Retrial Video Replay – Day 14

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In the meantime, here’s a replay of Day 14.

Retrial Video Replay – Day 14:

Part 1/3 (Nurmi – redirect on Dr Miccio-Fonseca):

Part 2/3 (Jury questions for Dr Fonseca + Nurmi follow-up + Kermit & Fonseca sparring (from 50:00):

Part 3/3 Kermit & Fonseca sparring (continued):

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  1. It looks like I’m the first this time.

    Does anyone know for sure whether Jodi is in lockdown or not? Has anybody tried to contact her?

    • book promo, nurmi’s credentials had more content than his article. Since he’s an “actor” now, his headshot needs some work, maybe a sepiatone

    • I wholeheartedly agree with Nurmi when it comes to the very negative impact media has in the courtroom, particularly the case of Jodi Arias vs. State of AZ.

      Some of the most outrageous is the behavior of that of certain jurors, firstly Tara, and now Holly and her Hollywood trip with Juanita. That pic of them in the limo is enough to make you throw up in your mouth.

    • Of course he’s right about what he’s writing. He is.
      BUT he fails to mention that it is the media attention he is now desperately seeking in order to promote his BS book and the media frenzy about this case that he is now explolting to sell his copies..
      I know his motions about the circus Jodi’s trial turned into were good, but he has failed Jodi in so many other ways that one article calling out all the absurdities and monstrocities won’t make up for all the balls he’s dropped. Not to mention his subsequent behavior! He’s a nobody in my eyes and he’s getting more and more despicable.

      • Well said Maria!! If Nurmi actually fought for Jodi and had some passion instead of just going through the motions then Jodi might have had a chance in the 1st trial. The fact that he wrote a book makes me sick! Hopefully there will be some appellate issues due to him writing that book!

      • And to go to the same media venues that caused the case – he was defending – plethora of problems and trouble is absurd. It just goes to show that he has no morals (something we already have established). All those blood-sucking, money-praising, fame-sluts and Nurmi deserve each other. They both made a mockery of the American judicial system and continue to.

        Nurmi’ motions were fine. Probably written by his paralegals because he was too busy writing his bullshit book instead of trying to defend his client – a job he was PAID to do and epically failed. He brags about ‘saving’ Jodi’s life.. NO DIPSHIT! Juror no 17 saved her life!

        So as far as Nurmi goes, he is a disgrace to the legal profession. A bad apple that stinks up all the barrel.

  2. Once again, given the opportunity to set the story straight in a way which would actually serve Jodi Arias, Nurmi fails to be specific, and fails to relay the truth to the public_ that it was in fact the witnesses testifying FOR ARIAS, testifying on Arias’s behalf_ who were the individuals who were targeted with physical threats and actual death threats. And it was also the witnesses and experts testifying on Arias’s behalf who were savagely mocked and ridiculed. And it was also a potential witness willing to testify on Arias’s behalf, who was effectively prevented from testifying due to the prosecutor’s highly unscrupulous intimation that he would punish the potential witness by using facts in her personal life that could result in legal repurcussions against her. ( Somehow the prosecutor was never reprimanded in any way.)
    These are the facts that I am aware of.

    Since Nurmi is fond of employing the phrase “Facts are stubborn thing,”
    one would expect that he would define the facts in the most specific way possible.
    It is indisputable that being factual requires specifity to ensure utmost comprehension of the reality of any situation, and certainly most especially the situation of a defendant faced with a possible death- penalty.

    This ambiguity, this lack of ‘sharpness’ of presentation, argument, and defense strategy is ineffective ‘lawyering,’ and is beyond inadequate_ it is downright unacceptable in the court room in a death-penalty trial. Had Nurmi the competency to consistently and forcefully ‘drive home points,’ ‘get across the message’ and build a structured, organized case for the jury to consider, Nurmi might have won his case.

    Nurmi’s ‘heart was not in it’ is not only an understatement, but a description of his actual lack of concern for his client as a human being. Nurmi’s callousness towards his own client absolutely diminished his ability to do his job.

    No, Nurmi; you did not do a good job.

    (I have to post this without checking for typos etc. because my battery needs to be charged and my dogs are driving me crazy.) 🙁

  3. For those who didn’t follow the trial, the witnesses that Nurmi was writing about were defence witnesses:

    “In addition to physical threats, many of the participants in the trial, particularly those who testified for Ms. Arias, faced public scorn both in what one might call traditional media and social media.”

    “One witness who had a book coming out on Amazon a few months after her testimony had to combat numerous negative “reviews” of her book. I place reviews in quotes because those reviewing the book could not have read this unpublished work. Additionally the “reviews” amounted to calling this witness fat or whatever name they could think of simply because viewers of the “Jodi Arias Show” disagreed with her professional opinion. Because of these actions, this witness refused to appear at the retrial.” (that would be Alyce La Violette)

    “Another civilian witness refused to participate in the trial because of threats she faced on social media.” (that would be Patty Womack).

    • CanadaCarol, I never understood why Nurmi never took advantage of Judge Stevens’ offer to provide anonymity to any witness that Jodi wanted to testify in her behalf. There must of been someone who knew Jodi from her teen years or from her jobs as a waitress. They all could not have had a shaky pass that would have made them afraid to testify for fear of their past being brought up for scrutiny.

        • Johnm, on January 8, 2015, a computer expert testified for Jodi Arias using “John Smith” instead of his real name. Other mitigation witnesses would have been allowed to testify under a different name. I believe that Judge Stevens even offered to allow the witnesses to testify in the courtroom while the court visitors would watch the trial via closed circuit TV feed in a different room.

          • MP, the haters did their very best to try and find out the real name of the computer tech, but for once, they were unsuccessful. Martinez let the jury know by his questions about his “name” that he was testifying under a pseudonym, something he was instructed not to bring up. Again, the witness from New Zealand, whom I will not name, was outed by the haters and he and his family were threatened by that online mob.

            • Let’s not forget that Juanita has a ‘slip of the tongue’ not once but 3 TIMES (ahem ahem…) using the witness’s real name… That was planned because he wanted the name out for the haters to attack and ruin another life! It was his tactic: preforming misconduct and getting away with it…

      • During mitigation of the first trial, thanks to the haters and Martinez’s trumped up charges that he threatened people with, coupled with Jodi’s desire to protect the people that she loved from that maniac there were no witnesses to speak for her.

        During the retrial if Martinez couldn’t find any dirt on a witness testifying for Jodi, he made something up. The online haters threatened them all, both professional and civilian witnesses.

        After Judge Stevens ruled that the retrial would be closed to cameras, the media forced themselves back into the courtroom.

        Martinez attempted to imply that Brian Neumeister mishandled evidence, and deleted or modified files, none of which was true. Neumeister worked for the state and the defense, with 4 cases with different prosecutors’ offices at the time of testimony.

        The computer tech who worked with BN was allowed to testify as “John Smith” without cameras as he had his own company and feared backlash. Remember that Martinez began his cross with questions about his real name even though he was instructed not to?

        The witness from New Zealand whose identity was to remain anonymous was outed by the haters and their media before he was able to testify and there were threats made towards him and his family. Martinez used his name in court, was reprimanded by the Judge and then immediately did it again pretending it was an accident.

        Martinez even made accusations against Dr. Geffner, accusing him of having a sexual harassment case filed against him. Dr. Geffner was only a member of the Board of the facility where this person worked. Dr. Geff sat on many boards.

      • Anonymity was not possible even when the courtroom was ‘closed’ to media because of the Alexander family’s presence. They had no regard for Jodi’s rights and very little regard for courtroom decorum and rules. There were daily reports from their favorite media hounds citing “three reliable sources” as soon as court was dismissed for the day. No mystery where they were getting their information.

        🙄 😡 🙄

        • The A-scammers have no idea about decorum and rules. In general, they are unethical, immoral and revengeful people. They should be careful not to bite their tongues: they’ll probably poison themselves from the venom they spew…

  4. Wed, Feb 3rd re Amber Hilberling

    Dr. Phil: “…and if you think jurors don’t read that stuff, and if you think they don’t go home and watch the media even though they are instructed not to – I spent most of my career in the litigation arena dealing with juries , and I can tell you they do.”

    • Of course they did! The only way I would possibly believe they didn’t is if they were sequestered and their internet devices (phones, computers, tablets, etc) were taken away from them…

  5. Here in Okie land I watched the Wendy Williams show where Dr Phil was a guest. Wendy did remind him that Oprah Winfrey is the one responsible for his start in fame by bringing him on her show weekly. Now the eorld knows who he is and he now has his own show!;) Dr Phil made the announcement that he will be disassemble and then reassemble the Jodi Arias case !! Im in hopes that Oprah and Robin will put their time, like in mind, body and spirit into this case and shed bright light on all the frog, the defective detective, horn, with his lack of description on original autopsy report “type O”. ALL the corrupted evidence tampering, intimidation of defense witnesses . Frog spewing their names to the media !!! etc. ECT. Im im hopes that this will actually help Jodi but im also in fear thst this show will be yet another attempt for the shady rabid death ghoul dogs to bury the truth ever so deeper!:( Surely Phil isnt gona repeat repeat repeat the lies that has been done over and over! Hope dick florc latest killing comes up !!! Remember, SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME!!!!

    • Pam. here is the Utube link to Wendy’s show (around 10:30 is why the Jodi remark is made):

      I believe that Dr. Phil is referring to the show he taped on January 27th and will air on Monday, February 15th. The show will have the “frog”, Chris Hughes, Tanisha, Dave Hall, and Kareem “Lefty” Williams on it. With that line-up, i agree with you that it doesn’t look like there will be many positive moments for our dear Jodi. I don’t know how many details they will get into but I think it will be skewed in favor of Travis. It is a shame that there weren’t any supporters from JAII there to defend Jodi’s position.

      • WOW!!!! Seems like their all still tryn to ride the gravy train!:((( What a farce! This is hoing to be so ugly that I, not even going to watch! What a bunch of sleezy morons! Damn, what are the bottom feeders gona do when they can nolonger ride on Jodi’s skirt tail !??

      • Hmm so all the posse will be there! The ‘panel’ of people that Dr. Phil will have is one -sided. I really wish that he would have invited a ‘fair’ and grounded person, ie: Michael Kiefer or an ethical lawyer that is not biased.

        I am probably NOT going to watch it because I’ve heard all the bs those morons (martinez, chris hughes aka Cash, tanisha, dave hall) have to say about Jodi.. I’m not expecting them to be fair or behave…

        P.S. I wonder with what nerve dave hall has to show his ugly face after all the bs he pulled.

  6. Have any of you tried to sign up with Dr. Phil’s page? I can’t seem to get a confirmation email back, and set up a profile so I can participate on their discussion boards. I’m also wondering if Dr. Phil invited Nurmi. Nurmi did point out a ton of misconduct and lies by the prosecution, but allowing that would get Dr. Phil on a hit list. I didn’t want to believe Dr. Phil was a pussy, but seems I was wrong.

  7. Amy I to must vet My vents…LOL get it vents…that;s a slap to the haters as one is in the vent room. Pandora so true….what kind of men must kill a young man of 24 who holds a knife….just back off give him space OR use a 12 ga. and aim for the feet…WORKS REAL WELL! This they feared for their lives…B/S….more DO AS YOUR’E TOLD OR ELSE….and there are idiots that think that so….do as the police say or one deserves what ever they do to You….Why is it others can disarm a suspect and some can’t? MINDSET…some love to have power over others and abuse it. Will justice find them? Will they also get a show trial? As for that family and getting their feces on t.v….or should that be faces….naw right the first time….The world will know his legacy…..ABUSER of MEN,WOMEN AND CHILDREN…and GOD….did he …t-dog not mock GOD? And what does that say of any church that stands with him. That troubled young man lusted for anything that he thought would make him better as in famous….well he got INFAMOUS and he will own it. Amazing how many love to tell all She was guilty but should have got a fair trial…do any see how FUCKED UP that logic is. There is a reason tiny got away with his shit in court….WAKE the FUCK UP judge and do your duty…but oh no can’t have that and a WIN. In the Phonixmag article it claimed that Jodi never had a chance with tiny…what trial did they view? and times he was out of his mind and control and this is a smart man or a FUCKING creep.For his actions alone he should have been given a shock belt…and chained to his desk. Imagine a real judge holding that tiny fuck in contempt for outing a witness…not once but twice…but remember who the so called judge was…..

    • I thought Martinez said the anonymous witness’s name three times, but I might be mistaken. ( Martinez who liked to undermine people’s credibility by asking if they had a problem with their memory, surely had no problem with his memory. He did it on purpose. The judge should have considered his devious slip- up as a sign of disrespect towards her, in that he felt so confident in his ability to get away with it right in front of her. Did he think the judge was unethical, or stupid, or intimidated by Martinez’s prowess, or all three?

      The blind worship of authority is what most endangers everyone’s freedom. And yes, so many people are even happy that many in authority abuse their power; that way they can vicariously ‘enact’ their sadism toward people they feel ‘deserve’ it just because an authority says so.

      Yes, many people in the justice system are ethical, well- intentioned people, but obviously a large portion are not, and what other place is more suitable for and accepting of bullying and abuse of power than a system which allows people to enjoy harming people under the guise that they are just doing their job.

      Time after time we see incidents captured on video nonetheless!, of police killing people who posed no real threat to those trained professionals. And the cops’ excuses and justifications are so flimsy and absurd, yet they most always get away with their killing people who posed no real danger to them.
      But people who claim self – defense like Jodi Arias, are held to unreasonably high and ridiculously limited standards regarding what constitutes self-defense__ and Jodi Arias and people like her were in situations where no one was even there to possibly assess their efforts to protect their lives, yet the authorities captured on video can kill without any valid justification.

      • Yes, Amy, you are correct. He did do it three times. One time might be understandable. Twice, well, OK, give him the benefit of the doubt. But three times?! The man’s a walking joke and could just be laughable if he wasn’t doing so much harm. (Of course, the bullies like him because he’s just like them.)

  8. NOVA has a program on research into memory tonight. Part of the show is an interview with Dr. Julia Shaw, who specializes in the area of false memory. What’s being discovered, she says, can have drastic implications for the criminal justice system. “What we know from research is that memories naturally get quite distorted, but also the input we get from other people, we can drastically change how we remember events,” she said, “and even come to remember things that didn’t happen at all.” In fact, Shaw’s research indicates memory is not to be trusted. “The question isn’t whether memory is false…but how false is it.”
    There is also some information on implanting memories and PTSD.
    (Wednesday, 6 p.m. & Midnight, WTVS; 9 p.m., KCTS)

  9. (I’m referring to the current article in “Phoenix New Times”.

    “Alexander was photographed in the shower AS HE WAS GETTING BUTCHERED.”
    This is the most flagrantly untrue and preposterous assertion in Shanna Hogan’s article about how Kirk Nurmi’s life was adversely affected by the Arias court case.
    There are many outrageous errors of fact in this article. (Will Nurmi ask the author to correct them? It is my understanding that Shannon Hogan at one time wrote a sensationalized book about Arias in order to cash in on the controversy surrounding Arias; NOT an unbiased writer.)

    Nurmi, I assure you that Jodi supporters wish you never had cancer, and likewise wish you a full recovery.
    Arias supporters do recognize you first as a human being. For the most part, when Arias supporters spoke ‘against you,’ during the trial, it was primarily NOT against you as a person, but against your job performance. As unwelcome and stress-producing to you as that criticism was, please understand that it was in famines with your objective, your goal as a public defender representing Jodi Arias. Arias supporters were, in essence, rooting FOR you, even while criticizing your performance. The criticism was motivated by the hope that you would win the trial. For the most part, it was not directed at you as an individual, and
    likely animosity expressed against you was really an expression of angst worry because the stakes at the situation were so high.

    Unfortunately Nurmi, you were on such a public stage, such extreme scrutiny put a lot of pressure upon you. Nevertheless, that was not Jodi’ s fault. Jodi was scrutinized and reviled on a magnitude that far exceeded what you had to endure, since your job_ YOUR CHOSEN OCCUPATION was to be a PUBLIC defender. That you were on such an exceptionally public stage was never Jodi’s fault; it was the media vultures profiting off of the trial who were at fault.

    Nurmi, it is the judge’a fault that you were forced to stay on the case; Jodi had no authority. Likewise, it is unfair to blame and disparage Jodi for her once upon a time request that you remain her lawyer. Surely you were aware that prior to you she had had other public defenders assigned to her case over the years, and through no fault of Jodi’s, those lawyers were taken off her case. So it is understandable that at that time Jodi wanted you to stay. A successful outcome at trial hinged upon client and lawyer having a long term steady, reliable relationship; non of which she had prior to you.

    Presidents, prime ministers, kings, politicians, the pope, news anchors, authors, celebrities_ basically any person in the public eye_ are subject to extreme, relentless criticism daily.
    Moreover, pretty much every person who has a job has to put up with a certain degree of powerless in the face of criticism leveled against them fairly or not.
    And the poorest people are in the most helpless position of all; they are at the mercy of others in countless ways.

    Certainly the indigent clients public defenders represent, are in the least powerful, most dire positions of all. Their reserves of energy and capacity to cope might possibly cause them to act in ways that are expected, but shouldn’t the education and training required to practice law have prepared you for that, and more importantly, shouldn’t t such foreknowledge have inculcated in you an attitude of and inclination towards empathy?

    Nurmi, Hogan,s article states that you say you are not so much concerned with representing the ‘bad guys,’ as you are concerned with representing the constitution. Characterizing the sort of clients you represent_ clients charged with crimes_ characterizing them first and foremost as ‘ bad’ is not suitable or helpful position for a public DEFENDER to take. A client charged with. Crime needs to be seen first and foremost as a human being. You have experienced having your essence as a human being derided. Isn’ t it the customary experience of most defendants_ that they experienced being derided, reviled, seen as not human? Their dignity denied?

    No matter what your opinion of Jodi Arias, you had a duty as a public defender, ( you could have chosen to be a prosecutor, or chosen to have an together different profession)__ you had a duty to treat your client with dignity. If you believe she does not deserve to be accorded that dignity, then you are betraying your profession as a lawyer.

    Perhaps what you term as ‘manipulative,’ is really just the innocent, desperate ( as any helpless person would feel in such an horrible situation) of an individual to help and protect oneself against a terrible outcome. Nurmi, perhaps your attitude distorts your perception, and perhaps your prejudice lessens your ability to assess motivation and behavior__ and if you lack the capacity and desire to be empathetic__ you can not effectively due your job.

    • (Sorry for the typos, etc.)
      Near top: ‘ in famines with your objective’
      should read ‘in alignment with your objective’

      further down: ‘degree of powerless’ should read ‘degree of powerlessness’

      further down: ’cause them to act in ways that are expected’ should read ’cause them to act in ways that are unexpected’

      • Oh,P.S: Probably a very large percentage of defendants who lost their cases speak against their attorney. I bet lawyers in general tend to understand that comes with the territory, and lawyers do not seek vengeance against their client.

        A client speaking publicly against a lawyer’s performance, is the clients right and it does NOT give a public defender the right to violate her confidentiality or assassinate her character.
        Especially when the client has not even had her appeals.

        Also, we live in an era where numerous professionals, doctors, businesses, restaurants,etc. are publicly strongly criticized on social media and even recommended against, and none of them retaliate and seek vengeance.

        All people, in all jobs and professions, are often subject to severe criticisms, frequently deemed inaccurate and untrue, yet these people, these employees, do not seek vengeance.

        And finally, the legal system has provisions for clients to claim ‘ineffective assistance of counsel,’ further proof that a client has a legal right to criticize her lawyer. And aren’ t those filed documents of ineffective assistance of counsel considered public in many ways?

    • I cannot stand Nurmi, but he worked for Jodi and he had to do what his client (Jodi) requested. He wanted off the case, and so did Jennifer Willmott, but Jodi refused.

      I heard that Jodi is in solitary. If this is true, does anyone know why and what restrictions have been placed upon her? Can she still have her television and receive mail? ((Team Jodi))!

      • Cooper32, I don’t know. A DOC profile at Perryville on Jodi shows that she was charged with being disrespectful to supervision and was found guilty. It doesn’t show what the punishment was for this violation.

        • As the real MP I did not say this. This is someone different calling themselves MP.
          Time the moderator to take steps and require real names in the comments.
          This site is about supporting Jodi and fighting for her freedom.
          As the real MP, I have written several letters in Jodi’s support to the president, Judicial authority figures, federal investigations and government leadership of all kinds.
          This Arizona abuse of Jodi must STOP.
          Focus is in support of Jodi not a corrupt legal system.

          • MP … did you get a response from the president ???

            Because I wrote him a letter in reference to JODI and I didn’t get a damn thing in response from him.

            I don’t think he cares about anything because his girls are protected by the secret service. I hope we are not pissing into the wind…

        • I just saw on Radar online that she was cited for fighting with a cellmate(I didn’t know she had one), hoarding shampoo bottles, pens and possessing 19 unauthorized photographs. – Don’t tell Juan lest he will call for another trial demanding the DP. Shampoo bottles how horrible !!!!!!!

          • Cat,
            I think those violations were in the jail run by Sherrif Joe.

            From the Radar online article, Feb.11, 2016:
            “Arias’ violation was committed on February 3, 2016 and was a “Disciplinary Infraction” for “Disrespect of Staff,” Radar confirmed with the Perryville Prison Public Information Officer.
            On February 9, 2016, Arias was found guilty of the accusation.
            The Department of Corrections website Arias states Arias’ verdict was “guilty-minor violation.”
            This is the first violation in Perryville for Arias.”

            There is no mention of any penalty or disciplinary action that I can see in the article.

      • Cooper32, the fact is that Jodi did NOT want Nurmi to be her lawyer as much as he didn’t want to represent her. Nurmi did NOT listen to what Jodi (his client) wanted. He refused many times to answer her calls, to visit her for legal reasons..

        As for Jennifer Willmott? Jennifer did a stellar job representing Jodi. She didn’t have experience in that kind of case but put all her professional effort in defending her. Jodi did not want Jennifer off her team! Please get your facts right.

        Jodi is NOT in solitary… I wonder where you heard that from? A hater’s site? And if you did read that bs at a hater’s site, how is it possible to believe what they write. They once said that Jodi was pregno and many other bs rumors… Makes me wonder about you… just sayin’

  10. Well I for one do not worry about Jodi and Her standing up for Her rights in prison…..disrespectful….far from it. I would think She is one of the best …P’s …any guard will ever know…were they the guards not warned watch out for Her ….She’s nice. The guards can say anything and who are they going to believe…..duh. Remember the system loves to break one and so far have failed…why ? Because of Her inner strength and good folks as You and I…well I try to be good. There is a lot of B. S. out there and some have admitted to Me they are paid to spew hate and vile…..super duper…scum of the earth…called b.s….now this thing is one punk as he sucks ass to that family and tells Me he turn on them for a dime….a big dime. This is the vile that wants to rule America as the same wanted to rule Canada…one down and one to go. Tough on crime means tough on anyone but them. You have to wonder how any judge can get away with not doing there job and allowing a show trial as a tiny fuck can own her ass….and that he did but all this in front of a nation…what the fuck is that…was there a big sale on TREASON. Now who would pay a scum as b.s. to push….a ca$h u$e or in case he viewing chris hughes the don’t give a shit daddy.Trusted t-dog so much around his kids. But even sky grinner had a feeling about old t-dog…ONCE. As on that day there was a battle and a pedo lost now they must shut Her down anyway anyhow…good luck on that. Now We must and will stand by Her…..I’m here for Her this was never about Me. So lets do all to save Her and justice for this scum of the earth that dares push a legacy of abuse. Ask the mob/cult when they confront Us…why do you support an abuser….cause We know why We support a survivor and will. As for s.h. new record on how low one can go. Take note s.h. and all the female haters…why does Jodi look better then you things after 8 yrs.? Let them post their photo next to Hers sans the hate paint…fuck I as you all need a goo d laugh. Her worse photo is their ever best. Hell the 3 sisters look as if they were beaten….and they use to be by their brother…THANKS deanna!

  11. What was reported back in November about Juanita’s book seems to be true. Kelley claiming to have had luncheon discussions with another juror.

    Kelley said she and Zervakos often ate lunch together and she could tell from his comments that he had a crush on the defendant.”

    “More than two years after Jodi Arias was convicted of first-degree murder for the 2008 death of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, one of the case’s prosecutors — Juan Martinez — claims in his upcoming book, Conviction: The Untold Story of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars, that one of the jurors fell in love with the now-convicted murderer.

    While Martinez fails to specify who the juror is in his forthcoming memoir, an alternate juror named Tara Harris Kelley tells the Daily Mail she has “no doubt” the love-struck juror in question is foreman Bill Zervakos.”

    According to Kelley, Zervakos secretly wanted to acquit Arias and was one of the jurors who fought so she wouldn’t be subjected to capital punishment (she was instead sentenced to natural life behind bars earlier this year).

    “When we would go into the judge’s chambers, which was once a week, he would always make eye contact with [Arias] and do the same when she left,” Kelley tells the Daily Mail. “He said he was a womanizer early on and that made me concerned he was going to be attracted to her…I honestly think he wanted to find her not guilty but…he found her guilty because he had to because of the evidence that was there. When it came to the death penalty phase — that was his way out.”

    Zervakos previously denied being romantically attracted to Arias, telling the Daily Mail, “I worked very, very hard to keep it strictly analytical, from a non-emotional point of view.”

    • Oh, GMAFB!!! That is as true as the rumor that Jodi was in love with nurmi the hutt!

      That Kelly is out to destroy a person for what reasons I can’t imagine.. Might it be that Kelly was the one with a crush on Z and when she didn’t see any reciprocation, feeling scorned, decided to ruin him?

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  13. Thank you Carol on kelley nice to know that even az. jurors do not play by the rules. And remember the old joe has gotten away with much thanks to az voters….so az just may have to own that. Wonder why the great tiny one won’t out Bill Z. and do his job. After all if there is proof Bill cost az. a KILL then have at him boy…but then that might just open up a can of worms…as in investigate all jurors…wow imagine what they would find…take diana mouthing I’m sorry to that family from the jury box…oh I’ve heard the family could not see her in court … know that fake wall as in that fake shelf tilt….And speaking of fake …dr. phil had a spot on and showed the tiny creep saying just one piece of evidence convicted Her….Well now it seems he’s down to one thing…that may work well in appeals. Just one thing…now even he doesn’t believe his own words. See let these things talk and We get more truth. And then there’s chris once again using sky to hide behind…..Sky told me that travis might end up in a freezer….cut up…FUCK he did and horn did it. That’s what happens when a punk tries to kill a woman. Has the u$er lost weight…? Well he just may worry a lot when more truth comes out. But what i find strange is why did dr. phil allow himself to be abused. Now he will forever be known as a pal to pedos….own it phil. Do no harm…..unless one can make money…a he’s from the land of traitors…texas…..twice they failed at nationhood….funny…but they do know how to wear hoods. How very easy it is to see a punk….no matter what it has in front of it’s name….say Dr….Dr STRANGELOVE made more sense then phil ever will.

  14. I think it is ridiculous Jodi got her contact visits suspended for 6 months because she asked a guard to allow her to get a haircut and when she was denied she called the guard a “cock blocker”. This happened on January 3rd, I believe after her phone call with Kareem. Here is the information and the formal violation report as reported by Radar On-Line:

  15. If anyone cares, the Dr. Phil show is on this coming Monday titled “Jodi Arias and the murder of Travis Alexander: New details from the trial revealed” I honestly don’t know how much of it I can sit through considering that there is nobody there that is representing Our Jodi. I’m sure its gonna be like HLN BS that we all can’t stomach. I’m sure we’re all gonna wanna puke watching it. Does anyone wanna take one for the team and watch it for all of us? Lol

    • If it is one-sided then Dr. Phil will be breaking his rule about representing both sides of a story and turning his back on everything he holds dear and knows as a psychologist. Although he practised in Texas, he now lives in LA. It would be impossible for him not to be aware of the expertise of all of Jodi’s expert witnesses. Dr. Phil holds himself to be the champion of abused children and his wife the champion of domestic violence. Of course, CH and friends will be making up new lies.

      One of the stubborn facts is that CH and his wife instructed TA to break up with Jodi in spring of 07, and so their relationship went underground. Another stubborn fact is that they didn’t visit him in his home in AZ. Yet in the preview, he is telling Dr. Phil that he witnessed Jodi stalking TA.

  16. Like I said before. Jodi’s story will be told. IN time she will see what WE all see. There was porn on the computer and the church was just covering up for what it knew was really happening in that house. Ask the question that needs asking and STOP telling Jodi any of this is her fault. It’s not and it’s going to be shown.

  17. Notice the leaked phone conversation with Kareem. Media tried to make their mention of a hug sound sexual. Jodi didn’t call the guard a cockblocker directly. She made the comment to another guard. On the reason for guilt on the report it said admiss. No way was her punishment of 6 months no contact visits in line with what she did. But because it was Jodi she continues to get special treatment.

    • I just noticed it was a female she asked for a hair cut from. So for those saying she was looking for interaction with a man, they are wrong. Jodi wanted a hair cut and she clearly did not fully understand the meaning of the word. She used it wrongly at the least. What got her the discipline was the admin took extreme offense to her word choice because other guards knew she’d said it about the admin. The admin can’t look weak to her subordinates so I think that is the reason. Just my opinion.

      • She wanted a particular female inmate, whose job is to cut hair, to do it because she likes the way that female inmate does it (just like any normal woman prefers one hairdresser over others). And the part that the media (and everyone else) leaves out is that she was donating her hair, as she has done many times, to Locks of Love for cancer patient wigs. The media leaves that part out because they know for sure that she’s just doing that to look good but she’s really a monster and therefore it’s ok to omit certain facts.

  18. I read on the Jodi Arias Updates twitter page the following and it’s so true:

    “If you didn’t hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth.”

    People don’t believe everything you read on the rags (ie RadarOnline)… all they want is ‘publicity’ and ‘clicks’. Each time someone ‘clicks’ on an article link, the author of that article gets paid… It’s all about the money honey…. 😉

  19. Well whatever it takes to break Her …is that what is going on here. Do all prisons not try to do that. I looked up that word and one can take it ANY way one wants…but the real meaning is to stop one from doing what they want. The more rules the more punishment….look to FULL METAL JACKET and the smile on that kids face as the gunny went wild on him. Look to the word …FUCK…that now can mean anything. I know all about rules and folks who love to enforce them. Once the guard heard that, now their job may have been on the line…keep quiet not good ,tell on Her good. I know as Jodi knows She should not have used that word but then even Perryville knows it’s not easy being under watch 24/7. I worked as a guard in a mental hospital and some guards really enjoyed the power….Me I just did My job….from 7 pm Fri. till 8 pm Sun I had a chair thrown at Me then had to save 2 staff from a broken bottle attack…next eve the same pt. attacked Me again…then on Sun a young pt. tried to bash My head in using a metal chair and the other pt. was looking to track Me down for the kill. But I spotted Him first and went after Him. Out side He attacked Me alone and We had it out…as We led Him to lock down He turned and spat blood in My face….did i freak out…No He was upset with His conditions. Months later I was working mess hall when I heard a voice behind Me …SAME guy…turned to face Him and He said He was sorry…I told Him no problem I know You were having a bad time. Really why would I want Him punished for His actions let alone words and words He used very well on Me and Me alone. I would hope that all would understand that treating others fair and with respect works wonders. So with that I send My best to Jodi and hope that soon Her family may hold Her for us. She has been through so much ,now or any time is not the time to make it worse for Her. Anyone can get frustrated any where. Imagine how one would feel when for 7 yr.s a system and a mob tried any and all to destroy You and any who tried to help You and don’ forget how many tried to make money off Your pain. I know why I’m here….for Her and will be….now is not the time to dump on Her and never should be…I really don’t know if i could have put up with all the pain She has….to Me ,She is the bravest of the brave a true BRAVEHEART.

  20. And here’s the irony of it all: Jodi learned that term as part of the prison culture and environment, obviously used around her by many other inmates to mean “someone who stonewalls”. What Perryville needs to do is ask the other inmates what they mean when they use the term. That’s where she learned it. The term may have its origins in a sexual context but in the prison environment its meaning now is “someone who stonewalls”. And when a term is used consistently within an environment it soon becomes part of the everyday vocabulary. What Jodi is guilty of is not that she used the term but rather that she used it around a guard who only heard (or wanted to hear) the literal meaning. (Jodi hadn’t learned that rule yet and was just using the word as she understood it to mean in her everyday interactions). So this woman, who hasn’t had a contact visit in eight years, apparently deserves to have that taken from her for an additional six months due to a slip of the tongue? Would she have received a similar punishment had she simply said the guard was a known “stonewaller”? Would that have warranted such a severe punishment? I doubt it.

    And by the way, the term is not even spelt the same: cocc bloccer. Why it’s different, I don’t know, but I presume it’s to differentiate the term from its original sexual connotation.

    • My guess is that prison authorities were embarrassed and enraged by the Kareem phone call’s being posted on the Internet, replayed on HLN, and discussed everywhere, they believe Jodi had a role in arranging it all, but either it wasn’t against prison rules or they couldn’t prove Jodi’s complicity. So they gave her a savagely excessive punishment for another trivial violation. Not so much because she’s Jodi, but because they think she made Perryville look bad.

      • Or the prison, or someone in the contracted out telecommunications company leaked it at somebody’s request. With or without payment. It was a call with a man and a “hug” was mentioned. Anything that can be stretched out to a sexual connotation is sought after and publicized. Jodi’s comments didn’t make the prison look bad. They were positive or neutral. The prison has no control over what a person does on the other end of the phone in another state or even country. Jodi certainly can’t control that either so she couldn’t have been punished. The call did get publicity for Lefty’s song but that also means more people will hear about Jodi’s wrongful conviction. At the beginning of the call Jodi apologizes and says she’s sorry they had trouble connecting. That sticks out to me. Just saying.

      • I suspect that does play into the multilevel dynamics of this situation, from what Jodi meant, to what the guard thought she meant, to that guard’s motive for reporting it, to the second guard’s motive for taking it even higher, to administration’s motive for handing out such a severe and disproportionate punishment.

  21. Notice how the story has morphed in the media from she’s denied contact visits into she is being denied all visits. It’s like the old “telephone” game where the wording and meaning gets twisted and distorted with each re-telling. I would think that reporters would be held to a higher standard than that but apparently not.

  22. So all of a sudden, these news outlets, are using JODI’s name to gain publicity and ratings?

    For any inmate to use such a connotation around the staff means that the staff has previously engaged in some sort of unwanted, unwarranted behavior around the inmates. Because why else would other female inmates continue to use the term loosely. If the dumb-ass staff in Perryville would have put a stop to all of this since the first time they heard the term this wouldn’t have happened to JODI.

    I guess sales are low and nobody is buying his book so he is using JODI to make money

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