Pre-Meditation: Here’s The Proof…

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It was always gonna be hard to follow yesterday’s awesome post by Sirlips… so not to outdone – and in the wake of someone mistakenly thinking they just won a pair of Jodi’s “panties” in an Ebay auction – I thought this would be as good a time as any to take stock of things, and to make a complete list of all Martinez’ proof of pre-meditated murder.

This is probably the very same list he’s working off right now too.

Here it is…

Pre-meditation - here's the proof

If I’ve missed anything specific off the above list, please be sure to let me know :mrgreen:

Leave your comments below, as always…

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  1. The burden of proof being on the prosecution, they have to prove it was premeditated murder, which clearly they haven’t. But is it a fact that they have to prove it WASN’T self defense? Is the burden of proof two pronged for the prosecution? Because even a competent prosecutor would have a hard time proving it wasn’t self defense. I’ve never heard of a case a prosecutor had to prove something that *wasn’t.* It would seem like that would be a burden for the defense to prove, but then that wouldn’t make much sense either in a criminal trial. hmmm

    • Jared

      You are absolutely correct. By AZ law self defense is not an affirmative defense. So the very first thing the prosecutor has to do is prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that it was not self defense. And the AZ standard for self defense is actually a lot more liberal than other states:

      “A defendant may use deadly physical force in self-defense only to protect against
      another’s use or apparent attempted or threatened use of deadly physical force.
      Self-defense justifies the use or threat of physical force or deadly physical force only
      while the apparent danger continues, and it ends when the apparent danger ends. The force
      used may not be greater than reasonably necessary to defend against the apparent danger.
      The use of physical force is justified if a reasonable person in the situation would have
      reasonably believed that immediate physical danger appeared to be present. Actual danger is
      not necessary to justify the use of physical force in self-defense.
      You must decide whether a reasonable person in a similar situation would believe that:
      physical force was immediately necessary to protect against another’s use, attempted use,
      threatened use, apparent attempted use, apparent threatened use of unlawful physical

      Wish I could highlight text, but read the above very carefully. It is extremely flexible in the definition of what constitutes a valid reason for use of force in self defense.

      Now if the prosecution cannot disprove self defense, then all the rest of it becomes moot.

      • And you’re also correct about the difficulty of having to prove a negative. If there were witnesses, it might be a different situation, but in a case such as this I think the only possible way JM can do that is by trying to prove that there was no way that TA could have acted in a manner that any reasonable person would have thought he was threatening, and that the defendant’s story can’t be believed. Unfortunately TA’s own emails and texts, particularly the one talking about the severe “punishment” he was going to inflict, tend to negate that argument.

        JM has tried valiantly to overcome this by the following:

        1. Putting Deanna Reed on the stand to say he was never violent or abusive.
        2. Trying to prove that Jodi lied on the stand with respect to the gas cans and so should not be believed.

        But other than that he has nothing.

        All his arguments about premeditation actually raise an interesting conundrum. Don’t know if this has ever arisen in a case but it was one of the first things that came to my mind. Suppose there is a person who intends to kill another person. This person sets out to kill, but when he gets to his intended targets home, the target invites him in and then attacks him. Now he tries to defend himself and ends up killing the target. Obviously the immediate act of the killing was in self defense, even though the person may have originally set out with bad intent.

        Since the target invited him in there is no unlawful entry, etc.

        Based on that argument, even if he manages to convince the jury that Jodi originally set out to kill TA, because of the long time during which she was an invited guest, he still has to disprove that her immediate action in the killing was not justified.

        Now, if we have a logical jury, I believe JM is in a heap of trouble. But we shall see.

        • Thanks for putting those thoughts down . I was thinking the same thing. Although I was thinking she wanted to have protection for TA if she needed it. TA was a dangerous man, but she loved him .

        • The gas cans= Didn’t the guy she borrowed them from say he did not think any thing of it because he n Jodi always filled extra gas cans when they went on a trip? I think it was him. So that was nothing new for her. So gas cans if I am a juror is mute.

          • And the gun = no proof the gun used was the one her grand father owned, plus why would she make it look like the gun was stolen – calling attention to it being gone, then go use it, when all she had to do was sneak the gun out of the house therefore NOT calling any attention to it.

        • Wow, I didn’t even think of that. Even if there was premeditation, there was no unlawful entry, so he has to prove Travis never threatened her life as well as that Jodi did not perceive him to be threatening her life. That would be a tough case. Someone mentioned that JM has won hundreds of cases. At first glance it looks like this one was an easy one for him, but when you imagine the scenario you just painted for us, and all things considered, it almost seems impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt….

          I am a little worried this Judge won’t inform the jury of these things you laid out here to even consider, and they’ll convict her out of their ignorance of the law. :/

          • and with there being no witnesses….wow. In that moment what can anyone prove or disprove?I would not want to be on that jury if I were unbiased.

      • And don’t forget that Jodi has alleged past incidents of domestic violence. Therefore, if the jury believes there WERE past acts of domestic violence, then the standard of a “reasonable person” in the situation acting in self defense, changes to “the perspective of a reasonable person who has been a victim of those past acts of domestic violence.”

        So, I guess first the jury has to ask themselves, did the state of Arizona acting through JM, disprove any prior acts of domestic violence? Is there reasonable doubt that there WERE past acts of domestic violence, based on the evidence of 2 (soon to be 3) psych expert witnesses, Jodi’s testimony, and various communication that has been introduced (not all of which is in evidence)? I think there is, but not all jury members may agree. Those that do agree have to consider whether or not there’s justification for the killing. And they have to consider all of that BEFORE they consider whether there was premeditation or not.

        • That is so very true, about the DV issue raising the bar.

          But the real issue here is, that regardless of the degree of perceived threat, JM’s standard is a proof beyond a reasonable doubt that there was no use of violence, no attempt at violence, no threat of violence, yada yada.

          But more importantly it’s a perception issue

          JM need to prove that no person, in that situation would have “reasonably believed that immediate physical danger appeared to be present. ” Remember “actual danger is
          not necessary to justify the use of physical force in self-defense.”

          It’s all a matter of perception. This is a really tall order if the jury is logical and fair.

          • Al, JW bring up a good point about “proving a negative” as you called it.

            Hypothetically, if there is no witness, no confession and no video type proof, then couldnt/shouldnt everyone use self-defense in AZ as defense?
            How does a pros PROOVE that the person didnt attact the defendant? Infact, he doesnt even need to attack…just threaten to the point that the defendant could reasonably assume an attack was going to happen. Its the word of the dead against the word of the accused. In that case the jury cant use eithers “word”. So they use proof…what proof? no confession/video/witness to the actuall crime. Everything would be circumstantial at that point.

            Also, I’m not sure why a defendant in any self defense case would ever take the stand or give a “story” of what happened. If its not there burden of proof, i would advise a defendant to say NOTHING. I would also not give ANY story.

            What a trial that would be hu?
            opening comments: “It was self defense”,
            NO defense witnesses.
            Every prosecution witness would be crossed with one question: “were you there and did you see it?”
            Closing statements: “it was self-defense”

            How do you dis-prove it, when there is no story to dis-prove. Every single item would then be circumstatial evidence.

            Perhaps this is why they did not use some of the evidnce and “story” we all talk about here. No ME etc…maybe they dont want to give the jury a story to try and dis-prove, when they already dont have a story from the Pros that was proved. there is no need for it, and you risk a mistake being made.

            • Boy you sure can open a can of worms there sirlips. And I type with the old two finger pursue and punch method. But since you asked, here it is, and you owe me two finger braces.

              Any evidence that is presented in court must meet relevancy and probative standards. Normally as an officer of the court the attorney is required to gauge that before hand, and occasionally a judge may ask for a proffer that the line the attorney is taking if backed by valid and probative (meaning going to proof) evidence. If this is not done, or the judge finds that the line the attorney is taking does not pass the rudimentary test of probable cause the judge can stop the attorney from putting on the evidence, ask the jury to disregard the evidence or direct a verdict against the attorney’s case.

              In cases such as self defense, typically, the defense has to disclose to the prosecution and the court that they are going to make a claim of self defense. (the same holds for an alibi defense). This disclosure then allows the judge to determine whether the self defense case clears the probable cause hurdle. That means the defense must show that other than the defendants word there is some other reason for which a self defense case may be valid. Remember this is not proof positive, this is just the fact that a possibility exists. Else the judge won’t allow it in.

              BTW the same holds for claims the prosecution may want to make. Actually interestingly in this case JM wanted 6 aggravating reasons for the DP and the judge threw 5 of them out due to a lack of even probable cause.

              Now, lets assume that you manage to get the judge to agree that there is enough proof for a probable cause for self defense. The next issue is how you introduce that to the jury. Remember the attorney can not testify. Nor can some third party (because, unless the defendant is no longer capable of testifying under some stringent circumstances) the third party’s testimony would be based on hearsay. One exception could be if the defendant had raised self defense in a recorded interview with law enforcement. Barring that you have an evidentiary problem of how to get this claim into the record. If there are no other witnesses, then the only way the claim can be introduced is for the defendant to take the stand and make the claim there. This of course would mean that the defendant would have to waive their 5th amendment rights, but that is their prerogative. If they want to claim self defense then so be it.

              So a reasonable judge would never let the scenario you have outlined arise in the first place.

              Now to the fact of having to prove a negative. That’s the big gotcha, and it’s why normally the burden of proof is not on the defense. Also in most states the self defense claim is an affirmative defense. Which means that the self defense claim must be proven by the defense. However, the good folks in AZ have decided that the prosecutor must disprove self defense. But then this is also the state that keeps re-electing Joe Arapaio, so go figure.

          • Al, I think at least some of the jurors HAVE to believe there is a strong likelihood that there were SOME prior acts of violence, don’t you? But I think the problem comes into play with the next part of that jury instruction that says “The threat or use of physical force against another is not
            justified in response to verbal provocation alone.” However, a verbal threat to do harm is sufficient and Jodi claimed that Travis said “fucking kill you bitch” so that should be enough, IF the jury believes it. Jodi claims the shot was first. The ME claims the bullet went through his brain and therefore, would have almost immediately incapacitated Travis. The ME claims a knife wound was first, and actually, that wouldn’t have immediately incapacitated Travis. So he would have been able to threaten or use physical force beyond that point.

            • AA, so anyway you look at it they HAVE to find her not guilty of 1st degree murder, right? But where does that leave her on lesser charges I wonder.

              Great info guys!

              • Well, there is one way they could look at it and find her guilty of murder in the first degree. They could decide they do not believe there were prior acts of domestic violence. They could decide that neither ALV nor Dr. S were credible. We haven’t heard from Dr. G yet, but when they do, they could decide he is also not credible. They could decide that Dr. Demented is credible. And/or they could decide that Jodi is not credible. At that point, they’re tossing out all the prior acts of domestic violence. Then, they have to look at JM’s circumstantial evidence of premeditation. They could find that there is enough of it to make it probably, beyond a reasonable doubt, that on June 4, 2008, Jodi set out to kill Travis Alexander with a plan to hide her tracks on the way, a gun, and an alibi for when she left, and that she did just that. And they could find her guilty of murder in the first degree.

                Do I think that’s likely? No, I don’t. But is it still possible, yes, I guess so. I think some of them may think it’s premeditated, but I have a hard time believing they all will. I think some will say “You need gas driving across the desert at night.” I think some will wonder about the gun, but others may say she brought it with her for self defense on the road. And some may suspect it did belong to Travis or a roommate. I think the car rental will be a big splosh of nothing to them. She rented it in her own name. The phone being turned off, the gas purchases, they may wrangle a bit with those. But I think they will ultimately be hung up on premeditation and not able to get there.

                But remember, if they do this in order, they have to rule out self-defense first. I think what is likely to happen is that they will not be able to completely toss out domestic violence unanimously. Some jurors will suspect there was some evidence of it; others will believe there wasn’t. Some jurors will argue that 3 psych experts (plus Dr. Carp) believed it, and with the 3 they’re hearing from, that’s almost 100 years of experience. They’ll realize all of them were hired by the defense, but that’s still a lot of professionals with a lot of experience. It’s going to be hard to say all of them had the hots for Jodi or fell under her spell or would have said whatever the defense wanted them to say. I think that will tear apart whatever they might have believed from a psych expert who has 8 years of experience according to herself, but got licensed less than 3 years ago, and who was the ONLY psych expert the prosecution put on. Some may even wonder why that was the best the prosecution could get — someone with so little experience — when the defense could get so many with so much experience. I think this is where the jury will deliberate a bit and ultimately end up saying they just can’t toss it out entirely. I don’t think their decision here will be unanimous amongst themselves.

                And so, I think they’ll still struggle with whether or not she acted entirely in self-defense. I think they’ll get hung up on the throat slash. I think that will make them see it more as a crime of passion — which is, then, manslaughter.

                I do not expect acquittal. She admitted she killed him and jurors will feel they have a civic duty to do something. I think it will come down to a compromise. Perhaps one juror will believe there’s a good enough chance of premeditation that he would convict. Another will believe there’s a good enough chance of domestic violence self defense that she would acquit. And ultimately, they’ll all agree that they can’t let her walk and too much force was used, so they’ll settle on manslaughter as their compromise. That’s my prediction anyway. Either that, or a hung jury because one person won’t compromise.

                • AA, Wow, that’s a heck of an analysis! I don’t imagine it will take less than a couple of days for deliberation. I’m not a legal expert or aficionado but this is certainly the most complicated case I’ve ever seen.

                  I understand you are having a personal crisis right now. I don’t know what it is, I missed it, but I appreciate you taking the time to write out this prediction, while you must have a lot on your mind. I hope better days are ahead for you soon. Best of luck.


                • AA

                  You are absolutely correct about the level of threat required. The case that molded current AZ law on self defense, the Fish case, involved the threat coming from the victim’s dogs.

                  My problem, from the very beginning has been that throat wound. And, based on a question to ALV, I believe there is at least one juror struggling with that as well. And that is even before jury instructions.

                  And you’re right, there always is this sort of “jury nullification” thing where juries tend to find someone responsible for a killing.

                  So I think you have it bang on with the manslaughter. And I think the defense realizes that too, hence their request for the “heat of passion” instruction.

                  BTW, how did things go at the office yesterday. Hopefully it will work out, but do look for another job. DC, MD and Northern VA are full of law firms. You shouldn’t put yourself through the torture of working in a toxic environment.

    • Good afternoon, Janeen, I shot off an email to SJ asking for your email address based on your kind offer on the last page. When he gets a moment to send it, I will send you an email with my handle here in the subject, if that’s okay.

      • ABSOLUTELY!!!!! I’ll wait for it. ANYTHING I can do to help you is my pleasure…FREE OF CHARGE… (I was hoping my comment to you did NOT get lost in the shuffle…. LOL)

            • He is that, indeed, Janeen, and so much more. What a wonderful guy and how lucky we all are that he gives us the amazing place to chat.

              • Many thanks to SJ and Janeen, whether it’s my place to issue them or not. AA, please give us the word on how it went today. I’ve been sending all the vibes I have your way.

                • Thanks joujou. I wrote about it on the last page (with Sirlips post at the top) where we were discussing it last night. I honestly don’t know what to think at this point. I’m so shaken up. I hate this, I really really really hate this so much. I just don’t understand why I can’t have a bit of peace in life for a while.

                • I just read. YOU WON!!! Are you kidding? Now write your memos and have a celebratory whatever. She basically admitted that she was endorsing that bitch’s engaging in mean girl behavior. You know what’s better than an asshole? A stupid asshole!

      • Well hello there!!!!! I need to scroll up more and find more people to say hello to after I’ve already posted….!!!!!

  2. Well I’m back. I needed some time to stay away from here to think and reflect on the pain that I inflicted upon Renee’. I am thankful that she quickly forgave me but I sure in hell did not forgive MYSELF! I not only felt that I had insulted and hurt Renee’, I felt I had offended all the women who post here as well. Bottom line is, I CLEARLY crossed the line and should have known my place! You ladies RULE this domain and all I am is just a mere

    I guess I forgot that quote I posted some months ago, “One man equals an individual, one woman equals a nation!”

    Well don’t want to go on too much longer. I hope everyone is having a nice day.:-)

  3. good day to all renee glad to see you are back and did a virus check on your computer … wish i could fix my computer to work again but its gone when I have the money will take it somewhere to see if a computer expert can fix it untill then im not opening anything my fb has setteled down and no emails so this computer is ok so far. I still believer jodi story of the man and woman in that bath room and I also believe the roommates know more than they are saying if a mon and dad found out there best friend molested there child they would have been livid about it and would have killed him. end of story but jodi could not keep that story because no one believed her not even Dr Samuels it is possible that ALV knew the truth and she got what happened to here she was told to shut up by JM when she told him hay jack ass do you want the truth or not. and the Hughes backpeddeling to get out of testifing yet he showes up in court sits with the family all the kkk are out in numbers to keep the truth a secret. Jodi tried to tell that secret and look where it got her

  4. Mr. Tony….your sentiments are clearly sincere and heartfelt…although speaking only for myself, bygones are bygones….no insults are carried from day to day – please stop beating yourself up about something that happened days ago. HAPPINESS abounds here…SUPPORT abounds here…from ALL and TO all….which DEFINITELY includes YOU….!

    I think I can speak for everyone by saying Team Jodi does NOT discriminate against ANYONE EXCEPT fence-sitters, haters, liars, bullshit artists and sneaks.

    So, let’s get on with the tasks of the day and let the “little stuff” stay in the past….we’re all friends and family here.

    • I second that, Tony! You are such a sweetheart and I think you took the whole thing to heart and Renee totally accepted your apology and you should forgive yourself, hon! I don’t post often but I read here all day, err’day and you are too hard on yourself! We are a family here and nobody is expected to be perfect! Misunderstandings and miscommunications are par for the course when we all chat online here. It’s all good, Tony!!! 🙂

  5. tony 🙄

    it takes a very kind person to say I’m sorry to renee and to all the women here and I like that about you. you do have a heart and I forgive you but renee had every right to tell that person off and by the way I have not seen dina comment again so renee had her pegged from the start.

      • I called renee a fire cracker she put one on dina and there was someone else she was after too. Good find renee stay safe

      • Thanks dear ladies! I’m quite chivalrous about things. I may seem outdated by some people(I’ve been dumped by quite a few women for this I may add)but as the lyrics go to the song Let Me Be by the 1960s band The Turtles, “I am what I am and that,s all I ever can be……………”.lol

        For the most part I do strongly believe that woman have a CLEAR moral superiority over men! I do also recognize the concreat fact that men come from women too. I once had that despicable mindset that a woman was nothing more than a piece of Pu@*Y. I came to realize as the years went by that I myself came out of a Pu#%y!!!

        I think I am a much better person and man today than I was years ago. I try my best each day too to show women the respect, courtesy, and deference they DESERVE! As the gender that life itself comes from they deserve nothing less.:-)

        • Chivalry should be the silver rule, right behind the golden rule “After a long night of drinking, never trust a fart”.

          As far as men vs woman… We are just fruits in the basket of life…IMO. I have seen woman do some of the most agressively mean and spiteful things, and i have seen men do things that are dispicable, at the same time, i have seen men and woman do things that “makes your heart smile”. We are all capable of the greatest love and the worst pain, and the equipment between our legs doesnt determine that. Again, thats my opinion.

  6. Yesterday morning I watched a scene from the movie Idiocracy, and it is a reminder of Jodi Arias’s trial at times. The scene is with Luke Wilson in court and the prosecution accuses him of a crime. I pulled this from the quotes from the movie and this is an exchange between the prosecution and the judge:

    Judge Hank “The Hangman” BMW: Now prosecutor, why you think he done it?
    Prosecutor: ‘Kay. Number one your honor, just look at him. And B, we’ve got all this, like, evidence, of how, like, this guy didn’t even pay at the hospital. And I heard that he doesn’t even have his tattoo.
    [crowd boos]
    Prosecutor: I know! And I’m all, ‘you’ve gotta be shittin’ me!’ But check this out man, judge should be like
    [bangs fist on table]
    Prosecutor: ‘guilty!’ Peace.

    All the evidence that Mr. Martinez has presented has been weak at best and you can’t convict someone based on their looks or because they are fruitcakes. This isn’t the movie Idiocracy. Jodi isn’t the most likeable person in the world, but that’s not what this is about and I hope that people understand that most of all. Where is all of his “like evidence” that he can prove beyond a reasonable doubt she did this in 1st degree premeditated murder? Guess what? he doesn’t have it because it didn’t happen, and his psychologist that evaluated Jodi Arias lacked objectivity. Walmart from five years ago? Really? She used her car to put gas three times? So what? She had two gas cans and a car. The most condemning evidence is the gun, but there’s no proof it is her grandfather’s gun. She could have taken it without staging a burglary so it could be documented. And seriously, if I hear one more time about her hair color… She darkened her hair, and if she’s in different lighting her hair looks darker and lighter in other pictures. Duh!!! I hope all of you see that things aren’t always as they seem and you can’t believe the state just because they say so and they “got all this like evidence of how like” Jodi Arias committed this crime.

    • OMG!!!!

      I frequently mention that movie when I’m on a soapbox rant in real life regarding the downfall and ignorance of people in general.

      Nice post 🙂

      (I only don’t agree about the Jodi not being likable part. I think the abuse by travis affected her…and she still hasn’t gotten proper help for the WHOLE thing that occurred between them. I know I was changed from my abusive and controlling relationship…but now I am back to my happy self again.)

      • good for you beecee but me it change me so bad I’m not the person I was I’ve been taken by 3 abusive husbands just cant pick them it has left me with nothing I have a TV and a brother that took me in. I have a sister who I call just to here her reasoning for I dont seem to have that anymore Im alone now because it is better to be that way than to try and find someone.

        • I’m sad to hear this, tonya, ((((((hugs)))))) but you’re right, it IS far better to be alone than suffer abuse. But you know, things will change for you when the time is right, life is like that and I hope you find happiness 🙂

      • Yes I understand. I know that she went through alot of abuse and personal struggles. I don’t know her and at first glance many of her actions were strange and many people have remained stuck on that to dislike her. She appears to be a creative, artistic and free spirited person. I hope she can overcome this and grow. It’s all I can do. I write very bluntly because people’s ignorance upsets me. It’s not about Jodi because like I said I don’t know her. What I do know is this her life on the line and there are sick and ignorant people around us. It’s really a blessing to express my thoughts here and share with you.

        • Flnang… Well aid. I couldnt agree with you more.

          I have a hard time explaining this in so few of words, but the idea that people “know” jodi is silly. We can assume, and we are getting to learn some things, but to say we “know her” is very hard. I hope the very best for her, i also hope the very best for TA’s family. Not because they are who they are, but I think everyone deserves a fair shake, and just as I dont “know” Jodi, i also dont know TA’s family..even if they are some freaky looking people.

          • I don’t think people mean they ”know” Jodi, they have a feeling, an understanding, an affinity with her. I feel that with her.

            A good way of explaining it, is in the book, ”Families and How to Survive them.” They did an experiment and put a bunch of strangers in a room together, they weren’t allowed to speak, and were told to touch the person/s that they felt would fit with their family just by looking at them.
            What they found, were great similarities when this happened and they spoke to each other.

            A few people in the room hadn’t paired off, and what they found was that these people were all adopted. Interesting, isn’t it?

            I can honestly say with absolute certainty and relief that the Munsters are a world apart from my family!!! 😀

            • I think that is a shared sentiment a lot of us have. Of course we don’t “know” Jodi, having never met her. But we can still have empathy for her, and even relate to her in some ways.

              Even though I think Jodi’s a cool lady, I nonetheless feel really lucky we have our common-sense sheriff patrolling this site every day, and teaching us how to think. And Bonus, along with teaching his thinking methods, we get the non-stop laughs that come from such a “free thinking” brilliant comedian! One thing we all can agree on, this woman fighting for her life in the courtroom, if it is anything, it is funny as all hell. I’m sure Jodi Arias reads the sheriffs comments somehow and just laughs and laughs. You know, because Death Penalty trials are nothing if they aren’t humorous. I look forward to a week of one classic joke after another!

              All kidding aside, that is interesting that experiment. In my experience when I find myself in a room full of strangers, I can tell just by looking at some people whether or not I will be comfortable around them. Sometimes it’s because of something they might say, but sometimes it’s just how they carry themselves, and their demeanor.

    • I darkened my hair again yesterday. Should I be concerned? Does this mean I’m going to kill someone today? Well, since I don’t drive, I won’t be renting any cars or borrowing/buying gas cans, so I might not have to worry, right?

      Just think about how ridiculous that is though!

      • Come to think of it, AA…. I also darkened by hair the other day. Very black. I hope that doesn’t mean I will be killing anyone later. I just dont have the damn time.

        • I had ‘neglected’ my hair for the past 6 months and they had started to turn really brown so today I had them dyed really blond again.

          Dear friends,and just for the record,if they arrest me in the near future will you be so kind as to tell the police that:It was NOT premeditated!!!!!!!!!!!!!There,I have it on record !And as latins said ” Verba volant, SCRIPTA MANENT”
          HAHAHAHA, 😀 😀

          • I watched the 48 hours documentary of the Dana Chandler case because I saw someone mention it here. She was convicted solely on hearsay and circumstantial evidence. One of the major pieces of evidence was her purchase of TWO RED GAS CANS!!

            As long as I live I swear I am never buying a gas can. It could cost me my life!

      • I drive a red car. Guess that means that people won’t think I’m hiding from the po-po on my way to kill someone!

    • I think most of us see Jodi the way we sould see a friend of ours,after having spent so many months talking about her,the events leading up to June 4th,the trial.She has become a part of our every day life and a habit,tat’s why sometimes some of us(myself included)may sound as if we claim we actually know her.No,we don’t.We are strangers to hers as much as she is a stranger to us.Yet,a stranger we’ ve grown accustomed to care for deeply.
      As for Martinez’ ”beyond a reasonable doubt evidence”,let us simply asume that there is at least one juror siiting there with an attitude of ”I can challenge evrything I’m presented with”.Oh,boy I would love that to happen!Because 1.Psych experts’ opinions will come down to whose testimony sounded more credible(hello??Def.Team experts 35 years of experiene EACH) so no problem there 2.Walmart lady provided us with a very amateur search,i’m still not over the s-k-e-w spelling(hey,and I’m a foreigner) ,no computer check,no Salinas store check 3.gas cans filling up-why oh why would Jodi leave a credit card mark behind her,why would she tell Darryl to give her the cans if she wanted to go unnoticed?Some cars use up more gas depending even on the way the drivers drives-for example if I maintain a steady slow speed my car is likely to use much less gas as opposed to when I speed then slow down then speed up again and so on,or simply if I am in a freeway where I can freely speed all the way,so I use up more fuel 4Yes,I agree that ”The most condemning evidence is the gun” but if I am that imaginary trouble -maker juror I talked about I would really like to know or better say I would demand to know what kind of bullet was used and IF it matched the grandfather’s gun’s bullets.No mentioning of hollow-points,right Mr Martinez??As for staging the robbery,yes maybe a stupid person could have done that falsely thinking that they would be diverting attention but Jodi has proven that she is far from stupid so she would have foreseen the possibility of drawing the attention on her had she staged the robbery(the same applies to the turning the license plates upside down by the way argument) 5.Hair color?Really?If again I am the imaginary juror and happen to be a girl,I’d be laughing my ass off at this Kermit argument.There’s no way,NO FREAKING way you can turn your hair color around 3 times in a short period of less than 3 months(given Jodi made a drastic color change,she wasnt a blonde going to a bit blondier) without having some or all of it fall off.
      All this is written of course in a very naive and simplistic way but since jurors are simple people like me,and if I can raise reasonable doubts(with all different impediments)I trust there will be at least one who will think the same.

    • I have totally thought the same thing through this. In a twitter war earlier today, the terms “Ivy League” and “Einstein” were ‘hurled’ at me as insults. Huh?

  7. Did anyone see HLN after dark where they asked did jodi premeditate the murder the jury had 3 not guilty’s the defence kept says she could have killed him the moment she got there she could have killed him in his sleep she could have killed him but she did not she spent a lot of time with him something happened and we may never know what when down in the bathroom but that is not premeditation if she had so many chances to kill him and didn’t

    • exaclty!! the roomates..the mormon blood atonement..Mesa is a bed of corruption..nothing that Jodi did before leads to simply isnt there.

    • I can proudly say that I have NEVER watched that show. But that’s good to know, Tonya. So that was a hung jury, even despite all of HLN’s prejudicial ramblings. Hmmm

      • I hope that the jury is looking up what will happen if the have to deside the DP phase of the trial it could mean they have to endure another 1 mo not sure but if I were a jurior I would want to end it as fast as possibe it have been 5 6 months already.

    • and then according to prosecutor she decides to kill him with a knife when he is wide awake looking at her from the shower, even though he out weighs her by 50#, is trained as a wrestler, and has just gone through a training program to get in shape for his trip. RIGHT

      • If she premeditated this crime she would have waited till he was asleep then shot him in the head and cut off his dick for putting it in her ass and not taking her to cancun

        • i think if she premeditated this she would have waited until he came to CA, where there is no DP got him in the woods to live yet another sexual fantastic, and left him there with his pants down

          • stan, completely agree. It would have been far to risky to plan this with the roommates and roommate girlfriends roaming in and out, and the open door policy at that house.

            She would have planned this far better. Lured him to a remote spot along the CA coast and shoved him off. No bloody mess to clean up.

            • Or JA could have made it look as if TA was a stalker ex-boyfriend when he came to CA.. Making it look like he took her to the woods against her will, then she could have killed him in self defense that no one would have questioned. Now that would have been an easy pre-mediation scenario for JA if she had wanted to kill TA.

        • hahaha tonya … that would have been much kinder than the CA lady who drugged and tied her husband up before whacking his penis off with a kitchen knife, then tossed it down the sink grinder.

          Poor guy probably wished he had a bullet first! 😉

              • I find it interesting that most people assume that these stories revolve around infidelity, when sexual abuse is the only common denominator among all the cases I have found about it.

                Cutting off a penis is a very extreme measure that is very uncommon. For example, a woman in India cut off a the penis of her village’s rapist and put it in a plastic baggie and gave it to police because they wouldn’t do anything about the problem.

                The only time I hear about women talking about cutting off penises is when they have been sexually assaulted sometime in their lives. I imagine that women who end up doing this were subjected to some horrible experiences beyond belief.

                • MB, She was found guilty today. It’s one more very sad, though very real, story.

                  SANTA ANA, Calif. – A Southern California jury has convicted a woman accused of severing her estranged husband’s penis.

                  Catherine Kieu was found guilty Monday of torture and aggravated mayhem for the July 11, 2011, attack.

                  The man, who is not being named by the AP because of the nature of the attack, married Kieu after they met at a gym but soon subjected Kieu to verbal and sexual abuse, Kieu’s public defender, Frank Bittar, said during trial.

                  Kieu had mental health problems caused by a childhood full of molestation and other trauma in war-torn Vietnam and her husband also constantly demanded sex in ways that caused her pain, Bittar said.

                  The 60-year-old victim, whose penis could not be reattached, testified he felt as though he had been murdered.

                • Yes, I kind of figured she would. I think this goes to show that our society needs to take care of battered women before it gets to this point, though. Giving men a pass to abuse their wives can only result in tragedy.

                  Maybe it’s just me, but I found his comment odd that he felt like he was murdered. I mean really. It’s like his whole identity was wrapped up in his penis, which IMO is not unlike rapists and abusers who believe their maleness grants them dominance over females. And the lack of having a penis does not mean that one is dead. That would mean believing half the planet are walking zombies, and that’s something out of the Witches Hammer that women have no souls.

                  I am seeing some of Travis’ attitude in that one statement when he talks about Jodi being a corrupted carcass.

  8. but of course she did not do that she let the jurk take nasty photo’s of her privite parts. I joined the navy because I wanted to get away from my abusive husband that would not give me a divorce and became a PHAA photographer and if jodi would have had the time she would have taken the camera it is what she confessed to the dropping of the camera that started all the shit but it get in the washing machine I dont think so the man and the woman or one of the roommates did the rest then put the blame on jodi she got the hell out of there and flores says jodi why would they let you go well kkk had a plan for her didn’t they

  9. As I sit here this day I do not believe she stabbed him nor do I believe she put ANYTHING including the camera in the washing machine/dryer….

    • Funny Zack knew right where to find the keys to unlock the bedroom door huh? But he thought Travis was already out of town? And funny Jodi would remember to lock the bedroom door behind her? Zack is not telling the truth. Does Jodi think some how she deserved to be punished. When people are abused they think it was all their fault.
      If Zack knew the truth would Jodi implicate him? Or would she think the whole thing was her fault and he was just trying to help her?
      And if the door was locked when MImi went there = who locked it because everyone has said Travis never locked the door when he was home. Was Zack going in and out of the door? If so why would he lock it when Travis never did? And Zack sure was not gonna open the door to any one either.

      • I don’t think any of them are telling the truth!!!!!!! The roommates are lying, everyone that was there when he was “found” is lying. This whole thing stinks! Why don’t they all just tell the damn truth. There is NO WAY that his body decomposed for 5 days and there was no smell that they noticed. This is bs. I am just plain sick of all the twisted craziness. Where is the real evidence???????? Why are the Hughes lying out their asses? Why is he keeping travis’ journals? What happened to that poor girl who was murdered, “suicide” ? I do not believe that this was all Jodi and premeditated.

        • Flores said the attic could be accessed from both TA bedroom closet AND another area in the upstairs. I think the room mates found TA’s body much sooner than they say. I think they knew about TA’s “stuff” and cleared out the attic and his room of all traces of anything that went against the Mormon Church by accessing his room through the attic. I think the room mates contacted TA’s Bishop and friends before Marie Hall showed up and a plan was put into place to protect the Church’s and PPL’s imagine. I think in the process they destroyed evidence, not caring if it made it impossible to ever know the truth of his death.

        • cj, I think the answer to your questions is a 6 letter word.. Mormon..

          And Fear.

          I hope one day soon we’ll learn the truth and fit all the jigsaw pieces together.

          This is a cover up of cover ups, the Only thing we can be sure of..

    • I cannot believe that she put the camera in the washing machine. I would think ass a photographer she would know to just grab the memory card.

    • I have to wonder too Janeen, she may have in an attempt to get him off of her, but I believe there is alot more to the story and I believe Jodi is not going to tell us. Just like she did not want to talk bad about Travis. I do know this story is not right some thing is wrong.

        • I don’t believe Jodi put Travis back in the shower, she wouldn’t have been able to, so how did he get there. I don’t understand why no one has asked this in court. Its an obvious question; had I been a juror I would have asked that.
          I don’t believe Jodi slashed his throat either, I believe Jodi was set up..

    • Why WHY would she put the camera in the washing machine?It’s one of the worst hidding places precisely for the fact that it is so obvious .Not to mention that she IS a photographer,she KNEW the SIM card wouldnt be damaged or that the photos would have been retrieved anyhow! Or a better question might be,why leave the SIM card in the camera???Why not just take it??/

  10. Anybody know if they are meeting today in court regarding the notice to add testimony to surrebuttal witness? Do you think they have just the one witness?

  11. (Oops. I just posted this in the wrong place.) Does anyone know why Travis was not autopsied until June 12, when the body was discovered on June 9? Given the condition of the body by the time of discovery, I would have thought there would be haste to get the body examined by the ME on June 10 in order to extract as much information from it as possible. Sorry if this was already discussed!

    • Sometimes the ME’s workload just gets to be one that they have to wait. Of course they do immediately refrigerate the body so further decomposition gets halted.

      • Presumably the bodies will go into a cooler rather than a freezer until the autopsy, so that won’t halt decomp, only slow it. When I worked in a morgue (for two years), a detective assigned to a homicide case followed the body into the morgue and observed the autopsy. Homicides were taken very seriously and weren’t waited on for days, even when things got busy (typically during holidays). Then again, that was a large city. I wonder whether this ME is paid to conduct private autopsies.

  12. FreshAirBreather

    another good comment cant think of an answer to that one now can I figure out why Flores let Dustin go with out an interview he was fingered then I wonder if he even thinks about Ashley her death is a mistery too this hole case is a cover up

    • You are so right about that. The ME in that case too, to label that a suicide, when the direction of travel of the bullet indicates homicide…partner that with the restraining order. It’s a simple as two plus two, but apparently not in our world. There are so many holes in the TA case in terms of detective work and forensic examination, I would have expected defense to have a field day with it, but it seems they chose not to. I wonder if they thought it would confuse the jury or if they think the jury sees all the holes without pointing them out aggressively. Maybe we’ll seem them bring them out more strongly in the closing arguments. I like her defense team, but I do wish she could have afforded a really extensive team that could have gone all out for her on all fronts. It would have been compelling, for instance, to see her explanation of events (the part she could remember, and then what the forensics support from then on) recreated. It would have been a huge slap down to the prosecution’s version. That ME is an idiot and it would have been easy to refute his testimony with another expert’s.

      • ” I like her defense team, but I do wish she could have afforded a really extensive team that could have gone all out for her on all fronts.”

        my thoughts too.

      • Since Jodi couldnt afford hiring her own private lawyers and had to have KN and JW assigned to her,I’d say I’m grateful it happened to be these two,because honestly they excell in their jobs and maybe was it someone else,he/she might have done half the efforts our DT lawyers have done.Yep,I’m grateful.At least they seem to care for Jodi and are doing the best they can ,imho.Sometimes ,it’s better to be realistic and not to focus on what would happen IF she had a ‘better” defense team but to stay positive and work with the”data available” (lol,too much Tot Doc xposure?)

        • I’m grateful too, maria, they’re doing a great job. Jodi must have wanted to say so much listening to it all, the frustration must have been immense for her, but at least she could voice it to Jennifer, those two seem to get on so well and I’m very grateful for that.

    • i could be wrong but i thought that lineup of pictures was the ones presented to the budget rental car guy for identification????

      • Thanks, eb & Al,

        I notice Jodi is the only woman in the “lineup” that is smiling and she’s dressed in the jail’s finest clothes. I imagine they could stop 100 people on the street and 100 could identity the “suspect.” In fairness though, #2 may also be wearing an orange shirt from the jail.

        • Remember JM’s question to her about why she was smiling and her answer that that’s what she thought TA would have wanted.

          I agree with sirlips. Sometimes this young lady’s elevator stops a couple of floors shy of the penthouse.

              • I tend to mentally separate the 2008 Jodi from the 2013 Jodi-they honestly look like two very different people.Which is totally understandable given the circumstances.When watching the interrogation tapes and the interviews the recent trauma effects are written all over her face and behaviour.Whereas,it’s clear that she has gone under some kind of minor healing now.She seems more mature and conscious.

        • I was thinking the same damn thing….the only one wearing the orange jumpsuit.

          Yeah poor Jodi…no common sense at all!!!

      • I can’t see Jodi’s hair going from the light brown with the streaks as pictured with sister in Mid May to blond like this Avis guy says it was and then to dark brown on June 3rd in that picture. That guy also said that she didn’t want the red car because it smelled of smoke so I think he just remembers wrong. Jodi had platinum blond hair for 3 or 4 yrs and was going back to her natural colour. She testified she wasn’t a hairdressser but that she knew that you can’t do that without ruining your hair. Makes sense she would go back to her natural color after that long, and that she would do it in steps like she testified.

  13. Good afternooon everybody!!! Got a very late start the morning. My mama was admitted to the hospital last night. For all of you who do believe in God….please keep her in your prayers!

  14. Hi Everyone,
    I have such a busy day today, so I’ll just comment on something that I saw on Blink on Crime website. If any of you have a chance pls read the whole thing thoroughly and maybe send to the DT – could be too late too.
    1. Apparently the mem card that was pictured at the bottom of the washing machine (blue) does NOT fit TA’s camera – his takes a diff type of card!!! The card that would fit TA’s cam was not anywhere in the vicinity.

    2. When Melendez (prosc witness) testified, he stated when he got the cam the card (the one that would fit TA’s cam) was INSIDE the cam.

    3. JA in her interview with flores, told him that there were MANY of her mem cards left behind in TA’s home, and went on to describe them further. (See that interview for reference).

    4. Flores stated that they ALWAYS work off a mirror image of the card in question.

    5. But, Melendez said he worked off the original.

    6. Item 215 (mem card) presented in court was NOT the card discovered at bottom of washing mach!!

    Don’t know if DT is aware or not.

    There are many more discrepancies that I noted from the notes at BOC – but I won’t be able to convey more now as I’ve got to go. Will make a major attempt to do so tomm. Wanted to do so in time, in case DT could use this mem card issue, and the other ones too to get more time to present to judge. Bye – I’m late…

      • Reading the page, I found this:

        “it was patently clear that Alexander wanted Arias out of his life for good.”

        No, it was not. He had a track record of keeping women in his life, and calling them psycho behind their backs so he could carry on with them without his main clique being nonethewiser.

        IMO he is a prime candidate for BPD, and probably due to his father jumping from marriage to marriage and his mother being emotionally unavailable.

        That’s the only thing that makes sense to me. Why else would he have defied Lisa’s orders to stay away from her? Why else would he have had both Deanna and Jodi move to AZ after breaking up with him?

        • I know, it’s such bullshit that Travis “wanted Jodi out of his life for good.” HE HAD SEX WITH HER ON JUNE 4TH.

          • Right!!! And now they are trying to pretend that those naked photos are from another time.

            Weren’t they also date/time stamped along with the shower pics?

            And didn’t they say that the pics were also present as THUMB NAILS in the internal memory of the camera? That’s why the quality was so shitty?

            I swear, they get more and more ridiculous every day.

            • And I just wanted to add, if the day the pics are being taken into question, then that obliterates the prosecution’s case that Jodi attacked Travis in the shower. After all, those shower pics might have been taken MONTHS before. LMAO

    • Introspective – I took a good look at the memory cards and they are the same kind. I’m sure even if this is forwarded to the defense that they can confirm this by calling back the camera expert to the stand.

      I even counted the little metal “data prongs” (sorry not a techie so don’t know the term for it) and the big one has 9, and the small one has ten. They are both blue but they are different sizes and the big one they are pretending is the match has a data prong that is higher up than the others.

      IMO it looks like they are grasping for straws to hold their crumbling case of premeditation together. From what the article is saying, they are trying to imply that she took the naked pics months before in some scheme to prop up her current story. But how can that be, since this is her THIRD story and she admits to lying the other two times? Why go to such great lengths to be devious enough to plant evidence and then NOT tell the story you planned to tell in the first place? Derrrrrr

  15. This is coming out of nowhere so bear with me here… but why is it so “crazy” that she moved to AZ after they broke up? Here’s my thinking, couldn’t it possibly have been that she thought TA was cheating on her bcuz of the long distance between them? Maybe she thought (or he implied) that if they lived in the same town and could get it on, on the reg, he wouldn’t stray? If she was in love with him and wanted to be with him couldn’t she come to that conclusion pretty easily? She obviously was no stranger to men cheating on her so I can see (I’ve been there, personally) how she could try to blame circumstances on the cheating instead of TA himself. And call me “crazy” as well, but how often have men said in relationships that they “need” more sex? I’m not sure if I’m making much sense here, I’m stuck on the people saying she used sex to trap and keep TA. Is that what makes her crazy in people’s eyes? I just do not see how people think she’s stalking him by moving to AZ after they broke up and continued to have sex. And yes, I too have broken in to a boyfriend’s email account bcuz I suspected he was cheating and you know what? He sure the hell was!!! There is a feeling a person gets when their significant other is cheating. I know exactly what Jodi is talking about! She asked him if he was, he denied it and said she was stupid to think he was cheating. She finally broke into his account so she had proof that he was and that he was lying to her! These are symptoms of a dysfunctional relationship, not BPD!
    Or am I crazy?!

    • I”m sure some of the jurors too have felt that horrendous sting of a cheating spouse.
      Cheating it’s all relative with the era. My grandmother found out my grandpa was cheating because a lady down the street was dirt poor yet had furniture delivered to the house from a high end appliance store. Grandma got this weird feeling so she took the bus across town and confidently said she’d like to make a payment on her husbands account, and sure as s***, Grandpa had a secret account open.
      My mother would send my brother and me with my Dad to spy on him, we’d fall asleep in Beer Joints.
      My brother in law suspected his wife was cheating on him because she was working a lot of overtime but her pay checks never increased. So he came home one day and got a weird feeling and went to the phone and dialed *69, remember that technology, and sure as hell the wife’s lover answered the other phone.
      My wifes uncle smells his wifes panties to verify if she’s been cheating. How that can prove she has slept with someone else I don’t know?
      My point is we’re human and you’re no different than the neighbor, it’s all relative.

    • I keep coming back to the fact that, whenever anyone used sex for anything, it was Travis. He used is as a form of punishment, a form of approval, and a way to try to keep Jodi attached to him.

      IMO that’s part of the reason he attacked her that night. Because she was going to go ahead to Utah to see Ryan, he realized she was not getting attached or feeling obligated to him like she used to. That must have enraged him.

      And didn’t Deanna move to AZ after they broke up too? And remember it was Jodi who broke up with Travis for cheating on her. Jodi knew that they could not have a regular relationship because she couldn’t trust him, but Travis refused to let go. And to top it off, he made her forward emails she sent to other men to make sure she wasn’t getting close to them. And the Travis Taliban has the gall to say that he had a right to see other women when she wasn’t afforded the same freedom? Travis was a major hypocrite.

    • No,it’s not strange that she moved to AZ even after they had broken up.Because im ny opinion they never did break up.Their relationship ended on June 4th!But again,my opinion.As for the moving,using Jodi’s words,TA was good at guilting her and convincing her.I’s add he was a master of manipulating her as well!!She explained how he laid out all the benefits she would have if moving to AZ,he tempted and seduced her in other words -once the ”official” relationship was over and TA was a free man to seek after his ‘virgin’ stereotype,Jodi being in close vicinity,just for his booty call was a master plan!Which man wouldnt want that? As greeks say ”He wanted to have both the pie intact and his dog full).Sorry mister,you had it coming!

  16. I have some further comments on the crime scene.
    Martinez will be attempting to argue a case that is completely different from the defence case.
    There is an abundance of physical evidence at the crime scene, that in my view strongly indicates that the defence case is correct.

    Here is what I think Martinez will roughly argue:
    Jodi starts with a knife attack, followed by Travis expirating at the sink.
    The fight goes down the hallway, where Jodi cuts his throat on the bedroom carpet at the end of the hallway.
    Jodi then drags Travis head first back up the corridor, in time for the 62 second picture to be taken.
    Then finally at some point she shoots him.

    I think the dragging is one of the most problematic aspects for Martinez (well there are many problems…).
    He suggested there were drag marks in the skirting, but how come then that the tiles near the skirting, with abundant blood pools on them, show no sign of dragging?
    He is going to run into manifest and multiple collisions with the physical evidence.

  17. geebee…I like your post…but think about the response to your quotes….

    [quote]She heaves his body into the shower, and cleans his body up, to minimise the horrific injuries, and deletes some photos.[quote]…

    1. What if Jodi cleaned up some and left in a hurry because she knew someone was in the house and knew the other roommate would be home soon…this left her with less than an hour of time…
    what if the roommate and others put Travis body in the shower and cleaned up some more…and they put the bullet casing in the blood…and etc….

    2. Zach told Flores that Wednesday, June 8, 2013 was his day off work…so he was there at the house that day…he left Travis’ house that morning to return his car rental and returned back to Travis’ house around 3pm and didn’t leave again until 4 pm…what if the roommate cleaned up by putting Travis’ body in the shower and etc…

    [quote]She takes the camera, sheets, puts them in the washing machine.

    1. Jodi admitted to washing a load of clothes…there were two loads washed…the first load was the comforter and pillowcases…they were in the dryer…the sheets, camera was in the washer…who washed the first and second load?

    2. Zach and Enrique both told Flores that they washed and dried their own clothes that week…one even said that he washed on Wednesday and again on Saturday….

    [quote]She puts a barrier across the bottom of the stairs, so Napoleon, Travis’ dog will not be traumatised by finding the body.

    1. I believe that Zach put the barrier across the bottom of the stairs when he returned to Travis’ house around 3pm to keep the dog from bothering him…he told Flores that he left Travis’ house at 4pm to go clean his girlfriend Mandy’s house…convenient that he made a point to tell Flores that he cleaned his girlfriend’s house that day….

    2. I wonder how many times has Zach ever cleaned his girlfriend’s house before and after the death of Travis???

    3. Convenient that he would have come back to Travis’ house later that evening smelling of cleaning solutions from cleaning Mandy’s house and yet Travis’ house had a cleaning too???

    [quote]She leaves Travis’ keys etc. in the kitchen, possibly as a hint to the flatmates that he is dead.

    1. I feel that the roommate put Travis CTR ring and his watch on the kitchen counter…which was later found on Thursday evening by Enrique’s girlfriend, Kim….and all that Enrique said was that it was odd because Travis always wears the ring and watch…yet Enrique being a crime specialist didn’t think it odd enough to investigate?….or did he???

    2. Both roommates and the girlfriends used the kitchen to eat in and cleaned up after themselves…

    3. I feel that either one or both roommates knew what had happened to Travis and they were involved somehow in muddling the crime scene….and they were just waiting for someone to come looking for Travis…if not…then how else would they have been able to stand the smell of decomp for those several days…it was a strong smell in the house….and even Enrique said that he smelled the odor he just didn’t say anything about it….WHAT ARE THEY HIDING???

    [quote]She flees. She is in a state of amnesia due to the extreme acute stress….

    1. I feel that she fled a lot earlier than that…and the Zach the roommate leaves Travis’s home around 4 pm that day and Enrique returns to Travis’ right after 6 pm…Travis time of death around 5:36 pm or so….

    2. So that leaves a window of time of less than an hour (1 hour) for all that to be done…

    3. Realistically…Jodi would not have had enough time or have been able to have done all of that in that little amount of time…

    4. And realistically it would only seem possible that someone else did all the other as stated above…

    • All this is speculative (and probably doesn’t make much difference). What is certain is the blood in the hallway, and the high resolution photographs that show that Martinez’ account is plain wrong.

      The prosecution have to prove their case.

      They will fail spectacularly, because of the physical evidence that directly contradicts it.

      That’s what really matters.

    • I fully agree with you on the smell of the decomposition of the body. And, did not JODI state that two ‘ninjas’ attacked them! What better way for the roommates to disguise themselves and despose of that human abomination TA. and then leave an unconscious JODI to awaken to find herself covered in blood and the belief that she had killed TA. Hence, her lack of memory of stabbing him!

    • See now this is what I was talking about yesterday. We Americans point the finger at these other countries with their extreme justice, but we are clearly headed right down that same path.

      Like I said, we should be doing everything NOT to make the same mistakes fundamentalist countries make. Like demanding rape victims produce four male witnesses to be taken seriously.

      We wonder why those countries have such problems, and why the women have no rights. So why are freedom-loving patriotic Americans so willing to do the same things they do???

      • I agree, MB

        Wow! Needing 4 male witnesses for something to be done about rape. I didn’t know that.

        I did read that 5 states in the USA have completely abolished the death penalty since 2007. If some states are beginning to abolish the death penalty, it could make the other states think twice about executing anyone.

        • Well CC53, I guess we’ll have to fundamentally disagree because I do support the DP for some things. I sure in hell do not have a shred of pity for those no good bastards who dragged that black man in Texas to death back in 1999!

              • Tony,

                I don’t want to get into a debate about the DP. I shouldn’t have raised the topic at all. About 6 weeks ago a discussion started here on this topic and people started voicing their opinion for or against the DP and it started to get heated (in my opinion). It had the potential to cause a crack/split in this group and people seemed to realize this and the discussion was shut down quickly, or, at least that’s the way I remember it. Years ago, It was suggested to me there are 3 things one shouldn’t discuss in certain situations. Religion, politics and sex. I would add the DP to that list.

                We all need to stick together right now, especially right now with the trial coming to an end and focus on Jodi, so I’m going to pass on any discussion of the death penalty.

        • Coldcase,

          Where did you hear about the 4 male witnesses? That simply is not true! Well, at least, if they implement the law correctly it isn’t.

          There are some pretty messed up cases in all countries. Laws are abused all over the world, but I’ve lived all over, and that really isn’t true :/

  18. Guess if I were to ever go to AZ I’d better not use my Grecian Formula to darken my beard—-t may be grounds——according to the weasel—-that I’m planning to murder somebody! LOL! GO TEAM JODI!!!!! VICTORY IS NEAR!!!!!

  19. HLN just said nancy grace is going to have the video’s of jodi’s parents on and dont forget to watch it and also implied that HLN is the only place that you can see the trial thursdays closing arguments. They are so what word can I use for them kkk

  20. JM’s going to look like a troll on crack after he looses this case! Oh snap, he already is a troll on crack! Hope h knows that the other trolls have permanently banned him from hiding under rocks and bridges because of his having disgraced both humanity and trolldom!

    • “Executions cost more than life in prison.
      $2 million per person vs. $500,000 (4x as much!). Free counsel for defense, for appeals, maximum security on a separate death row wing.”

      I wonder if NANCY GRACE would consider this in her calculations of how much the trial has cost.

    • “Life in prison also guarantees no future crimes.”

      I disagree. People can still bully, rape, steal, and kill behind bars. The statement implies that the only future crimes to worry about are the ones in free society.

      • That entered my mind also when I went back and reviewed it just now. I hate that the guards and the system allow rapes & assaults in prisons. Some of the guards are right on the cusp of being violent criminals themselves (and some probably definitely are). I know you can’t stop all of that in that kind of environment, but I bet they can do a much better job than they do, and there are stories about the guards & dominant convicts purposely going against annoying or troublesome inmates, making deals & whatnot.

      • Negative. Free society is still victimized,correction officers murdered never make it home. Especially, lifers that have nothing to lose, kill, and injure for fun or hire.

          • Wardens order homosexual inmates moved to the unruly cell blocks to calm the testoterone driven inmates down, by obvious means. Apparently it is an effective technique.

            • Phillip, that is just scary. I know homosexual inmates *might* want to have sex, or *might* want to have a relationship while incarcerated, but the idea to move them there as rape fodder is alarming to me. A lot of inmates are homophobic even if they have a relationship with another man in jail; I can imagine openly gay inmates getting beat or worse for who they are and the issues the inmates have about their own sexuality.

              I’m freaked out by this revelation, to be honest!!

              • On the contrary therapist say 90% plus male inmates engage in male /male sex. Gay inmates say the Stat is 100%. Perspective is the difference…”I ain’t gay he was sucking my ****”, “He bent over so he is the gay ”
                Homosexual inmates are the wealthiest inmates based on jailhouse currency.

                • As long as they are consenting, that’s cool. I hope they give out condoms, tho. I know a pharmacist at a SuperMax; Hep-c is rampant.

                • can’t stop yet.

                  This could be part of the problem with ex convicts who are still having homosexual contact on the side while living with female partners/wives and passing on HIV.

                  One of my sources has said the ex convicts say the same thing you just stated Phillip, they don’t see themselves as homosexual because they are not on the receiving end of sex, or they are not giving oral sex…so they are still straight.

                  justification much?

                • I dunno Phillip, you seem to know more about this than I do, but I just don’t like the idea of assuming consent whether someone is male or female. You know what I mean??

                • No Phillip that’s not what I meant at all!

                  I was talking about my reaction to the idea of assuming consent.

                  Speak freely, that’s what we’re here for!!

                • BeeCee yes I have thought of this too.

                  What happens on the inside affects us all out here on the outside too.

                  Did you know there is a term called “men who have sex with other men” to distinguish between casual encounters and sexual preference?

                  They do not have this term for women. I’ve only heard the word bisexual or lesbian, but never “women who have sex with other women.” This implies that if a woman sleeps with another woman, that it says something about her preference, whereas a man who happens to sleep with another man can be viewed as not having that preference.

                  I’ve always found that verbiage unfair, because I’ve known lesbians who have had relationships with women who are not either bisexual or lesbian. They were, in fact “women who sleep with other women” because like men who sleep with other men, viewed the other individual as a means to an end or a fetishistic experience.

                  Interesting isn’t it?

        • But, anyway, Phillip, that site has a lot of good info if you are against the DP. I really think it is important for a country not to condone/impose the death penalty as a solution. I think this sends a message to the citizens of that country in particular, that killing is ok if you have the right reasons & the authority. Well then, the individual can also make that decision themselves – ‘I believe I have the right reasons & the authority so I am justified in performing a death penalty on my enemy.’

          Better for a country not to go there at all. Also, a long time ago it may have been more difficult to avoid escapes, but we can do a pretty good job of that now, so we have less of a justification. More does need to be done to reduce the in-prison crimes, the problem seems to be that the prison system does not seem to be interested in doing so.

  21. Court should be issued gas masks to protect the innocent from all of the noxious ass-spew that’ll be bursting from the weasel’s ass-pocket —oops I mean what passes for a mouth on that rat-faced little slime-ball’s mug—when he delivers his closing lies!

  22. SINCE JODI’s trial is intertwined with the criminal law, i’ve put together some material, which i’ll post later, dealing with that subject, and the more general study of law, for which anyone interested could provide some informal information, or map, on how to demystify, understand, and utilize the law
    IT’S a longer post, which anyone interested could save for their later attention

  23. does anyone remember when the defence asked chris to write down his and sky cell phone # in there testamony wonder if they found anything

  24. Seems that TA was racist with his filly comment, and Jodi’s Blonde hair preference. Ryan Burns is now married to a Black woman, obviously not a racist. Just wondering if Jodi went natural hair color since it wasn’t an issue to Ryan who she planned on seeing. Ryan seemed sincere, as if he would of asked Jodi to be herself. Just a thought……not all men are pigs, dogs, maggots, sloths, vultures, etc.

  25. Hey Martinez, you’re so fond of photographs. Why aren’t you zooming in on the one with the bullet lodged in Alexander’s jaw and trumpeting that in front of the jury?

    Could it be that the bullet in the gun Jodi fired at Travis started out looking like this?

    Which would have ended up in his jaw looking like this?

    __________________WHICH IS A MONSTROSITY PROBLEM FOR YOU_______________ because:

    The one from Grandpa’s gun you want the jury to believe was the gun Jodi stole and brought with her had SEVEN bullets being explicitly described by Grandpa as the type that looked like THIS already IN the clip

    Which would have ended up looking much like this when your stoolie expert examined the bullet recovered

    Let me show you the difference again you beak-nosed dwarf bastard

    Do you see the difference between those two on the left and the two on the right? Those on the right are hollow point, called that because of the distinctive shape of the bullet nose indentation. It looks unmistakably different after impacting a target as the hollow on impact forces the projectile into a mushroom or umbrella shape causing much more damage.

    Why wasn’t that bullet passed around to the jury in a plastic bag so they could have got a good look at it? Why wasn’t there a closeup of the casing or a perfectly focused picture showing how it was resting barely in ANY blood? Why weren’t there photos of the recovered fragment in Travis’s jaw? The one you had your expert peek at in that evidence bottle and then close it right back up?

    I’ll tell you why! Because it didn’t match the bullets in Grandpa’s gun. It matched the bullets in TRAVIS’s gun !!

    In short, you don’t have the gun and you don’t have the bullet type that matches up with the gun stolen from her grandparents home. Which means you don’t have JACK regarding that gun. She didn’t bring it. It was already there and you low life sleaze merchant you know it. Otherwise you would have been having your expert drive those uniquely identifying bullet characteristics into the jury’s brain while repeating the words “hollow point.” Then you would have been matching it up in your closing with the police report from Yrkea.

    But the snake that you are, all you wanted your expert to say was .25 caliber. Now, isn’t that strange. Such a distinctive bullet and you don’t want to have the jury know about it. Wouldn’t it be sweet if they have already done their own research at home and know the slug that you are and how you are trying to deceive them. Just like with the contrived pre-fabricated shelf demonstration. If there is anything short of a death sentence verdict, they are going to have to take you out in a straight jacket.

    I hope to hell, I’m helping to make that a virtual certainty!


    Hey Martinez, you’re so fond of photographs. Why aren’t you zooming in on the one with the bullet lodged in Alexander’s jaw and trumpeting that in front of the jury?

    Could it be that the bullet in the gun Jodi fired at Travis started out looking like this?

    Which would have ended up in his jaw looking like this?

    __________________WHICH IS A MONSTER OF A PROBLEM FOR YOU_______________ because:

    The one from Grandpa’s gun you want the jury to believe was the gun Jodi stole and brought with her Had 7 bullets being explicitly described by Grandpa as the type that looked like THIS already IN the clip

    Which would have ended up looking much like this when your stoolie expert examined the bullet recovered

    Let me show you the difference again you dwarf beak-nosed bastard

    Do you see the difference between the two on the left and the two on the right?

    Why wasn’t that bullet passed around to the jury in a plastic bag so they could have got a good look at it? Why wasn’t there a closeup of the casing or a perfectly focused picture showing how it was resting barely in ANY blood? Why weren’t there photos of the recovered fragment in Travis’s jaw? The one you had your expert peek at in that evidence bottle and then close it right back up?

    I’ll tell you why! Because it didn’t match the bullets in Grandpa’s gun. It matched the bullets in TRAVIS’s gun !!

    In short, you don’t have the gun and you don’t have the bullet type that matches up with the gun stolen from her grandparents home. Which means you got JACK regarding that gun. She didn’t bring it. It was already there and you sleaze merchant you know it. Otherwise you would have been having your expert drive those uniquely identifying bullet characteristics into the jury’s brain while repeating the words “hollow point.” Then you would have been matching it up in your closing with the police report from Yrkea.

    But the snake that you are, all you wanted your expert to say was .25 caliber. Now, isn’t that strange. Such a distinctive bullet and you don’t want to have the jury know about it. Wouldn’t it be sweet if they have already done their own research at home and know the slug that you are and how you are trying to deceive them. Just like with the contrived pre-fabricated shelf demonstration. If there is anything short of a death sentence verdict, they are going to have to take you out in a straight jacket.

    I hope to hell, I’m helping to make that a virtual certainty!

      • you know when dan hall said to the world that travis did not own a gun to discredit jodi maybe he brought the gun he is the gun tootin ass he was the one that the hughes called to see about travis on the 911 day was he the one that got that called mimi to discover the body. who called who all there # should have been examined in this starting a least 2 weeks before the killing and follow up with who talked to who after the killing who started the oh jodi did it. and for SJ post today that is good but the jury has had 6 months of HLN to watch and 1 week before closing arguments the damn judge give them even more time to watch from home once someone has been brainwashed by HLN it is hard to come back to reality and then add the fact that evidence has been denied to them that would help her

  26. THANK YOU…… guys work quick!!!! Y’all need to add Prayer Warrior to your resume:>)))

    My sister just called…my mama is back home. Fever gone… just needs to keep taking her antibiotics At 80 years old…with CHF and kidney failure ….the doctors don’t miss around too much with her. She had a pain in her side with a temp of 101. After a battery last night and this morning… was determine to be a bladder infection. Thanks again for the “love” !!!!

    ((((((((((((((((((((BIGGEST HUG))))))))))))))))))))


    JODI’s trial deals with many aspects of the law, which most here are interested in, but unfamiliar with

    earlier today i put together some material, including links which help demystify such

    of course, i haven’t read this material
    it’s your journey 🙂
    here are some links for law students notes, the notes they took during their three year course, and of course, since student john will have taken similar notes to student mary, you should see considerable similarity in the substance of the material

    the material is abundant, or plentiful 🙁

    there is similar material put out by a commercial publisher lexisnexis at
    i find html material easier to use

    there’s a large number of free online law dictionaries, compare the entries you read to decide your preferences, which’ll be somewhat fluid moreso initially

    google>>> legal dictionary or law dictionary

    i came across one law school that listed some online dictionaries
    a good starting point, it’s their selection

    one important aspect is to read the definition carefully, since there’s not much fluff in them
    over time you will build up a knowledge of all these the terms, and become more familiar with reading legal material

    law uses a lot of latin words, and phrases
    reflecting it’s history

    no problem

    google>>> law latin

    here’s just one wikipedia article on such

    List of legal Latin terms

    and if you’re curious as to the translation of a particular word or phrase use google’s translator

    for example in criminal law the latin phrase actus reus is used so >>>
    in criminal law two terms are mens rea and actus reus

    mens rea

    and actus reus
    there, two latin phrases demystified 🙂


    an important latin term is stare decis which at the above wikipedia article of List of legal Latin terms

    has stare decisis The decision stands. The obligation of a judge(s) to stand by a prior

    which has a hyperlink to

    just read the article above the “contents” box

    the article deals with Precedent
    at the first paragraph
    In common law legal systems, a precedent or authority is a principle or rule established in a previous legal case that is either binding on or persuasive for a court or other tribunal when deciding subsequent cases with similar issues or facts.


    and as cases and statutes are modified subsequently there is a need to know the latest authority which uses the proprietary process by shepard’s which once in a hardcover book but is now online, and was gobbled up by lexisnexis

    here as elsewhere don’t chase every rabbit down the rabbit hole out of curiosity
    build up your knowledge gradually

    at times, learn the law, using an ad hoc method, or as you go along, although if you’re studying say criminal law start at the beginning and work through the material sequentially, bookmarking say on a sheet of paper where you left off


    also, you’ll need to know how to read a case, and a statute

    google how to read a case and statute

    or more generally google legal research

    i skimmed the first result, looked good,41,656

    a case is a judge or judges discussing the statutes and other cases
    there are different parts in the format of a case
    there are strange legal bookmarks to such, called citations

    a statute is the laws passed by the legislature
    here’s the laws of arizona
    you’ll see title 13 is the criminal code
    it’s the arizona revised statutes which not surprisingly is abbreviated A.R.S.
    and it’s divided into parts called titles, and so on

    looked at some other jurisdictions cases
    they wanted me to sign in, etc
    so knew california would be straightforward; yep lol
    just explore here; start with the short cases/opinions



    here’s some arizona cases:
    a little research should find your own state’s cases

    the supreme court of arizona calls their decisions “opinions”

    sometimes cases are from the trial courts, other times from the appeals courts


    don’t be in too much of a hurry to try to learn it all
    take time to organize your bookmarks, say under firefox
    and buy a ream of paper, and some folders, etc and make some notes

    some material comes in .doc format
    to read such you may need to download and install microsoft’s word viewer, a free reader of such material

    multiple monitors make the above tasks much easier

    please excuse the typos, clumsy grammatical constructions, etc


  28. Ugh …

    But check this bit: “The incident, described as “criminal damage,” lists Alexander as the caller and his Mesa address, but Alexander did not report who he suspected was responsible.”

    If he actually thought it was Jodi, why didn’t he say so? If he really thought Jodi slashed his tires, why did he continue to see her? That report was supposedly filed FOUR months before he was killed. That would be in February? That was even before Jodi moved back to CA.

    • I just read that on abc news. Also I remember that JA said in her diary that TA was trying to blame her for the slashed tires. Does anyone think that JM will be able to use this in closing arguments? His tires could have been slashed by anyone.

    • “Arias has never been charged with anything stalking-related nor tied directly in court to any incidents of tire slashing.”

      This cannot be understated. As well as the fact that Travis was dating several women at once, and who knows whose boyfriends/fathers/brothers/husbands he pissed off as well by slinging himself around willie nillie. Pun intended.

      • Plus MB was it always all 4 tires or 1 at a time maybe he did it himself to get new tires frrom insurance company!! Who files a report then does not talk to the police about it. I also heard one of his friends say that he was constantly reporting tire damage including hitting potholes or something

        • Very good point deb I did not consider the insurance part at all!

          Yes, I did know he called the police, but then only waited around twenty minutes then left.

          If it were my tires I would have sat on the porch till midnight to get help if I felt I had a stalker. Just saying.

          • MB in the Feb incident the report was at his home. I heard that another report was submitted at the girlfriends home. That is SO strange when there are multiple episodes and you do not talk to police?? To me it sounds more like you want to make a report for the insurance company. If you are afraid you talk to the police and if you think it is your girlfriend then you change your code and stop the access to your home!!! That is why Alyce felt that Travis was not afraid!!

            • He diefinitely did it himself.Either to further establish his I-have-a-stalker theory to keep the facade of NOT seeing Jodi,or to make Lisa spend the night with him,wishing for sexcapades with her or why not,the insurance money.(good one deb,btw)He was always short of cash,it seems.

            • Right, and Travis NEVER locked his door.

              If I had a stalker, I’d be locking my doors, putting couches in front of the doors, putting rods in my windows so to block anyone trying to push them up.

              Travis wasn’t stalked, and it’s so plainly obvious.

    • “Arias’ own expert Alyce LaViolette was asked by prosecutor Juan Martinez whether Alexander was “extremely afraid of the defendant based on her stalking behavior.” LaViolette answered, “He was afraid of her, yes.”

      “Because of her stalking behavior, correct?,” asked Martinez.

      “Correct,” LaViolette said.

      But LaViolette clarified, saying, “People who are stalked generally take action about being stalked, Mr. Martinez. And I saw no action taken.” ”

      Wow, so the reporter is going to take Martinez’s twisting of words out of context in his cross examination and try to pass it off as gospel??

  29. Hmm: 4/27/2013 NOT – Notice – Party (001) 4/29/2013

    The FB POS page is claiming he will rebut Horn’s testimony regarding the bullet wound??? And that there’s a hearing tomorrow about this. Anyone know anything else?

    • Yes Also
      They are trying to get testimony from the neuropsychologist regarding brain function following a GSW to the brain to rebutt testimony from Dr Horn.

        • Your welcome Also..
          That is a good question he is a neuropsychologist which means he has specialized training in brain function. Seems like they need an ME who specializes in brain injury but it depends what he is going to say I imagine.

          • The neuropsychologist should be more than qualified to rebut any testimony from Horn (the ME). Especially since the ME’s focus is pathology, not neuroscience. Pathology is one thing, but the neuropsychologist should be more up to date with current research about the remarkable things the brain can do! 😉

      • Is it a surrebuttal witness? That would be a defense witness, not prosecution.

        Nurmi/Wilmott need someone to rebut Horn’s testimony, wishy-washy as it was. That’s a smart move.

      • Not Martinez’s witness Cindy 🙂 Horn was Martinez’s witness. This new person is supposed to rebut the ME’s testimony 😀

    • Hi AA,
      Yes, apparently the defense wants to add to the surrebuttal regarding the BPD diagnosis. The defense says that De Geffner can dispute the ME’s claim that the bullet wound would have been rapidly incapacitating. Since he is a PhD and not an MD, there will be a hearing tomorrow where the Judge will decide to allow this additional bit of testimony. My guess is, that since she allowed the surrebuttal,(which is very rare) and its a DP case, she will likely allow it. I don’t know that, but it’s just my opinion.

  30. LOL! I was on Radar Online this weekend and I suggested that the prosecution had a flimsy case. As expected the pro-prosecution lunatics came out of the woodwork. Verus angry or offended, these people just make me sad. What happened to this country? When did civil discourse and basic human decency become an option versus the standard? I tried to gently explain that court proceedings are meant to be based on fact and procedure, not passion. These folks can’t seem to help themselves. Even when they try, they can;t seem but to get wrapped up in the violence of the crime itself. While I understand that from the family, I do not understand these folks who feel the need to get on online forums and bully, berate, and belittle their way to a point. Not only does it not work, it makes American’s look like mindless buffoons. Uggghhh!!!!!

        • Yes Heather frightening isn’t it???? Those were the 40,000 “followers” that Meth-face “asked” to pray with her and the Munsters on Sunday, Cinqo de Mayo no less, fAND FAST or the verdict to come back guilty with the sentence of death….

          40,000 brainless assholes and counting….it’s deplorable.

          They should be FASTING on their hatred, viciousness, evilness, and asking God to FORGIVE them for their requests, thoughts and actions.

          The Munsters really need to get a grip on reality….I don’t like to judge people by what they look like, but…I truly think that family are the ugliest people I have ever seen – on the inside…..

          • I so agree.

            I’m not religious, but one thing I keep coming back to is how Jesus idiot proofed the entire gospel and people still don’t get it.

            Love god with your heart, mind body and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself. Simples.

            They won’t even do that!!!!

          • I think in general people look what they are, Janeen, and the Munsters certainly look very ugly.
            I read one post on the other site, it was asking God to kill Jodi! I was shocked to the bone when I read that.

            Thank heavens for the wonderful people on here, intelligent people, We care and see things as they are, not in some malicious fantasy.

            Its shocking to know that over 40,000 people in the US are so sick and vicious. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I’d have trouble believing it. And these people go to Church, too.

    • I feel your pain Kimberly, I’m alarmed at the way my country has handled this case. They can feel whatever way they want, but I don’t think it gives them the right to behave so badly and try to inject their feelings into judicial proceedings.

  31. Could the tire slashing incident also be a dream that TA had—given the fact that his other incident …where he was supposedly held at gunpoint… was a dream? It seems to me that TA lied so much that not even he knew reality from fiction. (Kind of like JM and his cronies!)

      • D I don’t know for sure, but I saw that tape when it was first on HLN being introduced by whomever taped it. I believe he said” this was a story he had heard TA tell several times about a dream or something”. So I assumed it was a dream.
        From what I heard on the tape I thought TA was saying a girl was holding the gun to his temple. But I have heard it several times since and He is saying the girl is screaming and he thinks she will get them both killed.( or something to that affect.)
        On another site I saw a post from a girl tag name ???? Stephan , I think it was Lisa but I can’t remember for sure. she stated ” I was the girl in Travis’s story, they were holding one gun on me and one on Travis. and Travis and I have been very close ever since.” There were 16 post in Reply telling her to go to HLN and asking questions like, were they ever caught?. She never replied , that I am aware of, but I never went back to the site.
        So apparently the story is about an armed robbery.
        I thought it was a dream, but maybe not, it might be a real experience, it does seem like their would be some proof.
        Because of the post of Miss Stephan I am thinking it was a real experience, Assuming her post was truthful, it bothers me she did not reply to any of the well wishers or answer any of the questions. I suppose Travis could have told her she was the screaming woman in his dream, and in that way the post would be truthful but the story still a dream.

        So I am officially saying, I don’t Know,, sorry, to have wasted your time I haven’t helped at all, Have I?

        Now you know why I don’t post very often, but I am following at every opportunity.

    • Good point Duke, I agree that reality seemed to be whatever he made it to be.

      I’ve always thought it was his god complex, but you’re right there could be a real lack of ability to tell the difference between his imagination and reality.

        • He kept his car in his garage how did they get slashed. If they were slashed in his garage than would you not change the code in the garage??

          • Sounds to me like Travis was what we call a ‘blowhard’. Wanted endless attention focused on himself. So what if he exaggerated or made up a few stories or recounted dreams in great detail? Just so every one was looking and listening. So who knows if a tire was ever slashed or a ring ever stolen or any other story that made him feel wanted and sought after. If I had been his friend or an authority figure doing an investigation, I would have taken anything he ever said with a grain of salt.

  32. Kimberley,
    impressive observation, which brings me to think of posterity. In 150 years when a person is reading the transcripts of the trial, what will the reader feel. Not to be mean, but will they even understand half the words JM spoke. The hour long rants which ended in at most 3 or 4 questions being asked. Without all the sensationalism and just written words to testify to this case, what will the assessment reveal.

    • Phillip, I believe that 150 years from now that the people of Earth and elsewhere shall be giving thanks that JM was not the missing link and that no offspring were spawned from his fetid loins! Making the universe safe for all—human ad alien alike! 🙂

  33. I think HLN must be smelling the scent of our victory too or at least they may smell the stench of defeat wafting their way. This morning Robin’s stand-in Natasha actually introduced a piece on the trial with something like ‘Did psychological abuse drive this woman, Jodi Arias, to murder’? I almost blew coffee out my nostrils! They actually uttered the word ‘abuse’ in reference to Jodi without mockery!! I hope the tide is turning and they have to backstroke like crazy!!

  34. A question for our legal geeg’s:

    can anybody give me some insights on how circumstantial evidence can ever prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt and how is Jodi’s case different

    • Look at the Dana Chandler case out of Topeka, Kansas. It was basically a circumstantial case–no eyewitnesses, no forensic evidence at the scene–and she was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder.

      There was a mountain of circumstantial evidence to convict. The prosecution’s case for the Arias trial isn’t just circumstantial–it is pure speculation with nothing to back it up.

        • Speculation is all JM has. Every single bit of evidence leading up to the killing is speculation; there is nothing to back it up and there is a more compelling alternate explanation.

    • The prosecutor will try and argue that it’s the totatality of the circumstantial evidence and will present it in closing that way.

    • Well under Arizona law, they make no distinction whatsoever between direct evidence and circumstantial evidence. AZ believes that circumstantial evidence has the same probative value as direct evidence and may be enough to establish guilty if the jury views it that way.

      The standard jury instruction given regarding this (but understand lawyers generally tweak this a bit) is:

      Evidence may be direct or circumstantial. Direct evidence is the testimony of a witness who saw, heard, or otherwise sensed an event. Circumstantial evidence is the proof of a fact or facts from which you may find another fact. The law makes no distinction between direct and circumstantial evidence. It is for you to determine the importance to be given to the evidence, regardless of whether it is direct or circumstantial.

      So, essentially, it’s up to the jury as to what they decide.

      In Jodi’s case, there’s circumstantial evidence that the prosecutor would like the jury to believe proves premeditation in that: she may have staged a robbery at her grandparents and stolen a gun; that she rented a car 90 miles from her home using her own credit card and asked for a white car that would be less conspicuous; that she may have dyed her hair; that she borrowed and bought gas cans and gas so she wouldn’t have to buy any gas in AZ; that she turned off her phone while in AZ so she wouldn’t be traced in AZ; and that she either removed or turned the license plate upside down on the rental car. In other words, she created a scenario whereby she could arrive in AZ without detection, kill Travis, and leave the state without anyone ever knowing she was there. Then, she threw the camera in the washing machine after killing him, so that evidence that she was there would not be discovered.

      It all seems very flimsy to me, but that’s his case.

      • That can cut in Jodi’s favor as well. The evidence, besides what she testified to, that Travis abused her, is largely circumstantial.

        • Good point, joujou. As I said above, we have the opinions of 2 very experienced psych witnesses who believe she was abused (which will, presumably become 3 tomorrow) and the opposing opinion of one very inexperienced psych witness that she wasn’t abused. Hmmm

  35. Chris Hughes tonight on HLN, interview, not sure if Dr Doo Doo, but Vinny announced it. Vinny and Joey..???.. HLN…what’s with 40 year olds using 2nd grade little boy nicknames ….hello you have gray hair, use a grown man name. How about Vince or Vincent, Joe or Joseph ? Wimps!!!!!!!

  36. Just wondering if JODI might have accidently purchased a kerosene can instead of a petrol can. The reason I wonder about this is because Wal-Mart would NOT have accepted the return if the can had been used! Plus, JODI may have realized this and returned the can because she didn’t need a kerosene can. Or, after purchasing the can, it was to late to return it until later because doing so would compromise her time allowances for her trip to see Ryan in Utah.

      • JC,

        The defense may have overlooked the fact that the Walmart can was a kerosene can (hopefully they realize it now), but I think Martinez now knows it was a kerosene can. Last week when he questioned the Walmart woman, he did initially call it “a 5-gallon gas can” but he next called it a “5-gallon item” and then called it “the item.” Martinez has gone so far with the gas can idea he’s up the creek if the defense finds out – and this issue is raised again.

        • Yeah, I noticed that Martinez said 5-gallon item. He was pretty careful not to trap himself with the “gas” can only. He seemed to want to imply, whatever the can was – kerosene or gas – it was not returned.

          • Hi Nk,

            I think Martinez has trapped himself though because a kerosene can is NOT A CONTAINER FOR GASOLINE. (capital letters used for emphasis, not shouting ) It’s illegal to put gas in a kerosene can due to the danger because gasoline is so much more flammable – someone could do some real damage to themselves (or others or a house, etc.) if they thought the kerosene can contained kerosene when it actually contained gasoline. But, Jodi would still have to explain why she bought a kerosene can in the first place. But, she may have a logical explanation.

            The only reason I can think of for her not speaking up about the can is perhaps she did tell Kirk & Jennifer and they asked her not to say anything and they’ll use it in their closing argument.. I can dream, can’t I?

    • Yes, Duke, she did purchase a kerosene can.

      And get this – throughout the trial Martinez referred to it as a gas can or a five gallon gas can.

      Then, when Ms Web from Wally World took the stand, he conveniently changed it to “five gallon cans” as if we were so stupid that we wouldn’t figure out that they had searched for the WRONG cans all along.

      The records they searched were hard copy print outs on paper that leaves a lot of room for human error. The jury beat us to the punch by asking about items returned under dummy skus, of which Ms Web only answered that it was possible, but not that if they had searched under the dummy skus for an item of the same price returned. She danced around that quite nicely, even Martinez seemed very pleased with her for not directly answering the question.

  37. Well my dinner date has arrived so I’ll be gone for a bit. I sure hope she loves my spaghetti and veal cutlets!:-)

    • My husband cooks well and that was one of the reasons I fell in love with him as I don’t like to cook. I bake instead. She’ll love it.

      • Love, is, a verb after all. Time to pick up my lovely bride who is house sitting and waiting with a hot homemade supper. Check in later.

        • awesomeness. I love seeing men enjoying and treating women nice.

          I got a great one, finally, too.

          peace, friends

  38. Good evening everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend, I missed you guys. I had a little accident Thursday afternoon that kept me at my moms house over the weekend getting lots of TLC. I was doing laundry Thursday and carrying a laundry basket down to my basement, and 1 of my cats, (the bad one,lol) got right under my feet on the steps about halfway down. Trying to not step on him, I tripped, fell down about 6 stairs, smacked my head on the banister and sprained my right wrist when I landed. I was in agony, and I am really not a baby about pain, but it hurt like hell. Called my mom, went to the hospital, slight bump on my head, and luckily my wrist isn’t broken, just badly sprained. I have a cute little blue splint to wear for a couple weeks til I go see my family Dr. Anyway, spent a few days at mom’s getting taken care of and fed well, and my brother stayed here to watch my dog and the cats, including the evil one who caused all this.

    So, here we are, down to the wire, and I have to say, I am more nervous than I expected to be. I suppose that’s normal, after all, this has been going on for so long and now we are at the end, so I guess it’s to be expected. Had lots of talks with my mom about it. At one point, she said that she was concerned about me, which I was totally expecting. She said she was worried that I became too invested, and too emotional, etc etc….and is afraid of how I will feel and react if things don’t go the way I want regarding the verdict. We had a tiny fight about it, nothing big, but I sat and thought for awhile afterwards, and have to admit, she is RIGHT. I will absolutely go to pieces if she is found guilty, and I just haven’t allowed myself to think that way. I deliberately force myself to go the other way, either not guilty or guilty of a much lessor charge, like Manslaughter. Ironically, the same day my mom and I had this talk, (which we made up in all of 15 minutes) that same night I had dreams about the trial. This has happened a few times before, and I told my shrink about it. He told me last time I saw him that I was too involved, (same as my mom) but he went further and said “obsessed”. I felt so stupid, and tried to argue with him, til I realized he is my Dr and there to help me. I never told any of you guys this, I felt embarrassed, but he told me several weeks ago to stop watching this trial. He basically told me, in a nutshell, it was not good for me with all my “issues”, I was too focused on it to the point of ignoring other parts of my life, and that I tend to obsess anyway. (true, I have OCD) So, in that session, I told him I would “cut back” and just check it out from time to time. I never did that, of course, I have watched and paid close attention, plus come here where I can talk freely. I know it sounds silly, it isn’t like I am a child and he is my dad, but I feel weird, like I disobeyed him, or lied, I don’t know. It could just be that this is so close to the end now, and I am scared. I ma having dreams about it, every night. I just can’t believe after all this time, it is down to this week, and maybe I am just weird…but it’s freaking me out.

    Thanks for listening to me rant…..I feel very strange lately. My wrist is sore from falling, my head still hurts, I’m trying to quit smoking but thats not working, and this trial ending just has me a wreck. I wonder if I am the only one, or do any of you have the same feelings? (I hope so, I won’t feel as crazy,lol) I am not religious so I don’t pray, I just hope, thats all I can do. I almost wish I could go to sleep and wake up during closing arguments.

    • Hi Anna….

      Sorry to hear about your fall – I hope it heals QUICKLY…

      Have no fear about being “obsessed” about this trial; I think that adjective could very well be used to describe how ALL of us feel. The first thing my kids say to me when I walk in the door at night is: “What happened with Jodi?” We have all taken it to heart.

      As far as waking up for closing arguments…that would just escalate the anxiety…LOL LOL Next weekend I think we all need to have on hand anxiety medication or anything that will work to make us mellow….and we need to stay that way until verdict…. LOL LOL

      • Thanks Janeen,
        I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one with the “obsessed” title attached….it’s strange, I had never really thought of myself as being overly involved, until a friend pointed it out, (kindly) and was totally surprised that I watched the trial every single day it was on. She had no idea what stage it was in, not even what the defense case was. I was surprised, and she was MORE surprised to hear me go on and on, babbling about what happened that day in court, etc. It was like a lightbulb went off for me, “Not everyone watches and follows this trial so closely”. Funny how I just assumed everyone did.

        You are right about closing arguments, I guess another couple days isn’t too long. As far as next weekend, I just checked my xanax, and yay for me….refill date May 2nd. 🙂

        • Anna,you certainly are not the only one.I’m embarassed to admit that I’ve become quite ‘obsessed’ too,although I dont like that word.People like us just get too emotionally involved,probably because we either identify with sth that sounds familiar or because it’s empathy for other people’s problems we’re attracted to.Kinda like good Samaritans 😉 I’m also emabarrased to admit that since January when the trial started I havent exactly been the ‘best teacher out there(and mind you my job has always been my number one priority).For example,since I’m my own boss (private lessons teacher)I have repeatedly lied to my students’ parents about having to change my work scedule,giving every kind of excuse you can imagine just to be able to be home by 7 o’clock in the evening(Greece time)to watch the trial live.I’ve worked overtime during weekends,missed friemds gatherings,lost interest in talking about other things except the trial,having arguments with my friends and sister when they even tried to imply Jodi might be guilty or a bad person.As for the night dreams,I’m seriously ‘haunted’ by Mr Alexander LOL,I’m quite intuitive and have said before that I’ve had nightmares where his spirit/aura comes in my dreams and I’m telling you…it’s not a good peaceful one! Two nights ago,I re-watched some of the trial’s footage,then stayed up late posting and reading here and when I went to bed exhausetd I was woken up by a terrible nightmare and I was like ”omg,I want this to end,I ant go on like that”.
          Deep down I want a full aquittal.Since I’m unfamiliar ith the american justice system I rely on your posts to help me understand the proceedings and I now know that an is possible but maybe not probably.Anything less than that(manslaughter)will certainly be a win win for Jodi and her brilliant lawyers but I know it will tear me apart and I will probably be crying my eyes out for days to come.
          Anyways,enough with my babbling -just trying to make you see that no,girl you arent crazy!If you are,then hey I am too and fine with it btw! 🙂

              • Awwwww Maria…thank you for that, I feel alot better. I don’t feel so crazy, and I dont feel so alone. Its so true too, I have really stopped being my “normal self”, and am so invested in this, that I have let many things go. The arguments I’ve had with friends used to be just small, and then over, then I noticed they got worse and worse, and I even stopped talking to one girlfriend. I feel bad about it, and I know we will make up, but thats how serious things have become. Like I said, my Dr told me it wasn’t healthy, and at first I didn’t even believe him, but later on, I knew he was right. I knew when I felt crappy because there was no court, or they recessed early and I was upset, then I knew I was way invested. sigh. I honestly do not see an aqcuittal, I wish I could say I do, but I don’t see it happening. (hope I’m wrong) but all I can think and look towards in my mind, is that the Judge allows the manslaughter charge, and that the jury convicts her of that.

                It’s good to know that I’m not alone. I will be a nervous wreck waiting for the verdict. I don’t know if I want to be alone, or have my mom come over. I just don’t know how I will be, or what I will do if the news is bad. I am on edge already, and it’s days away. I have my anti- anxiety meds, and its a good thing I do.

          • OMG… this is all happening to me as well. My grades in school are suffering, I started drinking during the day….nightmares…

            ugh. I want it over!

            On the plus side, I have made wonderful friends. But I want my life back.

    • Anna, I have been feeling a little edgy too and I think the trial become a part of our lives due to how long it’s been. I think I am overly invested too and will be greatly disappointed and pissed off if they come to anything more than manslaughter. I also think Judge Pickles will throw the book at her even if she gets the lesser charge because she knows this trial has made her look foolish and incompetent, rightly so. I will miss coming here and stating my opinion. No trial will capture my attention like this one has. I was a full-blown skeptic till Jodi took the stand. I had even jokingly referred to this trial as ’50 Shades of Brown’. lol But after listening to Jodi’s unwavering side of the story and seeing Kermi behave like a ludicrous lunatic I was all in! I think it’s in the cards to turn out favorably for Jodi. Karma couldn’t be so cruel!! Anyways I hope you’re feeling better after that nasty fall.

      • Thanks Gwen…..edgy..thats the perfect word, I couldn’t think of it. I will be pissed too, (if its anything above Manslaughter) but more than pissed, I fear I will be devastated. I just know I will fall apart. I am trying so hard to stay positive, and focused, and all that good stuff, but my mind is tricky and I always start going for the worst case scenario. I’ve always been that way. It can be a positive sometimes, as I’m often pleasantly surprised…..

    • Right there with ya.
      My husband tells me all the time that I’m obsessed!
      I also quit smoking about 2 months ago but have found the e cig to be my friend!!
      Hope your wrist heals quickly!

        • I have an E-cig too….and its great! BUT…I am still smoking. Ughh….I have smoked for years, and I’m a heavy smoker, (2 packs a day) and with the E-cig I have at least cut back. I even bought the patch and used it for a few days, but stopped. Its weird, back in Nov. when I started with the E cig, I was barely smoking at all, maybe 5 or 6 real cigs a day….then over time, back up more and more. I’m now at a pack a day, but want to quit entirely. I keep telling myself its the trial, and I actually think it is. I think by verdict day I will be chain smoking both real cigs and the E cig.:)

  39. you know when dan hall said to the world that travis did not own a gun to discredit jodi maybe he brought the gun he is the gun tootin ass he was the one that the hughes called to see about travis on the 911 day was he the one that got that called mimi to discover the body. who called who all there # should have been examined in this starting a least 2 weeks before the killing and follow up with who talked to who after the killing who started the oh jodi did it. and for SJ post today that is good but the jury has had 6 months of HLN to watch and 1 week before closing arguments the damn judge give them even more time to watch from home once someone has been brainwashed by HLN it is hard to come back to reality and then add the fact that evidence has been denied to them that would help her and now nasty nancy is going to use the parents to convict her on her show they are all hoping that the jury is watching there shit in hopes that will help convict her and give her the Death Penality

    • That is Dave Hall..he said in an HLN interview that “TA didn’t own a gun , he shot my guns I was with TA 7 days before he died, we were togetherfor a week”. So based on his words, math, logic and the Gregorian calendar , Dave Hall saw TA on June 4, 2008, yet he wasn’t interrogated.

  40. In the comments section on the preceding page for April 28, I posted the following request. It was either very late or very early for most people. Nonetheless nearly 30 people responded and you can read their inputs near the bottom of the comments section. If you have not yet participated, I would really welcome and appreciate your taking part in an effort to evaluate what might be called “group consciousness.” Post your comments here if you prefer.

    ***I am a licensed psychologist with more than 21 years of experience (since licensure) in dealing with individuals suffering from severe and persistent mental disorders. Prior to that time, I spent about 10 years in academia as a professor and another 6 years as a hypnotherapist. I have been thinking a lot about why so many people around the country either believe that Jodi must be guilty of premeditated murder or are convinced that the prosecution has proven premeditation beyond reasonable doubt.

    Nearly 75% of the American population falls in one very broad psychological category. Thus a little over 25% of Americans fall into the opposing category. I believe that the majority of the people on this site will fall in the latter category while the majority of the people on the opposing sites advocating justice for TA will fall in the major category. Thus, I would like to check this out with your help. It will take about 10 minutes of your time and requires only anonymously completing a questionnaire online. I would appreciate if you would post your results here. They will be in the form of 4 letters. You will have a percentage associated with each letter. Please report all of the percentages not just the four letters describing your results. For example, here are my results:

    I (44%), N (100%) F (88%) P (67)%

    Thanks a lot. I will report the general results here. If you would like interpretation of your personal results, I will be happy to provide a brief interpretation and directions to more information via email. You can, of course, get my email from SJ.

    Here is the link to the questionnaire. I have used this in other research related to political orientation, as well. When you finish the questionnaire, the system will score it for you and your results will be immediately available.


    • Maybe I took a different test. My results are ESFJ.

      Extravert (56%) Sensing(38%) Feeling(75%) Judging(33%)

      You have moderate preference of Extraversion over Introversion (56%)
      You have moderate preference of Sensing over Intuition (38%)
      You have distinctive preference of Feeling over Thinking (75%)
      You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (33%)

    • INFJ
      Introvert(89%) iNtuitive(50%) Feeling(25%) Judging(33%)
      You have strong preference of Introversion over Extraversion (89%)
      You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (50%)
      You have moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking (25%)
      You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (33%)

      • Hello, Sil, the term “Judging” does not mean what one would ordinarily think that it means. Many people assume that it refers to being judgmental. This is not the case. It refers to a tendency to prefer structure, i.e., organization and order in contrast to its opposite concept of “Perceiving,” which also does not mean what it ordinarily means. “Perceiving” refers to a tendency to prefer spontaneity and lack of structure and a preference for making things up as one goes along, as Harrison Ford’s character stated humorously in the movie, “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” when he and the female character were in a very threatening situation.

  41. Heh, love this post. It pretty much says it all.

    I hate this working full time, shift work. Really gets in the way of following this trial and touching base with all of you.

    I just wanted to say, as a dog lover, I do know quite a bit about their behaviour, and I can’t help but wonder why this dog, Napoleon, wasn’t absolutely beside himself, bothering Travis’ roommates, howling and just generally acting extremely agitated and upset. Nothing like that has ever been mentioned. I would think the odd behaviour would escalate as the days went by and the corpse began to decompose and stink. You would think even the neighbours would have heard him howling at some point.

    Also, I pretty much only listen to HLN on satellite radio when going to and from work, but I was thinking, I wonder what kind of spin they would have put on this trial if they had decided to side with Jodi’s version of things. It would be interesting how they would have played up Travis’ abuse of Jodi and his constant need for sex, in complete violation of his churches teachings.

    On a completely unrelated topic. On my way home from work yesterday, HLN started talking about the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. I think we can pretty much guess which way they are going to lean. I’m sure whichever way they decide to go, the other side will be poorly represented, as usual.

    • I have really strong feelings about the Zimmerman/Martin case. I have from the moment the news hit. I don;t know who HLN will support, or what they will do, but of course they will televise the case, absolutely. I know everyone has their own opinion, it’s what makes the world go round…..but I am squarely and firmly in the Martin corner. That being said, I don;t know if emotionally, I can get invested in another trial, but something tells me I probably will anyway.

      • Bev & Anna,

        I suspect HLN will support Zimmerman. I am like Anna in that I will be in the Martin corner, too. But, there could be some interesting dynamics in that case because one of the hosts on HLN is black and so is one of the lawyers who seems like a pretty decent guy. The black host seems to follow the HLN script although I haven’t watched him a lot.

        But, it would be fantastic if there was someway we could keep in touch with Jodi occasionally, whatever the decision. I expect the friend doing Jodi’s Twitter page (sorry, forgot her name) has kept her up-to-date on this site. I’m sure this site must lift her spirits through this ordeal. Some of the comments on Jodi’s twitter page sounds exactly like her so I wonder if she writes them out word-for-word. The latest 2 comments are kind of humorous. I usually don’t “expand” Jodi’s comments because you come to the hater’s comments then and their comments are just sad and depressing.

      • Zimmerman won’t get a fair trial with bomb throwers like Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, Danny Glover, and most of the main steam media!

  42. OMG, Flores is SUCH a DOUCHE BAG!

    In the interview with Jodi’s father, they were talking about how Jodi “ran her car into the ground” by not checking the oil.

    Flores says, “That’s girls for you. They never check anything.”


    I take offense to his statements.

    I am a single mother, live on a ranch, and do most everything myself.

    The other day I unloaded and stacked 17 bales of hay (100-110 lbs a piece) by myself. I have fixed fences, drilled holes and hung electric fence wire, check my car all the time and know when something is wrong with it – I could go on.

  43. ME Horn testified that the bullet would have to have passed through the brain. I’m no MD, but from the photos online, the brain seems placed well out of line of a shot above the mid-eyebrow projecting down and to the left. To me it looks on the xray of Travis, that the bullet was deflected by the hard bone around the eye because it seems to be placed almostly directly downward. If the brain was preserved enough for him to describe no evidence of disease, he most certainly should have been able to see hemorrhage or damage from the bullet if there.

    • From what I understand those small bullets bounce around inside the body when it hits ribs, organs and such…so if it one of the hardest parts of the body, the forehead , it most definitely would have deflected. A trajectory path would be just a wild guess.

    • Where are the photos ?? Are they available to view. I have only seen one photo of TA’s head\face showing the bullet hole.

  44. Mark Geragos on Dr Drew !!!! Finally someone was able to get in the other side, Dr Drew yelling that “I bet there was evidence that the person was abused” Geragos ” sometimes what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors” pregnant dumb blonde “people that are abused run towards doors to get away” Well, in my case no one knew, no one until he almost killed me and even then I ran past the outside door to hide in the bathroom until he calmed down, I didnt want anyone to know my humiliation, I had no where to go if I told the world, but only for my brother hearing my screams did I finally have to get out of there, but anyhow, I was happy to hear Geragos

    • I just dont understand how Dr Drew is acting about this? I know he knows what happens with battered woman? Really? people dont always know, why is he being the way he is? it upsets me because I used to like him and his show

  45. I had asked SJ or JC email me, but my post must have gotten overlooked with all the traffic.
    I really just wanted to know how to write Jodi or send her a postcard to show my support for her.

    I know its a little late to ask now, but it slipped my mind while waiting for an email from admin.
    I understand not making this information public, so SJ or JC, if you know can you please email me?


        • M, can I send you a private tweet? Is that possible? Otherwise, his email is on a public page of this site….where anyone has probably already seen if you know what I mean…

          • BeeCee –
            Saw Nk’s post directing me to the correct page.
            I looked and looked, but I guess I just didnt take enough time to read when looking for his email.

            If you know how to contact Jodi you can definately private tweet me as I’m sure SJ has plenty of emails to respond to. I think its called a Direct Message on twitter.

            I will try and send you one – not really sure how it all works?!

          • BeeCee –
            I really should have asked sooner as I’m sure Jodi would have appriciated it throughout this shit storm. Just kept getting distracted (easy for me to do…).

            I’m sure the support will be appriciated regardless of timing.
            I just hope she knows she’s got a ton of supporters.
            I hope she can move forward, for her sake.

            • I just tried to send you a twitter message with Jodi’s address although you may have already heard from SJ.


  46. Isn’t it amazing, that now HLN is releasing these more extensive interviews with the parents. They had to be sitting on them for ratings, i suspect. How convenient c hughes decides to have a interview released on Dr. dumbass’s show today. All, just before closing arguments, i hope Nurmi, files another motion for prosecutorial misconduct, obviously the JM team is doing stratgic releases to the public.

    • Dr DumbAss Duhrew needs to inform his guests better. Jodie did not wash the sheets AFTER she had to defend herself and kill TA. Through her own testimony in Court, Jodie said she/TA washed the bedding after they finished up with sex and went downstairs. Get the frickin facts straight, PLEASE.

      • Correct Bystander,
        I remember that testimony. The bedding was in the dryer. The washer had clothes, towels, and the camera.

    • that HLN has the extensive police interviews (which they are calling interogations..yuk) showing Jodis parents the day Jodi was arrested and how distraught her Mom was. Jodis Dad said that when he asked Jodi what had happened she told him..`you don`t want to know, for your own safety“ and that Jodi purchsed a gun because she was afraid… she was afraid of the Mormon Mafia becaue she knew they had framed her at that point.

      If I were Jodis parents I would certainly sue HLN for invasion of privacy.

    • See this is what I hate about what HLN does.

      The whole trial-by-media affects not just the defendant, but the defendant’s family who has done nothing wrong.

      There they are, being exploited by the media for doing something as natural as supporting their loved one, which we expect from ANY family.

      The bullshit the haters do by posting names, addresses, and phone numbers of Jodi’s family and friends is just outrageous.

      • I wonder if Jodie s parents were informed by HLN that these interviews would be shown.
        That would be the proper thing to do. I felt that the father was very cold. He seemed to throw
        Jodie under the bus.At no time did the parents inquire as to whether Jodie had legal representation.
        If it were me, this is one of the first things that would concern me.

    • HLN always has and always will show the most sensational parts of a trial. Its just a fact of life, its what they do. Its the same as the National Enquirer magazine…pure tabloid. TMZ online, Radar online…all the same thing…gossip and sensationalism, all for entertainment purposes. As far as the police videos of Jodi’s parents, they are just trying to show as much about this trial as they can, and they have shown practically everything else that have. Jodi’s parents can’t sue them, it’s not an invasion of privacy issue. All the police videos are there for any station to request and show on their station. Of course it’s just HLN that wants to constantly come out with something ‘new”, which really, isn’t new, its just longer clips. As far as a mistrial, nothing thats going on in the news media, TV, etc…is grounds for a mistrial, as the jury has been admonished to stay clear of that. Thats why the Judge reminds them each day, and asks them if they have followed her orders. We can never know for sure if they are following the admonition or not, but I want to believe they are, they took an oath to.

      • Then they really need to put a disclaimer on their television coverage, the same that other tabloids back in the 80s and 90s had to do on theirs.

        No way should they be presenting themselves as a legitimate news agency if they are more interested in entertainment than they are facts and reason.

  47. I wish nothing but the most awful things for Chris Hughes.
    He’s such a smarmy, lying, sack of shit.
    He’s so full of himself; I bet he smells his own farts.

  48. Chris Hughes is so self serving..right off the bat he says he has so much to tell he needs an eight hour mini special….

    Liar liar panst on fire..hes blinking like crazy as he talks…

  49. Pitchforks ‏@PitchforksPosts 14m

    .”Dr” Drew’s become the Madame of Gossip Prostitutes. Every night he parades his harem & their hangers’ on for the pleasure of the punters..

    • Can we VOLUNTEER to send some people? I mean it is a ONE-WAY TICKET….I have several that I’d like to go……just saying….

      • I’ve seriously considered volunteering myself. Since the start of this trial I’m dubious that the human race can be rehabilitated from all the wreckless hate that’s been going on.

        I guess I’ll settle with a one way plane ticket to northern Europe somewhere. lol

        I’ll build an igloo and survive off ice fishing.

    • dang, i got thrown out of space trip. But being the skeptic i am about TA, i do believe he was a scammer. Since TA was in such a financial pinch, he could have slit the tires himself to collect from the insurance company. Insurance fraud. He would have had to have filed a police report to collect. So, once again he made up the story of knock on door and tires was slashed not once but twice. That could have helped make a house payment. IMO Just sayin’

    • I’m 5’2″….but I’ll pass on flying out of the Earth’s atmosphere. I don’t even like flying on airplanes.

        • Don’t be! He’ll have a good company.I can think of Kermit,plus at least 40,000 others who we would be better off without 😉

      • That’s hilarious Kira!

        Yes, I hope that they have hibernaculums so the other three won’t have to listen to Martinez’s whiny shit. I’d request a pair of earplugs and earmuffs to drown out any yelling Martinez must do in his sleep. Could you imagine that seven month trip if they were all awake??

        Kermit: Are we there yet?
        Someone else: No, we’ve got about 600,000 miles to go.
        Kermit: Did I ask you how many miles we had left to go?
        Someone else: No…
        Kermit: Whose asking the questions here?
        Someone else: You?
        Kermit: Are you have problems with your memory? I asked, are we there yet?
        Someone else: No…
        Kermit: Okay, was that so hard?
        Someone else: … I think I want to go back to my sleeping pod.

  50. What a piece of shit Dr Drew. Let Travis do what he liked to do to you or your sons.I am Catholic seen it believe it . Some get sex the only way they can. So Mr. Hughes God gives men a penis but not a brain. I think not in the men I have known.Most do not abuse women

  51. Hello all! The dinner went great. She really loved my spaghetti and veal cutlets. Its nice too having a woman who is understanding about the way I am and does not think I am out of some other century simply because I don’t want to, oh lets just say, “take it to the limit” right

    I hope everyone is enjoying the evening.

    • Sounds like you had a nice evening…..and thats good you didn’t get all pushy right away. Thats not from another century, thats being a gentleman. I would love an evening like that….all except for the veal.:(

      • That’s quite kind of you Anna! Yes, I am very gentlemanly like. Not anything I am ashamed of either! Like the song Let Me Be by The Turtles goes, “I am what I am, and that’s all I ever can be…………”lol

        • Well, there are far too few of your type, thats for sure! At least in my neck of the woods. The Turtles…!! Love them, “It Ain’t me Babe” one of my very favorite tunes…..:)

          • Ah, It Ain’t Me Babe is a good song for sure! I believe The Byrds actually turned that one down(great move eh?).lol Maybe I ought to come out your way.:-)

            • The Byrds are another favorite of mine! I love the 60’s bands….Kinks, Troggs, Zombies, I could go on and on. Bob Dyaln is another favorite, just listened to Blood on the Tracks (again) while I was hanging around the house today. Music is one of my favorite things, I can’t go one day without it. Let me know when you are heading out here…:)

              • I like everyone you mentioned. I also have to add the Beatles, Doors, Hendrix, Stones(Brian Jones era), Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, and most 70s album rock.

                • Me too! machine head is one of my favorite albums, as is Led Zeppellin’s first 2 albums. I also love CCR, have everything they ever did. Also, my first “rock and roll hero” so to speak, was when I was 13 and I discovered Alice Cooper. Ohhh.I was in LOVE. My parents were I was smitten, loved him, loved the music. I remember begging them to let me stay up late to see him on Midnight Special. I finally got to see them live when I was about 17 or 18. I was standing right in the front of the stage, the band started playing “Eighteen”, and I was screming and jumping around, then I fainted. HA! Just like those girls did with the Beatles….ohhh my I was so embarrassed. Anyway, that was a great time. I still play all my old favorites, and still have alot of my old vinyl.

                • Oh I remember the Midnight Special. I also remember Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert. That is the first time I ever
                  saw KISS. I was VERY young

                • Yepp….Don Kirshner’s…..and there was one called “In Concert”, they were all on late. I remember seeing so many bands who turned out to be huge, (like Kiss) on those shows. For example, I remember I was about 16…and saw Aerosmith sing “Dream On” on Dick Clarks one afternoon! (also smitten)One of the first concerts I saw as a teenager was Aerosmith and Rush. I was in awe. I remember right about that same time, Lou Reed was coming to town, and I liked him alot, but my parents wouldn’t let me go. I was so mad. I still like him and play his older albums, but still haven’t seen him live. I really started going to lots of shows when I moved out on my own, I think at certain times I was going to at least a couple a month. Ahhhhh..the good ol’ days..:)

                • One of my regrets in life is never seeing the Grateful I heard those concerts were soo fun to go to. May I say that I’ve enjoyed our exchange of posts this evening Ms Ryan.:-)

                • Me too, I always heard the dead concerts were a blast. I have also enjoyed our little chat tonight. I’m off to bed, read a bit and off to dreamland. Hopefully good dreams. Sweet dreams Tony! 🙂

                • I love all of these bands, and I also horrified my parents at 13 by loving Alice Cooper…LOL. Saw him live when I was 14.

        • I’m not a vegetarian, (used to be) but I don’t eat alot of meat. I dont eat veal or lamb. I mostly eat alot of fish and pasta type dishes. I’m considering going back to no meat, it’s hard though. That’s interesting that you aren’t and husband is….do you cook for him or does he cook his own meals?

          • I cook for him, and just between us, it’s a pain. I have 2 sections in my freezer, 2 deli drawers in the fridge, 2 sets of cast iron… He said the he wants to keep a kosher kitchen (WE AREN’T JEWISH), and our kitchen is 103 years old. I told him to lay off the crack. And he doesn’t want too much tofu, or seitan….Yeah. I’m totally going to heaven.

            • LOL! A Kosher kitchen….ummm..but not Jewish? Ok…LOL. Wow, thats alot of work even in a modern kitchen…you are much more patient than I would be. I actually like tofu, as long as it’s got really good sauce, like something spicy.

        • Allegedly, according to the NIH and CDC being a vegetarian is good for you. The longest lived group of people in the US are the Seventh Day Adventists, who are vegetarians.

          As far as I am concerned there are just a few problems with being a vegetarian, and if it wasn’t for that I’d be one. The problem is there would be no hamburgers to go with my french fries, or steak to go with my baked potato.

          If it wasn’t for that I’d be one in a heartbeat.

  52. I am wondering about c Hughes comments tonight, He said Jodi was a quest in their house, they have sent her to bed and everyone else is gathered together and discussing her. This sounds rude to me, I am sure they would be laughing and she would want to join the party and wonder why she wasn’t included.. They usher her away and resume their party, incredible rude. They claim to be Christians? Is this the same night Jodi testifies to, with her first sexual contact with TA?

    • Shar,
      I heard about that too. Apparently it was very late at night, or the middle of the night and Jodi was asleep. Chris and Sky said they wanted to talk to TA privately so he was in their room. This is when, according to the Hughes, told him that Jodi was not good for him, they didn’t like her, etc etc….and she knocked on the door. Again, according to the Hughes story, TA told Jodi he would be there in a minute to say goodnight, and they continued to talk. Sky said she had a feeling Jodi was listening, TA opened the door, and Jodi was standing there listening. Chris goes on to say how crazy she looked, and how he will never forget it…blah blah blah. The next day is when they say they told her to leave their home and never come back, that she wasn’t welcome there anymore. I am not sure if this is the night Jodi testified to that TA snuck into her room. It probably is, I can’t remember another time where they both spent the night there, but maybe there was another night.

      • I think CH & SH told this same version of events on the 48 hours interview. TA friends are strange bunch. I heard this one female intutive “friend” say she took TA into a bathroom at a restraurant to tell him she had all feeling of dragger and bad things and she tells him she loves him. Who does this type of stuff?

        • They did. It was total bullshit given what we know now about what the Hugheses really thought of Jodi at the time.

          They loved Jodi and warned her against dating Travis.

          I don’t think that episode ever happened except perhaps the Hugheses told Travis they didn’t want him engaging in sexual behavior under their roof. I doubt Jodi was anywhere around, much less had that “evil look in her eyes” that shook Chris Hughes to his “core.”

    • Shar, I don’t think this was the same night as the first sexual contact. Did I hear him right, that this conversation happened in upstairs CH & SH bedroom? I found that weird…she could of being wondering if they were having a 3some. 🙂

  53. Dr Du’s guest just callled JM, Jose Baez….. and after the brain fart, she blamed her unborn baby, I’m 6 months pregnant, irresponsible, her name is Janine Driver the Human Lie Detector.

  54. I use to be a long time poster on websleuths but I can say now I’m OFFICIALLY done I have had more than I can take of the lets put Travis on a pedistal mess I’m an soo tired of comment after comment of how virginal (yea right) and how Jodi corrupted him. some have even dared say he is near saint like that was the final straw just because some one is dead all of a sudden he was perfect Travis was no choir boy and to have the audacity to sit there and act as if he wasn’t verbally emotionally an physically abusive is ludacris and not to mention the CONSTANT bashing of jean casarez whom they believe is pro defense I mean really how is Jodi all these horrible things but somehow Travis is exempt everything is her fault right? Ugh Im sorry for venting but I’m shaking mad right now. Never in my life have I seen such immature down rigt idiotic behavior and to think they had me thinking y’all were the nuts

  55. So SJ, based on everything you highlighted above, I would venture a guess that JM has shit on premeditation?


    If I was a juror, I’d be pissed at JM for being so rude, condescending and abusive. But mainly I’d be pissed about how obvious he was in trying to suppress evidence. He’s such a miserable little man and morally bankrupt. Truly disgusting.