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The brand-new Jodi Arias Art Gallery website is now launched & live.

It features all the currently available artwork, together with a complete archive of all the artwork Jodi has produced – plus Jodi’s Blog and links to websites recommended by Jodi.

Click here (or click the screenshot below) to visit the site:



The site also features secure online ordering via PayPal, and can be accessed on your laptop, iPhone, tablet or any other mobile device you have.

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  1. First??
    As they say on talk radio, long time reader, first time poster.
    I’m glad to see from my readings that there’s no quit in the struggle to right a terribly severe wrong in the NOT great state of Airheadzona. My wife and me have been boiling mad at the crap going on there for a year now so we decided we ARE NOT going to be silent any more. Ms Arias is nothing more that a scapegoat for those Mormon hypocrites hiding Behind their “courthouse friends” to frame her for what they are guilty of, eliminating one of their own! Its sickening what they get away with in that corrupt state IMO. We’ve quietly supported her by commissary donations but we WILL NOT be silent anymore. This BS has gone on long enough, FREE JODI ASAP!!!
    A huge thank you to all of you who have fought the good fight on the front lines, your all heros to the MANY of us supporters out here!

    • Hi there Johnny U and wife! 🙂
      Congrats on your ‘first comment’ (clapping!) .

      Yup! Too much corruption in shitzona (as I like to call it – pardon my french! 🙂 ). Stick around Johnny U, I am sure that we will have a lot to share and discuss!

      Welcome my friends!

      ((((Johnny U & wife))))

    • Welcome Johnny U and wife!!! It is so good to have you join all of us here at JAII in justice for our Jodi!!! There is power in numbers!!!

      I totally agree with you in that the BS in shitzona has gone on WAY, WAY, WAY too long and I have always believed what you stated, that Jodi is nothing more than a scapegoat for the Mormon hypocrites hiding behind their “courthouse friends” to frame her for what they are guilty of, eliminating one of their own and now trying to eliminate another of their own!!!

      The Mormon’s often quote a verse from the Holy Bible stating that God will not be mocked. This is only a PART of the first sentence in that verse. You can’t take just part of a verse because that is taking a scripture out of context. You need to take the complete verse/s, which is:

      “7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. 8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. 9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. 10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Galations 6:7-10

      In verse 10 God says to do GOOD to ALL people, ESPECIALLY to those who belong to the family of believers! Jodi belongs to the family of believers and so did Travis! They were one of their OWN!!!

      There is no such thing as lying for the Lord either! A lie is a lie!
      ““‘Do not steal. “‘Do not lie. “‘Do not deceive one another.” Leviticus 19:11

      Here is an interesting read by an ex Mormon Bishop – Ken Clark, on “Lying for the Lord” and how Joseph Smith believed God also approved of murder if it was for a good cause!

      • Mary, interesting read. Thank you for sharing.

        What surprizes me is that although travis was mocking his religion/ cult (I don’t know what it is actually…) and there is living proof of that, he still is supported by mostly all mormons… isn’t that hypocrisy? If he was alive now and all this info was out in the open wouldn’t he have been shunned from the mormon community? Would they approve of his behavior? Would they turn a blind eye? I don’t think so. I read and hear that mormons are very strict about obeying their religious beliefs.

        Especially since travis was an elder. So what’s the difference now that he is dead? ‘Don’t speak ill of the dead?’. If he was alive he’d be the asshole of the century but now that he’s dead he’s a saint? I don’t get it.. it’s HYPOCRISY!!!!

        I know that true believers of religions and cults ‘stick’ to their beliefs, NO MATTER WHAT! I would seriously, like to hear from someone that knows about the mormon religion/cult or is a mormon him/herself. Don’t they feel that they have been duped by a liar and a mocker?

        Sorry to be so blunt but I truely believe that travis used the mormon religion and ppl to boost his ego! To feel powerful. The more people that looked up to him, the greater the ‘power trip’! This says it all:

        power trip
        Web definitions

        (slang) a self-aggrandizing action undertaken simply for the pleasure of exercising control over other people trip

        ((((standing by your beliefs NO MATTER WHAT!))))

        ~Peace out!

        • You know what? People are gonna say: ”Oh get over it already. An ‘elder’ is just any male over the age of 18 NOT a title within the Mormon Church”
          Well, who gives a sh*t whether he had a position of power within the church or not? HE was ther one to abide by the rules of the Mormon church, he wouldn’t EVEN drink coffee or Coca-Cola because they contain caffeine, FFS!!! See?It’s just what Pandora wrote: hypocricy! FACADE!

          Wait….Maybe abstaining from caffeine is more important a rule than abstaining from sex.
          Ahhhh now I get it. NOT!!! 😀 😀 😀

    • Johnny U,
      I too want to welcome you in our cyber family. Since you’ve been reading here for a long time you’ll know that we are a group of staunch supporters who have never left Jodi’s side, trying to raise awareness.
      It is always nice to see people stepping out of their confort zone and voice their concerns about the injustice that Jodi has been suffering. This miscarriage of Justice should not be tolerated. The more we are, the better!

      Feel free to come here and talk to us. Hey, your wife should join too! 😉

      • Thank you Maria, that’s very kind of you. PS, Betsy’s always picking on me telling her friends I have a secret plan to run off to Greece with Jodi and my Greek Goddesses because I have to check to see whatever you & Pandora are talking about , I just tell her great minds like ours think alike. Lol

        Have a warm blessed day, Betsy says Hi everyone. Johnny

    • Yup. As Alexey said, it seems that Johnny U and his wife were first to comment.

      Good luck next time friends! LOL! 🙂

      ((((R.Love, Alexey, Maria)))) ♥

      • All in FUN! 🙂 The obvious is JODI is #1 but we will let Johnny U have it today! 🙂
        (((Pandora and her Potato Patch)))))

        • R. Love, too funny! LOL!

          Truth is that all year long, I eat fresh bio fruits and vegs all from my garden! I’ve got orange trees, lemon trees, fig trees, tangerine trees, grape vines, cherry trees, pomegranate tree and of course hundreds of olive trees (what greek person doesn’t have olive trees! LOL). Besides that I also grow tomatoes, peppers, squash, POTATOES (lol), onions, eggplants, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots… Hard work taking care of them but it’s damn worth it! No chemicals, only watering…

          (((((growing your own fruits and vegs))))) ♥

          • I am putting you in charge of our Celebration of Freedom for Jodi Banquet! 🙂
            LOL every time we have a garden the bunnies and deer just love us!!!!
            (((((((Homegrown Tomatoes))))))))

      • JOHNNY U , Thank goodness for people like you and your wife!! I was just looking at all the older messages to Jodi.
        I can’t believe I was here since March 2013!! LOL -WOW GUYS …
        I again love this site ,so much !!
        There is a Facebook page ,I am supporting… and was told I could share…. I believe that it’s a important site.
        Called The Support Group For Women In Perryville Prison. (Closed group )
        I think it is a good thing, They are parents and other family members that are working together for change. Just thought I would share the information. = )

  2. WOW!!! The new and improved Art Website is fantastic! It’s so professional and super organized! I love it!!! The previous one wasn’t all that bad but to be honest, I had troubles accessing a lot of things and trying to order a painting was quite tricky!

    Friends, when visiting go to the paintings and click on whichever one you like: It has this awesome feature that lets you have a ‘close-up’ look at the painting (kinda like a magnifying glass!). I love that it also has a description and all! FABULOUS!!!!

    Kudos to the webmaster and designer! ♥

    I hope we see new paintings soon!!!! (excited!)

    ((((((JODI’s NEW ART WEBSITE)))))
    ((((TEAM JODI))))

  3. Thank you all for the warm welcome, we’ve been what you could call shy partners of ya’ll for so long now that we feel like we know most of you already, kinda like neighbors lol. When the misses and me get back from town later on we plan on sitting and looking at all Jodi’s art work on the new page, were hoping to settle on one we both like. OK we’ll settle on getting the one the misses likes lol. Have a beautiful blessed day everyone 🙂

  4. Hello, Johnny U and everyone-

    Well, I guess it’s newbie day, because I , like Johnny, am new here.

    Anyway, I.first heard about Jodi’s case last February on the Headline News network. I was surprised that all of the commentators on that channel had practically declared Jodi guilty way before the trial was over!

    I got captivated by the trial because something just didn’t seem right. When I saw some of the evidence presented in trial, it looked obviously like Travis was emotionally abusive to Jodi. Also, I just didn’t see how she could do something like that to a man of Alexanders size and strength.

    I happened upon Sandra Webber’s research she did for her blog. There was just to many suspisious thingsgoing on with PrePaid Legal….Chris and Sky Hughes, the Mormons, etc. to believe the “official story”

    Anyway, it’s good too meet other like minded people who can use there brain and know that Jodi is innocent!!! I believe appeals are coming and Martinez and his cronies are in for a rude awakining !!!!

    • WOW! Newbie day, indeed! I am scrolling down and seeing not one but 2 new names… It feels good! 😉

      Welcome on board Herbie! Stick around, we have so much fun here. This is Jodi’s #1 site, the BEST and the one with the most devoted supporters!
      Jodi’s our girl, our sister, our daughter and friend.

    • Herbie, welcome! Wow! It is nice to see people supporting Jodi finally speaking out!

      Make yourself comfortable! We are here for the long haul! Hope to hear from you often!


  5. Jodi is so innocent. Nothing but lies, more lies. The truth should set you free Jodi. Keep on
    believing that Jodi. We love you.

    • Dan! Hi! I don’t know if it’s your first time commenting here. If so, welcome!

      Yay! So nice to have newcomers! 🙂

      ((((Dan Daly))))

    • I’ve been back and forth about this. The obvious answer would be Adrenaline Rush, the extreme amount of adrenaline produced by the brain in Fight or Flight situations. But then again, there is so much that just doesn’t add up…

      • I think that if he was disoriented by the gunshot wound, and then weakened by the deep chest wound (which I am inclined to believe came second, and might even have been an accident), there wouldn’t have been much ‘overpowering’ left to do.

        But in that scenario, I can’t get him back in the shower without the help of a third person.

        • Bottom line? She was fighting for her life, so overpowering him is not that big a deal in my mind. We have all heard the stories ofg the mother pulling a car with her bare ahnds upon seeing her baby in danger nd blah blah blah…
          When it comes to other things though, I’m right there where you are ( what I was referring to re: ”back and forth”.) I can picture it all in my head minus the dragging and placing him in the shower, without his body getting scratched/ scraped by that metal thing. Or without a drop of blood on that lower white part under it, for that matter.

          • I believe the gunshot (if there was one) came first and then he probably lunged at her and was struck in the chest with the knife making it deeper because he was in pursuit of her.

            • I do not believe that Jodi could have had the strength, mad or not to place him in the shower alone. I believe he was alive when she left. There had to have been someone else there. Roommates? Hughes? Deanna? Burglars? The owner of the bloody boot print? Mormons? Aliens? I’m also confused about how the sink next to the one with blood was clean (the mirror too). Confusing . . .

              • I’m with you here on this R. Love. In my theory on how this transpired and it’s taken a long time thinking about it and several turns, I have come to the conclusion that the struggle was not between Jodi and TA, but between TA and an intruder. I believe that Jodi is who fired the shot in an attempt to help TA but missed her mark and hit him by accident, then sprinted up the hallway to the bedroom and the action all worked its way in that direction. Remember, she stated he was alive when she left. For me the whole scene starts with only TA and Jodi and the camera. Jodi was not a newbie at using and handling cameras. I’m having a hard time believing she dropped the camera just taking a picture. What made that happen? I am leaning towards an intruder/intruders barged in and knocked it out of her hands. TA charged out and knocked everyone down. When the struggle started she ran to the closet to get the gun. Isn’t there a door entering the shower area between the shower and the bedroom? That’s where they came in.Let me ask everyone a question. If a person/persons with bad intentions were going to barge in, would they let a person already in the room continue to hold a camera and get proof of them being there? Jodi probably went to the bedroom because that is where her purse, wallet, driver’s license, and other things were. If there are holes in this theory then lets shoot holes in it and keep working on it until we get it right.

                • Farmer Lonnie,

                  I think how you describe the intruder theory is very good! I have always believed the intruder version from day one and the way you describe it seems so on target, that as I was reading your description of it, I could visualize it actually taking place that way! I have watched the interrogation video where Jodi describes the intruder version to Det. Flores over and over again and just the way Jodi describes it and how naturally it flows from her mouth and how it brings her to deep sobs, I don’t believe that she was making this up!!!

                  You need to watch the Police Interrogation Video 15 which here is the link to it:


                • Farmer Lonnie,

                  I think Det. Flores knows exactly what happened and when he asks Jodi if she knew why the intruders were doing this to Travis and she says no, I think he just wanted to find out if Jodi knew it was because of the ritual killing, so he and the others would be able to set her up as the scapegoat! That’s why after Jodi was finished telling Det. Flores what happened he said, I don’t believe you and Jodi said, I didn’t think you would!

          • There’s a picture here


            of the shower stall after the body was removed, and there’s a drip or two down the front that obviously happened when they took him from the shower. But look at the lower left, just below the door. See that smudge? HLN’s photo collection used to have a close up of that which was taken (and marked) before the body was removed. It’s a scuff mark from a treaded shoe or boot, and the tread had blood on the sole.

        • Journee,

          In the Police Interrogation Video 15 (below), Det. Flores asked Jodi if she had a pair of pants with a stripe on them and she said no, and then she said, oh yes I do, they are GRAY with a BLACK stripe on them! If you look at the crime scene picture of someone in pants with a stripe bending over Travis, the pants are BLACK with a BLUE stripe…and Kermit kept saying to Jodi, see your foot, this is your foot (coming from the pants in crime scene photo of someone in BLACK pants with a BLUE stripe)!!!

          • Thank you Mary for the link. I haven’t seen this before. I don’t have a fast enough link to watch it right now. I’ll have to try in the middle of the night when it runs much faster. I made it through about 3 minutes of it and I can see I’m on the right track. In January I started to thinking that Jodi didn’t shoot or stab TA but I had no way to account for the gun coming from the closet which is where everyone seemed to be thinking it was. I was stuck with how many hands does Jodi have for a camera, gun, and knife. I’ve kinda avoided the videos because I didn’t want too many things clouding my thoughts. I have always thought there were probably more than one intruder and that 1 was a woman. And it might be that there was more than 1 gun in there. I’ve been thinking a lot about the gun part the last week. The shell casing doesn’t match the supposedly stolen ammo. I think TA was on to this and had no where to turn. The clique that he was surrounded by he couldn’t trust. He maybe was being watched. If he wanted a gun for protection it wasn’t like he could ask family. With maybe a half dozen shops in the area everybody would know from tailing him. His best bet would be to get a gun privately without a permit. That way if he did shoot somebody he could toss it and it wouldn’t trace back to him. The same with the ammo. When ammo is made the powder has microscopic markers in it called tags for the different lots made. They keep track of where it is shipped. The same with powder in bulk for people who reload. Getting shells from a reloader it wouldn’t trace back so easy. This is all speculation on my part because no one seems to know for sure if he had a gun and that was the gun in the closet. Or the intruders introduced the gun that was used. My thoughts on the theory that he was taken out of the house and then brought back are that he never left the crime scene. I think somewhere they would have found microscopic traces of blood. Of course, we don’t know what the UV light testing showed or if they even did it.

          • Mary!!!! This is defiantly an AHHHH HAAAA moment. You are right about the pants! Martinez is a JERK for sure! Twist and turn things to benefit his fairy tale! Wonder why Flores didn’t see that??????( Excuse me “Corinna Cares About Herself” don’t miss this one) Martinez told him to close his eyes I guess. 🙁 Bad job investigating!!!! WAKE UP ARIZONA!

            • R. Love,

              Also in that same Police Interrogation Video 15 (above), Jodi told Flores that one of the intruders was in all BLACK (color of pants in crime scene picture!!!)!!!

              Flores also tried to mess Jodi up, if you’ll notice in same video) about which intruder was holding which weapon but Jodi stood up to him and she said, I didn’t say that!!!

              Flores asks Jodi near the end of the video if that is how she is going to leave it and Jodi replied that, that is all she knew! Flores asked Jodi why she couldn’t tell him who the intruders were and Jodi said she didn’t know because they had masks on! She just knew that one was shorter than the other and seemed to be a woman and the other was a man!!! Flores asked Jodi if Travis knew them and Jodi said that she didn’t think Travis reacted like he knew them but they knew Travis and when the male intruder went through Jodi’s purse and got her registration out, he said, oh, you’re that bitch from California!

              • The pants could have been serious navy blue or black. The stripe – well, that is a strange color of blue so it struck me as being altered by the recovery process, as he said. Just don’t know exactly what he was referring to, or if he was deliberately vague, in an interrogation technique-ish way.

                Anyone would have a difficult time making sense of the interrogation videos since they were both lying at one point or another. Like trying to catch oil in water.

                BTW Jodi also said something about the zipper position being different, if I recall.

                I would like to know why EF said that what he was showing her of the photo was only a small portion of it. Of course, that’s just the sort of thing you wish the jury had caught and asked about – when EF was on the stand.

              • Usually city police wear black or a dark blue uniform. County mounties wear either some shade of brown, forest green, or olive drab. What I noticed in the photo I looked at was the pants were black or dark blue with a single lighter blue stripe. I’ve seen police pants uniforms similar to this before somewhere. Does anyone in the Phoenix area know of any town or city police wearing this style of pants? The dark part of the picture is too wide to be a pants leg. Is that a long trench coat, gown, or blanket that is between TA and the leg? I also looked at another video that was made by someone that claimed the Illuminati and a Satanic cult had something to do with it. Some of it was convincing but there was too much outside involvement to convince me. If memory serves me right, the Illuminati are more associated with the Catholic Church and there was a lot of computer tricks to show what they thought was done to the police photos. If I knew more about that process I could believe it. That person also presented an idea of Travis being tortured before he was in the shower and then killed in the shower and the blood planted. I don’t believe that because there would evidence of a massive struggle in the house before TA was injured. Curtains torn down, mirrors broken, plaster board pushed in, etc. that’s not there unless they held Jodi to get him to give up. All in all, that picture to me does give more credence that others were involved and could be the Blood Atonement that was taking place.

            • In interrogation, EF shows JA the pants picture. He says something about the color not being right because of the recovery process.

              Blue and grey can be mistaken for each other in film and video easily. (That could have been a light grey.) But I haven’t looked at that interrogation video for a while, so I don’t know if he was referring to the color of the pants, the stripe, or both.

        • There are so many things in this case that we have a blank to how everything actually happened that I am still amazed (not in a good way) how the jury could convict Jodi to 1st degree murder without a shred of reasonable doubt…

          • There was no conclusive PROOF. Jury probably got taken with the sexcapade photos and the accidental ones, the same way LE did.

            They were collectively moved from even contemplating reasonable doubt since, apparently, they did not feel it was necessary to apply a healthy dose of skepticism to what they heard (in the interrogation tapes and in the courtroom) and saw.

            Jury consisted of mostly older folks who likely did not understand that younger people take photos of EVERYTHING. (They also delete tons of photos but that is beside the next point:) The fact that the photos were deleted do not show consciousness of guilt when the camera ends up in the wash. It only shows CHAOS and FEAR. A murderer would have removed the camera from the premises.

            A murderer would have demanded a lawyer.

            LE slipped into complacency when they saw those deleted photos and heard, via the 911 call, all the BS from Mimi, who, FFS, didn’t even know Jodi and had to ask her name as she was COACHED BY THE ROOMMATES DURING THE 911 call. (Not to knock Mimi because she is probably just as naive as Jodi was. Someone at trial should have pointed that out.)

            Once the lead detective had the photos and Jodi was still denying she had even been in Mesa, LE thought they had an AH HA! moment. If Flores had any thoughts that it may have been a domestic violence scenario, JM probably quashed them early and often.

            It is my guess and my opinion that the prosecutor eventually realized that there was a possibility that Flores COULD have been correct in wondering about DV. At the very least, he knew the jury would suspect it if the defense had their act together. And reasonable doubt of premeditation would have then belonged to the defendant. So JM would have estimated that he could not get a murder conviction of any degree unless the gunshot was construed to have been last.

            The scene says self-defense. Nurmi was confident of that in court documents filed well before the trial.

            At trial, those photographs were interpreted EXACTLY the way in which the prosecutor would have liked them to be read by a jury.

            IMO, TA was not dead in the “dragging photo”. His neck muscles and the position of his arm do not suggest that. By the time that photo was taken, I believe he had picked up the camera to check it out, just after Jodi had gotten up from the floor and fled the body slam, booking it into the closet. I agree with WLOPEZ that when she got to the closet, she might have thought about the gun on the high shelf precisely because her grandfather’s pistol, (which she had never seen but had heard about after the fact) had been stolen.

            By the time she gets back into the bathroom, TA is chasing her through the closet. She has the .25ACP in both hands but has NO IDEA HOW to handle a firearm. She just knows that she doesn’t want him to get on top of her because if he gets her into one of those wrestling holds, he might choke her to death this time. She has never seen him this mad, and he has choked her before. She is afraid for her life even before he actually verbally threatens to kill her. She spins around to brandish the weapon, and it goes off accidentally when he lunges at her. They both fall to the floor. He is now in a state of somewhat diminished capacity because a bullet, unbeknownst to Jodi, has passed through his sinuses.

            The camera is now in the second position, not where it tumbled when Jodi dropped it. This is likely because TA had picked it up to inspect it, hitting the shutter without regard to composition to see if it would work. I agree with Journee about the ceiling photo: The shot of the ceiling and the lights was taken by TA when he tested the camera after Jodi dropped it. This explains how Jodi had time in her flight from him to use the lower shelf to reach the pistol that was on the highest shelf in the closet. It would have taken just as long for her to do that as it would have taken for TA to pick up the camera, test it, and then…angrily DROP it again.

            The camera, in its second floor position, goes off capturing the moment that Jodi breaks away from TA AFTER the gunshot. The blood in the photo has run from his nose during her struggle to get to her feet, but by this time, Jodi is out of her mind with fear. She remembers that he grabbed at her clothes as she broke away from him. She doesn’t see the blood because she is now standing and he is still on the floor, doesn’t think about anything except getting away. They both forget about the gun. TA gets up after Jodi has broken away and checks himself in the mirror, coughing all the while. Jodi is attempting to flee towards the bedroom. The knife fight is about to ensue. Jodi’s memory goes blank after she hears the threat on her life.

            I believe the knife was in the bathroom and that Jodi grabbed it before he would use it against her. Once he grabs her, she was hesitant to inflict deep cuts. She flailed away at his back by reaching around him. She kicked at his shins and was able to make it as far as the bedroom door to the hallway.

            That ceiling photo can be measured (using the process that WLOPEZ has described with respect to the shelving in the closet) if the dimensions of the bathroom, i.e. the height of the ceiling and the distance between the lights were known. The photo does not appear to the eye to have been taken from the squatted position Jodi testifies that she was in when she accidentally took the photo of TA’s lower torso. That photo, she testified, was not intentional.

            On the stand, Jodi was shown the photo of the ceiling and the lights, which is the next one on the timeline, and asked by Nurmi if that one was also unintentional. She says that it was. Then she adds, “I didn’t take that one”.

            And it makes perfect sense, consistent with her story, that she did not take that photograph. It appears to have been taken from a standing position. She was body slammed immediately after fumbling the camera. The camera fumble came while she tried to delete the accidental lower torso photo of TA and the camera slipped from her hands. She never says that she stood up again and took more photographs. The photo session was over after she dropped the camera from the SQUATTED position. She was still in that position when she says TA picked her up and body-slammed her.

            The blood evidence does not support the story that the state fed to the jury, and neither do those photographs. It just took the prosecutor a while to realize what LE actually had in those photographs. JM went on to craft “Psycho in Mesa” from the material at hand, a rage-filled tale of premeditated murder that he would sell to the jury with like fury.

            Whose rage was it? Who took the ceiling photo and then DROPPED the camera again, this time in anger? There is no earthly reason to believe that it was Jodi.

            • While the jury was in deliberations I was so sure they would want to go over the crime scene photos (with a magnifying glass if they had one), examine the forensics and all play detective in order to try figure out what actually happened in that bathroom. And I was sure they would see how the prosecution’s theory made absolutely no sense. But I guess they were all too bamboozled at that point. Even though their first and foremost question should have been who attacked whom, instead they got turned backwards and lost in the premeditation bullshit and once they bought into that there was no question in their minds who was the attacker; after all, if she premeditated attacking him, then she was the obvious attacker. End of story, no need to examine further. And notice how much time Juan spent on the premeditation aspect and practically nothing on the crime scene itself, as if the crime scene is just an after thought once you’ve decided she planned to kill him.

              • Many people would have been skeptical of the way that JM harped on every distraction conceivable to keep the jury’s mind OFF the crime scene and on other matters. They were exactly the types not selected for the jury.

                • They let one of ’em slip through. Juror #9 ‘pony-tail guy’ did NOT trust Martinez, was quite sure Martinez was hiding things from the jury.

  6. Thank you all.

    James, I am not sure what happened exactly. I just feel that if the State can’t meet their burden to PROVE the person is guilty, then you have to acquit them.

    I feel that Jodi is like Amanda Knox, in that the circumstancial evidence looked bad for her, there was no PROOF she committed a crime.

    Listening to Zervakos, the jury foreman, I think he and maybe some others knew this was a domestic violence relationship, but they saw the HLN cameras on the street every day coming in to court, and knew the public didn’t want another Casey Anthony…another woman to ” get away with it”, so they knew the masses were screaming for Jodi’s blood. Heck, Zervakos still got hate mail just for not sentencing her to death !!!

    • Herbie, isn’t it absurd that the jury would rather sentence a person according to what the public wanted instead of actually respecting the law and doing their job as required?

      The masses were screaming for CA blood too BUT in that case the jury did their job! Hell! That was a real trial and not the witchtrial Jodi got!

      Take a look at the video below. It’s the moment when CA is not found guilty. Look at the mob! It’s as if they are watching a freaking soccer game! Is this how peoplle should react? It’s like a party in there! Beers, cheering (before the verdict), people doing their crosses? WTF??? And once the verdict is out? They go in ranting mode! SMH…

      This is NOT another TELE NOUVELA soap opera! Not one juror should decide upon one’s life just to be liked from the public!!!! The jurors were informed that Jodi’s case was a murder case! If they couldn’t take the heat they should have told the judge to be excused from the getgo!

      • Hi Pandora,

        I agree with your comments. That video clip of the mob is one of the “classic moments” from Casey’s trial for sure. Never before have so many clueless & unfit mothers congregated in a coffee shop for a live TV “event”.

        Team Jodi

  7. I wrote this song for Jodi to the tune of:

    Times are Changing

    Come gather round people both near and afar

    let me tell you a story that’s oh so bizarre

    ’bout a girl who was sentenced and falsely accused

    by a mob of her faith she was totally used

    and hoping and praying she would die for their slaying

    …but the times they are a changing!

    This girl who was jailed and put in a cell

    sits quietly waiting her fate to per tell

    by a new chosen jury her case they will view

    and offer their verdict by the lies that were spewed

    ’bout the innocent girl who was falsely accused

    …but the times they are a changing!

    A new day is coming for the girl in the cell

    where the truth is exposed and the lies go to hell

    and all of the people who falsely accused

    will open their eyes and they won’t be amused

    by the girl in the cell who was falsely accused

    …’cause the times they are a changing!

    Mary L. Williams/2014

  8. Wow. The new art page is beautiful! I truly believe the artwork Jodi creates represents the inner beauty that we all know she has. Everybody knows that Jodi is one of the most beautiful women in the world but not everyone sees the inner beauty. It’s because if the smear job that’s been done by the state of Arizona. If more people see her artwork it will open their eyes to her inner beauty, a beauty that shines even brighter than her physical beauty.

      • I agree, too Corrine.
        Jodi paints, writes poetry, is so eloquent when it comes to language and how she expresses herself, she is a great photographer. She has artistic talent, in a nutshell. Sorry if I sound cliche but it cannot be disputed that people with artistic talents are sensitive people (this doesn’t mean that those without a knack for Art, are not). Jodi is and wιll always be a deeply sensitive, kind-hearted person. She cares about everyone and everything except herself.
        Echoing Jennifer Wilmott ” People are far better than their worst deed, and Jodi Arias is a far better person than her very worst deed.” She had (and still has) lot of potential; had she not committed this crime she would have become one of those people you look up to and admire, because though they come from a poor (and possibly not highly educated) background, they succeed in life.
        She was everything Travis Alexander never was. I think he must have envied her for that. He was struggling to keep his facade while aiming for the stars whereas Jodi was a natural…

        • You’re so right, Maria!
          Jodi has so many redeeming qualities that they far outweigh that “worst deed” that I’m certain was just an act of self-defence.
          Gifted, artistic people tend to act in ways that may appear strange to the rest of us (like her doing a headstand or singing).
          Also unfortunately in our society if you toe the line, do everything right all the time or even go above and beyond (like at one time Jodi had to work two jobs which is praiseworthy because I’m struggling with one job as it is) nobody praises you for that. But should you step out of line one single time, do something somebody disapproves of, and you’re crusified for that by the public. This is sick. People need to be more forgiving and understanding of others. Not one single hater tried to put themselves in Jodi’s shoes, they are only eager to judge and punish. As the famous saying goes “let him who is without sin, cast the first stone”.

        • Wonderful thoughts on Jodi! I agree completely. She’s truly a bright light and it seems that sometimes the world is so eager to snuff out the truly bright lights.

  9. Hey everyone, you might puke after you hear this! Where’s Maria and Pandora? Nancy Grace is advertising her “signature” handcuff bracelet for a “great” mother’s day gift! Just $35.00….

    • Seriously??? What the hell is she gonna think of next? GMAFB! Just 35$?!!!

      I’d never buy a handcuff bracelet for my mom on mother’s day… it’s like telling her: you were a prisoner of your children… LMAO!!!!

      A new stupidity from nancy disgrace…

    • Puke, puke, puke, puke, puke, puke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know, no matter how many times I wrote it down it still woouldn’t get the sentiment across. By the way, better make that handcuff bracelet into regular handcuffs. Nancy Disrace belongs in jail!

      • Really???? What a WEIRD and HORRIBLE Mother’s Day gift. If my kids came home with one of those I would beat them over the head with my broomstick! They know better. 🙂 Unfortunately the HLN viewers will jump on that and make her even more $$$$$$$. Idiots!! Spare me anymore of her ideas! Nasty Disgrace. . . I’m having another one of my visions . . . . .hmmmmmmm

      • What child would give the woman who brought them into this world handcuffs for her special day?? Those are the reasons we don’t even watch that awful channel, its blocked on our TV so we don’t even have to see it even by accident when we’re clicking the channels. If enough of you join us in boycotting that demon show maybe the witch will be canceled!

        Have a blessed sunshine filled day. Johnny

  10. Hi everyone.! Mrs U here, my birth name is Elizabeth but all my friends just call me Betsy. I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who gave us such a warm welcome today. Like my husband said we have been reading here for so long that I feel like we’re coming home for the holidays. Thanks you again. You’re all so friendly and positive to us it’s silly now that we waited so long to speak up for Jodi, such a shame that this young lady has been treated so poorly by the very people she thought were her friends so they could use her as their scapegoat. Johnny and I are both confident poor Jodi WILL BE finally freed after the appellate judges review her case. Or should we say her crooked railroading by the real people who know the truth. I am soo glad to be here to help Jodi expose these people as the con man they are.
    Ohh, we absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the new page for Jodi’s art, there beautiful !! We will be ordering the Sunset picture next Friday morning. I know right where we will proudly be displaying it in our home, in our sitting room so all our friends can see it every time they come over to visit. I know a few of our good friends will end up wanting to get one of Jodi’s colorful drawings too. Does anyone know what size frame you need?
    Have a blessed evening everyone 🙂

    • Hi Betsy!!! Welcome!! Make yourself at home. We now know that both of you have been reading here, maybe it’s time you started posting on a daily basis 😉 There’s ALWAYS room for more people ♥

    • SMH! It is a shame and a crime that innocent people are fighting for their lives because the authorities can’t ‘get it right’! I am shocked how people don’t take ‘beyond any reasonable doubt’ seriously….

    • Just knowing about the injustices that have been to Jodi Arias during this Circus of a trial makes me sad to think how many more are sitting in our prisons innocent???????? So sad. It has come down to Who you know, How much Money one has and Who is backing Who. This has to be stopped our society is suffering. If Jodi had been a Kardashian (oops) she would have already been prancing up and down the beach somewhere being praised for putting an end to an abuser. How have we let this happen in the USA? Disturbing.

  11. Justus,

    At the end of Part 1 of Day 16 testimony, Jodi says that she is still in Big Sur as of early July, but it sounds like she is getting ready to leave. She is regularly talking to TA in the late night/early morning hours on the phone about about possibly getting back together, but they are not doing it. The Big Sur job was available for her for the whole year, but it was a slow season so she had to take a second job at a bakery to supplement her income. I have not been able to pin down the exact week or day she moved to Mesa, but perhaps it was never stated in court.

      • Justus,

        I checked out RD and saw that you put her moving itinerary that way, which time-wise, would make sense. It does sound though, the way it’s worded, as if she moved to Mesa after they became a couple, which is not the case. Turns out she moved to Mesa though they were still broken up because of all the “benefits” TA outlined to her, including free storage for her stuff at his house. Also, she knew someone who was offering to share with her in Mesa (Rachel) – and it was not to be in TA’s ward. But in hindsight she sees that she would have done better financially at that time if she’d stayed in Big Sur. She tells Flores in interrogation that she never had so much trouble holding a job as she had in Mesa.

        (More info than you need, I know. I just threw it in for other readers here. Your Background section does present well on just the single page.)

        • whichtrial?, I was aware that she moved to Mesa after they *supposedly* broke up but decided not to go into the sequences and complications of that because I feel that break up was in name only (certainly not in body.) And to make it sound like Travis wanted to move on with his life and Jodi moving in around the corner from him portrays her unjustly as obsessed and unable to let go. And Jodi said she moved there with a lot of encouragement from Travis, which I believe, but to go into all that in the background would muddy it up with Jodi’s say-so rather than sticking with known facts. I was torn but decided to go the way I did.

          • Justus,

            It is important for readers to understand how Jodi came to be called “obsessed”.

            Most significant in the “moving narrative” (and should be included somehow) is that fact that TA had become involved with Lisa A. by the time Jodi moved to Mesa and that Jodi was to UNWITTINGLY become the girl “on the side”. She had no way to know that he was explaining her presence in his life in disparaging terms.

            [As we know, that duplicity is what engendered the “woman scorned”, “hanging around”, “obsessed” hearsay BS, so it’s important to acknowledge that something was not right when Jodi moved to Mesa. She did not know why she had an unsettled feeling. He would not make a commitment to her again, but he would not let go. Eventually she became suicidal, and that is a big reason she left.]

            This cognitive dissonance explains why Mimi served up TA’s “cover story” as a “motive” on June 9, 2008 during the 911 call. (In fact, Mimi did not know Jodi at all and had to ask the roommates what “the ex-girlfriend’s” name was for the 911 operator.)

            Just FYI Jodi testified that TA didn’t want her to move to Big Sur. A move to Mesa from Palm Desert had already been discussed, but Jodi felt she should keep her (previous) commitment to Ventana. Doing so shows that Jodi placed a higher value on financial responsibility than on pursuing TA at all costs. And remember, he’s the one who called HER the day after they broke up; continued to call late at night…citing the “benefits” of life in Mesa. He knew she could have stayed on at Ventana – it was offered to her. Eventually, as the season in Big Sur was slow, she came to believe that work opportunities in AZ would be more plentiful.

            The move to Mesa was one of Jodi’s poorest choices at that time, but she was indeed misled.

            • After much thought and consideration to your input I changed that paragraph in the RD Background to read as follows:

              “Over their next few meetings in Riverside County, California, Travis introduced Jodi to the Mormon religion. On November 26th, 2006, Travis baptized Jodi into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They began openly dating in February 2007 but broke up by that summer. Shortly thereafter, however, with Travis’ encouragement, Jodi moved from California to Mesa, Arizona where Travis resided, and they continued their relationship clandestinely. In April 2008, Jodi moved back to her home town of Yreka, California and moved in with her grandparents.”

              • This whole stalker business is so backwards! Two of my closest friends were in abusive relationships. Both of them had to move across the country to get away from the abusers. I’ve always thought Jodi moved to Yreka so she could escape Travis’s clutches.

  12. This was posted yesterday in the ‘ABOUT US’ thread. I think it’s worth reading. I hope SJ and the admins don’t mind that I copied/ pasted it here:

    SP says:
    April 28, 2014 at 6:35 am

    To All:
    This is out of control. A witch hunt by the State of Arizona for blood revenge, NOT JUSTICE.
    Jodi Arias is being railroaded, and abused in prison, and it must STOP.
    We do not know about being denied medical help, as we have asked the ACLU to check
    on Jodi’s health, which they did, several months ago. It is reasonable to assume, based on
    this case that the Sheriff and State is doing everything to coverup inmate abuse in Arizona.

    As for this case in review, there is loads of reasonable doubt. Self defense in fear of ones own life, as
    Jodi put it in an interview, indicates it was NOT a planned event, as the overzellous prosecutor claimed.
    What people seem to forget is, that Travis Alexander was not a saint. In fact, he did abuse and rape her on several occasions, and just because its wasn’t reported, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    Our concern is the Health, Safety and Welfare of Jodi Arias.
    The record must be corrected and wrongful conviction repealed.

    She too has suffered a lot, and having to wait five years in prison cell for a corrupt trial is not justice.
    Jodi as well as all inmates needing medical assistance should be offered without an reservations.
    This is America and Jodi is an American Citizen with US Constitutional Rights.
    We must all stand up and say NO MORE ABUSE.

    We support Jodi because its the right thing to do.

    • Thank you Pandora for reposting this! I read it the other day and was very touched plus excited!!!!!

      • I was thinking about Jodi again. . .suppose Jodi and Travis fought, maybe he did get accidentally got shot and stabbed when he turned from the sink to attack her again. . . then there was a pause and they both realized what had happened and they called the Bishop (or who would it be that was close enough to both of them) and told them what had happened. The unnamed person contacted the people who would perform this ritual on Travis (maybe taken him somewhere else) so that he would be forgiven and it went way out of hand!?!? Then he had to be placed back in the shower and Jodi became their sacrificial lamb. IMO Jodi was not there at the time Travis died. I believe Jodi knows who was there and she is dedicated to protecting them no matter what. Maybe it was one of the suicides. One would tend to lean towards Jodi is protecting the church or the elders or higher ups that would have been there. Nothing else makes sense to me.

          • Whoever it is they are in the inner circle and we probably have brought their names up numerous times. . . just who! The Hughes were cleaning up the computer. . and why is that?.
            It is nagging at me, Jodi was brainwashed by these people and Travis and I fear she is still under their spell.

            • Yes, there’s CASH – pretty sure it was their kid that Jodi was concerned about, and Travis breaking his promise not to spend the night under the same roof as the child.

              But Chris and Sky were several hours away in California.

              I think the Freemans were the people she was closest to in Mesa. Dan testified that they considered her family…. Dan, who notified Jodi of Travis’ death with the odd turn of phrase “they found Travis”: Dan, who despite his testimony on Jodi’s behalf at the trial went on HLN to say he thinks Jodi should get the death penalty – of course, his own brother died after shooting himself in the head on the day Jodi was arrested so…..

              • Doesn’t sound really good for ole Dan does it!?! BUT how could he live with himself if it is him? Unless there was a ritual performed for him too. Hmmm

                • If it was Joshua then can it ever be proved? I suppose if Dan would decide to bring what he knows to the surface but so far the spirit sure hasn’t moved him in that way. Why did Joshua shoot himself unless he was driven by guilt and thought he would be the next one arrested. If my brother had committed a murder, no matter how much I love him) I would have urged him to turn himself in and would have drove him to the police department. If Detective Flores had ONLY done his job correctly (did you read that CorinnaCares About Herself?) then IMO Jodi would not be in jail today! Flores is a joke and Martinez is a BAD dream! I’m praying that Dan will see the light and tell the truth soon.

                • If, as you suggested, Jodi called someone for help after a fight with Travis went too far, it does seem to me that the Freeman household is where she would turn. But, having pulled them into something she felt responsible for, she’d go to her grave before she ever spoke up about it.

                  Don’t you think?

                • Yes Journee, I believe Jodi would go to her grave to protect someone she loved. Which now is making me think about Joshua, Dan and sister might have been the ones to get the call. If they went to the house and found Travis in the state he was in (and probably he did not want 911 called he would never want anyone to know what he had been doing) maybe they helped perform the Blood Atonement ritual on him to save his soul (in their minds and even at his request). Maybe Jodi left knowing that they were coming to help Travis. IMO Travis would not have wanted anyone to call for help because his life style would be found out. I will continue to pray that Dan will do the right thing and tell what he knows. If he said Jodi should get the DP it would have been to throw everyone away from his involvement. I find it sad that Jodi would protect someone and she has never had anyone in her life to do the same for her. It seems like everyone she knew wanted to throw her under the bus.

                • Would that not make the phone call to Jodi saying “They found Travis” a little more reasonable? Jodi would not have known because she left after they were called. Maybe that is why Jodi called Travis after his death and left a message. . .she really didn’t know what had happened after she left. I wish we could figure it all out. Meanwhile I’ll go to praying for Jodi and everyone involved.

                • Yes, it was watching the trial again this year – after months of examining other aspects of the case, including watching the interrogation tapes a few times and listening to the phone calls w/Flores – that I was struck by that part of Dan’s testimony, his phone call to Jodi. Because Jodi relayed it exactly the same way a few days after Travis was found, that Dan said “they found Travis,” just as Dan testified. The fact that they both said it that way really struck me.

                  I mentioned it here, but most seemed to think that was a normal way of relaying that news.

                  And there was another little bit in Dan’s testimony, which I mentioned here, but no one ever responded at all. Dan said that, AFTER Jodi moved back to California, when she came to AZ to visit Travis she would always stop and visit the Freemans first. *Always* as in it happened more than once, where we’ve heard NOTHING ELSE about Jodi visiting AZ at all between moving back to Yreka and her visit to Travis on Jun 4. So that sorta made me go hmmmmm…. But maybe it means nothing because Dan had some date confusion on the stand – when he started out talking about his personal timeline, he would have been on his mission in Canada the whole time Jodi lived in Mesa, and we knew that wasn’t true. He corrected it the next day on the stand.

                  But the other thing that has me thinking about Joshua (aside from his suicide and the reasons GIVEN for his suicide), goes back again the the interrogation tapes. On the second day, but before Jodi finally settles in to telling the story about the intruders. She’s talking about how she’s already in the system and not going anywhere for a long time, and maybe its better that way. And Flores is trying to convince her that she shouldn’t cover for someone else, and she says something about ‘you have no idea’. One phrase that she says with very real tears is ‘better me than my little brother’. On the face of it, maybe she was talking about Carl. But then again, maybe she was talking about her other family, her other little brother.

              • Joshua’s suicide is indeed suspicious. But sometimes I wonder what if it was just a coincidence, I mean the fact that he shot himself the day Jodi was arrested. After all, I remember reading somewhere that he claimed he was sexually abused as a child and later on in life he found himself faced with having the same sick desire, so he decided to end his life.

                • To me, the story of his abuse – which I don’t doubt – could be a thread that ties him TO the events of Jun 4.

                • Exactly Journee! I am beginning to see things in a different light. Of course, there are so many ways to go but I remember you saying that about Dan but the Hughes have always looked sooo guilty to me. If Dan knows anything else that has not been presented he needs to step up and do it. I’m sure the guilt will eat away at him from now on. Travis is dead. Joshua is dead. Two others are dead. Jodi has really lost her life too. Even when she is freed she will never be shed of all of this nightmare. She will relive it day in and day out. Look at Amanda Knox for instance. Whoever else is responsible, their life is over too but in a different way. Karma will starting swirling around them until they are caught in such a tornado of Guilt, it will get them. They still have every chance to set things right before their end comes and if I were them I would not let the Devil or Devils stop me from doing what is right and Just! When the day comes ( we never no when either) and I look into the eyes of Jesus I do not want someone else’s life in my hands. There is still time to be forgiven. . .do not wait whoever you are. There are plenty of people who will be praying and supporting you, if you do the right thing.

                • There still could have been an after the fact cover up, involving who knows how many people.

                  Not covering up for Jodi, of course, but

                  a) making sure there was no evidence to point to anyone else and
                  b) hiding anything that might have made Travis look bad (or – ahem – any of his business associates.)

                  while still insuring that any evidence left DID point to Jodi.

                  The blood atonement might have been a well intentioned act, but that neck wound was BOUND to do exactly what it did: condemn the person who went to trial for Travis’ murder. And I still think it’s likely that Travis’ throat was cut after he was already dead…. I say that just because of the absence of any blood on Travis’ chest or stomach, and also because the autopsy notes a lack of hemorrhagic injury to the muscles/tissues of the neck. But once that neck wound was there, they had to be SURE there was no evidence pointing to anyone but Jodi.

                  They, er, just missed a spot when they were cleaning up – missed that annoying little boot print.

                • I wonder if everything was cleaned up or someone was instructed to overlook some clues or facts after Flores botched his investigation. I can just hear it now, ” Mr. Martinez maybe I should have done DNA testing on everything in the house. Maybe we should have checked the plumbing drains for someone else’s DNA. What else should I do?” ” Don’t worry Detc. Flores just forget it, we’ve got Jodi and that is enough. She is a nobody and I’ll make sure she is put away for this one. I’ve got this sewed up and it will be over before anyone notices anything unusual. Travis’s friends said she did it.”
                  And then there is MPG’s stated the broken neck was not put in the autopsy. How was that overlooked? It was pretty apparent in one of the pictures. IMO Jodi would not have been strong enough for that either. SO what we have here is a GIANT cover-up and someone knows who is responsible for this whole mess. If anything everything is screaming out REASONABLE DOUBT!

                • Hello Everyone!
                  There seems to be more than a few of those coincedenses when it comes to that group that Jodi found herself pulled into, don’t you think? How many of us have ever even known 3 people who committed suicide but that group had 3 at THE SAME TIME!! Betsy & me have been on God’s green earth for more than a few years and we know sometimes folks turn away from life and lose they’re way, but 3 at once?? I don’t see that as coincedence at all!
                  Something stinks in Maricopa county , and its not the fish. There should be a immediate investigation by Washington DC to get to the TRUTH, and not sheriff Joe’s idea of truth. He wouldn’t know it if it hit him in the head lol.

                  Enjoy the beautiful night, say a prayer for Jodi 🙂 Johnny

                • I believe it’s wayyyyy too much of a coincidence that 3 people ‘commited suicide’ right after travis’s death! Especially Ashley Reed! She was finally moving on with her life and doing great! Why in the world would she want to end it???

                • The *hole* in this theory, R. Love, is:

                  If Jodi called for help, what phone did she use? Is there a record of the call?

                • Most people these days rely on their cell phones to remember phone numbers for them. It seems unlikely she would have used Travis’ land line for the call – unless, I guess, Travis had a phone book or a personal directory next to the phone. But then that would have put blood on both of those items.

                • In the Police Interrogation Video 15, Jodi told Flores that when Travis told her to go get help she realized she didn’t have her cell phone because it wasn’t charged and Travis’s phone was downstairs.

                • Journee,

                  I don’t know the exact date. I’ve been looking but here’s a clip from an article about them:

                  This is a clip from the article above:

                  Most recently, the Hughes’ moved from Southern California to enjoy a much slower lifestyle in the mountains of Utah. Since their move, Chris has completed 5 books and audio programs, has spoken on stages as far away as India, started a Personal Growth Academy and has students from all over the world, and he is well on his way to fulfilling the dreams of his childhood. The Hughes’ love what LegalShield has done for them, and are so grateful.

                • Ok, so sometime between Jun of ’08 and Dec of ’12?

                  I’m not sure their move to Utah is significant. Mormons moving to Utah is like Jews moving to Israel.

                • Journee,

                  Was Dan F. on camera on the hell network saying that JA should get the DP? I found him on NG via phone talking about how he visited her in jail the first few years and didn’t think she killed TA. But I didn’t hear NG discuss the sentence with him. Maybe that was later in the interview and somehow I missed it?

                  He should have stuck to his first instincts, when he was unable to imagine Jodi murdering TA.

                • I couldn’t tell you, whichtrial – most of the time when the TV is on I am not actually looking at it.

                • Thanks for the site Mary BUT how depressing to see that the Hughes clan are living the life of leisure. I feel he is in this way up to his eyeballs and yet he is off playing the role of a successful business man. What a magician! Totally not fair! He and his wife tell lie after lie about Jodi. It sounds like he is living the life he promised to Travis. Did he not benefit from receiving money off of Travis’s death also???? He sounds like a real piece of work.
                  pulling my hair out and stomping my feet!

              • Mary, I want to let you know that I watched the link for the Police Interrogation video last night. I can’t watch videos during the day, not fast enough connection and video starts and stops, mostly stops. I work nights usually 7 days a week. However I’m on vacation this week. I started coming up with a theory on this last fall and have been at it really hard the last couple of months revising as I find out new facts that I learn from the good people on this site. In the interrogation video Flores asks Jodi about the pants she was wearing. I can’t remember the exact color she said but she said they had a blue stripe. An evidence video I saw of TA showed someone standing at the shower with him laying there with his throat cut and they were wearing those pants. And then I think about what Jodi was saying earlier when he asked her if she left right away and she said she went downstairs looking for some clothes that TA said she left there. Does this mean that the intruder took Jodi’s pants and she had to get another pair from downstairs because the other intruder was going to take a picture of the first intruder standing there in the above referenced picture? And then the picture of TA being dragged back to the shower. It looked he was in a blanket. It’s eerie that I got to many of these things without seeing or knowing this prior. I got my information from trying to act this thing out in my house. I haven’t seen the movies either. I stayed away from all of that until last night. If we all keep working on this thing we are going to get it solved piece by piece. They’ll only fit one way.

                • While I’m thinking of it I want add that as far as the time from start to finish according to the time stamp on the camera I don’t think all of these things could have been accomplished that fast. Travis struggling and moving up the hall and then getting back to the shower area and then getting him into the shower. Maybe that’s why Flores didn’t believe her intruder story. However, anybody that can operate a digital camera would be able to turn the clock back if it took say 30 minutes and then after the pictures were taken reset the clock to the right time so it looked like it only took a couple of minutes. In other words, the time from start to finish could have been much longer than what the camera shows. How much does that thought shake up a lot theories?

                • Well, it could definitely have been done that way. Oh my, the unanswered questions we all have!

                • Farmer Lonnie,

                  I agree with you in the fact that after the pictures were taken, someone could have RESET the clock making it look like it only took a couple of minutes when it could have been much, much linger!

                • Also, that lying stunt Kermit pulled in trial where he showed Travis’s dead body up on screen for everyone to see as he made everyone sit through the silence for two minutes showing that is how long Travis suffered, but in all HONESTY, he should have kept the silence for DAYS, because that is how long Travis was tortured and NOT by Jodi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Farmer Lonnie,

                  I just wanted to let you know that in the Police Interrogation Video 15, Jodi said she had gray pants with a black stripe. The ones in the picture are dark, navy blue or black with a light blue stripe.

        • I agree totally. I’ve ALWAYS thought that there’s so much more to this story than has been revealed. Nothing in the prosecutions silly story makes any sense at all. I really wonder if Jodi is protecting somebody and taking the fall. There is such an obvious conspiracy against here it’s both frightening and upsetting at the same time. I’m just hoping that we’ll get the whole story. I’m hoping that Jodi can get some help from something like Innocence Project or Amnesty International. Seriously look at the horrid conditions that Sherriff Joe has in his gulag he runs! That’s worth an investigation all by itself.

          • At this point I’m in complete agreement with you on Jodi protecting somebody until somebody convinces me otherwise. If I was to venture a guess as to who she is protecting it would be her family members.

            • For me: Suspects #1 The Hughes
              Suspect #2 Dustin Thompson
              Suspects #3 The Freemans
              Not saying they are guilty but everything about them is very gray and shady Who needs friends when you know people like this..

  13. the alexander family is making money on the “legacy” of travis… i think to the tune of 1.2 million dollars thus far so you can imagine they want to keep it going….. He used jodi and he was playing with fire. A womans heart is a touchy thing. although i dont condone murder, i can see how it happened. its sad for sure,. 2 lives were lost because of it. very sad indeed.

    • Well….you know….they need it for gas….you know, gas money to attend the trial…poor people…. Snif, snif 🙁

      (Nahh,never mind. I’m not even convincing myself. )
      NO respect for the Alexanders. I am right where you are sandra b. Profiting from one’s dead brother is outrageous and wrong, just wrong (to put it mildly)

      • They probably could circle the world a couple of times on the amount of gas they could buy now!
        They may say what they want to but I believe they really are not concerned with who killed Travis but how they can profit from his death. ~~~~~~~~iiiiiiiiiis

      • Hey Maria! Don’t be sooooo harsh! They also need the money for their stylin’ & profilin’!!! Hair, clothes… who knows? they might have also taken a few acting classes to make the crocodile tearing and rolling eyes more realistic!

        To the actresses and actors (alexander siblings): TAKE MORE ACTING LESSONS! Not too persuasive!

        ((((rolling eyes the samantha way!))))

  14. Hey Justus! I was thinking while a storm was rumbling through our state last night. Why don’t you email your blog address to CBS, NBC, ABC,CNN, MSN (leave out you know who HLN). I think it would be wonderful for it to be dropped right into their laps for them to review. All the work has been done for them! You have done a fantastic job and they need to know how hungry the public is to know the truth about this trial. I would but I’m (as we all know) not really good with the cut & pasting thing. Anyone can email each network and send it to them. Still praying in TN! 🙂

      • I will have Mary give me another session of long distance instructions on cutting and pasting. LOL
        I would be glad to, if I can figure out how. It is ridiculous for me to be computer handicapped! UGH!

        • I started with ABC. I went to, scrolled to the bottom where there is a “Contact us” under “About”. After clicking on “Contact us” i clicked on each of the the links that start with the word “Contact” and simply pasted in the following:

          Please read:

          Jodi Arias: An Argument for Reasonable Doubt

          • Justus,

            I fervently hope that those reporters will do some actual research on the case now that they have your resource available. It will be to their credit if they use your blog to assist them in verifying the facts of the case, since they didn’t bother to study the evidence when they could and should have.

            Just for starters: They might be shocked to see that even Flores said that there was no evidence of Jodi stalking!!

            REPORTERS: Look at the trial footage and stop taking HLN’s word for everything.
            (I know. Most of them are not really reporters.)

              • Justus,

                As I recall, he testified that it was never proved that she had anything to do with the tire slashings. I believe this was early in his testimony but I don’t know exactly which day. People here commented on the ridiculousness of his exculpatory testimony about Jodi being ignored by HLN. Maybe Maria will remember, or geebee.

      • Just tried to send this and am having troubles LOL! Maybe some of the rest of you can forward this blog site to the Media. The more the better! I’ll keep trying!

  15. I found an interesting item while researching the Alexander’s arrest records. Of the following charges listed below, they are all considered felonies except the last one: Violation of order to avoid domestic violence. That is considered a misdemeanor. And the penalty was 30 days in custody (to be served over weekends), followed by probation and $281 fine. (By the way, he also ended up violating the terms of his probation.)

    Grand theft
    False impersonation
    Import, possession, sale and use of controlled substances
    Meth manufacturing
    Violation of order to avoid domestic violence

    • Another interesting item: In 2009, as part of Tanisha’s probation for battery she was required to take a six-month anger management program. I wonder how many others in the family might have benefitted from that program.

      • Good evening everybody! Its Betsy 🙂 I’ve always wondered about those donations too, my ladies group has done fundraisers for our local charities for many years now and we ALWAYS account for every penny we use. How come they never tell anyone how much they’ve collected or what they do with it all?? The sisters and brothers have collected a ton of money so far and no one can tell us that motels costs over a million dollars for a couple of months. Like Tom Cruise said SHOW US THE MONEY!!

        Sending happy thoughts to Jodi, a innocent scapegoat. Betsy

      • Good lord!
        The Alexanders are a family of thugs!
        And they want justice? They truly have no shame! Lowlifes!
        Tanisha is one mean-faced b***ch. No class, no refinement, no sophistication, only drug-fueled anger on her face and prison tats on her body.

    • Justus Forusall,

      I finally had some uninterrupted time last night to read your blog and I want to tell you that you have done an awesome job!!! Thank you!!! I know it must have taken a lot of time and effort to do the excellent job that you did!!!

      EVERYONE here at JAII is working so hard in their own way to support our dear Jodi and that is exactly what it takes is TEAM WORK to get a job done and WE WILL get the job done which is JUSTICE for our Jodi!!! WE WILL be heard, no matter what anyone says or does !!!

      As SJ states it: You have been told. We are TEAM JODI…and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. Make no mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I love you all Team Jodi and I am honored and proud to be in this fine family!!!

      (((((JUSTICE FOR JODI))))) (((((FREE JODI))))) (((((TEAM JODI)))))

    • “False Impersonation” has gotten my attention. I’m sort of fascinated with the idea that a person could do a bad job of impersonating themselves and get arrested. What about acting and impersonations for hire? Are they “genuine” impersonations? If you make your own outfit for Halloween of a trademarked cartoon character, instead of buying a “regulation” packaged costume, is that considered False Impersonation or copyright infringement? Maybe Sirlips would know.

        • Mary,

          No worries. Was wondering why False Impersonation isn’t charged as Fraudulent Impersonation. Just having some fun with it. Then realized what I wrote reminded me of some of Sirlips’ comments of last year.

          • Actually, whichtrial?, I changed that to read: “False personation”. The actual charges read as (1) “Falsely personate another causing liability for lawsuit”, and (2) “False ID to peace officer”. I condensed that down, but I can see where “false impersonation” is something like a double-negative.

  16. One of the things that REALLY pisses me off is the myth that if Jodi were a man, s/he would already be on death row. That is so amazingly wrong, so backward from reality. And here are two examples I’ve talked about before:

    1) Last year, at the same time Jodi was being found guilty, another defendant was being sentenced in Maricopa County. This man, associated with drug trafficking, completely cut off a man’s head in the victim’s apartment in order to send a message to anyone who might be thinking about double-crossing them. (I think this could be called “terrorism”.) That man received a sentence of 14 years.

    2) And many will remember this infamous story that I’ve talked about before. In 1981 Steven Steinberg (Scottsdale, Maricopa County, AZ) killed his wife, stabbing her 26 times in the middle of the night. At first he told the police that intruders had broken in and killed her (sound familiar?). Later he admitted to doing it but said he wasn’t aware of what he was doing (sound familiar?) because he was sleepwalking. Steinberg walked out of court a free man, largely because it was determined that his wife was a nag and had driven him to it. So thirty years ago, nagging by a woman justified a man stabbing her to death if he claims he was sleepwalking (at least that jury gave him the benefit of the doubt.) But, even three decades later, a woman being attacked must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was physically attacking her and that during that attack she suffered the onset of PTSD because of the trauma of the event.

    Here’s a couple of links where you can read about the case:

    BTW, I see the dissenters are also looking at the Steinberg case but here’s how they interpret it: The defense won that case by defaming the victim and Jodi’s defense team must have been using that case as their playbook but luckily this time it didn’t work. (Interesting how confirmation bias plays into how the same story is interpreted.)

    • Stabbing someone 26 times and claiming sleepwalking?!?!?! And receiving a not guilty verdict? Omg, I gotta read about this case. Thanks, Justus!

  17. The USA

    What has happened to our country?
    The good ‘ole USA
    when thousands upon thousands
    scream for death instead of pray!

    For a woman who’s in prison
    six years, she’s DONE her time!
    When she shouldn’t even be there
    and that’s the biggest crime!

    This woman was found guilty
    before her trial began!
    By the media and it’s sheeple
    with it’s hate and lies they ran!

    They laughed and mocked and hated
    on this woman locked in prison
    and proudly they would smile
    as if they’d won a new blue ribbon!

    Wake up, wake up, America!
    The world is watching you!
    Is this the way you will portray
    cold blooded through and through?

    God says there is a way
    that SEEMS right unto a man
    but it’s end is the way of death
    why can’t you understand?

    That death is not the answer
    We’ve come far beyond that stage,
    lest we ALL be put to death
    for any of our rage!!!

    Mary L. Williams/2014

    • Absolutely Beautiful Mary! Maybe Justus can attach your poems to the front or back of the blog. 🙂
      I’m sooo impressed with you and everyone else. . .((((TEAM JODI)))))

    • I love how creative everyone on this site is! It’s so heartwarming to know that those who support Jodi are creative, artistic and loving people. This is why in the end we will win. We don’t hate, we love, we don’t harass or bully, we try to include everyone! It so easy to see who the good guys are in this fight! I for one am glad to be on the right side!

  18. Marissa Devault sentenced to life in Arizona for hammer killing of husband. Is Arizona having a change of heart about the death penalty and the drugs being used to kill people? This was a brutal murder and Marissa claimed she was a victim of domestic violence. It took the jury quite awhile to make the determination for life.

    • At least some good news, thank God they didn’t go for the DP.
      The death penalty is the most evil thing the US government does against its citizens.

  19. I have been thinking. Like Jodi, Nelson Mandela was wrongfully imprisoned. Like her he was a person of peace and love. After he was released he became the leader of his country and was beloved all over the world. Does anyone think that after she is free Jodi could go into politics? Think about it. I’m not saying run for president. But surely she could do a lot to help clean up that crooked corrupt state of Arizona. In a state where there is such a huge anti-Mexican conspiracy a Mexican woman like Jodi could do a lot to unite the people there. I truly believe that as more and more people come to know her and love her like we do, that they would be willing to listen to what she has to say. I for one would vote for her in a second if she were running for office in my state.

    • Corrine, I don’t think that’s Jodi’s thing. Jodi is an artist! Artists have a heart and a soul ! Most everyone in politics is corrupted…

      • I would hope that Jodi has seen enough corruption for several lifetimes and would never go into politics! I have visions of Jodi helping others who have been in domestic violence situations. What a blessing she would be for them. Jodi may be free from prison but she will never be free from her past. 🙁 Jodi is a brave, strong and wonderful woman and I will continue to pray for her.

        It will take an act from Congress to clean up Arizona and we all know how fast they work!

        • Of course your probably right! Politics is the venue for a slimy liar and snake oil salesman, maybe Martinez? I still think Jodi has so much to offer though. I really want her to find a way to get through to everyone her terrible experiences and to help abuse victims everywhere. I know it’s not possible right now because Joe Arpaio has her locked in his gulag but I know deep down she’ll be free someday. Then I hope she’s able to help other people. I know she’s a kind and loving soul who only has others best interests at heart and that’s part of the reason she’s in the mess she’s in. People have taken advantage of her kindness and exploited her.

      • I agree 100% Pandora, its easy to see from her art and writing Jodi is what my mother would have called a sensitive soul. Politians have no soul, Jodi’s warmth and caring for others would not fit into there evil world IMHO. Does anyone remember the movie “Twins”? There was a woman in it who ran a artists camp on her ranch, wouldn’t it be just wonderful it all of us could help raise donations and enough down payment money when the appeals court frees Jodi so she can start her own artist ranch to help people with talent like her’s get there art seen. Jodi could combine her talent as a artist, photographer, teacher others with her love of the great outdoors! After all the time those corrupt liars have kept Our Jodi locked up for just defending herself I think it the least she should get from them frame up con men.

        Thinking of you Jodi. Betsy

    • Corrine,

      Thank you for your remarks about Mr. Mandela.

      Nelson Mandela knew that people like to get their blood moving about a cause. Has anyone ever understood better than Mr. Mandela that a mob mentality can be vicious and unproductive?

      He united his nation through football, thus igniting a positive spirit in his fellow citizens, moving everyone towards racial tolerance and away from prejudice and hatred.

      He asked for cooperation from the leader of the team and he got it.

      The whole nation became engaged with the shining purpose of his vision, and the entire world was touched by that positive common spirit.

      Mandela was truly a “master” of his fate, “captain” of his soul.

  20. SJ, the website looks great! I would just like to echo the sentiments of many others here who have profoundly pointed out the overwhelming positivity, compassion and love that is expressed on this website for people especially victims and survivors of domestic abuse and violence. Throughout the past year we have heard many personal and inspirational stories on here from men and women who have endured abuse in the past yet survived and lived to tell their stories. Unfortunately, there are many others who do not live to tell their stories and, if you have a few moments to spare, please pray for their families and keep them in your thoughts.

    Here are some sobering facts on domestic violence/abuse:

    Every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten.

    Around the world, at least one in every three women has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her lifetime. Most often, the abuser is a member of her own family.

    Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women-more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined.

    Studies suggest that up to 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence annually.

    Nearly 1 in 5 teenage girls who have been in a relationship said a boyfriend threatened violence or self-harm if presented with a breakup.

    Everyday in the US, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends.

    Ninety-two percent of women surveyed listed reducing domestic violence and sexual assault as their top concern.

    Domestic violence victims lose nearly 8 million days of paid work per year in the US alone-the equivalent of 32,000 full-time jobs.

    Based on reports from 10 countries, between 55 percent and 95 percent of women who had been physically abused by their partners had never contacted non-governmental organizations, shelters, or the police for help.

    The costs of intimate partner violence in the US alone exceed $5.8 billion per year: $4.1 billion are for direct medical and health care services, while productivity losses account for nearly $1.8 billion.

    Men who as children witnessed their parents’ domestic violence were twice as likely to abuse their own wives than sons of nonviolent parents.

    In 70-80% of intimate partner homicides, no matter which partner was killed, the man physically abused the woman before the murder.

    Less than one-fifth of victims reporting an injury from intimate partner violence sought medical treatment following the injury.

    Source: “National Coalition Against Domestic Violence” (

    This is not theory. This is not speculation. These are facts. Facts which many in the mainstream media, particularly certain cable news networks, choose to either ignore or do not bother to investigate. For all of the multiple re-enactments they can do for the scene of a crime that seem to come straight out of an Oliver Stone film, it would be nice if these commentators would dedicate the same amount of time and energy to the facts in court cases as well as specific issues such as domestic violence and abuse.

    No one here disputes that Travis Alexander died a violent death and that it was tragic. However, we also believe that there are two sides to every story just as it is so with a court trial. And we can all debate which side presented the stronger argument, the prosecution or the defense. But it is crucial that the truth and facts be heard and many times in the past year the mainstream media took it upon itself to ignore both. Moreover, they chose to make light of the probability that a woman could receive death by lethal injection with a flippant tone that not only was irresponsible, but reprehensible.

    Some people regard this trial as if it were a sporting event like the Super Bowl and treat it as if it were a game with winners and losers. Perhaps this might explain their premature celebration last spring when some of them spiked the ball before reaching the end zone. The truth is that there are no winners or losers in a case like this. Both families are dealing with pain and suffering on a daily and nightly basis albeit on different levels and for different reasons.

    I never told anybody this until today, but I include Travis Alexander’s family in my prayers every single day and I even made a donation to a charity in Travis’s name. I never knew Travis, but there’s a lot about him that I dislike. However, I often ask myself “what would Jesus do?” and, just so there is no misunderstanding, I am NOT comparing myself to Christ. All I’m saying is that I personally believe that as a Christian that those like myself should strive every single day to be as Christ-like as possible and although I’d be the first to admit that I haven’t always been very good at that, I sincerely try very hard every single day towards that goal.

    I support Jodi 100% and believe with all of my heart that she is innocent and will eventually be free. When I think about what she has had to endure for the past year, let alone the past 6 years, it breaks my heart. I don’t put her on a pedestal and I believe that she would be the first to tell you that she doesn’t belong on one. I just believe that most people who hate her and believe she is evil don’t know the real person and have had their minds and hearts polluted by a well-orchestrated media-driven campaign to make her out to be the devil incarnate.

    Religion has played a role in this trial and while both Travis and Jodi were far from being devout Mormons, the same can be said for many of his friends who spent the past year monopolizing much of their time and energy in front of television cameras to spew hatred and lies about a woman they blame for corrupting their virginal hero. These are people who claim to be devout followers of Christ and God yet they behave in ways that go against many of the teachings of Christ. Christ used HIs messages to lift people up. They use theirs to tear people down. Christ preached the gospel of loving thy neighbor. They preach the gospel of loving thy neighbor unless they disagree with you. Christ spoke of forgiveness. They speak of an eye-for-an-eye and revenge. If I may quote 1 John 2:9 “Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness”.

    I have included a link to the “Men Can Stop Rape” website on here which I invite everyone to go visit. There needs to be more men in this country and around the world speaking out against domestic violence and abuse. Some of the victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse are men, but the majority of them are women and it can’t be just women speaking out against these issues. So I encourage the men here to visit the website, make a donation, help out in your local community, anything you can do raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse. Thank you for listening.

    • Wow Jeff! Thank you so much for that eye opening and insightful post. My god those numbers are just scary. I really am disgusted by the behavior of those who looked at this trial (circus actually) like it was a football game. They actually cheered a guilty verdict for a kind and loving woman! It shows what a class individual you are that you’ve donated and prayed for Travis. You are a true Christian. It’s because of you and all these other wonderful people here that Jodi knows she is loved. It’s also because we’re on the side of good that we will win. Make no mistake about it. WE WILL WIN.

      • Hi Everyone!
        Wow Jeff! Thank you for all that information you listed, it must have took you awhile to find it all. I knew a lot of women ( and men too ) were victims of domestic abuse but we sure didn’t know it was that bad. I’d like to also say thank you for the time you spend helping those abused and the money you donated, even to the family! Your wife and kids must be so proud of you as a loving husband and a really good role model for them to look up to. Too bad your not still single, our youngest just graduated college and we’d be proud to have you as a son – in – law he he.
        I will say that me and Johnny both agree with you, one of the main reasons we started speaking out about all the abuse poor Jodi has had to suffer is because of the honesty and strenght we have seen from people like you Jeff, and others here who are standing up for Jodi’s rights. What Arizona and sheriff Joe are doing is just WRONG and that’s the TRUTH!! Who do they think they are anyway? I better stop now before I say something unbecoming.

        Have a Bless filled day everyone. Betsy

    • Jeff,

      One of the most vexing facts of domestic abuse is that abusers very carefully select their victims. As we know, this is one of the greatest factors accounting for why victims do not report. In many cases the victims know that the abuser has a public persona that is unassailable, even laudable.

      This needs to be better understood! Some comprehension of how abusers look for vulnerabilities in others can be imparted in schools together with education about self-esteem and the importance of showing respect – without demanding inappropriate control – in intimate relationships.

      I think most of us have known someone at one time or another who has “tested the waters” by being bizarrely abusive in a psychological manner. Usually it occurs early in a relationship, or a friendship, out of the blue. After that person’s unwelcome behavior has been pointed out and the individual has been shown the door, does the abuser move on to the next potential target? Probably!

  21. Good morning my friends! 🙂

    Happy May 1st! Hope this month is great for all! Today is the greek Labor Day!

    Boy! Do I have catching up to do!!!!!

    ((((Jodi)))) ♥

  22. Hello one and all.. Long time follower of Jodi and first time caller.. I just want to sum it up as simply. Stand your ground. That is what Jodi guilty of? It is insane she protected herself from a horrible monster. So why can’t she claim stand your ground? To end this comment. I write music and wrote a song about her and continue to work on more compositions. I have so many ideas for songs dedicated to Jodi. If anyone wants to jam some tunes or help me write something for Jodi. Please hit me up. I would love to hear your input. Thank you and long live Jodi forever and in freedom !!!k

  23. A man in Oklahoma was given lethal injection yesterday and they had to close the curtains on the witnesses because he started writhing and tried to get up. It was so bad that the Director stopped the process but the man died of a heart attack a half hour later. This will have an impact on future sentences of lethal injection, I am sure. The chemical company has decided not to sell its drugs to prisons anymore. The man’s name is Clayton Lockett. Sorry I couldn’t transfer link.

    • Gee, I wonder if the young lady he raped, shot with a shotgun and buried alive writhed and tried to get up. He was to be executed, he died. Mission accomplished. I’m sure a lawsuit is headed Oklahoma’s way, given that he was denied his right to an easy, painless death.

      • Scoobygurl,

        I also saw on the news that Clayton Lockett shot the young lady and buried her alive!!!

        However, in Jodi’s case, Jodi and Travis were both the VICTIMS and Jodi was defending and fighting for HER life and Travis’s life!!!

    • OMG! That is horrible. I don’t know what this man did but as I have said before: I’m against the death penalty.

  24. If you believe in an eye for an eye, then you would make that comment Scoobygurl. If you believe that two wrongs don’t make a right, then you might think differently. It comes down to belief. What do you think about Jodi then scoobygurl?

  25. I don’t really have any feelings either way. It will all play out in a courtroom. Probably more than one if she gets an appeal. I doubt she will receive the death penalty. Too many unanswered questions. There were 2 people there and one is dead. As to the Oklahoma case, I don’t always believe in an eye for an eye, However, Mr. Lockett committed a heinous crime with unbelievable cruelty, so yes, he deserved to die for it. The fact that it wasn’t the easy, painless death that was intended, is pretty much a whatever for me.

    • We’ll have to agree to disagree, Scoobygurl. Our Constitution guarantees freedom from “Cruel and unusual punishment”. Imo, we have gone down a slippery slope the last few years where we are becoming ok with waterboarding, and things of that nature. We treat criminals better than they treated their victims. That’s what separates us from Iran.

      As for Jodi I think there’ s NO WAY Arizona will ever execute a woman who was obviously battered, and may suffer from a personality disorder.

    • Any society that grows up believing that death is a reasonable retaliation will have higher homicide rates scoobygirl. It is the influence of the government. For example, the Russian government greatly oppresses the homosexual citizens. And simultaneously, the Russian citizens are also very harsh towards the homosexual citizens. All of the industrialized nations of which oppose capital punishment have lower homicide rates then the United States does. Unfortunately, some or even many Americans put revenge over productivity.

  26. I’m actually a graphic artist by trade but I was inspired by some of the poems and songs I’ve seen on here….it’s my first one so please be kind!

    I walked along the lake
    On a beautiful spring day
    Enjoying God’s creation
    And the wonders He has made
    The sun was shining brightly
    The sky was warm and clear
    But my joy was surely tempered
    By my thoughts of Jodi dear
    She’s sitting in a cell
    Locked up from the world
    That could truly use the gifts
    Of this talented young girl
    In the state of Arizona
    They cry out for her death
    But we will fight for her freedom
    Until out very last breath
    We know we will win
    In the very end
    Because our cause is just
    Our thoughts and prayers we send
    I know there are haters out there
    Who attack both us and you
    But forgive them poor sweet Jodi
    For they know not what they do

  27. Jodi tweet:

    Jodi Arias Updates ‏@JodiAnnArias 1h

    #JodiArias is seeking an attorney for a possible defamation #lawsuit. Any recommendations?

  28. SJ,

    I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just noticed the new picture on the “Survivor T” section! Is that who I think it is???
    Too COOL, if it is!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Clapping my hands!!!


  29. There are many unanswered questions in this case in my opinion. I wonder what role the Mormon church played in Travis’ death. We might never know the truth. FREE JODI ARIAS

  30. The last several days the discussions that have taken place on this page have been very interesting and lively. New posters, new thoughts, and new questions. It was a great page for everyone.

    • I detest having to listen to Martinez so sometimes i avoid listening to these when I should be refreshing my memory. I hate the way he talks to people. He is the only trial attorney i have seen in any trial act this way. I know Im preaching to the choir but i wanted to get that out. LOL

      • The only way I can tolerate listening to him, Alexis, is to turn the volume so low I can barely hear him…. kind of minimizes that weird nasally shriek factor. Doesn’t make him nicer, but it least makes it more enjoyable to want to hit him, lol.

        • Also turn down the volume down here.

          One way I deal with him is to actively observe his physical gestures. The best distraction he was able to come up with is probably Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but his unending array of arm contortions are a close second in my book.

          • Ok, didn’t mean to write “down” twice, but maybe that’s what I actually have to do to get it right – adjust the level twice, lol!

  31. Just wrote new words for a song. Now must edit bad spelling.. Then to it to music.. My second song I wrote of Jodi.. First song was more of a call to arms.. She is so strong and an inspiration to me… I want to write more of her and she did was what we all were to scared to do an animal of horrible intent. I praise Jodi and pray for her to be allowed to breathe and see the sky we all share. She is the reason we as victims should rally to. She is my light and also my darkness. She did what was right and for us in the side lines could only wish to have strgpegth to stand her ground….

    • Hi there Biff!

      I listened to your song. Dark… I liked the music but I couldn’t make out all the lyrics. Mind posting them so I can read them? It makes the song complete for me when listening to it and reading the lyrics.

      I also listened to a few more songs. Is that your group? Nicely done. I personally like your style in music although I believe a lot of people will find it too ‘heavy’ (not as in ‘heavy metal’)… But, music is art and your art will be respected by all! 🙂

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