Penalty Phase – Day 2 – May 20th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay includes Kirk Nurmi’s Motion for Mistrial for the Sentencing Phase.

As Kirk rightly states… the court had a duty to protect Jodi’s right to a fair trial, and it subsequently failed to do so, time and time again. All of these failures will of course be brought up & detailed in the forthcoming appeals.

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The Penalty Phase Day 2 – May 20th, 2013:

Part 1/2:

Kirk Nurmi – Motion for Mistrial/Objection

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Part 2/2:

Court in recess

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If you missed my post from last week regarding the new Jodi Arias Art Gallery website, click here to go check it out.

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    • R. Love, Jodi is #1 in our hearts and you made 1st comment! Yay! A win-win situation! 😉

      Congrats on your first comment!


    • Congrats R.Love!! ♥
      You know, I love how excited we all get with #1 comments. Too bad other people don’t get it, LOLOLOL! I guess you have to be a true JAIIer 😉

      ((((((( cyber family & Jodi )))))))))

  1. Hello everyone! Happy Monday!

    It was a long weekend for me: we had town mayor elections and I had family visiting too.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful productive weekend.

    Jodi is always on my mind and I certainly send her positive energy daily! ♥


  2. Ever wonder why Jodi’s motions for jury sequester and objection for live media coverage were denied before the trial began? She then had constitutional rights to a fair trial and those rights were not protected or taken under consideration… and we all know how that turned out!

    So how come after the trial and when the new motion for mistrial was made there was so much negetive talk about it? Why did so many people think that it was absurd? The court had a duty to protect Jodi’s right and miserably failed to deliver just that: protection. Jodi was ‘convicted’ by the media way before the trial had even started! How fair was that???

    Furthermore, witness intimidation, disrespect of the defense team by the prosecution, attacks on expert witnesses, threats… constintutionally unacceptable.

    For all supporters and non supporters with an objective opinion, I do recommend you take a look at the following article:

    This is about Jodi’s rights NOT ONLY being violated but also raped, to say at the least… Rights that every human being has.

    • Good Afternoon Everybody, Betsy here.
      Wonderful article Pandora, how do you guys find all those unbiased news story’s, we love reading them. I hope everyone had a good weekend like Johnny and me, I did’nt get a chance to say hello to y’all but I did stop by and read some. I must say SJ is a wonderful writer and we both enjoyed and agree with everything he pointed out to us, although we are ( Mostly Johnny) a bit shy when it comes to donations online (last year we got a email letter from someone named Bass who we thought was also a friend of Jodi and they stole $450 dollars from us. Johnny was besides his self angry) we talked it over and decided that if Our Jodi has faith and trust in someone than so should we. I hope $200 is enough but this year hasn’t been as good as last year, Johnny said we might could sent more later on when things are better.
      Can I say something, I don’t wanna offend any one though? I understand that Jodi’s troubles reach out to many different people all over the world and we all have our reason for helping Jodi but is it nessacary for somebody to talk about personal private things are better kept between a man and a woman in privacy? Like I said I don’t wanna hurt any feelings and maybe I’m a little old fashioned but I just do not believe that its proper for a young lady to speak about a man who she’s not married to about his dating life and such, and especially a man’s arousal. Some things should remain not said in a public setting, even though I do understand that she’s just trying to help her friend, bless her soul, isn’t there other ways to do that. That’s all I’ll say about that, I truly hope I didn’t offend any of our Jodi family and friends here.
      Have a Blessed Filled Day Everyone, Betsy 🙂

      • That horrible Bass person is one of the ones who has given Sandra Webber such grief! I do not understand why people take it upon themselves to spread vicious lies and steal money from people like us who are very serious about seeking justice for Jodi. There are special places for those kind and it isn’t here at JAII. I’m sorry for your bad experience but I will never cease to be amazed by these Haters! They know no boundaries. A very sad pathetic group! Thanks for helping Jodi!!!

        • Basse was quite well thought of here for awhile, as were a few others that turned out not to be Jodi supporters at all.

          • I think they’re talking about a man, whose last name was ”Bass” Journee.
            Not the female poster with the username you’re referring to.

            • Betsy might be. R. Love was referring to Sandra Webber’s conflicts with Basse/Beverly, and I was responding to R. Love.

                • Hi everyone,
                  I didn’t mean to confuse anyone, the woman Journee said earlier is the evil person that took advantage of my goodwill and trust, Basse Cronkey if I remember the way she spelled her name right. A WORD OF WARNING, DONT EVER GIVE THAT WOMAN ANY MONEY, SHE IS PURE EVIL!!
                  Thanks for all your kind words everybody, its way past our normal bedtime now so I’ll say goodnight to y’all. Maybe I’ll have a good dream of Our Girl Jodi walking free in a beautiful field somewhere 🙂
                  Have a Blessed Night, Betsy

              • Not best buddies yet, but making good progress. They’re definitely keeping me busy!

                And I don’t mind an off topic comment here and there, 🙂 , but I think an off topic disagreement probably shouldn’t go on and on.

                • It will take time I’m sure! I was just hoping they were getting used to sharing your attention. 🙂

                  Once again your right And Amen to that too.

      • Oh you poor dear! The only one trustworthy enough is SJ. He’s the only one who the family trusts. Just make sure you send your donations through him where we know they’ll get to Jodi. I also got ripped off recently too. A guy I was dating borrowed $2000 from me then decided he wasn’t going to pay me back. Getting rid of him has been a total nightmare he won’t leave me alone, I had to change my phone number and he still shows up at my condo all the time. Never ever date a body builder type!

        • Corrine, I hope you have reported him to the police. Get a restraining order against him. Document any threats or stalking he does… Learn from what Jodi has said: ALWAYS document everything! It might never be needed but it’s better to be sure than sorry! 😉

          • Hi Pandora, what a beautiful name by the way, I have been in contact with the police since he took the money as well as my cell phone. He got all my contacts out of it to see if I was taking to other men. Well I have plenty of male friends and he didn’t like that. Like you said I am documenting everything and hopefully will be getting my money back even if I have to take him to court. Thank you so much for your concern! Everyone here is so kind!

      • Hi Betsy!

        Finding the articles is not that hard. They circulate in the Jodi support groups and when we come upon anything interesting and worth sharing we link it here at the site. 😉

        There was a person that conned a lot of supporters. He goes by the name Jamie B. Bass. He also has many aliases. He was very wicked but was outted and he was reported to the authorities. I really don’t know what happened to him. Here’s a link with all the aliases he used: / I don’t know who you are refering to but the con artist that took advantage of Jodi’s supporters was a MAN.

        The WOMAN named Basse (I don’t know her last name) IS a Jodi supporter. Basse just has a raw way of expressing herself. Some get it, some not. I don’t think that it is fair to talk about people that we don’t actually know and that are not around to defend themselves unless we are 100% sure of their ‘pure evilness’. Basse is not my friend or bestie but I do know that during the trial and even after the trial, she was attacked by haters, that splattered her personal life all over the internet. She supported Jodi and spoke out to all the haters that were mocking Jodi. Basse even went as far as supporting other supporters when the haters would attack. She even ‘had my back’ once when I was being attacked by one of those butchers. So some may like her, some may hate her but that doesn’t mean she is a troll or a hater. Let’s NOT spread rumors…

        As for your last paragraph, I really didn’t understand what and who you were refering to. Something about private personal lives and arousals??? Weird, you totally lost me there! If you’d like, you can explain.

        • Betsy,
          I too am VERY confused by your post. The person who scammed a lot of Jodi supporters goes by the name Jay Bass, he’s a man. There was no woman scammer, epecially with that name you claim. ( BASSE) If you mean Basse Krokke I along with a lot of people here can verify Basse was (and still is) a supporter who has NEVER EVER asked anyone of a dime! Maybe you’re mistaken or confused. Please clear this up for us.

          And what girl not married to a man and him having an arousal were you talking about in your first post? Maybe it’s my language barrier, but oh boy my head is spinning!
          I do hope you come back soon and explain.
          And hope I haven’t offended you.

          • Hello Everybody, it’s Betsy.
            How was everyone’s week? I hope it was as good as ours 🙂 Its All-star week up in Charlotte and a group of us drove our campers up for the week, it’s been soo much fun and excitement that I haven’t had any time to write but I have been keeping up with my reading at night. First I want to say to Maria and Pandora I’m sorry for me not writing right back to you, but we’ve been out and busy so I’m sorry OK? I looked at the list of names Pandora was so kind to put up here and did remember one name that looks familier and is probably the woman who called me on my phone, she said her name was Basse Creasue ( did I spell it correctly?) And told me she was from Utah. So foolishly I believed and trusted her when she kept calling and telling me how much work she was doing to help Jodi and Jodi’s family. I really don’t like to think about it anymore because I feel like such a old fool for believing her, shame on me for trusting someone I do not know but I will not let that stop me from helping our poor Jodi anyway.
            Can I ask you if you read all the peoples posts from last week ladies? I asking because the woman I was mentioning who was talking in a very personal way and his personal life wrote her post on May 17 at 7:55, I won’t print her name OK? I’m not one to name call. Like I said before I’m sure that she meant well. May I ask why you think that I’m weird because I believe that a woman should not speak of a male friends sex life in public here? Maybe I’m just set in my ways a bit or its the way my generation was raised and some of you ladies here are younger then myself so those sorts of talk are more accepted between today’s women and men but should I be called names for being alive longer then some of us here? Can we not be polite to each other because after all isn’t it our goal here (all of us ) to get Jodi free from the railroad of Arizona western old time justice, right. Y’all will be my age someday and see what I’m saying 🙂
            OK everybody, I apologize for rambling on and on so much but I have been told that I do do that from time to time. I’m glad we straightened that out ladies, if anyone of you need anymore wise words from this old hen you just let me know OK?
            Before I go I was wondering if anyone else here read the story about Tennessee getting ready to start using there electric chair again, I thought those horrible days were long over, I’m disgusted about it!!

            Have a Blessed Weekend Everyone 🙂 Betsy

            • Yes, Betsy I heard about the electric chair getting ready to fire up again. It makes me very sad because I live in TN. I believe we all have our hearts in the right place here at JAII. I am another one of the old Mother Hen’s here so don’t feel alone. We come from all different places through out our country and world and I’m sure we all have very different backgrounds and views but what we do share is our belief that Jodi should be a free woman. She has definitely been railroaded by the justice system in AZ. IMO, Our country is in a very dangerous and sad state. I pray everyday for Jodi and her family as I know all of us that believe in God here are praying also. I even pray for the Haters and the Alexander family but I have found that very difficult lately. 🙁 I am in it for the long haul and praying for a Miracle! (((((JODI)))))

              • Hi ((R.Love)), I see you are a feline friendly person, so am I, …one inside cat, who came here & just stayed, & a feral Momcat who came here & had kittens, so I feed them also, but they are outside cats. …And an occasional raccoon &/or possum comes by at night. …I know that Jodi is a pet friendly person also, regardless what they said on the Hate Lovers Network by trying to turn pet friendly people against Jodi. …We know better.
                …I see you & ((Johnny U …Betsy)) talking about the news of Tennessee wanting the electric chair option. …Well, you know I am “in love” with search engines like Google. …Please Google: ((list of justices of supreme court)) & #90 is (the late) William J Brennan Jr. …If you click on his name & link, you get his Wikipedia info, & under (Judicial philosophy) it says: …”Brennan concluded by stating that electrocution ‘is nothing less than the contemporary technological equivalent of burning people at the stake.’ ” …I mention this because there are so many things that one can find out about how all the Supreme Court Justices (past & present) feel about the death penalty, by just going to search engines. …Also, in the news: Please Google: ((Oliver North death penalty)) …He talks about ((Glenn Ford)) …. (not the movie actor), was on death row for 30 years (in my state Louisiana) & found to be innocent. …North is against the death penalty. …If you click on that ((Glenn Ford)) you will get info on his charges dismissed in 2014. …And you should see info on 143 other people who were on death row & who are now free & exonerated. …Please click on ….all you want to know about innocent people who were railroaded by the Criminal Justice System. …. ….Sorry, for the long comment but it is “on subject of innocent Jodi”. …

                • Thank you for the link on the Death Penalty WLOPEZ4JAA. I will check it out. There has to be a better way other than the Death Penalty. I, too, have never believed the unending long list of comments made by the Hate Lovers Network concerning Jodi. We all have to make our own judgments but it is apparent to me that Jodi is an extremely loving, caring, thoughtful and devoted woman. It is not in her to not love all creatures great and small. I pray the pet friendly people have figured that one out! 🙂 Everyone could benefit from having a good cat or two, throw in a dog and we might not have any more haters in this world. People could learn much from their pets, unconditional love. 🙂 ((((((JODI))))))

    • Not me!!! My feet are in concrete! I am not a follower of Jodi only a True Believer in Jodi!!! I believe that Jodi has served her time in prison and should have been released years ago. For this to have gotten to the place it is today is a disgrace to the United States of America! Where is our Government? Why would they let a Farce of a Trial like this one continue? There are some really rotten things happening in Arizona and they better get ready for a BIG clean up there! What I call PATHETIC is the people who have turned a blind eye to this circus! Why are they not concerned with the real truth??
      Are there that many people in Arizona that are not wiling to research and think for themselves? Why has the Mormon church stood by and continued to see one of their one crucified??? Is Jodi their sacrificial lamb?? If they are truly Christians than they should come out from under their boulders and support a person of their faith who was verbal and physically abused by one of their “high-up saints (?)” What kind of a church supports a man who baptizes someone into their faith and then hurries her home to use her for his own self satisfactions? Travis was a sick and disgusting con man and frankly I have come to the opinion He Got What He Deserved. If you had been in Jodi’s shoes you would have done the same thing with out any doubt. How can anyone stand and say they are better than her? They do not know how much garbage she took off of this man! It is not a crime to protect yourself from a vicious attack from a self-absorbed man two times your size. Feel sorry for him. Nope. Feel sorry for the people he used and deceived. YEP! Disgusting ALL OF IT!
      More fuel for your pipes to smoke on Haters! What is wrong with you??? You should be careful what you ask for when it comes to others because it might just circle around behind you to bite you in the rear! Before you scream Death Penalty at the courthouse steps. . stop and think. . .it could be you all next time. Would you not want a honest and truth filled trial if you were involved??? OR would you want someone like Nancy Disgrace (or worse Martinez) to represent you and hang you out to dry in the HOT desert sun?? As I see it, there are many of the Haters who display much the same behaviors that Travis did. Both the men and women. Is that truly the mindset of all of Arizona? THINK BEFORE YOU THROW YOUR STONES! Pathetic.

      • The way I see it, the Mormon church must have felt utterly insulted, disgusted and shocked by Travis Alexander’s behavior. They may have thought they had no reason in the world to address the issue since he was dead and Jodi on her way to get a trial. They probably wanted the trial to end as silently as possible, but didn’t predict the blowing out proportions of the whole thing.

        • If they were utterly insulted, disgusted and shocked by Travis Alexander than they should have done something about him or did they??? What they have let continue with the sacrifice of Jodi is a horrible nightmare!! Their neglect to stand up for her only makes them look just as guilty as Travis was! There is no black and white here! What is Right is right and honest and what is wrong is very wrong and disturbing and this is happening in my country!! What is wrong with these brainless twits? Their answer is to hang an innocent person for Travis’s death instead of putting the blame where it belongs and that is on Travis Alexander! This whole thing should have never made it to trial! But thanks to a bunch a greedy blood thirsty Cowards who like to make fun of and talk smack about people who have been abused this mess continues on and on. We care deeply for Jodi and pray for her nightmare to be over. These people are a disgrace to our country and the whole human race! FREE OUR JODI ARIZONA!

      • Hi, Pandora! That is very strange because I did NOT change it!!! I wonder who did and I will find out because my brother-in-law works in that VERY field and I am going to call him now to see who changed it! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Pandora!!! I hadn’t even noticed!


      • Hey, Pandora!

        I just got off the phone and I was told what happened concerning my gravatar! Actually, it wasn’t hard to figure out because I just got confirmed what I already figured out myself! I just wanted to confirm it with a professional! I don’t understand why this was done, but it was done and until it is resolved, you’ll just have to look at the default gravatar! It doesn’t bother me really what is there and maybe it is better that way anyway! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        We will carry on our fight for justice for Jodi!!! That’s what we’re here for!!!

  3. Just wanted to let everyone know I emailed Amnesty International and The Innocence Project this morning about Jodi and her case. I really think it’s a god bet that after reading about what a circus her trial was and the horrible conditions she’s forced to live in, one of these two organizations is going to get involved. Sheriff Joe wants to brag about the gulag he’s running therein Arizona? See how you like it when Amnesty International comes in there and exposes your abuses! I also contacted the Arizona state bar association with my concerns about the conduct of one Juan Martinez. I’m hoping that there will be an investigation into his atrocious conduct and obvious game whoring. I would urge all of you to contact these organizations as well. If they get enough people contacting them they’ll surely take notice of what’s going on in Soviet Arizona.

    • Thank you Corrine! You are right. We should ALL write to them; even if nothing comes out of it, we will have at least tried.
      My English is certainly not nearly as good as a native speaker’s but Pandora and I can work together. Maybe if they see that people from other countries are also alarmed by what’s happening, they will give it some thought.

  4. Good morning everyone!

    Although I didn’t want to write anything about this, I am very very tired of people contacting me for a matter that has NOTHING to do with Jodi’s case, trial or donations. So here goes, bear with me:

    A while ago, I posted about my travels to London. Apparently, this bothered a lot of people (it’s beyond me why). So, when I started to post about my fantastic trip I made a JOKE about SJ flying me to London on his ‘private jet plane’. A JOKE!!!! I thought everyone would catch on to the over-exaggeration about the jet! I was trying to be funny!!!! It turns out that people didn’t get my joke.

    For some crazy reason, people started to post (in different groups) about the JET AIRPLANE and combining it with Jodi’s funds and the money donated. Let me make it as simple as I can:

    1. I didn’t fly on any JET AIRPLANE. Does anyone actually know how much it would cost to fly a private airplane????? We are not Rockafeller or Onassis, ffs! I flew commercial like everyone else does!

    2. Jodi’s donations and my trip are two TOTALLY DIFFERENT things! One has nothing to do with the other!!!!

    3. If someone has been generous – and continues to be – with Jodi’s funds, then this someone should NOT be charged of how he/she spends their money! This is totally insane!

    4. You know what I believe? I believe that people with grunges will find the most absurd things and twist everything around to make someone else look bad! IT’S EXACTLY WHAT JUAN MARTINEZ did to Jodi! So what’s the difference between you people that are shit stirrers and martinez??? No difference! You’re one of a kind! And shame on you!

    This is the last time I will address to this stupid, idiotic, brainless, moronic, ridiculous, loopy topic! Whoever gets it, gets it! For all the others that will not get it… I’m sorry but I can’t help you!

    I DID NOT FLY TO LONDON ON A PRIVATE JET AIRPLANE !!!!! End of story! I flew commercial!

    Now onwards for what IS important: Jodi!

    ~Peace out!

    • TOO FUNNY Pandora! Darn it you had to go and change my beautiful vision of you flying off into the sunset!!!! I loved it! Had to send your video to my son, he will get a real kick out of it!!! He might have been your co-pilot!!!!! LOL 🙂

  5. This was on Facebook!!!

    There are always going to be haters

    Haters are like crickets:

    They chirp all fucking
    day and you walk by
    them and they shut the fuck up. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hehe,
      Or you just tune them out. 🙂
      Haters to me are like background noise now, they used to wind me up but then I stopped paying attention to them. Attention is what they are after.

      • Hey, Alexey! 🙂

        Tune them out – that is true! Same here, Alexey, as for haters are like background noise! I don’t even think they necessarily want attention but I think they just can’t stand the fact that not everyone is like them, which is mean and nasty, and if you’re not mean and nasty, they think by their hateful comments they can make you that way! After all, the saying is: misery loves company!!!

  6. Good morning cyber family! I’m back! My computer has been down, I thought it was something serious as it turns out it was a simple problem, CATS!!!!!! They were chasing one another (across my computer) and broke a wire inside the Ethernet cable and I couldn’t connect to the internet. CATS AAAARRGGGGHHHHHH!!! 🙂

    Ray in H-burg Va.

  7. I dream of a better world full of people who share one united theme. And that is one where we all will be there to make life better for each other! The perfect world!
    Take note there is chocolate and olives involved!!! 🙂

      • R. Love,

        I wanted to eat that chocolate and olive
        in the video!!! LOL! I will need a WHLOE lot of that coming up!!! 🙂

        The rain looked refreshing, like washing us supporters clean and that ice cold snow falling on that man’s face, I pictured it was JM – lol!!! 🙂

        Then, that highway scene, I pictured the highway on our way to see Jodi at Maricopa County Court in September!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        (((((Love to JODI)))))

    • Oh yes! That was an excellent article!
      It’s good you shared it again. It never hurts to re-post some stuff for others who may have missed it.

    • YES!!!!!!!

      I am SO proud of Jodi. Her writing skills never cease to amaze me, she manages to get the message across by being extremely careful in the way she uses the English language.

      I’m proud of her for not being afraid to EXPOSE the UTTER hypocrisy of those holier-than-thou people who not only forget what their leaders’ (or whatever they are called) teachings were but what Jesus himself said: Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

    • This is a great example of what I was talking about yesterday. Who are these people who take it upon themselves to become the judge, the jury and the executioner??? What happened in their lives that turned them into such mean and vile humans?? What kind of a religion is this that condemns their own?? I just can not understand. Our world is in a sad state when it is so full of hatred for one another. I am amazed that Jodi has had the strength to hold up against the likes of these brainwashed hypocrites. They truly are pathetic. It isn’t very hard to see the evil ones in this tragedy, is it? I am proud to be a believer and supporter of Jodi Ann Arias. Be Strong Jodi!

      • What that woman wrote in just one sentence was just awful to read.
        I think Jodi should instruct them to screen her mail so they would toss all such garbage in the trash.

    • Just wondering, why did Wendy Grant’s postcard get to Jodi when it was supposed to be a plain postcard without colored pictures on it??? Do only the hateful get to send pretty postcards and we are stuck sending plain boring postcards?? Just doesn’t seem fair, but would we expect anything else?. The rules are different for the them I suppose. Maybe it got through only because it was hate filled. 🙁 I guess that would be favoritism again would it not? Hmmmm

    • It was about time Jodi spoke out about the hatred from ‘holier than thou’ people!

      I stand by Jodi for being strong enough to expose those hypocrits!

      ((((((Jodi))))) ♥

  8. I have been searching and searching for a word that could describe what went on in Jodi Ann Arias’s trial since the beginning and WLOPEZ4JAA hit the nail on the head on the previous post page!!! The word is “FAVORITISM”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, that is EXACTLY the word that describes what went on with Judge Sherry Stevens for the Prosecutor, Juan Martinez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE can DENY that, that is EXACTLY what went on in Maricopa County Court in AZ during Jodi Ann Arias’s recent trial!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a DAMN shame that the United States of America would just sit back and let this go on day after day, month after month and not intervene and STOP that injustice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Judge AND Prosecutor of Maricopa County Court in AZ better shape up for the Penalty Phase of Jodi Ann Arias in September of 2014 because the WHOLE WORLD will have it’s ears and eyes focused on YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WILL NOT let this FAVORITISM, by Judge Sherry Stevens of Maricopa County Court in AZ ,of the Prosecutor, Juan Martinez go on AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • Thanks for the article Maria. That is an excellent article for the people that don’t trust where their money is going, especially for those that aren’t familiar with trusts and how they work. I’ve had some experience with how they work so I knew. They are also a great tool for estate planning for those of you that are considering making a will, etc. And they require an accurate accounting of all funds in and out because a tax return more than likely will need to be done on it. Filing a tax return for a trust starts around $150 usually and can be higher. Hopefully everything will be cleared up on the accountability and safety of donating to a trust. It is the best possible way for this to be done. Now we need to get some funds rolling in and keep the trustee busy. Personally, I’m trying to figure out what I can feel comfortable sending in every month like a regular payment.

    • I made my initial donation when it was still possible to deal with the bank directly. Now that it has to be sent to a PO Box, does anyone know how the payee should be named on the check/money order?

    • Hi Maria! Thanks for posting the article. It is important to bring exposure not only to the JAA Appellate Fund, but to the legitimacy of it as well. The majority of the hits on the article have come from this website today, so far 87, with a total of 315 hits just today. The rest are spread out coming from Facebook, Twitter, and a couple of other websites that grabbed it. So thank you!!! I would love it if some members would make a short comment on the article in support of Jodi and her family. As you know the haters always take over and it would be great if we had a fair amount of us to show that we are a driving force that isn’t going anywhere!!! Thanks so much to everyone!!


      • I will continue to support Jodi until she receives her FREEDOM. Jodi has paid her debt and now it is time for the ones responsible for this miscarriage of justice to pay. Hopefully after reading the article Maria posted for us everyone will see how important it is donate what they are able. We will never give up and we are in this until we see Justice and Freedom for Jodi! The Truth will Prevail! My prayers go out to Jodi and her family! Be Strong Jodi We Are For You!

      • Elizabeth, hi!

        It’s good that your article is being read. I hope everyone that did question the authenticity of the trust fund will finally realize that it IS the ‘real deal’.

        As for the comments? Hmmm, although I will gladly post a comment, I think the smartest thing to do is mute the comments or moderate them letting thru comments or questions that are of significance. You can also put up an e-mail where people could contact you directly if they have further questions.

        You know that the haters will want to continue to cause trouble for Jodi’s funds and will only post hostile comments not related to your topic.

      • Elizabeth,thank YOU for writing it.
        People have GOT to stop questioning Jodi’s appellate Fund’s transparency! If they wanna make up excuses to themselves for not donating fine, but please STOP going online and spreading unfounded rumors. Enough is enough!

        • Haters demand transparency so they can inundate the bank where the donation money is kept with hate phone calls/threats.
          Unfortunatery in this case transparency comes at a price.

  9. Maybe when the President Obama gets finished checking into the VA problems in Arizona their justice system will be next. Tic Toc Arizona!!! The World is Watching!!

      • Wow ! Awesome Justus!
        I came to say hello EVERYONE!
        Hope you’re all doing well.

        I agree with the bank information. However, they are trying to “jump start ” the account. I guess?
        Can one of you advocate for me?
        George , got a message from a pesky person, who says I have a fake fb account?
        I know that U all , know me.
        This sounds crazy but, it bass come to.this. …
        Lots of people, who aren’t who they say they are.
        Along -with me not being who I am !?? Lol
        I hope I said that correctly!
        So HI GEORGE ! I am real!!!

    • Hey there Justice. I tried to comment on your wikispaces, but I couldn’t sign in. Can you tell me what the evidence is of Travis turning the sink on and off? Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend! Laters for now.

      • Not Justus… but Flores described it, and I think Connor did too. That some of the blood in the sink was diluted, as though someone had turned on the faucet when there was blood in the sink, then turned it off and fresh blood dripped on the diluted blood.

      • Hi Ryan, I’m not sure about the sign in problem. The comment section is a Facebook page so I would guess you have to have a Facebook page yourself in order to comment. Sorry about that.

        Regarding your question (which was so graciously answered by Journee) I will just add here the exact quote from Flores’ report: “I noticed the inside of the sink had a combination of both deluded [sic] blood with heavy spatter on top of it. This indicated the faucet had been running initially, then turned off as the person continued bleeding for a few seconds afterward.”

    • Hey there George! It’s been quite a while! You’re always welcome by all of us here! Don’t be a stranger! We’ve missed your brilliant insights about Jodi’s case.

    • ( 100th comment! Hey, maybe we could start celebrating those too LMAOO 😉 😉 )

      Hi George! Do try and stop by more often. We may see each other on FB a lot but you are greatly missed here.

  10. I can’t believe it! I receive a Google alert regarding a newly published article regarding Jodi’s most recent blog. Now, I think Jodi very graciously did shine a light on the hypocrisy of one Mormon but only after warning each of us not to judge all Mormons based on the poor examples of a few. So here’s the headline: “Convicted Killer Rails Against Mormons After Appearing in Court”.


    This stuff is dangerous. Whatever happened to headlines that announced the subject matter and then let the reader decide what to think of it?

    • WTF, is right, Justus Forusall!!! The last time that I checked, the US was a FREE country with FREEDOM of speech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one can control how a person feels or their freedom to express how they feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This media is STILL trying their hardest to brainwash citizens into believing their false illusions of Jodi and her trial!!! The media has the FREEDOM to print this garbage and we have the freedom NOT to believe or accept anything the media prints!!! They can print all the garbage they want but they are wasting their time on people who don’t believe everything they see or hear!!!

      FREE JODI ANN ARIAS, AZ!!!!!!!

      JUSTICE FOR JODI!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I’m not much worried the people who don’t believe everything they see or hear. It’s those people who haven’t taken a side yet and get these types of Google alerts. (Sometimes it feels like trying to hold back an avalanche.)

          • Thank you so much, R. From what I can see from the stats, regarding page hits, I would estimate that less than 10% read past the first few pages. I believe these are people who have a major emotional stake in being right about what they think of Jodi so any tinge of reasonable doubt makes them feel very uncomfortable. And then, so that they don’t have to deal with that discomfort, they subconsciously seek out some insignificant item to disagree with and dash away into their more comfortable feeling of superiority.

      • Justus,
        I got so angry when I red the title of this article! I’d advise everyone to comment under it. Reporters have GOT to realize that there’s a fine line between yellow journalism and objectivity.

    • Once again my computer blocked it and said it was sending it in for review. I don’t think
      I would go there. The worms are squirming again!!!!

  11. On a lighter side of things. . .I stumbled upon this today and laughed out loud. I believe a good laugh will help all of us at this point so I’m sharing with you. See if you recognize anyone?
    PS Administrators feel free to zap it away if it is too off topic but frankly I think I discovered where the eye rolling was studied. Wouldn’t a squirrel in the courtroom be a good idea?????
    Seriously though Love as Always to JODI!! ((((((TEAM JODI))))))) ((((((((JODI))))))

    • OMG, R. Love!!!!!!!!!! That is hilarious!!! That, definitely gave me a good laugh, which I really needed after seeing how the media is so quick to jump on the band wagon of hate for Jodi again!!!!!!!

      I won’t say where I would love the squirrel to get loose but I think everyone would agree!!!! Too funny!!! LOL! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Whether Jodi is in jail or not, she is still a citizen of the US and has the freedom to say and feel whatever she wants!!!

      • I am thankful I couldn’t pull it up. . it would have just made me mad! My security on my computer said it was sending it in for a review and blocked it totally. These little worms will just not stop will they. Pathetic!!! Check out that eye rolling! LOL It looked so familiar, amazing isn’t it?

  12. Hello cyber family!
    I am reposting the link Justus did, because the vultures are alive and kicking out there. When Jodi’s blog post appeared, they certainly didn’t miss the chance to twist her words around.

    I ask that you all go and PLEASE write a comment under the article, it’s time we showed the world that Jodi has a lot of support and that are voices won’t be stifled any longer.

  13. I completely understand why the link was removed! Anyway. I thought i was going to die laughing when I saw those ridiculous shoes!

    • Hi Trixels! I had seen that yesterday too and I shook my head! They ARE ridiculous! As ridiculous as the ‘beer cooler’ they had made in the past (are mormons suppose to drink beer or soft drinks???)… I thought wtf??? LOL! And automatically I caught myself singing “These boots were made for walking…. walk all over you…” and I thought: well this is so stupid! So anyone that wears those shoes will be walking all over travis’s name… way to go tanisha, you really nailed it this time! LMAO!!

      It’s funny that she is organizing a celebration with ‘give away’ packs BUT is asking others to pay for her ‘give aways’… so she gets the credit and others are paying.. hmmmm… seems fair, doesn’t it? It’s like having a party and asking your guests to bring the drinks, the food, the dj, the party favors, the decoration…. pffff. I think she made enough money off of her brother’s death and Jodi’s back to be able to pay for the ‘give away’ packs from her pocket!

    • I didn’t get a chance to see the link you folks are talking about but I see that we are going to be celebrating St. Travis’ date of birth each year. I’m surprise there’s not a petition to have July 28th declared a national holiday. (Oh, wait, maybe there is?)

      • YW! ♥ ♥ ♥
        Σ’αγαπώώώώ! 🙂

        I didn’t realize it was Memorial Day Holiday, I apologize.
        I want to wish my fellow Jodi supporters a Memorial Weekend filled with hope, faith and peace.

  14. Good afternoon TEAM JODI! I wanted to dovetail some of SJ’s comments from the previous post about how Jodi supporters should focus on doing what is best for her and what helps her instead of getting bogged down into petty squabbles with haters. Those people will never learn and you’re wasting time and energy that would be better placed on something positive and constructive like helping out Jodi. The key to doing that is by rebutting the haters with facts and thorough analysis. You hit ’em with truth and you keep hitting ’em with truth. And for the betterment of the community, we’ve got to stick together as a team and stay strong for Jodi and her family. A big part of that is communication which means keeping personal agendas and squabbles in-house and not throwing fellow supporters under the bus as some did recently with SJ and Pandora. It also means responding to your fellow supporters in a timely manner and if there’s something that is bothering you, tell them how you feel rather than bottling it up.

    I’m hoping to secure an interview within the next couple of weeks with someone closely tied to this case and will keep you informed on this. Stay tuned and have a great Memorial Day weekend, TEAM JODI!

    Raja from Mesa

    • I understand what you’re saying regarding not engaging in conversation with the haters but in the case of that atrocious article at I feel that the haters are just a vehicle through which we might reach reasonable people who have not already been swayed. As for the haters there, they are like gnats you have to fight off in the jungle, even when you’re there with good intentions. It’s one thing to not go to hater sites but something else to let the haters take over and dominate the thoughts of readers just passing through.

      • Justus, I admire your fortitude and your diplomacy.

        I just can’t trust myself to try to talk to people who are so happy to be stupid and hateful. I will converse with folks who seem willing to have respectful conversation, but most over there seem to rule themselves out of those parameters right out of the gate.

        • Justus, I admire your fortitude and your diplomacy.

          ***** and eloquence. I forgot to say eloquence! Lovin’ that ‘news flash’ post!

          • Thank you so much, Journee. That is so kind. I’m stepping away from that site now. I’ve said what I want to say and those people have once more degenerated into babbling morons that are punch-drunk with hate. Back here to where the sane people reside…

            • Imagine what happened when I commented on an HLN article, a loooong time ago 😉 Chaos! LOL!

              I read all comments there, haters of this kind are the lowest of the low. They’re like ”roaches”.
              Uh-oh! Have I offended them? Well, roaches are worse than ”pigs” but oh well….

        • I too commented there. The travibans are totally out of control! There is no way of reasoning with them or having a healthy debate. Most of their comments were off topic and just plain silly. Namecallings and such. It was like trying to talk with 5graders. pfff.

          IDK, if I will be going back there. There isn’t really anything to debate about the main topic: it’s just back and forths… I also made two comments and they were deleted. I guess that it’s ok to keep up vile and hateful comments BUT censor any kind of supportive comments pro Jodi. Another form of rasism IMO.

          Plus and mostly: I can’t waste my time trying to have a mature debate/ conversation with people that apparently have NOT watched the trial, know absolutely nothing about the case and their main interest is to blow some steam off by namecalling, slandering and getting personal with Jodi supporters. As I have said many times: YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID’…

          • Right on, Pandora. It would be nice to have an adult conversation with those people but it’s completely impossible. I can only hope that some people who have not already made up their mind will read those comments, recognize those people for what they really are and question their reasoning abilities (or lack thereof). And that Arizona Sky person, I think that one might even be certifiable. (Can you imagine what it would be like living with that?)

              • To be fair, there are a few good people that support Travis Alexander. I’ve corresponded with some of them on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. Even they are disgusted by the behavior of the haters and privately they have told me that they don’t say anything because they’re afraid of reprisal attacks from them. I’m convinced that if Travis Alexander’s family came out against the haters and asked them to stop their behavior that they would turn on Travis’s family. I wouldn’t expect that to happen anytime soon and hold his family equally accountable for allowing their behavior on various Facebook pages dedicated to Travis Alexander. These people are like the Christian version of Islamic jihad and just as it is shameful that so many Muslims fail to condemn behavior by the jihadists, the same for the Christians who stand by and refuse to condemn behavior by these extremists.

          • On a positive note:

            for a change we were pretty evenly matched in numbers – I think there were roughly as many pro-Jodi as there were anti-Jodi, It was just Arizona and Heather spamming the board with nonsense that made it *look* like we were outnumbered. 🙂

            • Actually, I take back what I said about not going back over there. First off, there were a couple of things I just couldn’t let go unaddressed. But I still think it’s helpful to have a lot of pro-Jodi comments over there. And a bunch of “likes” wouldn’t hurt, just to let those people passing through see that there a lot of supporters who may not even be posting. As far as dealing with the haters, maybe the best thing is to just ignore them (unless you have something you really need to get off your chest, in which case, go for it.)

            • Also, I have thought of posting the link to Jodi’s blog on a regular basis so that readers get a good chance to read the blog for themselves, rather than just following the incredibly biased word-twisting in that article. Does anyone see a problem with that? Like drawing haters to Jodi’s site? I’m pretty sure they already know about it but actually herding them to it…any thoughts?

              • I don’t see a problem with it. Haters will hate, but if what we’ve seen is any indication, the vocal ones there can’t be bothered to actually read it through anyway, so they’ll just look like fools mouthing off about something they haven’t read.

                • Journee said:
                  “…so they’ll just look like fools mouth off about something they haven’t read.”

                  What makes you think they’re not going to do that any way?

  15. Hey all, Just wanted you all to know that I received a handwritten note from Jodi today in the mail. It was great to hear from her personally. To think she takes such care to answer our mail with such sincerity. She thanked me for writing and wanted to let me know that she won’t be writing again until after the trial as she needs to focus on that. She was so appreciative of receiving support and love from people. It is amazing to me that despite all that has happened she remains so upbeat and positive.

    I have to believe that the next penalty trial will be a better result for Jodi. Twelve people who if not unduly influenced by the rantings and ravings and lies of the prosecution will clearly see that Jodi killed Travis not in a premeditated manner but one of a reaction to him attacking her. Clearly she killed him in self defense. She didn’t plan anything and the trio of perjurers – Flores, Horn, and Martinez (suborning perjury) – in my opinion will win her a new trial. Let’s all pray that the full facts and truth comes out. All in my opinion of course.

    • BB,
      I am so happy for you! Receiving a letter from Jodi always makes my day!
      I’m taking the opportunity here to remind my fellow supporters to NEVER quote, scan or copy Jodi’s letters.

      As for the penalty phase, it is what it is. A penalty phase. Either the DP or LWOP. Neither can be ‘a better result” but we all look forward to the Appeals!

  16. Good Afternoon Everybody,
    We just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day!
    And God Bless the USA and all our brave veteran’s serving our country proudly everywhere. A special ThankYou to the families who’s loved ones gave their lives serving and protecting the country they loved. Your sacrifice will NEVER be forgotten.

    Have a special Blessed Weekend Everyone , from Johnny and Betsy 🙂

  17. I’ve discovered that I cannot refer to those vile people out there as ‘Travis supporters’ anymore. ‘Haters’ seems to be the only word that fits. I don’t think deep down they care a ding dong about Travis (even thought they’ve convinced themselves that they do.) What these people care about is venting some unresolved rage at any available safe target. It’s a release mechanism that is momentarily therapeutic but unfortunately does not get to the bottom of the underlying issues. Unfortunately these are the lunatics who are trying to overtake and then run the asylum.

    • You know what? Deep down I believe there ARE reasonable people out there supporting Travis and his family in a noble way. Not all people fall under the same category: just like NOT all Jodi supporters are obsessed like that man who threatened Nancy Grace or that James Bass who tried to rip off people.

      We come from all walks of life and among us and among TA supporters there are certainly good people and bad people. I’m starting to believe neaither of the ”camps” should have spend time checking the other side. It would have been healthier, easier, drama-free and more civilised. Both groups have done that; maybe it’s time we moved on, mind our business and focus on who we support rather on who we disagree with.

      • Beautifully put, Maria. I agree. You can be critical and disagree with someone without disliking them or making it personal. There were a couple of very nice Travis Alexander supporters on that website we were commenting on and even though we disagree, I respect them and their opinion because they were able to make their points without resorting to the tactics most of the haters do. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when people stop shouting and start listening.

  18. Well I just wanted to say hi to everyone. It such a beautiful holiday weekend and I want to thank all our veterans who have served our country and helped protect us! Let’s not forget while we are enjoying out cook outs and parties that there’s a young girl who can’t. Because her freedom was stolen by a corrupt justice system, crooked judge and prosecutor, a tv network that was out for blood, and the Mormon church that wanted to keep her silent. Jodi I hope you know I stand with you and I consider you a sister. I will always continue to fight for you! I never heard back from Amnesty International or The Innocence Project. It’s disheartening when they don’t even respond. What the hell else are they there for except to help free innocent people? My god what kind of world is this where a bully like Sherriff Joe can run a gulag right here in the USA and no one seems bothered by it at all? It pisses me off! Sorry for the strong language but bigger so damn frustrated by all this.

  19. It’s probably obvious to everyone but I think Judge Stephens decision about no camera coverage until the penalty phase retrial is complete (see Maria’s posting May 24/14) is a glaring admission that she screwed up badly in allowing uncensored TV coverage of Jodi’s trial. It seems she is admitting that she didn’t protect certain individuals (e.g., Alyce LaViolette) although she didn’t name anyone, of course. The fact that she has ruled that the face and identification of witnesses can be obscured in the penaly phase retrial illustrates her mistake. Could this document could be an important piece of evidence of her gross errors/mishandling of Jodi’s trial for a possible retrial down the road?

      • I also read (OccupyHLN) where Montgomery had said he thought she had messed up by not sequestering the jury. Judge Pickles really didn’t have control of this trial at all IMO.

          • Have you forgotten you are addressing???? I will have to go search and then I might or might not get it copied & pasted over here 🙂 LOL BUT I remember it.

              • 1- The ultimate error: failure to sequester the jury in high profile international case
                This is egregious, and obviously the #1 reason for a successful appeal and a new trial. As suggested by the boss of Juan Martinez, Bill Montgomery, Sherry Stephens was completely irresponsible in failing to sequester this jury. In an internationally covered case in the year 2013, one would have to be foolishly naive to think that trial-by-media didn’t play a role in this case. Juror #8, Daniel Gibb, has confessed that the jurors had easy access to media, with Ipods, tablets, and other forms of media access. Juror #17, Tara Kelley, has been blasting away on cyberspace since the hour she was released from jury duty
                Well anyhow you see what I mean. . .it was in several of the articles there. 🙂

          • Found this online (Fox News Phoenix, 5 Apr 2013):

            “We asked County Attorney Bill Montgomery if he thinks the jury in the Arias trial should be sequestered.

            ‘I’m starting to become very concerned that the media circus here is going to create an appellate issue, where they can say at some point because the jury isn’t sequestered,” he said. “That there’s no way that they could have been affected at some point. And that’s a big concern that I have. I think if the court had any sense that we would be where we are now, that [sequestration] would have been seriously considered.’


            • I find it astounding that Maricopa County doesn’t mind spending $2,000,000 on a trial they could have avoided if they had accepted Jodi’s second degree plea but then decide to skimp on the estimated $55,000 cost of sequestration. And on top of that, they now want to spend another chunk on some kind of a penalty farce.

              • Blame Martinez.
                His intransigent ass forced the trial. He didn’t want to deal (no doubt in anticipation of basking in the spotlight during the trial).
                I would make Martinez pay for the whole trial because it was his fault.

        • Yes, not sequestering the jury was a major blunder. I understand when a jury is sequestered they are not allowed to have communication devices cell phones, radios or computers, etc.. Can’t have any incoming calls. Can phone family using the Bailiffs phone but all calls are monitored, etc. May be able to watch certain carfully screened sporting events, etc.
          If the jurors for Jodi’s trial were sequestered with no access to the news, HLN and the hater’s ongoing chatter, she might have gotten a much different verdict. I remember several lawyers predicted before her trial the worst she would get was 2nd degree murder. The way her trial was conducted, especially with Martinez doing whatever he wanted, she had little chance of a just verdict

          • There was as much reasonable doubt in Jodi’s case as there was in Casey Anthony’s. Both women were overcharged. Both cases hugely covered by the media.Both caused an unprecedented lynch mob. Both women were/are hated by the majority of people out there. Casey walked free, Jodi’s facing the death penalty.
            The only difference? CA’s jurors remained totally uninfluenced by any outside source, being sequestered. One of them even admitted in an interview post-trial that even though she thought Casey was not completely innocent, they did NOT come back with a premeditated first-degree conviction because based on the evidence presented at court there was just too much reasonable doubt and thus the M1 charge did not seem appropriate, they simply could not convict her of *that*.
            Sequestration is the key element imho, the thing that made a huge difference in Jodi’s case.

          • Coldcase53, I agree with you 100%. The media frenzy absolutely ‘helped’ in damaging Jodi’s trial. Unfortunately, the jurors didn’t take their ‘jobs’ seriously and were brainwashed by all the madness of HLN and social media!

      • Thanks, R. Love. I’m here every day. I will have to make an attempt to say more.

        Here’s an off topic conversation from the 1947 movie “Out of the Past.”

        Kirk Douglas character: “You don’t talk much, do you?”
        Robert Mitchum character: “I don’t learn much listening to myself.”

    • Absolutely! They are basically admitting they fu*ked up royally and are just trying to cover their a$$es… Too obvious.

      I came across this today:

      Why does the author say ” There will be no live streaming except section seven of the order reads: “Any live broadcast approved by the Court shall have a 15 minute delay.” Maybe openings, closings and verdict will be streamed.” ???
      Is it possible they will air only the Opening/Closing arguments and the Verdict in real tiem???

      • The court order seems contradictory:

        At the beginning it reads: “Those recordings may not be aired or used for any purpose until after a verdict has been reached by the jury in the penalty phase retrial.”
        And in the end it states “Any live broadcast approved by the Court shall have a 15 minute delay.”

        Maybe someone who reads legalese better can explain what it all means…

  20. Kellen if you read this, please check your e-mail. I’ve sent you a very important message. Please contact me via e-mail.


  21. Danites Revenge, if you read this, please check your e-mail. SJ has sent you a very important message. Please contact him via e-mail.


  22. Hello everyone!

    I was chatting with another Jodi supporter earlier this morning and she showed me an article about another case in AZ (aka shitzona). This woman killed her lover and was sentenced to 13 years for second-degree murder.

    This is not a recent trial BUT I think that we have to focus and compare the sentencing of this woman to Jodi’s. Can someone please explain to me how the evaluation and sentencing is sooooo different in both cases that were tried in the same state?

    It is just more proof that Jodi’s case was a vengeful witch trial, with moronic unsequestered sheeple jurors, an incompetent judge, prosecutorial misconduct with abusive behavior, and the hateful media frenzy! How the hell can someone get a fair trial dealing with all that madness???

    Check it out:

    • Hi Pandora,

      You make a good point. The main differences between the 2 are down to the fact that with the earlier AZ trial of Amber Lynn Trudell, there was no witch trial, no moronic unsequestered sheeple jurors, no incompetent judge, no prosecutorial misconduct and no accompanying hateful media frenzy.

      Team Jodi

        • R.! Yes! Did you see how civil those people were?! Some should learn from them! I have seen many families of victims find their peace because they had forgiveness in their hearts.

  23. Good morning cyber family! Just checking in to say Hey, I haven’t posted much lately but I am here at least once as day. AAAAGGGGGHHHH work, that time of year. Been busier than a three legged cat covering a cat turd on a hot tin roof. LOL 🙂

    Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Morning (((((Ray ))))))))) ♥ ♥

      No worries. We know you’re by Jodi’s side no matter what! It’s been a crazy week at work for me too…

      (((((((( TEAM JODI & RAY ))))))))

    • Ray, my lovely bro!!! No worries. You ARE truly missed but we all understand what it means to be drowned in work!

      ((((Ray))) ♥

  24. Is anyone else finding that Sandra Webber seems to have taken down all the entries of her blog? Or is it just my browser going wonky?

    Trial Divas was stripped of all it’s entries a few weeks ago. The page still comes up, with all it’s normal graphic look (as does Sandra’s) but there are no articles there.

  25. Well, I seem to have gotten banned or something from posting on Epoch Times about that misleading article. Ever since last night, whenever I post, it disappears. I really wanted to answer one question put to me (why do we Jodi supporters believe Travis attacked her) so I decided I will post here in hopes that the questioner will drop by:

    Because we don’t believe she is a pathological liar, even though she lied to the police (a very common occurrence). She swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth while under oath in a court of law. She was on the stand for 18 days and never deviated from her version of events, very hard to do if you’re lying, and especially with that bastard Martinez screaming at you. And if she was lying, why not follow through with the lie? Why say she has no memory of the most crucial part of the story if it isn’t true? Why not just continue with the lie? I came up with a reasonable sequence of events in about 10 minutes and she had four years to think about it. I (and the rest of her supporters) believe she knew (and her defense team told her) that if she was going to get up on that stand to tell her story she had better not deviate one iota from the truth or her goose would be cooked. And her story is consistent with the evidence (more so than the smoke and mirrors that Martinez presented.)

    • And interesting if I did get banned because that annoying little twerp, Arizona Sky, is back in full force. That person (and I use that term loosely) is like a yappy little chihuahua constantly nipping at your heels. Nothing constructive to say, just name calling and insults. Yet I get banned?

      • Justus, seriously? You’re still commenting there? I tip my hat! I don’t know how you do it… After 1 day of posting replies to all the nonsense I was reading, I gave up.

        As for that individual you spoke about? Ahhhh! Waste of your time even replying… I think this person is probably still in junior high.

        If you do continue to comment and reply there, I wish you the best of luck in trying to have a healthy debate! LOL!

        • LOL is right, Pandora! I do get worn down. I just keep thinking that maybe I might be reaching some readers who are just passing through and know little about the case. I just couldn’t let those knuckleheads dominate the comment section. As Raja said, maybe our comments juxtaposed against all that craziness might make a difference. But I have just about run out of steam. I think I’ve probably said my piece.

          • I think that we all made our respective points. There were a few good discussions on that website and I feel that we could have these in a proper forum. The challenge is not allowing said forum to be overrun by the lunatics that have pilfered through and taken over the asylum over there. They are saying the same things now that they said twelve months ago-Jodi’s evil, she deserves to die, give her the needle, shame on her supporters because they’re evil, too, etc. Nothing has changed vis a vis their commentary. They have merely ratcheted up the hateful rhetoric against us and moving away from their original plan from seeking justice to not just seeking revenge, but initiating attacks and harassment of others. I read some of their comments and the consensus is that they’re still pissed off that the term “pedo hugger” was used here and that there was a picture posted of Travis in a body bag among other things. While we can all debate and question whether or not that comment and picture may or may not have been in poor taste, the simple fact of the matter is that you lose credibility with me when you allow some of the language and harassment on your websites to go by unchallenged. You lose credibility with each and every one of us here when you complain about how insensitive and cruel we are here at JAII while you allow some of the degrading and misogynistic comments that have been made about some of the people here especially the women. Whatever credibility or respect you may have earned from these astute observations is immediately lost when one chooses to remain silent or otherwise support hateful and abusive rhetoric.

            • Raja, I truely believe that some people can’t let go! The bodybag pic was plastered on the internet everywhere! As a smart person that I chat with has told me: whatever we can google and find, is fair game! This was NOT a personal picture, nor was it personal info! Everyone had seen it! BUT to make photoshop pictures of Jodi with a needle in her arm – in their perspectives – is fine???? They can’t have it both ways!

              As for the pedo hugger term?… it is a term! Why should they be offended if they are NOT pedo huggers???? I don’t get it!

              Lastly, all this shit is last years news and if they need to keep on bashing this site and all of us supporting Jodi, they should find sth new, ffs! It got boring after the first month of them whining and pulling fits! Now it’s actually making me fall asleep! Yawn!

              So, although people say were offended by the bodybag and the pedo huggers term and if they are so truly ‘broken’ that they can’t move on, they should go talk about it with a therapist!


        • As for the little twerp, I have asked the rest of the people whose side he supposedly represents, if they approve of his empty and insulting rants, and if they don’t, why haven’t they spoken up. (I can only imagine the response I’ll be getting from the twerp himself.)

          • I would invite you all to go read the responses I got to this, if I weren’t that Id be asking you to investigate a hornet’s nest. Early on, we had somewhat coherent conversations that ultimately degenerated but now the whole thing has degenerated. (The lunatics have taken over the asylum.) Their responses are at the same time both laughable and scary.

            • Justus, I read every single comment. Healthy constructive dialogue is long gone in there. Isn’t that what always happens? SMH…

      • Arizona thinks we’re all one person. That always manages to make me laugh so I don’t have to get perturbed by the posts.

        • I know, Journee. I always have a good laugh about that too. I guess Arizona thinks one person is over here having a multi-person conversation with themselves. And thanks for the “like” on that. Did you read the responses?

        • Journee, I read that too! Too funny! So, hold on! Lemme go now and sign in as someone else and write myself a damn good reply! Hahhahahahaahahaaaaaa!

          )))))Arizona Sky((((( No hugs for you! Sorry! 🙁

    • Justus – I had one that appeared, then disappeared, then showed up again a few hours later (after I posted an abbreviated replacement.) So maybe your posts will turn up later.

  26. In relation to the Amber Lynn Trudell case that Pandora posted earlier today, I notice Amber appealed her 13 year sentence. The discussion of the appeal and the court’s decision was made public on April 25, 2008. Several issues were raised including prosecutorial misconduct. As a layperson, it seems the court admitted there were mistakes made by the state’s side but they were ruled minor mistakes that would not affect the verdict. Note: It’s 25 pages long.

  27. Alexey,

    In relation to your comment yesterday @11:17pm about a 15-minute delay of any broadcast recording of Jodi’s sentening retrial , I notice Michael Kiefer has published an article today in which he touches on that issue. He ends the article by saying: “At the end of the recent ruling, Stephens left herself an out in case she changes her mind: If she were to approve live broadcast at any time during the trial, the broadcast would have to be on a 15-minute delay.”

    That’s different than the way I understood it. I agreed with some people who suggested that certain portions (openings, closings, etc.) might might be broadcast but Michael’s comments sound like everything potentially could be broadcast on a 15-miinute delay if Stephens changes her mind. I’m not sure if this makes it any clearer or have I made it more confused? Truthfully, it’s still not clear to me.

    • I was totally confused the first time I read it. One way it looks like no cameras then the next way it looks like they will be allowed but screened or something. Martinez will probably be in charge of that! UGH.

      • The judge must have changed her mind while she was drawing up the motion. I see no other explanation. The two sentences contradict each other.
        Or maybe she wants to have her cake and eat it too? She’s trying too hard to please everybody.

        • She signed that motion with a ”You never know…” in the back of her mind. How f**ked up is that? I’d really love it if someone with legal knowledge explained that motion to us.

    • Thanks! 🙂
      Still, if we have to guess then there’s ambiguity in the motion which is unacceptable for court documents.

  28. SJ made a post here last week where he correctly stated that before we decide to do anything to ask the question “Will it help Jodi?” I feel the best course of action going forward is to ignore the haters and stop the bashing of Juan Martinez, Travis Alexander, Detective Flores, Judge Stephens, Travis Alexander’s family, etc. Now, before you blow a gasket, hear me out. I didn’t say that we shouldn’t criticize anyone. It is my personal belief that the negative and sometimes venomous attacks that are directed at these people only hurts Jodi Arias in the long run. I know most of you here are very generous and compassionate and when we focus on facts and maintain a sense of decency we are much more likely to be persuasive. I witnessed this firsthand over the weekend when I had the opportunity to engage in some nice conversations with a couple of Travis Alexander supporters. Initially they were skeptical and dismissive towards me and some others, but when they saw that we were interested in facts and hit them with logic rather than emotion we were able to win their respect.

    The haters whether we like it or not aren’t going to go away anytime soon. Some of us found out over the weekend that talking to them is like talking to a brick wall. You’re never going to have an honest debate with those people because they don’t want it. I know some of you were frustrated at how they had hijacked the Epoch website but in a way I am glad they did because now the world knows what we’re dealing with. We said everything that needed to be said over the weekend and we were able to back it up. Now it is up to the readers to decide on who’s right and who’s wrong. They also can decide whether or not one person there or one post made them rethink their opinion of the Jodi Arias case. If we were able to create reasonable doubt with just one person, we did our job.

    I could be wrong about this but my gut tells me that taking the high road, pooling our collective energies together and going above and beyond for Jodi and her family is going to pay off in the long run. We all have done a great job supporting Jodi and her family, but now we need to go beyond that and do even better. We got less than four months until the sentencing trial begins in September. I think we should spent that time showing Jodi and her family and the whole world what we’re made of and how strong we truly are.

    • Hi Raja,

      You raise a good point in highlighting my earlier statement: “Will it help Jodi?”

      But the fact of the matter is, attempting to engage the clueless pedo-huggers in any form of meaningful conversation DOES NOT help Jodi one bit… and therefore it’s a pretty pointless & futile exercise, typically performed on a regular basis by people with a skewed perspective and way too much time on their hands.

      The Jodi support group is growing stronger by the day. Momentum is building. That’s the bottom line… and that’s why we will be victorious in our quest for Justice For Jodi.

      Team Jodi

  29. Arizona planning a drug execution set for May 28 for Joseph Wood. Jan Brewer states the drug protocol is safe. Whatever that means. Defense cites Ohio case and resulting stay on executions.

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