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What with rules, regulations, hoops to jump through and high processing fees, it’s not been easy to get money to Jodi. With that in mind – and based on numerous requests we’ve received over the past few weeks – we’ve now put together a simple solution.

So if you would like to help Jodi directly by way of a financial donationclick here (or click the Team Jodi link below) to visit our new dedicated Jodi Support page for further details.

All support donations received will be deposited into Jodi’s commissary account by the Arias family.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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  1. First I must say, I originally assumed she was guilty – but I have been turned around during the prosecution videos of her on the stand. Juan is clearly talented but is doing a poor job and I think at some point was working against himself. And I think Jodi is hotter now than she was back in those photos.

    She exhibits the model responses 100% for a co-dependent abusive relationship. -Rose colored glasses regarding Travis in journals, outlook, etc. -Past Possessiveness with boyfriends. -etc. Stuff we see every day in certain people who need to get a grip. Juan is trying to use that against her but the defense merely needs to call a psychology expert on abusive relationships and show how MODEL characteristics of the victims match Jodi exactly. I could believe self defense even with “27 times” (They weren’t all thrusts. It was clearly a scuffle.) But a slit throat from ear to ear and a gunshot wound at the end? This makes no sense in self defense. One gun shot alone, maybe. But a mafia style throat slitting…?

    This led me to consider that she had help from a new boyfriend who wanted to help her get out of the relationship. OR there’s something weirder and unprovable at this point such as a suicide pact that failed. Mormons believe you start again. It’s conceivable that two co-dependents who loved each other…could plan ‘starting again’. (He failed. She helped. She then failed to do herself as she described.) This would explain a lot and is not too far fetched. Bottom line…innocent until proven guilty.

    If the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit. (It’s how we keep other innocent people out of prison in America when they’re falsely accused with circumstantial evidence.) I don’t know if you’re guilty at this point Jodi but if you’re not – and only you can know – I think you should seek help to address your co-dependence evident in all your male relationships. If you are, remember you can repent. St. Paul was involved in murder prior to coming to Christ. So was Moses. Honesty is required for repentance.

      • Scott…I forgot to add…This is how I feel for now… I do not believe that Jodi did any of the cutting with the knife…I feel that it was done by another person after the gun shot…while Jodi’s mind was still in shock from the gun shot…

        • Sidney Rigdon, Smith’s counselor in the First Presidency, also supported capital punishment involving the spilling of blood, stating, “There are men standing in your midst that you cant do anything with them but cut their throat & bury them”.[8] On the other hand, Smith was willing to tolerate the presence of men “as corrupt as the devil himself” in Nauvoo, Illinois, who “had been guilty of murder and robbery”, in the chance that they might “come to the waters of baptism through repentance, and redeem a part of their allotted time” (Roberts 1932).

        • Young also stated that decapitation of repeated sinners “is the law of God & it shall be executed”

 THIS one too has a lot of things on it ……….I know all Mormons or FDLS or LDS etc do not condone this stuff but you can’t tell me that some people do not read some things an carry on with the old ways even though their present day Prophet says not too.

          We still have the Jewish that do not believe Jesus was real even. They are still waiting for Jesus even tho they predicted his coming the first time 300 years before he came but he did not fulfill all the prophets of that times things they wrote down. So he was a false prophet to the Jews an others it seems?

          I just am not so sure either that some other person did not step in an do some of the throat cutting someone that knew Travis was sinning an continuing wearing his Religious garments which would have to be a great sin I would think? Don’t you find it odd they washed the Religious garments along with the sheets an other items?

  2. I’m 5 foot 11 inches athetic well built 200 pounds, I can barely poor a full 5 gallon gas can into a car or lawn mower so I KNOW JA couldn’t do it….

  3. So glad I found this site! I thought I was the only one hoping she walks. There but for the grace of God go I. Came within a split second of slicing my abuser 35 yrs ago.

  4. In my opinion I feel the way the prosecution is approaching Jodi is unequivocally wrong!
    I don’t know all the facts about what occurred the day Jodi defended herself, However that is my belief from everything I have been watching. I have always been a very strong and independent woman both emotionally and financially! Years ago I find myself in a relationship with someone who slowly beat me down psychologically and mentally. I did things in that relationship that I never thought I would do in my life to defend myself. Finally the day came where I felt I was emotionally strong enough, after years of therapy, to leave him! I don’t know why I allowed myself to stay in that kind of relationship For as long as I did because as a human being and as a woman I never thought I was the kind of person who would allow someone to do that to me. I find myself viewing Jodi’s situation as a woman who was psychologically beaten down by a man who wanted to control her. Again I don’t know every detail of what happened but from what I have heard her say I feel that she defended herself. Stress does amazing and confusing things to The human brain! It sickens me to watch the news stations, particularly HLN, Pick apart everything Jodi has done. In my opinion they act as though they have never known somebody to be in a stressful situation. In my opinion they have already judged her when they don’t really know what happened either. I don’t feel Jodi should get the death penalty! I feel she needs therapy because she comes across as a hurt woman who is very remorseful for her actions. If someone came at me attacking me I would do everything in my power to defend myself! I feel that’s what she did. It is unfortunate that someone’s life was lost yes, however I feel that Jodi defended herself in every way possible! I mean if I was in a relationship with a man who I caught getting pleasure from looking at photographs of a child I think I would Snap as well! This poor woman has gone through so much already and watching the prosecution beat her down even more, It sickens me! Jodi has my full support as well as my husbands!
    After reading some comments on this site I feel safe enough to reveal this about myself. I am a survivor of not only sexual abuse but rape As well. When I put my perpetrator in prison it was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do. The prosecution tried to make me out to be a scorned woman who was lying Simply because my memory was “foggy”! Years later my perpetrator was released from prison and low and behold abused another little girl! I also testified in that trial this time he’s in prison for life! So when I sit there and watch the prosecution beat down on Jodi Because her memory isn’t as good as he wants it to be, I feel he is ignorant! All the education in the world cannot prepare somebody for a traumatic experience. All the education in the world cannot prepare somebody to come out of a dramatic experience nobody knows from one person to the next how one will respond To life situations That harm us! My heart is with Jodi and her family! Thank you for the opportunity and allowing me to comment on this website!

    • Thank you, Rebecca. I’m so sorry you had that experience.

      That was one of the first things that gave me second thoughts. That nobody seemed to realize how logical Jodi’s behavior was, and how understandible her memory lapses, when viewed from the lens of trauma.

      On another email list I belong to, one of the participants brought to our attention a talk on “the neurobiology of sexual assault.” I’m not sure if I can post urls here, but merely googling this, I was able to find it. Here, Dr. Rebecca Campbell talks about the neurobiology of trauma, why victims’ behavior is misunderstood but valid, and ultimately (to me) her conclusions go way beyond the parameters of sexual assault.

  5. To Jodi’s attorney, this jury is listening to HLN there questions are that which we posed on it the last two days as well as they were asking questions about the crime scene that were posed on there two nights ago when Attorny Biaz gave a view of what could have happened during the struggle and fight … please can get women to represent for your clients they dont ramble on and on.. and the sience for the memory is not a guessing thing it happens.

  6. She should be found NOT GUILTY—there is NO gun or knife—-and she is the only person alive to tell what happened—Some my not like her but they have not proved , beyond a shadow of a doubt,—she should walk—-I hope so.

  7. American Juror Murdered by the Media
    I am sad to see the state of the American Media and petrified when I consider the future impact this misguided institution will have on the American Justice System. In their quest for financial gain and grooming the next big star, this giant force in our culture has become a passive aggressive mutineer in the quiet erosion of our due process and trial by jury. The American justice system was once a pillar of integrity founded on the premise that objectivity and fairness came most efficiently and effectively through the impartial judgment of those who serve as jurors, and the premise that all are innocent until proven guilty.
    When we parents and grandparents want to protest the violence we hear in mainstream music, motion pictures or video games, because we fear that the spirit of self-serving greed and basic brutality will invade the minds of our youth, take a look at the messages we emote in these quasi news and information broadcasting programs. We need to put ourselves in check. Violence and the spirit of preying on others, is an attitude. It is an attitude that stems from entitlement, control and the need to serve only ourselves.
    Shame on the mega media giants and celebrity figures that use their means and status to further their financial position at the expense of some of the most critically important elements of a justice system that once was looked upon as the most principled on the globe. Using the cloak of a media journalism platform, they openly spew disrespect for humanity while espousing to represent the public, all the time making a complete mockery of our justice system. With shiny teeth, perfect makeup and a look of confidence, they return verdicts before the trial even begins, and do this with an air of expertise that attempts to defy and submerse any individual who would have the audacity to withhold final judgment until they hear all elements of the proceedings. This careless and irresponsible behavior exemplifies the new American attitude, the alluded to, more sophisticated American’s attitude, the attitude of entitlement and justified violence. I believe in our right to convey our beliefs, and believe in freedom of speech and our right to public information.

    I’m certain that there is a team of high paid lawyers behind every HLN media broadcast, all so that they can broadcast what the market studies say would draw viewers, and generate wheelbarrows full of money. Yea, yea, we accept this because it is glossed over under the guise of freedom of speech, public information or journalism. How much money do these so called news programs rake in selling commercials for the Jodi Arias Trial? Ask yourself, why this trial? There are hundreds of murders each year in this country, many with similar circumstances and many of them brutal with shocking scenarios behind them; Beautiful girl, young male motivational speaker and church goer. Sounds like something you could really sell. Victims and perpetrators handpicked for the sell appeal, and the added plus is they don’t have the financial clout to become a future liability. Undoubtedly the largest benefactor in this string of broadcasts is HLN. Strong, paid for opinions, from a bunch of celebrity yahoos, which are reported as fact, not to mention all the misreported facts, has undoubtedly generated a nice revenue stream. Perish the soul who doesn’t share the opinion being broadcasted for hours and hours each day. Can you imagine ever being a juror on a case like this; or more to the point a juror on the next case that is selected as a potential windfall? How unlucky for those selected to serve as a juror in a case that is catapulted to daily national news and how sad for those who stand trial in an environment where voting based on facts and evidence may not be an option for the average juror.

    We have all heard the comments made about the Casey Anthony jury verdict, and still do, months and months later. For some being a juror on a case that was tried in the media, could actually impact their personal and professional life. If they do not sway with the way the media wind was blowing, you could be toast. Maybe you wouldn’t be able to return to your job or even your neighborhood if you didn’t cast your vote in a way the pleased the popular opinion; An opinion that is carefully constructed to sell commercials, gain viewers, and most of all add shock and awe to the mix .

    Come on. Nancy Grace I thank you for all that you have done to bring public awareness to missing children; seriously do you have to misquote facts and testimony to keep your job? Go back to your roots; stay committed, but please realize that while you have a small chance of altering this trial, but your overzealous opinions will make it hard for future juries… at least the average middle to low income juror whose children don’t go to private schools and can’t afford to buy their way out of public scrutiny. Remember the most beautiful part of our judicial system is the jury. Let’s not forget the prosecution and the defense attorneys; they take an oath to do their jobs. Why do they have to take pot shots from the media? What a mockery of this noble field. They have families too and are just doing their jobs. If I were a great attorney with skill, commitment and children, I would run from the prospect of representing a client that could even potentially rise to national attention.

    I am aghast. Vinnie Politan… the thought of a young woman being sentenced to death row seems to give you an unnatural arousal of pleasure. Is it your career that you are working on or do you really believe that it is important to sensationalize such a tragedy? Many may disagree with your so called public opinion or your brazen attitude that you allege represents the masses. I am forever thankful that I am not among the ones who have to deliberate and select a verdict based on how I would evaluate the facts.

    Jean Casarez, Beth Karas, I sense that at least one you is better than this. Does the network own you, do you feel that you can’t be honest and just report… Are you a correspondent or a talk show host paid to incite controversy and sell commercials?
    Dr. Drew, wow…. That’s all I can come up with. It’s makes sense that you have an opinion, you’re a person too. But as a perceived authority on many topics, your opinion seems to be presented as fact. Do you ever wonder if as a licensed physician you should diagnose and give concrete opinions without personally evaluating the individual? I couldn’t even get an antibiotic from our family physician that I have seen for years without going in and seeing him.
    Jane Belez Mitchell, really. I have heard comments from your mouth that are far far away from the compassionate nature you try to represent. Let’s face it; most of us would rather be a pit bull that has just mauled three toddlers in your neighborhood, than a next door neighbor accused of a crime.
    I don’t want to forget about all those “experts,” psychologists, body language specialists, attorneys, all who dare not disagree with the tone and perspective of their celebrity hosts lest you never get invited back. Hmmm, a chance for the publicity of national TV, maybe someone will buy your book now. Let’s weigh this out; Future guest appearances, or a onetime invitation where your celebrity host will roll their eyes and cut you off before your first sentence is finished. Oddly all these experts chant the same message the network is peddling.
    Think about it… Future jurors on cases like the Jodi Arias trial have to evaluate the risk and loss to them personally should they cast a verdict that is not aligned with the media drummed up and so called popular opinion. As a juror you would have to serve in this capacity knowing that you need very thick skin, your children and spouse need really thick skin, and it would be best to get a new job and find a new neighborhood to live in after the trial… unless you just go with the flow. Makes you wonder how many of these cases that will be over sensationalized for the purpose of launching careers and selling commercials, before we will have to put jurors in the juror protection program as part of their agreement to serve with honesty and integrity.
    I know I am not the only one who sees the Jodi Arias trial as a sad commentary on the state of our society. It is truly a tragedy. So far, the trial has revealed that both adults were damaged in some way, did not or could not apply good judgment, and fell far and away from the values they claimed to hold dear. Most murders in America involve people who know each other and relationships gone bad are at the top of the murder list. Who did what to who first and why, is the information the jury will have to evaluate, deliberate on, and ultimately decide on a fitting punishment for the crimes committed. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope and pray that they “remember their admonitions,” and that their only concern is to serve our justice system with honesty and integrity.
    “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of it’s constitution.”
    Thomas Jefferson

  8. Hope everyone doesnt mind that i just jump right into this conversation. But i have a question thats been bothering me… Am i the only one that seen the total shock on her face when the prosecutor held up the pic of Travis with his throat cut? What i saw was complete shock. At that moment i did no beleive that she had any part in doing that. She looked to shook up as if she had never seen it before… So either she doesnt remember and wasnt in her right mind like she said when she left. Or someone came in after her and then did this… Just my opinion…

  9. the difference between martinez witness on phyc issues is she is younger, they do short cuts, they sound like they are informed but the lack of years of servcie make them less able to do the job than someone older… for attorney.

  10. can u ask if this young woman who is on the stand now, did she give these tests to jodi in her was with her in person or behind the gate so she couldnt have given these tests sto her. for the attorney.the others werent allowed to be with jodi.

  11. here u go! the large gap in her memory about traumatic memory. this is where she was taught to say what happened by the constant verbal talking to her… and this person only knows instant traumatic issues… she is to young to know the difference… this child is talking about a different kind of memory loss. the reason again is she was brainwashed by police telling her what she does. and dr Samuels never told that she disposed of any weapons. this woman is not worth listening to however she needs to be listened to. to attorneys.. the blood on her hands at hoover damn she talking logic and illogical that isnt the way someone is able to understand. Market idly diminished interest. Borderline personality disorder is not something that is diagnosed at only actions it actually means more than one emotional and physical disorder at one time. it means moood swing which she maybe that now but not before and this to is something she has taught during prolonged interrigation.

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