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Here’s another interesting post from Matt McCartney – detailing his 2 year relationship with Jodi – originally posted Jan 3rd 2013:

Court Minutes doc #1 – 5-24-2011 ——- Court Minutes doc #2 – 5-25-2011

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Take a look at her permanently deformed hand, where he broke her finger in one of his many angry outbursts.

Q. Why wasn’t it set?
A. She didn’t go to the hospital that’s why. She was protecting him.

Q. Why didn’t she go to the hospital???
A. Because a report would be made that could lead back to him and he knew it.
Jodi is an artist. Her hands are a critical element in her life. Not only is she a photographer, she is also a painter.

I personally witnessed the purple finger shaped bruises on her neck. She originally claimed was from a seat belt. Later, after much debate, she admitted they were from him. She assured me that: “He is a good man” and “He didn’t mean it”.

In one of our many conversations, I asked her why she wouldn’t “Just leave him.”
She said: “I can’t leave him, you don’t understand, I’ve tried. He wont let me!” She refused to elaborate.

I was Jodi’s boyfriend for around two years and in that time, she wouldn’t so much as squish a bug. I caught her on many occasions, fishing bugs out of the tub, so they wouldn’t get washed down the drain. She had this crazy neurotic cat, that would flip out and attack her for no reason and she didn’t so much as swat it. Jodi is NOT a violent person!

When we ended our relationship, I was living and working at a distance. During that period, I began spending time with a colleague. One of my douche bag coworkers decided to “inform” her. There was lots of crying, many talks and a few letters. She was NEVER VIOLENT in any way. We remained friends and since then, she had a few other relationships ending with Travis. I personally know the man she was with before Travis. He and Jodi maintained a friendly relationship after they parted. He also had NO issues with violence. So why now? What changed?

Before Jodi was arrested we would talk on a regular basis. I am one of her longest lasting friends and former lovers. I could be a important character witness. At one point, I asked Jodi to leave me out of this situation, so as not draw attention to myself or my new family and since then, she has.

Her life is on the line. She could get the death penalty. Yet she’s made it a point not to involve me.

Why? Because I asked her not to….

That is the kind of person Jodi is!”

Jodi Arias Trial – Day 5

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Prior to the afternoon recess, it was interesting to see Flores finally admitting he was “Mistaken” in his earlier statements, and his conflicting sworn testimony relating to the ME. Was he also mistaken when he mentioned “multiple intruders” and “possibly a robbery” in his initial reports, before he got gang-banged by Searle and his Muppets? Go figure.

This afternoon should be interesting. Prepare for another trademark Martinez meltdown as another one of his key witnesses come off the rails big time. Priceless.

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Previous trial video is available via the Trial Video & Audio dropdown menu above.

Jodi Arias Trial – Day 4

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Martinez proves once again he’s just as clueless & piss poor as the witnesses he’s calling.

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Jodi Arias Trial – Day 3

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After being subjected to more gibberish from the “King of the Muppets” himself – Taylor Searle on JVM last night – it’s good to get back to reality with day 3 of the trial.

I also started adding recordings of the previous days’ live trial coverage. You can find those in the “Trial Video & Audio” dropdown menu link above.

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Jodi Arias Trial – Day 2

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Looks like Juan Martinez has some anger issues of his own today. Shouting down his own witness? What’s next? Some joke about pigs in a blanket?

It gets better every day.

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Jodi Arias Trial – Day 1

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Good to see bondage-boy TA finally being ousted for the bad tempered perverted bastard he really is.

Not too sure why we keep having to watch the bald pimp and his 2 hookers sat on the front row.

I also just checked the online book of Mormon… but I can’t seem to find any reference to simulating sex with a 12 year old girl while she’s tied to a tree in pigtails. Did I miss it?

Also good to see the prosecution’s first witness. Yep. They actually managed to find a girl that  TA didn’t have sex with.


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Get your excuses ready – again…

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This is a quick message to all the haters & clueless knuckle-draggers now coming out of the woodwork and hell-bent on a guilty/DP verdict.

Take it from me… you better start getting your sad sorry asses and your piss poor excuses ready.

Start preparing them now in fact… you know the ones… the “stupid jury” (again), the low-down defense attorney (again), the rotten judge (again), the traffic, the weather, the lying witnesses… ya… get working on that again, you clueless pitchfork wielding clowns.

Come verdict day we will take great pleasure in pissing all over your parade.

And to TA’s finger-pointing family & “friends”, I say – get ready… because when push comes to shove, you basically know nothing about your deceptive philandering pedophile “virgin idol”. Prepare to be enlightened – big time.

Yes… you can cling to the illusion of Jodi’s guilt all you like if it makes you feel better… but rest assured that the guilty/DP verdict you’re hoping for…

AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! --- Get used to it

You’ve been there before, remember? July 2011?… yeah… you remember… so you should be used to disappointments by now, just like your parents.

Leave your thoughts below.

Happy 2013!

PS. AIN’T. GONNA. HAPPEN. Get used to it. Motherfuckers…

Jodi Arias Is Innocent -com


Jury selected in Jodi’s trial

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A panel of 12 jurors and six alternates were sworn in Thursday for the Jodi Arias murder trial.

Seven women and 11 men, ranging in age from a male who appears to be in his early 20s to several of retirement age will be deciding if Arias is guilty of killing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.

During Thursday’s jury selection process, defense attorneys Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Wilmott argued that the prosecution was “systematically excluding” women and African-Americans. The jury appears to be all white except for one Hispanic male.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez argued that race and sex had nothing to do with striking the jurors. He cited a couple of women who had previous domestic violence incidents, one female who said she needed to be “100% sure that a person was guilty,” an African-American woman who said she thinks the death penalty is akin to murder, and another woman is married to a preacher.

An African-American man was excused because he recognized one of the defense attorneys as a client at his after-school program.

Judge Sherry Stephens ruled the prosecution showed no bias in their decision to dismiss the potential jurors.

Opening statements are currently scheduled to begin January 2nd.


Jodi Arias Is Innocent - pic 8

1 minute 38 seconds

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Ok… so going on the much trumpeted camera times as reported by LE… from the shooting, the 27 stab wounds, the “struggle”, and the cutting of the throat from ear to ear… plus the dragging of the body into the hallway… it took exactly 1 minute 38 seconds from start to finish.

Here’s how it pans out:

6/4/2008 from 1.40pm onwards – “bedroom pics” taken.

Deleted pictures:

1st pic 6-4-08 @ 17.22.24
Last pic (TA alive) 17.30.38 (a)

17.31.14 – bathroom ceiling pic taken.

17.32.16 – TA deceased in next photo (b)

Time elapsed from 17.30.38 (a) to 17.32.16 (b) – 1 minute 38 seconds.

Check out the screenshot below from the Supplement Narrative  (M. Melendez, 3/13/2009):

(Click the picture to launch it full screen in a new window)


Upper part of body pulled off the ground by an unknown suspect… only right leg/foot visible… picture taken in hallway between master bedroom & master bathroom…?

Here’s the picture in question from day 3 of the trial:

How does all this happen in 1 minute 38 seconds?


Groundbreaking DNA evidence! (not)

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Next up, there’s the ground-breaking revelation and forensic evidence that they actually found Jodi’s DNA at the crime scene. Yes, I’m sure they did. She’d been there dozens of times before – as a lot of other people (and girls) had. So what?

The bloody handprint? Well, there’s still no valid proof that was Jodi’s. It reminds me a lot of the infamous “decomp stain” in Casey’s trunk which LE gleefully announced to the media. That ultimately turned out to be BS too.

First LE stated it was found “on the bathroom floor”. Later on it was found “on a wall in the hallway”. Ok. Maybe one day they’ll finally decide where they found this alleged print.

Did someone also see a heart-shaped sticker while they were at it?


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