Ratings, Lies & Edited Tape [Gus Searcy audio] – June 2013

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This audio re-post (from June 2013) features a recording from BlogTalkRadio, where Gus Searcy talks with Pitchforks about the strategic media-requisitioning by TA’s self-proclaimed social clique, and how one particular trash-media talking head has used distortion and vulgar outbursts in order to misrepresent and discredit him.

He also explains how the apparent intentions of this deceptive coalition’s agenda have somewhat backfired.

Well worth listening to…


I’ll post the next audio in  few days.

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  1. Ya know, Travis’ buddies sure were lightning quick to infiltrate the media and discredit Gus and tell anyone who would listen what a great guy Travis was. But the way I look at it is this: Knowing what I know now about his friends, that they are a bunch of lying and conniving douchebags, what would make me believe he wasn’t? Some would say that’s “guilt by association” and I shouldn’t judge people for who they hang out with. Well, maybe so, but it has served me well over the years. After all, when seemingly ALL of his friends are complete assbags, that is a major factor in determining what type of person he was – at least for me it is. I can understand having one, maybe two friends that are d-bags, but ALL of them? I think there’s a pattern here. When a persons list of friends include Chris Hughes, Dave Hall and the like – yeah, I tend to pass judgement. Travis was a bad guy who hung out with bad guys. For me it’s as simple as that. When I visited Jodi I asked her what Travis was really like. She said that his image was the most important thing to him. Well, apparently his image is the most important thing to his friends too.

    • But Jeff, Jodi liked to hang out with Travis and she does not want to depict him in a bad light, is she guilty because of who she associated with? I think not, she did want a future with him (and his associates by default) so perhaps she saw the better side of him so there must have been some inkling of goodness in him. Sure he was mean to her and he sure needed help with handling affairs of the heart, no arguments there. He also introduced her to those good buddies – Gus and Ryan burns (prospective future love interest) and her friend Leslie Udy so not all were/are nasty. Still all those associated with this have shown their true colours, and they are not pleasant. Not at all, I hope she is strong and resolute in the upcoming trial, and then we can move on to the appeals and that will reach a better outcome for her at last. It just seems to take so damn long!

      • I think it may be true that most of the people we have seen, who called themselves Travis’ friends (but to my mind didn’t behave like friends at all), were probably the least likable folks in that social circle. Opportunistic media whores who had no qualms whatsoever about capitalizing on the notorious death of their so-called friend would also be the go-getters, people who at least appeared to be blazing those short-cut trails to wealth and success. So as obnoxious as some may have appeared to be, they would also be the ones that up-and-comers gravitated to and sought to emulate.

        But Travis was failing miserably at his business. So maybe he didn’t have what they had.

        • Congrats on #1 Jeff in Mesa #2 angela and #3 Journee!! You all have pretty well summed up the whole bunch. With friends like Travis Alexander’s who would need enemies! Should be with Enemies like Travis Alexander’s he doesn’t have friends or a life. 🙄

          • Hughes (blaming Jodi, of course) said his work productivity had drastically fallen off during the last year of his life. We know from ALV he’d tried to borrow three grand from the Hugheses but they turned him down. ALV also tried to name others from whom Travis borrowed or tried to borrow money, but JM shut her down. In one of Travis’ last rants to Jodi, he said something about losing his house. And at around noon of the day Travis died, Brent Hiatt was at Travis’ house to loan him money.

            Granted, a lot of people were in that fix at that time… Jodi and Daryll had lost their own house to foreclosure a year before. But Travis’ woes were a little bit more ‘of his own making’ than some. When Travis’ house more than doubled in value, he’d refinanced and used the difference to pad his bank account – allowing him to create a more affluent, successful image. And it probably also allowed him to get lazy.

            • Thanks very much, Journee. You’re like Jodipedia! Why did Darryl and Jodi lose their house — did his business go bad? (I don’t even know what it was or is.) As to Travis, a man with more shoes in his closet than Imelda Marcos has only himself to blame for money troubles.

              • Sub-prime mortgage bust ring a bell?

                Jodi and Darryl both worked as servers in the restaurant biz – and the restaurant biz doesn’t fare too well in a collapsing economy either.

                • From Darryl’s TV interview, I had the impression that he had his own business and Jodi worked for him in it. I didn’t know he was working as a waiter. Those have to be two of the most intelligent and articulate servers I’ve ever seen!

                • No, he was in a managerial position at the resort where they met, and he was the one that hired her. But then he “stepped down” – in quotes because servers typically make significantly more money than managers in restaurants – and was laterally equal to her, job-wise, when they started dating.

                • Jodi testified that the home loan she had with Darryl was changed-up right before they signed – to include an adjustment – but as it was almost a done deal, they went ahead with it anyway. The later adjustment became the deal-breaker, as with so many people.

            • Seems that a lot of people lost their money… But as Jeff said earlier (and I totally agree): It was all about his image! How would travis ‘the great’ look in the eyes of society if he gave up his house (which he was losing anyways) and moved into a small flat! That wouldn’t work in impressing the gals! 🙄

              • At the risk of sounding like a Travis advocate – he really didn’t have the history, education or, most especially, the upbringing to tell him how to be or who to be in the circles where he found himself. He only had THEIR images upon which to model his own. Of course image was all – “fake it til you make it”.

                • He “found himself” as a salesman for a pyramid scheme, rather than in a real job like Darryl’s and Jodi’s? I agree he had a terrible childhood. But surely a 30-year-old adult must be viewed as responsible for his own misbehavior.

                • Responsible for his behavior and mis-behavior, absolutely. Didn’t mean to imply otherwise.

                  But he didn’t know how to be someone who’d grown up in a ‘good family’, in a clean house with clean clothes and three meals a day He could only pretend to be like those people. Image.

              • I agree with Journee.
                Travis was ‘running away’ from a childhood nightmare and I’m sure that even though all these horrible memories belonged in the past and were no longer part of his daily life, he still felt haunted and chased.
                That’s why complying with the life style of his friends, of his PPL associates, of Mormonism became imperative in his mind. When he realized he wasn’t cut out for the strict pious life on a good Mormon and wehn PPL started giving him the first disappointments, he resorted to facade. Facade he *had to*, absolutely had to maintain.
                He was a fake, in every sense of the word. He was surrounded by people, praising him pretnding to be his friends when in reality none of them had peeked into his heart and soul.

    • I totally agree Jeff. “…his image was the most important thing to him.”: that says it all! Not his morals, not his principles, not his believes (did he actually have any of those?) BUT his image! Pfffff… Shallow!

    • I think this says it all (from Travis’ own blog):

      “Do I work out you ask? Well I’d like to be modest but can you say triathlete, and if you can’t say that well simply say 16 1/2 inch biceps. If I look familiar you are probably an avid reader of GQ or Mens Health.”

    • Jodi is the true hero. I have posted it before. Travis was killed by the Mormons who are very powerful, everyone knows they have an inner army. And they kill when someone in the Church acts wrong. Jodi almost died trying to protect Travis. She was willing to give her life to the man who would beat her. The true hero is the one who is willing to die for their family. And Jodi is proving that. Please come forward with the truth and finally say who were the real killers, the Mormons. Let Arizona protect your family. Put them under FBI protection. You must be free and not die for your family because the truth has always been it was the Mormons who killed travis and you are willing to die to protect your family as you almost died protecting travis. Before it is too late, say the truth and be free. I can be a witness to what I have heard inside the Arizona Mormon church and the threats they make. I am sure there are thousands of ppl who can prove that the Mormon church is very powerful and they have killed ppl, but no one says anything out of fear.

    • interesting how hlns opinion on the lawyers and jurors has changed so much since feb 2013. thanks for sharing this link.

  2. Chris and Sky Hughes announce they’re writing a book that will “Set the record straight” about Travis and Jodi.

    It’s set to come out after the penalty phase is over. Although I don’t care to throw away my hard earned money, it will be interesting to see their revisionist history.

    • Terrific. I’m sure that book will be filed under fiction. Or maybe just utter bullshit. I think we’ve all learned if you want the truth don’t ask Chris or Sky.

    • OMG, a BOOK about Jodi and Travis by the H U G H E S, of ALL people????????????????

      Lord help us ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I hope the title is, “LIES, LIES, and MORE LIES”, and if the public believes ALL the lies in the book, then maybe the HUGHES will sell them a piece of PPL too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      OH, MY!!!

    • 🙄 Another way to make money off of their dead ‘best friend’ GMAFB!!!! SMH!

      I wonder if the alexander siblings are going to get a ‘cut’ of the profits? I don’t think the CASH’s will be willing of sharing! This is going to be interesting!

      • D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G!

        Absolutely disgusting. OMG, don’t these people know when to SHUT THE FUCK UP? Hmmm, let’s see.

        1) They say they wanna ”clear up a lot of the lies that were told about” Travis, about he was , about the relationship…. Oh please!!!! WTF were they doing for 6 months on HLN during trial? And after trial of course. They became talking heads and would parade, sharing their version of events to every media outlet that would give them air time.

        2) ”(…)a section of the teachings and philosophies Travis wanted to share with the world” / ”(…)to help others improve their lives”

        Oh wow…If I didn’t know who Travis was, I would have thought he was this great philosopher/ scientist/ intellectual/ academic/ scholar whose death deprived humanity of a potentially great leader, of a great light of this world. Wake up, people!!!!!!!!!!! Travis was NOTHING of that kind. OK? Yeah, yeah…,We’re sorry that he died, yeah he was too young, yeah he didn’t deserve to die but please BE REAL!

        Travis was a deeply scarred person with a shattered psyche, a deeply imbalanced person owing to his childhood experiences who was hugnry JUST for 2 things: MONEY/POWER and SEX.

        He may have been kind-hearted, caring,funny,generous to his friends and a good PPL employee but that doesn’t make him an exeption, right? On the contrary: it makes him the rule. Countless of good people out there who made it, despite their poor backgound and/or their unfortunate upbringing. SO? Why should Travis be sanctified? What did he do taht is SO SPECIAL he deserves tributes to his name, praises sung and furutr generations to stumble on his name and story?

        Sorry if I sound too cynical (I don’t give a damn, btw) but whoever from the TA clan does NOT see that this is just a pathetic move on behalf of the Hughes to stay relevant, to stay on the spotlight – well, I’m sorry but he/she is deliberately burrying their heads on the sand like an ostrich. Just think of the timing! They knew they were running out of time, they knew the book had to be out the moment there is a verdict because once a penatly verdict is rendered Jodi (and consequesntly) Travis will no longer be relevant; they will be yesterday’s news. And the blood-thirsty public opinion will turn to other crimes, to other gruesome murders….. Just a few loytal ones will remain, the ones here ”for the long haul” 😉 But hey….the Hughes don’t want just the handful of those who will remain. A handful does not make you money/profit, right?

        So, it’s either now or never! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh Boy another wonderful Book Of Lies! I knew they would be the next ones. What a service to the public. . .they want to set the record straight. Such loving , thoughtful people!!! WELL, I’M Raising my hand, way up high!!!! Please Mr. and Mrs. Hughes since you want to add the information into the book that people would like to know about in this whole tragedy. . .
      #1 Why did you take it upon yourselves to erase and delete things off of Travis’s computer at the time of your so called best friends murder?
      #2 Why did you take upon yourselves to take Travis’s journal and emails to go through them?
      #3 If you were truly so close to Travis Alexander, why weren’t you looking for him for 5 days? Especially when he missed his big conference call. Did you already know why he missed the call?
      #4 Why did you both take upon yourselves to verbal attack and abuse Jodi with your lies? In fact being one of the first to point your crooked fingers in her direction.
      #5 Why the lies about the obvious problems you both had with the behavior of Travis Alexander towards Jodi? Did you not say you would never want your own sister to date or be with someone like him?
      #6 Why were you telling 3 different stories about your whereabouts at the time of Travis’s murder?
      #7 Why have you both jumped at every chance to get on the networks and project your lies if not to promote yourselves, why? And, then you turn and accuse Jodi of profiting off of this. . what a joke.
      #8 You both obviously have not missed one beat to profit at every turn off of the back of your dead “best friend”, how do you sleep at night?
      #9 Who died and made you the Kings of Everything. . .oh wait it’s your best friend, Travis Alexander $$?
      He might have not been making you the amount of $$ you wanted before his death but he is doing pretty well supporting you now isn’t he? Wouldn’t he be proud of you both? LOL 🙄
      Maybe you both should wait until after the appeals to write this book and let us all see where you stand. It will be far more interesting to the masses who have seen you both for what and who you truly are. Not everyone in this world is brainwashed by you and your religion. Sorry.

      • You go, Girl!

        I too am waiting for the day these people (and all the people who have behaved so atrociously) face their karma. Unfortunately I think if Jesus Christ himself came down and said that Travis attacked Jodi in that bathroom (and continued to attack her with even greater anger after being shot in the head), these people would all come together to crucify Him all over again.

      • Wow! Right on R.!!! Everything I’d like to hear them answer too! I’m guessing that they will NOT be writing about those kind of things in their book! Their book is going to be all lovey-dovey, smelling of roses! What a couple of frauds!

        Besides married to each other, I’m guessing they are married to their lying too! After so many lies, I’m guessing they’ve come to a point of believing them!

    • Into the Hughes’ pockets I’m presuming. What an incredible windfall Travis’ death has been for these folks. They probably thank God every night that such a wonderful thing has happened.

  3. Gus Searcy has brass balls, imo.

    He was not afraid of the bullying and the threats! People that know things that can help Jodi should have Gus as an example as what a person with morals should be like!

    The CASHes & D. Hall are bullies, abusive and dangerous. I really do hope that one day all their bs will become known and they will feel the verbal wrath from the public! D. Hall has been criticized for all the bs he did and I’m sure we can all agree that he is an idiot!

    Bullied into submission. That’s the CASHes, Hall’s, Kermit’s and all of travibans M.O.

    • Yes, I really really like Gus. You can hear integrity in everything he says. He’s not afraid of those bullies and will stand up against them with his head held high. I read the transcript of his unexpected encounter with Vinnie Politan on Piers Morgan. Vinnie sounded a lot like JVM; even in the written word he sounded like he was shrieking. (I think those people have all just melded into one personality – offshoots of Nancy Grace.) Gus seemed to just respond with calm logic. I’d like to meet Gus someday.

  4. This whole damn mess is about bullying. Travis bullying Jodi, Martinez bullying his way to victory, the media and the public bullying anyone who doesn’t agree with them. It’s like there’s a whole population of them out there and this event has brought them all out from under their rocks to band together and defend each other and defend their miserable lives. These are people who live in a world where Martinez’s behavior is considered normal. Imagine how miserable that must be. So they really and honestly don’t see Travis’ behavior toward Jodi or Martinez’s behavior toward defense witnesses as different from the way they see people behaving around them all the time. They are all in their own hell and I would even feel sorry for them if they weren’t trying to get us to join them.

    • Absolutely Justus, they are all in their own hell BUT they are infecting our society with this never ending virus of Hate. SHAME on THEM! So many trying to one up each other, every one trying to be the “Best”, the “Riches”, the most “Popular” and leaving our society in a corrupt disgraceful mess. How sad that there are so many ignorant filled with Hate and then blindly leap on the band wagon without even bothering to research what they are busy hating. Everyone so full of themselves. It’s Me, Me, Me all over the place. Self gratification is all they appear to be interested in. What can we do we for you instead of what are you doing to help everyone else. Help one another and instead of attacking others. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Love one another. If people would STOP and THINK and see the destruction that they are projecting onto others and what they are doing and saying, things might turn around. I pray that God will allow them time to see the light and make a much needed change but I’m afraid they are riding that fast moving train headed straight to HELL.

      • And there’s such a sense of self-righteousness in what they do. “Oh, we are the compassionate ones who love and care about what happened to poor Travis the Martyr.” Bullshit! (Or should I say Bully-Shit.) What they care about is not being wrong. They’ve decided “The Truth” (which was unfortunately validated for them by twelve idiots) and any attempt to show them otherwise threatens them deeply. They must protect their fragile egos at all cost, even it means selling their souls. That’s how bullies operate.

    • This is a perfect example of non-separation of church and state, with the said church being the most powerful influence in that part of your country. My guess is that the media is controlled by it as well. The lead detective and prosecutor – everyone involved cow-tows to this cult-like faith.

      Hell on Earth is what I think of when I think of AZ.

      • What first caught my attention in this case early last year was the sobering fact that the well-spoken young woman I was hearing on the air was facing the death penalty. I knew no details of the case or anything about her or TA’s background other than that he was a successful salesman. When I did learn of how he died and the manner in which he lived (sharing his house) it seemed unlikely that Jodi could have overpowered this well-built man with a knife, and that she would have attempted to do so at that time of day, (rush hour) given the soon-to-be-returning roommates, especially as Jodi had been at the residence – even sleeping with him – for over twelve hours before he died. Upon learning those facts, I became even more curious to know why this case is a capital one.

        I am still wondering.

        The death penalty, IMO, is a cultural social control of another time, when separation of church and state was not even a question. The practice echoes ritual religious sacrifice. In the earliest times, those deemed wicked and captured were given the ultimate punishment, but often the innocent were sent heavenward in an offering to a deity or as an appeasement.

        State-sanctioned killing, as we call it now, is a punishment not of this world. Crimes committed in this world should be addressed here; they are of this world, not of the hereafter.

        Since most of modern society is not in the business of ritual sacrifice, we should be extremely concerned that innocents are often swept into the enforcement of capital punishment, whatever the reasons. In earlier societies for which maintaining separation of church and state was not a prepossessing socio-political issue, prosecuting capital crimes with rigorous due process was not the highest priority. And was this because an occasional sacrifice of an innocent had been considered a propitious religious event in many early societies?

        Capital punishment will soon be outlawed in ALL civilized countries, but not soon enough.

        • And if ever passing by there, here are the rules:

          1. Make sure your gas tank is full.
          2. Make sure you safely keep all receipts from anything purchased in that state and from your travels in general when passing through that state.
          3. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged.
          4. Make sure your license plates are the right way up.
          5. Make sure you don’t stop at Starbucks for a Strawberry Frapuccino.
          6. Make sure AT LEAST 10 people know you are going to be traveling.

          Hey guys, if I’m forgetting anything, please let me know!

            • LMAO! Best advice I’ve heard yet, when it comes to visiting or passing through shitzona! Just be careful: when making a detour make absolutely sure that U-turns are permitted… or else next thing you know? You might be tasting joe’s gourmet cuisine!

          • #7 Take your gas cans from your home state that you bought over a year before and have the receipt in your pocket (just in case Juan is still around). 🙄
            #8 Pay a retainer fee with attorneys from any other state (making sure they may practice law in AZ) before your trip. . .better yet . . .

  5. This is unusual, I just posted a rather long comment (not too long) on this link, supporting the total innocence of Jodi, and when I pressed the POST COMMENT button it immediately disappeared. …Everything else seems to work on my computer & my connections, but could have been a glitch. …Well, I type everything on my word processor first & print out a hard copy & use that to type out on a particular site. …I think that I may POST it on one of my other sites that also support Jodi, but they support anything. …..Maybe ((in a few days)) it may appear (as recent) on my link to disqus. …
    ….. disqus dot com / WLOPEZ4JAA ………. Jodi Arias is innocent

    • I’ve had that happen several times to me lately. I don’t think it’s your computer. Some sorta glitch at the website I suspect. I’m not doing most of my lengthy ones in a text editor and then copying and pasting. (It’s too awful when you have something written exactly the way you want it and and then you have to try to reproduce it.)

      • Thanks Justus, I think I may have put the link (to this website) in the comment & when the site put the www. on it then it may have dropped out everything. Maybe it was a circular link back. I will retype it later tonight. Thanks again. But I may (also) retype it later on through disqus. …Bill Lopez…

    • It’s also happened to me too a few times! So I’ve learned my lesson and do the same thing as Justus! Word doc: copy and paste here. 😉

      • Yep, same here! When a reply is quite long, the site sometimes eats it up LOL.

        So better to first type it on a Word doc and then paste it here.

        • Thanks you-all, I will remember that ….”Word doc.” …I have Microsoft Works on another computer that I use offline as a word processor & I hard copy info & retype to this main computer for this site, sometimes other sites.
          …Tomorrow I will retype my rather long comment that I lost earlier. …Well, don’t tell anyone but my comment is on the subject of a person with MY EXACT SAME NAME: (((William Lopez))).
          …Google: ((William Lopez)) …….. many links …….. He spent 23 years in prison for murder & exonerated in 2013, and released, …but he died just a few weeks ago at young age of 55. … His estate has a $124 million federal civil lawsuit against the city for wrongful imprisonment.
          …I do not believe that the governor of Arizona & Bill Montgomery realize just how many $$millions$$ are involved it they get a federal lawsuit against their fine state. …. Mademoiselle Jodi Ann Arias is innocent & wrongfully convicted, (in my humble opinion). …And, St Joan of Arc is her Guardian Angel for all time. ….I am: …(William Lopez)

  6. Ha –

    I think NSA just shut Nancy Grace up!

    She was in the middle of a segment about an NSA agent who, according to NG, beat his 3 year old adopted child to death, and right in the middle of the segment they went to commercial!

    • hell, my bad – she was just running her mouth and ignoring the voice in her ear that said go to break.

      I’ve never seen them cut to commercial with someone in the middle of a sentence.

        • See, I new I’d get called on that! lol

          I thought CASH might turn up hawking their book.

          And I am having trouble concentrating because my allergies are giving me fits – cannot breathe tonight. I wanna borrow someone else’s body to live in for a few weeks.

    • So she has those “soulless eyes” with “nothing” behind them. I don’t think I will read any more of that guy’s crap.

      • I made it to the first few lines, then read this sentence: ” Does she live or die? That is the question. Does anyone care? That is another question.”
        and felt like screaming F*CK YOU, F*CK YOU,F*CK YOU!
        WE CARE! YES, WE DO!!!

        I don’t even know the guy, but HE sounds like the soulless one.

        • Well, I have to give him one point! Scoopy having to share the broom closet!!! LOL Too funny. I’m sure it is cramping her “Style”. “roll” And, one point for the great description of the devious frog.
          But, he doesn’t know that Jodi is the sweet, kind, thoughtful, considerate, compassionate young woman who has been used and abused for others profits. Obviously, he has taken the short cut to make HIS own opinion. . .he grab and leaped away with the haters view point (thanks HLN) so I give him a F !! 2 points is not a passing grade where I come from.
          Maybe the media will all choke on each others hate in that broom closet. . .I bet it stinks in there.

      • Dr. Drew Pinsky commented on Jodi’s “dark eyes” last year during the trial, using an ominous tone of voice. Dr. Pinsky, would it bother you if you traveled to another continent where a Medical Doctor there said, in effect, that your pasty white skin creeped him out? Would you not take him for a dunce?

    • I want to scream every time I hear about her eyes. Don’t those idiots realize they’re seeing what they want to see? How can anyone who does that call themselves unbiased? Well, I know how they can do it, but how can the rest of the world view them as unbiased? For a professional journalist to be doing that is unpardonable.

    • Apparently, he’s not giving us all the truth! I know for a fact that there is NOBODY sitting in the 3rd row! Unless, it’s in the 3rd row in the cramped press room… Just sayin’..

  7. I suppose Erickson adds some “color” as to what’s going on in the courtroom but his comments about Jodi are really, really disappointing.- cynical, snarky, mean-spirited, “jokes” at her expense. Not unike a typical Nancy Grace groupie. If I had read all his stories before posting it here, I would have passed on his crap (thanks, tonysam).

    I wouldn’t be unhappy if ADMIN saves others from reading this crap and DELETES it. TY in the event you do.

    Has any legitimate journalist (not this guy) ever said one kind word about Jodi since this fiasco began?

    • Pickin’s are slim for tweeters to follow. If Kiefer shows up reliably for trial (he bailed on jury selection after two hours) I’ll follow him. If he doesn’t, I’ll probably go with Erickson and/or Lindstrom. At least they’ve both (so far) left the snark out of the tweets.

      Erickson’s blog about Martinez was pretty unflattering.

      • Hi Journee,

        When he’s using Twitter, he probably doesn’t want to waste space insulting people. He did criticize Jen’s better half (???) pretty good and took aim at a few potential jurors and even his ex-girlfriends.

  8. Well, I retyped the rather long (not too long) comment that disappeared & not posted earlier and I only put one link on it, that I have used before Well if this comment goes trough it can’t be the link. ….. Well, the gist of my comment is above: Oct 13, 2014 5:32 pm …

  9. I’d like to just mention here that if anything questionable were to ever happen to me, the first person I’d want the police to look at is an online lurker and stalker who goes by the name ‘Jane’ (aka ‘Arizona Sky’).

      • Just taking some precautions, Journee. Haven’t seen anything lately but haven’t been looking either. I know that nut job lurks around in here and that alone makes me nervous; you never know what’s going to set someone like that off. Probably no reason to worry but just want to document it.

        • OMG, Justus. So sorry to hear that 🙁
          Can’t you report her or something? Cyber stalking is a crime right?

          • Not to worry, Maria. No threats. Nothing really to report. Just a weirdo I don’t trust who has taken a particular interest in me in the past. Just creating a record. (Also note my most recent post in Vent.)

    • OMG! She’s still at it? Justus! Congrats! You’ve got your own stalker!

      She’s a lost cause! She tried to bully me by sending me private messages on facebook. I told her to kiss my Greek ass and blocked her.

      I’ve actually heard that a lot of non-supporters don’t like her either! They find her crazy and keep their distances! I was told that she IS actually really unstable. 🙄 – She needs professional help!

      • Awhile back I asked her fellow posters on a hate site if they really approved of her behavior and they all frantically waved the First Amendment at me (accompanied by a lot of their own snide remarks). It’s good to know there are some non-supporters who recognize insanity when they see it.

    • I know the IP address of that whacko (Jane) – he posted something scurrilous on my website and I recorded his IP – he lives in Rockland, ID.
      So if something should happen to you (God forbid), the police will know where to look at least.
      His other aliases include:

      Howard Gere (facebook)
      Pinky Mane (youtube)

      BTW he’s so disturbed, in his sick mind he thinks that EVERYBODY who supports Jodi is just ONE person who has multiple aliases. Lol. What a douche!

      • BTW, he was banned from the Travis support facebook page as well (there’s a record of that on Facebook – they called what he wrote “drivel” and banned his sorry behind).
        Well, even a broken watch is right twice a day!

  10. Never stop Believing Jodi!

    Justus, don’t worry we will send out the troops if you need us to!! We’ve got each others back.
    Never Doubt it! No matter what trash is thrown we know the truth and we will keep pounding
    away until Jodi is Free again! The truth must be told come HELL or high water!

                • The JVM show they ran tonight was first shown on Dec 3rd. Her book was released last summer and this is when TA can no longer be a chaste Mormon and he is now Jodi’s S&M partner. I’ve always wondered what Vinnie thought of that show. Hopefully, that is it and they won’t be showing any more old reruns. Her show is bad enough the first time.

                  I do feel bad for the nice people who lost their jobs.

      • I’ve checked in occasionally on NG’s soap opera crimesheet broadcast. Some of the defense attorneys have begun to come off sarcastically, as if tired of her “stock-in-trade” rushes to judgement. They used to play it straight with her, but obviously some of them have had it, launching their retorts with, “Come on, Nancy…”

      • I see where Turner Broadcasting is laying off 10% of its employees. If they keep Nancy Grace while letting *obviously* more rational people go, we’ll know exactly what kind of nitwits are running that company.

        • As far as I’m concerned, the “News and Views” programming on HLN is a disgrace to common decency, hellbent on stirring up antipathy and ignorance and is of no good use to society. Their (historical) forensics programming makes it painfully clear how out-of-control and vicious the line-up of pro-prosecution hosts are with respect to current cases, including Dr. Drew Pinsky, especially as he handled Jodi’s case. Did he even LOOK at the evidence before he proclaimed (none of the psychologists at trial said this:) that she was a psychopath?

    • OUTF**KINGSTANDING!!!!!! It’s about time that hateful bitch lost her job. And of course they got their final dig in about Jodi. They just had to make sure to show that big steaming pile of bullshit (JVM book and all of it’s lies) just before the next phase of Jodi’s trial to try to get to every last one of the potential jurors………….why let a little thing like the truth get in the way of a good money making story.

      (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

      Ray in H-burg Va.

    • GOOD RIDDANCE! I hope she ends up reporting on farmers! LMAO!! “We’re standing here in a grape vine field. Reminds me of my past when I was abusing the bottle… ” FFS! I don’t know how she did it but every time she opened her yap on any topic, she’s somehow squeeze in her past alcohol abuse! 🙄

      Now, as our friend Justus said and most of us are thinking: NANCY DISGRACE! Come on down, you’re the next contestant for ‘boot in ass’! 😀

  11. payback is a bitch JANE wrote that book about JODI knowing there would be a new jury just so the new jury would read her book her book is all lies she also said JODI was not sorry for killing TRAVIS why didn’t she say how JODI would cry so hard that her lawyer J.W. WOULD ASK her IF SHE WAS OK JANE, NANCY. DR DREW ALL SAID ON TV JODI SHOULD DIE knowing her family could be watching that is sick the day of the verdict JANE WAS ON COURTHOUSE STEPS TALKING TO PEOPLE WHO WERE CHEERING LIKE IT IS A MOVIE ITS NO MOVIE ITS HEARTBREAKING I HOPE TONIGHT JANE FEELS HOW JODI FEELS JANE CAN,T WIPE JENNIFER WILLMOTT FEET I BET JODI LAWYERS ARE JUST A LITTLE HAPPY ONE GONE TWO TO GO DURING THIS TRIAL JANE IS GONE AND AM HAPPY

  12. It’s hard for me to believe that Travis’ siblings never witnessed his rage. Nobody can tell me he was nothing but a sweet loving brother all while they were growing, never revealing his anger to his younger sisters. Yeah, right!

  13. Just tweeted:

    USC Michael #FightOn ‏@MICHAELINLA3 2m2 minutes ago

    #JodiArias It appears the Haters are really crying their eyes out over the loss of Jane Lez LOL!! Too much Fun LMAO!!

  14. Jodi Arias Supporter ‏@AcquitJodiAnn 7m7 minutes ago

    “Sheriff” Joe Arpaio was the latest person to be outed by “The Revolution will be Televised” (UK TV show) last night. #JodiArias

    Jodi Arias Supporter ‏@AcquitJodiAnn 1m1 minute ago

    He (Sheriff Joe Arpaio) was accused of violating human rights and was labelled a “psychopath” by Heydon Prowse. #JodiArias

  15. Surprised to see Dorian Bond, Jodi’s private investigator, doing an interview with JVM on HLN on October 8 & partially keeping her (JVM) up to date about what he’s working on. I don’t see Nurmi or Willmott keeping Jane informed on their activities. It’s true, he refused to give her “inside” info but does he not know who HLN & JVM are? If not, what kind of a PI is he?

    • Yeah! Why on Earth did he appear on that channel? If he was so willing to appear on TV, he should have waited until after his job is done at least. Tactless. Tasteless. Not good.
      Another one chasing his 15 minutes of fame. I’m disappointed.

    • Looks like JVM probably ‘fell off the wagon’ from her tipsy ride those years on hln. …I Googled: (Dorian Bond jvm hln) & got to see the 3:45 min video of that 10/08/2014, interview. …I was surprised to see JVM interviewing Jodi’s new investigator without REALLY trying to tear Jodi apart. …She tried but it was only 3:45 min. …JVM did ask him about her (Jodi) known to be a liar….I wish that Mr Bond could have responded: …”Many people lie to police in an investigation but she was NEVER PROVEN to be telling a lie in court”.
      …..My reasoning would be: …The prosecutor used circular method of arguments & his double questions & tricking the jury to believe that there cannot be two separate 25 cal guns, grandpa’s gun and the other, Travis’s gun “.
      …In other words tricking the jury to believe that there can be no such thing as an innocent coincidence (of two similar guns), in the Criminal Justice System. …I believe (if no proof otherwise) the law DOES allow for innocent coincidences: …If there are two possibilities, one which points to guilt & the other that points to innocence, the jury must accept the one which points to innocence. (That means two separate guns). …That is the law. …The judge permitted this double & improper questioning & his ridiculing of Jodi & defense experts. …Destination: Appellate Court. …Jodi is innocent.

      • Thanks, R. Love.
        That’s the second article I’ve read about someone who participated in the DP & later became an advocate against the DP. I think I mentioned the other one – a guard who held the legs (or leg) of more than 100 prisoners when they were executed. He said he did the same for Karla Faye Tucker when she was executed. He said when she was lying on the gurney, she looked up at him and thanked him for “all he had done for her.” He never participated in another execution after her death.

  16. Laughing like a hyena at JVM getting canned.
    Love the video posted about Jodi being a scapegoat.
    Periodically I look at the opposing sides pages on FB and I shake my head at the bitterness spewed on the daily. Who are these blood thirsty freaks? How do they look in the mirror? Or can they? Nasty, nasty group of people.
    Of COURSE fat CASH and his fugly wife are writing a book. There is more money to be made from their dead friend. What a bunch of sickos. And they say Jodi Is twisted?

  17. It is all over the news today. …But you can Google: (Brooklyn man freed after 29 years). …But that is only part of the story. …His conviction for murder was overturned & freed after 29 years in prison. …Another part of the story is that the conviction of the other teenager arrested with him was also overturned but that person died in prison years ago. …But the big part of the story is that the new Brooklyn DA responsible for these convictions being overturned has been instrumental in overturning many other convictions (for murder) of wrongly convicted (innocent people) since he was elected Nov, 2013.
    …No, that is still not the biggest part of the story, this new DA, Kenneth Thompson (Google his name) is cleaning house of the “staff” of the previous DA who is being scrutinized (I don’t want to say investigated) for practices that need to be scrutinized. …I feel that it is time, not necessarily in this case, but at sometime to start arresting those up the chain of command (in every state in the country) for prosecuting innocent people or overcharging. …And time to investigate those in the criminal justice system who just seem to be very good at convincing juries that: innocent people are guilty or overcharged, just because they are sitting at the defense table. …In my humble opinion & Jodi Arias is innocent.

    • Yes, it was reported in the Greek news as well.
      29 years….How can they make up for what that man has lost? SMH!

      • Michael Kiefer is not tweeting, not are Katie Conner or Monica Lindstrom it seems.
        Just Trial Jen for today???? Oh, God no!! She’s already commenting on what Nurmi and Kermit are wearing.
        Move on, lady! Who cares?!

        • Nurmi has a purple tie and Jen is in lavender. Jen mentions the colors but doesn’t connect them to domestic violence month which is now sharing October with breast cancer awareness which is the color they shared the last time.

            • Hi (CanadaCarol), …When I read your last comment about ((according to HLN)), that the color purple is about something other than domestic violence, I just had to Google: domestic violence color. ….. And, lots of links about purple. …One link dated Oct 28, 2010, FaithTrust Institute says that: “It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the color Is Purple …October is Domestic Violence Month”. … And it also says: “It’s also Brest Cancer Awareness Month”, and it refers to the color pink and October for that awareness. …I can see why HLN would NOT want to recognize ALL THE PURPLE RIBBONS in & around court having anything to do with support for Domestic Violence Victims. …It might be about SpiritDay’s Anti-Bullying Day also, but I did not google that. ….And who selected October for the start of the trial, da judge, da judge. ….Someone please tell us, does da judge have a purple ribbon on da robe??…

              • I hadn’t heard of this SpiritDay’s Against Bullying Day until HLN covered it today. There is an app where a bunch of people and orgs. were changing their websites, etc. HLN and CNN staff were all wearing purple. October is a busy month for colors and causes isn’t it?

  18. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 1m
    She is smiling though, regardless of the chains and stripes #jodiArias

    Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 2 m
    #JodiArias shows up in stripes which leads me to believe we WILL NOT be seeing any jurors today

    Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 3 m
    Attorneys approach the bench to discuss matters with Judge Stephens #sizzlebar #whitenoise

    • Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 41 S
      Jodi Arias is in jailhouse stripes for this hearing. The jury cannot see her that way

      Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 24 s
      Preliminary jury instructions will be read to jury next Tuesday #JodiArias

      • Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 19 s
        Kirk Nurmi wants to close the courtroom. Juan Martinez is objecting it, though he doesn’t want the media in.

        Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 50 s
        So the jury will not be finalized until next Tuesday.

          • Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 11 s
            Love him or hate him, #Nurmi is doing a good job arguing today, citing law, Constitution and rules, emotion included #JodiArias

            Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 2 m
            Defense arguing why State’s expert witnesses should be precluded-basically because #JodiArias hasn’t been able to interview them

            • Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 45 s
              Nurmi describes “shell game” re: Martinez failing to turn over evidence in timely manner, specifically notes from shrink Janine DeMarte

              • Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 1 m
                The issue of the handwritten letters of #TravisAlexander rears its ugly head again #JodiArias

                Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 41 s
                We have a handwriting analysis on TA letters to #jodiarias this is the letter that wasn’t allowed during trial & a poss forgery

                Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 4 m
                Nurmi says evidence and witnesses should be dismissed because #jodiarias doesn’t know what’s she’s up against. It’s a surprise

                • Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 56 s
                  Will those letters come into evidence in the retrial?

                  Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1 m
                  Nurmi brings up a handwriting expert who analyzed the supposed pedophile letters from Alexander to Arias that Martinez says are forgeries

                • Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 3 s
                  Juan again says the letters are forged. Apparently there will be testimony about them.

                  Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 43 s
                  It’s a bit hard to follow because most of the discussion of these witnesses has taken place in closed hearings. #jodiarias

                • Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1 M
                  Nurmi: “His own expert did not say these letters were forged.” Expert only said letters were not originals so it was impossible to confirm.

                  Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 3 M
                  Nurmi: “What counsel for the state tells you is blatantly untrue.

                • Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1 M
                  Next up is a motion to dismiss the death notice, but Nurmi asks that that argument be sealed as well.

                  Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 3 M
                  Martinez is objecting to Nurmi referring to him as “snarky.”

  19. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 59 S
    Nurmi is saying that his expert analyzing a computer and will not be done until Tuesday. The computer is apparently the item Nurmi wants.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2 M
    Jury will be impanelled at 10 am on Tuesday, Stephens says. There will be an evidentiary hearing on Monday at 1:30.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 3 M
    Now another motion from Nurmi asking Stephens to compel Martinez to turn over “an item” as evidence. Broken record

    • Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2 m
      This is deja vu from the first trial when Juan was forced to turn over Jodi’s computer at the last minute.

      • Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 28 s
        Nurmi tells Stephens there are four motions pending that she has not yet ruled on.

  20. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 1 m
    It appears the court and the parties know who the 18 jurors will be #jodiArias

    • Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 1 m
      Defense wants the motions to remove #Nurmi and jail misbehavior precluded from trial, #prejudicial good call, will be granted

  21. It appears that Jen, in her Jen’s Trial Diaries twitter posts, is intentionally misleading the public.
    She is implying by word choice, sentence structure ( word order), and by ommission, (she makes no true effort to correct the obvious misunderstandings her tweets are causing.
    Lying by ommission is still lying, and can be more dangerous and insidious.
    Jodi Arias supporters know that Arias NEVER threatened any participants, but Jen is falsely misleading people into believing otherwise.
    I see that already people have begun picking up the false rumor.
    I initially thought that maybe I should not mention it here because I didn’ t want more attention to be called to it, but I decided it is necessary because what Jen is doing is very wrong and dangerous to justice and the case.
    I am reminded of the defense team’s recent motion that mentions something about how other people should not be permitted to act as arms of the prosecutor.
    I checked some of the other top court twitter reporters, and no one else was trying to spread this false and misleading information.
    As I understand it, there are only a limited number of ‘ openings’ (seats) for the media.
    Reporters know very well there are many who are more qualified, responsible, and show integrity, than Jen does.
    Why do the other reporters who want a seat, but can’ t get one__ stand for it.
    I never, ever wanted to refer to Jen’s page even though I found her trite jollity regarding life and death matters, disgusting and sad.
    But now I have to speak out against her.
    Just looking at the sampling of different twitter reporters above__ it is easy to see the contrast in degree of professionalism, accuracy, and substance.

  22. False confession – strange one on west coast. In early September, 2014 a man confessed to luring a 9 year old girl out of her home at night and raping her in a park. Eventually, DNA testing was done and it proved it wasn’t him. I’d like to have seen that police interview. The police arrested a different man today.

  23. A hater contacted me today about a comment I made on Youtube. He said KERO on a receipt doesn’t refer to a kerosene can. According to him(?), it’s the name of a company that manufactures gas cans. OMG. LOL

    • Oh, yes cc53, ….The hater said KERO, … KERO, on the receipt, …don’t they make other stuff, … maybe he meant it is: …Sure, Jodi must have bought 5 gal of Karo pancake syrup. …That must have been the third 5 gallon can, maybe Travis wanted her to get that to pour pancake syrup on her …or ((her pour it on him)) ! ! ! …LOL … Of course I am kidding, …KERO absolutely is a blue plastic 5 gal Kerosene can. …That is why the hell she returned it to the store just like she said. …Not that she realized it was a kerosene can but just because it was not red like the other two cans. …(IMHO) …She did not lie. …She returned the third can. …Jodi is innocent. …

      • Yes, WLopez, I agree. I don’t think Jodi realized it was a kerosene can. I’m not sure anyone on the defense team realized it was a kerosene can b/c if remember correctly, Nurmi said: “No questions” (after Martinez was finished with the Walmart worker who couldn’t find evidence that Jodi returned a “gas” can as Martinez called it)). I hope the defense team realizes it was a kerosene can by now. It would be tragic if they didn’t know. They should be reading this site. LOL

          • Certainly! Walmart gets things screwed up all the time so having something printed on a receipt wrong is no big deal! It happens. Most people never look at their receipts because they are just happy to get the heck out of that store!

          • The register rang up whatever the SKU# was assigned to – so either the can had the wrong sticker on it, or the SKU# had been assigned to the wrong item, OR the person who ‘named’ the item for the system named it wrong.

            • I just wonder if that Walmart lady was simply told to look for the return of a “gas can”, without ever seeing the receipt? Did she explain on the stand the process she used in her search?

              • Um- has anyone watched any of the archived videos here lately? I just went to Day 51 to try to find the answer to Justus’ questions, and all three of the videos on that day are coming up as a music video.

              • Okay Justus – had to go to youtube to watch the Walmart lady. From the way she described her search, it appears there is no way to simply let the computer look for sales/returns by item. She had to print out the day’s reports from every register used that day, and then manually look for THAT particular item on THAT particular receipt. Odds are, she’d scan the list first by item description – the 5GL KERO CN (I think that’s what it said) and then compare the numbers to verify.

                Which still doesn’t address the question of whether the SKU# recognized by the register was in error – if there was a SKU code error it probably came out of corporate, and if the error was subsequently rectified, would 5 year old records reflect the *correct* SKU# or the # as it was on the date in question?

                • Haven’t looked myself but was there a date and time on the receipt? If Jodi could remember that information and it was at approximately the same time she took it back maybe that would help. How would they know it was that very one? I have had to question something when it rings up the wrong amount many times in our Walmart. IMO all of the gas can crap means nothing! And how did the frog get to bring it all up when it really wasn’t proven (to us anyway). Wasn’t it just part of his bells and whistle show?

                • The receipt Martinez was showing was from Jun 3 and listed the KERO can. Her testimony was that she returned the can later the same day, so it would have been in the same day’s transactions.

                  The gal did say that when a return with a receipt is processed PROPERLY, the first thing the clerk would do is to scan the barcode ON THAT RECEIPT (the one that’s at the bottom of every receipt for everything you buy these days) that will reference, for the system, the original purchase transaction. And she said there was no record of a return that referenced that original receipt/transaction.

                • Ok Journee, went to Search put in Walmart Receipt up pops the detailed page for all of our unanswered questions. . . clicked on testimony of Walmart Lady I will try to watch as much as I can to see what your looking for. But when I have taken something back to Walmart and they have given me cash back, they have always asked for ID ( Driver License) . . .so shouldn’t that have been on the receipt also? Or now they even give Walmart gift cards if you don’t have a receipt.

                • You don’t need to go watch the testimony, R Love – I was able to find it on youtube, and Rasna says the video glitch I experienced has been fixed now.

                • Sorry Journee, apparently I’m all turned around now. . .Go to the Unanswered Question page and it explains the receipt, I think. . . I’m confused. LOL 😀 What’s new?

                • I wonder how many printed listings of register returns she had to scan visually. Returns always seems very busy whenever I’ve been in there, always have to stand in line at Returns. I don’t like the sound of some person scanning hundreds of lines of listings and then have them saying “Nope, didn’t find it. Off with her head!” Why weren’t the printed listings she searched not introduced into evidence so we could all see for ourselves?

                • It was marked into evidence, Justus – the individual reports for every register in operation that day. I think only two of them were customer service registers, and most of the others showed no returns at all. But the reports from the customer service registers were thick bundles of pages. I don’t think they’ve been reproduced for the public’s perusal.

                • Great Journee. . .you now have a professional to help you! 😀 Yea Justus!
                  I certainly would hate to think Jodi’s life depended on the findings of one Walmart employee. . .IMO everyone has had the same problems with Walmart and their receipts and also employees. If it was the same day they might have just given her cash back and didn’t bother with receipts to save time. . .yes they are not supposed to.. . but it has been done before. . .who would know.

                • She said that most returns go through customer service. Some people will take them to the regular cashiers and the cashiers will just go ahead and do the return – there were a couple like that, returns done by the book and showing what the item was (not kero can). She also said a few departments process their own returns – jewelry, electronics, garden center… etc. She didn’t mention automotive center, but it seems that would be another department that would do their own returns. And there was ONE return, from a ‘remote’ register (that’s what she called the registers that were elsewhere in the store) that showed the return of an auto battery and battery core – so THAT would seem to me to have been done in the automotive area. Now – imagine the guys that work the automotive desk, approached by a pretty girl who “just bought this awhile ago, do you remember me? I think I must have left my receipt in the car, but I decided I don’t need this after all.” Does he make her go back to the car before he’ll give her 12 bucks back? Or does he just find an easy way to process the return for her?

        • Thanks R.Love, CC53, Justus, Maria & others, there are several things that could have happened to cause the store to have no record of the return. …I clicked on the Reasonable Doubt section & signed up on wikispaces but I don’t know how to use that yet.
          …So, I may use one of my websites …It is a MEMORIAL site to my pet cat that passed in 2003, and I just put some brief comments there, about the innocence of Jodi. I believe that I can develop my thoughts there where I can edit,edit,edit & I can keep track of my thoughts & delete others that are redundant. (((Feel free to click on that site))).
          …I want to develop an ides that I had about the “no return receipt” for the third can. ….I live in Louisiana with big hurricanes near every year. …Three days before, a “close hurricane”, the stores sell out of ALL their stock of gas cans. …
          …I have this theory: that if the weather man says the hurricane switched direction & won’t come close, many, many people would like to try to return those thousands of gas cans. That is reality. …I do NOT believe that those gas & kerosene cans are RETURNABLE by the USUAL METHOD of passing them through the register. ……….Because maybe, a big store chain cannot just accept hundreds of cans & put them back into stock ! ! …What if 10 or 20 or 30 of them have “been used” & have some gas in them (or gas fumes in kerosene cans), even if just a half pint or just fumes??? …The store would have (gallons of gasonline total) sitting inside their store with gas fumes in the store. …That might NOT be permitted by city fire codes. …
          …So, I think that the big & little stores discourage returning gas cans just like you cannot return a bathing suit, socks or underware. …Maybe 95% of customers can NOT return a gas can, but an attractive girl like Jodi might get an assistant manager to say something like: We don’t normally accept gas can returns but maybe I can just give you your money back and I will put this “can” in the back area for “contractor resale bidding”. … …So, the cashier might be instructed to ring it up under some other code or no code at all. Of course he is NOT going to say all those words. …He would just say: …OK, Miss, here is your money back (no paper receipt return given) and “you have a nice day”. ……….And, the Walmart witness in the first trial WOULD NOT ADMIT THAT because the prosecutor carefully steered away from that subject of “an alternate method of returning a gas can to stock”. ….Because it was ((not returned back to stock)), it was considered surplus or defective. …Sorry for long comment.

  24. i wish could be in courtroom i would tell JODI that forgive her for killing Travis and pat her on the back i would sit with her family and support them i would give J.W. A HUG and maria too i wish i could be there to show my support the trial watchers haters are back in the courtroom JEN WOODS is letting the haters call J.W. and .K.N. NAMES AND saying bad things about them why would JEN WOODS SLEEP WITH JUAN SHE IS TO TALL for him wont baby doc be mad this time he better have lots bottles of water for baby doc i hate JUAN so much i wish J.W. COULD JUST KICK HIM WITH HER HEEL THERE IS THE LADY WITH THE CANE SHE LOVES JUAN SHE SHOULD KEEP HER SHUT SHE HAS COUSIN ON DEATH ROW THE TRIAL WATCHERS LOOK LIKE WALKING DEAD I PRAY THIS JURY WILL DO THERE JOB AND NOT PUT JODI ON DEATH ROW J.W. AND K.N. WILL GET LOTS OF HATE NOW THAT TRIAL IS STARTING UP AGAIN THEY ARE DOING EVERYTHING THEY COULD

  25. YOU GO, K. NURMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let that frog have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call him OUT at EVERY opportunity!!!! CALL him on ALL of his lies and deceit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s about time someone stood up to this little snark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LONG OVERDO!!!

    WE are behind you KN & JW all the way to JODI’S FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t be afraid!!! Everyone knows what is going on in AZ and it’s about tiime ALL this NONSENSE in Jodi’s trial STOPS!!!

    FREE JODI ANN ARIAS NOW, AZ!!! The WHOLE WORLD is watching YOU, Judge S. Stevens, and JUAN MARTINEZ!!!!!!!!!!

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