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With today being a holiday in the US… a hearing scheduled for tomorrow… and the circus returning to town again on Wednesday — leave your thoughts & comments below on the current state of affairs regarding Jodi’s retrial.

Judge Pickles previously stated a “finish date” of Feb 25th-26th – which is currently only 9-10 days away. How accurate that’ll turn out we have no idea, but I’d nevertheless still opt for a March conclusion – after which we can plan ahead regarding the appeals process, and add another $1m or so to the AZ taxpayers bill to fix all this BS. That’ll be in addition to the millions of dollars they’ve already pissed away on a basic self-defense case that should never have even gone to trial in the first place.

In the meantime, here’s a replay of Gus Searcy’s appearance on “Greta” from back in October 2013.

As you’ll no doubt remember… Gus pleaded the 5th during his testimony. That was due to him trying to protect Charmaine Juban, after Chris Hughes verbally threatened her with all manner of unpleasant repercussions if she testified regarding what she knew. Mormon-Pedo cover-up? Had she witnessed TA’s temper first-hand? Did she know about TA & Sky? How about TA’s “age of preference” (which Sky mentioned) when it came to his pedo-cravings? The plot thickens, so to speak.

So, the video below features an interesting interview with Gus — his thoughts on the events of June 4th 2008 (from 6:40 onwards)… the court of public opinion, additional witnesses, the big Mormon cover up and the media coverage. Sounds very much like there are numerous witnesses out there to TA’s vile temper that have been “warned off” against testifying. Gus covers this from 8:06 onwards:

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  1. So true, Gus….there are a lot of other women (Mormon women) who know about TA’s temper and violent outbursts that are remaining silent by choice or by threat….IMHO

    • I’m still wondering if he has the date wrong of when Jodi called him. But he seems like a stand up guy. I really think he knows more about these women who could help Jodi. I hope they can live with themselves.

      • I was wondering about that too….he states that on the day of the murder or was it Greta stating that in her question or both?? that Jodi called him early in the morning??? I would think it would have to have been the day after and even then she would not have been in Northern CA she would have been in Utah or on her way to Utah to see Ryan…or do I have that wrong?

      • Cindy,

        Gus Searcy made his original fortune as a stage magician in Las Vegas.
        I haven’t found a compelling reason to trust him completely, yet.
        He and TA are each the objects of their own creation. They aren’t “REAL.” Holographs? Just sayin’
        In fact, that whole GANG strikes me as being self-inventions.

        I do think Gus would be a convenient resource for a powerful corporation that needs, from time to time, to secretly move a body, both off-site to be ritualized, and then back again to be “discovered.” lol He’s also exceptionally skilful at milking the new Legal Shield cash cow, and charming recruits.

        Let’s see if he is also skillful at keeping the FBI at bay. Between that MLM attracting the feds regarding is “mathematical certainty” to impoverish rather than enrich, there’s this business of C.H.’s Soldier Hollow Charter School attracting feds with complaints of child sex abuse. (Not to worry, a few assigned positions were changed around and those kids are back to getting their above-average education!)

        I keep thinking of the utility of those huge under-temple basements.
        I have read, in regard to Kennedy’s assassination, that the very same “move out : bring back” operation took place with JFK’s body. It was “snatched” from the coroner’s table and hidden remotely while performing a bit of Hollywood “re-staging.” Just imagine that!

        The physical evidence was altered using surgical stiletto and morticians’ putty (sounds familiar)?
        By repositioning and realigning the entrance/exit wounds, the returned body now, more conveniently matched the assassins’ new story re the bullet path, and from where the bullet had been fired.

        The above “body-moved-first” strategy is Miss Pajama Girl’s primary motif. Sounds as good as any other theory to me. The problem our side is having now, is that the closer we get to the real truth, the more crazy we look. And that’s because . . . . .”truth is stranger than fiction” Ha! Ha!

        I want to know how long Dr. Carl B. Hiaat’s two sons were living WITH TA, and when and why they moved out! Hiaat is the GANG’s plastic surgeon, and TA’s Mesa daddy. Just makes me think of throat-cutting for some reason.

  2. Something has been running through my mind.

    Melendez said the only two photos that were UPSIDE DOWN were the mystery photos. He said he found them in the unallocated space of deleted photos. To me it was egregious error or deliberate that he didn’t take a screenshot of that entire set of thumbnail photos–all the photos that were in that unallocated space. This would be to show that only those 2 photos were upside down. There is no excuse that he couldn’t have taken a screen shot and created an evidence photo or photos that could have been shown in court and examined previous to trial by the defense. To show the relationship of those 2 photos to the others.
    Since he hadn’t, how do we know those photos were upside down? Take HIS word for it? This flat out proven liar? It’s bad enough that the time stamps were “transferred” manually.

    So my question is, how do we know we are looking at those photos in the proper orientation? We have nothing actually done by the CAMERA to compare it against. Did he rotate them 180 degrees before the time stamp was put on? To give his view of how he wanted them to look?

    In the manual for Alexander’s Sony camera, there is an “auto orientation feature.” When it is turned on, it keeps the picture in proper orientation. When it is off, the camera will save the image as the way the camera is being held.


    From the manual …..

    When the camera is rotated to shoot a portrait
    image, the camera records its position change
    and displays the image in the portrait position.

    Depending on the shooting angle of the camera, the orientation of the image may not be
    recorded correctly.

    Auto Orientation
    Records the image with the correct orientation.

    Auto Orientation deactivated.

    Was that feature turned on or off on the camera? Did the camera correct the image? Cameras such as security cameras are often turned upside down when they’re mounted and have a “flip inverter” setting that makes the image right side up

    If those dragging images truly WEREN’T upside down or Melendez dicked around with them, we have a whole new set of issues. I have shown it was almost impossible for that shutter button to be depressed if the camera was upside down with the facts as they were.

    Something bothers me about this.

    • Jade it’s 2 pictures one over the other and the stripe is a cops leg. You were right about the camera not being able to take a picture by kicking it or how ever. You have to manually press the button down. I honestly feel that BN went through all of the pictures. We just might hear more about this pic. from hell yet.

      • Do we have any way of knowing:

        1. Which pictures were taken with “Official MCPD Crime scene investigation camera(s)
        2. Which pictures were taken with the new $500 Sony
        3. Which pictures were taken with Jodi’s general use professional camera, which would be a different time period.

        4. Who has the right to have custody of that piece of bloody palm print wall board?
        Prosecution or defence team? How is that bloody board supervised/secured to prevent evidence tampering by the State?

        5. How much damage was done to defence by passively allowing prosecution to pass of cop uniform
        pant leg pictures, as “Jodi’s leg”? across both trials? One person thinks the “tiny foot” is a dried blood pool. I agree. There was a demonstration/discussion of how a characteristic of drying blood puddling is those internal circles that are formed.

        6. Will the defence be able to get all their evidence back from the State to bring forward into the appeals process?

    • We can’t know and we can’t take Melendez’s word for anything !!!….the state did not preserve the evidence properly either willfully or by incompetence but it doesn’t matter bc once evidence is destroyed/altered/tampered with/withheld/hidden it all is Brady violations…….and you are right the camera shutter button can NOT be depressed upside down, that is a FACT ! How the state has gotten away with all this egregious violations in their handling of the evidence is astounding…but it will not be lost on the appellate court….IMHO the reason that the state claimed that those were the only two photos that were upside down is a CYA move so that if the DT were to discover or get their hands on the original evidence it would help explain why the state had to mess with them……..CYA….just like they CYA’d on the computer evidence in the 2009 meeting with the first DT so they could claim if they ever needed to if anyone ever found out some of the truth that the DT were present and blame them when the hard drive was turned on and evidence lost…it is all a set up and CYA….it is the most intricate collusion on the part of the state to hide the truth……IMHO

    • Photo 162 has always bothered me, Jade. It’s the impossible photo, Jodi couldn’t have taken it and been in it too! It was definitely a set up, that photo. I really hope we hear more about it.

  3. I can also recommend a great tool to zoom images. I love it.

    It’s only available in Firefox and it’s called IMAGE ZOOM.

    If you want to get it, click tools….then “add ons”
    In the seach box, search for image zoom ……there are many with different names. You want only the words “image zoom.”

    Go to the bottom of the page, it says see all 296 results. Click that.
    The 1st one on the list is the one you want. Just add it to Firefox.

    It will zoom any image where many other tools won’t. What you do is hold down your right mouse click.
    Rolling the scroll wheel toward you will zoom the image…rolling away from you will make it smaller.

    Then by holding down your left click, you can grab the picture and drag it around.

    I use it constantly.

    • I use Foxfire and I have a Mac. Quickly looking at the ‘add on’ list I didn’t see IMAGE ZOOM. Do you know if it is available for a Mac or if not, can you suggest an alternative?

    • On a 32 bit Linux box with Slackware Linux 13.1 distro and Firefox updated to v35.0.1
      the simplest way to install the “Image Zoom” addon/extension is to use the IxQuick search
      utility (no Google here thanks) and just enter :”firefox image zoom” then click on
      “Image Zoom :: Add-ons for Firefox” and you will be stepped through it.

      Dunno if this will work for other configurations, but I was having no luck with the
      Original Poster’s method due to Firefox version differences probably.

      Certainly I don’t want to confuse anyone or be argumentative.

      Incidentally, I got a letter from Jodi the other day…………

  4. If you plan on killing someone, you need to set up an alibi. Jodi insisted during the interrogation with Flores that she didn’t hurt Travis yet Gus is stating that she phoned him at 3:30am, June 5 and told him: “Travis is dead.” Gus also said that Jodi was 1200 miles away from Travis’s place in northern California when she called him. Obviously, something is wrong with that story unless Jodi was told by someone that Travis was dead and she wasn’t at his place at the time of his death at all. She couldn’t have been at Travis’s place when he died unless she drove about 125 miles per hour for 9.5 straight hours or Travis didn’t die when the police said he did. I think Gus later changed part of the story he told Greta but I can’t recall right now what he changed. It appears that Jodi had no alibi unless she could prove she was 1200 miles away from Travis’s place when she called Gus. Or, at least out of time/driving distance from Travis’s place when he died. During the interrogation, Flores claimed Jodi’s rental car had a GPS system that would prove where she was at different times of her trip. But, I believe she refused to have a GPS system in the car because of the extra cost. And, her story around the time of Travis’s death that she got lost, ran out of gas and slept in the car, while possible, is weak.
    So, all this and the mess in Travis’s house, points at a spontaneous event that lead to Jodi defending herself against an attack by Travis or like Gus said, Jodi just lost it for some reason. Either way, it wouldn’t be a death penalty case. When you watch her interrogation where she says over & over she wouldn’t hurt Travis and she wasn’t there, she sounds very, very convincing.

    • Finally caught up with you and I can not understand how anyone could have found her guilty. The picture alone would not prove one thing to me, so what was wrong with the jury? Did they just zone out or were they watching too much HLN and Nasty Disgrace!

      • R. Happy you still have power!!!

        All hypothetical. He never proved his case.
        There is so much reasonable doubt. Jodi was convicted through the media before the trial even began. The truth will come out. Jodi will be free.

        Gus did bring up some good points. If she had come to kill him she would do it in her sleep. I do not believe she killed him. I don’t think she really knows what happened.

      • R,
        I don’t think Jodi’s jury understood their job. From their comments, many believed their job was to get the death penalty for Jodi and that’s why “spiked hair” lady apologized to Travis’s family. They also seemed to bond with Travis’s family members as 3 of them partied with the Alexander clan after the trial and some of them are still hanging out with his family today. Plus, Jodi is very attractive (jurors are often biased against attractive female defendants), she’s Latina (in Arizona!!!) & Travis, a Mormon, was killed in Mormon country. Plus, jurors misunderstood Martinez’s pacing and shouting as passion. In other words, some jurors were out of their depth (to put it kindly).

            • Oh! that is amazing. Our power company likes to put things off like replacing poles and transformers that need to be updated until there is a STORM! I always feel sorry for the linesmen out working in this stuff! One year in the winter I was standing out at one of our trees holding a flashlight while the worker climbed the pole to fix our transformer. I would have baked him cookies but we had no power! LOL He didn’t even have a helper with him. It was snowing and sleeting and there he was hanging up there on our pole working. They put their lives on the line for us all everyday but people only notice them when they need them. ((((((Utility Linesmen))))))) ♥

          • One thing you are right about, Jodi is a naturally beautiful young woman and other women love to hate. Pitiful. I have never understood that. This is all about a IMO close knit community of Mormons and PPL or Legal Shield members. I do believe that Sky Hughes has run a large campaign to promote Hate for Jodi. She will have to answer to God for her misguided & false statements against Jodi. These women who have chosen to be silent about what they know should be ashamed of themselves and they too will have to answer to God. Sad thing is they think they are going to Planet Kolob where they believe they will become Gods themselves! SMH How does anybody deal with people who have put their faith into such a cult?

            • R.
              That is so true about women! It’s disgusting.
              The mormons tell you that you can’t drink coffee, but they sure
              feel it’s ok to lie and protect them,
              Are they kidding me?
              What is wrong with people?

        • Cold Case 53 said:
          “I don’t think Jodi’s jury understood their job.”

          Cold Case,
          You have nailed this one. BINGO
          I see two imbedded problems causing that. And our group is already articulating this.
          The culture of HATE was so thick back then, and emotions running so high, that the jury was literally insane to the point their thinking brain had been replaced with their menu of all the reasons that TA was created from gold dust; he had been so special, that there would never be another mortal with his potential to fill the void. They were certain they had personally lost the only meaning in their lives.
          A difference now is the passage of time since the actual event happened.
          A whole lot of evidence has come out since then. They will try their hardest not to believe what has come out, but the hard evidence has to leave little chinks in their minds that what they “lost” wasn’t all that had thought it was. It is embarrassing to have to face this in front of your “foe,” Tjhey’ll be defensive. They need our empathy. Just keep thinking soft thoughts.

          It seems to me that by carefully choosing how we approach this, the “talking points” and all, as it is winding down, the hate culture can be softened to an extent.

          What I mean by that is: When I reflect on how, IF, the dialogue is driven by either side as an “US against THEM” mind set, it invites resistance and we all loose. I have been wondering, would it have any effect if we were to adopt a focus that emphasizes that BOTH Jodi and Travis are the actual VICTIMS in this Shakespearean Tragedy. All of us; all of us; every last one, have let these children down. They obviously needed something from us that we didn’t bring to the table. We weren’t available in the deepest sense. It is a FACT that this tragedy is NOT about a single victim. Throw out our judgements and our selfish needs to feel superior and proclaim loudly and clearly that THERE ARE TWO VICTIMS. As the “adults in the room” we need to just make it an “assumption” that both sides have rational thinking adults present, and all of us have a responsibility to show our young people a way to live without hating. Honor these two victims by acknowledging the crushing burden we all bear together, our need for resolution. Compassion should be served up freely.

          What I am talking about is neither audible nor visible. It is a mind set. It will take discipline on our side, but I believe it can make a difference. It might even throw them off enough that they respond 🙂

          PS Cold Case:That post above (at least it’s above on my end) wore me out. I’ll be back to discuss the quality problem with how well jury instructions are being understood. I hope someone will have some say-so about how that can be fixed, the authority to actually do something about it. It should be taken seriously. It strikes me that the folks with the most at stake, the defence, have no role to play in communicating with the “system.” We shouldn’t have to accept being silenced if jury instructions are of poor quality to the point of not being comprehensible.

    • She was traumatized. Of course she killed him. People tell lies all the time to police in order not to admit guilt. What an increasing number of people around here are doing is in effect calling JA a liar on the stand by swallowing the silly intruder story. It is really sad how the level of discussion on this site has deteriorated since the original trial. There came on board to this site a couple of people who frankly have a conspiracy bent thinking she didn’t kill TA at all and were not here originally. SJ has some great insights, as do Pandora and Jade, to name a few. But the conspiracy theorists are more and more taking over. It’s really not in JA’s interest in the long run.

      • FYI tonysam:

        Though nobody here is a fan of Dr. DeMarte, DeMarte diagnosed Jodi with Borderline Personality Disorder, and the defense team has embraced that diagnosis – is, in fact, using that diagnosis as a mitigator.

        One very strong element of BPD – one that we’ve seen clearly displayed in Jodi – is dissociation.

        Excerpted from:

        Dissociation flies in the face of pure logic and can appear irrational, illogical and counter-intuitive. Dissociation may mean believing or imagining that something very real does not exist or it can mean believing that something very false does. Whole blocks of memories can be ignored, rearranged or reinvented at a time.

        People who dissociate may appear to behave like pathological liars. However, the difference is people who dissociate to a certain degree believe the lies they tell. Because for them, the lies are emotionally accurate, and are a true rendering of how they feel, rather than factually accurate.

        end excerpt

        In short, people with untreated BPD tend to live in their emotional truths. And if a person with BPD is the only one who knows the truth of a particular event, the truth might be very hard to get at – because the mind of the person with BPD will rearrange the truth according to their emotional needs.

        I have ALWAYS held to the same opinion espoused by Dr. Fonseca – I cannot rely solely on what Jodi has said at ANY time – under oath or not – because she has told different stories. To me a clear symptom of her illness. I have ALWAYS weighed anything Jodi’s said against what the EVIDENCE says. The EVIDENCE says that Jodi could not have singlehandedly done what was done to Travis in the short space of time the EVIDENCE suggests.

        Things do not add up. We have not heard the whole truth from anyone.

      • No reasonable person could believe Jodi killed TA; the evidence doesn’t add up. Why are some people so quick to silence anyone who casts reasonable doubt on the state of AZ’s plot to kill Jodi? That is disturbing. I am tired of being slapped for entertaining the belief that Jodi did not kill TA. Many people had reason to want TA dead; he was having affiars with married women, involved in a Ponzi scheme,and tainting the mormon Church with his sexual deviance. This site is in NO WAY deteriorating. This is the ONE place in which the truth may be spoken.

      • tonysam,

        like you I too do not believe in the intruders story. I believe Jodi acted in self-defense, given the gact that TA had previously and repeatedly abused her physically. He was a ticking bomb and now that Jodi was moving on with her life (wehn his was falling apart) he just lost it and attacked her in the most terrifying way ever! She fought back and survived. She could have easily been killed that day and now Travis would be on that stand, defending himself in that courtroom.

        I have many questions when I think about both versions of the June 4th events. This is precisely why the M1 verdict NEVER sat right with me (not to mention the lack of evidence for premeditation)

        HOWEVER, I cannot ask nor can I complain when I see peeps here entertaining the intruders/mormon cover-up story. All posters have amazing insight, I like reading what they have to say, the evidence they try to dissect, the proof they provide to support what they believe happened.I sometimes refrain from commenting, simply because I don’t have anything to write coz I just don’t share their thoughts. Or (in the case of the photos) I just don’t see what they see – literally LMAOOO! I have tried multiple times to look at those photos and see what supporters say they see, but all I come up with is just blurry smudges 😆

        I don’t see it as “deterioration” nor do I see it as stifling of my opinion. No one here has tried to stifle anyone.

        In fact (as I have said before) if anything, our difference of opinions only goes to show this case reeks of reasonable doubt. And May 8th 2013 verdict was just BS! 😉

      • tonysam…although, as you state, “conspiracy theorists are more and more taking over”, don’t you think that is possibly a GOOD thing? I think Jodi will be granted a new trial due to the farce the first one was. These “conspiracy theorists” have questions…doubt as to the plausibility of the prosecution’s events of what lead up to and followed TA’s death…they call to attention the evident mystery which looms over the entire event. Jodi couldn’t recall what occurred following the gun shot. People naturally want to fill that gap. They are trying to fit the pieces together. If a jigsaw puzzle is missing pieces, even though one MAY have the box with the entire picture on the front, it is natural to LOOK for the missing pieces. Would you agree?

      • I believe TA abused her many times, but I don’t believe Jodi had
        anything to do with killing him.
        As far as lying is concerned the states side’s witnesses are all liars.
        That’s not conspiracy therory, it’s a fact that the state has broken all laws.
        How does that happen without a mistrial.
        There are so many lies coming from them, but because some told Jodi no one would believe that story, to go eith self defense.
        She had every right to protect herself and defend herself from being killed, but
        I believe there were at least 2 people dressed in disguise.
        To me it just goesn’t add up.
        Also common sense tells me Jodi is covering up for someone. If you feared for your family, you
        would lie in a heartbeat

      • The main thing is that we all agree on and that is that
        Jodi is Innocent.
        I’m so thankful that I found this site. Anywhere I went on the internet,
        they all had already judged Jodi and it was very refreshing to find this one.

        Thanks again, Jodi’s Team.

          • you too R.
            Don’t you think that IF they had done a full investigation, there wouldn’t be so many questions?
            When you have this many lies about the state, no investigation, then practically tell Jodi what happened, EVEN though they don’t know, how can you possibly believe she killed him.
            I’m sure she didn’t cut his throat, SO why don’t thy try and find out who did?
            They know!!!!
            That’s why they have had this Jodi did it from the start, so the BIG cover up would stay a cover up.
            There’s murders all of the time where the person said they did it, BUT they didn’t.
            That’s why they have a trial.
            Jodi said she shot him??? OK why the trial.
            JM asked did she shoot him she sajd yes, then did she cut his throat and her anwser was ” I guess,”
            During her interrogation she told the detective that she could never see someone hurt like that and she stuck with that story. I believe her!!!
            They NEED for Jodi’s sake to do more investigation to find out who cut his throat.
            If Mormons believe that’s what you do, then WHY can’t anyone believe that some Mormons
            did it and they eill let Jodi easily take the fall.
            That is their way. Why do people not believe someone from the church did it.
            IF that’s what they believe and it’s done all of the time, how are they any better than any ratical believe that believe in order for that person to go to heaven he has to have his throat cut?
            I’m not making anything up. It’s fact!
            Isis cuts peoples heads off, the mormons slit their throat. Isn’t that pretty ratical?

            • I agree with you that Jodi had nothing to do with any of the critical stabbing, if any stabbing at all. I recently read a transcription of her interviews with Detective Flores.
              He tells her they have irrefutable evidence against her. He points out the ‘dragging body’ picture, which has been debunked right here on this site, as proof she killed him. He asks her where those pants were. She is completely shocked, says she has striped pants but not like he describes.
              Flores was trying to find evidence; he didn’t have any but he bluffed right through the trial.
              Who killed Travis, we may never know. One thing is certain Jodi Arias didn’t do it. I know every time I say that people argue the point.
              Since the State has tried for nearly 7 years to find evidence Jodi did it and have failed miserably, they should admit defeat. They have tampered with evidence, concocted evidence and deleted evidence that would exonerate her.
              Stay strong, don’t doubt your instincts!!
              Be positive!!

              • Thanks Carol!
                I know some think she did in self defense and I don’t doubt their feelings.
                I believe we all believe shes innocent, there’s no arguement there. If so one would just go to the haters blogs, which I refurse to do.
                When trying to find positive and some place for Jodi, I found this site and have read and understood everyone because, like I said we all believe Jodi is innocent.
                There’s never any hate towards anyone or Jodi.
                I’ve thought through so many things and it just doesn’t add up or make sense.
                Detective Flores practically puts words in her mouth.

                • Oh, Amy, I do not doubt anyone’s belief in Jodi, just like you. Everyone wants her to be free, and I understand those who believe it was a domestic violence self defense case. That route has kept her somewhat safe – at least not in a state prison.

                  But most of all I believe, as you said, Flores put words in her mouth…and pictures in her head. He led her on a trip to never-never land and left her stranded there. I believe they had no evidence then and have none now; they went fishing and caught nothing. 😎

                • No problem Carol.
                  Amy, Aly, they’re really close! : )
                  Glad you like the avitar.
                  I just watched that show Private Violence.
                  How terribly tragic. It seems like there’s very little
                  help women get that are abused.

                  I have wondered WHY, they stay or go back, BUT, I would like
                  to know what kind of person could hurt anyone, beat them over and over again.
                  I just can’t wrap my head around it. I know the women fear for themselves, their
                  kids and families, the man gets very little time, while the wife or girlfriend get life.
                  That’s messed up!!!

      • Have electricity for a moment. . . .I was thinking that is probably one of the reason JSS has gone along with him. It will cost millions to go over all of his other cases. This isn’t his first circus, you can bet on that. It’s just catching up with him. Finally.
        Will check in and out when I can! (((TEAM JODI))) Brrrrrrrr

    • Jade, I’m not sure what we’re to see in this photos and I’m usually pretty good when looking at photos. 😆
      I see the lighting is different in the photo at left which appears to make the background look different and the shell casing look deeper into the blood. In the photo at right, the bullet appears to be sitting on top of the blood more. Are you suggesting that Martinez choose the photo that backed up his version better and set aside the one that might cause some doubt? Or, have I missed something very obvious?

      • Yes, to give the illusion that the cartridge was ejected there on top of a significant blood pool.

        The real life view is that the casing could have easily rolled there and was STOPPED by the blood as it is on the very edge. In fact, the blood could have followed the groove patterns in the tile and seeped under the casing. The cartridge head has a raised edge and blood could have filled under it. In the right pic, you can see that there is NO blood under the center of the casing and that either the blood had not seeped under it or it had receded.

        Also notice the difference of the appearance of the length of the cartridge in the two pics. The pic on the right shows the real life view Jodi had. If she was looking to dispose of evidence, she would have had certainly seen the shiny gold sitting right there in the bright red background.

        We know for sure she had the light on because it’s clearly on in the last accidental photo of the ceiling when she dropped the camera. She would have had to be almost blind not to see it if she went to go underneath the sink to get the plastic glass. She certainly would know she fired the gun too and that a casing from the bullet would have to be someplace. It gives tremendous doubt to her deliberate intent to conceal evidence. She’d take the rope but not the bullet casing?

        We also obviously know it could have been kicked there by “somebody” during the five days or when the search party went into the bathroom.

        If you were on a jury, which photo would be more influential to make you think the casing landed in a puddle of blood and “stuck” there?

        • I totally agree with you jade, that the shell casing (with shot accidentally coming first, as Jodi said), could have been coincidentally kicked around (by anyone) & found itself stopping where it met “resistance to further movement,” on top of the blood patch.
          …And now, you point out another excellent possibility about the (accidental shot first) because the blood does appear to flow into the tile grove so that it could have (per law of physics) just flowed under the shell casing, & stuck together.. …(I think even hours later if re-wetted by water).
          …And, just today I saw on a Joey Jackson (hln) coverage of Aaron Hernandez trial that a 45 caliber shell casing was found (coincidentally stuck on blue bubble gum.
          …So, I quickly went to Google: Hernandez trial shell casing blue gum
          …Several links, but here is one link:
          …Seems to support Alexander’s gun shell casing: that an object like a shell casing will easily stick to something like (anything that it finds resistant to further movement). …Bubble gum or blood.

          • Of course, equally probably is that the police detective who found the shell casing in a dumpster (in Hernandez case), could have easily found Hernandez’s blue chewing gum earlier & then planted it (stuck it) on to the shell casing found by him. …After all, he was surely alone in the bottom of that dumpster. …So, in that casing stuck on gum, it don’t prove anything in Hernandez’s case, (IMHO).

            • Specifically, it was not even the “testifying detective” who ((actually found)) the 45 caliber shell casing attached to the blue chewing gum (in the dumpster, in the Hernandez case), but a State Police Sergeant who emerged from the dumpster with the evidence. …This is sort of like the Arias case, when Det Flores said that (someone else) searched TA’s attic, and said there was nothing to be found. …I assume Flores did not even look in TA’s attic himself. …What I mean is that detectives seem to testify to things that (other people) do or find.

          • The bullet issue has been discussed at length here, as far back as 2013. I remember posters pointing out how RIDICULOUS the coup-de-gras theory was.

            The bullet casing could have been kicked around and ended up where it was found. Blood of course flows and TA’s tiles had that grove pattern which means blood would have easily flowed under the casing without it ever getting covered IN blood.
            It amazes me how the defense team did not point that out to the jury.

    • After looking at both pictures I have come to a conclusion: the one on the right is on some kind of white woven cloth and not the floor; therefore it is an altered photo, not a crime scene photo. Not much else to say about it.
      Martinez is something else – WHERE WAS THE DEFENSE??? NAIVE??? TRUSTING???

      IT should NEVER come into this trial!! More tampered with evidence.

      The picture on the right is the only one that should be in evidence. (IMVHO) ;roll:

  5. And that gray area looks like a little divot that may have been caused by the knife gouging into the tile.

    Tell me Martinez, when did you have Alexander on the floor being stabbed next to the sinks ?

    It had to have something to do with the knife because there is blood immediately next to it and all around it.

  6. No hearing – Kermit must still be resting.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 9h9 hours ago
    No hearing for #JodiArias tomorrow so court resumes Wednesday at 9:30am MST.

  7. Good morning team Jodi!! Miss Jodi is waking to a warm 52 degrees.

    I was thinking last night about the lower level of the house. The banister going upstairs to the bedrooms was said to be sticky. They sure could have gotten prints off from that. (Someone tried to clean it )
    Nothing more was said about the floor cleaner. So if Jodi did take a shower wouldn’t she take one in the bathroom downstairs?? Wouldn’t there be some evident in that bathroom, in the shower?? Missing towels?? No way in hell could she have taken a shower in TA’s. No room. There would have been too much blood on her to not track blood through the house. Just removing her clothes to get into the shower she would have left some evidence of blood.

    • Sure seems like normal evidence. Getting officials to ‘fake it’ must be the rule not the exception.
      Just like the ridiculous photos Martinez put in front of the witness:
      See? Here! That is ‘her foot’, Now! This is ‘her pants’ she is ‘dragging him’; remember sir, we discussed this.

      Journee, if it wasn’t so serious and so potentially damaging, it would be funny 😆
      They must have rehearsals for the ‘convenient’ evidence that just happens to ‘miraculously’ come to light, and is testified to in court after ‘conferences’ with the Prosecutor.
      A Dogs FAKES IT!
      Police Detectives FAKE IT!
      A Medical Examiners FAKES IT!
      Girl Friends FAKE IT!
      A Mormon (ex)Bishop FAKES IT!
      A pseudo Psychologist FAKES IT!….
      OR are FAKES just ordinary LIES

    • They were just covering the Eddie Ray Routh trial on CNN and the vials that the prosecutor was going to say was evidence of his meth use turns out to belong to the investigating lab and the lab tech guy LIED. Nothing is going to happen to him of course. This is becoming pandemic.

      • That was a lovely letter, Anna. As Jodi has said many times; Travis knows the truth, and God knows the truth.
        WE have to wait for true Justice! Then Jodi will walk free and we can smile. 🙂

      • There is another case of a girl who was convicted on Bugus evidence in Ohio. No fingerprints and no weapon, and I believe she had an alibi.
        There is something wrong in the judicial system in America.
        Several groups are trying to solve the problem, but from the looks of it there is so much corruption in the Prosecutors’ Offices that it will take time.
        Yes, girls, how could I forget TotDoc! She definitely was presenting FAKE evidence! 👿

        • I so agree with you Carol about the Judicial System in the States. I saw a movie called “The Internets Own Boy” about Aron and after he goes and kills himself then the State realised that they lost someone worthy 🙁 and it went on to tell the audience about how Prosecutors do anything and everything to win which means even going down right dirty!!! So, there you have it! 🙁

      • In fact, when Jodi walks out of the courtroom door, I would like to get involved with a group who was trying to reform the Judicial System here in America!!

        Here, in central NC we had an ice storm; it is getting slushy but the kids and dogs had a wonderful time this morning! Tomorrow there is to be more snow.
        We have a school closing theory: 1″ of snow = 2 days of closed schools!!
        I’ve been envying all of you who have had snow and wished we would get some too. 😀

  8. My dearest Jodi and the entire team,
    We are all mistaken sometimes; sometimes we do wrong things, things that have bad consequences. But it does not mean we are evil, or that we cannot be trusted ever afterward. It’s sad that you made the mistake of letting Travis use you repeatedly even after knowing that there was no life with that pervert but you loved him and love does make us want to do the most stupid things at times without thinking of further consequences and I guess you kind of depended on him to make you feel special after all that you went through as a child and through teenage years and then to have your feelings crushed the way Travis did 🙁 and now, look where that got you 🙁 but know this, you are loved by many and you are not a murderer but someone who got caught up with the wrong guy, who made you do things that you did so as to hear him tell you what you wanted to hear, words of love, words of appreciation, words that make women feel special and which woman doesn’t want to be made to feel like a Princess? We serve a merciful God and who is Martinez or Flores or the Judge or Jury to go against you when the only one person who can do that is God? So, be strong Jodi for we love you and I’m sending you hugs and kisses to get you through whatever you are going through and do not talk to anyone but to your attorneys okay. Love ya 🙂

    • That was a lovely letter, Anna. As Jodi has said many times; Travis knows the truth, and God knows the truth.
      WE have to wait for true Justice! Then Jodi will walk free and we can smile. 🙂

      • Hi Carol,
        Thank you for your comments to my msg for Jodi and the entire team. Yes, we can lie to ourselves, to the world but we can’t lie to God and Travis is NO SAINT for he took a naive girl like Jodi and used her like his play thing for his enjoyments. I want Jodi’s team to win this one and I want that Martinez guy to put his head between his legs 🙂 ha ha

        • I and everyone else are with you! Martinez has spent most of the time during this re-trial trying to cover his rear with a diaper! 😉

                • Why should people be afraid to show support for a just cause dear Maria? If you ask me, it was Travis who under the pretence of the so called “MORMON” faith pretended to read the Bible and be a SAINT someone he wasn’t and I’m sorry to say this, but bad luck what happened to him and I really wish Jodi didn’t kill him but he had to live to suffer the consequences of his actions of playing around with other peoples feelings and to someday have someone hurt his feelings the way he hurt Jodi’s.

          • I really do not care for people like Martinez or Marti ‘SEX’ :))) HA HA because he’s only out to make as much $$$ as he can out of this trip dears and I so agree with all of you that he will most definitely need a DIAPER THAT HE SHOULD GO BURY HIMSELF IN! :)))

  9. Wondered if you all had seen this.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2h 2 hours ago
    No #jodiarias court today. Per court record, defense will bring back Drs. Geffner and Miccio-Fonseca plus computer guys “Smith” and Dworkin.

    • No wonder kermit can’t work on his motion. I wasn’t expecting to see Lonnie back, but it certainly sounds interesting. He better get scoopy a spell-checker and put her to work. 😮

                • Oh, my gosh! Someday, when this is all over I’d like to do a study of all the bizarre thinking patterns on those sites (if we can classify that as thinking). Here’s a sampling of reactions regarding the defense daring to put on a rebuttal:

                  “The defense team is just aggravating jurors.”

                  “The defense team has no respect for the jurors or their lives.”

                  “The defense team is wasting tax payers money.”

                  “Human butchers should not even get a trial.”

                  Poster1: “So sick of the defense team.” Poster2: “I don’t blame you. Just ignore them.” (Editor’s Note: I don’t think anyone over there needs to be prompted to do that. It’s what they do.)

                  And this is one of my favorites:

                  “In my opinion, the defense runs the risk that Miccio-Fonseca and Geffner are going to sound worse the second time on the stand since they’ve heard Dr DeMarte’s unbiased and profession testimony.” 🙂

                  They also are complaining that they just want this to be over with, for crying out loud, you know – “just fry her”, but I can guarantee when this does finally end for them, they are going to be suffering some serious withdrawal. We have a mission. They have an addictive sickness.

                • Justus, I told you….You know the DT is trying to rake in all the money they can because they will be jobless so.

                  I think the only thing we might agree on is JSS. But we have more class about her.

          • It might be Perry Smith who is re-appearing just to question him again on Spybot downloading porn/porn-sites…I am sure the Defence looked into this & with the help of this forum as well as their own investigating can prove Smith’s notion & false statements that Spybot does download porn & porn sites to computer is as “Rubbish”.

            And then let’s hope Safer Networking Ltd sues him, Martinez & the State of Arizona for millions.

        • Carol H. I have known a few TA’s in my life.
          Looks are deceiving…..

          I’m so happy you didn’t lose power. NC got hit pretty bad with the ice. I have a friend in Apex haven’t heard anything from him. Crazy weather. More on it’s way for the weekend. Stay safe!!!

          • Cindy, we get so little of the white stuff, when we do I just LOVE it. 😆 always have, always will!
            I’m just a little weird about it having grown up in the North East.

            • Carol H. I can deal with the snow, but this arctic air, not so much. Ice, not going anyplace.

              It’s getting old the older I get. But I do love our Springs, summers and falls in Mich.

              Well it sounds like your handling it very well.

    • I suspect Perry Smith is a very nice guy. I just wasn’t impressed with what he highlighted as his education and credentials…that he’s built most of his own computers himself. There’s a big difference between sticking a bunch of hardware components together and knowing what the software is doing at the deepest levels. And I don’t think several months (seven was it?) of computer forensics training makes one an expert unless they also have previous software education in general. Smith is another of Juan’s so-called “experts” with limited know-how for the task at hand (although I would trust Smith’s expertise any day over Dr. DeMorte’s).

    • Who I can see it now. To me it looks like someone is almost holding TA. or on top of him. The fabric in the backgroundlooks like it could be curtains or a bed sham. Not Jodi’s pants!!! Flip it around so he’s on top.

    • Jade, that looks like someone is facing him and trying to pick him up. Maybe that isn’t his arm but someone else. This one makes it look like the bed pillows or some sort of comforter or bed pillow sham with zipper. It is strange how many ways we can look at this, isn’t it. I thought maybe there was a tattoo on the arm on the left. If someone had an arm up under the body. . . that is how the hand (which some thought looks like a foot) appears to be with fingers facing up. How would anybody even know if that is Travis in this particular picture? Heck, we can’t really go by anything in any of the photos after finding out the tampering of evidence. The photos should have not been allowed in ever. IMO

        • Ok consider the left arm is not Travis’s but someone else with a tattoo. The hand coming up from behind the body cradling him belongs to the dark head which doesn’t appear to have long hair. Sorry, just playing the Frog’s picture game. So who was making this picture,Harry Houdini?

  10. POSTCARD WARNING!!! I am so mad! I just received my Valentine “plain standard size postcard metered stamped” just like I have sent to Jodi many times before returned to me!! You all know me, I always include a few small hearts which I fill in with blue ink and write my message in black ink. This has always gone through before, as far as I know. The Estrella Jail sent it back to me with a sticker stating it could only be blue or black ink only. These hearts are tiny. ♥ Only thing I can figure out is they did not like the fact that I thought the people in Maricopa County were blind to the abuse Jodi has been through but the rest of this WORLD knows the TRUTH!!!! First time I ever stated anything about anything to the point of why she is there. I have always tried to fill my cards with helpful scriptures and thoughts but REALLY? These people will do anything they can to Jodi to make her suffer in any way. How ridiculous to withhold a tiny postcard that says Happy Valentine’s Day Jodi! I personally can not wait for the injustices of this corrupt county in Arizona to be brought to light and all of their corrupt officers of the law are locked up and thrown under a jail! Thanks Estrella Jail for proving you are the WORST JAIL in the United States of America!!! 😡

                • R. Love:

                  Stick strictly to the “rules” when writing or sending things to detainees..

                  And the “Rules” are somewhat flexible, often unwritten and often “What the Facility’s Personnel say they are.”

         run the gamut of custodial institutional tom-foolery, hokery-pokery and the plain old bureaucratic syndrome from which minor officials all seem to suffer. .

                  From having mail rejected
                  To having only 3 weekly cash remittances delivered when I religiously sent 15 Euros every week for three and one half years. (None ever returned)
                  To being unable to make a prearranged visit due to :”lockdown”; due to “Moving Cells”; due to “Detainee Misbehaviour”; due to “Sexual Pecadillos”; due to “Medical Reasons”; due to “Ad Infinitum” after spending hundreds of euros to get to the several facilities, and if you complain, “They” take it out on the Detainees.

                  (And my experience, ante-Josi, has all been with persons convicted of contravening ridiculous laws meant solely to stifle free speech).

                  But occasionally the Guardians/Censors do miss a potential “infraction”. Jodi sent me a letter.recently which in addition to the stamp preprinted onto the envelope, required 4 more stamps to reach me at my location. And one of the stamps inadvertently or intentionaly disrespectfully, was upside down. LMAO.

                  Best regards to yourself and the other contributors to the site.


                  But that lot said, I deeply sympathize with you

                  And as for courtroom antics, I could tell you stories that would knock your proverbial socks off. Talk about Kangeroo Courts……….

                  Regards again to you and the incessant work load you appear to carry both willingly and easily.

                  Keep up the good work.

                • Bill, I thank you for your kind thoughts! I have found out fooling with anything in Arizona is like take a long never ending trip through the Twilight Zone. It just upsets me that Jodi has been abused and mistreated at every turn and it goes on and on. They should be ashamed.

    • R,
      A guy that worked for the John Howard Society once told me the staff in prisons are sicker than the prisoners.They messed with him just to make his job harder.

  11. I recently had one of those relatively heated Jodi discussions with a friend who is totally ignorant of the case but doesn’t know it. It gave me a quick glance into how those minds work. When I tried to explain how she accidentally shot him he insisted that it had to be premeditated because she would have had to cock the hammer and proceeded to tell me that he knows all about guns and he’s just going according to the facts (while I’m apparently too emotionally involved…Grrrrr). I knew that hammer business wasn’t true so I later sent him a video of a .25 caliber semi-automatic being shot numerous times and, lo and behold, no hammer on the damn gun. He then came back, never mentioning the absence of a hammer, but telling me that he can tell by looking at the video that the shooter had to apply a lot of force, too much force for it to be accidental. Now this is news to me but apparently just by looking at the wrinkles in the man’s hand as he squeezes the trigger you can measure that amount of force being applied. Sooooo…I sent him an article about a three-year-old boy who accidentally shot his twin brother with a .25 caliber gun, to wit he responded that I need to be careful about believing everything I read without checking my sources. (He’s still my friend but there are certain things, such as politics and Jodi, that we just should never discuss.)

      • It also suggests that Travis was not helpless and fought until the last wound ended it. Amazing how Martinez, Horn & Flores changed this killing so much.

    • Page 2
      “The State presented evidence that the victim was first shot on the right side of his head near his eye with a .25 caliber handgun and that the bullet lodged in his left cheek. This wound was not fatal and may or may not have rendered the victim unconscious. The victim did not remain unconscious based on the infliction of the other wounds and the location of blood spatter evidence in the bathroom sink and blood in the hallway. In addition, the defendant told the police that the victim was unconscious after being shot but then crawled around and was stabbed.”
      Page 4
      “Although a gun was used in addition to a knife, and there were many stab wounds, this evidence supports only a conclusion that the defendant inflicted more violence than that necessary to kill. Det. Flores, the state’s only witness, testified that he spoke with Dr. Horne, who conducted the autopsy, and that Dr. Horne opined that the two fatal wounds occurred last in the sequence.”

      • Yep, I heard what you heard. . . . .S** came back in and she said we need to do her too….. which I find a strange way to describe whatever was happening. Didn’t sound like something Jodi would say.

      • She never repeated the name…I don’t think she meant to say it.

        But what is also interesting, who should show up in court but Sky. Why was she there; she didn’t look all that happy to be there. Was she looking out for her self?
        It is a curious situation. But listening to the tape made me even more positive she had nothing to do with what happened to Travis after the gun shot. She really wasn’t there.

        • That’s why it’s so great…she didn’t even know she said it. I’m going back to what I first thought. TA did something to one of her boys. I think the Bishop might know something about it and that is why she was all of a sudden in court and then Chris. There is a reason why that woman is sooooo thin now….

    • OMG Carol!!!!!! If you didn’t tell us where she said it you could go right by it!!! No way that was made up. I found it odd how Jodi would flip back and forth between crying and talking. She always goes into detail. I understand that because I do it also. I didn’t watch the whole thing. Now she knew it was Sky but she didn’t know it was Chris. She would know his voice.

      Very interesting……. Good find!!!!

      • Thanks to go to Sandra Webber…I cannot take credit…it is her find! ❗

        Jodi is not a story teller and she does go from crying to controlling herself.
        It may not have been Chris, but someone she trusted implicitly…I have no clue.

        • Doesn’t she have a brother? Just saying. I don’t think Chris would take money out out of Jodi’s wallet.

          Smith has to find that email that Chris had to get into TA’s laptop for.
          This story makes sense. Jodi wouldn’t have so much blood on her that she would need to take a shower.

        • I listened to it in enhanced audio, and what she said was definitely

          “and this guy came back in. ”

          Though it could sound like “Sky,” it was in keeping with her story at that time of two unknown strangers.

          But no detective work attempts should be underestimated. This case is so full of holes, if it was swiss cheese, the rat would be eating nothing but holes.

              • NO don’t give up!!!!! Your on to something. I also don’t think Sandra would bring this up if she wasn’t sure. I wish we could slow it down just a bit. You brought up a good point with the “she said”. It does makes sense.

                • I just sent this video, my blog post on it, and the article above on disassociation to Nurmi,Willmott, Maria, and a few select others. I’m not going to sit on this information and wait for it to come out years from now, if ever. I hope that all of you who believe that there is something definitely wrong with Jodi’s case and trial to email them as well.Time to put the pressure on! I’m not concerned with figuring out exactly who is good and who is bad, but I think we have all done enough to get this bumped up to the next level. No, I don’t think Jodi’s lying. But I think Jodi needs major help. And she doesn’t know what she needs or how to get it.

                  I think she may have said Sky subconsciously OR she really did tell a lot more than the videos the “media department” at Mesa PD decided to release to the public.

                • Sandra, I’m one who really wants to believe this. Perhaps it could be past along to a “expert” if you get my meaning. Thank you!!!

                  I do trust that you would not just throw junk out there.

                • I take the chance that I am completely wrong. But I am willing to take that chance.
                  I feel a little like Geraldo and Al Capone’s vault! Hopefully, this will turn out better….

                  Anyone who wants to email any of my blog anywhere at all…have at it! The internet gives us great power to contact all kinds of people….even anonymously!

            • Just go back a few minutes in the tape and you will see that she says “they guy left the room for a couple minutes.”

              When she says what you thought was Sky, she had been talking mostly about the female who was near Travis, and she says then [ and this guy came back in] ….meaning from wherever he’d gone, he came back.

      • One more thing: What I meant to say was it would have had to be someone Sky trusted implicitly.
        This video was put up by someone who wants Jodi on death row…now isn’t that a weird turn of the coin?

  12. If you listen in order to the police interrogation, you will understand this part of the video. She was making up a story to fill in the part of the night that she does not remember. She describes them first as two white Americans, wearing all black, then one had blue jeans, then one was a female. First the female had a gun, then the male had a gun – then she didn’t know – maybe they both had a gun. Jodi has said many times that she regrets this story, but in her confused state she made it up. She is not talking about Sky.

  13. Good morning!! The weather in Masa at court time will be 57 and sunny. High off 77degrees. Hopefully Jodi will have a few minutes of feeling the sun on her face. ((((Jodi)))).

    Carol H. I listened to the clip again this morning. I’m just not sure. Is it just power of suggestion like looking at those darn pictures?? You can have 10 different people listen to the tape and look at that darn picture and would all ten hear or see the same thing?? I personal think I’m way to bias…. (Clip). The picture is another thing.

    Rather there was some truth to Jodi’s story of the two intruders parts of it were true. She was so confused and emotional.
    I don’t feel she really know what happened.
    The only thing to me that is Travis dead and for some reason there is corruption all over this case.

    When this case is thrown out at some stage every one of JM’s cases will be scrutinize. JM will be out of a job!!!

    Leviticus 19:15 ‘You shall do no injustice in judgment; you shall not be partial to the poor nor defer to the great, but you are to judge your neighbor fairly.

  15. Hey Jodi, how is it going with you? Hope you are hanging in there as Martinez is dragged deeper into shit 🙂 ha ha
    You know my dear, I have been through a lot in my life too and today, I realise that at the end of my life, I would love to tell all that I lived a good life and I loved equally. I did grow up with a loving family and ended up with some unhealthy decisions, but through it all, I learned that loving someone over the limit bred problems in my relationships, like I was always there, always available, giving them their space, listening to what they had to say, doing what they wanted me to do even if it felt difficult all of those I do not do today, because today, I am not that same person I used to be back then. Today, I’m able to love people by telling them the good and bad about them. Today, I’m able to be true to myself and to others. Today, if someone else has habits I do not agree on, I’m able to tell them to their face that their personalities are their own and I can only change who I am and not them but at the same time, I no longer break my head to understand why people are the way they are, I choose to either respect them with their beliefs and accept them as my friends, but I do not let someone else make me do things I do not want to do. I know you didn’t know better and you let yourself be Travis’ DOORMAT and in the end it betrayed you 🙁 I know you too have grown now and you must be having the same thoughts I have now and that is, to take care of me first, to give, but never to sacrifice or compromise myself, no use being a martyr, it helps no one 🙁 I really wish you didn’t have to be behind bars because you are such a lovely person. People will ask me, “How do you know Jodi is a wonderful person?” Well, let’s just say, I know! 🙂 Don’t know why, just have this feeling inside me and I’m always right about people 🙂 All I can tell you is, keep growing emotionally and spiritually for the rest of your life! You take care of yourself and hang in there kiddo. Love ya, Anna.

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