My Reply To Kirk Nurmi’s BS

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This past weekend, Kirk Nurmi tweeted some wayward BS.

Check it out:

kirk nurmi BS tweet


Here’s my reply:


It’s sad to see you making an ass of yourself on Twitter again.

If I remember rightly, you were celebrating victory in your TV interview outside the court house on verdict day… and that’s fine. No probs.

We’re currently celebrating the fact that Jodi survived the vicious & unprovoked attack unleashed on her by an abusive pedo POS animal on June 4th 2008 – just as we’ve done for the past 3 years and just as we’ll continue to do.

We’ve never celebrated anyone’s death, nor will we. That’s not what we’re about.

The fact is, you didn’t have the balls to do the job you were paid to do, and you missed a lot of the critical evidence that would and should have seen Jodi duly acquitted. That was shabby & piss-poor on your part… and it’s nobody’s fault but your own. Deal with it accordingly.

In the meantime, we’ll carry on with our mission. You can STFU and carry on doing what you do best… whatever that might be.

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

PS. While your recent & well-trumpeted weight loss efforts are commendable – the same cannot be said for your defense attorney skills… so the next time you take on a case, grow a pair first, ffs.

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In the meantime…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

Leave your thoughts & comments below…

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. How unprofessional. I don’t understand why Kirk Nurmi would feel the need to waste his time on what we’re doing (btw, we’re not supporters. We’re friends that SUPPORT Jodi).

    Of course, he didn’t get what our post & comments were all about. But why would he? He was indifferent towards Jodi all through both trials. If he had paid more attention to what we wrote, maybe he would have done a better job at defending Jodi instead of picking his nose and daydreaming of donuts during trial.

    A lawyer is respected depending on his actions. Ethics is one major thing that Nurmi should work on. His opinion of Jodi, her friends and family should be kept to himself.

    It’s surprising that although Nurmi wanted off Jodi’s case and filed multiple motions to be excused from it, now after a few months that the case is over, he’s still dwelling on ‘all things Jodi’.

    Has K. Nurmi gone ‘cold turkey’ and he’s going though some sort of withdrawal syndrome? Funny how they all said they couldn’t wait for the trial to be over and yet, they’re all hanging onto every single post and comment associated with Jodi.

    Mr Nurmi, I friendly suggest you focus on your present clients instead of dwelling on Jodi and her friends. You did your damage, now move on.

      • I just added a new “Question to Ponder” to the Summary page:

        Why would anyone leaving a crime scene at approximately six in the evening (when a whole neighborhood might be arriving home from work) think it is a great plan, after just killing someone, to be squatting down, reattaching a license plate when, as the State contends, the whole purpose of removing them was to make the car unidentifiable, untraceable and certainly unassociated with her?

          • He dropped the ball way too many times. He was such a disappointment; such amateur work. At least he kept a good record, filing all those motions. Will come in handy for appeals.

    • Well… if he’d been monitoring this site during the first trial, he wouldn’t have done such a piss-poor job at defending Jodi. What a tosser.

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

    • When nurmi said to the jury, you may not like her, I don’t,
      he lost me then. What an asshole!
      Imagine how Jodi must have felt???
      AND he’s talking about what some site is saying??

      Seems like the asshole is putting more time in Jodi now than he did
      during her trial.
      He’s just proving, what we all knew.
      He has more time to tweet about past cases that HE didn’t want on,
      than he did during her trial.

      • Aly, I agree 100% with you. He’s just upset because he lost publicity… How is he going to score a new case if he doesn’t stay in the media attention? And what topic better than ‘Jodi related topics’ can he use to be of any interest… pfff. What a waste of space.

  2. WTF? Another one who keeps using Jodi’s name to gain popularity. He also used her name to peddle some weight loss thing, disgusting!

    • Ha! Yes. Vicky, they all are helpless w/o Jodi. She made a name for many: her DT, reporters, bloggers, TV channels… they should pay her.

  3. I mentioned to Jodi during a video visit that I thought that Nurmi was doing a much better job in this second trial. Her response to me was, yes he was doing some better than in first trial, but make no mistake he is still the same Nurmi he was the first time around.

    Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Thanks Ray! Just as I thought. I believe it stems from business is bad and he is trying to beat the doors down looking for new clients. Who would want him to represent them after seeing how Jodi’s trial was handled by him? Pretty bad publicity IMO. Like I said before he should have stuck to Public Defending where they don’t have a choice in their representation. Although, he appeared to be performing better in the second trial it fell on deaf ears. Tragic out of a room full of Officers of the Law and people who were there to perform their civic duties as jurors, there was only one woman that actually did her job and realized Jodi didn’t deserve the DP. One can only imagine what would have happened if the TRUTH had been presented to the World during that trial. There are so many that should have to pay for their crimes of injustice during this trial. The list is a long one.

      • R, the point was for him to represent Jodi the best he could in the first trial. Before the verdict. But he was too busy thinking he could become famous like Jose Baez… what he didn’t realize was that Jose actually did the job he was hired to do! He put soul and heart in Casey’s case and that’s why there was no hung jury and she was found not guilty!


    Honest criticism is hard to take, particularly from a relative, a friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger.
    ~~~~~~ Franklin P. Jones

  5. Glad you responded to his twitter SJ. He is capitalizing for his business. He is trying to turn things around for himself. It does confirm for me, he never had a heart for defending Jodi. Another good reason for ineffecitive counsel for appeal. That is really a sad state of affairs for a lawyer to make twitter statements like that.

    • Just an interesting bit of trivia from Wikipedia: “Snowflake is a town in Navajo County, Arizona, United States. It was founded in 1878 by Erastus Snow and William Jordan Flake, Mormon pioneers and colonizers.” (Also, the junior U.S. Senator from Arizona is Jeff Flake.)

    • Justus, at least they are being decent about their opinion on Nurmi. It was obvious that they too saw the sloppy job he did defending his client… I’m sure that not one of them wouldn’t want to be represented by Nurmi if ever needed, just like we wouldn’t want him to either.

  6. Let nurmi talk….kinda glad he missed the last day…but as always a WOMAN stood up for JODI.And if he,s reading this …kirk I sent you mail and you refused it …TWICE. Could it have helped….well we,ll never know. Sometimes a person just has to put people before $$$…..try it next time. you allowed the state to RAILROAD HER in the GREATEST SHOWTRIAL in all time…think not ,compare the two…ARTIST,WORDSMITH,SINGER..and a young LADY who always tried to do right by others…STILL does has SHE not FORGAVE HER abuser….I,m not sure when SHE will forgive you…but SHE will. And then there,s t.v.a…..what a great man who used all he ever met…oh they will remember him as the guy who was always there looking for a loan…..kirk you know that you should have done your DUTY no matter the mob….MEN do just that. Not easy….but GOOD never is… EVIL showed you in that court. Really just move on,PLEASE and let a WOMAN save HER!

    • Do you really think nurmi is having communication with these vulgar hideous pee on’s over the 2 hole wonder (ta) ? These idiots are so delusional!!! Ate up with dumb ass ! 😉

      • Just want to make myself clear.. the idiots/dumb ass is the ta saps! THEY ARE SO HIDEOUS!! Its been over 7 years bitches! On another note.. Do you know how to break the ta trolls fingers? Kick them in their nose and butts! LOL ahaaahahahhhaaa

        • I don’t understand how you are helping Jodi by calling the supporters of Travis Alexander names. I would hope we are more civilized than that. Isn’t the goal to successfully win appeals. Calling others names doesn’t help. It would be better to use your time to look carefully for appeal issues. Just my opinion.

          • fanciful you certainly are entitled to your own opinion as we all are. But we have gone through enought BS the past few years that we as a group have had enough.

            This isn’t a group of children who are squabbling back and forth. It’s gone way beyond that.

            So I do understand what you are saying but perhaps if you knew the history you would understand.

            God blessing to Jodi!!!

          • It would have been wonderful if the haters hadn’t first started the name calling. Things would have been different through out the whole trial. The TA’s friends, TA’s family, the media, the state all found it acceptable to sling the mud with the unjustifiable name calling towards Jodi. Some times it appears that is all “they” understand IMO. Perhaps we can get carried away with our dedication to defending our friend Jodi BUT Jodi deserves to be defended!!!!!! ♥

          • Fanciful, it seems that you know shit all. Pardon my french. I think you’re on the wrong site… If you actually spent time reading here, you’d see that we are here to support Jodi and not make this site into a drama bullshit site. Go troll elsewhere, hun.

          • I agree with you, fanciful, there is no need to call anyone names or to defame anyone at all; the focus should be on a search for the truth and appealable issues. You are not a troll just because you call for civility. Civility in the search for the truth is highly commendable.

          • fanciful! You’ve said a mouthful. I’m not a Travis “supporter”, nor am I someone who calls Jodi names. I am anti-DP; across the board. From my vantage point, I think there are Jodi supporters who DO NOT name call, do not denigrate Travis, and believe that Jodi should receive a certain amount of punishment. I’ve met a couple of them. It’s never made sense to me how this case has brought out the absolute worst of human nature. Jodi needs supporters, for sure. Flinging mud at others who don’t agree with you is not support, IMO. It makes no sense that prosecution supporters are “pedo-huggers” or “Traviturds”, etc. There IS middle ground on this case. I’ll never, never, never understand the vitriol and middle-school antics. Knowing what we know about Jodi’s personality, I would surmise she would be embarrassed and horrified by the carnival of the absurd that her case has created.

            • Hi Veronica. It’s nice to see you here.

              “Flinging mud at others who don’t agree with you is not support, IMO.” – You are absolutely right! SJ that has created this site is a poster child when it comes to people that have been slandered, that has had mud thrown at him, that has been attacked. I’m sure you’ve seen all those childish fb pages that were created just to drag him through the mud. Where large groups of idiots take turns attacking him.

              Believe me, he could have turned this site into an ‘out all of you fuckers’ site. But he didn’t. And rest assure that he has sooo much info on all of those people that would make their heads turn.

              I’d like to add, that there are certain people (me included) that have been brutally verbally attacked and humiliated by what I call HATERS. Haters because their only goal in ‘Jodiland’ is to cause trouble, drama and shit stirring. You’ve seen the hate I’m talking about 😉 So there do come times that we reach our breaking point and need to reply to those haters, not because we like the back and forth but because we all have a tolerance limits to attacks. Especially when they become personal (outing personal info, telephones, addresses, names, jobs, etc.).

              I will name friends that have had a lot of trouble because of this:
              1. Jeff Mills. Massively attacked. They stooped as low as calling his job with the intent of getting him fired because he dared support Jodi.
              2. Sirlips. Massively attacked. They also called his job to get him fired because he supported Jodi. They also hacked into his computer and took ss from personal convo’s with his girlfriend outing her name as well…
              3. Tonya. She was massively attacked to the point where she begged for them to leave her alone (if that isn’t abuse, then I don’t know what is!)
              4. Maria Rigadopoulou. Massively attacked. Made fb pages calling her a scammer. Attacking her mother. Attacking her country. Attacking her financial status and making fun of it.
              5. Myself. Even to this day, I get messages from haters threatening me. One of them even said that he’s going to make a fund to collect money so he can fly here (Greece) to come and hurt me. If he ever makes it here, I’d love him to come ring my bell. All he’ll get from me is hospitality.
              6.Older posters here that were attacked for their sexual preferences, race, ethnicity, gender. If that isn’t abusive violence, then I don’t know what is.
              7. Mostly, SJ that takes shit every single day for keeping this site up and for supporting Jodi.

              Using expressions like ‘pedo huggers’ ‘travibans’ or anything like that, is short for ‘people that condone pedophiles’ or ‘people that are on the dark side and only are on travis’ side because they hate Jodi’ (and not because they support travis).

              But if you’re fair, you should refer to all the name callings from the other side towards us….


    “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn
    bushes have roses.” ~~~~ Abraham Lincoln

    Take a moment to write to Jodi and make a donation for appeals. She deserves our help. ♥

    • They can shove their precious lil’ book where the sun doesn’t shine.

      You’re missing the point here, dwight. Sky’s email IS out there for the world to see. The evidentiary hearing where Sky took the stand *was* livestreamed. Whether Sky testified in front of the jury or not, made no difference to the sheeple. They would still buy the book. We’re talking about people who idolize and make a Saint out of an abuser, a person whose OWN WORDS are so sick to the point of making any normal person wanna vomit. Yet, TA fans adore him. So Sky’s word wouldn’t sway them, imho.

      The first jury SHOULD have been present when the CASHES testified, to see them squirming….Too bad they didnt.

  8. The law says an attorney just has to be sufficiently effective; he does not have to be a zealous advocate.
    But does an attorney have the right to ignore substantive and relevant points of law and evidence?
    Is he allowed to let the prosecutor inflame the jury with bogus information and evidence he presents?
    Where does an attorney’s obligation to represent his client lie?
    Does he just ignore the prosecutor’s lies without challenging them?
    Does he ignore the evidence the prosecutor presented and not even have them evaluated by his own expert witness?

    Why didn’t Nurmi or Willmott question the pictures ‘of the crime in progress’ and examine those pictures critically?
    How could Willmott agree that she saw ‘the itty bitty foot’ when she was questioning Horn; when there was no foot at all?

    Gunshot first or last wasn’t as significant as the fact that the PICTURES themselves were a LIE!
    If the pictures had been debunked then the prosecutor had committed a fraud on the court! That is grounds for dismissal of charges!
    Certainly it would have been grounds for an appeal. But the defense attorneys just sat there with their mouths open and never said a word!

    Oh, I get it! They had convinced Jodi to plead self-defense! They AGREED with the prosecutor! What next? They get Jodi to EXPLAIN this to the jury. HOW do you explain a LIE to a jury and make it believable?
    It is impossible; it cannot be done successfully, and it wasn’t successful since obviously it did not convince the Jury.

    • Jodi simply could not have done what the prosecutor said she did; it would have taken more than one person, and it probably did, to accomplish the scenario the prosecutor supposed; maybe even 3 people!

      Where were her defense attorneys?
      Were they awake, did they not realize the implausibility of the prosecutor’s story?
      Poor Jodi! (((JODI))). My heart goes out to her!

      • When Flores arrested Jodi he told her repeatedly that it had to have been the work of more than one person.

      • And remember, Heather, how he kept asking her if she had ‘military’ friends who may have had ‘striped’ pants – that was just another clue to the truth. The ‘prosecutor’s office’ had thought the ‘dragging’ photo could show someone in the service! They thought then it wasn’t Jodi.
        It has been on my mind for a long time that the prosecutor was waiting for Jodi to implicate some other people and that was why Flores sat at the prosecutor’s table; just in case…something like that came up!

  9. I am very concerned if there is a positive outcome of the appeal process and the case is remanded back to the trial court;
    I am concerned that (((Jodi)))’s defense in a new trial will be the same as it was in the original trial: self-defense/justifiable-homicide (for any reason).
    No matter what the reason is for claiming justifiable homicide, for (((Jodi))) it will not work.
    (((Jodi))) did not commit this murder, of that I am positive; too many things point away from her not to her!

    Whoever committed this murder over-killed the victim.
    Whoever committed this murder was furious at the victim: deadly, seriously, furious!
    That would NOT have been (((Jodi Arias)))!
    (((Jodi Arias ))) simply doesn’t get THAT angry!

    Watch her in court. Look at the videos. Even if she is on medications, she never once shows anger, not once, not even just a little bit – throughout the whole trial!
    And, even taking medication in order to keep a person calm, it doesn’t completely keep a person from getting angry, not if that is their usual response to attacks from another person.

    In this case (((Jodi)))’s responded to the aggressive attacks by the prosecutor (the closest thing to what Travis did to her) she responded without anger. Most of the time during that cross-examination she sparred with words; not anger!
    What is her natural reaction when she is badgered? She cries! She hides her face and cries!!!
    (((Jodi) sometimes shows defiance, YES! Anger NO!

    • I have every intention of doing that, R.Love; but I do not want to start off with my concerns. I am far more worried about her well-being right now; she has some healing to do, some reflecting to do, and that is my major concern – that she is strong and healthy. ((RLove))

      • Very true. Jodi would love to hear from you, though. . .I believe that helps her keep strong. You are wonderful at putting your thoughts into words and staying positive and that is what she needs right now. Jodi appreciates everyone truly. . .no matter what their message.

    • The last month before Jodi went into the court room we have no way of knowing what Jodi had been subjected to or without. Sounded like pretty much everything was with held from her. . .personal contact, commissary (which means food that was worth eating), mail, and maybe medications. Her actions in court have always been the subject of the haters talk but under the circumstances that she has been drug through I feel she has handled herself remarkably well. Jodi is the extreme opposite of how the media and the haters have portrayed her to be. Loving, caring, kind, thoughtful, considerate of others, selfless, intelligent and way to trusting of others. The Jodi that the media, the state prosecutor, the detective, the family and friends of TA created never existed. When she was giving her last statement in court and the child cried out. . .she did not give that child an evil look like the haters described, she simply paused looked back in the direction of the commotion and then continued. Yes her face was solemn but what she was up there to say needed to be said. No matter what Jodi has said, done or even thought of doing has been under immense misrepresentation from the haters and the media. She could have blown the child a kiss and they still would have screamed “Monster”. The people who have self inflated themselves up to the top of their pretentious pedestals to look down their noses and spew their vile, ugly comments will all be sorry one day and will certainly be eating “Frog Stew” for breakfast, lunch and dinner. . .I only hope that I might be in the soup line dishing out their portions. I believe the first thing out of my mouth will be “I told you Jodi is innocent, you should have listened.” You know, I might even find the power in me to forgive them. . . if I pray hard enough.
      Poor lost souls……

      • ((((R.Love)))) I applaud you!! Your post is speaking for so many of us!! We are angry but I don’t think any of us are without forgiveness. Least of all Jodi!!!

        • TRUE! Thanks ((((((Cindy)))))!
          Jodi would be the first to offer forgiveness, no doubt about it!!! ♥ (((((JODI)))))

          • PS AND I am certainly angry that this “circus of a trial” has been allowed to be performed in our country! W H Y ???? Self defense is not a CRIME!!!

      • Haters will always exist, RLove; there is nothing anyone can really do for them, so they mean nothing to me. They are a negative force in this universe.It is very hard to understand them, so I do not even try.

        I do not care, nor will I put any effort into trying to find out who, when or why someone killed Travis.
        I just know for sure it wasn’t (((Jodi Arias))).

      • Yes, beautiful post!

        As for looking back when the baby cried, isn’t it convenient that the sheeple saw evil in jodi’s eyes but didn’t say anything or much about Jennifer? She too looked back, it’s what *everyone* would have done; first of all because it is weird for someone to bring a baby in a courtroom (wtf?) . And secondly because it is a reflex, you hear a loud noise you look that way. Period. Haters always look too much into things. We’ve known that for a while. Just like with that photo of Jodi holding a candle, ummmm it’s experimenting , it’s what artists do. But hell no! She was into witchcraft! LMAOOO!

        • maria,
          That’s just a normal response when a baby cries out, like you said.
          Especially where there never is a baby in the courtroom..
          If the judge didn’t look,( AS USUAL ) then she AGAIN wasn’t doing her job.
          In fact she should have asked whoever had the baby, leave the courtroom.

      • Very well said R. About the child crying: I heard from someone that the person that had the child said they purposely pinched the child so it would be a distraction to what Jodi was saying. I don’t know if it’s true or not but considering the previous performances from the group upping and leaving 3 times, the crying running out of the courtroom and all that shit, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true after all…

        P.S. Pinching a baby for distraction? Wtf? Who hurts a child that way? Only an evil person would do evil to a child… Shame on you, if it’s true!

        • Yahoo site talking about the evil stare Jodi supposedly gave the crying baby that replied to me saying yes she was there and that she did it!! I made the comment of one of the ta trolls pinched the baby to make it cry out like that when Jodi had started to speak. It was a chimp name jojo that takes credit for pinching the baby. 🙁

          • And I’m guessing that this person is proud of what he/she did. SMH. Baby abuser is what I’d call him/ her. UsIng a child to get evil things done is unacceptable! CHILDREN ARE OFF LIMITS!

            • Right,
              And like I said the judge should have ordered them to take the baby out.
              Have you ever seen a baby in the gallery at a trial??

              Once, I did and immediately the judge stopped and ordered them out.
              Of course this judge, which I hate to even call her that, is absoluetly
              the worst.

    • Carol Handy and Cindy Jewel have been correct all along. Jodi did not murder Travis and should be set free! We love you Jodi!!!

    • Carol, I too am concerned with the way Jodi should present herself in her appeal. DV/CRIME OF PASSION would be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Jodi put up with ta’s physical/emotional abuse for years! He loved her no doubt but his kind of love hurts so deep. Her emotional hurt was so much worse than physical beatings. Jodi did alot for ta! She cleaned his house, helped him manage his bill payments, like reminders to avoid late charges. Teach him to eat healthy in order to lose weight and feel great! ta liked his new look, gave him a confident new look about his self .. being the user that he was would never of gave Jodi the credit for the new and improved travis. Jodi snapped! When ta raised his voice and started his harsh name calling ” like he did with DR when she was trying to get some of her money back before he left town” ta’s name calling, chocking, kicking, slapping, punching, pushing and not one ounce of gratitude for all Jodi’s forgiveness, love, understanding has done for him! No acknowledgment where due! 🙁 I cant believe the prosecution was allowed to bring in hear say like the doggie door!! LOTS OF HEAR SAY!!! THAT TRIAL WAS PAID FOR BY THE MORMON EMPIRE!There was to much evidence that was never question nor investigated much less brought into trial. CRIME OF PASSION…”YES” COULD JODI HAVE DONE THIS ALL “PHYSICALLY” BY HER SELF? “NO” WAS OTHERS INVOLVED? “YES” Really think about it , how many suspicious deaths were there after ta’s demise. We know for a fact that Jodi’s private investigator was one of them! I think there was 4 or 5! One right after the other amongst a small group of ta’s circle ?!! I think Jodi knows and fears for her life! She truly is in shock over all this wicked ways 🙁

      • It was certainly a crime of passion, pam; on that I will agree. Whoever killed Travis was furious with him; it was ‘over-kill’ to say the least.
        Was Jodi there when the murder was committed? NO!!!
        There most definitely were a number of suspicious suicides (?) around the time of Jodi’s arrest and change of plea.
        There had to be 1-3 people involved in Travis’ murder.
        But as I have said several times before:

        There were no fingerprints at all of Jodi Arias at the crime scene.

        There was no DNA of Jodi Arias’ that could be profiled; the State’s expert said she had no idea how long Jodi’s DNA had been there and no way of telling how long it had been there.

        The pictures supposedly showing the ‘crime in action’ are bogus, not showing a body being dragged at all – this information coming from Jade who posted the picture which, when lightened significantly, shows the prosecutor was lying.

        A dead body begins to smell badly from decomposition about 36 hours after death; Enrique Cortez told Detectives he smelled something bad on Monday, June 9th.
        Do the math!!

        Jodi would have had to travel at excessive speeds, through towns and winding roads, to reach the point where her cell phone was ‘pinged’ by the tower. This is an unrealistic story. Her version of the trip as told to Detective Flores during her interrogation can be traced on MapQuest and is far more realistic.

      • PLUS:
        Jodi claimed her innocence vehemently for hours, if not days, during her interrogation.
        The transcripts of the interrogation Jodi was put through show vividly just how she was ‘guilted’ into writing a letter to the grandmother; as soon as she complied with the detectives ‘guilting’ her into doing that she placed herself at the scene; but even then she said she was not responsible for hurting Travis at all!
        Think about it pam holt; put the pieces together.

        • One of the things that has bothered me is the camera card. Det. Melendez testified that the memory card the pictures were taken off of was a blue SD card and showed it in court. Only problem is it wouldn’t fit in the camera. So they took off the pictures using another method (I can’t remember how probably with a card reader) Travis camera was a sony and they use ProDuo! The blue SD card labeled exhibit #215, confirmed by the State by its two witnesses Heather Connor and Det Melendez to be the card where all deleted images were extracted.
          How does one account for the fact that there is only one card located in exhibit #215 and it is indeed now a Sony duopro, and it is NOT the same card pictured in the envelope presented by Thomas through prosecutor Juan Martinez.
          Were these photos Jodi had on her camera?

          From interrogation:
          JA: To me pictures are very compelling but I know they can be modified, altered and I don’t know but I think date and time stamps can be tampered with.

          Flores: we did not modify anything. Say like a computer, we take a mirror copy of it, and we don’t even touch it…. That’s exactly what we do with the photos. We don’t work with the originals and we make an exact duplicate copy and we work with the copy..And our guys are so good, that every case that I know of, has never been lost in court
          Arias begins to ask Flores if they have her camera from storage.
          Flores responds do you remember taking these pictures?
          Arias: we took many pictures, vaguely
          Arias in response to Flores saying they both deleted everything off both or all devices (sic) says prior to Travis getting his camera, all those pictures were on her camera.
          Flores: All these same pictures?
          Arias: I dunno, we took a bunch the week before I left
          Arias: What I am asking is it possible that my memory card is in his camera? They are interchangeable.

          Points in Travis and Jodi Conversation that Match Images

          Jodi discusses her fresh Brazilian and her being unsure if Travis would like that. She mentions Travis wakes her up after she fell asleep in the chair by preforming a sex act on her. There is no question that Jodi is freshly waxed in those images.
          Travis discusses the point of view shots of her “anatomy”.
          Jodi mentions that her hair was IN BRAIDS. In the police interview Flores refers to them as pigtails and Jodi responds “Are you sure it’s me, pigtails? They are not pigtails, they are braids and it is through this verbiage I believe we see Jodi restate that the pics are from another time. She is adamant on that until unfortunately Flores gives it up he has those 2 pics taken from the scene accidently.
          Jodi asks Travis to check out her new profile pic, he does, tells her how photogenic she is, and at no time says… O, you changed your hair color to brown. We know she took pics from her own camera May 10 and she was a brunette. Arias testified her hair was brown prior to leaving Mesa.
          Travis mentions the introduction of KY into the relationship. It is laying on the bed in the images, however, he says during the call when he is masturbating he is using Vaseline.
          Jodi mentions next time they have a photo session that she would like to have makeup on. She has no makeup on in these images.
          In a very close-up point of view shot, it appears Ms. Arias is using her vaginal canal as a tootsie pop holder. The tootsie pop incident occurs only once and prior to June 4th as it is discussed during the tootsie tape.
          I am convinced those photos are NOT from the day Travis died.

          • Michelle, that is a topic we’ve analyzed til our faces turned blue. And yet, the defense team did NOT address that at all. Those are the kind of things that make you go ‘hmmm’ when it comes to wondering how great of a job the DT actually did.

            • Oh, so Flores says they don’t even touch the photos??
              What a LIAR!!!!
              When Jodi looked at the pants in the picture she said they weren’t her’s
              LIAR said the reason they are blue is that we had to enhance the picture.

              So he’s lied over and over and over again.

              FLORES was the one lying, not Jodi.
              That is wrong, wrong wrong and from there he takes her to AZ and she’s
              arrested for what??

              How could she have had braids that same day without having to do a complete DO over before leaving?

  10. (((((Carol Handy))))) All I know is, Travis’s own actions are why he died on that fateful day. Jodi was willing to die to protect his secrets. . .she shouldn’t have. I’ll always wonder what other secrets she is hiding for certain people who are “sitting pretty”. It is sad.

    • I really do hope Jodi opens her mouth about all those fuckers that threw her under the bus! I’m sure she knows a lot of their dark secrets and of the skeletons they hide in their closet… We know that travis was a blabbermouth, so I’m sure he’s gossiped about whatever dark thing he know about others…

  11. ♥ Love this, from one of Johnny Cash’s songs….

    “Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand
    Workin’ in the dark against your fellow man
    But as sure as God made black and white
    What’s done in the dark will be brought to the light” ♥

  12. Hi all,

    You might like to know CBS Reality & Reality 1 are showing “48 Hours” on Jodi right now & I’m sure it will be repeated in an hour or so, but it is on right now.

  13. Maybe since I’m in Ireland, with the difference in hours it might be shown there in US later, but for Europe it is on right now. Check your TV programmes listings

  14. Maybe Nurmi should start walking around wearing a “I never liked Jodi Arias – in fact I always hated her” sandwich board. It would give a quicker and clearer message to all the haters-customers he’s so afraid of not getting. Because, let’s face it! This is what it is about. Nurmi has a private practice now and is shitting his pants, thinking he is SO hated and unpopular that he will go hungry. Well, by throwing your ex client and her friends supporting her under the bus does not make you likeable; it makes you greedy and desperate!

    It is amazing to see how ANYTHING we write gets twisted around. How more clearly do we have to write/express it?

    YES, to us June 4th is Survivor Day! We celebrate and are thankful to God because Jodi defended herself against her abuser. She was attacked before by that scum and it is a mathematical certainty that she would have been the one to die if she hadn’t fought back.

    YES, Travis Alexander was an abuser. We wholehartedly believe that. I’ve heard people say “But there were only few incidents of abuse/violence” SO WHAT?! How many times do incidents have to take place and how severe do they have to be to qualify for abuse in their minds??? So, if someone chokes me to unconsiousness ONCE does it mean he is not violent and this was not an incident of domestic violence? Should I not report it? Should I be advised to let it go and continue to love that person? That it was a one-time thing?Just because ther are other women out there who are beaten every day? So MY experience gets discredited and simply doesn’t count? OMG, which century do we live in?
    Snap out of it, people! ABUSE IS ABUSE IS ABUSE! And abusers should always remember that their victims sometimes DO fight back.

    We never knew Travis. We couldn’t care less about him . As my friend Pando said the other day, his name could have been Kevin, or Jack, or whatever…. We’d still hate him for what he did to Jodi. (or any other woman, for that matter) .We’ve come to know and LOVE Jodi. We support her and we will always be GRATEFUL that she survived on June 4th.

    So, get over it. No one is celebrating TA ‘s death. WE CELEBRATE JODI’S LIFE. If you can’t see it, maybe you don’t love her enough. Or maybe (in your case Nurmi) you just don’t care. Your loss! 😉 Jodi is an amazing individual.

    • “Maybe Nurmi should start walking around wearing a “I never liked Jodi Arias – in fact I always hated her” sandwich board.” 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

      Who in their right mind would want him as their atty, anyways. He fucked up because he didn’t represent his client with passion! He hurt his own practice! He had a chance to free publicity when he was on Jodi’s DT and he screwed that up for himself! He has himself to blame.

  15. I have always kinda cut him (KN) a break when other’s were pushing him under the bus. I had the feeling we only knew what we saw in the court room.

    I have to say I have lost all respect for the man. I have never ever heard of a attorney speaking out against his client this soon after a trial. I guess the old saying “you reap what you sow”. That’s all of my time he gets.


    When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty. ~~~ Norm Crosby 😆

    Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.
    ~~~ Isaac Asimov 😆

    Thought we needed a good laugh today!!!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆

  17. So why is Angela also attacking the site that is supporting her sister? I don’t get it. Does she not understand we celebrate that her sister survived, not that Travis is dead? Why jump on the bandwagon with the haters? Wouldn’t be easier to just say nothing?

    • Perhaps, Justus Forusall, Angela knows that the sentiments on this site indicate that almost everyone on this site believes her sister committed this murder and she KNOWS her sister DID NOT murder anyone.

      Perhaps she knows her sister better than the rest of us do. Because even when the crime is analyzed putting Jodi center stage, the analysis does not ring true to her. Sure it is possible. It simply isn’t probable.
      Jodi does not have the temperament to viciously kill anyone, and Angela knows that. Especially not someone Jodi cares for. Not even to preserve her life.

    • I think Angela was fed info like “Look at those JAIIers, celebrating travis’s death”… Angela, we are celebrating that Jodi is alive and survived a brutal attack from her abuser. I will always celebrate June 4th as the day Jodi survived.

      ((((Angela)))) ♥
      ((((Jodi))) ♥

    • I was very disappointed to see her misunderstanding and misrepresenting our words and our efforts here, Justus.

      We LOVE & support Jodi, and we thank God she survived on June 4th 2008. If Angela can’t get that, too bad. Maybe she shouldn’t opine if she doesn’t have the bigger picture. Has she ever expressed any gratitude for this site or for the oh so many people who have been PUBLICLY supporting her sister for the past 2,5 years? If not, maybe she should start with THAT and then proceed to scold us. Just saying….

      We won’t be censored, we won’t back down, we won’t be silenced. We are entitled to our opinions and most importantly we are here FOR JODI. No one else.

      • No one is saying anyone should back down, Maria. The only problem with continuing with self-defense/justifiable homicide/domestic violence is it won’t win in a re-trial.
        And, it probably won’t win an appeal. Period!
        If there is any hope for Jodi at all, it is with concentrating on the evidence presented or not presented at the trial.
        Otherwise, the outlook is very gloomy.

          • It makes a huge difference if the attorneys decided to go with that plea, Maria, and once they did, she was obliged to testify. Her testimony is full of maybes, must haves, could bes, maybes. She simply equivocated during her testimony. Had she said exactly what and how she committed the murder from shot to stabs to dragging, to leaving no fingerprints, it would have been more believable; but she didn’t. So I do not believe her testimony. I believe it was a confabulated story that her attorneys directed. She even said she fit the evidence to her story!
            That is not a confession.
            And her testimony was not what Jodi was saying for 2+ years.
            Her testimony doesn’t ring true because it isn’t true.
            Her original statements, too many to count, that she wasn’t there and wouldn’t hurt Travis is far easier to prove because it rings true.
            Her testimony simply does not ring true, and that is why she was convicted.

            • Rings true to whom? The jury? Haters? You? Intruders story believers? Fine. We don’t all have to agree.

              It rings true to those of us who believe that once Jodi decided to come clean and tell the TRUTH, she did; when she got up on that stand. And it is PRECISELY because she told the truth AND because she suffered from Dissociative Amnesia that there are some holes in her testimony leaving you now with unanswered questions. Had she lied, dont you think she (and her laywers) would have come up with a good evidence-based story to reinforce the self-defense testimony??? Think about it.

              • Even during the police interrogation, as she remembered events she did not deny them. For instance, arriving at 3:00 AM to find TA watching the video that she described in detail. She made up the intruder story and then admitted that she had when she was strong and well enough to admit the truth to herself and others.

            • Me too! Especially since she is now remembering the knife going into his neck and that he was still attacking her. I know there are those who believe these are all false memories but that doesn’t ring true with me. And if she was going to lie on the stand, why not also lie about what happened after the gun shot? Why say she doesn’t remember if it would be just as easy to make up stuff to fit the scene? I think there is plenty of evidence at that scene that indicates Travis was the attacker (e.g., his pause at the sink) which could win her freedom in a retrial if presented properly. As I said above, if Nurmi had just presented the questions I pose in the reasonable doubt document, I don’t see how a panel of *unbiased* and *half-way intelligent* jurors could convict her.


              • And I think the very worst thing Jodi could do at this point, or any point in the future, is change her story once again. To ever plead the “some other dude did it” defense would surely solidify life in prison for her.

                • Not true, Justus, the law states differently… and especially if done on her attorney’s faulty advice.

    • Angela didn’t name this site at all.

      She only said:

      “Celebrating a mans death honestly makes me sick A mans life ended today as well as my big sisters! Nothing about that is right!!”

      She’s entitled to that opinion, IMO.

      People who replied to her tried to get her to condemn this site directly and all she said was that she has nothing to do with this site.
      Everyone will take that as they will, but in all the conversation I read in response to that post, Angela never did anything but express her personal opinion while carefully avoiding ‘calling anyone out.’
      The gal’s got seven years in recovery, and no doubt has a LOT of practice in the careful phrasing of her internal dialogue.

        • Quote “Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family”.

          So even if we’re not blood related to Jodi, it doesn’t make us feel that she is anything less then our extended family..

          • Pandora I don’t think there’s one person on this site that doesn’t feel some connection to Jodi or one another. The point I was trying to make is Angela is Jodi sister and she has suffered a great loss. I Personally feel it is wrong to criticize her until we have walked a mile in he shoes. I’m willing to bet it was as Journee said she just misunderstood. This is just my that on it!!
            Everyone has a right to their own opinion!!

      • Yes, thanks Journee. I didn’t mean to be critical of Angela (although I guess I was). I was just taken aback by her comment. I think too she just misunderstood. (((Angela))) (((Jodi))) (((All of Jodi’s family)))

        • I’m not sure she misunderstood so much as that she has a different perspective.

          I’m sure she’s as glad as we are that Jodi was the survivor that day. But those closest to Jodi, the people who have ALWAYS loved her, are now facing the very real possibility that Jodi might never walk free. She’s locked away alone in a different state while the rest of them have no choice but to live the day-to-day reality of their own lives.

          Angela said her big sister’s life ended on 6/4/08. I think she said exactly what she meant.

  18. Please lets stop saying …OVERKILL…that just is not the case. The shot to the head and the hit to the vena cava WOULD not have killed him if he had just stopped attacking HER. SEE Phineas Gage and Ed Gavagan for proof…talking to you too horn! Both these men SURVIVED wounds worse then t.a.. In the military AND the police You are told that the most dangerous person is one who thinks they are dying…nothing to lose…see travis…All JODI did was stop HER attacker. If SHE had been an off duty cop they would call HER a HERO. To us SHE,s just a young LADY who did SURVIVE an ABUSER….very rare in this sad world.

    • Agreed. Dr. Horn absolutely knows the truth. He couldn’t or wouldn’t even deny his own autopsy report in his testimony. His autopsy report said the Dura Mater was “intact” and his report describes an undamaged brain. Dr. Horn knows the truth. When asked if the bullet penetrated the brain his answer was “it must have” Really?? That is the best you can do, really? Doesn’t sound too sure does it. You could drive a mack truck through that answer which should have left massive doubt in the minds of the jurors. But of course, they were just too stupid…the shot was first, and Jodi said in front of the judge while pointing to Det Flores and Juan baby on her sentencing day that they had gotten together to change their story for trial to change the order of injuries. The order of the injuries does matter, JSS, just so you know, you idiot !!!!

      • My problems with Horn’s testimony:

        Defensive wounds on thumb (which correctly should have been described as consistent with and were during the trial) had to occur when knife was being used. Okay I’ll buy that, but:

        Then he jumps to- it must have occurred at time of neck wound with his questionable rate of mortality: Horn – throat injury – loss of consciousness within a few seconds – death within a few minutes. Canadian Article: RF Real Fighting Organization Unconsciousness and Death – Surviving an Edged Weapon Attack: Carotid Artery: Unconsciousness 5 seconds, death 12 seconds.

        Gunshot wound and blood evidence at sink – his response to JW’s question about the blood at the sink with the appearance of nasal spray from the wound to the sinus of left cheek, was that he did not believe that was possible because he would not have been able to stand at the sink because of the passage of the bullet through the brain would have caused him to almost immediately collapse which I find illogical and contrary to his own autopsy findings. We are all familiar with cases where the bullet actually did pass into the frontal lobe and people lived.

        His explanation for the “typo” was that he simply forgot to remove that part. Like BB stated, Huh?? This I find to be totally illogical and simply impossible for any trained pathologist to miss – describing a catastrophic injury to the brain at time of autopsy, and then again when signing the report and then every time he reviewed it for court.

        When questioned by the state in the trial and the defence in the retrial on what he based his opinions, his reply to both was the same, that it was based on his experience of performing thousands of autopsies. Both followed up asking if he relied on any literature and his reply to both was no, apparently working in a vacuum like DeMarte who also did not read any peer-reviewed articles. The pathologists with whom I worked were constantly reading all the relevant journals (if not also writing for them) and always learning from each other. I do not remember another case when the medical examiner did not base his opinions on the proven literature.

        During the trial, I could not believe that a doctor was willing to commit such perjury denying the conversation with Flores and changing the wound sequence denying the results of his own report , but now after watching the way that he jumped to kermit’s leaps of logic without any hesitation and his refusal to see the possibility of any of the defence’s arguments, I have come to believe that he suffers from the same character flaws as the prosecutor and the state psychologist.

    • The manner in which Travis Alexander was murdered was overkill, like it or not.
      Jodi Arias did not commit this crime. She murdered no one!

    • Wayne, I think that when people say ‘overkill’ they think of the act itself instead of what can cause an ‘overkill’.

      During the life or death stress of a self defense, the large amount of epinephrine pumped into the system is often called the adrenaline dump.

      ADRENALINE: adrenaline increases your heart rate, raises your blood pressure, and is associated with a diversion of blood away from certain areas of your brain and internal organs and into your muscles. As a result, adrenaline has the ability to increase speed and strength. It also decreases how much people feel pain. A large amount of adrenaline released into your system all at once causes what is often called an adrenaline dump, rush, or surge. All of these effects are designed to prepare your body to either run away or to fight.

      While a person is under an adrenaline rush, their ability to stop fighting back is hard to do. They can’t control themselves. Adrenaline can make a person fight back so frantically that although they are fighting hard, the techniques are uncoordinated and not very effective. This ineffective, frantic way of fighting back is sometimes called “flailing”.

  19. Juan Martinez was trying to be too slick and inventive imho to make sure that Jodi would get convicted of 1st degree murder when he included the Felony Murder charge.

    Apparently Juan Martinez didn’t even believe his own theory of premeditation because he included a “Felony Murder” charge (a murder that was not premeditated but a murder that occurs in the course of committing a felony) Judge Stephens denied the defense motion to dismiss the felony murder charge saying that the intended felony could have been “assault.” Assault has as its intent an intent to harm or injure not an intent to kill. So the state’s contention was that the “assault” was the underlying felony which has the intent to harm or injure, not kill. Can Jodi Arias be convicted of premeditated first degree murder and felony murder at the same time? And further, how can assault be the underlying felony in felony murder? Doesn’t every murder involve assault and wouldn’t every murder then be classified as a felony murder ? And wouldn’t that completely obliterate the distinction between 1st degree premeditated and 2nd degree murders?

    The jury was confused. Five jurors voted for premeditated murder and seven voted for both the felony murder charge and the premeditated murder charge.

    So five of the jurors were saying that Jodi didn’t intend to kill TA on the one hand then on the other they were saying she did commit premeditated murder. Can’t have it both ways.

    This question will be reviewed by the appellate courts.

  20. correction: “So SEVEN of the jurors were saying that Jodi didn’t intend to kill TA on the one hand then on the other they were saying she did commit premeditated murder.”

  21. Overkill or frenzied? It was for sure a frenzied killing bc TA was attacking Jodi and her instinct to survive took over, but overkill? When someone says overkill I think of someone who is shot 20 times, or stabbed 100 times. You have to meet force with force and this is what Jodi did. TA foolishly continued attacking Jodi after she shot him. She then tried to stop him with the knife, nothing worked until the end. She stated on sentencing day that TA was still attacking her when the knife went in the throat. They were in close combat situation when the knife went in the throat. It was not purposeful that the knife went in the throat but that is what happened – read Herr Speights Innocence Essay describing and analyzing each and every wound on TA and how they could have happened. Once I read that article I could visualize how the fight occurred.

    Now I agree that her moving the body and putting it back into the shower stall makes no sense and it seems impossible but this was after he was dead. We don’t know what happened after the killing if anyone entered the scene, etc. I don’t know but Jodi could have moved TA to the shower on “auto pilot” during this traumatic time period which took her years to remember.

    All we know is that the crime scene fits perfectly together with Jodi’s story of the gunshot first and self defense, not the preposterous fairytale that Juan baby asserted had happened. Of course for years they asserted that the gunshot was first as well, but that all SUDDENLY changed after Jodi said self defense. GET A CLUE HERE, APPELLATE JUDGES !!!!

    I pray to God that the appellate court judges have a brain and can see the injustice, collusion, perjury, Brady violations, and the complete fraud that this case has been from the start.

  22. In the past my posts have pointed out:
    There were no fingerprints at all of Jodi Arias at the crime scene.

    There was no DNA of Jodi Arias’ that could be profiled; the State’s expert said she had no idea how long Jodi’s DNA had been there and no way of telling how long it had been there.

    The pictures supposedly showing the ‘crime in action’ are bogus, not showing a body being dragged at all – this information coming from Jade who posted the picture which, when lightened significantly, shows the prosecutor was lying.

    A dead body begins to smell badly from decomposition about 36 hours after death; Enrique Cortez told Detectives he smelled something bad on Monday, June 9th.
    Do the math!!

    Jodi would have had to travel at excessive speeds, through towns and winding roads according to the prosecutor’s tale, to reach the point where her cell phone was ‘pinged’ by the tower. This is an unrealistic story! Her version of the trip as told to Detective Flores during her interrogation can be traced on MapQuest and is far more realistic.

    Where is the blood to implicate Jodi?
    There was no blood found in the rental car: inside, outside, in the trunk NOWHERE!
    Why wasn’t there any blood found on any of her clothes, or in or on her backpack.
    Why wasn’t there even one fingerprint on the doors identified as hers?

    The prosecutor tells the story of the perfect murder, no fingerprints, no DNA, no witnesses – but the detective solved the murder in spite of the lack of that evidence!? WOW!!
    Is this really the nearly perfect homicide; this one that was only proven by an hypothesis based on ‘bogus pictures’ supposedly showing ‘a crime in progress’; with the pictures having time/date stamps put on them by the staff of the prosecutor’s office?
    Using sexually explicit photographs most taken much earlier than June 2008; look at the muscle mass on Travis in all those pictures. See for yourself how young he was in the pictures.
    Was this an otherwise perfect crime, or does the State have evidence that could implicate some other people they do not want to identify?
    Does anyone honestly believe the prosecutor is incapable of withholding evidence from the defense attorneys and the court?

    Does anyone reading and posting on this site really truly believe that Jodi, as we have come to know her watching her for so many days in court and on the witness stand, could kill and then go and make out with some other guy the next night without giving herself away? Without screaming out in her sleep as she did in jail. Without trashing around throughout the night as she did in jail.
    She slept there remember?

    What kind of monster do the people who believe the prosecutor’s tale of the murder think she is? Why do they believe the prosecutor’s tale at all? What proof did the prosecutor have?
    Because, if anyone believes she committed this horrible crime in self-defense because Travis pushed her sometimes, hit her once, spoke unkindly and viciously, ignored her, or choked her one time and she was then too scared to run when he came at her a second time, and instead she over-kills him; and anyone believes that this constitutes domestic violence retaliation and is defensible, than you yourselves have actually convicted her of this murder in the first degree in your minds. Your belief is all the confirmation the State needed then or needs now.
    And, nothing more needs to be said.

    • Another question that keeps coming to mind is Jodi has no real marks/cuts on her. They say she did all this in very short time frame. She would have deep long slashes on herself. She could not be in heavy combat like that and only have a paper cut! The big man size boot print in blood. That person picked up the dead weight travis and put him neatly back into the shower! There is a list of mormons that need to be put on polygraph. But this is a cover up so thats not going to happen but it will show who has something to hide when asked the right questions.

    • ” if anyone believes she committed this horrible crime in self-defense because Travis pushed her sometimes, hit her once, spoke unkindly and viciously, ignored her, or choked her one time and she was then too scared to run when he came at her a second time”

      So, you’re calling Jodi and all the defense experts liars then? OK, I have no problem respecting supporters in favor of the intruders or the she-wasn’t-even-there stories. But let me disagree on a couple of points:
      It wasn’t the second time that Travis had attacked her on June 4th, to begin with.

      Also, do NOT downplay the abuse that took place, even if you don’t believe that Jodi fought back that day, yours is such an anachronistic view of what constitutes DV. You don’t have to take our word, take the defense’s experts’ word.

      Don’t look down on people who believe in Jodi’s self-defense testimony. This site is all about respect and tolerance of different opinions.

      Do not lecture us by saying our mindset has something in common with the State’s decision to overcharge this crime , twist everything around and convict her. This is not a haters site, remember?

      Thank you.

      • …’yours is such an anachronistic view of what constitutes DV’. Oh, my, Maria!

        I had no idea that promoting innocence was ‘anachronistic’.
        I most certainly do believe that women are abused.
        I most certainly do believe that a woman can be abused to the point they kill their spouses (or boyfriends) in self-defense.
        I most certainly do believe that the injuries a woman receives justify self-defense and they should not even be tried for that act. It is justifiable!

        • Good!
          Then if you believe all that, you should see why so many of us see an abused woman in Jodi. The emotional, psychological and of course verbal abuse she suffered from Travis were appalling. Not to mention about the physical abuse: back-handing, choking to unconsciousness, breaking her finger, throwing her on the floor and kicking her…. I don’t care if these incidents aren’t as severe as others that women suffer at the hands of their abusers. Jodi WAS an abused woman, period. So, it’s not a huge leap of faith to believe she acted in self-defense on June 4th. IMHO, of course. 🙂

          Let’s agree to disagree OK?

          • She was definitely not treated well by Travis; even he admitted that.
            But using her situation to promote the cause for domestic violence won’t work for Jodi; not because she didn’t suffer, but because she didn’t kill Travis, Maria. The story the prosecutor told isn’t true, the facts he said he had are lies.
            I will fight along with you and anyone else in defense of battered women; their plight is horrendous and they need all the help they can get …. and more!!

      • One of the most personally invasive types of abuse is emotional abuse. It strips the person of their self esteem completely if it goes on long enough. The person doesn’t really even realize what is happening to them. By calling them names such a whore and slut over and over again – they are degraded. By being the dirty little secret Travis kept, she was degraded. She lost her sense of self. I believe by reading the various documents in the trial that Jodi was severely emotionally abused and felt worthless. She lost a sense of herself completely. On the fatal day, it all came to a head – the battle. It was all too much and she fought back, she became completely dissociated from the event. It was like being in a fog. That’s how she was able to exhibit super human strength. That happens in fight mode. I believe that she was used and abused one too many times and it all came to an end that day. That day changed everything.

    • Carol Handy. I have mentioned this a few times in response to you theory…..JODI’S BLOOD DNA WAS IN THE HAND PRINT ON THE WALL. Self defence……

      • Josequis, there was no blood handprint on the wall. The piece of wall that was cut out had a handprint but it was from biological substances. The DNA was a mixture of travis’ and Jodi’s DNA. This means nothing because it could have been from another time. Jodi never hid the fact that she was in travis’ house many times before June 4th.

        So that handprint was just smoke and mirrors that martinez tried to make it into something even though it was nothing…

        • Thanks Pandora, I did watch it and that little “Cock Smoker” Martinez and he was twisting the facts as usual. So his hand print evidence was cavil.

    • Jodi WAS there.

      *Jodi said she walked into Travis’s office on the morning of June 4 and he was watching YouTube music videos of people dancing with aluminum foil boxes on their head. That was CONFIRMED by the forensic examination of the computer.

      *Jodi’s DNA was found mixed with Travis’s blood as PART of the handprint that was confirmed to be Jodi’s hand on the wall.

      * there were TIME stamped pictures of Jodi on Travis’s bed on that day hours before the shower photos…comporting with Jodi’s story. Jodi’s hair is dark in the photos, and we know, from the picture on May 10 2008 where Jodi has her hand around her little sister, she has lighter colored hair, so Jodi’s hair was never that dark before she moved back to Yreka in the Spring 2008, so we can KNOW the pics weren’t from an earlier sexual encounter between TA and Jodi.

      Mimi Hall DID say they smelled and awful smell in the house.

      None of your facts are correct. It’s Jodi’s sworn testimony that is true.

      • They took the computer out!!!!!!!!!!!! tampering with evidence There’s was a lot of evidence shot to hell then.

        Jodi’s DNA ONLY on the wall, after there was blood splattered everywhere.
        Who’s blood was it besides Travis’s? doubt
        None as Pandora said in the rental car, none.

        Those pictures have questions all over them. If anything they bring MORE doubt than proof of anything.

        My hair was blonde yesterday, today, it’s different! Have highlights.

        Women change their hair overnight all of the time, no different that just shampooing it, a little more time consuming. So that’s a crock! Doesn’t prove a thing. Jodi with blonde, brown or red is still the Jodi.

        They didn’t even investigate.

        Flores wouldn’t listen to Jodi BECAUSE he had his mind made up.
        Kept telling her no one would believe her and EVERYONE, even those that were out of town were pointing fingers and Jodi so for that reason he arrested her in AZ.
        and she hasn’t been out for 7 years.

        She wasn’t a threat to anyone.
        She wasn’t a flight risk.

        The lies that the detective, juan, friends of ta’s Are
        ALL lies. So why should we believe a thing from them?
        I can’t and don’t!

        Mimi Hall said THEY did smell something awful in the house???
        Really?? How could they even enter the house with dead body order without a mask.

        How could the roommates lve in it PLUS wash clothes in the same washer?

        Why didn’t the dog smell it?

        Reasonable doubt all over the place and total injustice.

  23. I’m completely confuse, some here say that Jodi, didn’t kill Travis and some say she did it in self defense. Which is it? I’ve been following this trial from the beginning and I don’t know what really happen. All I do know is that a beautiful young woman is spending her life in prison.

    As for Nurmi, just a few months ago everyone thought he was doing a great job. Now all I read is negative about him. What change?

    Before everyone jumps me, ask yourself what is it. Self defense, someone else killed Travis, Nurmi did not do his job.

    All I know that if we really support Jodi we can’t be changing out minds on things. That is why the ” haters”
    are making all their comments. They think that we are a bunch of losers that change our minds .

    As for calling people names , let’s not stoop to that. That is what they do, aren’t we above that? Jodi needs all if us to be on the same page if we want to help her. What she needs now is love and to know that she is not alone.

    • I don’t think we have changed our minds Kris. It’s just that this case has sort of 2 camps, but one of them is divided. There are the haters of course and the supporters. However, there are supporters like myself who believe in Jodi’s sworn testimony, meaning this was a self-defense case and ther are supporters who believe Jodi had nothing to do with Travis murder – that it was done by someone else.

      As for Nurmi, most of us used to like him at the beginning of the trial. Gradually, and seeing how many times he dropped the ball, how blatantly he showed his indifference for the case and Jodi herself, how little effort he put into this we’ve grown angrier and angrier….. His most recent behavior showed we were right 😉

      • On that one I agree 200%, Maria.
        He (What’s his name?) is a spineless wimp, in my opinion, not even man enough to admit he could be wrong. We sat and watched him early in the trial and I asked my daughter, ‘what is wrong with the defense attorney?’ her answer was ‘he’s horrible’. And then things got worse.

    • As for me, Kris, I have never believed Jodi committed murder of any kind!
      I have never changed my mind about her innocence!
      To me, there is WAY TOO MUCH evidence never brought up by her attorneys that proves her innocence.
      To me, there is WAY TOO MUCH corrupted evidence that was brought up in trial!
      This story is far from over, and the truth will eventually prevail!!!!

    • Maria and CanadaCarol,
      I want to thank you for standing up for Jodi. I had a long comment ready to send to Kris, but knew it was going to go down poorly, down that same road that I’ve gone down so many times before. All I know is someone is wrong, and I prefer it to be Carol Handy. Why you ask? I don’t want Jodi to have to stay in prison, but I want her to heal, and if she knows deep down she didn’t do it and is lying, she’s not healing. If Jodi is lying, every day she is reinforcing those lies and not healing. I believe in Jodi and that she defended herself. I have had to forget the drama w/Carol Handy, she’s a lawyer, you can’t out word her, she’ll pull a bullying card. The fact is, if Jodi lied for 18 days on the stand in court, everyone’s testimony was based on lies. All the defenses work for 5 years was based on lies. The witnesses were all lying, almost every single person in the trial was lying.We know frog and pickles and frog’s side lied. I understand that the things Carol contends we can’t prove wrong, so that makes for a compelling argument. The problem with that argument is there is no compelling proof that someone else did it either, so the Carol conjectures are too perfect, for the mess that was left.

    • dwight,
      Plus for 2 years they convinced Jodi no one would believe her story.
      What did they do to make her change it?

      As far as perjury, it’s not that serious BECAUSE everyone perjured themselves on the states
      side, they weren’t punished.

      All of the crap with them, their lies, tantrums, people watching that were going to testify
      AND even if you’re not sure you’re going to testify but, it’s a good chance you will, thy tell you NOT to watch. Sky not only watched, she was the state team calling in and telling them what was wrong or right. HOW????
      Was she there???

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