Pop rocks, dickheads and “The Art of War”

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It’s gotta be said. Gus Searcy did an awesome job of chopping Martinez down to size the other week… but Jodi is already well on the way to doing even better.

Prosecutor Fail? You’d better believe it.

Not only has Martinez tried (once again) to prove that battered woman syndrome doesn’t exist — and in turn belittled every single abuse victim out there — but he’s now trying to do the same with memory loss. So what about next week? Will he try and prove cancer doesn’t exist too?

Anyways… in the midst of all his aerobic-style ground-breaking “pop rocks & tootsie pop” revelations, here’s a brief clip from the legendary little guy’s performance yesterday…

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*Click here for the full trial day recording*

Unlike the little guy, I think Jodi has been reading Sun Tzu’s book “The Art of War”… because she’s quickly sized him up, disarmed him, honed in on his weak points, played him like a veritable fiddle AND stamped “dickhead” on his forehead multiple times without him even noticing.

As he said himself with one of his more pertinent questions… “You’re saying that……. isn’t it?”

Let’s hope he can keep this clueless performance up for a good while longer.

Here’s a comment from the 1,600 posted yesterday, which says it all:

“Jodi you are my new HERO! I just finished watching the end of the prosecutions ridiculous attempt at a cross and you stayed calm, cool and collected. I am in your corner. You stand for every girl who has ever been used and abused by some creep I can tell you are a very intelligent and sweet person. You cannot measure a person’s worth by their worst act. Yes I know what you did was wrong, but I know it was done for a very good reason. I wish you all the best of luck and know we are all beside you!” – Jesse

Leave your thoughts below on yet another awesome day for Team Jodi.

Team Jodi

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” ― (Sun Tzu, The Art of War)



  1. I think Jodi said it all in that one statement, “Usually when men like you are grilling me and screaming at me or men like Travis, it makes my brain scramble.” Honestly I think Mr Martinez needs to get a new tactic because berating a women who after her testimony probably has sympathy from the jury, was not a very smart move. All he proved today was how arrogant and pigheaded he is, I’m not sure what he was hoping to accomplish with his aggressive tone, but if it was to try and shake “the truth” out of her then it backfired. You can’t shake the truth out of someone who is clearly telling the truth. I am not the kind of person who usually sits down and defends someone who is accused of a crime like this, actually I am normally one of those people saying hang them, but in this case I just can not see how this could have gone down any other way then how the defense is saying.

    If I read one more comment where someone is claiming Jodi is lying about the abuse she suffered I might explode. It maddens me to no end when people claim that because something wasn’t reported or because we can’t see a bruise then it is not abuse or it never happened. Abuse happens daily and the majority of it is not reported, that does not mean it isn’t happening. People who have not been in an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship, just do not understand what is is like to be put down, yelled at, sworn at and threatened on a daily basis.

    I honestly do not understand how people can still deny the fact that Jodi was being treated like this, even after hearing the phone call and listening to the text messages they still can not stop and admit that Travis was not who he made out he was. It must be nice to have such a black and white idea of what the truth is, the reality is that life is not black and white. Most people don’t wake up one day and decide to kill their lover. So that is what leads me to question what drove Jodi to do what she did.

    Honestly I’m glad I found this site because apparently unless you believe that Jodi is guilty then you are not allowed an opinion on any other website and forum. Keep up the good work.

    • Aawww Jaelyn, thank you this is a very nice comment to wake up to, thank you for posting & im glad you’ve found us too : )) keep posting!

    • Your last sentence really got to me. I can’t even glance at ANY other site/blog/FB page/article, etc. because the “kill this psycho” comments are sooo incredibly vile. If any person comments even mildly that they believe ONE thing Jodi testified to, they are immediately jumped on, persecuted, and I’ve even seen people get threatened. I honestly don’t know what our society has come to. Whatever happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty?

      I can’t help but think what will happen to this poor young woman if she is not convicted (and I don’t think she will be). How can she EVER live her life again? From having naked photos of herself blasted across screens throughout the world, to having a very private intimate conversation blasted, and a lynch mob out to get her for telling her story about killing a guy in self defense who was a completely despicable human being. And not ONE article can report on this story without comments like “vixen or villain” or talking about something derogatory towards Jodi.

      I was bitterly disappointed when the prosecutor decided to drop charges against my ex-husband for his attempt on my life. But, at the same time, I knew what would be in store for me if I had to testify in a trial. His lawyer was much like Fartinez. And since I haven’t lived an absolutely squeaky clean perfect life where I’ve been an altar-girl, I knew that EVERYTHING in my life would be under scrutiny. The ONLY women who *can* successfully “win” a case involving domestic violence are those who have lived chaste perfect lives. Even then, they only have a small chance. Domestic violence is simply NOT understood, in spite of all the attempts to bring awareness. It’s still a dirty topic. People still wonder why women stay, or why they go back. And people still believe there are OH SO MANY services available to women who actually pluck up the courage to leave. Those services consist of shelter for 30 days — if there’s a bed available, and free/low cost counseling with an intern, if you’re lucky enough for that.

      The other thing that makes me livid is the double standards. In 2013, it’s still okay for a guy to be “a guy” and have any kind of “kinky” sex he wants. But it’s NOT okay for a woman to have participated in it — even if it was against her will. In fact, that makes her a “slut” and a “whore”, just as Travis called her. But Travis was just being “a guy”. How can women EVER achieve equality when this is the opinion of the media and the vast majority of the population? I am soooo disgusted.

      • I feel your pain about the abuse; been there but not physical abuse it was sexual. Very embarrasing and something I would not write about or talk about to anyone.

        A friend of ours in AZ was abused by her husband; hit, locked in a closet for days, etc. no one helped her and no one believed her so she stopped telling anyone. As the abuse escalated, there is no record of abuse because of past experiences (she did it to herself and she’s mad at me, she’s crazy, etc.). The only thing that got his friends and cops believing is when he shot her in the head with a shotgun. She was lying in the hospital near death (she had been shot in the head) and an investigator heard her mutter “husband did this” during a brief moment of lucidity. Thank God for the victims sister as she flew from CA to AZ to be there to try to get attention from the cops who ignored her. She finally got the attention of one investigator who happened to be in the hospital when her sister said this or the abusive, monster of a husband would have walked away. This woman had no bruises, no records, and had no help.

        This case sounds similar except the victim to control by some turn of luck. People always say that victims should just walk away. In my friends case, she tried. He stalked her, threatened family members and finally when he got her back he would choose various ways to make her pay. How could Jodi walk away when TA was threatening to expose their relationship? His minions would have shunned Jodi from her church (sounds like one of the only things she had to hold on to) and shunned her from her job as it seems they were connected. They would have written off these encounters for TA claiming its not his fault, he has weaknesses – all the vile woman’s fault. He called and texted and called when she left. If she broke off contact, how could she continue life in the church or her chosen work of the time? He had control of her.

        Our society needs to wake up and quit telling victims how to act! Start telling abusers and bullies how to get help and stop the abuse! (Sorry if I sound angry, but my passions get the better of me sometimes.)

        • “Our society needs to wake up and quit telling victims how to act! Start telling abusers and bullies how to get help and stop the abuse! (Sorry if I sound angry, but my passions get the better of me sometimes.)”

          I’ve been saying the same things myself. I’m tired of hearing “just leave” especially when that’s the most dangerous time in an abusive relationship. I’m also tired of hearing about Jodi being a “willing participant” as if consenting once means always consenting; and therefore whatever abuse happened is just part of one long running sex game. It follows the virgin/whore mentality where only “good girls” are worthy of being protected from abuse; and “bad girls” somehow deserve whatever they get.

          It’s harder to confront an abuser, so people would rather confront abuse victims, since they are easier targets and used to being told they are wrong. Those people don’t want to actually challenge the attitudes that are abusive, they want an easy solution to a complex problem and refuse to approach it from an angle that requires effort and investment of fortitude.

        • That is another thing about this case that just doesn’t sit right with me. The prosecution is trying to claim that Jodi was stalking Travis. They want us to believe that Jodi just showed up to his house unannounced with the intent of murder. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I felt I was being stalked by someone, the last thing I would do is let them inside my house if they turned up on my doorstep. I also would not let them sleepover then spend the next day having sexual relations with them.

          If we are to believe that Travis died not long after the pictures in shower then we also have to believe that Jodi decided to put her murder plan on hold so she could catch up on some sleep and then spent the next day sleeping with Travis. Honestly it makes no sense. How many premeditated murderers would spend so much time in the victims house before carrying out the plan. In most cases they kill and get the hell out of there. They don’t spend the night leaving as much evidence as they can at the crime scene.

          • Great points Jaelyn.
            Doesn’t is just seem that logical, that easy to understand?

            I mean yes, there are many deeper questions. But from the surface, its really just that easy. So many reasons how this wasn’t premeditated.

          • That is an interesting point but let’s understand that obviously Jodi was scorned…he didn’t want a meaningful relationship with her. Number two it also goes to if he was physically abusive and she was terrified why go see him? They were broken up. Its notblike she had no escapd from his presence she went there willingly. To me there is a huge chunk called the TRUTH missing from each scenario. I don’t think he hit her at all. I think he took advantage of her sexually but she wasn’t forced she liked it , liked his attention as she told Juan in a cocky way so I’m not sure how she could be angry about that. What she was angry about was that he didn’t want to marry her. She felt used and degraded because she was good enough for sex but not to marry. Something must have festered in her . There is no way there are no other rental place between Yreka and wherever she ended up. How did she afford to do all this …travel , car, gas, nails, hair,food if she had no money? Something is missing that none of us know. How such a pretty girl could ruin her young life is just unbelievable. She had no right to kill him in his own home , traveling out of her way to do so. You just never know who you’re dealing with.

      • I have posted a couple times on here… I am a friend of Travis’s. I am acquainted with Jodi. I can agree with your opening statement. “Your last sentence really got to me. I can’t even glance at ANY other site/blog/FB page/article, etc. because the “kill this psycho” comments are sooo incredibly vile”. I find it difficult to read anything. I am nauseated by the media’s slanted and skewed take on the proceedings. I am angered and saddened by the ‘Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t” mentality. No matter what Jodi says, doesn’t say, cries, doesn’t cry, is open and vulnerable or stoic and stone faced she is harangued and castigated by the media. Our opinion (onlookers and viewers, general public), the medias opinion, anyone else aside from the jury chosen to decide her degree of guilt or God simply does not matter. I can empathize with her. She is a person, protecting herself. She doesn’t have many supporters. This forum is as close as it gets and aside from the quick blurb in the news as a snide side note , no one is standing up for her. She is alone in all this. I doubt she reads blogs, emails and the like in her cell. I’m fairly certain she is prohibited from doing so. I think she did well in her first stages of cross examination. I personally would have lost my cool with the bastard mongrel Martinez. (Sorry, I can’t stand that weasel, and I’m split about 70%/30% leaning toward the “justice” side, being honest even if it gets me yelled at.) I hope she maintains her decorum. I pray for Travis’s Family (again, I know most on this side think them evil, vicious, and completely heinous) but they lost their brother, I can understand all sides. I see this as a singular event in her life and Travis’s but a culmination of many events in their lifetimes

        • Hi Bella. Im very very surprised that there IS someone out there that knew both and is looking at the whole thing from BOTH sides not just TA. It seemed like everyone, well must, if they knew TA n Jodi, they’d claim to see the evil soulless eyes in Jodi. Anyway, im glad your here, it sais a lot. I dont want to be rude or cross the line but I just want to ask a question, hopefully im not asking something that’ll make you uncomfortable, if so, I will 100% understand if you dont answer. Your post was very respectful and the last thing I waht to do is disrespect you. Ok. Were you ever around both of them, if so, can you tell us a little more of how they acted with each other or even if now you can tell like if they were trying to hide there relationship, were any of them more clingy or did you feel, like now can you see how TA could’ve been the closet kindda abusive person. Just your opinion of course n if you feel uncomfortable, again no need to answer. Thank you, have a bless day.

          • Hello LC and all others,

            Thank you for the comments. No offence taken at all. I attended church with Travis for over a year. Travis was affable and articulate. I only met Jodi once at a church related event. I do not believe Jodi is soulless, or cold. I think she has to protect herself. I believe no matter her response, or answer to any question she will be tarred by one group or another. I unfortunately never saw Travis and Jodi interact. I wish I had. I believe both of them are victims, victims of a series of events and victims of a toxic relationship. I believe if I or anyone like me had seen them interact, I would like to believe something beneficial might have occurred. I believe Travis wanted to be a good example to Jodi. I do not believe she was the “whore” that led him astray. I believe Travis like everyone else had many sides and many facets. I believe he was intelligent enough to know what he was doing and acted on his own accord. I think Jodi wanted love, needed his approval, especially in a church setting. She looked to him to be an example of what to do and especially what not to do. I know Travis was a good person. I know Travis’s friends have spoken on his behalf, I can understand that, and support it. He is not here to speak for himself. His family is emotional and upset so their commentary will obviously be tainted and understandably so. I have read this site’s material as it’s as it’s the only “Jodi friendly” media that really exists. I have listened to almost all the media, all of that (“See you Next Tuesday,(C.U.N.T.)) commentary from Nancy Grace(CAN’T STAND HER, personal opinion), all of the inane and disgusting commentary by that COMPLETE IDIOT; Jane Velez Mitchell (don’t like her either, personal opinion) and all of the local Arizona/National news stations. I cannot believe all of the biased, narrow-minded, slanted, warped and dogmatic commentary they are allowed and asked to spew. Sorry for the rant. It’s pathetic and ridiculous to me. I miss my friend Travis. I am angered and sad for the loss of his life just as I am sad for the loss of time and quality of ”life” in Jodi’s life. I pray for “justice” for all parties involved. (All of this is my opinion)

        • BELLA What an intelligent well thought out response since you are acquainted with both of them.
          The Media is just looking for sensationalism I would ignore them it does not seem that The Jury has ever voted with the main stream media this is in Gods hands But your post is very articulate and thoughtful. How sad an event & The Main Stream Media is just so Blood Thirsty, They have orchestrated this High Tech Lynching.

        • Hi Bella thank you for posting. I too can understand Travis’s family being so upset because they have lost their brother. I have read several tributes to him by various women friends on their blogs. They speak of such things as him shaving his body hair, and saying things such as “if I stayed….” Whether they realized it or not those things were come ons to them from him. A guy has no need to speak of his shaved pubes unless he is planning on sleeping with a woman and does not want to surprise her that way.
          I too wish to see justice ,however, justice does not mean that Jodi gets the death penalty for killing Travis. It may not even mean that she has to serve a very long time in jail.

        • Hi Bella, thanks for your perspective!

          I don’t find Travis’s family to be evil and I personally refrain from making comments about them because they’re naturally mourning their brother. They loved him and even if they realize that he was far from a perfect person, he was family and there’s a bond there.

          Travis’s shady friends and acquaintances who are making the media rounds? That’s another story!

        • Bella,I applaud your objectivity and the courage to see this sad event from both perspectives.I know if I were someone´s friend I might be tempted to look at it subjectively.What happened to TA is beyond words ,what´s happening to Jodi right now is also despicable due to the Media turning this into a charade!As for me,Im not here to attack his family.More or less,like everybody else,we´re here because we cannot undo the past but we want to fight for Jodi´s present and future.

      • Standing ovation for and to you @ Also Abused!!

        Your eloquent, comprehensive, and heart-felt summary on the prevalence, undue and one-sided shaming, and sad societal acceptance (be it lack of understanding or willful ignorance and apathy)…are dead on! If nothing else, this trial pulls back the thinly veiled tactics abusers use and
        prosecuters perpetuate effectively giving abusers safe legal harbor.

        Let this be a lesson to every male or female teetering towards becoming an abuser-emotional, physical, sexual or verbal. You can kick an animal but so many times before it bites back.
        #teamjodi #innocentnomatterwhat

    • I am happy someone made this website available to those who have watched Jodi’s testimony. I feel bad for her. This prosecuter is a moron and I wish I could tell him that to his face. But maybe that is good for all of us who believe Jodi should be sent home with time served. I truly believe she is answering all of the questions (many of which are sooo stupid and distracting)and doing her part in describing all the events of that day. I think she is brave to be up in that witness seat. I hope this jury is different than all of these newscasters who seemed to have already made up their minds that she should be put to death. These newscasters are trying to sway their audience to feel the same way as they do and that makes them just as dumb as the idiot presecutor. I am looking forward to the day that she is set free.

    • As an abuse victim, I haven’t found one thing Juan Martinez has said offensive.

      Also, if I was on trial for my life, I don’t think I’d be smirking and smiling while I was on the stand.

    • I was in a physically and verbally abusive relationship for 8 years where I was abused 24/7 since we lived and worked together too. I still suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and damage to my left eye from being hit in it. During all those years I never once thought that killing him was the answer to my issues. He threatened to kill me, told me I was crazy, needed to be in a mental ward, ect.

      Could you please tell me why he recieved 27 stab wounds? If she felt in need to protect herself why the overkill? Doesnt that make it look alot more like a crime of passion? I would be on her team if anyone could justify to me slitting his throut, stabbing 27 times and shooting him in the head. Any one of those would have allowed for an escape to gain help and then she wouldnt be in jail now. Why did she have to kill him and not just wing him like any of those would have done. I can’t wrap my mind around the 9 stab wounds to his back either. Was he going down the hall then, was he standing at the sink spitting blood then? Either way he wasnt a threat at that point…you would have to agree to that right? So why stab him in the back unless that was her purpose.

      I missed the pedo allegation on tv but didnt she say it was on his computer. I heard that the computer forensic scoured his computer for the defense and never found any such photos. Where did it go? We all know that deleting such a photo wouldnt make it go away. Didnt they say that he never searched for any pedo sites either? Would you not think that a pedophyle would look at pedophyle sites? I understand this allegation has to be a part of a defense to claim self defense…for some crazy reason…

  2. “Right?!” Everytime he say that I cringe. Jodi did amazing yesterday and M managed to loose me multiple times. My husband came home to me yelling, what the hell does that have to do with the price. Of tea in China. Some people yesterday were saying the Nurmi should object more….I think he should give M as much rope as he needs to hang himself with.

    • Yep, Nurmi is doing what Martinez did at first during direct: not objecting much on the minor issues, but you can bet that he’ll be amping it up as time goes on.

      Every time Martinez says “Right?”, I just want a witness to reply “Wrong.” LOL.

      I know some people had a hard time with Jodi smirking, but I really think that it was out of nervousness. Many people smile inappropriately when they’re embarrassed or in a stressful situation.

      • Kira – I think she was nervous. too. Just a somewhat nervous energy of sorts. I think she did awesome though. I would have yelled back at Martinez right out the gate.

        • I think that Jodi is highly intelligent, and may have even found some humor Martinez’ approach. I did not watch all of it. But, in some cases it looked like her straightforward response threw Martinez off, to the point that he was at a loss for words. And, I think that she found it a bit amusing. But, when the subject of Travis’ death comes up, her demeanor appears to change quite a bit, and she appears to become more emotional.

          • I agree with Ben. Jodi is no idiot and I found Martinez to be quite disheveled and was thrown off because he thought he was dealing with a “typical dumb girl”. I also think believed they hype about how great a prosecutor he is. He was not prepared for someone like Jodi. I don’t think Martinez has had much experience with intellects such as Jodi’s in his dealings over the years.

            I heard one of the commentators on HLN trying to paint a picture of Jodi’s performance yesterday in regards to the “men like you” statement that Jodi made. He was claiming that she messed up by going back at Martinez with that statement because she threw Martinez for a loop and made him backed down, so “just imagine how Jodi made poor Travis feeI”. “we got to see the real Jodi and she’s a liar and not at all a battered woman”.

            Well dear talking heads, I think for myself, so I don’t need you to shape of frame my thoughts. I think Jodi has just had enough of the emotional bullying and that she finally feels free and since she’s finally putting it all out there, she may as well tell Martinez how she really feels. Isn’t that what he asked her to do? Go Jodi!

          • I totally agree that Jodi looked very smug on cross–it was clear that she could tell Martinez was hanging himself and that she was totally outwitting him. I do not blame her for smiling–I was amazed she didn’t smile more. She was truly amazing at letting him hang himself. Given her previous day’s testimony on direct, especially, I was so impressed. Martinez is helping her win a very, very difficult case given all of the evidence of premeditation and all of the evidence of her lying. (Don’t get me wrong–I think anyone would lie in her situation. But of course the general public will use that to continue crucifying her.)

            I don’t know what the outcome of this case is going to be but if I were on the jury I would hate the prosecutor and sympathize with the defendant.

          • I think she did look irritated with him. But, I think at times she knew she made him look like an angry little kid, who had just been confounded. Of course, I only saw a small portion of the beginning. I have not yet seen the whole footage.

      • Kira, I actually think there might be s lot of people like this, one being my husband. I get so upset when im talking to him about something serious n he’s sitting there smirking! Lol he claims though that his not boing it to be disrespectful, that he IS nervous. So iv learned to deal with it and it does take TIME to get used to too.

  3. For people who say she is too “aggressive” back..

    This is actually how DV can escalate. she knows she is telling the truth and the abuser (Kermit/Travis) keeps badgering and badgering to get a reaction. Or to get the ANSWER THEY WANT. I’ve been there, done that. Sometimes it doesn’t even work to say what you know they want, so it’s best to stick to the truth.

    Travis was really not that intelligent and it probably got to him and his temper to have someone like jodi telling him like it is. She did not start out afraid until he started responding with violence.

    Geez, she even told Kermit it wasn’t his fault.

    • i LIKE surrounding myself with smarter ppl if possible. i KNOW what i know. but getting more, perhaps better insight to anything is beneficial, imo. UNLESS, u r small inside and need to tear others down. TA In his mind, HAD to be the alpha but really he was NOT and he knew that.

    • You are so right on! Waiting to get the “answer they want”! Martinez did that yesterday. Kept asking the same thing over and over – mostly in condesending tones- waiting to get the answer HE wanted. How many times did Nurmi have to say “objection! asked and answered!”? LOTS!!

      • In light of how many times the judge overruled Nurmi’s “already answered” objections, I don’t understand your statement.

        • People need to understand that answers given in court must respond to the question asked. A lot of defendants feel that giving any response, whether or not it correllates to the question asked, is enough. It isn’t. When you are being tried for a crime, you are being held answerable by society for what you’ve done. As Jodi Arias has admitted killing someone, regardless of the circumstances, she MUST answer all questions the judge allows her to be asked about the crime, in order to satisfy the People that the crime was one of necessity.

          With so many holes in her story, as one of the People, I am not satisfied yet that the crime she committed was, in fact, self-defense. She is welcome to try to convince me; however, not responding to the questions asked, and smirking and snickering on stand when her very life is on the line, is not going to convince me. What WILL convince me is if she takes this very seriously and answers all questions asked of her. She has taken someone’s life. She has to account for why, and she hasn’t done that. She said she can’t remember inflicting the actual wounds that were his cause of death – how can she say it was self-defense when she doesn’t remember what made her pick up a knife and stab him 27 times and slit his throat all the way to his spinal cord? I legitimately want an answer to that question – how can you say, “My life was in danger,” when you can’t remember?

          • Regarding her memory, I thought at one point she claimed that she was recounting all the crime scene details in order to fit her story that she gave to Flores during his interrogation. I’d like to know which of those details were remembered for that ploy, but are now forgotten.

            I don’t understand why Martinez didn’t jump all over her claim that her memory is poor when she’s under abuse/stress: the kind that Martinez is giving her while asking his questions.

            Does that imply that if Kurmi or someone kinder/gentler were asking these same questions that she can’t remember, that her memory would return, and thus be able to provide Martinez with the details he’s looking for?

          • DickyM, it’s Nurmi not Kurmi.

            ” I’d like to know which of those details were remembered for that ploy, but are now forgotten.”

            Explain this “ploy” please? Your pro pros is showing through a bit there…:)

          • BeeCee,

            “… all the crime scene details in order to fit her story that she gave to Flores during his interrogation. I’d like to know which of those details were remembered for that ploy, but are now forgotten.”

            I had understood “ploy” to mean pretty much what this online definition says: “A cunning plan or action designed to turn a situation to one’s own advantage.”

            When Jodi testified the other day that she lied to Flores–whether out of fear or hopelessness, or whatever her motivation at the time–I thought she must have done so to help out her own desperate situation.

    • Years ago, I read that in interrogations, when people are guilty they frequently begin to wither while being interrogated. But, if they are innocent, they will proclaim their innocence more and more forcefully. I do not know where I read this. It just comes to mind.

  4. Nurmi needs to have her pose her arm and hand in the exact same position as the photo and take a picture. The fingers all look straight because they are supported by her shoulder and/or because of the angle of the shot.

    • I do not think that was the purpose of that questioning,because now how is she going to explain her blood mixed with his in hand print on wall. Because now she has stated that it was her right hand cut not left.

      • Was her blood in the print too? I admit that I tuned out a bit during the blood spatter analysis.

        It could be that she used her right hand to wipe off the blood on her left hand, and some of that transferred into the print.

        • Right that could’ve happened. She wouldn’t be able to explain because she doesnt remember. Sge could’ve rubbed her hands together as she was going up the stairs back to the room after putting knife in the DW. There alot of different ways blood could’ve went from one hand to another.

          • I know that but how is she going to explain it. She would be assuming just as the prosecution is assuming that she broke her finger in the stabbing.

          • She didn’t forget how she broke her finger. She said when and how that happened. She only claims to not remember the moments right after the gun went off, then she remembers driving. She never answered any questions about the palm print. She did say she cut her hand the night before on a glass she broke. If the palm print came from the stabbing his and her blood both being injuries from it, why isn’t there any gun powder residue in the blood?

          • Kmiller,

            “why isn’t there any gun powder residue in the blood?”

            If she shot the gun with one hand and palm printed the wall with the other??

  5. Martinez needs to calm down for his own benefit. Look at the way he’s always hunching his shoulders – dude is full of tension and is a powder keg waiting to explode. He’s going to scream and yell his way into the ER if he doesn’t get his temper addressed by a professional.

      • piggybacking on Roak post… sh*t is the end product of everything we have consumed that is deemed beneficial to us. we dont need it to survive, we HAVE to expend the bile, it is WASTE, it IS juan martinez.

      • I wonder whether Martinez dug himself into a hole, a bit, and is now embarassed. In the beginning he tried to paint this horrible picture of Jodi. But, when the facts came out it became easy to see that things are not as they appear, on the surface.

      • Í think he was a bit shaken when the judge advised them not to speak over each other,tghat´s why he appeared calmer….temporarily!I also noticed that after each sidebar he wopuld talk gentlier but soon explode again.He just CAN´T help it,little Orang!!!

    • Im waiting for the:

      Jodi: im sorry I didnt understand the question, can you ask that again?

    • ITA! To be honest, if I were a juror, I would find his behavior unprofessional, unruly, and downright. Offensive. The excessive histrionics imply a lack of respect or trust for the jurors -jurors he had a hand in picking for goodness’ sake. He’d have a hard time getting my vote. Treat me like an idiot and I’ll do my best to oblige …jerk!

  6. I can’t believe Beth Karas of In Session claiming that she saw Martinez differently in court than he seemed on television. What! Are you kidding me? Even some of the pro-prosecution attorneys on HLN thought he was way over the top and scattered in his cross. I can’t image that Martinez didn’t rub at least one juror the wrong way. This is just my opinion but it seems to me if at least one juror takes a strong disliking to Martinez they will find a reason for reasonable doubt. Martinez has some serious anger management issues!

  7. martinez ( and many DA’s) dont ‘practice justice’… it is a job to fulfill/justify their arrogant personalities, it is to win their game. he is not treating jodi as a PERSON. he knows jodi has a pretty soft aura wants to attack that. i bet TA did that too. they THINK jodi is weak becos she acts soft… but someone TAKING ALL that crap, it builds up inside!
    now, with marti, STAYING calm is good idea… he looks like a bully to me and he is picking on SMALL things to make her look bad. ppl remember some things others dont. ppl are same, BUT DIFFERENT too.

    (note, i reposted from team jodi. prob. should have been here, not there.)

    • [i should have written my post to jodi, sorry. i thought it was to “Team Jodi”.]
      to Jodi:
      you are doing FINE. stay calm, tell the truth as u can remember. be who you ARE, not who marti or ANYONE wants you to be. YOU HAVE PEOPLE here and elsewhere who understand what youve been thru and went thru and are WITH U.
      youll get thru this uneasy period. youll carry it with u, but u will grow from it.
      luv 2 u,

      • The commentary on In Session etc. are very pro prosecution, they rarely have anyone on the other side of the argument. If they do they turn their mic off. What bothers me is that our Constitutional rights are being undermined. They should be 2 sides to the argument but they do not have that and it is really very detrimental to our justice system. Martinez is too much like a school yard bully. I think I posted this before but Attorney Gerry Spence argued about this numerous times. He has been very harsh on Nancy Grace and others .Nancy Grace has lied about her own life and was exposed, Gerry Spence wrote about it, I use to actually like her many years ago before she had this bogus program.She has made a fortune off the un-happiness of others, and although losing her fiance is very sad, its seems like she has used that story to peddle Hate. Half the time she is acting, and does not give any intelligent commentary. Justice should be a search for the Truth.One of The most famous Lawyers in History said Id give the The Devil The Benefit of the Law for my own safety sake. Nancy Grace and others believe that all the laws in this country should be knocked down in this country and they should decide who is guilty no jury,The mass media should be anointed executioners. Which is really what is going on.

        • Very true. They had one of the commentators (I forgot which one) which was for the defense, and they clearly turned off his mic and never went back to him. I feel that HLN needs to show both sides, even though 99% of the public has already made her guilty, which is a sad state of our justice system.

        • That’s very interesting about NG. She rants and raves accusing Jodi of being a liar. Goes on and on yelling about it. This is a case of when you’ve got one finger pointing at someone else four more are pointing right back at yourself.

  8. Things I’ve learned so far as from Jodi’s perspective (and my own too):

    1. Jodi liked to be in relationships and her environment growing up didn’t teach her to distinguish abuse. Her upbringing taught her to put a smile on her face no matter what her pain is and what’s wrong.
    2. Prior to Travis she had relationships that weren’t healthy for her or that matter anyone.
    3. Through her own testimony she liked to create drama and confrontation. This doesn’t equal cold hearted calculated killer. This does, however, prove that she’s emotional and impulsive.
    4. SOMETHING toxic was involved in her relationship with Travis, and even if she’s not being 100% truthful about Travis’s alleged pedophilia there was something twisted in their sexual encounters and HE DID SAY do something b

    • That is a good analysis. When people label Jodi as a “sociopath,” I think they’re dead wrong, because she does feel emotions in a very intense way. She doesn’t fake attachments to people.

      • Its usually imbeciles who refer to someone as a ‘sociopath’ without any sort of professional diagnoses. Everyone’s a professional when they’re sitting on their couch. Jodi said she loves her mother, she loved her family, she loved her bf (the guy she bought the house with), she loved Travis. She may be socially awkward, but she’s social nonetheless. She was not a delinquent, she is remorseful and emotional. Couch doctors are a dime a dozen, they should just be ignored.

        It is possible that someone who has been hurt many times in the past can become emotionally “challenged” but it doesn’t make them a sociopath.

    • FLNJANG you are correct in your observation, I am sure the professionals will be able to shed light on what occurred and also why she returned to Travis. From what I read & studied concerning abuse is that you are always trying to fix the original abusive relationship you had with your Parents Father Mother etc. I see that Jodi was unable to leave since she viewed Travis as an authority figure, she saw sex as affection tried to turn an abusive relationship into a real one. This is very common among people who are abused. I do think her parents were child abusers and she has also protected them, ambiguous feelings are very common, You still love your parents,So are memory lapses & a ultra keen memory for other events or being detail oriented.lying is also part of the personality trait. Every lie is built on one lie I would say lies that go on in families every human being has a different fingerprint so how you or I would react to certain circumstances is not necessarily how another would. Red Flags for child abuse sexual usually are, Running Away from home, Not finishing High School Low self esteem, promiscuity, desire for a relationship to fulfill ones life. Outside appearance of perfection and not getting angry so you have bottled up anger.The perfect Man/Woman will save me etc. In all fairness Travis probably suffered from the same problem hatred of woman what they call the Madonna Whore Complex Nobody can deny that Travis lived a double life & he used her and was abusive. People stay in bad relationships because they feel like a child helpless & that has its roots in child abuse. On a rather lighter note calling your sister dumb is so common among siblings. Her sister had problems also so this was a very dysfunctional Family,

      • I admit that I’m a woman who was abused as a child and in my mid-30s, married a man who abused me. However, based on studies, 50% of women who have been in abusive relationships were NEVER abused before — not in childhood or in any other relationship. I was never in an abusive relationship before my ex. If someone was a jerk, I walked away.

        But the dynamic between an abuser and his target is incredibly complex and unbelievably difficult to explain. It is rare I find someone I can explain it to who has not been through it. The part where they establish control is insidious for a very long time. By the time you first become aware of it at all, it’s too late. Abusers can be THE most charming people in the world. The rest of the world typically adores them. I remember my ex’s customers calling me telling me I was THE luckiest girl in the world to be married to a guy who was “a guy who you could talk to like you talk to your best girlfriend, but he gives you the guy’s perspective.” If these people only had a clue how he mocked them behind their backs!

        And that’s the thing. They mock other people behind their backs, but are sweet as pie to their faces. Travis may well have told Jodi that he thought the Hughes were rotten, hypocritical people. I have no doubt he also had a smear campagn about Jodi going on with ALL his friends.

        How do they lure you back? I can’t even answer that honestly, and believe me, I have wracked my brain trying. Before we married, we lived together for 3 years. Everything would be fine, and one day, for no reason, he would come home and tell me it was over between us. He would then apologize after I started crying. The 4th time this happened, I got angry and kinda snapped. I slapped him across the face and told him to get out. (Trust me, he NEVER let me live down that slap for the next 12 years, even though he did a LOT worse to me.) He talked me into going to therapy, then found fault with the therapists. The next time, which was the final time, he actually moved out. He had planned to move into his brother’s apartment and I hadn’t even known what was on his mind! That night, he was calling me crying, telling me he knew he’d done the wrong thing. It wasn’t until more than a decade later that I found out (after he’d been arrested for trying to kill me) that he had moved out to satisfy one of his many “bits on the side”. More therapy after that because I wouldn’t let him move back in without fixing whatever the hell was wrong. Again, more fault with the therapists. Finally, I’d had enough and was about to move on with my life. A new therapist was suggested who “fixed” his sister’s marriage. He actually seemed to participate in the therapy, and 6 weeks later, he proposed.

        So, I look back and think what an idiot I was. We had to go to counseling BEFORE we got married? He tried this “break up” thing 5 times and I STILL thought our marriage would work? Somehow, he’d begun isolating me from my friends one by one. I had lost myself somehow, and he had control, and was fast on his way to complete control. Now, I’m not a stupid person. I’m intelligent and well educated, and back then, I was very pretty with a great figure. So how did I fall for all that? Where was my brain? It’s impossible to understand for anyone who has never been through it. Those that have, well, when we talk, we are all blown away at the similarities. In fact, we often say “Are you sure this isn’t my ex?”

        I often wonder watching this trial … what if I’d snapped and killed him? It could have happened. By the end, I was completely isolated and dependent on him for everything and anything. I felt like I was losing my mind. I could be in Jodi’s shoes. I really could.

        • I think this is a very good point you make, Also Abused, “They mock other people behind their backs, but are sweet as pie to their faces. Travis may well have told Jodi that he thought the Hughes were rotten, hypocritical people. I have no doubt he also had a smear campagn about Jodi going on with ALL his friends. ”

          I haven’t been in an abusive relationship yet I can understand how it happens. I think those who don’t understand are either in deep denial or are abusive themselves. I’ve had friends who’ve been abused and one thing I noticed about them was that they went to great lengths to cover up the abuse. They also felt responsible for it. There are some clear markers that everyone can watch for. Jodi has them.

          • She sure does, Sam. And to this day, she finds it diffficult to truly speak about the REAL Travis — the one his friends didn’t know.

            A couple of the other big markers for me were:

            (a) She says “I’m sorry” every time Fartinez objected during her testimony and/or if the judge interrupts. Victims are trained (by the abuser) to apologize for EVERYTHING. It’s our fault they’re having a bad day; it’s our fault the dog/cat/bird is sick; it’s our fault their hair won’t go right; it’s our fault they yelled/screamed/hit us; it’s our fault they got stuck in traffic; you name it, etc., etc. You hope by apologizing, it will diffuse the wrath. It becomes a habit. We apologize to everyone, for everything. It takes years and sometimes decades to stop doing this, with lots of therapy and/or being around healthy loving people who point it out to you.

            (b) The way she described feeling when she awoke in the middle of the night to lots of nasty texts from Travis. She didn’t know the correct terminology for how she described it, but she put into words exactly what I told my therapist and what other survivors and I have described to one another. It’s exactly what happens to me whenever his lawyers sends an email today with him carbon copied. That’s not something you can make up.

            (c) Her ability to speak about certain events without showing emotion and completely flat. We detach. We dissocialize. We compartmentalize. We have to, in order to survive. (Unfortunately, it makes her LESS believable to the average Joe and Jane on the street. But, to those of us who have done the same, it’s a very clear sign.)

            There are more, but those are the big 3 for me.

        • Yes, he did have a smear campaign behind Jodi’s back. He would call her a psycho, a stalker, he told everyone it was Jodi who slashed his tires, Jodi who was the sex crazed nympho, ect. On the sex phone tape, Travis said Abe had dead eyes, had no soul; and that’s exactly what Travis’ friends say on tv when they are interviewed. So he probably said that about her too.

          The worst aspect of this case is that it has been presented by the media through the *eyes of the abuser*; and not only that, but that it is the only valid perspective. How scary is that? They are continuing the abuse Travis left behind after he died. I wonder how many other abuse victims deal with this too. I don’t know how these people can sleep at night knowing that all they did was continue to repeat the same mountain of lies Travis repeated about Jodi to keep her socially isolated and without an immediate support system. They are mouthpieces for an abuser.

          • No matter what…in this country and as a Christian we Don’t take justice into our own hands….we don’t kill each other. Everything that is said may be true in favor of Jodi but but but…we don’t kill each other in this society and at our level of civilization. She gets life w/o parole and two lives not one were lost. There are many jerks I’ve dated over the years, users, liars, cheaters, hypocrites but they are all still alive.

  9. I’ve never really watched HLN or Court TV until about 2 weeks ago when i came apon the trial. I have to say that it is something else listening to the “Impartial Commentators” and oh yes the …. “Defense Attorneys” spew their venom .. i’m not sure they quite understand .. “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”

    It’s a witch hunt, i can honestly say they remind me of a pack of GHOULS ….

    Oh, and i visited their website and read some comments, and the people were just as bad as they are, the only thing missing were the torches & pitchforks!

    • It’s because all their lives are perfect (sarcasm) and they know what abuse and domestic violence is and what it looks like. (Cough cough bullshit)

    • The thing is, those shows are pure trash tabloid TV and the commentators know that they’re luring in the sheep who will believe anything. They always have a “pro-prosecution” storyline and will manipulative facts and evidence in their favor so that they will get viewers salivating for blood. It increases their ratings.

      For anyone who hasn’t read Jose Baez’s book, he talks about appearing on Nancy Grace’s show and having her absolutely rip into him while they were on air. When they went to commercial, Nancy leaned in to him and said, “You’re doing great. This is all just schtick.”

      • Lol… That’s funny… It’s all for show and entertainment but what is terrible was how those shows led to Casey Anthony having to live in hiding. Also, the people were acting like they had pitch forks and fire when the verdict came in after the trial. Sad…. Stirring the masses…

      • That is scary because many viewers don’t see it as “schtick” at all. It stokes the flames of hatred and those accused and acquitted of crimes are in very real danger of being killed themselves.

        The Bill of Rights is being undermined by these shows.

        • Exactly, it is scary. It’s only a paycheck to Nancy and the others, but there are a lot of easily-led angry viewers out there. Look at all of the idiots who camped out on the Anthonys’ front lawn with signs.

        • Scary isn’t it?! People have sued NG. A wife n mother committed suicide! !! And NG still has the heart to do this? ! If she really felt sorry or bad she’d stop what shes doing and atleast change a little, at least do your research before going on air with these accusations. Shes ruined lives. This lady killed herself because NG, on air, blamed her for her newborn baby dieing (it was an accident). Now her other 4 kids are without a mother, a man without his wife. The family sued for about $240, 000. Wtf is that???? For 4 kids w/out a mother thats not even close to what that family shouldve gotten. And HLN shouldve been responsible of taken her off the network. They didnt do shit because shes making them $$$, shes getting viewers n they rather keep her on air talking and hating ruining people. I will NOT support this . What she did to this family is far worse then what happened to her fiancé back in late 70s. Im sick of her judgments, I feel bad for her kids n I hope she knows she has a reserved “park your ass here” chair waiting for her right next to the red man himself.

          Sorry…. its been a while Iv kept my opinions of the media n NG, so I needed to vent. Lol

          • I think he thought that would razzle her. If he said her sister was dumb then she would get emotionally off balance and then go into other things. Sorry charlie! she held her own.

            at least 2 women have commited suicide because of Nancy Grace. The woman you mentioned was called “vodka mom” by Nancy. She apparently smothered her baby when she was drunk. Sad but tragic. Why was that on a show talking mainly about murder? As irresponsible as it was, that mom was not trying to her her child. It was an accident.

            The second women was Melinda Duckett. Her son went missing (still missing) and she couldnt give many answers. So Nancy goes at her hoping she can get her to confess to killing that child. Chances are actually good that she gave her child away since her son was not found and she was trying to hide him from a father that abused them both.

            Nancy is the person at the head of a lynch mob egging people on. I cant count how many older ladies have called in and told her that they love her and her babies. She goes for blood and denies due process but people think shes a saint.

      • OMG!!!Did she really say that????????????? Im totally appalled,disgusted and repulsed(i wish i could find more synonyms!!)by her right now.She thinks this is a ”SCHTICK”? When it’s the LIFE of REAL people at the stake?????I mean I dont know what’s happening to our society,to the human nature in general but if there’s a woman and a whole network behind her thinking that forming an entire nation’s opinion,lynching and crucifying someone just for their ratings’ sake is just a simple schtick then I’m seriously worried.I mean seriously!

        • Sorry to say this, but Nancy Grace makes money from people who love her show, and probably even more money from people who hate her show.

          By virtue of you discussing how much you hate her, you’ve fallen into that second category, and thus “her trap” and she loves it.

          I think it’s illustrated best in the quotes from Howard Stern’s 1997 movie “Private Parts” (Just substitute Nancy for Howard and you’ll probably do just fine)

          Researcher: The average radio listener listens for eighteen minutes. The average Howard Stern fan listens for – are you ready for this? – an hour and twenty minutes.
          Pig Vomit: How can that be?
          Researcher: Answer most commonly given? “I want to see what he’ll say next.”

          Pig Vomit: Okay, fine. But what about the people who hate Stern?
          Researcher: Good point. The average Stern hater listens for two and a half hours a day.
          Pig Vomit: But… if they hate him, why do they listen?
          Researcher: Most common answer? “I want to see what he’ll say next.”

          Nancy’s got you all, right where she wants you!

          • Dicky M,
            if you are referring to me then no! I dont watch her shows!Had you read any of my old posts you would have known a)that inever watch the media solely the live feed of the trial plus accessing this group and b)that im a foreigner,i live in Europe,we dont get HLN or whatever the name of the channel is and that i hadnt even heard of the name NG before this case.Im just being informed on what she says and does from the people of this group.i made a comment on what Kira wrote.simple as that.

          • This is amazing, now Nancy Grace has people talking about her show who don’t even watch her show. That’s quite amazing. I hope NG doesn’t spend all the money in one place.

          • Wow, Nancy Grace even has people who are outside of this country and don’t even have HLN who are talking about the show. She’s certainly creating the buzz she has set out to do. You have now joined the discussion Nancy wanted you to join. Continue to spread the word.

          • To be fair, DickyM, Nancy Grace is nearly as famous as Lindsay Lohan or Lady Gaga.

            I don’t let Nancy Grace in to my own living room, but she’s there, anyway, in others’ living rooms, and she’s out there in the world. And, once you’ve experienced her, it’s pretty hard not to form an opinion. Sure, she’s a joke, an outrage, but she’s also a contributing factor to this mob mentality we’re witnessing. I’m not sure that ignoring this phenomena is the best form of intellectual self-defense.

          • Pique,

            I’ve read a lot of your posts, and you always are very well centered and have the best things to say. Once again, this is true with you last comment.

            I actually, am one of the NG haters, I can’t stand to watch her. I’ve probably watched a total of 10 minutes with her on the screen in 5 years. I even believe that her facial makeup is applied to make her look even more confrontational and thus more talked about.

            I also agree that she is creating a lynch mob mentality which hurts many people, and certainly in this case is hurting Jodi. She is the inciting version of the person who hundreds of years ago was the village leader who grabbed his pitch fork and all the town reacted, following blindly behind him, and killing the accused. I think it’s reprehensible.

            The premise of my whole NG “attack” blog string, was to point out that Nancy is NOT a news person. Her show is a business. She is there to make the owners money. If her personal opinion happens to coincide with making the station money, she will voice it. If her own personal opinion that she goes home and shares with her significant other doesn’t she doesn’t say it on the show. I’m sure of this.

            SOME/VERY FEW people on this site were complaining about her tactics as though they didn’t understand this premise. So I was speaking specifically to those FEW, to let them know that she is the newest version of the shock jock because their comments seemed to indicate that they didn’t know this, and didn’t know they were being manipulated into talking about her, and in essence spreading her word and doing exactly what she wants them to do.

            I remember hearing about a professional ball player who was really hated by his fans. You know what he did, he sold buttons and banners and all sorts of things that allowed fans to trash him, all unbeknownst to the fans who were buying his wares and lining his coffers. He really had the last laugh on all of them.

            I was hoping to point out that this is what Nancy’s doing, and the more we talk about her (positive, negative, or dont’ even watch the show and talk about her) we’re all falling into her trap and should at least recognize it: only then can we make a choice to continue.

            I appreciate all you have to say. You’re one of the best on this site! Truly, very centered and aware.

          • Thanks, DickyM. I hear what you’re saying: Nancy Grace is definitely not a journalist; she an “entertainer” and her business is show business. And, I see your point about the importance of recognizing this fact. Perhaps the best place to begin is by determining the difference between what are (ideally) unbiased sources of news, and all this pap, which includes the likes of Nancy Grace.

            Good analogy (and great story!) about the hated ball player. We could all learn something from that.

            Thoughtful satire, though, can also be effective over time. Making fun of Nancy Grace–the way people made fun of Sarah Palin, for instance–might be a better strategy than directly bashing her. Mind you, she’s already so outrageous, there’s almost no folly left to expose, and it would be mere imitation. In spite of this, she clearly has a dedicated fan base. As far as dumbing-down goes, she’s both a symptom and a cause, and–as you’ve pointed out–no dummy herself. Nobody would try so hard to be that ugly unless there was a lot of money involved! Like a prostitute who chooses the worst light, instead of the best, to drum up business.

          • Pique,

            You’d better copyright your phrase:

            “Like a prostitute who chooses the worst light, instead of the best, to drum up business.”

            It fits her to a T. Amazing. I won’t be surprised if I hear it on the news someday to describe her/it. :()

      • There’s a great invention out there called a remote and free will….you can change the station anytime….isn’t that awesome?

        • Um, have many people here claimed to watch her show? I don’t think so.

          Donna, I think you’d like the pro-pros boards better. There’s discussion and then there’s baiting.

    • Some people will never understand Jodi, or try to. But I can relate to her in so many ways. I see her as very intelligent and beautiful with emotional baggage. I think we all carry some baggage. What is so sad is the enormous lack of understanding and compassion from the media and public. These people seem to be out for blood! Heartbreaking.

      • if this has already been mentioned in another post, i’m sorry. but I almost threw up when i saw on Nasty Grace that she’s asking viewers to call a800# to report inconsistency s in jodi’s testimony!
        hasn’t she damaged enough peoples lives? seems to me she only cares about being right, and not reporting the TRUTH!
        stupid piece of crap!

          • LOL @ Kira! It would only help the defense if JM asked Nancy Disgrace and her mob to help, lol! Have you HEARD some of the viewer call-ins on HLN? These people sound like some real top notch scholars!

          • I picture Kermit opening mail from Nancy Grace’s brilliant “Internet sleuths” and being like “The fuck is this?” LOL.

        • OMG! If Jodi is such a liar why does it take an 800# asking mouth-breathers across the world in a collective effort to find one?
          Its not going to happen. Nurmi knew not to allow Jodi to say anything that could be proven a lie, or that Jodi isn’t absolutely sure of.
          Try again chumps!

          • That’s just going to cause a bunch of fruitcakes to call in (imo) causing more rumors to fly. I doubt she’ll dig up anything but rubbish.

  10. Continued…
    Because the text messages and recorded phone call DO show there was a dark side to Travis. Even in yesterday’s Prosecution question about the car exchange Travis appeared to be angry at Jodi because she didn’t go pick up the car because he carpooled with other people. So you can see there he would constantly get angry with her.
    5. The finger: oh yes let’s talk about the finger…. So her finger may have been injured June 4, 2008 but guess what? It was probably in the struggle with Travis….
    6. Jodi DOES feel horrible about everything and sometimes I feel she self sabotages herself because of the guilt.
    7. Also, a poster on here stated in an earlier comment that DV escalates…. This is fact! I was in an environment with DV and guess what? The victim ALWAYS was confrontational! And then her abuser would hit her! So this whole thing of her not being small, meek is BS. She is clearly behaving like a DV victim and she’s got this pattern of behavior ingrained inside of her.
    8. The prosecution doesn’t want the truth they want to win.
    9. The journal entries: guess what Prosecution did Jodi write in her journal I am planning to kill Travis? I want to kill Travis? Travis drives me crazy when he texts me nasty things?!? That’s a big fat NO because Jodi lives and breathed denial when it came to Travis! Many women do this because they don’t know better.
    10. Finally the magazine, you’re proving what? She’s human? She’s not perfect! And much like everyone here states life is not black and white and the reasons she wrote that do not equate that she’s this macheavalic schemer. She’s naive!

    • I think with the magazines he is trying to prove she fabricated her story, or witness tampering, or something a long those lines.

      What really struck me was when she said “They look to me like page numbers”, when he hadn’t asked what they were. I think she might have revealed some purpose to the numbers, that if linked, may hurt her testimony.

      I’ve heard my father telling his friends about his time in jail, that they’d mark down page numbers, and leave messages on those pages, or just words, and you had to use all the numbers to find all the words, then piece them together to find the message. Sometimes it was for a drug request, a hit planned, or just planning anything, but I don’t know if Jodi would use such methods.

      I hope they are just numbers, like Lotto or something, and that she was just playing the part to get under Martinez’s skin.

        • I can picture it now

          “*Ribbit* What are the meanings of these numbers, Miss Arias? They are the hidden code, RIGHT?”

          “No sir, they are my lotto number suggestions, I was hoping to help my family financially by winning the lotto”

          “*CROAK* That’s a lie! *Ribbit*”

      • And the thing is, she DID change her story several times. That’s not in dispute. So by writing the magazine messages, who’s to say that she didn’t mean “Hey, my previous story was not the real deal, and I’ve since told my lawyer the truth.”?

      • I thought that is exactly what they showed yesterday. That the page numbers when put into order, made sense of the messages on the pages. Didn’t JM have Jodie read them once they were put into order?? I need to re-watch it………..

      • She did try and get a message out, but it could have meant anything. She was trying to tell someone they blew it. What they said contradicted what she’s been saying for over a year and that she wants to meet before the hearing to straighten it out.

        I took it to mean anything such as a witness had covered for something they didn’t need. Say hypothetically, the message was for Matt M, well he has told us hear he wasnt honest with investigators at first so maybe she was trying to talk to say, “what in the heck are you saying that for”. “This happened not that.” It could mean anything.

        But the magazines never made it out, all it proves was that she was trying to be sneaky.

        • Yes, I agree the messages could mean anything. I’m sure Nurmi will address this. It’s certainly nothing new to most people that this is a common way to comunicate behind prison walls. The fact she sent out a message using the magazines, and not her attorny’s, is what makes it sneaky feeling (at least to me).

          Can they prove it was Jodie’s writing? I don’t think she admitted to writing anything, right.

          • You know… now that you say that. If you guys go back to it. It doesnt look like the same handwriting in her diary. The writting on the magazine looks neat and the writting on the diary is kindda sloppy. Maybe she ment to write different or maybe she got someone else to write it. But it doesnt look the same to me, idk just my opinion.

      • I am sure she probably tried to tamper with a witness. Stupid, stupid, stupid to ever confide in anybody inside jail or try to do anything on the outside. This would further undermine her credibility, not to mention the dates of the magazines. However, the bottom line is Martinez must prove premeditation. He may have an ace up his sleeve–he’s no idiot–but so far it would seem to be impossible to prove.

        My feeling is he overcharged her to begin with. A plea bargain should have occurred a long time ago, saving taxpayers money and the families a lot of grief.

        • If Jodi lies about those magazines, then Juan Martinez will have a rebuttal witness to undermine her. She can’t afford to lie at all. Even if she did lie about everything, it doesn’t prove premeditation.

          • Juan didn’t prove anything with the magazine. He NEVER accused her of writing in them, and she never said, implied, or acted as though she wrote those words. There was NO point made there. If he has a rebuttal witness, bring it, but at this point, speculation is what you are doing, and that is exactly what he wants the jury to do.
            She made a point to explain the process of turning your property over to a visitor. Maybe she is saying, she is too smart to try that. If she knew it was in there she would not have tried turning the magazines over. ALSO, the cellmate witness is coming, don’t forget. She MAY just testify that SHE requested that Jodi give the magazines to the visitor. After all, Jodi DID point out that she had a long conversation with the visitor. Was the visit recorded? If not she could have said that info to her/him during that time. There are still a lot of possibilities.

          • He didn’t ever charge her with attempts to tamper with a witness though. He could have tacked that on easily.

            I think he’s just trying to convince the jury/reinforce the opinion that what she really wanted was media attention because she’s a coldhearted sociopathic killer (what the media has said about her).

            Remember too, he’s playing for the cameras. He knows full well he’s being watched by the world here. And remember, prosecutors are playing politics. Many of them go on to become district attorneys, judges, congressmen, senators, etc. Other prosecutors hope to be grabbed up by the BIG law firms where the fact that they prosecuted THE Jodi Arias case is sure to get the firm some attention, and therefore, get them a fat partnership deal.

        • You’re right about not trusting inmates. I was jail once for a week for unpaid traffic violations. A fellow inmate was frantic because he was going to in for an extended period and he was worried his landlord was going to take all of his possessions as he hadn’t paid rent in months. He figured he could take advantage of me because I look and act like a “nice guy”. He pretty much demanded that upon my release I go to his apartment (told me where his spare key was hidden), remove all his belongings and deliver them to someone else. I should add this guy was a typical downtown punk in jail for assault. I had formulated my own plan by then so I told him sure, I’ll get your stuff for you. I had a couple friends come and help me clean out his apartment and we donated all to a charity yard sale.

  11. honestly I think that what Martinez was doing was distracting from his points. People knew he was upset and knew that there was a verbal tennis match going on but honestly most people who commented about it couldnt really tell what he was trying to get at. People were too focused on how they were responding to each other.

  12. OMG!! I’m so proud of Jodi. She stood up to Martinez stupid raving, and nonsense line of questions like if she called her sister dumb. What kind a point he was trying to make with that question? I can’t remember how many times I have called my sisters dumb, but we still love each other. Martinez is an idiot!!

    • What surprised me about Martinez rehashing her statement about her sister is that he focused on the wording, and stripped it out of its context. Tone of voice is part of context. People sometimes say things in jest, or that are not meant to be taken 100% seriously.

    • Rosa, I call my sister dumb too, we still love eachother. Did you notice when the tape was playing and that part came up. Her sister in the courtroom smiled, lokked down as her mom rubbed her back. It was like a, “its ok” moment, like she knew Jodi didnt mean it like that. And if anything, from what I can remember, it was TA talking shit about other people n Jodi saying she thought those people were nice.

      • omg,LC I love your comment!!!i saw her mom doing that patting to her sister’s shoulder like ”it’s ok baby you know Jodi loves you and this is all just a way of him trashing her,you know it doesnt mean anything”. Also yeah,u’r right in the tape i remember listening to him bashing everyone and her calmly twisting it in a very positive bright side of life kinda way.I was like,oh wow she really was (and is)a kind-hearted person!

      • That sticks out in my mind too! I keep going back to (was it the phone convo about Abe?) and she said she thought he was nice, and Travis was being very arrogant and nasty about the person. and you can probably imagnie a similar attitude when he was talking about JODI to his wonderful supporting friends.

  13. Jaz,

    Thanks! That made my day for some reason. People like him have achieved a level of spirituality I want.

    I bet his visits help her a ton!

    • It made me feel good too. It’s nice to see a religious person uphold the beliefs they profess to follow. I myself believe just not in organized religion. Instead I volunteer at a local Homeless dinner put on by a church in my area each week.

      It’s unfortunate the light this case is shedding on Mormonism. I have years of experience dealing with them. And like all congregations there are good and bad people. We are just seeing a lot of bad. Travistown should take a look at how this man is being a TRUE example for his faith.

      • I agree. I’m a non demon Christian but I consider myself more spiritual than religious if that makes sense. I was raised Catholic, I did study with missionaries and with Jehovah witness but came back to that for me, doctrine doesn’t work.

        I agree that Mormonism is taking a beating and I have been a bit unfair but I’v never referred to it as a cult. My anger stemmed from Travistown acting like he was perfect, I blamed their behavior on the entire religion which was wrong.

        My dad would always say that he bet’s when everyone get’s to heaven they will be surprised to see people from all the religions they condemned there too. I agree!

        • Your Dad sounds like a smart man. I’m Nondenom too. I like your description “more spiritual than religious” describes me too.

          Travistown makes it hard not to focus on the bad about Mormonism. My anger at first was also directed at that church as a whole. It took me awhile to see that my personal experiences with Mormons and Travis’ friends were almost driving me to act like them instead of rising above the nonsense.

          • Travis was a despicable Mormon IMHO (I am a mormon as well). How DARE HE baptize her, and then proceed with sexual relations on that very night? That alone, right there, would prove that he is a deviant and perverted individual, who used Jodi in every way, shape and form.

  14. Gus and Abe shut up your 15 min. of fame is up….Abe went on Dr. Drew and said how Jodi did the killing…..that is opinion, not fact… Jodi truly loved Travis, I am almost positive that there are love notes from Travis, there was probably evidence but I am sure that went missing. My brother died in Az… many things went missing even a police officer quit his job because he said he was ashamed and they dropped the ball….. Jodi agreed to 2 degree murder and idiot DA said no so he is out for blood he is no better than this crime itself….. Jodi was abused, she snapped…. Mr. Martinez you are worse if Jodi gets death that makes you a killer too……. at least no one abused you… have a God complex…..shame on you……

      • Uhg that guy makes me sick! Idk why but it looks like deep down inside he knows he was jealous of TA. Is he married yet? His probably doing this hoping to meet somone, hoping to go out n meet woman this way!!! GROSS!

      • Abe is such a tool. He heard on tape that Travis thought he had no soul, his eyes were dead, and that he was a “ghost” to Travis because he was dating ‘his girlfriend.’ Yet there he is, going on Dr Drew, shitting on Jodi and acting like he and Travis were BFFs till the very end. I’m trying to figure out if he’s deluding himself or just flat out lying, either way the whole situation is as phony as Travis’ public image.

        • He is sooooo ugly, but he’s one of those guys who thinks he’s “all that”. He’s on TV getting his 15 minutes every chance he can so that he can catch himself some more poontang. And yeah, right, I believe that he felt for Jodi’s thong. I don’t buy it. And anyway, he’s advertising himself on TV for doing that? Oh wow, what a classy guy to do that on the first date. I sooooo wanna date him, don’t all you ladies and gay men? Heck, that’s sooooo classy, it might even turn a straight guy!

          • LMAO poontang!!! I haven’t head that one in a while… lol he does look like that guy that THINKS he’s all that but no, nope. Sorry buddy, your like a #-6 doesn’t even make it to my scale. Idk why Jodi ever gave him a chance for a date, maybe felt sorry for him.

          • LOL! Yep, he tries to make himself look like Mr Important, like whatever he says is the Only Truth; but he’s just another putz for Travis’ game. He said one time he’ll only go on Dr Drew because he feels the most comfortable with him. I have to wonder why? Almost all the men who figure in this case seem to have a problem with women. Particulary women who they know they can’t bamboozle with their bullshit. So my guess is, he’s full of it but won’t take that 1% chance of getting called on it on NG or JVM, no matter how strongly they bat for Travis’ team.

        • one thing i dont get though about Abe,is why he hasnt stopped going to showa AFTER the tape?Before it would seem logical wanting to defend his dead friend’s memory but after he heard he was nothing to TA he hasnt feeling is he might be hiding sth along with the Hughes’???seems like he’s ”trying too much” dont you think?

  15. Yesterday before court started, remember they had some sort of hearing related to filming or photography in the court room? I noticed there was VERY filming of the families during testimony
    compared to prior days. I’ll bet the families were pissed about all the blog commentary about their actions during testimony. There was only small clips of them during intermissions.

  16. Jodi u have incredible strength and courage… You are standing up for what u believe in even when your back is against the wall.. Keep up the great work… U go girl.. Even when you feel down remember u have alot of people in your corner supporting u

  17. Some one refresh my memory please…..can’t remember if court is adjourned until after weekend or not ~

    Yesterday was most schizophrenic prosecution cross I’ve ever heard.

    I hope the jury was as confused by Mr.M as we were.

  18. This Martinez guy is weak. He gets so wrapped up he starts stuttering, and says something, then turns arounds and says is that what I said? She says yes, thats what you said. He cant think straight because he is so wrapped up into his anger. He is trying to anger her to see if he can get her to snap.

    He didn’t prove anything yesterday, and the defense can clear it all up.

    question: Jodi, did you write in your journal that Travis had an orgasm over the phone?
    Answer: No
    Question: so, because you didn’t write it in your journal, does that mean it didn’t happen?
    Answer: No

    This guy is trying to use her journal as things of evidence to support his case, but he is taking only certain things, and since they werent in the journal, he says they didn’t happen. Thats a weak case.

    • Is it possible that Martinez is suffering from a wounded ego? He is supposed to prove that Jodi is guilty of cold blooded murder. And, as far as I can tell everything is backfiring. Everything points to self defence. Also, all of the facts suggest that Jodi was not really the person who she presented herself to be, and Travis was not really the person that he presented himself to be. Jodi was not the “evil gold digger”, and Travis was not the “saintly follower” of Joseph Smith. Finding out who these two people actually are basically undoes all of the mental imagery that people have been building up in their heads. As far as I can tell, Martinez would practically have to prove that Jodi is someone who she isn’t.

    • He was showing in the journal the writing had nothing to do with what wasnt in it. the writing on the 20th is the same as on the 24th. If he broke her finger on the 22nd writing would not be the same.

      • Not necessarily Missy. Do you dominantly use your ring finger when writing?? I don’t. I can write just fine with damaged ring finger, and I have. Now, a thumb or first finger that is different.

        • I agree I can write without even touching my ring finger. I just put a finger splint on my finger and tried to write. The writing looksthe same as it does without it on.

        • But the writing will not be the same,try it i have broke my finger.Im betting he has a journal to show the difference, after the killing where it will show it.

          • I think it all depends on how a person holds their pen. The way I have written all my life does not involve my ring finger. Maybe she was taught to hold her pen the same way I was. Now I just asked someone else in my house who is younger then I amto try it and they couldn’t do it because they hold their pen differently.

          • Missy, WHICH finger did you break?

            And yes, some of us HAVE written like that and it is the same. Just because YOU can’t, doesn’t mean others can’t write normally with an injured/broek/stabbed/sliced RING finger.

          • ???? Is this really what he was trying to show???? My mind must’ve been wondering off, lol. Im going to go back. I would really like to see this.

          • Missy, you probably don’t belong here since you are not able to see things from different perspectives.

            I see that you were unable to write like that, it doesn’t mean everyone is like you.

            We discuss things quite well, we don’t base things only on if we can do it or not.

            The evidence DOES not show anything, that is what YOU don’t get.

          • Lol! Really Missy? Is that what the evidence shows? No, that is what YOU are getting from this. First, you are speculating that the hand writing is the point of his questioning here. It wasn’t even the hand writing he was getting at. He was getting at trying to show that if Jodi didn’t write about things in her journal, then they didn’t happen.
            We are very open-minded here. But we ARE team Jodi, so when we hear Juan trying to imply she is a liar, we don’t agree, we look at it from Jodi’s testimony. Yes I do consider Jodi’s testimony truth, THATS WHY I SUPPORT HER!

          • It wouldn’t matter because she likely doesn’t use her ring finger when she writes. She likely writes correctly, unlike yours truly, who DOES use her ring finger.

            Jodi is left-handed.

      • No, he’s showing that she is lying about the assault by not even mentioning it. Martinez is doing his job by going after the credibility of the defendant, and believe me, he has a lot to work with. HOWEVER, Jodi could lie about EVERYTHING and that would still NOT prove premeditation. Martinez is a LONG way from proving this was capital murder, murder one.

        Martinez has a VERY hard hill to climb here without forensic evidence or eyewitnesses. Because he went for the death penalty here, it’s an even higher standard of proof. He hasn’t been able to show Jodi is worthy of the death penalty.

        • I see the prosecution’s point differently:

          I don’t see him pursuing “if she’s a liar, therefore she must also be a murderer”

          I see him pursuing: “we already know you’ve lied many times, and your self defense claim is yet another one of your lies. The more lies I can catch you on under oath, the more likely the jury won’t believe your self defense claim either”

      • She did have a splint even though it wasn’t treated. Travis made one out of popsicle sticks.

        I don’t use my ring finger at all to write; most people don’t.

      • i agree with Missy and have pointed this out while the trial was on.Let us not start with the ”if i can write then so could she”,it so reminds me of what the Traviscult are doing.Just because someone here can write with their ring finger damaged or what that doesnt mean that Missy’s hypothesis isnt correct.Jodi MAY not have been able to write during those 2 days because she didnt get professional medical treatment,it must have hurt like hell having to endurea broken finger’s ache.I dont think she would try to hold a pen and wirte.Again MY assumption.we’ll see.

        • Marie first, I do like your posts. Do you realize that Missy is the one who started with the if she can’t write with an injured finger, then Jodi can’t either? We were saying to her what you are trying to say to us…

          • ok,i just re-read all the comments and realised mine was off.I apologise Bee Cee if i sounded,i dont agree with Missy after all.she says ” the writing on the 20th is the same as on the 24th. If he broke her finger on the 22nd writing would not be the same. ” I just realised what she meant in her original post.Just to make sure you all know and just for the record once again Im a non native speaker of english and sometimes it’s hard for me to either understand at once(due to the quantity of posts) or to get my msg across.Language barrier uggghhh…Sorry if I sounded confrontational.

          • Oh, no. It didn’t sound offensive Marie. It’s really hard to hear tone through the computer, LOL, so I DO try to assume the best, at least at first!!

        • Her finger hurt like hell … Jodi went over to Ryan Burn’s house the next day June 5 … about 18 hours after allegedly having her finger broken.

          Ryan testified that “She was fine, she was laughing about simple little things like any other person. I never once felt like anything was wrong during the day.”

          They went to a business meeting that day, made out a couple times … did he ever mention having to be careful not to bump into it, etc. during his testimony?

  19. 3 Points.
    1.I am a Professor of Economics, 51, & have clear memory of many events of very early childhood.But I tend to forget many recent events.Memory loss is normal or not-especially in abnormal circumstances-only an expert can tell.
    2.If bullet came after knife then cold blooded murder appears difficult.Some gross provocation had to be the cause of such a violent attack by Jodi.
    3.It appears from the sequence of events preceding the murder that she was fearful about the behavior of her friend.

  20. Don’t know if any of you caught anything on HLN last night but it seems a lot of the correspondents–even though they are pro prosecution–are saying Martinez is going overboard. Maybe that’s why he backed off a bit after the afternoon break.

    • I can’t get HLN where I am living now, but I am OK with that right now as I know Winnie, NG, & JVM would just be stressing me out with all of their talking heads and their own judgmental sarcasms.

  21. HLN is a slap in the face to attorneys. They CAN”T actually believe the crap coming out of their mouths. The fact that they keep harping Juan’s LAME attempt to prove Jodi has “selective memory”, as though he succeeded in that effort is INSANE!
    Jodi was able to shoot him down with VERY good responses which I feel will be convincing to the jury.
    1- “I only told things that I remember clearly, that are crystalized in my mind”
    2-“I don’t remember every single thing that that ever happened to me in my whole life”
    3- “When men like you and Travis yell at me I have problems remembering” (that one I paraphrased but we all recall THAT one, lol)
    Juan was one big FAIL!

    • Oh I’m not a fan of HLN, I’m just saying it was very interesting to see them saying Martinez was going too far, and they reported a lot of people on twitter their and facebook said they were impressed with Jodi…. Now THAT was interesting!!! BECAUSE they are so pro prosecution

      • Oh, I know Kris, I wasn’t meaning to sound like I was calling you an HLN lover, LOL!
        I was just adding to your speak of HLN.
        I just love how Jodi did so well even her WORST critics can’t deny it!

  22. He also did not trap her in a lie with all the phone calls Juan tried to say she never received the day she caught TA masturbating. He only talked about the CELL PHONE calls. She made sure to point out he also had a land line which he used often to call her..Juan never disputed TA had a land line. He just ignored it and kept going on about the Cell phone records. Another FAIL!

      • Martinez even tried multiple times to twist not only the events but her words too!!!that’s why every time he asked ”Yes? or Right?” she would go ”No,that’s not what I said” Go girl!! Dont let him trip you up!

      • I am not an idiot… I’ve told you guys my background as a college prof… I can’t follow half of what he’s doing. I’m hoping he either puts some of this together to make a point or something but it seems like he is twisting the truth, so that is probably why it isn’t making sense.

        • Yes Kris, I agree. He is all over the place switching subjects and then going back re-asking the same questions in hopes that she will give contradicting statements.
          I also think Jodi is well aware of this. I think that is why many see her as being a little cocky, because she is very confident. We all know the defense team knew going into this that the state’s PRIMARY goal was going to be to impeach her. I don’t think they would have let her say ONE word they couldn’t back up, or that she was not absolutely sure of. Juan will not be able to get her. Furthermore, Nurmi made sure she ALREADY admitted to the lies she told in the past. That’s so Juan can’t call her on it, she already told that she lied. I thought that was brilliant. Much easier to admit that to Nurmi than to Juan.

          • It’s also a BRILLIANT legal tactic. Those lies were Jodi’s BIGGEST problem. Nurmi confronted them right off the bat. In fact, look at the circle of his questioning. He started and ended in basically the same place … dealing with the biggest obstacle of his case. Let’s face it, if any of the jurors have heard diddly squat about this case, they’ve heard that Jodi changed her story. Nurmi also knew that they would hear about it again … and again … and again … during the prosecution’s case. He put it right out there and dealt with it. Let that be in the jurors’ minds as the first thing and the last thing discussed. She admitted it, she explained why … it’s over, a moot point. Now, the prosecutor would look a bit foolish if he brings it up again, other than perhaps in closing arguments.

        • PS. Love that you’re a Prof. I just went back to college. I’m 34. I was so afraid after all these years. I adore my Professors. They have made such an impact in my life. What a rewarding way to make a huge difference. You probably don’t even realize how much the students look up to you. Most of my professors are my age, maybe even younger, but I still look up to them:)

          • im so glad i’m not the only one saying “uh?” to myself everytime the Gremlin tries to make a point about something…lol. most of yesterday was a complete waste of time, except when jodi bitch slapped him verbally. i was laughing so hard i had tears running down my face!

    • Did you notice that Martinez used ONLY Travis’s phone records, not Jodi’s. You would think if he were such a great prosecutor and if there were NOT calls from the landline then he would have had Jodi’s phone records there also to say, ” Jodi, show me where Travis called you from a landline.”

  23. I have a question….I am not sure what his name is but the African American man with the BIG mounth on In Session said today that Jodi tried to sneak something to an inmate to change her testimony. Please correct me if I am wrong BUT didnt she try to release those magaznes he was speaking of to a FRIEND on the outside not another inmate?

  24. New news unless someone already posted this –

    “Chris Williams ‏@chriswnews
    BREAKING ##JodiArias NEWS: watch @12News @ noon & @azcentral for latest. #Arias team files w/ Supreme Court. Wants death penalty off table”

  25. I don’t know if Jodi reads these or not ? But if she does I want to let her know I understand what you went through. I just happen to be strong enough an was a little older than you were at the time though an walked away. But first I did BELITTLE that man as much as possible before walking out.

    As far as you on the stand I understand that too. I can’t stand arrogant people or people that are trying to turn everything around on you. No you can’t remember every detail an YES special times would stand out more than others. This prosecutor is trying to get you MAD at him an show aggression towards him. Oh I can’t stand him. Also trauma to the mind does block out things also that is a fact.

    An I can see in that photo your finger is bent you just are holding it at a angle in that photo I hope the jury can see that. You are not sitting there holding it straight out flat like they keep telling you to do on the stand which is pissing me off.

    Keep staying strong an do not let that prosecutor get you down that is his job to act like a ass.

    • No court on Friday just heard Jodi defense Team is challenging Flores with regard to the Gun Shot wound and the fairness of this Trial. Just came in. Nurmi and his team are hyper vigilant in a good way.

  26. just thinkin it kinda sucks that searcy couldnt tell the jurors about the call. She said she didnt know. That would correlate with her not remembering.

    • Bystander they just announced it now due to the misreporting of the Gun Shot wound said just coming in now, So i do not know.

      • I know Flores testified that the gun shot came first, but his impeachment is based on THAT statement. Well, Jodi testified that she shot him first as well.
        SO, does this mean that she may say she shot him, but SHOT him ONLY? No stabbing?

    • Judge Stephens denied it first. So is the request they put in today, is that for HER to review and make a decision?? If so, I wouldn’t be surprised if she denies it. Did you see before she denied the stay, what Martinez response was: His (Nurmi) mischaracterizing Flores statement & testimony and sees novreason for the stay. Then the judge denies it! Like nothing…. is she not thinking? ??? That part, ” can this courts requirement for an evidentiary hearing be mooted by a trial judge who, although not present at the evidentiary hearing deems the perjury harmless” thats been in the back of my mind all along… how can she NOT see how serious this is n just deny the request just like that?! I dont think she knows what shes doing or she wants to be kept on this trial. I also wonder if SHES Mormon.

      • No, they filed an interlocutory appeal today with the Supreme Court of AZ. That’s an appeal that occurs while a case is still pending — before a final judgment. How it all works is that first you bring a motion before the trial court(the lower court presided by Judge Stephens). If she denies it, you have the right to appeal it before a higher court. Because this is a death penalty case, they were able to take it to the AZ Supreme Court.

    • States The move comes just one day after Arias traded barbs with a prosecutor under a withering cross-examination as she struggled to explain why she can recall precise details of her life from years earlier, yet can’t remember crucial aspects of the murder case against her. So it must have been today

      • They need to take it off the table; they can’t prove premeditation anyway. I suspect Travis’s family wants vengeance, but you can’t do things that way. The evidence isn’t there.

  27. I’m worried….

    I believe Travis emotionally and mentally assualted Jodi for their whole relationship. That I do believe. I also used to believe he was physically abusive. But I don’t know, something changed yesterday when she started answering to JM. I don’t feel like she did well, or held her own like some of you are saying. I think she came off very argumentative, combative and that won’t bode well for her. She really needs to stay calm, quiet, level headed etc. She is trying to convince the jury that she let Travis control her, that she is a meek, mild woman. Being so abrasive and tough on the stand like this, will only make the jury question her?

    I hope her lawyers spend time this weekend calming her down and reminding her of how she needs to reply and respond. I also think her comment about WHEN MEN LIKE YOU AND TRAVIS…. hurt her.

    But most of what worries me, is her accusing him of being a pedophile. I don’t think it was needed to prove self defense and I think Martinez is going to be able convince the jury to doubt this. I haven’t missed a moment of this case since it started and at first she told the female lawyer she caught him looking at boys on the computer. Martinez isn’t going to drop this part. It’s just starting….If he manages to convince them that she has made this up, she’s in big big trouble.

    I almost wish she would have plead guilty because of insanity, snapped from all the emotional and mental abuse.

    I’m just worried. I am no longer sure she’s going to walk free, and that scares me.

    • Tracy have you ever had to testify in a court case?Many people who have never had to testify don’t know what it is like up on that stand. It is easy to arm chair quarterback about how it should of been done but until you are up there you dont really get what they do. I was a witness for the prosecution in a capital murder case. And when I was testifying and the District attorney was asking me questions I did just fine. But then when the defense attorney began asking me questions he came at me nasty. I mean really mean. He indicated because I looked down when I was asked a question that I was lying. And that I was turned towards the district attorney ( the chair was one that turned) that I was looking at him to give me answers. That got me a little upset so I spun the chair around and said IS THIS BETTER? I am typically a calm person and dont get mad hardly EVER but it was how he came at me and the tone that he said it in that just got under my skin. As I said before I am a domestic Violence surivor So I agree about the memory get jummbled statement that Jodi gave.

    • We have a very black and white idea of Pedophilia etc. But I believe he must have had these tendencies I wouldn’t ever leave my kids with him his degenerate behavior is consistent with someone who would molest a child Did he?? Do not know. The question would be also has anyone come forward and why all the MORMONS coming out of the closet to protect him???He acted like a pederast with Jodi Arias, The braids 12 year old Rape, Treating her like garbage. Many persons such as himself wind up sexually abusing children. I think there is a lot more to this story then we are being told.

    • Tracy A, I agree with you, was just thinking that today. The entire case for self defense has zero to do with the pedophilia claims. The fact that it cannot be proven by her, and there is no record of it anywhere, (texts, snail mail, diary, etc) will be a problem for the jury. If they doubt this story, they will begin to doubt everything. The magazines that were intercepted from jail (meant to go to Matt) look shady and that all had to do with the hearing in Aug. 2010 regarding that very issue. Come Monday, I think Martinez will be making a huge point about this. If the jury thinks she is lying about it, and tried to get a witness to lie for her, the case is basically over. The judge will also be instructing the jury about ‘corroborating evidence”. Meaning that they will be reminded that it is ONLY Jodi who has made this claim about pedophilia, and physical abuse. (mental abuse will be explained by experts)
      There is also an instruction given that if a witness has lied on the stand, you are allowed to disregard a portion, or ALL of their testimony during deliberations. I also agree she should NOT push back while on the stand, it does not look good for her in the jury’s eyes, its too different form how she appeared prior. The jury will think she was faking her previous testimony.
      I have always wondered why, especially in a case where “overkill” is so obvious, her defense did not go for a crime of passion/temp.insanity defense, it would have made much more sense. Snapped. I do not believe, never have, that she will walk free, and I am sure she doesnt expect that either. She tried to plead to 2nd degree and was rejected. At this point, IMHO, all her attorneys are trying to do, is do their best to try to get her spared the DP, or at least have the premeditated part denied.

      • “The magazines that were intercepted from jail (meant to go to Matt) look shady and that all had to do with the hearing in Aug. 2010 regarding that very issue.”

        Is that something that was broadcast live or recorded so I can watch it? I am curious to know what those magazine msg’s were all about. Stating someone fucked up and contradicted what she’d been saying for the last year kind of makes you think something shady was going on. I’m just looking for more details

      • I think you make some great points. The Pedo stuff didn’t have anything to do with the actual day of the murder. Why bring it in? I think heat of passion is very believable. That is manslaughter, right?

        • I think that what the defense was going for with the pedophilia testimony was to illustrate just how toxic/abusive/unhealthy Travis and Jodi’s relationship was. She testified that his violent outbursts toward her increased once she caught him with the photo. It was the catalyst that raised their relationship to yet another unhealthy level. All part of the bigger picture.

          It’s similar to Casey Anthony’s defense, in which the earlier sexual abuse from her father was used to demonstrate just how screwed up that family was and how they all lied and kept secrets. In that case, jury members said that the molestation claims didn’t factor into their decision, but it was all part of a larger framework.

          Hope this makes sense!

          • Kira,
            It does make sense, but as time has gone on, and I’ve thought about it and watched it, I’ve realized (IMO) that all that stuff wasn’t needed for this trial. Here is why I say that, talking about how she kindof fell under his spell and couldn’t say no to him are one thing, people can identify with that, it isn’t unlikely at all. However, the physical abuse she described as well as the pedophile claims are totally her word and no one else ever heard of it or saw it. So, in my opinion it would have been better to just leave that out, it wasn’t even needed for a self-defense claim. In fact, you can spin it around, (thats what M will do) and make it look like she is lying about that due to her diary being void of anything negative and no one else knowing. As you said, in the Casy Anthony trial they didnt even consider the accusations of sexual abuse, and what if they don’t in this case? My point is that it does nothing to help her, and if they don’t believe that part, they won’t believe much else. I hope I made sense!

      • Nurmi is an expert in this field usually to get someone off for false accusations. I do not think it is at all not possible from studying child abuse etc. The Judge allowed it due to A Letter by Travis , but the letter was a photo copy not original so By Law you need The Original Document. When someone talks about 12 year old girls, behaves in such a deviant manner, that is possible & Nurmi knows what he is doing this is a very difficult case.

  28. Hey guys- This is big news. It could even be HUGE. I gotta think on this for a while, but I’m thinking it has to be because Jodi testified that she shot him first.
    If Flores testified that she shot him first also, and this appeal is based on his impeachment, then Is Jodi going to say That she did NOT stab him?

    Or it could be based on the facts during THAT hearing alone. Wow….

      • Kris, as I read the interlocutory brief filed today, the state of AZ had probable cause to charge Jodi and put the death penalty on the table as punishment — an aggravating factor — because, according to Flores, Dr. Horn stated that the gun shot wound came first BUT did not kill him and was NOT fatal. Therefore, he was debilitated but alive and suffered through the intolerable CRUELTY of the stab wounds. It’s the cruel nature of the crime that gave cause for the aggravating factor of the death penalty. (This is how I understood it. I could be wrong. It’s been many years since law school and criminal law was not my forte.)

  29. Susan Constantine needs to get a real job. If I hear one more thing about the “science of body language” I am going to throw up!!! I am 5′ 1″. If I am sitting on a chair talking to anyone, it doesn’t matter how relaxed I am, my arms are short, too short to rest them on my thighs. If I hang them down to my sides it is uncomfortable. Therefore I usually cross my arms in front of me. I am NOT closing myself off, I am simply trying to make myself more physically comfortable. I would hate to think someone could be convicted of Murder 1 because some “kook” misread their body language.

    • BevM, Likewise. When you are shorter many table surfaces or arm rests are too high, or the rests are too far apart. Crossing your arms can just mean that you are cold, or feel comfort with the snugness that you get when you cross your arms. If you watch most of the witnesses, you can see them try to get more comfortable.
      Body language study is inconsistent anyway:
      Who knows, maybe you hear a noise or recall something at the same time you are supposed to answer a question in the present, but you are looking the opposite direction of what the so called expert thinks you should be… so they say you are lying…. ridiculous.

      • I agree, and also, heres my little contribution. They were interviewing this Susan woman and she FORGOT Travis’ name!!! Heres my assessment of THAT. She is on the show for her minute of fame, and probably charging a large fee for doing it. She doesn’t give a ra’ts ass about the case at all. Shes there to further her own adgenda of promoting her junk science. I laughed out loud when she said …. ermmm “the victim”….. I’ve forgotten his name.
        HAHAHAHAH too funny.

  30. It was filed today by Nurmi, but the Arizona Supreme Court has already denied the request to stay the DP phase of the trial AT THIS TIME. However, themotion can be heard at a later date and on appeal. It’s just that the Arizona Supreme Court is not going to intefere with the trial in progress. There is still some hope and basis for Jodie and the Defense here. At least this is my understanding.

    • What the AZ Supreme Court did (and I haven’t yet actually seen the order) is they denied it the interlocutory appeal. However, they denied without prejudice (I’m assuming) which means that issue can be brought up again during a plenary appeal (which is a full appeal AFTER the final judgement on the case is entered — after the jury decides). In criminal capital punishment cases, it’s very rare that they are not appealed.

      • You are right Also Abused. I don’t think it is being denied because it isn’t valid; we all know it is valid. The detective admitted he made a mistake a long time ago. However, it has to do with timing; they don’t want this to affect the progress made in the trial. In a sense, I understand it. It can be reviewed at a later date.

  31. SD in AZ law is what will find her innocent.
    The drawn out hostile attacks on the technicalities of a diary, or time frames, is a waste of taxpayers’ money, and the Court’s time.
    ” Bombshell Tonight! HLN and NG have been wrong all along. Wong about abuse. Wrong about TA. Wrong about Jodi. ” hahahaha

  32. Respectfully, I read the comments on this site due to the fact that there is a lot of insight by intelligent people here. Until very recently there has been respect given to all who post. I do not suggest that people be allowed to turn this site into a Jodi bashing site as there are plenty of those out there for the close minded masses. However, the ridiculous sniping and nasty comments made toward respectful posters whose opinions differ from yours have GOT TO STOP! Sorry to say it but look deep and ask yourself if those verbal attacks on others views are not ABUSE in themselves. We are here because we are smart enough to think on our own and try to see all sides of the story, not just what the media feeds us. Can we all please get back to acting like mature respectful adults?

    • Respectfully, I think SJ can make the call on which posts are appropriate and which are not. Handslapping is bad forum etiquette.

      • I haven’t seen ANY disrespect here whatsoever. I see a tremendous amount of tolerance and understanding. It’s amazing that so many people can discuss — in writing — such volatile subjects WITHOUT biting one another’s heads off.

        • I think everyone has been decent here also. This is a trial that brings out alot of intense emotions in people, and we can come here to chat and share our various opinions and ideas in an open and respectful forum Refreshing..

        • Also Abused – It is not the norm by any means. It is actually just a couple of posters but the way they speak to others really bothers me. Sorry but I am also an abuse survivor and it really bothers me to see others berated in public for no reason. It is a form of abuse. I am lucky I made it out of my situation without being seriously hurt or killed. I put my family through hell worrying about me and my children. I am not that person anymore and now I may be a little sensitive to others being mistreated. I certainly did not mean to cause any discord here. My intention was to point out to those who were being ugly and abusive to others that their behavior is the same kind of behavior that they are condemning (rightfully) in others.

          • I think the problem is we sometimes get “haters” on here that purposely come on here to start an all out brawl. So some posters, who have been picked on by these people, do get a bit angry about it, or feel threatened–and often times it’s rightfully so. Sometimes it’s hard to tell those people from others sharing thoughts. However, for the most part, I am here because I feel we do have intelligent, respectful conversations. The other websites are just full of 12 year olds that make stupid comments and don’t talk about the evidence like we do. Anyway, I love it here.

          • Thank you Jennifer. I was one of the lucky ones. I could have been Jodi. I have gotten to the point of that out of control feeling when backed into a corner by my ex. Luckily for me there were no weapons in the house and my fear kept me in check. After many years of therapy I am “healthy” now. No longer co-dependent and in a great relationship with a man who treats me like a princess. Funny but all these women who are bashing Jodi crack me up. They act like they are such strong women they would never find themselves in her position. I hope they are right but I get the feeling that we all have the capacity to be in an abusive relationship. None of us are any better than the next person. There are some VERY SMART and capable women who become victims. Look at Jodi. She is no simple minded weak person by any means.

    • I agree, I think a couple of people are way too emotionally invested, and it makes them get the butthurt about opinions that don’t mirror theirs.

  33. I thought the prosecutor was supposed to present evidence in it’s entirety to prove that the defendant committed the crime… Isn’t manipulating the evidence or showing only partial evidence to back up your theory kind of a no-no for a prosecutor?

    • Not exactly. The prosecutor has to disclose all the evidence in its entirety to the defense. However, they can choose which parts to cross-examine a witness about.

  34. I was sitting here today thinking about how my abuser treated me and how, when I finally called the police after 5 years of abuse, many of our friends and family were shocked that he had beendoing those things. See when abusers hit typically it is when the victims clothing covers. So if a bruise is left noone will see. Many times they hit with their words and the trauma suffered from words many times is so much worse then the trauma from a fist. The bruises heal the words never do. Though I have a few scars from the abuse I suffered I can still recall what he said in his fits of RAGE and it has been 15 years since I left him FINALLY. I have gotten alot of therapy to deal and when I did I received this poem from a fellow victim. I would like to share that ith you now because it describes many things that Jodi has either said or indicated through her emotions on the stand.

    I got flowers today. It wasn’t my birthday or any other special day. We had our first argument last night. He said a lot of cruel things that really hurt me. I know he was sorry and didn’t mean the things he said. Because I got flowers today.

    I got flowers today. It wasn’t our anniversary or any other special day. Last night, he threw me into a wall and started to choke me. It seemed like a nightmare. I couldn’t believe it was real. I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over. I know he must be sorry Because he sent me flowers today.

    I got flowers today. It wasn’t Mother’s Day or any other special day. Last night, he beat me up again. And it was much worse than all other times. If I leave him, what will I do? How will I take care of my kids? What about money? I’ m afraid of him and scared to leave. But I know he must be sorry Because he sent me flowers today.

    I got flowers today. Today was a very special day. It was the day of my funeral. Last night he finally killed me. He beat me to death.

    If only I had gathered enough courage and strength to leave him, I would not have gotten flowers today.

    This poem is dedicated to all the victims and survivors of Domestic Violence.

    You ask, why didn’t she leave?

    I ask, why did he hit?

    • Jennifer, thank you for sharing and congrats on getting out of that situation. What a brave woman you are!

      You are right–abuse is usually hidden. It is not something people share. There is a huge feeling of shame associated with it and it’s not something people usually voice until they are planning on leaving. What people are failing to notice in many cases is the fact that Jodi told nobody is totally common. In fact, it is more common that not.

      • Thank you Kris. I got out of one relationship where I was beat up and now I am ashamed to admit but the man I have been with for 8 years verbally attacks me DAILY. So I am not that brave.That is why i feel so bad for Jodi because I live it everyday.

    • That poem, wow.

      “If only I had gathered enough courage and strength to leave him, I would not have gotten flowers today.”

      This line, in particular, made me well up. The thought of all the people out there that don’t know how much sweeter, and better life is, when it is YOURS… even if you’re not getting flowers. I have been mistreated in this life, my father definitely beat me more than was warranted, and he was verbally abusive and emotionally manipulative… I was afraid of him for so many years, but also love him… and then, one day… I wasn’t afraid anymore.

      We were having an argument in the car while he was driving me home from work one day, and he stated that the woman he was currently sleeping with (Our cousin’s wife) was more worth helping than me… and something snapped. I got smart with him, and he lifted his hand and threatened to knock my teeth out…. and I told him to do it. I said “I wish you would. Do it, hit me. I dare you to hit me. Go ahead… knock my teeth out, but make sure you do it right because I can promise that it will be the last time you lay hands on me. The moment you do, I will press charges so hard you won’t know what hit you”, I made it home with all my teeth… as I got out of the car I said “You can take your whore, and your car… and shove the, both up your *ss”… then I just stopped answering the phone. He called 7 times to apologize… like it always happened. And I just didn’t answer. Every voicemail he left was angrier than the one prior. He wanted to apologize, and ask what time he should pick my up to drive me to work in the morning. I asked a friend to give me a ride that week. I went and bought my first car… and I stopped talking to him for months. One day, he came to my work to talk to me. He had stopped drinking, and smoking.. and whatever other stuff he did, and started going to church… and ever since then, our relationship has never gone back to what it was. Even if we disagree, I am not emotionally tied or affected by him. I can walk away.. and he knows it.

      Before this… I would get my heart broken. I ended up in unhealthy relationships where I wasn’t being treated with respect, or as an equal. Everything was on their terms, when they wanted. But the time I got to spend with them felt so great, that even though I hated the way it was when we weren’t together, and logically knew that I wasn’t being treated right… and that they didn’t love or respect me… I lived for the moments when I got to be with them. It was euphoric highs and dark, empty lows. These men didn’t stay with me because even though I was an idiot, I wasn’t easy. I had limits to how far I would let them go. I never did anything that I really didn’t feel comfortable doing just to please them. This made them leave. That probably hurt more than anything, but I was too proud to chase them. In this sense… I have been lucky. My pride and stubbornness have served me. But I was still crushed for a very long time. I wanted so badly to be loved, the knowledge that I hadn’t been shattered me. I was depressed for a very long time. But, after this. After this fight with my father, after my willingness to walk away from a parent, knowing that if he died the next day, I wouldn’t regret having cut him out of my life… I was free. I have never again let my desire to be loved make me overlook red flags, and settle for anything less than respect and genuine interest.

      It’s funny, because I know so many women who don’t understand. I see red flags and attitudes and refuse to see a guy again and they go “Well, but he likes you! He was flirting!”… they don’t understand that being liked isn’t enough… it’s being liked with a guy that knows how to treat you. An **shole that likes you, is still an ***hole. It is nice to know that I am ok on my own. That I like myself. That if I have to choose between having someone and my own self-respect.. I choose self-respect. Interestingly enough… this very quality… this ability to calmly, with no big production, demand respect and give only 2 options “Treat me respectfully or leave”… seems to get me much more respect, than leaving.

      “If only I had gathered enough courage and strength to leave him, I would not have gotten flowers today.”

      Truly, not getting flowers and still being happy… one of life’s beautiful blessings. Not needing flowers… Freedom.

      I don’t mean to turn this into the “Woman” show with this. This poem just moved me to share. I hope that’s ok.

      • Woman thank you for sharing that. As I read it I cried and cried!!! Though I do not know you I cried for you as a scared little girl with your father harming you. I am so HAPPY that you finally stood up for yourself and got your life back. I too know s many women who will not leave when they are getting hit because he loves her and because he has beaten her down so much she feels no man will ever want her. And when he hits her she feels that it is her fault because he tells her it is!! I am glad that you are able to see the warning signs before another man lays his hands on you.
        I agree with you about the flowers. My ex use to do that after he beat me. Then after I finally left I bought myself some flowers and you know those where the most beautiful flowers I had ever placed on my table.
        Thank you again for sharing!!!

        • Thank you, Jennifer. That was hard for me to share. My father didn’t raise me, my time with him was a child was limited, due to the fact that my mother divorced him and had custody of us. He still doesn’t understand why I chose to stay with her whenever I had the choice as a child. At 19 I had no choice but to move to live with him, it took me 4 or 5 years to get to the point in the story that I just told. I can’t recall him ever getting to hit me since I was 19, because I would argue with him over the phone… from my car… somewhere he couldn’t find me. Or I would lock myself in my room if he was getting mad. But I was always afraid, walking on eggshells, never knew when he would be in a mood. He was more emotionally neglectful and manipulative, and verbally abusive at that point… but it really does do a number on you. Anyone who hasn’t been through it can’t understand.

        • Also, I love that you went and bought yourself flowers, Jennifer. I think I will go get myself some flowers tomorrow, and put them on my nightstand, in honor of this poem, and in honor of you. I hope you can find your way out of your current abusive relationship, Jennifer. We are never alone. Tomorrow, a stranger will have beautiful flowers on her nightstand, in honor of you. You are worth a lot. 🙂

    • Jennifer, that poem made me so sad. I cried and I am a guy. I am so sorry for what you had to go through and Jodi. 🙁

  35. Brilliant posts, SJ, today and yesterday!

    I agree with Jesse, what a beautiful comment! There are a ton of great comments above too, it is fantastic to see so many thoughtful people participating here.

    It’s also worth pointing out that Martinez had WEEKS to prepare for yesterday. Eight days of testimony over what, two or three weeks? I thought he’d be cramming like last year’s finals, getting his shit together for the cross. He comes out swinging and then the whole thing crashed like the trainwreck it always was.

    That quote about defeated warriors going to war then seeking to win – fits Martinez completely!

  36. If you don’t think she premeditated murder, that is absolutely fine. But it degrades women in violent domestic situations to compare consensual kinky sex and phone sex to women who are physically, sexually and emotionally abused. Compulsive sexual behavior has it’s own category. She did not live with him. She was only his sexual partner. She drove a heck of a long way to enter another tryst with her “ex”. We don’t know all the evidence. We are not judge or jury. Support her if you want, no one has proven her guilt and the death penalty is just wrong imo unless someone does multiple murders or kills their jailer. BUT, battered woman syndrome? I don’t buy it. The jury shouldn’t buy it and it dilutes the defense for those who it really applies to.

    • Yes she was his sexual partner and she was also at one time his girlfriend. Noone knows what went on between the two when they were alone. She does have many of the same charectoristics that women who are abused have. Even though he was her ex she still had feelings for him and she wanted to see him and spend time with him. They were two adults who wanted to have sex with each other. You mam are not on the jury either, just as we are not. Who are you to say she was not abused? We on this site choose to believe that the abuse occured. If you believe that she was not abused there are plenty of other places on the internet where you will find others who feel the same way you do. We want to have a place where when this trial is all said and done and Jodi is found NOT GUILTY that she can go to and see how many people truely had her back during the trial and believed in her.

    • Emotional manipulation is abuse, Laura. Taking advantage of someone’s feelings for you, and desire to please you, for your own enjoyment, is abuse. Putting them down, calling them names, making them feel worthless, intimidating them, speaking ill of them to everyone in your life, hiding them, then pulling them back in so they don’t date anyone else, having sex with them for hours, calling them, complimenting them, saying sweet things… that’s abuse. Please don’t say that he wasn’t abusive… it’s pretty clear that she was.

      • Oh wow wow wow. ?. Im speechless. But, Woman your comment is right on!!!! Its sad that some people dont classify this as abuse n I think that is alot of the reason these woman are against jodi. Maybe if they educate themselves regarding this very serious matter of abuse, they’d understand a whole lot more.

    • I don’t agree, Laura, that it dilutes the BWS defense for those who really need it. If it does dilute it, all that really says is that the definition of “battery” is too narrow. And, that narrow definition conveniently turns women, in a way, against one another. Into deserving victims and not-deserving victims who have to fight over a few measly crumbs. I’m not just talking about the law, of course, but about wide societal views of domestic violence.

      • There’s enough of that which goes on between women who were battered by their spouses already in that some have children, some don’t, and some are beaten extremely and have photos of their battery, while in other cases, the battery isn’t as severe. But it’s ALL violence and abuse. And it all starts out with a relationship a lot like the one between Jodi and Travis.

        • That’s right. Abuse is abuse. But not all situations are the same. Some victims have more options than others. Some have kids, some don’t. Some have loving and supportive family, some don’t. Some are emotionally resilient, others less so. Some have money while others are poor. Some victims are seen as “good girls” while others are seen as bad. These are big differences, but they shouldn’t overshadow the issue of violence.

    • Laura, what you seem to be saying though is that the severity of abuse is the determining factor in whether or not it should be given any credence. If the abuse is mild, its not that important?

    • You are wrong if you listen to the taped conversation there are moments were she is apologizing and stating things about I will try to change. A relationship is based on mutual respect since she saw him as an authority figure mentor she was controlled by him. Its pretty clear in the Tapes I understand your point and i have also thought that at times, but I do think she is like a child in many ways emotionally. He was not a nice guy he was a manipulator and sexual abuser. He states he raped her its on the tape in the beginning. Shes tired sleeping whatever, This is acceptable.??? Listen to the tape the segment on RAPE. her response is strange. If i or anyone took advantage of a retarded child it would be considered evil. Well how about emotionally arrested development due to abuse in her childhood, she has all the symptoms her intellect surpasses her emotions. In many ways she is like a little girl. That’s what Travis liked ! A 12 year old, strange?? I think she did black out. did she drag a 200 lb man across the room?? DON’T THINK SO.

    • Laura don’t you find it strange she has NO HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, her last boyfriend of 4 years testified, Yet Travis who in my mind is protected by this Mormon Cult since they are suddenly all coming out of the closet so to speak descending on Nancy Grace Jane the ex alcoholic, Dr.Dew whatever Court TV Why?? Stating he was so great lying that he was a virgin. Did he also have a girlfriend he accused of being a stalker? Gus said the media was the reason many people would not come forward. I don’t believe in the Death Penalty But how can someone get a fair trial when the whole media is against them. If the Girl lifts her Glasses doesn’t wear glasses smiles doesn’t smile stands sits its all twisted into something evil. There is constant commentary her eyes are evil Body Language specialist deciding her guilt. I thought this was a Free Country. The coverage of the Trial is a disgrace, This is what upsets me let her have her day in court Nancy Disgrace should be removed from the media she is very irresponsible. and a hate monger.

      • Oliviero…you can’t reason with some people, I have tried before…people are going to believe what they choose to believe based on their little worlds. (As you can see with my failed attempts with closed minded people in other postings) Because they can’t see it, it isn’t possible.

        You are absolutely correct in your post..

        • BeeCee Thank you you are right its very sad that people are not interested in the truth just who wins who loses. The medias bias is really outrageous & has prevented good attorneys from commenting due to the prejudice. I think one person was who knew Travis & was not allowed back or cut off from The program when he changed his mind due to Jodi’s Testimony on the Baptism he knew from her description that she was not lying and was disgusted with what Travis did afterwards. That guy was honest.

      • I am Mormon as well, and while many may be protecting him, here where I live he is a disgrace to my religion. He baptized her and then proceeded with sexual relations. Not only that, but he was into many other perverted things that give my religion a bad name. It’s a shame.

        • Sorry Jake That happens in all Religions, Where people behave badly, I just think too many people in his click have protected Him. Perhaps it is the Company he worked for. But one person came out and said that He was a Mormon and knew from the description of the Baptism that Jodi Arias was telling the truth he had changed his mind based on her description of the Baptism.

      • I also noticed in many of Jodis photos that one of her eyes looks alittle I think the correct term is lazy….maybe since she has been locked up for several years this has gotten worse now causeing her to wear glasses. I hate how the media attacks this poor girl for EVERYTHING she does or doesnt do. I think someone who had a problem with their temper would of LOST it on Martenez already and Jodi has not I think this speaks voulmes.

    • So Laura, I’d like to know – since you are, for some reason, allowed to define what counts as abuse – what does it take for you to define abuse as abuse?

      Bruises? Black eyes? Police reports? Death?

      Have you even read about battered person syndrome?

      I hope you never encounter a manipulative and abusive bastard like Travis. Not everyone makes it out alive, so why are you holding that against Jodi? And now blaming her for disgracing the “real abused”.
      If anything, I think you should be learning from Jodi’s mistakes (thinking she deserved the abuse) instead of judging her as if Travis were the victim.

      I don’t wish people to die or be killed, but damn right, if you left me no choice, I’m fighting to the death. I’m not going to test your threats, I’m not going to take a moment to decide how much force is enough. I am going to thrash, slash, run, punch, bite, scratch until one of us is safe and I sure as fuck would hope it was me. And to imagine, that people like you will judge me when its over, because I survived?! Surely that alone is enough to force the “real abused” back into the arms of their abusers. Damned if you do, damned if you dont – that’s what you’re implying to me.

      You should really think about this Laura. Because Jodi deserves to be alive, even if she convinced herself that she deserved the abuse from Travis.

      “We are not the judge or the jury.” Then why are judging Jodi and her abuse Laura? Its very contradicting…

      • That is correct since we know for example Jim Jones a Cult Leader convinced many to kill themselves. How about children who are sexually abused but the perpetrator leaves no “PHYSICAL” marks etc. That is why they always ask teachers or others to look for emotional signs. Control is possible NAZI Germany is a glaring example of what a cult leader is capable of. Since Jodi’s Ex boyfriend testified to a change in her, she lived with him 4 years paid 1/2 the bills according to him. Yet Nancy Grace Dr.Drew and a Parade of Travis so called Friends actually lie stating she was taken care of by men, ignore the RAPE he talks about on the tape he says something to the affect, that is how I was able to rape you all those times listen to her response. The fact that Jodi Arias had no past history of being violent never was arrested for any crimes will play some part in these aggravating circumstances. Many abusers are protected by little group perhaps This particular Mormon Community is hiding something since they are more than happy to make daily appearances on Nancy Grace Velez Court TV Dr.Drew and trash Jodi Arias. Seems one of these Holier Then Thou people stated they knew she was evil due to her eyes they warned Travis. This is beyond strange, I am sure that there are others who experienced Travis Rage because that particular type of Rage Jodi speaks of is VERY Typical of Deviants.But She is the ONLY Mormon he had sex with Right!!

      • Once had a man Nolan Ryan overhand throw a glass ashtray at my face. Luckily it hit the back of a chair and exploded before it hit me. All I got were shards of glass in my eye and some little scratches. I suppose that doesn’t classify as abuse since I was not “really” injured. Add the fact that this same man went and taught a childrens Sunday School class the same week and you can see how I don’t fit the “real abuse” scenario either.No one except my immediate family ever believed me. Even when charges were filed by his new girlfriend after our divorce. I said and did many things to please him just to try to see the “good” side, the man who loved me and promised to “love honor and cherish me”. And yes, I HAD SEX WITH HIM. There are all different levels of abuse. Not only did I not report him every time… I “gasp” llied for him as well. JODI IS AN ABUSE VICTIM whether you believe anything else she is saying or not. She liked kinky sex so she is less of a human being worthy of respect. She willingly went to him so she deserved it. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!! What Jodi is guilty of is falling victim to an abusive man who manipulated and controlled her and made her act like someone she is not. BEEN THERE…..DONE THAT!!!!!

    • Many women here who have been abused and are brave enough to share their stories would disagree with you, Laura. You are degrading their experiences by saying that they shouldn’t identify with Jodi.

    • I couldnt agree more with each and every one’s comment above.Laura,abuse is abuse.You cant put it on a scale and decide which is punishable and which is not.Of course there are different kinds of abuse,but still you make it sound like all this is a well-planned lie.Watch her testimony closer,you will find many abuse patterns in her descriptions as well as in her behavior and word choice.One more thing,battered woman syndrome is not sth for you or any of us ”to buy”. It’s what her defense revolves around and I for one have no reason in the world to doubt she trully suffers from it.As Jennifer said,if you feel uncomfortable here there may be other more appropriate sites for you.

  37. My two cents:

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Jodi came to realize that her feelings for Travis were not being reciprocated. This realization came to her rather suddenly, as she was trying her best to avoid it for months. Finally, it became unavoidable and she psychologically imploded, putting herself in harm’s way and inviting harm into her life. We’ll never know the complete truth of what happenned, yet if I were on the jury, I would vote to acquit her based on reasonable doubt. I would also vote to acquit her because I want her to have a second chance at life. She’s too bright, too articulate, too talented, and yes, too attractive to not have another chance. I think she deserves it regardless of how awful she behaved on that fateful day.

    • Too attractive?

      Sorry to disagree, but I hope if the jury acquits her, they don’t take her attractiveness into account at all. Besides being a very subjective ruler to measure someone by, there is nothing “fair” in it. I guess what I am trying to say is that I hope in our country, physically unattractive people have just as much a shot at a fair trial as an attractive person. I think Jodi is very pretty. But I neither hold it against her nor use it to prop up her innocence in the self defense theory.

      • I agree with you 100%…but there is a theory that conventionally attractive people tend to do better in court than conventionally unattractive people. It’s absolutely not fair, but apparently it happens.

    • agree with both Kira and AnonyGee.if Jodi is acquitted I want her looks to not have anything to do with that.I want her to be able to walk with her head high that she was acquitted because the jury saw her innocence beyond reasonable doubt.If they decide to give her ”a second chance” as you say I want them to do so because there will be not a single reason NOT to,evidence wise.I remember I saw once an interview of one of Casey Anthony’s jurors,it was good to know that she was found not guilty based on true evidence.Whatever the verdict I believe the male jurors wont take Jodi’s beauty into consideration.It’s just not the way it works.

    • And where is this hearsay/rumor located for our viewing pleasure?

      I would think Nurmi’s handwriting expert would not have been able to validate it if that were true. You do know they were not proven forgeries?

      • I read on one of the pro boards that it was said someone (they named Matt) could have forged them by cutting and pasting T’s real handwriting on the computer from other things he has written, into the these letters in question, and that was why it was only a scanned version, and not a hard copy of the original.

        That was just speculating though. I would not have an idea how to do that myself. So unless someone was super good at that stuff and had tons of time… I just cannot imagine someone actually doing that. and how could they even have talked about that. Isn’t everything recorded, like visits and phone calls? and mail is screened. I just think it would be almost impossible for them to actually be able to think it up, collaborate and pull something like that off.

        • Really dawn? Some of the things those people come up with, it’s just hilarious!

          I remember waaay back when I had to bang out a book report, and all I had was a typewriter. I ran out of ribbon and rather than retyping a page I decided to cut up and rearrange the paragraphs and photocopy them instead. It | ended | up | looking | a | lot | like | this, except horizontally. So I tried whiting out the lines, and copying again. Then the bumps and bubbles from the white out showed. It was a mess, but I could still turn it in because I was being graded on the content rather than presentation.

          I suppose *in theory* it’s possible, and maybe with a paint program digitally; but the person analysing the copies would see it right away, because the white blank spaces between the words or paragraphs would stand out from the off color texture of the scanned paper.

          • hahaha that is funny :)and good point with the white blank spaces! Never thought of that! Well if I am honest I would not have any idea on how to do it anyway. And I just took two levels of microsoft word 1 and 2. which included paint. Not that those classes make me an expert or anything 🙂

  38. Hi All,

    So, I am just so so mad right now! I did not have acces to a computer or laptop until my friend brought me hers the day before yesterday to borrow. I still don’t know how long I will need to stay here but I thought I would go crazy without a computer! Last night I finished up whatching all the videos from Jodis case. Listening to Jodi I was just crying and crying listening to her talk because she reminds me so much of me and my life it is not even funny. How can anybody listen to that girl talk and not just want to hold her and tell her everything will be alright? Some of the other womans here know about this case and were watching it yesterday on the tv. They started saying she is lying and they know it. They are saying that she is not who she says she is and that she murdered that kid outright, and self defense is a lie. They will hardly even listen to me because they say that I don’t know the case enough to make a good opinion. They are really mad she is saying this was battered wives syndrome. My new friend Deanna and me are the only ones here that are on Jodi’s side. Well that is fine. But I need to get more on top of the facts of this case so I can try and make these people understand the truth! Oh and even the lady who runs this place says that she thinks Jodi is not being honest. I think that is just so sad.

    love, TT

  39. so I just want to say how creepy I find it the Dave Hall, mr weapons guy, took Travis’ suits and had them altered and embroided. some might find it sweet but I think this dude was more obsessed with Travis than Jodi.

    • THANK YOU!
      I said the exact same thing.
      Nothing… and I mean NOTHING says “obsessed stalker” than wearing a dead mans clothng 5 years after it has went out of style.

      • In an HLN interview, he said that Travis’ Family had given them to him. If he was a close friend, I can see that. I can even perhaps see wearing them for a small amount of time afterwards…very slim though. Its my opinion though that it is wierd. I just dont think its normal, expecially when they go around talking about the defendant as though she is an obsessed stalker. Wearing his clothing is a bit obsessive as well. More than a bit.

    • sh** he does what?didnt know about that! heyyy,now that’s creepy!he does sound obsessed!btw,your ”this dude was more obsessed with Travis than Jodi. ” cracked me up!

      • Well, this guy thinks Travis was a hero. That he had his sh*t together and was sucessful, so I guess that makes him want to “wear” Travis skin er suits.

    • I’m not worried. He was supposed to “go for the jugular” on Thursday. Fail. You Think he wanted the jury to leave for 3 days with that weak ass cross on the brain?

  40. On the subject of conversation:

    There is a difference between politeness and respect. Respect is something earned, it is not handed out for no reason. Politeness is tone of conversing, and politeness does not guarantee a reasonable or honest statement is being made.

    I’ve seen polite posters twist words and redefine them to suit their argument, creatively reinterpret people’s points to invent whole other arguments that had nothing to do with the original statement; peddle prosecution theories and do whatever they can to distract supportive posters from having enjoyable conversation.

    It’s one thing to come here and say, “You know, I’m having an issue with (this).” It’s another thing to frame arguments and statements in such a way to purposefully elicit a reaction. I have seen polite posters doing exactly that. I have seen polite posters give smiles to someone in one post then stab them in the back in another when they thought the other poster wasn’t reading.

    I have seen polite people demanding everyone be like them – a fence sitter validating both sides; and accusing anyone Team Jodi of not being objective enough or seeing both sides. I make it no secret that I am not neutral – and that is for a reason. It is because I HAVE seen both sides; and know which side has the evidence to back up it’s claims and which does not.

    When I post, my main concern is being honest and articulating my opinion as clearly as possible. I would rather people know exactly where I’m coming from than leave room for ambiguity. If there are people who cannot accept that I share my opinion without apologizing; then that is their decision to make. However, if we’re aiming for consistency, then perhaps complaints of disrespect can be extended to those who have an established record of using politeness to mask venemous comments.

    To borrow a term from summer, a shit sandwich is a shit sandwich, whether it has a sprig of parsley on it or not. And I’m not going to pretend it tastes like chocolate because someone served it to me on fine china with a pickle on the side. So when I see people reacting to unreasonable statements, I don’t see people who are abusive. I see people pointing at the plate saying “No, this is a shit sandwich and I am not eating it.” Good for them!

    • Yep MB, you said it right there. And if you look below you a poster reacting appropriately to another shit sandwich…I wouldn’t say people are too emotionally invested.


    • Well said MB, as always.
      Always taking the words out of my mouth. 🙂

      I dont know if I’m tired of repeating myself, or whats going on, but I’ve been having a hard time finding the thoughts to comment as of late. And when I do, it seems I’m usually defending Jodi or something she did in court. I know there is going to be negative feedback, but it seems to be bringing me down.

      Thank you (and many others) for the positive and honest posts. SJ’s posts are strong and uplifting too.
      I’m still reading and I’m glad you are still posting.

      • Yes, M. I feel the same way. People can’t write with an injured finger, so no one else can either. People can’t see how emotional abuse is abuse, so it makes it not true…

        People who still think the gas cans should be an issue…

        Really our opinions only matter to us. Hopefully jodi is getting the best advice she possibly can with her lawyers, and it is up to her to tell the truth…even if so many people are ready to condemn her because they are ignorant and do not have the ability to put themselves in another persons shoes and know.

        then there are people saying others react too strongly and yet they also react strongly when it is something important to them. Hypocrisy at its best.

        I’m all for people reacting how they need, and I will do the same 🙂

          • Nail on the head BeeCee.
            Thank you too, for your posts.

            There are a lot of great people on this site, that’s why I still read everyday.
            I’m glad there are so many supportive posters.
            I think its a good thing there are so many, so other people like you and MB are posting great points when I’m feeling defeated from repetition.

            I try to remind myself some people are new, some are just assholes, and others are lost.
            I’m sure I’ll still sass :), but as you said, I feel like its been a lot less.

            I know my side.

    • M, BeeCee, thanks – I just want to say that I am glad you two are still posting too! Lately here I’ve been ignoring the questionable remarks. Someone here on the boards said it best – “it’s tiring trying to think for other people.” Wish I could remember the name, I am so bad with names.

      I just want to reiterate my point in case it got lost somewhere in the shit sandwich analogy – and that’s politeness and niceness are fine but without the character to back it up, they become tools of manipulation. The conversations regarding abusers is important in this regard – almost every story of abuse involves some asshole that was so polite and nice in the beginning; lovebombing their victim then cruelly striking out when they defied them in some fashion (whether consciously or not).

      I might not be sergent sunshine armed with fistfuls of care bears, but I’m more concerned if I’m being a decent person rather than a likeable person. I lost the war with tact and diplomacy years ago. Every time I try to be tactful there’s always one person that points out it’s never good enough so I don’t see the point in trying anymore. But life experience has taught me that treating people with dignity doesn’t necessarily mean buttering people up or being the smoothest talker in the world. It means engaging with others as equals; rather than treating them like children that need placating.

  41. I am trying to be “devils advocate” here…and looking at it as a juror might. I have been on a jury 2 times and make no mistake, there is ALOT of defendant “watching” and perception means more than alot of folks realize. Forgetting the journal and the magazines from jail for a moment, the jury has watched Jodi for a week on the stand. She has been speaking openly (at times too much, over answering her attys questions) but has been very fragile and almost frail at times, seeming very emotional, crying etc. Of course this is due to the subject matter being posed to her by her attorney, and so she is rightly emotional. Even when it wasn’t something emotional or having to do with the day of the murder, etc, she has remained poised and basically a “demure” defendant. Thats good! So, now we have her on day 1 of cross, and out comes a totally different Jodi. She is not as “sympathetic”, for lack of a better word. She is trying to go toe to toe with Martinez, and people are saying, “Way to go Jody”..BUT, she is trying to outwit and outsmart the DA and even though she is very intelligent, this is a dangerous game for 2 reasons. First and most importantly, the jury is watching her every move, gesture, tone of voice, every detail on her face. Her demeanor is a drastic change from before. Feeling self confidant INSIDE is one thing, but remember, the jury is judging everything. Coming across too confidant and even smiling, (whether nerves or not) and being too animated, and challenging Martinez will not sit well with many jurors. They will, (and have often) take that as if she were faking the entire prior testimony when she was so emotional. Remember, this is about a man who was brutally killed, and she has admitted to it,and the jury is thinking about it as well. So even as he (Martinez) comes on hard, she needs to have behave totally differently, more composed, and even remorseful. The jury sees every little comment and hears the inflection, joking as she did about the baptism might be funny to us watching, but the jury will find it distasteful. Its all recorded so she needs to choose her words more carefully. As much as she hates Martinez, no matter how hard he comes at her, she should NEVER acted annoyed or irritated, (he is looking for that) and even calling him “sir” after answering would make the jury see that she is being respectful of the court, and showing remorse. Remember, this is a DP case, remorse is EVERYTHING. The last thing you want is the jury to sit in the room, looking at photos of TA’s body after the fact, then picture Jodi smirking or giggling on the stand. I have a strong hunch that Monday we will see a whole different attitude when she takes the stand. Her atty’s have no doubt spoken to her about this.
    The other thing is this, people are saying Martinez is all over the place with his cross. Yes indeed he is. Again, make no mistake, he knows what he is doing, he has worked on this for years. I knew he would not come out and go thru evens in chronological order on her. He knows she has been preparing for this as well, and will have an answer for every question. What he is doing is typical in a case with someone who has lied in the past. He will bounce, rapid fire style. Meaning he will ask her about something mundane she did in 2000, then go right up to living with Daryl, then back to her childhood, etc. The point in this is to keep her guessing, so she has no idea what is coming and is more likely to be tripped up. In fact, watch for him to ask the same question but at different times to see if he gets 2 different answers. This could be tricky if she has anything at all she hasn’t been straight about in the past, as he will zero in on that and ask when she was telling the truth, then or now, etc. The reason for this is because the law allows the jury to TOTALLY disregard her entire testimony if the DA can prove she is lying on the stand. That is very serious and very dangerous, so hopefully she will not try to outwit him or overtalk him at ALL. She should remain as calm as possible and just answer each question keeping it short, while trying to remain as demure as possible. Yes sir and no sir is what the jury wants/needs to hear at this point.
    Again…my 2cents…:)

    • Thanks for sharing those thoughts. Maria.

      When I was watching Martinez go at jodi, I was so overwhelmed by his mocking and bullying that I began to see it all as darkly humorous and, truthfully, didn’t pay too close attention to the excruciating details.

      But hearing you point out the method in his madness, and that he’s all over the place on purpose, I am going to watch and listen more closely next time.

      Concerning Jodi’s behaviour, I know she seemed cool and confident, but I thought she was hanging onto to her seat and trying to control her face because she was TERRIFIED. In other words, I saw a person successfully dealing with her own terror. I didn’t see smirking or smugness but an involuntary smile at times. Lots and lots of people do this in a stressful and threatening situation. I know I do. Surely some Jurors do this, too?

      I’m not trying to convince myself, by the way, just to be hopeful for Jodi. I just really didn’t see her as taking on Martinez. I saw someone determined not to fall apart. I’ll bet her heart was banging around in her chest.

      • I saw it like you Pique. But i can see how people might see it like Anna…

        It’s good that juries are not jury’s of one.

        I feel she is telling the truth so he will not be able to trip her up in that way….but we’ll see.

        • Agreed Pique.
          I could see the fear in her eyes (which are not evil or souless).
          Did anyone notice that?

          The rest of her face, body, voice were distractions from her screaming eyes.
          Though I think she’s a much stronger women than years ago, this would be terrifying.

          I’m thrilled she stood up to Martinez verbally many times.
          Strong point for Jodi; her intelligence.
          Weak point for Martinez; surface thoughts only.

        • I am quite sure her heart was pounding and she was terrified. But remember, she is very bright, and quick on her feet, and at times, Im sure it is hard to control your feelings. He was deliberately baiting her to see if she would ‘push back” and she did. That was and will be his goal. When he was yelling and she finally said “men like you…” that didn’t look good imo. It would have been FAR better had she gotten emotional and maybe cried or backed down a bit, the jury would see him as a bully, and her as being abused on the stand. Instead, they saw a woman who could hold her own under intense questioning, and even ‘fight back” a bit…..again, not good. The other part where she made a little joke about the baptism might be shocking to jurors, and when she smiled and kind of giggled, some may be put off by that.
          We are all different, and read things our own way, but like I said, as a rule, most jurors want to see someone who is just answering truthfully and thats all she needs to do. Let Martinez yell and badger her, (her atty will object when need be) and if she basically answers him the same way she did Nurmi, the jury will have more feeling/compassion for her..IMHO.:)

          • Disagree.
            If Jodi cried she’d be accused of acting, playing it up to look innocent and abused.
            Do you know what Martinez wasn’t expecting, “Usually, when men like you are screaming at me or grilling me, it makes my brain scramble.”

            You can’t really think Jodi should’ve cried, instead of honestly speaking her mind? Which you said she should do, all in the same breath.

            Her answers were not catty or sarcastic to me, they did not make her seem too strong to be abused. They were clear, honest, intelligent answers that Martinez couldn’t twist into lies.

            I’m sure she was just as clear, honest, and intelligent with Travis. He was just able to hit her for it, because I believe with all her good qualities, her self esteem (among others) was low.

            You may be watching too much HLN, no offense, it can just be slightly one sided and depressing?

          • Well, this is what comes down to: non-verbal communication isn’t a hard science. That’s why we’re having different interpretations here. Like M., i saw frightened eyes that didn’t match the rest of her.

            her voice, however, did not fail. And her verbal behaviour is kind of what you’re getting at, right Anna?

          • You convict on evidence, NOT on body language.

            God forbid our jury system is that broken that it no longer considers evidence and facts.

        • Yes Pique….In her eyes, she looked frightened…however, the tone of voice and her posture, demeanor seemed very strong and sure of herself..which would be ok if it were not this type of charge. Her little smile wasn’t good, and I just think she needs to allow her voice to fail as you say, or at least be emotional like it was when she was answering her own atty. It will show the jury she is consistent in her words, thoughts, attitude, etc. I said before, and its true, the jury watches every damn thing. They need to feel bad for her, and see her show remorse, not see someone who can go toe to toe with Martinez and even get jab in here and there. I am certain he will have her up there for several days, and will do his best to get her to lose her temper, and that would be a disaster. Calm and submissive and remorseful is the way to go….

    • I don’t want anybody on a jury who is looking at “perception” or body language or other such superficial things. I want them to look at EVIDENCE, especially when somebody’s life hangs in the balance. THAT is what a jury is supposed to do.

      Body language is a bunch of hooey anyway.

      • A defendants body language, attitude & demeanor can play a part in a jurors decision making… in as much as the demeanor matches up with the words, or not as the case may be. In addition to the evidence and in conjunction with the evidence. In other words, if you had a defendant who was verbally expressing remorse on the stand, but laughing while doing so, you might find him/her less credible. Likewise, if you had a defendant who has too flat an effect emotionally, you might think they’re trying to conceal something. (just using exaggerated examples)

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts as a former juror.

      I do think that Jodi has been respectful to Martinez in the past; she frequently said “I’m sorry” when he objected on the grounds of hearsay. When he was directly mocking her yesterday, I think her natural reaction was to defend herself, as most people’s would be. I can see what you mean about the jury not liking it and hopefully Nurmi will advise her to keep her expressions neutral in the future.

      Jose Baez said something similar about Casey in his book. When George Anthony first took the stand, Casey would shake her head, make angry faces, and roll her eyes at his answers. Jose told her to cool it early on, and she did.

        • Exactly! And Jodi has taken this trial so seriously since the get-go; the fact that she nearly cracked a smile during cross says a lot about Martinez’s behavior. Not hers. I won’t discount the possibility that Martinez may have put on a show to elicit that kind of response; but again, consider the source. Nurmi was right – it’s all just a stunt. A pathetic one, too.

          I also agree with tonysam above – body language IS a bunch of hooey. I’m surprised there are psychology majors willing to throw away a perfectly good degree to be a soothsayer on eye blinks and hand gestures.

          There was some lady on HLN claiming to be a “human lie detector.” As if!

          • In a brief look at the court proceeding dates/titles at county records, it looks as though one of the parties has asked that the polygraph results be allowed in during the penalty phase, if there is a penalty phase. I don’t know what the status of that motion is though. I know polygraphs are only admitted in the trial phase if both sides stipulate to them, which rarely ever happens. But it appears that in a penalty phase, the court can be the decider? Am I reading this right?

          • The jurors also look at the body language of the prosecutor. He was certainly a clown and told Jodi oh, now you say it’s my fault and Jodi said no it;s not your fault. And she was seious when she said it. I kind of imagine a couple of jurors almost started to laugh. It would be hard for me not to.
            I don’t know what happens if a juror does that and they talk to them about it, with some it would make it seem funny when you don’t want to laugh. I didn’t see her really laugh.
            My problem is if I’m in front of a lot of people trying to say anything it makes me laugh. Not that I don’t think it’s serious. I know some people are afraid to go to funerals.
            Jodi’s been very respectful through this whole thing, I can’t imagine someone holding it against her for something this silly.

    • Excellent analysis, Anna.

      Jury science (however Junk Science one might deem it to be), has become a much more widely used tool these days. Oftentimes Jury Consultants are used in a case like this for the voir dire phase..and part of that consultants analysis will use Body Language of the prospective juror as he/she answers during voir dire.

      • Thanks AnonyGee,
        That was my point, people might not like it, but body language and tone of voice, demeanor, etc, always play a role. Of course they are listening to her words, but they are intently watching her as well. I have heard jurors comment on the tiniest little expression or shrug and they take it all in. I said the word remorse earlier, and bottom line, the jury needs to see and hear that in her manner and words at some point. I really believe she will behave and speak alot differently on Monday.

    • From the Commentary I heard even from critics they thought Jodi Did very well, in fact I could see the Shock on in session and other Pro prosecutors they had a defense Attorney who was very honest about How badly the Prosecutor did. His Screaming constantly and was all over the place. Nurmi was very good with his objections. The only thing I was concerned about were the magazines. Hope That turns out OK. I feel bad for her she is very smart & obviously like many had no guidance.

  42. Martinez is showing the jury what bully he is. It’s not impressive…it’s bullying in its purest form. He is trying to put words in her mouth. He is TRYING to confuse her. Regardless if she’s telling the truth or not anyone would be confused…but bc her life is on the line she is extra vigilant. He is confusing the jury while trying to confuse her. If anything he is PROVING that there is a “reasonable doubt.” The case is so subjective and circumstantial.
    The magazine thing is quite suspect. I’m going to assume she is going to say its not her and that there were 4 ppl that had the magazine b4 it got to Ann…plus Ann! Unless the handwriting has been analyzed.
    I do have to say that Martinez is quite entertaining!,,

    • M. is absolutely being a bully! He will most likely go from calm, serious questioning to more of a bullying approach, especially when he thinks she is lying, or when he is trying to trip her up on some date, event, etc…that is how ALL DA’s work. Remember, he already knows all of the evidence and facts in this case, and what type of person she is in regards to intelligence. He will not play soft ball with her unless he is trying to get her to over explain something or give extra info. Very much like a police interrogation only he already knows the answers and evidence. This is all for the jury. No one else matters to him but those folks, if he can get her angry, have her talk back or be sarcastic, all the better for him. I think Thursday ended with the jury thinking about those magazines and that is where he will start Monday am. From what I know, she has never denied writing in those magazines, and they were to go to Ann (her atty at the time) who was to give them to Matt. I have no idea how she will explain what she wrote, and that part is worrisome.

      • Anna, Where did you hear that “Ann” was her attorney at the time? My understanding is that Ann Campbell, was a former cell mate of Jodi’s in jail. There has also been follow up interviews with her GF Donavan Bering. Donavan was recently in court sitting next to Jodi’s mom. I agree the magazine was intended for Matt McCartney though. It sounds as if Ann was to give the magazines to Matt.

        Does anyone know who that was sitting next to Desiree Freeman the last 2 days in court? It looked like maybe another brother of hers becs it sort of looked like Daniel but not. Plus the camera kept focusing quite a bit on another older gentleman next to Desiree. Any ideas?

        • Sorry, correction it was Donavan Bering who was in jail with Jodi at Estrella for a certain amount of time in ’08=’09.

        • Sorry about that!! I didnt mean her atty, I meant her friend, Ann Campbell. I didnt notice that I typed that til today…thats what I get for typing super long paragraphs and not proofing them. 🙂

      • And he knows he has no case for a capital murder conviction. It’s an old attorney trick to try to rattle the defendant and divert attention from the fact he has no evidence at all of premeditation and likely never will.

        Nothing new here. The burden of proof is on the prosecution, not with the defense. Jodi could lie about everything, and it doesn’t change the fact the prosecution has failed to prove this case is murder one. Whether Jodi is telling the truth or not has NOTHING to do with the issue at hand. What IS important is whether the prosecution has met the burden of proof–it has not.

        • Right, the burden of proof in on the prosecution. But, if Jodi is “caught” in a big lie (for instance, if she didn’t shoot first–see my post below), what could happen then?

          • Hi Pique, I was thinking about that very thing over the weekend. Its very important, because IF Martinez gets her “caught” in a lie, and proves it in open court, it affects the jury’s instructions.
            Legally, if that happens, the judge will tell the jury during the instructions that they are allowed to discount a portion or ALL of her testimony! Thats serious stuff. Remember, M. has already denied her request to plead to murder 2. Thats almost unheard of, (a denial like that) so he must think he has enough info, and thinks the jury will agree with him. I know I sound really negative, and Im not trying to be, just being realistic. The other big thing that worries me is that this is a very serious case, obviously, her life hangs in the balance. The fact that her attorneys had her TRY to get a plea deal recently says something about how they feel it might go. The other thing that is worrisome is that her entire case is based on self defense,and thats fine, but all the things that were brought up prior regarding Travis (the really bad things, physical abuse, the pics of little boys) meaning there is nobody she told, wrote to, journaled, texted, etc regarding any of that. So in a case like this, the law says that the judge will instruct the jury about that, basically telling them that when they go to deliberate that her testimony given were here words but are not corroborated by anyone else. Thats not good, usually there is someone else who can attest to things like this. She already explained that she never told or wrote about these things, and never texted Travis about it either, but the jury will still get this instruction.

          • Thanks again Anna, for your insight on this–the judge’s instructions to the jury, corroboration, etc. I know it comes from direct experience. And, I would never accuse you or anyone of being “negative” when they are smartly anticipating the potential ways in which this could all go badly. Which is what lawyers do, isn’t it?

            I do feel that the emotional/verbal battery is as plain as the light of day and supported by material evidence, as well as by Lisa’s unwilling testimony. I can imagine some jurors minimizing this, but I would guess that others will understand how this affected her state of mind, made her fearful, and also how easily Travis was triggered to anger and violence. I wish they could also read his blogs and social media profiles, because they’re very telling!

            But, like you, I’m also worried about the (so far) uncorroborated claims of physical abuse and nascent pedophilia. The former, because I don’t have faith the jury will understand that physical abuse routinely goes unreported, and the latter because (while it may be true) it sounds desperate. I’m not sure if I believe it myself. It sounds like a lie motivated by the knowledge that the emotional and physical abuse won’t be taken seriously enough.

            I’m also concerned, as I’ve said many times, that the jury won’t buy her claim that she shot Travis first. So far, this doesn’t seem possible, given Dr. Horn’s testimony. I’m sure this problem will be addressed by another medical examiner, or similar expert witness, but will it be convincing? Dr. Horn, in my opinion, was very convincing.

            I get that a lot of people say it comes down to the prosecution being burdened with proving premeditation, and that they haven’t proven that. But her credibility on these particular points, as you’re saying from your experience as a juror, must matter. And it would seem they will have an effect, one way or another, on the outcome of this trial.

        • @tonysam, while the state does bear the burden of “proof” that Jodi didn’t act in self defense, by law Jodi has an obligation (burden) when using a justification defense to offer up -some- evidence of such. Now, the level of evidence doesn’t have to be much and her testimony -is- evidence in the eyes of the law, so she has already met that. Just saying that in a case like this, a defendant can’t just have their lawyer claim self defense in the opening statement and then rest. They too do bear a burden of sorts in supporting the justification defense theory. (jmo)

      • I wonder why he didn’t ask her if SHE wrote it. She usually writes in hand writing, not print and I couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to me. Maybe it was someone else. He can’t really prove just because it was sent to her.
        When I go to the doctor there are magazines all over the place that people brought in that was addressed to them and not the doctor. Did I make any sense? : )

    • He’s doing his job. All attorneys do this. He was trying to show the jury that Jodi can’t be believed by looking at inconsistencies in her testimony with previous statements, and he tried to paint her as a stalker. It’s all a smokescreen. However, let’s not confuse this with the issue of the burden of proof of premeditated, capital murder. Martinez as of now has not met this.

      • @tonysam…Premeditation is not the only charge. There is the alternate charge of Felony Murder. Both charges carry the potential for the death penalty. As I understand it… the jurors do not have to agree unanimously either. So…If 7 agree it was 1st degree and 5 agree it was felony murder, she can still be convicted of murder with the potential of death penalty. :/

        • Felony murder is a weird charge though…they’re basing it on burglary. I guess that’s due to the grandparents’ stolen gun, but Jodi has denied stealing it.

          • No, the way I understand it, it’s not based on the alleged theft of the grandparents gun, but rather on either assault or burglary for being an unwelcome visitor/guest in the home after she began the attack. I remember Nurmi and Martinez going back & forth about this one day..with Nurmi saying she was invited. Martinez countered that the point she started the attack she was (reasonable presumption) no longer a welcomed guest. Something like that.

          • * and just for clarification, the alleged theft of the grandparents gun is only part of the states theory of premeditation.

          • According to Jodi, Travis is the one who invited her into his home. The prosecution can’t prove she was unwelcome at any time, either.

            Epic fail. This is murder two or manslaughter.

          • Well in theory, one can be an invited guest, welcome one moment..and no longer welcome in another. Example: If you think you are welcoming a person in to use your phone because they claim to break down on the side of the road…and then once inside your door they pull a gun, you can consider them no longer welcomed. People can be welcome under a premise. If that premise is breached, the welcome can be terminated. This is just a legal view that the state is using, imo

  43. I have worked in the “death-care” industry for a number of years and have a couple of observations to share:
    I have made thousands of “removals”, many from crime scenes for the coroner. Making the removal of a 200+ pound dead person is not easy (especially from a tub/shower). In fact, just getting a person of TA’s
    size and (dead) weight on to a gurney (with the aid of a combi-cot equipped with handles) usually took two to four people. So… how could Jodi drag TA down the hallway, make the corner into the bathroom and position TA into the shower as he was found??? I would love to see the defense recreate the crime scene with a replica of the shower, fill a 250 pound bag with sand, and have Jodi attempt to drag it the appropriate number of feet (making the turn of course) and wrestle it into the shower. But, would Mr. Weasel object?…. POP would go the weasel, I’m sure…. If Jodi was able to pull this off, I’m sure she’d remember it, right?

    TA’s body had been de-composing for 5 days…. I know very well what decomp smells/feels like. I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t complain. Especially, during the summer, in Arizona! TA’s condition at that point was what we refer to in the business as “a floater” – double- thick -blue- bag -time for sure. So many aspects of the crime-scene and investigation just don’t make any sense or add up. The roommates – the dog, his car in the driveway etc…

    One last random thought: I also have my doubts regarding Jodi inflicting the “blood-atonement” neck wound. Hardly a defensive wound, IMO. Perhaps, (I know this might sound crazy) but as he lay dying in the shower, bleeding out… what if TA inflicted it upon himself? Of course, that brings up a whole host of other questions… (i.e. where’s the knife etc…) The crime scene just appears “staged” to me.

    Like most of you, I have been obsessed with this case for quite a while now and truly feel bad for all concerned (and that includes TA’s and JA’s families). No winners here but I do hope for Jodi that justice will be served.

    I just sense that there is a much larger story here…

    • CP, I agree with you on all points.

      The fact that Jodi says she does not remember anything after the gun going off makes me also wonder if she’s covering for someone else. She did say in one interrogation she was afraid for her family.

      I’ve also wondered if Travis inflicted the neck wound on himself because i just cannot figure that one out. Could he have done it while raging – to take some control away from Jodi?

      I feel there is a much larger story here too.

      • @Sam…are you saying you think Jodi is lying under oath? Or are you saying you think she blacked out and doesn’t know she had help after she shot the man?

        • I guess what I’m saying, AnonyGee, is that I doubt Jodi killed Travis period. I guess that would constitute lying under oath. Or perhaps she’s telling the truth carefully in order to keep her family safe. It all boils down to not making sense, in my opinion. She didn’t testify to shooting him, btw. She testified to getting down the gun and then hearing it go off.

          What are your thoughts?

          • I agree Sam. During Jodi’s testimony to the events of TA’s death, if you listen very closely, word for word, you will see that Jodi NEVER admitted to killing TA. She didn’t think she shot him, she didn’t see any blood and he came for her after the shot. She says she thought she shot the wall or something. She does not admit to stabbing him either. She doesn’t remember stabbing, she only remembers hearing the sound of the knife hitting the tile. She left a lot of room to come back later, say she remembered later someone came to her rescue, or something else. When Nurmi asked where Travis was at one point, she says she does not know, she thinks he may have been laying beside her. She never saw him bloody laying there or dead. Also. I thought it very interesting that she offered an explanation for the cuts on her hand. If she is truly admitting to stabbing TA, then why bother to point out that the cuts came from injuries when she broke a glass as opposed to during the stabbing, if her intent is to admit to this killing?

    • CP,thank you for your professional insight.Listening to sm with your experience on this matter is like having my doubts somewhat verified.I still cant get over the fact that such a small woman could have dragged a dead man’s body around and place him in the position she supposedly did.Ok,Im gonna write a stupid example but when my 5-kilos pet died and had to place him in his pet grave i remember saying to my sister ”oh my…he’s almost twice as heavy now.”Lame example i know,but that’s what had hit me when i first read about this case and the actual murder scene.

    • CP That is something that has plagued me with regard to this case. How did she drag a Body that size there is more to this story, In fact the Jury asked if the Detectives interviewed the Room Mates? He was too big for her to have dragged the body and also with water dead weight impossible. II don’t know what happened.

  44. I want to know if anyone is concerned about Jodi testifying that she shot Travis first. This contradicts the ME’s expertise.

    I’m aware that other MEs have given other expert opinions on this matter of the order of the wounds. However, only Dr. Horn performed the autopsy. He said there was no bleeding in the skull. He also said that this wound, while not necessarily fatal, would’ve been incapacitating, and, therefore, there would not have been defensive wounds to Travis’ hands had the gunshot come first. Plus there’s the issue of the bullet casing being clean and on top of a pool of blood.

    Can all of that testimony be wrong–I mean, every single piece that shows the gunshot was not first?

    It seems to me this HAS to be revisited. What do you think?

    • @Pique…the Defense hasn’t rested yet and I too am curious as to whether they are going to visit this question by bringing in an expert of their own to either refute the states ME or bolster Jodi’s assertion that TA could have still been coming at her with such force after that type of gunshot wound. I haven’t seen their witness list so I don’t know? Some juries weight heavily on experts, if it doesn’t get too complicated with lots of scientific jargon, etc. Some tune them right out, especially if there is a battle of the experts, so to speak.

      • Yes, AnonyGee, seems they would have to contradict the ME’s testimony in one way or another. If they have their own medical expert, I sure hope he or she is as easy to follow as Horn was. Horn, in my opinion, made it easy for a lay person to understand why he was quite certain that gunshot wound did not come first.

        • I agree Pique. The defense needs an ME that will back up Jodi’s version of events. Kevin Horn was very adamant in his testimony about what came first.

    • Nah. I’m no anatomy expert, but I’m not convinced that the bullet would have immediately downed Travis. Especially since it was in the area of the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that manages moderation of behavior. It collaborates her story about him hulking out, IMO.

      Here’s a story about a guy that walked around with a bullet in his head for 23 years:–realising.html

      There’s other stories if you type in keywords “finds bullet in head” into google.

      • I don’t think your link supports the idea that a bullet to the head wouldn’t immediately incapacitate an individual.


        ” Mr Wang was on his way home from work in 1988 when he felt a heavy blow on his head before losing consciousness.”

      • You’re not the only one who isn’t convinced, MB. There are experts who hold the opinion that he could’ve put up some kind of fight, at least for a short time, after he was shot.

        However, there are other factors. The lack of bleeding. The bullet casing on top of congealed blood. To me, this makes the problem more complex than two experts differing on the effects of a certain kind of injury to the brain. It’s the totality of previous testimony, the whole and not the individual parts (which, granted, can each be plausibly contradicted), that concerns me.

        • couldnt the bullet casing be there and be kicked during the stabbing ending up on top of the blood stain?i think this was suggested somewhere in this site.

          • But when you look at the picture of the shell casing lying atop the congealed blood, the casing has no blood on it. No schmears or streaks or drops or anything. So what I can’t picture is how the casing could have been kicked and rolled through all of that blood, come to rest on top of the pool..and have no blood on it (other than its underside). Not saying its impossible, I just keep trying to imagine how it could happen.

          • “No schmears or streaks or drops or anything. So what I can’t picture is how the casing could have been kicked and rolled through all of that blood, come to rest on top of the pool..and have no blood on it (other than its underside).”

            Well i think you are correct in one aspect…if the shell casing were already in some liquid (water, blood) it would not bounce or be kicked somewhere else. They are very light, I think there are no smears on it because it was on dry tile and then bounced into the blood. I don’t think all the water got onto the floor until after he was placed in the shower and washed off. And the shot came before that.

            Of course I am just speculating…

          • Thats a good answer BeeCee, I wasn’t taking all the water (after the fact) into consideration. So maybe the casing had been inadvertently cleaned of previous blood ..or basically splashed clean.. after the killing.

        • The ME said because of “gas and expanse and TUMBLING” through the frontal lobe, the caliber’s weakness takes on a different meaning as far as “stopping” or “incapacitating” you “rapidly” … losing consciousness very quickly.

    • Dr. Horn said that there was no hemorrhaging in the area where the bullett ended up which would seem to indicate that the shooting happened after the knife wounds. However, he also stated that due to the advanced decomposition, he could not definitively rule out the shooting as happening first. However, the prosecution also states that the cartridge was lying on top of a large pile of congealed blood, which would seem to indicate the cartridge landed there after the stabbings.

      • Marie McDonald, shell casings are not a good indicator of when a shot was fired. They bounce around very easily on concrete and tile as one is walking/running/sweeping…

        I believe the ME also said the brain was liquified. That would compound the difficulty in stating without a doubt that the shot came last.

        I’m sure there are other ME’s with more experience who could refute what that ME is saying.

      • Marie and BeeCee–I would have to re-watch Horn’s testimony to be certain, but I don’t remember that he conceded that the gunshot could’ve come first.

        While he admitted that there were unknowns due to brain decomposition, and that bleeding from a fatal wound following the gunshot wound could’ve affected the amount of bleeding in his skull, he was still adamant about the incapacitating nature of the bullett to Travis’ brain. Again, if I remember correctly. I DO remember him saying that, while not immediately fatal, such a wound would cause tremendous shock to the entire brain. He didn’t think defensive wounds would’ve be possible after that kind of shock.

        • Pique, I can’t seem to find it at the moment but apparently there is a case of a prostitute who was shot 7 times in the head by her pimp and didn’t have anything but a headache….and he used a .25 on her.

          i say apparently because I can’t find the actual link to the news article at the moment but I think I saw someone post it on this site somewhere…

          I think I need to rewatch that also. Was there actually an entrance and exit hole through the bone?

          • The bullet never exited the “body”. It lodged in his upper left cheek bone. So there was an entry hole, and then one down through to where it ultimately lodged. I don’t think the ME said anything about thinking it could have happened first … the defensive wounds weren’t possible.

          • That’s right, there was an entrance hole through the bone of his right forehead, and the bullet did not exit, but became lodged in his left cheekbone. Its path went directly through his right frontal lobe. Although the brain was badly decomposed, the path of the bullet is known.

            I watched Dr. Horn’s testimony again. Willmot tries very hard to get him to concede that a person can in some cases be conscious after a perforating brain injury (and cited an example of a survivor with an arrow in his head) but Horn just wouldn’t do it. He’s very clear that when people do survive–or when they aren’t immediately incapacitated–it’s because the skull itself slows down the projectile so it doesn’t directly touch the brain, or because of the nature of the projectile itself.

            High-velocity projectiles, like a bullets, do terrible damage to the brain immediately, he said, because of their force and because of the gases involved. Shock waves are sent through the entire brain, and the damage goes far beyond the bullet’s pathway. Horn said, again and again, that the defensive knife wounds to Travis’ hands HAD to have preceded the gunshot wound. He wouldn’t budge on this.

          • BeeCee, from what I’ve been reading, it’s possible that, in the case of this woman who was shot 7 times in the head, her brain was not perforated.

  45. The A-Holes at HLN wanted Jodi to break down so badly they could taste it & what does she do? Associates Rodent Martinez with white trash Travis. It annoyed them greatly that she was composed.

  46. I have a couple of questions about Jodi’s testimony.

    1. Jodi claimed that she kept herself hairless because Travis liked it that way. On Tuesday Nurmi showed a couple of nude photos of Jodi and asked her if she was hairless because that is how Travis wanted her to keep it. If she didn’t know she was going to visit Travis why was she already shaved. At no point did she say she got to his home and showered and shaved before the pics were taken.

    2. Why did Jodi have the CD’s she made for Travis in her rental car unless she planned on going to visit him in the first place?

    • 1) Perhaps she started the practice of hair removal initially because he liked it, and then she just adopted the practice or kept it up rather than going through the (sometimes itchy) process of letting it grow back in. I mean there could be lots of reasons for continuing it aside from Travis.

      2) I thought she said they were in her briefcase and had been in there for a long time (thus being scratched). If she had her briefcase due to a planned attendance in a Utah PPL event with Burns, then it explains her removing the CDs while at TA’s house. My only question on that is: when asked what luggage she brought with her, she didn’t mention the briefcase. But she had referred to them having been in the briefcase and getting scratched. I’d have to go back and listen I guess to get this issue clarified. Its significance can go toward intention though, so I see why you’re asking, even if it seems like a smaller point

    • Most of my female friends prefer the hairless look, I don’t think its very uncommon at all. I know I do *wucka wucka* You might notice in the photos that Travis is hairless also.

      • I understand that a lot of females like to be hairless. There is nothing wrong with that however she said it was Travis that wanted her hairless.

        • Yeah Sunny,

          Additionally, the motivation and emotions surrounding this practice wasn’t just that she did it for Travis. And that even though now that he’s gone, she’s gonna just keep it up.

          Remember, she felt belittled by him, abused, made to do his bidding. Remember? She felt like toilet paper!

          And now she’s going to continue a practice that he forced and humiliated her with … to what, keep up the memory of how awful she felt.

    • Once you’re in the habit of shaving yourself completely, it’s easier just to keep going with it. When the hair starts to grow back, it gets very itchy and uncomfortable.

  47. Sorry if this has been brought up before, its so hard to keep track of posts here and my comment is based on something from trial date #2 so its kind of old, but…

    One of the items marked in to evidence is a cheque to Travis from Jodi found in the desk in his office. It is dated 5-25-08 (May 25) for $200 for April & May car payment. IF Jodi has premeditated this murder would she have bothered giving Travis that cheque if she planned to kill him ten days later on June 4th? I know if I was planning on killing someone the last thing I’d worry about is making sure I got the car payment to them on time…

    • Excellent point! The check also shows that she is not stalking him, either. If he really wanted nothing to do with her, he wouldn’t have managed to sell her his BMW and take payments for it.

      • Exactly. “Stay away from me I hate you you stalker crazy jealous nut leave me alone…. but hey, wanna buy my car?”. Ya, that happens…

        • I agree that this whole stalking thing was promoted by TA’s friends via TA’s need for his own orchestrated persona.

          However, I’d appreciate the same application of rationale for Travis’ behavior as was afforded Jodi’s behavior–based on her own abuse growing up.

          If Jodi hanging around an abuser can be explained by her abuse growing up, then Travis’ allowing a crazy jealous stalker nut to hang around and buy his car should also be attributed to an outgrowth of his own abusive childhood …

          And if you’ve been listening, it was no Shangri-L at the Alexander house 20 years ago.

      • So two guys get in a fight at a bar. One guy gets beat up bad, the fight ends, the ‘winner’ is walking away, the ‘loser’ is pissed, he says “I’m going to kill you”, pulls a knife from his pocket, runs up and stabs the other guy in the back, killing him. Premeditation?

      • If “a few seconds” qualifies, then how is murder 1 differentiated from murder 2? You’d think that a crime of passion would involve a few seconds of “I’m going to kill you!”

    • The check is a non-issue, imo, as to guilt or innocence of either the states theory (premed) or Jodi’s. There are lots of alternative hypotheticals that -could- be offered up as to why the check was made out to him in May. Including, but not limited to, wanting to make things look normal between them. Money not being a motivating factor in the killing, etc. It can be used for OR against Jodi, imo, so its a wash. Which is likely why Nurmi didn’t dwell on it.

      • Speaking of the money, do you think Jodi’s attorney should have asked her about borrowing money from Travis and not just loaning Travis money? I was surprised when the text was shown of her borrowing money the day after she caught him self pleasuring. Or did I miss her saying during direct that she also borrowed from him?

        • AnonyGee. i need to look at that again. i think Nurmi should have asked her about it…because Martinez is going to jump all over that. I honestly haven’t been that impressed with Nurmi, or Martinez to be honest.

          I would be kind of silly for her to loan him money and then need it back…

      • The bottom line is the D.A. overcharged Jodi. The whole “premeditation” charge is a monumental stretch. It doesn’t pass the smell test.

        This is second-degree murder or even possibly manslaughter. This isn’t a contract hire, this isn’t a lying in wait killing, this isn’t a killing for any financial gain, this is just a classic crime of passion. This is NOT a death penalty-worthy case.

        That’s why she isn’t going to get death–ever–for this case, and not likely to get life without parole.

        You will NEVER, EVER change my mind on this. Jodi is NOT “innocent,” but she should NOT get death on something so full of holes as the prosecution’s charges.

        • If you want to look at Arizona cases that are premeditated, and then argue with a straight face that Jodi’s case is just as premeditated, take a look at Marjorie Orbin’s case, which also had the possibility of death. This woman CLEARLY premeditated the killing of her husband by shooting him dead, freezing him, and then chopping him up and dumping part of the remains in a Rubbermaid container to be found in the desert when she found out she couldn’t cash in on a life insurance policy for SEVEN years if no body was found. Yes, Travis’s death was gruesome, but there are many cases equally as gruesome, such as Jay Orbin’s murder and dismemberment, and didn’t result in the death penalty. Marjorie got LWOP. The Arias case lacks a clear motive to even be a serious “premeditated” case.

          • Speaking of the desert …

            I believe that if Jodi really wanted to bolster her defense case and prove that it was not premeditated, and that she did not steal her grandparents gun, but instead “used” (accidentally fired) Travis’ gun from his closet …

            I would think she would have been chomping at the bit these past 4+ years to be hypnotized and retrace her driving route after the killing, so she could remember approximately where she tossed the gun in the desert, and organize a thousand strong volunteer search party from all her supporters, with metal detectors, and high tech gadgets etc., and go find and produce that damn thing in court. But alas …

        • tonysam wrote: ” … this is just a classic crime of passion.”

          Killing under “the heat of passion” is not the same as killing in self-defense, though neither involve premeditation. Does this mean you’re not buying the self-defense claim? And, if so, what are your reasons for not believing her self-defnese claim? Does it have something to do with her most recent testimony? Forensic evidence?

          From my understanding, second degree murder and self-defense don’t fit together. Self-defense is just that: a reasonable response to a threat, a justifiable action; killing in self-defense is not being “less guilty” but not guilty at all. Why would she have attempted a plea deal if it was self-defense all along? I just don’t get it …

          • I like what you said …

            I can’t imagine being innocent (self defense) and asking for a deal that would get me 25 years.

            I don’t care how strong the evidence is. I’d take my chance at trial and when the idiots ignored the evidence, I’d pop my little cyanide pill and pray the paramedics didn’t know there ass from their elbow.

          • This is it, DickyM. Makes me scratch my head and wonder if I’m missing something. Asking for a deal, in this case, sounds like an admission of “yeah, this was crime of passion” to me. But, to go from that, to launching a self-defense case … well, that seems to be a credibility issue, and I wonder why we don’t hear more about this?

          • I think the problem is, the plea deal came up because she now has admitted to killing Travis and so she has to prove it is with a purpose of self defense. Although technically the prosecutor must prove beyond reasonable doubt, because Jodi admitted to the killing, it makes her more vulnerable to be found guilty of murder, also given the fact that she lied so much about it before. I think Nurmi thought hey, life is better than the death penalty.

          • Maybe she thought she had a tough hill to climb with self-defense and figured that 25 years in prison is much better than the risk of LWOP or death. I understand the logic of “I’m innocent, and I’m not giving in to anything,” but you can never predict what a jury is going to do. Some people would probably rather plea than take the chance of being convicted with a severe punishment.

          • At first this really puzzled me too, why go for a plea bargain of 25 years? But then someone on this site said that with good behavior you would only serve 1/3 of the time or 8.3 years. Being she has already served 4 1/2 years or more, she would be out in less than 4 years. That would certainly make sense then.

          • Kira, pbandj, rb–yes, I hear your points about her weighing her options and doing a sort of (very difficult) risk analysis. Also, we’ve certainly heard those stories about innocent people taking plea deals because they’ve learned that the odds are against them, and they are simply too tired to fight anymore. At some point, the truth, one’s honour and reputation, become less important than just seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

            All the same, I’m still perplexed. Maybe I’m not articulating it well. After she finally admits that she killed him, and after some preliminary hearing(s), the first thing she does is request a plea deal for second degree murder? Is this correct? Why not self defense, right then and there?

            Killing in self defense is not just a lesser degree of murder, like second degree or manslaughter; it’s an “affirmative defense” which I understand to mean justifiable. It’s not that the killer is less culpable than someone who planned to kill somebody, but that she’s not culpable at ALL.

            So, to me, the way this has unfolded is that Jodi, in trying to plea bargain, went from saying, “I’m guilty, but not in the first degree,” and when that option was denied, to “I’m not guilty at all.”

            Are jurors privy to this?

          • Is there a record somewhere of the 25 year plea, or is it just between lawyers?

            Also, does Martinez make the decision to turn it down, or does the family have a say?

            During the 25 year plea, I doubt Jodi ever said “I killed him”, or did she? I mean the first time Jodi herself ever said this was on the stand a few days ago???

            I think there’s also an Alford Plea, which is actually not admitting any guilt at all, but saying that I’ll probably be found guilty even though I’m not.

            I also don’t understand all these other charges 1st, Felony, 2nd, Manslaughter as it relates to this case. Either she’s totally innocent (self defense) or she’s not. That is, if the jury doesn’t believe it was self defense, then why would they believe that she didn’t bring a gun or knife?

          • There is a record somewhere online, because I read it today. Where, I can’t remember! It may be in the Court Docs on this website …

            “Either she’s totally innocent (self defense) or she’s not.” This is the way I understand the self-defense defense as well, DickyM. I do remember that several weeks ago, someone asked about the legal concept of “imperfect self defense.” I believe it was JC who brought it up, and I believe that someone replied that option wasn’t available in the the state of Arizona.

            I don’t feel like re-reading what imperfect self defense means, but I do recall that it defined a kind of grey area concerning culpability. Perhaps something to do with using too much force to defend oneself …

          • Pique,

            Oh, I could see that, “imperfect”. Or not only too much force, but I’ve seen some arguments on this site that say, hey, after you incapacitated him to some degree, why not run out the door.

            I’m not saying this applies to this case, but if I were stabbing someone in self defense, I can’t imagine stopping until the police arrived, in some ways, though in others I could see trying to get the hell out of there asap.

            And don’t you have anything else to do than respond to posts? … god knows I don’t 😀

          • Pique,

            You might enjoy this site … I’ve been reading her for a year now, and have interacted in email. She has a track record of 95% accuracy rate of pointing out deception in people in the news, and then having it substantiated months or years later. And more importantly, she admits when she’s wrong. The BIG CAVEAT is that many people go to her site and misinterpret what she’s saying … when she says “I see deception” or “I don’t buy what he’s saying” … it does NOT mean she thinks they are the killer. She is only saying that she wants to hear more information, and what is currently coming her way is raising some flags. So, if you’re interested. I’ve posted the Doug Grant portion of the blog just because it was mentioned in this blog somewhere:

          • As a matter of fact, I do have other things I should be doing before responding to posts!

            But, I did look at that “Eyes for Lies” link last night. Don’t know most of the suspects/defendants she discusses, because this is the first time that I’ve followed a trial so closely, but I did enjoy her analyses. It doesn’t come off as the the kind of quackery one sees on these pap TV stations, where they talk about things like nose-scratching or looking up to the right, when the person should be looking down and to the left, or how red one’s nose should be from crying. Often, these “experts” are only appearing on TV to support a foregone conclusion.

            What I did like is how she focusses on both non-verbal behaviour together with what people SAY. Those hedge words, inconsistencies, and mixed-up order/tenses. Those verbal oddities that leave give the listener an ill-at-ease feeling. If she’s “95% accurate” it’s probably because of this linguistic analysis and her employment of plain old logic–and the fact that she’s concerned with people in extreme circumstances, where’s there’s a high likelihood of lying anyway! But, she does looks at the whole of their verbal and non-verbal behaviour, and not just a single moment or sound bite.

            It’s interesting that, apparently, she’s had nothing further to say about Jodi Arias for many years.

        • I apologize for not understanding the gist of what you were saying. I went back and read some of your other posts, and your concern is consistently that they have overcharged and can’t prove premeditation. I hear ya now.

  48. So here is my theory of what happened since Jodi didn’t tell the whole story of June 4, 2008 and this is just speculation on my part…

    Jodi and Travis are in the bathroom. Whether she dropped the camera or had an argument with him called him a pedophile etc and then he gets infuriated runs after blah blah this event occurs…

    Then Jodi runs out the bathroom and the camera is still in her hands and she accidentally snaps that shot that looks like the camera fell. IMO, the camera didn’t all she’s running out of the bathroom, because it appears to me the camera was snapped near Travis’s closet entrance nearest to the bedroom, and he may have pushed her or something….

    Jodi escapes and instead of leaving since she’s probably upset about the name calling, arguments and etc she continues fighting with him. She grabs the gun (which I do think Travis owned a gun because AZ has very flexible gun laws and he lived in a house with adults no children so he didn’t NEED to lock it up) shoots him. HE’s not incapacitated and now he’s super furious with her she screams drops the gun whatever the case may be… Then he goes towards her like a linebacker as she stated… She grabs the knife which is in the bedroom area. This is all transpiring near the bedroom and the hallway to the bathroom and she’s running around to run away from him and fight with him. When he grabs her like a linebacker she stabs in the back several times for him to let her go. At this point they are both full of anger. She’s afraid because she’s never seen him this angry and HE wants to kill her after all this has happened. He probably let’s her go because of the stab wounds but he still comes after her and she stabs in the heart. She is very upset so she stabs him several times because at this point their anger is compounded. He’s still moveing and she’s in a frenzy of madness so she cuts his throat. This had to have happened near the closet entrance near the bedroom {and the bathroom too) where by this time the second photo snaps whenever you see her foot and him lying on the floor. Somehow she doesn’t drag him but she lifts him up because she is panicking screaming she is afraid, angry all these emotions that have boiled over after many years of emotional and psychological abuse. She couldn’t take it anymore and she didn’t know how to break free. She puts him in the bathroom. She’s in a daze crying everywhere. Blood is all over her at this point she grabs things that were in the bedroom like his underwear linens and camera throws them in the washer machine. She probably is like a zombie and doesn’t even know what she’s doing. She probably did get lost just drove endlessly without coming to herself. Hoping and praying what she just did and witnessed was a nightmare, but it wasn’t it was reality.

    • You do make a good point! I just can’t wrap my head around this whole premeditation theory! They cannot prove she stole the gun from her grand parents. Did the grand parents report stolen bullets as well?

    • This looks possible to me. At what point though does self defense work? I don’t believe this is murder 1 period. But I move around between murder 2 and manslaughter because I struggle with self defense. If anyone can clarify the difference that would help.

      • 1st degree- Killing someone with premeditation OR killing someone during the commission of another felony.
        a) you planned to kill
        b) while robbing a bank, someone is in your way of the door and you shoot and kill them to get away

        2nd Degree- Without premeditation intentionally causes the death of another person. Knowing the person’s conduct will cause death or serious physical injury.
        a) during a bar fight you continuously beat someone

        Manslaughter- Recklessly causing the death of another person OR Commmitting 2nd degree murder upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion resulting from adequate provocation by the victim
        a) Mom leaves child in car during summer, child dies
        b) Man hits pregnant woman, as a result of her injuries the unborn baby dies
        c) Husband and wife argue, turns physical, one ends up dead in the “heat of the moment”

        • So is the DA attesting that Jodi a) planned to kill, or b) was going to commit some other felony and killed while in the process?

          • Yes Dog, the jury will receive instructions for both. As of my last understanding, the state hasn’t offered up lesser charge of manslaughter. I’m not as familiar with AZ law, but I think if the state doesn’t include the lesser charges manslaughter, the jury won’t be instructed to consider that as a verdict. Thats a double edged sword. jmo..again not all states have the same statutes and rules.

          • Here’s the explanation about the “felony” aspect of the charge (basically, Martinez is saying, that since he believes it’s premeditated … and once she decides to carry out that plan, she is no longer an invited guest, she is trespassing):


            Burglary may occur when a person remains unlawfully with the intent to commit a felony, as the State alleges here. See A.R.S. § 13-1507(A).

            In March 2010, the State provided notice that the underlying felonies supporting the predicate felony of burglary in the second degree of the felony murder charge are first degree murder (or any lesser included offense of first degree murder) and/or aggravated assault.

            Defendant subsequently moved to dismiss the felony murder charge, arguing that the charge was insufficient as a matter of law. That motion was denied by the court following oral argument on June 18, 2010. In its ruling on that issue, the court cited to State v. Moore, 222 Ariz. 1, 14, ¶ 61, 213 P.3d 150, 163 (2009). In that opinion, the Arizona Supreme Court specifically rejected the argument that felony murder cannot be predicated on a burglary based on the defendant’s intent to murder. It did so, in part, based on State v. Miniefield, 110 Ariz. 599, 601, 522 P.2d 25, 27 (1974), in which the Court noted that the felony murder statute “does not draw a distinction between one who intends to kill another by fire and one who only intends to burn down a dwelling house and accidentally kills one of the occupants.” Id. See also State v. Kuhs, 223 Ariz. 376, 224 P.3d 192, 198, ¶ 23, n.4 (2010) (noting that it rejected the defendant’s argument in Moore that “one cannot commit felony murder when one committed burglary in order to commit murder”).

      • I read that the jury can do M1, M2, or acquittal. Manslaughter is not an option. M1 can carry Death, LWP, or Life with parole after 25 years. M2 is 10-25 years, and with time served, she would be eligible for parole in 5 years.

        From my understanding, she was willing to plea bargain to M2 but the state said no.

        I predict either M2 or acquittal.

        • I bet Martinez wishes he’d taken the deal … what an idiot. And all that expense … not to mention all the sordid details. I wonder who ultimately decided to go to trial? I mean, whose decision is that? Idiot.

    • I’m not trying to be an ass, but her friends said she said this … Jodi may or may not have ever stated this or told them this.

      “… two of her closest friends told ABC News in an exclusive interview. “

  49. I am concerned about Ms. Arias ability to really get a fair trial. People are on trial everyday for murder, whether it involves killing one person, two, or more, and are supposed to be assumed innocent until proven guilty or otherwise, by a jury. Some of these cases are reported nationally, but unfortunately, some of them are also televised these days giving minute-by-minute detail of the actual trial to the public-at-large and plenty of material for talk shows that support one side or other’s guilt, screen and take calls overwhelmingly from those listeners who support their views, and have people who attend the trials each day and then report on national television what the other people and jurors were doing, how the jurors looked, etc..

    It seems to me that unless a juror were living on an island with absolutely no contact with the outside world, they are going to be exposed to what the media is doing, directly or indirectly. I am aware that there are measures taken to keep the jury away from hearing or reading things that could shape their opinion, but let’s face it-even the strictest rules in organizations-even in prisons and other highly guarded environments-are broken everyday. Risks of this certainly increase in trials that are highly televised and heavily affected by media bias.

    While the public has a right to know about people and trials involving murder, we learn about it through the news. Unfortunately, for SOME, their trials are televised live in all the details and media outllets and shows pick a side even before the trial begins and begin shaping public opinion, often based on questionable and incorrect data. After Jodi, there will be the very political Zimmerman case. We have already seen the lengths that the press will go even BEFORE trial and we saw the outrage and heard about the threats to jurors after Casey Anthony was acquitted. We need to leave the trials in the courtroom; the public doesn’t need to know every detail minute-by-minute or get the media’s “reporting” by bias, and jurors should not be afraid for themselves and their families after making their conclusion at the end of the highly televised, and media promoted trials of some individuals.

    • I think you made your own opposing point by mentioning the Anthony acquittal. The OJ and Anthony cases prove that being tried in the media doesn’t prevent an acquittal at trial. They both had media saturation before the juries were selected, as well as during.

      • I agree with you Mattie. I know that during the Anthony trial the jury was sequestered, I can’t remember if they were during the Anthony trial or not. It proves that the biased media DOES have an impact on most people. The exposure to media before the trial can not be helped, but just being AWAY from the talking heads during the trial does indeed make a difference, THAT was proven with the Anthony trial. Those poor jurors. There needs to be some real consequences for threatening a juror and for the media hyping up the mob!!

        • How does the acquittal in the CA case prove that media bias sways a jury? Just because they were sequestered is what you’re saying? Cum hoc non propter hoc/cum hoc ergo propter hoc. Correlation does not imply causation. Hopefully juries take their admonitions very seriously and avoid as much media as possible and decide based on the evidence at trial.

      • Made her own opposing point? The reason they were acquitted was because they were (for sure Anthony) sequestered. Why do you think the jury has been instructed to not watch any media pertaining to this trial? Not having the talking heads babbling lies in your ear day after day does make a difference. Are you kidding me? People just don’t get that. Those of us who were not getting our info from the media during the Anthony trial were not SHOCKED at the acquittal. Nancy disgrace and her thug mob were in total disbelief. Why? because they were convinced that the story they were being brainwashed with was true, but those of us who only stuck to the facts and didn’t allow the media to brainwash us maintained the ability to reason and distinguish between fact and fiction.

        • okay. 🙂 No wasn’t kidding, just offering an opinion.

          I didn’t watch all of media coverage of that…but I did watch most of the the CA trial and the evidence simply wasn’t there. I could have watched an endless supply of media and they still wouldn’t have proven their case under the law. jmo of course

          • AnonyGee, I didn’t mean to imply that you were one of those HLN worshipping mouth-breathers. You seem very intelligent. but those who are glued to the tube usually lose the ability to remain objective.

      • I’ve wondered if the jury will be too afraid to give Jodi a light sentence or an acquittal, even if they feel it is right. Look what happened to the jurors on the Casey Anthony trial. So sad America has come to this.
        The Casey Anthony trial is what “woke me up” and inspired me to become an advocate for media reform. It is so scary how influential the TV is. People are so brainwashed by the tube. They no longer have the ability to tell the difference between fact and fiction, no longer capable of forming decisions based on their own thought processes. The majority of people can see irrefutable proof right in front of their face, but their reality is still based on what the TV tells them.

        • To Kmiller:
          Interesting points. The media’s reporting is looking more and more like propaganda or tabloid sensationalism. Many issues of extreme importance to the public get little or no coverage today while a significant amount of other “news”is faulty or based on inaccurate data. The media’s investigative journalism needs to be reformed and they need to be held more accountable for blatant biases and inaccuracies. I do know the purpose of reporting the news is supposed to be to inform the public so they can understand events better and make well-informed decisions. It’s not supposed to be so the media can slant events the way they want to shape public opinion and, in effect, tell us what to think. I realize, like everyone else, they have to make a living and profit economically, but they shouldn’t be masquerading as investigating and reporting news data whenc this is clearly not the case. I feel bad for Jodie; too bad every minute of her trial is televised and the media are allowed to use it to increase their ratings.

          • Mattie, You may have already, but if you dig deep into the real agenda behind the media bias, especially politically, and when you realize who is at the top and follow the money trail, you will see that the reasons for all this runs deep and wide. People don’t realize that the media is owned by only a few, and their interests lie in big banks. Their ultimate goal is to influence the viewer and lead the sheep where ever it is profitable monetarily, politically, and socially.

      • The whole system is corrupt. Case in point: Where I live, there was a person arrested for pedophilia of some sort. His name is plastered all over the news, he lost his job, shunned at church, etc.

        Turns out, he was innocent – Not sure if it went to court or not, but the point is, is that his life has already been ruined. In the eyes of the public and media, he was guilty. He didn’t get to prison, but his life is over. And will be for years to come.

        When Jodi is found innocent, she will be threatened with death threats, Nancy Grace will have a field day, and the jury will probably fear for their lives.

        • Right, remember Casey Anthony was voted the most hated woman in America–and the jury found her innocent. She’s delcared bankruptcy, and her life is basically ruined. She can’t find a job.

          • I still can’t believe Amanda Knox is able to walk freely around Seattle … eatin in restaurants, taking pictures with people who walk up to her. I’d be “living” in a dungeon with posted guards.

          • I think public opinion in the U.S. turned enough in Amanda’s favor that she can live a normal life. From what I understand, the UK papers (where the victim was from) have a much more negative view of Amanda and Rafaelle.

    • you r so right. and the is not sequested, right? APPEAL? guess it depends.
      media should do it’s best to give BOTH sides, and both opinions. the Cnn stable (pretty sure inc. at least, Cnn, Hln, TruTv…) courting 99% prosecutions point of view is NOT true journalism.
      i continue to lose respect for them and others. they have be paid off by ppl who benefit in ways more than ratings and advertising. something BIGGER behind it.

  50. Good points! Also, If anyone knows of any one or more agency or citizen groups that is advocating actively for media reform and accountability, please share it. I have several friends like myself who express our views to each other and others, but that’s as far as it goes. We realize that the media has every right to express views and opinions and this needs to be respected and upheld, and that anyone can make a mistake, including the media, but there are things that the public should not simply tolerate, when reported under the guise of investigative journalism and the presentation of factual data.

  51. I have a real problem with people like Nancy Grace who encourage hate mongering all under the guise of covering a story. It’s all about ratings not about the facts. For Nancy it’s guilt before the trial has even begun. Pre-evidentiary convictions. No innocent until proven guilty. If she thinks somebody is guilty that’s that. Anybody who prefers to let each side present their case before rendering an opinion is a fool or a murderer lover. Evidence be damned. Let’s convict somebody in the court of public opinion before the trial has even started. It’s making a mockery of our justice system and it’s certainly doesn’t show journalistic integrity on her part. She fails to understand that the prosecution has to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to the jurors. A juror may feel that a defendant is guilty, but if the prosecution hasn’t proven its case they can’t convict. You can’t convict somebody just because you don’t like them. The facts have to bear out guilt. Everybody is entitled to a fair trial. I don’t hate anybody who thinks Arias deserves the death penalty. I don’t agree with them, but It’s their opinion and they are entitled to it. I should be entitled to my opinion also without mean and hateful comments from people who disagree with me.

    • mz. disgrace’s tv shoe commercial… str8 from a horse’s mouth (sorry equines!)
      “i enjoy making a difference in the name of justice…”


      • I can’t stand NG. I used to have some respect for her before she was on HLN, but she is so biased, it’s difficult to watch. I only watch her show to get the sum ups of the trial, get angry at the stupidity, build up that anger, then go run on the treadmill to get a good workout in. Being angry gives me the energy for a three mile run.

  52. in my opinion the sad part is people start to watch these trials covered by tv as if they were soap operas and tend to forget this is reality and they even mistreat them as soap operas.Could it be that a lot of people grew up in front of the tv set, maybe they were even raised and nurtured by soap operas to some extend. I once had a coworker telling me that she was raised by the tv and interestingly enough she very much she lived and loved the intrigues of which soaps consist.

    • Of course needles to ad it is not so much the the trial itself being shown on TV as the commentaries by most of the so called experts that bother me

  53. Does anyone know if the defense team did any sort of investigation of the crime scene? I know it was turned over to the family very soon after Flores “investigated”. It was sold later, someone stated here. I wonder if ANY ONE other than the state ever took a look at this crime scene. This case is such hot mess. Jodi got screwed royally!!

  54. One of the Jurors questioned one of the forensics experts about the fingerprints. The question was about weather or not they brush for prints all over/ top to bottom over the whole house, and if not, what are the deciding factors involved in deciding which areas to brush. I REALLY liked this question, and also the question about the room mates whereabouts. It says the jury is really thinking. Can’t wait to hear the questions they have for Jodi, it should be very telling.

    • I so agree!
      When the jurors asked about the roommates, the talking heads went crazy saying are these jurors watching the same thing we are.
      What made them go nuts?
      All I can say is watching them they are so blood thirsty, THEY don’t even get what as said right that day.
      They LIE so many times and whoever is a true believer in them, shut their ears off to anything else.

      You know this jury heard all of the threats to the CA jurors, ran them through the mud.
      The jury hears and sees more than they do and still give them hell. I wish they would stop.
      They give gag orders. I wish they would give them to the talking heads during a trial.
      Do you think if people had to pay to watch them they would?
      BUT, that really isn’t right either.
      I don’t know the answer, but I don’t watch unless that’s where the trial is and it’s only In Session and HLN.
      That isn’t the answer either.
      Why aren’t there fair journalist?

  55. The last execution of a female in Arizona was in 1937!! Arizona is not big on sending women to death row nor executing them. God forbid anything like that happens to Jodi Arias. She has no prior history of violence, nor a criminal record. I was reading about the case of Debora Milke, who is one of the first females on Arizona’s DR. She was convicted in the 90’s and is still serving time. The investigator who handled her case was so corrupt and biased, he will most likely be the cause of getting her sentence commuted. Then there is the latest case of the third woman on AZ DR who shot and killed an illegal immigrant father and his 9 year old daughter. The crime was racially motivated and heinous in all aspects. How, can the DA place Jodi Arias’s crime in the same category as the latter? Yes, she killed him but he was no 9 year old girl, not even a good person! With all his insidious text messages and deviant pedophiliac fantasies, killing him was a matter of self defense for Jodi. Did he deserve to die, NO! But she should not pay for killing him with her life either. Did JA cash out a life insurance policy after he died…no. There is no way in hell Nancy Disgrace or those castrated minions on her show can convince me that JA is evil, calculating, manipulative, and capable of premeditation. Even if she gets LWPP, I can see an endless lawsuits to overturn the verdict because the media has in one way or another influenced the opinion of the “sequestered” jury. In this day and age, every person has access to a hand held I-phone with internet access. Mark my words this time, JA will die a natural death like every one of us and hopefully a free woman. She is a living martyr and a symbol of verbally abused and used women. Sorry for being long winded and off track from the gist of this thread.

    • I always shake my head when the mouth-breathing post that Jodi is going to get the needle as soon as the trial’s over. Even if she gets the DP (and I hope she doesn’t), there’s such a thing as an appeals process. It’s like these people never paid attention in 9th grade Civics class.

  56. I really thin Donivan and Ann may have alot to add to the case, I think her Mom should testify as well. If Jodi really was abused her Mom admitting it on the stand would help her alot. I think she did really well holding uo on the stand against martinez, but honestly, I am not at all confident with her attorneys, they need to step up the game – the kind of looked dumbfounded by the magazines..Matt needs to testify and say he had nothing to do with this so he van help her get out of this mess.

  57. well it’s now being reported as confirmed that Matt McCartney was involved with the creating of these letters. evidently someone is close to the case knew about this… this is not look good and will probably come up very shortly.

    • Daniel,

      Where are you reading this? I hope that’s not true. I know the defense wants a polygraph Jodi passed in at mitigation should there be a need. I dont know if the state said yes to the motion though. I do believe that polygraph was in reference to the letters. i read this on the Travis site. Stuff from the case was being leaked from the friends and family to the site and they said the polygraph was in reference to the letters.

    • Where exactly is this being “reported”? If it is from the Travistown sites, then I don’t put much faith in it. If it comes out in trial, then that is another thing. As far as I remember, it has not come out in trial.

      i would think if Kermit could prove someone close to jodi forged them, then he would be all over it.

      I’m not going to put ANY belief into it, unless it is brought up at trial.

      These ARE the same friends and family of Travis who swore jodi was a stalker after all.

      • Its from the woman writing the book of this case from a pro-pros prespective. Shawna Hogan, the women from the news site, The Gather, was in the courtroom at the earlier hearing and said all this came out.

        • perspective.
          SHANNA HOGAN, author of Picture Perfect [via phone with Jane Velez-Mitchell]: Yes. That was one of the most shocking moments in court. We’ve known about this for a while. She communicated with her ex boyfriend, Matthew McCartney, through jail and he was involved in creating these letters that were later proven to be forgeri…es. And that was the only substantial evidence that was given to produce her — to back up her statement. ”

          I did not watch the show, but this is getting around now because I guess, people believe that this Shawna Hogan was in the courtroom back then because she was writing her book, thus giving her inside knowledge.

          BUT – the statement is vague in my opinion. How do we know how matt helped her? It was said by nurmi that the letters were verified. Maybe Matt sent them for her and thats how he’s involved.
          Or maybe Shanna Hogan, the author, is full of it.

          Only time will tell…

        • Gather is far from a reputable news site. I’m a freelance writer and I know that the site hires people who do not have journalist credentials. Anyone who is accepted to their various campaigns can write articles and call them “news.”

    • These letters aren’t admitted though, right? So will the jury hear of this? Can Martinez bring up forged letters that aren’t submitted as evidence?

  58. Daniel,

    I found this quote taken from the rag, The GAs Shanna Hogan, who is an expert on all things about this trial, confirmed to Jane Velez-Mitchell via a phone interview, Jodi Arias’ ex boyfriend, Matt McCartney, was “involved in creating” the letters alleging that Travis Alexander was a pedophile. Meaning he forged them. Hogan said, “Yes, that was one of the most shocking moments in court. We’ve known about this for a while. She communicated with her ex-boyfriend, Matthew McCartney, through jail, and he was involved in creating these letters that were later proven to be forgeries. And that was the only substantial evidence that was given to… back up her statement.”ather -”

    When did this happen in the trial? I watched the whole time and never heard that said.

    • I THINK she was referring to a hearing before the trial. like a year or two ago?? I have been trying to figure out which one so I could look it up. Wouldn’t Matt have been charged if that was the case?

      • yes I think he would have been. And why then, did Nurmi specifically state that the letters were proved not to be forgeries to Chris H. during the motion for mistrial?

        • JC, i think it is just more media propaganda by Travistown. Remember how sure they were that she was a stalker?

          Nurmi would not have said they were proven not to be forgeries if what Travistown people are saying is true.

          • Yep, Shanna Hogan sounds like one of your typical types. She’ll claim to have the “inside” scoop so that all of the other posters will worship her and buy her book.

        • ok JC. I checked that girls facebook and it says this:

          Shanna Hogan No. Matt did not tell me. Before the trial there were several hearings in 2010 and 2011 which Matt McCartney attended in open court. He testified that the letters were real and written by Travis. The defense used these letters to build their self-defense claim and paint Travis as a pedophile. Experts later said these were forgeries. I have been careful not to say Matt forged anything. I have only said he was involved in getting these letters to the attorneys. On a side note, Martinez told McCartney that if he testified about those letters during her trial, that he would have him up on charges of perjury “before his feet hit the ground.”

          I am confused because if they were for sure proven as forgeries why would Nurmi say that and why would he ever bring them up again? I would only believe they were forgeries if court documents said that, to which i have seen none. This is bizarre. Why would Matt be on the list to testify with the defense if M threatened him with charges? It is just too bizarre. Nurmi would have been prepared for this and I do not know if he would have even let her tell the Jury about the pedo stuff if M could tie her and Matt to lying about it. Something is just not adding up at all

          • Oh, I see. Shanna Hogan probably misunderstood like so many other people in thinking that they were proven forgeries. From the court docs on this site, they refused to analyze them because they were copies. Being copies does not automatically mean something is forged.

            You might want to check the docs on the site and you will see that they only compared Jodi’s writing to her own writing in her journals. There is nothing listed about the Travis pedophile letters.

            BUT, if it comes out differently in trial, then we’ll know.

            I don’t think Kermit objected in the evidence hearing when Nurmi said they were not forgeries. I can’t exactly remember.

            I am so sick of the media lies and twists.

          • Thanks BeeCee!

            I looked at the docs on the site which I never have before! I seen on one it talks about the letters, but it says they were not authenticated or found as forgeries. So it is just misinformation from the media. And it is just what you said, not authenticated because they are a copy and not the original.

            That makes more sense, if they would have been actually found to be forgeries we would have seen that in court docs. The girl who is writing the book, who is saying they were found as forgeries obviously cannot hear properly. If she is writing a book she should probably get her facts straight lol

          • Oh that is interesting! Thanks! So yea why would nurmi bring that up in the mistrial hearing to Chris H, if they were proven forgeries? So Matt is who sent them to the defense?

            And didn’t the defense want to get this in?

            This is weird.

          • Another reason I won’t be buying Shanna Hogan’s book.

            She did a decent job writing about Marjorie Orbin, but it looks like she will be a stenographer for Travis’s so-called friends instead of being objective about it.

          • The fact that Shauna Hogan is peddling her book on HLN shows is very telling about how much you can count on the content to be accurate.