My Truth: I Am Jodi Arias’s Mother – (An interview with Sandy Arias)

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“My Truth: I Am Jodi Arias’s Mother”

This interview is the first time Sandy Arias has spoken publicly about her daughter, Jodi Arias.

Sandra Dee Allen was born in 1958 in a small Northern California town. I love to call her Sandy Dee. It fits, somehow. I met Sandy at Jodi Arias’s sentencing trial, in September 2014. She is the fourth of seven children and the identical twin of her sister Susan. Sandy and Susan are so identical, including hairstyles, I find it difficult to tell them apart. But looks are where it ends. Sandy is painfully shy, and her sister is unfiltered and outgoing.

Sandy married Bill Arias when she was 22, and they had four children together. Two sons and two daughters. Jodi Ann was her first child. There are many versions of Jodi’s childhood, including Jodi’s own, a version told at both her trials, as well as many versions written in books about Jodi. Sandy describes Jodi’s childhood as normal and happy. Her closest playmate was her brother Carl, who is two years younger.

Jodi left home at 17 in a typical teenage rebellion phase and moved in for a short time with a boyfriend. She began working at what was to be a series of jobs over the next twenty years. She was ambitious and highly motivated to be financially independent.

She continued to live in different Northern California cities for several years. Jodi relocated to Southern California in mid-2000 and in 2007 she moved to Arizona.

During these years, Sandy’s relationship with Jodi was strained as Jodi struggled to find her identity and her place in the world. Jodi’s communication with Sandy was sporadic, fairly typical for a twenty-something-year-old out exploring the world. Sandy had two younger children at home to take care of—eleven years younger than Jodi, who needed Sandy’s attention.

jodi arias - family photo

Sandy knew that Jodi had a boyfriend in Arizona, but knew very few details of their relationship. At one point, when Jodi and her boyfriend were not getting along, Sandy drove down to Mesa to help Jodi move back home. By the time she arrived, the pair had reconciled. Not long afterward, in 2008, Jodi moved in with her grandparents. To this day, she remains very close to her grandmother.

When Jodi left on that fateful trip back to Arizona, her family was not surprised as she often traveled for the company where she worked. About one week later, Jodi returned home…….


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  1. We all know Sandy. We all have seen her at the trial. We all watched closely to see her reactions to everything that went on in that courtroom.

    To some, that don’t know Sandy, she seemed ‘stone-cold’. The media and some hate-craved people were eager to bash Sandy because they couldn’t accept that Sandy was perfectly mannered in the courtroom/ courthouse all these years. She didn’t utter a wail. She didn’t scream out hateful remarks. She didn’t make facial gestures to attract the cameras or to gain sympathy. Sandy was Sandy. A mother in enormous pain trying to be as respectful as possible to others that suffered.

    For the ones that DO know Sandy, they saw the pain in her eyes and decorous in her posture. Sandy set a stellar example to all in that courtroom (and outside) as how to be a good, respectful person. She did not use the media for her own benefits nor did she try to use it to gain sympathy. That, my friends, is graceful! I admire Sandy so much. She is a wonderful and caring person.

    Sandy Arias as well as the whole Arias family have tried to stay out of the spotlight not because they were ashamed but because they are private people with morals. They did not find it suitable to use a tragedy to obtain money for themselves, to obtain fame, to blame others for their situation.

    We can all use Sandy Arias and her family as an example when it comes to behavior ethics.

    Last but not least, I would like to thank Dori for her brilliantly written interview. Dori knows how much I respect and admire her and her work. Another amazing woman that I am proud to call my friend. ♥

    Many thanks to Feminine Collective for publishing the article/interview.

    ((((Respect to Sandy Arias)))) ♥
    ((((Respect to Dori)))) ♥

    • Well said Pandora! Couldn’t agree more. All of the Arias family were very respectful in court. Can’t even imagine how difficult it was as a family to go through what they have been (and still going) through over these years. They are a very strong family.

      Thank you Sandy and Dori

  2. Thank You Sandy and Dori…..and ditto for Me too….Thanks Pan. And what is it with the haters still pushing their hate? Well haters here’s some thing else to hate on…Griz has another job and now can help even more. We will NEVER give up on Her and with that justice.

  3. Jodi’s Mother, Father and family have my upmost respect for the never-ending love and support they have shown for Jodi. ♥ I can’t think of another family that has ever been faced with the hatred and heartache they have had to endure. May God continue to give them Strength and Endurance to continue on their quest for FREEDOM for their daughter Jodi Ann Arias. Unfortunately, what has happened to Jodi might very well happen to our own loved ones. The hate, injustices and corruption must STOP! Never say never, you might be next!

    • Never a truer quote, “Don’t ever say this can’t happen to me”. Sandy is absolutely right, this could happen to any of us! They will succeed in their quest for freedom for Jodi, the injustice can’t go on forever.

  4. Spot on Pandora! The Arias family has always handled themselves with class and dignity! Nothing but love and respect for them!

  5. Their moms do the time too: a support group for mothers of prisoners

    “I would get sick to my stomach every time I would go there, because the guards would make me feel like I was the one that committed a crime. You feel like a criminal yourself,” says one of the mothers featured in Christine Maki’s documentary. (iStockphoto)

  6. C C 53…oh I heard that C B C doc. ….and what is it with some folks thinking they should had out more pain. All any guard must do is their job…THAT”S IT. To ever try to bring pain to any person who just visits another speaks of evil. Are they getting paid to do that or is it just a sick hobby? There is a very good reason this site is called JAII….She is! Yes I know all the evidence……oh I forgot made up evidence or out right lies….here is 3….She brought a 3rd GAS can…..OPEN your eyes you tiny rat and read the receipt…DO YOU SEE GAS CAN…DO YOU…a KERO can is not a gas can but that’s all that ever came out of it’s mouth…..WHY would that be…..would any be able to fill any kero can at a gas pump…there is a good reason they are coloured …..but nope the rat had to sway a jury. How many times did he out right lie to the court on the …Gas….can? And then he said the wpn was a .45….some 90% bigger then a .25…why….would that be to freak out a …jury? OMG She shot him with a .45….who could survive that? And at least twice that rat called Her Miss Alexander…was that done to enrage the jury…how dare Shebe called that…..but it not Her said that. Was it only a mistake or planned ……Yes a one time She wanted to marry him I believe….but the more She knew the less She wanted that…somethings not right with that…boy. And then the neck photo showing the very deep[ neck wound that was staged by mr.typo…horn…was the wound to the neck ever more then 1.5 in.’s ? Even on a 6 in. neck one needs a 2 in. wound to go 1/3 deep….but it sure …LOOKED…as if he was almost decapitated…so just why all the fake evidence in a slam dunk case??? NO ONE need tell Me of violence against women…7 women in My family have been beaten by their hubbies….only one had bones broken as one wanted to take a jump off a balcony to end Her pain……and then there was one man who threw a can at My sister to make his point but missed Her and almost took out his son….did She call 9-1-1….leave him… She didn’t even call Me as I was sleeping in their house and that’s why She’s not a widow!!! She made the best of a bad marriage…as most do that is how strong love is….We try Our best and hope for the best. Have the state take all their hate out of that case and they don’t have a case…this he did not deserve that must mean She did….there was a fight that day and over a camera…just as the car…You scammed me….wow the car gave birth when hooked up wrong…or was it something far darker…did t-dog call 9-1-1 as he FEARED HER…..NOPE! If he wanted Her out of his so called life then just do what works best……THE SNUB…ever had a friend just look right through You as if You are not even there? Or refuse to say a word to You standing right next to You…did he ever do that….and for good reason ,he so wanted Her in his world…but not out front as a man would.All 7 women in My family choose not to fight back….and that was their choice….but Our Mom,their sister or aunt(one in the same) would have destroyed them 7 a-holes and they knew it well…a bully so needs a nice person to bully and abuse…show Me Her bulling him or abusing him…..and that’s why I stand by an innocent….and always will….JAII speaks truth.

  7. We have to remain in this fight until it is decided. Jodi being in Perrysville does not mean anything.

    Joe Arpaio is currently being held in criminal contempt for racially related charges. Hopefully the boulder will find Juan as well.

    • Absolutely! A bar complaint has been filed against Nurmi too. I’m wanting to see Nurmi and Martinez tried and disbarred. I think Karma is coming for the lot of them, it’s already kicking Chris Hughes’ arse. Lol

    • Heart breaking! When will something be done about the abuse and injustices that are growing in Arizona? Totally disgusting!

      • R,
        This is such a shocking and sad story. It seems like once you become a prisoner/inmate, prison officials (and, apparently the citizens of Arizona) no longer see you as a human being or someone that deserves health care. The neglect and the lack of caring from all those involved in managing the welfare of the incarcerated in Perryville and other Arizona prisons is difficult to understand. I just hope Jodi doesn’t need any type of urgent health care because it’s unlikely she’ll get it in a timely fashion.

        • Wonder how many of those incarcerated in AZ have been subjected to the injustices that Jodi received. . . wrongly accused and convicted by concealing evidence, deleting evidence, withholding evidence and out-right lying. The blind and misinformed citizens of AZ are guilty for letting the injustices continue in their state imo. Self defense is NOT a crime. Period. Our government has to start looking into the AZ justice system because it is apparent there is a huge problem. The deception and corruption must STOP! 🙁

    • I sure hope it doesn’t interfere with the publication of his second book. I want to know if Nurmi (or Willmott) played any role in Jodi changing her plea from not guilty to a self-defense plea or did it come from Jodi and Jodi alone. In other words, was it a legal ploy dreamed up by her defense team to lessen her chances of getting the death penalty even though she was saying she was innocent? We have to remember Nurmi thought there was a mixture of Jodi’s DNA and Alexander’s DNA mixed together at the death scene and he was mistaken in this belief. But, I believe Nurmi’s mistaken belief affected his relationship with Jodi (i.e., he thought she was guilty) and it affected the way he defended her.

    • troyhaydenfox10 troyhaydenfox10 troyhaydenfox10 JodiArias
      A complaint filed with AZ Bar against #JodiArias atty Kirk Nurmi for details disclosed in his book, other charges. – 2 days ago View More

      I wonder what the “other charges” are. This complaint may hurt Nurmi but it’s not going to help Jodi. Or, am I missing something? Maybe, there’s something in the other charges that will help her.

      • I expect it will be quite good for Jodi’s appeals if her lead attorney is disbarred for gross violation of his duties to his client post-conviction. Even if that’s not logically an appellate issue, it’s the kind of thing that could move an appellate court (especially Federal) to overturn the conviction on other grounds. As Al said here long ago: appellate courts that really want to dump a conviction can almost always find some issue to hang their judgment on.

        • Karlie ‏@KaKaKaKarlie 23 hours ago
          @troyhaydenfox10 When will there be more info available on the complaint filed? Is there a normal timeline? TIA

          Troy Hayden ‏@troyhaydenfox10 20 hours ago
          @KaKaKaKarlie 6 weeks until Bar decides whether or not to investigate further. If so, then about 6 months until investigation is complete.

  8. 415.
    ORDERED: Request for Management Conference and Briefing Schedule (Appellant) = DENIED. Anthony Mackey ProTem
    Judge – Author


    Freedom is when we have the courage to speak out what we know is true, do what we feel is right, and fight for what we think is unfair. One shouldn’t really fight for freedom; rather, they should try to achieve it.
    ~~~ Unknown

    …..and on that note, WE WILL!!!!

  10. 416.
    FILED: Motion to Supplement the Record and Motion to Extend Time for Filing Opening Brief; Certificate of Service (Appellant

  11. Hey Jodi! Miss your beautiful face doll! I’m going through a bad divorce right now will be writing contributing more soon I promise! Love you girl! Heather from Detroit Michigan

  12. I watched many videos on YouTube of Jodi’s trial.i saw remorse in her many times.i don’t see her as evil..I hope she has been or will be offered professional help if it is available,if she could..I am sorry for both families in this whole thing..I see her as a beautiful soul and she deserves kindness not eternal hatred..god bless her..

  13. I loved it when Sandy Arias revealed how Jodi used to protect kids from being bullied in school. Jodi has a big BIG HEART. Thank you Sandy for bringing that delightful fact up .

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