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Following on from the recent hung jury & mistrial — and while we await the next installment of this award-winning judicial farce — be sure to check out the latest post from Lise LaSalle’s website, titled “REQUIEM FOR CANDY CRUSH“.

Here the introduction:

“Arizona we have a problem

Earth to Martinez

Fate has ordained that the prosecutor who looked at the stars and dreamed of becoming a hero by going to the moon and back to give the death penalty to Candy Crush will stay forever on the moon.

juan closing argumentsNixon’s speech writer, William Safire, was asked to write an address for the launch of Apollo II, because they were worried about the astronauts not being able to make it off the moon and back to earth; the speech was written to honor their sacrifice which was to give mankind hope.

Juan Martinez,  Maricopa prosecutor extraordinaire and the ring leader of the biggest legal Circus in the history of buffoonery, opened in closing argument on February 25th, 2015 by saying:

In ancient days, men looked at stars and saw their heroes in the constellations. In modern times, we do much the same, but our heroes are epic men of flesh and blood.”

He then shockingly went on to say “That is so compelling isn’t it? Heart wrenching!  And so…not true.  Just like the story the defendant told you about Travis Alexander on his knees masturbating to a photo of a little boy is not true.

It is beyond comprehension that he would want to implant this image of Alexander on his knees in the mind of the listeners. He actually provided a sexual image and tied it to a speech about an event that could have happened or not. Exactly like the testimony of Jodi Arias – It could have happened or not, we will never know. What we damn well know is that the astronauts came back. What a strange concept. Legal pundits worth their salt are still mystified by that attempt at a dramatic delivery…….”

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If you would like to help Jodi by way of a financial donation to the JAA APPELLATE FUND, click the Team Jodi link below for further details. All donations via go directly to the fund for assisting with the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction. is the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

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  1. “It was reasonable inference to think that he went from mental and verbal abuse to pushing her around. But after what I have read on social media during this case, I am not surprised that so many people did not consider it abuse. They are equally abusive themselves and proud of it.”

    Wow!. Ain’t that the truth!

    “An extreme case of psychological projection is at work.”

    Great article!
    It actually made me look at my own actions. Maybe I should refrain from calling certain people ferret face…

    • Why of course you should. Congratulations for self-governing and leadership, Laura 🙂 Let’s bring in more, lots more.

    • Those of us who rightfully defend her are more aware of our own actions because we seem to be truly compassionate! Having to look at both sides of the case helps to “clean our own backyard first”. Everyone makes mistakes, owning them is what is said to be important which is exactly what Jodi did when she tried to plea to 2nd degree. Now the only righteous justice would be a complete release with time served for Jodi. She deserves a career in law or whatever else she is good at and loves. This woman has more than paid her “debt” and her case will forever change history! Thank you Jodi for your sacrifice for any abused women that may benefit from the horror inflicted upon you, because there will be many.


  2. Wows a! Why didn’t u represent jodi in her trial Lise???!!!!!:) you are the eyes outside the square we look in!!!! How elequently you put everything!!!!! A very impressive article with so many valid points!!!!
    I can see big things on the horizon with you Hun 🙂

  3. All the jury (BOTH) had to ask WAS there a fight that day? I know there was just look at his wounds…it shows that he would just not stop. That he FLIPPED over the manboob comment WHO does that a man of FAITH……or an ABUSER. Thanks to his dear friends there is much proof of his most violent ways….HERs….even the JUDGE did,nt buy tiny,s crazy talk……the cat!!!!!! The real t-dog…eddie snell….AND SO VERY PROUD of THAT. THEN OFF to Sunday school to look for a new VICTIM…..Deanna would know all about that…..! And Yes I do have Manboobs too , use to be a size C but now is a size B….that,s called eating…..RIGHT. Always that the facts and truth are on HER side and time. WORDS are great but w/o $$$…….JODI needs all of US now more then EVER….JUST do what YOU can…….THANKS!

      • Snarky???
        Oh please and the judge said he wasn’t snary!!!!
        Poor, poor baby.
        Instead of calling him frog, kermit, I think his new name should be “snarky”
        If not we have a few other names, just to name a few, asshole, fuckface, fuckwad,
        I won’t go on with the list, but DAMN, “SNARKY” now that really fits.
        Hey, SNARKY, how did you week go??
        That the one that really get’s him. lol

      • RIGHT!! And the awful way he was ALLOWED to treated Jodi with such a “female bashing” attitude. The judge in all her failure should be investigated along with the so called prosecutor. I hope this changes law in Arizona as well as affecting the rest of our so called justice system. When Travis’ anger was presented in regards to the names he called Jodi, Martinez replied with a fire “WHAT WAS HE SO UPSET ABOUT?” As if to justify Travis’ treatment of Jodi he constantly redirects everything abusive back to blame Jodi. WTF? And the world was watching ??? Heaven help us all.

    • The best part of this video is at the end where frog complains about a court assistant saying she would like to stab jm 27 times and he complained that this assistant also cried when the guilty verdict was read.
      I think this also gives a good idea where the leaks were coming from and then they tried blaming the leaks on the defense’s side.

  4. Excellent !! Covers everything I feel about this whole miscarriage of justice and confirms the kangaroo court of JSS.. Snarky snarky froglet, who covers up with his slime and calls of liar liar pants on fire!

  5. Excellent article! Bravo! Well-done. 🙂

    I’m going to be taking a break from here for awhile as I have some personal things to attend to, but keep fighting the good fight, everyone!

  6. I’ve always said it: Lise is a brilliant writer. Once again, bravo Lise! Thank you for this awesome passage!

    (((Lise))) ♥

          • What did I tell you…they are doing exactly the same thing to this poor woman as they did to Jodi. “She’s a liar so we don’t even have to pay attention to anything she’s saying. We already know everything there is to know because we’re so fucking brilliant!” And apparently these morons believe that she lied about believing in the death penalty because apparently, according to these nitwits, if you get on a death penalty jury as someone who is able to vote for the death penalty then you are thereafter required to vote for death. Otherwise you must have lied. And to top it all, they are saying that she needed to leave her feelings out of it and just look at the evidence, like the other eleven did. WTF? What evidence did they look at? Did they look at the fact that she has no criminal history? That two extremely experienced professionals saw evidence of extremely abusive and misogynistic behavior on Travis’ part? Or did they just keep staring at crime scene and autopsy photos and base their vote on just how gruesome they were? That’s voting with your emotions rather than your head. Juror 17 was the only one who weighed the mitigating factors, as she was instructed to do,. The rest were just there to kill Jodi.

  7. I see that ignorance on the State page is alive and well (or as well as moral disease can be). They are scrutinizing Juror 17’s voir dire, hunting for anything so they can discount her, call her names, well, I don’t have to explain, you know the routine..,

    • Eh, let ’em have at it.

      It’ll be real justice when their caterwauling results in the ONLY recourse to be had by the ‘proof’ they seek: Jodi’s conviction is over-turned.

    • They have short memories and have forgotten that the first jury hung also. They just love to hate for any reason they can.

    • The Casey Anthony jurors were terrorized, some of them had to relocate, their lives were turned upside down… Juror #17 is also under attack to the point of police force having to be outside her house.
      Is THIS how much you Americans respect your justice system? (not my JAIIers, the haters 😉 ) To the point of tearing apart law-abiding citizens who just did their duty? Because regardless of whether people agreed or not with the Casey verdict, heck….no matter how much WE disagree with Jodi’s verdict we *still* have to respect the fact that the way the Justice system works, it will always be a panel of 12 people holding the defendants ‘ lives in their hands.

  8. Hello All been away for a while in the last two days, but have tried to watch some of the video of the re-trial on youtube….I find it difficult to watch anything that Juan Martinez says….so haven’t watch all yet….I don’t even know if all the videos are on youtube but have been watching them in order and it is slow going….the big problem I find with Dr. Horn’s testimony is the “typo” on the dura mater… could not possibly have been a typo bc nothing else in his original report backs up that the dura mater was not intact….no description of any tear or breach of the dura mater and everything else you would expect if their truly was a piercing of the dura mater….not to mention the fact that the lead detective gave sworn testimony that Dr. Horn told him the gunshot was first in his opinion (and therefore we have the gunshot wound as “not incapacitating”) which means that TA would have been conscience for some unknown length of time and therefore would endure cruelty which is the ONLY aggravator that the Chronis hearing produced to warrant a death penalty….so when Det Flores testified during the criminal trial that he had replaced Dr. Horn’s opinion for his own opinion during the Chronis hearing (therefore admitting purposefully perjuring his own testimony) we have admitted perjured testimony that was used specifically to obtain a death penalty aggravator……without it, there would have been no aggravator – all the other aggravators were rejected….you can NOT lie your way to obtain a death penalty aggravator….. it does still matter bc Jodi never would have been tried under the very restrictive constraints of a death penalty case and all that entails had it not been for the perjured testimony of Det. Flores….Jodi Arias has a right to a fair trial and didn’t get one….we can say that the outcome of her trial could definitely have been different had there been no death penalty attached to her case….that is only for a jury to answer that question and simply bc you don’t believe that the outcome would have been different does not negate the fact that a jury (a non-death qualified jury) could have found her innocent by self-defense, or guilty of manslaughter, or guilty of 2nd degree….so I still believe that this is a viable grounds for reversal in the appellate courts…along with of course the outrageous Brady violations which are absolute…..

    • And what does it tell you that nearly 6 years later in Dec of 2013, Dr. Horn amends his original autopsy report….Are you kidding me? He had so many opportunities to amend his report prior to that…..he was interviewed and testified multiple times admitting that before each time he had reviewed his autopsy report….IF IT WALKS LIKE A DUCK, LOOKS LIKE A DUCK, SMELLS LIKE A DUCK….IT’S A DUCK…..AND HIS CHANGED TESTIMONY IS ONE BIG FAT QUACK !!!!!

        • Quaker!! such a fake.. how can he amend his report if it was written?

          How convenient he doesn’t remember telling Flores anything!

      • I liked the way Nurmi and Jen emphasized all the things that Flores testified to in the hearing that took place the day after the conversation he had with Horn, who conveniently doesn’t remember anything about it.

        I also loved how he pointed out to the Judge and Snarky that he couldn’t use the video of Darryl’s previous testimony, only the transcript. It sure made Snarky very snarky and the JSS had to look it up.

  9. Good morning all. Will retrial videos be posted here? I have been finding bits and pieces on youtube but I am listening to them out of order. I am currently listening to Dr. Miccio-fonseca’s testimony with KN.

  10. “Logic” on the state’s page is that basically it is hunky dory for the DP voting jurors to do interviews, but of course it is not okay for #17 to do the same since her goal in voting against the DP is to profit from said interviews. Amazing how far people will dig for hate.

    • Miss Vicky, nothing this poor woman does will always be questioned. I’m happy she had her lawyer with her.

      I agree with Journee. Be careful what you wish for, wouldn’t it be wonderful if Jodi ended up getting a new trial out of this???
      The state isn’t going to do anything about this. The morons are to stupid to see it.
      Well that’s my 2 cents worth.

  11. Did anyone know the Alexanders also walked out of the courtroom during JA’s secret testimony? So they got away with it twice??

  12. GOOD MONDAY MORNING TEAM JODI! Every day is one day closer to achieving Freedom for
    JODI ARIAS! Onward we go! ♥ Positive Thoughts and PRAYERS FOR OUR SWEET JODI!!!! ♥

    No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money. Matthew 6:24

    • Okay, so she went into some detail on the circumstances of the first husband’s offense. If none of that rang a bell for JM – shooting at cops, for crying out loud – that’s not her fault.

        • I think maybe JM was too honed in on the ‘aggravated assault’ of the second husband’s arrest, and how that might impact her deliberations, to make note of the first case. And I think maybe he was only half listening to her answer about the first husband, hurrying to get to details that were important to him, and the story about the robbery of a Verizon store where the suspects shot at the cops – which should have rung some bells – just went in one ear and out the other.

  13. I think that JM knew who her ex-husband was but wanted to make sure that she didn’t hold any negative thoughts or ill will towards law enforcement…he also heard her say no less than 3 times that her ex was an “idiot” and he deserved what he got basically….and that her current husband had realized he had done wrong and turned it into a positive and again she had no negative feelings about law enforcement as a result…JM also knew that she had suffered abuse by her first husband and so in his mind together with her other statements he figured she would be a good juror for him bc she would be offended or angered by Jodi claiming DV when she was a real DV victim… backfired on him big time bc JM’s ego is so big that he thinks everyone thinks the same as he does…..that everyone will be able to see what a liar Jodi is and that TA never abused her at all in any way…..BIG MISTAKE, JM !!!! But don’t worry I’m sure JM will have extra vengence on his next victim that he prosecutes or should I say persecutes…………

    • She also states that she and her ex husband were not speaking / separated at the time he went to prison so to say that she even knew it was JM who prosecuted him is a stretch and since she went overboard to give more info than she was even asked, I believe that if she knew that she probably would have told him that….in any case it was up to JM to strike this juror if he thought she would not be good for him…..

      • And she would have loved it if they had excused her so she had good reason to tell everything that might get her disqualified. But try telling that to the people who already know everything there is to know and who believe, because she doesn’t believe Jodi deserves death, she must be a liar. The logic escapes me…but then it always has.

    • I agree; I believe Martinez knew.

      Martinez’s supporters know how cunning, experienced, and thorough he is. He is savy enough to not leave any thing up to chance, unless he thinks he has good reason to bet on a preferable outcome.

      Martinez has ready access to extensive data- bases. All he had to do was type in the juror’s name, ( most surely had access to her Soc. Sec. #), and likewise her husband’s, and the case’s info, and he would easily have found the connection.

      Look how easily and immediately the anti- Jodi faction found the info; obviously it would have been easier and quicker for Martinez to find that same information.

      Martinez had every reason to believe juror #17 would be favorable to the defense, because juror #17 was abused by that husband and she left him.

      If anything, Martinez should explain to the defense why he did not tell the defense about the connection.

      There is no way Martinez has not had encounters with jurors who had connections to prior criminal cases. He is too savy not to have known to check, especially knowing that people on the jury might have an agenda.

      Juror #17 had no agenda.

      A week ago I speculated about an angle that I thought was perhaps non- sensical and far-fetched, but now I wonder if it is not; Martinez likely knew all the info and thought it was a sure bet, but counted on the fact that he had a little wiggle room ( which he always makes sure he has) if everything did not go his way.

      His wiggle- room is his proven habit of unjustly pointing the finger at someone else, causing another to ‘take the fall.’

      As someone on this site ( Cindy?) asked, why doesn’ t Martinez make a public statement telling people to stop blaming, threatening, and harrassing juror #17? Why doesn’ t he tell people that if he did not know, it was solely his responsibility to research, and legally, only he is to blame, and that juror #17 did nothing wrong, nothing unethical, and nothing illegal?

      Martinez wants to ‘save face’ for him and the state, plus he WISHES the outcome could change, but he knows legally it won’ t, but he can fool people into believing he is still the ‘winner,’ even though circumstances ‘interfered’ with him being given the crown.

      The eleven jurors disclosed in interviews exactly what factored into their decision- making, and most of it was based on an illegal foundation, so their guilty verdict would certainly have been overturned.

      And even if the eleven had convinced juror #17 to agree with them, those same jurors would still have given interviews in which they disclosed the very illegal foundation their verdict was founded upon, and THEY STILL WOULD HAVE HAD THEIR GUILTY VERDICT OVERTURNED because of that.

      And I think JSS might have overturned it even before the sentencing, because the public dissemination of the illegal foundation their guilty verdict would have been built on, would have left her no choice but to throw out their verdict.

      • I dunno.

        Y’all seem to give JM a lot more credit than I do.

        He doesn’t seem savvy to me. His manner of presentation is artful and carefully contrived. But his intelligence, his attention to detail – his memory for pertinent detail? Not so much. I see him as I see most bullies, as someone who covers his many deficiencies by trying to inspire fear in others..

        • That’s exactly what he does. He is an abusive, bullying persecutor of the first degree!

          He comes off as dishonest in that he can’t or won’t weigh the facts, he only hears what he can use for his benefit. His ego will not let him lose, and he will do anything to win. Hiding evidence, coercing ME, Flores, Melendez and TotDoc to lie under oath, and who knows what else he has done.

        • I agree on your observations of JM Journee. I don’t think he is brilliant. I think he is a bully. He does not seem to have a memory for pertinent detail. He is very theatrical in presentation. People seem to be mesmerized by that and misconstrue the theater for brilliance.

        • I don’ t think he is particularly intelligent, just cunning and devious. I don’ t equate cunning with intelligence, and savy-ness, I chalk up to experience.
          He’s not brilliant at all; he is simply a good actor.
          He might have simply forgotten to check.

          • [ I know cunningness and savyness are related to intelligence, but I never meant to imply that Martinez was especially intelligent.]

          • Yah –

            In a nutshell, he is not capable of dazzling anyone with brilliance, so he baffles them with bullshit. And NOISE.

            And that is the entire extent of his skill-set.

      • As I listened to her describe her husband’s case (stolen phones from Verizon, etc) I would think bells would have gone off in JM’s head. Wouldn’t he have at least thought, “Gee, that sounds kinda familiar to me”? That seems more likely than a woman remembering who the prosecutor was more than 15 years ago. (I can barely remember the name of my boss from 15 years ago.) Yes, I think JM knew and he thought she might be on his side because he put her idiot ex away.

  14. While excited there will be no dp the thing that sucks the most is she goes to the back of the line on murder convictions that were unjust being reviewed for retrial or downright dismissal. We are gonna be waiting for a project of some sort to take the case. I inquired on 2 of them but they deal with innocence only. Does anyone know if there are other projects where lawyers try to overturn verdicts based on prosecutor misconduct? ?? If so I’ll take a look.

  15. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer · 2h2 hours ago
    AZ Supreme Court to decide Tuesday whether to consider Bill Montgomery’s appeal of Debra Milke’s tossed murder charge.

  16. The videos appear to be disjointed in that there are gaps and missing parts and the testimony jumps from one witness on one video to be continued to the next video (you think) then when you get to the next video it is a completely different witness….so either the court really screwed up on their video system or they edited these tapes….the poster indicates that the videos are exactly as they were with no modifications on the part of the poster….has anyone else run across this problem…..I am almost to a point where I am not going to continue to try to wade through all these videos if they are incomplete and we don’t have the full testimony of witnesses….. 🙁

  17. Do you remember when the jurors got interviewed right after the verdict? Didn’t one of the jurors say that when they went into deliberation it was a split 50-50.

    I’m sure that those jurors from the 50% pro Jodi were bullied and threatened into changing their vote. Juror 17 was one of the ethical people in that jury room that held onto her opinion and decision.

    So, I’m happy the TALKING HEADS continue to spread hate and slander on Juror 17, eventually someone from the jurors that was bullied into changing their vote will speak up and that’s when SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN. 😉

    The more they talk the more they help Jodi!

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