Oscar Pistorious + My thoughts on the retrial circus

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Today we had a culpable homicide (i.e. manslaughter) verdict returned in the Oscar Pistorious trial… although he was found guilty of firing his gun in a restaurant.

Judge Thokozile Masipa summed it all up as follows:

“The state clearly has not proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of premeditated murder. There are just not enough facts to support such a finding.”

Oscar Pistorius 9-12-2014

That’s true… but it’s also quite odd… because exactly the same applied in Jodi’s trial – even though we finished up with a different “verdict”. I guess that’s the difference between the media-driven judicial farce & almighty fuck-up we witnessed in AZ — and OP’s properly organized trial in South Africa… the latter also benefiting extensively from a judge that refused to entertain any BS from the state, the defense, the witnesses, the gallery, the media, the hot dog vendor in the car park and anyone else directly or indirectly connected to the trial.

Here’s the bottom line: In the plain light of day with any murder trial, and irrespective of any & all prevailing factors… if the state can prove premeditation… and they can produce clear conclusive evidence to validate their case beyond and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt… then whoever is on trial should rightly be on the receiving end of a guilty verdict.

It’s when a guilty verdict is returned based on supposition & juror coercion, (and with no valid proof or valid evidence ever produced during the trial) that the whole justice system morphs into BS… just as we had in Jodi’s trial.

Getting back to Jodi’s penalty phase circus, which comes back to town a couple of weeks from now — this is basically how I see things playing out over the foreseeable future:

After several weeks of the new AZ retrial debacle… the jurors, based on evidence presented (or rather LACK of evidence as we had the first time around) will ultimately be split. No way will there be a unanimous DP verdict. Ain’t gonna happen. After all, how can a group of people — however clueless they might be — decide that someone should be killed because they defended themselves against an animal? (Answers on a postcard, please).

That will leave the final decision to Kermit’s BFF, Judge Pickles… who after several weeks (or even months) of pondering (in between her hair salon appointments & typically high-scoring golf games), will ultimately decide on L-W-O-P or some similar half-assed derivative.

Once again the DP won’t (politically) be an option, due the knock-on effect of it more than doubling the current $XX millions AZ has already pissed away on the trial. That of course also being the very same self-defense trial that should never have happened in the first place.

Following on from that — be it later this year or the early part of 2015 — Jodi’s appeals process can finally begin. Then this whole fiasco can finally be exposed for what it really is.

Taking all of that into account, we (cumulatively) have no need to get stressed out or worried over the next 6 months or so. It’s just gonna be a waiting game… until… one day in the future… maybe even in the distant future… justice prevails for Jodi.

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WE ARE TEAM JODI – AND (however long it may take) — WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS in our quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI.

Never question it.

Never doubt it.

These are my thoughts. Leave yours below…

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    • YES Vicky, you are on First today!!!! Woo Hoo! 😀 Maybe Arizona has an endless amount of money to blow away over this farce of a trial. 🙄 I just wish they would get on with this nightmare so we can move on to an appeal!!!! Sooner the better. Stay Strong Jodi!

        • Isn’t that the truth. It drives me crazy also. I believe she has been blamed for about everything but the price of rice in China! 🙁 And, now that I brought that up I’m sure some one will blame her for that!

        • Well, you see, the state and the family didn’t want to give Jodi a settlement. One of the two wanted another ‘DP case’ on his records and the others wanted revenge… Who actually thought of the money that AZ would have to spend for this trial??? Not those two sides! But nooooooooo…. it’s always gonna be Jodi’s fault for everything. Those people should start taking responsibility and the public should wake up and start pointing fingers at the ones that are responsible!!

          • How many of the A-Clan, are LSD members; adhering to the dictates of Brighamist Bringem Youngs,’ “Is there a man among us, who, would not, kill, his brother, to save his, eternal soul…???” Who ratted, Travis, out, to the Bishop, who could tell us, but for hiding behind “religious privilege…??? Edgrrr…

    • This, socalled trial, is just a smokescreen, to launder the criminality, of the trial, of the first, con, because, in the trial, of the first con, extradition; the interstate kidnapping, at law; was, due to the conspiracies, of the three stooges, that, the governors, granted, extradition, based upon, the lies at law, as concealed, by, the collusive antics of the three stooges; to wit: the concealment of the exculpatory, evidence that they knew, by their concealments, that, Jodi, never fired a gun; as proven by the fact that, as forensics knew, there were no gunpowder particulates in the combined blood claim…also, the other stooge, defective detective, knew, by the fact the blood was dried, by the time of the gunshot, that, these were separate crimes, four or five days apart, as evidenced by , abuse of a dead body, as evidenced, by stabbings and a gunshot, that, didn’t bleed; and, the three stooges, perjurial antics, were known from the time they ganged up on a girl, unable to defend herself. Then, whatwith, such a slam dunk, non case, the fraudulent non case, was confessed to, by the repudiation, of, the prostitutor, stooge; doublecrossing, the other two stooges, to admit, that, what they already knew, and, conspired to conceal, was, that, the gunshot, was like, the, stabbings that never bled, a ruse to set, Jodi, up…by pretext that these were one crime, instead of a second haphazard stabfest, to launder the precision, kill, of the first crime… as evidenced, by the ejected brass bullet shell, landing, upon dried blood; perjured by the three stooges, initial con, to all have been done in less than two minutes… Why, no interrogation by the braindead judge, as to who ordered the repudiation of format, leading the two stooges, into another, in sync, con, without, the wimped out proof of the prostitutorial, doublecross, they, were duped into, and, of which their perjurial concealments, caused a nontrial, of the exact opposite of the lies at law, they all told, to try their slam dunk, non case, in contradiction to the extradition, for the excuses, they, lied to. Proof; that, how cann the prostitutor, be credible, when he repudiates the lies at law, he already swore to; or, are we to believe that “officers of the court,” are not, so sworn…??? Have the governors, also, accepted the repudiated lies, of the first con, so as to, also, rubberstamp, the lies of the second con; reversal of format, so as to pretend, that, no matter what lies at law, are floated, there in Wonderland, Arizona; the lizards at law, will get no heat, from comatoasted,, braindead, judges….who accept proof of perjury of process, as par for the course…??? Who, ordered the trial in reverse, of the allegational perjuries of the three stooges, and, prior to that, who, ordered, the three stooges, to conceal, exculpatory proof of innocense, to begin with…??? Edgrrr…

      • Is, his own, repudiation of his lies at law, not, proof that the prostitutor, has barred, his own prostitutorial eligibility, to keep lying , while throwing his panties against the wall, to see if the stick…??? Edgrrr…

        • HI Edgar 😀 Good to know you are still hanging in there with all of us!! We share many of the same opinions but who knows where it will take us all as we trudge on down this long difficult road to justice! Hopefully, someone in power will hang the Frog up by his “you know whats”!
          Happy Thanksgiving to you Edgrrrr!

  1. I heard where 20/20 is supposed to interview Oscar’s former girlfriend tonight. That ought to be interesting. Hope she is more truthful than Travis’s ex-girlfriends.

    • If it’s Samantha Taylor she testified and her and the other witness’s testimony didn’t match up. She believes that OP cheated on her with Reeva, even though she was in another country with another man. He was found not guilty on that added charge going back a few years that she testified about. That is, if it’s her. The gun in the restaurant was his friend’s, and OP very stupidly asked to see it while they were sitting in this restaurant and it went off when it was being passed under the table. He was found guilty on that added charge.

    • Hi R. Love,

      I saw one article where a girlfriend said she had to hide his gun because she was so scared of him.

      About the verdict:
      I wonder if anyone has every done a study about the appearance of the victim’s body and the severity of the sentence for the accused? Jodi’s case became a death penalty case because of the “cruelty” factor, ie., that Travis suffered too much before dying. Martinez shows the autopsy photos and the neck wound and talks about Travis’s pain and anguish. The fact is the neck wound, as gory and horrible as it looks, was almost certainly the act that stopped Travis’s suffering. He also didn’t realize he was going to die until a couple of minutes before it happened. One minute he’s taking a shower. Two minutes later he’s dead. In addition, for all we know, the gunshot wound (which I believe came first) may have resulted in a concussion and Travis may not have fully been aware of what was happening to him.

      There are incidences of professisonal boxers, hockey & football players getting a concussion, continuing to play or fight and later having absolutely no memory of the game or fight.

      I think if you want anguish and suffering, you tell someone they are going to be killed on a date in the future and then lock them in a cage away from family and friends and let them think about their death getting closer day by day – that’s the ultimate cruelty.

      • We don’t really know how long the struggle lasted, how much time elapsed between Travis’ shower and his death. Martinez WANTED us to think he was dead in the foot photo, but he was holding his head up in that picture.

        • Thanks, Journee, that’s good point. I guess there’s no way of knowing exactly when he died. It would have been shortly after the neck wound but it’s possible there was a period of time before it was administered. He could have been alive for several minutes after the struggle/fight started depending on the amount of blood loss (especially from the superior vena cava). Whether he was still moving around or lying perfectly still also might have affected how long he lived.

          Interestingly, Dr. Horn testified on the stand:”The most significant wounds are going to be the neck wound, the stab wound that penetrates the heart, the vein leading into the heart and the gunshot wound.”

          But, in the his autopsy report, he describes the wound as: “Penetration and hemorrhagic injury of superior vena cava near cardiac base.”

          I’m guessing when he was testifying what he was actually saying was: “..the stab wound that penetrates the heart (then he corrects himself and says) the vein leading into the heart.” I don’t think the heart itself was penetrated, it was the vena cava, the blood vessel leading into the heat that was penetrated. Now, he could have said the heart was penetrated to make the jury think:”My God, she stabbed him in the heart.” But, what kind of a doctor would do such a thing?

        • I pondered the bathroom photographs today as well, Journee. On the post, “Jodi’s pre-sentencing interview – Part 8/10 – May 22nd, 2013 [REPLAY]” we discussed them with others.

          Wondering further why:

          1) Did the defense team not object to the prosecutor’s claim that TA was dead in that photo? In accepting that, the defense went along with assumed facts that were NOT in evidence, which then gave rise to a [tacit] stipulation that the fight ended in the minute of 5:32pm.

          And why also:

          2) Did the defense not object more vigorously when the prosecutor demanded that Jodi explore suppositions about what was going on in that very picture – suppositions that were based upon assumptions that should never have been accepted as fact without expert medical opinion in a murder trial? The prosecutor said to Jodi, in effect, that he wasn’t asking her what she could remember, then proceeded to demand that she SPECULATE as to the nature of that accidental photograph along with him.

          3) Why did the defense NOT use the accidental photographs to support Jodi’s version of those moments that she COULD remember following the botched torso shot?

          Nurmi emphasized over and over that “something went wrong”; the ceiling photograph seemed to be that “something”.

          But a closer examination of the photographs shows that they provide visual support to Jodi’s narrative to a far greater degree than the defense demonstrated. The lower torso shot of TA seated in the shower was ACTUALLY the thing that “went wrong”, as the camera slipped while Jodi was taking it. It was during the process of deleting that flubbed photograph, while in a crouched position beside TA, she says, that she dropped the camera, which bounced and landed on the floor.

          Her memory is clear that she did NOT take the next photograph in the series, the ceiling photograph. SHE TESTIFIED TO THAT. In the approximately three quarters of a minute between that lower torso shot and the ceiling shot, there was ENOUGH TIME for TA to have stepped out of the shower, body-slammed Jodi to the floor and for her to have rolled away from him and run down the hall into the closet, just as she testified in court. During her escape down the hallway and into that closet where she retrieved the .25ACP from the topmost shelf, HE could have picked up the camera and taken that ceiling shot to test the camera, producing a spurious photograph taken – consistent with Jodi’s testimony – clearly NOT from a floor position – AND it was said later in court that the shutter button on the camera was loose.

          The erroneously named “dragging photograph” was taken from a floor camera position slightly different from where Jodi has testified that the camera landed on the floor when she fumbled it beside the shower. And the ceiling photograph, which could NOT have been accidentally shot from any floor position, and which Jodi has testified that she didn’t take, accounts for how the camera was moved to that second position on the floor.

          The last that Jodi remembers of the fight itself is the moment she broke away from TA as they struggled on the floor, after he had lunged her and the pistol had accidentally discharged. She said she remembers him grabbing at her clothes and threatening her life as she broke away, before the knife fight – which she has no memory of – had even begun.

          THAT moment of temporary escape, Jodi’s second attempt to flee, is more likely what the so-called “dragging photo” actually depicts, showing the substantial blood flow that occurred after TA had sustained the unintentional gunshot to his head.

          • 1) – Jennifer actually did ask Horn about Travis holding his head up in that photo, just like she asked about the back wounds being delivered from in front of Travis. IIRC, his answers were predictably noncommittal.

            2) & 3) – Nurmi – Jodi was his witness, it was up to him to try to fit the photos to Jodi’s narrative and it was up to him to raise any objections during cross. And what else is there to say about the uselessness of Kirk Nurmi?

            • He had time to quickly check the camera. It would explain why she was able to roll away and have time to reach the pistol; it put space between them in his pursuit.

              Otherwise, what was going on in that particular time frame within the timestamped period?

              • Yah, if we go with JM’s sequence of events, 44 seconds into Jodi’s attack on Travis, one of them made time to pick up the camera and take that ceiling shot.

                • And JM didn’t want anyone to even go there…a motive for him to drop the camera in court as the narrative from Jodi’s perspective was unfolding.

        • Marionette Martinez, dances, to pulling his own strings, and those of others he can sucker into, his hypnonauseations…. Maybe, that explains how he gets away with a prosecution of the opposite of the two years he held, Jodi, hostage, with lies, then, got away with, three more years, of his kidnapping under color of law, to, then, claim the reversal; recantation, of his lies of the first con; shucking and jiving his tapdance, dancing with the stars, audition, mesmerizing anybody, so, impressed; with this penalty phase cap to conceal, his lies of, travesty, 1 ,2, and, now, 3….. Anybody want to ask the governors, exactly, what, the extraditional format, excuses them, from; not, seeing to it that, prostitutors, do not use them to “validate,” lies, at, law..or, conceal, from them, the fact that the three stooges, knew from the gitgo, that, in order to “validate,” their in sync, epiphany, they’d have to conceal by each of the three stooges, complicity, a part of the lies at law, they used to get two governors aligned to their con…..??? Where’s the Thought Police, interrogations, as to how a prostitutor, can prove reasonable doubt by his own entrapment; burn his co-conspirators, and, continue, in reverse, of his perjurial antics of the first con; now, exposed, as if, hypnonauseations, supplant, evidence; even, evidence, catching these lizards at law, in their own perjurial process…??? Edgrrr…

        • Don’t forget the size difference in the feet pictures, and, the “bigfoot,” bootmark, in the wet blood, proving, the presense of at least four people at the scene; also, as ervidenced by, the proximity of the camera to the feet and, Travis,’ pictures, proving four people; a community, get together, blood oath, blood atonement, sacred suicide…??? Why, did none of them, call the police, if, each, had no such complicity…??? Edgrrr…

  2. OP verdict was based on the evidence or lack of. Any reasonable doubt was taken under consideration and the case was tried by the word of the law. No ‘win at all cost’ bs and no politics. Plain law…

    • “Politics”. The constant broadcasting of misinformation in the drum-beating campaign to execute Jodi, a domestic violence survivor, is a brutal campaign, frightening, and disgusting. The way the broadcast media has tossed aside human rights considerations to give air to recriminations and outright prejudice in this case reeks of creeping totalitarianism.

  3. You know things are pretty f’d up in America when South Africa’s criminal justice system is better than Arizona’s. This is the same country that had apartheid for years and they’ve got their shit together more than Arizona which is starting to look more like the old South Africa.

  4. Hi! Everyone !
    I agree with the OP verdict I agree the ruling was based on the law.
    The judge, took facts applied the law, accordingly.

    How happy to see justice working, The OP case was a good example for the United States.
    The judge covered all aspects of the case. Then it was the law.

    Jodi’s case is the polar opposite. I will spare the details, but Jodi’ case HAS nothing to do with the law. ( or following it)
    Jodi’s case is about powerful men
    protecting powerful men.
    Money, Religion, Politics. Fame, and lies.

    God Bless you all here at JAII !

    Unity 4 Jodi ❤️

  5. I’m hoping the Arizona jury pool has some Jodi supporters and one gets selected and when they are asked what they know about Jodi, they are willing to answer: “Jodi Arias? Jodi? Ummm, nope…never heard of her.”
    Is that wrong?

    Not to make light of a serious situation but personally when you’re dealing with unethical people (Martinez, Flores, Horn, C & S Hughes, etc.), I would fight fire with fire.

    • As I understand, it’s okay to know about Jodi, but you must have an open mind and be able to make a decision based on what you hear in the courtroom. But that darn death penalty part could be difficult.

      • CC, you would think a death penalty decision would be difficult but, as you know, these jurors wouldn’t be selected if they didn’t state they would be willing to sanction premeditated murder by the state. But while the jurors that voted for the DP said it was a tough decision, they didn’t “show any remorse” in making it. In fact, some of them said they were “sorry” or “disappointed” that the DP vote wasn’t unanimous.

        The jury was a very cold, hard-hearted bunch of people to my mind. But, I expect most DP jurors are.

  6. Marilou Allen-Coogan, Juror #16 admits jury was not completely unaware of the public’s interest in Jodi’s trial. Says: “We did have an inkling …(pauses)…and it was just that….an inkling” (1:10:00). The reporter didn’t question this statement and Marilou didn’t explain. But, she does say “we, not I” so it looks like all the jurors were aware of the interest. So someone must have heard or seen something and passed it on to the whole group or they must have heard/witnessed something together.

    It would be interesting to know the degree of what they knew. Did someone tell a juror there was interest in Jodi’s trial or did they say: “Holy shit, the whole world is watching. You guys better get it right.”

    Also, after she told the reporter “We did have an inkling,” she pauses …Was she thinking:”Oops, I better downplay that comment.”

      • LOL, Journee, tell us how you really feel.

        It’s possible some of them were sharing info from HLN & other sources all through the trial, e.g., calling each other in the evening, whispering to each other at lunch breaks or in the bathroom during the trial, etc. I would think some might have made an effort to “follow the rules,” but I doubt all of them did. Plus, people want to talk about this case. I imagine the jurors in Jodi’s trial must have had a tremendous desire to talk about it for a variety of reasons. All of them keeping quiet for months seems unlikely.

        • I agree… I can’t even imagine going through something like that for months on end and not being able to speak of it to ANYONE. Not even the people who were sitting next to me and experiencing it as I was.

          But that is the oath they took, and even if they DIDN’T watch HLN, or read about the trial online, or participate in social media discussion of the case – if they spoke to EACH OTHER about the case before the end of closing arguments they were in violation and the verdict would be thrown out.

        • I also agree. It is impossible to not know what is going on around you and to not hear about the trial while it was going on. It’s not as if the jury was sequestered. Even walking by a newsstand and glimpsing at the headlines would be enough. Imagine if some of those headlines were like the ones on HLN… 😉

  7. I found a hater site that posted a reference for the manual of Travis’s camera (can’t swear is the correct manual for his camera but the manual is dated 2007). I read some place that the police had to put the date and time on the June 4, 2008 photos manually.

    The manual info is almost half way down the page in a comment by a person named Anakerie. I can’t post it directly because it is in Adobe Reader format.

    On page 35, it states:

    “Cannot insert dates on images

    This camera does not have a feature for superimposing dates on images. By using “Picture Motion Browser,” you can print or save images with the date.”

    Is this what the police did? Anyone know? I don’t know anyone with extensive knowledge of cameras. Is there any way police could have inserted a different time and date? I used to think they might have tampered with the camera and then damaged it so no one could test it later. Perhaps that’s why Martinez dropped it – to cover up the fact that the police had done something to the camera to prevent future testing. He had to have some reason for dropping it. Now if it can’t be tested, it will be a stupid action by Martinez, not an intentional destroying of evidence by police. I’d better stop before I come up with a really strange theory. LOL

    • I don’t know if you have seen hjblank81 @ twitter
      and InconvenientTr1 @ twitter
      They are extensively discussing this subject and its implications.

    • I don’t understand why they’re going round and round about what Travis’ camera can or can’t do regarding timestamps, when the memory card containing the photos in question could not have been used in Travis’ camera. The image HJ shows of the camera’s manual – where it says No/No next to Date/Time stamp – ALSO says the camera REQUIRES Sony’s DUO PRO memory stick – which is NOT the memory card that is in evidence.

      • Journee,

        I don’t know anything about cameras. So when you say “the memory card containing the photos in question could not have been used in Travis’ camera,” are you saying Travis’ camera wasn’t used to take the photos? Or, are you saying the photos on the memory card of Travis’ camera were transferred to a different type of memory card in another camera, i.e., a card that was structurally different and couldn’t have been used in Travis’ camera? Can you simplify what you are saying so a “camera-illiterate” person can understand? Thanks.

        • I don’t know what it means, coldcase – which is why I personally do not put much weight to the photo evidence, since no one has explained where the photos came from and how the timestamps got there.

          But yes, put simply, the memory card in evidence is too big for Travis’ camera, and the wrong color (since Connor and Martinez both describe it as blue – even though what little we can see of it appears to be black – the DUO PRO is black)

          As far as I am concerned, the only evidence that Jodi was even there on Jun 4 is that she was able to testify about what video Travis was watching in the wee hours of the morning. And frankly, it seems possible that even that is something she could have learned after the fact.

          • Let me rephrase one sentence there –

            The only evidence that Jodi *might* have been at Travis’ house on Jun 4, 2008 is that she was able to testify to the youtube video that was playing on Deanna Reid’s computer at a certain time in the wee hours of the morning of that day.

          • Here is the conversation between Flores and Jodi about these photos (I realize everyone has seen this exchange but I put it here as an easy review for the future):

            Flores: There are pictures …(a few sentences removed)…I know you were there.
            Jodi: Are you sure the pictures aren’t from another time?
            F: Positive. Absolutely positive.
            J: The last time I had any sexual contact with Travis was in (April?)
            F: Remember I told you about the camera
            J: Ummh
            F: That camera was damaged…someone put it in the washing machine, ran it through a wash cycle with some of Travis’ clothes but the cards intact. Remember I told you that card was destroyed?
            J: Yeah
            F: I didn’t want to tell you the truth. I wanted to make sure those photos were accurate. (????????? – unintelligible). I DON’T CARE IF YOU DELETED THEM 6 MONTHS AGO, WE CAN PULL EVERY PHOTO THAT WAS EVER ON THERE. Pull the little pixels together, get the time stamps on them, NOT ALL OF THEM BUT MOST OF THEM HAD TIME STAMPS ON THEM AND WE CAN VERIFY THOSE STAMPS
            F: And I have pictures of you in Travis’ bedroom with Travis…pictures of him…and it was obvious you guys are having sex.Taking photos of each other, dated and time stamped on the day he died.


            Interesting that he says they could obtain EVERY photo EVER taken (not just photos from June 4, 2008)

            • Do you notice how puzzled she seems? And how she wonders if instead they might have pictures from a card from her camera that she might have left at Travis’ – and even describes the differences in size and shape?

            • BTW, BradJustda posted a lengthy argument about the time stamp issue, and in that argument even he admits that EXIF data (the data which presumably gave them the time/date info – and should have also told them what camera was used to take the photo) can be altered, quite easily.

              • I’m glad to see other people questioning the time stamp issue. I’d posted about those stamps possibly being unreliable last winter or spring. What possibly took hours could be condensed into a couple of minutes. Also the pictures could be rearranged in order. Copying from one card type to another in a card reader could be a culprit for the unreadable photo files that the police can’t read. I’ve also been thinking that the time stamps could be an alphanumeric cypher to be decoded and the photos to be sorted by facial and body photos to give 2 words. No luck on that yet.

            • FWIW, with respect to the third page of the Probable cause statement located in the Indictment 7/9/2008:

              Flores describes the bathroom photos on the digital card, stating that some had been deleted. He writes, “The last picture taken of Travis alive was at 1730 hours. Some of the following pictures were of a subject on the floor of the bathroom bleeding profusely.

              There were other unallocated photos on the digital card that would have to be retrieved. Once retrieved, were time stamped starting on 6-4-08 at 1340 hours.”

              Flores then states that those “other unallocated photos” were bedroom photos of TA and JA, and that there were eight in total.

    • I think this is a wonderful gesture!

      I got a glimpse of some lame comments from a facebook group.

      It seems that a few that are claiming to be ‘hardcore supporters’ are already bashing the auction. I find that low and inhuman. Everyone should leave their egos aside and think of the cause for a minute.

      The money that will be made is going to go to a non-profit that might really be in need of every single dollar. So I think we should promote this kind gesture instead of trying to sabotage it. I’m sure that even the civil people that don’t support Jodi will find this to be a nice gesture. Donating to people less fortunate is an action of selflessness and good will. Let’s not be the ones to sabotage their chance of getting a little help.

      I do not have the money to bid so the least I can do is support this auction, for the cause itself. So even if you don’t have the money either, at least support the cause and for once NOT turn a good thing just because it’s ‘Jodi related’ into a bad thing.

      Have a peaceful Sunday peeps. ♥

  8. Today is the day they decide about TV coverage (or some variation) in the courtroom, isn’t it?

    On Twitter last night a hater was writing about going to watch the proceedings and was excited to see Jodi (of course, he used a different name for her). Some people have a strange “relationship” with her. I hate her but I can’t wait to see her.???

    • It seems that some non-supporters’ highlight of their life is seeing Jodi from close up and being able to brag about it on their little haters groups, mocking every little detail. So sad for those kind of people not having a life.

  9. Also, I didn’t post it but last night Jason was revving up his campaign against this site and a couple of people here. Mostly, he was “exposing” the sale of Jodi’s glasses. I don’t know if ADMIN wants to be alerted to negative stuff or not. I imagine you are aware of it.

    • Coldcase53, I saw it too… all I can do anymore is shake my head. Inflated egos… power driven ‘games’ on Jodi’s back.

      Why does Jodi need enemies when she has ‘supporters’ like them.

      Boycotting and sabotaging every good and nice action Jodi does is not cool. Some charities are very much in need of every cent they can get. So not only do some try to sabotage Jodi but they are taking money out of people in need, for example ill children. It doesn’t get lower than that!

    • “How they didn’t maintain it” would be more like it, especially judging by their sour faces and one sister’s eye rolling and snickering every time Jodi testified about travis’s abuse, like that sister was playing to the jury.
      But I’ve said it many times in different places – why on earth did they keep on coming to court if it was such a harrowing experience for them, as they, and everybody else claim it was? Nobody dragged them into the courthouse against their will right? They could have stopped going there at any moment if it was so unbearable for them to watch and/or hear? I wish people would stop sympathizing with them, they really very vengeful callous people (because they want to cause death to another human being). They need to learn some compassion first. I have no sympathy for them.

      • It’s understandable that the Alexanders grieve due to this tragic loss of their family member (even though said member brought it on himself and in a nutshell it was entirely his damn fault), but why do they want the State to murder Jodi and thereby cause the same (and maybe even more) amount of grief to Jodi’s family? How can they justify it? There’s simply no justification for it (surely they can’t blame Jodi’s mother/father and her siblings for travis’s death – they had absolutely nothing to do with it)!
        Really they are despicable people!
        And i’m not even speaking about the frog, that waste of space is completely beneath contempt, he just wants to advance his career by putting another notch on his death penalty belt, that’s just beyond sick!

        • I suppose the only sympathy for them that I have is for their harden hearts. Everyday they continue their hate filled vengeful campaign they are hurting only themselves and their children. They should direct their blame on themselves. Turn those pointing fingers around. Wonder what it was that they could have or should have done to make their brother into a more generous, considerate, compassionate and loving human being? What did they do to add to his destructive personality? Everyone blames his parents but maybe they should be held accountable for what they didn’t do to help their brother. Apparently, if they had taken the time to know him just a little better they would have been able to see he was struggling with his life. They were always needing or wanting from him. This came from his own mouth. What could he do for them? A very needy bunch IMO. Maybe they should be accused of what they did or didn’t do to help him. Maybe their actions towards him put him into the downward spiral that he fell into. Travis Alexander had made a mess of his life and it wasn’t Jodi Arias’s fault. Jodi was one of his victims who survived. Thank God. I remember an old saying my Mother would use when we would dare to show our unhappiness about something with our expressions, “What if your face froze like that?” Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see his family turn into stone right in front of our “blinking eyes” !
          Sorry, but this is how I feel. 🙁

  10. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 19m
    Jodi Arias presence waived for tomorrow’s hearing.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 20m
    Or never mind.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 20m
    Jodi Arias asks not to be present at tomorrow’s hearing.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 21m
    Next Arias hearings are tomorrow and next Monday, re jury questionnaires and a motion to compel evidence.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 23m
    Yup. Stephens takes the motion to allow nightly TV news coverage under advisement. Nurmi asks for an expedited ruling. She says end of week.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 25m
    What are the odds that Judge Stephens rules from the bench? I’m betting she takes it under advisement — and then denies.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 28m
    Bodney decries “the bolted doors of the courtroom” for Arias.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 29m
    Bodney notes that SCOTUS recognizes the constitutional right of public and press to attend criminal proceedings.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 31m
    David Bodney is doing rebuttal. The media, he says, is not a bogey man, but merely represents what happened in trial. #Arias
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 33m
    Kirk Nurmi just referred to my photographer as a gentleman. Take that Tom Tingle!
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 34m
    Nurmi says “We have assured mitigation this trial will not be broadcast.” Thinks “civilian witnesses” may back away from testifying. #Arias
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 40m
    Kirk Nurmi says that TV coverage leads to intimidation of witnesses in the Arias trial.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 41m
    Kirk Nurmi: “We have been here before.” Says that TV wants to exploit Arias trial for profits.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 42m
    Martinez: The state sees the defendant’s objection as nothing more than an attempt to control what More
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 42m
    There is no argument for live coverage. Juan Martinez does not object to Bodney’s motion.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 44m
    Judge Stephens ordered that no video be aired until after the Arias trial ends. Bodney asks to air 30 minutes after the day’s proceedings.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 51m
    And on to the discussion of whether TV news can run video of the Arias trial on the nightly news. David Bodney for the local PHX TV stations
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 53m
    OK: It’s now official that Nurmi and Willmott are back on the Arias case.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 53m
    Jodi Arias is still pro per and addressing the court instead of Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott. She wants to make an ex parte statement.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 54m
    First up: Judge Sherry Stephens warning Jodi Arias that if she gets her lawyers back, she can’t go back to defending herself.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1h
    Jodi Arias is in court this morning to argue why there shouldn’t be nightly TV news coverage of her upcoming retrial.

    • Judge Stephens taking a motion under advisement = I’ll have to check with Kermit.

      If Stephens rules against Jodi re: TV cameras that will be about issue #57 for an appeal. I think the whole issue of TV coverage or not (& the lack of sequestration) illustrates how damaging it was for Jodi in the first place and it reeks of “too little, too late.”

    • Kiefer has been one of the good guys through this trial. He’s the most objective although I think he did refer to the frequent court hearings recently as the “Jodi show” or something like that. I remember him also referring to a statement he made on a “48 Hours” or a “Dateline” show. It sounded like he regretted what he said but I never looked his comment up.
      Also, there’s an older Phoenix TV reporter with a mustache who did a long interview with Jodi and he was very polite although he asked some tough questions but his tone of voice was sympathetic. I felt like he was thinking: this could be my daughter.

  11. According to Ultraviolet, a woman is battered every 9 seconds and 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime in the U.S.. HLN talking about the NFL.

    every nine seconds is shocking …

  12. Journee, I read the Huffington Post article about domestic violence that you posted about, written by six women who explain why they didn’t leave. Thank you! It was a good idea for Huffpo to make their voices available also. Amazing that two were shot when they tried to leave, but lived to warn others.

    • Thanks for posting that CC! 😀 I agree. Hopefully, Nurmi will see that he needs to step up and do everything in his power to help Jodi. The world is watching. I hope Nurmi and Jodi are able to start from a good place. Hopefully, the air has been cleared between the two of them and they can communicate from here on out. At least he should know how Jodi has felt. I pray he has been jarred back into realizing what his job is all about. Fighting for his client, no matter what it takes. I wish Good Luck and all of my prayers to the Defense Team as they try to save Jodi!! (((((JODI))))) ♥

    • Yeah, I was surpised by his new look, he looks a lot better, even wiser (maybe because of his graying hair).
      I hope his performance will be better this time around as well.

    • I just realized that Nurmi shaved off his moustache and beard. That’s what really changed his appearance for me and I didn’t know it until just now. He certainly will be feeling better, and I agree Alexey, when you are a younger attorney a touch of grey is almost preferred.

      For older guys, they get out the Grecian or Clairol. Remember the day? 😉

    • I put a comment at the end of this article yesterday that Canada Carol posted. The newspaper removed it. I posted it again later in the day. It stayed up for several hours but is gone again today. All the comments that remain are anti-Jodi. Most newspapers seem to strive for some objectivity but when Jodi is being discussed some media seem to put on their hater hat. Or, maybe, they get hate mail if they allow any comments about Jodi that are not trashing her.

  13. I think the media’s argument in favor of being able to televise 30 minutes after the end of each day’s proceedings is absolutely ridiculous. They say it’s because of the public’s constitutional right to view trials (yeah, right). There is nothing keeping the public from viewing it afterwards. In this day of videos (as opposed to when the Constitution was written), the only reason they’d need to watch it while the trial is going on is so they can be get their daily ‘soap opera’ fix and also to be given a chance to influence it.

    • I agree. Also, it is the media who instigated and propelled the hysteria over this trial, and it is the media who has continued to promote the hysteria so they can profit from a tragedy.
      If the media sincerely cared about people’s constitutional rights to view trials they would focus their attention equally on ALL current trials, not just a particular one that they have made into a vehicle to boost their ratings and careers.
      And if the media focused equally upon all current trials, the Arias case would lose much of its shock value when viewed in the context of what else happens in the world.


    There is a new ‘tab’ at the Jodi Art Site. This is where the charities that received a donation from Jodi’s Art sales will be posted . The first one posted is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. People can hate Jodi all they want but they should put aside their hatred and look at this with an ‘open’ mind. This is a good thing: helping others with bigger needs, especially children.

    Please stop the attempts to sabotage any sales that are made. There are people waiting and hoping that there will be someone helping them out the best way they can! I know that Jodi’s donations will not change the world nor will they be the amount needed to cure cancer BUT it certainly is a breath of help! So, if for no other reason, stop boycotting for humanity reasons.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you for adding this tab. It was heartwarming to read the letter from St. Jude. For them and other charitable works, every dollar is cherished and put to wonderful use. I find it very touching that Jodi is looking for these simple things that she can do to try and help others.


        • And yet, the Hospital was harassed from haters. It was something expected. What really is sick to me is that those haters would go to the length to abuse a hospital that houses children with such severe illnesses! This is beyond hatred. This is beyond evil.


          Who attacks a hospital that is trying to save children’s lives???? Hey you cowards that did that, DO YOU HAVE CHILDREN????? How about if your child was in that hospital HOPING that the medicine or research will make him/her healthy one day so he/she could go out and play with the other kids on the street!!!! You fucking morons! Every cent of charity to causes like that is valuable for giving those children and the families of those children HOPE!

          You know, KARMA sees everything! Don’t do something that one day might come and bite you on the ass!

          FOR ALL OF YOU THAT HARASSED THE HOSPITAL, I hope you sleep well at night. Especially when tucking your babies in bed! They are healthy BUT unfortunately SOME ARE NOT and their beds are in a hospital with tubes and machine all around them instead of toys!

          I hope you feel happy. I wish I CAN GET A LIST OF YOU PEOPLE. Send a few friendly letters to your family and friends! See if they find your actions nice and holy! YOU FUCKING SOULLESS IDIOTS!

          • It was indeed disheartening, sickening and tragic to hear that the Hospital employees were contacted by haters! FFS, we know how much you hate Jodi , but this money is really needed!!!!

            There are poor babies in that Hospital, sick babies whose only hope is the doctors’ treatment and research.

            Does it really matter who the money was from? OMG, how heartless and hateful has our society become?

            But what to expect from a group of people (not saying all of them think alike) who when Jodi donated to Locks of Love, they were saying ”Even if my kid needed a wig, I wouldn’t buy one from the killer’s hair” or sth along those lines…. Speechless.

            • I agree. If my child had cancer and were at St. Jude (remember, no family is billed for treatment), I wouldn’t protest money even if it came from Michael Vick! I would appreciate any funding that might keep my child alive.

              I choose to believe that the haters that attacked St. Jude didn’t stop to think what they would do if their kids were patients there, hoping that the next treatment would be a cure.

              I hope each one is as quick to call up St. Jude’s administrators / staff to apoloogize as each was with the hateful comments!


  16. Comment found on “The State vs Jodi Arias” hater site (posted 10:43am this morning)

    Trudi Champion (Wonder Woman avatar)
    “At first I felt St. Jude’s should return the money but after some rational, balanced objective thought realized that ONLY hurts the kids and their parents who might benefit from it. However, for those of you posting on Marlo Thomas’s page, shame on you! That makes you look SO CRAZY and BAD! Have whatever opinion you want, perhaps contact her privately, but to post it on their FB page for the parents to see, for shame and embarrassment. That JA supporter who donated set you up – s/he knew it would get to you people, they would react and look silly and crazy and you took the bait. And, you also let JA get to you, which is what sociopaths like that love to do, and are good at. Don’t you get it?”

    Note: I think Trudi meant “that you would react instead of they would react.” You can feel her anger as she begins to realize the kind of people she has been hanging out with.

    Trudi, I don’t want to hurt your standing in the hate group but good for you (except for the sociopath crack)

  17. Interesting cc53 how they have us all out to be such devious creatures, yet they want a charity to return money that was donated in good faith for a good cause just because it offends their twisted, hateful take on life. They don’t need our help in looking crazy and bad.

    • Journee & CC,

      I’ll have to check out Marlo Thomas’s page later. I hope it illustrates to the public the kind of hateful people that are attacking Jodi.

      • I didn’t see any mention of Jodi on Marlo Thomas’s FB page at all (but I only checked it out the “Flores” way so I might have missed a lot). I did see a comment to Marlo from Geri Bouwman who I think is the creature that stalks Sandra Webber. Geri morphed into human form for her public appearance and left a short & sweet message about donating to St. Jude (first nice message I’ve ever seen her write).

  18. Jodi’s auction of her glasses is getting a lot of publicity and free advertising.

    KPHO local runs their version of a story and then all the stations pick it up and run with it, whether it is completely accurate or not.

    • I don’t know whether it’s good or bad.
      On the one hand Jodi shows her generocity and good nature by donating money that she so desperately needs herself for appeals.
      On the other hand, haters (like that JustDaTruth guy) will always find a way to spin it to make her look bad.
      Anyway, unbiased people will only see the good in her actions because she obviously means well.

  19. Jason Weber & Co. just can’t seem to let it go. Their latest antics are planting stories that Maria De La Rosa, Jodi Arias’s capital mitigation specialist, leaked a conversation between Jason Weber staunch supporter Elizabeth Ann Schilling and Arias, where Arias asks her not to use her name in conjunction with Jason Weber’s controversial “defense fund.” Many believe that Schilling herself leaked the call in her continued vendetta against De La Rosa. Weber and Schilling continuously pepper social media forums with allegations against De La Rosa, in defiance of a cease and desist letter sent to Weber. Let it go!

    • I still can’t get my head around who leaked that recorded conversation. Jodi certainly wouldn’t have access to jail house recordings nor would I think Maria De La Rosa has such access. Wasn’t there also a third party in on that conversation? If so, do we know who that was?

  20. Some Reasons Why Jodi’s Trial Was Not Fair (list not complete by a long shot):

    Note: I’m not sure everything on this list is accurate but it is what I believe. Feel free to challenge any item listed if you’re interested. Now, I’m going to make some coffee.

    1. Travis’s family allowed to grimace, roll their eyes, shake their head, cry, sob loudly, etc., during trial (in front of jury?)
    2. Pictures of Travis’s body shown to jury(including the neck wound) – in a Canadian court, these photos may not have been allowed since photos of this type are known to turn jury against defendant. Also, the nude photos may not been allowed for the same reason.
    3. Trial live on TV leading to proliferation of Jodi-hate groups who threatened some witnesses
    4. Biased media EVERYWHERE leading & encouraging (e.g., HLN especially) Jodi-hate groups
    5. Jury not sequestered allowing them hear and see biased media constantly (if they didn’t follow judge’s instructions)
    6. Huge, beefy guards around Jodi during trial making her look very dangerous (like Hannibal Lecter). Not sure if jury witnessed these guards or not.
    7. Juan Martinez allowed to attack/destroy credibility of defence witnesses (should have been reigned in by Judge Stephens)
    8. Sheriff Joe limited Jodi’s diet during initial part of trial causing her to have headaches and decreasing her ability to fully participate in her trial and possiblly making her look bored and disinterested at times (when she was more likely experiencing low blood sugar/fatique). I believe this issue was improved eventually.
    9. At least 2 prosecution witnesses (Flores & Horn) allowed to change their testimony (they lied)
    10. American justice system allows only people that support the death penalty to sit on death penalty cases. While it’s true if jurors who DIDN’T believe in the death penalty were allowed to participate in death penalty cases, there would be no executions, it’s also true that jurors who do believe in the DP tend to support the prosecution, i.e., they come into the trial believing/supporting the prosecution (and, I think, believing the defendant is probably guilty because police arrested him/her).
    11. Studies have shown that juries have been found to DISLIKE attractive women
    12. Martinez was allowed to threaten potential defense witnesses that he would prosecute them for past minor criminal behavior if they testified for Jodi.
    13. Conflict between Jodi and Nurmi (and his desire to withdraw ) MAY have affected his performance plus the body language between the two probably didn’t help her case. Also, Nurmi’s “9 days out of 10, I don’t like her” may have been misinterpreted by jurors.

    Other reasons trial was not fair?

    • 14. Juan Martinez having a daily direct contact with a “media source”.

      15. Not adequate enough investigation into “said crime scene” or with other suspects who might have committed “said murder?”.

      16. Detective Flores leaking information about a DP case to his wife Corinna Flores, who then proceeded to twitter away about the trial.

      • Good ones, R. Love. Are you sure Martinez’s direct contact was daily or was it “nightly?” (groan)

        I’m hoping prospectiive jurors will show up here searching for information on Jodi and will find an easy list to read. Yes, another long-shot.

        • Eewwhh! Yes I believe it was all the time. But who would really know with those beady little eyes, I wouldn’t have put it past him to hop behind a file cabinet or desk right there in the court house, he definitely was all over the court house steps! Kermit was like a duck on a june bug! And remember that is JUAN not JAUN, Scoopy got it wrong a couple of times. I suppose she was flustered. 🙄

    • Good reasons coldcase53 & R.Love.

      The nude pictures were ‘mistakenly’ put up on the bigscreen while Juanitos was ‘searching for the right ones’ = BULLSHIT! He wanted those pictures leaked! he wanted to humiliate and demean Jodi the best he could!

      If he wanted to play fair, he could have put up the autopsy drawing of the wounds. But we all know that Juanitos doesn’t know what FAIR PLAY is! He plays dirty.

      I’m not going to even get into the abuse, bullying, attacks that Juanitos made to all witnesses. He is a piece of work… And the threats to ‘go after’ all potential witnesses if they’d testify in favor of Jodi. Now that in it’s own shows how desperate Juanitos was to keep the truth off the stand! He is despicable!

      The unsequestered jury? Exposed to all that media frenzy and witch hunt? That tops it all, IMO..

      I can go on and on but you have said it all so many times how this whole trial reeks of disaster and WHAT TRIALS SHOULD NEVER BE LIKE!

      Unfortunately, it is a disgrace to the American justice system and YES it is NOT in favor of how the American justice system should be projected to the rest of the world.

  21. 17. Jodi was 28 when she was arrested and she is now 34 and still going through this Juan-made hell. No right to a speedy trial for Jodi, although it did give her time to get her inner strength back to fight this over-charged fiasco.

    • You right CC, good one. Over charged fiasco is a great way to describe it!
      They never wanted a speedy trial because no one would profit from that. 🙄
      Too many trying to get rich off an innocent woman’s life. 🙁

    • 18. Arizona Gov Jan Brewer mentioned Jodi at a press event the day BEFORE the verdict was announced: “I don’t have all the information but I think she’s guilty”

      Quote from Twitter: “Gov. Jan Brewer – the 13th juror”

    • I’m for anything that makes it more difficult for the government to execute people. Eventually, if it gets too tough, they’ll just quit it. I hope there’s no hidden agenda to this viewing everything b/c I wouldn’t want them to broadcast an execution on TV. It used to be said that broadcasting an execution live on TV would lead to the end of the death penalty. But, after seeing the crazed hatred for Jodi I think there is a lot of people that would enjoy watching an execution. Apparently, there used to be crowds watching lynchings in the “old west” and later in the southern states of the USA.

    • Montini, IMO, used to have a softer take on Jodi. Now, while he says it never should have been a DP case, he uses terms like “let her rot in prison” and “even someone like her.” Either, he’s changed his opinion of Jodi, or he’s playing to a hater audience in AZ or management has told him to be tougher on Jodi. Or, maybe I read him wrong from the beginning.

  22. Roger Goodell, Commisioner of the National Football League, is on CNN right now answering questions about player’s behavior such as bashing their wives & girlfriends, etc. Questions are from news reporters, not just sports reporters.

    • I keep thinking of what ALV would say about this. “You can’t expect to speak the language of mental health without some help” is what she might say. To punish these guys and take away their livelihood without some kind of professional help like ALV, I don’t think will help the victim’s situation but might only make matters worse.

  23. ♥ This is for that special person out there, somewhere, who truly knows the truth about Travis Alexander’s death. I know you come here and read everyday, nervously checking to see if the dark secrets have been uncovered but you alone are the one to do this. I send this one to you, I am praying for you to do the right thing. . .All you have to do is tell the TRUTH. ♥

    • Thanks for sharing your song! I loved it! ♥ It pretty well sums it all up doesn’t it. . .but I know one thing for certain. . . There is no Planet with Gods and multiple virgins waiting to bless anyone. That is not a mystery to me.
      I believe there is a special person out there who is really struggling with the burdens that have been piled on their back. The Evil that they witnessed needs to be brought out into the light. They need to realize there is no one on this Earth, cloaked in their robes of deceit, that can save them from the Evil and Darkness that will lay before them if they don’t speak up! They should say what they know now and save themselves. They will be protected but not by the people who they are protecting now. This person is being used just as badly as Jodi. They are in their own personal jail cell. In fact, I believe Jodi is safer than this person. They may even need to speak to a person outside of Arizona BUT they need to come clean to the World . . .it is time. The World knows that this whole trial is a Farce and Cover-up of the worst kind. Why not be the Bravest Person ever and tell the Truth NOW, instead of waiting all alone and have the truth come out anyway. The humiliation of being discovered in other ways would not be good for whoever it is. The Truth can not be covered by any veil, The Truth will come out. The question is when.

      • Yes, Iris DeMent is wonderful. Her version of “Leaning on Everlasting Arms” is an inspiring song, too. It was used in the movie “True Grit.” I think Jodi would love it. It has the lines:

        “What have I to dread, what have I to fear,
        Leaning on Everlasting arms?

        R.Love, as to your comment about “a special person out there who is really stuggling with the burdens that have been piled on their back,” I think you could be right. There is the mysterious (unexplained) foot print at the crime scene. Even Flores said to Jodi that “Travis was a pretty big guy. I would say it would take 2 people, maybe more, to kind of hold him down really.” Later, Flores says: “It would take more than one person to do this to him.” Plus, Jodi indicated somewhere in the Flores interview that she couldn’t really talk about what she remembered or knew b/c it would endanger others. I don’t remember the exact conversation. It was something like that.

        Then, there are the women Tavis dated. Even if he physically abused one or more of them, I believe all (most?) of them were Mormon so it would be difficult for them not to end up in the desert with their head cut off (Sorry, just kidding Gov.Jan Brewer was always talking about decapitated bodies in the AZ desert – never proven). But, I expect anyone (men or women) that had any physical abuse stories about Travis (or, sexual abuse stories about Travis – remember that strange “joke” a friend left on TA’s MySpace page about him cruising for young boys at Christmas- also warned him not to break his parole) would be shunned by church members – maybe, their family members (i.e., children) shunned, too.

        I used to fantasize if we could offer a big enough reward, we might be able to get someone to come forward with information that would help Jodi. But, maybe the burden of carrying guilt about withholding information about Travi’s behavior or his death, will get to him or her.

        • You bring up many great points and sum up how I feel about all of this. There is so much more to the story than what we know and I pray the guilt that is on this particle person will make it impossible to ignore any longer. Enough already! Jodi has served more than enough time for what ever part she might have had in this crime. Who belongs to that Bloody Boot Print? Who had Travis devastated the most, Jodi was moving on (as much as he would let her). The room mates, the girlfriends, the church members, someone knows the truth but are they brave enough to get right with this World or will they leave their dark secrets for God to sort through. They have the time now to make a difference in Jodi’s life and also their own. Your right, Money is the at the root of this whole mess, and a lot of it. We have listed our unanswered question thousands of times, who will fill in the blanks? I pray they are brave enough. . .just let the words fall out!

  24. Found this article on The State vs JA site. I expect it’s old news to some since it was published in May, 2013.
    It describes the verdicts of 5 Arizona defendants who each had a 2nd sentencing trial. I felt anxious when I read that 3 out of 5 were given the death penalty on the 2nd trial. But, I don’t think it’s as bad as it seems.

    Those that got the DP were: A man killed a child and wounded her mother, another killed a prison guard and the 3rd killed a man during a burglary. Anyway, there is a brief description of each case.

  25. Hi everyone! I just got back from visiting Jodi. That place is such a downer. She looks fantastic though. She cut her hair to about shoulder length; I think it’s kinda cute. Her attitude is still very positive although she says she’s feeling anxious. It really sucks that she’s in such a shithole; it’s so unfair. I think it’s amazing that she is able to laugh and smile knowing what she’s going through. She is such an awesome person and an absolute joy to talk to. I can’t wait for the day that she finally is able to get the hell out of there.
    Anyways, just popping in to say hello. I hope everyone is doing well! Keep the faith!!!

    • (((((((( Jeff ))))))))))))


      I’m sure she was more than happy to see you 🙂 🙂 So glad to hear she is trying to keep a positive attitude, given the circumstances.

      P.S: I’m not very keen on her new haircut but hey, it’ll grow back LOL!

      • Maria,

        I must be the only one that hasn’t seen Jodi’s new haircut. I’ve searched everywhere – no luck. If someone doesn’t post it, I’m going to hold my breath until they do. Starting NOW!

      • I agree, Maria, she does look better with long hair. But I think even if she shaved her head bald she’d still look good. And I think that therein lies part of, or most of, the problem. Is it just me or does it seem like people hate Jodi because she’s young, intelligent, talented and beautiful?

    • Thanks for the update Jeff, it’s good to hear that she is doing well, that takes a HUGE load off my mind I worry about her and how she is doing. As far as the hair cut goes I think it does look good on her I cut mine and donated it a couple of days after she did, mine is a little bit shorter than hers.
      But what the hell it’s only hair it will grow back.
      (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥

      Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Good to know that she’s alright! She’s looking great with short hair. It’s understandable that she’s feeling anxious, heck I’m feeling anxious myself about the penalty phase.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your visit to Jodi with us, Jeff! It’s always wonderful to know that Jodi gets to see friends!

      Even in THAT shithole, we all know Jodi: she will find the best in the worst places, people, situations. She’s a positive person. People should learn from that. 😉

      BTW, I love Jodi’s haircut! I think she looks so cute!

  26. “A Tragedy”

    There was a girl

    who met a boy

    To the boy, the girl was just a toy!

    The kind of toy that’s

    used for sex

    and when you’re done,

    your muscles flex!

    The girl fell deeply for the boy

    but to him

    she still was just

    a toy!

    As time went on

    and days passed by

    the boy was told that he must die!

    Why, you wonder, must

    he die?

    His church wouldn’t let him live a lie!

    So what they did was

    kill the boy

    and used the girl for

    their evil ploy!

    The ploy was for

    their alibi

    to kill the boy

    and watch him die!

    A slow and treacherous

    death had he

    at the hands of people of mystery!

    The mystery will

    soon unveil

    It’s in the works

    and will prevail!

    You all will see

    that soon will be

    the mystery solved

    and the girl set free!

    Mary Williams/2014

    • I think it looks nice on her. She looks better with it short than long and hanging down around her face. I understand that she cut her hair to donate it to the hair for cancer patients, but I wish her attorneys had suggested that she cut her hair before the trial started. From the little I learned from my father about dressing clients, I think it would have presented a more “serious girl,” less “sex kitten” image, making her less threatening to the female jurors and not subconsciously ringing the sexy photos bells.

    • Hmmmmm, poor HLN… now what will they do? No more milking the Arias trial for rates and $$$$$… Do I smell bankruptcy? hey, Jane and Nancy and all the other minions… now you really have to go out and WORK to make your living. I feel sorry for the next ‘victim’ they choose to bully, abuse and slander…

      I would love to see nancy covering weather or traffic stories! LMAO! From riches to rags, in this case! LMAO!! 😀

        • Hi Scooby, There are a lot of articles that I have read that say exactly that: that HLN and CNN are really struggling. Here is a small bit out of an article I read:

          “HLN has been struggling in the ratings, regularly finishing fourth in total viewers and in primetime across the key cable news demo, viewers 25-54. It did edge out MSNBC in the demo across a total day measurement in 2014’s second quarter.”

          The title of the article was: Bloodbath at CNN, HLN: Axing of 550 Jobs ‘Imminent

          Just sayin….

          • Pandora,

            You are ABSOLUTELY right on about HLN doing poorly because I know first hand from skimming through it this summer!!! They used to have some interesting specials at night and when I looked all they had was Forensic Files one after another all night – hmm???

            • They could actually start a whole new way to broadcast the news into this world by actually starting with the TRUTH and NOT VOICING THEIR OWN PERSONAL OPINIONS. 🙄 .

        • I agree with you all. HLN in particular has been cut back significantly. Forensic file reruns are used and their day-time coverage is about an hour that they repeat. HOWEVER, they still have JVM and NG who will be starting some kind of special coverage on Jodi starting Friday night, using all the worst descriptions and visual images they can conjure. Jackson said today that the defence portrayed her as a calculated murder and then played some of her testimony. You can hear the venom in their voices every time her name comes up. They can do a lot of damage still and they plan on doing their very best. 🙄

          • I heard that HLN chunk today. They had the audacity to say that the DEFENSE painted her as a cold and calculating murderer. I hope the DT heard that one; it’s outrageous! Afterward, they played the portion of Jodi’s testimony wherein she says she can’t remember what happened, while JM implies but doesn’t prove that she does, when asking her if she was crying during the fight.

            Playing a clip of a woman who is claiming self-defense and breaking down on the stand while the prosecutor badgers her about what she’s repeatedly stated she can’t remember – and prepping the audience for the proper “take”on the testimony in advance by announcing that they are about to see a cold and calculating murderer – well, just who are the “cold and calculating” individuals involved in this “report”?

    • The cameras were NOT unobtrusive in that courtroom. Of most concern should have been that a camera on a tripod together with a camera OPERATOR were in constant CLEAR VIEW of the the jury, and that that particular camera was on the PROSECUTION side* of the courtroom.

      IF cameras are to be allowed to cover court proceedings, there should be, in all fairness, an APPEARANCE, from the viewpoint of those in the jury box, of unbiased EQUAL coverage, regardless of the cameras’ potential for various compositions and degree of focus.

      As it was, the camera at the rear of the courtroom, (positioned directly behind the victim’s family), had the latitude to pan to the seated jury at any time. It did so, showing an empty jury box on many an occasion. So an argument that to place another camera on the DEFENSE side of the courtroom would have risked revealing the jury would be moot. A second camera in the rear, on the defense side, could be restricted to coverage of the judge, clerk, defense table, the forward seats in the gallery, and other participants seated near the defendant at defense counsels’ table, so that the jury would only see that camera in profile, in similar fashion to their inescapable perception of the camera covering the proceedings from the “prosecution side” of the courtroom.

      * Another substantive appellate point, pursuant to the previous in-court media coverage issue.

  27. In case people here might not be aware of it, there is a current news story about two women dressed as ninjas who broke into a West Jordan, Utah home.
    They were armed with knives and stun guns.
    The women are polygamists who apparently were intent upon kidnapping a fifteen year old girl in order to prevent her from testifying against a man in jail who allegedly raped her. Apparently the ninjas are the ‘wives’ of the man awaiting trial.

  28. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1 hr
    A sealed hearing is now going on. We are out of courtroom now #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1 hr
    Juan says asking Judge to intervene in this matter is inappropriate. Judge agrees and it will go under seal #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1 hr
    Nurmi doesn’t want it under seal. Juan does. #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1 hr
    A copy of the letter was provided to law enforcement back in March #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1 hr
    A death threat letter was sent, threatening Nurmi, Willmott, Nancy Grace, Mrs Mitchell #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1 hr
    Mr. Parker is a State witness #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1 hr
    Witness Vernon Parker will be interviewed #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1 hr
    Friday so far is a sealed hearing #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1 hr
    Jury instructions still need finalized and will be on Friday #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1 hr
    #jodiarias jingled jangled her way into court

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 hr
    Juan has on a navy blue tie today, navy jacket. #jodiarias #JuanTieReport

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 hr
    Maria and Jen have arrived #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 hr
    Nurmi has arrived with a putrid orange tie lol #jodiarias

    • Scoopy is so sarcastic. Here’s something for Scoopy: You will never be a journalist in your life! You will always be a silly blogger that gets her info by sleeping with the ‘right’ people… Way to go Scoopy! How’s that for respectful and integrity?

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