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  2. I have a suggestion It’s really important to get the prosecution misconduct story out.

    Make it easy for people to find this story:

    Plaster the crucial phrases all over the place.

    Direct evidence of prosecution misconduct is the best tool to get fair-minded people on side.

    I’m going to put up a wiki page on this, somewhere within

  3. wow HLN is really grasping saying that JW was signaling the witness! bad enough we have to endure JM with his small man with huge attitude get praises and Jodi get slammed in every way possible, now they start in on JW! all of it so disgusting! i am just curious to know how the court can honestly think that with all of the media coverage the jury is unbiased? i dont believe jodi is getting a fair trial due to HLN and the others. even worse i seriously hope JM gets kicked off he is nothing but a raging idiot. nevertheless, cant wait to see jodi walk free! living thru this hell after the hell she endured with TA she by all rights deserves to be left alone! and to live on! there will always be haters, it just lets you know you are doing something right, its when they stop hating you should worry!

  4. I don’t even know how to begin my comment. I have been a Jodi supporter from the beginning, and continue to be…however, as the trial has progressed I have become totally and utterly disgusted with the process. Today is, 4/8/13, I watched JM berate, belittle and disrespect defense witnesses and refer to the Snow White fairytale which was a mockery. I am sick of the entire HLN crew and their ignorant and biased opionions regarding this trail. Today was a turning point for me, I felt guilty watching this trial knowing that there is no way JA is getting a fair trial. I began to wonder why there isn’t a protest against all the media frenzy, why the jury was not sequestered, and why JM is getting away with all his antics. Why are the citizens of AZ not really standing up for Jodi and DEMANDING that this case no longer be tried in the media. If it were your child, sister, etc. would you really want the system to violate them in such a manner? I feel Jodi is being raped by what America calls the “Justice System.” There is no justice in what is happening here. Judge Sherry is doing a horrible job of managing this trial and should be ashamed and embarrassed. Despite the Defense Team trying to protect Ms. Arias’ rights to a fair trial, they have gotten nowhere! I pray for Jodi, her family and the Defense, but most of all I pray for the system that only appears to be interested in providing networks with money and ratings…

  5. I have been watching the trial since it began. I am so disgusted with the HLN shows, All of them!! I don’t even know where to begin except I am so glad to find a sight like this one with like-minded people. The vile & hatred towards Jodi makes me question if this is America! Nancy Grace is the worst-I saw through her during the last trial. She lied & lied and not one thing she said held up during court! VP makes me sick the way he twists Jodi’s words around. Dr Drew how weird for a doctor to call people who have issues “crazy”! Their behavior is so out of touch with reality of society! I am concerned that Jodi’s parents called the police for growing pot on the roof as a teenager & the way her parents portrayed her, wow! I think the jury is tainted already, there is no-way the jurors have cut themselves off from the media for 48 days! Their questions are biased. But, just as in life she was his nasty secret & his supporters REFUSE to see him for what he really was and all of a suden Jodi gets the blame for his sick secret life. BTW does anyone know which “friends” called Jodi’s mom to get her help? Also, i dated an abuser in my early 20’s and he was just as much of a charmer as Travis, but a MONSTER behind closed doors!

  6. Re: Ashley Reed Thompson.

    I looked at her facebook page and she had posted ‘invalid.invalid’ Then ‘liked’ it herself (september 2009).

    I could not find any direct website with just ‘invalid.invalid’, however it led me to a youtube video by a poster named ‘jonowise’

    I saw a chilling video of this person entitled ‘Invalid invalid Domain Terrace’.
    My heart skipped several beats. If you watch it you might know why.
    Please tell me your impressions of this video. Hopefully I’m not crazy, and the author of the video is.

    • If Ashley Reed was alive today and had testified in Jodi’s case the outcome would be quite different. Jodi would have been aquitted now. Someone surely didn’t want Ashley to talk and they made sure she didn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Dustin Thompson had been paid to help in that.

  7. Is there any way to inform the Arias family that the Facebook page for Daddy O’s Diner, their family business, is being used as a forum for idiots to spew all sorts of hatred and vile posts? These posts are directed not only to Jodi, but to the family. A simple tweek of the settings would eliminate the problem.

    Instead of responding in kind and exacerbating the negativity, I have “Love Bombed” the page with graphics encouraging kindness and compassion. Still, with so many available forums for people to express themselves — regardless of their “loyalties” — the family’s business page should not be used for this purpose

  8. (Excuse me if you I’ve already posted this. I tried earlier and it didn’t seem to take – I couldn’t find it – but when I tried to post the same thing again I got a message that I had “already said that.” So here goes another try)

    There is a Facebook page out there called “Only Idiots Think Jodi Arias Is Innocent” and it’s set so that if anyone types “jodi arias is innocent” into Google, this Facebook page comes up at the top of the list.

  9. Heres a shout out to those who manage this page.. thanks for doing this! I log on everyday to listen to the trial without all the HLN one sided talking head BS… One sided information is really just propaganda and at least here you can make up your own mind on the case without the talking head interjections.. and if you are wondering what happened was not an act of pre meditation as mr midget lawyer is trying to prove. It is clearly a heated moment that went horribly wrong.. and as for Mr Alexander well many men dream about having the kind of relationship he had with Jodi and I find it deplorable that he used her in this way and seemingly had no intention of being a real man and companion with her… .


    This additional news item that follows represent my third personal interaction and communication directly relevant to Jodi’s forward-looking criminal trial. Specifically at this point in time, I sincerely wish and hopefully expect from Jodi to kindly continue to remain positive, optimistic and predominantly assertive until the very end of her exceedingly long-drawn-out, demanding and complicated legal ordeal, especially in preparation to officially find out that the jury’s ultimate decision will assuredly distinguish and give her a more than “fair”, “logical” and “sensitive” (full of common sense) verdict.

    __1.- First and foremost, I feel the necessity to mention the fact that I had not been made aware until a short while ago that judge Sherry Stevens was a former prosecutor and an assistant district attorney before becoming a criminal trial judge. I must also admit that I am still not completely aware as to what is or are the legal procedures in the State of Arizona for determining and finally allowing a former criminal defence attorney, criminal crown prosecutor or assistant district attorney to be officially elevated to the meritorious and authoritative legal position bearing the title of “criminal trial judge”.

    __2.- The reason for having specified the above mentioned information has to do with the unprincipled, dishonourable and unethical ongoing court procedures which I have noticed throughout Jodi’s entire trial up to even now. For example, I was and still am wondering exactly why judge Stevens has and is still continuously allowing Mr. Juan Martinez (the prosecutor) to so much more often than not, yell, howl, hit his fist on the table and uncourtly utilize total arrogance and complete disrespect toward the criminal defence experts when discussing legal arguments with them! Personally, I am totally convinced that Dr. Richard Samuels never demonstrated signs of being deaf and never showed a very slight possibility of being hard of hearing; nor has at any time psychologist Alyce Laviolette for that matter! Most noticeably, defence attorney Jennifer Willmott specifically asked judge Stevens more than once to kindly ask Juan Martinez to stop yelling, moaning, growling, shouting, wailing, etc., and it is none other than my understanding and belief that judge Stevens purposefully did absolutely nothing at any time to respect the defence’s complaints. The obvious reason is simply because Juan Martinez glaringly encouraged himself to stick more and more to his guns especially in reference to his “personal act on the stage” and by no other manner than pursuing his constant “yelling”, “railing at”, “barking at” and “yelping” at the said defence experts when he more often than not totally lost his emotional control and hence felt that it was pertinent to his personal need and interest and was thus his personal prerogative to “act” accordingly. “HELLO!”

    __3.- I specifically wondered! Was it possible that judge Stevens might have considered the thought that while assuming that the defence attorneys were truly alarmed and infuriated, and with good reason regarding Juan Martinez’s ungraceful and unprofessional demeanour, they simply could and would obviously make an appeal after the trial would be over, in order to succeed in obtaining a “mistrial” as a result. However, I think, feel and believe that I happen to be far beyond judge Stevens’s way of thinking, reacting and acting as such a consequence, especially if it would literally be her personal insight and manner of considering it the best option for the defence attorneys to simply accept and proceed forward regarding such a more positive outcome eventually.

    __4.- And finally while referring specifically to judge Stevens, I am not overly impressed regarding her sharing ability, her emotional participation including her physical presence, mannerism and tone of voice. In my opinion, judge Stevens’s mental, emotional and physical authority lacks “effective energy” such as a concentrated heartiness, command, stamina and vigour especially relative to a certain number of psychological forces to achieve such as those of “ambition”, “enthusiasm”, “determination”, desire for responsibility”, “persistence” “tenacity” and “will-power”. Though what has been suggested here does not specifically relate to the knowledge and the experience of judge Stevens. For I am more than reassured that judge Stevens definitely is a “clear-witted”, “prudent” and “wise” lady and judge.

    __5.- My comments that follow need to relate once more to none other than Juan Martinez, though to a much greater extent. Hence I recognize the bare necessities to express my personal characterization pertinent to Juan Martinez’s “total ignorance” and “complete lack of professionalism” directly relative to the use of “proper ethics” and decent “etiquette” at all times, more specifically while facing a jury who he hardly knows anything about, that is their spiritual mindfulness, their intuitiveness, their intellectual considerateness, their emotional awareness including their personal physicalness. Surely as in other important domains of human interchange, there has to exist a respectful need comprising principles for suitable as well as unsuitable uses of the medium (the practitioner) including appropriate forms (studied rigid formalities) for handling communication so that users (practitioners) know and never forget to obey that that such high-profile types of communication are required to be handled in polite, fair and thus appropriate ways. For example, I have clearly noticed that during his participation as a prosecutor, Juan Martinez has continuously responded by the act of an “arrogant”, “dazzled”, “ruthless”, ill-behaved”, “stuck-up” and “stupidly careless” demeanour and attitude especially as a result of his total lack of “unconscious awareness” and his “inability to control” his “aimless” and “wandering emotional reactions”.

    __6.- Incidentally, I was not necessarily surprised when I found out that Juan Martinez took the wrong advantage to “SHOW OFF” and “behave affectionately” (sentimentally) while speaking and having his picture taken with groups of people outside of the court house at the very end of (possibly} some trial days. To my knowkedge, this type of procedure is totally prohibited by the law especially because any conversations commented and pictures taken by the populace could have been noticed or could have implied some members of the jury while still being involved in the furtherance of Jodi’s criminal trial. I ask: simply because not one member of the jury admitted that he or she had not noticed nor participated as part of what took place between Juan Martinez and the said populace, does it indeed reveal the absolute truth from all members of the jury, and especially “without any reasonable doubt” on their part? Well, certainly not from my personal education, knowledge and experience! “What an excellent reason and justification for both defence attorneys to appeal for a mistrial after the end of Jodi’s trial, and obviously by all manner of means”! I can only hope and trust that such “personal disregard” and “disrespect” by Juan Martinez will be seriously taken care of by the State of Arizona’s highest legal authorities, and this immediately after Jodi’s criminal trial will be terminated. Needless to say that I am of the opinion that Juan Martinez deserves to be “severely given a lesson to” for having taken such an illegal advantage as a result of his private disorderly conduct while noticing a group of people, more ladies than men, already waiting in line to hopefully and finally be able to personally greet him, smile at him, congratulate him, hug him, and each one of these prohibited and non merited procedures even if “arrogant” and “disrespectful” Juan Martinez certainly had not yet officially proved nor justified anything “beyond any reasonable doubt” during his more than exceedingly grotesque and awkward personal demeanor and manner of prosecuting such an important criminal murder trial!

    __7.- Interestingly, I have noticed and am now assuredly convinced that Juan Martinez definitely suffers from a physical lack of being able to present a proper and normal appearance in public, and such a short and weak physical appearance is directly related to his exceedingly short size of a man, or more precisely, one half of a man. For example, the real problem of many very short men is that they are extremely defensive concerning their very short size. Obviously, their unsuspecting feelings occupying their personal “whining” and “unconscious negative feelings” about their lack of being given the opportunity to enjoy a normal physical size make their attitude very hard to take, in other words very difficult to “taste”, to “masticate”, to “swallow” and hopefully to “continuously get rid of it all, as soon as possible”. Hence such personal feelings which keep on taking place almost at all times remain very confrontational and competitive while wasting so much time by controlling the said little man or men. If you can imagine in comparison to Jodi’s awesome and notable defence attorney Mr. Kirk Nurmi, Juan Martinez is simply no more than a baby in physical size.

    __8.- Most unfortunately in relation to the infamous news media, namely HLN’s hosts Jane Velez-Mitchell, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew Pinski including Vinnie Politan and Ryan Smith with their newly added and temporary “After Dark” episode have ill-fatedly brought all five (5) of them together, completely against Jodi”s fantastic and more than awe-inspiring criminal defense attorneys and defence experts professionally symbolizing her exceedingly “important”, “fair” and “adequate” personal defence. Directly relative to my personal frame of reference, It is obvious that all five of the above mentioned TV hosts and “brand new clique per se” certainly keep on giving their impression that they have distinctly reached their conclusion that as a result of their imaginary varied criminal trial set-ups, Jodi would have noticeably premeditated the murder of Travis Alexander in cold blood, and all of it from the very beginning of her intentional decision to proceed accordingly. Personally, I simply cannot understand how and why HLN could have either be given the authority or has simply grasped their own said authority by creating their personal way of always finding Jodi so much more than less guilty each time that their selected members of their jury has reached their decision. My most important question is as follows: exactly why should Jodi including her defence attorneys and defence experts be constantly involved in two separate and continuous murder trials at the same time? “Without any reasonable doubt”, there has to be something very wrong and completely inappropriate with this particular scenario! Hello!

    __9.- Thought-involvingly, I found out that both Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander had completed their secondary or high school store of knowledge. For whatever reason or reasons, it had been mentioned numerous times that Travis Alexander was a successful motivational speaker. Regarding Mr. Alexander, I have asked myself what was so special, so telling ouside of the ordinary and so very notable in being a so-called motivational speaker? Well, for example, a motivational speaker is someone who presents speeches in order to hopefully succeed in motivating or inspiring specific audiences. It is said that some business entities can employ motivational speakers in order to help and allow their employees to understand the company’s or institution’s strategy with clarity, to help their employees to “imagine” and “accept” the future in a positive way and also to inspire workers to help each other, that is to pull together as part and parcel of the same team. To briefly summarize, such presentations or talks are often known simply as “pep talks”. In relation to the above described definition, the following question has reached my mind: why should it really be necessary at any time to give “pep talks” to a group of employees that you (as a company or an institution) has already employed as true professionals in their own rights? Would they not be already educated appropriately and paid adequately to know exactly how to take care of their personal responsibilities at work? Either any company’s or institution’s personnel would already be greatly interested to personally succeed, or if not, to go back to school, to find a new type of work, or to do both at the same time in order to eventually become mature enough for the purpose of allowing most if not all of them to finally be able to professionally respect and take care of their professional responsibilities at work!

    __10.- Most importantly with regard to Jodi’s previous predicament or personal circumstances, I am of the opinion that Jodi was and is always a reasonably intelligent young lady and would definitely have succeeded in becoming a very successful and “professional photographer” or “drawing artist” if she would have been properly encouraged, adequately instructed and specifically enlightened to go to university and graduate with one or preferably two degrees in the specific domain of “FINE ARTS”. Most thought- inspiringly, it can never be too late to eventually bring oneself toward a brand new appropriate and fascinating style of life altogether! Wishing you, Jodi, the very best of everything, at all times, and this particular wish is directly relative to my specific and personal regard on your behalf! One final thought if I may: I will do my very best, in my own rights, in order to hopefully allow you to receive the fairest verdict at the end of your trial and proceed from that point onward to every positive and optimistic happening of event without any negative exception of any kind!

    • Benson,
      I just found your April 26, 2013 post. You are the best motivational speaker ever! I hope you do not go away and leave us any time soon. You are my role-model. I like your style.
      Sincerely, Cheryl

  11. For the millions of us who are victims of being objects, have families shattered from betrayal, and have died inside days upon days from a sexual addicted partner… this trial holds our dignity. It means that we matter; it validates our pain. The battering she endured is the kind that victims keep silent. Announcing yourself a victim of this nature or crying for help doesn’t promise a solution, company, or a happy ending. Its like shouting to the world that you are worthless, rejected, and only good for sex. No one can know the hell, the pain, the fire, and the shame it takes to live through it . Any victim can vouch that we already hated ourselves for living – and at many points wished we were dead. Jodi has already paid her sentence in full. Travis KNEW she loved him. She understood her pain. Im sure moving far from him was a hard decision! In an abusive relationship, It is very hard to leave someone who continues to say he loves you or sweet talk you. He was pretty good at getting other women, but Jodi was the one who he could manipulate. I could have began my healing process years before I started if my ex just stopped caring. I would have done anything for the strength to hang up on him – or to pretend I didnt care.
    Unless you have been through that kind of shameful torture, You’ll probably think we’re “crazy,” because it wasn’t a brutal fist fight. PAIN is PAIN. To those who can’t see through the lens of their hearts You are in no position to judge. I would love to have seen JODI on the stand being questioned about how she felt about herself, what she was going through, and how her life changed – relationships with her family and friends, etc…for every painfully defining event in that chapter of her life.
    As far as Im concerned, Jodi has already paid in full 2 life sentences. Her life will never be the same again.
    With all my heart, GO TEAM JODI!

  12. I keep saying that News Media presented this trial *One sided since I turned on my tv screen. I got super tired of anchors presenting it this way. I wonder why if its a trial they try to sway us from the start instead of being neutral??….so go jodi!.

  13. Especially HLN, anytime ANYONE tries to point out something in defense of Jodi Arias, they cut off the person and hang up on them. The most important thing that I want to point out is that in the Sex Tape Travis continually dismisses Jodi and her interests. Anytime she would say “oh I like this or that”, Travis would say “Oh, I don’t” then Jodi would agree with him. Clearly the signs of a power control freak abuser.

    HLN is tabloid law and journalism. They just spread gossip, not facts. No professionalism. Mimicking others as a way of reporting is very Kindergarten.

    Also, the questions the jury would ask were almost always verbatim to questions HLN would ask the night before. It’s clear the Jury watched HLN on TV to get their questions.

    Jodi, when there are appeals this needs to not be on TV. It is hurting you.

    Juan Martinez did not do his job proving pre-meditation. HLN did a good job of swaying the truth, but this isn’t democracy.

    Best of Luck to you Jodi. You will need it.

  14. Also, I wanted to add:

    Jodi, you have alot more supporters than you realize. It’s unfortunate but their opinions are being squashed by those that are hurt and are hating because of the loss of Travis. The entire situation is sad. What I don’t get is that they cannot see the abusive behavior in a person who tells everyone that Jodi is a rotten person and a stalker, yet behind closed doors he calls her, talks to her on the phone, meets with her and has sex with her. If Travis was truly afraid of her, why did he have sex with her?

    I’m sure that there would be more of Travis’ ex-girlfriends (Mormon) come out with their abusive stories, but are afraid to admit to having a sexual relationship. If his past girlfriends are Mormon they are not about to put their standing with the church on the line. They know they will be shunned.

    If Travis’ past girlfriends are true followers of Jesus, they will tell the truth to help save someone from the death penalty. If they don’t, they are no different than someone using a gun or a knife to kill someone.

  15. Jodi if you can read this I want to plead with you to stay strong, God has a plan for you even though things look bleak now. Your parents, grandparents, sisters, brother love you so much as well as many of us who have come to know your through this trial. You are beautiful, talented and gifted and you could share so much of your gift with others. I believe that eventually you will be vindicated through appeals so hang in there and in the end God’s plan will be manifested through you. Your leaving the world too soon would leave such a void. I have a daughter your age and I can only imagine what your parents must be going through. I know your mother was there every day for you and She deserves to know that her daughter will live despite what ever the circumstance, her love is unconditional, she is very strong, I don’t know that I could have sat in that court room day after day, so that is a testament to her love for you, I wish you peace and know that there are more prayers that can be counted on your behalf.
    Evanne Gregory

  16. I have been objective throughout this case and have not swayed in objectivity to reasons of self defense because I know the ability of a man to break a woman spirit, heart and soul. This won’t be the first woman in history who has murdered a man due to battery, abuse, adultery and sexual deviant exploitation of a woman where as she snaps in the heat of the moment. There are way to many unanswered questions in this case and clearly being covered up to obstruction of the justice system. Jodi did not receive a fair trial to the extent that all possible evidence to support her claim of defense was suppressed by law enforcement, prosecutions, media bias and not covering fairly and balanced on both sides. It’s almost the excitement of the roman times to burn a witch at the stake without the merits of justice and factual evidence that would have shed more light in support of her claim of self defense. Personally, I don’t think she was hell bent or preplanned to murder Travis as the prosecution has laid it out. There were wayyyy to many people come and going out of TA home to cause for much more speculation. But I believe that there were others involved and I believe that Jodi was caught in the cross hairs of some vengeful attack on Travis that day. I am not saying she is absolved of any wrong doing, but she certainly didn’t plan to kill Travis, not in such a physically heinous aggressive way. There was another person there. The smell alone in that house would have not gone unnoticed for 1 day, let alone for 5 days, this is AZ!! The friends, roomines where never investigated whatsoever. That is suspicious in itself. I do believe something went bad in a hurry and she did blackout and that is PTSD, which would suppress memory loss or block it out. Bottom line, to many unanswered questions, suppressed facts, and hiding information. For a guy who his friends claims in one hand was afraid of Jodi, he sure had no fear inviting over for some kinky sex that very same night he was murder. He played with her head and was living a double life with his church friends and family, no doubt about it. I am so tired of hearing what a great guy he was to people who obviously did not know him by all respects and truths that are in texts, emails, v-mails, and warnings to him about his perverse was from his friends. I certainly do not believe she deserves the death penalty let alone 2nd degree at the very least. What a mockery of our justice system, but not surprising as past cases have shown in how it’s about promotions, money and power trips that run the justice system today. God knows the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I hope it comes to light during her sentencing or appeals in all fairness and justice.

  17. I really wish the best for U Jodi! NO ONE knows how Travis treated u behind closed doors! The way u describe how he would be-little u & use u I can relate to because I had a loser just like that! And many of times bad things had crossed my mind on how to stop the abuse.It makes u feel like totally nothing!! No wonder u finally snapped. Men like Travis put on a show to try to make everyone think that they are made of gold but in reality they have a dark, sick side that no one would ever believe. I do believe u without a doubt in my mind!! I would’ve made up lies in the beginning too 🙂 keep your head up high & no matter what happens I will pray for u! U are not a bad person u just got pushed to your limit!! You have my support girlfriend 🙂

  18. I read the piece by an expert in hand-to-hand combat, which suggests that the wound pattern is consistent with Jody being tackled by Travis, and striking out in fear. Now I am having trouble locating that site again. Can anyone direct me?


  19. Hi Team Jodi:

    I live in Canada and they do not use meters any more for postage. Everything is stamps. I don’t understand what the problem is with stamps!!!! Metered postage went out with the high button shoes!!

    Could you please verify the “stamp – no stamp” policy and advise us online? From what I have read, quite a few people would send Jodi post cards from all over the world, but they also state that they can only use stamps.

    Many thanks

  20. Hi all:

    I have just read the article via Bill Montgomery!!!! I am the only one that is completely outraged and think that these people who do not want the truth to service live in LaLa Land?????? Why is it that the authorities don’t want the truth to be told to save someone’s life????? I am absolutely furious and have to release my anger some where!!!!

    I started a petition under “We The People”, but people have tried to log in and they can’t get in. It could be because I am trying to start it from Canada and therefore not a U.S. citizen and probably don’t have the right to start a petition. So if someone out there in the U.S. who believes in Jodi’s innocence and the raw deal that she got, please go to “We The People” and it will explain exactly how to start a petition.

    Then, whoever you are, if you could post the link on this website, I am sure that a lot of people will sign it. You need 150 signatures before it will be released to the public.

    So pleaseeee….someone start this petition and let us bombard the President with the injustice of the so called Justice System in Phoeniz, Arizona. And let’s plead to get it changed for the sake of Jodi and others that have been convicted unfairly.

    • R. Love, I think we’ll have to call it the price of getting some justice for Jodi. Jodi needs for the media to be out of the loop. That’s going to put us out of the loop too.

  21. Hi all:

    Thanks for the info. I figured since it wasn’t plastered all over the media that it was probably a secret, but with the way that the media is, you just never know if it had been leaked.

    I agree on both accounts that not knowing could be beneficial to Jodi, but I believe that us not knowing might hamper our support that we have for her, and we could be in for a surprise.

    I hope that all of the good work done by everyone gets back to the Justice system. Some very good evidence has been produced by experts not involved in the case and I think that all of this should be getting to Jodi’s legal team and the Arizona justice system.

    • Yah, there are two sides to the coin.

      Jodi’s trial was not fair, but media presence was only one of the reasons – and if NOT for the media we wouldn’t have a record of many elements that just might help to secure an appeal. I mean, not only do we have numerous recordings of the Alexander family ‘testifying’ from the gallery, we have video of the judge herself rolling her eyes at Alyce’s reply to a juror question. And that’s just a couple of examples.

      Without the media, none of us would have known how very wrong the whole trial was.

      And I do have concerns that these sealed proceedings offer as much protection for the prosecutor’s shenanigans as they do for the interests of justice for Jodi.

  22. Okay…is it just me or is there something very wrong here?????

    The court has ordered that the penalty phase hearings be closed to the public and media because of the intense interest by the public and media because an open court could possibly taint the jury!!!!!!!! Are you frigging kidding me!!!! If this is being proven for the penalty phase, then why or why is this case not being appealed on the same level for the actual trial???? What is that phrase….having your cake and eating too!

    What about what happened at the actual trial? Why is that not being overturned because of the same thing that the court has ordered for the penalty phase????? Do the courts in Arizona really think that this is not going to cause an uproar???? The so called justice system in this state is unbelievable!

    Come on…….this case has turned into such a joke (and I don’t mean funny joke). I am sure that the law students of tomorrow will be discussing this case and the outrageous shenanigans that went on for years to come!

    Do we know if Jodi’s legal team is appealing this case on the same basis as the reasons for the closed sessions for the penalty phase???? There shouldn’t even be a penalty phase. The trial should be ruled as a legal joke and appealed for a new trial!!!

    OMG…..this is so frustrated!!!! I do not know how Jodi is keeping her wits about her with all of this going on. I would love to go to Arizona and picket the court house and justice system, but then, they probably would find a reason to throw me into jail and throw away the key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The current orders you’ve seen pertain to whatever pre-penalty phase stuff that’s going on right now – evidentiary hearing today, the settlement conference (which I thought was the 27th but has apparently been rescheduled for the 18th).

      HOWEVER, the DEFENSE team HAS filed a motion to preclude or limit media coverage of the penalty phase retrial – presumably that might be one of the matters discussed this morning.

      As to any issues that might be brought up in appeal – I think most of those have to wait until this trial is actually finished. I am sure there WILL be appeals, and they will be successful – there WILL be a new trial, probably with a new defense team (because ineffective assistance of counsel is one of the slam dunk appellate issues Jodi has). The appeals won’t be handled by the current defense team either – those are handled by appellate attorneys.

  23. The real tragedy, is, the concealment of, dozens of reasonable doubts, with proofs, that, she did, none of it; had, Travis, by the short leash, and, had no motive, whatwith, supposedly, being so diabolical, as to, use him up, and, then, send him on a limp wimp, cruise, unable, to use the next tiara, in, waiting… as, everyone in the office knew, Jodi was there, getting her cauldron stirred, by super stud…the, guru, with a long line of, usees; any of which, he left in his, wake… while, he plowed through, more usees, of, the sainted, one… Where, are all the concealed facts, that, irrefutably, shut down dozens of sites; only, for, another one to pop up, with, more, Arias Bias; while, concealing, all the reasonable doubts…??? Edgar…

  24. I wish you luck. It saddens my heart to learn about jodi’s plight. It’s not for me to judge, I don’t know the truth, I don’t need to – the tears the well in my eyes as I write this tell me that I should send my love to a fellow human – Jodi you are loved and not forgotten. I pray you find justice, peace and happiness x
    Stef – U.K. x x

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