Retrial Video Replay – Day 20

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UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $104,224.88 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling, so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

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    • That entertainment editor that SJ has mentioned apparently has posted something else dated November 14th. It seems to be about a judgment payment of some kind? I thought Jade might want to set this record straight if the article isn’t truthful?

    • Hi everyone, i was hoping someone can give me an update to where this case stands as kf today 12/24/16? Whats the deal with the child pornography that they did in fact find on TA computer? That to me is huge! Also whats going on with the 2nd hard drive that has pics of jodi and her sister far away from home when the burglary took place? I know nothing about the law but i do know Jodi really got the bad end of the stick. She at least deserves a re-trial. The judge was horrible, absolutely horrendous! The prosecutor is an ahole and was reprimanded! Can someone try and answer my questions and also bring me up to date to this case? I cant believe i just found out about this case a few days ago. Thank everyone.

  1. Why hasn’t JODI been released if the Supreme Court has already determined that Tiny’s actions were unconstitutional and made a difference on the outcome of several of his cases including JODI’s ????

    • I would think that the best she could hope for would be a remand.

      Either for a new trial or re-sentencing depending upon the timing of the unconstitutional action(s)

      • Hi Bill,

        Because I don’t know Arizona law, this is a question more than a statement. Can Arizona use Jodi’s public statements post conviction and otherwise regarding her acknowledgement that the felony murder statute may apply to her case? I have thought that these statements might cause her some problems down the road.
        However, I also think that the second hard drive will blow her premeditation conviction out of the water when the time stamped photos of her and her sister are shown at a monastery up near the Oregon border at the time of the burglary.

  2. Just because a minion did a fake shelf tilt…then it was a typo…fist is now last…throw out all the tests because She lied on some for a very good reason,so much for tests!…hole in dura matter, not found but the brain HAD TO HAVE BEEN PIERCED..nothing found on the p/c…even as they turned it on twice….FAIR TRIAL …Ya think? But She still would have been found guilty BECAUSE…She was, says an APPEAL JUDGE and GOV…..trial ,justice who needs such in America…plenty of rope and trees.

  3. As I said in an earlier post, a key piece of evidence will be the second hard drive with pictures of her with her sister out in the middle of nowhere Northern California, near Oregon border while her home was being burglarized. All the other stuff about her hair dye, the rental cars and the gas cans have been shredded several times over and not just on this forum. An even bigger break would be if her new defense team is able to call as many friends as possible to corroborate her abuse claims by testifying to the bruises. Unfortunately, I do not think they will locate the gentleman who she says also saw her in that condition since he would be an unbiased third party.
    My biggest problem continues to be Jodi’s post conviction public statements that even she can see how felony murder would be applied to her case and that she was perfectly willing to take a second degree plea. These statements can be damning when a second trial does occur as the state of Arizona would be looking to “save some face” and mitigate some real national embarrassment by adjusting her sentence to a long sentence with an opportunity for parole at some distant point.

  4. In answer to the questions above: first, Joe, the disciplinary committee of the Arizona Supreme Court ordered a year of probation for Martinez, but without naming any specific incidents. Here’s Kiefer’s story, with the one-page order at the end: So there has been no finding of error in Jodi’s trial. I believe that can only happen in the appeals process.

    Second, Lance, as far as I know Jodi never said anything that could be construed as a confession to felony murder. All she really said was that she could understand the legal argument Martinez was making for felony murder, based on the underlying felony of 2nd-degree burglary. Jodi typically acknowledges other people’s views in a dispute, even about her own guilt. That’s all it was. She never conceded she was guilty of burglary in the first place, let alone felony murder. As far as I know, since fall of 2010 she has never wavered from the self-defense story she told on the witness stand. If that story is true, she’s guilty of no homicide crime and should be a free woman.

    Her offers to plead to M2 are harder to explain, and I’m not sure of the answer. She has often said how much she wanted to avoid an excruciating trial in which all the details of her and Travis’s relationship would become public. She may also have been hoping to secure a much shorter sentence and avoid any chance of a death penalty. In US law, there is what’s called an Alford plea (see Wikipedia) for exactly this purpose. The defendant pleads guilty while maintaining his or her innocence. As we now know, Nurmi never thought she had a chance at acquittal, so he may have advised her that a plea to M2 was her best shot. I haven’t read his book, so I don’t know if he commented in it on this question.

    • Regarding her offer to plead to M2 (as I understand it), she felt – in part – deep shame about what she had done (even if it was justified), felt she needed to be punished but rightfully refused to confess to M1.

      • That is extremely interesting, Justus. I have always suspected that, but never heard it confirmed. What you say fits Jodi’s personality as I know it perfectly. My impression is that it’s extremely common, even typical, for justified killers like police or soldiers to feel severe guilt about killing anyone — no matter how right their actions were by law or common-sense ethics. Jodi has a hyperactive conscience, so her excessive guilt feelings would be all the more intense, especially since she probably blames herself for a string of mistakes that together created the self-defense situation.

        • Thank you for the clarification Alan. I agree that none of us can put ourselves in Jodi’s mindset at the time of the attack and it’s aftermath. I was worried that her ackbowledgements might get twisted like so many other statements.
          If I heard right, her mention of the M2 plea arose during her brief time when she was pro se and representing herself. Apparently, Nurmi and Wilmott decided to “rip the lid off” after their motions to separate were denied. Another fact that I had not heard until I read Justus’s reasonable doubt account is that Travis RAPED her in his office after he got pissed off that her CD was corrupted and he couldn’t view the pictures she had brought. Jodi, being Jodi, senses the anger and tries to calm him and gets raped for doing so and then dismissed to ‘go clean herself up” This needs to be revisited as this is Jodi’s description of the “pressure cooker” buildup that leads to him losing it over a dropped camera that cost him $200. The fact that “Mr. Tycoon” was practically broke and being harangued by exes who he owed substantial amounts of money to could have been the “final straw”. Unfortunately, Jodi may not know exactly what started it just that it did happen.
          It now seems that once the premeditation is eliminated, the state will go hard after a M2 conviction along with the burglary charge. I am assuming that the state will try to show that self defense stopped when Travis ceased to be a threat and Jodi had any opportunity to flee.
          I think we all agree on this forum that HE initiated this violence… Jodi, in extraordinary fashion eluded him within that space, was tackled on two separate occasions, and ended it with multiple knife strikes without so much as a .
          Lastly, what are everybody’s thoughts on the movement of the body back to the shower? This will also be a problem although a really good appellate attorney would likely be able to shred this with a few experts.

    • Also, did Jodi’s statements about felony murder that Lance is referring to come in her TV interviews shortly after conviction? If so, it’s relevant that in those interviews, she had to be careful to avoid angering the jurors who were about to sentence her by denouncing their verdict in the guilt phase.

  5. Well as far as pleading to M2 ask yourself…would i want a trial as hers? This i would never plead to any deal when INNOCENT…the grave yards are full of them folk and society could care less…no any judge jury or prosecutor that faced a trial for getting in wrong? My God some states put a cap on payouts…20K ? Wow and talk about risk in any jail or prison.Odd how a place of punishment seems to have more crime then on the street….but society love that and could care less what happens to P’s…until it’s their own. With the worm She never stood a chance and that weak minded judge knew that and could care less. There is a woman who helped try to stop D/V and the rat makes threats to Her…and gets away with it. Any person who would speak for her in another trial could face perjury…no matter what….tiny can bring a false charge and who would stop him ,that is how he works. And this is called justice. Imagine speaking for Her and winding up at estrella…if only the defense team had that power..estrella would be full!

  6. I think Jodi will be in great shape if she can get her conviction overturned. A much better defense could be put on in a second trial. Also, although I’m far away from Maricopa County, given the taxpayers’ wrath at the amount of money the first two trials cost, the county attorney’s office might be much more open to an M2 plea the second time around. These two factors, plus a more aggressive defense attorney, might lead to a deal without trial.

    The problem is that unless Jodi’s supporters raise the rest of a $250,000 retainer for a private appeals lawyer, her case won’t even get to the AZ Supreme Court. Both I and Michael Kiefer think she has no chance in any AZ court. In fact, Kiefer said he thought she won’t get any relief before the 9th Circuit federal court of appeals.

    The single best thing that anyone can do for Jodi right now is to donate money to her appellate fund, Automatic donations, using the PayPal button, are especially helpful. It all comes down to money now. Will we get the job done, or not?

    • Hi Alan,
      This was exactly the point that I was mentioning before. The way Jodi speaks in her post conviction interviews is of an opportunity to plead to M2 and just quietly do her (I am guessing) 25 years to life WITH PAROLE after a minimum of 25 years. having said that, I will also agree that her motives were different then, especially with the intimate details. All of us on this forum believe that what occurred in the bathroom was a clear cut case of self defense that resulted in death. The issue is the cover-ups which I don’t know how the state factors in. I totally agree that a much more seasoned and aggressive attorney would shred the M1 conviction however, it now seems evident that this appeal is moving towards a resentencing and not an exoneration which is unfortunate considering what she was trying to cover-up. I do think there were mitigating factors there and her PTSD claims are valid and should be incorporated into that argument.
      That is a very interesting point and one that I haven’t seen mentioned on this forum since I have been commenting in September. A change of venue to either Nevada, Utah or even Colorado????
      I am very far away as well from AZ (Northern VA to be exact) and her notoriety is global, not just national although I must have been one of the few people who didn’t watch her trial back then since I was job searching real hard.
      I have wondered what Troy Hayden thinks of this as well as Kiefer although I have not seen Kiefer speak. I do know that this forum holds him in pretty good regard due to his fairness in her coverage which appears to be very rare..
      You are right about the Appeals Fund… SJ has stated several times that Jodi will be an old maid before the fund reaches it’s target. This was the reason I brought up the revisiting of feelers to innocence projects who may want to “right a terrible wrong” and give her an opportunity to be released with parole.
      I do think these organizations would even the playing field somewhat and ease some of the financial burden on us as her supporters to get her story into the forefront. I sent a check for $500 to Oregon and saw that the October total was approx. $850….
      BTW Alan, what is the appeals hierarchy in AZ?… Court of Appeals, AZ SC, 9th Fed. Circuit and then SCOTUS?
      I am also curious about what the timeframe is to get this done? I work in intellectual property law and I deal with due dates all day every day however, I know little or nothing about criminal and appeal dates?

      • Congratulations, Lance, on your $500 donation! In one check, you did considerably more than the average Jodi supporter needs to do per year to get the appellate fund back on schedule.

        Unfortunately, if your $500 was what lifted the October total up to $800, then most other supporters still aren’t taking the fundraising problem seriously. Just $25/month from the average Jodi supporter – 1/2 the cost of a newspaper subscription – is enough. Why is that not happening?

        I don’t know what’s behind your remark about resentencing vs. exoneration, but I bet you’re relying on false information. Where did you get it? As far as I know, no appeals on substance have yet been filed, only some procedural motions. Certainly Jodi’s appeals team is not publicly discussing strategy.

        On timing, no one knows how long the whole process of state-paid appeals will take. The best estimate I’ve been given is 4 or 5 more years, which means the first substantive appeal is probably a couple years away.

        As to the courts involved, according to the fund-site FAQ’s, at some point there will be a post-conviction relief petition back to Superior Court (i.e., Sherry Stephens’ trial court). Vertical appeals I believe are in the sequence you state, except that the first federal proceeding will be in a federal district court, with appeal to the 9th Circuit above.

        But, as I say, there will be no federal proceedings at all unless the mass of Jodi’s supporters do a better job of getting their act together.

  7. As far as any bruising goes….who has not had a bruise and asked …where did that come from…any out there got 360 o vision…can ant see a concussion….now if there was no fight then he must have stood there and took it all….does that make any sense at all? We know of his violent ways from him….he loved violence,bragged about it often….used his sisters to practice on….so says deanna. Why not his brothers??? Look to history for fights where one got no wounds…there are many. I,ve seen two as a child. But ask Your self how can a man engage 352 foes and win who had well over 1000/2000 missions…and got shot down 17 times yet was never wounded….The Blonde Knight of Germany…Eric Hartman did just that…not all skill but much luck. In any fight one must remain very calm,on that sad day She did,he did not….have We not seen that as the rat abused her so…did She once ever lose Her mind as he did often….who looked more evil then the rat…none in that court.

  8. In the video the rat asks about contamination of scenes( NO ONE KNOWS EVER IF IT IS A CRIME…UNTIL FACTS ARE KNOWN.) and es ta ban tells the world …ALL crime scenes are CONTAMINATED…so even in his rather weak mind that must mean when DET.s are first on any scene they contaminate that scene. How did this thing EVER make detective? Notice how the rat is frantic as the minion just goes ,yes,yes, yes, 3 bags full of b.s..

  9. Is there a decoder ring to decipher Wayne’s posts? No one seems to be replying to his lengthy, scrambled posts, so I have to assume I’m not the only one confused by him.

    • Wayne’s posts are always very informative, worthwhile posts, and I’m sure everyone else here agrees. Just because people might not respond, does not mean they don’t appreciate and understand his posts. They do value and understand his posts. And personally, I prefer to read lengthy posts.

      Wayne’s posts are easily understood if someone is genuinely supportive of Jodi and has good intentions to want to comprehend any person’s post supporting Jodi.

      ……. P.S. Wayne: I often see you condemning yourself for your spelling. Don’t worry about your spelling. The people who attack your spelling are the people who know that they can’t deny the truth and substance of what you post.

  10. Ask Your self why was juror not removed after they found out She had viewed the movie ….among other things…She was allowed to stay on…then outed by the state putting Her at risk for just doing Her duty. Now that judge made it very clear no one was to inform themselves in any way…but to remove no. 17 opens up sorta a PANDORA’s box….imagine seizing all the p/c’s from all 23 jurors and seeing what they had viewed…how easy would it be to just take a peek each day on HLN…shame that T.V.’s don’t have memory cards if only some jurors were hooked up to Nielsen boxes. Who knows maybe they were. But removing 17 for viewing would put the whole case in doubt….all of it.

    • Regarding my comment about resentencing, I was actually referring to the overall tone or mood of Jodi’s comments back in 2013. Having said that, I will also acknowledge that many things have changed in the 3 years since those interviews took place including Jodi’s outlook. I am basing that on her single phone call with Kareem where she sounds like she is in a much better place emotionally. I hope I am not basing these statements on false info as there appears to be way too much of that in this case. I also could be reading WAY TOO MUCH into her post conviction statements in which she is trying to see both sides of her argument regarding M1 and felony murder. I agree that Jodi’s appellate team should not discuss anything publicly. I also believe that her next trial should not be televised as it would run more smoothly and efficiently and avoid all the grandstanding that cameras seem to bring out of people when they know others are watching. Proof of this can found in the second Melendez brothers trial where the case ran MUCH more smoothly with less drama. Pool reporters are all that is needed. I now understand your comment about how you and Kiefer don’t think she can get a fair trial in AZ, especially when the case goes right back to the previous court with the same judge who shouldn’t have been assigned the first one.

      Thanks for clearing up the timing issue. The time frame is shorter than I would have guessed which now explains the urgency that you and others have mentioned previously. Hopefully, the same individual will do another matching gift some time in the future. I can only guess why the donations have not kept up since her trial ended. I know I can’t be the most affluent person on this forum by a long shot.

      Thank you for the compliment. I would also like to think that other people are as open-minded as I am and would read the evidence and her testimony for WHAT IT IS and not WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE which it seems is how high profile cases get viewed nowadays.

    • That was probably Judge Stephens biggest mistake of the trial and I think we can agree that there were a lot of them. How do you allow jurors in a case of this magnitude and high stakes to go home nightly and have the opportunity to watch coverage of a trial in the media?

  11. az. being as cheap as they are …they always send em home to do as they please. Odd how they just do not install monitors in their home or tell them if caught the price just may be life in prison or are there any limits on contempt in court. To break a rule as a juror means one could care less about justice and for any judge who would ever put up with that shows a really broken system. But of late that’s more common then not…I at times wonder about all the lawyers in America and why not one steps up to help Her in any way other then talk…Yes on HLN there were some who supported Her in some manner but I have yet to hear even one claim Her innocence. Are they so weak that they fear a mob ? Or are they looking out for no. 1. It DOES NOT MATTER what lies She told before trial…when i hear from the never lie crowd I wonder about their minds….ALL CHILDREN LIE…so just what do their wonderful folks do to them??? Name one person who never lied yet for lies they would put Her to death! That’s all You EVER hear from the haters…SHE LIED!!! So nothing She ever says can be believed. But no problem with the state and all it’s minions lying none at all. If there was no fight is what it boils down to then it was murder…but the scene and wounds show there was a fight…and only one looked into a mirror…even the rat believes that….and thinks t-dog was at risk. When one takes the time to look that shows the abuser. There is really only one wound that shows a fatal hit…the neck. Now after surviving at least 3 attacks….lunge,bear hold,and a frontal You saw a man try to get off the floor to attack You once more just what would You do? Call for,beg for him to stop? I am very sure some just never wanted Her to face death and that’s why they were on Her side…well in any jail or prison She as all faces just that each day and they know it. If one does not believe in Her innocence then why bother. She is just another woman who stood up to her abuser and with a lot of luck survived….I was going to say won but who ever wins by killing no matter what the reason. Seems any of us can kill if pushed but very few can live with it…..see our vets on that. If one can’t live with what they have done then they are DONE!…Lance i as You do my best to help Her…Thank You for stepping up. I for one have done what Jodi has asked and will continue to do so. I too am not to happy with the fund of late as it seems to have stalled. But ask your self where are the voices that practice law speaking up for Her or really any others…is this justice just all about $ or power. Now when any system of justice mocks a person for wanting to take their own case to trial…that proves injustice. This one must be a lawyer to speak truth well the rat dis proved that well indeed as a few judges in az. also. Guilt was never in doubt…want to make the system great again…then put them on trial.When judges can not be trusted then the system is broke and the people own that system. Now a days many want to teach others a lesson…they are called punks and I’ve met a few…no lessons learned but I taught them a few! To bad the powers that be don’t have trials as She did and I’am talking police and judges and prosecutors and congress…opps forgot a jury of their own would set them free as like loves like.Some system that is…..if You see a wrong and cover it up You are far worse then the wrong. Remember She NEVER said She saw him abuse a child…but how odd when the u$es saw that letter at first sky freaked and then ca$h put an end to it…..proving he could care less about child abuse….to close to home chri$?…Me thinks so.

  12. Great news! According to, Nurmi is gonna be suspended for 4 years! It’s not binding until the Judge OKs it. It’s because of his book that he wrote, sharing attorney/client privilege. The complaint was filed by the Arizona bar association. Nurmi deserves it! Just helps Jodi with her appeals!!

    • Yes, it is great news!, but I hope that the judge who hasn’t signed off on the agreement yet, will decide that 4 years suspension is not enough, and will disbar Nurmi.

      Michael B. Kiefer just published an article about Nurmi’s suspension.

      Now I am so hoping that Juan Martinez will be punished by the bar. And of course I wish he will be disbarred.

      • JODI could have been executed if it wasn’t for juror 17 because Nurmi was too fucked up in the head to defend her so I hope JODI objects to this agreement so his case goes to a hearing because all these dumb asses would have expedited JODI’s execution. So these punishments against them don’t fit their crime… because it is a crime

      • That should be interesting!! Jodi doesn’t strike me as the vengeful type although it appears she could really put the screws on him for this. I have a strong feeling she might tweet on something like this.

        • There would be nothing vengeful about it. Nothing about it could even remotely be characterized as vengeance. Nurmi is the only one who is vengeful. The only reason Jodi didn’t get the death penalty was because of juror 17.
          ….. I really know nothing about the possibility of objection and what it means and entails; I only read a sentence from the article.
          Nurmi should be disbarred.
          If there is any possibility Nurmi can get an harsher penalty due to Jodi’s influence, she should absolutely object and push for Nurmi to get a harsher sentence.
          ….. But like I said, I don’t know what any of these means and I don’t know if Jodi can/ will be given the power to influence anything. I just read a sentence in an article.

  13. Just curious, what types of excluded evidence did Nurmi cite? Obviously, you can tell I am not a big book reader :))
    The next question is… Did Martinez make the same mistake in his book or was he actually smarter than that?
    Also, does this add another argument to Jodi’s appeal down the road?

  14. Found this very interesting. . . . . . The prosecution’s Medical Examiner’s Expert was a known felon. Hmmmmm SMH

    “The former lab director and chief toxicologist for the Maricopa County Office of the Medical Examiner, Norman Wade, has been harboring a secret for nearly two decades. That secret might have prevented him from getting the job in Maricopa in 1999.”

  15. FREE JODI ARIAS ARIZONA!!!!! ((((((((JODI))))))))
    ♥ Be happy in your confidence, be patient in trouble, and pray continually. Romans 12:12 ♥

  16. AZ state bar legal ethics are a pathetic joke. Exactly what would be grounds for disbarment, if Nurmi’s book isn’t? I could not be more disgusted. Apparently the state’s entire legal system is corrupt.

  17. Interesting shit about Norman Wade and Nurmi this morning. Let the games begin. Me thinks me see some cracks in the Ivory tower of Arizona justice. Let it crumble to the ground and free Jodi.

  18. This is terrific news for Jodi. Thanks R.Love. I clicked on your 12 News link above and one of the news reporters leads-in with: … “12 News investigative reporter, Wendy Halloran uncovered a Bombshell…”. And, a long near 9 minutes of video including how she asked Norman Wade: “…if he is a YES man…”. …Of course he is!! …(IMO). And this 20 years of his felony-past-secrets was unavailable to the Jodi Arias defense team!!! ….God Bless Wendy Halloran. …God Bless Jodi.

  19. wow, we have sheriff Joe, Norman Wade, Kirk Nurmi, and Juan Martinez, —-now all we need is the medical examiner who couldn’t get his story straight and the investigating cop. Then it will be complete. Arizona the wild and woolly west of deceit. This has got to be good for Jodi.

  20. Arpaio will be wearing pink panties soon … Nurmi is suspended … TINY is on probation … Nancy Disgrace is gone … I can’t wait to see what happens to pussy ass Flores …

    JODI’s appeals team needs to jmp on this and get her freedom back because there’s no need for JODI to have to wait for her case to go to the Supreme Court or there’s no need for to have to wait on the $250,000 thousand dollars.

    • Just knowing how Arizona works their justice system, we can’t take any chances!
      We must stay ready to HELP Jodi when she needs us most! We can’t slack off because all of the KARMA being dished out to the well deserving scum. Just keep DONATING and PRAYING FOR OUR JODI!!! Keep our FOCUS on FREEDOM FOR JODI!!!!

    • R.Love is right. Neither Martinez’s probation — which he may get lifted, since he’s hired a top-notch bar-defense lawyer — nor Nurmi’s suspension, nor the charge against Arpaio directly affects Jodi’s case. As for the revelations about Wade, they too are of no use unless something in his testimony about Travis’s toxicology report was important to Jodi’s conviction — as in the Debra Milke case, where Det. Saldate’s testimony was crucial. Otherwise, failure to disclose Wade’s past, though a Brady violation, would still be harmless error in Jodi’s trial. In that case, the 12 News story’s opening shots of Jodi’s trial are just more TV sensationalism.

      Nothing in these stories affects my belief that Jodi has no chance either in the AZ Court of Appeals or in the PCR (post-conviction relief) petition that goes back to Sherry Stephens. To even get as far as the AZ Supreme Court, she needs a private attorney. So fundraising remains urgent.

      • Hi Alan,

        This was one of my questions in another post. The mistakes that have come out about Maricopa seem to just make them look bad but have no use to Jodi legally. In your opinion, what are Jodi’s chances at getting a ‘change of venue” out of AZ and away from Sherry Stephens?
        Your point on the 12 News story is exactly what I was thinking. Every time Jodi’s name is mentioned, the narrative is ALWAYS negative.

        • Time in front of Judge Sherry Spineless Stephens is a waste of AZ taxpayers money. Apparently, they don’t mind supporting corruption at its finest. 🙄

  21. And the walls came tumbling down….Alan You seem to be right…She may never get justice in az. courts American Yes. To think any state can violate the rights of any American is unreal. But when ever i hear of any saying they are right wing or left…I listen to them close…and as often i hear that some would rather a one party state…where all think alike or else. Proof is in the pudding on the 2 nd Amend….most who support it mock any who don’t OR do not own a firearm. Why does that concern them…ever? I used to own many guns…and worked on them for police,military and stage shows…as well as friends and customers. When so called friends found out i gave them up …look out for the vile n hate. Now I am one of them….the anti group. But as they stood there one day waxing on about one of Our thieves in our senate and how the big bad media was mis using him I spoke up an asked …what if We stole that $…who would be defending Us…well they gave me the look…seems free speech is not allowed in a free nation…all for one and go after any who disagree with You. az. is as a one party state acts…well we still might have hired wade…a WTF moment. We must never give up on Her no matter the time or cost as it’s like giving up on Your self.

  22. How odd as I read TIME and We all know they can never be trusted…Man of the YEAR…1938….Duh. Well he did change Germany and a lot of the world….66 million R.I.P.. But what i found very interesting was the new love of state death…seems that dream is alive and well for the poor…new mexico….CASH BAIL ONLY! ca. lets speed up the appeals to kill em faster…ok….fer from O.K. as they put the d/p into their constitution…not so much cruel and unusual to them….but where is this tough on crime that these fakes talk about…I was in fear of my life …prove it cop as She had to…when a judge breaks the rules of court as a prosecutor did what should be the price they pay..? what of a jury that’s breaks it’s oath and tells the world I judged with hate lies and vile….what penalty should they get…or a det. who fakes evidence…just as a dr…..all tried to destroy the justice system in that showtrial and Her. Hate will destroy America…and no matter how many they murder via the state one day they will face trial …I was just following orders did not work before and it will not then. This give the voter what it wants….well put it to the test as I told a group of politicians just make taxes VOLUNTARY….well that got a big lol…but I told them it proves that people will not always do the right thing that will help them…taxes make a very strong society…sure there is waste as in all lives there is waste.Is insurance not welfare….think about that…You pay a little to get much more…when in need, be it job loss, health concerns or a car crash. Or when your home goes up in flames. They who don’t believe in welfare shoul go it alone and never worry about the rest stopping you. The woods are full of mountain men…BONES! truthers are nothing but ill informed idiots who must be read to…and lead by the nose. When i see judges,police,prosecutors witnesses and jurors headed to death row as the rest of us then I know full well there is justice for all. Have You ever wondered why most times the rich get a pass…they own the hacks that rule Us and can buy force to bring justice no matter what others think.Remember Ross Perot…that man went into IRAN to bring out His people as others failed to act as they were trained…all the special forces needed was 1 helicopter they had 3 but some one just had to call home….when men are on the ground let them do their job. Think for one minuet a Ross or any other rich person would ever put up with a show trial….no fucking way the rat would be told to make a deal or even drop the charges or face trial. it to has MASTERS. Reminds Me of a group of a-holes ready to lynch a lone black man….but if each so called man had to face that real man one on one ….no so good for them. On June 4 th 2008 yes She killed…Her know abuser..then the truthers piled on to destroy Her. he was just a good guy….well We know there seems to be a murder streak in that family as his sister the policewoman said so in court as she spoke of killing a person not even charged or convicted or did i hear wrong . That’s the evil We face as She did that sad day. Any who speak for her and help her in any way have become better for it and will make the world better. Never give up on righting a wrong not just against Her but all who believe in justice.

  23. There is no 2nd hard drive on her and her sister where about that day the robbery of her grandparents reported. No documented evidence of abuse. NO ONE IN HER FAMILY WOULD SPEAK OF HER IN A POSITIVE LIGHT. Why didn’t anyone and I mean anyone say besides her mom speak out. Her sister, did not acknowledge that day. I am missing something. Money needs to be raised but it needs to come from the family. Please after a year, show us the missing hard drive so we can continue with you Jodi because I’d rather have the money going toward your dad who is truly suffering.

    • FACT: There was a tidal wave of HATE that crashed down on the heads of anyone who dared to speak up for Jodi. People’s lives and livelihoods were threatened. The threats were REAL. The family has been struggling since day one of this nightmare. Jodi too would rather her father have the money this has cost her family. She has never asked for one red cent from anyone. We, TEAM JODI are dedicated to raising money for Jodi Arias Appeals fund we will see her walk FREE one day. Why not offer support for Jodi instead of offering negatives comments that are not proven fact. Jodi was abused by Travis Alexander over and over again, mentally and physically. Where you there? Is there something you want to share that may be proven as fact? How do you know anything about the 2nd hard drive? TEAM JODI will support her until the TRUTH is out about this whole nightmare of a trial and the people behind the veil that started this whole charade of lies. SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME = TRUTH !!!! Have a nice day♥

      • Well said R Love!

        I mentioned the second hard drive because Jodi mentioned it in her initial interview with Troy Hayden after the verdict. I firmly believe that the photos on this drive, which for some unknown reason, was unable to be accessed, will quite possibly shred two of the state’s most prominent theories.
        First, the date-stamped pictures that PROVE BEYOND A DOUBT that she was not in the house or around Yreka when her home was burglarized. These pictures could almost dismantle the M1 theory by themselves as it could show that no gun was brought with her which would crumble the premeditation.
        Second, the possibility that other pictures would corroborate the abuse. As she said, we won’t know unless they can look.

  24. So if your family will not speak up for You…the trial must be over…right? A court should care less as any jury who speaks up for a defendant…a trial must be based on facts and reason. Or should we go back to trial by combat…that’s when someone accuses You and both fight it out….it worked rather well for the poor in days of old not so much the rich. There was a fight as he did abuse Her. His own mouth proved that! Who goes after a person in their sleep…. When people speak of violence on any who speak for her then We all have a real problem. I have been asked what if some hater attacked Me or tried to get Me fired…..and would they not do that…some have tracked down My daughter….or that’s what they think. This is the sick bunch of things We put up with. Look to A, L. and how She was threatened in a COURT as a judge sat there with a who gives a shit look. That woman spent her life helping others yet when She dared try to help an abused woman….DEATH THREATS. Well I don’t back down for any who threaten Me or My own. They just might get lucky…LOL…but I’ve been told I have this look…and it’s not a kind one. Track me down haters and see it. Defend a child abuser and get to own it or could you not hear his vile sick words. This give the $ to another cause…so how much have you …deb sent to her Dad??? or any other of her family….or do you send a family on trips?

  25. Awesome news everyone! According to , Nurmi has agreed to be disbarred instead of face disciplinary hearings! Good riddance Nurmi! They’re all going down in Arizona 1 by 1. It’s about time!

    • Now that makes my fucking week! Finally in this case, in at least one respect, justice is done, because both Jodi and the public defender stood firm.

      To see Kiefer’s report, search under “Nurmi.” Nurmi agreed to be disbarred rather than face a disciplinary hearing. Why? Because he knew his conduct in writing the book was inexcusable, as I have said over and over from the first.

      And if he publishes any more vile books in his planned series, Jodi can file a civil suit against him and use some of the proceeds to fund her appeals.

      • Hi Alan,

        I would like to know if the current book is considered fair game to a lawsuit by Jodi. Why not make Nurmi contribute his “ill gotten gains” to the appeal fund. I would imagine that is a nice lump sum!!!!
        The next target could be Martinez, especially if he violated the same rules.

  26. The attorney representing Jodi objected to the agreement last week that Nurmi reached to just be suspended 4 years…so now he just agreed to get disbarred! Hopefully this helps Jodi with her appeals!

      • Wow! I just found out! I’m elated. Too late to go out tonight or I would get some confetti and champagne. It’s wonderful to hear that Jodi’s new lawyer stood up for her and objected to the 4 year suspension deal. I hope now Jodi is feeling empowered after all of the years of hell she went through.
        Kirk Nurmi got what he deserved.

        • I have often wondered how this trial would have gone if Jennifer Wilmott was first chair and this lunchbox was second chair… although he probably would have sat on the floor since he didn’t want to sit next to Jodi 🙂
          This new PD sounds like a KEEPER!!

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