Ratings, Lies & Edited Tape [Gus Searcy w/Pitchforks]

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In this audio from BlogTalkRadio last week, Gus Searcy talks with Pitchforks about the strategic media-requisitioning by TA’s self-proclaimed social clique, and how one particular trash-media talking head has used distortion and vulgar outbursts in order to misrepresent and discredit him.

He also explains how the apparent intentions of this deceptive coalition’s agenda have somewhat backfired.

Well worth listening to…


More audio recordings with Gus will follow shortly.

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  1. I noticed this mentioned in the last thread. I can’t wait to listen. Searcy always has some very interesting things to say.

    • I always look forward to his comments. Its always refreshing to hear someone who is not part of the Travis Taliban (kudos to however coined that) and he never hesitates to defend Jodi and point out the hypocrisy of HLN.

  2. I have listened to the Pitchforks interviews with Gus. VERY interesting! Plus, he is such an interesting person! Anywhoo— tuned into Nancy G. last night to hear more info on missing baby Elaina. But NO talking about Jodi. My question for my partners out there, one of the talking heads said that Jodi’s brother has put out on social media that the reason Jodi recorded the sex tape is so she could play it to any girls TA would start to date so they (the girls) would know what a lying jerk TA was. that he wasn’t the sweet, virgin boy he played himself to be. Anyone know if this is true or not? Also, it was reported that Nurmi has filed some kind of motion stating that parts of closed hearing (meaning everyone was kicked out of the court room) sessions were reported in the news which means someone in the gallery stashed a reording device to record what was happening in secret. Anyone got scoop on any of this?

    • Of course; what do you think, he went, ballistic over, as, Jodi, hid the camera, in the bedding, and, then, into the washing machine… ??? Edgar…

  3. And once again…all trails lead to the Hughes! CASH is the nucleus of this entire attack on Jodi.

    Interesting that Gus’s story never changes – not one time does he contradict himself. He is solid.

    • He does seem solid but I don’t think there was any supporting cell phone records of Jodi calling him at 3am June 5th. I think she may have called him after the body was found and he has it confused.

      • Maybe Jeff.. but were those cell phone records ever released or asked for? We know the pros never investigated anything that may have cleared Jodi and in fact they were led by the nose to suspect Jodi.

        • Could it be….On the 10th, no one knew the time of death …..So when Gus hears the new for the first time he is thinking…TA was killed and the body was found “shortly” afterwards.

  4. I love this guy. Gus, knows how to wear the trousers! He’s not a pussywinckle like all the other asswipes that fear CASH and please him by sucking his …. He has balls the size of watermelons!
    All the attacks, all the threats, all the namecalling, all the dirt thrown at him and yet he stands strong against all that and defends Jodi!

        • Actually Both parents had concerns about her emotionality prior to meeting Travis. Also the first evidence of Bi polar Disoder can manifest in the 20,s.

          • Her parents had concerns, yes, and I had concerns about my children when they were in their early 20’s too. My Mother sure had concerns about me at that age! I don’t believe Jodis behaviour before she met Travis was out of the ordinary, and it was stated that Jodi changed after she met Travis.

        • It’s impossible to diagnose her without knowing her. Bipolar disorder shares some traits with a myriad of other disorders.

      • CASH = Chris And Sky Hughes

        They are often referred to with other appropriate superlatives as well. All in all – they are sinister people.

      • JBaldwin,
        I do not think Jodi is bipolar. You have to live with someone to see this. Oposite of bipolar, Jodi is very stable. I have never seen her moods change. She does not have manias nor is she depresive.

        • She is not bipolar. She got fucked up in the head after meeting TA and his minions. She was a normal, high-functioning, creative woman until she met the wackadoodles. Then she became abused, verbally and physically. She tried to survive and hang on.

          She is a victim of domestic violence. She is not bipolar.

          • True. every person who knew her has stated unequivocally that her personality changed only AFTER meeting TA, and the Mormons.

          • Jeez… Take a time out, over the pseudo shrink nonsense, labeling… Everybody, is, everything, depending, upon the, stimuli; so your diagnostics, will change, by reasons of error, which, translates, to mean, that, shrinkwrappers, are full of shit, to, begin with; with their, condescensional box of labels… Edgrrr…

        • One would have ,to interview her and have a psychosocial history, prior to saying yes or no. It is a more likely diagnosis than Borderline Personality.

          • Rebecca64, I totally agree with you. My husband was diagnosed with bipolar after 3 yrs of mood swings and after his biggest mania phase (which lasted almost a yr).

          • You would have to interview her to say that as well.

            I am really tired of people trying to diagnose some one they have never shared oxygen with. And for a professional to do so is HIGHLY unethical, IMO.

          • Rebecca64, I’ll preface this with a DISCLAIMER, I am not talking about Jodi in this post and am not asking for a diagnosis of her. That said, if a person suffers from BPD, do you think that practicing the Law of Attraction can be detrimental to their mental and emotional stability? OMG, this sounds like a juror’s question, aaagh. You’ll have to read the question like Judge Pickles would.

    • For the record, I love this word pussywinckle lmao. I may have to borrow it from you Pandora every once and a while.

    • She definitely changed when she met Travis, she had been abused in the past by her father and had that all deep down inside of her then when she met Travis, he flipped the switch inside of her, she could have gone either way, if she had a caring nurturing man that gave her the love and hugs she needed she could have become better than she was but what he did to her turned her into something she never was before and I dont understand why so many people do not see this, or maybe they just dont want to see this? For some it is more lucrative to get on the C.A.S.H train and for others they are to weak to strike out against the overwhelming rage of the masses, that HLN helped to bring out in people! I heard that tape was out about Patty and listened to what they would say and they are now discovering the madness out there or maybe slowly they are turning a corner because they realize how scary the mob has become, maybe, I dont know, just a thought

  5. Excellent! Someone should investigate Jackson from HLN too. He & Hughes on Facebook all pals and he used to literally vibrate in his seat he was so gung ho. Gus Searcy is the one man who is more interested in perserving the integrity of the system and someone’s rights than trying to protect his reputation. I saw an interview where he said that when Jodi came to visit him and Travis called, Travis shouted at Jodi through the telephone and she ducked like from a bullet. That was a great interview.

  6. David Hughes introduced Travis to Jodi in Sept 2006 and then Zion (Mrs. Hughes’ brother) sent Jodi message about Ryan Burns saying he found her future husband. Day 18 approx. 1:50 (Ryan Burn’s testimony was that they met at the Oklahoma convention in April. A month later Zion told Ryan “she’s cool give her a call”. I guess he didn’t know everybody was sooooooooooo afraid of her.

    • WOW! I kinda recall that! Yeah, fs Jodi was so cra-cra why would Sky’s brother be introducting her to his friend as potential date material? I still refer back to the email from the Huges to Jodi telling her to stay away from TA because he was no good and that they (the Hughes) would not let one of their sisters date TA! And TA and the Hughes were BFFs! so much for the Hughes “knowing from the begining” that Jodi was “crazy”.

      • I would really like to know how much evidence they removed from TA’s computers before the state took them in to evidence. I know through Jodi’s testimony she was asked about a series of messages that only had one side of the conversations.

        • IMO they didn’t. They just TOOK his computers and replaced them with Deanna’s virginal computer.

          Oddly, though, that was done before 4:30 am on Jun 4. Because Jodi correctly described the youtube videos that were playing on the computer in Travis’ office at that time – the one that Travis complained wasn’t acting right because it had a virus.

          • Journee, every time you have a theory it’s exactly what I’m thinking! I’ve always thought that at some point prior to June 4, TA and Deanna swapped computers. What I can’t understand is if TA thought Jodi had “hacked” into his Facebook and Gmail accounts, why wouldn’t he simply change his password. Or, god forbid, was he so clueless that he thought he had to swap computers to get away from the hacker? Most of us, and I’m sure Jodi included, would not have the tech savvy to install a remote keystroke monitoring program, so I think changing passwords is sufficient to regain your privacy.

            Canada Carol, who’s messages did Jodi testify to, and what was the subject matter about? I’d like to review the trial videos, though I bet it’s going to be JM’s cross (so painful to have to sit through). I did miss a lot of his cross because, really, one has to be a masochist to spend precious time listening to that little man scream.

            • I made notes of certain things when I was going thru for something else. This is one time that I heard testimony about.
              Talking about pics of erections Day 18 3:02 – 3:06 – text messages Feb 25/08 – Jodi testifies they were sending messages back and forth that whole weekend. Question Nurmi – Looks like Jodi is texting and getting no replies back. Jodi testifies that there are messages from her to him missing as well as all of his to her. Asked what was going on that weekend, Jodi was helping TA with some work and he was going to take her on some kind of surprise date. Gus Searcy had presentation and she went there to relax. TA got mad about it. They had apologised about the argument and they had started sex talk, which got dirtier and dirtier. (3:07)
              Text messages that were entered dated 2/1/06 = 6/6/08 – some messages were deleted. Day 18.

              • I recall that testimony now and at the time I heard it I wondered if they couldn’t introduce TA’s texts because it would be hearsay. It’s a good idea to make notes. I’ve read and listened to so much testimony, as well as internet rumors, in the last two months that I can’t remember the sources of them. I wish I had made notes from the beginning.

                • I’m finding as I listen back to things, a lot of stuff that didn’t seem important at the time, means more now.

  7. So I came across a girl today who had just recently been released from AZ prison. Of course, I had to ask which jail was she in and although she gave me the name, I only recall “west side.” Please forgive me for my lack of jail geography. I asked for forgiveness and imparted that I was only curious because I had been following a trial over in Arizona. She says, “oh yea, she’ll be transferred to the jail I was in.” I NEVER mentioned Jodi’s name and she said that “they” were watching the trial also (inmates????) and they (AZ) thinks they can sit an untainted jury???? WTF

    • Geez, Pitchforks. I have subscribed to your blog, but only did so from the publicity this site has given it. I would have never heard of you if not for this site.

    • geez, no need to yell.

      I see what you are saying, but as a person who frequents here, I did not take that to mean SJ said it himself.

    • You are biting the hand that feeds you. Your site doesn’t appear to be copyrighted.

      Not only that, but you have regularly come over to this site and promoted your posts.

    • Hi Pitchforks.. Wow, you take offence easily. I believe SJ was paraphrasing what your blog radio interview with Gus was about. Kinda hard to quote a radio interview.

    • Actually Pitchforks, it is very clear that this information was sited properly. I highly doubt that any of us thought SJ wrote the blurb, as SJ is a much more eloquent writer.

      Also, there is no intent of SJ or any other poster on this site to do anything more than to keep supporters updated. Without intent, there is no PLAGIARISM.

      Simmer Down Now……….

    • “DAMN PITCHFORK…….WHAT A BITCH” No one over here is trying to steal your chyt….what little chyt you have……YOU NEED TO BRING-IT-DOWN!!!!!

      So what’s the plan folks….those who subscribed to this STRUGGLING blog gonna hang in there or tell WHOEVER TO KISS YOUR ASS…….just askin’!!!!!

    • Dear Pitchforks:

      I don’t appreciate you SHOUTING AT SJ for giving you yet more publicity after you threw him under the bus after the body bag picture. As tonysam pointed out, even when you were here, the ONLY thing would post was links to your blog. I don’t remember you contributing anything meaningful to the content of THIS site.

      In fact I recall you rewriting history a month or so back; and *pretending* that nobody here had talked about verbal abuse on this blog, when in fact I and a couple of other commenters were raising a stink about it long before the text messages of Travis Alexander were released.

      I have NEVER seen comments here quoting you verbatim, and trust me I would have. Your blog posts are extremely verbose, and I do not read them because they are all TL;DR.

      If it weren’t for SJ AND THIS SITE, you would not have been talking to Gus Searcy at all.

      You know how to get in touch with SJ privately, you should have used that option before coming here and going off the deep end.


      • I agree, MB, not too classy.

        I for one, subscribed to his blog, only because I found it here. A private message would have been better. And the fact this person decided to come and in all caps call out SJ, when I know for a FACT many, many of us found it here is a very stupid move.

        • Yes I saw your comment up above and I agree!

          If it weren’t for THIS SITE nobody would have even heard of that blog.

          I have been pissed at Pitchforks and others for leaving SJ high and dry when the going got a little tough, but I have also been tolerant when people would plug their links. Whatever helps Jodi you know what I mean? But if they’re going to come here and start all kinds of shit I will reconsider that!!

      • Pitchfork……what MB said or just shut the hell up and stay out of here…

        You owe everyone on here an apology …the throbbing weiner!!!!!!

    • Pitchforks, if weren’t for SJ and this site I would have never known about your site like many others. Also, you could have been a little more professional and emailed SJ in private and not tried to embarrass him. I don’t believe SJ was trying to steal any of your glory and believe he was giving you all the credit.

    • Who the hell is pitchforks? I’ve never been to their site though I have vaguely heard of them so why are they here hollering? I think maybe they need a time out.

      • OMG Gwen, you are hysterical. I don’t have a clue either who pitchforks is. And frankly, I really don’t care now.

    • What I would like to know is how much of the information used in the interview about Ashley, the footprint, Dustin…….came from research conducted here? Aren’t we all working to expose the same issues?! I personally wouldn’t have known who pitchforks was if they had not been a previous poster here. And as far as the radio show…? SJ and this site are what pointed me to them.

      ….is this even really pitchforks? Or just someone who would rather people not listen to the interview?

      • “used in the interview about Ashley, the footprint, Dustin…….came from research conducted here? ”

        You are ABSOLUTELY correct Jaz.

        We were talking about those things WAY before anyone else. I don’t see us going around accusing people of stealing our ideas or plagiarizing.

      • Jaz, My thoughts exactly. Much, if not MOST of the info used re pitchforks’ questions/topics to Gus sound as though they may very well have been taken from this site.I would NOT have ever HEARD of that site had it not been for this site. I have even checked in there to see if something new is posted…without using links from here…
        The way I look at it is SJ et al are offering free advertisement for Pitchforks…
        I didn’t see the “yelling” comment prior to it being removed but I gather no “thank you” was included.

    • Pitchforks,

      Aren’t we just quibbling about a couple of quotation marks. Plagiarism is normally associated with a situation where one’s trying to pass another’s words off as one’s own. But a person who provides the reader with a link to the place where those words came from can hardly be accused of plagiarism. You may accuse him or her of bad punctuation, but where there is absolutely no intent on one’s part to hide the source of the words, an allegation of plagiarism seems a bit much.

      If I was to say to you:

      In this monologue Lady Macbeth says, He has almost supped. Why have you left the chamber?
      Was the hope drunk
      Wherein you dressed yourself? Hath it slept since?

      Its well worth the read…….

      Would you allege plagiarism or lousy punctuation?

      Just asking.

    • But the name Pitchforks WAS written so the source was in fact reported.And the link leads to your interview,doesnt it?So what’s the whole point?
      Discord among people who supposedly stand up for the same cause is a petty emotion.Dear Pitchforks,it is sad to see people who should fight for Jodi UNITED fixate over little details.It certainly doesnt help Jodi and we here do not devote our time for the sake of ‘advertising’ ourselves or for personal benefit.She is our main concern.

  8. Hey Pitchforks….

    There are PLENTY of other places that misquote. Have you gone to them too or are you just singling out SJ and our house?

      • Pitchforks is an incredible blog. Its writing is of the
        highest caliber and intellectual and insightful content. Pitchforks deserves great reknown and the highest acclaim. I hope as many people will
        read Pitchforks as possible. Vladimir Gagic is an outstanding writer, and if he hasn’t already, I wish
        one day he will publish widely. His essays are truly
        I see Pitchforks’ point; it takes a lot to be able to write so well, and a lot of effort is put into it and any and all writers on Pitchforks deserve to be fully credited and acknowledged.
        “Jodi Arias is Innocent” is a site full of loving people with good intentions, and often a casual approach is used here. I don’t know any specifics as to whether or not anyone possibly failed to give Pitchforks the credit they are due, but although I can not speak for anyone else, I’m sure it is the
        case that if anyone here inadvertently didn’t give Pitchforks their proper due, that it was unintentional and no harm was meant by it.
        I, for one, know I have never paraphrased writing on Pitchforks, nor have I used their writing. I think I have referred to their writing perhaps, but I don’t remember.
        I must say that when I first read Vladimir Gagic’s essay on Pitchforks, I was so gratified, and heartened and relieved, to read a discussion full of detail about ontological, psychological, philisophical complexities and minutiae that I had not seen discussed anywhere in reference to the Arias case. The essay spoke about duality, non-duality, dichotomies, and in that essay and others, mentioned motifs,concepts and themes, that
        any person deeply contemplating the subject of the Arias trial phenomenon would of necessity have to consider, embrace and incorporate into their musings and written expression. Indeed, the motifs and themes of this subject are archetypal. Einstein said that if he hadn’t discovered relativity, it would have been discovered by another scientist within a matter of weeks because the climate was ready for it, and the time was right.
        There is a vocabulary, or lexicon, pertinent to this case that will inevitably arise, because it is so integral to the phenomenon that the Arias case is.
        I have not been posting long on this forum, but I want to say here that for more than thirty years, Ihave been profoundly interested in religion and its components, and have focused a lot on “The Tao Te Ching”, Taoism, Zen,Buddhism, etc., and have in recent years read at minimum 150-200 book length discourses/ e-books of Osho’s lectures on the site “Oshoworld”. I consider Osho one of the most brilliant people who ever walked this earth. On the Oshoworld site there are ebooks and transcriptions of Osho’s lectures-hundreds of them—-about every conceivable topic related to enlightenment; elucidation and commentary on every religion, philosophy, psychology, discussion of numerous literary works, politics, commentary on capitalism, communism, Marxism,—all of these inextricably related and intertwined subjects are
        discussed by Osho who expressed himself with the most incredible specificity, articulateness and intelligence of any writer I have ever encountered.
        The underlying pervasive theme in all of Osho’s writing is that Reality=Life=God=Existence=People- — are one indivisible whole, and nothing, and no one, is separate from anything else. Separateness is an illusion; all is one unified whole.
        So again, I am just emphazing that there are concepts and vocabulary that are integral to the discussion of the trial, which use of can not be avoided if one is to do the subject justice.
        I apologize for the length of my post.
        I hope Pitchforks and “Jodi Arias is Innocent” will be in communication with a good will between the two, with the recognition that each site is its own unique entity and voice and goodwill between both certainly does not necessarily mean opinions or views are shared or held in common; each site has its unique views,and opinions. Each site is uniquely its own.

        • Amy

          See my response to Pitchforks above.

          I think SJ was in fact acknowledging her blog by firstly naming it and secondly providing a link to the said interview.

          I think she’s quibbling about a couple of quotation marks.

          This unfortunately is the type of thing that happens in this age of instant communications. If she had to write this on paper, put a stamp on it and mail it, she would probably have cooled down by the time it was done. But today, type hit the “Post Comment” button and bingo – instant controversy.

          • Al, I agree with both your posts. My impression definitely was that Pitchforks had been obviously and duly credited, and I was actually surprised that Pitchforks had that reaction.
            I truly appreciate the Pitchforks site and this site too, of course, so I just didn’t want any
            one on either site to feel offended.

        • Thank you Amy.

          The Pitchforks blog is a rich, sensitive, critical and well-written resource for followers of this trial (and for other topics as well). I do understand that there’s a quarrel here–and I hope it can be peaceably straightened out–but this blog should not be dismissed because of that. It has a lot to offer to readers who want to look deeply at the hows and whys of Jodi’s vilification by the media and others, and at weaknesses in the justice system.

          • In total agreement, she is intelligently supportive of women in general. She may or not believe what everyone thinks but she is passionate from another country altogether, and my not gel so much with US culture. She is from across the pond and despite the odd quibble remains staunch in her objective to expose and ridicule inconsistencies from a different mindset.
            I find her blog funny and illuminating.

        • WTF ?

          I’d rather spend time determining how to help Jodi, not bitch about who gets credit about his or her writings.

  9. Patti gave JVM an interview about her death threats and said that they had posted her personal information online including a map to her house a description of her house. She was in fear of her and her child’s life and the followers intimidated her. Her facebook was hacked into. “Nothing I could have said to persuade the jury in another direction!” “She was a beautiful person (crying) you never know, I never expected this, you know. . . . she was such a good person… many good memories with her….. we’ve all lost somebody in this horrible situation…” But then JVM of course ends with a typical JM twisting of and misstatement of her words.

    • It’s scary what those people have done to Patti.

      Haters don’t see this happening to the prosecution witnesses…why? Because we are not like that and they are.

      We may name call here and blow off anger, but none of us track people down and threaten them and keep them from testifying.

      THEY are crazy.

      I wonder if Patti can get anyone involved in investigating her situation for witness tampering? I can’t remember where she lives, but if it as AZ, she is probably out of luck in that corrupt place.

        • yes Renee’! Huge, HUGE, difference.

          and, they are delusional to think that they are qualified to dish out Karma?

          They have no idea what Karma is.

          I predict that someday they will, but it won’t be by me, it won’t be by any mere mortal to dish it out…but they will know.

      • See that’s what I never get.If anyone has doubts whether we’re on the right side or not,this kind of incidents should be an aha moment.When comparing&contrasting the 2 parties,it’s easy to see there are passionate opinions on both sides.We are pro-Jodi,they are pro-Travis.OK.Difference of opinions should always be respected by society.Yet,their need to go to such extremes only proves their not so sane state of mind and instead of questions such as What kind of person supports Jodi Arias,it should be the other way round.

        • very true Maria. Passion on both sides, and yet which side is acting like psychotic neanderthals?

          Oh yeah, that would be them.

        • Over at HuffPo – the only place I was posting about this trial until I started posting here – the Travisites decided to commemorate the anniversary of his death by instituting a “DNR” policy. DNR as in Do Not Respond to anyone who supports Jodi or even questions the (lack of) judicial process in that courtroom.

          In addition to DNR, they decided a ‘FLAG’ – as in “Flag as abusive” – was an appropriate way to honor Travis. So that’s what they did – every last one of them who saw a remotely ‘pro-Jodi’ post, or even a neutral post by someone known to be pro-Jodi – would flag it. To the point where every post or poster they didn’t like got so many flags that the moderators had no choice but to pull the posts. Every one of them.

          Needless to say, the Travisites liked the results so well they’ve continued the practice. A very few stoic souls are hanging in there. But all of their posts disappear within a few hours.

          I am wondering if suborning harassment is a crime?

        • Maria, I don’t think that any of us supporting Jodi would have a problem making a conversation with a pro-TA person. The problem is that they are not capable of discussion. The minute you state a solid sentence that proves Jodi’s innocence, they go bonkers and all they can respond is cussing and threatening. There is no reasoning with brainwashed people.
          I for one pity them for not being able to engage in a civil conversation. So, it is pointless to spend any gray matter on them. Let them hate. In the end, all they will have is that sour taste in their mouth.

          • The A clan is feeling their guilt for not putting a boot in his BURROck, for, stirring the wrong cauldrons…. Edgrrr…

    • I should say that I admire Darryl Brewer as well. He was getting threats and he has his son that he is protecting, but he was ready to testify and went on tv to speak on her behalf. If this isn’t a case that the FBI should investigate for witness intimidation and tampering, I don’t think there would ever be one. Did you know that Gus Searcy is an inventor? Very intelligent upstanding guy. I love Gus Searcy!

      • I totally respect and admire both Brewer and Searcy for not taking any shit and standing up for her.The pressure must be unbelievable,however they did not cave.

      • Canada Carol,
        I agree with you 100%.
        Both, Gus and Daryl are TRUE friends of Jodi, cause the saying is that ‘you get to know your true friends when shit hits the fan’.

      • You mean those Alphabet Gangsters, the FBI, corporation…??? They’re too special, to take on the LSD, coporation, since the place is, infested, with, cult, religionists… Edgrrr…

    • I heard this interview. JVM ended up saying “Jodi Arias has destroyed many peoples lives including Patti’s”. This was after Patti said Juan Martinez made up the story about her using illegal drugs. Plus Patti spoke of all the death threats she got from the Hugh’s crew. They were giving out her address and directions to her houses. Did many nasty threatening comments to Patti. Some how HLN must of spliced tape to make it sound like Patti was saying she was Jodi’s friend when they were children but she doesn’t agree with what she did. It just sounded to me like Patti was negative against Jodi and it was impossible to talk on Jodi’s behalf. Which surprised me because you would be speaking of Jodi before the incident. Plus Patti had Jodi in her Wedding and spoke on Air and showed pictures of Jodi and what a wonderful friend Jodi was to her. HLN really pulled nasty ass stuff at the end. How they shut people off and finish stuff for them. Just aweful. I wanted to vomit.

  10. Well, well. I did not know Gus wroet a book but found it interesting when he discussed his person/non-person theory and how he managed to dilute some of the hate mail against him by turning himself into a person in the eyes of the hate monger.

    Other comments: where are the phone records concerning the call Gus refers to (and others as well)? Did they get lost like so much other evidence? Also, whether or not Gus recalls the correct date, Jodi told him that she didn’t know what happened to TA, but she did know TA was dead. Case of PTSD in action?

    The TA friends, according to Gus, began circling the wagons years before the trial and all the hoopla began. When was this exactly – when Jodi was on the “intruder” story? Or when it became apparent that some of the testimony would involve TA’s interest in pedophilia?

    Dave Hall calls Gus a pedophile. Might that be a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Standard MO for those with something to hide isn’t it?

  11. I think I’m in love… 🙂 Gus sounds like a real person, like someone comfortable in his own skin and not easily intimidated. He speaks from truth, lacking an agenda. You can hear it all in the ease with which he answers questions. I can see why Jodi liked Gus.

  12. The one thing that sticks out in this interview is how he talks about people being bullied into submission and silenced. It reminds me a lot of how people on this site have been made to feel guilty for expressing themselves by the haters, moles, fence sitters and closet pedo huggers.

    I think the bizarre thing out of this, is like Joe Yinzer said, people have made entire careers and dedicated their life to seeing a battered woman die. How sick is that? To what level of low, disgusting, and utterly despicable behavior can these people sink to next? I shutter to think.

    As far as Vinnie Politan, he has made an entire career out of throwing women under the bus. He would disproportionately report crimes with female perpetrators, seems like he had a unhealthy “hot for teacher” fixation that needs addressing. Then like David Drew Pinsky, once he gets the verdict he wants he takes the gloves off and starts pounding anyone he didn’t like. Such a disgusting display of unprofessional journalism, I just knew it would get worse which is why I quit watching. They may live in nice houses in mostly upper class neighborhoods, but they have ZERO class to reflect that in their behavior.

    • MB well said! I get attacked all the time at other sites were people post under the “guest” name and want my Facebook and email info so they can contact my family and friends and let them know what I have been up to. Meaning I’m a Jodi supporter. They really need to get a life, and there are a few that have carried it to far with physical threats.

      • Don’t know, but it seems to me that when people spend all their free time hating on targets, they just my be getting paid for what they do. Then the lemmings follow the leaders.

        • Hope. Hate can be contagious. It is like if you never have cussed and you start spending a lot of time in a room with people that cuss, and if you allow your self to do so and not think for yourself, eventually you will start cussing like them.

          I am not downing cussing, just making a point

    • Exactly. As they openly bully us people are forced into lurking. I don’t believe for one minute that the true supporters have stopped following the threads here.

      They can’t take away my birthday or fade my shine! Only God can sit in judgement on me.

    • Well said, as usual MB!

      I always, always, agree with your posts.

      I haven’t seen Joe around, I hope he is ok.

      • Yeah,where is Joe?And where is Josh? I hope they are both ok and still in support of Jodi.Maybe life getting in the way…

    • is this Joe Yinzer who posts here real . . or . . . is Joe Yinzer who posts on the like hater site wanting to collect our email address and cnp renees posts. Their getting . . I wouldn’t say sophisticated but hazzardous in a gamey sorta way.

      • cb,

        the hater sites started using our names a while ago.

        joe is not really posting there. He has been here a long time…MAYBE even longer than you 🙂 I just can’t remember all that well and I don’t have time to go back through all the pages to see who started here when. LOLOL

        • ok cool .. and yes possibly longer than I. So either/or the post I saw was a 6/14 copy so there’s a snake in the woodpile poser. Hope they get a bigger acknowledgement charge out i being discovered then finding their discovery of being a nothing.

    • I agree MB – he is the one guy with the courage to speak up about the reality of the situation w/ these folks.

    • MB,

      I am still disappointed and in shock that the injustice and abuse this trial has displayed remains in our Country. People fought and lost their lives for our Freedom, for Justice for all!
      It is Juan Martinez’s job to make sure this trial is carried out fairly. This is really a part of his job description as a Prosecutor. Martinez has done the opposite of a fair trial. He is also corrupt. We have millions of examples of his corruptions, yet Pickles is deaf, dumb, and blind? Then the Hugh’s people with the Travis Taliban. Hating, bullying, threatening death, profiting off of a friends death.

      But, why are they picking on Jodi? She didn’t deserve M1. Manslaughter, M2 at the most.
      Although, I can look at the Courtroom of that Trial and see all the underlying dysfunction ( Jodi with the least of it ), no one is going to get it correct until proper boundaries are placed by the proper people in the justice system.

      Are Jodi’s attorneys going to get the extension until January 2014?

      • I totally agree Marianne!

        I don’t know if the DT is going to get the extension. You know about as much as I do right now. lol


    I the author of the content that can be found here within can assure you, the reader that any of the opinions expressed here are my own and are a result of the way in which my highly disorganized and somewhat disfunctional mind interprets a particular situation and or concept.

    I would like to expressly convey to you (the reader) that were I to accidentally defame, purge, humiliate and or hurt someone’s person or feelings as a result of them reading and or acting upon any or all of the information and or advice found here at my site, it is entirely unintentional of me to do so.

    Further, any past or future posts here that have not been validated by me personally, I refuse to take responsibility for. I have been impersonated at this blog on numerous times and have taken screen shots of the perpetrators admitting to such.

    Disclaimer aside, I will be posting in the future. If anyone has an issue with content of my posts, please contact or respond to me personally, so that I may address your concerns. I also take no responsibility for any future posts unless I personally validate that I am the true author.

    Thank you,


  14. My Jodi Family,
    It’s sleepy-sleepy time for me. Have a great afternoon/ evening and don’t let the meanness of some get to you. Soon enough they will bite their own tongue and swallow their own venom!

  15. Gus seems like a good fella and not prone to being bullied into going along to get along. I respect him for holding his opinions despite the rage-filled sheep herders that attack him. Vinnie Poppycock would need help locating his own miniscule balls without Nasty Nancy to guide him.


    I did NOT say FUCK YOU to the haters. I did NOT say I LOVE Jodi Arias. I did NOT say the state of Arizona SUCKS.

    I did not say I LOVE YOU HERO!!! I did NOT say: I LOVE TEAM JODI!!!!

    I did not say I LOVE YOU TEAM JODI!!!!!

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((I DID NOT SAY I LOVE MY CATS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 😉


      Further, I am NOT saying that people who have nothing to do with their time than to obsess with strangers and copy and paste their opinions are more than likely legally insane.

      • I AM saying I LOVE MY CATS! But I am NOT saying my cats fucking assholes have more integrity than the whole slew of haters have,

    • I AM saying I love all of you! Fuck it! I will even send love to the fucking haters!

      I love cats!
      I love the ocean!
      I love the fact I have the right to my own belief system.
      I love my right to have my own opinion about anything I please.
      I love the fact that I am not so full of hate I need to beat people down to feel good about me.
      I love my loving friends and my wonderful family who may not agree with my opinion but support me still.
      Even my addict brother who is in jail.
      I love jumping in puddles.
      And laughing until it hurts.

  17. Even though I haven’t posted much I still support Jodi. Some people here suggested I’m not to be trusted, but IDGAF…haha

    Gus is not only brave, but he’s smart for being selective with who he talks with. The whole message here is the unfairness of an individual not having a fair trial and Jodi never got it from day 1. Let’s hope none of us ever fall within that trap. Karma exists.

    Have a great weekend….meow 🙂

    • Hi Meow!

      whoever said that about you might just need a chill pill…or a hug, who knows!

      I was just wondering about you the other day 🙂

            • I know you are! I just think, with all the bullshit drama that is going on, with rumors and innuendo, that if a person hears some smack about another supporter, the best rout is to ask the source! 🙂

              • Because, we all know what assumptions mean…………..I also have heard rumors about such things, and if I have a way to ask the actual source, I do so!

                Meow 😉

        • interesting meowington. I know you can be trusted.

          But you are the second person that I remember for sure that has said someone thinks they can’t be trusted. It makes me wonder who is passing that info around…it’s useless because i think it has kept Jennifer away and I have really liked her posts. She also said someone told her she was thought to be a troll/mole or something. I think it hurt her feelings and that is why she is not here so much now.

          I don’t like it. If people are getting emails from someone telling them this stuff maybe they should send them to SJ. Maybe there are other getting those emails too.

          There have only been two people on here that concerned me and they are both gone, and it turns out my radar was correct on anna ryan. I don’t know about the other one as I liked their posts and have not seen them again.

  18. Renee’ says:

    June 14, 2013 at 1:29 pm


    I the author of the content that can be found here within can assure you, the reader aka the lurker that any of the opinions expressed here are my own and are a result of the way in which my highly disorganized and somewhat dysfunctional mind interprets a particular situation and or concept.

    I would like to expressly convey to you (the reader aka lurker) that were I to accidentally defame, purge, humiliate and or hurt someone’s person or feelings as a result of them reading and or acting upon any or all of the information and or advice found here at my site, it is entirely unintentional of me to do so. (Nicknames DO NOT COUNT…i.e. Massengil, Munsters, Martini&Rossi…etc.)

    Further, any past or future posts here that have not been validated by me personally, I refuse to take responsibility for. I have been impersonated at this blog on numerous times and have taken screen shots of the perpetrators admitting to such.

    I have also had my personal information searched for by strangers and posted on a website I HAVE NEVER been a poster on without my consent.

    Disclaimer aside, I will be posting in the future. If anyone has an issue with content of my posts, please contact or respond to me personally, so that I may address your concerns. I also take no responsibility for any future posts unless I personally validate that I am the true author.

    Thank you,


  19. SJ….

    I intentionally left the words “at my site” in my “disclaimer” above…..after all we are PARTNERS… 😉


    I love you!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  20. I would like to send HAPPY FATHER’S DAY wishes to each and every father herein…especially Mr. Arias.

    I would also like to send Happy Father’s Day wishes to every single person herein that is both parents to either their child or grandchild and of course – to everyone that has a furry child in their home!


    CATSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. (((((((((CatsRainbows&Duckfarts))))))))))

    Now I’m off to mow my grandparent’s lawn.catch up with all of you wonderful people later. 🙂 ♥

  22. I know typically a standard by which to judge is what the reasonable prudent person would conclude… How can prudence and reason be found in convicting a woman whose circumstances included a controversial church, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, self-proclaimed business people operating under a pyramid scheme, individuals flaunting wealth although their houses were being foreclosed, suspected affairs, coincident suicides, an ME and lead detective both of whom perjured themselves, death threats to anyone who speaks on Jodis’ behalf…. So you tell me… is a conspiracy theory really that far fetched or can all this really just be coincidence?

    Just because she introduced TA to KY Jelly doesn’t make her a murderess… It means that yet again she was taking steps in an effort to accommodate HIM.!!

      • Remember LizA, she may have brought up the brand name KY, but he was using vaseline WAY before her with someone else.

              • LOL 😆 livA…it was a bit…on the RED side…wonder if Mary Palm and her Five Sisters were to blame ?…After all, I recall from the audio tape that he admitted to self-pleasuring on a MORE-THAN-FREQUENT basis…
                Unless he had a reaction to the KY…very odd (the color) though….to me, but I am NOT an expert by any means.

      • You’re not flogging a dead horse; many people who are unaware of the information in your post are encountering it for the first time. I’m sure many new people look at this site for this first time every day, and reading posts like yours gives them quick, ready access to a lot that the general public dominated by the tabloid news, is unaware of.

    • The gestapo, D.A. toadie of organized crime at law, has 14 million LSD voters, and, his political, career, to, consider… prisons are full, of his integrity… Edgrrr…

      • LMAO,Al!
        As if…Jennifer would never do that. Although it would be well-deserved for Tot Doc to be called a bitch!

        • She was a GIANT bitch. You can tell by her fucking nostrils. She always looked like something stank around her.

          She was smelling her own bullshit.

          • Rememebr her fucking arrogance?Of course you do,I’m sure! She looked down on Jodi as if she was talking about an insect she would gladly squash.If only she knew…Had life been different and Jodi came from a wealthy family with no problems,Jodi would be someone really important and would excel in whatever field she would choose coz she is so much more brilliant than that phoney ”Doc” .

          • In addition to being a discredit to her so called profession, which she defines as being a prostitute to the state. The taxpayers should ask her to return their money to the State Treasuer.

      • Nancy Disgrace did a full investigation on whether or not the word was bitch and she decided after close scrutiny that what she said was something to do with finding what she was looking for, but she sure was….

    • LOL Moni! This reminds me of the time I went to a Cosmetic surgeon for a consultation appointment…I couldn’t figure out why EVERYONE who worked there had a “bitchy resting face”…later on I realized it was the BOTOX! They were smiling but their eyes were totally expressionless…I felt like I had walked into a den of mean girls with their phony smiles…(this was when BOTOX had just taken off and I think it wasn’t perfected quite yet…a bit overdone) YIKES
      Thanks for the laugh!

  23. I posted this way up there ^^^

    Before I realized the bottom was way down here. So apologies for repeat but I think some would want to see that might not otherwise:

    Over at HuffPo – the only place I was posting about this trial until I started posting here – the Travisites decided to commemorate the anniversary of his death by instituting a “DNR” policy. DNR as in Do Not Respond to anyone who supports Jodi or even questions the (lack of) judicial process in that courtroom.

    In addition to DNR, they decided a ‘FLAG’ – as in “Flag as abusive” – was an appropriate way to honor Travis. So that’s what they did – every last one of them who saw a remotely ‘pro-Jodi’ post, or even a neutral post by someone known to be pro-Jodi – would flag it. To the point where every post or poster they didn’t like got so many flags that the moderators had no choice but to pull the posts. Every one of them.

    Needless to say, the Travisites liked the results so well they’ve continued the practice. A very few stoic souls are hanging in there. But all of their posts disappear within a few hours.

    I am wondering if suborning harassment is a crime?

      • I don’t know the legal implications of the harrassment, but I am hoping that sooner or later that legitimate media professionals who are true intellectuals, will comment on the phenomenon that you are talking about. Of course, people who will actually provide legitimate discourse will only be able to do it in a suitable venue.
        It is a crazy fact that a news outlet can report some information in an article or report, and then underneath the article hoards of uninformed, ignorant people——- often many who have their facts completely wrong——-can succeed in subverting and sabotaging the dissemination of the truth.
        What I am banking on, is my belief that the true intelligentsia in this world will make headway, and the truth will prevail little by little.
        On the one hand, there is the enormous sickening power of the lynch mob which thrives and perpetuates itself on ignorance. Then on the other hand, there is, to borrow Dorris Lessing’s phrase ” the still small voice” of conscience that those people with the real clarity and capacity will be able to impart to the world.
        Luckily, people with real insight are more likely to have success with reaching well-intentioned people holding more legitimate power and sway than the mob. I hope so.

  24. Long time reader first time making a comment.

    I am a 29 year old female. Like Jodi I am from Salinas, California, and I know some people who knew Jodi when she was growing up. I never knew her personally, she moved away in grammar school I think, but I have tried following the case from the beginning because of the hometown connection.I am also a domestic violence survivor and I believe Jodi was also one and she did what she had to do to survive an abusive relationship. Many people don’t understand why a woman stays in an abusive relationship and I want to correct them because no woman STAYS in an abusive relationship, they are FORCED by an abuser who uses violence and threats to make the woman too fearful to leave. Just like Jodi is not STAYING in jail, she is forced to be there, that is how domestic violence is. Even 1000 miles away she held out hope that each time Travis called her back, it would be the start of the good relationship he promised her. Jodi is the loyal and loving type and she believed in second chances and so she gave him second chances even if it always backfired.

    I am also a childhood cancer survivor and currently trying to survive a rare form of skin cancer. I was diagnosed June 26 of last year with nodular melanoma. I have gone through a lot in the last year and just finished up another course of chemo in May (my second course since diagnosis). I missed much of the trial because of treatment but one of the things that kept me going through the worst of my treatment was the hope Jodi would be found innocent so she could go on to live her life as she deserves.

    This might sound weird but in a weird way I can really understand how Jodi must feel in prison. In a way I have been in prison for the last year. I rarely leave my house except for hospital stays and I am dealing with a life sentence/death sentence just as Jodi is. I am not trying to make light of what Jodi is going through and maybe I can’t communicate really well what I’m trying to say. But I am almost the same age as Jodi and we should both be enjoying our lives and we cant because of no reason that we caused. Like Jodi I will probably never be a mother which is something I am desperate for. Like Jodi I will probably die in the next few years and I have barely had the chance to live yet. We were both given a raw deal and there are not too many people who can understand where we are coming from. I can’t even tell you how it feels to go from dreaming of your future to planning if you’re even going to be alive in a year.

    In 2005 my great uncle died and left me with a trust fund. Half of it was dispursed when I was 25 and the other half will be dispursed when I am 35. About a month ago the trustee of the account met with me so we could discuss making a will in the event I don’t make it to 35 (which looks really likely). He gave me a bunch of options, which included varies charities and causes. My family is pretty well off so no one would go homeless if I wanted to take the other half of my trust and will it to a charity of my choice.

    I am afraid he will think I am crazy if I tell him I’d like to will the other half of the trust to benefit Jodi in some way. I wanted to first find out what would happen if I was to will the remaining trust to Jodi so I dont look like I’m crazy or anything. Can the state take an inheritance as payment when an inmate inherits money? Can I will it to a trust that’s set up in Jodi’s name? I would like the money to go for her defense for appeals if that’s possible but would that be too late? I turn 35 in August 2018 but if I die before then I think the money is immediately given, I forgot to ask the trustee but I will. Also can I donate anonymously I don’t want haters tracking down my family after I’m gone.

    I firmly believe that Jodi would do the same for any one of us and this is the least I can do for someone who has suffered so much. Please don’t feel bad for me I’m not writing this for sympathy I just want to do what I feel in my heart is the right thing. I have more than enough money to live on right now, but with the cost of my treatment I don’t feel comfortable donating at this time because I have no idea how much this will cost me. I am in a real gray area in terms of survival prognosis so even though I might sound selfish for not donating now I have to take care of my medical needs first.

    • My heart goes out to you my dear! You are the same age as my son and I feel as a mother to you. What a wonderful person you are!! I am sending my prayers and love to you Cindney!

      I would be careful with your legacy as any money Jodi has could be given to TA’s family via a law suit.

      When a sentence is finally delivered in Jodis case, we will know more as far as appeals go. I’m thinking that any money we can raise for a great appeals attorney could be given straight to them, without the Alexanders profiting yet again.

      Hope to hear from you again.


    • Cindney, I hope you heal and survive. I will pray for you. I am sorry that you are suffering. Your compassion is inspiring.

    • Prayers for you Cindney. Hope you get better. This letter brought tears to me an
      I can feel your compassion I am the same way. I do not go one night without
      thinking of Jodi there alone. My family also thinks I am a nut case because I
      am on Jodi’s side in this. We just do not talk about it anymore an they are in
      Arizona even. I would want to do the same thing you want to do. It truly shows
      a kind heart an a knowing heart too. I hope an pray you get better.

  25. ps. Tonya, I feel you are a vulnerable adult. If some one has gotten to you and threatened you, please call SOCIAL SERVICES immediately.

    • also, Tonya, when you call Social Services, please ask for adult mental health. They will and can protect you. Show them all of your emails you have received and all communication you have received in the last month.

      They will help you, and protect you and will know what to do.

      Take care,

        • Okay, and that is fine. BUT please call social services, they will open a case and find the people threatening you. Do so immediately.


          what is happening to you is cyber stalking and threatening a vulnerable adult. Report them, they will be held accountable.

          • Okay, I know where you live, and I will personally contact your local social services and let them know what has happened to you.

            Do not be afraid when a social worker knocks on your door, they are your friend and they will help you. I will call them in the morning.

        • I am concerned that Hail Mary is afraid. I do not know what has happened but it sounds very serious and alarming.

              • I’ve used hotmails report option and they tracked down who it was and think they sent a letter. and I was given instructions to block but I said no, I need to know they stopped and won’t with block. I found out the address and made an over the phone report. The law went to his house and it is 5 states away. It all got stopped.

                • Oh wow cb – that is so crazy. Good for you for hanging in there. But it all sounds pretty scary!

              • Hail Mary—-I do not expect you to answer me, and I understand you are afraid, as anyone is when someone is murdered close to their home. It is tragic, senseless and happens way to often. As I know you understand this well may not be associated with this site. Take care. Of course you must do whatever you need to do to feel safe. My very best to you Hail Mary.

  26. Errr Merr Gerd! Is this for real? I’m glad I don’t visit the other sites if they can make you this afraid or totally turn you to their way of thinking. I watched the trial, heard the evidence, witnessed the hideous behavior and heard the delusional rantings of the TA supporters then observed the type of person I thought Jodi to be, which is non-violent, spiritual and intelligent. My mind is made up NOT to be changed….short of being drugged or brainwashed. Turn away from the dark…don’t look into the abyss!!

    • Gwen….I don’t visit other sites either….’cause I don’t give a chyt what they have to say!!!!!

      But if someone is threaten your life Tonya….it NEEDS to be reported!!!!!

  27. I, and my husband, are mandatory reporters. I am calling social services first thing Monday morning. Tonya, I am going to explain everything that has happened to you. I will also be reporting the butcher site and their comments about you.

    • as far as any comments hurting me, I can fit the fucks I give in my favorite cat’s paws.

      where I draw the line is when an obvious vulnerable adult is threatened and scared. NOT okay, and I will be reporting.

      • It is not up to you, hun. Your brother will be non the wiser. I promise confidentiality. I recognize a person in trouble, and I am bound by law to report.

        I will tell them about your concerns about your brother, Tonya, It will be okay.

        • Renee’, good for you! You are a good friend and I am proud to know you. Yes, I agree that you should pursuit calling social services.

      • I wish you well.

        You take care of yourself and your brother.

        I think it might be ok for you to pop in now and then just to say nothing more than hello and that you are ok – just so we won’t worry about you?

      • Hail Mary, please let Renee’ help you. You cannot continue living in fear and NO ONE should go unpunished for mentally abusing you. I don’t know exactly what happened or who the f*ck the butcher is but do not allow them to get to you and scare you anymore.

  28. Skimming the blog I did see where “x” jumped in again. How is this troll slipping through the fence?

  29. Journee, Rebecca64, Gwen, Ann, Janeen Russo and others, I know I am leaving out….

    I want to say that you all are good people. I do see the reason you all are here.

  30. Renee I’m asking you to stop this don’t want social services I made the mistake of coming to web sites in the first place and now shit has …

  31. Hey, ho….

    This will be my last post for a while… am I succumbing to hater sites threats? Kinda. But mostly, I am considering what my husband just asked me.

    He said, “is this the hill you want to die on, should these pathetic POS decide to ruin your life?”

    and my answer was, sadly, no. If someone so desperately wants to erase my Constitutional right to say what I think, then so be it.

    I admit, I do not know Jodi or Travis. I have formed my own opinion. But evidently, I am not allowed to express it unless I allow someone to bully and threaten me… Not worth it.

    I love most of you, and will take this fight to FB and email. Those who know me know how to get a hold of me. Those who don’t, please tell my BF Janeen, and she will contact me.

    When the First Amendment means something in America again, I will be back. Meanwhile, keep up the good fight <3 peace and love

    • Hey Renee I wish you wouldn’t go but will you get my email from SJ before you do? I will miss your perspective. I done got so paranoid I went back to my eye gravatar.

    • Renee,do not surrender please.Not you.
      I went there after reading all the posts here.
      I am shocked and scared.
      But as long as people like you don’t give up,I feel we can get over this.

        • They use our names,posting as me and so many people here,they quote our posts and make fun of us.They have Guess Who games,using info about us and quotes.They post people’s FB profiles and try to find as many as they can,for what purpose I dont know.When people here post under initials or nicknames,they post their true names or give out personal details.The list goes on…This is cyber bullying,harassment!
          I dont mind being ridiculed because of my lousy grammar(hey haters I’m a foreigner,hello?) but they’ve crossed the line.What they do over there is illegal.

          • They often do not have the correct information on posters.

            Our MB here is actually a better sleuth than they are…even if they don’t know it.

          • Maria…they have actually made fun of you for “lousy grammar”???? You have better grammar than most who speak English as their FIRST language…I’d love to hear if they say something about ME…My goodness…some people just have too much time on their hands.
            Their evil behavior still knocks me for a loop…and everything I have written on this site is MY OWN OPINION…and I am entitled to it and I am staying.
            I refuse to be intimidated.

              • Me neither. I give zero fucks over the five middle-aged virgins who are living in Mommy’s basement and think they’re cool for harrassing people. Get jobs, you pathetic fuckers.

    • Renee’, now this is really upsetting. Even tho we have not become close, I always admired your gutts and your passion.
      To hear you are leaving too, makes me freak out. What the hell is going on?
      This is huge loss for this site. Our family is getting ripped apart.
      This is for you and everyone else that feels they have to leave here:

      I really hope you will be back soon.
      Maria and SJ have my facebook info. I would love to continue communicating with you.

      Take care and be strong, (((((((((friend)))))))))))

    • No I don’t think anyone can help. This sounds frightening to me like an attack that we cannot risk our own well being for. Thank You to everyone for sharing your thoughts and time with me. They win. Renee is right. My Best Wishes to Everyone.

      • BS… all we have to say is like Jacob Dylan’s song “Nothing” …..BS…fuck the Taliban…..let us let them have their way…open the doors to our home… way……Unless I am not getting the full picture!!!

  32. Sad.

    I don’t blame you Renee.

    I think a lot of us are sitting here quietly having the same thoughts.

    This is what happened to the people closest to Jodi who might have been able to help.

    Now it is happening to those who don’t know how but want to.

    I am sad.

  33. What a sad state of affairs when good people cannot form their own opinion! The bullys in this world are winning and leading the sheep off the cliff. I know some are scared and I completely understand.

    Just remember in the end there is the truth, there is love and there is light. Nothing to fear except fear itself.

    Game players threatening, bullying, posting personal information and intimidating those with a different pov are not worth your worry.

  34. Well I ain’t goin nowhere. It’ll just give em my eye for now and if they find out my personal info and post it so be it. Everyone in my little town already knows I’m a Jodi supporter so they won’t give me no crap. Let’s not implode from the inside due to low brow tactics from the other side. Hell, if Nasty Nance were to stick a mic in my face tomorrow I’d give my opinion and then add ‘and you sure are an evil bitch’. lol

    • I don’t want anyone to be scared – and I respect the retreat.

      I have never visited any of the sites supporting the other side. I have no use for it. Plus they are not the ones that can make the difference with Jodi. The fight for Jodi’s release has to occur in court with a fair and impartial judge.

      I am not afraid to tell anyone that Jodi is a victim and should not be imprisoned. There was too much reasonable doubt in this case for a conviction. It is that simple.

      • As a rule I don’t check out those sites but after reading something pertaining to all the above had to check it out . . found out more than I wanted to. It was like being in an asylum. I wanted to ask why but I draw the line at getting dumbass answers justifying vulgar behavior. They spend so much time and energy to do wrong things. Too bad such creative minds have nothing positive to offer society. When they run good people off, who’s next . . each other? They will meet the wrong ones soon enough.

    • Ha! Maybe I will just give them an eyeROLL?


      It’s easy for me not to be scared. I don’t know what the hell is going on, lol.

    • My favorite was when What’s His Face told Nancy Disgrace not to “bite off [her] manicure” when she was waiting to hear about the verdict. Bah ha!! Burn!! That was classic!!

  35. Well, if a moderator would like to contact me to tell me that maybe I should shut up, or send me the key to a room where I don’t have to, I shall watch my mail.

    • Hell no…you should not shut up….I guess I don’t understand the threats…..but I don’t visit any the haters shit sites because as soon as you do, you will get shit on you unless you have hip waders on… don’t visit their asspage “Facebook” sites or anything they have something to do with it….

      A new member does not need to see this….

      • onetimeagain, I don’t visit those other sites either. I feel it is a waste of time and it sickens me. I have no clue what’s going on either…I think I may be the only one left here by now. Looks like some pretty high energy stuff has occurred today…a lot of fear and anger going on.

        • Hell no, you are not the only one left here..If I blog I use an another email address other than my personal one…even the one I use for a specific site is my own but not my regular one

          • Oh good! I thought I was talking to myself. Seeing everyone just up and leave like that makes me wonder if those were the REAL people or posers…just saying “I’m outa here” is quite uncharacteristic and unusual, if you ask me. Hmmm

  36. I don’t mean to bring negativity to the site, but this was the point I made to a troll on the Blog’s commentary & it is the relevant potion of the post. The rest is just the background for context. We wouldn’t want any more taking quotes out of context now would we? Unless, of course, you’re JM…

    Le Troll:
    “Hmmm. I have three questions.

    1. You are very good at putting the state’s case under the rigorous microscope and devising arguments that end up wholly taking Arias’ version of events.. as if they were absolute bonafide fact. But- the fact that you do NOT put the Arias defense under the same such rigors is puzzling. Why not?

    2. Dr Kevin Horn. If Arias’ story about shooting Alexander were true, and it is a silly argument that Dr Horn state’s that Travis would have sustained no defensive wounds had he been shot first and stabbed later, then why is it the defense has not called their own medical expert, if Jodi Arias’ story is even POSSIBLE? (BTW, the argument that there have been talking head TV docs who have stated her version is possible really a moot point and everyone understands this. The fact is they did not have access to the entire facts of this case, the autopsy or the body and are paid to provide entertaining discussion. A medical expert called by the defense WOULD have had access to the entire case history. The defense fought very hard because they did NOT want the public to have access to all the ‘experts’ they had consulted in this case. Once the case is over these billings will be unsealed. We shall see if any medical experts had billings and will be left to surmise why they were never called.)

    3. Matthew McCartney- The jury has made it crystal clear via the juror questions that they know- that taking Arias at ‘her word’ when there is no corroborating evidence with which to support her statements is a very slippery slope. Arias claims that Travis was physically abusive to her. Kicked her, hit her, choked her. Arias, a documented liar, (and she knows this) has, according to her, one LONE witness to this ‘physical abuse’. Why on earth, would her defense – NOT subpoena Matt McCartney. The argument that he does not want to ‘get involved’, is as silly as it gets. NO defense team fighting for a person’s life would NOT subpoena this man if he could vouch for her. The fact that they have not subpoena’d him speaks as much to the TRUTH of the matter as not calling a medical examiner to refute dr horn does.

    If you were being honest with yourself in these postings, you would recognize that these two omissions speak more to the credibility of Jodi Arias than anything else. And that it is coming from her own defense.

    But will you analyze it?…

    It really doesn’t matter what a witness would face by the outpouring of the public. The bottom line is if there was a witness, in the form of a medical examiner that could dispute Dr Kevin Horn’s incredibly damaging testimony OR if Matt McCartney would or could vouch for Ms Arias’ claims on the stand that Matt confronted her about bruises on her neck – her defense attys would subpoena them. This is a Death Penalty case. You don’t GET to just say ‘NO THANKS’.

    What did you think about Ms LaViolette’s testimony when she was under cross examination and Juan Martinez asked LaViolette specifically about what Matt McCartney had to say about Travis abusing Jodi in an interview with the defense? Ms LaViolette said and this is more or less a direct quote:

    ‘Yes, Matt said that he knew that there was verbal abuse and suspected physical abuse but he had not ever seen any evidence of it’.

    If MATT himself said this in an interview then guess what? That means that Jodi continued to lie on the stand. She said in re: to lying, ‘I would never lie.’ and implied the only lying she had done was from before when she was shamed or scared. Given the fact that LaViolette clearly had no idea what she was saying affected anything else, and you believe that Ms LaViolette was an honest person and knows her stuff, how does this comment jive with Arias’ testimony? And if she continued to lie to us on the stand, please, explain to me why you think she is not making up everything…considering she has a huge motive in secondary gain???”

    Le Me:
    1) As for another doctor: A) Look at Alyce’s career now… What doctor would want to refute the doctor called by the prosecution in a witch hunt, oops, I meant high profile death penalty case? B) A doctor cannot prove self defense based on the autopsy, only give his opinion on the POSSIBILITY of such; therefore, the point would have been moot. Other doctors have stated that it is POSSIBLE, but they can’t prove that. For example, the cuts on his hands could have been from him trying to grab at her while she was protecting herself with a knife. Trauma causes weird things. People have been known to keep pulling the trigger on an empty gun while pointing at a clearly dead attacker simply as a result of being in shock. This could have easily happened with the knife & would explain the overkill: she was terrified that he wasn’t dead & was going to get back up.

    2) As for Mr. McCartney, anything he testified to could have, & probably would have, been chalked up to hearsay [as] he had no proof, & this happened on only one occasion. So again, the point would have been moot.

    Are you satisfied troll? A sixth grader could make these points to you. I have a difficult time believing you can’t make them to yourself. I call either denial, blind hatred for a woman you don’t know, or plain old trolling, because you clearly aren’t that stupid.

    • Guys, I know I’m new & no one talks to me on here, but I still stand my ground: this was one of two things in my opinion, either self defense, which is highly plausible (I’ll make my own post about this soon, if anyone cares), or a religious killing committed by the Mormon Church, which would personally classify as a cult .

      • LL I am with you…I am new and I stand my ground from the standpoint of at least being able to say what I want to say and not being banned

        • LL I’m sorta new too, don’t take not getting a reply seriously. I believe Jodi was defending herself and I also believe others are involved.

          • I absolutely agree that their was. The punishment for adultery in their church is death, “slit from ear to ear”. It apparently “cleanses their poor souls so they can still go to Heaven”, which makes it permissible in their eyes. No way she drug his body, she’s my size… I could never do it. Rage, adrenaline, doesn’t matter. Take a lesson from Monty Python & the Holy Grail: “It’s not a matter of where he grips it, it’s a simple matter of weight ratios [a 115 lb. female cannot carry or drag a 180 lb. male without extreme difficulty & evidence of dragging]”.

        • I agree with that. Some of my posts weren’t approved. Probably because I called out the Alexander’s. I don’t blame the Mods though, they have to play nice, & I suppose me calling them out isn’t exactly nice, but fact is fact… Just sayin’.

      • I am more inclined to think ‘disguised as religious killing’ myself, LL.

        I could believe self defense, because I do believe Jodi was abused.

        I just think someone else was there because she couldn’t have gotten him into the shower by herself without scarring him up more than he was…. would have been scrapes all over his back, buttocks and legs if she’d dragged him into that shower.

        • Right?! “She poured water on the floor to drag him & used towels to clean it up”… But she didn’t notice the big fat handprint in blood on a white wall? You have to be f’n kidding me…

    • LL

      One thing I have learnt, it’s best to ask one question at a time.

      All of your questions are good ones, they all have good answers (some of which may involve speculation), but it’s not possible to treat them properly here.

      For example: “then why is it the defense has not called their own medical expert”

      There are probably at least 3 or 4 answers, at different levels:
      (1) The defense had no money whatsoever, so have to ask the state for funds. That involves making choices, the state probably won’t allow unlimited resources.
      (2) The prosecution changed it’s theory – that means the defense could not provide a complete defense, which is grounds for appeal.
      (3) Jodi wants to publicise domestic violence, so placed that at the centre of her defense case, rather than arguing the crime scene in detail.
      I think this is still only skimming the surface, in terms of overall trial strategy.
      The first phase of Jodi’s strategy is to remove the death penalty. That then opens the way to a fair jury.
      That’s not to say they were not also aiming for other goals, but that had to be the primary goal at this stage. All very much IMO, we can only guess at much of why decisions are made, we don’t have direct evidence.

        • LL, I admit your long post was hard to read…be assured we are reading, but perhaps if I don’t have anything to add, then I don’t reply.

          If you visit gebee’s page you will maybe get caught up on all the things we have talked about here. Plus, if you are interested in other theories there are links above to things like the flores report.

          welcome LL!!

          • Thanks Bee Cede!! It is nice to meet you. I’m sorry I didn’t format my post better. I will be sure to do that next time. 🙂

      • geebee2

        I have no idea about Point 3 in your post, but I think the other 2 bear addressing.

        1. It is now well established in US Law that a defendant has a right not just to legal representation, but to adequate legal representation, and that the state must provide for one. So this is not an issue of money. Look, in all fairness to Maricopa County they did spend close to $2M on Jodi’s defense, with probably more to come through the rest of the penalty phase and any appeals and Rule 32 proceedings that may follow. We’ve sort of thrashed this horse way past dead. Whatever the reason behind the defense not calling their own medical and forensic experts may be, it was not money. Even at this stage, if they had gone to the court and said they needed money to get experts, there is no way the judge would have turned them down. If she had that would probably have been immediate reversible error, given that the state had presented substantial expert testimony in those regards. After all they did get to call the photo expert and Geffner, and the funds for that definitely came from the state. So this was not money.

        2. The prosecution did change their theory about the sequence of the gun shot. However, the state did file a motion, prior to the trial notifying the court and the defense that they had changed their theory with respect to the gun shot. When they did that Nurmi et al had a bunch of options; they could have asked the judge for a continuance in order to deal with this issue, they could have asked the judge to disallow the state from changing its theory. I’m sure Nurmi would have made some motion on this issue, if for nothing else than to maintain the record. So it may become an appellate issue, but we’ll see.

        As I said earlier, point 3 is not something I can comment about, but I must point out that for several years after her arrest she was sticking to the intruder story, and as per Samuels’ testimony it took him and Nurmi to convince her to back off the story. So may be now she wants to showcase the DV issues, but I wouldn’t know, nor do I suspect would you.

        The decisions on how to proceed with the presentation of a case are normally made by the trial attorneys. The client can overrule them at any time, but I suspect the decision to not produce expert testimony was not made by Jodi. The testimony of forensic experts could not have detracted from the defense regardless of whether their theory for self defense, or sudden heat of quarrel or whatever. Given the absence of this testimony they are left with JM being able to argue whatever he wants from the evidence presented by his experts, with un-aided refutation by the defense.

        So unless someone on the defense writes a book someday, or the issues come out in some appellant brief, I doubt we’ll ever know why they did what they did. I suspect that the common wisdom that says all they were trying to do was save her from a DP may be more on the mark than any other theories.

      • Sort of an after thought.

        Of course the whole defense case may have been a dollar short and a day late – especially given that at least one juror (albeit an alternate) stated that she had made up her mind after the state’s opening argument!

        Also some of the reasons given by one of the other jurors (I think it was the lady with the short, sort of spiky hair do) were so off target on why you find someone guilty of M1 that who knows why they did what they did.

        As a sort of aside – I’ve often wondered what part of the sequence of events led them to the premeditated verdict. Was it the whole hair color, gas can, etc thing or was it some theory based on a real short premeditation during the fight. Would be interesting to find out.

        The thing that always gets me is that JM argued the felony murder as an “in the alternative” charge, i.e. if you don’t find premeditated then you find felony because if the gun didn’t come from grandpa but was TA’s, etc ……. And yet 7 people found both.

    • Le Me:” Please, see my other reply. You claim your arguments are so strong, but really, they aren’t. As for APD…no doctor in their right mind would diagnose her with APD, she doesn’t meet the criteria, especially considering that she had no prior criminal history, which Juan Martinez was stupid enough to keep claiming wasn’t a mitigating factor because she committed murder & then lied about it. Um, no. PRIOR criminal history, moron, meaning that up until NOW she had never committed a crime, not even so much as a traffic ticket. I don’t think anyone realizes how crappy of an attorney he really is… If this hadn’t been a witch hunt from the jump…he would have lost & walked away with his tail tucked between his legs, dusty mouth, & severely damaged pride instead of posing for pictures, which is extremely unprofessional. As for BPD, she meets the criteria; However, narcissism is not one of those criteria & it typically is not displayed with BPD, but rather Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Histrionic Personality Disorder. Trust me, I was gonna be a psychology major before I changed career paths & I had to diagnose hypothetical patients. Check the DSM-IV-TR or the DSM-V when it comes out. It’s online. Want a link? I checked “Dr.” Drew on this fact… The next thing you know, he doesn’t think she has APD anymore, but BPD, & then Miss Fancy Pants Psychologist comes out with the same diagnosis I did. Check my comments on the Dr. Drew website. LOL I diagnosed her correctly before HLN had any idea because they are all fakes & actors, not real professionals, otherwise, they would be working in their fields, not sitting on a talk show. How does that saying go? “If you can’t practice it, teach it”, or be on talk shows. Someone’s OPINION on a documentary is not sufficient & I’ve seen “documentaries” claiming that mermaids exist based of the finding of different body parts from different species that they CLAIMED all belonged to one unknown species… Twisting the facts is easy if you have a silver tongue & use fallacious arguments. should definitely check your facts before posting the argument that you seem to think is both valid & sound. Valid, perhaps, but not sound. Moreover, her “innocent” statement may have just been part of the act. She may also have felt that she WAS innocent, considering the fact that she & her attorneys were presenting a self-defense case, which, if they had won, would have established just that: her innocence. As for what she told the jury about that statement, it could very well be true. Try proving otherwise. The simple fact of the matter is that you & many others are so closed minded that you refuse to even CONSIDER the possibility that there are alternative explanations & think that just because she lied once everything that came out if her mouth afterward was a lie. Who wouldn’t lie in that situation? I mean really… If you had just killed someone & you know that you did, would you tell them, “Yeah, I did it”, if you thought you had a chance of getting off? You may believe you wouldn’t, but you can’t know that without being in those shoes. Did you ever stop to consider that maybe she lied because she was afraid of what would happen to her if she did tell the truth, & especially how bad it could go if no one believed it? You have to consider other explanations & possibilities, not simply those that you initially agree with. In my opinion, this was a kangaroo court with a shady judge, & there was definitely enough reasonable doubt for an acquittal & most definitely enough to decide to give her Second Degree Murder or Manslaughter instead. If this was your daughter, I bet you would consider other possibilities & I guarantee your opinion would differ.”

  37. I think paranoia is more contagious than the common cold. I’m not sure what’s went on either but it certainly spread fast. Let’s let cooler heads reign. I don’t surf the other sites but if they expose me who gives a rat’s ass? If there is an anti-Jodi swat team on the hunt then I’m the one with the Survivor shirt on giving you the finger just so you know.

    • I’m certain I missed something, but I don’t have internet access so I can’t use the laptop, just the ol’ Droid. Fill me in? What I snatched up was from the Pitchforks Blog commentary…

    • Well, now, it could just be that folks are busy on a Friday night and that only a few of us have seen what’s transpired in the last hour or so.

      Or it could be that folks are chatting away in a password protected room, leaving us out here to wave our asses in the breeze.

      But it’s a cool breeze, ain’t it Gwen?

      • Eh, I hate searching for news on YouTube…so much hate to sift through. No internet & no cable has left me without much news, but at least I don’t have ignorant C-Words victim blaming in my face, eh?

            • LL – scroll up.

              look for the post from Renee – gravitar is a woman with a tear on her cheek – she writes a signing off post

              Then read the exchange that happens for many many inches above it.

      • It certainly is a cool breeze, Journee. Maybe by tomorrow things will be back to normal. I have never worked up the gumption to outright look at the autopsy photos but you have convinced me with your posts that the only way she could get 200 + lbs of dead weight into that shower stall without causing much damage would be to levitate with her mind….some sort of telekinesis. The defense should have called you!!

        • Nah…. I didn’t realize it myself til a couple of weeks ago.

          It was such a DUH moment I don’t know why none of us caught it before!

          • It is beyond ridiculous that she drug 200 pounds across the floor and positioned him into the stall.

            I did look at the autopsy photos Gwen, and they are disturbing bc he was so far along in decomposition. You have to understand the effects of decomp to not overreact to the pictures.

            • Dragging him down the hall would have been difficult but not impossible.

              Dragging him into the stall, and positioning him as he was, without scraping up his backside on the metal rim – and probably his left shoulder/arm on the door frame – that would have been impossible.

              He was not dragged into that shower stall. Could not have been.

      • Journee
        I wanted to convey some info to you w/o being screen shot, hunted down, personal info given out , have my dna tested, have my dog’s dna tested, have people know what I had for lunch, etc…..
        I’m here at home tonite, my husband is watching sports, I’ve been reading and wondering what is going on…. We live in a rural area so not much going on out here in the sticks.

    • That’s what I’m trying to figure out, Gwen. If paranoia is catching, or if actual threats have been made against posters on this site. Hail Mary did sound genuinely frightened. Whoever did that to her is a heartless bully.

      • If someone threatens me on this site…I will take it seriously, I will call the cops, they will trace the IP…& I will press charges. They can see what a kangaroo court is really like for themselves!!

      • She did not seem to be saying that actual threats were made.

        Just that she’d had a bad encounter on another site AND there was a suspicious death of an elderly woman very near to her home and she seems to be concerned that there might be a connection.

        But she also says she is ok and she emphatically does NOT want help…. so, I don’t know?

        • Oh, on another site! I thought perhaps someone had discovered her personal information and contacted her directly.

          Still, these are bullies. They knew the effect they wanted to have on her and they got it. For what? Entertainment?

          • They may have contacted her, Pique, but she didn’t say that.

            She posted a link to an LATimes article about lawsuits. I think that between that, and the private info she saw being revealed ‘over there’, and the suspicious death of the woman near her home – it just all rolled together and made her realize how vulnerable we all might be.

            Because every day, here, we talk freely about people whom we believe to be seriously dangerous.

            Which, basically, is what Renee was saying too, when she signed off.

            • Thanks Journee. That sounds about right–that it was a combination of things, all coming together, that caused her feel so afraid and unsafe. But Renee feels unsafe as well. What I’m wondering is: how dangerous are these people who seem to have nothing better to do than harass a very small group of people, when THEY have the majority on their side?

              • Well, *somebody* is dangerous, because a few people surrounding this mess are dead. And we may not even know how many.

                Or how involved they might be with the people we think of as idiot trolls.

              • Hail Mary hasn’t been around for a while. She was here EVERY day, practically, during the trial. I feel sad that she feels unsafe. She has asked very kindly that NO ONE contact social services regarding this and I think anyone who feels it is their “duty” should back down and respect Hail’s wishes. She is very sensitive and her wishes should be respected. I hope I am not stepping on any particular toes. That is NOT my intention at all, just a personal opinion.

                • I know, Dorothy, and I have been wondering about her.

                  BeeCee said, up there, that Hail Mary had gone to stay with her sister for awhile? Even questioned that this poster might be a troll – if so it was a good imitation because the posts looked just like hers.

                  I think she fears that any ‘help’ will make her more of a target, and I agree with you that if she doesn’t want it her wishes should be respected.

                  But Renee also said she is a mandatory reporter, so…. ?? I don’t know. I just want everyone to be ok.

      • Maybe actual threats have been made, I don’t know, but some people are more susceptible than others. I gather some threats are to expose the true identity of pro-Jodi posters but I am not hiding my support so as long as they can’t get a credit card in my name or take money out of my bank, who cares? lol And it appears as if some scary things have happened, coincidentally, around some of the posters and it’s being tied into the whole picture. I think it’s a shame that these haters have so much time on their hands that they use it to prey on the vulnerability of others! They need to get a job!!

        • as I have said before the courthouse leaches and the Taliban either are on government checks or have a scam going

        • I find it funny that these people are continuing to spread hate…Jodi’s been sentenced, the witch hunt everyone in this lousy economy watching drones kill innocent people were thirsty for. But that is an unquenchabke this rt, they want more, so now it’s us, peaceful people who don’t shove our beliefs in anyone’s faces, talk amongst ourselves in a respectful & dignified way, & simply support a truly amazing person who might end up dead because we have a f’d court system & even the nicest, most wonderful, people can be driven to terrible things by people who IN MY OPINION (disclaimer, ha ha!) are not terrible themselves, but have a sickness of the soul that causes them to do terrible things, a contagious one that both Jodi & Travis at some point became infected with. The simple fact of the matter is, that no matter what side you take, even if you don’t take one & chose to sit in the middle, this is still a very sad SITUATION (treated like reality t.v.) about two very sick people. Neither of them are TRULY to blame. The blame should be placed where it belongs: all of us, not any individual or group of individuals, but the society & environment they were born into. WE have to change that. The saddest part is that while people here try to do this, those on the other side blame, hate, & ridicule. If both sides could somehow see the UNBIASED truth of things, which I suspect most of you already have, their cannot be the kind of awareness that a tragedy like this should bring about. There is no true justice, there are no lessons learned, there is no advice to give that is not stereotypical & won’t only lead to more fear & hatred. Kill them with kindness or ignore them, I ask everyone to join me in that mission. When Westboro Baptist Church came to a nearby town struck badly by a tornado to preach that this happened to innocent people & babies because of gays & lesbians, drug addicts, etc. (more victim blaming), they were created by biker gangs (no names). People build walls wearnjng angels wings, they sing, anything to drown them out & block them from the view of our soldiers & grieving loved ones families. That is what we must do here. Namastè!!

    • As long as I don’t get sued for saying I wished that lightening had struck somebody down in the courtroom, I think I’m okay. I’m too chicken to go to their sites so I am clueless as to their hateful ways.

      • Oh, I have done worse than that I know.

        But if I get sued it will be with a whole bunch of people who’ve thought the same thoughts and said the same things.

        So I will be in good company.

        • Sued for what? Your opinion is protected by the constitution, slander is only slander if it isn’t true, & I haven’t seen you threaten anybody. As long as you don’t live in AZ you’re probably good…

          • Sorry, that unintentionally came off as kind of snotty, bit I promise it was directed at the idiots who think they actually have something tonsure you for, which is ridiculous, not you. 🙂

          • There is some excellent information out there about what’s going on. Google queries like slander libel / comments posted on websites and you will better understand things.

            • Could you provide me with a Link? I’m aware that I can search for myself, but if you have somethingon hand so I’m not sifting through all of the misinformation… I’m not sure if this is something to even take seriously, if people are just throwing around threats, or if people are actually being serious? My advice is Private Forums. It sound harsh, but maybe one main forum that is moderated for anyone. Any other forums where discussion is held requires a free account with a valid email address. It won’t stop it, but it will help. This will also, I believe, make all if this private for “users”. You don’t subscribe, you don’t view it. If it’s not public……………

              • I don’t want to put it up in here but i can send it to you. Give me a day though. I agree private forums are excellent for this. If you find one, let me know.

                • What IS this site? Should we all report it somehow, can you, how is it allowed for people to be so evil?

                • Please do so!! I will do some research & see if I can find a forum. Is it possible to add private forums to this site for “users” only? Palringo is also a great option!!

                • Oh, & please, information on sending books, journals & art supplies as gifts. 🙂 I would be so appreciative. The Sherrif’s Department wouldn’t return my email. Figures.

            • JC-
              Could you please be more specific. I am interested to hear the perspective of the Admins here about the issues being discussed here and posters being threatened.

              I am quite confused as to how discussing a public trial and the testimony given in the trial, can be considered slanderous. Every news network on television has done just that, and made millions in the process. There are many blogs, FB pages, and forums that discuss conspiracy theories in regard to this case. Discussing and debating conspiracy theories is certainly nothing new, and has been going on since the beginning of time. The theories here are just an extention of what has been testified to in Court. It seems to me it is nothing more than a discussion of what each individual believes to be the most plausible explanation of what they believed happened. People on both sides of this case have done just that. Therefore, I find it difficult to understand what libel suits have to do with posters discussing the above mentioned topics.

              • I would like to know more of what is going on also, the not knowing is scary, I wont be scared away, I promise but I want to know what I am up against and what this site is? I write on the Occupy HLN site and try to just be as nice as I can to the mean people and I had a couple write me weird msgs but that site is not very bad, I dont go to any other site that is all just about Travis and money money money. My dad once told me that you can get a lot more with sugar than you can with vinegar and sometimes it works but It would be nice to know what all Hail Mary is talking about? please, someone?

              • I’m not talking as admin as we all have different opinions on free speech etc. I think what’s going on is more along the lines of cyber-harassment/cyber-bullying of certain posters. Libel is saying something untrue when writing. The statement also has to cause harm to another. For example, saying someone has a contagious disease or saying someone committed a crime when innocent COULD be considered libel. If the person being discussed is in the media it’s even harder to prove. It has to be proven that the intent of the writer was maliciously trying to hurt said person. When private citizens are talked about online the standard is lower for libel than that of a ‘celebrity’. The laws vary from state to state on what constitutes libel/cyber stalking/harassment.

                Each statement is looked at individually for truthfulness and whether it caused harm ie damages to another. One has to be told to stop before any legal action can take place and a website authored by a group doesn’t suffice as legal notification. Also, threatening to sue without actually intending to is also questionable under libel. If you search blogging, websites, slander, cyber bullying you will find some helpful information. There are three prongs in order for speech to be free.

          • I’ll put it this way.

            I haven’t said anything worse about anyone than what was said about Jodi after Jun 9, 2008.

            But look where that talk put Jodi.

      • You CANNOT be sued for that statement. I’m no lawyer but I know that for sure as I’ve been reading. LOL! Do you know how many people during this trial on both sides something funny like that? A statement made in jest matters and context and tone would be considered.

        That statement is not even in the ballpark of a libelous statement and it certainty doesn’t constitute a threat. No way. LOL

          • I was talking about a statement that was a joke. Not sure what you are referring. 🙂 My post came up in an odd place making what I mean ambiguous. I was referring to a joke about lightening.

  38. Thank you Gwen. I am here to support Jodi and all y’all. We must stick together. I am so sorry and upset to hear about people being threatened. We may need another news source to raise awareness of what is happening. Prayers for everyone here.

    • I agree with you..pull up your boot straps Team Jodi and stand your ground…just because shit is thrown..does not mean we have to eat it

        • Agreed! The best (not with these particular trolls) is pointing out all of their fallacies: “That’s an Ad Hominem argument…”

          “Your FACE is an Ad Hominem argument!!”

          Touche you f’n troll, touche… (sarcasm)

          Ignorance is bliss folks & their having a great time. “I’d rather be a human dissatisfied than a pig satisfie; better Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied.” ~Jeremy Bentham

          • JM obvious never took a logic or philosophy course: “…because you have a relationship with the defendant…”

            Samuels should have said: “I beg your pardon sir, but that’s an Ad Hominem argument. Chihuahua syndrome is what JM has.

  39. Ok, I think I read the wrong blog. I had to search for Gus Searcy & got a Sticks & Stones blog… I’m assumingthis was the wrong one since it is old & I am clearly unaware of what is being discussed…? O_o

    • LL.. there is a site that makes fun of our posts, poses as people here, have traced people on facebook and have given out emails and personal information. Some are just silly game players and some are overly sensitive to what we believe and who we believe are culpable in some way in this case. Some have been threatened with a law suit. Their over reaction is supect to me.

      • Right, because there is no free speech & we’re not just as entitles to our opinions? Hogwash. I’ve never been to these sites & I refuse, I’d burst a blood vessel.

      • I usually don’t even give that site the time of day, but someone messaged me and told me that they had mentioned me or something. Curiosity got the better of me, so I went and looked. They had quoted one of my old posts, and I have to say, I was laughing right along with them. I must have been half asleep when I first posted that, because the phrasing was all wrong. I’m still laughing about it, actually.

        • Actually, i think that part is funny at times too. They posted me too and I didn’t like they way I had written what they posted either either. So, I rolled my eyes at myself and laughed.

          • I think we all have moments where we phrase stuff wrong. I know I do. I am a blonde after all. 😛 I’m actually quite intelligent, but I do have my ditzy moments at times. I’m not afraid to admit it. I always laugh at myself afterwards.

            • More Ad Hominem. These people don’t have a leg to stand on & they’re vile. Of course they have nothing better to do than insult our grammar…I mean, we’re all writing essays here, not chatting on a forum where grammar doesn’t matter…

  40. Well peeps, I have a job to go to tomorrow so I shall check in and hope that all our valuable Team Jodi members are here and raring to go. Besides her family and friends, we are probably the most visible support she has on the outside and I would rather that be growing than shrinking. Whatcha gonna do…hater’s gonna hate so let’s be strong for Jodi, granted, a woman we’ve never met but that we all believe is a good person that was crapped upon by our justice system.

    • They are like ZOMBIES, aren’t they? They are relentless and there are DROVES of them. One would think they would be happy wading in their own crap but they must be running out of the comfy feeling they get from praising one another for being so hateful. Now they need a bit of entertainment by harassing us. I say BRING IT ON BITCHE5. I am not intimidated by a bunch of brainless losers.

  41. My full name is up here. I just Googled myself & the site photo came up. Come & get me. I love Jodi, and the brave advocates here on here on her behalf. Night night everyone.

    • Hi, I am here, I promise I wont let them scare me away, I was worried at first but I am ok now, I hope that Hail Mary and Renee are ok and sleep peacefully tonight

  42. Hi everyone!

    Ok, I’ve gotten several emails again so it’s time for another public service announcement.

    I just want to say, that if you ever feel overwhelmed by the haters bullshit, and need to step away for a while; I will not hold it against you! Feel free to come back, as I will welcome you back with open arms.

    It’s not easy being part of Team Jodi. We are the small group severely outnumbered by 40k assholes of blind hate and anger, some of them truly sick sadists; and that would be enough to make anyone want to hunker down every now and then. We have not seen such a public display of sickening barbarity since the middle ages; no doubt these are corrupt times we are living in. This was never a fair fight, but we are doing the right thing by standing our ground.

    And make no mistake – we are here for the long haul!

    I am going to continue working to advocate for Jodi and the Arias family. I do what I do here at the site for free because I support and believe in them. I also believe in the rights of abuse victims to stand up and speak out regardless of the silencing tactics of abusers, bullies, and emotional terrorists.

    I think the best thing to do is carry on, do our own thing and not worry about the rest. The control freaks will ALWAYS throw tantrums when things don’t go their way. We shouldn’t be distracted by things we can’t change and neither should we walk on eggshells for it. I give them about as much credibility as toddlers who hold their breath to get their way, and you should consider the same.

    There’s a lot of stuff that still needs to be done. I’m still working on my dorky little youtube project which I hope will blossom into something useful. There’s letters to write, petitions to make, and probably a bunch of other stuff we haven’t even thought of yet. We still need an FAQ or information sheet for newbies. And if you think of something useful that we haven’t, please let us know!

    If you’ve ever wanted this site to become a more positive place, then by all means here’s your chance to DO SOMETHING to make it go in that direction! 🙂

    Thanks for reading!

    • I am willing to do everything in my power to help Jodi. I am a writer, thinker (being careful), & survivor. If there is ANYTING I can do, please let me know.

    • MB,
      we are indeed here for the long haul. Noone´s gonna change that. WE LOVE JODI.
      As I said yesterday though,they’ve crossed the line.They have no idea who we are, they were the first to start all this sick mind games and attacks just because we had the courage to voice our concerns regarding this case and the injustice that was taking place in that courtroom.
      We never asked anyone to agree with us.
      We never tried to ‘recruit’ people by brainwashing them. Instead,we chose to fight this through ONE site, believing that we would be left alone. I guess we were wrong.
      I went there last night,spent almost 3 hours reading and going through their site. I was disgusted. They have all sort of plans to uncover our identities,FB profiles etc.Especially the old posters’ .People who have been here all along are the most targeted.
      They use my name, they call me ”vile and disgusting” and they humiliate me basically because of my bad english. I wasn’t hurt, I was amused actually because I don’t think they even know I’m greek. Someone said I’m german ,LOL! I have a big FUCK YOU to say to them.When posting here during trial it was always past midnight for me( I still post after hours in fact) . I guess they would sound cleverer and would be more eloquent if they posted exhausted after work,writing and trying to convey meanings in a foreigh language!!!
      How many languages do you speak losers? I speak 5 !! And I am proud to say that even if my english seems flawed to you,I don’t give a shit.Because at least it is enough for me to watch this trial closely and form an opinion of my own!! Unlike you,who probably watch too much HLN!
      I am also accused there for ”sitting on the fence” ,not knowing anything about this case be it the defense’s or the prosecution’s theory. Or that I don’t take sides when it comes to the intruders or SD theories.ROFLMAO! I am here PRECISELY because I know too much about this case! I’ve shared my opinions with my friends here,I don’t need to prove anything to anybody else out there.

      They can save their venom. If they spent half the time they do reading here,researching this case they might feel different. Even if they didn’t I,know I would never bother to think or talk about them. We want to be left alone.Period.
      I don’t know,I ‘m kinda fed up right now.I may post on the Task Force page for a couple of days (they are foaming at the mouth about it).

      • Maria, they can make fun of us as much as they want. Personally, they don’t know me and I don’t care to know them so their opinions cannot effect me.
        As for you, WE all know what a wonderful human being you, you don’t owe them any explaination about your english (which is perfectly fine to me) or anything else. And if they want anything:
        MOLON LAVE! (Ya! crapass haters, go do some research as to what that means!).
        ((((((((((EVERYONE IN MY TEAM JODI FAMILY)))))))))))

      • Maria, you are awesome! I am so glad to have met you on this site.

        5 languages! I am impressed. Learning languages has never been easy for me…must be some kind of past life mental block or something, LOLOLOL

      • ((((((((((((maria)))))))))))))

        If you are attacked it’s only because you are one of the best and brightest posters here! <3

  43. Hello Team Jodi family.
    I spent the last hour reading (and commenting) on this thread.
    I sadly read about the personal attacks to some of our Team Jodi family members. These attacks and threats must have been really bad to make our friends feel that they needed to step away (either for a while or for good).
    Sometimes, I feel that I am lucky not knowing those hate sites (I never visited them) because I think I have mentally protected myself.
    As MB stated, the haters cannot scare us away. We are here for the long haul.
    I am from the city of Sparti. I am sure that most of you have seen the movie ‘300’. Leonidas is the Spartian that stood up for his city. Do you guys remember Leonidas and his 300 soldiers fighting against thousands of enemies?
    This site reminds me of Leonidas and his 300 soldiers. They fought against thousands as we are now. Leonidas did not surrender to no one. He did not kneel in front of his enemies. He did not feel fear in front of his enemies.
    We too must not surrender to the haters threats and we must fight together for Jodi. She is left alone with the lions, we must not allow them to harm her.

    Have a great day and a relaxing weekend my friends.

    • I hear you Pandora! I have no reason to visit them either because I have never felt any other way about this case. However I think the people that did visit there were trying to tell the other side of the story and for that I commend them! Let these sad excuses for a human being, if that is what these people are, come at me…I will logically take them down one by one. They are lions, well I’m a dinosaur…fuck with me! (Sorry for the language!)

      • Jesse, I just want to quote some lyrics from one of my favorite music artist: ICE-T. These lyrics are from his song FREEDOM OF SPEECH. This is what I am telling all the haters.
        (Note: I am putting the quotation marks on cause I wouldn’t like ICE-T to be hunting me down slapping some law suit on me! LOL).

        “Your opinion is yours, my opinion is mine
        If you don’t like what I’m sayin’? Fine
        But don’t close it, always keep an open mind
        A man who fails to listen is blind
        We only got one right left in the world today
        Let me have it (FREEDOM OF SPEECH) or throw The Constitution away”


        “Can’t you see, you alcoholic idiots
        The more you try to suppress us, the larger we get”

        (((((((((((((((TEAM JODI))))))))))))))))))

        • Ice T? Who woulda thunk? Awesome! Public Enemy, Rage, NWA, Tool, Tupac, all speaking truth to power. I urge anyone that has never heard these people’s music to listen, learn, and love it! If you can’t love it I will understand, but at least respect it! Aesop Rock is another really good one. Thank you Pandora!

    • Sweetie,do you think they even KNOW who Leonidas was???Don’t bother.
      We’d better stay focused on Jodi and Jodi only. We will never give up on her and they had better get used to that!

  44. Hey peeps!

    I’m not too sure what happened there with Pitchforks. Maybe she forgot to take her meds or something… but the fact is, if you upload an audio to your site and encourage people to link to it and embed it, then you can hardly start bitchin’ when it gets linked to or embedded.

    I mentioned Pitchforks in the post title, and I linked to the site, audio & BlogTalkRadio page in that post — and I added the intro based on Pitchforks’ intro — so like I say I have no idea why she went off on one.

    Since losing the plot, she’s also thrown all her toys out of her pram and deleted the audio – so I re-uploaded it as an MP3 based on fair usage rights pertaining to the topic under discussion, and with more than sufficient credit & links back to the author. I’m not trying to pass it off as my own work, nor did I previously. Plagiarism doesn’t even come into it.

    So to Pitchforks I would say this >>> Take a deep breath, calm the fuck down and stop acting like an asshole. Your last 2 very well written blog posts (over the past week at generated 40 comments in total… so you should consider being more grateful for the exposure of your work here in our site.

    OccupyHLN? Sandra @ Inconvenient Truths? Now this? Is there a trend developing? :mrgreen:

    Have an awesome weekend!
    Team Jodi

    • Hey there SJ,
      I do not know why pitchforks was so rude to you and this site. You did nothing wrong. You did not take credit for anything you posted on this thread that wasn’t written by you. As others have already commented, if pitchforks had some kind of problem then she/he should have sent you a personal e-mail.
      Don’t sweat it.
      You too, have a great week-end.

    • Man, this is pretty crazy. All these people that were speaking truth to power are now turning the other way….makes you think. People so scared of this site that they have to resort to posting under other people’s names and whatnot. On to something I think we have been…Innocent!

    • Have a great weekend,SJ!Once again thank you for this site.
      We may have lost a battle but not the war! And we are still here for Jodi.

    • “she’s also thrown all her toys out of her pram and deleted the audio”


      that was pretty funny SJ.

      Hope you have a great weekend!

  45. What in the hell has been going on??? How are the haters getting personal info and scarring people? I have been gone for a couple of days with a medical emergency and I am gobsmacked! I am still here and standing strong, just in case anybody was wondering! I think the best advice is to not go to any of the hater sights so they can not get your IP address. I feel so bad that we have lost some of our loyal family here. How hateful and spiteful are these creeps that they spend their days figuring out ways to bully and traumatize people. I think this is getting ridiculous. In case any haters are reading this. We respect your right to have your opinion so please respect ours. I think that is pretty simple!

    • Jesse,
      Hi. I too was shocked when I got up, made my coffee and started reading.
      It is truely sad to see honest supporters of Jodi have to go away because they are being harassed.
      It is even sadder to see other blog supporters attacking SJ, Team Jodi and this site in total. We are fighting for the same reason. WTF?

        • Because of the time difference, I kinda have taken the initiative to be in the site the ‘graveyard’ hours, making sure that everything is ok.
          Well, with so many haters out there, we need to guard our ‘home’, right?! 😉

          • I’m sure you’re right.

            Just not sure what would happen when no one is looking, or what you would be able to do about it, lol.

            Hopefully in the light of a new day, clearer heads will prevail this morning.

            Last night was sort of frightening.

  46. Good morning, everyone! I want to thank all of you for the words of support and love from yesterday. I did a lot of thinking over the last couple of days and talking with a couple of friends of mine here from the website really helped. Thank you.

    I just want to say that I do not condone anyone posting people’s personal and private information on the Internet without their permission. Whether it’s an anti-Jodi Arias website or this one or a pro-Jodi Arias website, it still is wrong. I personally have not seen that being done here although someone alleged that it has happened. As tempting as it may be, I think we need to rise above this kind of behavior because not only is it illegal, it is just wrong. Also, I know that some pro-Jodi Internet websites like to post pictures of Travis Alexander from the autopsy or crime scene in an attempt to smear and attack Travis. As much as I dislike Travis, I’m not going to condone this kind of behavior from pro-Jodi people. There is a right way and a wrong way to make your case, so to speak, and this is not the way to do it. Showing autopsy photos or crime scene photos to discuss the case and its merits is one thing, but to display Travis’s dead body in an attempt to smear and/or attack him and his family does not help our cause. Again, I have not seen this website participate in this behavior, but I did see a Facebook page dedicated to Jodi Arias do this and as much as I loathe Travis Alexander, I did not like this.

    If we’re going to win this case, we’re going to have to start with the court of public opinion. Right now, the majority of people feel that Jodi Arias is guilty. I think that a lot of this has to do with the media and how they have framed the argument. Travis Alexander might have been a hypocrite, but he was, essentially a good guy who got seduced by this femme fatale named Jodi Arias who corrupted him and brutally butchered him after sex. We’ve seen countless numbers of the Travis Alexander entourage show up on HLN and other media outlets to praise Travis and bash Jodi. And, as much as some of us might not like to hear it, when people hear something over and over again they tend to start to believe it. Especially when you have some ignorant people out there who haven’t paid much attention, if at all, to this trial. They see those crime scene photos of Travis and the initial lies told by Jodi and it is easy to see why some people take up the side of Travis Alexander. But the thing is that there are two sides to every story and if you are fair, objective and open-minded person who is able to analyze this case without bias or discrimination, you begin to see that Travis Alexander was not only a liar, but a fraud.

    There’s a song by John Lennon called “Crippled Inside”. The lyrics go: “You can shine your shoes and wear a suit/You can comb your hair and look quite cute/You can hide your face behind a smile/One thing you can’t hide is when you’re crippled inside”. Basically, he was pointing out the hypocrisy and disingenuousness from people, especially politicians, that try to pass themselves off as good people enriched with moral fiber. These are people who claim to be good Christians or Mormons that love Jesus and God, but then live their lives in a way that goes against the teachings of Christ and/or God. It is one thing to sing the hymns in church. It is another to practice what you preach.

    I really wanted to believe Travis Alexander. I really wanted justice for his family in the beginning. Seeing them in the courtroom when I first started watching this trial really did make my heart ache for them. I remember thinking that I hope that this trial doesn’t take very long because this family has been through enough. But then I kept seeing Travis’s entourage popping up on HLN where they usually said the same things over and over again: Travis was a wonderful man and Jodi Arias is an evil skank that deserves to die. I remember hearing and seeing this while keeping in the back of my mind how Travis said and did things to Jodi that were abusive, cruel and disrespectful. I grew frustrated of the one-sided coverage on HLN and so I started checking out videos on YouTube and looking at different sites on the Internet. Then, I had a lengthy discussion with a domestic abuse survivor who supports Jodi and she really enlightened me on this subject. I asked her, “why didn’t Jodi call the police IMMEDIATELY after she killed Travis?” It seemed to be a logical and reasonable question as well as a logical and reasonable response. Here’s the thing that I learned: when you’re in an abusive situation, logic and reason goes out the window. Unless you’ve been in those shoes, you don’t know what you’re talking about. After talking with this woman for over an hour, I began to understand Jodi’s behavior and why she did what she had to do.

    I also am a huge fan of Jodi’s artwork and I believe that she pours a lot of heart and passion into her art. She also puts so much of herself into it. And I have witnessed Jodi’s kindness and compassion to others. She’s very generous to family and friends who love and support her. I’m not arguing that Jodi needs to get help and I want to see her do that, but when you’ve considered what she’s gone through, you’ll see that it’s not her fault.

    Last Sunday, I received a comment on my blog from a “Jodi” that claims to be Jodi Arias. I haven’t been able to verify yet whether it was really her or not, but here is the comment that “she” left me:

    “Thank you Frank for supporting me. Donovan found this support page and I allowed her to post this comment on my behalf.

    You are seeing the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, Frank. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. One day we will meet and I will thank you personally for what you are trying to do. <3"

    If this really was Jodi, I would like her to know that I am not going anywhere. I will support you for the rest of my life. I think that Jodi is a wonderful, lovely, beautiful and amazing woman. Some people have suggested that I have fallen in love with Jodi. I'm not in love with Jodi Arias. I made a comparison recently with how I would have hypothetically treated her compared to the way someone like Travis Alexander did. I won't deny that I find Jodi to be attractive and, if things were different, and we were closer to each other, I would ask her out. But I find it amusing to hear people from the other side insinuate that I am in love with Jodi when they are not only in love with Travis Alexander, but in lust with him as well. Truth be told, if Jodi and I were ever together, I don't think she would know what to do because she's not used to gentlemen who would show her unconditional love, respect and decency.

    I'm not even a fan of Travis Alexander, but even I find it disgusting and offensive how they are using him and exploiting him. Travis has become like the Bernie character from "Weekend At Bernie's". I can't remember the last time that I've seen a dead person continue to get propped up by the media. Please let the man rest in peace and stop making him out to be a martyr. Jodi is no saint, but at least we acknowledge that. Most Travis supporters make him out to be this pious character that not only walked on water, but water walked on him. Travis tried to pass himself off as this moral man who detested "whores" yet he sure didn't have a problem behaving like one. He sure didn't have a problem trying to treat women as such. He sure didn't have a problem fantasizing and jerking off to a grown woman as he fantasized about her sounding like a 12-year old girl. How would Travis have felt if that was someone talking about his niece or his sister? Or even his daughter? This is not normal. Most men normally don't have fantasies about 12-year old girls. Just that comment alone made me want to have nothing to do with Travis Alexander anymore.

    I didn't plan on making friends with so many people on this website. I was pleasantly surprised to see how positive and supportive of Jodi the overwhelming majority of people here are. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but you're going to have that with any website. Yet overall, most of the people here are very positive and they write uplifting, heartfelt posts about their own personal struggles with domestic violence or try to offer words of love and support to Jodi. Contrast that to the other websites for Travis Alexander where all they can do is attack Jodi and all of us most of the time. I don't want to see us lower ourselves into the gutter the way that those other websites do. I'm not saying that we have to take their crap either and I know we're not going to. But there are ways to fight back against people like this without resorting to violence or threats and by going through our criminal justice system. And I have it on good authority that these websites are being monitored, in case you were wondering.

    I'm happy and proud to be here and I promise you that I'm here for the long haul. And, to tell you the truth, I'm in love with justice, truth and freedom. I know that we have a case here and I'm going to do whatever I can to help Jodi win justice and freedom.

    • We are lucky to have open minded people like you JM. We are all lucky to have found each other in our quest for justice.

    • JM,

      that was a great post. thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really liked the song too, BTW. I am so glad that you were able to also see the kind person that jodi is.

      Maria and I at one point discussed her energy and how we knew that she was the better person. That might sound too woo woo, but hey. One can also see by her writings and actions before she got messed up with TA how sweet she is.

      Just FYI, there have been no gruesome autopsy photos posted here by SJ. (I think individual posters may have provided links to some gross ones, but they are gone) There was a photo of the body bag a couple of times, it was to bring home the point that it could have been Jodi in the body bag, and that quite often it is the abused who ends up dead instead of the abuser. It certainly was nothing like the things the pro travis haters have posted everywhere else (very bad photoshopped pics of Jodi I might add).

      Also, the only personal information posted here have been regarding the trolls impersonating us…and none of us here stalk people or track them down. No one here has condoned any type of stalking or revenge, that I have seen. We just want them to leave us alone and if their information gets posted so that if anyone has a problem they can contact the authorities, then so be it. The haters certainly won’t be having any of us come to their doors or emailing them hateful threatening things.

      • Hi BeeCee.
        Those are good points for sure. The thing is, as soon as you start hating on anything (or anyone), you subsequently give up your power to them. The fact the haters are also hating on us therefore makes us collectively stronger. Long may it continue.

        I also just got my original “Cat’s Eye” drawing in the mail today from Jodi. It is awesome to say the least – just like Jodi herself!

        Team Jodi

      • Thank you for your kind words. I know what you’re saying, but I just think that posting people’s personal and private information is wrong. I just think that if somebody is impersonating you on another website or they threaten you with violence or harm, then you should report them to the website host they are using and to the local authorities. In the meantime, even if no one here stalks people or tracks them down, it is still wrong to post people’s private information such as street addresses, phone numbers, etc. without their consent. I’m sorry, but justifying bad behavior by pointing to other behavior is exactly what they do on the other side and I’m not about to join in.

        Be that as it may, I don’t expect anyone here to take shit from no one, especially those bullies on the anti-Jodi Arias sites. And, I also know that a few of them are still getting in here because they are copying posts from this website and then posting them on theirs to mock and ridicule. I found it amusing the other day when someone gleefully pointed out that their website received more comments than ours. I believe they even made a mention of it sounding like “crickets” here. Did it ever occur to them that some of us have lives and there will be days when we don’t receive as many comments than we do on others? I wish that I had the time to sit on my ass and play on the Internet all day like many of the people on the anti-Jodi Arias sites do.

    • Good morning JM,
      You said,
      ” I personally have not seen that being done here although someone alleged that it has happened.”
      I have seen it happen here ONLY after the troll/imposter repeatly stole supporters name & gravatar and was on a mission to enrage a response before an admin can block them.

      • I did a little searching on my own and I found out that Cavin O’Quin lied about his website being a WordPress site. It is not. It is a website. Oddly enough, their headquarters is based out of Arizona where the IP address originates from.

    • I’m glad you’re back, JM. I know we haven’t interacted personally very often on this site, but I do enjoy your posts.

  47. FYI, I find it interesting how some people say that you can’t say anything bad about the dead. What? Like now we’re supposed to say that Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy after all? I disagree with that. I think that after somebody dies that you should be completely honest about them and for who and what they were. Telling the truth about Travis Alexander’s sins and his bad behavior isn’t disrespectful.

      • I think that if you were to look at Travis Alexander’s life honestly, one could surmise that, yes, he did do some good things in his life. I will not dispute that. However, a hundred good deeds cannot atone for the abusive things that he did towards others. It’s like listening to some women who are in abusive relationships try to make excuses for their boyfriend or husband. “He doesn’t hit me all of the time…”, “He only gets this way when he’s drunk…”, “He hit me and it was wrong, but he told me he was sorry and that he’ll never do it again…”. I’ve heard so many women say these types of things and, now, there are, sadly, a lot of women defending Travis Alexander with similar excuses. “Sure, what he did to Jodi was wrong, BUT…he’s a guy!” How would they feel if their boyfriend or husband treated them or another woman like that?

        Oh, and this one I love: “You wouldn’t be defending Jodi Arias if she was some overweight, black woman.” Yes I would. But I suspect that if Travis Alexander wasn’t a young, white, athletic, handsome man that you wouldn’t be defending him either, especially if HIS last name was Arias.


    clearly the zimmerman defense learned from the persecution of jodi arias by the vast range and level of corrupt forces arrayed against her, the judge, prosecutor, county, the governor, the state of arizona aka the regional mormon theocracy, etc

    the jury being sequestered in the zimmerman trial bodes well for a fair trial

    anyone have a link to a video feed of that trial ?

    don’t have much time at the moment to watch it, but might check it out occasionally

    • I’d like to think the powers that be in Florida just knew better to begin with.

      (although, come to think of it, it’s rather disturbing to realize that even TPTB in FL are smarter than their AZ counterparts)

    • i do recognize that the public bigotry in each state is different, arizona and florida

      arizona: the state is a mormon theocracy, patriarchy, polygamy, antithetical to jodi arias, ie a female, killing a male in self defense, police state, corrupt governmental institutions, etc

      florida: racism, etc
      i suspect the level of police and judicial corruption is less ?

      i’d heard previously that arizona was among the most corrupt states

    • I don’t know how much its a question of what they learnt from the Arias trial versus common practice in different states.

      Arizona seems to not sequester juries very often. In fact I seem to have read somewhere that the last sequestered jury in AZ was decades ago. Florida, on the other hand seems to sequester juries, and for that matter grant changes of venue, relatively more commonly.

      The whole concept of what impact publicity has on the jury pool and the empaneled jury seems to go through a cyclic revision every so often. When American juris prudence first matured we were marked by a fairly sparse population with no national press. However the impact of publicity on a local jury was considered to be fairly marked and so change of venue requests were granted relatively often. The mere act of moving to the next county was considered adequate protection. As radio and telegraph became more prevalent and papers were being published twice a day, the impact on a jury during the trial was considered more likely and so sequestration became a more common theme.

      With the advent of TV, pre-trial publicity, and publicity during the trial became issues, however for years the various courts decided that a change of venue and sequestration provided adequate protection. The reason was that TV markets were still relatively local (within broadcast range) as was the written press. So the change of venue protected against pre-trial publicity and sequestration guarded against issues that may arise during trial. Even in such cases where a change of venue was not granted, the fair jury standard is based on effective voire dire. Basically prior knowledge is no longer considered an issue and a juror’s declaration of being able to decide the case on what’s presented in court is considered sufficient.

      Now of course we are in a different mode altogether, where there is the potential for jury or witness tainting through a variety of media, and the news media, being heavily web oriented is in fact national (or universal) in nature. So even though admonitions such as those delivered by Stephens warns the jury about such possible impacts, the question that arises is when does the actual or perceived impact of the omnipresent nature of today’s media start impacting a jury or the witnesses in a trial. And it doesn’t matter whether the impact is on the defense or the prosecution – either affects the fairness of the trial.

      So I suspect that somewhere in the near future another case is going to make it to the SCOTUS with issues related to trial (or pre-trial) publicity.

      In the meantime various and sundry trial court judges will continue to operate along the lines that are current practices in their own jurisdictions, e.g. AZ will probably not sequester juries unless some appellate decision forces them to do otherwise.

      • Al
        a thoughtful piece, including an historical analysis

        i have no general opinion on jury sequestration at the moment
        i haven’t examined the issue
        some states use it frequently, and from what you said not arizona

        judges stephens instructions to the jury to avoid discussion of a cases in the media, etc was standard
        and if adhered would have no effect on the jury

        probably more important in jodi’s case was. the dominant authoritarian mormon patriarchal culture in the region

        the culture that keeps re-electing sheriff joe arpaio

        the media is not even handed, but almost totally for the prosecution, it’s sensationalist, malicious, self righteous, lazy, dishonest, unprofessional, self serving and out for commercial benefit, etc

        such helped create the culture in maricopa county, from which the jury was drawn

        and if the jury listened to such, it could definitely adversely effect the outcome against jodi
        the media is invariably a “law and order”, establishment media, where criminal trial defendants are guilty a priori
        and that reinforces popular prejudices. akin to “The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it”

        i wonder what the impact was on the jury of them having their electronic communications devices with them in the jury room throughout the trial ?

        • Wes,

          Actually I think something more than the LDS is at work here. While Maricopa county does in fact have a very large LDS population, it is by no way dominant ( it may seem so from this trial, but that’s just because the two parties involved were Mormon. If they were Wiccan, we’de be talking about the Wicca influence on this trial). The largest religous demographic in Maricopa county is actually Roman Catholic (making up about 43% of the population, while the LDS makes up only about 13% of the population)

          I think in cases such as this, where there is widespread pre-trial publicity the judge’s admonition is almost worthless in as far as pre-trial leanings of the jury may be concerned. Regardless of what a potential juror would say during voire dire, they still bring their pre-conceived notions, in a high profile trial, into the court room. Secondly most juries on the average give a certain benefit to the state and this is even more marked in the case of death qualified juries. There has been a bunch of research done on the make up and verdicts of death qualified juries ( e.g. but the sum of all of these studies points to a major tilt towards guilty verdicts from such juries. The problem of course is that over 1/3 of the US population is opposed to the DP and a bunch more are probably not willing to sentence someone to death themselves. This sort of leaves a large pool of disqualified jurors. There is one other issue that has been noted in the jury selection process in capital cases that some feel has a major impact on the verdict from such juries.

          Under normal circumstances, during jury selection there is a very brief description of the charges, normally to be able to eliminate people who may have been exposed to similar events in their personal lives. However there is never any mention of the possible penalties. However, in DP cases there is repeated and deep discussion of the death penalty being sought in that case. Given that it is widely known that seeking the DP is reserved for the “worst of the worst”, experts feel that this process of picking a death qualified jury moves the issue away from the guilt phase verdict to the penalty. (A sort of effect that tends to somewhat negate the presumption of innocence).

          People have studied death penalty sentences from every which angle possible and there just doesn’t seem to be any sort of coherence to how states apply it, or why. Take AZ for example. It has a very high death penalty rate compared to the national average (levied in about 4% of all solved murders compared to the national average of about 2%). However its not like AZ has a very high murder rate, or numbers of murders.

          The media of course has a huge impact prior to trial. I’m not sure whether any amount of voire dire can actually remove preconceived notions of the defendant’s guilt based on pre-trial publicity. And the media, I think tends to take the side that provides the bigger story. So here they were, for the most part anti-Jodi (bigger story with the “femme fatale” killing an ex-lover) whereas in the Zimmerman case they are anti-Zimmerman because of the perceived racial angle.

          The Zimmerman case is actually very interesting legally speaking and I’ve posted about that before and will again.

          • al
            i disagree and maintain my assessment of the mormons as dominant politically in the region

            though the catholics are more numerous, they’re not as politically aggressive as the mormons, which i speculate, is the dominant political force in the region
            it’s a central tenet of mormon doctrine to control the political system
            apropos your wiccan supposition, wiccans are not aggressive politically

            we’ve all written on these matters elsewhere
            the case opened up the lds to highly adverse public reaction, which they continuously strive to keep hidden from public gaze ie patriarchy, polygamy, sexual crimes, secret doctrines, polytheism, etc

            warren jeffs the president of the lds, is the poster boy for being sent off to prison for sexual crimes
            he’s a nasty sexual predator, among other despicable qualities

            TA’s talk and actions as revealed during the trial resonated with a wider national audience to show them what was objectionable about the mormons

            romney in his presidential bid assiduously kept mormonism away from public gaze

            the judge’s admonition was standard jury instruction to avoid a mistrial, independently of its actual impact

            i had a quick look at your link, which is authoritative and well researched

            there’s a massive amount of material on the subject; a field for experts

            i presume from your comments that prosecutors in arizona are more likely to seek the dp ?
            i suppose someone’s compared the death penalty states, with the national party political map ?
            i suspect the death penalty is still in effect in the more reactionary, conservative republican states ?

            the zimmerman case will throw up many interesting comparisons, and i expect further bolster our longstanding contention as to the UNFAIRNESS of jodi’s trial

            unfairness of the process is an important ground for a mistrial

            • Wes,

              About the rate at which the DP is applied, you are sort of correct in that it is more prevalent in conservative states. In terms of the rate at which the DP is applied (i.e. as a percentage of the murder cases that are solved) the top five states are: NV, OK, DE, ID, AZ, AL. I’ve listed 6 since DE has a repeal bill making its way through the legislation, which will then remove it from the list (and its the only relatively liberal state in that list).

              By the way Warren Jeffs is not the president of the LDS. He was the president of the FLDS, a breakaway splinter group mainly organized around a tiny geographic region around Hilldale, UT and Colorado City, AZ. The FLDS has an overall membership of about 6-10 thousand folks and broke away from the main LDS church over a hundred years ago.

              The main LDS (with a membership of around 15 million folks) is led by some other guy.

              There was definitely a LDS nexus in the interactions between TA and Jodi, but to what extent the LDS had a role to play in the actual conduct of this trial is not that clear to me. Yes TA’s friends are Mormon, but that’s just because his interactions were through the church ward system and PPL which tends to make it Mormon leaning and to the extent that they were very vocal during the trial, you can say there was a Mormon slant to a lot of the coverage. But I think the actual trial and its outcome can be traced to a slightly different issue.

              Firstly, given the propensity of death qualified juries to deliver a guilty verdict, a cagey prosecutor will bring capital charges as often as they possibly can. Maricopa county seems to have this down to an art form. At most times Maricopa county has about 130-150 pending capital cases. However they only file between 250-325 homicide cases every year (so almost 50% end up in Capital charges). So even though 85% of their capital sentences are overturned, the county attorney ends up getting a large number of M1 verdicts.

              In as far as influence and pre-trial and trial publicity, this case is rife with that issue. However what impact this has on any appeal is still to be seen. Appeals courts have had a mixed record in as far as this sort of stuff is concerned. The most conservative appeals courts (from the point of view of interpretation of laws, as opposed to political leanings) view this sort of stuff with a “perceived fairness” standard, whereas the more liberal view it from an “actual fairness or demonstrable harm” standard. To the best of my knowledge this trial poses some unique circumstances, so we shall see how the appeals go. I suspect that the real action on appeals will happen at the federal level.

              You are right about the “unfairness in the process” being an appellate issue, however again as I stated above, its really a question of how a particular appeals court views the impact of the “unfairness”.

              • I got carried away and forgot to address anything after

                ” But I think the actual trial and its outcome can be traced to a slightly different issue.

                Firstly, given the propensity of death…..”

                What I meant was that the second and third issues were the strange behavior of the state and defense in this case. The state presented, what I thought was a perfunctory case in its case in chief. The defense just flat out blew it. I think JM took a very cold calculated gamble and won. He knew the defense was arguing self-defense and was going to put Jodi on the stand. He knew he would make some real hay there. I also believe that after interviewing Samuels and ALV he felt he could make them stumble. He also knew he had a death qualified jury. So the stance he took was present the least bit required to get a death qualified jury to vote his way, and then just make a complete pigs’ breakfast of the defense witnesses – which he proceeded to do. The defense on the other hand presented a pretty half-assed case (why I do not know, when they had so much to work with) and JM walked off with the verdict he wanted.

                I have often said this, and will say it again – the real immediate appellate ground here is on an ineffective assistance of counsel basis, which however, in AZ is a long drawn process starting with a Rule 32 hearing, which can only be conducted when there are no other pending appeals and then moving from there.

      • Al,
        Your statment: “So I suspect that somewhere in the near future another case is going to make it to the SCOTUS with issues related to trial (or pre-trial) publicity.”
        I sure hope so.. more sooner than later.

      • The DA, Bill Montgomery, said he is afraid that not sequestering the Arias Jury could result
        a reversal in the case. Now, he seems to have changed his tune. This trial has become
        too political. The case should never have been a DP, and by the way, the DA s office should
        be representing the people of Az., not the Alexander Family.

  49. Good Morning all
    yes what a strange nite it was…. I was thinking about how some people may have a hidden agenda by bashing this site and trying to frighten posters. People who are afraid of the truth and want to keep things hidden. Smacks of Big Brother Mormanism with some $ back up. And the more they try to intimidate people the more I think there must be some pretty big skeletons that some people are so desperately trying to keep in the closet.
    That being said It’s finally a beautiful day here. I’m joining Journee by sitting on my porch with my dachshund Winston. He keeps watch on the corn field across the road. Worked in the veg garden and now feeling much better.
    I hope you all have a great weekend . Keep the faith.

    • Good morning Zoe!

      I was drawn out to the porch by a lovely morning breeze and the sounds of happy little birds everywhere.

      Lucy and I got comfortable in our patch of shade, and a crow came to stand on the sidewalk and scream at us for ten minutes.

      Hope you and Winston fared better!

    • zoe, a beautiful day, sitting on the porch, winston keep watch on the corn field across the road

      RUN !

      that reads like an introduction to a stephen king novel

      • Hahahahahaha

        don’t worry Wes the corn is only a few inches high now. I’m a big SK fan. I even have (brag) a copy of one of his books under Richard Bachman that is out of print now….

        there is also an old old cemetery somewhere on the property too…….

    • Good Morning Zoe and everyone ! Its a beautiful day here too. Tika and I are watching the hummingbirds at the feeder.

      It is my contention that some wish to silence us because we see their complicity in the murder of TA.

      Justice will prevail in the end, and justice that is not meted out by mere men.

  50. lol No, Winston has the same affliction jm does- little man syndrome. He fearlessly chases any creature big or small. Gets him onto trouble sometimes. The only thing He is afraid of is hearing the coyotes if they howl at nite. He must know he would be an appetizer for them!

    • Lucy and I were not afraid of the crow.

      We just found him to be obnoxious.

      Not quite the ambience we’d gone out there to enjoy.

      • Journee
        Lucy is very pretty. If I knew how to upload a pic of Winston I would. I’ll be visiting my daughter in a
        week or so she can do it for me. I am not very computer literate. Once my mom and I were trying to set up a new laptop at her house. We kept calling my daughter @ work for help. She kept screaming something about “wifi” Finally my mom thought if we plugged the laptop into the same outlet that the tv was plugged into it would work because” maybe the fios waves would go into the computer”. Sad to say I thought it might work too… My daughter was laughing so hard she was crying…