Retrial Video Replay – Day 2

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Retrial Video Replay – Day 2:

Part 1/4 (Dr Horn):

Part 2/4 (Dr Horn):

Part 3/4 (Juror 9 Excused + Dr Horn):

Part 4/4 (Melendez):

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  1. It is so clear in that the defense had another opportunity to get the truth out of these witnesses. But alas, they failed again…
    As the saying goes: onward and upward…to the high court if necessary!

    • I agree, Carol, they could have won the case here if they had have been alert. Let’s start with the Doctor, he had a lot of amnesia & also wasn’t very up with his knowledge of Medical Journal facts…or knowing much about the history of people pierced through the brain with projectiles that went on to live. Finius Gage was the most famous one as Jennifer Willmott said, but there are others like Leslie Worther, a cashier from Florida who was shot in the head twice in the 70’s during a robbery & survived. Press Secretary, James Brady, was shot in the head the day Ronald Reagan was shot & survived. We all know about Gabrielle Gifford who was shot in the head & survived & there are others…there are also people who have attempted suicide by shooting themselves in the head & who have survived also. So the Doctor is wrong to stick with the gunshot being last that killed T.A. Its easy to see he was sweet-talked into thinking that way by Martinez.

      He also said he couldn’t examine the brain for injury/s using formalin to make the brain more firmer to work with (15 percent solution of formaldehyde gas in buffered water) because decomposition had made it too mushy (or words to that effect) for to examine & yet the same Dr said he sliced the brain up into pieces for to examine. So if it was firm enough to slice how come it wasn’t firm enough (or be made firm enough) by using Formalin. In fact, Formalin can work on the brain up to 4 weeks after death.

      Then there was his bad (very bad) memory regards talking to Flores & agreeing with him the gunshot came first, (Flores, admitted to that on the stand) So the lies continued & the defence missed the chances to go for his jugular (pardon my choice of word). Also, he said or it was argued that TA would have died immediately or in seconds from the throat being cut & would have died in minutes after one of the chest knife wounds. So let me ask the question, seeing the good doctor swears the gunshot came last? Why would Jodi if she had killed him from these two body blows, why, would she then drag his body across the floor (remember, he’s most likely dead) & him lying on his back with his face looking up at her, why would she shoot him in the head? In other words, why would she waste time shooting a dead man, dead? Why?

      That Doctor, needs to ask himself are the amount of autopsies he professes to do (thousands) getting to his own…”Brain”?

      • I am so confused. This was the retrial of the penalty phase Jodi was spared death so the defense did win. The judge’s sentence was harsh but at least she is not on death row.

        • Lisa,
          Jodi was caught between a rock and a hard place as far as sentencing was concerned. The very best sentence she could have received was a chance for release after 25 years. Not a guaranteed release but a chance for release. It’s true, she didn’t get the death penalty (thanks to Juror #17 and possibly something the defense said) but as Pope Francis stated: “A sentence of life (without parole) is a hidden death penalty.” It’s possible Kirk Nurmi considered it a win because Jodi did not get the death penalty but I think Jennifer Willmott summed up the case by stating that Jodi never should have been charged with first degree murder in the first place.

          • Coldcase, I totally agree with you. And don’t get me wrong with what I’m about to say but if Jodi got the DP, her appeals would have been heard in about 2 years (much earlier than now) so her conviction & sentence could have been overturned sooner. On the other hand, seeing all the injustice, would Jodi & DT played ‘russian roulette’? In Arizona, everything is like the twilight zone: there is no logic.

        • You have to realize that not getting the DP,
          doesn’t mean Jodi got justice.
          It’s every where, first trial, pentalty phase that lasted months, to me
          only proved more that Jodi was innocent and there were so many lies and coverups
          in that pentalty trial, if I were on that jury and had to only have DP or Live without Parole,
          I would have seen what was going on and as a juror would have asked someone
          that would know how to really help me because I couldn’t have even seen where she was guilty.

          However the judge has seen it all, so I feel she was part of the coverup.

          • I agree that Jodi didn’t get justice. However, at this stage the jury was only deciding the penalty not whether she was innocent or guilty. I stand by my opinion that not being sentenced to death was a win for her. LWOP is no picnic and NOT a cakewalk but I still think it is better than being told you are going to die. I’m just thinking about the toll that being on death row takes on you mentally. I don’t care how strong of a person you are it has got to get to you.

          • Aly, it was obvious for the first trial that JSS was biased and had already made up her mind about what she wanted for Jodi. When the DP was taken off the table, the judge must’ve had a nervous breakdown!

            One simple example: The people attending the court, the viewers, even the prosecution might have not known how many letters were sent to JSS. WE DO! It’s impossible for her to have read all those letters in a matter of 10 min. UNLESS she’s got the power that ‘Dr. Spencer Reid’ (Criminal Minds) has: reading a whole book in 10 min. 🙄 🙄 🙄

            P.S. And isn’t it sooooo convenient that it just happens that she never received that specific e-mail with the letters? Pfffff, talk about a lying judge!

          • Your first two lines sum it all up, Aly :

            ” You have to realize that not getting the DP,
            doesn’t mean Jodi got justice.”

            Yep, that’s why we are here and we will continue to be here for as long as it takes.

            • Really Pandora,
              I’ve heard of speed reading, but we all know that
              “so-called” judge isn’t smart at all, much less speed reading.
              I hope that she is having miserable nights!!

              • And maria,
                Not getting the DP, but lie in prison without parole is REALLY
                still a death sentence.
                You live there for a very long time and NO we didn’t want the DP,
                but we do want justice and you’e right, “as long as it takes”

                I’m really surprised the judge in disquise didn’t give Jodi the DP.
                Jodi REALLY doesn’t deserve one more day in prison.
                I don’t care what the jury said, they got it wrong.

                How can that many set on a jury and listen to nothing but lies NOT
                understand they were all lying and covering up.

              • Yes, it was a new form of “speed reading” that Pickles invented… it’s called “not reading at all” and it’s way faster.

                Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

      • jojnjo,
        I don’t know if you believe Travis Alexander’s brain was hit by the bullet but you do give the “history of people pierced through the brain with projectiles.” Dr. Geffner pointed out that Dr. Horn’s report stated the the “dura mater was intact,” i.e., the bullet could not have penetrated the brain without going through the dura mater, a thick membrane that is the outermost of the three layers of the meninges that surround the brain. Dr. Horn claimed it was a “typo” but his autopsy report itself indicated that the bullet never entered the brain. There was “no gross evidence of significant intracranial hemorrhage or apparent cerebral injury.” There was “cerebral symmetry.” “Multiple serial sections of autolized brain do not reveal the presence of grossly apparent trauma.” In other words, all indicators suggest the bullet never entered the brain.

          • Horn in the pre-trial put up the argument that the bullet did enter the right frontal lobe (in fact, in pre-trial he said, went through the brain) of the brain…that’s why Wilmott asked him why he didn’t use Formalin to examine the brain for both kind of injuries you mentioned, he said it was because the brain was so very, very soft, (his words) it couldn’t be done…yet he was able to slice the brain up to examine it. So if the knife could have sliced through the brain it couldn’t be as soft as he said, at first trial & pre-trial. Dr Horn, told lies right through regarding his report & about his talks with Flores, & just because he is seemingly the worst suffering patient with amnesia in the world, doesn’t excuse him from those lies. He hadn’t got amnesia, what he had…was a convenience plan to lie for Martinez & the State of Arizona.

            • I agree Dr. Horn changed his story to fit Martinez’s version. But, he forgot to change his autopsy report or maybe, once it was out there, he couldn’t change it. What amazes me to this day is that no one in the whole wide world realized his autopsy report contradicted his testimony. His autopsy report indicating the dura mater was intact is the same as saying the bullet never entered the brain since the dura mater covers the brain. The only person that realized it was Dr. Geffner as far as I know. It’s amazing really because I expect there were doctors, nurses, others, etc., that followed Jodi’s trial and read Dr. Horn’s autopsy report including our “beloved” Dr. Drew on HLN and no one ever noticed the contradiction. It’s mind-boggling, in a way. Whether Dr. Horn committed perjury depends on whether he purposely lied to support Martinez all the while knowing the dura mater was intact or he simply forgot what he wrote in his autopsy report.

              • I should also add that there was a registered nurse on Jodi’s original jury and another RN on her sentencing jury. I don’t know if either nurse had a chance to read Dr. Horn autopsy report though.

                • BTW, does anyone know offhand if it was a juror that raised the issue of the “intact dura mater” to Dr. Geffner or was it Dr. Geffner that raised that dura mater issue originally? I know a juror asked a question about the dura mater in the original trial.

                • Hard to know or recall, because we got it all in tweets – maybe when we get to see Geffner in retrial videos.

                  Seems like I recall Geffner bringing it up in the first trial, didn’t he? When he was on direct, and talking about gunshot injuries to the head and what might be expected, etc.

                  I know it was a juror who raised the question with Horn, the last time HE was on the stand, because Willmott couldn’t. She was limited in scope to crossing only on what JM had asked (because it was rebuttal phase). And I think the only reason the juror knew to ask the question was because Geffner had brought it up. So maybe that’s what you’re thinking of now?

                • It was actually Jenny Willmott who brought to Dr Horn’s attention the mistake he made in his report about the dura mater being intact. If you watch the 3rd video above from 4 min.32 seconds approx for 5 minutes she mentions how she told him.

                • Dr. Geff – Day 54 – 3:18:00 – after going over some of the testing, and explaining his background in neuropsychology, Dr. Geff was allowed to testify about the medical examiner’s report regards no apparent injury to the frontal and then was specifically asked about the dura mater at 3:18:00.

                  During the retrial, Dr. Geff’s role was different and I don’t remember any more testimony from him about it.


                • “The theory of how the killing unfolded, as corroborated by Arias, was fixed for nearly four years.

                  In 2009, during hearings to determine whether there was probable cause to seek the death penalty against Arias, Detective Esteban Flores told the court that, based on conversations with the county medical examiner and his study of the scene, Arias first shot Alexander.

                  The shot, it was said, may or may not have knocked him out initially, but ultimately, Alexander then fought with Arias as she stabbed him 27 times and slit his throat.

                  Flores repeated that theory of the crime in interviews and sworn statements to Arias’ legal team.

                  But right before the case went to trial, the story changed.

                  In his opening statements Jan. 2, Deputy County Attorney Juan Martinez told the jury that Arias first stabbed Alexander, then slit his throat and put a bullet in his head after he was already dead.”


              • I suspect Drew and the rest of that HLN hate parade realized Horn’s contradiction but they were already in too deep. Probably nobody had the balls to say, “Hey, wait a minute! Maybe there’s something rotten here!” Once they started down the Let’s Hate Jodi road they couldn’t turn back because the very hate mob they had created would then turn its venom on them.

                • I personally don’t think it went that deep with them, i.e. their understanding of the proceedings. IMO they were too busy hating to look that far. And they probably rely upon underlings who are sycophantic to tell them what is happening in court. Later, they can claim that they were misinformed, if they roll along at an arm’s length.

                • I think it’s somewhere in between: meaning both what Justus and TryInnocence said. They seem to have little understanding and respect of the legal proceeedings AND the few things that dawned on them they were reluctant to admit because they had already created a monster which would eat them alive.

                • Other than Dr. Pesky and JVM, the rest of them went to law school: Vinnie, Nancy, Joey, Beth. I just find it hard to believe that none of them saw the injustices. But what I can believe is that none of them wanted to jeopardize their jobs by being the one to mention that the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

        • That ‘TYPO’ should have been a reason for mistrial just then and there. But of course, Judge Sherry Stephens didn’t think it was a big deal.

          And let’s all not forget the other 2 major fuck ups:

          1. Flores never thought of writing in his report that he woke up the computer (thus tampering w/ evidence) and then had the gull to say: well, it wasn’t such a big deal. REALLY???

          2. Someone made another ‘TYPO’ in the chain of custody when taking evidence from the evidence room. Again Flores thought it was not a biggie!!! REALLY??? How many other things were not written in the chain of custody that we will never know. I’m so glad he got demoted, sparing future defendants from his ‘TYPOS’ and ‘NO BIGGIES’.

      • What really gets me about the whole coup de gras final shot theory is the trajectory of the bullet. Unless, after supposedly dragging him into the bathroom (presumably on his back), she also twisted his head 90 degrees (say, like a charging linebacker) and then stepped back to get just the right angle, one would expect the bullet to have ended up toward the back of his head, not in his cheek. It seems to me that when people are “coup de gras”-ing, they generally do a straight on shot (without a lot of gymnastics) and they maybe even put the gun right to the head). Jodi had to do some weird stuff to get that bullet lodged in his cheek.

        And besides all that, who in the hell, having premeditated a murder, would intentionally shoot off a gun at 5:30 in the afternoon???

        (These are just a few of the many questions the defense team needed to put before the jury.)

        • The juries should have had ringing doubts based on the shifting testimony of the M.E. and the lead detective right out the gate. They should have had doubts of premeditation when Jodi physically demonstrated in court how the bullet trajectory matched her testimony with respect to the distance he was from her when he lunged and the position of his head when he did so – doubt that she was the aggressor. If they had ALLOWED themselves to see that, they could have seen further to the lack of blood in the shower and the copious evidence of blood spatter in the sink consistent with a bullet wound to the sinus area, evidence that shouted that the wounded had obviously survived the shot and could have continued attacking.

          They might have noticed further, and crucially, that the only person testifying to Jodi’s having any malice aforethought or evil intent was the state’s representative himself, via an array of preparations any person would pursue in going on a road trip, and by floating to the jury a crime scene narrative that he prosecuted like an interactive video game with a dropdown menu of possible outcomes.

          If the juries had not allowed themselves to be whipped into a misogynistic frenzy by the prosecutor’s maniacal insistence that the defendant was always lying, they might have seen past Jodi’s initial evasions in her interrogations to the sad truths revealed by her reluctantly told tale of an abusive relationship.

          People who blindly bow to authority, who are chronically impressed with mean and slippery law enforcement tactics, who don’t ALLOW themselves the freedom to think independently, will eventually find themselves with folks like Arpaio in charge of the local jail, a community hell-hole. Their state will have conjurers overcharging defendants, will permit evidence to be juggled around willy-nilly like dice on a casino table, and they will have innocent individuals on death row and people serving life sentences for crimes they did not commit, The voters of Arizona need to ask themselves whether but for the grace of God they might wind up also falsely imprisoned by the proceedings of a chaotic, illogical and mean-spirited trial, because that is the judicial system they themselves have voted into existence; they own it.

          • Amazing post, TryInnocence!!!!!!

            Subservience…… In all its glory. And lack of critical thinking skills.

            I am still indignant with the first jury, because it was them holding Jodi’s future in their hands. The second jury had to simply follow their lead. And to be honest, I am 100% sure they were already super familiar with the case, were part of the lynch mob and LIED to get into the 2d jury. The case had less media exposure during the retrial, more stuff about Travis came out, I just don’t see how one gets so blinded and passionate by sitting in a jury box warned NOT to rely on and judge based on their emotions yet they do, to the point of partying with the prosecutor and the deceased person’s family the very next day. It’s wrong and should make people think.

            As for the first jury, I hope they’ll get haunted by remorse.

            They were SUBSERVIENT. Easy to impress and GULLIBLE.

            • maria,
              I agree with that so much. I can’t see how both of them were so sure.
              The only way they could have found Jodi guilty was that was their plan all along and the second “so-called jurors” followed right behind,

              I know I heard some of them, it sounded like baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
              I’m so familiar with that sound from that courtroom.

  2. Horn-“I have no recollection of any conversations with detective flores”
    But I remember telling Nurmi the shot came first on June 27, 2011, and I have a tape record of that, (which wasn’t produced, and was three years after the autopsy)
    Say what? Huh? How convenient. horn,deep,deep doo doo.

    • I meant to say horn told Nurmi the shot came last on June 27, 2011, God, that was f-up. Nurmi was lead attorney, why didn’t he examine horn? That was the crux of the self-defense.Shot FIRST!

      • P.P.S, Journee, please don’t box my ears, I know it’s all ecclesiastes now, ’til the appeal, but the videos are here now!

        • Ah, johnm-

          The person whose ears I boxed came here asking a question she knew we couldn’t possibly answer, and telling us her support of Jodi was contingent upon the answer.

          Perhaps i was wrong, but it looked to me like someone had slipped over from the dark side to pick a fight with us. And I’ve never seen much point in engaging those folks anyhow, but especially now. Their opinions don’t matter any more than ours do, so why argue with them?

          I’ve got no beef with venting and railing about the injustices of the case.

          • I know that’s right!
            Nah, I think when they need to twist up something, to make it one little lie to give the death penalty, then they might as well be an az voter. And everybody knows what that means!

      • That is the problem with lying, johnm, the liar has trouble remembering from year to year what the original ‘lie’ was, and to whom it was told, and we all wonder why they lie. Why is Dr. Horn willing to lie for the State”

        The answer resides where the truth is, where it is hidden; and the question is why the truth isn’t told – especially in a court of law where, and especially when, a person’s life is at stake.

        • Carol,
          That’s exactly right!
          His ass should be parked in prison for no less than 7 years.
          Why do they take an oath?
          It’s sounds like just a ritual.

          Hand on the Bible, truth and nothing but the truth, sounds like
          everyday, I See No Hands!!
          I wish all of them would have raised their hands.
          What would she have done? : )
          I wish they had!!!


        • It really surprises me that Dr (?) horn put his career on the line and lied for the State’s sake. He is now toast. Nobody will ever rely on his autopsy reports and he’ll just end up as a helper to some other medical examiner that will be thinking “Ffs, why did this idiot have to be my helper”…

          • Pandora,
            I wonder if anyone of them truly care about the oath.
            I think that was just for show.
            They never got punished for it and WE know we saw and heard
            a lot of that.

    • Is Ms. Forde just using Jodi to keep herself in the headlines? I don’t like that she released this information. Can Jodi not talk to anyone without them using her?

      • I believe Shawna Forde is using Jodi for her website to draw attention to her own cause. She is slippery and has been in much trouble over her life besides the thing she is in prison for. Ask her ex husband about her. Ask her Washington state former friends. She is bad news as far as I am concerned. She is a vigilante within her heart, a user and untrustworthy. I don’t wish her any harm but I also have read much about her and she isn’t a great gal! Of course being on death row makes one desperate to draw as much attention to themselves as they can — hope Jodi is aware of who she is and what she’s about.

      • If I’m not mistaken, Shawna Forde has another appeals hearing coming up and need the publicity. Jodi was the ‘right person at the right time’ for Shawna, imo.

        What really bothered me from Shawna’s letter is that she claims she’s innocent and Jodi isn’t: Shawna ‘staked’ out her victim’s house earlier that day. Murdering those people was premeditated beyond doubt. Seeing that she was ‘the boss’ of her posse, she could have spared the live of that family – ESPECIALLY that young innocent girl. I wasn’t there to see who pulled the trigger BUT she was there in that room when that child was murdered in COLD BLOOD. A child that she had no ‘beef’ with. A child that never had done anything bad to her. She was there when that child was murdered in front of her mother’s eyes. Now, whether she pulled the trigger or not really doesn’t matter: she was part of terminating that child’s life. So, imo, she is guilty as hell.

        • I’ve read she KILLED A CHILD. That’s good enough a reason for me to think she is a POS.
          Jodi should cut all communication with her, Shawna is using Jodi. It’s plain as day.

          • I seriously doubt anything anyone say’s about Jodi OR that Jodi told them
            This girl sounds like Jodi just walked in and made friends with her enough
            to tell her anything personal.
            This girl is just probably hoping to get on HLN!!!

  3. Thank You Jennifer for bringing up Phineas Gage and showing what another dr. death looks like. he looks like a fool with his memory problems or is it LIES. If this is how the state gets a win…GOD help AMERICA. And concerning these jurors who speak to the press that they failed to kill the defendant…no they failed to MURDER HER via the law….they failed their oath to the law and to the defendant….All in that court took an oath to do justice not injustice to the defendant. this mindset of we were there for the family…..that my hater is called TREASON……READ YOUR CONSTITUTION…if YOU can…What a sickness is this thing called hate…AMERICA stand up to this EVIL…they are the worst of the worst.

    • They FAILED to kill the defendant?????
      Oh, dear!!! I guess they can’t sleep at night thinking that they failed to kill her.
      Right Griz, they ARE sick with hate!!
      I really believe they should start talking here about juror misconduct.

    • It’s sad. Really sad but true Griz.

      Especially for Jodi. Up until that day, she was a law abiding citizen. That was a factor both juries should have taken into serious consideration. That one act doesn’t define Jodi. She didn’t become a monster. She’s still the same ‘girl next door’ that she was before June 4th. All the circus trial was set up for re-elections, for favoring to a religion/cult that thrives in Arizona. Jodi had to chance of a fair trial. You see, to them, she was the woman that would make the State’s participants (martinez, sheriff (?) joe, bill montgomery) ‘heroes’ and give them a great chance to win their elections. They are soulless – NOT JODI.

      I wonder what soul they are going to deliver to their maker (they do claim that they are deeply religious people, don’t they?). There’s a special place for them in their hell. With thorns and sharp stakes waiting for them!

      • Pretty damn sad when someone is worried about not getting elected
        because they couldn’t put someone to death, isn’t it??

    Write letters and donate as much as you can!!!! Jodi needs us now more than ever!!!

    ♥ The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.
    ~~~~~ Alice Walker ♥

    • R., we will never stop shouting out about the injustice Jodi has endorsed until we are heard and someone turns the ‘wrong’ around. Jodi will be set free. I guarantee that!

      As long as we don’t give up, Arizona (aka Shitzona) can’t get away with it! It’s not about favorites anymore. It’s about justice. Hopefully the appeals court will undo what has been done.

  5. The sentencing was like being at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. The judge said she was going to rule on either the death penalty or, release after 25 years, when the judge then said that release after 25 years isn’t set up in Arizona!


    And no one, not even journalists knew this, either, everyone on the news was wondering which it would be, when No possibility of release EXISTED!

    What a farce.

  6. The poor fools on the dark side are about to pee in their pants, waiting for Joe’s dossier on Jodi’s stay in Estrella.

    I guess they’ve already forgotten the party they had when they found out that the dossier had been turned over to the prosecutor’s office.

    Hey, y’all! Joe doesn’t have it any more!

  7. Jodi’s case is not the only case that has been riddled with lies told by the State in order to convict.
    Her case, however, epitomizes the many cases where lies have landed people in jail, sometimes on to death row; it also is a case that continues to intrigue the public, us imparticular.

    It will be the history of this case, I am certain, that the attorneys on both sides, by their lies told in court, perpetuated a fraud on the court and ultimately on the taxpayers of Arizona.

    Arizona spent millions of hard-earned taxpayers’ money using lies to convict Jodi of murder and they hoped for the ultimate punishment which would have cost them even more.
    Such a waste of valuable resources!!

    Ultimately the truth will be known and Jodi will be free.
    And the taxpayers will have squandered millions of dollars for nothing.
    Hopefully the citizens of Arizona will demand their court system be cleaned up from police officers, detectives, prosecutors, judges, and to the jurors. How could it be otherwise?

    • Yes, Carol! Hopefully the court system WILL be cleaned up from rogue police officers, corrupted detectives, corrupted prosecutors, lazy and biased judges. But unfortunately, ‘if the price is right’ there will always be a rotten one in the batch. 🙁

  8. I started watching the first video. Martinez and Horn. And my blood starting to boil. How can any educated person believe that one single cut on his dominant hand constitutes a “defensive wound”? Where are the corresponding knife wounds to his lower arms that he would have been using to protect himself? Defensive wound my ass! It’s strictly a wound, period! But certainly having a doctor declare it a “defensive wound” solidifies for the jurors that Travis must have been defending himself. Unadulterated bullshit!

    • I started watching day 1. Ended up so mad and sad that I realized I can’t watch anything. Not yet. I’ll take my time.

      One wound is a defensive wound? LMAOO! Horn must be the biggest sell-out ME in legal history. 🙄

      (But he still looks unbelievably cute, though. LOL, don’t crusify me)

      • Oh Maria, he is cute… But I guess can be bought.

        I have tried so many times to watch the trial video’s. I can not do it either. I hope the day will come that we can sit together with Jodi and laugh at what a dumb ass JM is.


      • T did also have four relatively minor cuts on his non-dominant hand but in what, according to the prosecution, was a prolonged battle that took place for 60 seconds or more, one would not only expect the greater number to be on his dominant hand (that is, more than one and more than the non-dominant hand) but also expect some on the lower arms as he attempted to shield himself from a furious onslaught of slabbing blows. According to the prosecution’s scenario, not only did Travis allow Jodi to stab him in the back nine times without reacting, he also stood with his arms dangling at his side as she stabbed him repeatedly in e chest.

  9. Self defense classes ALL tell you that once your attacked you should NEVER STOP attacking back! Yr life depends on it! The Hills Have Eyes ( ta clan) are back to their vulgaris. None of them show intelligence! Hope some day their in a similar situation. They are such a repeat repeat repeat disgusting bunch! Jodi will prevail. !;) I still think one of the Mormon that knew travis was sexing Jodi that day when he was supposed to be with mimi ! Doing what he was known for… cheating on his girlfriends! He couldn’t cope with knowing Jodi could/would move on and another attractive man would want/have her! Jodi was WAY ABOVE AVERAGE compared to the other girls he dated. Travis gave Jodi no choice but fight and attack and keep attacking! Still would like a line up of all the players and put the, on polygraph!

  10. Ssssshhhhhhh…….tip toeing in room. . . .carrying big boxes of ribbons and streamers…….placing a large 12 Layer Birthday Cake in the center of a large round table covered with pink table clothes and confetti all around…..Psssssst….tomorrow is ((((((Pandora)))))’s Birthday! Hanging the streamers from every corner of ceiling to the floor…..placing balloons all around…… SO I was thinking WHY NOT HAVE A SURPRISE PARTY FOR PANDORA???? Instead of gifts why not make a donation to Jodi’s Appeals Fund in honor of all of Pandora’s never ending, selfless, thoughtful and compassionate dedication to Jodi’s friendship and FREEDOM. I couldn’t think of anything else that would put a great big smile on Pandora’s beautiful face. Doesn’t matter the size of the gift. . .plus remember it will double!!!! Anyone else up for a PARTY? BTW Could someone else furnish the crystal dishes and glassware and OH YES….The Special Punch????? I just couldn’t carry one more thing without dropping it all on the floor. Maybe SJ could furnish the Dancing Cats for entertainment and Music too maybe. . . ……….someone please bring ice cream??? Silly String anyone?????

    ~~~~~~♥♥♥HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PANDORA!!!!!♥♥♥~~~~~~
    Wishing You the Best Birthday Ever PANDORA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Really R.Love,
      You really know the things to say and how to throw a big party
      I can’t think of a better gift.
      Add big ribbons saying Freedom For Jodi!

      Happy Belated Birthday Pandora.
      Hope all of your wishes come true. : )

    • Don’t worry R.Love!!! I got the silly string and the glassware covered 😉 🙂 🙂

      What an inspired idea!!! YES! Let’s do this, instead of getting Pandora gifts, let’s make another donation to our Jodi ♥ ♥ ♥

    • ((((R.Love)))) ♥
      ((((Johnm)))) ♥
      ((((Patty)))) ♥
      ((((Aly)))) ♥
      ((((Maria)))) ♥
      ((((Cindy)))) ♥

      Thank you all for your wonderful wishes! I love you guys!

      ((((Jodi)))) ♥

    • A little late, but wanted to say I hope your Birthday was the best! I always so enjoy your posts and insight on Jodi and her case. now…….(song to the tune of The Beatles “Birthday”) You say it’s was your Birthday,
      I hope you had a good time. Yesterday was your Birthday, Happy Birthday to you! 🙂

  11. Yet another Gemini? Can we have a Gemini roll call or something? Happy birthday, Pandora. You deserve the very best birthday a hot, intelligent,compassionate, strong, funny, kind, Greek woman could possibly have. You also have the same birthday as Miss Pajama Girl…..allegedly. 🙂

    • Sandra would you mind helping with the Pin the Tail on the Frog/Donkey? or maybe we could play whack a MOLE?!!!!!!! 😆

    • Sandra, thank you so much for your wishes!
      Yes, Gemini’s are awesome! We are 2 in 1 and never a dull moment in our lives!

      Happy birthday to Miss Pajama Girl too!

      ((((Sandra)))) ♥

        • Whack a mole?! Bwhahahah! I gave it my best shot! I think we must make peace with the mole somehow…I feel she/he/they are misunderstood and crying for attention, and perhaps love? But I could be wrong, as I am fairly regularly.

          • I agree with Sandra: most moles haven’t been loved and hugged enough in their earlier age and so they try to do something that will make them the ‘heroes’ and special. What they don’t understand is that the mole is hated more than anyone else: if he/she/them betray once, they will do it again and in time they will turn on their own. Moles don’t have dignity.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweetest, most compassionate and selfless woman I have ever met. One of the few people in my life who “make me happy when skies are gray” and who has shown genuine love and support to my sister Jodi.

    My sweet Pando bear has been my best friend and my courageous fellow traveller throughout these 2,5 years. ♥ ♥ ♥♥♥♥ I love you, gf!!

    Σ’ αγαπώ φιλενάδα μου!!!!! ******************

    • Yes! A very Happy Birthday Pandora!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
      (((((SIS))))) =D

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • ((((Maria)))) ♥ & ((((Ray)))) ♥ …. My sister & brother…..
      “Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family.”

      Thank you guys for always having my back. I couldn’t do this w/o you!


    • SJ, my sweet and loving best friend (Maria, stop pouting! LOL! You both are my best friends)… Now where was I??? Oh, that’s right:

      My sweet and loving best friend, SJ.Not enough words can ever express the kindness, the selflessness and the generosity that characterize you. Thank you for always being around no matter what, for listening to me vent endless hours, for putting up with my ‘crazy moments’ ( :mrgreen: ), for being the voice of reason, for always making me feel awesome! You are my hero! ♥

      Σ’αγαπώ πολύ!

      ((((SJ)))) ♥ ♥ ♥

      P.S. Enough with the Taylor Swift, already! … Jeezzzz! 😆 😆 😆 (I say this with all my love! )

  13. Walking carefree into JAII main room… BAM! Confetti! Balloons! Silly Strings! 12 layer cake! SJ’s dancing cats in their high heels! Ice cream! Drinks! Dance music blasting! ‘Pin the tail on the Frog!!!

    OMG!! What a beautiful and fantastic virtual surprise party!

    I am left speechless! All this, for me?!!! How can I ever thank you? All of you?!!! What wonderful and amazing friends!

    I thank Jodi every single day for bringing us all together, although – and please don’t take this the wrong way – I would have preferred (as I know this applies to all of you too) not to have met you if that meant Jodi was not where she is right now.

    And R. is so brilliant and right: I wouldn’t want anything more than to see gifts of love donated to Jodi’s appellate fund ♥ ♥ ♥ Every cent matters. Each dollar is a dollar closer to the goal.

    This is for Jodi and all you awesome and amazing people here, that I am proud to call ‘my friends’ : – I love each and everyone of you guys! Thank you for making this day a very special virtual one! ♥♥♥

    ((((My friends)))
    ((((SJ’s dancing cats))))

    P.S. For all you wondering: According to some of my fans, I’m 102 years old! 😀
    P.S. Just kidding: I turned 43 today, which is the new 33! And I feel 23! AVERAGE: 33 years old! Awesomeness!

  14. Thanks for the articles about the “dura mater” and “gunshot first” (above), Carol Canada. It’s frightening that seemingly “normal” people like Juan Martinez, Steve Flores and Kevin Horn are willing to lie in court in an attempt to kill a young woman like Jodi. Detective Armando Saldate was willing to do the same thing to Debra Milke. It seems like it’s just “business as usual” for these guys who, in reality, should be condemned as “the worst of the worst” in any society. How does someone “normalize” or justify that kind of behavior?

    • Coldcase, thankfully, now we have internet and social media and Jodi;s case will not take as long as Debra’s did to get overturned. Poor Debra was unfortunate then because it was easier for her case to be swept under the carpet. I truly thank everyone that didn’t give up on Debra throughout all those years. Debra deserves all the luxury in the world. It will not bring back those lost years but she should live the rest of her life like a queen.

      ARIZONA: we are not letting this go! All eyes are focus on your corruption and fuck ups. You can’t sweep Jodi’s case under the rug! We will not allow that to happen to our dear friend, Jodi.

      ((((Jodi)))) ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Maureen, thank you. We are all icons in Jodi’s life. She knows each and everyone of us! Even if some don’t have correspondence with her, she knows you and your support! ♥

    • Maureen,
      They are NOT COOL. They are usedtobe friends that wanted to control Jodi’s appellate fund. Since it began they have proven to be bad news for Jodi’s mom, aunt, and Jodi. I wouldn’t go there, it’s going to cause you TROUBLE!

      • Why are they used-to-be friends? What happened? Why are their different fractions of the JAII community?


        • Maureen, they wanted control of Jodi’s appellate fund. They convinced Jodi’s mom, at first, to let them control it for Jodi and family. Then Jodi’s family had seconds thoughts, not knowing exactly how they might handle or mishandle the fund. When Jodi’s mom, aunt and Jodi took sole control of the appellate fund the justice4jodiarias,com people balked and caused a myriad of confusion about the appellate fund in general. This lead to comments and finger pointing and disparaging of Jodi’s mom and aunt and so on and so forth. Hence, the bad feelings and splintering of and They may have gotten contributions for Jodi, but no one knows if Jodi is actually getting them. So usedtobe friends is what it is.

          • Hi John,

            Just to clarify for anyone that might still be wondering: There’s no “may be” about it. Weber and his crew deliberately set out to steal from Jodi – and they did. They collected funds and never sent those funds to the Trustee. Fact. Thieving low-life bastards that they are.

            Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

            • OMG that is just terrible! Preying on someone else’s tragedy is just the lowest of the low. That’s taking TOTAL advantage of everyone who donated, along with Jodi and her family. Is that the guy that had the OccupyHLN site a few years ago?

                • Thanks R. That’s so disgusting! I remember when he had that site there was some talk of him there of him having a drinking problem and having been arrested for multiple DUIs. I didn’t read the site very often, as it was always a bunch of nasty fighting, but I remember seeing someone accuse him of that and he confirmed that it was true.

    • They detest everyone that Jodi is close to. They tried to play Jodi like a puppet and control her but Jodi didn’t allow that to happen so they got vile and mean. They attacked Jodi as well. I’ve got all the nasty ss that prove that they hate Jodi and tried to sabotage every project and site that supports Jodi.

      The ‘leader’ of that pack even called Jodi a bitch to her face (on the phone).

      So ya, they are poison to Jodi. They tend to blame others about what happens to Jodi. But what they don’t seem to explain is that THEY are the ones going to haters and bloggers and journalists giving fake info about Jodi, her family and friends. They’re too pussywinkle do do their dirty work on their own. They hide behind others… They’re just cunts in that way…

      • ……and they hate Pandora and me and SJ because we were never afraid to expose them and their dirty work! I hope they are enjoying their stupid FB group with all the RANDOM people they have for members and who were added just to keep the group’s numbers up LMAOO!
        Jodi wants nothing to do with the Weberz, they are HATERS in disguise. And yes, we do have plenty of SS 😉

  15. Happy Birthday, Pandora and Miss Pajama Girl – You are the best! You have given so
    self-less to help our Jodi gain her freedom – I wish you many more Birthdays.
    I will be donating too, again.
    I intend to send a post, but not right now. This one is just for Birthdays, and being thankful,
    that there are those who see the lies, and the injustices that have taken place. Jodi will
    have a Birthday on July 9th.

  16. Happy Birthday, Pandora!!! I know your best birthday present would be Jodi’s FREEDOM!!! I sure wish it was today for your birthday, but it will come soon!!! Love you, girl!!! 🙂


    (((Pandora))) Burthday girl!!!

    • Marja, thank you for your wishes! Yes! You got that right! The most best present ever would be Jodi’s freedom!

      If I was to choose between fortune and Jodi’s freedom I would – without a second thought – choose Jodi’s freedom. You see: we can make tons of money but freedom is not for sale. Jodi’s freedom would be my personal treasure chest. My sister (Jodi) is what counts!

  17. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Pandora, you deserve the best one, you do…
    So…”Happy Birthday”…to YOU.

    PS. I hope you could hear me from Ireland & then again you might be better off to have “Not”.

    • jojnjo, you are too sweet! Thank you for your wishes! Don’t worry about your talent in singing! I am sooooo out of tune that when I sing it’s like polluting the environment! 😀 😆 😀

      • Well then Pandora, we’d make a good duo…& maybe we can get a few more crooners from JAII to be our backing singers?

        PS. Hope your Birthday was full of “Awesomeness”.

  18. Just watched 2 unbelievable
    storeis about prosecutal misconduct.
    Have y’all seen the story about John Thompson.
    Innocent, but spent 18 yers on death row?

    It is amazing and shows that there’s misconduct from the prosecutors
    way more than we want to believe in order to get someone the DP!!
    This has got to stop.
    They are lying to be able to get them the DP.
    Something is DAMN sure wrong with this picture.

    As I’ve hear our justicesystem isn’t perfect, but it’s the best. REALLY???
    I say show me because ours is so fucked up.

    This was on CNN, Death Row Stories.
    If someone can get it on youtube and print it here, I would so much appreciate
    it. I can’t paste it on here, but I know everyone is smart on here and one of you can do it.
    It’s very positive and more hopeful than ever for Jodi’s appeals.: )

      • Marja Lisa,
        Thanks so much!!!
        I’m dumb founded at the shit that goes on.
        Thompson is just one of them.
        Like he says where is the accountability for these procutors?
        This is exactly what has been going on in Jodi’s case.

        IMO. think the prosecutors should be charged with attempted murder.
        Thompson was just hours away from being murdered and they knew that they didn’t have
        the right person. Like he said, VERY Scary!!!

        Thanks again Marja!! : )

    • Sorry for what I’m about to say, but if the American justice system is the best I dread to think of what the worst is like….. 🙁

        • This whole thing reminds me of Nazi Germany…Juan being a little Hitler, Arpaio being head of the SS and the public being easily brainwashed into believing they are superior to, and accepting the fate of, those being persecuted.

          • Don’t be sorry maria.
            It’s the truth.
            It sucks!!!~

            Like I said they try to tell us it’s the best, that’s just propaganda BS!!!!

            “not perfect, but it’s the best” ????????

            Well, let’s strive for perfect then and quit just repeating it all of the time.

            Some here are NOT puppets.

            And some use this back “if you don’t like it leave” OH REALLY???
            I say them first!!!

            NO, they should move and then we can have a realistic conversation
            and debate and make changes that matter,

            Love it or leave it is not an option nor is it ralistic!!

            • I am a long-time trial watcher. I go all the way back to the very earliest days of CourtTV, back when the commentary was about the legal system and how it works rather than crucifying people they’ve already deemed guilty. Believe it or not, Vinnie was actually a reasonable human being back then and I always admired Beth Karas for her logic and reason. (Nancy Grace, on the other hand, has always been an annoying bitch and I used to write emails to CourtTV telling them just that – except using nicer terms.) At any rate, I’ve watched many trials and I have never ever seen anything like this. I was dumbfounded as I watched this trial unfold. I’ve never seen a prosecutor behave the way Martinez behaved and I’ve never seen such a blatantly biased judge. So I guess what I’m saying is that this is hopefully an anomaly, maybe not in Maricopa County, but hopefully elsewhere.

              • yep, Justus, Vinnie and Beth must have started drinking
                NG’s water!
                I’m like you, have seen many and nothing ever LIKE this one,
                Every single person in the media all have jumped on her wagon.
                She’s brought them all down to her level.
                Hope they enjoy it!!!

  19. Hey Pan,

    There should be a happy birthday month wishes for those who don’t get to wish it on the due date which I didn’t lol. But I’m using the justification that at least that left more cake for everybody else at the party. So the best special happy birthday month day. You’re a peach and a pal.

    And getting older is only a thing to celebrate until you go to an antique auction and five people bid on you.

    Happy birthday girlfriend !

  20. when will Jodi be able to purchase or allowed to have writing items
    such as paper, envelopes, stamps, etc?

    • I think she doesn’t have access to her comissary money yet that’s why she cannot have access to stationery. Patience Shelley, it may take a bit longer. She receives all our letters though, which is the most important thing right? So keep writing!! 🙂

      • maria,
        I was wondering the same.
        I thoght if I could, I would put a little extra paper, not a lot, but for her to use.

        I didn’t think of it that way though, that she would expect the paper to send back.
        Thanks for bringing that to my attention. REALLY!!!!!

    • Jodi has had access to her commissary account since May 21. She can purchase up to 20 envelopes per week.

      Jodi is in Lumley’s SMA (special management area). This means she’s in her cell 23 hours/day. This is what people refer to as “solitary” or “isolation.” However, this is no different from her situation at Estrella beginning May 2014; that is, she was in her cell 23 hours per day.

      Rasna Admin

  21. You know they are now reporting that they CAN NOT find the ILLEGAL LEAK of the name and address of the#1 juror that spared Jodi’s life. I know you well educated folks can assist “HELP” them! I recall jm had it pulled up on his laptop showing the judge! That one male juror , cant remember his name but know him by pooped his pants! You know the one that went one national news apologizing that they didnt get to kill Jodi.. HE DID IT !! WELL, just another positive for Jodi’s appeals!

    • The names of the jurors were initially posted on Twitter. I was reading Twitter that day as well as this site and I saw when the tweet went up but I don’t recall who posted it. I couldn’t find the post later (there were so many posts that day). That tweet occurred right around the time the jurors were speaking to the press, perhaps just before they spoke. I think, but can not be 100% certain, that the tweet was posted by a Travis supporter. But, my point is, the names were tweeted before they showed up on this site. Everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten about that.

      • StillOutThere, haven’t you heard? For all the bad things happening in our world it’s ALWAYS Jodi’s and JAII’s fault! 😉

        Even the terrific catastrophic weather in TEXAS is Jodi’s fault but I wouldn’t put it past me that JAII had something to do with that too!

          • 😆 Jodi does have amazing powers. . .plus her broom that she flies around on and leaves no trace of her presence is even more amazing!!!!!! Do you have photos????? 😆

        • Oh right Pandora, how did I forget? I know it’s even more personal to you because we all know that you and SJ are lovers from afar and are making money hand over fist from all of this. (How do you do the rolling eyes icon?) I can’t even read Twitter anymore when I see that kind of garbage on there. Then again, it’s truly laughable and really beyond pathetic that people have nothing better to do than hate on other people for NO other reason than they have a different opinion about a criminal case.

      • AMEN! Why is it that Jodi supporters and support sites/groups have been demonized and are blamed for everything? The names were FIRST tweeted then posted here, ffs!

        • It’s really sick, isn’t it? Free speech is just not allowed anymore unless you agree with the masses. You are NOT allowed to have a different point of view. How dare we?

        • I thought that “Want to be Reporter Chatty Cathy” person tweeted it. All of those particular tweeters were in competition to have the breaking tweet of the moment. It was nothing but a spectacle for them to compete at who would be first to report from what color socks Nurmi had on to releasing some juror’s name accidentally. I’m not sure who it was, but I do remember it did not come from any of us!

  22. I’m late for your birthday Pandora, but wanted to wish you all the very best anyway. I hope you had a fabulous day.

      • Awesome! I’m so thrilled to hear it. My 50th is on June 20th (the end of Gemini/cusp of Cancer). I hope someone plans something a little bit fun for it. We’ll see! I can’t believe I’m going to be half a century old. Yikes! I don’t feel it — well, most of the time.

    • It’s amazing, isn’t it? None of this needed to happen (the trial, retrial, the truth coming out about Travis and their relationship). It was Jodi herself, representing herself, that submitted the first offer to plea . She didn’t include any sentencing parameters (she probably did not know to include that). The state would not even enter into discussions regarding a plea agreement. That’s what’s so very interesting. In so many other cases, they enter into plea agreements. What made this case different?

      Since it’s typical to negotiate on plea agreements, if Jodi had representation at the time, I would have expected her to offer to plea to manslaughter and the state to hold to first degree murder, eventually agreeing on second degree murder — perhaps even with a longer than maximum sentence stipulated. But that did not occur. In fact, the state never even offered first degree murder — which Jodi may have agreed to. The state was determined to try the case and seek capital punishment, and then, to retry the penalty phase. Why?

      While those who have not worked in or are unfamiliar with criminal law may not realize, this is really very unusual.

      Many of the Travis supporters are angry that Jodi and her lawyers brought forth the details of the sordid relationship and Travis’s life in general. They are also angry that Jodi became “famous” as a result of the trial. It could all have been avoided. The defense lawyers were left with NO other choice. A defense presentation had to be go forward when all offers of settlement were refused. Again, why would the state not have entered into discussions?

      • Such a shame! And the Travis Camp even went so far as to sayJodi wouldn’t accept a plea. Yeah they tried to plead after the trial before penalty phase. Natural life and give up her right to appeal!

        • Exactly, Michelle. They have said over and over again that her plea offers before trial were “threats” to expose the truth about Travis and their relationship. They didn’t feel Jodi was entitled to a fair trial or any type of defense. In their minds, Jodi was just supposed to walk into court and say “I did it. I’m guilty. Put me to death.” They don’t even have the slightest comprehension of how the criminal justice system works in this country. If someone they knew was accused of a crime — whether the person actually did the deed or not — they would be crowing a completely different tune though. That’s the irony of it all. It just amazes me.

      • I read the motion and was struck by the very logical arguments her defense team made about why she would never get the death penalty, based on all the evidence about the relationship and about Travis that would come out at trial. And yet, look how close she came to getting the death penalty, exactly in spite of all the evidence that came out at trial. (I could maybe see a few jerks holding out for death but eleven???) And when you combine that with the State never even wanting to negotiate a deal in a case very similar to many others where deals were made, it all points to something very political and something very rotten.

        I wonder how much of a role the family played in refusing to negotiate. They obviously wanted to go to trial, all in the name of killing Jodi. To hell with Travis and his reputation. They loved him so damn much but when it came time to profit in any way, whether emotionally or financially, they said, “Fuck you, Travis. We don’t care if you are painted in a very ugly light for all the world to see, just so long as we can get whatever we can out of it.” And they not only did it once, they did it twice as even more damning depictions came to light in the retrial.

        And the haters all going, “Poor, poor family. Look what they’ve had to deal with because of evil Jodi. Let’s send them some money.” 🙄

          • You have got that so right Justus!!
            Them care about their brother?? I’ve never believed that.
            As far as their disgusting looks, what acting!!!

            Same with the so-called “friends”
            That’s why it was so sad when c. hughes was on the stand and said
            she killed my friend, Jodi looked like I can’t believe this and all of the things that you
            and the others said about Travis.

            I guess this has been one of many things about this “trial” is
            the acting and how they ran the courtroom,
            and the whole trial.

            I hope that I never see this kind of unjust EVER again in my life.

    • Indeed! I remember that juror well. She returned to court as a spectator causing quite the stir. I don’t believe we have ever seen the sealed transcript relating to the hearing where this woman’s misconduct was discussed in chambers.

      I have always wondered exactly what she said and to whom. Based on her interviews with the press after dismissal, she she claimed it was the result of a joke regarding Dr. Samuels and his $300 per hour fee and that they should have had better seats for that price. That does not necessarily reveal impartiality though. Other reporters said she compared the injuries to Bosnian war victims (she is a Bosnian immigrant) and said it made things “more serious” for her during the trial. She promised to give a full interview after the trial was over, but I guess no one took her up on that.

        • Well, I wouldn’t call her fat . I have no room to talk as my own weight has been up and down and I’m still not what anyone would call skinny. She may be a little overweight, but I don’t classify that as fat for a woman of her age, especially. She actually seemed like a pretty nice person in her quick interviews and I would really have liked to hear her point of view. She may have been biased and if so, it would be interesting to hear exactly why and some honesty. Or, perhaps she still had an open mind, but said the wrong thing in a joking fashion. Whatever it was, I’d really like to know.

          I’ve said it before, but it fascinates me exactly why someone would reach a different conclusion than we did if they watched the same trial and didn’t have outside influence. The haters will never have a reasonable discussion about this and they were all heavily influenced by all the crap on HLN and other media sites — which was not presented during trial.

          Of all the jurors who have spoken out, none other than Juror 17 in the penalty retrial and the foreman of the guilt phase trial have really given us much honesty as to why they reached the opinions they did.

          The penalty retrial phase jurors appeared to have been shockingly biased during their interview post-non-verdict. When one said Jodi was a sociopath, I almost fell off my chair. If Dr. DeMarte could have diagnosed Jodi as that, you can bet your bottom dollar that she would have. If even she couldn’t diagnose her as a sociopath, where did that juror’s opinion come from? And why were those jurors so worried about not reaching a unanimous verdict for the sake of Travis’s family? Was it really just the impact statements? Or, was it the crying in court? Or other influences? I wasn’t in Phoenix during the trial, but reading what Publius and others had to say about it all really makes me wonder. Why did the jury not realize that their civic duty was NOT to concern themselves with the victim’s family and how they would react, but to actually weigh the mitigation factors and determine an appropriate penalty?

          The jurors interviewed post verdict in the guilty phase all talked about the family as well. Do you remember when one of them even apologized to the family?

          This is a very serious issue for all of us in regards to our criminal justice system in the US and countries with similar systems. The victim’s family certainly should have the right to be present at all proceedings, but their behavior and mannerisms should never reach the level of influencing the jury. If it does, that’s very serious for all ongoing trials. If this is repeated in other trials without a judge addressing it, we will need to rethink our system and perhaps work to have the victim’s family watch the trial from an adjoining room (other than for victim impact statements — which only occur AFTER a guilty verdict).

  23. Dark side wants to yap about the photos are proven that she was there .Those pictures prove ta had Jodi tied to a bed amd he was sexing her and taking nude
    photos of her. It also proves that he was to meeting up with mimi but was busy tying up the Jodi ! 😉 Jodi was no
    t his stalker nor was he rejecting her! Still think the mormons players were involved!

    • Oh, this is only fueling their idiocy. Their ability to reason becomes increasingly more damaged as time goes by. No amount of evidence or logic will stop them from believing what they want to believe. I’ve said this before: If a video of Travis attacking Jodi that afternoon were to suddenly surface, those morons would convince themselves that Jodi staged it using a Travis lookalike.

    • THANKS for the link jojnjo!!!

      From the article :
      ” An investigation into the leaks of the identities of jurors at the Jodi Arias murder trial could not pinpoint who was responsible for the illegal disclosures.”

      Hey haters, given that Arpaio hates Jodi her family and friends so much do you think he ‘d do her any favors? No. So suck it.

  24. I see in Tanisha’s thank you message to her fellow haters (for all their donations toward the family’s Cancun vacation) that she also refers to Jodi as “It”. Of course, are we surprised? She’s the one who had the total lack of civility and class to stand in a courtroom and yell “Burn in hell” over the voices of those letting Jodi know that she is loved. What a hateful piece of work she is.

    • I noticed that too. I puked in my mouth. What a vile tramp she is!!!!!
      She should thank her lucky stars for having met that Harold dude (or whatever his name is). However, no matter how much money she now has, no matter how much that old fool who fell for her lavishes her with expensive clothes, mansions and cars she will ALWAYS remain a low-class piece of shit. Or better yet as we say here in Greece “She will always be a stepped-on- piece of shit!” And you know shit is always shit. Even if you spray it with perfume 😉

      • Urp. There are not enough words in the English vocabulary to describe Tanisha and her family. TA’s family knew all about his anger issues plus his other problems. They had to have known. . .they are all just like him IMO. 🙄

    • I know that many here won’t like me for saying this, and there is much regarding the crying and mannerisms (including the en masse walkouts) of the Alexander family that should NOT have been allowed in court. But, that was the judge’s responsibility and one that she failed miserably to curtail. I don’t know how I would feel if I honestly believed someone murdered my brother (assuming I had one, which I don’t). I may not want to think of the person I believed responsible as a “he” or “she” either. I may want to scream out something in court to the person I believed killed him. I would hope that my English upbringing of stoicism would kick in and prevent me from doing such a thing inside the court room, but outside, who knows? I have not been in that situation and grief is a very powerful emotion, so I cannot judge Travis’s family for their grief and obvious anger. I hope they have or will seek counseling to help themselves.

      A much loved friend of mine was killed in an accident last year. He didn’t drive and was crossing the street. He was hit by a 75 year old man driving at 6:40 p.m. (as it just became dark) and the man was from California, not here. I was never angry at the driver as it was obviously an accident and he stayed on the scene. In fact, I felt deep empathy for him because while our friend died, the driver’s life was also ruined and that’s a difficult thing to go through at any age — but there he was in his golden years, probably trying to enjoy his retirement. I was not, however, surprised by the reaction of some other people who were extremely angry that this man killed our dear friend and frustrated by the slow judicial process. We were all impacted by the loss of our friend. We all coped with it differently. That’s just human nature. It didn’t matter what our social status or educational level is. Some people of high social status and education were far more brutal than others.

      We had a get-together on our friend’s birthday last month to toast him. By then, he had been dead for 5 months. The grief was still apparent, even in people who had only known our friend for a few months. Some were still angry with the driver. Others (surprisingly) were trying to make sense of why it had to happen. One person asked me if I thought he committed suicide by walking in front of the car. I was the last person who spoke with him and knew his state of mind that evening and in the days beforehand and can honestly say 100% NO to that theory. But, it was interesting to me how we all try to cope with grief and rationalize things in our mind.

      • Still,
        Sorry you lost your friend, but no one should hate the man that hit him.
        It was a total accident and if in court, you acted like the alexanders, you were wrong.
        I’m sure he feels worse than all of you.

        It’s up to the judge in the beginning to tell them how to act in court and THEY showed
        they couldn’t respect that and should have been sent out as she stated.
        The family and friends of Jodi at there and never smirtked or grinned, rolled their eyes or bursted out in court.
        The other side did all of those things KNOWING that they shouldn’t SO there was no respect for
        their brother either. There was NO excuse for acting the way that they did.
        In any of the other cases, they would and should be sent out and since they continued to show
        no respect, been told they couldn’t come back into court.

        Jodi deserved a FAIR trial, she was denied that.
        HIS family and friends really knew how he treated women and all of them have continued to lie
        for him.

        Maybe people are a little upset, but showing all of the “fake” and dramatic outbursting should have landed them outside of the court.
        This wasn’t a trial it was a joke with Jodi’s life at stake and it should have been treated as such, LIKE in any court room.

        THIS isn’t allowed ONE time in any other cases, MUCH worse and for them to continue their silly behaviour , knowing they could and should be sent elsewhere was showing that they really didn’t give a shit
        because, THEY knew the judge was going to let them do as they pleased.

        They shouldn’t be supported for their actions just because the judge didn’t do her job.
        They acted disgusting!

        Why did the juror look at the family and wht did the judge cry.
        Like juan I guess she thinks she won’t be elected again.
        This is ALL sick!!!!!!
        A system that sucks, BIG TIME!!!!!

        • Still,
          BTW, why start out saying I know many here won’t like me here for saying this?

          IMO, I personally didn’t care for what you said, but not like you?
          That’s a little too far.

        • I made a comment about someone pinched the baby to make the baby cry out like that when Jodi started to speak. This woman reply back tht yes she had pinched the baby to disrupt the court! Then she lets out a belch of a laugh. What a bunch of vile people. You can only imagine what kind of life this child will grow up to have!:( All of Jodi’s DT looked back at the crying child with expression. Hope Karma comes with a quickness !

          • Pam, I want to make sure I understand you correctly. Are you saying you know without a doubt that the woman holding the baby actually said that she purposely pinched the baby at that specific moment?
            Also, did the woman actually say this, or did she write that on the internet?

            • I have had questions about that baby even being in the courtroom.
              That just isn’t allowed and for us to hear it just as Jodi was speaking has
              really made me wonder how and why that even happened.

            • Yes Amy, this happen on a news site comments about the look Jodi supposably gave the baby. So I made a comment that whoever was holding the baby pinched it so it would cry out and disrupt the court as Jodi was speaking. A woman replied back to me saying yes she
              Pinched the baby! Then she gives a big laugh! 🙁 I will have to go back and look for it. I think it was on a Yahoo news story about the look Jodi supposably gave the crying child.

          • pam holt,
            Wasn’t that so unusual?
            The judge should have ordered to have order in the court.

            Who has the baby and take him/her out.
            Another thing, who brings a baby into a trial??
            They ARE disgusting. They have no respect for themselvse nor anyone else.
            Yes, the baby will be just like them. SHAME!!!!

            In traffic court, the judge had everyone wait in line. If he didn’t call your name,
            you had to wait until last and you sure didn’t disrespect the court in anyway,

            A baby cried out, he stopped and ask who has the baby, take the baby out.
            There were 2 teenagers behind me that started to laugh (not at loud) and I thought he was going to see my way and it wasn’t going to be funny.

            What I’m trying to say, this was only traffic court, BUT he demanded respect and he got it.

            The” judge” in this case never even reacted. Shame on her ass.
            I really think she was a judge in desquise and wonder if she’s related to
            the alexanders.

            I really would like to know who allowed them in with the baby!!

            One thing about this circus that they put on, we don’t have to see them
            ever again.
            Soon Jodi will get to go home!! : )

          • maria,
            It’s the truth and anyone EVEN on the Alexander hate tribe knew
            the way they were acting in court was unexceptable!
            The talking heads never mentioned about how poorly they were acting in court
            and these idiots are in court a hell of a lot more than we are.

            If they weren’t so biased they would have said somethig about it and also
            believed acting that way, you usually get your butt thown out.
            Not one time did they ever get tossed out and that is really a touchy thing.
            Everyone knows it, it isn’t something new.

            Why didn’t we hear that Jodi’s family had every right to be upset too.
            Jodi IS their daughter and to have your daughter treated like that?
            Plus they knew it would hurt Jodi more.

            Why didn’t the ones on the left side of the courtroom while entering
            have the same respect for their brother?
            ATTENTION getters!

      • Back when I was trying to reason with very unreasonable people, I would often get asked “What if it was your brother?” as if that should somehow be the determining factor in whether I would want justice or revenge. I understand the need to grieve and that everyone grieves differently but that doesn’t make it OK to stir up the masses into a hateful frenzy. If her only bad behavior was that one emotional outburst in the courtroom or her referring to another human being as “it”, I would be more sympathetic. No one can tell me she never saw Travis’ anger, that he was some kind of angel to his younger sisters (notably female) while they were growing up. She knows exactly what he was capable of but a reason to vent her own underlying seething anger (and also receive lots of support for it) was too good to pass up. At a spiritual level I have pity for her, for her life and for everything that has made her so angry, but at a human level I cannot sympathize with what her behavior has helped wrought.

        • Justus,
          Jodi’s parents had to listen to the lies about their daughter
          and see how the jusice system was working againt her, yet
          they had the class to sit there and respect the court.
          Me, being her family, THAT would have been very hard to swallow, but they
          did it with dignity!!

          I REALLY have to admire that!!!

          They knew they would have beem thrown out and not allowed back in.
          They didn’t want to take that chance, plus they just showed more character
          all through both trials.
          I highly respect them.!!

      • No one forced them to be in that courtroom day in and out. They attended voluntarily. They WERE TOLD they had to behave themselves. Jodi’s family was told to do the same, as well. Now compare the two.

        Their disgustingly unacceptable behavior showed total lack of respect for the Court, the Law and the whole Justice System. Obstructing justice by resorting to eye rolling and countless grins, grimaces and head shaking. They had an air of entitlement, as if they owned the procedure and the Judger and Prosecutor themselves. Tanisha starting and leading a hate campaign against one of the major defense witnesses. Their photo shoots of thumbs down “No Deal” charade. I am sorry but there’s NO way on Earth ANYONE can make me have a smidge of sympathy for the Alexanders, especially Tanisha, Samantha and Stephen, the lynch mob leaders.

        It is one thing to grieve and another to “secularize” your grief. Cutting aprons out of Travis’ clothes and selling them to his fans???? For what purpose other than raising money for THEMSELVES? Travis certainly cannot use cash in hell 😉
        Selling out my dead brother’s memories? Please. It has nothing to do with pain and grief and everything to do with anger(understandable given there was a crime) BUT most importantly misplaced anger due to theri horrficly traumatic childhood experiences.

        Oh and in case someone doesn’t agree with the whole “they just want revenge” belief, okey. Let me play along and agree that the Alexanders’ whole behavior is simply owing to the sudden loss of their brother.

        Here is The Kübler-Ross model, or the five stages of grief. Read it and tell me where the Alexanders stand. How far they are from the last stage AFTER 7 years and how badly they need to ask their supporters for money to seek therapy isnted of holidays to Cancun, FFS!

        The stages, popularly known by the acronym DABDA, include:[2]

        Denial — One of the first reactions is Denial, wherein the survivor imagines a false, preferable reality
        Anger — When the individual recognizes that denial cannot continue, it becomes frustrated, especially at proximate individuals. Certain psychological responses of a person undergoing this phase would be: “Why me? It’s not fair!”; “How can this happen to me?”; ‘”Who is to blame?”; “Why would God let this happen?”.

        Bargaining — The third stage involves the hope that the individual can avoid a cause of grief. Usually, the negotiation for an extended life is made with a higher power in exchange for a reformed lifestyle. Other times, they will use anything valuable against another human agency to extend or prolong the life. People facing less serious trauma can bargain or seek compromise.

        Depression — “I’m so sad, why bother with anything?”; “I’m going to die soon so what’s the point?”; “I miss my loved one, why go on?”
        During the fourth stage, the individual becomes saddened by the certainty of death. In this state, the individual may become silent, refuse visitors and spend much of the time mournful and sullen.

        Acceptance — “It’s going to be okay.”; “I can’t fight it, I may as well prepare for it.”
        In this last stage, individuals embrace mortality or inevitable future, or that of a loved one, or other tragic event. People dying may precede the survivors in this state, which typically comes with a calm, retrospective view for the individual, and a stable condition of emotions.

        • Great post, Maria, I think the Alexanders have rewritten the Kubler-Ross model to their own model by adding a ‘R’ to same. DABDAR – the R being for revenge. And God know when the ‘R’ will end?


    1 Corinthians 2:9 “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

    Sending Love and Prayers for ALL OF TEAM JODI ♥ !!!!!!


    Good things come to those who wait… greater things come to those who get off their ass and do anything to make it happen.

    We Can Do This TEAM JODI!!!! Jodi needs us to fight for her and WE WILL!!!! Never Doubt It!!!

  27. Since Arpaio’s corrupt behavior is a relevant topic here, I want to call attention to a very disturbing and illuminating article, written on
    ( I think) May 31, 2015, by Megan Cassidy:
    The Republic

    “Effects of ‘rogue’ MCSO deputy’s actions still unclear.”

    [regarding Ramon “Charley” Armendariz]

    I’m not able to link the article here, or I would.

  28. I need to add another important article that was written by Stephen Lemons at

    Written about a year ago, on June 11, 2014

    By Stephen Lemons:

    “Joe Arpaio’s Deputy Charley Armendariz Implicated MCSO “Command Staff” Says Activist Lydia Guzman.”

  29. Good morning Team Jodi! Hugs to my morning sweeties R. Love and Cindy! Thinking of our girl today and always (((Jodi)))


    If not us, who? If not now, when?
    ~~~~~John F. Kennedy


  31. What is hard for me to wrap my mind is the fact that these ta groupies denied the truth when written by Scottsdale attorney investigation into leak juror name that it came from a twitter account that also posted sympathic comments about TA ! (They have taken it down now but the investigation shown it could of very well been one of the jurors!! Then it goes on to say that the 11 jurors names were posted on a Pro-Arias website AFTER jurors who favored the DP expressed frustrations over the holdout juror. I do remember reading where the ta groupies where asking WHY bring in outsider to investigate the leak!! Now with their bogus news feed articles are trying to cover this up! Another one of things that make you go HMMM

  32. Just as night was creeping up on us in TN I had a beautiful double rainbow out my door!!! Of course, for me that is a beautiful sign from God good things ate going to happen! Our prayers will be answered and our sweet Jodi will be free again. . . .God is in control! 😉

    • Yes she will, R.
      I was going to bed and I thought how nice it would be to make
      a donation for Jodi appeal and see if anyone wanted to match
      a $25.00 donation.

      It worked last time, plus it was fun so after I say Sweet Dreams,
      I’m going to do just that.
      Good Night!!!

      Double rainbows are absolutely beautiful.
      My nephew was on the was to his Dad’ s funeral from CA, and they saw
      an upside down rainbow.
      That’s so much what my brother-in-law would have loved.
      A smiling ranbow! : )

      • Very Special Aly!! I’ve never seen an upside down rainbow before. Funny how God sends us these tiny reminders of His love when we least expect it.
        Your idea is a great one. . . every time someone is moved to donate, it will be doubled!!!! A win win situation!!!!! We have to keep up the donations so we can deliver on our promises!!!! FREE JODI!!!!

        No time for V A C A T I O N S here. . .there is WORK to be done to straighten this mess out!!! AND, it will be straightened out. . .NEVER DOUBT IT! Jodi will be FREE and the State of Arizona will pay for their injustices! SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME JUDGE SHERRY STEPHENS! 😯

          • Thanks Justus! : )
            It still doubles, right?

            Like R. Love saw a double rainbow yesterday, I found a dime in a very unusual
            place. : )
            That happens pretty often when I least expect it. : )
            One of our tiny reminders!
            Can’t explain it, just smile and accept it.: )

            Thought it would be a good time to donate!!!! : )
            Of course any time is a good time.

  33. I had just been reading about parallel universes and then I was reading the State”s page about the upcoming Alexander family vacation, only to see things like “What a class act this family is!”, “Travis was and is a very special man.”, “This family will always have a special place in our hearts!!” and ” We celebrate Travis’s birthday here in Florida.” If it’s not a parallel universe it certainly is a different universe.

    • I also see that they are asking Tanisha if the family has met their financial goal, just in case they need more money sent. 🙂 Anyone care to bet on what the answer is going to be. 🙂

      • Hmmmm……….guessing their answer would be “OH no please send more money”!!! 😥 Three Million and counting sheeple. . .don’t let them down. . . .they might need a new tattoo or laser machine! Wonder how the Aprons sells went??? Or the tacky tennis shoes with TA’s initials on them!!! 🙄 Come One Sheeple WAKE UP!! and SMELL THE SCAM!!!!

        • I was just thinking, HOW do people do that?
          They sure do a hell of a lot with others people’s money.

          I wonder where they want to go next month.
          Sounds like ta was their big lottery ticket.
          The more they “acted” the bigger the lottery got.
          People are just stupid.

          They will ride this one for a very long time.
          They should feel embarressed.

      • Even if each one of the 66,000 people who “like” the State page, has already sent them just one dollar, that’s 66,000 dollars for crying out loud! No one is going to convince me that the family spent all the money they received during the trial and now they have to beg, borrow and save for money to take a vacation. Please give us (the intelligent people of this world) a friggin’ break!!!

        • Sometimes I am extremely pessimistic and think people will never wake up. Others I get more optimistic.
          For example, a few days ago I was watching an older documentary about two children with special needs. The documentary itself had attracted a lot of viewers, compassion and of course supporters. People started donating money to the family…… As years went by, and as the family probably got big-headed and greedy, they thought they could scam people so they started asking money for practically everything : eye glasses, trips, medical exams etc etc. Needless to say that people started raising questions. They became suspicious. Of course there were also those who keep giving and giving…..
          To me it was like a preview of what we are bound to see happening with the Alexscammers. Their fans are gullible and quick to empty their pockets now, when the dust hasn’t settled. The more time passes, the more people will see that the Alexanders’ request for donations is unjustifiable. And dubious.

          I seriously cannot believe their fans fell for that sickening LAME LAME excuse!!!! A vacation??? Why do people have to send them money? There are millions of people who cannot afford a holiday with their families. You know what they do??? They go to work! They even work 2 JOBS. They don’t beg. It is obvious the Alexanders cannot get rid of the habit of being parasites.

        • And please note that in her email to her fellow haters, she didn’t just say they were planning a trip to Cancun in Travis’ honor but she then goes on to *casually* mention that they are saving up on their own, the optimum word here being “saving”. And, lo and behold, she’s shocked when she *casually* finds out about all the donations that have been pouring in. 🙄

          • And there folks is why they got their name the “Alexscamsters”.
            Professionals, Licensed, Bonded and Insured Scammers IMO 🙄

        • And did you know that these people all stand united to “Keep Travis’ Legacy of Love Alive”? Besides being a strange thing to write, considering what we know about Travis’ love life, I think it does say it all: “Let’s keep alive the unspoken leeway men are given to mistreat women.”

        • I remember now that they planned the trip during the week Travis died (I mistakenly thought it was over his birthday, similar to the celebration of the birth of Christ) so I guess they are already there, thoroughly enjoying Travis’ vacation.

          • Oh I hope they are there now!!! I looked up the weather there for the week. Rain every day…. 🙂

            Oh the thing that stinks is then they will come home and suck every penny they can from Jodi.

            I ask all of you what f~ restitution did they need money for? They were not nor are they destitude. They had $3,000,000 handed to them.

  34. Please everyone :


    Because no matter what the other (dark) side says, Jodi IS remorseful. She is still disgusted with herself but she knows she had no option, it was either her or Travis. She chose to LIVE.

    • YES Maria!!! We certainly will keep her in our prayers and thoughts!! We know how much she has suffered from this tragedy. There is no mistaking it. No matter what though. . .Self Defense is not a crime! Travis is responsible for his own actions, which unfortunately brought on his death. No Doubt! What if Jodi had lost the fight for her life. . . we would have never heard about either of them and I fear TA would be scamming away and abusing whoever crossed his path with the best of them today.

  35. So I was looking at Beth Karas site and going through he text between Jod and Travis. I am an open minded person, and have yet to decide who/what to believe. I think my problem with this case is that neither Side has been able to sway me 100% either way. Neither party seems entirely innocent, or has all the answers. My main concern with the text messages between the two seem to be missing or either incorrectly labeled as to who was the sender and receiver. For instance there is a whole page of texts that is marked eniirely from one person, but it contains both Q’s and A’s, but says that it is all Incoming text. Does anyone know who provided Beth Karas with these text messages? How was she able to attain all the information that she has and why does it seem like some information is missing? Most of the information that seems to be missing would possibly favor Jodi, so it makes me a bit suspicious that her source could possibly be biased. Has anyone else had access to the website noticed the same thing? Or does anyone know how she obtains the information? Just curious…it just seems like at times there are chunks of information missing. If anyone has any theories as to why that is, I would love to hear them! Thanks!

    • LL,
      Myself, I wouldn’t read or go to any sight that has anything to do with HLN.
      From the beginning they had Jodi guilty and that was the reason, Jodi was found guilty in this trial.
      They listened to all of the liars that would come on their show, never mind anyone that knew the facts.
      I couldn’t find anywhere on the internet that wasn’t biased to Jodi until I found Jodi’s Team.
      Be able to ask questions here and not get replies like “I was just a muder lover” or “I should burn in hell.”
      That’s not discussing the case.

      When I saw the roommate on ng, I could tell he was lying.
      ng says she wants the facts. That’s far from true.
      Why didn’t she ask him about being in the same house where a dead body was and not notice anything strange OR a terrible smell.

      He used the washer, WHY didn’t they ask him, DID you remove bloody clothes, a camera and the camera card. That really just didn’t and still doesn’t make sense to me.
      ng knew ta had a dog. WHY didn’t she ask during those 5 days did the dog act different OR did someone come and get the dog before it happened.

      There’s nothing but doubt all over the place. Jodi shouldn’t be in jail without a bond for 7 years just because of hearsay. Why was Sky able to watch the trial on TV, might be a witness, call and tell juan
      if people were telling the truth.
      This has been the worst case of unjust that I have ever seen in my life. No one should be haapy with it, YET whether disturbed, because it COULD happen to any of us.

      BTW, the media turns everything into LIES knowing they’re lying so I never believe a thing they say.
      Some of them are even following HLN. To me that is very scary thing for all of us and we should be worried about Jodi and the rest of AZ and the country.

      HLN has become tabloid news and they will put in or take out whatever they want, LIES or not.
      Just drama!

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