Retrial Video Replay – Day 1

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Retrial Video Replay – Day 1:

Part 1/4 (Jury Instructions):

Part 2/4 (Opening Statements):

Part 3/4 (Opening / Melendez / Flores):

Part 4/4 (Flores):

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  1. SJ! Thank you for finally starting to post the re-trial Day by Day. Now we can finally see how much of what happened in the re-trial was actually tweeted. I wonder if there are stuff the ‘reporters’ forgot to inform us about… 😉

    Going to start watching. Be back later with my comments!

    ((((Jodi Arias)))) ♥


    Job 5:16 So the poor have hope, and injustice shuts its mouth.

  3. Great…I have not even seen much of it….too busy..but I have a feeling my motivation and more is about to go up a few hundred notches…I am going to tweet this…with full credit to this page:)

  4. Listening to Martinez….still as disgusting as ever…I can’t believe he was allowed in opening statements to say she crawled through the doggy door. Where is the evidence of that??? Isn’t he supposed to be telling them what the evidence will show, not just what some vengeful nitwit gave us as secondhand information, information that doesn’t even make sense if you look at the size of the doggy door and the fact that the patio door it was attached to couldn’t be locked because of the installation of the doggy door. As always, he’s allowed to say anything he wants to say. No repercussions. Arrrgggg!!!

    • I saw a picture of Napolean’s doggy door and based on visual approximations, it looks like the height is half again the width. Looking at similar type doors online (the kind that fit in patio doors) I believe the most accurate measurement is 8.5″ wide by 12.5″ high. So for this 120 pound grown women to get through that door she would have had to lay on her side and then twist and turn her body to get all the way through. And she did all this why – when she could have just opened the patio door?

      • 😆 Yes, maybe someone can explain that to all of us!!!! Why not just open the door?
        Did the jury members fall asleep or in a deep dark trance from a frog?

        • R. Love, they left their common sense on the courthouse steps when they entered and didn’t bother to pick it up on their way out!

          • Your being a little too kind. . .you are assuming they had common sense to begin with, I’m not too sure about that. 😉

            • Didn’t need anyone with common sense and SURE didn’t want any.
              The jury had their minds made up. No doubt about it!
              And they wanted it over so they could go party.
              Thanks again to Juror #17.
              Assholes said she wouldn’t delaberate?? BS!!

            • Oh, you are right! They had no common sense to begin with! Well, nothing was left on the courthouse steps because there was nothing to leave? Oh…my… they were all like the monkeys: see nothing, hear nothing, see nothing….

      • Does anyone remember the source of this preposterous rumor? I know HLN picked it up and ran with it as gospel (so we must assume the lawyers on there slept through the law school lecture on “hearsay”), but did someone actually testify to it in court?

        • Did someone actually witness this and also saw that it was REALLY
          Jodi that slashed the tires?
          NO, they didn’t!
          Right Justus!!!
          Hearsay, theysay anysay but the truth that some witnessed this.

        • Justus, didn’tcha hear? HLN was the prosecutor’s best and most accurate witness & source of all things concerning this case! 🙄 Experts in BS! 😉

        • I don’t recall any witness in the first trial testifying to that. And most importantly I don’t recall anyone providing PROOF of that. If something cannot be proven, isn’t it hearsay???? 🙄

    • The doggy door theory is in the top 10 (of the hundreds) most ridiculous things that martinez tried to make believable. You guys are so right: why would Jodi go through a doggy door when she could go through the patio door?

      • or the garage door ..didn’t Jodi have the key pad password? TA prolly had a key hidden outside too..

        they can try to muddle the truth..but the truth will out!

  5. Posted from yesterday, I think it got lost
    I keep finding mention of Travis’ journals such as……..
    3/18 TA Journal entry: I’ve lost my journal, my Ipod, my diamond ring. JA says she has the ring for some reason.
    3/21 TA journal: Haven’t spoken to Mimi in a long while. Trying to play it cool.
    3/26 TA journal: Mimi didn’t call me back. Getting discouraging. Leaning towards not proceeding with her. I have 4 months left in the ward.

    3/27 TA journal: I really need more self discipline. I think Jodi moving will be good for me in a lot of ways. She is a great girl. But we are not good influences on each other. She has an uncanny ability to get under my skin. So although I’m used to having her around and I’ll most probably miss her. But I’m certain it will be good for both of us. But I need to get married and she can get in the way of that and does in fact.

    3/30 TA journal entry: about sin bringing momentary happiness but followed by misery. Moral of the story: “wickedness never was happiness.”

    4/1 JA writes goodbye note in TA’s journal.

    4/3 TA journal entry: I’m still quite lonely. Jodi keeps leaving but hasn’t left. In fact she pulled out of my driveway headed for CA this afternoon but she showed up this evening. I think she is having a hard time. But I think I’d be better off and so would she if she got out of here. Dreamt of Lisa. I miss her. I still love her.

    4/8 TA journal entry: Lost my journal and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was stolen…most of my time with Lisa was in in it.

    4/9 TA journal entry: I have much regret about Lisa right now. Messed up a good thing.

    4/10 TA journal entry: One of my most productive days for a long time. Mimi emailed and texted me a few times, complimented me on my house and on the speech I gave. TA also writes that he has been texting/emailing with Taylor and Michelle about his relationship with Lisa, his regrets, his loneliness, confusion, conflict about committing, and that he still has feelings for her.

    “I didn’t speak to Jodi for the whole day. Wow. I never thought that would happen. I loved it. No negativity, no distractions. I’m sure it was good for her too.”

    These were found on

    There is a lot more that I am not finding on Beth’s site. If anyone knows where I can find them on Beth’s site or somewhere else could you point me in that direction?

      • Looks like under Jodi’s journals volume 6’s first 19 pages are really part of Travis’ journal.
        Somebody check if you can and let me know if I am right.

    • Michelle L., what travis wrote in his journals contradicts to his actions. There is so much documented proof that shows that travis initiated contact with Jodi many times after she moved away.

      Of course it was hard for Jodi to leave: she was in love with him. Anyone that has been in love can know the feeling of separating from the person they love – especially in the beginning – it’s a back and forth thing. One foot in, one foot out. And when the person you love makes the slightest contact, all the effort put in in trying to stay away vanishes and you’re back to the square one.

      Most of all, all this takes a huge toll on the person that is in love. In this case: Jodi was suffering opposed to travis that just missed what he was used to plus what he used Jodi for: a booty call. 🙁

      • You’re right Pandora,
        It doesn’t just happen over night when you love someone.
        If you don’t love them and are just using them,
        different story.

        But, she was ready, even though her heart wasn’t, her head was.
        I think it was she was working on it and was probably pretty well
        done with him.
        She was going to date and knew he was too!

        It wasn’t AT ALL like the “family” would love to keep saying. She couldn’t have him and didn’t
        want anyone else to.
        She was well on her way!

      • Yes, I know. I just copy and pasted from a site I would not read other than I saw mention of Travis’ journals. I just wanted people to see how disturbed Travis was. He lied to himself and everyone else.
        He would never write all that was true in his journals, someone might read them. Unlike Jodi where you read her writings it’s like looking into her soul.

    • He was an unsuccessful salesman of a pyramid scheme shitty company who couldn’t even make ends meet, couldn’t afford the house and the car he owned, had to go to his friends asking for loans every now and then, yet apparently ALL he cared about and thought was important ( that’s why he wrote about it in his journals) was his sex life. That man was TOO much into his dick! 🙄

  6. Another tidbit found on Beth’s site. Dec. 2014
    Travis hired his close friend Taylor Searle to scrub his computer of porn in 2007.

    Taylor revealed this new information after he asked me about the hearing regarding the handling of Travis’s computer. I explained what happened in the 3-day hearing including that the defense computer forensic expert Bryan Neumeister testified that Travis’s Compaq Presario laptop had a lot of porn sites accessed from it, and that it had at least 19 scrubbers and many viruses on it. I also explained that the State’s expert, Perry Smith, is still conducting his analysis of the laptop.

    According to Taylor, Travis said that his roommate (or roommates) were looking at porn on his computer and Travis wanted it cleaned. (NOTE: These are not the same roommates who lived with Travis when he died. Those roommates moved into Travis’s house in 2008. Taylor did not name the roommates Travis accused.)

    Taylor spent a few days working on Travis’s computer and scrubbed it of porn. He said it was in 2007 but did not narrow the time period within that year.

    Taylor does not know if he worked on the same computer as the one seized by the police on June 10, 2008. He has not testified in either trial, and told me he has not been closely following the retrial.

    Why is this information important?

    First, if Travis was truthful with Taylor, then Travis was not the only user on the computer. Second, if this is the same computer, there is now an explanation for at least some of the scrubbers on the computer. Third, this confirms that there was porn on at least one of Travis’s computers, and that Travis knew it.

    Last year, at Arias’s first trial, it was the State’s position that the computer recovered from the house had no porn on it. As noted, it is unclear if the computer Taylor worked on is the same one in the possession of the Mesa Police Department.

    • Maybe or maybe not others put porn on Travis computer. It seems more likely that Travis wanted to break his’ habit’ and start fresh; his texts, emails, journals, GChats, indicate he has a habit of blaming others for things he doesn’t want to admit to being responsible for himself.

      One of 2 things it would be good to understand is John Hepworth’s reason for leaving in the middle of the night without telling Travis.
      The other is who wrote the religious email blasting Lisa for her indiscretions.

      • Travis seems to have quite the history of computers and porn. I do not believe it was the roommates porn……..yeah right!

        • The porn history on that computer went back to almost the day Deanna gave it to him. Nice try, Taylor ! Maybe Taylor is responsible for the 70,000 missing files or was it someone else on the ppl team?

          • 😆 I remember a picture of Taylor with a bald sweaty faced goon smiling with glee together . . .maybe it was a ppl team effort. Such a tangle web of deceit.

          • So basically it was everyone else’s fault except Travis’ when it came to porn on computers. Yeah right!! That guy must have had the worst luck ever, everywhere he went, every computer he’d touch would somehow end up with viruses and porn! Tottally believable. NOT!!!

    • And we are suppose to ‘buy’ the fact that the roommates didn’t have a computer of their own? How many of you would go watch porn on another person’s computer? Did these roommates ever get called in for questioning about this subject?

      SMH, so many mistakes made in this trial. So many things not questioned or examined as much as they should have. Unfortunately, it’s true what they say: money makes a difference when it comes to the attorney you’re going to have to defend you.

      • If I was “going to watch porn” 🙄 I definitely would not watch it on my friends or room mates computer and especially not my “Bishop’s” 🙄 computer but then again I would not be so inclined to do such a thing, unlike the LDS/Mormon members of this particular “church”. 🙄 Apparently, because it is worth lying about it, proven fact, must be an everyday past time for them. 🙄 They all seemed to believe it was acceptable for the young men but heaven help those young women who have been loose as a goose with their morals. SMH

      • During the penalty retrial, there was that bizarre testimony of Flores where he refused to recognize the voices on the tape, even though Snarky was one of the people attending when the one roommate was questioned as to whether he used TA’s computer and he said he had his own desktop in his room and did not ever use TA’s. .

  7. After listening to Part 1 of Day 1 (JSS instructing the jury), it sounds like a lot of thought and planning goes into conducting a trial or a sentencing trial. It sounds good on the surface but there’s really no way of monitoring what anyone (lawyers, police, jurors, judge, witnesses) really do or if they pay any attention to the instructions.
    One thing that bothers me the most is the jury’s deliberation at the end. Jodi’s sentencing trial took several months. The jurors had heard both sides and they knew how they wanted to vote. I believe when they began deliberations, the jurors were split 6-6 or 7-5. That’s after 4 months (or whatever) of weighing the evidence/arguments. Each of them knew what they had decided. Each had their pristine decision or conclusion. Then, they stick them in a room to allow the more forceful, persuasive, argumentative, abusive jurors to change how others vote. Within a short time (a day or two) 4 or 5 of those jurors changed their mind and went from a vote for a life in prison sentence to a sentence of death. Were they browbeaten, shamed or bullied into that decision? How does someone listen to a sentencing trial for 4 months, come to a conclusion and then change their mind after being in a room for a couple of days with 11 other people? I would call that a corrupted decision/vote. Yes, you could bring up the movie, “Twelve Angry Men,” where 1 juror convinces 11 other jurors to change their mind and vote innocent. But, that was a movie. I think in real life, people’s decisions are likely to go the other way…especially in a death qualified jury.

    • My point is that the jurors heard from lawyers and highly educated experts in various professions for 4 months and came to a decision. Then, in a couple days changed their minds because of BS like a nurse giving her opinion about cutting someone’s throat. Nurses are not trained in cutting a person’s throat. Or, the chair person allowing jurors to shout and swear at the lone holdout.

      • Coldcase53, I would have given anything to be a fly on the wall in that deliberating room. You are so correct when saying that it took less than 30 hours for 4-5 people to ‘change their minds’ on the sentence although when the deliberations started they were pro life, which I find very weird. I think that whoever it was that persuaded those people to change their mind, played on their emotions. I’m sure a lot of emotional blackmail was being tossed in there.

        • Pandora,
          Yeah, it’s like they listened to the “experts” for 4 months or so, came to a decision and then were thrown in with a bunch of amateurs (In deliberation) who changed their mind in a couple of days. This seems like a major flaw in the system. Personally, I think as soon as the lawyers are finished, each juror should submit their verdict to the judge in secret and forget about deliberations.

          • Well I thought at the time and still do, that they were made aware of the fact that they would be subject to the extreme hate and personal attacks that they would receive if they didn’t vote for death!!

    • SMH 🙂 I believe that would be “The judge’s ADMONITION” (ie a “caution” not to watch media) You had me going there 🙂
      Admonition, not Ammunition.

      I wish that the Judge had ammunition she could use to control Juan the Python. Unfortunately, she is as much of an obstacle to justice as he is 🙁

  8. I heard JSS instruct the jurors that they could use their electronic devices for things other than the case. Snarky and his Florrie tried to get juror 17 removed because she accepted a friend on Facebook,

  9. It is becoming clearer every day that Jodi Arias is the victim of an erroneous conviction.
    Juan Martinez opening statement at the retrial contained unsubstantiated statements of fact. Even when properly objected to by the defense, the Judge over-ruled, making her complicit in the States overzealous prosecution.
    From: Predicting Erroneous Convictions: A Social Science Approach to Miscarriages of Justice – Gould, Carrano, Leo (2012)

    10 Reasons for the Problem, The age and criminal history of the defendant, The punitiveness of the State, Brady violations, Forensic error, Weak defense and prosecution case, Family defense witness, Inadvertent misidentification, Lying by non-eyewitness, Tunnel vision, False confessions, Criminal Justice official error, Race, Eye witness misidentifications,

    Tunnel Vision: “When criminal justice officials focus on a suspect, select and filter the evidence that will ‘build a case’ for conviction, while ignoring the suppressing evidence that points away from guilt, they are at risk of ‘locking on’ to the wrong suspect and inadvertently leading to his continued prosecution and conviction.”

    Besides believing that Jodi’s story of guilt is built on a confabulated memory developed over years of pressure from psychologists and her attorneys and resulting in a false confession, the Tunnel Vision of the State is no less responsible for this miscarriage of justice.

    • Carol,
      This is a wonderful article ..or, I guess it’s a book. It’s 434 pages long.I downloaded the whole thing. I’ve only read 23 pages so far and I have a different understanding of Jodi’s case already. They are not just looking at the factors in wrongful convictions. They are looking for the underlying causes that lead to wrongful conviction.
      For example, they discuss what happens when there is “tunnel vision” in a case. Hello, Detective Flores. Here’s just a snippet:

      “Tunnel visions helps explain how one error often leads to additional errors in an erroneous conviction. It contributes and facilitates system breakdown because it dismantles the rigorous testing of evidence that makes the investigative and adversarial processes function effectively.”

      They also state that forensic errors occur not so much in the testing of the evidence but it occurs in the testimony in that forensic personnel sometimes put emphasis on certain parts of the forensic evidence and downplay other parts of the forensic evidence or don’t even mention it at all.
      They also mention how some states have a punitive legal culture and how that affects a case. And, they state that “poor defense lawyering” is the most common cause of a wrongful conviction.
      I’m going to try to read about 20 pages a day along with watching the retrial videos (THANKS, SJ). I might even try to get out and get some sun and fresh air once in a while.

      • CC53, it sure is compelling information…reaches right into the heart of Jodi’s case.
        One thing that hit me was: false witness testimony – I may not be phrasing that quite right – but those many people that ‘told stories about Jodi’s behavior’, that had been learned from ‘who knows who’, should never have been allowed into the trial. That it would seem to me to be hearsay and inadmissable.

        • Hi Everyone!! : )
          Again, we ask,
          How could this happen???
          I’ve been pretty busy and wasn’t able to post until today, but was getting errors,it’s happened before when the site is busy.
          Got a full day today and tomorrow too, but can’t wait to listen.
          Thanks so much for posting them!
          We’ll never give up the hope!! : )

        • hearsay
          noun: hearsay

          Information received from other people which cannot be substantiated; rumour.

          The report of another person’s words by a witness, which is usually disallowed as evidence in a court of law.

  10. Still need to watch these videos Simon, but thank you for posting them. However, with the poor conditions of the United States’s Jails in general and Sheriff Joe Arpraio’s Estrella Jail is one of the worst. How could a defendant who is facing the death penalty, life in prison, or at best, parole after 25 years not be in major depression when they enter trial? A defendant would spend years in a jail with poor conditions, not knowing what their future is going to be. Whether they are going to be free and get to see there family and friends without glass separating them? More freedom and fun in general? That would be on the defendant’s mind constantly. It’s enough drive anyone absolutely bizerk! This could so easily hinder a defendant’s ability to present themselves on the stand. Jodi did a good job considering her situation, but she could have only improved her choice of words and reduce how sad she got throughout the entire trial, if she was not facing such harsh punishments and was living in proper conditions. It reminds me of when people trim rat’s (defendants) claws before feeding them to a python (prosecutor).

  11. The Estrella Jail certainly doesn’t offer a person a chance to uplift their spirits and stay positive, Ryan.
    It has always amazed me that Jodi remained composed and could smile occasionally. Her demeanor is one of the real reasons this case interests me – she has been remarkable all things considered.

    • Jodi is an amazing and remarkable person Carol and I agree with you. I am proud she is able to hold her beautiful head up high and smile. Once you begin to peel back the layers of this “3 ring circus tragedy” Jodi becomes even more outstanding. Only an innocent person could stand up to such inhumane treatment. First by Travis Alexander abusing mouth and hands, then by the hands of the corrupt and tampering officers of the law, followed by the ridiculous tiny little prosecutor and his fairy tale of a court system in Maricopa County, Arizona what a corrupt bunch. IMO. SMH
      I believe and know one day Jodi will be FREE again and right now would be not a moment to soon in my book.
      ♥ The only way right now we can help her is see that she gets the funds she needs in her Appeals Fund to get her the BEST representation. . .she deserves nothing less!
      We All Need To Donate Every Chance We Get!!! It might be one of us or our family member next time.

  12. Of the ten worst jails in the world Carol, five of them are in America according to what I read including the Estrella Jail. I need to watch Jodi’s trial. Do you know how often Jodi was thirsted and starved for about 7 hours or so prior to trial?

    • Yes, each and every trial day up at 4-5am, hardly any food, and then maybe a bite to eat at lunch break.
      It is, and will continue to be, an inhumane place to have to be until the people of that county change the sheriff.
      No person should have to be incarcerated for 4.5 years before trial. It matters little if she supposedly agreed to extensions for the lawyers’ convenience.Certainly they should not be deprived of decent food!!

      • Someone explain to me why our Government is allowing this to happen in our country today??? Why are people not screaming from the mountain tops like you all said yesterday??? Have people become so self centered and shallow that they can not think past their own noses! What if it was one of their loved ones. The animals in our Dog Shelters receive better treatment that Arizona is dishing out! It is appalling! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?????? Grrrrrrr

        • The government thinks (perhaps not everyone though) that they are doing the right thing by minimizing spending on incarcerated inmates. It would be nice if we could get our inmates working and we could pay them at least something small like Norway does, who has the lowest recidivism rates in all of the industrialized world. Too much focus on punishment, which has been shown to not be anywhere near as productive as rehabilitation, but punishing our inmates does unfortunately make some people feel better in the United States even when the inmates are complete strangers. Thank you for commenting Carol and R.

      • I have heard before and read that the food at the Estrella Jail is expired at times. Nancy Grace sampled a lunch from their and said it was edible. Troy Hayden looked at was being made and said that the food didn’t look appetizing. Pamela Anderson recently helped out making food for a day at the Estrella Jail. I do recall reading that Sheriff Joe serves organic food. Perhaps not all organic food though because that would be really expensive. They say that your supposed to have a good breakfast before taking a test for school. Not being fed good enough before going to trial and facing the death penalty, life in prison, or at best, twenty-five years without parole. That’s inexcusable and terrible!

        • Nancy Grace would eat anything…even “Herself”, but she would find the taste of herself “Disgusting”!

  13. The quality of first video is very good indeed, sadly the other three would require me to put in my hearing aid (even though I do not use one) the reason the sound is inaudible. Both Attorney’s opening statements couldn’t be heard because they were well away from the microphone, the same with the pre-trial itself…I couldn’t hear any of the questions Attorney’s asked. Surely they should have small mics attached to their jackets or ties when these cases are being filmed by whoever is given the rights. After the first video, I was so looking forward to the other three & then total disappointment.

    But I will be back to talk about the Judges ammunition as she call them, the rules to the Jurors.

    PS. I should have noticed these were “CrimeTimeVids”…because I tried watch same on You-Tube weeks ago and I should have remembered the sound was terrible – the first time.

      • I’m having trouble getting past the “voices” of the Frog and the Pickles in the Jury instructions!!!!! I’m not sure I can stomach watching it just yet. They make my blood boil. . . .oh those voices…..

        And what is wrong with a Judge who has to have everyone else tell her what she is supposed to be doing??????? OMGoodness SMH urping……..

        • But so many things blow up in Snarky’s face it is well worth it. If you can’t bear it, you could skip him and just listen to the defence. He usually just asks the same few questions over and over and over again anyway.

          • Just past the judge’s admonishments to the jury!!
            Gee what a concept!!!
            Telling them what was lawful and what wasn’t.

            I thought there for a minute she might be talking to the
            assholes in front of her to the right of her.
            Do they have to abide by any of the laws.
            AND really now, for that long of a trial, their neibhors and friends knew they were on a jury
            but had no idea it was Jodi’s????

    • I found the sound very, very bad. Even the YouTube “closed caption” couldn’t decipher what they were saying. Martinez was especially bad “muffle, muffle, muffle” probably because he’s so short the mic couldn’t pick up what he was saying. I would pay a lot to get a transcription of the original trial and sentencing retrial.

        • Yes, Martinez is very irritating. And, in his opening, almost everything he said he must have known wasn’t true. Justus mentioned the doggy door b.s. and there was the blond hair, the color of the car (so the police wouldn’t spot her – come on), the license plate, .25 caliber gun. This is simply Martinez’s fiction…speculations and lies. None of it was proven. Then, he threw in a lot of sex stuff just to shame Jodi and portray her in a bad light. Plus, JSS constantly overruled Nurmi and allowed Martinez free rein to say whatever he wanted.

    • Gee, do you think they are screwing up the quality of the tapes on purpose so we citizens can only approximate what the information on them is? Or do they just no longer give a damn.? I am fed up with all the half-ass attitudes with which we are being forced to put accept! I noticed in Nurmi’s closing arguments it was impossible to hear him, like he didn’t want to be heard.

      Feed him to the Python! And while we are on it; I can’t begin to express my disappointment in Jennifer Wilmott. I wish she would do the right thing and go into some other line of work, like clerking at WalMart! Or maybe work in a Pet Shoppe. She could become a groomer. Presently she is positioned with the power to KILL people. And Jodi just might be her first victim!

    • Yes, dwiight, one good deed done! Clancy should be ashamed of herself.
      Clancy Talbot called Flores a day or two after the body was found to explicitly tell him Jodi was like the crazy girl in the movie ‘Fatal Attraction’. She didn’t know Jodi, had only met her, but she knew all the stories that began circulating the evening of June 9, 2008. She was rather high up in the PrePaid Legal organization and is now a very big deal in Legal Shield.

  14. Well well well, it seems that Sheriff Joe is being cornered by all sides.

    It’s not enough he royally screwed up at his trial but now his so called ‘most loyal’ chiefs are demanding for him to resign. They are too afraid to speak up though. I wonder why: maybe because they’ve seen what Arpaio is capable of doing to whoever crosses him? You can actually hear him ‘threatening’ them in the interview he did (watch video) “Get some guts, come down here and meet me face to face. Let’s see how you act then.”

    Note to Arpaio: Karma is there and she’s driving the KARMA BUS, you racist fascist. You are going down, you lousy excuse of a human. What you have done to Jodi and to so many inmates is just about to blow in your face. What you give is ultimately what you get.

    • I love it! I had to LOL when I heard that he claims that he’s pretty much hands-off regarding what his subordinates do, that he just “gives suggestions, not orders”. 🙂 It sorta has this reverse-Nuremberg ring to it, doesn’t it. Instead of “I was just following orders” it’s “I don’t give orders, just suggestions.” 🙂

      And then, like some street bully he challenges any of his critics to “come down and meet me face to face and let’s see how you act then!” He would have made a good SS officer.

      The man’s a thug! And I can only hope this is the beginning of the end for all these governmental thugs (including Martinez) who are supposed to be SERVING THE PEOPLE, NOT GOING AFTER THEM.

    • LOL! I want an artist to paint a pic or cartoon maybe of Estrella jail…with Jodi walking out, dressed nicely, smiling, holding her folded up striped attire and pink underwear on top, handing ’em off to Sheriff Joe as he is escorted in by a really mean looking guard. FREEJODI, JAILJOE…..I heard from Jodi thru the grapevine…..bless her heart….and all those who look out for her.

    • cc53, Shawna is not really very trustworthy whether she is living next to Jodi or not; hardly one to be believed about much of anything.
      Shawna is not an innocent person and Jodi is innocent.
      I despise the death penalty and hope she can have that sentence changed; however, I do not trust anything this person says about Jodi. She is just feeding a hungry mob!

      • Carol,
        I don’t know much about Shawna’s case. It was simply information. If she was critical of Jodi, I wouldn’t have posted it.

        • coldcase53:
          Check this out –

          Just a quick look and you’ll see what she was found guilty of doing.

      • I understand, my take on what she said is based on her saying she herself is innocent and Jodi is guilty.
        To compare herself to Jodi is, in all ways, a ridiculous comparison. I for one am very glad you posted it!


    It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.
    ~~~~ Aristotle Onassis

    • It sure is hard to believe that Nurmi was in any way qualified for a death penalty murder trial.

      The fact that he had absolutely no experience in even a remote way with a murder trial, probably will be the basis for ineffective counsel issue on appeal.
      Any advice he gave Jodi is questionable, IMHO.
      He never even investigated the case,.
      He just used the prosecutor’s game plan and play book; it never resulted in any gains but instead ended up with a Touch Back, and the loss of the game. Pitiful!

      • Yeah, I don’t think he ever believed her. He probably thought she was lying (like all the women in his private practice obviously do) and that she would probably be found guilty anyway so it was just his job to keep her off death row. He’s probably patting himself on the back right now and just wants to distance himself as far as he can from the little murderess.

      • Carol,
        It’s really hard to believe he was ready for a death penaty case.
        My husband said from the beginning, “he didn’t act interested”
        Kind of just sit back and relaxed.
        Myself I thought that he asked some questions of Jodi, that really didn’t need to be asked.
        He opened the door for it.
        In cross if jm cross examined, if asked that same question, couldn’t Nurmi object? But, once
        he “opened any door” it was fair game.
        That sucked.

        If there’s one thing I really hate is for a lawyer to turn on a client after the trialis over.
        That shows his true colors and I personally wouldn’t trust him to be my lawyer.
        Carol, you’re right!
        No investigation!
        What was his job,

        No patting his back for Jodi not getting the DP. Juror # 17
        was the only one that took it really seriouly!!

        • I agree, Juror 17 is the only one who was paying attention to the scam that was being presented as fact. Not sure what Nurmi was up to but his actions showed his heart wasn’t in it. The second trial yes he was better but was it too late? The damage had been done.

        • I had the same ‘gut’ reaction to Kirk Nurmi watching the trial, Aly. He was incredibly aloof, disinterested, and seemed completely uninvolved in the case.
          At least, to the public, this was the impression he gave during the trial.
          Justus makes the point that Nurmi doesn’t seem to think it is possible for a woman to be innocent when she accuses a man of doing something bad to her.

          And it appeared that way at trial between Nurmi and Jodi; at least he showed he didn’t think Jodi was innocent and that appearance was as devastating to Jodi as were all the erotic pictures and all the explicit text messages shown to the public.
          And, of course there was his despicable comment during closing that ‘9 times out of 10 days…’

          Kirk Nurmi also seemed very prudish throughout the trial; and the fact that so much of this case involved sex and explicit pictures may have been repulsive to him. The case was what it was; Nurmi should have been able to deal with it as it was; or alternatively, Judge Sherry Stevens as well as the original sitting judge, Judge Sally Duncan, should have recognized the problem and allowed him to get off the case, as he asked.

  16. Jodi’s biggest problem is that people who are mean (and there seems to be a lot of them) don’t (and maybe can’t) understand how someone who is kind might behave. Jodi got into this mess mainly because she was still trying to protect Travis and his good name, even after he had attacked her and tried to kill her. Mean people don’t get that concept because they could never love someone that much, nor would they ever sacrifice themselves to save the reputation of someone they still loved. Love is a word to them, not something they practice.

  17. Melendez sure took crap from Snarky for all his lying for his benefit and Nurmi did pull out the lies and set him up for later. Was the state still completely ignorant of the fact that they were being found out at this point or why keep up the pretense?

    • If Nurmi really exposed the lies of Melendez, it certainly didn’t resonate with the jury or with the public. Nurmi should have been reading on this site; the posts by thought provoking people, especially Jade.

      If he had, perhaps he would have done the job of proving to the jury that the pictures, time stamps et all were BOGUS; they were, after all, at the core of the State’s case and could easily have been discredited and even dismissed from the State’s box of corrupt evidence.

      But not Nurmi; he is too arrogant to accept any suggestions that didn’t come from his small mind.
      Can you imagine Stevens having to admit that the State falsified evidence!
      That would have been a show stopper for sure!

    • Well now, my goodness, seems the Maricopa County taxpayers are getting a little bit disturbed by their Sheriff’s behaviors. I was beginning to wonder when they would start waking up. WOW. . .51 Million is a big chunk of money. I still think he should take his campaign monies (5 + Million and help pay for the mess he has single handedly created, don’t you?
      Pink Undies & stale bread would be the best punishment for that Ole Buzzard.

      • Yes, R.Love,
        You’ re right, take that money pay for his mess OR
        get his pink panty self in prison for a very long time.
        Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m so sure, he would just love it.
        What an ass!

        He, flores and jaun are 3 that should be looking for another job.
        Better yet in prison in the same cell!!
        Oh, I would love that!!
        t could happen!!!!

  18. The question has been asked of me why I believe Jodi Arias is innocent; not just not guilty but actually innocent.

    There are at least 5 pieces of information that are exculpatory evidence proving innocence. Most of them are and were easily verified by the State and the Defense.
    Some of the evidence available to the State was not divulged at trial. Some was never identified by the State. None were brought up by the defense. Those pieces of evidence that were not tested and testified to, or documented create the perception that the State thought them to be exculpatory or the State would have presented them in court as a part of their case in chief.

    The biggest problem in this case involves medical forensics and/or the lack of medical forensics and the incomplete testimony of the Medical Examiner, Dr. Horn.
    The defense attorneys should have questioned Dr. Horn’s testimony vigorously, but the defense attorneys did not question his testimony at all.

    1. No injuries on Jodi Arias at police headquarters or at her interrogation is exculpatory.
    Before the interrogation in Yreka in July took place, Jodi went to the police department in Mesa on 6/17/08 and offered to give her saliva DNA.
    This was only 8 days after the corpse had been found, 13 days after the vicious murder.
    At that time she was already a suspect and it is only logical to believe that the police would be looking at everyone they interviewed for signs of having been in a fight.
    If there had been bruises and/or cuts and/or scars they would have been visible and noted by the police; it was the time for summer clothing. The police noted no such injuries on JA’s body; therefore the only presumption that can be made is that there were no cuts/bruises/scars on JA’s body to note make a note of!

    2. No fingerprints at the crime scene identified as Jodi Arias’ fingerprints is exculpatory evidence.

    If JA had been at the victim’s home it would be incredulous for her not to leave a single, identifiable fingerprint anywhere in the house. Surely on a wall, bathroom counter, toilet seat, doorknob, door, there would be a fingerprint. Since no fingerprints were identified at trial belonging to JA the indication is that there were no fingerprints identifiable as belonging to JA.

    3. No blood DNA at the crime scene identified as Jodi Arias’ DNA is exculpatory.
    Since no blood that was tested and identified as belonging to JA through DNA testing, it has to be assumed there was no blood DNA found. It is IMPOSSIBLE that having sex several times, being there for hours, going upstairs and downstairs, putting knives in a dishwasher, and so on (according to the State’s scenario) that JA did not leave one single piece of DNA identifiable evidence anywhere. Not identifying one, single, actual, piece of DNA evidence at trial, as a part of the State’s case, indicates there were no such fingerprints, making it strongly exculpatory evidence.

    4. Date of death – not stated by the ME is exculpatory.
    If the State didn’t disclose this information, that is the estimated date of death of the deceased, it must have been a different day than June 4, 2008. Otherwise the State would have used that information in their case in chief, and have the ME, Dr. Horn testify to that information. They used bogus pictures to indicate the date of death instead; and, although not questioned by the Defense, these pictures can still be shown to be false evidence.

    5. Fingernail clippings – taken at autopsy but not examined for DNA; or, the finding did not include JA’s DNA is exculpatory evidence.
    If the fingernail clippings were preserved for future testing they should have been tested, and they probably were tested. The fact that this piece of evidence wasn’t presented in court indicates the results of such testing did not relate in any way to JA’s DNA.
    There was an attack on the deceased and there were indications that he tried to defend himself, as he had defensive wounds to his hands. It is highly unlikely that he didn’t grab or scratch his assailant. That person’s DNA would be under his fingernails. Had the DNA matched JA’s DNA, that information would most certainly be used at trial in the State’s case in chief. Not doing so is an indication that it is exculpatory evidence.

    • Great work Carol 🙂 and very good arguments about the evidence or better the lack of and you are right all those points and lack of evidence is exculpatory evidence in support of Jodi’s innocence…the thing I can’t make work on this is the fact that Jodi keeps taking responsibility for the killing even to the point of stating at her sentencing that her memories are returning and remembered the knife going into Travis’ throat…these two scenarios – one where she is completely innocent of the killing and one where she was forced to kill him in order to defend her own life which by the way in my mind is also a complete innocence bc defending your own life is not a crime…but I keep straddling the fence and can see both sides…perhaps her new appellate team will take it upon themselves to go back and look at those items you mention such as the fingernail clippings, and the forensics…I agree that the physical evidence or lack thereof was the biggest factor in this case that was not properly analyzed by the defense…don’t know whether it was a lack of money or just plain incompetence on their part…thank you for your great insight on these things it makes one stop and think, doesn’t it..

  19. The time of an “unwitnessed” death is very difficult to determine with any precision, and at best is an estimate based not only on autopsy findings but also on investigative information. I consider estimation of time of death to be an interpretive finding rather than a factual statement, and it is not this office’s practice to include this estimate as part of any autopsy report. John E. Meyer, M.D., Boulder County Coroner. -JonBenet Ramsey’s coroner
    That’s why I made a comment about reading the indictment The indictment provided Jodi’s defense with speculative evidence. Enough evidence to scare Jodi’s lawyers into telling her that if Jodi continued to trial, continuing to point the finger elsewhere, that she would be perceived as cold-blooded and probably executed. The pros may have feigned all their evidence, but Jodi chose to go self-defense. You say and a few others “confabulation”. Your have that right. I say Jodi decided to own it. It was made apparent to the pros that Jodi was going to use self-defense and that was that. The pros didn’t have to refute shit. Jodi’s defense was coldcocked by horn and flores. That’s it. You say Jodi was ptsd -ross-BPD to the point of being a zombie. I say Jodi laid as much on the line as she could bear, AND had more than one opportunity during pro-se to drop the self-defense all together. But Jodi pushed on. And Jodi pro-se’d the computer forensics to blast the frog and it’s at least on record. Now that Jodi had the opportunity to say at sentencing she remembered the knife, you all say, but she didn’t say she killed ta straight out, well that’s your desire to have a different interpretation. I believe Jodi had garnered the strength to say it out loud and didn’t want to sit on it forever or until an appeal. That’s my take You’ll not beat the frog, 35+ years of practice, and how many defendants successfully defended themselves in their own behalf on the stand against frog, ZERO
    Like you said Carol Handy No chance with self defense. I can only continue to pray that prayer will garner some correcting Mercy!

      • johnm,
        Why did you not believe Jodi until “self defense “”?
        She was in jail over 2 years, knowing Jodi’s words and the way she speaks tells me she would have said so in the beginning.

        Also, I believed her in flores’s interrogation.
        Of course he lied we know that, but to tell her when she said her pants weren’t like the ones in the picture that he had to entance it? That was tamppering with evidence, if he did that.
        He said he did, so that was very much tampering with evidence and just ONE more lie in these

        But, a few really believed her and have said why, there’s some that believe just like you.
        You have your reasons to believe exactly like you do and there’s no problem.
        You said you believed her self defense.

        I’m just curious, not being combative, no one here is, but did you believe her in the interrogation?
        And, not arguing, If you didn’t some did. I was surprised to hear self defense. Not that he wouldn’t have deserved it. He was a very abusive man, just like jaun and others abused her and insulted her.

        That’s their job. Tear her down. Not feed her right and have everythIng she needed for those trials and feel normal was also abusive.
        If your mind can be brain washed and at this point we know she was, then tear her down, make her weak and they are able to do the same thing ta did,

        • I came to hear the flores interrogations like most everyone, during the trial that Jodi had already plead self-defense. I saw Jodi in those tapes as caught in the headlights. When a person is interrogated and trapped and completely vulnerable with no possible support, they are going to deflect the pain they are experiencing. I think Jodi made up the intruders.
          My first inclination is to say Jodi was protecting her fragile psyche by buffering herself from the onslaught of flores’ assailing. Just like when Casey Anthony took the detectives to where she said she was working as an event planner at Universal Studios Florida and dragged them around an office and then admitted she didn’t work there. It’s self-preservation.
          Jodi just didn’t have the strength right then and there with flores, to own up to self-defense. When you read the indictment, flores says Jodi called twice before the teams had really started the scene investigation. I say scene because self-defense is not a crime. Most homicides are domestic, so with the friends and roommates saying Jodi, that was a tunnel vision red flag for flores.
          In my heart, I wish you and all were right, and that someone else did it, because there is NO evidence that is a seriously smoking gun,but Jodi’s defense team made a mistake attempting to plea to M2. frog knew he had Jodi right where he wanted her ,at that point.
          If horn and flores didn’t lie their asses off, and frog didn’t misconduct the computer evidence, and pickles didn’t kiss frog’s ass all day every day, and if the jury wasn’t a selection of the sadists that 6-times elected joe sheriff, and there had been a defense coroner and Jodi had a high paid lawyer that wouldn’t have taken frog and pickles shit then I think Jodi could have been the second one to whip frog’s ass, and it may still happen.
          Every time I think of Jodi and how she stays SO strong in public and SO upbeat and respectful in her demeanor, I know in my heart Jodi is innocent of murder. People that deliberatly murder, slip with scorn, everytime. Jodi is innoccent, and if I die before she’s free, I’ll be directly petitioning the Lord with any of the goodness I may have in my bank of good deeds fulfilled.

          • Thanks
            I appreciate the explaination, johnm,
            I really do believe there was so much bs on the prosecutors side and their shenanigans that I believe their misconduct pulled them away from finding truth so they lied about everything.
            So anything that they say is nothing that I can believe.
            Same with the witnesses, like Sky watching the trial on TV and calling when she thought there were mistakes. So many times there was a reason for mistrial, and I believe if
            she did it, of course it was self defense, but why try by lying and coverups and never really proving anything.

            I’ve really tried to see how any of it can be true about self defense. I know she said it, but it’s been really hard to see any evidense and so many times they’re tired and they are worn down. I do believe that lying to get truth is an oxymoron. : )

            I believe there are so many that fear the after life and that has a lot to do with how you feel for Jodi, am I right?
            I understand that too!
            I can tell by the last sentence! : )
            That’s ok too.
            WOW!! we all have so many ways of seeing things and the Lord knew that because
            he didn’t intend for us to be sheep.
            He gave us a different kind of brain.

            I’m like Carol and really just a very few others that are having a very jard time believing someone esle didn’t do it.
            This in no way is as big, but when I was growing up, I had 3 sisters and 1 brother.
            I never wanted them to get into trouble so IF I cound get BY wih it, I would try and take the blame.
            But, they were the same way.
            We all protected each other in that way.

            I know this is not on the same scale at all, but I can see someone saying something to protect anyone they love. Right or wrong, that’s how we were.
            So I guess I can see something like that happening.

            Jodi was upset in the interrogation and when crying, she said while she was by herself, I’m not a murderer.

            • You know Aly, I try to think the same way you picture things, and I can see it. It’s not a stretch for me. I’ve always wondered how one little bit of information could totally change everything we all see. That’s why everyone here is SO valuable, everyone! I could start naming names of all the brilliance and dedication and devoted sleuthing, but it’s every single person starting with the SJ. He has the vision, and so do we all.. I’ve wondered why am I immersed in Jodi’s injustice. We know that many are victims of injustice, but Jodi’s injustice is clear to me. I’ll help as best I can, until it’s successfully concluded.

              • You got it johnm! : )
                I have no doubt that you’ve helped MORE than you will ever know!
                You are really special and you’re right, we’re going to hang in there until it’s
                successfully concluded.
                Way too many victims of injustice and like you said we’ve seen Jodi’s
                loud and clear and we’re going to hang in there until it is concluded and maybe through Jodi’s very open injustice, we’ll see her’s start to change other
                unlawful persons in law, be getting jobs other than the ones that they don’t deserve.
                They can’t be trusted!


    Proverbs 24:20 for the evil man has no future; the lamp of the wicked will be put out.

    Proverbs 24:14 Know that wisdom is such to your soul; if you find it, there will be a future, and your hope will not be cut off.

    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

  21. In your spare time today, why not send Jodi a letter of Love and let her know we are out here fighting for her freedom. It only takes a few minutes and it will give her the uplifting feeling of our Love. ♥

  22. I have vomitted my way through a thousand posts on one of the talking dildo websites. I had to virtually laugh out loud at how these clueless posters twisted themselves into a crazed frenzy trying to see the female Eileen Wuornos at work in the dragging photo.

    These are people who would crawl over two miles of cut glass just to get close enough to smell the tire tracks of the car somebody who had definitive proof that Jodi butchered their idol was riding in. And they couldn’t see what the Mexican prick told them was as evident as the dead body in the blue bag or the riots in Baltimore.

    And this meritless so-called smoking gun garbage was allowed to be passed off as the unmitigated proof that met every guideline of beyond a reasonable doubt. Every one of those Goddamned jurors except one should be deported. They have brains the size of a raisin.

    And make no mistake if these pictures were debunked, there was nothing else that held the case together except Jodi’s own words and she was on the stand infinitely too long, talking about things that she shouldn’t remotely have been asked questions about.

    Here are the actual quotes of some of the “definitive proof” that everybody was to plainly see according to their Latino Hitler ……. and this was the only alleged visual even linking Jodi to the scene.

    I’m confused as to what was going on with the dragging photo. Even when they were explaining it.

    I think the dark round bit at the top is part of a head with the large bit on the right being an arm going up towards the head. Other than that I have no idea.

    I can’t understand what is going on in that picture either. thanks for the screencap though!!!

    I think so. I think the ME said that he thought that blood was from the neck wound so he’s lying on his back. There’s a foot somewhere near the arm but I’ve stared for ages and can’t see it.

    It looks like we are looking right at his neck wound, from below, seeing the underside of his chin. And that”s her foot, as she is standing pulling him somehow. That’s what I see but I tend to see disturbing things.

    Isn’t the foot on the bottom right, that thing sticking out? Looks like toes.

    I thought that was floor tile. The more I look, the less it makes sense

    … but instead of where I thought there was a foot, that is his forearm. There’s also a weird tiny foot to the right which I guess is because either the camera or he is at some weird angle. Like depth perception or something.

    …And by that little footprint that is in that picture in blood, you can tell that it’s small and most likely a female foot.

    How does she accidentally snap a picture while she’s dragging him?

    Anyone else think this looks like maybe his hands are tied together in the front?

    I can’t make out dick in any version of that pic.

    …The blood is pooling on the sheet, under his right shoulder. The brightly lit background on the far right is the sheet (or some other bedding). this is what he is being dragged with. His arm is bent in front of his supine body, and likely resting on his abdomen; it defies gravity unless his hands are tied.

    It does look raised. His head is raised too. rigor mortis maybe?

    No way could be rigor Mortis. Maybe…he’s still alive and trying to defend himself?

    The dragging shot looks like a shot of her small waist to me instead of a pant leg. It looks like she is in a kinda crouched postition.

    I get the head and arm part, but I’m not seeing the shoe. Like, at all.

    I am so so so so so confused by the hallway picture.

    Do you guys think it is a foot off to the right? even lightening it up didnt clarify it for me. Looks like blood to me.

    All I see is a dark spot.

    This rendering picture does not account how Jodi’s leg and foot could be in the shot. In the court picture, if it was truly a foot, the shot would have to had been taken from a standing, or almost standing position to make the foot look so small and far away and that doesn’t account how the bottom of her pants would be in the shot if the view is from above.

    Medium range would be travis on the floor on his back arm up either defending or tied together. In the distance would be Travis’ foot. There are certain versions I can see of the picture that it looks so clear, and there are others that I couldn’t tell you if that was even a person in the picture.

    I don’t understand how anyone can think that’s blood. You can see light coming through his big and middle toe, and you can see the outline of the toes. It’s a foot.

    Ok now i understand the pic!! – so is that travis’ shoulders and the back of his head?

    I think he was still alive in the pic ………… I do too. And that is not a foot.

    I’m glad I’m not on adderall at the moment because I probably would have written a book by now about everything I think I see.

    Oh god you might be right – like her foot hit the camera stepping back right after she slit his throat and he fell backwards.

    It doesn’t look like he’s being dragged. Jodi is standing up straight in that picture (I’m guessing bc the rest of her is not in frame). I think she’s standing over a dying Travis.

    Dude… it’s totally a foot. both are.

    But if it’s above her then who was camera? Was she holding it with her left hand or was it falling?

    I see the picture a little different. I see Jodi’s back towards the camera as she is kneeling down. I think the picture was taken right in the middle of them fighting. She was over him stabbing and he using his hands to deflect the blows. Probably dropped the camera right then and it snapped the picture.

    The “toe hanging off the side” is actually a shadow created by his foot against the tile.

    It just looks too tiny to be a foot. i could see maybe a shadow of the foot, but the way the picture was taken, if that is a foot it would seem like he was a super tall person for it to look that small. does that make sense? it makes sense in my silly head.

    I think he was super white. Not sure it’s a sheet. ETA: Unless the blood is pooling on the sheet? I thought maybe the large bloody area below the dripping blood was from dragging.

    I seriously want to see what you guys are seeing, so this is a serious question; is he is being dragged in this pic, where is the dragger? And I’m not seeing a sheet?


    Nurmi should get on his knees and beg the appeals judges to find him ineffective counsel–in fact both of them should. Ineffective doesn’t even begin to describe it. He was a Trojan Horse and Jodi had to ride that horse all the way to Perryville.

      • Sandra, I believe you are right more times than you are ever wrong.

        Jade great job and loved: “They have brains the size of a raisin.” Ditto that!

        Justus, yep, Reasonable Doubt even among them!
        They just haven’t realized what they have stated. 😆

        • Bless you, R. Love……I knew we’d reconcile at some point, ha! I say, if you haven’t gotten in a fight with me online at one point or another, then you are no supporter of Jodi’s …ha! I say ha way too much though…it’s like a tourettes’ tic or something….h….

    • Great Post, as always, Justus!
      It doesn’t seem that anyone understood those pictures, Justus, and it makes one wonder if the jurors understood them either. It is doubtful that they did.

      The appellate attorney assigned to this case must realize that those pictures are the basis of the State’s case, that these pictures are not as described by the prosecutor, that these pictures should never have been put into evidence, that Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott never even looked closely enough at them to realize they were ‘bogus’, and that Judge Sherry Stevens ignored her responsibility to keep out such pictures.

      The detective used them to ‘get a confession’ out of Jodi during interrogation.
      The prosecutor used them to ‘insinuate’ the day Travis died and tie Jodi to the crime.
      The jury used them to convict an innocent girl of murder in the first degree.
      Where were the defense attorneys? Asleep?

    • Whoops! I meant to applaud Jade for this post!
      Actually I appreciate both of you – Jade and Justus – you both have clarified many things about this case!

  23. I believe Jodi told the truth. She did hint at knowing she killed TA during the trial when she said TA kept coming and coming at her and wouldn’t stop. She also testified that later she knew she had killed him. I was surprised that JM didn’t jump all over this. Possibly she was not allowed to testify on everything she remembered due to her memory being fuzzy. Whatever her defense was, with the judge and jury she had it would not have made any difference. One thing I have learned over the years is that people hate the truth. They have their own ideas about reality. I’m glad Jodi finally told the truth. It needed to be told. If she had told it from the beginning it would have been a different case.

  24. The case does await a thorough investigation by a team of real detectives. TA’s life needs an investigation. I’m sure that guy had secrets even Jodi didn’t know about. Too bad the the trial must be very cold by now. Our speculation isn’t worth much. Amanda Knox got help from retired FBI and others who showed what a lame case they had against her. JA needs some help like that.

  25. Just like you get 33 different interpretations of that one photo, none of these folks seem to be able to agree on what actually happened in that bathroom. Few of them even agree with Juan’s version. In a sane world that would be called “reasonable doubt”.

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