Retrial Video Replay – Day 12

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HAPPY 2016! :mrgreen:

We still have enough retrial videos to sink a ship… so in the absence of anything else to post right now, we’ll start off the new year with retrial Day 12.

Retrial Video Replay – Day 12:

Part 1/4 (Martinez v Dr Miccio-Fonseca):

Part 2/4 (Martinez v Dr Miccio-Fonseca):

Part 3/4 (Martinez v Dr Miccio-Fonseca):

Part 4/4 (Martinez v Dr Miccio-Fonseca continues):

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  1. (((((JODI)))))

    New Year, New Hope !!

    The truth will eventually win out… it always does and those responsible for the tampering, altering, hiding, perjuring, etc..will be exposed and will have to answer…


        • No Vicky! One time around a pile of manure is enough for me! As it has been stated before, it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out this was all one BIG 3 RING CIRCUS OF INJUSTICE! Shame on Arizona and their so called Officers of the Law. . . 😆 SMH Pitiful 🙄

  2. Just tried hard to get through trial day 12… I really couldn’t stomach the whole of it all at once, Nurmi objects to argumentative Martinez yelling abuse at Fonsecca and Judge SS allows it every time.

    Someone should really do a Spoof, it’s about the only way it will get through to some people.

    • His frigging yes or no questions are what really drive me mad. After I listen to the trial that is all I can hear in my brain – yes or no. I love her spunk and the way she stands up to that little prick.

      • Juanita and all those questions about the use of the word muse. It was TA who used the word incorrectly, not Dr. F. so what was it all about? And then he takes the jump to TA being a transgender. I forgot what an asinine guy he is. 🙄

  3. Often I hear how could She not have any wounds or the like..with that they agree then there was a FIGHT! Yes there was…odd how this man had no wounds on the forearms….well when in a rage and trying to put the WRATH that would make sense. But as for Her having no wounds…seems. But take a concussion from a fight or being thrown to the floor…just like any wrestler would do…can any SEE a concussion? And as for bruising…I’ve know folks who broke their neck and no bruising.Many broken bones have no bruising. And did Her hair just fall out…..was that hair found near the mirror or in the hallway? People on the defence tend to win as the attacker is going nuts and We do know often t-dog went …NUTS…and that’s from him and his cult. But according to the mob , no wounds means GUILT…so sorry for the POLICE on that…time to build more jails right.The idiots should really view the web on all the non wounded police and scream for justice. No wounds means guilt. Well if that crew onf minions was ever in a real fight the would know that ANY fight involves LUCK! Remember he had 15 years of training at least did She have one min.? he worked out to build up his skills to fight skills. and a punching bag in the living…REALLY just who does that..a don’t mess with me kind of …PUNK. Yes at times a 27 yr. old lady 5.6 at 120 lbs can stop a so called man of 30 who was 5.10 and 185 lbs. and very fit…who had a lot of FITS. Al She did was get lucky and survive an abuser.TRAVIS the GREAT of WHAT…using all! Who did he not use…O.K. he helped a hobo…..see even he would want a hobo helping Her.This guy liked hobo’s see he wasn’t all bad…just 90%.

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