Penalty Phase – No Verdict – Mistrial called – May 23rd, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Following on from Jodi’s 10 part interview from May 22nd 2013, here’s a replay of the Penalty Phase Mistrial on May 23rd:

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If you missed our earlier post featuring the JAA Appellate Movie, click this link to watch it.


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    • Yah – I am still PO’d about that. Sandy Arias didn’t just ‘not know there was a verdict’ – she was specifically told it was a jury question.

      • Same here Journee. Sandy should have been notified! But why would anyone be fair to an Arias? Pffff
        Does anyone know who’s responsible for notifying the family members?

    • I could feel Jodi’s agony…. terrifying, horrible minutes that Jodi should have never had to experience in the first place!

      • Sweet jodi seemed more in shock when the Jury hang than during the Guilty verdict. Back then I couldn’t understnad why: now I know what she was so much afraid of. That her torture would prolong. And it did, FFS it did. 1 year later and still no penatly. Still stuck in Limbo.

      • This article could have been written by Jodi’s juror #6 except, that in her case, she was not excused. Both working in extensions of the police department and both so invested in wanting to be a part of it all. It is good to read that sometimes the system still works and they sent her biased self home to watch it on TV.

        Nurmi’s request to withdraw:

        “Ms. Arias has evidenced an intent to have advisory counsel and other defence team members act in ways that are consistent with Office of Public Defender Services Policy. Undersigned counsel does not feel such actions would be appropriate and never agreed to perform such services on behalf of indigent client”.

        An interesting choice of words. I would want my attorney to follow PDS policies. The actions he felt that would not be appropriate must have been things like answering his client’s telephone calls. But in his defence, he did want to set up a private practice in 2011 and here it is now 2014 and the state is still dragging this thing out.

        • Carol, did you c/p that, or did you have to type it out – and maybe left out a word?

          “advisory counsel and other defense team members act in ways that are *** consistent with Office of Public Defender Services Policy.”

            • Maybe not so bizarre – Nurmi’s motions always have typos. This could be an unfortunate typo for him though, as it seems to rather undermine his point.

              • Or maybe it doesn’t. My legalese skills are lacking.

                I hope he gets his wish this time. I’ll only regret not getting to see him 70 pounds thinner with hair…. very curious about that.

                • This case has been stretched over such an extraordinary length of time for any attorney, but for one who has no interest in capital cases and is invested into building a new law practice, it must seem endless. The judge should grant his request and allow Jodi her right to have a public defence team all operating under their policies, and not this half and half arrangement that they made with Nurmi three years ago. It is not a case that is all that complicated and one everyone in the world seems to know about.

                • I hope he doesn’t get his wish and is obligated to sit. From the beginning in 2009 he tried to get out and at least 3 + times since he’s failed to get out. That he would be free from the circumstances is a reward he doesn’t deserve. He never helped Jodi as far as I’m concerned. Letting him go would help Jodi focus, but isn’t her best bet an appeal when this part is done?
                  Not that it is really important, but I only recently found out that Jodi was originally attempting to represent herself, but a couple of preliminary motions(on what I don’t know) were denied, so she got the court to obligate Nurmi. To me that screams NO HELP FOR JODI, from the beginning!

                • I didn’t really phrase that “she got the court to obligate Nurmi ” part right. I just meant that Jodi told the court that Nurni was the most familiar lawyer at the time, and the court agreed and obligated him to help. He sucked, and he needs to be long gone, but he deserves to be subjected to this part the shitstorm he created and failed to create. F him!

                • One thing that Trial Lilypad wrote, was that Jodi had a grin on her face from ear to ear or something to that effect. IMO nothing would make her happier than to see Nurmi not sitting at the table with her. She should be surrounded with only people who care about what happens. She looks more content when she has Jen on one side and Maria on the other. Don’t punish Jodi anymore with having an attorney who wants to be anywhere else doing anything else. It’s like a couple who really need a divorce.

                • We’ll see CanadaCarol, we’ll see. I imagine you’ll be right, I just dislike the fact that he absolutely caused a great deal of the results, now he just fades into the sunset unscathed. I believe Jodi was smiling cause SOMETHING actually went her way for once! She does not need to be bothered by Nurmi anymore, I just resent his actions hope he gets HIS just desserts

                • johnm, I think the whole issue however it ends up will be a strong appellate issue. I can only imagine how Jodi might be feeling either way.

                  She only has one chance at this, and to be out of sync with her lead attorney would be hellish. However it ends up, I hope it is for her best.

                • I’m somehwre in between. I despise Nurmi’s lack of enthusiasm, professionalism and devotion to his job and want to see him having to sit through the entire process but on the other hand I know that Jodi doesn’t want him there any more. He’s useless anyways, so what’s the point in keeping him?
                  Plus, being a strong believer of energies, auras etc I feel that Nurmi’s negativity will have a bad impact on Jodi’s psyche. She is fighting for her life; she should be surrounded by people who care about her and are doing the best they can to save her.

                • Perfect. Trial Lilypad!!!!!! FOFLMAO Thanks ((((((CanadaCarol)))))))! It is good to laugh every now and then or I would go CRAZY with all of this GARBAGE!!!

        • It is the last paragraph of the second last page of his motion. The paragraph begins:

          “Additional reasons for withdrawal of counsel relate to the fact that Undersigned Counsel does not have a contract with the Public Defense Services and that the other team members do, because this creates a conflict between Undersigned Counsel and Ms. Arias who has evidenced an intent to have advisory counsel and other defense team members act in ways that are consistent with Office of Public Defence Services Policy. Undersigned counsel does not feel that such actions would be appropriate and never entered in contract with the Office of Public Defense Services thus Undersigned Counsel never agreed to perform such services on behalf of indigent client represented by the Office of Public Defense Services. ”

          He goes on “While further details of this conflict have been purposefully vague pursuant to the restraints that attorney-client privilege ….”

        • I’m torn in half:

          On one hand, I’d like to see Nurmi gone. His up to now lack of professionalism, lack of passion and sloppiness has not helped Jodi, whatsoever.

          Bellow are basic responsibilities a lawyer must have towards his/her client. You can read more at :

          ‘Here are some basic ethical and professional rules your lawyer must follow. Your lawyer:

          * Must represent you ethically, zealously and within the bounds of the law
          * Must competently analyze legal issues and exercise knowledge of the law applicable to your case
          * Must communicate with you in a timely and effective manner
          * Must not create a conflict of interest
          * Must follow your directions in handling your case unless they are illegal
          * Must keep your personal property separate from his or her own property, and must keep your money in an escrow account
          * Must return your money or property when requested
          * Must keep client conversations confidential, except in specific and rare occasions
          * Must not have a personal relationships with a client
          * Must not act against your best interests unless he or she first obtains your informed written consent
          * Must be loyal to you’

          When Nurmi was rejecting phone calls from Jodi wasn’t he failing in practicing his responsibilities towards Jodi?

          Now, on the other hand, I also agree with Johnm: He should be punished by not being granted to withdraw from the case!

          I wonder if the pay is going to be the same, now that he will be council and not first chair…

  1. Here is the Documents Nurmi filed with the court and the Judge if it will now work to see it by clicking on it do as I did Ctrl + to enlarge and it looks like someone captured it with a phone Jen and Juanderlover are at it again releasing info to the public Im just the messenger here blame it on Jen…. man how rumors fly now I want to see how HLN and CNN will be able to keep the court stuff secret till after the verdict when ever that happens bet they break the court rules bet the Jury goes home and turns on the TV

  2. I need to share what we here have been accused of on GB’s discussion site: We are guilty of presuming her innocent before the trial even started. 🙂 (I think we are witnessing a serious pandemic of “stupid”.)

      • And apparently we are the most nasty and most vile site they’ve seen. Huh? I guess they judge such things exactly the way they judge trials. Ignore the obvious and go with what validates your hypothesis.

        • They’ve got it all backwards, now haven’t they? Aren’t they a treat?!?
          Oh, and ”nasty” is a mild adjective haters/fencers have used to describe this site believe me 😉

      • The whole thread has degenerated into bashing of this site (I’ve dropped out of the conversation) and they are all patting each other on the back for their brilliant comments. And this is a pattern that happens over and over. When we place before them questions about their reasoning that they can’t find a quick and easy answer to, they switch to things like picking apart one phrase, or even on word, so as to attack the commenter’s intelligence. Or they tell us one more time that the jury found her guilty (aka stfu). Or they attack all supporters. They even accuse Jodi-supporting commenters of not even being U.S. citizens since we don’t understand U.S. law and that in AZ, in a self-defense case, the defendant needs to disprove every innuendo and supposition that the prosecutor puts forth or else the jury has a right to find them guilty.

        • And here’s one I really love. I often tend to use sarcasm in a sincere attempt to show them how stupid their reasoning is. But because they do actually see how stupid it is, they accuse me of attacking them (i.e., telling them they’re stupid.) It would actually be funny if it weren’t so scary.

        • Been there, done that.
          I even got the whole you’re-not-American-so-why-the-fuck-do-you-care treatment! Okey…..

      • And it then degenerated even further into them investigating and finding out that this site was created on 12/16/2012, before the trial started, further evidence proving how biased we were. 🙂

    • That’s turning the whole justice system on it’s head, never mind stupid. The presumption of innocence is what the whole system is based on. Justus, their form of justice starts with the presumption of guilt and innocence must be proven. That is the new unofficial system in American courts these days since empathy has been replaced with apathy and cynicism.

      • Exactly right, Carol! And it’s scary! I do like to think (and certainly hope) that these are just extremes. But I also fear they may be just the tip of the iceberg and represent a large population of people who can’t think in a straight line.

          • Actually, Carol, it’s closed FB group from which I will probably be booted soon. And that could be a blessing, giving me an excuse not to attempt any further reasoning with unreasonable people.

            • That’s how mixed FB groups always start. Peacefully, civilised, both sides maintaining the facade of we can talk things out despite our differences.
              But sooner or later they degenerate and end up into a bunch of vile exchanges (usually from both sides). I willingly removed myself from that group, George put me back in. But I never read there….

              • Yes, I try to stay civil but before long someone says something stupid or insulting and then they all chime in, backing each other up with high-fives. There may be only one or two supporters there against five or six of them. They come and go during the discussion but if one of us steps away it’s obviously (in their eyes) because we can’t stand the truth. Or they hit us with five or six questions and if we don’t answer them all then we are avoiding and evading while I’ve asked plenty of questions that none of them have answered. But they don’t see that. They only see what they want to see.

                Actually I really don’t think they want to know what I’d really like to say to them.

    • Too freaking funny! This site was made before Jodi’s trial began…. thus innocent until proven guilty!
      Even I, whom I am NOT a US citizen knew that…

      I don’t understand what the fixation is that they have with this site. They claim the site is the worst of all sites ever made in the history of sites. They claim we are stupid, idiots, etc. They claim that they hate us. They claim that they hate Jodi. They claim, they claim, they claim… and yet, they are fencing at this site, day in – day out, reading our every comment and criticizing everything we write. WTF??? Are they masochists?

      Ya we got it! You don’t like this site, you don’t like what we write, you don’t like us, you don’t like Jodi… then why on earth do you keep on coming back???

      FOR THE LOVE OF ALL GODS! Do yourselves a favor and get a fucking hobby that you DO like!!!

      It’s madness… it’s like me claiming I hate techno music BUT going to a specific club every single night, listening to the beat of techno music and then after a couple of hours leaving the club and whining for another couple of hours about how much I hate techno music…. MADNESS, MY FRIENDS.. PLAIN MADNESS.

      • May I add, to those who will say: “Ya, but she was found guilty”:

        Jodi Arias is innocent of the conviction she was given: premeditated M1.


      • Oh, but my dear dear loving girl: have you forgotten??????????????

        This site DOES attract masochists 😉

      • Pandora,

        I’ve come to the conclusion that you cannot reason at all with these people who don’t like the fact that we support and love Jodi just because they don’t!!!! I don’t even know if they truly read our posts to them on different sites! I think as soon as they recognize that it is a Jodi supporter they just get in gear for their standard rant! We could do the same thing but we are better than that! That just proves someone’s character!!!

        • Oh Marja, you are so right about that!

          Truth is that we can’t go around not talking to everyone that doesn’t support Jodi. As long as they are respectful for Jodi as a human being, have interest in the case and not the drama.

          Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But those trolls that ooze and reek of hatred are the ones I have no respect for. The ones that can’t support what they say and use their ‘song and dance’ bashing quotes to prove how immature and moronic they are… Those are the ones we should avoid like the plague because they are useless… They can’t make a healthy conversation and debate if their lives depended on it…

          For the ‘non-supporters’ (not the haters!) :

          “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

  3. I read a lengthy comment from a TA supporter on his site about the OP case and how she knew better than the prosecutor what the crux of the case was. This is a case where the state’s case was proven to be completely wrong through the timeline set up by the defence through phone calls, and one if you didn’t follow the evidence you miss the whole truth about what the state witnesses’ testimony was about.

    This comment proved to me what I have thought all along. They don’t care who the accused is – guilty until proven innocent. They speak as though they know everything there is to know and they are the great judges but they don’t have the inclination to really do the work it takes to understand the facts and then reach an informed decision. Hopefully, they are a very small minority of any prospective jury pool.

    HLN are now starting to cover stories where the decision from the jury is harsher than even they anticipated, but then it’s – well that’s what the jury decided.

  4. Hi All-
    It’s been a while since I have been here, so trying to do some catching up. I just read on an NBC website that the new trial will begin Sept 8th, and that Jodi will be representing herself. Is this true?

    • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      TR, is that really you???? I AM SO GLAD to see you back! For those who may not know, TR has been a great loyal supporter of Jodi’s and a person to whom I am most obliged.

      Yes hon, the penalty phase retrial starts on Sept. 8th and apparently Judge Stephens has granted Jodi’s motion to represent herself. Supporters are torn about her decision but we will NEVER stop supporting our girl 😉

      Good to see you here after so long! 🙂 🙂

      • Hi Maria- Yes it’s really me:) How are you? I try my best to follow what is going on with Jodi and must say I am concerned about her decision to represent herself. Sadly though, I’m not sure she will ever get a fair trial no matter who represents her. So glad to see that you and some others continue to keep active in your support on this site. I’m guessing some of the other “old timers” will come back once the trial starts again. Take care.

    • TR!!! Nice to see you back here! Hope we get to see more of you, more often! You have been missed. I can’t count the amount of times Maria has mentioned how nice you have been to her! 🙂

  5. I was reading some old Inconvenient Truth. I love Sandra’s description of Stephens and Martinez:

    “She was like the substitute teacher and Juan was like the bad kid who ran out of Ritalin and his mom wouldn’t come pick him up!”

  6. I will never forget this was the only site on the internet that supported Jodi the only one then came Occupy HLN and Inconvenient Truth now there was 3 place to go …. We have all been attacked for supporting Jodi somewhere now that there is so many pages for Jodi and so many pages for Travis and pages for Jaun and pages for Flores ….. I remember when we came together and started looking at this case and we discovered how wrong things where in Flores report …. How we learned about Travis arrest record … How we discovered something was wrong with Ashley Thompson Reeds death …. I will never forget the days of discovery ….when good people left because of the hate placed on us why how come there are so many still questioning all this both the good and bad why I think its because no one was given the answers we wanted in the trial they just left to much out for me to say she is guilt of M1 and the other KKK just want to shut us up so they get to feel good for there nasty remarks about us hay I’m proud to be a stupid Jodi supporter….. I’m proud to still be here 1 1/2 years later …. I’m proud of the ones that stuck it out when it got to hot to handle for some of us and I hope they this and come back and say they are still around reading here TO Jodi how I admire for I see myself in her shoes with what has happen in my life time and if she need to go at this alone I will be here telling her GO JODI GO …… GO JODI GO and to this new PI she has hired he had better do right by her because SW will find out were you live post your photo and send every supporter to hour house if you dont do right by her SO GLAD SJ YOUR STILL HERE and enjoy everyone that comes here to support Jodi The end

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