Proof of Perjury by Horn, Flores & Martinez

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Check out the detailed information below, reproduced in part from Richard Speight’s website. CLICK HERE to read the report in full – (Caution: Graphic Images).

To petition Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to order an investigation into perjury committed during the Jodi Arias Trial, CLICK HERE.

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A very detailed study of Dr. Kevin Horn’s testimony in the Jodi Arias trial concerning the autopsy and the autopsy report of Travis Victor Alexander concludes, with a great degree of certainly, Dr. Kevin Horn committed perjury on the two occasions he testified under oath in the Jodi Arias trail. The report reveals probable false statements on several issues and points.

Dr. Kevin Horn’s apparent perjuries are as follows:

Dr. Horn claimed the statement in his autopsy report, “The dura mater and falx cerebri are intact,” was a typo. His autopsy report does not support this statement.

Dr. Horn misrepresented his autopsy report, a legal document he neither discredited nor disproved. This legal document is a sworn statement of truth. To testify otherwise is a conflict of truths, and two opposing truths cannot coexist.

Dr. Horn asserted the .25 caliber bullet “must have” passed through the right anterior lobe of Travis Alexander’s brain. His autopsy report does not support this statement, and Dr. Horn stepped outside his role as scientist by stating opinion as fact.

Dr. Horn dogmatically asserted a bullet passing through the front lobe of a human brain would automatically cause incapacitation. This is an outrageous statement no one in medical science can or should ever assert. It’s like asserting, all old men involved in traffic accidents die.

Dr. Horn speculated Alexander’s lung could have been incised or pierced when the superior vena cava had been injured. The autopsy report does not support this statement.

Dr. Horn’s failure to correct the prosecutor’s assertion a stab wound to the superior vena cava or to the lung could cause the ear to bleed. This is a medical impossibility, and Dr. Horn allowed the statement to go unchallenged during his expert testimony, giving credence to the prosecutor’s statement.

All Dr. Horn’s apparent false statements deprived the defendant a fair trail by unfairly and wrongfully undermining material evidence supporting the defendant’s claim of self-defense.


Detective Esteban Flores spent four or five years claiming Dr. Kevin Horn had told him Alexander had been shot first. He made such statements in television interviews and even testified to the same during a pre-trial hearing under oath. At trial, Detective Flores changed his story to say Alexander had been shot last. The change in his story deprived the defendant a fair trail by unfairly and wrongfully undermining material evidence supporting the defendant’s claim of self-defense and constitutes perjury.

That Dr. Kevin Horn receives no apparent benefit for lying on his own volition, it automatically follows that, since the prosecutor would benefit solely and greatly through any perjuries by the medical examiner, prosecutor Juan Martinez would have ample motivation to suborn perjury in this capital case…

CLICK HERE to read the report in full – (Caution: Graphic Images).

To petition Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to order an investigation into perjury committed
during the Jodi Arias Trial, CLICK HERE.

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              OMG! I just thought of us all mud wrestling and the stories HLN would do on that. I can’t stop laughing. That was well needed.

              I didn’t finish reading all we wrote to Alyce.

  3. SJ, thank you for this post.

    Warning: I am about to abuse exclamation and question marks.

    “Dr. Horn claimed the statement in his autopsy report, “The dura mater and falx cerebri are intact,” was a typo.”
    Hmmmm, his autopsy report was written 5 years before he testified and yet he didn’t have the time to correct his ‘typo’??? You must be kidding me! Didn’t he review it before going in to testify?!?!?! Can someone tell me if this ‘doctor’ is still at the same job? And do they still trust him with autopsy reports?!?!?

    “Dr. Horn asserted the .25 caliber bullet “must have” passed…”
    Did it or didn’t it? ‘Must have’ is not a solid answer. Especially from an ‘expert’.

    And I could go on and on and on… but I won’t!

    Conclusions: flores lied, horn lied, martinez gave them ‘the green light’ to do so for his own benefits.
    Would someone please tell me what the hell sherry pickles was doing to secure this trial from being biased?????

    Finally, why the f*ck aren’t these people unemployed already?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!

    • He actually said on the stand that he had reviewed it 3 times before testifying. I guess he’s blind. Or stupid.
      ‘Must have’ conveys possibility NOT certainty,you’re right! Horn is disgusting.And a really bad actor! Perjury was written all over his face the last time he was up there.

      • It’s really not perjury, it’s total confusion, he doesn’t know what is wrong.

        So he says something ridiculous, he literally changes the evidence to fit his theory.

        It is dishonest in some sense, he could just say “I don’t understand, I don’t know what the mistake”, but he doesn’t, he sticks with the theory, and pretends to himself everything is ok, just a little mistake.

        • Geebee2, not perjury? Are you going to let him get away with that also? Standards must be very low for getting into medical school. I grew up in a family of lawyers and doctors. They don’t get on the stand totally confused.

          • I think it’s how things are in Arizona ( and elsewhere in the States ).

            Prosecution witness have to say what the prosecutor wants them to say, or they will lose their jobs.

            Do I agree with it : no.

            Does it rise to perjury : I doubt it.

            But Horn just had a wrong theory, he didn’t think the bullet could be deflected, and kind-of bluffed his way through making strange, nonsense statements.

            • I know this world has become sleazy. But there are certain things that are impossible to lie about. One of the subjects you just can’t lie about is hard Science. Now, I don’t know if there were any other medical doctors in that court room. But there had to be medical doctors and scientists watching.. Plus a lawyer doesn’t tell a doctor what to say. This is where the defense was very stupid. They needed a Medical Examiner M.D. They needed many M.Ds They needed there experts to be of Nassau Science experts.

              I am sure you are correct. That Horn was going to say what idiot prosecutor was directing. I believe both of them need to lose licenses. The whole world ethics. When we are talking about life and death, we need to get it as correct as possible.

              Plus, how hypocritical! Martinez wants to kill Jodi! But Martinez’s work is so full of lies and made up stories the whole basis of what he wants her murdered for is a farce! Ugh!

              • I don’t think the defense were stupid.

                They are limited in what they can do, they can question witnesses and hope the jury is listening and not stupid.

                Then if the jury get it wrong, due to not listening out of prejudice, there is a record to be appealed, and they can get experts to look at the record, the amicus curiae process etc. (which I don’t know a lot about).

                That’s what Jodi is up against : prejudice. It’s hard to fight, but fight it she will, and I strongly believe she will win in the end. It just takes a long time, and the stupid self-serving blunders of Martinez have caused this. He is not fit to be a prosecutor for serious cases, he is too stupid.

    • Several of his statements rise to the charge of perjury. Did the defense try to impeach him for the record? If not a petition for perjury is not likely to make a difference. Besides the DA’s office will not likely charge the medical examiner who helped them win the case. If anything this coud help over turn the verdict in appeal. In my opion it was very irresponsible of the savor Juan Martinez and his team to not have caught the descripencies in a key whitness’s testimony vs their reports. If the appellant court finds issue with this I’d could spell trouble for them.

      • A person with a PHD is required to abide by an oath to tell the truth. This was not a lay person who lied on the stand. This guy made the final determination for that jury to convict on first degree murder rather than second or less. Had he stated the truth, the jury definitely would have been, at the very least, split on the verdict of first degree.

        As we have seen, Jodi gave a full account and very detailed account of that relationship. I am not convinced that a person who was lying would actually give that information and yet build up T.A. at the same time, as she did. My point is, she was telling the truth. The relationship between Jodi and T.A. was full of abuse and innuendos that were indicative of a fearful reaction, had Jodi not submitted to T.A.’S every wish and command. It is clear that T.A. was the aggressive type that could not handle it when she finally got some balls to copy his OWN behavior. That would be her moving away and treating the relationship nonchalantly, as he was. Yes, the two needed to grow up but it is clear that he did not like what he dished out, in her own defense towards the end of their relationship.

        I believe that the gun shot infuriated T.A. and this is where they spiral out of control. The state only wanted the win. They did not care about the truth, the taxpayers money, and perjury. They were willing to roll the dice, rather than lose.

        The truth should always outweigh the hope of fame but we all know how much money went into the states case. This in itself explains the total need for a win and adds weight to the fact that perjury did in fact take place with Dr. Horn and Detective Flores.

  4. Hey everybody, Just popped in to say that I signed the petition. And, I hope Munchassnez and his Shitwads (damn, that almost sounds like a name for a heavy metal band—–Absolutely no disrespect meant to heavy metal though :)) get ripped to shreds by true justice when they’re brought t justice!

  5. Ok, I’m going to disagree somewhat with Richard says here. Spotting who is lying is my speciality.

    Horn’s shock and confusion when confronted with the intact Dura Mater was genuine enough.
    He did actually believe his theory that the bullet had to have passed through the frontal lobe.

    What you are seeing here is the power of prejudice, not dishonesty. When people are confronted with something that contradicts their prejudice/theory, they say ridiculous things, like the typo, instead of abandoning their theory.

    Why did Martinez change theory? I think he was totally convinced by the gun theft,and some of the other “suspicious” junk like the skateboarders, whatever.

    It’s same with Flores : when confronted with what he said earlier, he says something ridiculous, or tries to avoid answering the question. The theory of cognitive dissonance allows you to analyse these situations in a detached way. Type I, II and III responses.He makes the ridiculous claim that he “mis-understood” Horn, rather than admitting Horn’s opinion had changed to fit Flores new theory ( doesn’t mean he was dishonest, Martinez just asked different questions, leading to a different conclusion ).

    It’s the reason Martinez changed to gun shot last. He must have realised that there was a problem with gunshot first, which would be that it matches what Jodi was saying too well, making her innocent. But he is certain she is guilty from all the nonsense stuff, so he changes something and hopes it make sense, which of course it doesn’t.

    These Arizona prosecutors are not bright at all, at least not in analysing something complex. They don’t ask the right questions, and they don’t think the right way.

    • “Flores new theory” : well, whose new theory it was I have no idea, Martinez, Flores, both of them.

      It’s the same with Chris Hughes : see how confused he looks when he reads the email.
      He just cannot believe what it actually says.

      These people are not lying, they are floundering around in a fog of confusion, completely unable to comprehend the evidence because they have a mistaken hypothesis, viz Jodi is guilty.

      They cannot admit the main hypothesis is wrong, it’s far too deeply held. So they say ridiculous things instead, keep changing the theory.

      If it was just on this case, I wouldn’t be saying this, but it happens every time.

      • Except that I think Flores was certainly being less than honest when he claimed the misunderstanding.

        I think he knows perfectly well he spoke to Horn. Then later Martinez asks Horn about the bullet track, and they wrongly conclude it went through the frontal lobe and that would have incapacitated Travis, and change theory.

        Even though the new theory seems bizarre, they think the gun theft / gas can premeditation stuff proves the case for them.

        • When I was young my husband would take hunting trips away from home. A detective (friend of the family) told me to never shoot someone with a 25 caliber gun if they broke in on me because it would not hurt them but only make them mad and then it would be hard to deal with them. He said best to use a 38 for defense. Didn’t I read somewhere that the gunshot never really happened but was the result of a instrument used in the autopsy?

      • I agree with what you are saying but I believe the change in the prosecutors theory that the gun shot was last but very calculated and completely based on the desire to win. The coroner and detective both work for the state and their change in theory was also completely calculated in order to win the case.

        My point is, they simply lied and planned on the jury believing them because of the manner of death. Everyone can see for themselves that Martinez planned the hard ass to intimate not only the witnesses but also the jury. It was his game plan.

        I also want to add the there were defense witnesses on the stand past midnight. They treated a death penalty case like a circus. There are many grounds for appeal.

      • Laundering the three stooges, cons-piracies, is as if, the three stooges, each, separately, epiphanized the same soap opera, en masse,forward and backward, then, when caught, feigned their iota of innocense. I pointed out, for years, while these professional stooges, held Jodi, for two million dollars ransom, that, the gunshot was not first, because, the combined blood, handprint, contained no gunpowder particulates… therefore, in keeping with the three stooges, necessary slypothesis, that, Olive Oyl, could not nearly decapitate, Bluto, without, shooting him, first, then, by what, simplemindedness, have these three stooges, backpedaled, their con, to admit, what they had been concealing all along, that, the five day old, dried blood, proved, by no blood smear, on the ejected brass shell; proving that, was a detached crime, of corpse mutilation, and, was merely, a prosecutorial antic, to, set Jodi, up, as if, the precision kill, was, done by the same person, who, stabfested, and, shot, Travis….in scene two, of their soap opera, as if, the killer, then became hysterical, enough to sit there with a dead body, for five days, when, she, if guilty of anything, could not, have simply driven away, with the X-rated pictures, with which to smear his, feigned church image, to cut off his supply of good little Mormon girls, with no risk to herself; and, ensuring Travis, all to herself….. Snidely enough, then, read “The God Makers,” for the Anderson assisted suicide, to save his eternal soul, and, then, read the final, report on Alexanders, cause of death; concisely, proving the blood oath, blood atonement, assisted suicide, to “save, Travis’s eternal soul…” and, if you can idnore that, do consider the canonization of latterday saint travis,’s thousand person wake; as if, he actually had, a thousand, friends…. Read the admonitions of Brighamist Young, “Is there a man among us, who would not, kill, his brother, to save his eternal soul…???” an, “We would not, kill a man, except, out of love, to save his eternal soul…. So, when is, pulling the plug, on a goner, an actual murder, if not, when the pandering parasites, at law, launder, a sacred ritual, into, a crime scene…. ??? … As in not, a murder, at all, but an exercise of the sacred oath, doctrine [church law ], and, covenent [ agreement ], to ascend, a loser, to his reward, of a kingdom with all those virgin angels, to do with, exactly what, got him terminated for, here, on this planet; as if, that, computes, and, as if, Jodi, being so supposedly jealous, would help Travis, get, to all those virgin angels…….Snidely….. Edgrrr… Let’s not overlook all those voters, the D.A. is, pandering to……

    • Have I not been posting in all the wimped away sites for five years, , proof of her innocense, and, proven that the gunshot was last, and, inconsequential, as, Travis had died, four days, before, the stabfest, and, gunshot, feeble attempt to cover up the precision blood atonement heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, actual, religious rite, allegedly to save his eternal soul, by the not so precise, simpleminded, random stabbings, and, long after the fact, gunshot.l So now that the spastic side show, carnival act, penguin in a tutu, has, slithered off, with his ever changing, lies at law; while snivelling, over, Jodis’ various recollections… exactly how did the minnie mouse, overcome, the rhino, without, shooting him, first… Wrap your lies around that, while stirring your Juan ton soup…??? Edgrrr…

      • If his throat was sliced days before his other injuries it would have been clear as day. Shooting and stabbing a dead corpse vs a live breathing man wouldn’t have the same forensic characteristics left behind.

        • Also wasn’t the picture that was used in court of Travis’s neck sliced the one after the autopsy? His neck was not cut as badly as they made it look in court but they were allowed to use the worst picture of his neck.

        • Clear as day to the Mormon defective detective, who, saw the assisted suicide, church ritual, right away…. and, why, pray tell, is the lead detective, now, a desk jockey….??? Why also, is the killer, standing in wet impressionable blood, shielded by the Gestapo; even to the point of falsely accusing a girl, known, to be innocent..claiming her guilt for taking the states,’ pictures, proving that bigfoot, standing in wet blood, never, called the Gestapo; why, because he; bigfoot, was the killer, as the only one there, with the Ninja power, to take, Travis, down and out, in the seconds, as proven by the evidentiary time stamps on the photos, combining to one minute and, fifth eight seconds; between any two time stamps….. Impossible…!!!!!.??? …Edgrrr…

        • They’re all, in on it…. Where’s the rescision of the interstate kidnapping, at law, resulting from, the recanted, perjuries….of the three stooges; bribed defense, and, braindead judge…??? Where is the motion for dismissal with prejudice, because, of the recanted perjuries; deemed to be in error…and, the bogus extradition, as admitted… Snidely….Edgrrr…

    • What a sanctimonious truckload of diaper residue, being laundered, here. No mention of the dried blood, five days, after, the precision kill, and, the ejected shell, landing on a, dried, blood island, proving that, the three stooges lies at law, conspired to claim that the gunshot was first; so as to bolster their perjury, that, in order for the mouse to derail a freight train, she had to have shot him, first, to gain an edge…. and, the concealment of the combined blood handprint, because, there were no gunpowder particulates, proves, Jodi, never fired a gun, and, proves that, years later, without reciept of any new evidence, the three stooges, needed to release, their concealed proof, known all along, that, Jodi, never fired a gun, therefore, Jodi, gained no advantage, so as to overcome, Travis, the martial arts, kickboxer, wrestler, with, nearly eighty pounds weight advantage, fighting, for, his life… In addition, the recanted perjuries, despite your sugarcoating, was the excuse, known to be false, that, supposedly, validated, the at law, kidnapping of another states,’ kidnapping, and, not one of you Sheeple, demanded, a rescision, of, the extradition, negated, by the need to backpedal, the entire soap opera; now, later, as in years later, the Spaz, doublecrosses, the other two stooges, to, repudiate his own, made up, lies atv law, to, sleaze off, onto, the opposite claim; as if, he hadn’t been concealing it all along….. and, even with that suborned perjury, not a bleat was heard, from any of the courtroom, Sheeple….nor was there a motion to dismiss, or, to start over, with an actual crime, and, a valid extradition, not, excused, by the conspiratorial collusions, of, the three stooges….. with, an extradition, for, actual facts; not, concealed….. Edgrrr…

      • And…. the fact that, water was poured upon the blood, to feign, fresh blood, while actually, laundering footprints, in the wetted blood; proven, because, the brass shell was not wetted by either wet blood, dried blood, or laundered blood…. The Moron “I” mob, is really not too bright….. Snidely…Edgrrr…

    • Hi. This is the Amy that was here I think from the end of May until sometime into the summer. Since I saw another Amy here, I just wanted to check in and also say it’s a different Amybecause like I said Awhile back, I thought I saw that there was an Amy here earlier in the year, but I didn’t realize it until I looked atback posts. So, again, if I post here, I’ll call myself Amy 2.
      I’m still hoping the best for Jodi. I hope she will get a change of venue.
      I hope everyone is well.
      —Amy 2

      • Yes, the “May” Amy. The one that lost her son and grandpa a week apart and took time off to deal with it. I’m sorry if I caught everyone off guard by jumping back into the mix suddenly. I have never given up on Jodi. I stayed connected to a few FB groups through the summer but this is my first time back to this site.

        • Hi Amy. I am very sorry that you have suffered such terrible losses. I am glad that you are back posting on this site. I hadn’t posted in a while because I had to attend to some personal matters. Maybe in the new future I will choose to use a different name on this site to make it simpler since Amy is not my real name any way. But for the moment I’ll sign out as Amy 2.
          I’m happy to see so many people posting.
          I thought the recent tribute to Alyce was very touching. She definitely is an admirable woman.

        • What would that difference be? Webster’s has perjure as: willfully tell an untruth when giving evidence to a court.

          Lying on oath would subtract the willful part? Like, oops, I misremembered that?

            • Because, the complicity of the braindead judge, and the three million dollar bribed defense, have not moved on the prosecutorial semantics;….. That’s called ineffective legal representation; as in a denial of a right, even as laundering the criminalities of the hypnonauseating tapdancing, prostitutor….. Translated; they’re all officers of the court, who conspire, on the asininities of their anti trust monopoly, to defraud the rest of us…in the common bonds of their thieveries; who says, their crimes, don’t pay…???.. Edgrrr….

  6. Don’t overlook the fact that the spastic hypnonauseating carnival act, by the penguin in a tutu, doing his dancing with the stars, in his delusional, side show, precludes the need for evidence. Just comatoast the jurors brains, and, facts are meaningless; black becomes white, reality becomes whatever is the lie du jour…. The blood and the brass, proves that Jodi, did none of it. The near decapitation, was done by a man, with strength, equal to, Travis; not a Minnie Mouse. and, was done from the rear, not, from the front… The combined blood handprint, contained no gunpowder particulates, proving that neither, fired a gun. You can bet that the perjuries of the extradition, warrant, claimed, Jodi, shot, Travis, so as to overcome his obvious physical superiority, which actual evidence disproves, negating the lies in the indictment…and, voiding the whole soap opera; but, for this reverse engineered; “she’s guilty,” no matter what, the evidence proves; soap opera… has been the theme of Sir Spazalot, from day one. shucking and jiving, his spastic side show, carnival strobe act…hypnotrick… These were two crimes; first, a precision blood atonement, heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, “Eternal Soul Saving,” “Sacred” ritual, and, second, a haphazard, stabfest, of a dead body, four days after the kill, to, set Jodi, up, for it, the time element differential, determined, by how long it took for the blood puddle to become a dried island, so, the careening automatic pistol, ejected shell, to land upon, already dried blood. This fact, proves the stabbings and gunshot, were days after the kill, as also evidenced by the fact that post mortem “wounds,” don’t bleed… The fact that Spazalot, has 180ed his soap opera, proves, reasonable doubt… as does all the bogus window dressing, “special,” circumstances, negated, accordingty… considering, the precision kill, contradictory, to the pretend hysterics, of the four days after the fact, “set, Jodi, up…. scroll down….

    ‘, simpleminded ploy of a setup…haphazard, stabfest, and, also, bloodless, gunshot… proving that, since, Olive Oyl, didn’t shoot, Bluto, to get the advantage, then, how did she do the rest, as to the killing, and, even so, why, sit there for four days, contemplating, how, best to make itb look like she did it, when, she could have just driven away… He was already dead, so, why wait until a visitor, or room mate came home, so as to get caught; considering all that imaginary, premeditation…and, enough gasoline, to, torch the evidense, if, there had been any… ??? Also, why would she turn the rear license plate, upside down, to avoid getting stopped… ??? Edgar…

      • Thank you, Ray… it’s good to see that common sense still works, there in Wonderland… Put the spastic hypnonauseating prosecutor, into lie detector interrogation, and, find out, how, he can do a 180, without proving he was, or is, wrong, 50-50, and, alibi, that, half right, and, half wrong, in his feeble mind, does , not, prove, reasonable doubt… His spastic, Charlie Chaplin strobe act, put the jury into his coma, and, aborted the law… Free Jodi, and, imprison the Spaz…. Prove that my posts, did not make the lizards at law, admit their fraud; as if, their claims, were not, predicated, upon Arias bias, and, the perjured charges, were not, out of a 14 million voter, deference, concealment, of, Travis, pleading his perversions to the Bishop; whom, you’ll note, is cowering behind, “religious privilege;” concealing who, ratted Travis, out, to the Bishop; having, more of a motive, than, Jodi, could possibly have had; who had no problem, leading the motivational guru around by the short hairs… Read, The God Makers,” for the precision killings, of Anderson, and, Alexander… Travis, killed himself, balancing his piousity vs perversion, tap dance, and, was called upon to honor his eternal soul saving, blood atonement , oath, as, surely as if, he put a gun, to his own head… Read the books on Brigham Youngs” admonitions, and, deny it, if, you can…or, try to get the “church,” to confess, that the killings of those who pissed off the church, only symbolically, killed themselves, by submitting, to the words they swore to… as their heart was plunged; read the forensics, regarding, that precision… and, according to the oath, their throat was sliced from ear to ear, as their, blood ran down the side of their graves, or, down the shower drain… Now, whatwith, the parallel, of Anderson, and, Alexander, try to believe that, “symbolic,” does not mean literal; while you’re bleeding to death… That this soap opera, reeks of quasireligious and, quasilegal, fraudulent, due processes, so as to ensure reelection of the parasitic prosecutors, is a given; while, doing the persecution of, Jodi, for the “religious” corporation … That’ll show the Stepford wives, that,” when the Bishop speaks, the thinking has been done…” Shall I repeat, there is no way in LSD/LDS hell, that, Jodi, did, any of it… Edgrrr… And, the only thing circumstantial, is, Sir ad nauseam Spazalots,’ shucking and jiving hypnonauseating, carnival strobe act, to comatose the jury… Edgar…

        • In those kicking pictures of Travis being some idiot, he could really kick and was very fast. At any time, he could have kicked the gun or knife out of Jodi’s hand.
          BTW, thinking about kicking, seeing him kick like he did, I certainly can believe that he kicked Jodi and broke her finger.

          • Notice how all the facts are, now, being revealed, for this soap opera, tried, in reverse, with, reversed lies, and, concealed exculpatory evidence….miraculously, found, after five years, of three stooges, suborned perjuries…while the lizards at law, try to grow evidence, ??? …. Not one of which, was entered into the process…, for the appellate processera to clean up… That’s what a three million dollar bribe to the defense, buys, in, Arizona….. Snidely….. Edgrrr…

  7. I signed the petition! I hope it will make a difference.
    Just as an aside I ran across a murder case with an Angela Simpson. The heinousness of her crime cannot be surpassed: she tortured a guy for three days killing him in the end. I mean it’s truly mind-blowing, and she’s actually PROUD of her handiwork, she thinks what she did was right! And with all that she got life in prison!
    If the state of AZ applies the same yardstick to all cases, Jodi should be paroled in 10 years!

    • I just don’t understand how Angela Simpson got life and Jodi is looking at a possible DP


      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

      • Maybe she plead down without a trial. I think she admitted guilt and said sentence her. I’d have to double check though.

          • Jodi tried to plead to Murder 2/manslaughter with a low end sentence (low end for that charge being 15 years).

            I honestly think that seeking the death penalty, while it *might* have had a bit to do with the family’s wishes, was more heavily influenced by the kind of jury they’d get. A DP qualified jury is WAY more likely to convict, whether they end up giving the death penalty or not. It’s all about the win column for Martinez.

            • I guess it looks good on Martinez’s resume, So he can run for County Attorney or State Attorney General. I hope he chokes on it.

              Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia

              • Absolutely! It´s a matter of ´win at all costs´for him. Everything to do with politics, agendas and personal gain and little or nothing to do with justice. Not to mention justice for Jodi, Martinez doesnt give a shit about her. He wants to be over with it; the sooner the better, remember his face when the jury was hung??

        • “Confessing,” to guilt, for a crime, you didn’t commit, is the profession of lizards at law…. 97 percent of accused victims of organized crime at law are blackmailed by the lieyers, whose trust the accused bought and paid for. Three percent, stand on principle; a concept, unknown by the reptilion illiterati, who, then, put on an “officer of the court,” charade, called, “a trial…” Look at the Furman, confession of perjury, when all he had to say, was, nine years; not ten; I guess I can’t count…. so, OJ skates, and, Beverly Hills is still there….. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

      • Because, Ray, these lizards at law, are bowing down to the 14 million member voters… with, more money and, power than the state… and, their political careers, are more important than who these serial killers at law, murder, in the name of justice… Edgrrr…

      • Ray… Because the D.A. parasite, is grandstanding his attempted murder of an innocent girl, for the votes, of a fifteen million member cabal….. just think, of, all those voters….. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

    • The State of Arizona, like all States, is, the parasites who manipulate their Sheepl, because there is no policing the police, who, investigae themselves, and the other, at law, parasites…..Pandering to voters, is, is their career….. not, the dictates, of the oath of office they lied through…. Snidely….Edgrrr…

  8. Question: Did the State present any theory about how the blood got up and down the hallway?

    To those of us with brains it appears that Travis, after being shot and bleeding, is pursuing Jodi, first down the hallway toward the bedroom and then as she perhaps runs back through the closet into the bathroom, having found the knife, he comes back up the hallway and initiates the final attack. What is the State’s theory or do they even have one?

    • I say, he was tentatively executed, when being dragged off, perverting Jodi, and, dispatched, then and there, and, ran to the mirror, as he was dying; vain at last; thank God almighty, vain at last… Read the medical examiners’ analysis… all the pecking away was not part of the kill, but, was a coverup, to make it look like a woman, did it; clearly a dominate religions’ attitude; that a man couldn’t get so hysterical… Edgar… Just, more reasonable doubt….

    • The state’s theory ( as enacted on HLN ) is roughly that Jodi attacked Travis with a knife in the shower, Travis somehow went over to the basin, where Jodi stabbed him some more ( shallow wounds because her finger was hurting ), then Travis went down the hallway, where Jodi cut his throat.

      There are numerous unexplained things in this theory – the accidental picture of the bathroom ceiling ( that Juan said was during the fight in opening arguments, indicating the camera was on a strap round Jodi’s neck, but the strap was found unused in the camera bag).

      Then the blood spatter on the toilet, the blood pool near the toilet entrance, the blood pools near the linen cupboard entrance, who opened the linen cupboard during events and why, blood trails down each side of the hallway, and a thin diagonal blood trail on the carpet at the end of the hallway.

      Plus the photo where Travis is apparently holding his head up in the bathroom… Oh, well just about every piece of physical evidence there is in the bathroom and hallway.

      • And the whole of the states theory is a farce, because Horn’s theory that the bullet would have immediately incapacitated Travis was wrong. The bullet deflected (as you would expect) and never penetrated the Dura Mater.

        So the gunshot obviously was first, whatever you believe about Walmart and gas cans.

  9. I posted this a few days ago but want to iterate since I have something to add. I believe the key to all this lies with the nine stab wounds to the back (that the State claims Jodi did to him at the sink while he just stood there and did nothing to defend himself. GMFB!) Those wounds speak volumes about what was happening at that very moment in time. He was either wrapped around her or he was on top of her. Either way she was wailing away with the knife trying to get him off. And there is only one logical scenario that explains them ending up in either of those positions – he was attacking her.

    I was thinking it would be great to find a crime scene expert to dissect that crime scene, particularly the blood trail. What clues are there (beside the back wounds) that indicate what the sequence of events were? I immediately thought of Henry Lee but a little research online shows me that on January 10, 2013 Henry Lee pronounced on Nancy Grace’s show that the gun shot came last because of the position of the shell on top of the blood. I am amazed that a man of his caliber and expertise (not to mention common sense) doesn’t see how during a violent fight in a confined area the bullet may have been moved to a secondary location? What’s wrong with these people? Have they ALL gone mad?

    At any rate, anyone have any ideas where we might find an “expert” who hadn’t already found her guilty on January 10th without even thoroughly investigating the scene?

    • You are correct about the back wounds, they very strongly imply Jodi and Travis were face to face.

      Now you could somehow argue that Travis was defending himself by trying to kill Jodi… the same way that Jodi is arguing that she was defending herself and was forced to kill Travis.

      I’m an amateur expert. I do this sort of stuff (it’s hard to do it real-time when the trial is on, especially with mostly low quality photos). I am working with Ron Hendry finding new stuff that Ron missed in Amanda Knox’s case. I mean he found a lot, plenty, but there are some new details I found for him. He is a really nice guy, but he is retired, and is obviously now very frail. When Amanda’s case is over, I’m hoping he will endorse some of my stuff. He is much too old and frail to give evidence for Jodi though.

      “Ron Hendry is a retired Forensic Engineer (aka Accident Reconstructionist) with 28 years of experience at evaluating and reconstructing serious to fatal incidents based on the physical evidence. Mr. Hendry is a degreed Mechanical Engineer who held a Professional Engineering License during his consulting career. His body of work was primarily with regard civil litigation matters. However, his work has required him to interact extensively with police and review their reports, interview witnesses, review autopsy reports, and review statements and depositions of witnesses and experts. Ron has extensive experience in evaluating incidents from scene photos and witness testimony in cases where the physical evidence was no longer around. In several instances, Ron has evaluated injuries of those involved to ascertain how they occurred.”


      You can see our discussion on Ron’s FB page.

        • I have recently been considering a new possibility, that Jodi went to get the knife at some point to make a bandage for Travis’ head wound, and opened the linen cupboard door to get something to use as material, but then Travis attacked her again. Then the fatal fight begins with Jodi trapped in the linen cupboard entrance, stabbing at Travis’ back.

          Obviously there is quite speculative, to put it mildly, but seems to fit the evidence quite well, and explains better why Jodi came to have the knife. Up to now I assumed Jodi picked up the knife to defend herself, but I wonder if this is a more likely alternative.

          • Good thought! I have been wondering about that closet door being open.

            (I have also been wondering why Martinez made a point of discussing Travis’ business card found inside that closet.)

    • Justus… Don’t contradict yourself; could have been, equals, might not, have been… as in reasonable doubt. With all the blood, it is more reasonable to note that, the shell would have gotten a wet blood smear on it while bouncing around the room, or, and, hall… if, the gunshot had been before the pouring blood, and, would have been covered with blood; more likely than the bullet shell, flying around the place, looking for a dry place to land. Regardless, its’ flight, ended atop, dried blood, and, the gunshot, didn’t bleed, so, add up the whereases and wherefores, and, the least explanation is ” what if;” as in, reasonable doubt… Edgar…

    • Elizabeth A. Murray comes to mind, she is a renowned Forensic Anthropologist. I really like her style. I know she teaches but I have no idea if she gets involved in media frenzy type of cases. I purchased her lectures ( Trails of Evidence: How Forensic Science Works ) about a year ago and enjoyed them very much, she explains everything in a simple comprehensive way.
      Here are a few links:

  10. Then there’s the duct tape, as in the Jon Benet Ramsey case… Nobody ever removed duct tape from a roll, without a firm grasp nof the sticky side as well as the other side of the tape; leaving, fingerprints, stuck on the tape… also, fingernails hold fingerprints, as well… Why wasn’t a tape analysis, done…? Edgar…

      • There was a piece of duct tape found on the bathroom floor, I believe. Some think it was used to attach that bodybugg to Travis’ upper arm.

        • And, some believe that Travis’s hands were duct taped into, prayer mode; supporting, the blood atonement ritual… which forensics could have proved or disproved, by analysis of hairs, pulled out, by the tape, removal, while laundering the crime scene…..that is if the conspirators were not, all, pandering to the same cabal; at law…… Edgrrr….

    • What about the knife that was never found? It could have had fingerprints on it too, OR they could have done a simple test to see what was at the house. Every time they spoke of the knife, they showed the dishwasher? If Jodi “supposely” put the camera in the washer, why wouldn’t the knife have been there? I never believed about the magic camera or the knife.
      I never believed that Jodi drug his body, I know it couldn’t happen in the first place and in the second, WHY??

      • I believe Jodi put Travis in the shower and cleaned him up because she wanted to minimise the shock to whoever discovered Travis’ body.

        I believe she also put the stair gate in place to ensure Napoleon couldn’t get up there.

        In the defense narrative, there is no time limit for how long Jodi had to move Travis’ body to the shower from just outside the linen cupboard.

        • I don’t see how she “put” him in the shower. If she drug him, which is also impossible, he couldn’t be sitting like that. Another botched investigation for NOT getting fingerprints.
          The dishwasher, doorknobs and shower door.
          All of the really questionable things just almost make me believe Jodi is either covering someone OR someone threatened her family. That’s just my opinion.

        • Well, there’s a bit of a time limit, because Enrique got home between six and six-thirty, and in that time she also had to clean herself up a bit, start the load of bloody laundry, etc.

          But, gee bee, it’s not the dragging him TO the shower that’s in question. It’s getting him INTO that cramped space, and posing him as he was found, without causing several scrapes and bruises to his body. The only bruises were on his legs, There was a small scrape on one arm, and a more significant scrape above one heel. I haven’t seen a photo of the scrape on the arm, but the scrape above the heel is consistent with it having been pulled across that metal lip of the shower door frame. But how weird is that? I mean, she dragged the bulkiest, heaviest part of him into that shower without ANY scrapes to his back, his buttocks, or his upper legs, but then scraped his heel – when lifting his feet over that rim should have been the easy part?

      • What about, no blood being found in the rental car, because that would have proven, Jodi, “had no part, in it.” …Edgrrr…

  11. I signed the petition and read the full report and also posted the report to my Twitter. The hate Tweets should commence momentarily.
    If people would stop looking at this case emotionally and actually look at the facts they’d see how asinine and full of lies the State’s case really is.

    • Sorry…. I was not aware of any petition…. and, no doubt, many concerned people probabably weren’t as well….. ??? …Edgrrr… Count me in; my blogs, speak for themselves; free Jodi, and, lock them all, up…..

  12. It’s a clear fact that Judge Stephens allowed Travis’ family members to actually testify from the gallery (no more than a few feet from the jury), rolling their eyes and displaying expressions of disapproval whenever a defense witness said something they disagreed with. Being that this was “testimony” the defense had no chance to cross examine, I think this alone should call for an overturn of the conviction.

    It’s all right there on video. It would be interesting, for someone with the time, inclination and know-how, to create a full length feature of their facial expressions (along with perhaps what it is they are “testifying” about.)

    • What happened with the families was one of the many examples of double standards. Jodi’s family was NOT allowed to make any kind of facial expression WHATSOEVER ,they were strictly admonished to keep a poker face. Even if their eyes met Jodi they were not allowed to show any kind of emotion,let alone smile to her or show their support.(and this is not a hypothesis on my part, it is a FACT)
      On the other hand, when it comes to the Alexanders and the way they carried themselves during this trial (regarding their facial expressions) thank God everything is on video as you said!

      Sandy was accused of being stone-faced, cold, not a caring mother while the Alexanders’ violation of the law resulted in waves of sympathy instead of waves of protest!
      How obsene is that?!?!?!?!?

    • Yes, you are right. Did you see Trayvon Martin’s Parents do that? Did you see Vashti Seacat’s family do that? No, because it is not allowed. It is a clear violation of Jodi’s fair trial rights. This is not just uncontrolled emotion. They were doing it all the time. They were looking directly at the jury and communicating without words. The first thing? The jury member says “I’m sorry”.

  13. Stopped in to sign the petition and to say hello. It’s nice to see you posting again Edgar. With summer almost over life will be calming down and I can get back here more often. ♥

  14. I received my second correspondence from Jodi today and this time it was a letter!! My heart breaks for her because I can tell that she’s a good person who fell into a horrible situation and is now being treated like an enemy combatant or something. All due to wild speculation which was reported as fact by the media, outright lies told by the prosecution team, the shameless courtroom antics of the family, the un-sequestered tweeting jury and the piss poor excuse for a judge that allowed it. This is a parody of a trial and the sad thing is no one will admit it!! Shame on you AZ and if this stands, shame on you America!!

  15. (((((((((((MARIA♥))))))))))))))

    I got a letter from Jodi today!! She said that she would love to write to you two in Greece. She told me that the extra security was for her protection and not the other way around she is no threat. She seems to be doing well and in good spirits, very busy with all the mail she gets.


    Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia. 😀

    • ((((((Ray))))))) fantastic news!!!!

      I know that Maria has recieved a letter from Jodi.

      I am still working on mine. I am trying to write a funny letter to cheer her up! 😉

      Thanks for mentioning us to her! You are a great friend!

    • (((((((((((((( Ray )))))))))))))

      You are awesome!! Writing to Jodi is very complicated for us, but I have managed to communicate with her 😉 Now, I’m gonna help Pandora too but if we need your help can we rely on you to help us witrh the postcards???? Oh, I know I dont have to ask…..
      Love you, Ray! ♥

        • gerry unless you have an american friend willing to go to the post office, get those metered postcards,send them to you so that you can write and send them back to him/her, I dont think there’s any other way… 🙁 I dont know if you have metered postcards where you live; there’s no such thing in Greece for example.

          • Maria you and Pan let me know how many postcards you want they are .37 cents each. but for y’all they are on me :-D♥

            Ray in H-burg Va.

      • ((((MARIA♥PANDORA♥)))))
        You are right you don’t even have to ask YES YES YES!!!!
        Whatever I can do all you need do is ask, and consider it done

        (((((CYBER FAMILY♥♥))))))

        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

      • I think there’re just different goal points set. When I signed last night I was number 199 and it said ‘1 needed’. This morning I checked to see if we’d gotten the one, and it said there were 202 signatures with 298 needed. If it was down to 94 when you signed, that means there’d been 204 since I checked earlier!

  16. A short summary of Richard’s points, with a few of my own added:

    The blood seen in Travis’ ear means the gunshot came first.

    The intact dura mater means the gun shot did not penetrate the brain, so it would not incapacitate Travis.

    “Multiple serial sections of the autolyzed brain do not reveal the presence of grossly apparent trauma…” also implies that.

    If Dr. Horn had discovered a bullet-produced rupture in the dura mater, he would have stated the location of the rupture, the size of the rupture, and the nature of the rupture (laceration, puncture, jagged, smooth, etc).

    So it cannot be a typo.

    Generally, a .25 caliber bullet will deflect off the skull bone and become trapped between the skull and the scalp.

    The blood spray in the sink could only come from the gun shot wound.

    And then there is the blood spatter on the toilet, and pool of blood near the toilet, as well.

    All of this indicates the gun shot was first, consistent with Jodi’s testimony.

    And it’s just nuts to steal a gun to murder someone and then attack a very powerful person with a knife.

      • A good chance for appeal…??? A system, of the lieyer, by the lieyer, for the lieyer, interpreted, by the lieyer, and, en-farced, by the lieyer, proves, prisons full of innocent people, is, otherwise…Jodi already did five years of bogus trial and prosecutorial criminalities; tried, then recanted, as if, five years of a railroad job, is, no big deal….Note, no big hurry, by the appeal dudes…..and, not one honest, lieyer, has come forward, to, right this wrong….. indicating that there might be no such thing, as an honest lieyer…. Maybe we should turn the supreme court, over to all the law schools, for those with ideals, and, delusions of GLIB-erty, and, JUST-ICE, for all….. ..Edgrrr….

  17. In the motion for change of venue, Nurmi cites an AZ Supreme Court ruling that just came down on Aug 21, State v Paine I think it was. Paine’s appeal was based on the fact that a motion for change of venue was denied, presenting the opinion that it should not have been. AZSC denied the appeal, saying the case hadn’t met the criteria for change of venue, and goes on to describe a case that WOULD meet that criteria.

    I swear the AZ Supremes were all thinking of and describing to a T State v Arias.

    So I am very curious to see where Stephens is going to go with that one. Seems risky for her to stay in her comfort zone of ruling for the state, but the waters outside of her comfort zone are cold and stormy – agreeing to ANY of these motions would amount to admitting she was wrong in earlier rulings.

    • Were we ever able to tell with Stephens?? All other motions fell to deaf ears!
      September the 16th will be extremely interesting, to say the least…

    • I’m wondering if she will think, good, I’m out of here…who knows.

      At the status hearing June 20, I had the impression Jodi was happier than the judge.

      Remarkable really… I mean Jodi’s situation is not great on paper.

      Just goes to show material things are not everything.

  18. I remember the article he wrote in May. Innocence: An Argument for Jodi. or was it SJ? I thought at the time he was very educated in all aspects of the trial and the evidence too. So glad he has made an effort to help! Thank you Richard Speights!

  19. Hello my cyber family.I am still confused as to when this whole “retrial” so to speak of the “penalty phase” is going to take place. Does anyone here actually know?The whole thing will be just as ridiculous if not more so this time around. I mean by now their isn’t a person in this country that has not heard about and formed an opinion of the case. How in the world will they be able to find a fair and impartial jury? My gut says they can not.! On the bright side, I have an idea. When the retrial of the penalty phase starts we should all put our headlights on during the day, while driving, in support and solitude for Jodi.. I think that would be a good way to show our support without stooping to some pathetic, attacking level that i am sure the HATER camp already has planned out. What to you guys thinK/ Love ya, Jesse

    • It’s also be awesome if more of her supporters could travel to AZ in order to be present on the 16th!! I know it made her extremely happy to see the ones who were present the previous 3 times.
      I wish I lived in the USA 🙁

      (((((((((( JODI ♥ ))))))))))))

        • (BTW – sorry for always adding a space in your name. If I don’t I invariably have to argue with my auto-correct, and I’m sure you would not recognize some of the alternatives it comes up with – it’s a pain in the butt. But gee is a word and bee is a word so it lets me slide if I add the space!)

  20. beegee2,

    I answered something way up this thread we were writing about. The whole subject is so upsetting. I wanted to tell u so u could read my post.

    Thank you,

  21. A response to:

    “She had to lie about the gas can return because she wanted to prove she didn’t plan her trip. ”

    If it wasn’t true, she would have made up a better lie that could not be disproved. She could for example have said

    “I think I left in in the Walmart car park by mistake when I got back to my car”

    That would be nigh impossible to disprove. She has had 5 years to think up a good lie, right? I just thought that up in 10 seconds. And I’m a lousy liar.
    And she is such a good ornate liar, Juan Martinez assures us of that.
    This type of reasoning is why I am sure Jodi did return the gas can, and the Walmart Lady Amanda Webb only looked at the tills that relocated to N. Main.

  22. Don’t forget to sign the petition and forward to your friends so we can get this thing going! We need to do our part in all of this too. Thanks everybody! Come on TEAM JODI !!!! 🙂

  23. Man, have I kicked the hornets nest on Twitter over posting Richard Speights Essays and the posting of the petition. I’m getting hate Tweets like I’ve never had before. The haters must be worried to be making as many comments as they are about it. Trying to blow it off and trivialize everything Speight wrote. Check out my Twitter page if you are interested in what they are saying …..or not. So what if Horn perjured himself. So what if Martinez and Stephens are corrupt. Travis was a saint and Jodi is Satan.
    I haven’t replied to much of it. I mainly just post my opinions about how upset they are for people that don’t see any problems with Jodi’s trial and the bogus death verdict but hate the thoughts of a retrial.

    Ignorance of the Sheep is about as harsh a comment as I made.

    Love you Jodi! Always.

  24. Pandora and Maria,

    When Jodi is set free I want to come to Greece and celebrate with you. The both of you are such incredible supporters of hers and I appreciate reading the comments you post. I sure hope she knows how much people care about her and are fighting for her freedom. I am hoping for good news on the 16th.

    • Hey there Jay!

      Thank you for your kind words!

      Yes, a celebration will be appropriate with Jodi as our honored guest! (Hopefully very very soon!)

      I am honored that Jodi does know of Maria’s and my existance!
      Maria already communicates with her and thanks to a couple of my friends here from our cyber home, Jodi has asked to communicate with me too! It’s so exciting!

      Jodi does not see us all as a mass of supporters but wants to have the chance to meet each and everyone of us personally even if it is via mail for the time being. She is a true kind, loving, caring woman that has something nice to say about everyone.

      As you, so am I hoping for some good news on the 16th. We’ve had our share of bad news – isn’t it time for the tables to turn and have some real true justice served?There is no room for ‘turning a blind eye’ to the injustice that Jodi has had until this day. It has to stop and hopefully the 16th will be that day where we can say: “Finally! Jodi is getting a fucking break from all the corruption and witch trial!”.

  25. Ok, Team Jodi the signatures are still at 225 why is this so hard???? Its like pulling teeth! We need more signatures! FREE JODI! Come on everybody!

  26. They´re a BIG MAFIA they stick toguether like glue…
    They don´t want to admit their crime. The goverment can make their laws, kill innocent people in Irak and all over the place. They´re taking advange of the situation.

    They´re fucking mother fuckers… I don´t like them because the way they´re… FALSH, they wear their clothes reverse, they don´t won´t you to see their mistakes and they don´t want to admited either. Those sons and bitchs of vultures birds that like to eat the dead… THEY´RE NOT HUMANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Including the media you can put them into the same pot.

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