Jodi’s pre-sentencing interview – Part 9/10 – May 22nd, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Here’s part 9 of 10 from Jodi’s pre sentencing interview with 12 news anchor Mark Curtis (AZ Central) – from May 22nd, 2013:

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  1. Good morning to everyone!

    Yay!!! I’m first! (if anyone is bothered by our ‘first comment’ comments or ((((hugs)))) – they can sue us!)

    Now for what is truly important and what people should focus on (and stop finding bs to criticize):

    It is easy to say “I don’t believe Jodi was a victim of domestic violence”. But how is it possible to know? Were they around when Jodi was abused? Do they have special ‘zuber powerz’ that ‘x-ray’ Jodi’s memories, Jodi’s soul, so they can see if she is lying or not?

    The public opinion can say whatever they want to say. The truth of the matter is that being a victim of domestic violence doesn’t mean that there will always be bruises and visual marks that will prove that they were abused. The true scars are the ones that don’t show. Mental and emotional abuse is just as bad as physical abuse, dare I say even worse..

    The cuts, the bruises will go away… the pain inside is something that is tattooed for life.

    So people could continue to believe that if we can’t visually ‘see’ the violence then it doesn’t exist. That only gives ‘green light’ to abusers to continue their abusive behavior and never get punished for that. On the contrary, it’s the victims that get punished, get publicly ridiculed and get called liars. Most of the victims never report DV because of that. So they remain in abusive relationships tolerating the abuse and ending up to believe that ‘it’s all their fault’.

    But when a victim finally fights back, defends him/herself from this violence and sometimes unfortunately ends up in situations like Jodi’s, they are called ‘cold-blood’ killers….

    I call them SURVIVORS!

    If people would take DV more seriously and take action in helping eliminate it by having the abusers severely punished, then maybe the abusers would think twice before ‘hitting’ their victims both verbally and physically.

    ((((Jodi is a SURVIVOR of DV))))

    • Good morning, Pan! Yes, domestic violence seems to be the pink elephant in the room that nobody wants to address. Sure, there are laws on the books and we see discussions here and there about it but what is truly being done to cure this issue? What do we do to women like Jodi who defend themselves? We lock them away for many years. What do we do to men who abuse women? We lock them away… for a couple days. Well, whoop-dee-fu@*ing-doo! That’s like putting a band-aid on a bullet hole FFS! Oh sure, I know, sometimes they do give out harsher sentences to men – like maybe a month or so in jail. That’ll teach ’em, right? Wrong! It’s not working. The laws aren’t working either. So, in my opinion, as a society, we have failed Jodi and women everywhere in her situation. A woman defends herself and what do we do? Throw her in prison. Ignore the evidence and just lock her up. Because by putting them in prison we are all somehow better off. Really? Is that the mentality that exists out there? I’m thinking it is! But as far as I’m concerned, no, we are most definitely NOT better for it. So let’s take a look at what we have here: A man is dead, a woman is in jail for taking his life to save her own, families lives are in ruins, millions of taxpayers dollars have been spent on a farce of a trial and our legal system has been exposed for what it truly is…corrupt. So tell me, who won?

      • Congrats to Pandora and Jeff in mesa for #1 and #2! You both brought up great points!!!! Peoples views and the laws both need to change for the better. We all suffer from these grave injustices.

    • Jodi IS a survivor of Domestic Violence.

      I bet those who deny it and bash her, would think differently if one of their daughters came back home one night with a home-made splint because her boyfriend had just broken her finger or full of bruises on her arms legs and torso because he had bitten them up or choke them unconsious….etc etc

      Sure, there are incidents much more violent, much more cruel. It doesn’t mean however that we should downgrade the rest.

      • Maria, some people don’t understand the meaning of DV unless it happens to them or to a family member. That’s when they call it a horrible horrible thing and they desperately seek for help and support…..

  2. There may have been reasonable doubt that Travis abused Jodi if not for his written and spoken words in the volumes of emails, text messages, journals and telephone conversation. We would have accepted the testimony of state witnesses Mimi and Deanna when asked if Travis ever raised his voice, called them names or acted inappropriately. You cannot argue with his vile words and treatment of Jodi described so vividly JM and all haters.

    Sadly, the prosecutor abused the witnesses and the law. The family abused Jodi’s right to a fair trial each and every day from their seats in the courtroom. The haters urged on by the family and this circus abused and threatened the expert witnesses’ lives, health and professional reputations, so that no return trip to AZ for penalty trial will be made. The media abused Jodi’s right of presumption of innocence and right to be tried in a court of law, not their ratings-driven, extremely biased programming. Shameful!!

    • Jodi was also abused by domestic violence victims [and the leader(s) of one organization intended to be an advocate for DV victims/survivors]. Night after night, they proclaimed on HLN via a mindless, hurtful slogan that they were “the real victims”. Various choruses on that network’s crime commentary shows carried on about the plight of “real” DV victims who are married, financially dependent on their spouses and who have children. Well, is there no public record of unmarried couples engaging in abusive relationships? Is there no record of a woman supporting a man who is in turn mentally and physically abused by him, or vice versa? Have those scenarios NEVER occurred? Is there no public record of employers abusing employees who keep quiet about it for years? Do we not have labor laws for this reason? Is DV not a Human Rights issue? Last I heard, NO ONE HAS CURRENTLY CORNERED THE MARKET ON PAIN.

      Of all people, these domestic violence survivors should understand why Jodi wanted to protect TA. Because of what they’ve experienced, they should know how it feels to be abandoned in the court of public opinion. And when ALV had the audacity to suggest that there was evidence of abuse in that relationship, she was hogtied and skewered as well. Again, these same advocates for survivors of DV would not stand up for her, even as she continually speaks out for each and every one of them.

      As long as Jodi was still fabricating the stories that she was never there or that someone else killed him, the sordid aspects of her relationship with TA continued to be sealed away. But the obvious escapes people, even those who should know better: That if he could expect her to keep their sexual relationship secret, he could also expect that she would not “bust” him on his horrible behavior towards her. He coerced her into tearing out a page of her diary…the torn page (pages?) was/(were) in evidence at the trial together with his vile words in text messages, emails and the phone call. One has to presume guilt to ignore all of these obvious signs that Jodi was fearful of TA – and to discount the fact that Gus Searcy noticed that she ducked when TA yelled at her on the phone – in order to finally arrive at the cynical belief that Jodi planned that fight.

      Instead of giving Jodi the benefit of the doubt – to even TRY to see that she continually hoped that TA would want to do the right thing by her and be ABLE to do it – all of the abundant evidence that he was abusive to Jodi was marshalled into a motive for her to want to kill him.

      But a trial was conducted, and as unfair as it was, it revealed no proof of Intent in this case, or of malice AFORETHOUGHT or EVER THOUGHT, no matter how much the prosecutor wanted the jury to believe that of Jodi. The circumstantial evidence carried the potential of being applied to other destinations of the road trip, so the prosecutor could only IMPLY Jodi’s intent, by suggesting that he himself had a RIGHT – by virtue of Jodi’s “guilt” – and in light of the judge’s tacit concessions to him – to engage in his egregiously uncivil courtroom misconduct. One apparent purpose of that misconduct seemed to have been to try to sway the jury to infer that since, as an officer of the court, his own bullying behavior was allowed, so too should TA’s conduct be viewed as entirely excusable. TA was given a pass on his frightfully controlling behavior (first by Jodi believing that she’d goofed in some way, then tacitly by the state), just as the prosecutor was seen to be given a free zone to demonstrate his righteous “indignance” with her.

      As a domestic violence victim will eventually come to believe that the key to avoiding conflict in the relationship lies in their skill of not “pissing off” the abuser, the jury too must have come to the conclusion that since the prosecutor’s obvious misconduct was not reined in, that Jodi’s guilt must have seemed a foregone conclusion even to the judge – moreover, that any doubts they themselves had were NOT reasonable.

      New neurological studies have revealed that the hippocampus of the brain actually shrinks under extended periods of high stress. This could help to explain the phenomena described in the above ¶.

          • This case has reminded me of that time in my life because like Travis, he had a big happy smile and happy-go-lucky side for the world, but behind closed doors, in a split second, in a completely uncontrolled rage over nothing. He like Travis, had been abused by his mother but certainly not to the extent that Travis experienced. Had I not experienced it for myself I would not understand that instant fury the way that I do. Also how everything happens so quickly and so much of it becomes a blur. He also used much of the same language as Travis. I was the same size and age as Jodi was and he and Travis were much the same size. He wasn’t into wrestling or martial arts, but he could still throw me around like a rag doll. Travis’s first ten years of his life were so horrible my mind can’t even go there. To spend more than a year in a camper top with your mother and three sisters when you are a boy of nine or ten, well I don’t know what that would do to a young boy.

        • I completely agree… Abusive behavior follows a Continuum, like ALV explained. Just because one doesn’t have all the boxes ”checked” doesn’t mean they do not ”qualify” ; abuse has many faces.

          No, they weren’t speaking for all of us out there.

      • On my wiki site I quote from Donna Alexander’s book “Red Flags of Love Fraud”. There is also a website associated with it where people (women for the most part) go to discuss how they ended up (and stayed) in fraudulent and abusive relationships. During the trial I went there expecting to see support for Jodi but nooooo, even they were bashing her. I wanted to scream.

          • And then there’s the woman who called into HLN to tell them of her experience In which she ended up shooting her abusive husband five times. She was tried for murder but acquitted. At this point I expected some sympathy for Jodi but again noooo, she then proceeded to say how she doesn’t understand Jodi at all, that she must be a monster. What’s wrong with people??? If Jodi’s (or anybody’s) experience is not exactly like theirs, then no sympathy, no empathy? It’s disgusting and scary. I fear we live in a world of very sick people.

            • It’s what you said, Justus. If their experience is not identical or equally lengthy in time or equally cruel, then they can find no sympathy for people who went through shit and fought back.
              I’ve had women telling me ”I would never do that to my abuser” (killing him) and others saying ”I have found myself in Jodi’s situation multiple times and it’s a miracle I’m not in prison right now” So, there you go… Even abused women do not agree among themselves as to *what* exactly constitutes abuse.

              • One of the points that has been absolutely LOST in news coverage was Jodi’s claim that the gun went off accidentally when TA lunged at her. I suppose this was because most people formed an opinion about the case before they ever heard Jodi’s sworn testimony, and when she finally told her story in a courtroom – they couldn’t hear her. They had an easy out: Jodi’s testimony was just another of her stories, as far as they were concerned – so they felt smart to ignore her, and reporters took the same tack.

                But it is NOT SMART to ignore Jodi’s testimony, or the testimony of ALV. Dr. Laura was on the radio the other night saying that a person should NEVER be afraid of their partner, not once. So why do so many people allow themselves to be mistreated? It is a very important question because it is dangerous in every way to do that. Seems there will always be a tendency among humans given an inch, to want to take a mile. But TOO MANY people are socialized to allow that first diminishing inch, the next yard, quarter mile, and so on, to their own destruction and to everyone’s detriment.

                In some cases all that remains is life fighting for life.

                • I have seen a clip of JVM of all people with a gun expert on someone’s site recently. I don’t think she got the answer she wanted, but he said that that type of gun can go accidently off if you hold it the way that Jodi described. I’m sorry that I don’t remember where I saw it.

              • The instinct of survival is the strongest one we have. The women who are so confident what their behavior under that circumstance would be are basing it on emotion and not the science of that instinct .

                • And I just received this:

                  “She had to be doing something very wrong that would cause him to become mad at her, People don’t get that mad with out reason.”

                  Unbelievable!!! Where do people keep their brains? This is very similar to blaming rape victims because of what they were wearing. If he was angry enough to become abusive, she must have done something to cause it? Unbelievable!!! What century are these people living in?

                • Justus, TA had been obsessing about that camera since before he bought it in April, right after Jodi moved away. He took a picture of himself with it and posted it on Facebook, he talked about it in his motivational speech and to friends, etc. Of course, he always seemed to have money problems and it was expensive. Jodi had been the one taking all the pics of them and their travels since they met and this was another way of him flipping her the double bird, trying to convince himself that he doesn’t need her IMO. When she accidentally dropped it, “he snapped”. He lost Lisa in March, Jodi in April, Deanna in May and Mimi just wanted to be friends. He was sexting/texting as many as eight different women during that time, and yet he writes in his blog in May that he is lonesome.

                  There are women who have been awakened to fists already flying so if there was a trigger, it was missed by the victim. That is what I meant when I said for nothing earlier, but they do have a point in that there is some type of trigger in their head I suppose.

        • I have the same reaction to these types as you. I would like to ask them straight to their face how they could deny another woman her truth, her reality? How would they feel if they weren’t believed, told they must be a monster for that to happen to them? They are worse than the ignorant haters IMO.

        • Travis wrote of his anger in a May 10th in an instant message to Jodi:
          “Hah, yeah if I could transmute that fury I couldn’t be stopped. That shiz is scary.”

          • Oh yeah, I’m sure Travis had some major anger issues. Big time issues! All you gotta do is look at his anger and hate filled emails and texts to Jodi. I think the guy was a nut bar. And then there’s his Eddie Snell character. I have to wonder how much that character was like the real Travis. Probably more than anybody realizes. An ex-friend of mine used to do skits in a local comedy club years ago with a character he created. Turns out after I got to know him a little better he was just like his little “invention”(for lack of a better term). A true world class a-hole. That’s why I say EX-friend.

            • Right, Jeff. Somewhere (can’t keep track of it anymore) I wrote about how “Mr. Eddie Snell”, near the end of his little skit, says to a woman in the audience “I would beat you dead, woman.” That was followed by “You have to beat a woman once in a while” (or something to that effect; I haven’t been able to bring myself to go back and sit through it again.) Only after tones of disapproval from the audience, he says, “Just kidding!” Right. It came tripping right off his tongue with such ease and he had no compunction about making a joke about beating a woman. What if he’d said that about beating a black person? Would it just be dismissed as a joke and everybody laugh hardily. Of course, it was almost comical when I brought this up to “those people.” They went on and on about how it was just a joke and to lighten up and then they compared it to Jodi writing in her diary (after he’s tormented her for well over a year) that she wished she could kill her love for Travis. This is proof to them that Jodi is a natural born killer.

              • Double standards. Something written by Jodi is proof of her evil character, but something said by Travis isn’t. SMH.

                • Double Standards is right Maria! Much like it is fine for a prosecutor and a certain trial diva to do the “nasty” deeds but when it came to Jodi or Travis it was certainly a SIN and all the blame falls to Jodi?! Heck, those two were even married and cheating on their spouses!!! But let us all turn our heads and look the other way because they have the outward appearances of being upstanding citizens!?!?! Disgusting!

              • When you said what Jodi wrote she could kill her love for Travis that reminded me of my x husband that abused me showed everyone he was a good person and when we were alone he turned in to a monster. I had to tell my self over and over again I don’t love him and told myself this so many times until it stuck . I Remember my self leaving down the stairs with my sister with the close on my back and left everything else behind he looked bewildered that I was leaving him I said to him. I don’t love you anymore its over and he still kept calling and wanting me back. but that is what you need in DV situation you need to tell yourself I don’t love him its like you have to kill him in your mind to get that out of your head. He will change hes a good person he loves me after he has hit me then they I’m sorry I won’t do that every again and then it happens again and then it gets more violent. Some manage to escape others don’t they stay for what ever reason or they go back. Just wanted to say they think Jodi’s written word that she wanted to kill the love does not mean she wanted to kill Travis she just wanted her love for him to stop so she could move on in her life.

                • Exactly, Timewilltell. You put it well. She understood that she couldn’t change him; she could only change her thoughts and feelings about him.

          • Wow, Carol! Do we know the context of that message? Was he angry at her and threatening her? Or was he confiding in her something that concerned him? Sounds to me, from his last sentence, that’s he’s confiding in her his fear that he could very easily lose control in a rage and not be able to stop himself. Either way, that’s big! Was that used at all at trial?

            • This was a communication they had the day after the three and half hour rage by text that was started because someone had told her about Lisa and him. Then a few days later there was the text rage that lasted over six hours that was filled with the character assassination.

              They were talking about Wayne Dyer, the motivational speaker being teased by his daughters about his anger.

              Travis: Yeah, I know, but they’ve see him at his worst, and I promise my worst is worse. So far.
              Jodi: I’ve seen your worst. We haven’t walked in his shoes but I take that bet.
              Travis: Hah, yeah, if I could transmute that fury I couldn’t be stopped. That shiz is scary.
              Jodi: You’ll master it one day.

              This was important to ALV because Jodi’s acknowledging that she’s seen it and he’s acknowledging that he has it.

              • These text messages are very interesting because they show Jodi actively trusting that TA would self-improve.

                Significantly, Jodi expresses no resentment, only acceptance; there is no acrimony at all in her responses to him here. This is evidence of her lack of malice towards TA and it is much more probative than a diary entry since she is relating to him.

                • Yet people still are raising Travis up to his leaning tower of saint hood? What is with their way of thinking? When a person acknowledges their own destructive ways should we overlook that? NO! Travis had MAJOR issues with his anger and it was stewing away inside of him until that fateful day. Jodi was in love with Travis and would have done anything to make him a better person. How I wish she would have run from him and never spoke with him again. I believe if there had not been the pictures that Travis wanted of the two of them in complete undress it would have been far easier for Jodi to break away from him. Travis was the type to blackmail her with them. I believe he did this to her. IMO His friends are the same type of people. Use and abuse for their own self gratification. No matter who they hurt and who the steal from it will not bother them. True form of ABUSE. Maybe that is why they do not see the abuse because they are the very same as Travis. Sick. As they spew their hatred for Jodi they should choose their words wisely because I’m afraid they are all going to have to eat them. They are a very poisonous mob.

                • Not once in their written communications was Jodi mad or verbally abusive to him; on the contrary, she was supportive, full of understanding and encouraging him to work on his weaknesses.

                  She must have been bottling up all the pain, the hurt, the frustration, the disillusion and the heart-ache she was feeling. Not to mention having to deal with the physical pain, the bruises and the broken bones that were a visible constant reminder of how far his explosive character could go.

                • Justus, this came into evidence Day 41, Part 1 @ 1:15:30 Lohr No Sidebar time.

                  The previous day’s long argument (May 10th – exhibit 448 @ 1:00:00) was not about Lisa as I remembered but it was about the accidental text that was sent to TA instead of another guy. ALV – jealous behavior can be very controlling, the further she pulls away the more insecure he gets, losing power is a scary thing. When you talk aggressively you become more aggressive (@1:14) ALV is seeing an escalation of violence.

                  The defence went through the following communications just prior to this:

                  Apr 7th text @34:50 – Text rant about her finding out about Lisa from someone. ALV – veiled threats attached to reality “feel the wrath”

                  Apr 8th text @43:00 – Text rant about her leaving a picture behind when she moved. “bitter feelings are brewing”.

                  Apr 8th – @51:00 – Travis’s journal – Jodi and Deanna leaving will be good for him because he wants to marry. He is stressed for money, he misses Lisa and “feels like an idiot” for going after Mimi.

                  Apr 19th – @53:00 Text Rant – TA feels insulted by what Jodi says about his speaking ability. ALV – uses guilt about not spending time with him. Not uncommon to make a series of breaks. TA has the ability to win women back – Lisa Andrews.

                  Apr 20th – @59:00 – Text – TA at a club compares Jodi’s beauty to the women he is with. Beautiful on the inside and the out. ALV – very flattering text.

                  A peek into his psyche.

    • Carol, any which way you look at it, Jodi’s life has been full of abuse since she met travis! It is a shame. As I’ve said many times, this woman can’t get a break!

  3. Journee or anyone else, I was trying to remember what was investigated in Travis’s house? Did Flores actually investigate the whole house from top to bottom or only Travis’s room and the washing machine. I remember that there were chairs and things out of place which was very unusual for Travis (certainly should have sent red flags up to someone who lived in the house with him) Also, I remember that the dog gate was in a totally different spot than where it usual was (another red flag). If someone had been caring a rather large bundle of something (?) in or out of the house; things would have been out of place. I do not remember anyone talking about blood through out the house, only in Travis room. Seems to me that most of our unanswered questions surround the crime scene investigation (or lack of )and the friends and roommates of Travis Alexander. Was there any actual investigation into the roommates and the friends and even the girlfriends? Or were they overlooked only because they threw Flores of the actual direction that he should have been investigating? I know this is off the topic but I was thinking about questions I have and I need a refresher! LOL

    • Hey R. Love –

      If I remember correctly, (and you can watch Lisa Perry on Day 5 to verify if you need to) there was a small amount of blood in the laundry room (like a speck) and another small amount of blood in the downstairs bathroom. And I think both of those rooms also had spots that first were tagged as ‘maybe blood’ but turned out not to be blood. Other than those spots, the only thing else that I know of is the little bit of thread on the stairs that looked like the thread in the crime scene. And I gather they took a visual inventory of all of the knives in the kitchen, because HLN included a picture of those in their collection…. but no one ever said if any of them were tested for blood.

      If Flores or anyone ever did a thorough investigation of the roomies, it wasn’t included in the police report the jury saw.

      One little thing’s been nagging at me lately (okay, on MORE little thing nagging at me, lol) – the roomies both told Flores about the floor cleaner sitting out and the chairs being out of place, but then they also both told him that things were put right again a couple of days later. But I listened to Mimi Hall’s testimony again the other day, and SHE said that when she and her friends came into the house that night there was a ‘vacuum cleaner or something sitting out’.

      It was never mentioned whether the roomies eventually moved the gate that was confining Napoleon.

      • Thanks Journee. I, like you, have many things nagging away at me about the whole case in general! Isn’t it strange that there is a dead body in the whole house for 5 days and no one looks for Travis (even though they conveniently (?) have a key to get into his room), no one smells anything, no one thinks it strange that furniture and vacuum cleaner is out of place and then the dog gate is in a place where it never was before? Certain people can not remember when they did the laundry. And, then we have Flores (our rocket scientist of a detective) taking the rumors about Jodi (people who did not even really know her) but when asked for information about her they flooded the grand detective with a world of info. Last night I couldn’t sleep thinking about the downstairs in Travis’s house wondering what things must have transpired during those questionable 5 days. Furniture out of place would suggest to me that someone other than Travis or Jodi (Jodi would have placed it back in order not to draw attention to it, especially if this was premeditated) had been in the house adjusting the crime scene to appear different from what it actually was (or even bringing someone or something large and bulky wrapped in heavy black plastic in through that part of the house). Napoleon, bless his doggie heart, would have been coming undone because a dog would have smelled a dead body and been upset (especially his beloved owner’s dead body) and the roommates never bothered themselves to look around? Was Travis dead in the shower then or was his body elsewhere? If he was there then he should have been detectable by someone with a nose, be it a human or a dog, for sure. Did Flores ask neighbors about what they had seen? The houses in Travis neighborhood appear to be very close together. I do not know all of my neighbors but I do notice when things look different. I am positive someone somewhere knows way more than we know. And, then, of course the Hughes in their involvement. Why, oh why would Flores not have been interested in them? Because $$$$ seemed to be way smarter?? SMH Flores reminds me of Mr. Magoo, blind as a bat. There are things that just will not let me think that Jodi could have done this all by herself. There is way more to this untold story. Reasonable doubt for sure!

        • R. Love – there’s a few other things I want to run by you. Is it okay with you if I send Rasna a note to pass my email addy on to you?

        • Should there not have been a trail of blood going out of the house if Jodi had done this? She could not have taken a shower because it was full. There should have been blood everywhere if she had left after Travis’s death. Who belongs to the bloody boot print and why did they not inspect everyone else’s shoes in that house and anyone who knew him?

          • R. Love & Journee,

            I, too, believe with ALL my heart that there is a LOT more to Travis Alexander’s murder!!! I just don’t see how anyone could not believe that there were more people involved and that the roommates didn’t notice, see, hear or smell anything unusual for all those five days!!! Take any other crime scene and you know if there were roommates there they would have been thoroughly investigated!!! My son’s friends Uncle recently passed away! He was living upstairs at his sister’s house because he couldn’t get around very good anymore and he also didn’t want to be around people. His sister would check on him periodically to make sure he was ok and all. I guess his sister had been working very long hours and hadn’t checked on him for five days so she went upstairs to check on him but couldn’t get his door open! Anyway, come to find out she couldn’t get the door open because he had fallen and was dead in front of the door!!! Do you know that SHE, his SISTER, was on the suspect list until after the autopsy which found that he died of a heart attack!!! Now, if a sister was on a suspect list, you would definitely think that in the death of Travis, everyone connected would be thoroughly investigated, ESPECIALLY roommates who lived with Travis and were in and out of his house all the time!!! Oh, and I can hardly believe that Det. Flores didn’t follow up on Dustin Thompson!!!

            There are TOO many stones left unturned!!!


  4. I was watching “Murder in the First” on Monday night. It’s a 10-part series that looks at a single murder case (fictional) over an entire season. There was a scene where the 2 lead homicide detectives are watching the trial on TV at work. Their supervisor tells them they shouldn’t be watching the trial because they could be called back to give more testimony. Hildy, the female detective, says to her boss:

    “Everybody watches everything all the time. I mean, you really think these jurors aren’t sitting at home at night watching “Nancy Grace” – or whatever?”

    I wondered if the writers were thinking of Jodi’s trial when they put these comments in the script. If there was only a way to get our hands on the communications (emails, tweets, texts, etc) of the jurors that convicted Jodi. I’ve heard that once information is posted on the internet, it’s there forever. I don’t really know if this is true or not. If it is true, maybe a computer geek will search out all the juror’s communications someday. Or, if there was a family member or friend of a juror who might be willing to testify that he/she witnessed a juror watching discussions/presentations/movies on Jodi’s case on TV or discussing the case with friends/family members, whatever, during the trial.

    • Someone should suggest to Judge Pickles to watch that episode! LOL I hope one day we will find out about the jurors and their emails, tweets and texts. Maybe all they would have to do is check all of the reporters’ emails, texts and tweets from HLN. Maybe just check Nancy Grace’s. You know, as I do the jurors were watching all of the media coverage, no doubt in my mind. Judge Pickles is living in Martinez’s fairy tale if she believes anything else.

      • You should see the insane discussion I had over on GB’s discussion group. First off, according to those geniuses, nobody actually watched HLN because, again according to them, none of them did. (I guess HLN’s ratings going through the roof was either someone cooking the books or it was a bunch of shills.) Also people are apparently generally so wake and aware that even if they did watch HLN, they knew it was just entertainment. As far as sequestering the jury, well, that would be too much of a inconvenience for the jurors so apparently when we must chose between a fair trial and the comfort/convenience of the jury we should always opt in the jury’s favor.

        • All reports, be it from HLN, ABC, etc. on the proceedings were biased because of the spurious hearsay rules of the trial and key maneuverings that reporters of all stripes decided to ignore, foregoing responsible analysis of the impact that the last minute claim of the gunshot being last would have had on both sides.

          News outlets expanded on the stalker, tire slashing and email “hacking” allegations as if they had been proven in the courtroom instead of reporting them with circumspection and due diligence. Of course, HLN was the worst – e.g. NG was fond of saying that Jodi had somehow gotten into TA’s bank account. As I recall the testimony, Jodi made some deposits for him.

          Not much point in arguing with people who think the trial was fair, is there? It all started with the 911 call and Mimi being coached during it by the roommates, then later being asked in court to repeat the blather TA had told her (and others, apparently) about why Jodi was in his life. If folks can’t figure out that TA was dissembling about Deanna to Jodi, about Jodi to Lisa A., (not telling Jodi about Lisa A. at all) and Jodi to Mimi and his friend Dave, etc. ad nauseam, then I feel a bit sorry for them. TA’s various cover stories were presented in court and not contested by the prosecution, but reporters and commentators chose to ignore TA’s sleazy modus operandi with women since it didn’t bolster their witch hunt angle.

          On Day 19 of the trial, Part Two Nurmi asks Jodi how she entered the house in the early morning of June 4. (It was proven in court through computer forensics that he was up watching You Tube, even though NG liked to imply that Jodi was some sort of gate crasher that night.) Jodi said that she couldn’t enter through the front door any longer because she’d taken the key to the house off her key ring when she moved to Yreka. That’s why she went around the back, entered and found TA waiting up for her at his desk watching You Tube beside his dog.

          So TA had given the “stalker” he was “afraid of” his house key. Maybe that’s one reason the roommates were never put on the stand; they would have known that she was there to clean with TA’s permission and thus had a key; their sworn testimony about that would have dispelled silly rumors that Jodi was “sneaking into the house” in the middle of the night. Unfortunately the same “sneaking in” BS fueled the prosecution’s Felony Murder charge very neatly, didn’t it?

        • UGH, those mixed groups…
          Justus,sooner or later you will find this back & forth with haters or or even more ”mellow” TA supporters taking a huge toll on you. Been there, done that, didn’t work. You’re too bright , too insightful to ”waste” your wits talking to them. Do we really believe that 1,5 year later their opinions will change? We need to approach people with no blinders, people who WILL listem sympathise and help us with our efforts.

              • Justus, the answer is Jodi switched her nose, like Samantha the witch, and her magic broomstick arrived to carry her with her “secret” camera strap and the “stolen” gun as fast as the broom would travel to the desert where she quickly disposed of the evidence. The secret gas can was only to throw everyone off of her flight plan. Gosh even I knew that one. Also, that proves why there was no blood downstairs except for a tiny spot on the washing machine. Jodi never touched the floor she was flying! Our girl has Magic Powers! Love Our ((((((JODI)))))) !! 🙂

                • R. Love your so funny love the broomstick story best story I have heard in a year now with all the story’s flying around about what happen wish Jodi had Magic Powers to use on everyone

                • Don’t we though. . .poof and the Haters would disappear! ((((((Timewilltell))))) Happy you were one of the lucky ones who walked away!! Smart Cookie! The broomstick came up over a year ago, it just sticks in my head (not sure I can take the credit)! Too Funny! LOL 🙂

              • Justus/GB,
                “NB Use Cash to buy the above secret items, except for the secret gas can”.

                Not sure what NB means, but I do know that she paid cash for the elusive* Walmart blue kerosene can. Obviously, if she’d paid with a card, a bank statement credit entry would have proved the $12.96 Walmart kero can return.
                (Exh. 237.008 – purchase receipt)

                *Not to suggest that the other two borrowed red cans haven’t become elusive as well.

                • Yes, I’m still trying find out what happen to the two red cans. I expect they were still in Jodi’s car when she was arrested. Did the police not take them into custody as evidence? And if they did, why didn’t the DT put a witness on the stand to say there were only two? We know there weren’t three because Martinez would have been parading them before the jury all day long. What happened to them?

                • Yes, no one keeps gas cans in the house. And why take them out of the car when she was planning to take them back to Darryl? At any rate, they must be in custody now.

                • IIRC – Jodi was loading up a rental car to head south when she was arrested. And the only thing I know about evidence collected from that car was the 9mm the rental car company found after the car was returned.

                • NO, wait, I do remember something said about the other stuff that was loaded in the car, but I don’t recall where or when it was said. I don’t think it was in testimony so I am guessing it came from the source of all nasty rumors.

                • There is something I do recall Jodi saying herself about how she planned to return those cans to Darryl. (She certainly didn’t go back to see him after the trip; just went down to Redding to return the car on Sat. after using the rental to get to work Fri. afternoon. Total speculation: She could have unloaded everything, even the cans from the car Fri. night after work or Saturday morning at her grandparent’s house before going back down to Redding, so maybe the cans could’ve ended up in the trunk of the BMW, which she still would’ve had at that time. )

                  Could’ve been in an interview with EF…or in actual testimony on cross; there was no mention of how she would return the cans to Darryl on direct.

                • whichtrial? I believe the BMW was still sitting in a mechanic’s yard in AZ somewhere, awaiting some sort of financial resolution from the U-haul place or insurance companies.

                • Ok, so maybe they ended up in her grandparents’ garage and were discovered after she was questioned or when they saw the receipts?

                  And to think Jodi was making payments on the BMW when it was still in AZ. I guess WLOPEZ is right – she must’ve felt pretty bad about that whole mess and about not even successfully transporting it to CA, (thus getting it out of TA’s hair).

                • Well, now, after I posted that (lol) I remembered something about Jodi saying she left Mesa for a second time with the car on a proper hitch (instead of the improper one that caused the engine to burn up) so I’m not sure where it was – only that it wasn’t functional.

                • That would be the second exit when she drives away with TA flipping her the “double bird”, right.

                  Well, it could have been dropped off the tow at a mechanic’s place in Yreka but she wouldn’tve had the money to make a gigantic repair at that stage. I recall also that reimbursement from the insurance company was in abeyance until liability was sorted out between the truck/trailer rental company and Jodi.

    • Coldcase, I just watched that episode yesterday! And you’re right! When the female detective said that, Jodi’s trial came to mind right away!

      It’s true: once something is put on internet it will always be there. I don’t know if comments on social media (that are deleted) can be recovered. I know that if their (jurors) laptops, ipods, tablets were collected for investigation, we’d see a lot of visits made to many news media sites that had Jodi’s case as top story during the whole trial! 😉 — But tell me, who would approve to allowing that to happen?

  5. Hey everyone! What in the world happened to Martinez’s love life???? Is it not eerie how silent it all got? Funny how the “ole toad” is able to hop around the courthouse with other peoples wives and doesn’t get in any trouble, isn’t it? I find it rather interesting that he hasn’t been fired for his indiscretions yet. . .am I the only one? I find it difficult to let a good story die so quickly. Far be it from me to let that one go. LOL !!

    • R. Love,

      I was just thinking the same thing!!! I was thinking today that I wonder what happened to kermit??? Did he face any conseuences for his actions? Geez, even people above him, high in command, don’t get away with it? Why didn’t kermit go on Arizona’s news, like some government officials, to say he is sorry to the public??? Isn’t that what the public kept saying Jodi should do??? After all, he is trying to prosecute someone to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can he be qualified to prosecute someone when he should be prosecuted himself??????????? He should NOT be able to practice law until he apologizes to the public!!!

      • Thank heavens I’m not alone! What in the world is going on in the State of Arizona? Are they really that blind? SMH “Off with his head!” LOL No we have not forgotten you Little Man Martinez!

    • I doubt there will be anything done to him at work because they can do whatever they want it seems. I hope his love life falls apart though and his ladies give him a real rough time of it.

    • Apparently, nothing was proven. We don’t know if it was a story holding water or just a rumor. So…
      I want this story to be true, I want him to pay for his indiscretions but we may never find out.

      • Have you forgotten Maria? SMH Nothing HAS to be proven in Maricopa County!!! So it HAS to be TRUE!!! stomping my foot! 🙂 Listen to me Little Miss Maria if it is a rumor it is the TRUTH!!!!! LOL If you still have any questions about it we could call Nancy Disgrace for the low-down facts!

    • What each person does in his personal life is their own business. BUT when JM is throwing stones at Jodi and portraying her as a slut… that’s where I get peeved! The hypocrisy! But you know what they say: Karma will bite anyone in the ass that provokes her ! And I’m sure JM has huge bite marks!! 😉

  6. Sorry, I was on a short trip, haven’t had time to catch up ^^^^, will do, I promise!

    So, here’s Troy Haden’s tweets regarding yesterday’s hearing (Troy Hadem UGH!And PUKE!)

    Also, it seems that someone was able to take a new pic of our girl! Look at her, she looks amazing. I love how she wears her hair now 🙂

    • Hilarious! NOW, THIS would be a PERFECT time for Miss Jodi to take a PUBLIC (maybe) stand against a big fat LIAR, and MANIPULATOR! Wow, does this sound like anyone else Jodi USED to know? It does to me!

      What was that song, “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves”?

      • You’re welcome! And by the way, I NEVER, EVER hit a man, woman or child with a FISH! Haha! BUT, I did slap a man with an open hand once when I felt he’d disrespected my mother, who is sadly in heaven now. Add that to xanax induced paranoia of the offending party, (sad, but troubled and misguided ex for which I feel no lingering animosity of any consequence), and an unimaginably stressed situation of both taking care of parents dying from dementia, and it equals the one and only blemish on my otherwise squeaky clean “permanent record”! By the way, I am NOT in competition with anyone to represent Jodi, officially or otherwise. I support her in my rogue, unconventional way, and she is aware and I have always been upfront with her about my thoughts and feelings, right or wrong! I don’t hide the fact that I believe there is a strong possibility she never harmed a hair on TA’s head. Albeit, many it appears have tried to poison her against me. And I DO look out for her against what I, in my limited but tenacious way, find to be exploiters, manipulators, and various other nefarious figures! SJ- 1 JW-0 !

        Anyway, ONWARD! 🙂

        • Open hand? BITCHSLAP!!! Love it!

          Sandra, you disappoint me! You just debunked the fishslap rumor! Damnit!!! I always imagined you doing that and I was actually really impressed! Hahahahaa!!!

            • Indeed, Timewilltell! Plus, I love fish! Fish are my favorite food! Therefore, Your Honor, how anyone could say I ever harmed a fish, is just preposterous! LMAO!

              Ahhh, it feels good to get that little explanation out, even though I am sure it is being twisted and turned as I type!

              Yes, ONWARD! 🙂

          • Oh, Pandora, I’m sorry I blew your image of me! Ha! Oh, and I was NEVER arrested or even “brought in for questioning’, LMAO! In fact, it was a month AFTER the slap that sissy boy called the po-po because he was spazzing over a red velvet chair I was being a tad slow in returning to him! So…like the whiner he was, he starts harassing the sheriff’s deputies over this, and also saying I was sending him emails (picture Cassandra Collins now). Deputies actually had him print my emails and wrote in the report that there was nothing threatening, and even suggested that perhaps he had faked them somehow! Haha! Anyway, exasperated cop, feeling like he had to do SOMETHING to get the guy to quit harassing them tells him he can get a civil injunction. So, like the son of a retired lawyer, he did! After the slap, he even bought me a beautiful gift of jewelry for my birthday! Yes, of course I kept it! 🙂

            A judge, and I might add quite reluctantly, and that it was one of the last cases of the day and he was YAWNING throughout and I swear to GOD, I think he DOZED off a few times, gave a minimum 6 months civil injunction against me. I, completely new to the justice system, talked WAY too much (yeah, I know better now), and mistakenly thought I could get the order dismissed with my silly words! So I wrote, I think 3, “motions to dismiss”, which of course the receiving judge likely never even read (despite the narrative being quite funny in parts:). On the last one he wrote in big, block letters: DENIED! I am laughing now, but back then I was not. Part of my own OCD is wanting to have had a perfect “permanent record”! Oh well, it has made for some funny fodder anyway! 🙂

            Oh, and I would never ever hurt an actual fish. Besides, I find hand to hand much more…satisfying!

            • Awww Maria, well I’ve still got a few years left in me, yet. A fish could show up…..You never know!:) Thank you guys for indulging me in my fish not story. I’m shutting up now, lest someone call me “attention whore”! Ha! Well, actually, for Jodi I guess I kinda am. Oh well!


                • Awwww, thanks! Very sweet of you to say! Love you guys, too! You know this is where “IT” all began for me. I was “Maggie”. Stupidly I thought I could remain anonymous. But it just wasn’t satisfying, and so onward I rolled. And I have rolled through into and over some crap this last year and a half, oh my! I feel like the answers to Jodi’s freedom are all here on this board, in the millions and millions of words! We just need someone who is really good at organizing! Oh, and Jodi really needs to know what all you smarties, along with Columbo/me are thinking! Honestly, can things get any worse at this point? I think not. Hopefully, she will find a kick ass appellate attorney…..maybe even pro bono or for story rights and to make a name for themselves. I fear the emphasis on money and fundraising is a bit misguided and fraught with bumps right now. I don’t have a solution for that, either. Her situation is a logistical and other nightmare, unfortunately. I’ll keep revealing those “inconvenient truths” though, and hopefully some of that will make a positive impact somewhere along the line!

                  ONWARD! 🙂

  7. I’m wondering if Arizona has ever conducted this weird second sentencing trial thing before. Sure it’s in the laws but have they ever done it? Because I can’t imagine how such a process works. And how they expect it to work in this never before seen high profile case, is mind boggling. How in the world do they plan to seat a non-biased jury? It seems the only jurors they can possibly seat are those who never read or watch any kind of news (sure, that’s who I’d want deciding my fate) or those who lie (“Jodi Who??? Never heard of her.)

    • Justus, I too find it impossible to find a jury that has never heard of Jodi. So, the only thing we can hope for is that they’ll at least have an open mind and be fair….. (am I hoping and aiming too high?)

      • Yes, you are gf….

        The only way a fair jury can be found is if they have been living in a cave with no electricity for the past 2 years. Do they have hermits in AZ?

      • I hope you’re not aiming too high, Pan. But Martinez, being the prosecutor we know him to be, will most likely do his damndest to see that open minded and fair people are eliminated.

    • HLN was talking about the penalty retrial with a defence attorney Dwane Cates today. They will have to bring in all the evidence. Cates said they would basically have to do the trial all over again. He thinks the state threw everything they had at the case the last time. He thinks Jodi may well testify again.

      • I don’t get it. Does the defense get to again bring in evidence that could possibly show that she’s not guilty? Otherwise, do they just let in evidence that points to guilt? What happens to the poor juror who possibly has reasonable doubt about her guilt. They have to sentence her to life anyway? What kind of weird system is this?

        • All the more frustrating that we won’t get to SEE what this retrial looks like.

          I hope Kiefer gets to tweet from the trial. He’s probably the only one I’ll trust to inform me what’s happening in that courtroom.

        • I know. It’s weird but the prosecution has to present the evidence that convicted her and the defence has to present their defence again. But they will have at least one different witness because ALV can’t come back. If the jurors after hearing the evidence decide that Jodi should have been found not guilty, I guess the only thing they could do is voice their opinion through the penalty result. What’s the least that they could give her?

            • I meant can’t in that she can’t because of the threats that she received, nothing legal. They were really serious and she was definitely rattled by them carrying pepper spray with her at work after all those years of working with abusive people.

            • No way is it medically advisable for her to show again after that hospital experience last time. To suffer JM’s derision, the judge’s indifference and the slings and arrows of outrageous social media – to testify or not to testify – the answer is obvious. (((ALV)))

            • Who can blame the poor woman. She went to testify using her professional knowledge and martinez crucified her on the stand, giving the ‘green light’ to all haters to abuse and ridicule this woman. And I ask: of those who found it really ‘cool’ to bash and threaten this woman, could they please show us THEIR DIPLOMAS and years of experience in her field of profession… Just askin’.

          • If they decide she doesn’t look guilty, the sentence couldn’t default to life, I wouldn’t think, even in AZ. I suppose they would be dismissed and the judge would then decide? And if that were to happen, how could the judge impose anything except a sentence that would include parole?

  8. As I see it, it will be a fiction based extension of the first 3 ring circus. . nothing fair or just about it. The officers of the court not there to see that the truth is heard but only there to perform for their future interviews and book deals. There is no way that they will ever find an acceptable jury.

  9. Someone just posted (on another site) two different photos of the area containing the scale. One has a towel on the floor, the other has a towel on the towel rack. I’m assuming the original scene (before “tidied up” by the police) was towel on floor. Question: Isn’t this rather bizarre as crime scene photos go? I know they did the same thing around the sink. I could understand it if they had to move something to photograph something else, but putting the towel back on the rack and then photographing it that way? Seems like bizarre CSI to me!

    • That crime scene was compromised. No ifs, ands, or buts. If scenes are changed, for any reason, to get a a better look or whatever, it’s supposed to be documented. Now I of course don’t know if it was or not. I do know the defense did not seem to question the investigation results at all. In fact, a former Chief of Mesa PD, at least I believe that was the right title, bragged about how none of the crime lab results were questioned, which is virtually unheard of in a murder case. Yeah, right. And again, like with so much, why?

        • Noticed that Nurmi says in Part 3 of Day 19 of the trial to Jodi that he “neglected to ask” her about how the rope was cut. Now, when he comes out with this admission, he’s already questioned her about the rope and she’d said that it was so long that it extended into the bathroom when they measured it out. But then he’d gone on to question her about the sex. Anyhow, why did he have to SAY he “neglected” to ask her about it and then proceed to ask her about it? Sheesh! This is an example of Nurmi being so caught up in trying to show that TA had control over her that he didn’t focus adequately on the forensics.

          What would the jury have thought of the relative importance of testimony about TA’s cutting the rope in the bathroom after the defense attorney admitted that he’d “neglected” it?

          Another thing: Nurmi habitually turns his back on the jury as he formulates key witness questions. He literally walks straight AWAY from the jury box because he’s heading to the podium. He has it backwards. He should review his notes, then begin the question while heading TOWARD the jury on that trajectory to eventually square off on the witness. (And I’m sure it looks even more brusque in person.) Again – sheesh!

      • Sandra, do you have any idea why the various photos from the investigation appear to be so different. Some were clear others were very poor quality. Sort of like they were not taken at the same time or different cameras; Oh heck, maybe they used Travis’s camera. Or maybe they put them through the laundry first. Just wondering if you had a idea on it.

        • Oh I believe that also Journee. IMO the cover up is so big and involves so many people that we might need a SWAT team from another state to invade AZ and take over. Would that not be fun to watch HLN cover that story! They might be pulling Nancy out from in front of her camera by her microphone. . .BOMBSHELL in Maricopa County! Can’t you see the talking heads now!!! LOL

  10. Lest we also forget, part of the ” Criminal Mastermind” Jodi’s ” plan” was to go down to the Mesa police department and GIVE HER FINGERPRINTS!! LOL !!

    Hey, Sandra . I’m glad you were able to clear up those misconceptions about you. BTW, it was your blog that first opened my eyes to the incredible coverup and corruption going on in Maricopa land. How can anybody believe Jodi is guilty??? I just don’t understand how blinded by hate people are that they can’t see that TA was an abuser!! Someday, I believe a REAL reporter, ( maybe Michael Kiefer) will do a book exposing the real truth behind the Travis/Jodi relationship…. tell JODI’ S side of the story! Not just spoon fed propaganda from Chris and Sky/ or Doofus Dave the Goblin Toppler.

    Let us not be discouraged, though… I just have this feeling that something BIG will be revealed soon that will blow Jodi’ s case wide open and call for a FULL REVERSAL of her wrongful conviction!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Herbie. Yeah, I’m just not the bad ass fish assaulter folks had become invested in! Pretty soon my haters are going to discover that Nobel Peace Prize I won back in the 80’s!! Haha!

      Michael Kiefer’s good, make no mistake. BUT, he’s a seasoned (and salty, ha, but I respect him) professional and may, if he decides to, do it slowly. I will continue to be rogue and unconventional and who knows what path that may take us all down!

      I tried to keep up a couple of FB pages, but FB just keeps pullin’ em down. For now, I’ll just tweet and blog as the muse/con artist/scandal comes up!

      Right now, I have Corinna Flores, Casandra Collins, Juan Martinez, and Jason Weber in my “win” column so to speak. I believe this all works in Jodi’s favor in the long run:)

      • Maybe you can put Chris and Sky Hughes in your win column soon. IMO They are my favorite suspects in this whole tragedy. Allegedly.

        • I agree, R. I agree…… I will say that I noticed lately, that CASH and Dave Hall are no longer facebook friends. Unless they’ve noticed that I noticed this and they’ve friended again for appearances, ha!

          • Oh yes, good ole Dave Hall I wouldn’t want to leave him out. Interesting, and your right if they thought you noticed it would make for an instant friendship again! Praying for the day one of them falls off of their self-righteous pedestal (or a boulder falls on one of them) and rats on the other one. Tick Tock and we keep marching on. 🙂

    • I don’t have the impression that Kiefer is pro-Jodi so much as he is very much anti-Martinez and is appalled at what prosecutors get away with in AZ.

      But I recall one interview that aired during his series on prosecutors when he said he worries that Martinez behavior will threaten the Arias conviction. I could have interpreted that all wrong, but to me it suggested that he wants Jodi to stay convicted and thinks Martinez might have screwed that up.

      • Journee, then he’s right where a good reporter should be. Objective. But in my opinion, more human than many. Plus, he’s not going to show everyone all his cards anyway! 🙂

        • Journee, I imagine Kiefer knew if he said anything that could be interpreted as not 100% Anti-Jodi that AZ Family would be inundated with emails and phone calls angrily demanding him to be fired at once.
          I don’t know that Kiefer is ” Pro-Jodi” per se, but he is the one reporter who doesn’t appear to be out to burn Jodi at the stake, and show it on the 9 o’clock news. I think he would be open to telling Jodi’s side of events, as opposed to the JVM usual vomit – Stalker, obsessed, rabbit*boiler, blah blah ..etc.

      • Back in May I sent an email to Michael Kiefer inviting him to look at the reasonable doubt site. He responded as follows: “Thanks. I’ll take a look. But one thing: I’m not a supporter—Jodi killed Travis. Travis’ family is entitled to grieve him and resent her. But she, like all defendants, is entitled to due process and fairness.” When I mentioned this to Jodi she thought maybe he just doesn’t want to be a target. Could be as he then went on to say: “I am puzzled, even sickened by the obsession over this case and I am disheartened by the hatred shown to anyone who tries to cover it fairly in the media.”

            • I know. The impulse was there but I didn’t want to get into it with him or antagonize him. I don’t know how anyone with the open mind he seemed to have, could not see through the BS. He obviously knew it was a BS prosecution but still apparently bought into the BS prosecutor’s BS. Mind-boggling.

              • It appears from Journee’s info and Justus’s quote that Kiefer does not believe Jodi’s trial testimony, since if it is true, her conviction should of course be overturned, and the Alexanders are in no way entitled to resent her. I am sorry to learn this about Kiefer.

                • Ah, but he’s still a straight shooter. He can be trusted to tell us the truth about what is happening in that courtroom, just as he always has.

                • I don’t mean to be spreading any ideas or smearing anyone. Mr. Kiefer, I’m sure, is a fine person else he’d be bashing Jodi like the rest of them. He’s helping in his own way so I will give him some slack if he too went into this with preconceived ideas.

          • Yes, exactly! He knows where he stands, he works in AZ and probably would like to keep his job for the years to come till retirement age 😉
            At least what he reports back from the courtroom is not soap opera-like piece of news but objective journalism and that’s why we like Kiefer.

            • He was the only one who reported that ALV had to go to the Emergency Ward in the middle of her testimony from the stress of the hate while the others in media laughed it up over Snow White.

              He and his station are doing an excellent job covering the DOC and the Woods botched execution. That Ryan guy is another piece of work isn’t he? He, Sheriff Joe, Flores and kermit – birds of a feather, or should I say vultures

  11. I just read that parts of Siskiyou County are being evacuated because of wildfires. Keep Jodi’s family in your thoughts.

      • There is power in prayer so let us all give the Arias family and Jodi a double dose!!! God will protect them, just look what they have been through and he has been with them by their sides the whole way. How else could they have endured all they have? God will never forsake them and especially in their time of need. ((((((Jodi & her family))))))
        PS Even if you are a nonbeliever God will hear your prayers, his love is for everyone not just one particular group. 🙂

  12. These came to my mind today while I was thinking of Jodi!!! I do believe in Jodi and I do believe Jodi is an innocent woman wrongly accused. I will continue to support her with my prayers. . .and also I will pray for a slow steady rain for this week to put the fires out. No lightening! 🙂

  13. I’m thinking a lot about the obsession people have with needing so badly to believe Jodi is guilty, the lengths and mental gymnastics they are willing to go through in order to convince themselves that she is. (The rationalization is astonishing.) And I think it has to do with the underlying, rarely-spoken-of, misogyny in our society. I’m think that people (particularly other women) want their subconscious misogyny validated, that women are basically manipulative, evil witches and therefore a threat. Isn’t it interesting that when a husband cheats on his wife, the wife’s anger (name-calling, etc.) is often directed at the other woman (who may be just as much of a victim as the wife.) You can particularly see this in teenage girls. Women desperately want her to be a monster (particularly because she’s young, pretty, intelligent and talented, in other words, an extreme threat.) Jodi is certainly a threat in a misogynistic society but not in the way these people have so carefully rationalized in their conscious thoughts.

    • hmmm… I think it’s a little more complicated than that, that maybe you’re forgetting the flip side that we also see at play here.

      But let’s go with the example of the man cheating on his wife: A big part of a wife’s willingness to throw all her venom at the other woman is this presumption that men are completely helpless to do anything but follow their d*cks through life, that they’re to be indulged and forgiven for this weakness.

      That’s why Travis gets to keep his halo, AND why any man who doesn’t see Jodi as the ‘evil witch she is’ (including the jury foreman) MUST be thinking with his ‘little head.’

  14. Well, for all the work that KN and JW did, eight on the jury still voted for death.


    Everyone saw that bootprint in the bathroom. Everyone heard and saw TA’s abusive communication with Jodi. Everyone saw how soft-spoken and resolute Jodi was, speaking of TA without recrimination. Everyone saw the shitty behavior of the prosecutor. Everyone heard ALV talk about the continuum of abuse, and how TA’s hours long rants were not normal. Samuels and Geffner spoke of PTSD and the memory loss both as medical issues that could occur in a case such as this one. Everyone saw how flabbergasted JW was when the M.E. claimed that his report contained an epic typo.

    I am surprised that Jodi wants to represent herself, yes. But when I think about THE EIGHT, it is all too clear how totally ineffective both attorneys were – which is what Nurmi claimed himself before the judge in asking to be released from the case.

    The bloodthirsty EIGHT bought wholesale, apparently, the “Psycho” tale the prosecutor invented when he decided to claim that the knifing happened first, blindly accepted that the gunshot that Jodi claims was accidental did nothing to weaken TA because, according to prosecutor who wins cases in spite of himself, TA was already dead when the bullet was fired.

    Baffled as I am by the idiotic and deadly revenge mentality that has emanated from Maricopa County with respect to this case, all I can do is echo Maria R’s comment to JDT a few weeks ago: “You lost me at `she overpowered him’.”

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