Retrial Video Replay – Day 11

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Retrial Video Replay – Day 11:

Part 1/4 (Defense Witness Dr Miccio-Fonseca testimony):

Part 2/4 (Dr Miccio-Fonseca testimony continues):

Part 3/4 (Martinez v Dr Miccio-Fonseca):

Part 4/4 (Martinez v Dr Miccio-Fonseca continues):

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  1. Strange that any judge would ever worry about the cost of a trial. Why? Is justice only for the rich? We do know that the rich had a lot of say in that so called trial…or should I say SHOWTRIAL. His expert said the letters were …fake…..and the tiny one was happy. A bishop who needs a …lawyer….I can here the God father theme NOW……lawyer up …piesan..o. (spellling…LOL ask J on that.) And my how the free press got a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. sick. It,s called JUSTICE for ALL not just the who but me,s….

    • Actually the wording is of great importance. Tiny’s expert didn’t say the letters were “fake” , what he said was that he could not prove their authenticity 100%. So there was reasonable doubt. How ironic huh? Kermit mislead everyone, misrepresenting facts or giving no proof about others, he didn’t care about this case reeking of reasonable doubt but when he was given the chance he took it and used it to his advantage. Double standards!!!!! 🙄

      The 100% percentage is what caused all the rumors. I am really intrigued to know the actual percentage the expert could give.

      • Maria, nothing in this world is 100%. But to answer your question, no it isn’t a exact science. But JM played this. He knew if it was admissible in court he would be in big trouble.

      • Hi All ! 🙂

        Well this just goes to show that JSS was soooo prejudicial in her rulings in this case. She would turn a blind eye to the fact that there was NO evidence to show that Jodi supposedly stole her grandfather’s gun, or that she supposedly slashed TA’s tires and then she went right ahead and allowed all this prejudicial info into the trial. Yet, when it came to those letters, she needed 100% proof positive to allow them into the trial. BOGUS !! I don’t recall the percentages on what the expert said about those letters and his/her ability to confirm that those letters were written by TA, but I’ll bet those percentages were pretty high…but still not good enough for IDIOT JSS !!!

        Even I can look at those letters and compare those to a known handwriting sample of TA’s and see that those letters were most likely written by him.

        JSS sank Jodi’s case from the get go. She needs to be removed from the bench by the voters of AZ. She is a waste of a black robe !

        IMHO, of course…

        • Hiya BB!
          Funny thing is that recently, while doing some research, I came upon a blog that was against judge sherry stephens by haters! Yes by haters. There were hundreds of comments that accused JSS of being bias in favor of Jodi! 🙄

          How they came to this conclusion, beats me! I guess they were following a totally different trial! And those comments were mostly from back in 2013. Before the verdict.

          Reading the comments I had a smile on my face thinking “At least we can all agree on one thing: Judge Sherry Stephens was incompetent.”

    • The thing is that everybody associates the COST of the trial with Jodi. That is so wrong:

      1. Jodi asked for a plea deal THUS the cost would have been minimal.

      2. The selfish alexander family – looking out for themselves and not giving two flying fucks about the State of AZ or the taxpayers – didn’t accept anything less than the death penalty.

      3. The prosecution was oh so happy to go for the death penalty: the more ‘great wins’ the better for kermit’s résumé.

      4. After the first hung jury, AZ had the chance to take the dp off the table (thus reduce the cost and cut their losses) … but NOOOOOOOOOOOO… the stakes were too high…. and the selfish alexanders wouldn’t ‘budge’.

      5. So many motions for misconduct made, to take the death penalty off the table during the first trial…. but NOOOOOOOOO… judge sherry ‘pickles’ stephens liked saying “Motion Denied”..

      So if anyone is to take the blame it is ALL the above EXCEPT for Jodi.

      SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CAPITAL CRIME! Jodi Arias was overcharged – which she shouldn’t have been charged at all – for something that is everyone’s right: to fight for their lives at all costs!

      On the contrary, Jodi should have been given a medal for her courage and for being a survivor!

      #jodiariasisinnocent !

      • 100% A+++ Perfect Summary Pandora ♥
        Maybe you should have Highlighted it for the BRAINWASHED ARIZONA CITIZENS (not all of them, mind you, only those who choose to believe in the corrupted fairy tale of the frog’s) ! Thank heavens there are still some brilliant people living in AZ !!!!!! We just need them to WAKE UP PLEASE!!!!

  2. Thanks Maria for the info. As for 100% there was a book they all swore on……right…the bible now we all know that is 100%. Amazing how any judge can rule on evidence that may help any defendant and allow the persecutor to say and do ANYTHING….maybe We need two judges. Should not an expert in hand writing get a say with known examples of t-dog,s writing and then play the …TAPE as he goes on and on…now once just may have been a mis speak…but then twice and then three times…that,s called BRAGGING as I see it. And proof to that letter. he knew he could control HER…one way or another and that was his way of seeing if he could really trust her. That a person would hide such darkness speaks to fear and sorrow towards both of them …such is the power of love. Strange… how that judge allowed the 50% rule on the …SHOT….well first the state said it WAS first…but now it must be LAST…..anything for a win. Odd how the first was so very sure of HER guilt…no.1…100% then no.2…100% and in the end…66.6% (8 to 4) how could they be so sure in the first two but not in the third…was that THEIR guilt showing. I for one know that JODI,s words saved JODI. Now it,s up to us.Keep up the great work.

  3. The docket shows that the motion to disqualify the COA was denied on Wednesday. Yesterday Jodi’s defense filed a motion to reconsider that decision.

  4. Glad to see one judge did the right thing …FINALLY! Now that he is gone it,s only right that all should think real hard on stepping aside also…for just once . They know how one tainted all….so pass it on to the next court. To bad We all could,nt judge Ourselves……think of the money We save….just a thought az.Oh I forgot it not all about the money….what the state paid to win…it,s about what they had to pay for the defence and not what SHE wanted….mr. 9/10…=( So it,s one down and a few more to go…..kinda a foot ball thing…..Go team Go!

  5. A very interesting read:

    “For the First Time Ever, a Prosecutor Will Go to Jail for Wrongfully Convicting an Innocent Man”

    and it gets even more interesting with this:

    “A recent study found prosecutorial misconduct in nearly one-quarter of all capital cases in Arizona. Only two of those prosecutors have been reprimanded or punished. This led the Arizona Republic to conclude:

    There seldom are consequences for prosecutors, regardless of whether the miscarriage of justice occurred because of ineptness or misconduct. In fact, they are often congratulated.”

    May this be the first of many corrupted authorities that have pissed on Justice… mr. juan martinez, mr esteban flores, ms sherry stephens, mr melendez, ms demorte, mr horn, etc : if the shoe fits 😉

  6. I’ve been reading the police report for the gun theft on 5/28/2008. It lists Jodi’s hair color on that day as “BRO”, which I presume means brown. Was this pointed out at trial by her defense? How can people still be saying that she dyed her hair brown during the trip? Are they claiming she bleached her hair blond before renting the car and then switched it back to brown afterwards? Come on, people! Get a brain!

  7. As for HER colour…see the driver lic. photo…odd how the rental guy messed up on that one…inthe photo it has just a bit of a light brown look which some may call blond…but it looks way more light brown as the lic. states hair colour BROWN. So was the brain e ack looking at the photo and seeing sorta blonde or could he just not READ? And why would he give even a shit as to what colour SHE wanted is he working for a certain church. Ya SHE was on a mission so much SHE did all to record it…credit car ,then asking for a colour that SHE wanted as not to be pulled over for attracting attention as in red is the colour of SPEEDING, even though as an artist SHE knows that WHITE shows up WAY more then red just try it next time You,re on the highway I …did and ten times as the two cars rde/white drove out of sight it was ALWAYS the WHITE one that I could still see…duh! Now if SHE really wanted to hide HER hair colour…hat…scarf…5$ wig….and trust me they look real. And it not just persecutors that should be headed to jail….there,s enough room for GOV. that allows that treason…..the buck stops at the top. The real problem with trials such as HER,s is that had HER defence gone as WILD as tiny then that jury of hate WOULD have put HER on death row……remember them…questions….MOST of them were insane.And I thought it was not allowed that jurors to talk to each other…before the trial…rested. Questions from the jury showed what they were thinking to other members on that ….jury. And to allow them to mock HER showed what that judge WAS thinking. My how it,s odd that a lot of middle class Americans think it,s wrong to stand up for one,s RIGHTS…..THANK GOD they were,nt around in 1776. This You can trust the system to do right….not even the system thinks that…..know ANY cop that loves internal affairs or politician that wants to be investigated…..DON,T THINK SO. I saw the middle class trying so hard to lynch HER and for who… of their so-called own. Is that what they think a man is abuser of women and children…then FUCK THEM ALL. NEXT TIME AMERICA there,s a WAR …JUST send the middle class….did,nt work for ROME to well….did it. Their t-dog was their boy…who used ALL…must run in the family or is that runs as in their stink….I can smell it from here. RANT OVER…JUSTICE 4 JODI…NOW.

  8. I think one of the biggest obstacles we’re up against is people’s fear of having to admit, even to themselves, that they might have been wrong. Can you imagine the pain of even just beginning to realize she could actually be innocent, that she might have actually told the truth when she was under oath? They won’t even let their minds go there. You can see it and hear it in their reasoning as they go to any lengths to protect themselves, even making up preposterous scenarios (which they truly believe) as a way to continually justify what they’ve been doing. And I think it shows in the number of people who, six months after it’s all over and done, they’ve gotten what they believe is justice, are still spending hours upon hours trying to convince us that she’s guilty. Could it be that they protest too much? Could it be that they’re just really trying to continually convince themselves?

    • They do seem to have an extreme passion for always wanting to be “in the know” about every aspect of the trial. They appear to know so much about the facts it is almost like they were there or in on the great corruption of this case. Why are they still obbessing over Jodi. We are her friends and family what is their reason for continueing a crusade of hate against her. They remind me of a bunch of high school bullies…… Bizarre and pathetic.

      • BTW, I would never be convinced that Jodi was guilty of anything at all. Being Used and Abused is not a crime. Protecting one self from a crafty master manipulating abuser who is viciously attacking you is not a crime. I believed in Jodi’s innocence from day one, even before I knew what a big scum bag Travis Alexander really was. Travis Alexander is responsible for his own death. He was a self absorbed user and abuser of the worst kind. . .just like a snake slithering around behind his friends back with their girlfriends and wives and children. Those people are the weird ones. Donating to the remembrance of a pathetic loser. They may cut & paste that until the cows come home. . . That’s what makes them feel special. . . . copy away brainwashed losers. 😆

        • OK, apparently last night I was tired of the endless pushing and shoving of the hate filled followers of TA, so for that I’m sorry. But I do stand by the huge fact everyone is responsible for their own actions and Travis should be held accountable for his actions just like everyone else. He was far from being a Saint despite what they want to believe. Another point, I’ve never stated that Jodi was a perfect angel, no one is, but she does not deserve the never-ending badgering, gossiping lies and hate that the haters have stooped to. Will they ever stop, probably not? That’s for them to answer for. Really in the end the only things that matters is what we have done to help those in need. . . I’m working on it. . . how about you guys?


          • RL, Please do not apologize to those brainwashed losers who have nothing better to do all day than spew their hate. They are just a gang of brainless bullies and do not deserve the time of day from someone like you. ♥♥♥♥

            • Thanks ♥ CC, the one thing we have learned around here is these “particular” people who want long list of facts apparently haven’t noticed 😯 SJ and Justus have provided them with several lengthy lists of many reasonable doubts in this case over the past years. I’ve watched every sordid detail of this trial and still stand firm that Jodi Arias is innocent. Why does that bother them? Why do they care? Who cares what we think? Hmmmm they appear to be more interested than normal, don’t they? You know it even seems like they are on someone’s payroll. . .why else would they spend so much of their time trying to protect the name of a known scammer and abuser? The women should be ashamed and embarrassed for themselves imo. The man had actions of a barbaric pig. Disgusting behavior. Time and true justice is what will set them all straight. I suppose I’ll leave them to their ugly thoughts because they do seem to enjoy stewing in their own vile hate filled cauldrons and who knows maybe they will self-destruct 😆 heck, one of them has already turned into a frog. 😆 Some people we just can’t help.

    • And an interesting response I keep seeing is that they want proof, beyond a reasonable doubt no less, that she is innocent while all I see from them is speculation, hypotheses and mind-reading as proof of her guilt. (When, pray tell, did the rules change?) They want proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Travis was the aggressor (completely ignoring his documented history of abusive behavior and completely ignoring the fact that he was the one who stopped at the sink in the middle of the violence)) while they use two basic facts to surmise that she was the aggressor, namely (1) that she didn’t run away (which is easily explainable since she cared for him and may have wanted to help him after she accidentally shot him), and (2) she had relatively few wounds (which is easily explainable by the fact that she was running away from him until the last few moments when she had a knife to protect herself).

      Again, when did proof of innocence become a requirement?

      • And now I predict they will say that we also use speculation, hypotheses and mind-reading as proof of her innocence because what those people never seem to get is that we (in the innocence camp) are allowed to do just that (it’s called developing reasonable doubt). That’s how the justice system is supposed to work. The process of creating reasonable doubt of innocence belongs nowhere in our system.

      • And here’s a small sampling of Travis’ documented history of abusive behavior:

        But, oh, that’s right, they want proof, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Travis’ was physically abusive and aggressive, yet they require absolutely no proof whatsoever that Jodi had such an abusive mindset and nature. If Jodi had this kind of documented history of mental, emotional and verbal abuse, they’d have no problem pointing this out as proof positive that she was the aggressor while for Travis’ it’s bushed aside as inconsequential. Somehow, and for some unfathomable reason, Travis gets a pass. Friggin’ unbelievable.

        • And, as mentioned in the above document, here we even have Travis practically testifying to us about his lack of control when it came to his anger. On 10 May 2008, Travis and Jodi had an instant messaging exchange discussing Wayne Dyer, the motivational speaker, and how he was being teased by his daughters about his anger.

          Travis: “Yeah, I know, but they’ve [seen] him at his worst, and I promise my worst is worse. So far.”

          Jodi: “I’ve seen your worst. We haven’t walked in his shoes but I take that bet.”

          Travis: “Hah, yeah, if I could transmute that fury I couldn’t be stopped. That shiz is scary.”

          Jodi: “You’ll master it one day.”

    • Do you know how hard it is to actually admit to being wrong? With their over inflated ego of ‘knowing everything’ it’s impossible.

      There is solid proof and evidence that travis was abusing Jodi (and not only her) emotionally, physically, mentally. There is solid proof that travis was conning his religion. There is solid proof that travis was manipulating his friends and family. There is solid proof that travis had major issues and MANY MANY skeletons in his closet. And yet… he is a saint in their eyes. 🙄 In a twisted way they always find a way to justify all those actions.

      And all I ask is for them to put aside their hatred towards Jodi just for 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes and think of themselves in her situation:

      A love-stricken woman, being mentally, emotionally, physically abused by the person she loves. Trying to endlessly please him just to get his approval. Just to get a few crumbs of attention. Just to feel loved. Just to feel worthy. It’s sad. It really is. It gets sadder when she has to turn against this man she adores to save her life.

      People can insist that there was no abuse and that Jodi did what she did out of revenge or jealousy. Did they actually witness that there was no abuse? Nope. Did anyone else? Nope. Let’s not forget that travis was a master in hiding his ‘bad side’ from public view. Yes, many will say “Well why didn’t she walk away if he was treating her like shit?” Easily said than done. And Jodi WAS starting to build a life w/o travis. Jodi was starting to move on… But travis had to have his cake and eat it too. He couldn’t let her be. If travis wanted Jodi out of his life he wouldn’t have texted, sexted, called, emailed, im-ed, allowed her in his house. Did he do that? No. He initiated contact with Jodi many times. Hell, he was going to visit her too!

      And let’s be honest: it’s not as if travis was sex deprived: he could hook up with multiple other women if he had ‘urges’ (documented proof that he was a ‘player’). But noooo. He wanted his little puppet. And as he was a ‘master manipulator’ he easily lured his sexual prey (Jodi) any time he wanted. Jodi was still in love with him. Still hoping. Just because someone tries to move on doesn’t mean they are done with their feelings (there’s no ON/OFF button). It’s easy to relapse back into an ill relationship if someone gives you the slightest attention. It’s like abusing drugs or alcohol. (thus the song ‘Love is a drug’ by Roxy Music). You fight hard to stay clean but you can fall off the wagon in a split second.

      Some people ARE stronger and can move on w/o looking back. That’s some people; not Jodi. Not everyone is strong enough that when someone is dangling the one thing you want in front of you (in this circumstance it was attention and love) you are going to dismiss it and walk away. travis baited Jodi even after she tried to move on and Jodi took the bait. Back then, Jodi had NO SELF ESTEEM – travis had stomped on it.

      SO, in conclusion, Jodi was at travis’ house that tragic day because travis needed some ‘sugar’. Jodi was so eager to please him (Jodi wished that maybe he would see what he was losing, fall in love with her and they’d live happily ever after…). When this fascinating day was almost over, travis attacked Jodi because she dropped his stupid camera (for travis the camera was more important and so beating up Jodi didn’t matter, did it?). And to his surprise Jodi fought back and that made him angry. He’d teach that bitch a lesson! How dare her defend herself! And when he tried to choke her, she fought with all her might and with anything she could to prevent being killed by travis.

      What actually killed travis was his arrogant belief that Jodi could not overpower him. Jodi shot travis. Freaked out, she tried to help him but his arrogance and adrenaline was so high that he continued to attack her. No bitch would do this and get out alive. So, fighting a second combat, in a matter of seconds, Jodi grabbed the first thing she found: the knife on the bathroom counter… There was no time to think of ‘fight or flight’! Jodi was being attacked. It’s not like travis told her that he’d give her a 1 min advance to run before he went after her, ffs! When you’re being attacked, you fight back! You don’t sit down to evaluate the situation and do the reasonable thing!

      How about if you were in a situation where you were attacked? How about if you had a chance to grab a knife when being beaten and your life was at risk? Would you use it? I say yes you would. You don’t have to admit it to me. Admit it to yourself. If you held your hands in the air saying “I surrender! Let me help you to a hospital for the gun shot wound” …. you’d be pushing daisies right now.

      ((((JODI IS INNOCENT))))

  9. C C 53…yes in the first photo it looks short on the left side as in any photo of JODI one can tell which you are looking at…HER right eye is just a might inward. Just a few hairs are short not uncommon in a hair cut as in layering …but on the right that hair is very long as in the left side it is laying on HER shoulder. And as for THAT… I pray SHE never braids HER hair again. Thanks for showing the blocked photo I cring when that is shown not blocked to me it,s abuse to even look at it. As for a wig ..THAT is no wig as it seem way to tight and as SHE said SHE did that look to please his …WAYS! And as for the voters removing that judge …hell them idiots put her there….better to have a judge or dept. of justice remove her and then charge her for all the deeds she has done in her first d/p case…..well she was a prosecutor before and seems STILL is. her book will have to be called…..JUSTICE for ALL….NOT in MY COURT….wink ,wink,…lets do lunch…you,re paying…I seen your site….what a money grab and sure invite tiny as long as it eats it can,t talk. Who,s bringing the …pipe?

  10. J/F…thanks for showing just how he really was…..NUTS. Hence eddie snell t-dogs truth.If he was,nt beating his sisters..(thanks deanna for sharing that in public!)then he was beating a g/f now there,s a legacy. And in the end after a continual attack…he was STOPPED…duh! JODI did,nt go to far,that,s what it takes to stop a man(?) of wrath ,rage,and abuser of all. Did I mention he was just a bit NUTS! What a PUNK…and I,m being kind….as most days I don,t like him any more then two ton did JODI. t-dog is more 9.99 out of 10 in the shiz….see he WAS a PUNK.

  11. Update on the new defense motion for the COA to reconsider its denial of the disqualification motion.

    On October 1 (after the original defense motion was submitted), the US Supreme Court accepted the case Williams v. Pa. Its decision in that case may shed light on a question that has divided both state courts and federal courts: whether and when the participation of one biased judge taints the decision of an entire panel.

    Some state courts, and the 5th Circuit, have held that it only does so when that judge casts the deciding vote. But fully six federal circuits — including the 9th, where Arizona is — have held that one tainted judge’s participation always taints the whole tribunal’s decision. As the 9th Circuit wrote in 1995: “Bias on the part of a single member of a tribunal taints the proceeding and violates due process.”

    What is unclear is whether Cattani’s article can be considered “participation” in Jodi’s appeal, since he wrote it before any judges had been assigned to hear that appeal and he has now recused himself. The defense motion argues that it can, because he wrote his article as a judge, in a judicial forum, to convince other judges, and also because there is no way to know what influence his published views have already had on other members of the COA.

    I predict the COA will reject reconsideration. But the 9th Circuit — where this case is eventually headed — might think the defense argument has merit. And the US Supreme Court opinion this term on the Williams case may contain language favoring the defense on this question. What help that might be in Jodi’s appeal itself, even at the 9th Circuit, I don’t know.

    • Alan, thanks. How big of a deal, in your opinion, is this rejection in Jodi’s case? Do you know what the next legal step might be from Jodi’s team? Thanks


      • Maureen, I’m sorry to say that I don’t expect any Arizona court decision to help Jodi’s cause. My guess is that the only important thing about current Arizona appellate-court proceedings is the quality of the arguments ultimately filed by Jodi’s lawyers there.

        Their job, as I see it, is to very carefully raise, and thereby preserve for federal decision, all issues that could possibly lead a federal court to overturn her conviction. So far, I’m pretty impressed with their effort, which may well go on for years. But I would be surprised if any Arizona court grants Jodi any relief.

        That is why, in my opinion, Jodi’s only hope of not dying in Perryville prison is for her supporters — plus any new matching donors, who are being assembled — to raise the remaining $160,000 she needs to hire a private lawyer to take her into the federal courts.

        • Alan,

          I do so agree with your assessment of the Arizona COA. It seems like for the most part they tend to rubber stamp the lower court rulings. Even when they do find error of some sort they tend to then turn around and deem it harmless. I would love to see some stats on the rate at which these Courts of Appeal overturn lower court rulings and how they compare to other states.

          Be that as it may, who knows when and where an appellate issue will finally stick. For instance, if we look at the Milke case, the issue that finally got her out of there was something that wasn’t even raised at her original appeal in AZ, and in fact wasn’t raised till much later. The first remand from the 9th circuit was actually based on a question of whether or not she waived her Miranda rights. And that was almost 18 years after her conviction.m The whole Saldate stuff came even later.

          Somewhere, someone has to be able to find the peg an appeals court can actually hang its hat on, and who knows when and where that is.

          The logic used by judges in their decisions is something that always baffles me.

          • Al — if you have an opinion as to the most viable appeals issues in Jodi’s case, you might do some good by making a careful list of them, to which other knowledgeable JAII people could add suggestions. There ‘s been a huge amount of analysis here over a period of years, whereas, at this point, Jodi’s lawyers may know the trial and the evidence much less well. In the end, we could submit our list to them, perhaps saving them some time and helping them avoid omitting crucial issues. I may be in contact with them soon anyway. My great fear is that issues that might move the 9th circuit will be inadvertently left out of the initial appeal and thereby lost forever.

        • Alan and Al, thanks for this information. It really is a head-scratcher when thinking about what it will take to get Jodi some real solid fairness with her case. It seems that AZ has no intention of ever giving Jodi a fair try at justice.

          Jodi absolutely needs a very professional, experienced,eager-to-help and do the best he/she can appeals lawyer to go against the disturbing judicial AZ system.

          I think that Alan is correct about making that ‘list’ of pointers for Jodi’s current and future lawyers. Even the ‘smallest’ thing might be a great help later on. And it is true: JAIIers have analyzed every ‘t’ crossed and ‘i’ dotted when it comes to Jodi’s case.

    • I agree with you. The argument definitely has merit. The article that Cattani wrote was written for “The Judicial Edge” a monthly newsletter for for the benefit of judges and for their review. When he wrote the article he was writing to those judges that he should have known may eventually be sitting in judgment of the Jodi Arias appeal. He got called on it. For the circuit court to deny Cattani’s participation in this case is to deny reality. He inserted himself purposefully into the case when he decided to write that article to his fellow judges who are now sitting in judgment of Jodi Arias’ appeal. They have possibly become infected by his prejudice and most likely have been – IMHO. This alone should be enough. It does not serve any purpose for the court to deny it other than to continue the injustice of this case. It would be a distinction without a difference to deny the merit of this motion.

      • Correction:

        This story appeared in the 2015-16 issue of Case in Point, the annual magazine of the National Judicial College.

        So it appears that it was written for “Case in Point” which is the annual magazine of the National Judicial College and then also appeared in this newsletter, “The Judicial Edge.”

        Nonetheless, I still feel that Cattani should have known that his writing and commenting on this case could have an influence on judges that may eventually sit on a Jodi Arias appeals issue. He made the statement, “Arias’ guilt was never in doubt.” And then speaking about the costs of the trial, etc. This of course would have the potential to influence those who may eventually end up sitting on the appeals. He should have known better, IMHO.

        Why comment on a case that is ongoing?

        All IMHO

        • Well, if we were into conspiracy theories, Judge Cattani is a graduate of Brigham Young University, owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). Also, we could ask why Tiny Martinez is “writing” a book on the case which apparently will be released in just a few months.

          • Well, well. Wouldn’t you just know it. Yes, it does appear that they all belong to the same club. They are nothing if not loyal to protect the reputation of the church at all costs it seems. They wield tremendous power in that state as they do in other places. But don’t you know it’s okay to lie about the evidence and mislead and perjure and destroy evidence and try to influence as long as you are doing it to the heathen (that’s everyone else) and to protect your church’s reputation??

            Juanita’s head has become swollen with narcissism and arrogance and therefore can not resist the grandeur of a book in which the shameful displays of little Juanita takes center stage. And of course, don’t forget that almighty dollar and signing more autographs all the way to the bank!!! LOL !!

            ALL IMHO

        • I think the point is Judge Cattani did know better and that is exactly what he was doing his best to do. . .influence all of the judges who would bother to read what he wrote. Just more smoke and mirror tricks that they all have used during this whole fiasco of justice. Thank heavens not everyone in America today drinks the same Koolaid that has been flowing freely through the AZ Justice system. The corruption needs to STOP! Which citizen in Arizona will be their next victim?

  12. Dear Haters, cutting and pasting and ridiculing us, has NO effect on Jodi. And ridiculing Jodi has No effect on us. So, as you continue to waste your precious breaths of your lives with negativeness, I pray for Jodi. It’s live giving to be positive, and life stinting to hate and ridicule all day everyday. You might never be able to find a way to be positive for Jodi, but it is in your best interest to turn your hatred to love. Your hate consumes your beauty, and we all know you have beauty, you just bury it with every hateful mouthful given.

    • Well said, john. If only they would heed such good advice. Why does anyone want to spend all that time feeling hate in their hearts? Every time they spew those vile words, mocking, ridiculing, looking for the smallest thing to criticize and spending their precious time making hateful memes…every time they do that they only diminish themselves and their own lives. What could possibly make people want to live like that? We see an injustice and we want to see it righted. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Hopefully they would do the same. So they disagree that it was an injustice. So what? That’s no excuse to ridicule other people who do see an injustice. What can be their purpose? What is it that gives them such joy doing this day after day?

    • I still don’t get it: They got what they wanted: Jodi behind bars w/o the chance of parole. Wasn’t that their reason for hanging around? Mission completed. They should have moved on by now. Those who remained just to continue mocking, slandering, bullying, abusing people that support Jodi probably have no purpose in life. No goals and no personal life in general.

      For us, it’s not ‘mission completed’. Not near that. We still have our friend behind bars. Unfairly. So we continue to plough on until true justice has been served and Jodi’s current verdict and sentence is overturned.

      I honestly want to tell you, my friends, that since I stopped visiting the ‘other’ side, they don’t exist. Seriously. They don’t exist. I was chatting with a friend yesterday and I truly had no idea about some people that I have blocked out of my social circles.

      My main concern and focus is for my dear friends & family.

      If caring about a friend is ‘mocking material’ so be it. I’d rather be mocked at because I give a damn than to be pitied for because I don’t. I’m not around for the ‘miss/mr popularity’ contest. I’m around for a cause. To right a wrong. To help a friend out. To give hope to others that have been deprived of fairness.

      I’d rather be hated by the mass as long as I’m sincere to my believes than to be loved by them and be a fake.

      Please, take my advise: Stop visiting those sites. Pretend that they don’t exist and before you know it, they won’t. If it makes them happy and complete by acting like a bunch of juveniles with a ‘mean girls’ complex, then let them be. Maybe they were bullied during school and need to feel they’re powerful by acting like their school abusers. Or maybe they weren’t hugged enough during their childhood and don’t know what caring and loving is. Any which way, they have their reasons for loving to hate. Hope it works out for them the way they want it to.

      • Pandora,
        I agree with you about not visiting the “other sides.” I used to go after them in the comment section of articles about Jodi, on Twitter and on Youtube. I once spent almost a whole weekend (about 20-25 hours) “debating” and ridiculing haters on Youtube. It was like a game trying to outwit the other people. One guy told me he would kill me if he had the chance. Like most of JAII members, I’ve been threatened dozens of time especially on Twitter. But it only left me feeling hopeless and losing faith in people and wondering what I was doing. Strangely, the hateful comments directed at me never bothered me because I had no respect for the people writing them. If someone I admired criticized me, it would hurt but nasty comments from the Jodi haters were meaningless to me. I visited that site that monitors and criticizes JAII members months ago. After about a week I stopped because I found it was the same old hate. The comments were repetitive and boring and I haven’t missed it at all. In fact, I’m starting to think people may not be so bad after all. Responding to them energizes them. As they used to say on Twitter: “Never feed a troll.”

  13. I just noticed there is a whole Facebook site set up against this site. Why would they, other supporters, do that, I wonder? Seems crazy?


    • A “site” on Facebook isn’t like a corporation. It only requires 1 person to make a “site” on Facebook. SJ and RASNA bounce countless “knuckle-dragging haters – or a TravisTown pedo-huggers” off Jodi Arias Is Innocent. If you drill down into their dogma, they mostly don’t believe Jodi defended herself, and rely more on their displeasure that Jodi has entrusted her friendship and more to SJ and friends. They THINK Jodi is now stuck with her circumstance, and should give up her appeal and appellate funds to the alexscammers, and so on and so forth, not only but also.
      You see,Maureen, WE here, believe that TA was a brutalizing, sexist ,DV pig, and that Jodi Aria Is Innocent, Self -Defense is NOT a crime.

      • Yes I noticed one of the bloggers on that site was Dwight Huth, really very, very angry at this site. Would be great if all supporters could stick together, but I guess that is too much to ask.


    • LOL! Maureen, my love, only one?!!! 😀 😀 😀 There are dozens of them out there!

      I’m going to take a verse from the bible and change it a bit:

      “Blessed are you when people hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil.” That means you are doing something grand and they only envy you because they can’t reach you. It takes a lot of hard work to stay strong on your believes when the whole world is against you. It means you have integrity, strong will, powerful spirit, stability. It;s part of the ‘secret’ 😉

      (((((JAII))))) – my haven ♥
      (((((SJ))))) – my hero ♥
      ((((admins)))) – my protectors ♥
      ((((friends)))) – my ‘rocks’ ♥
      last but certainly not least:
      ((((((Jodi)))))) – my spiritual sister ♥

  14. Jodi Arias Updates ‏@JodiAnnArias 10h10 hours ago

    Some1 sent #JodiArias a book or books that arrived w/o invoice. Whoever’s the sender, pls send receipt(s) or she can’t have the book(s).
    3 retweets 1 favorite

    • Jodi Arias Updates ‏@JodiAnnArias 10h10 hours ago

      Just print and send the receipt(s) directly to her. Once she’s able to present the receipt(s) they’ll give her the book(s).

  15. Hi SJ/TEAM JODI ! :))) I know Jodi thinks travis attacked her over the new camera being dropped but I think it was travis being jealous over Jodi going on to Utah for weekend plans with Ryan. We all have read the texts from travis yelling, name calling over Jodi talking with other guy friends! After his jealous fit he would end the conversation with.. I love you . He abuse her in so many ways!:(( #FFJ !!!!

  16. Pam there is no way t-dog did,nt use that camera being dropped as an excuse to once again teach HER a lesson.This is a man? who cared far more for things then he ever did for people his life smacks of it. Now as for the other sites…don,t engage but do look….that,s how i saw proof of one eddie snell and as for the cult seeing well they,re not that…mr…they just seem to be at times. Can We afford to leave one stone unturned? Most likely they will post something or have already to set HER free…it,s up to all who care for HER to find that….and do what We can. My efforts pale when compared to most on HER team but I do the best I can and when I can I will do more. Remember that We love HER for who SHE is…..a braveheart and survivor and innocent,then as now. Now before I sat down it hit me …OW! The mark of INSANITY is doing the same thing over n over again…HUNG…HUNG…HUNG…HUNG! 4 times they failed to bring HER to harm,and w/o US they will win on the 5th….LWOP. I often tell HER ….YOU are not alone,We are on Your side.and that no one is loved more…SURROUNDED by LOVE. JODI does BELIEVE AGAIN…and to see that view Delta goodrem video fo that song.JODI loves the words as they ARE HER story and in the end I know one day SHE shall find the sun on HER face a FREE LADY. All of You folks are the best for being there for HER…dang how could We not as to know HER is to LOVE HER…a given a fact…Thanks!

  17. As tiny said ere,s no way HER story stands up OR does it , well I had a gas can standing by 5.3 gl. and did a little test…..gee it can hold 6.3gl.s now that,s to the top, but as any who have ever filled one there,s this thing called spillage ask any one who served in the military…duh and where the pumps spot on? Less is more in the gas business,and just how low did SHE let the gas tank go as if the gage is spot on…RIGHT. Now with just 2gl.s left in a 14gl. tank that means it takes 12 to fill and 12.6 to fill the cans= more then 24 and that,s with no spillage not easy to do. As for no room to expand…the cans are PLASTIC for a reason and exploding well if metal gas cans don,t explod on the back of a tank in a DESERT(WAR) how are they going to in a dark trunk. As for the jury…lets see here….say a cell phone showed that all JODI said on the stand was true and showed the whole fight….in their minds SHE still killed him. GUILTY! In our systems in N.America no jury is asked How in FUCK did You see that…..That,s why any judge must be ready at all times to do their duty and stop a jury of HATE and that,s what happened in a trial in Springfield? Mass. I believe in the early 80,s a jury found an English nanny guilty in the death of a child 2nd degree and in it seemed less then a min. She walked out of that court FREE! HOW You ask well the judge heard all that the jury did AND more…..the facts proved this young woman INNOCENT.And not a bunch of no nothings who wanted PAYBACK. And really who on any jury no,s anything about the case till informed. Jss knows she failed JUSTICE and her actions prove she is not a good lawyer or judge…but a bunch of no nothing voters knows better as the vote for her kind and old joe. In the military We are told to do Our duty or else…excuses are like assholes but it won,t help ya none. HER jury could care less about the facts or truth as in all the interviews have shown ( not 17) Not one can show HER guilt by facts….but do they love to mock….that is not justice but injustice. How many have given their all for our systems and all it took was 23 to destroy it. I call that TREASON what say you? haters does fit as traitor does too. Let them own their TREASON.

    • ***The gas can issue:
      Much was made by the state about Jodi purchasing a third gas can from a Walmart in Salinas, CA. The state has asserted that this is part of the proof that Jodi premeditated the killing of Travis Alexander.

      Let’s look at the facts on this: from testimony in the criminal trial:

      1) Jodi asked her former boyfriend, Darryl Brewer to borrow his two gas cans as she was planning on traveling through the desert alone and this is something that she and Darryl did when they traveled through desert areas when they were still together. Darryl borrowed her the two gas cans.

      2) She bought a third gas can (labeled as a “kero can” on the receipt) from a Walmart in Salinas, CA store #2458 on June 3, 2008 but then testified she returned it shortly after she went to Starbucks for coffee figuring she really did not need it. She returned it to the same store. She states she got cash back. It was a small purchase amount.

      3) Jodi testifies that she returned the gas can to the same store that she purchased it from in Salinas. However, that store #2458 moved its location after 2008 to a nearby location also in Salinas. So there are now two stores in Salinas, CA each with a different store number.

      4) Amanda Webb is the employee (asset manager) for Walmart store #2458 that did the research on this issue to try to find the data to show that Jodi returned the gas can (which by the way was labeled as a kerosene can on the receipt) Amanda was not working for the Walmart in Salinas in 2008 she was working somewhere else at another Walmart folding clothes as a sales associate.

      5) Amanda’s task was to research the computer data for store #2458 which she did.

      6) She testified that she could not state whether or not the new store location for store #2458 got new computers and registers or whether the old ones were moved/ transferred to the new location.

      7) The old store location on N. Davis where Jodi purchased the kerosene (gas) can now has a different store number…it is no longer #2458 but is now #5751 as Amanda Webb testified on the stand.

      8) Amanda Webb states in testimony that she does not know if all the data got transferred to the new store during the move or if any mistakes were made.

      9) She testifies that she can not state that her records on her research is complete.

      10) She also testifies that she can not state whether any records or data were lost during the transfer to the new store.

      11) She agreed that data could have been lost.


      Despite the many, many questions that Juan Martinez asked regarding the gas receipts and the number of gallons of gas that Jodi bought, none of those receipts prove that Jodi had a 3rd gas can. In other words, the total amount of gallons could be explained by Jodi putting gas into the two 5 gallon gas cans, and putting gas into her car, and then perhaps “topping off” her car and “topping off” the gas cans or some similar combination of events – this could explain the three gas receipts that totaled up the
      approximate 25 gallons of gas that she bought at the station in Salt Lake City, Utah on her return trip home. Receipts at Tesoro showing three separate gas transactions 10.672, 9.583, 5.09 in three different transactions. The three purchases add up to approx 25 gallons of gas. The White Ford Focus 2008 car could hold 13.5 gallons per manufacture. However, as we all know people can and do put more gas into their cars by “topping off” or “topping up.” Likewise, the gas cans can hold more than 5 gallons as we all know. People often overfill these as well.

      Let’s do the math. She states she had 2 – 5 gallon gas cans and a car that could hold 13.5 gallons. This totals officially 23.5 gallons of gas. Now let’s say that Jodi ran her car way down on gas – either nearly empty or very close to it. I’ve done this myself before. She could easily put in gas into the two – 5 gallon cans – and those too can hold more than 5 gallons. 5 gallons is the recommended amount but as we all know you can put in more. The extra gas can easily be explained by overfilling her car tank and / or the gas cans or any combination of those. So to say that she must have had a third gas can is not true. And I didn’t even mention spillage. How many can fill a gas can up without any spillinage? Many times there is some spillage. So again their insistence that she must have had a third can is just an assertion on their part. They can NOT PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that she had a third can, period. There is room for reasonable doubt if you were so inclined to give her any reasonable doubt. But as we all know that jury already had its mind made up and they were not about to give Jodi any room for reasonable doubt.

      Next time you are at the pump see if you can get your tank to hold more than its official capacity. I do it all the time. Next time you have a 5 gallon container to fill up see how much more than 5 gallons you can fit into the gas can beyond the 5 gallons. I’ve done it before during grass mowing season.

      Another question to ponder is why on her return trip from Salt Lake City, UT to her home in Yreka, CA did she still feel the need to fill up the gas cans that were supposedly only in her possession to keep her trip to AZ a secret. Her so-called mission to “murder Travis Alexander” was over so why bother to fill up the gas cans especially if you are trying to hide the existence of a supposed 3rd can (you know the one she paid cash for at the local Walmart and then returned the same day) ? Well, certainly if you were trying to hide the existence of a third can you would not fill that can up on the way home from Salt Lake City after the murder was done. Especially not with your bank card which leaves a paper trail which is exactly what she did. She had a paper trail all over the place with her saved receipts and her bank account records. Doesn’t seem too smart to me if you are trying to hide your trail, right? Why fill up a supposed third gas can on your way home that you are trying to hide the existence of?

      Well, just perhaps it was because she used the gas cans for EXACTLY the reason she stated and that was that Darryl Brewer (her former boyfriend) and her had gotten into a habit of carrying gas cans in the car when traveling through desert areas and she also states in testimony that it would allow her to buy gas at cheaper prices and save money that way. Jodi was and is highly intelligent. Her so called premeditated plan is one that is full of a long trail of so-called evidence like gas receipts that she kept (she could have thrown them away), bank card account receipts (she could have used cash which she
      had available in her bank accounts), a burglary report of a stolen gun and other items (she could have just taken the gun and returned it before her grandfather ever knew it was missing from his messy, disorganized home; and she could have not taken other items thus not alerting her grandparents that the home had been burglarized and thus avoiding a police report all together), renting a car when someone was with her using her own name (she could have rented while alone – no unnecessary witness – using a
      phony name/ID), borrowing gas cans from her former boyfriend (could have bought gas cans with cash which would be hard to trace), etc.

      During trial Kirk Nurmi points out that the prosecution did not check the other stores in the Salinas area – only store #2458. Store #2458 at the original location on N. Davis was re-numbered as store #5751 after store #2458 moved to a nearby location in Salinas. There are now two stores in Salinas, CA. Jodi bought and returned the gas can at the original location at N. Davis store (formerly #2458, now #5751) If someone perhaps were to go back to store #5751 where Jodi testifies she originally purchased and returned the 5 gallon “kerosene” container they may actually find the return proof there. Or simply, it could be as Amanda Webb testified to that mistakes could have been made and data could have been lost when the transfer of data from store #2458 was made to the new location of the store. She could not even state that her research records were complete. We have all been to a Walmart and returned things. I have personally been to a Walmart to return items even without a receipt and gotten cash back for a small purchase. Who knows if this is what is supposed to be done, but we know it gets done sometimes regardless.

      Well, I guess that is enough about gas cans, huh?

      The jury failed to do their job. There was reasonable doubt all over this case, and yet they chose to ignore it and just push ahead with their preplanned agenda to kill Jodi Ann Arias.

      They failed. Jodi will prevail in the end. It may take years and years but you will be hearing about this case one day again when an appellate court or the Supreme Court overturns her conviction.

      Debra Milke 2.0……

  18. This is the Innocence Blog update for Thursday, October 22nd, 2015.
    NBC’s Dateline Will Feature Recent New York Exoneree Johnny Hincapie
    Oct 22, 2015 03:53 pm

    NBC’s Dateline will air an episode Friday on Johnny Hincapie, a New York man who was released earlier this month after 25 years in prison when his 1990 murder conviction was overturned.

    Hincapie was among the seven young men convicted in relation to the murder of a 22-year-old tourist who was fatally stabbed during a robbery inside a subway station. Hincapie now says he was coerced into confessing to the crime and insists he was in a different part of the station when the incident occurred. New witness testimony corroborates his claim. The Manhattan district attorney is currently deciding whether to retry him.

    The episode, “Tipping Point,” will feature interviews with Hincapie by Lester Holt, including an interview directly following his release. It will air Friday, October 23, at 9pm/8c on NBC’s Dateline.

    Watch a preview here.

    Learn more about Hincapie’s case here.

    • What has happened to innocent until proven guilty? AND, I mean truly guilty not by hook and crook to get a conviction. Sad when our officers of the Law take it upon themselves to withhold, delete and create evidence against a person. . .that doesn’t make someone a criminal. It appears too many Judges and Prosecutors have gotten a terrible dose of self-absorbed BIG HEAD disease! They have forgotten the oath they took. SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME PEOPLE!!!!!! 😉

  19. And why would JODI buy …a kero can? Because it was BLUE one of HER fav. colours Red is for gas…Yellow is for diesel as Blue is for kerosene. Now just putting gas into a kero can might get a person in trouble…Hey Lady You can,t do that….wrong can. HER trial is proof when only one side obeys the rule of law then that,s when one gets injustice.Remember JODI was not convicted by FACTS or REASON….see the jurors interviews. Imagine proving with gas cans in court it was possible…showing how the shelf can hold 210 lbs. Would that have helped? Not with a jury that was out to MURDER HER via the state foe t-dog such is their evil….hell they can,t even hide it in court as diana mouthed I,m sorry…to the ….family. then they went out for supper…mary lou , diana and the? family….is that a WTF moment or what. On that sad day JODI defended HERSELF from an ABUSER and SURVIVED…..Both juries save one tried to finish t-dog,s work and as he …FAILED. I know SHE is INNOCENT…..from FACTS and REASON… for the cult of t-dog for once just use facts and reason and put aside all this hate lies vile and for once own his sad life. he WAS going nowhere and as for ….a book….gee who can,t write one of them……ANYONE! Even a guy called HITLER wrote one….oh I forgot t-dog MUST know that ….BY NOW.

  20. Everyday is ONE day Closer to FREEDOM FOR JODI!!!! JAII is here for the long haul and will NEVER
    GIVE UP! Unfortunately for the corrupt, we are group of determined and justice seeking pioneers!!! We will not STOP! ((((((((JODI ARIAS))))))) 😉 ♥

  21. Here’s a question that I am still seeing posed (by some rather brain dead people): How could we possibly believe she’s not guilty when she actually confessed to doing it? This even after two trials and countless billions of words written on the subject. And it has made me wonder how many jurors also entertained that same ignorant and narrow perspective throughout, that no matter what was said, she had confessed to killing him and that’s all they needed to know.

    • Jesus Christ….. Some people just don’t get it, do they? 🙄
      We have a saying here in Greece for such people “I’m not gonna waste any more saliva on it” – seems like the case here 😉

      • This just goes to show how MASSIVELY STUPID THESE PEOPLE ARE !!! They have no brain cells to differentiate the difference between killing someone in self defense and premeditating a murder. Hello do they even have a brain in there at all?

  22. Prosecuting the Martinez Way (i.e., planting lies in the mind of the jurors)
    Martinez, reading notes from an interview Brewer gave to authorities during the investigation into Alexander’s death, asked if Arias had ever mentioned needing an “alibi.” Brewer said he did not recall any conversation about alibis.

    “After this date of June 4, 2008,” Martinez asked, “you received a call from Jodi Arias, and she was very agitated?”

    “She was sad,” Brewer said.

    “Did she tell you that her friend had been killed and she did not have an alibi?”

    “I don’t remember that,” Brewer said.

      • All we can do is hope and pray that what goes around comes around…..get that, Juanita??? Chew on that one, will you little worthless piece of trash !!

        • Have you ever heard of do unto others as you would have them do to you???? Do you want someone to railroad you if you get into trouble someday?? Or do you want the truth and justice in a pure unadulterated form that truly does serve justice??? Chew on that, Juanita…..

  23. I hope the day arrives when Martinez will be punished for his devious, unscrupulous behavior.
    I’m still waiting to find out what happened regarding the complaints filed against him this summer.

      • It seems that shit always floats… and martinez – being the sack of shit that he is – is floating… BUT someday soon enough, the current will pull him to the opposite side of his corrupted way: to justice and that’s when none of his bullSHIT will stick! 😉

        Patience my friends, patience and we will soon witness the rise and fall of one of the most corrupted prosecutors in American history.

        Karma’s just sharpening her nails and finishing her drink. She says she’ll be with him shortly! 😉

      • Thank you, Coldcase53.
        I hadn’t seen that before. I just read it. Truly sickening what Martinez is allowed to get away with.
        (P.S.: To Martinez’s defenders who excuse him by saying that ‘everyone makes mistakes,” ___ No! What Martinez does is intentional, deliberate, and in many cases should be deemed criminal. And he knows it, but considers himself above the law.
        I know there are sound legal reasons to use terms like ‘misconduct’ and ‘improper,’ but unfortunately those terms can be used as euphemisms to disguise the true nature of sinister behavior.)

        I don’t know if you or others have seen this site which the article you posted enabled me to discover:
        Author Josie Duffy wrote an article called,
        “I’m Writing About Prosecutors and I Need Your Help.”

        She says that she needs the public’s help in her quest to gather stories about, among other topics, prosecutors who commit misconduct.

        She asks that people contact her:
        Via Twitter: @_johelen
        or message her at the DailyKos website
        or email her at
        or by filling out a Google form on the DailyKos
        She says she is going to set up a Secure Drop soon.

  24. Oklahoma tragedy, this week, of a young 25 year old woman driving her car (I will not mention the car name) into a crowd of people. ..And, I saw it reported immediately in the online Press as:: ‘A woman SUSPECTED of drunken driving cashed a car into a crowd of spectators …’
    …Well, was she given a blood test? …Suppose she was sober & absolutely not impaired? …Would the press immediately report that, I do not think so. ….I am always suspicious of things reported in the American Press. …So, I looked up the name & model of the car involved & Googled that car & other models, and also attached the words “sudden acceleration” onto that make/model name, & into Google. …I found that more than a year, (or five years ago) there have been online reports of sudden acceleration of this make/model & others. …I can even watch videos of past accidents as directed there by Google.
    …Is it possible that this young woman might be just as totally innocent as JODI ANN ARIAS and (she) the victim of sudden car acceleration, car defect??? ..Not her fault? …(((JODI IS INNOCENT))).
    …Remember even a drunk person would be able to: NOT ACCELERATE CONTINUOUSLY ON PURPOSE, (IMHO). …Was it driver’s fault? …Was it an improper installed floor mat? …Is it a continuing problem of technical sudden acceleration? … ((God Bless those killed or injured)). ((God Bless all the innocent)). …((God Bless this 25 year old woman if she is a victim of acceleration by car defect)). …((God Bless Jodi)).

  25. So just what is wrong with all these so called judges and their hate for women and children….the last few posts are disturbing to say the least , Often I have said want to find out if a person is nuts! Give em money…BINGO and that seems to go for POWER in N. America We do have a lot of NUTS…well a few less lately …LOL! I remember a time….1775/1776 when the FOOLS in power never knew what was coming.So much for their POWER as it can be taken away….just as the SOUTH found out…but in BOTH cases the good folks who won FORGAVE them….no much payback indeed. I say when SHE is free then all We need are a few trials that are fair and only before judges or commissions no way gov. types deserve a jury trial seems there are way to many idiots running around who think that trial was …FAIR. When any threaten a nation,s system of justice then that nation must do all to set them right or all are doomed. If the pres. can be removed then ALL can and must be removed and the mob can stand down or be put down…view gangs of New York to see how the U.S. military did just that. We my friends are on the right side of history as We make this world a better place,…..We don,t need hate but it is fun to show that cult for just who they are…how I pity their parents and children. They the mob fear truth and light……just as sad little men(?) do.Odd how an ABUSER in court defended the actions of HER ABUSER ….st,travis of porn….as well true evil…his foul mouth spoke of harming a ….a child not once not twice BUT three times…..know if that,s not abuse I,d call that a DUGGER.

  26. What is wrong with these so called judges ? has power gone to their heads. It is way past time to make them accountable and for them to own their words and actions. These things need to be judged. Or just put them on an island that has no women or children…..there they can get their man on or ….IN. Real men would shame them.

  27. ♥(((((JODI ANN ARIAS)))))♥

    Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough, and especially ain’t no hater’s hate strong enough to keep us from loving you and supporting you and fighting for your justice and freedom our dear, sweet, precious JODI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It WILL happen and what goes around WILL come back around for ALL those who hurt you in any way, Jodi!!! It always does, without fail!!!

  28. RE:Jodi returning Kerosene Can
    “Walmart, for several years, has accepted returns without a receipt, even though many of our competitors require receipts for all returns. Walmart gives customers the option of a cash refund (if the purchase was under $25), a shopping card for the amount of the purchase (if it was over $25) or an even exchange for the product. To return or exchange items without a receipt, you are required to present a valid government issued photo ID.”
    See under “Return Policy” (I’m not sure when policy started)

    • Okay, I have returned items to Walmart with no receipt and gotten cash back many times in the past. However, I was never asked for a photo ID, ever. So I don’t know when this policy began or better a question is whether it is truly enforced by the employees who work the customer service counter. If they are busy, maybe not? All I know is that it’s WALMART….and you know the policies are NOT always followed. And many times that I returned things and got cash back no ID was ever shown or ever asked for. I haven’t returned anything to Walmart recently or even in the last several years. But we are talking 2008….

      • To convict someone on supposition and guesses it outrageous and this is what they did with regard to the gas can issue and the hair color issue….Can you imagine putting someone to death over assumptions and guesses about that !!! Yet we had hard evidence that TA was a pervert porn abuser no good louse and evidence that the prosecutor’s office destroyed and hid exculpatory evidence, state’s witnesses perjured themselves, the ME equivocating testimony, etc……Really ?? Hair color and gas cans??? The photo that was taken I believe after she had returned to Yreka showed her hair to be brown, yet little Juanita said it was blond and basically told the jury don’t believe your lying eyes….LO!!! The Walmart employee that investigated the return receipt stated under oath that she could NOT say that her information was complete or that mistakes hadn’t been made…Reasonable Doubt folks !! And the store # to which Jodi had returned the receipt was NEVER INVESTIGATED FOR THAT RECEIPT…They investigated the records of the store that had moved locations, not the store where Jodi returned her receipt which was renumbered with a different store number….

    • I still don’t get why the Defense Team didn’t find people that have returned stuff to Wallmart w/o a receipt. They could have done it themselves to ‘check’ if it’s possible! So many dumb mistakes on their part. They could have collected affidavits and even had a witness come to court. I’m sure that there would have been many willing to ‘test’ Wallmarts policy and see how solid it is…

      As for convicting Jodi with ‘evidence’ and ‘proof’ such as hair color and gas tanks just goes to show how insane and unfair this trial was. Mostly, it goes to show that the jury was totally biased and did not judge using ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

      Again, I wonder why the Defense Team didn’t fight the hair color and gas tanks allegations, just like the prosecution fought the ‘forged’ letters.. 🙄 All this shows that the DT was lazy in investigating.

  29. This would actually be funny 🙂 if it weren’t so friggin’ ignorant. 🙁 There are people who believe that because, during her allocution in the first trial, Jodi told the jury that if they gave her life rather than death she would just go away, leaving the Alexanders to get on with their lives, the fact that now using her right to appeal is just one more indication of what a liar she is. 🙄 And what’s more, they also believe that, because she said that, she should actually be denied any right to appeal. 🙄 Dear God help us!

    • Back then, Jodi had no idea that she would be dealing with biased vultures. Plus her emotional status was quite different. She was still the emotionally battered woman that travis had made her to be.

      Once she started gaining some self esteem, those morons called it ‘cocky’. I call it COURAGE! It takes brass balls to gain respect for yourself after all the abuse you have endured. It’s not an on/off process like some might think.

      For anyone blaming Jodi for wanting to get her life back: Jodi will NOT do you the favor of cringing in a corner and not fighting for her life! She’s a survivor and survivors don’t give up!

      (((((Jodi))))) ♥

  30. I read a Twitter post by @SleuthNow which stated that Budget ( the car rental company I presume) must have a security video of when Jodi rented and returned the car.
    That makes a lot of sense to me.

    • No doubt. So the question is why wasn’t it used? Was it already erased? Some places tape over the existing tape after so many days, etc. Was it bc the tape actually showed Jodi with Brown hair as she did have? Why didn’t the defense try to get this video tape? Or perhaps they did and we just don’t know about it…

      • Do you mean the cctv footage from the car rental, might be useful to assess hair color for certainty ? I always thought that since the rental agent is a guy, (no offense fellas lol), but guys are color blind more often than women, and all the men in my family, including my hubby, would probably answer differently each if asked what color a certain woman’s hair was lol !

        Because aside from that, she acknowledged using that particular rental agency, right? Or did I miss something?

        • I don’t know whether there is or was a video at the rental site and if it showed Jodi there. However, if there was a video from the surveillance tape it would show that Jodi’s hair was brown, not blond. She had already dyed her hair back to brown BEFORE she ever left Mesa to move back to Yreka. In fact, little Juanita showed the jury a photo of Jodi taken I believe in May sometime and it clearly shows her hair as brown with some lighter highlights framing her face, but her hair is brown, not blond. Of course, little Juanita stood there and told the jury to basically not believe their lying eyes trying to convince them that her hair was blond. It was not.

          • Most places of business will have surveillance video in their store front. So why didn’t the defense bring in the video or the prosecution? Well, it was most likely bc by the time they thought of it, it had already been taped over and erased…

            • Probably so. Do you think that the 1 point of hair color would have made much difference at trial ? Or are you thinking, if, and when, she were granted a new trial, that if proven to be different than testified to, it might create another point for reasonable doubt ?

              Which reminds me of something I had been wanting to ask. Does anyone know how often higher courts have thrown out sentences in Arizona and ordered a new trial ? How would that work financially? I meañ, does the state still have to appoint attorneys for retrial? Gosh, it would kinda scare me though. I would probably get an ulcer.

    • Amy & friends, that’s one more example of the piss poor job that the DT did.

      Maybe we should start making a list of all the fuck ups the DT did and send them to her appeals lawyers.

      It will absolutely help if the lawyers can add that to their appeals: the fact that her DT didn’t do the job they were appointed to do. Especially since there are many motions that state that ‘first chair Nurmi’ wanted out of the case and other motions stating that his representation was totally lethargic and his assistance was absent which was – imo – one of the many reasons Jodi got premed M1 verdict. (Hey! If your own attorney doesn’t care for you and doesn’t put passion in his effort to defend you then how the hell is the jury going to be convinced that Jodi is a good person that was forced to take a life to save her own – I still can’t stomach the ‘9/10 days’ crapola).

      If it wasn’t for Jeniffer Willmott’s effort to keep the DT afloat, things would have most probably been worse.

  31. Long before I knew of Jodi I had been told this of walmart….it is common for them to take returns on things they never sold. I was told this as a matter of fact and when asked why was walmart so dumb to do that I said ,well it,s a great way of keeping customers or stealing em from the other chains. As for HER lies…We know who SHE lied for …..HER abuser and because SHE never wanted the world how he treated HER…( I never thought I would be one of those woman…) Now let all the so called friends,family.persecutor,det.,dr,s,and sworn witness,s explain just why they LIED and caught on tape… a judge aided them. Ask az.s most famous citizen …..imagine if the north had put you on trial….would it really have been more showtrial then what goes on in your state…..I think not…! Name one person on this earth that would want a trial…..and if You find one call 9-1-1 as this person is not of sound mind. Most men would have broken long before now and I mean MILITARY MEN…..but has SHE….HELL NO! What has,nt been done to break HER and yet SHE grows each day like a flower that seeks the sun as it pushes aside concrete…We have all seen such ,and now We know such a flower. On that sad day an abuser died as a SURVIVOR was born….now it,s up to all who believe in justice to see a wrong made right.

    • Wayne, you’re absolutely right about Jodi wanting to protect travis’ reputation.

      She offered a plea deal. If it was accepted, she would have ‘gone away’ quietly, keeping his ‘skeletons’ in his closet. But Noooo… the Alexscammers ‘smelled’ profit by making this big and I’m sure that martinez didn’t properly advise them to take the plea deal. You see, martinez also ‘smelled’ fame and glory by taking this case to the furthest: A DP trial.

      So yeah, suffice to say that each of those who wanted ‘revenge’ instead of justice are the ones to blame for travis’ skeletons rolling out of the closet. Once Pandora’s box is opened, there’s no return. 😉

      I for one am glad that the REAL TRAVIS was exposed. Even though his ‘close friends and family’ blindly refuse to admit that he was a sick-o, truth is that deep down inside they must feel like idiots for believing all his lies and manipulating ways…

    • “One company, Securus Technologies, said Thursday that it may sue in an effort to overturn the FCC decision. ”

      🙄 SecurASS!!!

    • That makes me very happy. The “for profit” vultures in this world should not be allowed to prey upon the disadvantaged.
      And I’ m sure the vultures have been extorting most of the money from the entirely innocent __ the incarcerated’s loved ones __ because the incarcerated are far less able to afford the costs.

  32. Did ya all hear that Jodi filed a motion to stop distribution of JM upcoming book? Based on that it “may violate the terms of a protective order, and in case she is granted a new trial …”.” (Info from the states fb page.)

    Also, on the OSU parade tradgedy….I was at the parade. We live in that community and my son is an OSU engineering student, as we’re many in our family. We were standing just to the south of where the car hit the stop light after mowing down a police motorcycle and the people. She appeared to pick up speed as she entered the intersection, and appeared to attempt going around the movable barricades. She was seen running a red light at the intersection just before the intersection where the parade route ended. Her speed estimated at 45 to 50 mph just prior to impact. It was horrific. We know personally 1 of the victims, a child who remains hospitalized.

    When I got the chance to look back at her car after she was arrested, and a policeman pulled out a cup with liquid in it, and prescription drug bottles and placed them on the roof. She admitted being suicidal to police and has not been able to express empathy or concern for the dead and injured. Her attorney described her as having a very flat affect and unable to recognize the depth of what she did or possible consequences.

    Her family did hire a very capable and experienced attorney from outside of Stillwater. His office and practice is in Oklahoma City. I have to say, he has done a great job at handling the press conference’s and we’ll understands he has to speak to a devastated community as well. Devestated, seems such an inadequate response to describe the entire effect. He asked for a mental competency determination and the judge authorised follow up visits as needed. So I really feel like they, all together, are handling the situation very well, despite the devastation, grief and loss. I also expect that if this goes to trial, it will be moved outside of this county. And it should be.

    I can keep you guys informed if you would like.

    As always, thanks,

    This time

    • mother62, thank you for this information. Yes, do keep us updated.

      As for martinez’s book? It’s another one of the unfair ‘acts’ that were done to Jodi. Remember that movie that got out while the trial was still in session? I still can’t believe that the DT didn’t have a gag order to prevent the movie coming out UNTIL the trial was totally over. Bad bad bad lawyering, imo. So many mistakes made…

      • I think the release of this book by Juanita is a strategy to disrupt Jodi’s appeals. The book is purposefully coming out before her appeals in order to poison the future jury pool for her re-trial which I believe will be ordered by the appellate court. Juanita is covering all angles on this to prevent Jodi from ever getting a fair trial in the future is she is granted one….IMHO. This is just demonstration of more of his prosecutorial misconduct and his flagrant disregard of the rules.

        If the appellate court looks at this case honestly (which in AZ is a huge question that they will) they will have more than enough reason to overturn this verdict and require a new trial for Jodi…

        Brady violations

        perjured testimony

        misleading and equivocating testimony of the ME whose testimony was central to the case without which there never would have been a conviction (ala Lisa Randall and Harold Fish cases)

        prosecutorial misconduct

        the creative re-writing of the felony murder rule that guaranteed that Jodi would be convicted of 1st degree murder and took away any chance she had to be convicted on a lesser charge

        and on and on….


        • And for those of you who say that none of these violations would have had any impact on the outcome of the verdict ask yourselves these questions:

          Suppose Det Flores had not touched TA’s computer at the scene and destroyed potential exculpatory evidence?

          Suppose he had waited and a “write blocker” was installed as it should have been?

          Suppose he had not done a hard shut down of the computer without a write blocker?

          Suppose a year later in 2009 he had done it AGAIN !! in the presence of the first defense counsel and her investigator but instead fully complied with his duties to handle the evidence properly?

          Suppose the prosecution complied fully with their obligations to turn over all exculpatory evidence instead of trying to pretend there was no evidence on TA’s computer of porn, teen porn (child porn) etc.?

          Suppose the prosecution had turned over all the text messages, IM’s, emails, to the defense from the beginning instead of lying about their existence and hiding them from the defense?

          Suppose little Juanita didn’t try to intimidate and frighten witnesses into not testifying under the threat of being charged with some ridiculous charge?

          Suppose Det Flores or should I say Inspector Clouseau didn’t perjure himself in his testimony during the Chronis hearing and/ or his testimony during the trial?

          Suppose the states’ witnesses told the truth about seeing porn on TA’s computer and didn’t lie about there not being any porn on the computer?

          Suppose Dr. Horn had testified clearly and accurately about his own report and the bullet wound to TA’s head instead of equivocating and misleading the jury with his non-non statements? The bullet “must have” gone through the brain….”it would have to have been” regarding whether the dura mater was penetrated….”if a lung is nicked”…….

          Suppose little Juanita did not manipulate the evidence….drop the camera on the floor of the courtroom on purpose in order to ensure no further testing could ever be done….turned over the original mirror image of TA’s computer instead of hiding it for years and years until it was finally discovered by the defense AFTER the criminal trial was over and they were into the penalty phase trial….had simply allowed the defense full and unfettered access to all the evidence in the case as he should have

          Suppose the felony murder charge was not allowed as it shouldn’t have been….this was NOT a felony murder…Jodi did not go to the home and trespass on his property without his permission nor did she go there to steal his gun (the gun which the prosecutor stated throughout the case never existed in TA’s home)….the felony murder rule did not apply to this case but little Juanita was so enamored with his own abilities to twist and pervert the rules that he pretty much re-wrote the felony murder to say that the underlying predicate of this felony murder was assault, the killing itself….NOT POSSIBLE !! Then every murder would be a 1st degree murder and there would be no second degree murders at all….taking away all future defendants’ rights to a fair trial on an appropriate charge

          Okay, these are just some of the questions you need to ask and be honest. Would these things have possibly made a difference in the outcome of this case?

          HELL YES !!!!

          ALL IMHO…..

          • correction:

            Suppose a year later in 2009 he had done NOT done it AGAIN !! in the presence of the first defense counsel and her investigator but instead fully complied with his duties to handle the evidence properly?

            • And if the felony murder charge was not there there is a possibility that some on the jury would have voted for the 2nd degree or lesser charges…bc those jurors that voted for both the felony murder and the premeditated murder by voting for the felony murder they were saying that this killing WAS NOT PREMEDITATED !!! A felony murder is not a murder that is premeditated, but one that happens as a result of some other felony you are committing and in the coarse of that felony you are committing you kill someone. It happens but it is unplanned. They understood this when they voted for Felony Murder. But they were also told that they could vote for both. They were confused.

              But the fact that they voted for and understood that a felony murder was one that was not premeditated is the critical point…

    • Thanks, mother62
      She had several photos of herself on her Facebook page but someone shut it down now. A tragic case all the way around.

  33. Here are travis alexander’s skeletons:
    3. LIAR
    6. PEDO – HUGGER
    9. CHEATER
    11. DISLOYAL
    12. TWO-FACED
    15. ARROGANT
    17. GREEDY
    18. IMMORAL
    19. WICKED
    20.A SLOTH
    21. SPITEFUL

    Anyone want to add anything?

    • Just my thoughts. Easy for us to see TA’s faults because there were so many…surely others saw his problems. All of the names that come to our minds to describe Travis Alexander are spot on but it is pitiful that his “friends and family” choose to believe the fairy tale that all of his failures were caused by Jodi Arias. That in its self is a complete falsehood and should be cleared up. Travis Alexander had all the same chances to redeem himself that we all have but failed to see what he had done to his self and his life. Even worse he tried to ruin people on his way out of this world. Many, many people were left to clean up his tragic mess. The “friends and family” are still sucked into the his scams he left behind and are profiting from them. 🙄 Truth is he did major damage to himself and many more and his
      “associates” still on this Earth continue his scam for him.
      It all is sad and even though I find it hard I know he and his kind need the most prayers in this world. Totally lost.

    • Thanks, Maria,
      “The Arizona Republic reported that Arizona had again attempted to import thiopental illegally from overseas.” Shouldn’t “Arizona” (whoever that is) be in trouble with the law for trying to import drugs ILLEGALLY to kill someone? It seems if they are trying to kill someone convicted of murder in Arizona, they can do whatever they want without any consequences. There is no end to their corruption. It’s shocking and disgusting.

  34. Does az. obey ANY laws.As cnn said the crazy state…now that,s an understatement…INDEED! this is what happens when fools have money and power. Put HER to trial….OMG it cost …what! Well put HER to trial again….FAILED. Now they bitch about money. Now imagine this of ANY on the states side YOU are CHARGED with trying to MURDER a U.S. citizen……well they would have to get a fed. trial and who could stop that…call texas! Now would any make a deal when they found out that the fed,s would break every law in the books to nail them to the wall.And the very best jury for them…folks who have been wronged by the system…sounds fair to me……now who among that mob of haters would like that justice…hln your ratings will go through the roof…..But I,m sure az. would go broke defending it,s gang….NOT! And trust Me on this if ever a trial needed trying that,s the one. If that sham of a verdict stands then all are in danger of injustice. Don,t tread on Me as true today as it was then and what it really meant was all I want is justice and fairness.HOW DARE THEY WANT THAT….NEVER! and then a short time later,AMERICA was BORN and saved mom ….TWICE….no hard feelings from the kid.

            • THE HATERS REVIEW “Chandelier”

              Susan W ‏@slw600 Oct 17

              @PitchingAFit I’m out. They lost me when they said viewers left the movie sympathizing with Arias.
              0 retweets 2 favorites
                ‏@PitchingAFit Oct 17

              @slw600 It was an annoying interview at the very least. Still not sure if they’re completely pro #jodiarias but any sympathy is unwarranted.
              0 retweets 4 favorites
              Susan W ‏@slw600 Oct 17

              @PitchingAFit she’ll kill you”, I lost my will to watch. They seemed to glorify her.
              0 retweets 1 favorite

              • @PitchingAFit Oct 17

                Actress’ “greatest wish” is for #jodiarias to see film. Director says “they can find a way around American legal system” for her to see it.
                0 retweets 1 favorite
                @PitchingAFit Oct 17

                Filmmakers profess to being fascinated/obsessed w/ #jodiarias interro tapes. Honestly I’m not sure if this isn’t pro-jodi. Ugh.

              • Ha! What else did you expect? Of course the haters are going to hate this movie. It must’ve been painful for them to watch and have to see that Jodi is a human being with emotions! 😉

                If it was the other way around and it was based on ‘saint’ travis, they’d be calling it a masterpiece! 🙄

                But they’re so shallow that they missed the whole meaning of the film. It’s not about Jodi per se. It’s about a woman that loves a man so much that she is willing to suffer all the emotional and physical abuse (did you see the picture of the actress’s bruised leg? 😉 ) to be with the man she loves and how this can have a tragic turn. Alexander Yan just took Jodi’s case and built his film on it.

      • Thanks a million, SJ. It certainly creates a mood. It also captured some of the playfulness and neediness of Jodi and the exasperation and the coldness of Travis toward her. It’s the first commercial film of any kind about this case that I’ve seen that doesn’t put Jodi down in any way or “take a side” or even try to explain what happened. And, I’m glad to see none of the Alexanders or Cash Hughes were involved in making/funding of the film.

        • Why didn’t I see any of that? Maybe because it’s 1.35 am here? Oh well… I *may* rewatch tomorrow but till then I insist: it sucked. LOL

          • Maria, watch it without being biased. He did an amazing job. In 16 min he managed to show us that Jodi has emotions. That although she was struggling to keep her head out of the water she never gave up.

            I think it’s the first time that someone actually took the time to see Jodi as a person and not as a cold blooded killer. I enjoyed it.

        • Coldcase53, I agree with you. This short film was Alexander Yan’s ‘version’.

          It shows how emotionally depressed Jodi was, that she ‘obeyed’ travis, that she would do anything for his love and acceptance. It also shows how much travis was NOT invested in this relationship and Jodi was the one that had to do ‘double’ the work to balance things.

          The dancing part is his ‘version’ of the artistic side of Jodi. In the film, the actress shows that she finds dancing as an emotional discharge and as a passion. Jodi finds emotional discharge and passion in painting and photography.

          All in all, I found this film quite pleasant. For once, there is no trashing Jodi and it’s based on humanity and not the ‘monster’ that everyone wants Jodi to be.

          • Thanks, Pandora
            I enjoyed it, too. It’s being shown at film festivals in the USA and Canada. I watched it twice. Hopefully, some viewers in these countries may want to learn more about Jodi’s present circumstances after watching it.

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