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If you thought the Book of Mormon was a comical read (as most sane people do), then you’ll find Gas-Can Kermit’s latest book nothing short of hilarious.

So if you’re in need of some light entertainment & BS, click here (or click the pic below) to go read his book for free, and in full:

gas can kermit - free download
(Apparently you can read it online in your browser, in .TXT format or download the zip file)

He kicked off his multi-pronged book promo tour or Dr Phil’s show last week. I had planned to include the video in this post, but decided against it for ethical reasons.

Only in Arizona would such courtroom shenanigans & prosecutorial misconduct of such magnitude not only be rewarded, but encouraged and ultimately applauded. As I’ve said countless times before, that’s great for the unwashed & illiterate masses, but it’s not justice. Not by a long chalk.

It also got me thinking. Had a Kermit-style character appeared in The Soprano’s TV show back in the day… and pulled the same stunts to get a “result”… right now he’d still be clinging to a concrete block (albeit a small one) at the bottom of the Hudson River.

The thing is, Karma always catches up in the end. It’ll catch up with Gas-Can Kermit… it’ll catch up with the forever-inbred Addams family at some point… and it’ll catch up with Chris Hughes too… just like it already caught up with Flores, remember? And when that day comes, it’ll take way more than the nonsensical Book of Mormon to save them.

How can anyone honestly support an abusive piece of shit low-life retarded good-for-nothing pedophile like TA? It makes no sense.

Anyone out there still doing that can continue to cling to their illusion. They can carry on with their weird & wonderful dreams of necrophilia… and they can continue to fester in their own filth – and that of their unfortunate offspring.

The funny thing is — and if the real truth be known — 99.9% of them don’t give 2 flying fucks about TA. Never have done. Never will do. They’re just anti-Jodi. Big difference.

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  1. *hurling*
    Please… how much frog can we take in the same week????? Not even the French can digest so much frog eating! I am probably NOT going to read his book as I didn’t Nurmi’s. I am right now trying to get through the Dr. Phil interview w/o puking all over the house! (my comments about the show will be posted soon. Beware, it’ll be a looooong rant so make sure to make coffee before starting to read).

    “It also got me thinking. Had a Kermit-style character appeared in The Soprano’s TV show back in the day… and pulled the same stunts to get a “result”… right now he’d still be clinging to a concrete block (albeit a small one) at the bottom of the Hudson River.” —- Cry laughing!!! “(albeit a small one)”

    SJ, thank you for the laugh! You are sugarcoating the sour and rotten taste of Kermit’s book!

    ((((Jodi, we’re here with you girl)))) ♥
    ((((SJ)))) ♥ Σ’αγαπώ

    p.s. Did I make first comment and if so what do I win? I demand a prize! Do ya hear me, SJ???? I demand one!!!!

    • Congrats Pandora!

      You just won a bucket (signed by Kermit & the 7 dwarfs) for your next hurling session :mrgreen:

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

      • Awwwww!! I will use it with great pleasure whenever referring to all the fucking clowns that tried to kill Jodi.

        Now calm down friends! This prize is mine! All mine! Back off! 😀

        (((Team Jodi)))
        (((SJ’s 1st comment prize))))

        • Hi Pandora!! You definitely deserve a prize for being able to sit through that shitshow and then take the time and post about it. You actually deserve 2 prizes!! Make that 3 prizes if you sat through it and really didn’t throw up in your mouth!!

      • Hey SJ!! Since Kermit is a dwarf I nominate him as the honorary 8th dwarf. My name for him is DIRTY! since he can’t win a case by the rules. If someone can come up with a better name please post it!

    • Saw this book in Barnes & Noble Booksellers on the 16th and sat down and read the whole thing, cover to cover, (without paying for it of course.) I can go to my grave knowing that J.M. didn’t make a dime off me. FYI, I told the girl behind the counter today not to order anymore because it was available here for FREE!!!!!!

  2. I can’t help but wondering how many haters who despise this site of ours will be tempted to download Kermit’s book instead of buying it. Ha! After all, they do know deep down that NOTHING new is written n there, just more twists of the same delirium and lies the Frog offered to the jurors and to the masses! They love him but when things are given away for free, people’s love and support go out of the window 😉

    Haven’t read Nurmi’s book. I am not ready to read Kermit’s shit, either. Don’t know if I can stomach more of the same psychopathic distortions of a SERIOUSLY SICK mind…..

    • Hi Maria!! Lmao!! The only good thing about those 2 Assclowns writing books is hopefully there’s something in there that Jodi’s appellate attorneys can use! You couldn’t pay me to read that dwarfs book!

      • This is one of the links off of your link, Joe, and I think Michael Kiefer captures the very essence of who Juan Martinez is. I was especially struck by the similarities of his atrocities in the 2009 Douglas Grant case to his behaviors in Jodi’s case.

        But what I found most bone chilling was the very last paragraph:

        “”All the young prosecutors want to be like Juan Martinez now,” said Alan Tavassoli, an attorney with the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office. “He’s a role model. And so was Noel Levy.” Noel Levy is the prosecutor who, along with his star witness, Detective Armando Saldate, convinced a 1990 jury to convict Debra Milke of the 1st degree murder of her 4 year old son. And these are the people young prosecutors are wanting to emulate. We all need to be very very frightened.

        • It’s obvious that when JODI’s case reached global attention JM bopped and weaved his way towards this book deal. JM’s lies and deceptive practice demonstrates his attempt to murder JODI under the cover of the judicial system.

  3. So I haven’t commented on Dr. Phil’s show yet. I just finished watching it. Thankfully SJ’s prize was useful and well needed (the hurling bucket).

    I took down notes about all things said on the show. It’s a loooong rant so I decided to ‘break it up’ into pieces and post it as different comments. So here goes:

    Dr. Phil opens his show by ‘introducing’ Jodi, saying “She made headlines… blah blah blah” … Uhhhmmmmm, media whores made her ‘famous’ in all the wrong ways… Jodi is just another girl (one of the thousands out there) that got caught in the web of an abusive relationship that had a tragic ending. I wonder why all those other thousands of women never made headlines. Is it possibly because the Mormon cult wasn’t involved? Maybe because there was no nudity to sell the story…

  4. ACT 1: THE FROG…JUAN MARTINEZ. *sigh* (his voice triggered my PTSD). When he talks like a virgin (sweet and low toned) I want to slap that hypocritical asshole across the mouth!

    He starts off by talking about how Jodi lied from the get-go… yes, idiot, we all agree that Jodi shouldn’t have lied and should have come clean from Day1… did you ever stop to think that Jodi was in shock and scared shitless of what she had done? Did you ever stop to think that she was in denial? That she didn’t want to utter the words of what she had done because then that would make it true and she couldn’t handle it…. Of course you didn’t… why should a heartless and soulless dickface use common sense? After all, that would hurt your case: being human, that is.

  5. SELF DEFENSE vs OVERKILL: One would think that after so many years of being the prosecutor in Jodi’s trial, Martinez would know a thing or two about self-defense, overkill, adrenaline and blackouts. Let me make this quick: When in self-defense NOBODY has the fucking luxury to take a few minutes and think straight. A person in self-defense does anything possible to protect his/her life. Simple as that. When fighting a person that’s double your size, knows martial arts, you better hope that adrenaline kicks in so that you can fight back as strong and powerful possible. When adrenaline kicks in a human goes ‘blank’. It’s not an on/off button. You can’t stop when feeling out of danger, it takes a few minutes your adrenaline levels to subside and in those few minutes you are not in control of your body and mind… thus the ‘overkill’ mentioned which is the typical reaction of anyone in a situation that Jodi was in.

    And his lies begin: Stabbed him, slit his throat AND THEN putting a bullet in his head. NO FUCKFACE! Get your fucking story straight! Jodi tried to stop him from attacking her when he said “I’ll kill you bitch” by pointing HIS gun at him. When he didn’t spook and stormed towards her, she pulled the trigger. A reaction we’d all have. He didn’t fall dead from the bullet. On the contrary, when Jodi shot him (I’m sure it was done automatically out of fear) she ran to him to help him and he continued to attack her on the floor and she grabbed the knife trying to get him off her (thus the slashes and not stabs on his back). Jodi did NOT STAB HIM while he was facing the sink mirror.

    You’ll say: yeah right… YOU WEREN’T THERE, BITCH. No I wasn’t but neither was Martinez, was he now?… But I do know a person that was there: Jodi. So I choose to believe her since she lived it instead of Martinez’s SPECULATIONS of what ‘probably’ happened just to fit his case…

  6. GAS CANS…. *sigh* … I feel that I have to make a sign – or maybe a huge billboard – with ‘NO MORE GAS CANS’ written on it and rally against this ridiculous theory! For the love of all gods, enough already with the freakin’ gas cans!!! Yes, Jodi had gas cans with gas in her car that runs on gas for a long trip that would take a lot of gas. Having extra gas while travelling ALONE by car is not suspicious! It’s smart thinking! If you’re travelling from California to Utah and you have to drive through a desert with a rented car that you don’t know how much gas it runs on per mile, yes my lovelies, you make sure to have EXTRA GAS not to get stranded in the middle of Booniesville with no gas station nearby!

    And because during her trip she decided to visit travis, that makes the gas can suspicious for premeditating? GMAFB!!! And OH THE TERROR!!!!: a receipt was found for buying a gas can… what evilness! (rolling my eyes)… I bought 1 ton of wood 3 days ago and kept the receipt… does that mean I’m planning arson? Oh I also bought flammable lighter gas… that must mean that I am up to something suspicious!!! Gimme a minute while I soak the receipt in the lighter gas and burn it up with my wood in the fireplace… Get rid of anything that can be used against me as premeditating … Better be safe than sorry! Sheesh… How dumb can dumb be? NO MORE GAS CANS! NO MORE GAS CANS!!!

    This just goes to show that Martinez had NOTHING to work with and was grasping at straws to try and build a case against Jodi so he can have reason to send her to death row… and the sheeple fell for it. It makes me really sad and not angry to know that their level of intelligence is so low.

    • Yes, those damn gas cans! As I said before, if the point of somehow proving she had three gas cans was to further the idea that she was hiding her trip into and out of Arizona, then why does she only fill two cans in Pasadena? And more than that, why the fuck didn’t Nurmi argue this point? As a matter of fact, why didn’t he argue a lot of points. (Maybe asleep at the wheel because he was so arrogantly sure of himself?)

  7. Oh, I want to sue the hair dye brand company that was an ‘accomplice’ to this ‘crime’… LMAO! Blonde hair, brown hair… SMH… No, seriously! This is a ‘shaking my freaking head’ moment. So because Jodi – at some point; not sure when exactly– changed her hair color, it was part of her premeditation? Oh come on now!!! This is just laughable! If someone wants to change their looks so they won’t be recognized, they don’t JUST dye their hair! They cut the hair, style it differently, wear a wig…. COME ON PEOPLE! He’s making it too easy not to mock! And where is the receipt for purchasing the hair dye??? I WANT PROOF OF A RECEIPT!!! LMAO! NO MORE HAIR DYES! NO MORE HAIR DYES!

    For Pete’s sake, NEVER EVER EVER ask for another car color while renting a car if you don’t want the one they’re giving you! If it’s diarrhea color just take it, grin it and bear it! Jodi didn’t want a red car and you see what happened: premeditation written all over that! You have been warned!

    • I love reading all your posts Pandora !! You cut right to the point quickly and precisely 🙂

      We don’t the exact date when she dyed her hair back, but there is text messages she sent to someone (can’t remember) where she stated she had changed her hair color back to brown/brunette and this was in March or April before the PPL convention. So that is documented and I don’t understand why the hair color thing is even an issue…oops I forgot little Juanita got up before the jury and ignored the truthful evidence that she had long before changed her hair color back to brunette before she was convinced by pedo TA to come by and visit him on her way to Utah…

      And the gas cans are meaningless…and you’re right the sheeple jurors were too STUPID to understand that and to understand what REASONABLE DOUBT is !!

          • whichever it was, yes, it was mentioned at trial — can’t say it whether the actual document was read into testimony or not though… I just know that there was testimony ABOUT Jodi telling Ryan that she was brunette. Because he’d last seen her at convention in OKC as a blonde.

      • Here is Jodi’s testimony about her first coloring her hair:

        Day 18 1:11:00

        Nurmi: You dyed your hair before moving out of Mesa? And, just so we’re clear, is this in April 2008? Or before April 2008? You said you moved …

        Jodi: Actually, I think it was late March. I don’t remember. The only reason I remember those dates is because I used to have date and time stamp photos. I guess I still do on the hard drive, but um I remember the last Super Saturday that I went to was sometime in late March, because it was after convention and I waited until after convention to dye my hair, and I showed up at convention with dark hair and a few blond highlights.

            • Carol,
              If you have access to the texts on Beth Karas’s site (I don’t right at the moment), there’s a conversation between Jodi and Travis around March 20 that goes something like:
              JA “I dyed my hair brown.”
              TA: “When can I see it?”
              JA : “In 15 minutes.”

              I posted those texts on this site within the last 5-6 months but I searched back to October this morning and I couldn’t find it.

          • I found her testimony on Croakergueen123 Day 18 Part 1 @ 37:12

            She did testify as above, but she must have misspoke and what she clearly meant to say was that she showed up at Super Saturday, not the convention.

            Just prior to this testimony she testified that she had texted Zion to tell him not to edify her as a blond anymore to Ryan.

            I’m sorry I don’t know about that text between TA & Jodi.

            • And did the STUPID JURORS comprehend these facts?? Oh, no they were too in love with little Juanita and all the smoke and mirrors and false testimony presented to them…IDIOTS!!!! They better pray that if they ever need a jury that they get one that isn’t as MASSIVELY IDIOTIC as they were !!!!!!

              • Carol,

                From Beth Karas’ site (March, 2008 texts)

                JA 03/20/08 – 09:11PM
                “Yep, I am definitely a brunette now! There is no turning back!

                TA 03/20/08 – 09:12PM
                “That hurts.”

                JA 03/20/08 – 09:13PM
                “SHUT UP!”

                JA 03/20/08 – 09:37PM
                “I miss blonde.” =)

                TA: 03/20/08 – 09:39PM
                “When will I see it?”

                JA 03/20/08 – 9:40PM
                “15 min. Brt.”

      • Ryan’s testimony about the convention being in April did not match Prepaid Legal’s Calendar of Events.

        Ryan Burns testified that Arias’ hair was blonde when he met her, but was brown when she came to visit him. (Lohr HuffPost)

        He told the jury he met Arias at a convention in Oklahoma City in April 2008, about two months before Alexander died. (HLN)

        “Pre-Paid Legal’s 2008 International Convention – March 13, 2008

        If you can only attend one event per year, Pre-Paid Legal’s Annual International Convention is the ONE event NOT to miss. Held in “the heartland”, the 2008 International Convention will return to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma March 13 – 15, 2008.”

  8. *Screeeeeech* (sound of brakes) Whoaaaa! Wait a fucking minute!

    2 knives and a gun were found in Jodi’s car during another trip she was planning???? But not the weapons used ??? So why bring it up? She would have been charged with possession of weapons w/o a license!! Especially 3 fucking weapons found together! What a crock of lies! And his implications of what Jodi was thinking of doing with the ‘imaginary’ weapons… Probably wanted to ‘shoot’ the breeze and ‘carve’ something in stone… My explanation is as ridiculous as martinez’s FALSE information. Jodi was NEVER found with 2 knives and a gun!

  9. Act 2 – TARA KELLY: She had seen pics of Jodi that didn’t remind her of the Jodi she saw in the courthouse… Hmmmm… I really would like to read the part of the transcript during jury selection where she says that she knew nothing about this case. Tara… was it a slip of the tongue? How many hours, days, weeks, MONTHS did you really spend checking everything out about Jodi and the case before the trial started? You’ve been caught with your hand in the cookie jar! Shame on you for lying… but we all knew that you were a freaking liar from the getgo, you mutt.

  10. ACT 3 – TANISHA: tanisha claims that Jodi turned the trial into a circus with her shenanigans??? Hahahhaaaaa! tanisha dearest, you are not capable of using those words with your own cell-burnt brain! I think that the words CIRCUS and SHENANIGANS are words that apply to your behavior during both trials! Words that we have been using for years to characterize your behavior! Up to the last day with your posse walk-outs while the court was in session. tanisha is so pathetic, it makes me wonder if she has one ounce of humanity in her being.. Not holding my breath… tanisha doesn’t even remember how many knife wounds there were: 27 idiot! Not 29! It just goes to show that this woman will lie about everything w/o thinking that some things are documented and she can’t get away with her lies…

    And oh, according to tanisha, Jodi seduced travis although he was sexting, dating and screwing other women at the same time… Poor lil virgin travis being seduced by Jodi! Ha! That’s laughable!
    When exactly did travis tell tanisha that Jodi was stalking him? Was it during the never ever phone calls they had? Was it at the never ever get togethers they had? Fact is that tanisha didn’t give one flying fuck when her brother was alive. I think that she feels GREAT GUILT ABOUT THAT and is blaming everything on Jodi because she can’t admit to herself that she was a lousy sister!

    Doggie doors, Christmas trees, slashing of tires… stalking him.. obsessed with him… If travis was so concerned, why didn’t he ever file a restriction order against Jodi? Just sayin’… tanisha loves to lie on national tv for sympathy and again it’s painful and embarrassing to see her try and squeeze a tear out of her eyeballs. I actually think that she has lied so many times about all the above that she has gotten her self to believe that they are all true! True fact about junkies: they never learn how NOT TO LIE!

  11. ACT 4 – CHRIS CASH … ooops: CHRIS HUGHES (cha-ching!)
    So they say that they caught Jodi eavesdropping outside their bedroom door when they were in there with travis gossiping about Jodi… well I don’t know if that’s true or not but playing devil’s advocate, I’d say that IF Jodi was behind the door and heard them bashing her I wonder how they expected her to be? Happy and giggly? I personally would be pissed if my boyfriend along with his friends were clamped up in a room and were bashing and talking badly about me while I was there as their guest. I’d be pissed at my boyfriend for not having defended me. Bad hosts and bad boyfriend.

    • Don’t you just love how he was so at ease, cool as a cucumber under those hot TV lights but sweating like a pig on the witness stand?

      • Yup! It’s well known that when someone is lying under oath and know if they get caught will get in trouble with the law… that’s a good enough reason for them to sweat like a pig and not be able to focus. chris hughes had trouble understanding the most simple questions. I’m sure that if Nurmi asked him what his kids names were, hughes would have replied: “Can you please ask me that question again?!” like he did with everything he was asked. I wish that witnesses had to have a polygraph on them while testifying! Wanna bet there would be no State witnesses! 😉

  12. (This one doesn’t even deserve to get an ‘ACT No.’) :

    NOW, WHO THE HELL IS THIS NOBODY: CLANSY? And why on earth did she not go make an official report if she and her buddies were being threatened by Jodi. Might the cellmate that told her this bullshit be craycray Cassandra? LOL!

    And again tanisha speaks and tries desperately to squeeze that damn tear out of her eyes and … nothing… damn girl! That’s so embarrassing! Can’t squeeze a tear out for your brother? How hollow are you?

  13. ACT 5 – KAREEM
    He thinks that 2nd degree is what Jodi should have gotten? Self-defense is not a crime in the American Justice. Jodi should have been acquitted. And unfortunately, people in the audience laughed at him and that was embarrassing and worse of all, Dr. Phil didn’t protect him from the other people and didn’t even try to be fair about someone that has an opposite opinion from all those haters there.

  14. ACT 6 – JVM
    The drunktard is back. She says that Jodi wants to be getting attention. Either that’s positive or not – which of course is false. All Jodi wants is to be left alone. Jodi is NOT the one seeking attention. It’s all these television personas and not only that are striving for attention but have nothing else to show about themselves that they need to use Jodi’s name to be seen. Let’s face it: Jodi makes ‘numbers’ and makes them richer every time they utter her name! JVM calls Jodi a ‘sick person’ talk about pot calling kettle black. Only a sick mind like JVM’s can come up with a theory like the one she babbled about on the show. JVM is a nobody loser with a drunk history.

    • B*O*M*B*S*H*E*L*L* Tonight!

      Jodi sneezed without getting written permission from her supervisor!

      JVM has had that same stupid “motive” from the beginning and didn’t learn anything from the trial she was supposed to have covered by standing on the steps of the courtroom sweating in the desert sun. Jodi would not be going anywhere that the Hughes were – that is a fact!

  15. ACT 7 – DR PHIL
    He stated that he was tickled to death that Martinez wrote the book. It doesn’t get more biased than that, ladies and gents! During 2013 he seemed to be unbiased and fair. He contacted Jodi (but that’s a story for another day) and he was friendly with her. And now he’s praising Martinez on the great job he did in locking up Jodi. Dr. Phil, you are a disappointment and a hypocrit. Thumbs down to you and I am glad your show doesn’t air in Greece. One scum less to have to be seeing.

    • I think that Jodi’s appellate team are also “tickled to death” that little Juanita’s book and KN’s book have been written….

  16. I have added a link on the Judicial Injustices page of the Reasonable Doubt document, pointing to the youtube of Juan’s gruesome gaping neck autopsy photo stunt. This is where he’s about to put the photo on the overhead when Jennifer objects vehemently on the basis of relevancy. The judge tells them to approach but before approaching Juan places the photo on the overhead. The sidebar goes on for about five minutes. Notice the drama taking place in the courtroom during this long sidebar, particularly the drama playing out in the gallery, all there for the jury to absorb.)

    That judge had to have been brain dead to be so unaware of what was going on in her courtroom.

    • On the Phil Show, the one complaint that Tanisha had about tiny was that he used the autopsy photos without warning the family. That must have been the first time. He would use anyone and anything to shock and bias the jury.

      • I’m sure he didn’t tell them exactly so he could get the reaction he did. There is no reason to present that photo to Lisa. He was about to ask her if she thought that Travis deserved to have that done to him. He knew the defense would object and was probably even counting on the usual long sidebar knowing the judge couldn’t even make that obvious call on her own without a lengthy pow-wow.

        • Plus it would give him the chance to keep that pic up for longer just like he did with all the autopsy pics as well as Jodi’s nude ones. He’s a scum and has no level of morality.

  17. Pandora I love when You talk…CLEAN…..I will do My best to …read…that shits work of evil. In that book of vile I’m sure more truth will see light…tiny is not to smart. him and fat boy share a bond or bong…maybe both as they seem more out of this world then not. Odd how all on that show avoided t-dogs truth from his own mouth…..PEDO’s must have been so happy to see that not brought up. DON’T BELIEVE JODI !!! but why not believe t-dog…3 times does not make a mistake. All dr. spill had to ask who here supports a child abuser who wants to rape 12 yr olds……STAND UP! tiny would have to stand up …twice just to be seen. All the judges must know that one day they shall be judged….if they value a job more then justice so be it…..once the people threw off a rotten system and they can do it again…all it takes is …1% America…France….Russia…should I go on. Injustice met JUSTICE ! Why should We ever give up on an INNOCENT?…as they defend and praise an abuser. As the bishop told Me …we must protect the church at all times……GOOD LUCK on that…..when any put a church or faith before a person that shows true evil.

  18. The photos of the leg and the drag….why would they be getting clearer…NOW….was tiny holding a clear image back that shows t-dog head raised off the floor even though tiny says he dead. Ask any person do You see a dragging going on there? If yes time to call a real Dr. The overkill….last time I checked one dies once…that it dr. it! ONCE…read real slow…ONCE. Gee travis out did JESUS….rose from the DEAD twice….I guess the third time there was NO CHARM. The horror…any have seen more horror in a car accident…..let alone plane crash. Look to that body and say ,now that’s a guy on the defence…stopping only one time to view his looks…even the state says that.he was in fear of his life….as he just had to take a look see. Only an idiot or defect would buy that crap. t-dog lost as he was lost in his fake world of rape dreams…well lets hope that’s all they were….but if ca$h u$e doesn’t care who should. To bad the state didn’t test his DNA on unsolved crimes….who knows what would have been found…that boy did love to travel and seemed to like children…..sick fuck that he……WAS.

  19. Kareem just tweeted that he visited Jodi on Thursday and she is doing well and says thanks a million for the love from her family and friends!! It’s great to hear that she’s doing well!!

  20. I got to the part in the book – I downloaded it – where he quotes what she said at sentencing, afterwards saying she said she slit his throat!
    I was so furious I couldn’t read any more of it.
    He’s so full of hate that he didn’t realise what he said!

    • Yeah, like at Dr. Phil’s show where they ‘forgot’ 🙄 to leave in the part where Jodi says “And he was still attacking me”… they will do whatever is possible to make Jodi into a cold monster.

  21. IS TRAVIS ALEXANDER REALLY IN ALL 3 OF THE INADVERTENT PHOTOS? I only see him in one (the body dragging shot with the “foot.”)

    From Martinez’s book:
    “This last set was comprised of three images that had been taken inadvertently. Two of the three had been snapped when the camera had been upside down, and had appeared dark when first viewed. The
    detective had enhanced them until he saw Travis’ body in each of these photographs.”

  22. Juan says on July 14 when Flores, his sergeant, and another detective flew to Yreka they knew Jodi lived there but weren’t sure of her exact address. Jodi had already been in to the station. Maybe they could have checked her driver’s license? Or the address she listed. Juan makes sure to say Flores said a lot.

  23. Thanks for posting the links to Douche Martinez’s book SJ.

    I don’t know how much of this book I’ll be able to read. Just reading the Prologue pissed me off, lol. It may take me a lot longer than normal to read, but I’ll get through it.

  24. Martinez’s book is filled with mistaken beliefs on his part.
    “A week later, on July 3, the DNA results from the bloody left palm print showed there was a mixture of blood from two individuals-Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias.” IT WAS NOT BLOOD. It’s ironic and incomprehensible that both Martinez and Nurmi thought that the DNA mixture was blood.

    Earlier in the book, JM admits the photographs wouldn’t prove that Jodi killed TA because she could have left shortly after the photos were taken, i.e., they don’t put her there when he died. But, he oddly says that the “palm print” ADDS (?) to the evidence even while admitting you can’t date and time fingerprints or palm prints. It doesn’t add anything because it’s meaningless since Jodi had been in TA’s house many times and Martinez knew it. And unbelievably, he states the photos (which he admits didn’t prove Jodi was there when TA died) are MORE important than the DNA mixture of (“blood”) which (would have been a strong indicator Jodi was there when TA died if it was a blood mixture).

    I’m starting to wonder if Martinez is in early dementia or was drinking a bottle a day when he wrote this book.

    • I forgot to thank you, SJ, for providing a link to Martinez’s book. It provides a close up look into Martinez illogical thinking. It’s showing how weak the case was against Jodi, if there was a case at all without her saying she killed him.

    • Okay, so the technician that testified about this print testified emphatically that it was NOT BLOOD !!!! There was NO blood in that partial print, period!! So what little Juanita is doing is propagating a false narrative, you know that one that was propagated during the trial…the little nit wit refuses to acknowledge the true facts….the arrogance and narcissistic behavior from this little peon is galling…but those who try to puff themselves up will eventually fall and be brought low…..


      • And yet, even the most involved, like the prosecutor insists on using the word ‘bloody’… you know for effect! THAT’S how much he had on Jodi! Absolutely nothing!

  25. Whst stands out and makes me want to say HUMMM,, is the fact thst deanna was in contact with travass through text tryn to get some of her money back before he left town for his Cancun trip! He had aready spent her money on a extravagant web page of his self instead of paying any of her money he owed. She got called slut and he tried to quilt her for trying to make him pay up. Jodi had made a comment to the defective detective that she had made plans to stay at TA’s house while he was out of town and that ot would be lonely cuz Napoleon WOULDNT be there! Ok, we all know deanna was the pet sitter and according to deanna text to travass she had arrived and was in town!!! Why did she not pick up the pooch?? Did the roommate that was snitching travass out to all the others tell travass has/had Jodi there starting in the wee early hours of the morning?! Bet that made deanna and mimi real happy!;) so.. both go to cash hughes. AND where was cash hughes where abouts cuz he didnt go to Cancun till much later in fact not one picture of him nor his family on the island!!! He didnt even get upset with travis for missing the important money making scheme conference call!!!! “6” days later is when the stinking dead travis is even looked for, NOBODY coming and going could smell the piece of stinking awful???!!! tiny repeated several times about the god awful heat. Oh, God its hot ! So hot.. so very hot here!! For real tiny, travass dead body
    After 6 days would of knocked a buzzard off a gut wagon… just saying! ;))) PLUS how did cash hughes get travass journal?? THEN it took a court order to make him let loose of it AND THE TAMPERING/COVER UP OF THE PORN ON COMPUTERS????? THERE WAS PLENTY OF MOTIVE FOR cash hughes/deanna!

    • Yes it all smells just like TA’s dead stinking body in the shower !!! All are Mormon and presumably have an incentive to protect the reputation of the church…I believe that there is still a lot we just don’t know about as to all the details of what happened….


    • Unfortunately for Jodi, the mormon cult set her up! It was a self defense case that they turned into a capital punishment case… they then slandered her and made her out to be the monster so that every other aspect of a very ‘well-respected’ member of that cult would seem like peanuts compared to Jodi ‘the monster’… BMAFB! They are all liars, deceitful, manipulators, unethical. I pity the few that are actually following their cult rules and trying to be better people… SMH.

  26. You know how sometimes when you’re scrolling down your bookmarks, you accidentally click to open the wrong page?

    I just accidentally landed on Scoopy’s twitter page (thought I’d weeded out all the tweeters we were following last year… sigh)

    OMG they’re swooning and twitterpating (ha! twitterpating takes on whole new meaning!) over there because Scoopy’s dong a live interview with her favorite prosecutor on Wednesday.

    Is anyone aware that she is soliciting an intelligent question or intelligent questions from Jodi’s supporters?

    Should we take a vote, first, on whether or not she’d know one if she saw one?

    • Maybe after she does that interview, tanisha will like her again because last time I heard, tanisha was attacking Jen for having Nurmi on her show (or whatever it’s called). I have some screenshots of the nasties that tanisha and her hubby threw at Jen.. I kinda had felt sorry for her then but also vindicated because she should have known that the A-Scammers are only friends when you’re kissing their ass. Once you go ‘off script’ and do something you want… oh boy! you’re gonna get a ‘beating’ from them like no other!

  27. Apollo moon mission….You know the one tiny brought up…but fox claimed it never happened….who lied? But even NASA wanted to take …MORE GAS….what were they up to? Seems there was a Saturn 4 a smaller version of the Saturn V and the Gov. thought they just might need more fuel as one can’t be to careful….not valid in az….duh….lets do math..2 cans hold 6 gal. if filled to the top…I did just that! And the car on empty can hold 13 gal.s =25 gal and that’s with NO SPILLAGE ,ever try not to spill gas…duh! Don’t worry abount the cans in the trunk blowing up as they don’t blow up on the back of a battle tank….they just expand,plastic or metal. But on to the 3 photos in that book of lies… You see a dragging? Do You see Jodi or t-dog? Now We know that was them because of Her saying She took his life in self defence…but what is way odd is tiny claims that t-dog is dead….yet in 2 photos his head is raised….oh the photo was upside down….LOL. That is some active DEAD man. Now some b.s. thing has a lay out of the scene…the leg photo…well here is the strange part about that….Jodi’s leg …looks real close…right? but then look at t-dogs right foot…wow We can see his toe and the odd angle of that foot….but from what I can see it looks as if travis’s foot is about 15 ft away from Jodi’s foot….now if t-dog is 6 ft and Jodi was 3 ft from him…can some one explain the other 6 ft.? That is a photo that has real problems…because if Jodi is 3 ft away then even holding his arm means an extra foot between them…remember that She’s standing and he’s on his back….try doing that with normal arms…not possible…I did that test too. All that money wasted by not doing tests…I wonder why…well tiny wanted the win no matter…as fat boy need a loss so he could …..SAVE HER. Imagine a fireman telling You….wait till it’s out of control….then I’ll take action….don’t worry I know what I’m doing….TRUST ME! And yet She stopped em 4 times from murdering Her. 4 times they failed shows Her truth…easy to convict not so easy to destroy another is it for the state….and yes when a state wants a kill at any cost that’s MURDER. The Gov. is quick to judge but not to keen on being judged….but it is called JUSTICE for ALL…right?

    • Griz, tiny had to concede during this testimony that the rental car may have held as much as 15 gals.

      Day 24 Part 2/3

      2:31 – JM: So you have this car that has a capacity of at least 12 gals? Nurmi: Objection, foundation. (Sidebar) Questions if she fills it to the top – Jodi answers that she usually stops when it clicks.

      JM: yes or no? Jodi: I put gas in it, probably filled it up. JM: Not sure that you filled it all the way up with gas right? Jodi: That’s right.

      Nurmi: Objection, calls for speculation. (Overruled) JM: Right? Jodi: That’s possible.

      • Gosh, CanadaCarol, I never realized that JM actually said the words that you printed above approximately 3:22, so I Googled around & found the spot that he actually said those words, JM: “AND SO IT COULD BE THAT THE TANK WAS 15 GALS OF GAS RIGHT?” …
        …To me & any reasonable person, JM is opening the possibility and acknowledging that the tank could actually hold as much as 15 gallons of gas.
        …Well, if he is telling the court that 15 gallons CAN GO INTO the tank (obviously there is the extra capacity of all tanks that can be filled above the SAFE recommended factory specs) and Jodi says: “THAT’S POSSIBLE.”
        …Well, with that 15 gallons that can go into the tank, (per his acknowledgement) and the 5 gallons plus 5 gallons in each of the two borrowed gas cans (actually all 5 gallon gas cans hold MORE THAN 5 gallons of gas), that makes OVER 25 gallons of gas. And some say that the third purchase may not have been for gas. …But if it was three gas purchases that is only about 25 gallons total.
        …So, if she only purchased: 9.6 gallons plus 10.7 gallons plus (probably) 5.09 gallons, then that is a total of (((25.39 gallons))) of gasoline, CONFIRMING EXACTLY WHAT JODI TOLD THE COURT. … She put all the gas she purchased at that point into the tank & into each of the 2 borrowed gas cans. …IF THE GAS CAPACITY FITS, THE JURY MUST ACQUIT. …SHE DID NOT LIE !!!
        …But Martinez misdirected the jury and the news media to believe that she lied & that she had to have put 0.39 gallons of gasoline into another third gas can.
        …The jury was tricked by MARTINEZ’S MEXICAN ARITHMETIC.
        …In my opinion: Jodi DID NOT LIE about the third gas can. …15 + 5 + 5 = 25 (even in Mexico)

        • Griz posted that he was able to put 6 gals in a 5-gal can, so that means that the gas purchased could have fit into two cans and the car for sure.

          😆 Mexican Arithmetic is right! He had almost every witness adding and subtracting, all in Meza time zone.

  28. Actually, the 2008 Ford Focus has an official gas tank size of 13.5 gallons.

    2008 Ford Focus Sedan – Features & Specs

    ENGINE TYPE Gas FUEL TYPE Regular unleaded
    FUEL TANK CAPACITY 13.5 gal. RANGE IN MILES (CTY/HWY) 324.0/472.5 mi.
    EPA MILEAGE EST. (CTY/HWY) 24/35 mpg

    • During this exchange of testimony tiny introduces exhibit 237.018 and questions Jodi if she remembers filling up with gas in Winnemucca, Nevada? Jodi testifies that she remembers running out of gas in Nevada and that 15 miles out of Winnemucca she pulled over and put some gas from one of the gas cans into the car.

      JM: When you say you ran out of gas – there was absolutely no gas in your car or you were just running low? Jodi: Um, the gas light was on, so. JM: When you say that the gas light was on, it doesn’t mean that you’re not moving, it means that you are low on gasoline, correct? Jodi: Yeah, it was…

      From this testimony we are left not knowing how much gas was left in the tank before the fill of exhibit 237.018 of 12.175 gals was added and we also don’t know particulars about the rental car which would factor into the capacity of the gas tank.

      Judge Stephens would not rule in the favor of the defense if there were not undeniable unknowns about the capacity discussed at sidebar.


      Wtf, my friends?! Haven’t you had enough of that bs? Hahahhahaaaaaa! You are going to make me have a nervous breakdown! 😀 — Next time I stop for gas, I’m scared that I won’t be able to control myself and smack the poor gas station dude and scream at him “NO MORE FUCKING GAS CANS!”

    • Great find, coldcase53… and a great article.

      Kinda sounded like *she* is closing the book. That she doesn’t anticipate writing any more articles about Jodi? 🙁 I will miss her!

      • Journee,
        It’s does sound like Lise is finished writing about Jodi. She has done so much great writing about her. I guess we’ll see in time.

      • Lise is an awesome person. She is brilliant. I don’t think she is done with writing articles about Jodi. She is just closing this chapter: THE CANDY CRASH one. At least I really hope that’s it. It would be a shame to not read anymore of her great articles.

  29. Thank you coldcase53, Lise LaSalle is a champion. I’m waiting for some Jade outrage.
    Also still waiting for Jade’s answer to Journee’s question from way back.

  30. Does anyone know which model of Ford Focus Jodi rented from Budget?
    Focus (Auto 2.0L, FWD)
    Focus (Manual, 2.0L, FWD)
    I think her 2004 Infiniti Coup was a manual transmission.

  31. BB, this one’s for you.

    Old segment on HLN but probably the best one I’ve seen. Brian Silber, a lawyer, rips Dr. Horn’s testimony as “not credible, he’s changed his testimony 3 times.” He suggests Horn is tailoring his testimony in favor of the prosecution. He criticizes Martinez’s approach and states JM is focusing on the wrong thing and he doesn’t think a lot of Demarte. He’s dismissive of the gas can theory but he does think the stolen gun at Jodi’s grandfather’s place is important (but only a sentence of two on that issue). Beth Karas makes a feeble attempt to defend/support both Horn and Martinez while Silber sits there shaking his head,

    • Yes, thanks Coldcase53 🙂

      Dr. Horn’s testimony was SPECULATIVE and NOT to a degree of medical certainty…period. This is going to be an issue on appeal. He has testified before in the Lisa Randall and Harold Fish cases. In Lisa Randall’s case the first degree murder charges and the death penalty were dropped and Harold Fish’s conviction was reversed….based in part on Horn’s speculative testimony.

      You can NOT have SPECULATIVE or EQUIVOCATING testimony and present it to the jury as medical certainty…As the defense attorney speaking on those HLN video clips said, Dr. Horn’s testimony was NOT consistent throughout..things like “probably” “must have” “if” and so on are just worthless…it may give the appearance to the MASSIVELY STUPID JURY that he is saying something worth listening to, but to others it is meaningless when you have such equivocating terms…and folks, hello, let’s look at his own autopsy report, the DURA MATER WAS “INTACT”

      END OF STORY….NOT A TYPO…NO WAY !!!! There is NOTHING in his own autopsy report that would back up with evidence that the bullet penetrated the brain, none. His report is consistent with what is stated in it…the dura mater was intact…… the brain was not penetrated.

      The gunshot was first as was the testimony in the Chronis hearing, you know the hearing that determined the death penalty based on that testimony of Det Flores…you know that testimony that he later admitted perjury to…

      Once Jodi introduced the self defense story then the state felt it needed to change its theory of the gunshot being first to the gunshot being last….NOT CREDIBLE.


      This type of shenanigans in a courtroom can NOT be allowed to stand…Jodi’s has constitutional rights that have been consistently violated throughout the entire process of the two trials (criminal / penalty)…without constitutional rights no one is safe, including you !!


      • Further facts on TA’s head wound:

        “The wound track traverses the right anterior fossa without gross evidence of significant intracranial hemorrhage or apparent cerebral injury…”

        “The dura mater and falx cerebri are intact”

        “multiple serial sections of autolyzed brain do not reveal the presence of grossly apparent trauma”

        Dr. Horn’s testimony of not recalling conversation(s) with Det Flores where he tells or indicates to Det Flores that the gunshot was first and that it would not have incapacitated him, etc…is NOT credible IMHO

        Without the testimony of Dr. Horn, the prosecution has NO case whatsoever, none…it is critical to her conviction and this is why it will be front and center on appeal.

        This whole critical part of the trial smells as bad as TA’s dead stinking body did….

        All IMHO

    • Great find cc53. Brian Silber should have been on the defence team when it came to Horn and his ever-changing stories. He is right on with his analysis of him!

      Beth, on the other hand, can sure make herself sound kinda dumb when the facts don’t jive with the prosecution’s story.

      • I just came across this article by Michael Kiefer a week into the first trial (1/10/2013): I seriously disagree with Kiefer in the following paragraph and will have to research to see if Horn actually testified that there were “extensive defensive cuts on his arms and legs” or did Kiefer just mishear or misinterpret. There were exactly zero cuts on both his arms and his legs.

        ”On Tuesday, Medical Examiner Kevin Horn testified that the gunshot likely would have incapacitated Alexander, making it unlikely he fought back. Because Alexander had extensive defensive cuts on his arms and legs, he obviously put up a fight. Therefore, Horn said, it was unlikely he was shot first. And Horn denied ever speaking to Flores about the sequence of wounds.”

        • Justus, the autopsy lists the following injuries. Of the sharp force injuries, three of the four all involve the same area – the left thumb. There were blunt force injuries listed to his feet and leg, but they do not necessarily indicate defensive wounds. They could have easily happened many ways.

          Sharp force injuries:

          • A ¼ inch incised wound of the palmar distal pad of the right thumb, with incision and loss of the lateral portion of the right thumbnail.
          • A deep 1 ½ inch incised wound across the left thenar eminence – (refers to the group of muscles on the palm at base the thumb) palmar, with extension onto the dorsal left hand.
          • A 1 ¾ inch incised wound of the palmar webbing between the left thumb and index finger, with an adjacent separate ¾ inch linear incised wound
          • A 1 inch incised wound across the dorsal surface of the distal inter-phalangeal joint of the left thumb.

          Blunt force injuries:

          • A ¼ inch abrasion of the proximal volar right forearm
          • Two (2) blue-purple contusions of the right lower leg and knee
          • Two (2) abraded lacerations of the lower lateral left heel and ankle
          • A 2 inch blue-purple contusion of the medial malleolus of the left ankle.

  32. I can’t believe that way back I actually wished for Juan Martinez to shut his pie hole! Between his antics and HLN’s whoredom parade every night, this case and Jodi’s trial kept my attention in a way not much ever has. And this site, though I don’t agree with everything on it (and I shouldn’t expect to) kept me looking at both the facts and the insanity of Maricopa county. BTW, Juan did use a ghost writer. Her name is Lisa Pulitzer of the Pulitzer prize family. From what I’ve read, Juan chose not to credit her on the cover or anywhere else in the book. I don’t know if that was Juan’s sole choice or if the publisher had anything to do with it. The book is well-written, but I suspect that one day Pulitzer may be glad her name was not publicly attached to Juan’s fairytale.

    • Sandra,
      I’ve only read a small part of the book but I see lots of mistakes & lies. Martinez calls the camera Sanyo instead of Sony. He says the DNA mixture from the print on the wall was blood (wrong). He say the photos are very important while at the same time acknowledges the photos don’t prove Jodi was with Travis (TA) when he died, He tries to defend himself against Jodi’s closing statement on April 13, 2015 about the prosecution changing their story about the gunshot coming first by claiming that medical science, not he, had proved that the gunshot came after TA had already been mortally wounded by the multiple stabbings (when Dr. Horn tailored his testimony to fit with Martinez fairy tale and to counter Jodi’s claim of self-defense). He says the bullet wound is in the temple when it obviously is above the right eyebrow (which Horn also noted). He states the naked photos are more important than what he mistakenly thought was a DNA mixture of JA & TA’s blood. The naked photos didn’t put Jodi there when TA died but the blood mixture of both (IF IT WAS TRUE) would almost surely put Jodi there when TA died. He states there were 6 nude photos in the bedroom when there were actually 6 of Jodi and 2 of TA or eight in total. Martinez states “This timeline from the camera made it clear that both the palm print and hair were left during the attack (DURING?) as Arias stabbed and shot Travis.” (Shortly before this statement, he admitted there was no way to determine when the “palm print” and the hair was left in TA’s place). Martinez also stated: “Neither Flores nor I really understood the implications of Arias’ change in hair color at the time, but it would later became clear that dying her hair was part of her plan to enter and leave Arizona undetected.” BULLSHIT! The book is also filled with stupid statements like: “What kind of gun is that?” Arias asked him, referring to the weapon in his holster. It appeared she wanted to show some interest in him, and maybe even flirt with him a little.” FLIRT? – JESUS. And, I’ve only read about 5-6 chapters.

      • LOL…I’ve had to buy more high-lighters because there is just soooo much! I’ve come over to Dr. Phil’s way of thinking after all. I too am, “tickled to death” Juan wrote his book. Oh, and Nurmi, too.

  33. So here is the problem seen is all the speculation, facts in evidence, testimony, comments and concerns.
    When Jodi was sentenced by the corrupt court judge after all the lies and tampered evidence of those involved, the concern is despite showing the errors of the trial and Jodi admitting to what happened, can any of this be corrected in an appeals trial? What would change. The Miss-trials alone should have tossed out the entire case but then those two were for penalty or punishment phases.
    The question is, what of all this can be used to Free Jodi? We all know the BS and lies and corruption. With being locked up with no communications how can she fight this wrongful State of Arizona & Mormon witch hunt? How or what can help her? Even if she got life with possible parole, she will be at what age?
    I would luv to see her go home and completely out of that crooked state. If all the people see the facts, can that be used to free her? Yes she defended herself and that’s a good thing, but that state is so corrupt the question stands. What will free her or fix this mess. Fight Jodi and Never Give Up.

    • Well we have the Lisa Randall case and the Harold Fish case and of course we have Debra Milke….all cases which have relevant similarities with the Arias case of reversible errors made…

      There is hope…there are so many appellate issues in this case with Dr. Horn’s testimony being one of the most viable avenues for reversible error…and I could list all the others like the BRADY VIOLATIONS which are hard and fast cause for an overturn as well….


  34. I notice among the photos in the book is one of Jodi’s grandparents’ house. The caption underneath:

    “The house on Pine Street where Arias lived with her grandparents. The home was the scene of a burglary staged by Arias on May 28, 2008 during which she took a .25 caliber gun that she used to shoot Travis.

    WTF? How dare that bastard state this as if it were a proven fact. What evidence proved that she staged a burglary and stole items from her grandparents whom she loves very much? That Travis was shot with a .25 caliber gun, an extremely ubiquitous gun, is proof positive? Come on! Get real!

      • So many of Martinez’s speculations/suspicions have now become facts in his book. The book really shows what a disgrace he is as a lawyer and a human being.

        • I’m going to start a list of all the things he states as fact in the book that were never proven (beginning with the above). As everyone reads and sees such things, please report them here.

          • Can’t say I’m surprised by the midget’s NERVE to write that. He even used it in his freaking Closing Arguments, remember???

          • Justus,
            What I have been doing as I read his book is opening up two tabs at the top of my computer monitor/page – 1 email page and Martinez’s book. Anything I see in his book that I feel is wrong or a lie, etc., I highlight it, lift it and paste on my email page (you can use any writing apparatus, e.g., AbiWord or whatever.) It makes the reading slower but you’re “armed” with lots of damning comments to use against the unethical shyster.

    • And don’t forget that the gun was loaded with HOLLOW POINT BULLETS….you know that kind that kill rather instantly…but of course, Jodi was so smart to change those lethal bullets out for a lousy weak .25 bullet…you know that kind that allow people to often survive and go into a raging bull attack…Hmmm I wonder if that is what Jodi wanted…another abusive attack from goold ole’ fat boy TA??? Ya think????

      Hell NO!!!

      And don’t ya just know that the appellate team is going over every word of these two toliet paper rags that were written 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • That statement there that you quoted should be a good point on appeal. That is written a statement of fact when it is NOT fact that Jodi stole her grandpa’s gun. They never even came close or even attempted to prove that bc THEY CAN’T AND NEVER WILL BE ABLE TO PROVE IT. But the fact that little miss Juanita in all her arrogance states it as a fact while an ongoing appeal is in process is not going to sit well with the appellate court judges….at least not the ninth circuit court….


  35. The 5 gal. can are really 6…because i filled em up to that mark…it was an …OVERFILL! , just as often people …OVERFILL…gas tanks. All the tanks these days have a nasty habit of kick back as gas is launched out at You…most learn quick to stand to the side when filling up. And just try filling any tank all the way….I believe one might lose gas on an overflow tube or it would just spill out. I’ve seen gas jockeys lose gas. When the light comes on one can keep on driving and then some. And spillage is common when filling …UP. That question…What kind of gun is that?…glock 9mm…I have one just like it…You must have found it by now…..YES WE DID…..LIE and thanks to Her family the car was only rented a short time with a gun at no extra cost….wow great police work there…even when flores knew there was a missing gun out there he just didn’t give a shit….same guy who brings a LOADED gun into a locked room….with no backup….talk about trust or stupid,or both. The police DIDN’T find the gun…they were told to find it….before it went missing. And it was a legal firearm as She had to wait the 10 days to get it . Once again She was not hiding Her actions unlike the state creeps as mouth pieces. Oh the She did this,She did that and with no proof but a loud mouth B.S. artist says much….as they say…give em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves…bring it on…5…6…7…keep talking and writing as We are listening and taking notes much better then them.

    • Yes, Griz, you are right…the total amount of gallons that were evidenced in court could easily have fit into the car and two 5 gallon gas cans….end of story


      MASSIVELY IDIOTIC SELF-SERVING ARROGANT STUPID JURY NEVER UNDERSTOOD REASONABLE DOUBT !!! Maybe they will when they or someone they know or love is being accused of something….what goes around comes around….


      • I’ve never totally grasped the significance of the number of gas cans. I don’t see the difference between two gas cans or three if you’re going to imply that their purpose was to hide her trip. (And if the third can was to further help hide the trip, why didn’t she fill it in Pasadena?) I guess Juan was just digging deep in an attempt to prove she was lying on the stand. “Dear Jurors, If she would lie about such an insignificant thing, she must be lying about everything”. Considering all the very significant parts of her story (told under oath) he had no way of concretely disproving, it was obviously the only thing he had in order to provide the jury with the excuse they were so desperately seeking to dismiss anything and everything she said under oath. (Unbelievable!) The logic is so fucked up. And those bozos fell for it.



    (1) NO BLOOD DNA: Lisa Perry, a forensic scientist for Mesa PD, stated the unidentified biological substance containing the DNA from Alexander & Jodi was NOT BLOOD. See Lisa Perry’s testimony here: (@ approximately 1:02:03 – 1:02:25).

    (2) PHOTOS* DID NOT PROVE JODI WAS WITH ALEXANDER WHEN HE DIED: FROM MARTINEZ’S BOOK: “While the photos supported our belief that Arias had been with Travis on the afternoon of his killing and provided the story of how his life ended, they still didn’t prove that she hadn’t walked out before Travis was killed.” “How can we be absolutely certain that Arias didn’t leave the house in between the photos time-stamped earlier in the afternoon and when Travis was killed?’ I asked.” “We don’t know,” Flores answered. “We’ll have to wait for the fingerprint results to come back,” referring to a latent palm print found in blood on the wall in the hallway leading to the bathroom. “I put a rush on the request.”

    (3) LATENT “PALM PRINT” DIDN’T PROVE JODI WAS WITH ALEXANDER WHEN HE DIED: (see #4 also) Heather Connor, Mesa PD latent print examiner, stated: “There is no way to date a latent impression.” See her testimony here: (approximately 3:25:35 – 3:29:25 – includes Martinez questioning her statement).

    (4) A STRAND OF JODI’S HAIR WITH BLOOD ON IT DIDN’T PROVE JODI WAS WITH ALEXANDER WHEN HE DIED: From Martinez’s book: “There were also DNA results from a strand of hair that was found attached to the wall with blood. It, too, was from Jodi Arias. Like latent prints, the hair’s presence was not enough to tell us when it was left at the house or how it ended up becoming stuck in his hallway. Arias had been to the house many times, so the hair could conceivably have been left there and only disturbed and attached to the wall later, during the attack.”

    (5) NO MURDER WEAPON FOUND: From Martinez’s book: “Police had searched throughout the house, but no weapon–not a gun or a knife–had been found.”

    (6) NO GAS CAN “EVIDENCE” ON JULY 9, 2008 : From Martinez’s book: “When Arias answered the door that Tuesday, July 15….she was arrested for the first-degree murder of Travis Alexander. …After Arias was driven to the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office, police executed a search warrant on her grandparents’ house and the rental car….There, they found a number of things that could prove useful, including journals, phones, a personal computer, an external hard drive, and an Airwalk brand shoe box. When police looked inside the shoe box, they found miscellaneous papers and receipts from her trip in June. RECEIPTS WEREN’T FOUND UNTIL JULY 15, 2008, OR LATER.



    FROM MARTINEZ’S BOOK: “The combination of the latent prints, the DNA, and, most importantly, the photos made me feel it was finally appropriate to charge her.” HE HAD NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So how did he do it?

    *Police stated the photos were obtained from the memory card in Alexander’s new Cyber-shot DSC-H9 camera BUT THIS CAMERA DOES NOT HAVE A MEMORY CARD INCLUDED WITH THE CAMERA WHEN PURCHASED.
    FROM THE REVIEW: “Like all of Sony’s 2007 cameras, the Cyber-shot DSC-H9 has built-in memory instead of having a memory card included in the box — 31MB worth to be exact. That holds just ten photos at the highest quality setting, so you’ll want to buy a memory card right away. The DSC-H9 uses Sony’s Memory Stick Pro Duo cards, which currently top out at 8GB, and I’d recommend picking up a 1GB card along with the camera. An adapter is included with all MS Duo cards so they work in standard Memory Stick slots.”

    NOTE: The 2008 camera was called the DSC-H10 so it wasn;t a 2008 camera.

    Did Alexander order a memory card when he purchased the new camera? Was he aware he would have to purchase a memory card? Police did display a memory card that appeared to be a Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo card so perhaps he did buy one. Was there a receipt? Also, I’ve heard it on JAII that the card that police displayed wouldn’t fit into Alexander’s camera. The box the camera came in was still sitting on the desk in his office so it appears he did not have the camera very long although Detective Michael Melendez stated there were about 90 photos on the memory card, most of them shot that day (Get exact quote).

    If he did not order a memory card, who owned the card that was in his camera? Was he able to use one of his old memory cards OR DID HE USE ONE OF JODI’S MEMORY CARDS THAT SHE MENTIONED LEAVING AT HIS PLACE DURING HER INTERROGATION WITH DETECTIVE FLORES? Jodi even mentioned in her interrogation that it was a possibility.

    P.S. Sorry my punctuation marks are not working properly.

    • Still a big fuzzy area around that memory card.

      There was only one memory card in evidence – purported to be the memory card from which all of the incriminating photos were extracted.

      Heather Connor testified that the memory card was found loose in the washer – along with the assorted laundry items and the camera (and, IIRC, the little ‘door’ to the battery/memory card area of the camera was also loose in the washer… not sure on that though.)

      Michael Melendez, however, testified that the memory card was IN the camera when he received the camera. He was not able, however, to retrieve any data at all from that card as long as it was in the camera itself. Seems he also described another effort – another method he used to try to get to the data – that didn’t work either. Alas, he had to go against protocol and bypass the ‘write protector’ software in order to get to the data on the card. (tsk tsk)

      The fact that Travis’s camera required a Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo means that it is not the same size and shape as any other memory cards then available on the market… no other cards would have fit into that camera’s memory card slot. The Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo is slimmer (in the way a dime is slimmer than a penny), it is rectangular in shape and it is black in color.

      Jodi even talked to Flores, during the interrogation, about the different sizes and shapes of memory cards – how her own two cameras used to different size/shape cards and Travis’s used yet a third size/shape card.

      It’s very difficult to get a good look at the card that is in evidence. The one clear image that I have seen shows a card that is very nearly square, nothing like the narrow rectangle of the Pro Duo. And it does appear to be very dark in the picture, I might even assume it’s ‘black’ – but both Connor and Martinez describe the card they’re discussing as being blue in color.

      • Great comment, Journee. Someone really needs to take an in-depth look at this whole camera-photos evidence. I wonder if the memory card they obtained the photos from still exists or has it gone missing forever? I also wonder if someone tampered with the internal memory of the camera and Martinez threw the camera to the floor to cover up the damage because they could blame any damage on him (he would only get a slap on the wrist – much less a penalty than tampering with evidence.) Of course, I have no proof of tampering but it’s difficult to explain why an experienced prosecutor would risk damaging evidence unless he had a very important reason to do so. Did the defense team ever get a copy of the Grand Jury proceedings? I think they asked for it several times.

        • I don’t know whether there’s ever been any kind of release – to anyone – of grand jury transcripts.

          That’s kind of what johnm and I were referring to the other day – johnm wondering if Jade was ever going to come back and answer my question. She’d posted a long article in August about the lies Martinez told to the grand jury. And while I think it’s probably reasonable to presume that JM DID lie to the grand jury – since lying is his MO and there were no compelling truths to tell to get that indictment – I did ask what Jade’s source was for that information.

          Because, to my knowledge, the grand jury is a sealed proceeding and the details have never been released to the public.

        • I’d like to know whether Dworkin (or any DT expert) had a look at the meta-data on the images. ALL of the images on that card, actually.

          I’ve been given to understand that someone who knows what they’re doing can easily alter meta-data on a photo file. But it still might be telling to know whether the meta-data on those photos in evidence is compatible with all of the other photos on the card. Same camera, same location, etc. Any discrepancies would indicate a mash-up… someone deliberately transferring files from one camera to the memory card of another camera.

          Likewise, if the meta data says those photos in evidence WERE taken with a Cyber-shot DSC-H9 and the card in evidence was NOT the Sony proprietary Pro Duo that the DSC-H9, again — someone has tampered with this evidence. Either before it was found in the washing machine, or after it was taken into evidence.

        • Another reason to have the camera-photos re-examined:
          FROM THE MARTINEZ BOOK: “If Arias had simply taken the camera from the crime scene and disposed of it on the drive to Utah instead of leaving it behind after deleting the incriminating photographs, I might never have charged her with the murder because the remaining evidence may not have been enough to prove her guilty at a trial.”

          Martinez admits Jodi might have walked without the photos but he also states the photos didn’t prove she was there when Alexander was killed. This really seems to be more of a case of jurors thinking “she probably killed him, not we know beyond a doubt she killed him” because I don’t see the proof that she did kill him. Other than Jodi saying she killed him.

          In England, they were having so many exonerations that the public was losing confidence in the police. Veteran UK Detective Andy Griffiths states: “We felt, historically, there has been too much empasis on what a suspect says. The UK has removed the onus on confession and moved to the overall investigation.” Only police with specialized training are allowed to interview witnesses. They only interview suspects for 2 hours at a time, have plenty of breaks and suspects are allowed to sleep. And, police are not allowed to lie to a suspect. There is a penalty if police lie. And, the number of innocent people going to prison has gone down.

        • The camera was damaged beyond use during the washing machine cycle and the bleach used. There was nothing in the camera that could have been further damaged by the frog dropping it. All of the useful data was on the media card.

          • Not concerned about ‘damaging’ it – no one is planning on using it to take any more pictures.

            But evidence should be PRESERVED as it was found.

          • MMMJA,
            Here’s Juan Martinez (JM) discussing the camera with Detective Michael Melendez (MM) in court:

            MM: “I was not able to find any items saved to the internal memory* of the camera”
            JM: “And, what was the condition of the camera? I know it was found in the washing machine. What was the condition of the camera?”
            MM: “It turned on. I was able to turn it on to see that it worked.”
            JM: “OK. And were any parts of it broken?”
            MM: “I believe the actual button to take the pictures was loose.”
            Later, Martinez asks Melendez if water or bleach could affect the camera and he answers: “It could.”
            * I don’t believe anything is recorded on the internal memory of the camera when the memory card is in place (CC53).

          • During cross Nurmi had Connor go through the clothes from the washer. There were several black clothing items (a pair of black shorts with a white stripe, black T-shirt, a pair of black pants and 4-5 black socks) that did not show any evidence of having been bleached, versus the towel and 2 socks that had some discoloration.

  37. Who would mention what chair they sat in, unless they were bounced out of that chair by a babysitter during the whole retrial because they were in so much poop?

    “I took the same chair at the counsel table that I had taken every day during the trial. I realized that I had spent years of my life here – the judge’s bench in front of me, jury box to the left, and the defence table to my right.”

  38. Why is the state allowed to throw ,lose,destroy…and fake evidence for a win at any cost….and We all pay for that in the end. The actions of that tiny rat and that show trial with as sad clown do nothing but mock justice. This We really had no clue that proved She did it…again an again it raves on about that….but dang it we just made up a story and it was bought…hook,line then sink…Her…well almost after 4 tries to destroy Her. The FORCE is strong in that young lady…and the truth and facts too. Hard to imagine that one can stand so tall upon a book of lies,but stand he does. As for the 1st. and freedom of speech…that has NEVER been 100% in AMERICAN history….in the good old days a lie or a slander could cost a congressman’s life. But now the press as others want to use words to kill and yes murder….who should ever want that FREEDOM. The saying …I would defend Your right to say that with My life…..I have NEVER met that person or will…TALK IS VERY CHEAP! Ask any hater about cheap.

  39. “I have been so angry. At you mostly but angry at the lawyers, the system and God. I have looked up everything there is to know about you Jason and I get it now. Your father’s in jail, you didn’t have a mother like me, you didn’t have anyone, you grew up alone. And I can’t blame you for that. I blame a world that let you own a gun and that let you grow up without love cause if what you’re saying is true, this was an accident. And I don’t see the point in your whole life being ruined because of one terrible mistake. So this is a selfish act I am doing here Jason. Forgiving you because I can’t live the rest of my life being angry. And neither can you. So maybe we can help each other. Wouldn’t that be nice? To just help each other after all this horribleness..”

    This passage was taken from the TV show ‘How to get away with murder’ (s.2 – ep.11). It’s a mother talking to her son’s killer (a young man) and asking the judge to reduce his sentence even though a plea deal was made. The judge ordered a restorative justice hearing.

    Not that anything about the defendant’s life is similar to Jodi’s. That wasn’t my point in writing this. My point was to show the world that if a mother is willing to try and forgive her son’s killer, then there’s hope for humanity. One horrible act can’t define a person and certainly a cruel punishment is nothing more than revengeful. I think that if the Adams family would be a bit like the mother in this episode, they’d be better people. Revenge only keeps the anger going… But what would cold-hearted people know about forgiveness?

    This might just be a show but I’m sure that if we did some research, we’d find many people that forgave someone that changed their life so severely with that one bad moment…

    And we’ve heard Jodi hundreds of times say that she is so sorry and disgusted with what happened that day. She’d take it back if she could in a heartbeat…

    • People don’t seem to understand that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

      Un-forgiveness – walking around with that kind of anger and hatred inside of you – it poisons every aspect of your life. And it gives your life over to the person you can’t forgive.

  40. Forgiveness needs to go around for all! Travis used/abused every teen/woman that crossed his path! the father that complained to the church for travis texting his 9 yr old I assure you was anything but an innocent mistake! Travis slept with a fellow mormons wife knowing not only was she another mans wife, she was a mother of children! He took deanna’s virginity and money then dumps her with no intentions of ever marriage! Had Lisa thinking he wanted to marry her but was always sneaking behind her back seeing/being with Jodi. If travis ever really married any of the girls he asked to marry him he would of been a cheating “husband”!!! He deceived his church, the stupid symbolic ring, friends and families! These people need to ask Jodi and her family and friends for forgiveness! Really, travis got off pretty lucky cuz there are high strung women in this world that would of bashed his head in and set his lying, abusive, cheating, using
    ass on fire! So, do I hear an AMEN…
    p.s. Forgiveness would be hard for me with the UNJUST creeps like BM, I mean jm, nerdie, the judge, defect det, horn all all the rest that was bought/paid for by the Ped-O, money scamming mormons!!

    • “These people need to ask Jodi and her family and friends for forgiveness!”

      What would Jodi’s forgiveness do for them? How do you know Jodi hasn’t forgiven them already? How would they know?

    • “p.s. Forgiveness would be hard for me with the UNJUST creeps like BM, I mean jm, nerdie, the judge, defect det, horn all all the rest that was bought/paid for by the Ped-O, money scamming mormons!!”

      Your choice, of course. But do you think their lives are effected, at all, by how you feel about them? Do they even know you’re out there, hating them and not forgiving them? Do they really need your forgiveness?

  41. From a Reddit Q&A with Martinez yesterday. We see the true essence of Brad Smith. Good for a laugh anyway.

    [–]BradSmithJustdatruth 2 points 23 hours ago

    Can you talk about the pets she allegedly harmed? You mentioned a pet cat she “squeezed too hard” on a trial sidebar. Was this as an adult, and what happened? Also do we know what happened to Doggy Boy. Thanks for doing this!

    [–]FunnyGirl007 -2 points 23 hours ago

    Really, Brad? LOL!

  42. Old 2013 article that has an interesting comment by Mark Geragos

    He (Mark Geragos) said the move by prosecutor Juan Martinez to introduce the border personality diagnosis wasn’t needed given the entirety of the damning evidence already presented by the state.
    Now, Arias gets to leave the jury with yet “another emphasis on what her defense is,” Geragos said.
    And the borderline personality disorder diagnosis may help the defense argue against premeditation, given the disease is often marked by brief psychotic episodes.
    “The defense will argue that even if you accept the prosecution’s expert testimony that means that she could not be guilty of first-degree murder,” Geragos added.

    • Mm-hmm.

      We want to reject that diagnosis, out of hand, because DeMarte put it out there.

      But I had cause to do a good deal of research about BPD, and the Jodi of the years leading up to 2008 seemed to meet a lot of the criteria. It gets clouded, of course, by the events of Jun 4, 2008, and by all the years Jodi’s spent incarcerated since then – all of that has surely changed her on a profound level. Even at trial, though, and what ‘public’ behavior we’ve seen of her (interviews, social media, etc.) there’ve been glimpses of very BPD-like behavior.

      The thing is – I’m not sure if anyone has ever really pushed this point in court. BPD is a diagnosed MEDICAL CONDITION. There are very specific malfunctions of the brain that cause this disorder. So while it may not meet the definition of ‘legally insane’ – it should certainly meet the definition of ‘mental disease or defect.’ But because it’s labeled a ‘personality disorder’ it somehow gets a moral designation instead of a mental/medical designation.

      • Yeah, what initially caught my eye is “brief psychotic episodes” but since I wrote it I realized it really wouldn’t fit with Jodi’s testimony.

        • It would fit with the big blank spot that she’s only managed to sketch in with years of trying to remember. It would fit with – as ALV said (and you could literally SEE Jodi’s heart break when she said it) – ‘not knowing when to stop’.

          What are you seeing that is at odds with Jodi’s testimony?

          • So .. BPD would probably fall under neuro-behavorial disorder because it alters levels of consciousness and or agitated behavior which would fall under neurologic dysfunction and JODI would qualify for complete acquittal according to the prosecution’s expert testimony.

            I hope her appeals team is on this like “Tiny” on a small stick.

          • If Jodi’s testimony was that she attacked him because she was having a psychotic episode, a BPD diagnosis would probably help her. But, he attacked her. Yes, not knowing when to stop supported by a BPD diagnosis could also help her.
            My version of the struggle is different than “overkill” or not knowing when to stop. One of my first posts on JAII concerned an article about traumatic brain injuries and bullet wounds to the head in particular. The author stated that people shot in the head (that are still conscious) often will either cower or go berserk or into an uncontrollable rage. I thought it was possible Alexander got shot like Jodi said (accidentally when he attacked her), went into a rage and continued to attack her. He may have not even known what he was doing after the gs wound. Since all but two of the knife wounds were non-lethal, it seemed Jodi might be fending him off with knife jabs rather than trying to kill him until he caught her and then she had no choice but to kill him. She stated he was still alive and attacking her when the knife went into his throat. I think something like that scenario is possible. But, when I watched Flores interrogating Jodi that first day, I felt she was telling the truth when she said she wasn’t there. She was so believable.

            • i also think it’s possible Alexander owned a small caliber gun like a .25 caliber. And. it’s likely he wouldn’t want anyone to know about it. Can you picture him on the shooting range with all the firepower his friends had. Bringing a .25 caliber gun with those guys would get him laughed off the shooting range. Plus, he probably would have ended up with a different nick-name than T-Dogg.

              • 😆

                But of course those who want to believe he didn’t own such a gun (because it fits best with their scenario) have decided that because his friends didn’t know about it, that is proof positive (beyond any reasonable doubt, no less) that he didn’t own one. Shallow thinking beyond comprehension.

                • On the stand, Jodi was about to tell us (when Juan immediately jumped in with a sustained – of course – objection) that Travis received the gun from his father . So how did his father come into possession of a .25 caliber gun? Perhaps during separation and divorce? His father died in 1997 so Travis would have had possession of the gun for more than 10 years and it was probably something he kept as a cherished momento of his dad’s but did not consider a serious firearm to be bragged about to his kickboxing, fight-night, gun-toting bros.

                • Yes, if we only knew the caliber of that gun. If the gun belonged to Alexander’s mother, it might have been a small caliber gun – sexist statement?. Were any charges laid in that incident or did it ever get into the newspaper? Probably not.

                • Not sexist – reality.

                  And I too have been wondering if there is a police record. And also wondering if Nurmi ever thought to ask that question of the Riverside Police Department. Probably not.

                  Does anyone know how a lay person would go about researching that? I don’t imagine you can just call up the police department and ask them.

                • When their dad died in 1997 I imagine his possessions were divvied up among the kids and they together decided who go what. So I strongly suspect Travis’ siblings saw that gun and were in on the decision that Travis should have it.

                • Well I would guess that if the Mom shot up Dad’s car then the police would have been called unless they were living out in the woods somewhere…so there well may have been a report about it…I know that if I lived next door or across the street from a neighbor who took a gun and shot up a car with it I would be calling the police….police arrest records are public unless sealed so if there is a record it would be there…riverside county sheriff or riverside police perhaps depending on exactly who would have responded to a call and where exactly it occurred….

            • (the fifth word in your second paragraph cause the detour)

              I don’t think anyone will ever know what happened that day, but a BPD diagnosis would offer a very solid reason why Jodi told different versions of it – and so believably. If she has BPD, those weren’t lies.

  43. I see Diane Schwartz donated $50 to “Tanisha’s Team” recently. Just adds to her “I’m sorry” comment to the Alexander family after Jodi didn’t get the death penalty THE FIRST TIME. More evidence that both of Jodi ‘s juries were biased. Holly, with her lid-lag eyes, saying Jodi “would kill again” on Dr. Phil. She should use her talent of predicting who will kill in the future by joining the justice system. I don’t believe they have anyone that can’t do that at present. Plus, the bias shown by many members of the sentencing jury wearing blue on sentencing day to support the Alexander family. What’s frightening is that they don’t even try to hide it. Jurors are supposed to be objective, follow the rules, render a decision and go on with their life. Not become “groupies” for the Alexander family or any family.

    • Exactly ! That little demonstration on sentencing day is no doubt being noted by the appellate team..I mean think about it…IDIOTIC JSS was supposedly there to listen to any arguments/statements by defense atty JW and Jodi herself before rendering her decision…how in the hell can JSS render a fair decision when she allows the jurors to come back into court and sit in the jury box no less (UNPRECEDENTED) all wearing team PEDO TA BLUE !!! By allowing that demonstration to take place JSS revealed her total bias in this case even to the point of becoming the head cheerleader for the team…it will be brought up no doubt in the appeals…of course all the other demonstrations the walk-outs in unison by the Alexanders, the crying, eye rolling, sniffling, all absolutely forbidden in any other normal courtroom but not in JSS’s ZOO!!!!!! Jodi has the right to a FAIR TRIAL…she did not get one, but she will one day 🙂

      There are so many appellate issues..I hope the appeals team doesn’t leave one stone left unturned..


      • Yes, I think that JSS committed the damnable act of letting the jurors (and I understand that most of them did) wear BLUE, symbolizing their support for TA & his family, an act of the highest form of prejudice. …Very similar to a situation if a judge would let a “black man defendant” be judged by an all white jury. And let them sit in the jury box, with all or most of the jury displaying something “ALL WHITE” visibly hanging out of their pockets, symbolizing “white KKK hoods”. …The NAACP would go straight to the Congress of the USA. …But the USA does not have any organizations equivalent to the power of the NAACP to stand up for prejudice inflicted on “white people” in the court system. …According to our political system there is no such thing as prejudice against WHITE defendants by white people. …Of course there is: religious, political, sexual, & many other prejudices.
        …The American Court System is filled with prejudices of many types, IMHO.
        …What the USA is doing in making ALL Americans “EQUAL” by the Civil Rights Act, is NOT PROTECTING BLACK DEFENDANTS against prejudice, but letting WHITE DEFENDANTS be “equally subjected to WHITE AGAINST WHITE” prejudices, IMHO. …APPEAL & REVERSAL!!!

        • There are terrific organizations like the Innocence Project with Barry Scheck & Peter J Neufeld, who I hope are observing the prejudices and Mormon influences involved in the Jodi Arias conviction. Hope they will get involved in some way and be helpful in her appeal and reversal.

  44. From “Life Without Parole As A Conflicted Punishment by Craig S. Lerner,George Mason University School of Law Wake Forest Law Review, Vol. 48, Forthcoming, December2013

    The 18th century Italian Cesare Beccaria is widely praised for criticizing the death penalty, but less emphasized in the tributes to his wisdom is his enthusiastic embrace of “perpetual enslavement” as an alternative. Beccaria’s avowed intention was to replace the death penalty with a punishment worse than death itself, and thus with even greater deterrent effect upon would be criminals. Europeans today widely subscribe to Beccaria’s rejection of the death penalty, but many nations regard LWOP as so cruel as to be inconsistent with human dignity; those nations that permit it limit its scope to the narrowest of cases. It is not simply the purported irrevocability; it is also the expressive judgment implied—that a human being is so awful that we brand him with the mark of Cain, banish him from our midst, and pronounce at an end our interest in him and his capacity for improvement.

  45. I must disagree with any problems with Her mental state….who here has known Her before She met t-dog and did any see mental illness on that stand as once again She fought for Her life and with not one but two lawyers! I don’t know if i could have stood up to all that abuse and how would any of Us. Don’t be so very quick to judge Her…this young woman had to kill a person She loved to survive…who would …EVER want to do that. Now as for any and all jurors who do such two faced things for a win…..diana and holly mary lou and kevin come to mind…ever notice they do not bring facts to any interview….just a true lust for killing. Now what do We call that…contempt?…and speaking of contempt why would any judge put up with contempt from ANYONE in ANY court unless they have contempt of court. A higher court must correct this injustice for all. No person or group is allowed to destroy a system of justice…NO ONE. And as to the .25….daddies or dave hall as We all know that t-dog loved guns but was always broke…..funny how one box of .25 is worth more then most .25 GUNS….that explains the lack of found ammo. And t-dog would keep a loaded gun in the house…shows he’s a MAN and ready for …BEAR…(just had to…LOL.really it would have not helped him…I repair guns…..25 are TOY LIKE and don’t work very well) But just view old t-dog on the range as see how reckless he was as he keeps shooting as he being filmed by some one OUT in FRONT of the firing line…talk about a WTF moment when I saw that…was it dave the NRA instructor? Oh and tiny was asked about any worse cases then Hers come to mind…answer: jeffery dahmer….was he kidding or nuts…or both? Was that the case where two cops HANDED OVER the NAKED VICTIM for SUPPER…and the rat dares to compare Her case to that true monster…..WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA or You just might get a trumping. If any in that court room was mental…see the front row behind that retarded persecutor and I use the term as ANY Dr. would…backwards thinking. Just retard any engine and it sounds like that rat… it to goes nuts.

      • GRIZ & Carol,
        I don’t think Journee & I were saying Jodi had BPD (that was DeMarte’s opinion). We were doing a “hypothetical,” as Jodi would say, in response to a Mark Geragos comment that Jodi couldn’t be charged with first degree murder if she had been diagnosed with BPD. We were discussing if it would help her IF she had BPD and under what conditions would it help her.

        Am I being defensive needlessly?

      • GRIZ – I understand that you ‘know and love’ Jodi, but are you a psychologist?

        Three psychologists associated with this case – two of whom were defense experts – did the necessary diagnostic tests on Jodi. ALL THREE said the tests indicated that she has a personality disorder.
        Dr. DeMarte went further to say it’s BPD. Dr. Geffner – who didn’t perform his own tests until AFTER the guilty verdict (so after the testimony in the first trial referred to in your link, CanadaCarol) – leans toward Bi-Polar disorder. Dr. Samuels stood firmly outside of speculation – stuck to the test results that said Personality Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified.
        And yes, as coldcase notes above: I’m saying that a BPD diagnosis – because BPD has an organic cause – COULD and SHOULD be a viable legal defense in Jodi’s case.

        (And, yes, I did also say that – based on the research I’ve done, to the layperson that I am it certainly SEEMS as though Jodi was manifesting a number of BPD traits long before she ever met Travis. And let’s not forget, Sandy Arias walked into the police station – after Jodi’s arrest – babbling to Flores about Jodi’s friends calling her and telling her that something was mentally wrong with Jodi. Persons with BPD are VERY adept at acting normal – they HAVE to “act” in order to function at all, because their souls are filled with such crushing despair. They’re often disarmingly intelligent, seem buoyantly happy much of the time and have a loving sweetness about them that draws people in. Only those who know them most intimately will see the way they strugle [deliberately mis-spelled to sneak past the filter bot] with their careening emotions and their fractured sense of self.)

        • Dr. Geffner did not have to give the tests in order to interpret the results. The call that Sandy was referring to was from Matt in the fall of 2007, after Jodi had a bad disagreement with TA. This was a few months after Jodi had found out that TA was being unfaithful to her and after she had been in this back-and-forth hot-and-cold relationship with him for approximately a year. Who wouldn’t be miserable in such an abusive relationship?

  46. P.S….the bad waitress crack…nailed that rats feet to the floor more then once did She not and corrected his memory more then once…read that opening and ask Your self why such abuse from a man of honour and wisdom…or is it he was only defending his own kind. The more it speaks the more it smells…..APPEALING! So how did She save 12k by 25/26 before She met PEDO boy….did he ever save 12 cents? Or did he borrow that? Gee jamean and tiny should have at least 250k for her and 500k for the rat…think they do…dr. death don’t even know how much she’s paid to lie and that’s all it does for a living…well rats gotta eat to…what’s for supper…JUSTICE….his fav..

    • Thank you Justus. It’s another log on the fire. How you gonna keep frog and nurmi down on the farm after they’ve seen Paris. Some REAL lawyer will hand them both their asses


    “I don’t know. I just can’t even imagine. My God, I can’t. I just can’t even think about it,” Sandy said, trying to absorb the significance of the allegations against her daughter.

    “Unfortunately, the evidence that we have is completely convincing to me…. I mean, we have everything from fingerprints at the scene of the crime…” Flores told her.

    “Well, I know her fingerprints are there… ”

    “Her DNA, things like her hair… ”

    “Well, you know she spent time with him, you know… so, does that prove
    that she killed him? She cleaned his house.”

    It was symbolic that Arias’ mother was ending her interview in the same
    place as her daughter, by trying to excuse away what police had found at
    the crime scene.

    This just cruel because the police had NOTHING.
    Fingerprints – “There is no way to date a latent impression” – Heather Connor (Sandy realized Jodi’s hand and fingerprints would be everywhere and told Flores “she cleaned his house”). MEANINGLESS
    DNA – wasn’t blood – MEANINGLESS
    Hair – she cleaned his house – MEANINGLESS

    Plus, Martinez;s condescending remark about Sandy to top it off.

    The more I read, the more I’m convinced Jodi is a victim of a bumbling, stupid detective and an unethical, immoral, scheming prosecutor.

  48. Journee,

    I just spelled out the strugle word correctly (i.e., asking you if that was the word) and my comment disappeared. 🙄 Do you have an explanation? Is there a list of “bad” words?

    • Um – I know that the bot does not like those, ahem, ‘ugly boots’ -any time those boots are in a word, the post ends up in the barn. I’m sure there are other words, but that’s the only one I know. And I think it might even be the one that gets most (or many) of the posts here kicked. At least, I know that *I* often use the word strugle, as well as the word sugest.

  49. For the Firsr time ever a prosecutor will go to jail !!! The source is Mark Godsey, Ohio
    Innocent Project.. sounds to me this Arizona has out done himsel and pulled alot of the same tricks
    “frog ” has. Im on hopes that The Innocent Project already have their eyes on frog AND nurmie!!!!!
    This could have a dominoes effect ! ;))



  50. On Jen Woods interview with Juan last night when asked about the footprint (s)…said he knew the roommates had been in there, so he didn’t “need” to know anything further. There’s more. Jen had one of her goons bump me off the spreecast, but of course….I had a backup plan. Very revealing interview, to say the least.

    • Just listened to the whole 1hr, 21 min tape. Did Martinez discover the cure for cancer or something? The ghouls were fawning over him non-stop through the complete show.

      A few comments by Martinez:

      Matt McCartney became “uncomfortable” with some of Martinez’s questions when he was being interviewed before the trial and stopped the interview. Not sure if the interview was resumed later or not.

      The police canvassed Alexander’s neighbors asking if anyone saw a white Ford Focus parked in front of his house on June 4, 2008 or saw a brunette woman around his house. No one saw the car or a brunette woman.

      Jodi planned to kill Alexander in late May, according to Martinez (which I think is a change from what he has said at other times).

      • Martinez didn’t call McCartney to the trial because he felt he didn’t have any information. He was also aware McCartney had apparently said he would lie for Jodi.

          • When asked why he didn’t bring in the doggy door, slashing of tires and stalking, tiny referred to them as other acts ….. “and I wanted to make sure that I presented a case, that if it was reviewed, and it will be reviewed by the court of appeals, if it were reviewed on appeal that there wouldn’t be any other issues. In other words, somebody might see that as unfair. Just because she slashed his tires – it doesn’t mean she killed him. Just because she came in through the area where the dog got in and out, doesn’t mean she killed him. All those things really – yes, common sense tells us perhaps, um they are indicative of that. In and of themselves they may be seen as unfair, and so I wanted to make sure that what I presented was just as fair as possible.”

            Am I dreaming?

            • Notice how he again states these things (slashing tires, doggie doors, etc) as if they are provable facts that he just chose to leave out because, according to him, “they didn’t prove she killed him”. Is he kidding me? The reason they didn’t come in is because they are friggin’ hearsay. Unprovable friggin’ hearsay. And you can bet, if he could have brought them in, he certainly would have. Because her grandparents’ home was burglarized doesn’t prove she stole a gun. Renting a car, carrying gas cans and turning off her cell phone doesn’t prove she was premeditating a murder, especially when there are innocent explanations. But “Mr. Magnanimous” didn’t hesitate bringing that crap in.

              • His very first witness Mimi Hall accused Jodi of these things. Lisa did as well. All I heard throughout the trial, was Jodi being called a stalker and about Christmas trees and doggie doors.

                An attorney is supposed to prepare his witnesses and advise them as to what they are allowed to speak about, and what is hearsay not admissible. So how does he come up with saying he didn’t present them? Perhaps there is some technicality between when something is being ‘presented’, and when something is just repeated by his witnesses over and over again.

                SMH 🙄

  51. “Nearly one year after Utah reauthorized the use of firing squads to execute death row inmates, Republicans lawmakers there are now trying to end the death penalty altogether. On Tuesday night, a Republican-led Senate committee passed a bill to take capital punishment off the table for people convicted for homicide.”

    Dave Hall & Cash Hughes will not be happy about this news.

  52. At one time or another most folks or parents think others are mental…parents v kids 60’s. This world if full of mental cases…You know the things that lead Us to war. But We do keep voting for them so who really has the problem…does She have issues…YES…just as We all do …take Dr.s of the mind…for almost 100 yr.s they said that being homosexual was a mental illness….enjoying sex (women) was hysteria…now not so much…see even Dr.s make huge mistakes…no I’m not a Dr. and really would not want to be….no GOD thing for Me. But when they make mistakes ,talk about not owning them. I know from history We have destroyed countless people by BRANDING them with the words mental illness…just what may I ask of any on this planet is …NORMAL….fighting to save Your life or praying for GOD to save You. God just may be busy or in Your mind…some even say that is mental illness. But I’ll say this…if I say anything You find wrong…Please say so …for I to can learn. That is who We are…folks just trying Our best to learn the truth of that sad day and help a young lady as We to would want to be helped.I to may have problems but GOV. loves them when it’s time to save a nation…as Sid Phillips said in the book The Pacific…it was guys like SNAFU that really won the war and saved Us…as some may know Sids best friend NEVER got over the war doing what He had to do…Sledgehammer paid a great price for freedom…for all of Us. Think of all that woman has endured….Who would not have a problem…heck do any know someone with out problems. People are problems. But on a LOL moment….nasty,vermin,spew,the rat,and the paid dr.of death …see any problems with them…and the family…part two…LOL…(manson) PROBLEMS…talk about the pots calling the…….Remember We all have Our own words and as long as We own em I’m O.K. with that ,I don’t know ever thing and My spelling sucks and this only took…35 min.s…getting …faster….LOL.

    • When the “BRANDING” is a DIAGNOSIS it can mean hope and help and treatment and relief from needless suffering.

      And lives saved.

      Is it really so much better, GRIZ, to let folks suffer and die?

      Do you have any idea how many mass shootings have been committed by mentally ill people who went undiagnosed and untreated?

  53. Jodi is just beginning to tell Flores about two intruders when she asks a question.
    From Martinez’ book:
    ‘Is there any way I can see those pictures?’ “It was a telling moment of lucidity during a moment that at least superficially appeared emotional, and it was a strategy of hers that I would encounter later on. Even in the midst of crafting this new story, she had not lost sight of her true aim–the crime scene photos and how they could enable her to fabricate a story that matched the events depicted in the photos.”

    If Jodi needed to see the photos to fabricate a story, this could support her testimony that she WAS suffering from memory loss//PTSD when Alexander was killed. If she WASN’T suffering from memory loss/PTSD during his death (as Martinez believed), she wouldn’t need any photos to tell a reasonable story. A third possibility is that she wasn’t even at Alexander’s house when he died but two days of intense interrogation and Flores constantly telling her they “have all this evidence against her” and hinting at a severe penalty (death penalty?) frightens her into making up a story to explain the “evidence” and save herself.
    P.S. It’s more likely that Martinez and Flores used the photos to fabricate THEIR story.

    • Yes, something like that. I sent a letter suggesting this, certified, to Nurmi and Willmott. You probably know, but Nurmi refused his. Willmott did not. Juan wrote this book, imo, for CYA purposes. The extra change in his pocket is secondary gain. Same for Nurmi. I’m glad they did. The books are huge pieces of the puzzle.


    “Have a big enough heart to love unconditionally, and a broad enough mind to embrace the differences that make each of us unique.”
    ― D.B. Harrop

    I have enjoyed each and every ones points of view on 😆 Gas Can Kermit’s Fairy Tale. Thank you for updating us all SO I don’t have to read it. If I did I believe I would hear that voice all the way through…..rather have all my teeth pulled! 😀 ♥

  55. Reading a comment about forgiveness I did a little research and was amazed by the power of benevolence.

    It got me wondering: How is it possible for people that never knew or met Jodi or Travis to be so hateful towards Jodi. To want to see her suffer. To take pleasure in causing her more distress. To feel euphoric when hearing that something bad happened to Jodi. Have they become so numb and heartless that they have lost every sense of humanity?

    And all those that did know Travis, should get some help and try to be more humane. The power of forgiveness is stronger than revenge, hate and anger.

    Here are only a few of the stories I read out of the hundreds that are out there about people showing their ultimate humanity:

    “A mother whose only child was shot dead has shown the ultimate forgiveness – by inviting her son’s killer to live next door.”

    “Nearly five years after her teenage daughter was murdered, Mary Foley has forgiven her killer. The alternative, she says, was to let hatred and anger destroy her own life”

    The power of forgiveness to a serial killer that murdered 48 women:
    “Vicar’s child Rosimeiri Boxall leapt to her death from a third-floor window, at the age of 19, to escape the vicious attack of two teenage girls. They were jailed at the Old Bailey last week, but the Boxalls take no pleasure in that.”

    “Three families who lost their sons to knife crime unite to save lives”

    “After my son Jesse died at Sandy Hook Elementary School a year ago, I did what my heart told me to do.”

    “Parents of the Victim of the Colorado School Shooting Forgive Their Daughter’s Killer”

    ‘We forgave our son’s killers’

    “I know also that I will not be able to move on with my life unless I can accept your apology,” Everett wrote. And he wrote this: “As hard as these words are to write, I add: I forgive you.”

    “’I forgive you’: Charleston church victims’ families confront suspect”

    “The mother of Anthony Walker drew on her Christian faith yesterday to find forgiveness for the two thugs who murdered him with a mountaineering axe because he was black.”

    “Oregon congregants forgive the killer who targeted Christians”

    “The man who made peace with his brother’s terrorist killers, and other journeys of forgiveness”

    “A widow says she forgives the attackers in Libya who gunned down her husband earlier this month as he went for a morning jog outside his home in Benghazi.”

  56. Sorry if I upset anyone but please do not compare a killing to save one’s self to mass murder. As for help as in mental help well he would not take it when She tried to help…Yes She could have turned him in and what if no one believed Her…now for the rest of Her life does She not have to …WORRY.Ever had a next door a-hole You’d love to call the cops on and worry what they may do…think the police are gonna stand guard outside Your home? A woman called the police a few yr’s ago and the cop showed up to talk to the man…then left…soon the hubbie came back with an axe and another woman lost. Her son said My mom would never fight back and harm Our dad. If We disagree on the mental heath thing so be it but what a wonderful way of keeping folks locked up forever and forcing meds. on them to make them better or worse.I have worked at a mental hospital and seen just that kind of treatment and yes I called them out on it to no avail…the system is always right. Now lets give this person a blast of juice…E C T use to be given with A C power then after a few deaths they started to use D C power…but does it work? Some say Yes some no…but when a child has a fork and wants to PLUG it in I’d stop em…fast. But on to another subject of the book of lies that’s now free! ….he must have been fearful as he gazed at his face in the …mirror…as She stabbed him 9 TIMES…Yes 9 Xs…well unlike flores horn and tiny I’ve seen a man stabbed in the back…RIGHT shoulder….in a way. We were lined up at the paymasters half door and as the man in front was awaiting his pay the man behind him took out a combat knife and pretended to stab the guy in front of him…it was kind of funny (We were RECON…) then buddie got his pay and after the salute took onr step backwards…RIGHT into the blade…well talk about turning around quick and from just on bb size wound. No We did not file a W/C report. Now imagine a man just standing there as he gets 9 hits to his back…but no turn around for him…that’s how he rolls…remember the ski-doo the crushed him video? So try to do just that and use Your right hand as one must if standing behind someone…I say it’s not possible to inflict such wounds…at 0 degrees…and no way with the left hand at all …but if he had Her in a bear hug ( common wrestler move) and She grabbed a knife on the sink counter where he used it then all the back wounds line up with a left handed person. Imagine if She had only just slashed him once….sorta like a 2 to 3 ft shallow cut the shock alone would have dropped him on the spot most folks who know how to use knives would have used a slash from the get go. But who was trained to fight here…not Her. Now ask why would She approach him at the sink…well to help him calm down and see him get aid….what in Her life shows violence other then that day as compared to his lust for violence…who would ever want to be eddie snell…talk about screwed up or worse. Remember all 9 wounds form a very tight cluster….see that on the chest? As for the haters saying …see now they(JAII) are fighting with each other…LOL….mobs/cults ALWAYS agree…or ELSE…..folks who think may at times disagree. I’m O.K. with any one calling Me out….but always I base My views on facts and reason….point….who would ever trust jamean with their loved ones…or hated ones even?And she’s a DR. see proof not all follow that do no harm thing….

    • I made no such comparison, GRIZ.

      I was pointing out the cost of a cavalier ‘aren’t we all a little crazy?’ attitude.

      Do you know where the mentally ill are being locked up these days? Being force-fed meds that may or may not ease their suffering? The prison system.

      Since the ‘deinstitutionalization’ of our mental health care system in the ‘70s, prisons have become the new repository for the mentally ill. Prisons no better equipped or informed than the ‘lunatic asylums’ of the old days. And the mentally ill only end up there AFTER their undiagnosed and untreated conditions have led them to commit crimes against others.

      The status of mental health care in this country is deplorable. Critically so. Two factors are working together to keep it that way: corporate greed and social attitudes. But if SOCIETY could get past the ignorance, prejudice and shame too long associated with mental illness (which is NO MORE SHAMEFUL than blindness or diabetes or multiple sclerosis or any other illness caused by some element of the body not functioning properly) pressure COULD be brought to bear against greedy corporations.

      Sorry for my OT rant. I promise I’ll take a sledgehammer to my soapbox when I step down from it in a moment.

      But a final note to GRIZ before I step down:
      You like to talk, here, about your military experience.
      Three years before Bowe Bergdahl walked off his post in Afghanistan, two years before he joined the army, he received an ‘uncharacterized discharge’ from the Coast Guard. Only 23 days into his service with the Coast Guard, Bergdahl suffered a psychotic break. He should never have been allowed to join the army. What did HIS undiagnosed and untreated mental condition cost his country?

  57. I was reading on some cases about Ms Cory Engle, one of JODI’s appellate attorney’s, and she is a knowledgeable individual. I hope Ms Cory helps overturn or downgrade JODI’s case just like she has with other cases that were much similar to JODI’s.

  58. Hi guys,
    I haven’t been on here in forever. But I was just sitting down to write to Jodi, I haven’t written to her in a while either, so I wanted to say hi. I did read JMs book. I thought it was surprisingly well written. It wasn’t what I expected. He had nothing until he latched onto those gas cans. Half of the book was about gas cans. When he was saying why he questioned Jodi by jumping around from subject to subject to keep her on her toes and trip her up, all I could think was we you confused the hell out of me. I couldn’t keep up with all that jumping around and I don’t know how a jury could either. He sounded like a nut. I thought he was just nuts but to find out that was his plan all along makes him nuttier!! LOL!!

    Has anyone written to Jodi or know how she is doing?

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