Retrial of penalty phase set for March 17th

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A date for the retry of the penalty phase (and Jury selection) has now been set for March 17th.

Click here for further details via AZ Central.


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  1. Jodi, I hope and pray for you everyday. I feel someone somehow will properly help you. The only part of Arizona’s shtty laws that are helpful is the continued potential for the right people to come forward to help you. You need someone to refuse to cow down. That is what was missing from your defense. A lawyer that would be able to block the manipulations, and refuse at every juncture to move forward without taking the judge and kermit to the carpet. This is what your trial is and was. A respected experienced attorney would handle kermit AND pickles. They would refuse to allow every sentence spoken to be a manipulation. A great lawyer would bog this down and find a way to publicly exploit the shtty prosecution. As national as this case is someone MUST want to get a better defense of Jodi.

    • Interesting that they would think that putting a countdown clock on the site is appropriate BUT then again only in the state of AZ! Geeeeezzzz UGH!

      • Yep, the countdown clock is in very bad taste. Just shows how twisted the mind behind “azfamily” is. At least George posted some positive, supportive comments via Facebook.

  2. Anybody else nervous, stressed, sad, depressed even now that we know the exact date the retrial?
    Coz I know I sure am! Also, somehow I find myself more worried now that Pickles denied the motion to ban live coverage of the new trial. I’m terrified that Martinez will go wild and the whole courtroom will reek of Prosecutorial Misconduct. If Kermit had NO hesitations, no moral boundaries to twist and turn facts, to attack witnesses, to throw evidence on the floor, to LIE when he knew there were cameras in that courtroom can you imagine to what lengths he will go now that there will be none? I shudder to even think about it!

      • You got me worried there for a second when you said “denied the motion” 😀 At first I thought that Pickles reversed her first decision to ban it.
        Yes, I feel a little nervous, but I also feel very confident the new jury will NOT vote for the DP, at least unanimously. It’s be either a hung jury or they will agree against the DP. Jodi has no prior criminal history, she is not violent, always willing to help her fellow inmates (and they like her back) and there’s a lot of other mitigating factors that militate against the DP.

    • I thought that you, or someone else, said a while back that there will be a video record of the retrial available to us after it’s over.

      • That was me. It was in Stephens’ ruling that there would be FTR discs available to the media after the verdict. (FTR, I believe, means “For The Record” – but I can be wrong. I do recall there being a time when proceedings were delayed and Stephens explained that the FTR system was down and they were waiting for a reboot.)

    • Embarrassment!!!! Heavens would we want Martinez to be embarrassed? No it should have never gone to trial! They are trying the wrong person for Travis’s death! I believe the true murderers are still walking among the AZ people and smiling as they count their money!! There has to be something in the water in that state, they are blind to justice!!!!!

  3. Just read that Travis Alexander bought a gun in Riverside on his 24th birthday.
    Just thought it was interesting!

    Gee, Dave Hall thought Travis never owned a gun! You wouldn’t tell a lie would you?

    Let’s all be honest.

      • It was on a blog site who posts to MPG. I do believe the fact can be proved. Someone had looked it up on the records where you buy firearms in CA. It was in Riverside California. Not really sure if I would be allowed to give the blog site here or not.

    • You know, there should be a record of that – in California he would have had to have a permit, register the weapon.

      I just don’t know anyone who’d know how to access the record.

      I always assumed it was a gun that Travis carried out of his rocky childhood situation.

      • I don’t believe that gun register lists are available to the general public, only to law enforcement. So is the person that provided the proof a law enforcement officer of some sort? Can we know the blog site or is this not allowed ?

      • I have often wondered if Travis might have inherited the gun from his mother who died around 2003 and who had once emptied a gun into Travis’ dad’s car. Isn’t the Saturday Night Special often considered a woman’s gun?

  4. The felony charges are a joke, first it was grandpa’s gun. Then Travis’s gun. Then the Prosecutor had an expert on the stand ,CLAIM they couldn’t compare bullet to the WEAPON BECAUSE NO WEAPON WAS FOUND.So which one is it? MR. MARTINEZ??
    Also, does anyone know how well Clancy Talbot knew Travis, and Burns??
    Clancy was the one who called police, bc Burns told her when Jodi left on the 3rd but was days late? CLANCY also said Jodi was acting strangely at the PPL meeting.
    Just find a lot of MORMONS saying things that are almost ” scripted .”
    Another thing that is bothering me is the HUGHES , telling that story about how they were talking with TRAVIS in the bedroom and there OUTSIDE the door , (the newest version ) “had chills up her neck ” and said she ‘s out there , she is listening!!! They open the door and JODI had the look of the devil in her scary ,black eyes! (LOL,SORRY) but seriously …..LET’S BREAK THAT DOWN INTO LAYMAN TERMS.
    Sky and Chris had Travis in their own bedroom late at night ALONE , Talking shit about Jodi ,behind her back. AND GOT CAUGHT !!! And they found her behavior ODD ,her response scary ,and EVIL!?????
    That’s being two faced isn’t it??? THEY SHOULD FEEL PARTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR TA’s death.
    They made TRAVIS QUESTION HIMSELF And wanted to please THEM so much. I also Believe Jodi was shocked and hurt bc of them. AT ONE POINT SHE WAS VERY CLOSE TO SKY. (Jealous WITCH ) =)
    I ALSO BELIEVE THAT THE LAST COMMUNICATIONS TA HAD WAS WITH THE HUGHES. THEY claimed to have called TA AFTER he missed calls, and ” KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG IN CANCUN” ///// IN CANCUN (cover-up) ?? Why WOULDN’T they send someone over ?? Why Did the HUGHES GO THROUGH TA’s EMAILS?? Was that Sky ?? Oh noo …it must have been about PPL (right??) IF THERE WE’RE 2 intruders , who would want to save the Mormon soul of a loved ” brother” only could be done in that cult by( BLOOD ATONEMENT) //// deep stab wounds, then shallow ones??
    Madeline ,CT

  5. Maria, thank you for posting the link to the spotlightonlaw article by Amanda Chen and Rob Roman on the previous page.

    The article says: “…..maybe it’s time for Juan to actually prove something, because this is a Capital murder case.” That was my favorite bit.

    It also reminded me that Jodi had a very practical reason for going to TA’s at the last minute instead of pressing on to Utah from Pasadena. It was almost ten o’clock at night, and TA’s house was HALF the distance. She had been driving ALL DAY and knew she would need to nap at some point. But her phone was low on power. Sleeping in her car in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere was a dangerous scenario and she knew it. Supporting this is her claim that she wanted to sleep when she arrived at TA’s. They went to sleep almost immediately, and no one ever challenged that.

  6. When SJ started the replays on the 2nd, I kinda got hooked again. AND found that, as short as the trial days actually were, it wasn’t difficult to fit 2-3 trial days into a day (when I’m actually getting lots of other stuff done…. as opposed to getting practically nothing done when I was glued to the actual trial!)

    Today I got thru day 20, the day Jodi finished direct testimony…. trying to decide whether I’m up for watching Martinez’ assault on her tomorrow.

    Anyway, so many tidbits jumped at me along the way, so many things I missed before, that I found myself lamenting, yet again, that the jury was not able to watch things again – and again and again, as many of us have.

    Two noteworthy points I picked up:

    Nurmi actually asked Mesa PD detective Larry Gladysh about Ashley and Dustin. It didn’t go anywhere, because Gladysh and Flores drink the same koolaid, I guess. But if I heard that question before, it didn’t mean anything to me at the time.

    And remember the story Jodi told about the drunk chick falling all over Travis at the PPL convention in OK City? Jodi was so upset she hid in the bathroom for half an hour? Travis and Jodi referred to that situation on the sex tape, when they were talking about Abe. And Travis said the woman’s name. Turns out the drunk chick was Clancy Talbot – the gal that turned up on HLN two or three days a week, shilling money for Samantha and Tanisha.

  7. Also I wish that someone could further investigate the supposed arrest record of Travis Alexander so we could know for sure if it was him or his brother that was arrested. This is very confusing. From what I read the case wound its way through the court under Travis Alexander’s name. So my question is how does this happen when the brother had a previous record and law enforcement would have obviously figured this out as soon as they took his fingerprints and would have matched the prints to him and not Travis. How does this case continue on through the coursts as a case against Travis Alexander? Makes you wonder.

    • I think to this day we have NO reliable evidence that it was Travis’s doped up brother and not Travis himself who got arrested for shoplifting and PUNCHING (violence) a security guard in the face!
      I think Travis’s brother took the blame to keep Travis’s criminal record clean. I am a bit reticent to take the word of a drug fiend! I need the booking photos to be convinced!

      Also Travis’s inbred sister, Samantha, works for law enforcement! I’m sure Travis asked her for a favor and she helped keep this switcharoo under wraps. Sinse Travis’s brother had hit rock bottom long before this accident and Travis was more or less on the up and up, Travis decided to ask his brother to take the fall, sinse one more conviction wouldn’t make a whole lot of difference for him anyway.

      • ***I meant “incident”, not “accident”, sorry.
        Anyway, the long and the short of it: I think Travis did it! He shoplifted some stuff and when he was nabbed, he punched the security guard in the face to get away.

  8. I would like to take a moment to clarify something with NON supporters:

    Stop wasting your time writing comments that will never get approved. Although you think you are amusing, truth is we have seen and read it all. Your comments don’t differ from the ones that have been banned in the past. Nothing you write can shock us.

    It’s beyond me why you think coming to our site and spewing your vitriol is going to change anything? Do you think we are not aware of the hate out there? We are not interested in your hatred. This site is for Jodi Arias supporters ONLY. There are plenty of other sites that you can visit and be among your own: knuckle-dragging haters!

    I have ZERO tolerance for people who think they are smart enough to come to our site and mock Jodi, her family and her supporters. Haters will be banned and will be receiving our complimentary gift: the blank page of ADIOS AMIGO!

    Even if you manage to get through by posting fake supportive comments, the moment you post something shabby and loathsome about Jodi, her family and her supporters, it will be a matter of minutes until it is taken down and you are banned. Your excitement will last just for a split second. Then what? Back to your boring, miserable life.I suggest you get a hobby: knitting socks isn’t that bad.


  9. I have lost belief in the legal system. Being a Jodi supporter has opened my eyes. Then, I needed to get an attorney a few months ago. I am the client. I have been treated abusively by my own attorney. Today, I find out he made procedural mistakes which will effect my outcome negatively. I am the client, needed help, and will end up with a bigger problem because of my attorneys procedural mistakes. Where is the justice?
    I can’t nearly imagine what Jodi is going through. It is so much worse than my problems. I only have a small idea of what Jodi is dealing with, but it is Hell.

    • So sad Marianne. But so true! It seems that the attorneys and judges all are in a special club who spend most of their time covering each others mistakes. Where are the good old days where you could trust a person to just do their job and have pride in their service to others?

    • You need to be proactive when you hire a lawyer. I found out the hard way 10k later. Mine was as contract dispute w landlord of my business and if I had taken the time to educate myself, which I did after receiving bill, you can save yourself the headache. I actually went Pro Se after terminating my lawyer (who was my BIL) and won. He was giving me a discount! Charged me when woman I was suing called him to argue with him! Charged me for the time he takes to read an email…. I get it but if I had taken the time to do a little research I’d be 10k richer. I know all cases ( criminal civil etc ) are different but I’ve learned now to ask questions & be apart of any legal action. Good luck

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