Retrial Video Replay – (The Evidentiary Hearing, 12/11/2014)

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The Evidentiary Hearing from 12/11/2014:

Part 1/4 (Flores cross examination):

Part 2/4 (Testimony from Hern Smith, Mesa PD):

Part 3/4 (Testimony from Gilbert McReynolds & Maria Schaeffer + defense/state oral arguments):

Part 4/4 (Nurmi completes oral arguments. Motions taken under advisement):

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  1. Hi JODI,
    Thanks for responding to my letter, you are the sweetest person on earth.
    I know you didn’t have to respond but I am going to frame your letter and put it in the center of my living room 🙂

    SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME!!!! ♥ (((((((JODI))))))) ♥

  3. And I thought it was just stevo having a bad day…talk about memory problems…but that’s all the state ever had…and yet her memory had to be beyond perfect…even tiny had problems with the case…fist is now last and the gun at one time grew to a .45 as he called Her Miss Alexander…or was the rat on a mission to win at any cost? now if estabon is a lead Det….then We now know just how evidence went missing and was messed with…but then he’s the guy who knows how to tilt a shelf…with his hands…I missed that part of trial where she said she did a hand stand on the shelf as she got t-dogs .25 with her foot! steveo use a note book or learn how to work a laptop and just do your job. How many times do police show up and say …MURDER…how in hell would any know that until an investigation…using facts and reason…imagine a judge doing that…SAY WHAT! Such is the joke of justice in az. I pray the joke will be on them soon…

  4. ALWAYS here for Jodi!!!! And yes, I agree with all of you ^^^ above:

    Juan Martinez with his corrupted ways MUST be punished! Same goes for that pig, Arpaio.

  5. And what is this tough on crime b.s…..only for a certain type of folk and at the whim of a fame hog. Why is it most in so called law enforcement have to go over the top as they kiss up to the mob. All one has to do is look to the SCENE to see Her truth. he attacked Her that sad day and She fought him off at least 5 major times…head ,back,vena cava,chest…and the neck wound…that speaks to his going wrath on Her..or in his own words”‘.You have not seen my worst”…well on that day she did and fought the t-dog off. Think of the fear one would have when he just keeps attacking again and again…if at any time She did not be on guard then he would have won the day. Only a fool of a jury would buy the 3 times killed…all wounds show a pattern of trying to stop a rage. And did he really feel pain…ask any in such fights,most do not…until it’s over. I ask any to SHOW any wounds that are beyond reason….there are NONE! How could the jury not see what a weak case it was..and how the state seemed very confused…i do not remember…typo…Dr. from high school…and the She must remember Her entire life but they can’t remember Her name or the size or the size of the round…but the state MUST always get a pass as a win is a win…and pity the taxpayer. Odd how more was said on the cost of that trial then the reason for that trial. No good guy was he so why not believe Her…if ya act,sound,an look like an abuser…you are an ABUSER! he was…and still isas they seek to finish his deed.

  6. Please consider donating to the appellate fund this week. We need to get donations back up to the $3000/month level that supporters maintained in the fund’s first 18 months. Remember: when state-paid appeals run out, Jodi’s case is over forever unless by then she has the money to hire a private lawyer.


    “Mr. Flores, you are still under oath. Do you understand this?”

    He didn’t care! He was well schooled by juan martinez and of course his own wife because we all know who’s wearing the trousers in that household! 😉 Plus, let’s not forget that his fuckup should have called for a mistrial… so his ass was on the line too…

    21 years in the police department and he (flores) still fucked up in procedures! His job was to keep the crime scene clean and prevent anyone in disturbing any evidence… And he did it himself! He fucked with evidence… Now isn’t that dandy!

    COMPUTERS. He said he had experience with computers because he owns a laptop! Is he for real???!!! My mother owns a computer and she is clueless with the establishment of computers! The only thing she hasn’t done is put a doily on the top of the screen! Owning a computer does NOT make you a specialist, Florendina!

    He actually even lied about his fuck-up to Melendez telling him that when he saw the computer it was already on (not in sleep mode!). Is there anything he hasn’t lied about? Is there anyone he hasn’t lied to?

    CHAIN OF CUSTODY LOG: Now when the evidence meeting was programmed on June 19th 2009 flores went ahead and ‘checked-out’ the items from the list he had WITHOUT anyone else present!!!..

    The chain of custody requires that the person checking out items provides ID. Then each item is electronically (like a barcode sort of thing) is documented that it has been checked out of the evidence room. Also, on the log, the purpose/ reason for checking-out items is always noted. Exhibit No 9 is the chain of custody log for the checked-in & checked-out items (evidence):

    June 11th 2008 the computer is impounded by the Mesa Police Dept.

    June 11th 2008 the computer is released to melendez for investigation.

    June 19th 2009 the computer is checked out by flores at 13.56pm and it says that it’s out for forensic services. Who the hell are forensic services? And he never made the correction to show that it wasn’t really out for forensic services… So when did those forensic services take the computer and when did they bring it back??? How many days did they have it in their custody and how do we know what they did WITH it?

    November 24th 2009, the computer is checked-out again released to flores (out for investigations).

    December 11th 2009, released to detective P. Bina (I don’t know if that’s spelled correctly) for investigations. Bina works for forensic services. The log should have said forensic services and not ‘investigation’.

    The log was not correctly written since the reasons for check – outs were not noted correctly. So who’s to swear that things (evidence) were not taken and returned w/o them ever being noted on the chain of custody log. And moreover by whom and for what purpose! This is a HUGE RED FLAG!

    TURNING ON THE COMPUTER DURING THE EVIDENSE MEETING: Coming back to June 19th 2009, 17 items were checked-out of the evidence room. flores was the person in charge of these items (to maintain the integrity of the evidence). When the Defense Team (3 people) were in that room, martinez was ALWAYS present but flores was popping in and out of the conference room to bring more things. Flores specifically said that he never turned on any of the two computers nor did he plug in the power cord. When the computers were turned on, no computer forensic specialist was present or called on although flores KNEW that it was a no-no to do so w/o a specialist present to be able to maintain the computer and it’s data from being altered. When the defense team and martinez were done with the computers, flores did a HARD SHUT DOWN. BTW, how convenient it is for flores to remember that the defense team did ‘handle’ the computer while it was on BUT he CAN’T remember if martinez went on the computer… 🙄 Selective memory…

    As Case Agent, flores had the authority to interfere if evidence is getting ruined. He has said that he did have a concern about the computers being turned on, that he didn’t call for a specialist to be present and he also let 3rd parties to ‘manipulate’ (as he stated) the keyboard.. Doesn’t sound like a very good case agent to me… it sounds like a lazy, sloppy, indifferent one. His excuse was that because they had an image of the computer, he didn’t care if the original was destroyed… Nice cop thinking! NOT!

    SIM CARDS. Now I don’t know a lot about cell phones made in the USA so I wouldn’t know if that pocket computer phone (VERIZON) that travis had required a sim card. What I do think is logical is that to make calls or text, a sim card would be required so all the calls and texts could be delivered to and from a certain company. Am I mistaken?

    flores states that he knew a thing or two about VERIZON phones and sim cards because his WIFE told him!!! HIS WIFE!!! What a slip of the tongue! So he was discussing the case with his WIFE who is NOT an officer of the law… and who we know later on TRASHED and SLANDERED Jodi on social media… Nice responsible cop flores was… NOT!

    We know that a few sim cards went missing. When the police gathered the evidence, not once was there any note mentioning that sim cards were missing from the confiscated cell phones. Thus we don’t know that these sim cards were or were not present when they were confiscated.

    PS. Question to all: when did VERIZON make the phones that didn’t need a sim card? What year and month?

    DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA. JODI’S. When they confiscated it from Yreka it was not broken. Later on melendez said he had to break it in order to look in it and take the tape out. And flores approved of BREAKING (DESTROYING) EVIDENSE!!! WTF? And to top things off, it’s not noted that either one of those fools (flores and Melendez) preserved the data (internal memory) of that camera before destroying it! And of course, flores not once thought of calling the defense team to ask them if they wanted to take a look at the camera before it was destroyed. Ts ts ts… SLOPPINESS in all its glory!

    Your thoughts?  

    • My biggest thought is JODI SHOULD BE FREE right now! Self defense is NOT a crime BUT altering, tampering and deleting evidence is. And Heaven only knows who it was that set up this questionable crime (?) scene. Who was it that stood to make the MOST MONEY off of the death of Travis Alexander? Who has profited the MOST so far from his death? I believe that is where one would find the guilty in this circus of crime! Jodi has been nothing but a sacrificial offering used by a cult of heathens IMO.

    • It is TIME for the Pink Undies and Pink Slop for Arpaio. Hopefully the rest of those so-called Officers of Law in Maricopa County, AZ will topple off of their pedestals too. It is TIME TO CLEAN THE HOUSE! Feeling HOPEFUL!!!!!! 😉 ♥

  8. Thank You Pandora… what a fuck up the minion is. When I heard him say we had to break in on the video camera I thought WTF is that logic…call up the company or bring in a repair guy or salesman so You may open it. Or do as I would do….look at a drawing of its parts and then cut the lock or hing allowing the door to fall off. Yes cutting would destroy some of the camera but not destroy it. Keystone cops indeed and why are they allowed to do such….I too heard the wife remark too….I wonder if he allowed her a visit at the scene…seems in az. the law can do as they please as they break the law. Talk about an unfit cop!

  9. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Finally one of Arpaio’s sadistic ways of punishment comes to an end!!!!!!!!

    ” This is just more Arpaio antics aimed to show-off in front of the media while prisoners suffer, but now that this concentration camp is finally shutting down, none of these atrocities will happen any longer.”

    ” Horner said this is a great day for all Americans who believe in civil liberties and human rights”


    Computer forensics detective at MESA PD for 6 years (started in 2009). In total, he’s been in the MESA PD for 15 yrs.

    CREDENTIALS: What qualifies him to be in Computers Forensic Unit? Let’s see… As a teenager he worked on his and his brother’s computers. Great! I’m not judging that and good for him BUT does that reaaaa-lly qualify him as a good candidate for the position he’s at? Dealing with evidence that could ‘make’ or ‘break’ someone’s life and possibly lock someone up for life? Would you feel safe having someone with Hern Smith’s experience handling evidence that had to do with your case? I know I’d be very stressed and scared…

    (Keep in mind that juan martinez is trying to belittle/ discredit Neumeister’s 36+ years of experience and tons of credentials… here is a link of his credentials to refresh your memory: )

    Oh and he (smith) had 2 weeks of training when he was positioned as computer forensics detective. Gee, I guess that’s enough to make him a specialist. Right? 🙄 But then you are a trainee for 9 months and if you pass the exam… you’re a specialist on all things computer forensics. 😀 Hey, I’m sure I’d pass with flying colors too. I hereby name myself a computer forensics specialist. Is MESA PD hiring?



    ANALYZING THE HARD DRIVE. Now, what juan martinez stubbornly refuses to understand is that there is only ONE original hard drive from the computer. The rest of drives that smith received are true copies/ images of that ONE original copy! So, it’s ridiculous to have a writer’s block used on the images (copies) of that ONE original hard drive because then the images would not be able to be investigated and analyzed (worked on) properly. He constantly says that there were ‘live’ files on the copies that smith got. Of course they are ‘live files’ idiot! How else is someone going to work on the copies if they are ‘locked’?!!! For the love of all gods! It’s Computer Forensics 101! Those copies were being worked on (working drives) so of course it’ll show up that they are not a spitting image of the original w/o that meaning that they were altered (files deleted or any other funny business)! It only shows that those files had been re-opened and analyzed. And of course the computer ‘log’ has listed that. So every time a file was opened a new entry on the log was made showing that new activity! BUT the original always stays the same and that’s how someone can compare if files were destroyed. THERE’S A BIG DIFFERENCE of files being destroyed and files being analyzed and investigated (working on).

    In conclusion to juan martinez’ examination: A waste of 45 minutes of tax-payers money because he’s got NO CLUE WHATSOEVER and is making a fool out of himself because he’s trying to make up something that doesn’t exist! Trying to save face for all the fuck ups his goonies made.



    FORENSICS PROTOCOL DEALING WITH COMPUTERS : smith says that he was not aware that computers in crime scenes were not supposed to be handled by officers and ONLY be dealt by specialists although the police department has a large policy on how to go about in investigations and ALL OFFICERS are required to know these policies. Interesting because we are not dealing with instructions on how to use a remote control. We are dealing with police department requirements that all officers should abide to.

    CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION AND HANDLING EVIDENCE: He wasn’t familiar with impounding evidence from a crime scene when being an officer (because he didn’t do his homework and didn’t care to spend time on doing his duties correctly) thus, if *HE* didn’t read the policy manual and be aware of MAINTAINING EVIDENCE 101 then how can we be sure that the rest of the officers had known about the policies? That they DID in fact ‘go by the rules’ when investigating the alexander crime scene (let me remind you of a photo showing the bathroom sink all tidied up in one picture and in another picture the items are rearranged from that SAME CRIME SCENE… probably for feng shui reasons??? (I’m being sarcastic for those who didn’t get it).

    So according to the MESA PD policy manual the guidelines state:
    1. Secure the area around the computer
    2. They are not to turn a computer on or off, they are not to attempt to open or close files, they are not to run directories, they are not to access computer diskettes (floppy drive), CD’s
    3. To contact computer forensics for further instructions.

    So Jennifer ‘corners’ smith by asking him if it’s ‘ok’ to wake up a computer and he says it is and then she reminds him that under oath he is stating that it’s ok to wake up a computer at a crime scene and he hesitates and says “No, I didn’t say that it wouldn’t do any damage. I said that in certain circumstances it’s ok”. And then Jennifer asks his what those ‘certain circumstances’ are. And he starts replying with baboon-ish rubbish: “If you’re collecting that as evidence.. if you do not wake it up you do not know if there’s any programs set to destroy the evidence… When you.. unplug it you don’t know – I shouldn’t say destroy the evidence – to encrypt the evidence when you.. unplug it… uhm.. waking it from the sleep you can see… if there’s … any kind of passwords on it?.. so you can search for passwords.. there’s… there’s.. reasons to waking it from sleep.” (It’s so embarrassing just listening to his pathetic excuses. Reading it doesn’t justify how pathetic he sounds. See it for yourselves: Start at 51 min in/ Part 2 video).

    So Jennifer feeds him his reply by telling him that if the hard drive is hooked to a write blocker, you can see what’s on the drive, if there are passwords, if there is any encryption code. Jennifer asks him if he’d add ‘it’s ok to wake up a computer’ to the guidelines and he says yes (what a fucking dumbass.. the more he talks, the more he gets deeper into his bullshit! 😀 😀 😀 ). She then asks him if the best course of action is to take the battery out and pull the cord off and he says yes.. (so why wake up the damn computer if there’s a better way of doing things to reserve the evidence? He’s SO contradicting to his own theory! Oh boy… ). Jennifer is feeding him his own words and I’m telling you, this dude can taste the bitterness! Serves him right trying to back flores for his idiotic actions! Now who looks like a clueless fool, smith? Jennifer practically had him in tears!

    Smith admits that flores VIOLATED MESA PD POLICY when he woke up the computer.

    He also admits that on June 19th 2009 WHILE THE COMPUTER WAS IN MESA PD CONTROL the computer’s hard drive was modified by opening and closing it and looking at files WITHOUT A WRITE BLOCKER.

    COPIES THAT SMITH RECEIVED: When Jennifer cross-examines smith, he also admits that the copies he was given to were not the original hard drive and they were copies that analysis was done on them (thus they were not the same as the original hard drive BECAUSE THEY WERE BEING ANALYZED – working copies.) BOOM!!!! There goes all of juan martinez’ theory while examining smith previously! Because let’s face it: smith does NOT want to ad PERJURY to his record of stupidness! Nor will he be charged for trying to hide the fuck ups flores did!

    MESA PD made 2 exact images of the original hard drive. One in June 2008 (after it had been modified by being woken up) and one in December 2009 (with the modifications that were made in June 19th 2009). The URL address of the porn sites was located in the image of 2008 (but hadn’t the state argued that there were NO PORN related things on travis alexander’s computer?

    Hmmm… interesting to know that the state LIED out of their teeth about that! Bad bad bad Neumeister for finding those porn sites and icons on alexander’s computer from the image of 2008! LOL!



    So smith now is lying again saying that the YOUPORN addy found in the registry is a command that ‘might’ have said not to go into that site or visit it… Give me a fucking break! LOL! That is the most ridiculous excuse I have heard!

    And martinez asks smith if in the MESA PD POLICY guidelines it is stated that Defense Attorneys are not permitted to look at evidence. Of course it’s not going to write something like that! It’s plain common knowledge and sense that if ANYONE is to look at or handle electronics that are evidence a COMUTER FORENSICS SPECIALIST *should* be present to make sure that these pieces of evidence are handled in a manner that will NOT DESTROY their original state in any matter!

    If the cops at MESA PD don’t have enough common sense to know what is right or wrong in matters concerning handling evidence then I’m really sorry to tell all folks living in Mesa district: YOU ARE SCREWED!

    And finally, Martinez once again (he is so fucking stupid) tries to state that the WORKING COPIES that smith was given to were not the same as the originals.. that smith can’t know what the people working on the copies might have done/ altered on those copies.. LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR: THEY ARE COPIES, BOZO! THEY CAN’T ADD OR DELETE FILES TO MANIPULATE THE ORIGINAL HARD DRIVE BECAUSE THE ORIGINAL HARD DRIVE IS IN MESA PD CUSTODY! THOSE OTHER COPIES GIVEN TO SMITH WERE C-O-P-I-E-S ****NOT THE ORIGINAL****.

    Since martinez is so fond of the MERRIAM-WEBSTER dictionary, let me just put their definition of the word ‘TAMPER’ which Martinez seems so offended by smith using it:

    Definition of tamper
    tamperedtampering play \-p(ə-)riŋ\
    1: to carry on underhand or improper negotiations (as by bribery)
    2a : to interfere so as to weaken or change for the worse —used with with
    b : to try foolish or dangerous experiments —used with with
    c : to render something harmful or dangerous by altering its structure or composition
    tamperer play \-pər-ər\ noun
    tamperproof play \ˈtam-pər-ˌprüf\ adjective

    (Isn’t 2c the correct definition of what flores did when waking up the computer? I rest my case.)

    • The the orig is long gone now….. just copies left lots and lots and lots of copies there was even a huge fight over the copies

  14. 440. 28-Jul-2016 FILED: Motion for Extension of Time (to file Transcripts) (Michael A. Babicky)

    15 1/2 months after Jodi was sentenced to life in prison, court reporters are still asking for extensions to finish her trial transcripts. Maybe if these reporters were stuck in a cell in solitary confinement and told they wouldn’t get out until they finished the transcripts, they might get the lead out.

  15. Why are they dragging their feet they knew this was going to be request even the Jury asked for transcripts and were told NO

    • Maybe those will be altered also…… smh
      I can think of several reporters who would benefit from a stay in solitary confinement. 🙄

    • Sooner or later every state will repeal the death penalty and it will be abolished! It really is just a matter of time. Just looked it up, right now 31 states have the death penalty and 19 don’t have it. That’s not counting Delaware.

  16. According to a certain publication which won’t be named here, Jodi should be able to have contact visits soon. Her 180 day disciplinary period is over next week. Her behavior has to be reviewed by prison officials first but she hasn’t had any violations since the c***-blocker “incident” in February. I wonder how long it’s been since she hugged a family member or anyone?

  17. The State of Arizona has yet to prove beyond a reasonable doubt any reason why they should keep her incarcerated for another hour.

    • Hi Joe,
      There’s a tech issue with the site presently, but (as far as I know) it should be fixed & working later today.
      The updated total (including July’s donations) will be added after that.
      I’ll keep you posted!
      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  18. I imagine most people have noticed that Jodi is on the cover of “InTouch” magazine at your local supermarket check-out stands under the heading “Pregnant Bride.” I almost bought one to send to her. She would probably get a good laugh out of it. People are still cashing in on her name.

    • Nancy Grace was all over that article and interviewed the guy from the magazine….it caught my attention when channel surfing….the guy says Jodi is planning to marry some guy named Ben who is an art dealer…They sure have to keep on her back don’t they. On and on.

    • Jodi did indeed have a good laugh with the article! 😀 And we all know that any sort of publicity (even when it’s plain rumors) is good especially in Jodi’s case because that way her unfair and totally misconducted trial will always be in the headlines 😉

      Let’s not forget that all those rags depend on sales and ‘clicks’ for their livelihood. They choose Jodi because they know that Jodi’s name ‘sells’. They love her because she brings in the moolah! 😉

  19. I’ve been informed that the official Appellate Fund Site is ‘down’ and it’ll be down for a couple of days. It’s under construction. Once it’s up and working again, you’ll be informed. Thanks for your understanding.

    Rasna Admin

  20. I usually don’t waste my time on hater comments but the following caught my eye and I wanted to reply to this person:


    Funny that you talk shit on Mormons yet Jodi is a Mormon and you talk shit on Travis yet Grody was obsessed and still is in love with Travis. Fucking ass backwards. You people are getting what’s coming to you. Karma is a bitch it’s a real fucking slutty bitch!”

    Dearest Jenna,
    Yes, Karma is aware of the injustice Jodi has been subjected to and she’s going to fix that shit. No worries :mrgreen:

    It seems you’re another one of the misinformed trial watchers & typical HLN viewers eager to try and take a cheap shot against Jodi and her friends. Let me set the records straight for you:

    You are right Jodi WAS indeed in love with Travis and she went to every length to prove her love to him, even becoming a member of the Mormon cult. It’s Travis that was using her and didn’t respect her. What significant action did he do to show her he cared? Nothing. For him, it was all about sex. He was a filthy perv that duped not only Jodi but many other women too. He wasn’t capable of emotions because he was a sociopath.

    BTW, Jodi is an ex-Mormon.

    Consider yourself corrected – and remember this too, you clueless & motherless fuck:
    It’s happening.
    Make no mistake.

    Rasna Admin

    • BAM!

      I’m so surprised that all those haters still think that writing a few crappy sentences will ‘break us’ or hurt us! We’re immune to their intelligence quotient of 50 to 69!

      I just feel bad for SJ and Rasna for having to put up with them! But hey! Everyone needs a good laugh once in a while! I’m sure admins laugh their asses off when reading their moronic comments! 🙂

  21. Are any who help Jodi doing this for …us? Hell no We do it for who She is and justice. She survived Her abuser and She will survive the abuse put upon Her by the system…She is the new UNBROKEN. I want for Her what is good for Her….She knows where I stand as I’m sure You all know where You stand with Her. If She falls in love then how could I not be happy for Her or any other I care for. There are no conditions on My help for her …and never will be. I trust Her and any She trusts…but evil minds have a hard time with that…as they tend not to use their brain as t-dog…he did have a brain…intact from what I read…typo or no typo…Thanks for the update Rasna.

  22. Walmart…now that’s a place one can trust..LOL..did you know for a time..2009 and back they had fake SKU’s to give cash to thieves who showed up to return items that were bought at Walmart…BUT Walmart even gave $ for items they NEVER sold or carried…say WTF! Now imagine a room full of goodies there for the taking and take em they would. Steal from K Mart and return to Walmart for $…sweet and puts old Walmart in the hot seat for receiving stolen goods. Now the She had blonde hair that day as the photo in the Lic. showed…WOW who i ask would ever trust the booth…in one of My photos i said …WTF lady do i really look like her burst of LOL! Charlie Brown…I am the great pumpkin. Not many photos from DMV turn out that well…I know. But even DMV got it wrong as they claim Her hair is …BROWN….but we all know how bad lighting can ruin any photo…or t.v. show…as in nasty or vermin on HLN…can any one look that evil…well lighting good or bad seems they are…

  23. I’d like to take a few minutes to wish our girl Maria a happy birthday and a happy nameday!

    I met Maria here at JAII and since that first message we’ve exchanged, I knew that Maria was a unique and fabulous person! Maria has been here from the getgo and she’s been one of Jodi’s hardcore and supportive friends!

    Thanks for being around my beautiful bestie! I adore you girlfriend!


    ((((Maria)))) YOU ROCK! ♥

    (((((((JODI ♥ TEAM JODI)))))

    And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

  25. Lets do some math…40 of ever 60 goes for the show…now imagine it costs 1K per min…that’s 40K per hr. and in 24 that’s 960K…then go for at least 100 days and We get 960,000,000…almost 100 million to buy that coverage to rail road a person over a real NO BODY. Is that what anyone wants??? The vile that some so called Americans have is proof as Abe did say …only Americans will destroy America…but America has always had these things…at one time they tried to destroy America as now they try again. They failed 4 times to MURDER Her and now wish Her harm in prison…well a so called man who We know did lust for CHILDREN…his words not mind..failed rather well on June 4th 2008.Own that fact as he rests in…who knows where or really cares. now just why would any network work so very hard to destroy justice and a fair trial and a person who faced a know abuser who used his own sisters to beat on so he could get better in his wrestling moves…were his brothers not available…..

    • Ashleigh Banfield, is she another one of these trash reporters? Seems like she was around during Jodi’s trial. Glad that Nancy’s nasty voice won’t be on any more. Belated good wishes to Maria, hope you had a happy birthday…name day or whatever it is called there.

  26. Sherrif Arpaio is now facing CRIMINAL charges for contempt! Judge Snow has finally ruled on the matter and has requested that the U.S. Attorney for Arizona prosecute Arpaio for criminal contempt.

  27. ASS LIE…the host of HLN… B.S.”the worst of the worst ” now there’s a gal who needs new glasses and a mind upgrade …or was she jusy playing to the mob/cult of travis the not so much of a good guy….were you really following the trial ass lie? What planet are you from to call Her the worst of the worst . you best go read a few books before you open that yap and spew hate….to bad we can’t expose your whole life to see what you have been up to….or why don’t you do that for Us. A true journalist would rather lose their job then speak lies…would they not??? Nasty was used and allowed herself to be used such is the lust for $ and fame just like TRAVIS! no wonder folks fall in love with him…they see themselves I would ask ANY reporter…ever been in a fight for your life or seen one??? Don’t be to quick to judge less ye be judged.I have been in such fights and seen em..I know just how violent they can be.But as a MARINE once said…unless You were there You don’t have the right to judge Me…R.V.Burgin…Hell in the Pacific…Aussie Doc.4 parts. All juries should mind themselves before they dare judge any one guilty. Funny no matter how evil a juror is they always walk away FREE! mary lou…disana…kevin…talk about an evil 3 some they were and said so as they railroaded Her. It’s like they KNEW Jodi was guilty before trial as a judge said….is that FAIR or JUST or even LEGAL??? We the few stand by Her no matter what hate ,lies or vile…We know She in INNOCENT of what She was charged with…in fact She is just INNOCENT…to want to live when You’re attacked is never wrong in the eyes of the law…unless You are poor,a woman,a child,or a person of colour ,or they just don’t like You,that must take in most that are convicted…or as white folk say…THANK GOD We OWN THE LAW!!! Well the reast will own it one day to as long as they stand up to INJUSTICE. RANT ENDS…now.

  28. Yahoo! Just received another letter from Jodi! Let’s make sure we support her with whatever you can afford this month. Not sure what the current total is but I think we will need about another 150K for her appeal process to go forward. Please give what you can. Go Jodi and thanks again for your kind correspondence.

  29. If any think I was to tough on ashliegh banfield…well instead of doing her fucking job she seems to think it’s her mission to rid the world of people…heil ashliegh…now is she a know it all and so very sure she has chosen the right side ? odd how if Jennifer went wild on ANY witness in that show trial it may have doomed Jodi…seem death juries don’t like folks standing up to the system. Where I ask are the judges who will do their job and see all get a fair and just trial. A reasl judge after hearing what just 3 a-holes said to ABC the next day should have wanted to know how mary lou ,diana, and kevin came to their guilty verdict…and if it just did not make sense or reason would have held them idiots in contempt…judges can do that. they took an oath to do right and anything less is treason. Sounds rather harsh…but then that’s how the system must work.Mobs are not know for rule of law…see GANGS of NEW YORK…were the U.S.Navy put down a mob. haters should know what happens when folks turn on the system and go mob. We want justice for Her and all…JUSTICE now who that calls themselves AMERICAN could fear that??? They put the blame on Us for what has been said about dear t-dog…but all we need to do is use his own mouth and videos…so blame him and ask your self why do you stand by an abuser…who wanted to USE children! And to they who use their children’s photos to mock a young lady who only wanted marriage and children….you need help as do your children from you. Who puts up such photos to involve children in this sad case. Must have got that idea from that evil nasty disgrace that seem to always use her twins…for $$$. Never hide behind your children or use em and think you’re so good …yuo aint nothing but common trash.

  30. Sorry for the miss spell that should be YOU…haters…oh and they hate that name…to fucking bad. Our truth is not hate but their lies sure are….the count on hate filled books via men 2 so far…as for cashes book of lies or is that pedo tales who would count a book of cover up. I can hear it now…” sky t-dog is …DEAD…THANK GOD he’ll never rat us out…well who knows what sky may do now…be careful sky very careful…

  31. Great article in the about a Harvard study that rips Maricopa County prosecutors Jeanette Gallagher, Juan Martinez and Vincent Imbordino. The report notes that Martinez committed misconduct in at least 3 capital cases! Those 3 prosecutors account for more than 1/3 of all the capital cases (21of 61) that Az. Supreme Court has had problems with on direct appeal. They overturned or Vacated in 4 of those cases and found improper behavior in 8 of those cases! Also rips Bill Montgomery. Juan Martinez is a dirty MF! Anyone who thinks Jodi doesn’t have great appellate issues is outta their freakin’ minds! That’s why we all gotta keep donating to the appellate fund and get Jodi the justice she deserves!

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