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It looks like evergreen bad-parent & butthurt pedo-hugger Troy Hayden is up to his old tricks once again folks.

This time, he’s stating that a particular set of videos were “shared” here on this website. Here’s the excerpt from his post of earlier today:

troy hayden pedo-hugger 2

troy hayden pedo-hugger 1

The fact is, the videos were not listed or shared on this website.

I sent him the following email to call him out on his latest lies & BS:

—–Original Message—–
From: SJ / Team Jodi
Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2015 9:28 AM
Subject: RE: Hawaii Boys and Girls Club


I write with reference to the report published earlier today, (3/17), on

Now… while we are always appreciative of free publicity & additional traffic to our site, the fact of the matter is – you know yourself that the at the time you posted your report (@12:42am MST, 3/17), the “Hawaii” video (or a link to the video) had never been mentioned or posted on the JAII website in any format.

I therefore suggest you update your report accordingly to reflect this error on your part.

Alternatively, if you have a screenshot of the video (or a link to the video) posted on JAII *prior* to 12:42am MST, I further suggest you validate your report by updating it accordingly.

Following on from your release of Jodi’s “Like a Prayer” video a few weeks ago, you have continually proven yourself to be an all-round piece of shit pedo-hugger when it comes to reporting on Jodi’s trial. Your latest escapade simply reiterates that fact.

Team Jodi #WINNING

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I’ll keep you posted on developments.

Following on from my post – “Child Sex Abuse, Chris Hughes & Soldier Hollow Charter School” back in May 2013 — it’s a shame Troy doesn’t devote some of his time to finding out the real reason why Chris Hughes’ name & mugshot suddenly disappeared from the Soldier Hollow Charter School website following that infamous “breaking news” story on Utah.

Click the pic below to read the article & watch the video if you missed my post the first time around…

child sex scandal - Solider Hollow Charter School - Chris Hughes, Vice Chair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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In the meantime…

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Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

Leave your thoughts & comments below…

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  1. Troy, please remove the hair curlers, take off your house robe and put on a pair of trousers, ffs! Grow up and stop acting like a bored gossiping housewife straight out of the ‘60’s! Grow a fucking pair, dude.

    Right now in AZ there are headlines for the following stories:

    • “Phoenix police assemble dedicated mental-health squad”
    • “Police: 3 dead following high-speed crash in Phoenix”
    • “Man dead for days near Loop 101 lived life of service”
    • “Triple fatal canal crash in W. Valley”
    • “Avondale police: Man arrested after chase, altercation”
    • “Scottsdale man is critical after near-drowning at pool”
    • “AZ Supreme Court will decide whether to consider Debra Milke case”

    And yet Troy is out on his own revenge for anything connected to Jodi Arias. Instead of reporting about serious things happening, troy prefers to work with clueless haters without even checking if what they give him are true or false.

    I imagine Troy Hayden is devastated because Jodi didn’t get the Death Penalty, she declined giving him an interview, he was brushed off by family members too, but come on now, he is taking advantage of his job to spew vile and revengeful rumors. He should stop using his profession for personal issues.

    He has made a laughing stock of himself and is making FOX10 look ridiculous.

    You have been rejected by Jodi Arias and her family because you are not a serious professional reporter. You brought this on to yourself troy. So go put on your big boy panties and stop slacking around you lazy fucking bum. Get to work: The work you are getting paid for you idiot: Reporting real news instead of spreading rumors.

    Troy you are obsessed with Jodi. Move on already you freakazoid.

    • Perfectly stated, Pandora.

      It is horrible the way he preys upon Jodi, and it is inexcusable that he reports false information, and his employer should not condone false reporting.

    • ***** Pan

      Some reporters aspire to the greatness of a Walter Kronkie, and some are relegated to the trash heap of reporters ending up at the Globe if they’re lucky.

      Guess which one spells out your destiny Hayden

  2. Good morning my ((((Jodi)))) family!! OK I realize I may have been in lala land the last week … I don’t understand what this is all about. But anytime anyone wants to take Troy out is fine with me. Great job SJ and Pandora!!!!

      • because the videos have all been pulled, Cindy –

        and I might be wrong, but I *think* the major issue -the reason the videos were pulled and the reason the youth leader was fired -has less to do with Jodi and more to do with the fact that children’s images were in the video and were posted to social media without parental consent

        but that’s just my guess, I refuse to try to track the story at the FOX source because they’re the irresponsible rag that ran with the story to begin with

          • Thanks Vicky. Now I understand. It’s sad to say the least. But she should have shown the video to the parents before posting it. The subject matter was excilent.

            On the other hand how many of the parents have their kiddos pictures plastered all over fb.

  3. Troy is just pissed that Jodi doesn’t want anything to do with him. AZ is full of grown cry babies…..Troy is simply following suit………….

    Hey, Troy – got a secret crush going on??


    • Even after Jodi showed him great respect when he interviewed her at the end of the first phase of the trial. Jodi showed her remorse for her part in Travis’s death. She also showed great concern for Troy’s daughters for their future. He should think about it. . .what has happened to Jodi could happen to his own daughters. . .then I wonder how he would want the drama to play out? What goes around comes around Troy. Never say never. SMH

        • Yes Maria, Troy has daughters and Jodi showed great concern for their wellbeing in the Raw video . . .you know the one where he thanked Jodi for helping his career! ? ! ? Phfffft! 🙁

  4. I’m going to throw this out here and hope that you all understand.

    I’m of a mind that for the time being that Jodi does not do anymore interviews. She stays off social media. Not that she can due to Joe.
    It is my pray that a attorney will see what we see and do her appeals pro bono. No attorney wants her client to talk to the media unless they are present.

    Please don’t get me wrong I do feel Jodi does have a right to talk, but does it benefit
    her to have the media turn her words against her?? Silence is Golden. Hopefully the likes of Troy and the nag will just crawl under the rock that they came out from.

    I’m praying that JSS will do the right thing but I also know that God his plan for Jodi.

    • I understand what you mean Cindy. I’m continually astounded that anything that is posted anywhere (even private pages) makes its way onto twitter and the media. No matter how innocent the posts are, they are twisted and commented on in horrendous ways.

      The twit twats cry about children and Jodi but fail to realize that they can and do read their terrible posts.

    • Cindy,

      I’ve never been a fan of Jodi giving interviews or being out on social media. It’s just never a good idea. It can hurt her appeals too. Like you, it is her right if she chooses, but not something I would personally ever recommend to anyone facing criminal charges. It’s best to keep silent and not give the other side something to use against you. How many times does it come back to bite people in the arse…….ALOT!

      • BB, I really do understand why she did it. She was in a place that no one believed her. I’m quite sure that is why her DT was so upset and wanted to throw in the towel.

        We they found out Jodi wasn’t lying thank you BN. What a flippen mess. Well no matter what anyone says KN and JW did do their job and saved Jodi’s life. I’m not sure that #17 would have hung the jury if they hadn’t had the expert witnesses they did. If nothing else came out of the computer testimony they proved Jodi didn’t lie and proved that JM is a lying corrupt scumbag.

        I don’t know if there is any recourse #17 can take for slander or not but I hope she looks into it.

        What this strong woman went through those five days is unacceptable and what is frightening is it probably happens every day.

    • Great news for Debra Milke indeed!

      I could just be wrong, wrong, wrong, but as I understand it at the moment, Perryville will not, or rather does not I suppose, allow any media interviews. I read so many articles in the last week and a half my head is spinning!

      Also, I know somewhere I read that at least a few of her friends who have been banned from video and in person visits at Maricopa County, will also carry over and be denied at Perryville going forward.( Iam disabled and so I read alot, online and books.) If I read something different, I will update

    • Cindy, I too don’t want Jodi to give any interviews. It’s pointless anyways. Whatever Jodi says, the haters have a way of twisting it around making her look bad.

      • Geraldo Rivera is the only person who Jodi should let interview her because he’s the only journalist out there who was against her getting the DP from the get go!

    • I agree Cindy, I hope Jodi will never speak to the media again. They have proved they do not want to know the truth only self promoting is their game. They will pay for their lack of compassion for those less fortunate.

    • Thank you CC53. Yup perhaps this will wake the taxes payers up. Corruption flows through the hall of “justice” like lint balls..
      Hey JM this is going to be you when Jodi gets done with you!!!!

    • Go Debra!

      Maricopa County needs to clean house and it’s gonna take a few dozen HAZMAT teams to do it. But it’s not gonna get done at all if the corruption stays hidden. Blow the lid off, I say!

      (and, um, not for nothin’, but AZCentral might do with a bit of cleaning too – or at least make sure Ms. Halloran’s editor isn’t sleeping and/or drinking on the job. Halloran appears to have had the same english teacher as Scoopy)

    • They had absolutely no physical evidence against Milke right? It was 2 guys who actually are actually guilty of the crime and a cop falsely accusing her, right?

    • Good for Debra! It’s not enough that AZ ruined her life, stole the best years of her life, never let her grief for her son as a mother should, they still want a piece of her.

      I hope Debra wins all the lawsuits and makes all those clowns pay for what they have done to her.


    • Spot On Pandora! ♥ Absolutely Perfect for the Trash Talking Media! They are the very ones who helped create this mess of this injustice in the Arias/Alexander tragedy. Hope they all are headed for the bean soup line. . .better yet maybe they can enjoy some of Sheriff Joe’s slop. It would their “just” dessert.

    • PERFECT PANDORA! That should be the theme song for all of the “news” channels. I can’t even stand watching the news…even the frickin’ weather reports have to be over the top sensational. 🙄

  5. Now we need a lawyer for slander and defamation of our character. This is one of the characters who keeps saying he wants to move on from this story, but instead he runs with any BS that the haters throw to him. Get your factoids straight and be responsible TH!

  6. What a low class media jockey that Troy Hayden is. Can’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Very glad SJ took him on over his b.s. because all those trial death penalty flag wavers believe anything he says. This is the latest in what I believe we will see more of,– inaccurate, sensational, reporting from whatever you call these guys in the media world. Shame on them.

    • Juror 17 sounds quite intelligent. When I hear her speak there is something about her that I absolutely admire. The other jurors didn’t hear her because they didn’t want to hear her. She is the only juror I have heard who spoke of the EVIDENCE being a basis for her findings. She put her emotions aside and used reason and rationale in making her decision. She has become a victim of abuse because she held strong. She should be commended for her fortitude

      • I was moved by her talking about taking refuge in the bathroom praying to God for guidance! I didn’t hear any one else mention doing that, did you? She truly was a Miracle and didn’t even know it. ♥

        • I was moved by that as well…just imagine what she must have been up against! Those bullies deciding she wasn’t worthy!!…they actually wanted to swap her out…OMG! After they tried that I would have cried…seeking refuge in the bathroom…poor thing….but I guess she wasn’t alone 😉

          • Gives you goose bumps doesn’t it. That is something the Haters just do not get. They don’t understand. I pray they do before it is too late for each one of them.

    • Even if she did, who could blame her?

      Strike that. We know the answer to that: heartless, brainless twits

      Who with a brain and a heart could blame her? A hoard of heartless, brainless twits have set out to destroy the brave woman who saved her life.

      I think I’d have a bit of a meltdown, too.

      • I would have fell apart a long time before now if I were Jodi! ♥ God Love Her!!!! She has been abused by so many for so long she couldn’t handle it. . . if God wasn’t with her to protect her every move. I am thankful everyday that she has been able to survive the abuse that she has been drug through and subjected to. Shame on the Haters, Shame on the Media and Shame on the Arizona Justice System for wrongly convicting her from only protecting herself from a vicious attack.
        ARIZONA YOU GOT IT WRONG ONCE AGAIN!!! How about investigating that Troy Hayden? Oh sorry, I’m bad, that would actually take some one with intelligence and guts! Hmmm SMH

    • It’s plain rumors. Jodi is fine. No break downs, no beatings, no nothing. She’s been restricted before. Nothing different than this time. Haters gotta spread rumors to make their life dramatic and full.

      It goes sth like this: My best friend’s cousin’s friend that heard it from her boyfriend that heard it from his girlfriend’s sister that heard it from her hairstylist’s sister-in-law that heard it from the supermarket cashier that heard it at the bus station while going to work… SO IT MUST BE TRUE, right? 😆

      • Yup, that rumour has gone full circle and now the guy that was pushing it a few days ago as quite possible is now saying it did not happen and is supposedly quoting MDRL. I was worried about her and it is a big relief to hear that it’s not true.

        Anything that Hayden reports is always preceded on the tweeter feed by the rumor of the day from CA$H, Chatty and Pyrite. I hope they all end up in libel court.

  7. Just when one thinks Troy Haden can’t stoop any lower….. voila!!!

    Troy, you are a disgrace! You are NOTHING more than a gossiper who should get a talk show on celeb’s latest shopping sprees – would suit you better than PRETENDING you’re a reporter. Coz you AREN’T!!

    It’s simple: Troy has sources who just so happen to be VERY mean girls and boys who HATE HATE JAII. I know this for a fact. Everything that goes on, it’s JAII’s fault. So it appears mr Hayden was contacted by one of these mean mean girls and boys, was given a SS/link, was told it is the deed of the evil JAII people…….and Troy ran with it WITHOUT even checking. PA-THE-TIC! And disgusting.

    A woman lost her job, Troy. FOX10 should consider firing you too, for NOT checking your facts and your “sources” but just relying on some obsessed haters’ words.

    • The only words that come to mind when I think of Troy Hayden are words I don’t use.


      Even evil twin doesn’t use them.

      He is lower than low. Just like his sources.

    • Troy boy is getting very close to having liability problems if he failed to do his due diligence and check his facts/sources…….can anyone say LIBEL AND SLANDER !!!!! It is gross negligence to not check sources and facts before you print and publish false accusations against someone……

    • Ahhhh Maria, all of those claiming to have ‘sources’ have been manipulated by ‘the alcoholic, the hooker & the gypsy’. We saw the gypsy confirming that it was him that gave his ‘true’ facts to that examiner chick and we know how reliable the gypsy is when it comes to saying the truth (remember he is a pathological liar).

      I’m betting that if all these ‘reporters’ (using the word ‘reporter’ really loosely) compared their sources, they’d come up with the same source… THE ALCOHOLIC, THE HOOKER AND THE PATHOLOGICAL LYING GYPSY.

  8. Sue them all into bankruptcy !! The hiding/failure to disclose to the DT of exculpatory evidence is what the 9th circuit overturned this case on……

    …………Jodi will be free once again…………


  10. And btw, HELLO EVERYONE 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I have been slowly getting through the videos on youtube….and boy it is slow going especially listening to the small man……….

    Nurmi has obtained on record Det Flores’ perjury….Flores testified that everything he testified to in the Chronis Hearing in 2009 was the TRUTH……and then Nurmi has Det Flores’ testimony in 2013 that he used his own opinion in that Chronis Hearing – a clear admission of perjury…….and then Nurmi has Det Flores changing his story on the order of injuries and the basis for those injuries THREE TIMES !!!

    1) Story number One – Gunshot first – based on observations/conversations with Dr. Horn and using Dr. Horn’s opinion during the Chronis hearing in 2009
    2) Story number two – Gunshot last – based on a so-called misunderstanding of what Dr. Horn stated….but Flores admitted during his 2013 testimony that he used his own opinion instead of Dr. Horn’s opinion during the Chronis hearing thereby admitting perjury – and this admission is the important part bc Det Flores was specifically used during the Chronis hearing by the state to testify about Dr. Horn’s opinions and Det Flores clearly stated during that hearing that he was giving Dr. Horn’s opinions so his admission under oath in 2013 that he was giving his own opinions during that hearing is an admission of perjury
    3) Story number three – Gunshot last – based partially on the story that Jodi told him during his initial interviews in 2008 about the intruders – this was a BRAND NEW alteration that he asserted during this retrial to his previous two stories

    And Nurmi points out during this retrial that Det Flores seemed to be willing to change his story whenever Juan Martinez needed him to….asking him when did they (meaning Juan Martinez and Det Flores) come up with this new story…..of course, Det Flores denies this…….

    And you may be asking why make up a new story about basing your opinion of the order of injuries partially on Jodi’s story of the intruders….bc I believe that

    1) Juan Martinez needed to rehabilitate Det Flores so his perjury doesn’t look quite so bad and who better to blame your perjury on than Jodi Arias – you know kind of like, “The devil made me do it, the devil made me do it” old line BUT as Nurmi pointed out Det Flores NEVER BELIEVED THE INTRUDER STORY TO BEGIN WITH !!!! So supposedly basing his opinion of the order of injuries partially on that story is NONSENSE !!!! AND CHANGING HIS STORY 7 YEARS LATER IS ABSURD !!!!…..

    and I believe 2) Det Flores is doing the old CYA now in order to try to fend off possible perjury charges and to try to help persuade the appellate courts (who will be looking at all this mess) that they should not overturn the trial verdict/sentence…….

    Just my thoughts and my opinions of what I have heard so far on the taped retrial testimony…… and once again you can NOT lie your way into a death penalty aggravator….the appellate courts will not be fooled by any of this………and simply bc Jodi did not receive the death penalty does not negate the fact that the perjured testimony given to obtain the death aggravator denied Jodi her constitutional rights to a fair trial……the outcome could have been far different….and Jodi is due to have her trial verdict vacated and remanded for a new trial……..

    • You also should keep in mind that during the Chronis hearing in 2009 the court rejected all death penalty aggravators except one: “cruelty” …… even with all the other facts the court had with regard to all the injuries, it rejected all aggravators except that one… Det Flores’ testimony during this hearing was critical and necessary to obtain that one death penalty aggravator……..

      • BB great post. It really made me stop and think about JSS. She has to know that they pperjured themselves. She was listening to the same testimony as everyone else. So I’m thinking in my simple little mind that there just might be a possibility that she might sentence Jodi to 25 years with the possibility of release. She has to know that the verdict is going to be overturned.

        I just do not understand how all these people who perjured themselves on the stand are still walking free??

        • Juan Martinez, Det Flores, Judge Sherry Stevens, Michael Melendez, etal….all know the truth…like I have said before court proceedings can be a soul-sacrificing endeavour………IMHO all the above had sacrificed their souls in the pursuit of a win……and in their case the ends will definitely NOT justify the means as they will beg for mercy when they are before the ultimate judge of all and will receive none as it is said,

          “Many will say to me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I NEVER KNEW YOU; DEPART FROM ME YE WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS!’

          IMHO these have practiced LAWLESSNESS and will not escape the consequences…..


    It seems that sheriff joe is shitting his pants. He admitted in wrong-doings and promises to make up for them. I really do hope that he doesn’t get away with it with only a slap on the wrist. He is such a psychopath that he wanted to sue the president of America. Now that is madness. It doesn’t matter what anyone votes: the matter of the fact is that sheriff joe thinks he is more powerful than the president? I think arpaio might be on heavy duty drugs hallucinating.

  12. Morning!!! It’s a great day for Debra. How do you put a price on 22 years of your life?? Well AZ you better wake up!!!
    I pray that she goes for the highest amount that is possible. Money can not buy back your life but at least she can live out her life in comfort as far away from AZ as she can get.

    OK when I posted what the other side was reporting about Jodi having a break down, I also knew it was BS. I never ever believe anything I read anyplace else!! They are just trying to stir the pot, keep the hate going. I wonder if Troy stays awake at night thinking of another breaking news story to report?? I don’t understand how he keeps his job.

    As far as Sheriff Joe goes, IMO he is spilling lies about Jodi to deflex off from himself and the trouble he’s in. He’s seeing Jodi for political gain. He is one sick, disgusting old man who needs to live out his life eating pink Bologna and wearing pink underwear. I think the tents would be a good place for him.

    Jodi stand tall….know God has this!!!

  13. Morning peeps. Been busy for a while but sort of kept up with what was going on here.

    It seems apparent to just about everyone except the jury and JSS that the whole Flores/Horn/JM kerfuffle was a textbook case of suborned perjury. This is a classic case of what Alan Dershowitz calls testilying. Somewhere, somehow, some court will take them to task for it – or so I hope.

    I don’t know if any of you read the Debra Milke complaint, but JM made it into it as a shining paragon of prosecutorial misconduct and the failure of the powers that be to control prosecutorial misconduct.

    I hope the section 1983 Monnell claims in the Milke case make someone at the County Attorney’s office or the County board/council wake up to what’s going on there. I suspect it’s going to end up costing Maricopa County a pretty penny before its all said and done.

    I have been fixated of late on what went on with the whole Melendez/pictures thing and I went back and listened to his testimony. Something caught my attention that leads me to believe that JM pulled off another masterpiece of prosecutorial misdirection and subterfuge there.

    If you listen to him very carefully, you will notice that the questions he asks Melendez about the presence of porn are very specific – he says, “Did you find any pictures of women naked above the waist?” and “Did you find any pictures of women’s breasts?” Later he extrapolates that to no porn. That was the same question he asked Lonnie Dworkin (about the women’s breasts). He was extremely specific. Makes me wonder if he knew about the porn on there, and whether that actually showed women’s breasts. Remember, since his arguments to the jury are not testimony he can extrapolate till he’s blue in the face and not commit perjury.

    I’m still concerned about those pictures, but I just couldn’t find any testimony that would actually allow one to make any decisions one way or another.

    Moving on to Mr Hayden, remember he works for Fox news, the home of such luminaries as Bill O’Riley, William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer. Would you be surprised to find the occupant of a kennel barking? Then why waste your time on the journalistic integrity of anyone working for Fox News?

    • Al, you are right why are we wasting out time on anyone from Fox’s?? Grrrrrr

      OK so we all know how JM worded his questions about “women’s breasts”. So I think he knew there was porn/child porn on the computer. I’m not sure why or what your still on the fences about??

      • Hey Cindy, How’s the shoulder?

        I’m just wondering aloud if JM knew about the whole porn/virus thing and that’s why he worded those questions that way – or whether that was just coincidence. That’s sort of a “snarky” (knew I could work that in somewhere) way of saying liar, liar pants on fire.

        • Oh thanks!! I’m fine go to the docs tomorrow. It was more of a pinched nerve thing. They just moved it, like in carpal tunnel surgery. Not a big deal just can uses my right arm or hand.

    • Yes, Al, it is all a semantics game….I too made note of the exact wording of his questions and by his specific questioning you can conclude that Juan Martinez knew exactly that there was porn on the computer…he asked specific questions that he already knew the answers to….this is the reason that the original 2008 mirror image was hidden from the DT for 6 years….this is just one of the Brady violations that the state has committed, and prosecutorial misconduct, and perjury, etc….the appellate courts already know who Juan Martinez is and I believe will act on these violations….Verdict vacated and dismissed with prejudice or remanded……

  14. This is in response to Jefferey Markstan from several days ago about appeals projects taking on Jodi’s case. Hate to say but I told you so.

    The problem with all these pro bono projects and groups is that they will only take on cases where there is a clear claim of “no involvement”. The issue with Jodi is, that if you are to believe her sworn testimony, she was involved. Now the issue turns out to be whether it was self defense or some other thing. In fact that is what KN argued in his closing. So while she is not guilty of the charges levied against her, there is still a question of what exactly happened – and I fear none of these groups will touch that case. Their modus operandi relies on being able to find new evidence (whether direct like DNA, or some way to refute the state’s evidence) and then take it to the prosecutor’s office. When they go to an appeals court they have both sides present the same case (i.e. the prosecution agrees). This then lets the appeals court make a quick and easy determination. Most of these folks are not going to hang around for 10-15 years with prolonged court battles.

    I believe Jodi’s case will be a prolonged battle. Heck given the Milke suit if the state acknowledges any sort of wrong doing in this case both Jodi and Milke will be the owners of Maricopa County. So this is going to be a dogged fight.

    Since the appeals will cost a butt load of money, and the state pays for the first one, and PCR, it might behoove someone to consider using a consultant, or even mass consulting (as in reach out to the public) to help the public appointed attorney on those first ventures and then see where that goes, possibly saving money for the later appeals given that the AZ court of appeals rarely overturns verdicts. Have to give it a good college try, but be ready to fight a long battle.

  15. This case scares the hell out of me bc if evidence can be hidden, falsified in this case, it can be for anyone else too. The State is corrupt. JUAN MARTINEZ is CORRUPT and so is his lap dog, Detective Flores.

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