Retrial, Day #8 + A Message from Bill & Sandy Arias

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Today @ 1.30 pm it’s the defense & state only, carrying on their discussions from yesterday. The jurors return tomorrow (Wednesday) @ 10.30 am. Whether we’ll be any wiser at that time remains to be seen.

In the meantime, check out the video message below from Jodi’s parents, Bill & Sandy Arias:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Never question it.

Never doubt it.

The pedo-huggers had better start getting used to it.

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Team Jodi

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



    • Love to #3 Vicky too! 😀 Love to Bill and Sandy Also! ♥♥♥
      No we will never stop our fight for Jodi’s FREEDOM!! This was just another tiny bump in the road to victory!! We will continue on this winding road to freedom all the time realizing it is an uphill climb! The injustices that Jodi Arias has been subjected to is beyond ridiculous and if Arizona continues to want a circus than a circus is what we will see. We will see lions, tigers, bears, CLOWNS and A FROG and ALL! BUT never doubt for one minute that we will support Jodi through every winding turn that she has to take to receive her FREEDOM! We will continue until the people who have lied, and concealed the truth about Travis Alexander’s death are put in prison! Locked up and the keys thrown away! This can not continue to happen in the United States of America! ARIZONA YOU ARE AN EMBARRASEMENT TO OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM! ((((((JODI ARIAS))))) We Love & Support You! ♥♥♥

  1. Hi, beautiful & emotional video, was nice to see her parents. I would like to say to them “Yes, I will most certainly help & do all that I can every week”. I cant imagine the hardship not only for Jodi living in the barbaric conditions of where she is, but also the hardship of her family, between knowing what she’s going through, & having to struggle to make ends meet to assist in the support of their daughter, something I believe every single parent in this world would commit too. . Much love & prayers to Jodi.

  2. Bill and Sandy are incredible people! So down to earth and so respectful.

    I have had the honor of chatting with Bill Arias and he is such a nice, sweet man. He has a heart of gold!

    These people are the kind of friends we all dream of having! They love their daughter and it’s sad that bad things happen to good people. The whole Arias family has been through hell. Jodi is paying the price for defending her life from an abuser and her family is paying the price of a corrupt judicial system. Isn’t that ironic?

    I wish the best to Jodi and her family. They deserve to get a break.

    (((((Bill & Sandy)))) ♥
    ((((Jodi)))) ♥
    ((((Arias family)))) ♥

  3. Dear Bill and Sandy Arias, ….I will try to make this comment shorter than most that I have been privileged to post about the absolute & total innocence of Jodi Ann Arias, as I sometimes refer to her as Mademoiselle, & that her Guardian Angel is St Joan of Arc, (that other woman) …who was also convicted in an unjust (political/religious) court system of war-torn France in the 100 Year War, by the English invaders and their French political/religious supporters .
    …I do believe that Jodi fell into a FUGUE state of consciousness & she truly believed, that what she told investigators during her inquisition, was her recollection of the truth & she tried to GET THEM TO HELP HER fill in her missing recollection. …For police & prosecutors to call it “THE FOG” is a bastardization of the words “the FUGUE state” in order to trick the public into believing that it is “A JOKE EXCUSE”. …That is what police do. …That is what prosecutors do to trick jurors, but only if the judge is snookered first. …Judges usually don’t let the prosecutor orchestrate the courtroom into tricks & deception.

    …Even men in wartime who fight through a barrage of artillery gun fire to drag injured comrades to safety often DO NOT REMEMBER exactly how they did it. …Three of my uncles were in the army in World War 2, and I remember (about 1948 when I was about age7) one saying about his medals: yea, and that and a dime will get you a cup of coffee. …My Mother used to tell me “don’t ask about the war”. …One uncle I think, was on a ship in the Pacific & I think it got hit and he was in a mental hospital for near 10 years, & then got discharged with mental disability. …He enjoyed his disability money , bought a new car & gave it to a girlfriend, & gambled the $$ away. …My aunt used to (lovingly say): yea, Frank, if he had a dime in his pocket he would borrow $1.90 cents & walk to the racetrack to make a $2 bet. …Another aunt of mine worked early in the war, on a passenger ship, the Del Sud, that was ((torpedoed, I think)) on voyages to Rio de Janeiro & she was in the water. …She continued working after the war on another ship, same route, the Del Norte (if I spelled it correctly) for another 25 years.

    …The jury was tricked into believing that Jodi lies about everything. …I do not believe that. …But even if it was true, Kirk Nurmi said it best (paraphrasing): …telling untruths is not a capitol offense in America. …And, I said it many times that the only reason she traveled back to Mesa is because she felt obligated to him because she still owed him $$$ money for his old car that he tricked her into buying. …And, that made sense (to probably talk with him) if his legal company could probably file a lawsuit against the company that rented her the vehicle that towed her car that got destroyed in the move out of Arizona months earlier.
    …. …I guess I went overboard in the length of this comment. …But, I totally support the innocence of Jodi & the efforts of her entire family to achieve her exoneration, & release for time served, asap.
    …I could NOT use WLOPEZ as a username because it was taken, so I added the 4JAA suffix.

    ……… or, my Memorial to my pet cat:

    • Just a slight correction to my above comment of something I miss-remembered from over 60 years ago. …I mentioned above that an aunt (my God Mother) worked on the SS Del Sud & got torpedoed, but I just looked it up on Google & that named ship seemed to not have sailed till about 1947. …So, I got the name wrong. …But she talked so much about the SS Del Sud & SS Del Norte that she worked on. …Must have been another ship she worked on during ww2 that got hit. …Google just corrected my 60+ years of my miss-remembering some conversations. …But what I said in my comment above was absolutely the truth, until I found out (from Google) that I was mistaken. ..That is how an incorrect remembering can be truthful even though it is incorrect. …Such as things told or miss-remembered by Jodi. …She was truthful.

      • WLOPEZ4JAA, every word you write is appreciated and valuable. Your posts have been very informative.
        I agree with you about the fugue state. Even in mundane, ordinary circumstances one’s memory can be affected by stressors. I once went to a concert where the anxiety and fear from being seated so incredibly high up in the stadium, interfered so much with my experience that I can hardly remember much of the concert. ( and this is such a trivial example compared to real trauma)
        ……. I feel bad for Jodi’s parents. They are suffering tremendously, and her father’s sadness is so apparent.
        ………The public who professes to believe in the sanctity of life and right and wrong, should find it in their hearts to have compassion for Jodi’s parents. The public should treat them with dignity, respect and concern, regardless of whether or not a person believes in Jodi’s innocence. The public, and most especially the media, have an ethical, moral obligation to uphold a standard of decency in their behavior and keep in mind the extreme sufferring of Jodi’s parents and siblings.
        If people have the consciousness and capacity to act rightly, they already would anyway. I hope that it is not the case that the extreme hatred and cruelty unleashed in the public against Jodi, is not reflective of the majority of people in this nation. I suspect that the opposite is true__ that many people don’ t have such hatred in their hearts.
        …… I don’ t want to glorify these two male tweeters by publicizing their names, but I was disgusted at DE’s remark to JG. DE agreed with JG that (in their eyes), Jodi could not possibly be embarrassed, nor even have the capacity to be embarrassed. DE’s ‘proof’ was his contention that, ” She wasn’ t embarrassed when her vagina was shown in open court.”
        DE has a meme (?) on his page featuring a vulgar reference to Arias’s genitals as a way to bait people so he can promote his blog.
        None of this misogynist scummy smut would ever be condoned any place else in this highly ‘politically correct’ society.
        Really, do fools like DE and JG truly believe Arias was/is not embarrassed by the display of her genitals for the world to see? She NEVER wanted those pictures displayed.
        Do DE and JG think it’s a big ha, ha joke that Arias’s father has to suffer from the media’s exploitation of these photos?
        As I said once before here, what was done to
        Arias regarding the display of these photos in this trial, in my opinion__ was a real form of rape.
        That DE and JG can get away with their hateful vulgarity without being chastised, shows how uncivilized this nation is, and how, to what extent, ‘political correctness’ is just opportunistic posturing.
        ….Freud said something about civilization being just a veneer.
        Still, I can’t believe the hate is representative of the majority of the people in this country.
        ….. Also, as regards compassion and mercy; neither __ especially mercy, have absolutely nothing to do with deserving or not deserving. Compassion and mercy are the natural responses of an open heart.

        • Thank you Amy, I have read some of your comments over the months & find them informative also. …One day I will write down a list of all the abbreviations that I read & don’t instantly recognize. …The other day I tried to figure out who was RT, & then figured out it meant “retweet”. …Of course I know most of the people like KN, JW, JSS, the frog & etc. …Usually I go to Google & find out things like SMH means “shaking my head”, & etc. …And, I take pride that I ENCOURAGED the change of NG to NAG, (her whole name) & if you Google NAG or nag, you will find an exact definition of her personality, IMO.
          …I did not recognize in your comments who the tweeters DE & JG are, but seems like a couple of numb nuts. …And, you said they were talking about Jodi should not be embarrassed about testifying because they already displayed her naked pictures in the first trial.
          …She might NOT EVEN BE THE SECRET WITNESS. …And, there are more explicit thing on main stream TV. …And, I commented that this whole trial might not have anything to do with sex at all. …The displayed nude pics & autopsy pics were to freak-out & trick the jury, IMO.
          …Check my comment on Jodi Arias Retrial, Day #4 (10/27/14, 11:04pm). …I comment that: “The exact same or similar results could have happened if instead of dropping the camera, Jodi could have baked him a birthday cake & showing it to Travis, dropped it. …And, his fury…” etc.

          …..And I misspelled the word “misremembered” in previous/above, comment. (I incorrectly spelled it miss-remembered, …darn spell check). … …(((Jodi is innocent)))

          • OK, I figured it out, … JG must be Jeffrey Gold & DE must be Dave Erickson. …I am not good at twitter names but learning.

        • Amy,
          I agree about the way these photos have been displayed is a form of rape.
          Besides when she and Travis were taking these pixtures at the time, it was only for them to see.
          What good is it to show Jodi in these photo other than the sensational whore media?
          The way the media is using it is not what Travis or Jodi wanted. They were taking these pixtures of each other in private.
          Of course, it’s embarrasing to Jodi.
          What is she supposed to do, put a towel over her head?
          She has no control over these idiots.
          Many more than I would expect are just heartless bastards.

          I don’t believe Jodi killed Travis and SEVERAL know the real killer.
          To let her and her parents go through this is unforgivable!!!!!
          They have taken “jounalism” to a whole new level.
          Is there a Really good reason for showing them? Hell no!!!!!

  4. Yesterday I watched a news clip, that along with the usual coverage, there were two female attorneys talking about a Virginia Supreme Court case ruling about this 1st amendment issue and the privacy and protection of witnesses. I wanted to post it here, but am trouble finding it. I’ll keep looking thru my history

    ♥♥♥♥ Jodi & Family & Defence Team & JAII Team ♥♥♥♥

  5. Another possible out for Jodi in a worst case scenario:
    “And if a second jury agrees on the death penalty for Ms. Arias, it is not all together clear a second jury finding death after the first jury deadlocked would survive a constitutional challenge. The law on this particular topic is unsettled.” (Vladimir Gagic)

    • I wish that the citizens of Arizona would commemce a campaign, etc., to entirely eliminate the existence of this anomolous practice of permitting a second penalty phase after an initial hung jury.
      This practice is so barbarous and unjust, and outright devalues and disrespects the legitimacy and roles of the initial jurors.
      The practice renders the whole process a farce.

      • Citizens participating in the sentencing process should not be unfairly coerced into accepting a previous guilty verdict of a defendant. A system that asks a juror to sit in abdication of their right to freely apply their own conscience as a finder of fact in the pursuit of justice is oppressive. A judicial demand that citizens infringe their own their free will in furtherance of a possible execution or life sentence of another person constitutes a barbaric trampling of the rights of that defendant and also of the liberty and rights of the jurors.

      • Amy, you are SO right!!! This trial should have been done and over with and Jodi would be FREE by now like she SHOULD BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        FARCE of a trial anyway!!! How sorry of a life some people have living to anxiously see and report about a young woman possibly facing a death penalty with absolutely NO regards as to the means she has to go to get a witness for her case protected from EVIL people out there who think nothing is wrong with threatening someone’s life with death!!! I have news for these people though! Threatening ANYONE’S life with death is a CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really surprised also, that whoever threatened Alice LaViiolette’s life is not in prison today?????????????? They really should have been arrested and put in prison!!! —???

        Thank God for Bill and Sandy Arias and Jodi!!! They are humble, kind, and good hearted people!!! All Bill and Sandy Arias want is justice for Jodi as we all do here! It is SO nice to know that amongst all the hate out in the world, there are still decent, loving people also!!! We love you, Bill and Sandy Arias and your precious daughter, Jodi Ann Arias!!! We stand with you in the fight for Jodi’s life and FREEDOM!!! We are here for the long haul!!!

        (((((JODI))))) ♥

        (((((Bill & Sandy Arias))))) ♥

        (((((TEAM JODI))))) ♥

    • I agree that it doesn’t seem right. You had the first trial and they didn’t get the penalty that they wanted so they decide to have a second trial to achieve that penalty. If that isn’t double jeopardy, then it’s about as close as you could get. I would think that the judge would have done after the first trial what they would do after this trial if they have another hung jury which is what I think will happen.

  6. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer ·
    In ‪#‎JodiArias‬ hearing. Kirk Nurmi says the appeals court ruling “thrust upon” him is problematic

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer ·
    Nurmi says he does not want to go forward until he litigates the special action before the court of appeals

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer ·
    Nurmi says he does not want to go forward until he litigates the special action before the court of appeals

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer ·
    Juan Martinez says that Judge Stephens should order the #JodiArias case to go forward. He says the victims have a right to continue trial

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer ·
    In ‪#‎JodiArias‬ hearing. Kirk Nurmi says the appeals court ruling “thrust upon” him is problematic
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer ·
    Nurmi says he does not want to go forward until he litigates the special action before the court of appeals
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer ·

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer
    Martinez refers to it as “a ruling they don’t like.”

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer
    Martinez: “Whether they like it or not, it’s still an order of the court, a higher court.” He asks Stephens not to stay #JodiARias case

    • William Pitts @william_pitts
      Judge says defense has to decide to continue with this witness (still waiting for who it is) or take witness out of order

      • Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer
        Stephens says she may give Nurmi time to prepare for the court of appeals case. She asks when he will finish his case. Late January.

  7. Jeffrey Evan Gold ‏@jeffgoldesq
    #JodiArias Nurmi whines this is all the dreaded media’s fault. Yes we wrote the constitution. NOT.

    MC Superior Court ‏@courtpio
    Judge Sherry Stephens is asking defense if the can take witness out of order or have other witness testify in open court.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    #JodiArias is here in her black and white stripes #3tvarias

    MaryEllen Resendez ‏@maryellenabc15
    #JodiArias Judge still trying to be secretive about witness list calls attys to bench to discuss in private #abc15

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
    So the strategy will again be discussed in secret

  8. MaryEllen Resendez ‏@maryellenabc15
    #JodiArias is in jail stripes with pony tail as jury is not here today. While attys wrangle she is talking MDLR mitigation specialist

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts
    Whatever’s going on up there is getting a little animated….

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
    Looks heated at the bench. You can hear Martinez’ voice above the droning white noise.

  9. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 42s 42 seconds ago

    Looks heated at the bench. You can hear Martinez’ voice above the droning white noise. #JodiArias

  10. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer
    Looks heated at the bench. You can hear Martinez’ voice above the droning white noise.

  11. MaryEllen Resendez ‏@maryellenabc15
    #JodiArias is in jail stripes with pony tail as jury is not here today. While attys wrangle she is talking MDLR mitigation specialist

  12. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 21s 22 seconds ago

    So that’s it. We are back tomorrow but there will be no witnesses until Wednesday of next week. All decided in secret. Again. #JodiArias

  13. Sounds like it. And Jeffrey Gold too.

    Jeffrey Evan Gold @jeffgoldesq · 27m 27 minutes ago
    #JodiArias Nurmi whines this is all the dreaded media’s fault. Yes we wrote the constitution. NOT.

  14. Another stupid Jeffrey Gold comment:

    Jeffrey Evan Gold @jeffgoldesq · 25m 25 minutes ago
    #JodiArias has convinced Nurmi media and Martinez murdered Travis

    • Speech rights apply not only to the media. They also apply to the witnesses in this case, whose speech is content-based and can survive a test of strict scrutiny IMO.

  15. Have to say it is good to see Mr. Nurmi fighting for the rights of his client who is fighting for her life. It seems to me the rights of the defendant in this case out way the rights of the family of the deceased. Death penalty makes it so.

  16. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 22m22 minutes ago
    #JodiArias court continues tomorrow w/NO witnesses. Nurmi says he can’t finish til Jan. This is the most fouled up court case I’ve ever seen

    Dave kinda wraps it up.

    • Seems he has had enough of this mishegas.

      Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 34m 34 minutes ago

      “Mishegas” is Yiddish for “crazy.” Honestly, it’s not worth it. I’ll have a blog column posted soon to explain. #JodiArias

      Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 39m 39 minutes ago

      aaaaaaannnnnnnndddddddd…. I’m about this close to walking away from the #JodiArias trial. It’s all mishegas. I don’t have time for mishegas

  17. Troy Hayden ‏@troyhaydenfox10 · 9m9 minutes ago
    If Nurmi tries to pull his secret witness (#JodiArias) off the stand now, Martinez should still have the right to cross in front of media.

  18. I hope Bill and Sandy know how much we love them, how much we love their daughter and that we will do everything in our power to help overturn Jodi’s wrongful M1 conviction.

    Whatever each one of us can afford is much needed snd of course (needless to say) appreciated by the entire Arias family.

    Love & Light to both Bill and Sandy ♥ ♥

    • Yes maria, I really think Bill and Sandy realize how much we love Jodi and her family…..Yes, we will do everything in our true power to see this three ring circus is put in its place and the conviction is overturned.

      Let us do without something and an send an amount to the appellate fund…

      Heart felt thoughts to the Arias family♥

      • I expect Troy Hayden is contacting a lip reader as we speak. I was watching Maria for signs of laughter or smiles. It seemed like a friendly, relaxed conversation. Amazing they kept the camera on Jodi and Maria for 5-8 (?) minutes without any sound.

        • During the OJ trial, the camera spanned over to the defence table and showed OJ writing something. Judge Ito had a fit and turned off the cameras until the media had a hearing and he let them back in.

        • Once again, we see how the media does everything possible to help Martinez create the circus atmosphere. The camera should not have zeroed in on Jodi or MDLR. What was the purpose but to exploit Jodi as much as possible. I’m afraid the integrity of the media is a an all time zero! Will it change, I expect not.
          Oh boy the way, why is PIO Flores perched next to the Frog still? I thought the Frog kicked him to the curb.

          • Yes, left wrist. You don’t see it til near the end of the clip. At first I thought she might be wearing long sleeves under her stripes, and the sleeves were long enough to cut a thumb hole. But towards the end she reaches the hand up behind her head and you can see it’s a brace.

            Tendonitis from writing and drawing?

        • Juan must have a new tailor or a couple of extra layers of lucky underwear on maybe?

          Jodi is wearing the same type of brace that I wore when I got tendonitis from keyboarding. She’s been doing a lot of error-proof writing of late.

        • LOL I can’t wait to see what comes up with the lip readers that the Haters use!!! 😀
          I have faith they will not disappoint us! Pond scum….

  19. Whoa. If you look at today’s Judge Stephens hearing (video released) go to 5 mins 30 seconds and watch next 40 seconds. Those appear to be HUGE bruises on our girl’s neck! Thought – fuzzy hair at first, then spot on the screen, but they move and when cam goes in tight those are MOST definitely bruises. She is being tortured! I bet she had to identify the attacker and of course snitches-get-stitches. No wonder her testimony had to be SECRET! Is this Russia!

  20. To Jodi’s parents, I wanna say ive had the pleasure of talking back and forth with Jodi by mail. Jodi has wrote me back and I keep her letters. I have helped Jodi in only ways Jodi is aware of IM glad that ive had the chance to help her in my many ways. Not only is Jodi a pen pal shes become a friend almost like the sister I never had. I thank Jodi for her responses! Im glad that I was there for her the most when she really needed a true friend to be there for at this time of her life. I read the top three books that came out in regards to Jodi and I seen what alot if people didnt?? That Jodi was placed in a position that she had to protect her own life. Yeah she lied in the beginning but that was from fear. I tell people on Twitter that call Jodi a liar, so I guess u have gone thru your whole life as a saint and never lied about nothing, right?? When a person has never been in trouble with the law before and has never been interrogated by the police ever in her life. Never spent a day in jail not even for a speeding ticket. Then I say for Jodi that it’s terrifying to go to jail,and the media making u out to be a cold blooded murder is the worse kinda slander a person can endure, u know? I hate Nancy Grace such a negative person! No wonder Jodi has a restraining order against that woman! Plus the Sheriff for giving Jodi’s personal letters to HLN for Nancy Grace to read to the world! Ive got Psychic abilities and practice Wicca for over 10 yrs. Two words in Jodi’s journal caught my attention,” SUMMER SOLSTICE!” Thats the first day and longest day if summer. Which those two words showed me that she knows Wicca?? I wrote her and ive been helping Jodi more than anyone can explain. Jodi knows,I stand by her and I consider her a friend and ask her all the time if theres anything I can do for u just let me know girl? She sent me a letter saying spread the word for me that my family is the only people that has a trustfund for my donations and I got on Twitter and tweeted her message for Jodi cause thats what she wanted me to do for her! I’ll always be here for Jodi and and for your daughter? No worries. She will walk free from death!! I see it and know it to. I hope u know that Jodi is in good hands with me. More jurors will fall. Mark my words! Blessed be! Danielle Jeanae

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