Penalty Phase – Day 3 – May 21st, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay includes Jodi’s allocution… final jury instructions… Closing Statements…a Rebuttal from Jennifer Willmott and additional instruction to the jury.

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The Penalty Phase Day 3 – May 21st, 2013:

Part 1/4:

Jodi Arias Allocution

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Part 2/4:

Final Jury Instructions

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Part 3/4:

Closing Statements

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Part 4/4:

Rebuttal & Jury Instructions

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    • I hope Jodi gets acquitted of the charges against her, my personal view is that Travis made a total mess/wreck of her and her life, by using her and manipulating her into sex acts that he created in his foul mind that destroyed his own soul.

      • You said it.
        Travis ruined her life. People like Travis are anathema to me: they’re manipulative, duplicitous and cheating. I can’t understand why his supporters overlook his sins and transgressions! He broke the law of chastity, one of the cornerstones of the Mormon religion. By supporting him, they essentially glorify his abusive behavior towards women.

    • I think if everyone would think their loved ones could very well find themselves in the same predicament that Jodi has. Would they not want a fair and honest trial? Would they not want the very best attorneys to represent their family members and friends. We all have to give to help Jodi. She deserves it. We can not let this witch trial continue. Jodi has served way too long for a crime that she has been unjustly accused of. It is not a crime to protect oneself from a vicious abusive attacker. If we let this happen in the state of Arizona it could happen anywhere. Our family members could be next. The people responsible for this CIRCUS of a trial should be held responsible. Did they not take an oath when they received their law degrees to follow the laws of this country? What has happened to our Justice System that is more interested in the Media attention and the all mighty dollar than the lives of our citizens? We will continue our quest to FIGHT FOR JUSTICE for Jodi! Please donate to save our Jodi!!!!!!

      • I agree, anyone could end up in her shoes. People get wrongfully convicted all the time, about 5% of all inmates in the US are in fact innocent.

    • I enjoy helping Jodi and sending funds to her and her appellate fund, I believe she is a very nice and talented young individual. Thank You for the opportunity in allowing those who support Jodi to contribute.

  1. Hi everyone, I just rewatched the video’s that SJ re-posted. It was very upsetting. One year has passed and Jodi still doesn’t know what the outcome of this trial will be.

    I am really hoping that in a year that has passed, the lynch mob has settled down enough to not try and interfere with the trial again (camp outside the courthouse, spew hatred, find ways of threatening and intimidating anyone on Jodi’s side, etc.). Then again, how else will they ever have a chance in getting their 15 min of fame (in the case that some tv crew puts a mike in front of them so their ugly hearts can be worded)???

    Ethics and moral principles are sacrificed in the name of brief and passing fame … 🙄 truly sad and shallow…

    Jodi, keep strong, keep faith, stay positive.

    We love you girl and stand by your side in your quest for justice!

    ((((Jodi))) ♥

  2. Just another example of Arizona’s judicial tyranny…absolutely awful. The part about “Arizona can’t punish these girls enough” rings so true, doesn’t it?. This is the institutionalized misogyny Jodi is up against.


    Community resource for those monitoring abuses of prisoners across the criminal justice system, and for those subject to or surviving state violence, neglect and abuse.

    Survivors of Prison Violence Survivors of Prison Violence – Arizona – Arizona

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    Saturday, January 28, 2012 Saturday, January 28, 2012

    Margaret Jean Plews at 7:25 AM

    Perryville Prison Deaths in Custody: Forrest Day, 19.

    UPDATED 2/2/2012:

    The answers to those of my questions below which can be derived from criminal and court records are in this new article by the Arizona Republic. I’m choosing not to re-print it here because the article positions Forrest’s behavior problems in a way that seems to justify her being sent to prison in the first place…like she was just a “bad girl”. I don’t accept that premise. She acted out the way children do when troubled…and troubled children, in my book, do not belong in adult prison.

    So, if you plan to contact either the judge or prosecutor in this case, do check out the AZ Republic article linked to above to see just the surface of what they were looking at, through the eyes of the criminal justice system. Before you make up your mind what to write, though, read the note below from this friend of Forrest’s family as well…

    Forrest Day, at 16. Forrest Day, at 16.

    UPDATED (9/31/12):

    At the age of 16, despite being too young to be trusted to drink, drive, smoke, vote, or even get away with skipping school, Forrest Day was prosecuted as an adult for the death of her 8 month old baby. As recounted in the article below, she put her son in the bathtub then got distracted elsewhere in the house by writing poetry – behavior characteristic of a child. It’s not even as if she went out partying and left him home alone, beat or shook him, or even filled up the tub.

    It doesn’t appear that Forrest was even accused of intending to hurt her child. You don’t have to will a person harm in order to be charged with negligent homicide, of course, though I suspect they hit her so hard to begin with in order to coerce her into a plea deal on the felony child abuse charges -which I also think were a stretch in this circumstance.

    This case may not be entirely a matter of Andrew Thomas’ office overreaching again, though. It looks like the state law requires prosecutors to file charges in adult court when certain felonies and violent crimes are involved – when that happens, though, it appears as if that court then has discretion over where the case is heard.

    In any event, Forrest’s prosecutor was Suzanne E. Cohen. Her office with the Maricopa County Attorney is at: 301 W. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ 85003. She’s just applied to be nominated as a judge, so this would be a good time to write to her about her take on charging children like Forrest as adults (according to the DOJ’s research, it doesn’t reduce crime). She just helped prosecute the Baseline Killer and got a few death sentences, so there’s a good chance she could end up on the Superior Court bench in the next couple of years.

    Forrest was sentenced to probation, and then to prison, by Michael Kemp, a judge from Juvenile Court. I can’t tell from the records who actually made the decision to let the state prosecute her as an adult, though. If you have questions about why he did what he did and what he thinks about charging children like her as adults – kids with no criminal record or intent – direct them to him. He can be reached at:

    Northwest Regional Center (NW) 14264 W. Tierra Buena Lane Surprise, AZ. 85374 (602) 372-9400

    Within less than 6 months of being charged, facing decades in prison if convicted on both counts, Forrest pled guilty to class 3 felony child abuse. Here’s the news article on her plea. In return, the state dropped the homicide charges and she was sentenced to 7 years of probation; upon entering her plea she was sent home with her parents and essentially ordered, ironically, to resume the life of a “normal” teenager.

    For those of you who have never been on probation or parole, it’s not as easy as you may think to abide by. Forrest violated hers within a year, just before her 18th birthday. I don’t know what she did to get into trouble with the court – she apparently wasn’t charged with a new crime. She did get pregnant again, though, and wanted to keep her unborn daughter – forbidden by the judge. She was only allowed to see her at the hospital once she was born.

    Forrest was committed to the custody of the AZ Department of Corrections on November 10, 2010, soon after having her second child. For breaking her probation, Kemp gave her 3 1/2 years in state prison on the original child abuse conviction. For neglecting her child at the age of 16, the rest of us condemned her to live – and die – with the guilt and stigma of killing her son as if she had intended to. We just can’t seem to dole out enough punishment in Arizona to satisfy the electorate here, and it looks like we’re letting the legislature get away with refusing to address sentencing reform again this session, so we do share some responsibility here…

    Sadly, Forrest committed suicide on January 27, 2012 at Perryville Prison on the maximum security yard, Lumley. She was only 19 years old. Hers was one of three prison suicides last week, in fact; she was the youngest. Our condolences go out to Forrest’s parents and other loved ones. I can’t think of anything more devastating than surviving the loss of one’s child.

    This weekend a friend of Forrest’s family left a comment at the bottom of another post, speaking to the beautiful soul she knew her to be, that is better placed here:

    ————-from Arizona Prison Watch————–

    A 16-year-old Avondale girl facing felony child abuse and negligent homicide charges was distracted by writing poetry while her 8-month-old son drowned in the bathtub, according to a police report.

    Forrest Day, pleaded not guilty at her arraignment Wednesday, following her indictment on April 23. Day will be tried as an adult and is due back in court June 18.

    Day’s son, Elijah James Day, drowned about 3:30 p.m. Feb. 21 after she set him down in the bathtub, turned the water on with the drain unplugged and left the room, according to the Avondale police report.

    Day told investigators she was looking for a towel but got sidetracked with poems she was writing, the report states. After checking on Elijah after about five minutes, she said she went into her bedroom, saw her poetry book and started reading some old poems. She said she was gone for about 20 minutes this time.

    Day said she went from her room to the living room, to her sister’s room, and then outside on the back porch trying to find a quiet place to write. She eventually went into her parents’ bedroom and closed the door behind her, according to police documents.

    Day’s 9-year-old brother and his friend were playing video games in the living room when the friend heard the water running in the bathroom and told her brother. Her brother went to the bathroom and found Elijah floating face down in the water.

    He pulled him out of the water and yelled for his sister, the report says. Day tried CPR but when it didn’t work, she took him across the street to a neighbor’s house. The neighbor called police and administered CPR until police arrived.

    Elijah was unresponsive to attempts to revive him, according to the report. He was airlifted to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, where he was pronounced dead at 4:36 p.m.

    Day was “hysterical and crying,” the report states. She told police she gave Elijah a bath almost daily but this was the first time she left him alone in the bathtub.

    She faces one count of Class 2 felony child abuse, a dangerous crime against children; and one count of negligent homicide, a Class 4 felony.

    Police: Teen mom was writing poem when baby drowned

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    • Herbie Reardon,

      That is the saddest article that I have ever read!!! I was sobbing for a long time after reading what the Arizona Prison System did to that poor girl!!! OMG!!! How terrible!!!

      RIP, Forrest Day and Elija!!! May God be with their family!

  3. [ Judging Others ] “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye”? … Matthew 7:1-5


    (((((FREE JODI ANN ARIAS, AZ)))))

    (((((TEAM JODI)))))

  4. BTW, remember that annoying guy named “Arizona Sky” who’s now trolling under “Jane” and who used to troll under “Howard Gere”?
    Apparently he’s been annoying not only us, but our “opponents” (for lack of a better term) as well! This is what they wrote about him on Facebook:

    “I’ve banned Howard. I don’t have the time nor patience to go through his drivel… ”

    Just marvelous. Drivel is exactly what he’s been spewing.

  5. Jodi will be going to prison for a very long time it is going to be hard to watch the judge sentence her to prison I only hope Jodi will be able to handle prison not only will she go to prison she wont have J.W. has her lawyer she wont be going to court anymore if she gets life Jodi will be locked down for 23 hours for the next year in a half alone right now J.W. goes to see her in jail J.W has been her lawyer for almost 3 years J.W. been there for Jodi not just has a lawyer more has caring for her so Jodi going to prison and losing J.W. I think it will be to much for her it is going to hit her hard Jodi is going to be crying during sentencing really hard I pray its not death I hate to say this Jodi going to be in prison 25 years or more I hope she gets out in 5 years but I don’t see that happening I just hope Jodi wont want to hurt her self I hope she can hang in there I don’t think J.W. will never forget Jodi she will be watching updates just like us I hope Jen talks after the case

    • Shannon,

      I know, I think of what you said too, and all I know is that a lot of people will be responsible for whatever happens to Jodi for convicting her to first degree, premeditated murder when she was only defending her life! I sure wouldn’t want to be responsible for that and for whatever else transpires because of it! I pray for Jodi all the time and hope that somehow someone will look into Jodi’s case and see all the injustice done in Jodi’s trial and it will be overturned and she will then get a fair trial or she will be acquitted!

      I don’t understand society today and how they have become so cold, heartless and evil that they would rejoice at putting someone to death!

      May God have mercy on us all!!!

      • Amen Sister Mary! What the Arizona Justice (?) system has put Jodi through is beyond criminal!!!
        I believe everyone in Arizona need glasses and their very own personal Thinking Cap!!! I really have never seen so many people who refuse to think for themselves. Too lazy!

        • Must be the heat getting to some of them :)))
          It’s really hot there, I’m amazed at how they manage to survive this harsh, arid climate.


    Three Dog Night – Easy to Be Hard Lyrics

    How can people be so heartless?
    How can people be so cruel?
    Easy to be hard
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