals fund faces to have this money when that clock does hits zero?

  24. Well said Lance…We do not know and the courts can and do over ride the states and the Fed.s all the time and so do facts….as in the rat and the worm working the same side…now some think the worm saved her from certain death…but there was one who we know saved Her and that was Her….this She stayed on the stand way to long…well the rat had no problem with that as he lied and pulled ever trick in the book to railroad Her. And My did it get help from rather forgetful minions…one did not even know when she became a dr…..hmm. We if in doubt should ask Her what is best to do for now…there are many ways to help. Yes if We can raise the $ so much the better…but this will take awhile. Seems very few will take her case out of fear…seems the haters are very good at that. They worry about a fair hearing for her with judges who can see with an open mind. Odd how there is no limit on going after one but a limit on appeals…does that even make sense. When people lose faith in the laws there are no laws.And for some strange reason the courts assume all defendants will lie to save themselves…but getting caught on the stand in a lie or lies dooms one ….but the state and police can lie all they want to win as they will gain…a defendant never gains by getting back their freedom. They had it and it was taken from them…why would any seek to lie to harm another….$…fame…hate…vile…revenge….secrets….must I go on. Lets do what We can when We can…She would be more then o.k. with that. Who would think so many against her would take a fall from grace…but they did…and more may follow…..She will never give up…count on it that is not Her…..She will never be broken… many would want to see if they could survive as She has… stand by Her in your own way..and if You can help. Thanks.

  25. Thanks Wayne. I understand that a lot of people out in that area have probably kept quiet out of fear of harassment and character assassination. Alice was a perfect example of that as well as the other psychologist who gave it right back to JM when he was on the stand. I may have been late to this forum but I am here now and I am here strong! As I have said, I will be sending more $ soon. My concerns may be somewhat overblown in that I know there are a LOT of people who think like we do but do not post here and may be helping with little or no fanfare. I will also admit that the listed shortfall and the monthly amount coming in is worrisome but not insurmountable by ANY MEANS. The fact that a time frame DOES INDEED exist is what we all need to focus on because that clock cannot be stopped!

  26. We must do what We can….it is sad to think because of what the system did to Her and justice that now no one can have a fair trial. Ask any if they would want to be treated as She was and any who dared speak for Her. Makes one sick to think that happened in America. For any to want to stand by that very troubled man begs the question…WHY now that We know full well his darkness. But some do embrace such and with joy it seems. The haters will always do all for the win no matter the cost to the rest. It is all about them…..and their sickness to find guilt in some and none in others. Who knows what may happen when the rat gets his own day in court…should he not be proud to take the stand or have his own paid mouthpiece yap for him? it had a mighty big mouth in two trials so why would it ever take the 5 th…..he should explain how he wrote that book and why….if he can….wonder if he talks to his pal the worm….two pee’s in a pod….with luck.

  27. How odd that few if any haters can agree what happened that day just as the state was all over the place….on s/d a vile site for vile they even do not agree and when they do at times have a real hard time explaining their facts…just as the rat did. his .25 growing to a .45…Wow that’s 5 x’s the mass…and 3 x’s the area….just a mistake or planted in hate filled minds looking for any excuse to harm Her? Then it seems it did not know Her name as that rat called Her Miss Alexander…another mistake or did it want an already hate bent jury to flip out …How dare She….Yes at one time She may have wanted that but as all the women in his rather dark life they saw the real t-dog and wanted out. Imagine in the very first trial the defense telling the court and thus the world that a policewoman plotted 1 st. degree MURDER before knowing any facts. Seems Jodi was up against that kind of logic from day one….GUILT was never in doubt…this from an APPEAL judge no less….who may sit on Her appeals….is this man a know it all or a mouth piece….for the mob. I like to see his proof…or would he act as the state and be two faced. So this is justice…I think not….

  28. Thanks, Lance, for being such a rational supporter! Your donations are so appreciated, and desperately needed, too!

  29. Thanks Loretta. Nice to meet you. Hope you are well!!
    I am happy to give it and will continue to do so!! The wiki site that Justus created was all I needed to see the truth!
    As I was saying in the above posts, I had thought that we should start assuming that the estimates that other supporters have been given about Jodi’s paid appeals are correct (Approx. 5 years) and should proceed with the urgency that this time frame presents.

  30. I felt I should show everybody this as it illustrates how dangerous prisons can be, even women’s prisons. Jodi’s Twitter page had this update which Google will show for a day or two before it deletes it. I know that this is not Jodi’s yard but IT COULD BE!!!!!!!!

    D-Yard, the yard next to Jodi’s, has been on lock down since Sunday due to fighting and rioting. #JodiArias

  31. PLEASE DONATE TO JODI’S APPEALS FUND TODAY! Together we can make it possible for Jodi to receive the BEST representation possible. TEAM JODI CAN AND WILL DO THIS!!!!!!! FREE JODI ARIAS ARIZONA!!!! SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME!
    Deleting, tampering and withholding evidence in a court of law IS a crime. Arizona why not lock up the ones in this case who produced and orchestrated this circus of a trial to begin with? Why are they allowed to walk your streets free to promote themselves? ARIZONA CITIZENS YOU NEED TO WAKE UP!!! Strange how your laws seem to protect the guilty in Maricopa County, AZ. SMH

    The lessons from the peace process are clear; whatever life throws at us, our individual responses will be all the stronger for working together and sharing the load.
    ~~~~~~ Queen Elizabeth II

  32. I haven’t posted here in a while but have not forgotten our “Dear, sweet Jodi” or any of you!!! I still strongly support Jodi’s innocence and it saddens my heart so very much that Jodi is not free yet!!! I just don’t understand why it is taking so long!!! One day though,, we will be reading the headlines in the news that “JODI ARIAS HAS BEEN FREED”!!! Everyone will see that all our efforts were not in vain!!! Just wait, keep supporting both monetarily and getting the word out!!!

    FREE JODI ANN ARIAS, Arizona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to our Jodi and to you all!!!

  33. Hi, I’m new to this site but I have always thought that there was something really off with poor Jodi’s case and since studying for a degree( I’m a mature student lol) I can see that the whole case is extremely flawed! I can’t believe everything that went on in court was allowed to happen in this day and age! I defiantly support Jodi’s and will help in any way I can to support her case. I think it’s disgusting the way it’s been conducting and the bad press and disgusting comments and hate that anyone supporting Jodi’s gets and poor Jodi herself, I just hope that this case and Jodi get the support and recognition it so badly deserves. Kind regards guys, Dan x

    • Thank you so much:), I just think the more I see and read about Jodie case it infuriates me and upsets that a person would be treated this way and I’m definitely team Jodi all the way!! Xxx

    • Hi guys,thank you for being so welcoming! I watched the raw video with Fox News and it was disgusting how they cut up the footage to fit THERE agenda! It’s seems to be a running theme of this case! What has to happen to open people’s eyes?! Sorry, I just hate how badly the whole case has been presented! I was also wondering how Jodi is doing ?. Kind regards and much love guys x

  34. Hi Danielle,

    I am still somewhat new to this site as I just came on last fall. Your open mind was right to give you pause on this. Jodi has had WAY WAY more than her share of abuse, bad press and hate to last several life times. It truly makes you wonder if there has been another case that has had so much pertinent evidence “left on the table” due to prosecutorial misconduct or just pure laziness. It also makes you wonder how many times a state can absolutely screw up a case of pure self defense only complicated due to a woman’s shame. If you want more proof of this, read some of the older threads on this site where the state of AZ gets it’s ASS handed to it on several fronts.
    I would invite you to read the justice4Jodi wiki spaces website included in the top of this thread which gives the WHOLE and TRUE STORY.
    In addition, I would also invite you to watch Jodi’s RAW interview with Fox10 Phoenix and Troy Hayden on Youtube where she addresses one particular piece of evidence that if it is ever obtained(if it hasn’t been already since this interview occurred in 2013) would destroy the prosecution’s case. Welcome to the truth!!

    Here is the link to that video

  35. Just found this off Google… Jodi updating on the prison riot. Jodi was fortunate to be in a yard where people behave themselves. I wonder how much she has to do with this??

    D-Yard is slowly coming off lock down as of Friday. Inmates r gradually being allowed limited time out of their cells. Jodi’s yard is fine.

  36. Lance,
    When Jodi does get her re-trial, no new evidence can be used. This is the thing that drives me nuts. I have to believe if what she said with Troy Hayden in that interview, Jennifer Willmott and or De La Rosa would of found it. How hard could it be to get access to this if it was in her storage, grandparents house or her mom/dads house. These two women would of found it. Just saying.

    • Debbie,

      I am curious if this would be considered “new” evidence. The evidence wasn’t lost but it was on her other hard drive that was inaccessible for reasons that she doesn’t mention. This is a perfect legal question for the legal eagles here who know about AZ discovery. I would argue that this evidence is not new in that it existed but was not able to be accessed. It shows indisputable proof that she was not involved in that burglary which literally destroys JM’s premed theory. As well all know, the knife was a weapon of opportunity that was already in the house If you are correct and these date-stamped pictures are not allowed, Jodi’s sister and anybody else that they may have recognized at that monastery will have to testify to this. I really hope that these pictures are admissible!!

      • I’ve always wondered if the police hadn’t let that piece of evidence totally disappear. (Other things they were in charge of were certainly disturbed, deleted and withheld.) If so it will not be found. 🙁

  37. Yeah Alan. I must have missed the part about cell searches as I am unable to view social media or private email on this PC. Luckily, all the knuckleheads seem to be on D-Yard and not Jodi’s C-Yard.
    Somebody please ask Jodi if she will be my Valentine next week!! 🙂

  38. What really bothers me is i am sure Jodi would have told her defense team about the trip she made to the day of the burglary..and about the pics on the camera , apart for Nurmi who didnt give a crap..why oh why wouldnt Jennifer and the defense office staff not look further into this , it would have totally knocked the prosection that Jodi was the burglar that day and in turn the jury would have questioned his whole pre-mediated theory….any thoughts on this ?

  39. Hi Janet

    That has been my point since I found this interview. JM routinely claimed that she BROUGHT the gun and knife with her to his house. These pictures… these DATE-STAMPED pictures obviously prove she could not be in two places at once which then proves that the gun came from Travis’s closet unless this has already been stipulated. These pictures would make JM look worse than he already does. I actually brought this up in my letter to Jodi. Jodi states that the pictures couldn’t be accessed because the hard drive “wasn’t working”. I don’t know if she meant “corrupted”. I have been placing a strong emphasis on these pictures because it’s one of the few instances where Jodi has visual proof. I firmly believe that if these pictures are obtained, public opinion could change somewhat in her favor as more people may start to question her conviction.
    The knife, we know, was a weapon of opportunity already in the home which was used to cut rope. Jodi complicates this by putting the knife in the dishwasher and then leaving the house with the gun after putting the camera in the wash.
    I would like to know how much emphasis was placed on Travis’s rape of Jodi in the den after he was unable to view her CD of pictures?? This event is important because it shows his tendency to be violent and strengthens Jodi’s claim that the attack was a “buildup of events” and not a single isolated event like dropping a camera.
    Jodi’s descriptions of abuse, both verbal and physical, are substantial but unverified since many instances occurred with nobody else around. The mention of the man who witnessed her with bruises all over her body would be a POWERFUL corroboration as would the potential recovery of some “selfie” pictures she took on her road trip which may or may not show bruises. These pictures are also on the same hard drive.

    • Thanks lance, i agree with you , even though juan was an ass , he was not the only one who really failed her in my opinion , her defense team really didnt do their job thoroughly , they could have done so much more for jodi , search and search again till they find this guy who saw bruises…find those pics, get her sister to testify on her behalf , cause she was with her…i dont get it .you truly get what you pay for..

      • Thanks Janet, I know we all agree that Nurmi didn’t go all out in Jodi’s defense. Based on everything I have heard and read, I believe he started to feel overwhelmed by the case and the publicity surrounding it. He shifted his focus from trying to emphasize her innocence to just keeping her alive. In the midst of this strategy, many things got missed or tossed aside as irrelevant. What I don’t know is how vocal J. Wilmott was during some of these meetings where Jodi was arguing for certain details and evidence to be obtained and presented. Nurmi was the boss and Wilmott was second chair. I really don’t know how much better any other PD in that office would have been considering the limited resources that PD’s are offered and incredible scrutiny that this case generated. It simply would have come down to that particular person’s inner character and belief in Jodi’s case. Nurmi will always believe that he did his best considering the circumstances even as he sits disbarred from law.

  40. Sad to say Lance but the most important thing is …was there a fight and who was the defender. Look real hard at all his wounds…seems just one would have killed him for sure…but even folks with their throat slashed have lived….not saying he would have but were both veins on the throat cut? All any would have to do is put pressure on said wound and call 9-1-1….unless he would not stop. Remember a person is much more dangerous when they think they are dying. To Me that was a continual attack from t-dog as he has wounds all over the place…a person skilled in knife fighting would have stabbed more then once….and to the hilt. he only had one deep wound next to the vena cava. Just think of how fast he would have went down with just one slash from shoulder to hip…as he was naked. And not to deep…imagine a paper cut two feet long…ones eyes would pop. We know well he was always prone to freak out on anything…and that’s from his own yap not Hers for the most part. Yes to find any new evidence would be great but who on the states side would allow it…think letters! Seems they just don,t like facts or truths. This She had no wounds…so getting slamed to a very hard floor would only cause a concussion….that can kill one. The main reason She had few wounds was LUCK…not skill. Look at his hands and see how only the cuts are on the outside of a FIST….now that seems odd. t-dog was a trained fighter from his school days…wrestler the basis of all fighting skills. Just because he was a very bad fighter means nothing…his wrath and rage doomed him. Remember even a U.S. Navy seal can be killed by a child with a lucky shot. Remember how in court they showed a LEG next to a blob….that’s Her dragging him….they have eyes like no other and a very good imagination too. I,ve had a few broken necks with no bruising….so what does that prove…..luck. As for why so many would not take the stand….well ask them about their past …UNDER OATH…with certain jail time for getting caught in a lie….when the state already knows the truth…they are done as She would be.Just imagine the jury seeing that…..She would be on death row now. Very few of Us have no dark secrets and few would want to take the stand to be outed …remember that the rat would say anything to win…ask any who spoke for Her on the stand…go ask Alice on that….can any blame Her for not wanting to speak again. The person who says I would no matter the risk is not telling the truth. I took the stand for a loved one as Her very life was at stake….to know Her life was now in My hands terrified Me. I told the whole truth and yet lost because of power and money was against Me and Her. Our societies really do hate females. We must do what We can to right a wrong…for Her and yes all.

  41. I agree Wayne. I have always believed that this attack had two stages: the first was the initial agitated state that he was in coming out of the bedroom and the den, especially where he is angry about the CD corrupting and then his rape of Jodi when she tries to calm him. This stage extends to the shower where she fumbles his $200 camera that he just bought and his broke ass snaps and tackles her to the floor. This could have been a real bad beating and possibly nothing more although we can’t put ourselves in his mind. The second stage starts when she pivots in the bathroom with the gun hoping that the gun will make him pause and calm down somewhat. When this fails, she closes her eyes and pops one into his temple. NOW IT’S ON!!!! The second stage is now in full ferocity as he now believes his life is in danger just as she believes hers is. For some odd reason, he decides to walk over to the mirror to see what damage has been done. The second stage now begins. Somehow she is able to get to the knife wherever that was left at when they were cutting rope. A vicious and terrifying struggle ensues with her flailing at him and him likely trying to pin her.
    Many people have asked why she couldn’t have kept running straight out the bathroom door and down the stairs and outside and away from him. I would challenge any of these people to think straight and clearly in this situation.

  42. Lance he was a RUNNER…it’s there on the web …he was into fitness…and proud of his wrath….he talks of his rather big arms….his guns as he called them. The ONLY time that knife is used in a real way is when he tries to get off the floor to attack Her again…all other wounds are just pokes. Looking in the mirror PROVES he was in control and the attacker…remember how he went wild on the boob joke( i have a b cup but once it was a c)…now imagine Her fighting him off again and again….he would go nuts as he did. As for the gun …i do not buy the She fired it one bit…i have done work on a few .25 and they are very weak when it comes to being safe….most have fired corrosive ammo(CHEAP) and have paid the price for that…none have a hammer that I know of…way to small so they use a striker….a very weak link in a gun…it must never be trusted. Few would ever carry a .25 loaded as one wack may set it off next to the boys. OMG that’s going to hurt. If only travis could tell Us why hilter just had one…did he carry a .25? Seems he knew a lot about that man….claimed She was far worse….now that indeed speaks of his rather weak mind and true hate for Her.

  43. I must have missed the boob comment but that sounds just like him too. You are absolutely right about the mirror. He aspirated blood all over the sink while he was checking out the wound and what she had done to his “incredible body”. I find it ironic, like Jade pointed out, that a man like him would have such a weak weapon in his home. I would have pictured him with a .45 or a Glock. Imagine that… that would have been a quick struggle!

  44. Naw he was very cheap and that .25 was a loaner from dave hall I do believe…dave goes on and on how travis would never own a gun…KEY word never…but why not borrow a gun…thanks dave. I,ve seen a lot of guys crave for a .25…so easy to hide in a pocket but when they cost the ammo…OMG…a box is more then the gun. They do look like toys. Now so many idiots on the states side can,t say if he was standing or sitting in the shower when they claim he was shot….well these fools MUST view eddie snell putting the beat down on a man he was asking to join PPL…there one will see that old t-dog was very fast and very skilled in fake fights…real ones not so much…but still would be fast….so he just stood/sat there as let Her shoot him…REALLY! We can all see in a video how fast he was and skilled in movements…but when it’s real and the man is going nuts they at times fail. This he was done when he got shot after crashing into Her as facts back up….well history is not on his or horns side. Does horn not know of Phineas Gage and His taking a force some 1400 X’s greater and not passing out for more then 1/2 sec.s and then He talked and drank a bit as they carried Him to the Dr. But once again history proves that folks can take great pain and still function …see U.S. Army Dr.s who on D-Day went ashore to interview men who had horrific injuries …legs blown off,guts spilling out as they had a …SMOKE and talked in a calm voice. horn must know of them …right to talk about his opinion ….right or is he just blowing smoke? The haters and the rat want all to believe poor t-dog just stood there OR She dragged him all over going wild on him…NOW if that be the case do any think they would be the ones wanting to arrest Her…..never met that cop or will. So where was Her glock…hidden that well in the rental car the police could not find it. Remember how Jodi asks stevo …you must have found my gun by now…as stevo says YES! and there is a lie from a det. as they never found that gun till they were told to look for it…thanks to the law someone almost had a free gun. Now why did She ask about Her gun…seems a certain det. interviewed in a locked room alone as he had his loaded glock with him in plain view…and bragged about his new gun. So just why would any cop or det. put himself at great risk in a locked room ? was he wanting Her to ACT up…see all the videos of folks acting up and getting KILLED….and most are unarmed…9 out of 10. Don’t worry i do not hate all police just the ones who MURDER! Remember Her words from the STAND can be proven with easy tests…and have ..not so much for the states….stevo why would you use your fucking hands to tilt the shelf…did your foot not work or was it up a rats ass….”.boss this is minion…a person as fat as me can stand on the shelf…now what do i do.”…..seems what he was told. Again!

  45. Are these new facts that “Wayne” is talking about, or just opinion? Was it a borrowed gun? Will any of this help Jodi’s appeal fund? Seems to me the conversation should be about that, IMO. All the rehashing…the appeal won’t be based on any of this, will it?

    • Wayne is actually educating me on some of the points of the case that I am not very familiar with other than what I have read on this site or the wiki site. I forgot that the gun was a loner/gift from Dave Hall and not a purchase by Travis himself. The only reason Jodi knew about this gun in the first place was because she was cleaning his house for him, except the attic which is where TA had all his sex toys and pictures. This is a spin off of the previous conversations about the pictures which would prove that the burglary did not involve Jodi. This in turn practically derails JM’s claims that Jodi arrived at TA’s house with bad intentions in my opinion.
      Loretta is right about the Appeal Fund. We do need to focus on the raising of $. I will end my arguments about the pictures by saying that I believe they are “game changing” not only in the eyes of the court but also in public opinion. If somebody on this site knows AZ evidence rules, I think many of us would like to know what the ruling would be on these pictures or whether Jodi’s sister would have the same impact testifying to Jodi’s whereabouts that day.

    • WE ALL NEED TO DO OUR PART AND SEND MONEY TO JODI’S APPEALS FUND! One or two people can not do this alone. . . . it will take the ((((WHOLE TEAM JODI))))! Please continue to give as much as you possibly are able to spare. JODI’S FREEDOM will be based on whether or not she is able to obtain a great representation . . . IT TAKES MONEY!!!!
      Actually Jodi Arias never deserved to be charged for anything. She was defending herself from an abusive ex-boyfriend who IMO had reached the end of his disgusting abusive life all by himself. His own actions brought on his death. Yes, Jodi did lie in the beginning. Of course, under the circumstances of Travis’s friends (you know the ones who didn’t look for him for 5 days?) orchestrating this ridiculous fairy tale (along with the frog and the lazy defective detective) who wouldn’t have tried to cover it all up? She knew his friends didn’t like her. She knew they would blame her. . .she never fit into their mind controlling cult mold. Jodi was deep in a den of venomous vipers. . . . still is imo. MONEY is the root of this tragedy . . . just read about the Hughes, Nurmi, Martinez, follow the trail of money, that’s who’s responsible for this circus of a trial. Even his own family has profited off of his death.

      • Always well said R LOVE!!!!! I don’t think that’s opinion… these are FACTS!!!!!
        More $ is on the way… COUNT ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Every supporter should come back and give what they can. Alan said it best.. the cost of a newspaper subscription per month.
        Since it doesn’t appear as if the judgments against Nurmi or JM will result in any monetary damages in the near future, Jodi’s freedom will only depend on US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Dave hall protested way to much…..for the state to push a lie with no proof what so ever…means they never had a real case. Who was caught lying in court….not Jodi not once. Odd how none in az. can believe that t-dog may have had a gun…seems he did as it killed him. How would any believe as she took photos that then she would try to shoot him? Loretta never ever worry about that appeals fund…unless You put into it. To tell the truth means there may not be an appeal that sets Her free but facts and evidence…all irons are in the fire . The gun was his or it was Hers…wow 50/50 and that’s justice with a d/p thrown in….any judge who buys that logic is no judge. Did travis not love guns in a state with few if any rules on owning them…why does dave have a need to say his friend? never would own a gun…..or have as much sex as he can get behind closed doors Amazing how all who really knew him missed that as deanna did or sky or clancy or…. Thanks to rehashing the state lost their chance to murder Her…remember that 2nd trial where the porn was found on deanna p/c as used by t-dog. And why would a man of the law fake a shelf tilt…what was he thinking? For some reason az. though they were trying hitler in that trial…for dear travis the snowflake of snowflakes….or so his cult thinks…they have a very hard time with facts …ask horn on that. Ask the rat why it failed 4 X’s to destroy Her and for what…justice or a book…seems the Bar had a real problem with him on that and NOW it wants to appeal…..should the first question to him be why do you want appeals when you would deny them to others. From what i understand appeals courts do make laws and overturn them a fair bit…they over ride juries ,states and presidents all the time….as they should in this sad case of justice abused…She is a woman too.

  47. Do i know for sure dave loaned that gun to t-dog …no…but why did he always protest way to much…Yes dave would lie to get ahead in life and he has! This they knew him so well pure b.s….of all it seems a few knew him ….both sides of him and paid a price for it. Name one who spoke against Her in court or on HLN that didn’t gain in some way ….they got better jobs or praise for doing the LDS thing…protect the church at all costs….heaven forbid they help Her. So if She was so good at break ins as some would say then why not stage a break in at his place…or burn it to the ground…the state thinks She had enough gas…..that so called clean up …well for 5 days others had time. Remember hoe det, stevo took a look in the attic…..NOTHING FOUND…does not mean …NOTHING WAS EVER THERE…..and a few friends could help in that. I must say that t-dog was rather odd….wanted to act like a porn star and off to church he did go…all the while with his fake talk of wanting marriage and kids…well We know well how he WANTED kids from him. How can such a great man not marry at 3o yr.s of age in the church and always seemed to have women….t-boy one can marry and still cheat…the cheating part you knew very well. As far as $ from the worm or rat…well who knows how appeals will see that….both got busted in their own crooked ways…would that not be a first in any case? And then to look how that trial was allowed to run off the rails over and over again by that judge…now allowing that to stand may come back to bite the system in the ass…and it seems there are a lot of asses in the system….some who seek to gain from a show trial. We must do all We can to help Her in any way….but just help. No one knows what may bring Her freedom…courts take a dim view on being abused….by officers of the courts or police…..take note on that abusers.

    • If I’m not mistaken the things that were found in the attic were given to Travis’s sister. How thoughtful of the detective. SMH (BTW it took long enough for that info to be brought out) What was it? Hmmmm Seems TA liked to hide toys up there but who would know now? Everything in that house had been tampered, hidden, cleaned up or altered. Several people were in out of that house during that week. . . .weird the smell didn’t bother any of them until the set day to discover the body. What was it they were busy doing? Strange Nurmi never thought anything about it BUT then again he already had marked Jodi as a guilty person in his mind. What a Gem he was/is! HA! Several things that have been discovered will not be allowed in the appeals trial. Also, I’m thinking the judge who will hear the first appeal will be Judge Pickles again. Ugh! We ALL know where that will end up. Another waste of the taxpayers money.
      WAKE UP ARIZONA CITIZENS!!!!!!! Don’t be blinded by that Veil of Deception!

  48. The scary part of that would be if his sister actually kept that stuff!!! All of the pictures that TA allegedly had up there. No wonder he didn’t want Jodi cleaning up there. Iodi would have more than likely had him arrested right there! I really hope that those pictures, if obtained, can be admitted! if not, I really hope that the people that know the truth will step up and speak the truth. This testimony will be CRUCIAL to begin changing the narrative and possibly public opinion and it should not just come from family members. I also can’t believe that Judge Pickles can sit on another trial of this magnitude. Has she had her training wheels removed yet??? I KNOW she would have been replaced out here!!! I do think Jodi should be somewhat proud of what her case has done to the Maricopa DA office and the sheriff.

  49. stevo did say from the stand that he found nothing there…..well some did have 5 days to see to that.Odd how the judge that failed gets to fail again …taxpayers of az… voted for her. It’s like getting a det. to investigate his crimes! The joke of justice….az. Now lets say az. will not allow any new evidence….well that’s what sites do best…OUT THE FUCKS NO HOLDS BARRED! I remember a certain break in …WATER….thing a ma gig…LOL brought a President down in disgrace….but to think they did all to destroy a young woman who protected Her life from a now known ABUSER….well that might end very well for Her. This is not over till az. rights a wrong or by the courts is forced to….The rat or the state or the family never won as She still breaths…still unbroken and is still surviving abuse….history will show them things for who they are as history is on Her side….a woman who fought back…and stopped an abuser. travis learned well from his abusive family….instead of doing right he chose to do wrong and that was his own doing .he fooled many folks and yes even the true church….hmm how could that happen? One would think by now LDS would disown him and his way…..if only they would explain that…..WAITING!

  50. Soooo…..some twits may ask You…why support Her or even write to Her….because as We all know in Our societies once a person is found guilty that’s it…or even if they are charged….the police never make a mistake…in fact they seem to own Our nations if You believe them…..amazing how even them police do not even trust their own…I.A….my how they hate their own police when their freedom is on the line. That’s called a two faced fuck…..I trust they who win trust….I could care less who they are or what they are. The haters and traitors of America want Us to give up on Her…now why would that be? Do they see in t-dog their own…abusers, pedos, and they who do not obey the Constitution and yes uses of all for their gain. they must fear truth and facts…so be it. they stand by a very weak man who was lost because he wanted to be…man of faith….LOL …..what a sick joke he was and now is… they think God will forgive him in any way? Thanks to the mob/cult he still abuses all…..his family and so called friends have no shame. Now why would any have to met Her to stand by Her…how many sicko’s ever met travis and yet they know his evil and embrace it. Why would any support such trash as he….says a lot about the crazy state(CNN) and fools who can not think for themselves. If only travis could come back from the dead…then We could ask him what he meant by his evil words and actions.

  51. So once again there is evidence horn did lie to gain the win…..the incapacitated on the spot…and as for the rat as others claiming travis MUST have been in great pain….well history proves that may not have been the case. Soon after the first wave of troops went in on D-Day the U.S. army sent in a few Dr. to talk to horribly wounded men….most would be on the verge of death. Seems a very common thing was just how calm they were…but they knew the war was over for them. it seems Our brain can overcome great pain more then We thought. Some may ask how a person who was shot in the head not feel much if any pain. It is well know that Phineas Gage did very well indeed after a wound some 1400 X’s the force of what t-dog took…and he lived well.Last night on our late news i saw a very sad thing…a young child with his legs blown off…and yet there he was just yelling for His dad to pick Him up. Seems to me that His brain allowed Him not to feel much pain if any to keep Him alert and call out for needed help…sad to see such but our world does love to harm others such as children. But to stand up in any court and speak such lies as travis would have felt great pain and fear is just more bull shit from a rat needing to win at any cost to a survivor and justice. The wounds do show very well who was on the continual attack…the abusive man as has been shown via his own actions. Maybe horn as all who spoke lies of pain and fear from that abuser should learn far more of know facts. And not make em up as they go about trying to destroy others for their gain.

    • Martinez has struck me as one who would get dirt on someone and then hold it over their heads to get them to do what he needed. . . . . BUT then again that sounds like I’m describing Travis Alexander too. hmmmm Just make me wonder what dirt was in all of their closets. SMH

  52. Absolutely R Love!! JM seems to be a person who has that win at all costs mentality. As I mentioned in an earlier thread, I watched a 48 Hours ID episode that involved another Mormon murder, the female this time, and JM objected OVER 100 times in a single day if I remember correctly. He then objected to the defense closing argument saying the attorney was pandering to the jury!!!
    I would like to think that the state of AZ has finally seen how reckless JM can be in his position regardless of whatever passion he seems to bring to each case.
    We all know what Travis was really like… narcissist, liar, DOG, prone to violence and BROKE!!!!!! Obviously, his friends were never going to expose that publicly and I would have expected that. The kind of secrets Travis kept, however, are the kind that many other people have murdered over keeping secret.
    I will go even further and say that I think Jodi may have saved who knows how many young boys from the intense shame of molestation. Travis was more than likely headed down the same road as Jerry Sandusky, the former assistant football coach at Penn St. who is serving what amounts to a life sentence(60 years) for the exact same thing.

    • If TA’s friends had exposed his deviant ways, then they too would stand to lose money. Making money was more important than anything to them. . .Even the safety of their young sons. Therefore with his death they all have profited. (This includes the family of the deceased) He was losing his shaky standing in their money making schemes and cult. The friends have ALWAYS AND FOREVER displayed GUILT more than Jodi ever did. Jodi tried to protect Travis’s Honor even to the extreme of sacrificing herself. That’s why she lied to begin with. His friends and family are the only reason the real truth about his sorted life was exposed. Shows how much they really loved him. Pitiful really pitiful. SMH FREE JODI ARIAS ARIZONA!

      • Since I was late to this forum, I don’t know to what extent people have made $ on this case except for JM and Nurmi. I know other books have been written but I don’t know how much was made. I will say I am curious though. The fact that TA was about broke and borrowing from anybody he could find… mostly females is so ironic. That text exchange with Deanna is SO TELLING!!! This guy’s bank account was FROZEN because he was in such disarray. The fact that they even vilify her for paying her court-ordered debt to them to me is just over the top.

  53. Odd how all knew about the tire slashing and who did it but even clancy outed herself when after saying for sure it was Jodi she then said that travis really didn’t know how the tires got flat …could have been pot holes t-dog told clancy….hmm…I can hear haters LOL. No why a pot hole could do that…well view the opening of Live with Kelly and hear the co-host speak of hitting a pot hole and getting two flats at once. All know full well how reckless he drove as he crashed a few bikes and then a ski doo and who knows what else..Did sis sam not speak of his many accidents on motor cycles and on the web is the aftermath of the ski doo crash…would not take much to knock a tire off the rim as he drove like a wildman..who knows maybe he needed new tires and wanted the insurance to buy em….was he not always broke? Odd how none ever seen any slash tires but knew who did….called police they said but then …left for business with no follow up…EVER! For if he gave them her name then would they not have talked to Her putting Her on their radar….other then the so called friends who spoke of Her…One press of a key and then the police would have a suspect… in the tire report…..why that was NEVER brought up in court…the report…hmm.

  54. Much has been said about all his wounds and none of Hers. Well getting slammed on a hard floor may not cause a bruise but would still hurt…go ahead and just fall over backwards haters…does it hurt? Surface area tends to spread out the force…hence no bruising. but what of concussions….well how can any see that? a hit to the floor may cause one and they can be fatal. Now much is said of the almost hit to the vena cava…but could that be the result of a man on the attack running into a knife he owned? To keep one away You hold out the knife and warn them,but in a rage most men of wrath do not care. Does a bear hug cause any bruising…from a man that was strong but not that strong…but does it explain all them wounds to his right side from odd angles….and way does he have wounds from back to front if he was the victim…was he twirling about….note he has no wounds on the arm does he or many on the hands other then small ones as if he tried to grab the knife. Why no wounds on the forearms as he protected himself…remember he was trained to fight and trained himself still later on. Her no marks means……LUCK! Imagine trying that logic to ANY police who take a life…no wounds means guilty….well America would have no police…..I remember 5 NYCP unloading on a suspect on a sidewalk some 195 rounds and yes they killed Him with 19 rounds…are the sidewalks that wide?…And yes it was the wrong guy…..see my point. Just because She may have had no injuries means nothing…but in that trial the rat pointed out She had cuts on Her hands….She was a server and that is common. As for the sleeves down visiting burns…all the proves is ..they were down! Was it to hide bruising from his attack or the style She wore that day…but the state must think She wore that to hide bruises….so even the rat thinks there was a fight. According to the state if shot first he was helpless….or as he was stabbed he would have a hard time bruising Her if not attacking continually…now why would a RUNNER and he was not just run? No matter how the state or any hater spins it …dear travis was no victim…but an abuser on the attack for the win at any cost…he loved putting himself at great risk…see the diner hold up story and how he brags about his actions when truth be told put all there at great risk to just show off.

  55. Hi Lorretta,

    I have been curious about that too. I know that there is a publication review group of officers that review all mail to make sure the rules are followed as has been stated on the Write to Jodi thread. The snail mail is also complicated by the fact that Jodi is apparently really busy now that she has a job which appears to be about 35-40 hours a week in addition to the fact her mail pile seems to constantly ebb and flow. I have thought it must be kinda odd to open a letter that wishes her a Happy Holidays and New Year around the time that St. Patrick’s Day rolls around!
    I know that we need to focus solely on raising money which is why I will be sending more $ soon.

  56. Loretta Jodi loves facts and anything that relates to her case in any way. I inform her in many ways how the states just does not stand up to reason or facts. Very easy for any to say this or that would never happen as t-dogs wound to the head…no one could survive such a wound …except one did and far worse then t-dogs proving that horn and the rat did lie for a win. Some humans have had their legs cut of and lived ,some were held together in a wetsuit off of S. Africa and lived after a great white attack. Them humans are one tough bunch. If any can show just how much the state had to lie then so be it…this is not a game to Us…it’s to save a life from an injustice. This do not call out the police ever….they are no better then any and if they are in the right then great and if not to bad. Any who hide behind a job are pure evil…see that det. in her case who faked evidence for the rat…and for so odd reason just had to talk about the case to the wife. I know I help Her in many ways and when I write to her She will let Me know if I cross a line. If only more Americans and Canadians could see the truth of some police as well as the system then things may well change..but for some it must happen to them…then they wake up to see the real world. No system has to cheat, lie, and fake any evidence. Yes We must all do what We can and viewpoints do help ask old typo horn on that…LOL.

  57. Something interesting came to my “other folder” on fb. A trial follower mentioned that Dwyane or Dwayne used to be associated with a rival Jodi Arias is innocent site. A member of a board? Perhaps? This was written to let me know that Wayne is a spy of sorts and to not engage with him on social media. Made my head spin! I didn’t even know there was a “rival” site. Is this other “official” site still up and running? Collecting money, too? I’ve stay out of these types of drama for the most part, but since this person contacted me I felt I should know the players better. Nobody likes to be spied on!

    • I didn’t know another innocent site existed either. I guess I am somewhat insulated from a lot of this because I am not on FB, Twitter, Instagram etc. As SJ has said many times, this is the official site for Jodi!!!

  58. See her color! Thanks loretta now We all know what you may be up to….just what is the reason you are here…to spy….We are very use to that kind of person…Jodi as others know me very well as my actions speak far greater then my words. But please keep posting as the more you talk the more We learn just as t-dogs crew has helped us in so many ways…odd how they post things about that very troubled young man thinking it does them good when it just outs him to the world for who he really was…I wish i was a spy and made the $ they make as the appeals would be over and She would be free.

  59. Dwayne, the person who wrote to me was warning me that you were a spy based on your affiliation with the other “official” Jodi Arias site. I have very ltitle knowledge of you or this other site, but felt I could ask on this page since you seem to be on here a lot. I have blocked the person who contacted me. She had much to say, and I just don’t want to get in the middle of drama. This is a public page, so not sure what information I could glean from your posts. Now, if you were in the private chat room…that would be different! The question I have is….were you on the board of a rival Jodi page, and if so, what is the status of your involvement? 2 simple questions. No need to write a thesis isfs reply. I’m just curious now that some things have been brought to my attention. #team jodi
    #send money!

    • Hi Lorretta,

      If you think that site you mention is possibly stealing money from Jodi’s appeal fund by passing itself off. You can report it to SJ or Rasna through this site and they will investigate them.

  60. Lance, Um not sure the site is still up and running g any longer. I know they tried desperately to convince Jodi to endorse them, but it backfired. Way back when. Maybe it was financially motivated, but I don’t recall they actually raised much. Good news that Jodi’s fund just topped 105,000 and some change!

  61. As far as I know, the rival site is long defunct. It was superseded by National Center for Due Process, but recently the founder of both, Jason Weber, died of a heart attack.

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