Oral arguments scheduled for 1-30pm today

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Ok peeps! Today’s closed hearing in the never-ending AZ State Circus judicial farce kicks off @ 1:30 pm, with Pickles once again presiding.

As far as we know, it’ll be covering several issues, including the monitoring of jurors social media accounts, possible jury sequestration, whether or not jurors can be questioned individually – and whether any live media coverage of any future re-trial will be allowed.

We can only speculate on the above as we’re still not aware what happened in the previous hearing on 10/24.

We plough on nevertheless.

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  1. Happy November cyber family!

    Today may end up being a crucial day, if Pickles decides to grant some of these motions, all equally important.
    Anyone who happens to find out something, through Twitter or any other social media,please post it here.

    (((((((((((((( Thinking of you Jodi ♥ ♥ ♥ )))))))))))))))

    “- and whether any live media coverage of any future re-trial will be allowed.”

    MY initial view is YES; we the people want to see what’s going on in our courtroom, by these powerful, coercive instruments of state, against an individual, and to correct their abuses/

    OTHERWISE without the presence of cameras, and the internet, etc, we wouldn’t have become aware of the despicable travesty of justice, due process, fairness, etc., that was being perpetrated by the state of arizona against jodi arias


    the use and scope of the video record in criminal appeals ?

    before the introduction of cameras, and hence broadcasting, such was inaccessible to us, and to the appeals courts, but now the appeals courts have direct, unfiltered video evidence of what took place during a trial, with exceptions

    and within limits they have plenary, independent, inherent powers, not legislatively constrained to organize, and conduct trials, according to the powers described in the constitution

    ie the separation of powers, and in particular the federal constitution

    a quick summary by the legal information institute at the cornell university law school website

    “constitutional law: an overview”

      • Yo x! It’s your worst nightmare come back to haunt you!!! you piss-ant motherfucker….stay off our site!!!! Go back to the pedophile nut-jobs that spawned you and your ilk and stay there!!!!! P.S., If you’re wondering who I am…. I ‘M A PROUD MEMBER OF TEAM JODI—-NOW AND ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!

  3. When I was reading comments on another site, someone said (a propos of Jodi’s fire-Nurmi motion) that for the first year, she tried to act as her own lawyer. Does anyone know if this is true?

    • She attempted to represent herself for approximately one week in August of – I believe it was 2011? – it was the week when they were having the hearings concerning the ultimately excluded handwritten letters from Travis to Jodi.

      • Thanks, Journee — that’s interesting. Probably it was 2010, because I see a reply at that time by Martinez in this site’s file of “Court Docs.” Jodi’s, or her attorneys’, motion is not there. If she wrote something herself, I’d be curious to read it.

        From 2011 there’s one by Nurmi about text messages and the like. While we’re piling on Nurmi, it appears that everyone in this case, even Martinez, writes more clearly and in better English than he does. Even when his motions are well-argued, like the recent one on the constitutionality of the aggravator, they’re not well-written and have lots of errors and typos. When I read one back in the spring, I offered my services as proofreader, but got no reply on the offer.

        • LOL – reading Nurmi’s motions and the types of errors that he makes, I suspect he’s using voice recognition software instead of a secretary.

        • You’re right, it was 2010 – the judge (I think it was still Sally Duncan at that point) ordered Nurmi and Washington to stay on in an advisory capacity. And it was the week when they were arguing about the ten letters. And just shortly after that time that Washington left the case citing conflict of interest (that point has always interested me, wondering who she had another ‘interest’ with).

          • Wow — so you’re saying that at that time, Jodi tried to fire both Nurmi and Washington? Then in 2011, she writes 5 pages to the judge begging to keep Nurmi because no other lawyer can ever do as good a job for her? Then in 2013, she writes 12 pages saying that her trust in him has been broken since before trial began? This is a relationship that has had its ups and downs, to say the least.

            • Yah, and I am not sure how to interpret what that says about what was going on at the time. In June of 2010, Jodi (or Nurmi on her behalf) had filed notice of affirmative defense – that’s when she abandoned the intruder story and went with self defense. And at that same time, she sought to have those ten letters entered as *crucial* evidence in her self defense case. Then they go to have oral arguments about the letters, hear witnesses, etc. – and that is the week she says she wants to represent herself. Why? What did Nurmi or Washington or both balk at? And why just after that does Washington leave citing conflict of interest?

              • Great questions. I sure don’t know! I don’t even know where you’re getting all your information. Maybe we’ll just have to ask Jodi.

                • Hah, I couldn’t tell you where all it comes from. Some of it from conversations here, some of it from court docs and transcripts available in the headers above, some from geebee2’s pages, it just all kinda folds together after awhile.

                  Which reminds me (folding together that is) – I think I might have figured out who the ‘trustee’ of the appellate fund could be. I remember Jodi’s testimony about Matt’s family living in Medford OR, the town where the bank account has been set up, and I think Matt now lives in a smaller town close by there now. Makes sense to me that the trustee wouldn’t be a family member.

  4. No announcements so far on upshots of today’s oral arguments. Two new dates set:

    11/19 status conference
    11/26 oral arguments

  5. Picking up discussion with Krikee from yesterday w/ regards to Chaitanya Lay –

    Ms. Lay is mentioned in Jodi’s motion to fire Nurmi, specifically when talking about Nurmi’s memory – he claims he can’t remember any mention in text messages of Travis having sex with other women, then he spelled out in detail a conversation between Travis and Chaitanya Lay in which the pair rendezvous at his house for a sexual liaison and afterward Travis suggests that Ms. Lay must have been surprised by his skill, to which she concedes.

    What Alyce says about Lay is that:

    she was vulnerable
    she was not mormon
    Travis’ references having had oral sex with her (not clear whether email or text or IM)
    Travis challenges her to read the book of mormon
    Travis (in IM) wants her to come over – she says it’s late and she doesn’t want to
    Travis threatens to kill himself if she doesn’t
    she eventually signs off/ stops responding to his messages – he continues IMing her for awhile after she has gone

    So that’s all there was in Alyce’s direct testimony about Chaitanya Lay – nothing there about a proposed threesome with Jodi.

  6. This is off topic but I have to share this:

    Regarding Dave Hall and the boulder-

    Hall says his decision was influenced by the fact that his uncle was killed when a rock rolled over on him.

    “I have been to the funeral of a family member who was killed by a loose boulder,” he said. “My niece grows up her entire life without a dad because of a loose rock, so I might be a little more sensitive to the fact that loose rocks can kill.”

    International fury quickly erupted following the video’s posting.

    “We’ve had hundreds of death threats,” Hall said. “We have extra police patrolling our neighborhood to protect our house. I get postcards in the mail from people all over the world telling us how much they hate us. Environmental sites have published where I live, what I do. … I’ve seen murder cases that didn’t get a tenth of this attention.”

    POOR POS Dave. Can you believe this crappola? His uncle died from a rolling boulder? He gets extra police patrols for his house? People posted his address and are threatening him and his family? Murder cases that don’t get a 10th of this attention?

    The article is here:

      • Tim, you said it perfectly fine! Yes, what goes around, comes around! It’s called Karma. And Karma has just began her tour to all those who thought it was fine lying about Jodi and making her look like the worst woman ever… Who’s next on Karma’s list? Can’t wait…

    • Really, Dave Hall????
      I guess Karma paid you an early visit (or overdue one, depends on how one looks at it) and we are all enjoying this oh so much!!! How does it feel to be on the receiving end of threats? Now you get to experience what Jodi, the Arias family and her supporters have been going through. Oh and by the way, nice to see you have no problem LYING when you get caught doing something illegal. But I guess Jodi’s lies were totally INCOMPREHENSIBLE and UNJUSTIFIABLE, right???

      Not to mention, I don’t even believe he received any threats but is just aiming for some sympathy… 🙄

      • hmmmm

        His UNCLE was killed by a loose boulder but it was his NEICE who grew up without a dad? So how did her DAD (Dave’s brother?) die?

        • Yeah, what’s up with this??
          And I found really provoking his other statement: ” I’ve seen murder cases that didn’t get a tenth of this attention.”

          WTF? Maybe he only got to experience the outpour of love and support (PUUKE) by all the TA supporters when the same supporters were out there harassing Jodi’s lawyers, expert witnesses, her family and supporters! Think before you open your mouth, Hall!

    • It was fine for davie to be cocky when he was badmouthing Jodi in all those interviews. He couldn’t care less that he was feeding the hatred fire with his insults, encouraging haters to send hate mail to Jodi and her family… It was fine then… wasn’t it! (lifting eyebrow ironically).

      dave hall is another famewhore. I am sure he’s so senseless as to how serious what he has done is, that all he cares about is the attention he’s getting!

      BTW, I call BS on his boulder story about his uncle. I want to see it, to believe it! Are there any documents proving your sob story davie or did the dog eat them?? (rolling eyes). Bad doggie! GMAFB!

      • Hi Rasna!

        Cool video. Not to be outdone, here’s another Dave Hall YouTube video from 2 years ago. This is the one where he decides to move some headstones in the desert, in the hope of digging up a dead body. Much to his disappointment it turned out to be a dog. The four-legged kind I mean, not the Sky Hughes kind.

        Here’s the link:


        Team Jodi

        • OMG!
          Color me dumbfounded! This is beyond belief, he probably deemed himself as some sort of tomb raider! Why would a grown-ass man dig up a dead animal? What a dumbfuck that Dave Hall is! I bet it runs in the family and his whole family is as disturbed in the head as he is!
          Too bad they didn’t show this video in court! It goes to character! I mean how can any sane person even entertain the idea of believing the drivel coming from Dave Hall’s fucked-up, drug-addled brain!

          I only hope Dave Hall won’t dig up T-Dog, that would be just too much stink….

          • Dave Hall definitely needs to be placed under psychiatric evaluation, asap, he’s a continuous danger to society!
            I shudder to think what kind of sick antics his diseased brain can get up to!
            I’m gonna save this video, in case that lunatic Hall decides to remove it. Maybe I will even upload it on my channel, so more people can see what a sick bastard Hall is !
            I would strike all his testimony from the record at once ! The man in completely insane!

          • OK, this is serious shit. He thought it was a dead body but went on digging it up anyway???? Ummm, IF, IF it was in fact a dead body he would be in major trouble.
            Hello, Dave?! You are supposed to call the police, you freaking doofus!
            SMH…. 🙄

      • Both vid’s are great!

        Rasna – very funny!

        SJ – Once again, davie didn’t save the day by finding ‘the missing body’… (spooky music playing in the backround) – (sigh! – shrugging shoulders…). To dave hall: keep on digging! maybe you’ll get lucky next time! (sarcasm alert!).

        SJ, with all due respect… Are you trying to steal Rasna’s thunder?!!! – Just kidding!

        (((((TEAM JODI))))) ♥

        • What in the world??? Do these guys just run around in the deserts looking for trouble?? They remind me of immature little boys who need a good swift kick to their rear ends. Do they ever work? They sure do love to video themselves, don’t they. I’m still thinking that one of them probably filmed the Travis crime scene. Dave Hall is beyond stupid.

        • I’d say it’s disquieting and disconcerting that nutjobs that Dave Hall tread the Earth, not yet committed to a boobyhatch where they belong!
          Just thinking of crossing paths with Hall gives me goosebumps!

          And we wonder who sent death threats during trial – retards like Dave Hall did of course! If Hall dug up a grave for no apparent reason, nothing as idiotic and cowardly as anonymously threateing people can be put past him!
          It wouldn’t surpise me that he sent a few death threats! He definitely warrants a thorough invetsigation, judging by his erratic and insane behavior in this video.

        That was hilarious. The tower of Pisa? OMG! hahahaha!! You know if that happened, what Dave Hall would say? ”Hey, that thing was a hazard” 😀

  7. Happy November my cyber family! ♥

    Question: Do you guys think it’s a good thing that there is no media coverage or not?

    IMO it has its pros and cons.

    It surely is a good thing for Jodi, protecting her from all the vile media publicity (HLN) that hurt her case. Plus, it is the ultimate punishment for nancy grace, jmv and in general the HLN clan who have made a fortune off of this case.

    Of course, on the other side, we are left in the ‘dark’ not knowing what is going on in the courtroom as a result to not knowing if marinez is still pulling his hissy fit tantrums and if the circus act is continuing with the difference that it is behind closed doors.

    All I can say is that whether the trial continues to have media coverage or not, I hope it is in the best interest of Jodi.

    I hope you all have a great week-end!

    ((((cyber family))))
    ((((SJ & Admins))))

    • Hi Pandora!

      Good question! In Jodi’s case, the main issue has not been the live trial coverage per-se, but rather the way that the hate-fueled media have taken the coverage, then twisted & fucked around with it… subsequently bending it beyond all recognition to fit in with their respective ratings agendas. It was a Salem-style witch-hunt from day 1.

      So yes, we would be left in the dark with no live media coverage… but until the media get held accountable for their BS, we’d have to live with that.

      In high profile cases too, jury sequestration should be mandatory. Jurors should also be banned from using social media/electronic devices through the whole trial.

      Team Jodi

  8. Jodi tweet:

    “If you want to know who your friends are, get yourself a jail sentence.” – Charles Bukowski

    Jodi, I’m thinking of you everyday, you are in my prayers, everyday

    • Wow! Never in a million years would I have thought that Jodi would refer to something Charles Bukowski said!

      Don’t get me wrong, he’ was a brilliant poet and author but kinda unrespectful towards women, IMO (I’ve read many of his books – a lot of which were made into movies, i.e. Barfly).

  9. Since I only see one new comment in the last 24 hours, I’ll take the liberty of asking a question that has puzzled me for some time.

    Does anyone have an idea why Darryl Brewer can’t believe Jodi’s self-defense testimony? As most of us know, after he was not called as a mitigation witness, he gave a long TV interview. In it, he first praised Jodi to the skies for her character during his time with her. But after she met Travis, he says, she “changed before my very eyes” into an “unrecognizable” person who is “manipulative” and “evil.” He ends up saying that “No one can condone this heinous, heinous crime,” and “She should never be let out again.” He merely doesn’t want her killed, since he doesn’t believe in the DP to begin with, and she can contribute to society from prison.

    I find his disbelief odd, especially since he also says that when she picked up the gas cans, she seemed “completely normal” and “happy.” And he apparently watched the trial, since he says (as I recall) it was “polluted” from the outset.

    Any thoughts?

      • I totally agree.
        I think Darryl found himself torn. On the one hand there was Jodi, THE Jodi he knew and loved and on the other hand HLN blew her image of a psycho calculating killer totally out of proportion so that he may have found himself shitting his pants (pardon my french) and believing she is a threat to society and/or himeslf (?).
        Or maybe none of this is true and he just wanted to keep everyone satisfied, meaning to express his support for Jodi but not to such a great degree so as to provoke the haters. Remember that he intended for the public to never see his face, thus the camera never showed it during his testimony. Maybe he just wanted a catchy phrase to keep the haters’ angers away from his house and loved ones.

    • Journee brings out the big instigator, HLN. Also, with Martinez and how his defense was structured, Jodi wasn’t allowed a human being part in that relationship. Everything she did was taken out of context. Martinez always had back up to his Jodi delusions. He had HLN to yell and broadcast everything all over the airwaves. That gave him power. I honestly don’t say any of this off the cuff. When I speak of Martinez as the Sociopath and Psychopath, I take that very seriously in the dynamics of this trial. If Jodi is concerned about Nurmi she’s concerned he is not 100% on her side. The only way this will get won is to get this case out of Arizona.

      • Marianne, I totally agree about Martinez being a sociopath and I too mean it in the most literal and psychiatric sense (as opposed to just a loose way of saying “that man’s damn crazy!”) It is said that approximately 4 out of every 100 people in the general population are sociopaths, that is, totally lacking any form of moral compass. And who among us would argue that Nancy Grace isn’t among that 4%? Then you have to wonder about the people who idolize Martinez, Grace, Velasquez, and the rest…what’s with them? And I suspect we have even greater than 4% among the haters since most people with a conscience wouldn’t be engaging in such ugly behavior.

        • I am pretty sure that Nancy Grace is a true pathological liar.

          Truth and fiction are all just completely interchangeable to her.

        • Justus, et all

          Their is proof Martinez is a psychopath and sociopath. First, we just went through all the Kiefer(spelling?) documentation. Second, we have the documentation of the whole trial. Third, the Trial is proof of a psychopathic, sociopathic witches hunt ran by Martinez, the Judge, and HlN.
          Fourth, there is some other documentation out in the world.

          Jodi is not pulled out of that craziness. The media is. Unless that whole firth trial gets thrown out, Martinez wants her dead. He always presumed her guilty. They all did. That is not the way our justice system is set up.

          Jodi is letting us know something is very wrong. She is firing her attorney. That is the only way she can communicate. What do we do. How do we help?

    • Chris, I too was appalled at Darryl’s interview. Even if he is a closet misogynist he could have kept those negative thoughts to himself. Maybe he’s secretly angry at her for basically leaving him for a younger, more virile man.

      • I suspect the latter might actually have a lot to do with it. What was it about Jodi’s feelings for that younger, more virile man that inspired her to go crazy, and why didn’t she feel that way about Darryl?

        • I assumed from the interview that Jodi wanted to marry Darryl, but he refused. Maybe I’ll go back and see if he actually said that. He definitely said she cut off sex because she no longer wanted to live in sin. But I guess that’s not quite the same thing.

          • I think, like many of us do, she got into a relationship with Darryl -who was somewhat stung by a marriage that ended in divorce and said he wasn’t looking to get married again- and that was fine when she was 23 and not in a hurry to marry either, and she might have thought that Darryl would change his mind over time. But he didn’t. She wanted to get married, she wanted children of her own, and towards the end she had come to accept that Darryl wasn’t going to be the man for that.

            Along came Travis, the *apparently* successful young mormon man with strong family values who was looking for a wife.

            • Thank God you put the word successful in * * LOL!
              He was nothing BUT that… I don’t believe succeeding in maintaining a facade counts for being successful.

    • Chris, I think that he was trying to be neutral and not draw attention to himself knowing that the haters would rip him apart. He was scared of the hater masses.

      I don’t agree with him just trying to find a justified reason for his statements. He doesn’t hide the fact that he truely loved, cared and trusted Jodi.

  10. I know this is off topic but I have always wondered about Travis and his liking the UFC fights, etc. Apparently he kept physically fit and was always doing something in that regard. I also have wondered if the “T” in “T-dog” stood for testosterone. I have my suspicions that he may have been taking steroids. It all fits, his temper, his erractic behavior like the time he pounded the steering wheel simply because traffic wasn’t moving fast enough, a supposedly scratched CD and he throws it and throws Jodi up against a desk to assault her to calm himself down, his choking her, his inability to control his anger – All this seems to be symptoms of roid rage from using steroids. Has anyone else ever thought of this. And I wonder if the autopsy revealed any use of steroids or if they even looked for something like that.

    • Interesting observation BB. Yes, it would be interesting to see if any form of steroids came up in his autopsy – IF tests were made, that is!

      The ‘T’ in ‘T-dog’ probably stood for his initial. He was trying to portray himeslf as the tough, gangsta,badass type! (:roll:) <—— if this emoticon doesn't come out, I meant for it to be (rolling eyes)! LOL! travis was miles away from being the tough, gangsta, badass type… pussywinkle praying on sensitive women, yes! more like it!

    • I think the “t” in “t-dog” stands for tard, as in “fucktard”,
      Hehe. 🙂

      Seriously though, I believe people who use those “performance-enhancement” drugs sometimes exibit temper tantrums.
      This reminds me of an episode of South Park where Jimmy beat up his girlfriend.
      See for yourself:

      I think Travis treated Jodi in a similar manner. I dread to think what abuse Jodi must have suffered at the hands of that maniac Travis.

      • Good thinking BB! I don’t believe anyone has thought of Travis and possible steroid use. There should have been blood test done. Maybe Jodi’s attorneys could check on it. Hopefully. Very interesting. It could be the reason for his sudden outbursts and fits of rage. . .it does fit.

        Love to ((((JODI))))

        • The potential use of stereoids and attributing his anger issues to a roid rage has in fact been discussed here before, but a long time ago. Maybe newer posters haven´t been here when someone )don’ remember who) suggested it. It is a possibility, I must say but as far as the autopsy report is concerned there´s nothing there to indicate something like that. So it´s all assumption…

  11. Journee,if your around. Do you remember us talking about the plastic object in the shower and we couldn’t figure out what it was. I was looking at the Huffington Post pictures of the Jodi Trial and there is a picture of Travis sitting on a balcony (maybe at the beach) holding some sort of plastic object. . .could it be the same thing? Just at a different place and time. Still wondering what it is.

    • R. Love – I went and looked at the picture. That looks to me like an earlier days cell phone – back when they used to have a little nub of a plastic antenna. And the photo could be that much older, he looks slimmer in that photo, maybe a little younger – caption says it came from his myspace page and had been taken in Hawaii (so not a photo that Jodi took).

      • Thanks for checking. . .I knew you would figure it out!! I still wonder what was in the shower stall after they took the body away. I’m still praying and hoping for freedom for Jodi. This whole thing is soooo frustrating. I just wish the rest of the world could see all of this like we do. Jodi needs our help and more!

        • It is an imprint of the glass that is in the shower, If you look at the image with Travis in the shower, you will see the glass in that location. If you look at the image close up you can see it better.

        • If I can find the time this week, I might go back and watch Heather Conner’s testimony again, see if she says anything about it. I think I remember hearing some testimony about that plastic cup in the shower, maybe she mentioned the other thing. (early days of trial, I was painting the apartment across the hall and *listening to* -not watching- the trial on HLN, so I don’t have ‘visual’ recollection to connect to this unknown thing)

  12. On a brighter note, I finally received a postcard from Jodi yesterday! 😀
    I sent her two postcards in late August, and they had to travel from Russia (I did’t have much hope that they would reach Jodi and that she would be able to send a postcard to Russia, but she did)
    Her postcard made my day, I’m so stoked!

    • Alexey,
      That is amazing news! So, you sent postcards from Russia and Jodi got them? Wow! That is fantastic news! Maria and I have been sending our postcards via a friend that lives in the states. So, I’ll give it a try and send directly from Greece… Let’s see if Jodi will get them! (Crossing fingers).

      (((((( International Postcards ♥ ))))))

      • Pandora,
        Yes, that was amazing! I thought it wouldn’t work either, but it did! I thought my postcard would get lost, but in arrived in just a month, which is pretty quick considering the distance.
        Give it a try 🙂

    • Merde!

      FFS, Jodi can’t get a break!

      This is horrible news for Jodi. I hope Nurmi doesn’t act like an even bigger ass now and neglect her even more than he already has…

      Do we know why her request was denied?

      • Probably because Jodi wanted it, they are not going to do anything that she wants……after all what’s in it for them )BASTARDS(

        Ray in H-burg Va.

    • That is sad!
      But maybe it will help during the appeal process. Obviously Nurmi was not a good attorney and denying her this motion is tantamount to denying her her right to due process.

  13. It does seem like if things could go wrong; it will surely happen to Jodi. Nurmi had better get his act together. Hopefully, this might have made an impact on him and he will try to do a better job for Jodi. To think the whole United States of America and the rest of the world is watching your every move would wake me up!!! I will pray for Nurmi to be blessed with guidance from above and not from HLN.


  14. I’m usually not a sore loser and a graceful winner. I never gloat. Having said that, I am thoroughly enjoying the MESS that Mr. FUCKFACE has gotten himself in to with his little boulder stunt. I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy this as the karma train rolls itself right over Mr Dave Hall’s ass.

    Am I a bad person?

    heh heh

    • LOL, you certainly are NOT!!!! I’ve been sitting back and ENJOYING this from the day shit hit the fan for ”Mr” Hall. Now, let’s just wish Karma finds its way quickly for the rest of their disgusting gang. ( puuuuuuuke )

  15. My answer to the joke above would be, If TA was alive, what he and the haters would have in common is hatred, anger issues, tantrums, disrespect for women, arrogance, and conceit. I’ll stop there but I could go on and on. Anybody wanna add some more?

    • Lack of compassion, rancor, controlling behavior, need to constantly put others down, total disrepsect of other people’s feelings….

      • HA you girls are on a roll! Uh oh Dave Hall, watch out it’s a boulder!!!!!! Oh don’t worry it’s only us, the little hand-full of Jodi supporters. How about self-absorbed or immature?

        • And don’t even get me started on his sketchy family. Which is it? His uncle who died under a boulder? Or his sister or brother’s daughter (who would be his niece? (or uncle daddy syndrome I like to call it)

          Reminds me of this song by Ray Stevens:

          Many, many years ago when I was twenty-three
          I was married to a widow who was pretty as could be
          This widow had a grown-up daughter who had hair of red
          My father fell in love with her and soon they too were wed

          This made my dad my son-in-law and really changed my life
          For now my daughter was my mother, ’cause she was my father’s wife
          And to complicate the matter, even though it brought me joy
          I soon became the father of a bouncing baby boy

          My little baby then became a brother-in-law to dad
          And so became my uncle, though it made me very sad
          For if he were my uncle, then that also made him brother
          Of the widow’s grownup daughter, who was of course my step-mother

          Father’s wife then had a son who kept them on the run
          And he became my grandchild, for he was my daughter’s son
          My wife is now my mother’s mother and it makes me blue
          Because although she is my wife, she’s my grandmother too

          Now if my wife is my grandmother, then I’m her grandchild
          And every time I think of it, it nearly drives me wild
          ‘Cause now I have become the strangest ‘case you ever saw
          As husband of my grandmother, I am my own grandpa

          I’m my own grandpa, I’m my own grandpa
          It sounds funny, I know but it really is so
          I’m my own grandpa

  16. I believe that this ruling that denies Jodi’s request for a new lead attorney will only add to the appeal. The fact that Nurni said in front of the jury that he didn’t like Jodi is powerful and could get an overturn on ineffective assistance of counsel. Nurmi never should have said that ever. He abandoned his duty to his client. Add to this the perjury by state’s key witnesses Det Flores and Dr. Horn among other things, I have positive feelings that Jodi will get this overturned and a new trial.

  17. Once again I have been reading MissPajamaGirl’s take on the whole Travis and Jodi nightmare. You all, know she brings up so many valid mistakes that were made with just the crime scene and autopsy, I just don’t understand how everything has been covered up to the extent that it has. Amazing. Only in AZ. If her outlook is correct ( it appears to be right on the facts) there is no way Jodi should be sitting in a jail cell. Somewhere there is a group of people who should be in jail, not her.
    One very interesting point she makes is that Jodi did not have any damage to her hands or body and whoever fought with the ” kickboxing Travis” would have had many bruises all over their body. Someone would have noticed bruises on her for sure. Also interesting, was the fact that the gun shot (if there was one) to the head had been tampered with and appeared someone had made it to look like a gunshot. There was no gun powder or gun soot on the body anywhere. Mortician’s putty is visible in the picture of the eye. There is a picture of his backside where it appears that he had been somewhat skinned ( not caused from dragging). Wonder, if he really wasn’t shot and the “friends” involved really did a lot of the cover up just to point the finger at Jodi???? It really points the fingers at the “friends”. These things have always bothered me and I can’t get over it. Wonder if Jodi really doesn’t know what exactly happened to him. It really puts me back at the intruder story. I know in my heart she is not guilty of what she is accused of. If she did kill him it was only to save herself from his vicious and abusive attack. I think when she left him he was alive and someone else finished him off. They know who they are. I would hate to be in their shoes because if they don’t pay here on earth they surely will burn in Hell for their crime. It will be worse than any boulder falling on them. I wonder how they all are sleeping at night? FREE JODI AZ!!! I will be a prayer warrior for our JODI!

    • I can’t say I agree with everything MissPajamaGirl claims (weird name, btw) but to answer to what you’re writing:
      IF, IF someone else did this horrendous crime, accused Jodi of it and lead their life as if nothing happened, trust me! They aint gonna give a shit about any Hell or punishment in the afterlife coz apparently they are animals with no consciensce! So it’s ike water under the bridge for them…

      • Weird name right. Wonder how she got that one? But, if you follow her step by step of the crime scene and autopsy there are some valid points made. One more thought was the body was kept for several days at the ME office and pictures made after the body had aged more. WHY? Should the pictures not have been made immediately and documented with dates and times? No bugs at all on body. To her the body appears to have only be dead for around a day. Could she be right?The picture( the one presented in court) of the cut throat was made to look horrible compared with how the cut really looked. How was it the one used in court ??? How is that justified? Travis’s hands were not cut as they should be if he had been fighting off a knife attack. Both hands should be cut; but cuts were only on one hand. Also the hands do appear to have been bound with something due to the bruises on them. No blood stains in the grout around the tile. This would have been impossible to clean up so why is there no blood on the grout? Why were there no videos of the crime scene. Travis’ neck was broken and it wasn’t documented.?. IMO Jodi could not have had the strength for that. Many of picture looked like they were made at different times. To say the least, this trial is very disturbing because of many different reasons. If one can’t put any faith in our judges, prosecutors, police then we are in a really disturbing state of affairs. No one should be above the law and in this case they have proven they believe they are. All of them. Judge Pickles has been led around by her nose and Martinez is very pleased with himself. EEEEGads its a MESS! Just saying .. . …. ????????????

        • If I was member of Travis’s family I would not rest until I found out the truth. They have been misled from the beginning. I believe a murder or murders walks among the so-called friends. The truth will come out but I feel so sorry for Jodi who has suffered greatly.

    • R. Love,

      Everything you bring up has come to my mind. I never believed or will believe that Jodi was responsible for the Travis death. What I have on my side are a few things. Two validate myself: a bachelors in science from the University of Pennsylvania, a masters in science from Columbia University, and a lot of experience working with dying, trauma, and dead people. That doesn’t include my multiple licenses of which the highest is in psychiatry. Please let me clarify that this information is only given for validation purposes. I am grounded and in no way mean to boast, just tell the science.
      I have come across Miss Pajama Girls concerns and work. Bless her for her tenacity with her research. I have not read everything. But I know she saw something was very wrong and has brought in professionals to also look at this failure of the Arizona Judicial System.

      Concerning Jodi killing Travis. I can’t see the follow through. First, Travis was preparing to go on an Island. Business trip. He also was Hot for one of his friend’s sisters who also was going to be on the Island trip. Yet Travis works in a Booty call with Jodi. We know that no one was fond of Jodi. Did anyone know Jodi was coming over?
      Also, Travis was very proud to show off his new worked out body. He wanted Jodi to take pictures of this great body. Do we know if Travis used any steroids during his body building goals? Very important.

      Besides the bullshit story that Jodi is so calculating, strong, and deviant to pull a murder off that a dead body doesn’t even have an odor, I have always thought he got angry, flopped out. Jodi did what she needed to for self defense but did not kill Travis. I believe she left and his friends found him, saw pictures, finished what their deviant minds felt were just.
      I also find it strange we don’t hear about the broken neck. When I saw that broken neck, I knew Jodi did not do that. The police report was fake. Jodi could not have gotten Travis in to the shower in that position. How does a dead body not have a smell after 5 days?
      There is so much wrong.

      I hope Nurmi cares. What if he is just like the rest of everybody? They seem to drink a special water. We have a Federal Government. If they can stop fighting about Obama Care and help Jodi. Arizona is way too corrupt. There really is a lot of corruption going on with the manipulation of their Judges. Sick State.

      • Well Thank Heavens Marianne!! I knew you were a smart cookie but it makes me proud to know we have you here among us fighting for justice!!! I’ve been blessed with common sense but what on earth is up with the state of AZ? It sure doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure all of this out. How did things get so messed up? It appears that law enforcement is involved along with the friends. Also, I never understood why Jodi’s attorneys never brought up the personality disorder. I believe this played a big factor in the manner Travis abused her. Poor Jodi. Talk about a set up this really stinks.

        The three so-called suicides also bother me. Really strange coincidences. Did they really commit suicide or were they also killed to protect the real murders.

        So many unanswered questions. Do you think the jurors have bothered to study this case and may have changed their minds? I just do not understand how they came up with their verdict.

        • Steroids was another unanswered question. Wouldn’t that have shown up in blood test that should have been done during the autopsy? I believe it would be one reason Travis had such a quick temper.

              • It is on the Gus Searcy PitchFork thread. about 13 minutes into it. They talk about 2 male friends of Jodi’s one with the last name Freeman and then one day later the other friend committed suicide too. And then there is Ashley Reed. Listen and see what you think. I’ll be interested to hear your opinion 🙂

                • I read today that the doctor that did the Ashley artopsy is no longer with us either he passed away need to find out if that is true

                • Lyons was his name, I think. I wonder what ever came of the investigation into the death of that cop, and Lyons’ ‘questionable’ determination of suicide in his death.

          • From the autopsy report, it looks as though the testing was strictly a * tox * screen – that is, Horn lists all of the toxins that the specimen(s) tested negative for. I don’t know the names of the steroids Travis might have used for bulking up, but all of the toxins listed as negative were your typical ‘recreational’ drugs.

        • R. Love,

          I don’t understand why Arizona functions so corruptly. All politics has some type of ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’. But what we are seeing in Arizona goes farther than illegal and corruption.
          It is sad that the haters could not at first read between the lines and now just miss blatant truths. These haters must have a lot of self hate. Their projection is so ugly that they are holding mirrors.

          My tablet I am working off of does some crazy corrections. I am so sorry if what I am writing sounds strange at times.

    • R. Love, in Jodi’s police interrogation (#14, I’m pretty sure) with Det. Flores, she tells Det. Flores that there are two people out there (intruders) living their lives. Jodi said that after she explained to Det. Flores how the intruders came in and the female intruder knocked her out and when she came to she saw that Travis was bleeding and she tried to help him but he couldn’t move and he told Jodi to go get help but the intruders wouldn’t let her leave yet and when she started to tell Det. Flores about how when they let her leave but threatened her by saying (from looking at her ID the male intruder took from her purse) that they knew where her family lived if she said anything. She started sobbing then in front of Det. Flores and said, like a scared bitch, she left Travis there and he was alive and she continued to cry!

      • This story has always made more sense to me. Travis had made some real enemies. Probably men and women. Also in MissPajamaGirl she comments the one of the holes in his head (were they say it was a gun shot wound) could have been made by s stiletto heel. Very interesting isn’t it. I do believe that Jodi is not capable of all the things they have accused her of. No Way No How!

      • I am back reading this thread. Jodi took responsibility for TA’s murder. Why did she take responsibility when the pieces don’t completely fit? Everyone has been giving Jodi superpowers, superstrength, super manipulation, super intelligence, super see into the future, super liar, etc.
        When did the super powers start getting handed over to her? Who were the players that made her trial a Witch hunt? Aren’t witches thought of as having some type of power over the basic human being? Isn’t that why there is such a crowd mentality to capture a witch? Rasna, put a link up to that article on Prosecutor Misconduct under our new topic. I need to read that again I am not able to copy and paste off of this tablet. It would be a big help. Thank you.

        • I believe the friends blessed her with her secret powers. They are at the top of my suspect list. They were so quick to place the blame on her. Travis never locked doors but doors were locked? When they discovered doors were locked why wouldn’t they start checking right then? His ring and watch laying right in front of them (which he never took off) and they ignore that? The friends who can’t smell a dead body. Then the police (being extremely lazy) looking for nothing but a quick judgement (never mind the bloody footprint and no bugs on the body and a crime scene that had been obviously messed with), the ME who botched the autopsy (was that on purpose? or instructions from the Prosecutor) and then we can’t forget the Little Troll Martinez who was so quick to get on the band wagon because this case would surely make him rich and famous!!!!!!
          They are all Master Manipulators. It is a very dark hole they are living in but not as dark as where they have placed our Jodi!

          PS And, I will not leave out the horrible and disgusting HLN network!!!!

  18. Related to the four (4) previous threads referring to Prosecutorial Misconduct, the following link is yet another exposure about rogue cops and prosecutors.

    “A recent study found prosecutorial misconduct in nearly one-quarter of all capital cases in Arizona. Only two of those prosecutors have been reprimanded or punished. This led the Arizona Republic to conclude:

    There seldom are consequences for prosecutors, regardless of whether the miscarriage of justice occurred because of ineptness or misconduct. In fact, they are often congratulated.”

    After Michael Kiefer’s interview – and when Martinez and Flores thought that this would be put in the past and forgotten about – a ‘second wave of shit’ is coming around… to nail them to the crapper again.

    • Hey (((((Rasna))))! Good morning!

      Thanks for the link. It’s awesome to know that there are people out there not willing to turn a blind eye on prosecutorial and police misconduct!

      AHEM, AHEM (clearing throat), MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION:

      Fellow Jodi supporters, I know that all you guys have a good heart, so I was thinking that we should have a fundraiser and all pitch in to help martinez and flores. Now that the ‘second wave of shit’ (as Rasna stated – I had to look it up and see what it means) is hitting the fan we can help them in buying a shitload of toilet paper cause they are surely starting to shit their panties!!! LMFAO!

      Suggested brands (they will need the totally absorbent brands to wipe all that shit off their asses): White Cloud, Charmin Ultra Soft, Charmin Ultra Strong, Cottenelle, Angel Soft, Quilted Northern…

      Poster child of ‘shit’: juan martinez & esteban flores.

      Sorry for all that chytology… LOL! But when referring to those two fuckups that’s what comes to mind!

    • This probably won’t faze the crooks and trolls in AZ. They for some unknown reason seem to be above the law. I watched the Chris and Sky Hughes thread again and was disgusted by Martinez . . .he is a real trip.

    • Allelujah!
      At least one of them gets to see what it feels like to be held accountable and to pay for your misconduct.

    • Rasna,

      Good article! It is so backward that misconduct gets a lawyer a job a career as a Judge. But that must be where the behavior starts at. What do we know? We know that in order to be a Judge in Arizona, you had to do a lot of Prosecutor Misconduct as a Lawyer in Arizona.

      That behavior has to stop. The article points out many people and organizations that are working to stop this misconduct.

  19. I know it must have been discussed before but what is with the magazines that Jodi wrote a secret message to her friend in? Martinez found them, was that brought up in court? I really do not find fault with her for that because it would be horrible to be in her position where every single blink she makes is documented. I’m sure she just needed to speak with a friend. Who wouldn’t have in her position????? They all should be put under the same glass box, they have placed her in. Then we really would know the truth wouldn’t we. I would love to see what Martinez has done behind closed doors. UGH!

    • Martinez threatened Matt McCartney with (malicious) prosecution if he testified on Jodi’s behalf, and I think he used this message in the magazine that Jodi had purportedly sent him. Also Martinez tried to use the message to impeach Jodi’s testimony.
      When desperation sets in, it’s understandable that you want to do something. I don’t think the message proves any conspiracy that Martinez had alledged. It is very vague and it’s not clear what it’s in reference to. If anything, it proves that she was in dire straights. In jail all conversations (unless they are with legal councel) are closely monitored by jail staff.

      • The thing about that is – Matt never got those magazines because Martinez confiscated them. If Matt didn’t get the message, how does the fact that Jodi wrote the message become something to threaten Matt with?

        I never got that.

        • It is Martinez’s MO. Any little thing he can use to downgrade another person. His premise is not to tell the truth. Then he blows his untruth out of the water. None of Martinez’s bullshit deserves relevance.

        • Martinez unequivocally told Matt “If you testify I will bring you up on perjury charges before your feet hit the ground” or something to that effect.
          It’s a scare tactic, so typical of Martinez! He uses intimidation on a daily basis to get his way/
          He also threatened Patti Womack, Jodi’s best friend, with prosecution (for drug-related charges) if she testified. Needless to say her drug use has no bearing on the case, but Martinez just used her one weakness to keep her from testifying for Jodi.
          Martinez is scum – he destroyed the defense merely by abusing the power of his office! The defence could not threaten Dr Horn or Det Florez with perjury charges (and they lied on the stand). Prosecutors have WAAAY too much lattutude, defence attorneys do not wield so much clout, so it’s no wonder we have so many innocent people locked up in prison!
          The US justice system is a train wreck! It’s like what we had in Russia during Stalin – a crying shame! The justice system needs purging! Throw Martinez in prison for threatening defence witnesses!

  20. Thanks Alexey. I don’t know how I missed that chapter. I appreciate your info on it. Poor Jodi I’m sure she must feel all alone in the world. What she has gone through is a true nightmare. Abused by Travis and now the legal system.

    • Welcome!
      Yes, I hate to state the obvious, but the justice system doesn’t care about people nowadays!
      Innocent people are sent to prison all the time and their cases slip through the cracks.
      But we have to fight for Jodi 🙂 Giving up is not an option! If we do, Martinez wins and we don’t want that vertically-challenged scumbag to win! Personally I want him jailed for prosecutorial misconduct.

  21. I am still here and still in Jodi’s corner. Waiting for a break in the effed up case to go in her favor!! It would be a wonderful thing if she was freed and that unethical chupacabra Martinez took her spot in jail. In the meantime, sending positive thoughts to Jodi!

    • Thanks Eli!!!! Wouldn’t you know that Maricopa County, AZ would be #4 right there at the top of the Death Penalty list!! Hopefully Martinez will follow in Thomas’s footsteps:)! Pray for justice!

  22. Good for President Jimmy Carter! Since he has been out of office, he has demonstrated what a true American should be. He is the most thoughtful and compassionate President we have ever had IMO. He gives us hope 🙂

  23. Good News. Ryan Ferguson was released from prison yesterday after 10 yrs in prison for a murder he did not commit in MO. There is hope!

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