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With things being a little quiet of late… and while the wheels of justice continue to turn very slowly… it’s given me time to reflect on stuff, and in turn take time-out to warn the uninitiated about certain fake “Jodi supporters” who are still out there doing the rounds.

Yep. you guessed it already: Barwood & Weber. They jumped on the Jodi bandwagon, albeit very late in the day… and they’ve been on a steep downhill slide ever since.

In Barwood’s case, he inadvertently miscalculated & assumed that donating to Jodi’s fund, buying one of her prints and making a complete dick of himself on HLN would somehow elevate him to “celebrity status” in Jodi Land — (and maybe even win him Jodi’s underwear, seeing as he’s apparently worn out the underwear Debra Milke sent him a while ago).

Following on from that, and his repeated Weber-esque attempts to indirectly pilfer & sabotage Jodi’s fundraising efforts — and the sales of her artwork to boot — all he did was lose the credibility he never had in the first place… become a laughing stock for both Jodi supporters & haters alike… and turned himself into an asshole. Now, he wasn’t too far from being an asshole prior to his attempted involvement in Jodi’s affairs anyway… so it didn’t really take that much effort on his part. All I can do at this point is congratulate him on his sterling achievements.

In Weber’s case, and taking into account all he’s ever done is set up bogus websites & FB pages to steal money from Jodi supporters, he is the archetypal thieving whore — and he’s now receiving everything he deserves… as is Barwood.

Overall, it’s no big surprise that Jodi distanced herself from both of them a very long time ago – and rightly so. You should do the same if you haven’t already.

Word on the street is that “Team Dumb & Dumber” now spend most of their time jerking off to pics of their new found “friends” — Morticia & Sam — while making some botched attempt to cumulatively rubbish Chris Hughes’ latest pedo-hugging blockbuster.

And no… I’m not planning on encouraging people to leave a bad review on Amazon. We’re way above that… just like we’re way above the haters in so many ways and on so many levels. Let them buy a book about their dead & abusive POS pedo idol if it makes them feel better about themselves…. and if Chris Hughes wants to dedicate a book to a guy that fucked his wife in the ass (and in all probability, fucked his son in the ass too), then good luck to him. It’ll take more than selling a Kindle book to fix all that.

One interesting fact to come out of it all is that buyers of Hughes’ book now have the opportunity to proudly display 2 books of lies on their bookshelves… namely the Hughes book and the book of Mormon.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the meantime folks, and as always – we plough on regardless

Jan-21 jodi arias

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The JAA Appellate Fund $25,000 Matching-gift Campaign is now underway: A donor who wishes to remain anonymous has pledged to match, dollar for dollar, any new donations received before August 1, 2015, up to a total of $25,000. Please give generously – and soon – to allow the JAA Appellate fund to take full advantage of this gift.

All donations via go directly to the fund for assisting with the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction. is the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them. Thank you for your ongoing support!

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

Leave your thoughts & comments below…

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. SJ! Yes, they are the worse of the worse, and they need to stop. They have done more harm to Jodi by riling up anger against themselves and ultimately anger against her. They are self-centered and for no good reason. Sad.

    Great link, CC53, the vultures who demand another’s death will ultimately pay for their vengence.
    The death penalty has no place in today’s world. It is barbaric.

    Check out the link at the END of the last Post Page by Alan!
    It is an excellent rundown of the Appellate Processes, with information to keep in mind as we wait patiently for the TRUTH to come to light and Jodi is vindicated. It is worth saving on your computer for reference.

  2. An “older” (January 13, 2015) but non-biased article by Monica Lindstrom in which she lists the “litany of allegations of prosecutorial misconduct” by Juan Martinez that could have resulted in a mistrial. May have been posted before but it’s such a damning (and long) list of things the prosecution did, it deserves another posting.

  3. One of my current thoughts is that I hope Jodi’s appellate attorney is Schaffer’s BFF and he/she is as upset about Snarky and his accusations as Marie and I. 😉

  4. Here’s a repost with the link that Carol Handy mentions:

    People interested in the appeals process, especially the difference between direct appeal and PCR (post-conviction relief), might like to look at this memo by an Arizona lawyer:

    This memo and the answer to the second FAQ on the fund site provide the best information I’ve yet seen on the appeals process.

  5. Ha! SJ, I love you dude! ♥

    Where to start???

    What a group of losers. I have yet to meet people that are not wanted and yet they don’t get the hints (which turned into direct multiple requests to leave Jodi alone by Jodi herself and by her family). Now that is sad. How desperate can those losers be? FFS! As you said, their multiple attempts to sabotage and boycott Jodi’s funds and art site only proves how evil they are. How can someone say they support a person but at the same time try and destroy this person?

    Then stoop even lower by attacking Jodi’s family, friends and supporters. Then even lower than that by lying that Jodi contacts them by making fake letter and meme’s claiming they are from Jodi. Then reaching rock bottom by posting comments at different sites – even AMAZON – under other people’s names, just to get the other people in the haters radar. Or the oh soooooo tragic attempt to give that examiner chick ‘facts’ (fabricated lies) just to attack Jodi, her defense team and her friends.

    They are sneaky and slimy and most of all WUSSES trying to do their dirty work via others. PATHETIC GROUP of rejects, if you ask me.

    What can I say about GB? When I first met him, I actually respected him for his efforts in proving Jodi’s innocence (except for the gas can obsession that went on and on for months and drove both sides crazy! NO MORE GAS CANS – NO MORE GAS CANS). Unfortunately, after he got brainwashed by the Weberz, he lost the plot, making it his priority to slander SJ wherever and whenever he could. It’s sad to see GB slander and accuse SJ of many things that are not true but also to criticize many of SJ’s post that GB himself commented on. Now that is hypocritical on his part. He forgot about Jodi and focused on hatred. I will never forgive GB for all he has said and done to SJ. GB wishes he had half the balls and integrity SJ has.

    It really pisses me off when I hear “I’m DONE with Jodi” and then the same person that has stated that, goes around in all sort of social media venues and sides with the haters continuing to be involved with Jodi. Doesn’t “I am DONE” mean someone is moving on? It just proves that they are far from being done with Jodi. They are either drama queens or shit-stirrers, in both cases: degenerates.

    How many times have we read or heard “I can’t wait until this trial is over so we can be done with Jodi Arias”? And here we are today, reading from those same idiots comments, posts, articles ABOUT Jodi! They know their lives will have no purpose if they let go of Jodi and everything circling Jodi. (My long time question for them is: how many of them actually followed and watched all the trial and re-trial? I’m betting 1 out of 10). Their only purpose was to bully and hate. They succeeded only in that. Their bitterness is what is left. I do wonder if they actually tasted all the shit coming out of their mouths.

    We have seen them in their conniving manners trying to establish friendships under fake pretense that they care about Jodi. I don’t know what they accomplished by that. What was their goal? All I can say about them is that they are plain pitiful. Sad sad sad miserable people.

    Lastly, I too agree with SJ: we don’t need to go and write fake bashing reviews about CASHES book. They know that the money they will make out of their sales will always be cursed. They will never enjoy that money. When people make money by stepping on another person (Jodi) and using a dead person for profit, it never turns out into something good. If someone wants to tell their story about a loving friend or family member that has died, they don’t think of economical profit. So good luck to them when Karma is handing over their profits to them… just saying.

    (((((SJ))))) Σ’αγαπώ πολύ ♥ ♥ ♥
    (((((Jodi)))) Σ’αγαπώ πολύ ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Hi Pandora, I have been reading here regularly, but have been unable to comment.

      It is very sad that people who initially had the best of intentions, and who did a lot of work, and a lot of kind things in support of Jodi, ___ it is sad that they became mired in their own personal issues regarding relationships.

      It is wonderful and generous to help, and to want to help another human being, but in the end the ultimate decisions must be left to the person being helped.

      Not only is it disrespectful to prevent Jodi from exercising her autonomy; it is literally ABUSIVE to prevent it.

      I am sure people meant well, but the same personal dynamics stemming from conscious and unconscious personal issues, ( which we all have), colored, controlled and distorted ways of perceiving and relating.

      I am not singling anyone out, or pointing fingers. It is difficult for any person in this world to have a healthy relationship, and the more people factored in, the more difficult it is.

      ‘Group dynamics’ being what it is, in any group situation there will always eventually be problems and division.

      And when the person being helped is severely limited in the amount of power she has OVER HER OWN LIFE, it is easy for ‘do-gooders’ [ I don’t mean that disparagingly], __ it is easy for ‘do-gooders’ to interfere to the point where they actually cause harm.

      Universally, this is often the case when it comes to helping people. It is a fine line to not over-step.

      I was very dismayed to see the *** VERY FALSE AND EXTREMELY MANIPULATIVE AND DISINGENUOUS statement about Jodi supporters jumping ship.

      •••••• Jodi supporters have NOT jumped ship!•••••

      Although I was saddened to see that lie printed, I understood full well it was meant to bait people into responding, so that the person could receive more attention, so at the time I thought it best to not dignify it with a response. [ And it is unfortunate, because that person earlier had a lot of good intentions, even though I disagreed with some important conclusions he had made. He still had invested a lot of time and effort into research and analysis.]

      *** Just because people might not see or hear all of the many Jodi supporters out there, does not mean that they do not exist; they certainly do exist. Many more supporters read than comment.

      And NO!; Jodi does not have to ‘earn’ anyone’s support. If someone feels she must ‘earn’ it, then that person is really motivated by a sense of entitlement, and a narcissistic need for control and power.

      • Amy, am I detecting a bit of anger in your reply to my comment?

        Unfortunately, there are people that claimed to be hardcore supporters and “here for the long haul” but jumped ship onto the opposite side when they felt that they were not Jodi’s pet. Jodi has friends. Not supporters; not pets. She cherishes each and every one of her friends and cares for them equally.

        As we all know, in friendships, we do not agree on every single thing BUT that is not a reason for these so called ‘hardcore supporters/ friends’ to turn their back on Jodi and to not hesitate to expose every personal secret Jodi trusted them enough with. That is plain betrayal of friendship, in my book.

        I don’t know why you are so offended. I was talking about specific people and they know who they are. So I think you are over reacting with my comment. Take a chill pill honey.

        • Oh, no Pandora!!!!!!! I am TOTALLY IN AGREEMENT WITH YOU!!!!!!!

          I feel really bad that I gave the opposite impression. The only reason I commented was because I DO agree with you! Either you are misunderstanding me, or I didn’ t phrase my meanings accurately.

          In fact, I probably err in trying to be concilliatory about the people you rightly characterize as having done a lot of harm to Jodi.
          I tend to do that because I hope that extending a bit of an olive branch will ease their stubborness and make it easier for them to come to the conclusion that THEY ARE WRONG.
          Believe me, I condemn their actions and attitudes too__ every bit as much as you do.

          And I was very, very, very angered by the treacherous comments against Jodi that those people have posted.

          My mind was not functioning too well when I was writing the above post, and I was having difficulty finding the words to say what I wanted to say.

          I will come back after I have had some more coffee. I’ m very sorry that you thought I was disagreeing with you or criticizing you.
          I have never had any involvement with those people or those groups. I do not personally know or interact with them at all.

          • It’s ok, Amy. I just thought you were upset with my comment about people jumping ship. No probs. Maybe I too misunderstood what you replied. I’m sorry too.


            • When I commented about people jumping ship, I was referring to my anger and absolute disgust at the person who wrote the article about supporters jumping ship. My retort__ no one is jumping ship! __ was meant towards HIM. I did not want to be too specific, because I didn’ t want to give him any attention.
              I read the article a long while back, and I was extrememly angry at the way he abused Jodi in his false characterization of her.
              His article was also manipulative because he was using it as a way to bait people to gain an audience. It also was incredibly dishonest, because it implied people were abandoning the JAIII site. ( No they are NOT!)
              The article was so vicious; I was shocked by its viciousness.
              I might be wrong in giving some people the benefit of the doubt too much and for too long. I thought about commenting then, and I was wary about making it ‘personal’, but I think I should have a little courage and say what I thought then; the author displayed the classic symptoms of an abuser. How sad and ironic.

              Yes, I am very surprised at the treachery ‘those people’ have displayed.

              You use the word ‘pet.’ I think those people believed that Jodi was THEIR pet, and that they OWNED her.
              They definitely have allowed their ego and personal dysfunctions to get in the way.

              Since you mentioned ‘jump ship’, it made me want to comment, since I was really angry and disgusted about the article. Even now I am reluctant to refer to it, because it deserves no attention.

              I don’ t like to make things ‘personal’ when referring to people, but sometimes it is the right thing to do, because otherwise people might get the wrong impression regarding what is what. And silence sometimes makes one complicit.

              • P.S.: I see the way I wrote the first post was too vague and ambiguous, and gave the wrong impression that I was talking about Pandora.
                When I was referring to group dynamics, personnal issues, relationships, do-gooders __ actually EVERYTHING I was referring to was about ‘those other people’.
                I was never reffering to Pandora, the JAII site, or anyone on this site.
                Sorry again, Pandora; I can see how you interpreted what I said as directed towards you. In actuality, I was 100% referring and directing my comments towards/ about ‘them.’
                My mind was too scrambled to accurately write what I meant.

                • It’s just hard these days, communicating more and more in written form where mood and inflection of the voice cannot be detected……(especially when discussing such emotionally charged subjects…..we just have to give each other opportunity to explain when there is misunderstandings. Because there always will be. ♡

    • Great comment Pandora,

      Jodi saw through the Weberz. Jason is not interested in Jodi, he just sees her case as a chance to make a few quid. He creates fake pages and tries to scam her supporters out of their hard earned money. He also slanders Jodi’s true friends/supporters any chance he gets. He’s nothing but a slimy, waste of space con-artist.

      You summed the haters up perfectly. They said “they can’t wait until the trial was over so they could be done with Jodi”. Why wait until the trial is over? That’s a ridiculous thing to say. They have absolutely nothing to do with it. They didn’t know Jodi and they still don’t. They didn’t know Travis. Hell…. Travis’ own friends and family didn’t know Travis! We’ve all seen the type of people that support TA and they are not the people he would have wanted to socialize with. He would have looked down his nose at every single one of them, like Chris Hughes does. There is nothing keeping them to this trial other than it’s the only bit of excitement they get in their sad, depressing lives. We all knew they wouldn’t “be done with Jodi”. They can’t move on with their life if they have no life to move on to.

  6. I concur, SJ. And even though you and I have not always been exactly on the same page, I think we are both in the same book…and not the Book of Mormon…sorry, I meant, Morons! Well, I am sure there are some really great Mormons out there. I think we are perhaps dealing with a small faction, kinda like with Warren Jeffs case. Also it only takes a quick google search of Morons to see that many are very upset with this cult, I mean church. It is not easy to speak out against such a big entity. Jodi’s got too many “big entities’ to count against her.

    My methods as I promised have evolved over the last two years. In the beginning, I went wild throwing stuff against the wall…believing the wheel of injustice would not plow over Jodi before the end of this, and that she’d be free. I never expected a guilty verdict. Then I got to know Arizona….This board was my first stop. I was “Maggie” for a short while, thinking stupidly I could remain anonymous! That didn’t last long.No, Jodi is important to me for many reasons. I see her as a symbol of so very much wrong in the world. Jodi doesn’t have to be my best friend, or be a perfect human being, or anything close. Hell, I’m sure she’s said a few words about me that aren’t so flattering. That’s okay. I don’t understand my own methods most days. I don’t do planning very well at all. But lately, more than ever things have started to come together. I did all kinds of youtube videos that I took down because of hater’s making false reports. I lost two facebook pages because of the same. I’ve had every possible cacklin’ hen go after me personally! One of my ex boyfriend’s and his ex wife must be thinking, “who the hell are these old hens writing and calling me up about what happened years ago? and why are they trying to convince me Sandra is the devil’s daughter? She’s not, by far. 🙂 Okay, I’ll stop now.

    As for Barwood and OneB…..I told many about OneB a long, long time ago…..but alas, no one wanted to believe a smart alecky big mouth from Alabama! Hey, I don’t blame ’em! As for Barwood, back and forth I have gone with him. He makes me laugh sometimes. I’m a sucker for British humor. And he does get and keep people interested in Jodi. I believe that has value for Jodi. Not sure exactly, though.Yesterday, as a matter of fact, and your timing was perfect in posting today, SJ, GB asked me, “Are you drunk, Sandra?” HA!

    I laughed my butt off! I wasn’t drunk or anywhere near it! Now, I do like glass of cabernet or two for medicinal purposes….yeah, right…but that,too! But nope, no alcohol problem with me….maybe dark chocolate though…..OH, and he also called me “Jodi’s enemy”. Wow. Last I heard Jodi was cool with me. That’s all I need to stay in this fight. ONWARD! 🙂

    • Sandra, this is Seabird. I hope you find this post. I think the information is important, but I am not set-up to participate in social media, so I have yet to find a way to get this info IN FRONT of the JAII family, and truly interested parties, such as yourself.

      A post came through to JAII, addressed specifically to Jodi. I took it as benign support from someone with whom she has previously communicated. All I know how to do is to provide the date/time parameters from the JAII site, that contain the information.

      *Wm.WeJeBe says: Jan 15, 2015; 11:54 am; through and including: Feb 12, 2015; 8:10 am.
      The very next post is from, Cindy Jewell; 8:32 am. It glosses past any significance to the above, never to reappear, nor receive feedback.

      Also see: Seabird says: Feb 12th, 2015 @ 9:13 am; 9:34 am; & 12:46 pm.

  7. Happy to be among my friends supporting Jodi. Always.

    The antidote for fifty enemies is one friend. ~Aristotle

  8. Thanks again S.J. for telling the truth. I for one work for JODI and HER family and this LADY JUSTICE who seems as abused as JODI….but We can undue any wrong and will. Talk is cheap w/o $$$….all a person has to do is give what they can and now it,s x,s 2 how cool is that. I,m gonna do my best and all I ask is for others to do the same.I know which sites JODI supports….We,re on one of em….NOW! As for the haters well if they need a lift to hateville…wish them….hell or is that well opps I was right the first time. I hear there are BIG layoffs at Estrella,s…..mailroom…LOL…they,ve lost my business….LOL.

  9. I love this post SJ. There is no messing around. You’re honest and you tell it like it is. You’re awesome 😉

  10. Sorry to hear all of this.
    I’ve been nothing but happy to be one of the ones to find this site.

    I despise hypocrites and can’t figure out how someone could come to a place that they know supports Jodi and justice for her and be totally fake. I guess I live in a bubble.
    But, I already had heard and seen all of the hate from the media and then went to you tube,
    same thing, but here it is real.

    I like the way the asshole mean people are kept out. We don’t need them. THANK YOU
    Team Jodi and I mean that seriously.
    You tube is always the same old comments and it didn’t take me long to find how REALLY hateful some people are. If it weren’t Jodi, it would be someone else that HLN has decided to show nothing but hate for and love the asshole. I believe NG and the rest hate everyone!!!

    After Jodi, it will be someone else. That’s what they’re paid for. I wish there wasn’t anything or anyone else like HLN, but don’t have to go there. Just like I don’t go to those sites. I can’t take it.
    All that they do is call names because they know NOTHING else and that’s easy for them.
    It’s work to try and use your brain.

    So, if they come here and fake it and then say they’re done, they were fake all of the time.
    Karma will bite them in the ass in the worst way.

    The reason I’ve always admired Jodi is her strength and she doesn’t let them get to her.
    There IS justice for her soon and she believes it.
    Even though she’s locked up, she’s happier than they will ever be and they know that and can’t stand it.

    Hateful people can’t stand happy people.
    It really is true “misery loves company”, but like Kris’s song
    Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down, I live by that!! : )

  11. SJ,

    RIGHT ON!!! Tell it like it IS, there is NO other way!!!

    TWO BOOKS OF LIES: CHRIS HUGHES book and the BOOK OF MORMON!!! You got that right for SURE!!!

    It is very sad that SO MANY people are deceived by BOTH BOOKS OF LIES!!! VERY SAD!!!

    You are AWESOME, SJ!!! Love you!!!

    (((((JODI))))) (((((SJ))))) (((((TEAM JODI))))) (((((TRUTH)))))

  12. Ok I felt bad giving my 5.99 to Beth but could not resist knowing there was so much I have been waiting to read for such a long time. I am shocked that people are still believing The Travis Fairy Tale. There is so much that shows how Travis really was. AND Martinez’ nothing negative what would you call this.
    From Beth Karas site transcribed by me.
    Monday 8-13-07
    Travis sent me a text this afternoon saying, “I wish you were here you’d
    love it. Hope your having a good day!!!” I didn’t know what kind of
    response to give. I was a little shocked again. It is such a contrast
    between the way he treated me yesterday. It’s sad, but I’ve actually
    grown a little suspicious of him when he acts kind to me.It’s not that
    I don’t prefer that over the mean, harsh, critical and cruel behavior.
    But it’s just that once upon a time it was so foreign to me when he mean
    and rude, but it’s become common place.And now it seems so foreign when
    he’s nice. I just don’t understand. I know why he’s stressed out, but
    not why he thinks it’s ok to act the way he does. Sometimes I feel so
    broken that I can’t even cry. Other times I feel so broken that all I
    can do is cry. What’s a little ironic is that he’s so concerned about
    how close I I live to him. But he’s done sufficient emotional damage
    enough to push me away that it doesn’t matter how close I live, I’ve
    never felt this distanced from him. I’ve been a bit numb over the last
    two days. But I still feel the ever-present dull, aching, throbbing pain
    that I associate w/him. I’m on the verge of just pushing him out of my
    life completely, which would have to involve moving geographically yet
    again. But I don’t want to push him out. But he’s been no good for me
    (emotionally, spiritually). The things I continue to learn about him are
    like big red road signs saying “Wrong Way” But when I think of our relationship
    and the way things were, my heart begins to ache all over again. I miss
    those wonderful times. Why did it happen this way?

    • Heart breaking! ♥Jodi♥ She was struggling to get away from him.
      Juan Martinez wouldn’t know the truth if it walked right up to him and spit in his face! SMH

      • Oh, HE KNOWS the truth, R.Love; it just doesn’t matter to him!
        The focus of Maricopa County: GET A PERSON TO ACCUSE – and WE WILL CONVICT!!

      • It is always heart-breaking reading Jodi’s words. As it is sickening reading that dead Mormon guy’s words.

        I agree with Carol; the frog knows the truth. He just doesN’T care.

        • I joined as well because I wanted so badly to finally read the emails between the Hughes and TA but learned after joining that they are not all there. I have found emails with Deanna, Lisa & the two other ladies, Maria and Chaytana (spelled wrong I know) but I haven’t found her journals. Can you please let me know where she has them on her site. As you state, these writings are very revealing.

          PS It was 7.50 for me. 🙁

      • Excellent questions Justus. I read some time ago that she had 564 pages of the journal, something I had forgotten until Michele’s post. Of course, I immediately looked for them and I couldn’t find them. She must have gotten them from the evidence room or the broom closet.

        • HOW did she get them???? Through legal channels or not? I am actually asking.
          In my country no such thing would happen, once something is entered into evidence or even if something is related to a crime NO reporter can get their hands on them.

      • they are under the trial info section, scroll about halfway down. five or six of them. they appear to have court document marks on each page.

  13. Guess i’m one of the readers, have not posted very often, but have been here with all of you every day, always learning more of this case, which has been such a injustice for Jodi.
    I am Thankful for you all, and believe that the appellate attorney should have access to read the enlightening info on this site, so many different view points, by so many Friends of Jodi’s. Please do count me in as a Friend of Jodi, as i have always, been in her corner, and still am. In this country, i have always believed, that constitutional rights, were meant for everyone, not just ones “singled out”. Jodi has been deprived of Her Rights! This is wrong – and i, along with you, hope that Jodi can be Free. Maybe by now my donation to the JAA Appellate Fund has been received. Have given what i can,
    for now, and i hope that there will be others who will see Jodi as someone who has feelings just like anyone else, and will want to help her. Jodi is Not, a “monster”, and she does Not, belong in prison. I feel badly for her in ‘solitary’. There is nothing humane
    doing this to a person, and do hope for her Freedom. – Jo A.

    • Thank you Jo for being a friend and supporter to Jodi! ♥ Jodi is the extreme opposite of anything the friends and family of Travis Alexander and the media presented her to be. Although, Jodi is not a perfect person, nobody is, she is an absolutely loving, thoughtful and compassionate person and friend. She has always thought of others before herself. . . unfortunately that has put her where she is. She has been wrongly accused, charged and convicted by so many corrupt people. Justice will prevail!!! We must do all we can to help her receive her freedom once again! Everything about this trial has be wrong.

    • Jo, just because people don’t comment often or AT ALL doesn’t mean that they are not Jodi’s friends and have stopped supporting her. There are some individuals that went to the dark side because they couldn’t manipulate Jodi into doing what they wanted her to do. What most of those people lack to understand (as R. Love also beautifully stated) is that just because they are Jodi’s friends, Jodi is not obliged to be their slave. She has a mind of her own and we might not always agree on everything our friends say or do BUT that is no reason for someone to turn on his friend. Right?


  14. SJ,

    I agree with you 100%. I have ZERO interest in reading Chris & Sky Hughes’s book, let alone commenting on it. Personally, I’d rather see people use that money on a donation to a favorite charity than to a book by Chris & Sky Hughes.

    As for the haters, who cares? They had their 15 minutes of shame. One of them last week tried to attack me on Disqus and the best he could come up with was some quip about me following “Hodi”. Hodi? That’s the best they can come up with? I guess that’s why this guy only has 1 follower on Google Plus.

    Now, I’m sure that there are some people who probably wish that we had as much free time to play games on the Internet, create fake social media profiles, witty bitstrip cartoons and sexually harass women, but most of us here work and have jobs and careers, not to mention lives. We lead busy lives and schedules yet whenever we have time we make time to help our friends in need. And we make time to come together and help those less fortunate or someone who has been falsely accused and erroneously convicted of a crime. That is why we’re here. This isn’t about us. It never was. And if you ever were someone who came here and thought that it was about you, chances are that you’re probably not around here anymore.

    Some of us here have blogged and written about this case in great detail. The haters like to think that they shut down my blogs, but once again they show they are delusional. I shut them down because it frankly was time and I had every intention of shutting them down because I said everything that I felt I needed to say up to that point. And although I’m nowhere near the class of writing and investigating that someone like Justus is and I’ll never be in the same league, I think that what I had to say during the trial opened up some people’s eyes and ears and it got their attention. All I wanted to do with my blogs was to present an alternative point-of-view from the gluttony of bias that was coming from the media particularly HLN. I succeeded. My work was done. Others since then have kept going and my hats off to them because they’ve done a much better job documenting this case than I ever did. And I urge them to keep it up especially you, Justus.

    I thought about blogging again during the retrial, but decided not to because of the pleasantly surprising performance in court by the defense this time around. They didn’t need me to help them out this retrial. That’s one of the many reasons why they won. And although we didn’t get the life in prison with the possibility of parole that we wanted, I don’t think any of us were surprised. If I was a betting man, I would have bet everything I had on Judge Stephens handing down that sentence to Jodi. We all knew it was coming and so did Jodi. That’s okay. They might have knocked us down, but they didn’t knock us out.

    I frankly don’t give a damn about the haters anymore. Honestly, I’m tired of hearing about them and I promise that this will be the last you hear me talk about them. We need to put them in the past where they belong and to move on. As someone once said, the problem with living in the past is that there’s no future in it. We need to look to the future and to do it now because it’s Jodi’s future that we should be focused on, not her past. We need to help her and her family get the justice and peace that they deserve. You can’t call yourself a Jodi supporter if you sit on the sidelines and don’t get involved. Because, in the end, you’re not just supporting Jodi, but any woman, man or child who has ever been traumatized by domestic abuse. If you want to unleash that anger and frustration that you feel towards the haters, rechannel it into something positive and help by giving your time and money to Jodi and others like her who have been abused.

    That’s all I’m saying. We can do this, but only if we’re willing and committed to stick to the plan and see it through. Are you willing to do that? If so, then let’s do it.

  15. Amen, Raja! Very well said. I’d only add that right now, the “charity” for us to give our “money” to is the JAA Appellate Fund. And that’s because if Jodi’s supporters can’t get it up to $250,000 in about two years, she has no hope of ever escaping Perryville.

    • Well said, Raja, but I agree with alan. We all need to get on it with the JAA Appellate Fund because two years is going to be here before we know it.


    “Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.”
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson


    • “This defendant justly deserves the maximum allowable sentence for the savage brutality of his actions that led to the tragic and senseless death of this innocent child,” said Maricopa County Bill Montgomery. “There is simply no excuse for harming a child in this manner and we will continue to vigorously hold accountable those who do,” he added.

      I’ve said it many times before, but I will say it again – Arizona is a very sick and dangerous place to live if you are a child or a woman.

    • Coldcase, probably because there was no sex involved… what’s the fun in a a 1st degree murder case if there ain’t no sex??? (got whiff of my irony?)

  17. Why was…..He offered a plea deal….see the word …He. and hey who does,t need a SHOWTRIAL now and then…..but really that only works on the poor and powerless….what stste has not made plea deals with orginized crime…..all the time …see money and power…WORK!

  18. So here’s the financial situation of Mr. Successful. In March 2008, it appears that Deanna was asking him to pay back $300 she loaned him. His text message to Deanna on 3/3/08:

    “Here is the deal. My checking account is 900 dollars over drawn. I do not have one dollar in my wallet, not one. My account is frozen it has been in the negative so long. I have a little less than half a tank of gas and still have to figure out out (sic) how to get to okc. I don’t know what I am going to do. I simply have no resources to drive there.”

    • Well that’s because Jodi snuck in the doggy door and stole his money and the engagement ring for the other girl she was so jealous of, dontcha know?? (Tongue inserted in cheek)

      • I’m glad your tongue is in your cheek, Herbie, 🙂 because that’s exactly the response we would hear from the other side. It makes me absolutely nuts because they actually appear to believe that shit and I can hardly believe I live in a world populated with these kind of people.

      • And that whole doggy door stupidity!!! What a fucking joke! Have you seen Napoleon? Did that dog really have a doggy door large enough that a fully-grown woman could crawl through it? Come on now!

          • I think I’ve seen one, yes. I must have it somewhere saved. Hmmm…
            But I do remember laughing when seeing it, thinking haters ARE incredibly stupid.

        • And if someone remembers, did that whole doggy-door BS come slipping out of one of Juan’s witnesses? Or is that just one more unverified rumor picked up by HLN and transmitted through the airways as truth?

          • There was a doggy door, but the sliding glass door it was installed in couldn’t even lock because it could only lock if the for was fully closed. There goes that theory. Jodi could have just opened the patio door, lol.

      • Thirteen days later…3/21/08…text messages:

        Travis: “Okay, do you know what I owe you?”

        Deanna: “three”

        Travis: “Alright ill (sic) deposit 100 today text me your account”

        Fourteen days later…4/4/08:

        Travis: “How much do you need?”

        Deanna: “200…if you can’t just let me know”

        Travis: “Text me your account number”

        Deanna: “” (masked)

        Later that evening:

        Travis: Deposited (sic) 210 which mean (sic) I own you 500”

        Deanna: “You are wonderful”

        Travis: “I know”

          • It doesn’t seem like these people understand numbers; addition and subtraction either!
            Deanna says Travis owes her $300
            Travis says he deposited $210 in her account
            Travis says he still owes her $500!!
            What am I missing?

            • I think Travis possibly borrowed (at the very least) $710 from Deanna. She was asking for 300 of it back so she could cover some expenses. Also over those months he may have paid back other amounts we don’t know about so it’s hard to tell what the original amount was.

              • The numbers don’t add up…neither seem to know how to count…but then were they ever accountable in their lives for anything?

        • Justus, Enrique moved into his room at Travis’ around the middle of May, rent money would be $450.
          Dave Hall had stayed in that room for a week; that would be earlier in the month and probably as a guest. (Could be Mimi’s brother/cousin and it is possibly when the journals disappeared).
          You are going down an interesting path! 💡

          There was mortgage fraud going on in that very area and Ashley Thompson’s husband (Journee disagrees, but the names are the same and no one else can be found with that name) was charged with mortgage fraud, as were his mother and father. Travis was friends with Dustin; and Dustin really never gave an interview with the police.

          Remember Ashley supposedly committed suicide, but that finding by the ME is considered by many to be suspicious.

          • Here is a letter by Enrique Cortez that was posted on the Court Chatter site in February, 2015. He describes a meeting in the church after the discovery of Travis’s body. They discussed information Travis’s sister had passed on to the bishop and there were TWO theories as to why Travis was killed or who killed Travis. One theory why Travis was killed was a “business deal gone wrong.” Unfortunately, there is no discussion of this theory in Enrique’s letter but I would love to know why this theory was brought up at all. Did they have information as to some unethical behavior related to Travis’s business or what? It doesn’t seem like the first thing a person would think of if someone was killed. Oh, his death must have something to do with the way he did business. The other theory was Jodi killed him. Here is Cathy’s intro and Enrique’s letter.

            Jodi Arias: *New* Travis’s roommate describes the fear he and others felt following the murder

            Enrique Cortez was one of Travis Alexander’s roommates at the time of his murder. Enrique recently contacted me and talked about what he and others went through following Travis’ death. I had never heard this story and I thought I had heard everything surrounding this case. Jodi Arias has caused and continues to cause horror, grief, sadness, fear and a myriad of other emotions to those who knew and loved Travis Alexander. As I sit at the courthouse in Maricopa County, Arizona, waiting for a jury of twelve citizens to determine if Jodi Arias will be sentenced to life or death, I decided to finally post this story.

            Thursday would have been about June 13th, 2008. This was the week we found Travis. Lisa Andrews and her roommate Elena hadn’t slept at their house all week. Everyone was a little shocked and unnerved at the news Travis had been murdered.

            That Tuesday night, our bishop held a meeting in our church building to discuss what information Travis’s sister passed on to him. There were a couple theories floating around such as a business deal gone wrong. I think everyone who knew Travis when was dating Jodi suspected her of doing it. I had only met her briefly at the memorial, as I had said on Nancy Grace. When Detective Flores questioned me at the police station, he asked questions about Travis having a lady friend and that he thought Travis and a woman were having a sexual encounter. In fact, all 6 of us crime scene witnesses pointed the finger at her.

            That Thursday, Lisa and Elena spent their first night in their house. They had a bunch of friends over for a party with all the lights on. I had been spending the week at Kent Flake’s and Kody Miller’s house. Zack Billings stayed at Dominick Daidone’s, whom Lisa would marry later on. Kent had to go out of town on personal business and since Kody was going to spend the night at Lisa’s, I decided to go as well since I didn’t want to stay in their house alone.

            Kody not only came with a loaded gun, but he also swapped vehicles with his brother and parked around the corner since Jodi would have recognized his truck. Once everyone left, it was time to go to bed.

            Lisa and Elena slept in the master bedroom together. I slept outside the master in the family room with another guy named Josh Craig. This was also where you have the patio door. Kody slept alone in the living room at the front of the house with the loaded gun. I have to admit I was a little nervous when I went to bed that night, but it was better than staying alone without protection.

            Waking up in the morning, Kody told me the police finally opened up the house. It had been closed off as a crime scene all week and now I could finally go and get my stuff out, as well as Zack.

            In October 2008, we went on our delayed family trip to Disneyland on Columbus Day weekend. Me and the girl I was dating at the time all of this happened drove to Riverside to visit Travis’s grave.
            Every trip to Disneyland I usually go to his grave. We ran into Mimi Hall, who was traveling with her parents. While the 3 of us spent a few minutes together at the grave, she had told us that before the murder, she got a harassing phone call. The only thing I remember Mimi saying about it was something along the lines of, “I know what you’re doing; you better stop it.” Lisa got a letter, Mimi got a phone call.

            Needless to say, Zack and I wouldn’t feel safe if she ever found a way to slip through the cracks.


            • It’s also interesting that Enrique states he only met Jodi briefly at the memorial (after Travis’s death) but when Flores questioned him (the night of or the early morning after Travis’s body was discovered?) he indicated Jodi killed Travis… “In fact, all 6 of us crime scene witnesses pointed the finger at her.” As Carol Handy mentions above, Enrique had only been living at Travis’s place for a few weeks and Jodi was living in California so how did he come to the conclusion that Jodi killed Travis?

              • During quiet times ones mind does speculate! 💡
                There had to be a leader in the orchestrated finger pointing at Jodi.
                (but, I don’t think it could have been ‘Who’).

                But, it had to be someone whom all connected ‘finger pointers’ RESPECTED. It had to be someone they could confidently say ‘HE/SHE said that it was…’ and it would be accepted and its veracity not be questioned.

                The ‘Orchestrator’ had to personally know a lot of these people well enough to even suggest Jodi’s name. ‘Orchestrator’ had to be upset, maybe worried for his/her own personal/financial reasons, to accuse another person.

                Since all the people sang the song in unison: stalker, tire slasher, obsessor with all the various choruses of doggie dog and Christmas tree, it had to be from the same source.
                Even Clancy Talbot way up there in Utah had to sing the same song.
                Who did all these people know or have in common?

                • The first time Jodi’s name came up was in the 911 call with the second female voice who didn’t know her name. She asked Taylor for the name, so technically it would have been Taylor and this female who first pointed the finger at Jodi. The Hughes of course, phoned Flores the next day.

                • Coldcase, that fits with my theory perfectly – that the Hughes’ called Flores the NEXT day!

                  Before Mimi talked to the operator after they had all left the house, these people must have called and talked with SOMEONE else.
                  For one, Mimi was supposed to babysit for the Hughes.

                  After finding Travis dead, I would think Mimi would call the Hughes to tell them she couldn’t/wouldn’t be baby-sitting for them in Cancun.
                  Only a few hours remained before they would be expecting her, and she was a responsible enough person to want to forewarn them.
                  I would bet a nickel that Mimi told the Hughes’ Travis was dead, and THEY suggested Jodi and the reasons why they thought so.
                  Then everyone the Hughes’ notified was told the same thing.
                  As I said above, it was like a song; and everyone knew the words, verses, and the chorus.

                  Meanwhile, the ‘gang’ outside the house solidified their story, learned the words to the song, so it all came out in unison.
                  And then surely others called friends, they were in shock and that would be a normal thing to do.

              • Before Mimi talked to the operator after they had all left the house, these people must have called with someone else.
                For one, Mimi was supposed to babysit for the Hughes.

                After finding Travis dead, I would think Mimi would call the Hughes to tell them she couldn’t/wouldn’t be baby-sitting for them in Cancun.
                Only a few hours remained before they would be expecting her, and she was a responsible enough person to want to forewarn them.
                I would bet a nickel that Mimi told the Hughes’ Travis was dead, and THEY suggested Jodi and the reasons why they thought so.
                Then everyone the Hughes’ notified was told the same thing.
                As I said above, it was like a song; and everyone knew the words, verses, and the chorus.

                Meanwhile, the ‘gang’ outside the house solidified their story, learned the words to the song, so it all came out in unison.
                And then surely others called friends, they were in shock and that would be a normal thing to do.

            • So he had only met Jodi at the memorial but ‘all six of us POINTED THE FINGER AT JODI”… can anyone say set up??

                • Always have and always will believe it was a set up.
                  Some how, some way, the truth WILL come to light.
                  Without a doubt!

                  So there has been basically 2 trials, a whole lot of lies and coverups.

                  That’s exactly why you can’t believe them.

                  If I understand it right, there were 3 already in the house,
                  That hadn’t known or saw anything suspicious?????

                  3 come knocking I GUESS on Zach’s door, BECAUSE
                  he asked them had they tried his bedroom.
                  Wasn’t there any blood before Zach “supposedly” found him?

                  Like Carol said too, they didn’t see his ( I believe) it was keys, cell phone, wallet
                  and ring on the counter?
                  Anyway that should have caught someone’s attention.

                • Also, BTW
                  Did anyone ever “UNDER OATH” say that they saw Jodi slash any tires?
                  OR crawl in the doggie door??

                  Like I said all of the ones that testified for the state lied so
                  how can anyone give credit to ANYTHING that they sat?

            • Enrique saw Travis on Thursday; his girlfriend Kim saw ring etc., on the kitchen counter, but of course his brain wasn’t working then or now.
              These idiots had nothing to fear; the problem child was dead; ‘Who’ killed Travis and it ended the potential trouble he was causing ‘Who’.
              Jodi is not ‘Who’. Jodi did not kill anyone. (IMVHO,OC) 😆

              It certainly would be interesting to know what the ‘Bishop’ and this ‘group’ discussed as possible reasons for the murder. Was the Bishop ever contacted by the defense? (That is a silly question.)
              If he had been Travis’ Bishop he would have known a lot of personal details about Travis and problems facing him.
              But obviously no one was trying to get at the facts; the detective had his suspect, right or wrong, facts weren’t important; the detective could rig the evidence.
              The defense was clueless and couldn’t see past the charge.

              ‘Who’ actually wrote the Letter to Lisa and ‘Who’ made the Phone Call to Mimi is undoubtedly the same person, and could easily have been proved.

            • Phone records, Email accounts can be accessed by the police.

              ‘Who’ was very angry with Travis, and with those Travis was involved with, and it is logical to think that ‘Who’ had a part in his murder.
              Jodi did offer Flores a name, John Hepworth, but that needs double-triple-checking. Lisa is not clueless; she has to have a suspicion of what ‘Who’s name is.
              No one has ever even mentioned that name during the trial, as memory serves me.

          • Mysteries and unanswered questions by SW talked of 3 suspicious suicides right after TA death. Ashley was married with children but was also seeing TA. I was always curious about the boot print at the murder scene. It was man size boot print. Chris and sky knows the truth but no gona tell. So does those the moron roommates.

          • I’ve been trying to figure put why Dustin wasn’t interrogated.

            I have read where a Dustin Thompson in Phoenix was convicted of $40,000,000
            mortgage fraud in May, 2011 and was sentenced to 27 months in prison.

            • Also, it was on a “get rich” scheme.
              He wasn’t convicted, he pled guilty.
              They said he had a co-conspiritor also led guilty.
              but the name wasn’t mentioned.
              So, maybe ta owed him.

              Ashley confirmed the police about her boyfriend, then commited suicide,
              OH, YES!!!!
              How convenient!!!

        • Guys, haven’t you figured out yet that they wen’t talking about money owed, but using a cryptic code buying and selling something illegal. Possibly drugs or other goods or services rendered.

    • If we believe him, this is one more piece of evidence that he was a powder keg waiting for a match, and especially likely to explode over a money issue like damage to an expensive camera.

      • I actually do believe him (although I believe he was also capable of blowing smoke so who really knows). Just how many people would have had to buy legal insurance policies from him to support his desired lifestyle of big house, a closet full of nice clothes and lots of travel? And we have to remember that at this same time (2008) the housing market was collapsing and he had refinanced that house to its max. Powder keg, indeed.

          • I found the following very interesting in which the author of the above article says:

            “[PPL’s compensation plan] I don’t see any major problems other than the peculiarity of paying out members an initial upfront yearly commission. This in itself isn’t so bad but it’s hedged against the risk of the customer (or Associate) cancelling their membership before the 12 month period you’re being paid an advanced commission on. No doubt from the company’s viewpoint this acts as a strong incentive to keep people paying memberships (hell, they even publicly grade you on this!), but from an Associate’s perspective, the ever looming chargebacks spell potential disaster. You’re obviously going to spend some of the commissions you earn with PrePaid Legal and if you’re using them to live on, pay bills, send your kids to school or whatever, what happens when people quit and the company demands its money back? You’ve already spent it so what do you do? Answer: You go into debt if you can’t cover your losses and then find yourself playing the dangerous game of relying on the PrePaid Legal to get you out of debt… taking the even bigger gamble more people won’t end their subscriptions along the way and drive you even further into debt with commission repayments. Not a nice situation to be in, but a very real danger with the way the PrePaid Legal compensation plan retail commissions are set up.”

            So I wonder if Travis was also in debt to PPL.

        • It was a “Pyramid Scheme”, this is where you get/take people into the business under you or on your team with the result you get paid for your own sales…but you’re also on 10% to 20%, 33% of everything they sell. You can’t lose…unless there is sale cancellations.

      • And just the fact that he had recently purchased an expensive camera shows just how financially irresponsible he was. I doubt that Deanna could purchase an expensive camera. She originally asked him to pay back $300 on 2/22/08 because she was in financial straits herself:

        Deanna: “I don’ (sic) want to stress you out…But i need 300 bucks asap”

        (I don’t see Travis’ response.)

        Deanna: “Thanks…I have to pay to fix the brakes on my car. And my car payments was due 2 weeks ago. I might be able to pull it all off w/200. but that would be cutting it super close. Let me know if you are able to get it in today. Thanks hon.”

      • Yes, he said it himself that he was about ready to explode….(this is from court video when Dr. Fonseca was testifying and reading the emails between him and the Hughes):

        He states, “I’m scrambling and worrying and receiving intense outside pressure from so many sources to fix myself that I’m about to have a nervous breakdown.”

        It was a perfect storm of his abusive behavior, his financial straits, his defective personality, his porno addictions, and her inability to resist his drawing her back into a sexual relationship/friendship time and again….until a relatively minor incident of dropping a camera (albeit a new camera) and he just exploded with anger and attacked her viciously and SHE DEFENDED HERSELF AS WAS HER GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO DO !!!!

      • I believe she was doing what she was told to do. . . like all the rest of the LDS/Mormon members in their community. Lying for Their Lord. Certified Professionals.

        • R.
          Did he work?
          Like anywhere besides PPL?

          Looks like this religion does everything bad “for the Lord”
          in otherwords using God and the Lord for all of their bad deeds.

          It’s horrifying!!!!!

            • jojnjo,
              Probably the get rich scheme!
              I’m sure it had something to do with that.
              That’s all they thought about.
              Do the Hughes have a job?

    • Justus,
      I wonder why Travis was so broke? He had mortgage payments but his 2 renters were paying $450/mth each, I believe. According to Jodi, TA told her he was making almost $80,000/year when they first met. On his MySpace page, he listed his salary as $100,000-$150,000/year. He was driving a BMW (year IDK) at one point and later a Toyota Prius hybrid (year IDK). But, obviously, his finances seemed to be in a mess. He owed Deanna and Jodi. Didn’t he also try to borrow money from Chris Hughes? Hughes apparently said “NO effing way” or something like that. Then, Dr. Hiatt loaned TA money (I’ve heard the figure of $7,000 but don’t know if this was ever confirmed). TA didn’t drink or smoke and I don’t think he gambled. Did he give 10% of his salary to the church or temple?

        • No way was his salary so high! And even if it was, it just goes to show how self-involved and immature he was when it came to finances.

          Coldcase, it ‘s not necessary for someone to smoke, drink or gamble or have any other addicitve behavior to be broke. When you spend MORE than you make, financial hardships will come knocking on your door 😉
          Especially when you try to maintain the facade of a filthy rich guy when in fact you’re just a middle-class man “working” for a pyramid scheme and you don’t even have a REAL job! 🙄

      • Wonder how much was spent on porn sites? Did TA’s credit card accounts get investigated? Just wondering. 🙄

        • R. You would think that his finances what has been looked into.. But unless the DT did their own we would never hear about it. I find it rather odd that back in 2008 the roommates were paying $450.00 each for renting a room. I wonder what his mortgage payment was. I wonder how he was planning on going to Cancun. I’m sure most of the trip was paid for by PPL but you still would have some out of pocket cost.

          • Maybe the money that “the good Dr Hiatt” (not sure of spelling) dropped off at house the last day anyone saw Travis. Who knows??? I would say Travis’s credit card accounts would certainly tell a very different story from what the state presented. Travis was swirling into a raging tsunami, and it wasn’t because of JODI ARIAS!!! His own actions brought on his own destruction IMHO. Nothing more. The State of AZ has completely made a scam sham of this WHOLE ORDEAL!! LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!!! CLEAN UP YOUR JUSTICE SYSTEM AZ! ADMIT YOUR CORRUPTION AND SET JODI ARIAS FREE!!!!

        • Tycoon’s conversations with Deanna about the money he owed her Jan – June 08:

          01/03/08 21:55:32 Incoming Hey hon! i need 300 bucks asap… let me know if that possible. thanks!
          01/03/08 22:19:22 Outgoing Not my problem
          01/03/08 22:20:37 Incoming Give me my f’ing money
          01/03/08 22:23:25 Outgoing Dang. When do you need it by?
          01/12/08 16:25:17 Incoming I need 500 asap
          01/12/08 17:35:56 Outgoing What is asap?
          01/12/08 20:05:33 Incoming End of the month?
          02/04/08 14:39:47 Incoming Anyway you could deposit ¤100TODAY?
          02/05/08 00:01:19 Outgoing Txt me your account number
          02/05/08 00:17:42 Incoming – gives her account # – there ya go! Thank you!!
          02/21/08 21:45:02 Incoming Do you think you could payback the full amount by april?
          02/22/08 16:22:12 Incoming I don’ want to stress you out… But i need 300 bucks asap!
          02/22/08 16:31:02 Incoming Thanks… I have to pay to fix the brakes on my car. And my car payment was due 2 weeks ago. I might be able to pull it all off w/ 200. But that would be cutting it super close. Let me know if you are able to get it in today. Thanks hon.
          03/03/08 19:27:41 Outgoing Here is the deal. My checking account is 900 dollars over drawn. I do not have one dollar in my wallet, not one. My account is frozen it has been in the negative so long. I have a little less than half a tank of gas and still have to figure out out how to get to okc. I don’t know what I am going to do. I simply have no resources to drive there.
          03/03/08 21:59:22 Incoming I’m sorry travi… I don’t mean to give you a hard time. I just like seein’ ya every once in a while. If i could help i would. You’ll figure it out…You always do.
          03/21/08 18:00:47 Outgoing Okay, do you know what I owe you?
          03/21/08 18:10:37 Outgoing three
          03/21/08 18:14:11 Outgoing Alright ill deposit 100 today text me your account.
          03/28/08 00:28:45 Outgoing I need your account number.
          04/04/08 18:00:16 Incoming I need some ¤ deposited this weekend if possible.
          04/04/08 20:30:22 Incoming wow
          04/04/08 20:30:49 Outgoing How much do you need?
          04/04/08 20:32:33 Incoming 200 … If you can’t just let me know
          04/04/08 20:32:56 Outgoing Text me your account number
          04/04/08 20:34:07 Incoming – gives her account # again
          04/04/08 21:48:03 Outgoing I deposited 210 which mean I owe you 500.
          04/04/08 21:49:16 Incoming You are wonderful
          04/04/08 21:50:39 Outgoing I know
          04/17/08 00:41:09 Incoming Where’s my money hoe?!
          04/17/08 15:44:27 Outgoing What’s your account number?
          04/17/08 16:20:03 Incoming gives her account number again.
          05/01/08 06:31:27 Incoming Oooohh… Fancy new website. So exciting. I’ll check it out tomorrow.
          05/01/08 06:32:07 Outgoing I’m a tycoon. Its how I roll.
          05/01/08 06:35:38 Incoming Then how ’bout my ¤500 mr tycoon. Girlz gotz billz.
          05/01/08 06:36:08 Outgoing Hmmm no deal.
          05/01/08 06:38:40 Incoming Well then watch your back biatch
          05/01/08 06:39:16 Outgoing Haha ill get you some tomorrow.
          05/02/08 00:12:43 Outgoing Accont number?
          05/02/08 00:13:44 Incoming – gives her account # again
          05/02/08 00:23:28 Outgoing Yu have 2 grand in your account you gouger.
          05/02/08 00:33:38 Incoming I must have just got my tax return! Wooo hooo…i’m gonna pay off my car tomorrow! Thanks travi luff you!
          05/02/08 00:35:09 Incoming PS…What’s a gouger? 🙂
          05/02/08 00:39:23 Outgoing Just a ruthless doer of business, by the way I only put in 200.
          05/02/08 00:40:11 Incoming You gouger!
          05/02/08 00:40:47 Outgoing Racist whore!!!!!
          05/02/08 00:43:18 Incoming Commie bastard!!!
          05/02/08 00:43:56 Outgoing Self centered slut!!!!!
          05/02/08 00:47:13 Incoming I beg your pardon… My slutiness is never self-centered.
          05/02/08 00:48:31 Outgoing Touche.
          05/02/08 00:50:10 Incoming Yea… Now go piss on a cat!
          06/06/08 02:29:57 Read Inbox Phone Incoming I really need that 300 bucks! When can i get some of that? 🙂

          • What really jumped out to me about this conversation is when he says you have 2 grand, like she didn’t need to be paid back and why the F___ is he checking her balance. I also think the amount was only 200 because he saw how much she had. I think he was trying to guilt her but she didn’t bite.

            • Deanna testified over and over again that T-Dogg didn’t call her names. Even if they were maybe half-kidding, a racist whore and a self-centered slut sounds like name-calling to me. Another lie for their lord.

              • Well, apparently he DID like calling women “whore” and “slut” .Totally misogynistic but it is quite self-explanatory behavior/psychology based on how much he hated his own mother.Typical….. 🙄

              • Good point, Cindy. An indication Deanna didn’t know Travis was dead or just a clever move to make it look like she wasn’t aware. Also, Mimi HAD TO check on Travis or it would have looked very odd since they were supposed to leave together in the morning. She left it to the very last minute though. They had quite a little crowd checking on Travis as if they expected to find something bad. Yet no one went out of their way until it was D-Day.

                • CC53 now wouldn’t you think that anyone who text or called TA during that time frame would at least get a look see as to where they were ( tower pings). That’s prettystandardinvestigating.

                  It sure is rather odd that TA wrote in his journal that he couldn’t wait for Deanna to
                  also leave town. Jodi and Deanna gone no more drama…. That doesn’t sound to me like he was in love with Deanna. He used her like he did Jodi..

                • Oh OF COURSE he used Deanna. Just like everyone…..I always feel sorry for her, don’t know why. Or maybe I do.

                • Agreed…if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, smells like a duck…it’s a duck…I don’t believe in coincidences and there are far too many in this case….the “group discovery” and the immediate pointing of the finger at Jodi smells….and this conversation is just sick, sick, sick….who talks like that??? Deanna is such a fraud IMHO indicating on the stand that TA was such a gentleman and all…….this conversation just reeks of abusive language on both sides…..BUT then again Jodi has said that she did kill him and she is now remembering more details of that day so there you go….what / who are you going to believe???

                  I lived amongst the Mormons in one of the most densely populated Mormon areas for decades and there is an undercurrent of some internal problems in that group that they would rather not become public….problems that I believe stem from (at least in part) their roots of plural marriage and every once in a while you do hear of those problems when they become publicized after arrests / convictions have happened in the communities….and there is one thing that is certain, they will circle the wagons to protect the Church’s reputation and the community….and the Church wields a powerful influence in those areas dominated by them…in fact the entire state of AZ is greatly influenced by the Church….take a look at who is in office in at any level (local, state and beyond)…

                  This is why IMHO from the get go in this case that the evidence was destroyed, hidden, tampered with, altered, denied its existence, etc…it was to ultimately protect the Church, not TA, but the Church….

                • BB,
                  I agree 100% with you.
                  The church does things that are IMO that they know is against the law, but they have a way of protecting themselves, like so many other organizations.
                  Since they believe it’s the way God wants it, why try to cover it up?
                  They can get by with anything
                  In the Name of God!!!
                  Shameful and disgusting!
                  And shame on them for using Jodi!!

          • What ever happened to May…not a word between these two!??
            How can that be the case, really?
            Who is hiding the May conversations, and why?

            • True CC. One day only even though they were back and forth with each other.
              May is an important month for Jodi. It would be helpful to know what was going on with Travis.
              Something sure must have been going on!

              • Their pattern of communication was a couple of times a month during this time period. They were back and forth on May 1st & 2nd, and then she waited until early June. Not too far off their usual pattern and she was moving away, hopefully, to get on with her life.

      • Living beyond one’s means isn’t unusual with the LDS members. Remember, appearances are everything with this sect.

        • The troublesome thing about the Hughes’ and the ‘chorus’ singing is it begs the question WHY.
          WHY did the Hughes’ want the spotlight on Jodi Arias?
          Unless they were concerned that the spotlight would be on them, or that any other culprit might damage their financial situation, there is no good reason for them to implicate Jodi.
          That is, unless Jodi wasn’t doing anything with PPL, and, so therefore she was expendable.
          It just doesn’t make sense that it had anything to do with anything other than money!
          The Hughes’ had to know that Travis was having financial problems.
          There is something called ‘charge-backs’ in PPL; when one of ‘your’ sales quits YOU have to pay back the bonuses you received from the sale. In order to repay the bonuses YOU have to have the money set aside or it will cause you financial ruin/chaos/disaster.

          Hughes’ probably were in Travis’ ‘up’ line; and, therefore they should/would get a percentage of his earnings as bonuses; or if they had other people in their line who were supposed to be receiving bonuses based on Travis’ sales.
          Not receiving bonuses would alert them to ‘trouble’ with HIS sales. And if a lot of people were quitting (it was a rough financial time) everyone would have been paying a lot of bonuses back to the company.
          People working in PPL may have complained to the SEC. This may be one reason the Federal Government was looking into the PPL business and why PPL became a private company with shares not sold publically any longer, and renamed Legal Shield. The business remained pretty much the same as far as up lines/down lines are concerned.
          It really is helpful to understand the mechanisms in place for the Ponzi Scheme PPL.

      • ANd Travis was far from Broke. He gave the appearance of being a MLM businessman, which always put on aire’s to look sucessful but are usually broke, to cover a lifestyle he couldn’t explain. If you dig deep enough you will find he had plenty of finanical resources. Problem was he couldn’t openly account for where they come from.

  19. I no longer watch HLN for any reason but passing it on my travels through the guide it would appear that they are no longer televising trials. But it was so profitable for them, why would they stop? Could it be that someone realized that they were the ones who led the hate parade that ultimately resulted in witness tampering through intimidation. (I would certainly be concerned if I were them.)

    • The only times that HLN has had ratings in the last 5-10 years is when there’s been a high-profile murder case or trial in the news. Other than that, most people would rather watch reruns of “The Big Bang Theory” than HLN.

      • Maybe, just MAYBE, someone is sueing their pants off.

        During the Anna Nicole, Howard Stern, trial, they had to tone it done with
        Howard Stern because they were warned by his attorney that they would be sued.

        However other trials after that, they went right on with their already guilty, hate shows.

        I hope they go bankrupt!!!!

        • Aly, I agree! I think that someone’s being sued for all the lies they told and how that played a huge role in Jodi’s trial. I hope NG has to pay out of her pocket! Doesn’t the saying go “Put your money where your mouth is”? Just sayin’

  20. Dont know how Jodi Support Team can b so like duck on water with these hideous fowl ta trolls! They use all the ugly words that travis hated.. their a bunch of vile disgusting old hogs! They would have to tie a steak around their necks to try and get a dog to follow them home! Thats why they hate Jodi so much! So very jealous of Jodi! What they need to know is travis would of rip their face off and then wiped his ass with it and then he would ask them for money. I bet ta pawned that ring..

        • Oh wow!!!!!! It could be the ring the from mentioned. But of course it could just be that TA had misplaced his PPL ring and made a big deal out of it; then when he found it he thought he should let Deanna know?

        • T-Dogg asked her if she knew where it was. She apologized for stressing him out and said she would explain later. She might have even moved it when she was cleaning but they certainly spoke about it and seemed to straighten things out.

        • Justus, I remember the same thing. That Jodi had found the ring when cleaning and forgot to tell travis about that. But when he asked her, she told him that she had the ring because she forgot to give it to him. Then she gave it to him when they met.

          I did enjoy Pam Holt’s version, though: about travis pawning the ring! Well he was strapped for cash, wasn’t he?

  21. I saw a post recently that was (allegedly) from Sue Allen or Sandy Arias stating that you can send cash to Jodi for her commissary? Is that true? It didn’t seem likely, but thought I’d ask anyway…..

    • No, that is not true. Never send cash and Jodi has plenty in her commissary account for now. If you
      would like to donate, the Appeals Fund is where she needs the money. Whatever the donation, it will be matched! Never send cash. Never.

    • I sent her money in an envelope and the Shitzona Dept. of Corrections returned it to me in the form of a check. So they must have nothing else to do than to read JODI’s mail.

      • R.
        How does anyone know if she has enough money?
        I’m really curious and upset at the same time because it’s almost an insult to anyone to ask how
        to send her money.
        It takes a lot to live in prison. They don’t give you anything. Plus the fact Jodi is the type that likes to share with those that don’t have it.

        She REALLY does have enough?
        How can we tell?
        I’m really puzzled that people can’t be incouraged to give her something as well as donate.
        I know I had asked a while back how to send it and if not probably would have at least sent a money order, but that wouldn’t have been the right the to do either.

        Someone on here finally told me to go to
        I really did appreciate the help and if people aren’t told that, they’re going to want to send someway.

        I’m not trying to be any kind of trouble, but I really don’t understand that.
        If you can’t ask here, then where?

        • Oh your good Aly. I heard this from her family or I wouldn’t say not to send to the commissary. The amount she is allowed is very low (I think $15.) A month for now. The Appeals fund is were the money is desperately needed for now plus anyone’s gift will be matched by a donor. It’s a win win for Jodi. It is not to be used for anything but Jodi’s appeals.

          • Plus the turkey vultures are going to try to take all they can from any other way. They deserve nothing but the Karma headed their way IMO!!!! 😡

              • I wish SJ or someone in the Team Jodi would explain this.
                Jodi is allowed maybe $15.00 a month until when?

                So if you sent her $15.00 they would take 30%?
                I don’t want to just not help because they are vultures that are going to take
                from her.
                I can’t imagine how many things that they would possibly have to have.

                There are things we use everyday that we need and I know that the commisssary
                or prison doesn’t just give it to the prisoners.

                • I googled as much as I could about it and also have a friend that’s been there.
                  Not Perryville, but prison.

                  I hope Jodi isn’t in there much longer and I don’t believe she will, but helping her
                  as much as possible there and also sending donations seems fine to me.

                • No, I think they have to buy everything but her family said for right now she is good. The Alexanders will most probably get 30% of anything she receives. . . WHY? WHO KNOWS???? He was not married, had no children (that we know of) so why his brothers and sisters would receive anything is beyond my comprehension except . . .this is The Land of OZ / AZ! Of course according to TA in his words they were always wanting money from him which led to him begging from his girlfriends. What a success he was. SMH They deserve not one thing but the heartache that they have continued to pretend they live in.

                • Aly,

                  for the time being (meaning for the first feew weeks) Jodi is allowed to spend the ridiculously low amount of $10 a WEEK. So, right now she’s good; she has enough in her commissary. Having said that, anyone who wants to help her out is more than welcome to do so 🙂

                  However, what R.Love was trying to point out is that since she has enough comissary for the time being AND SINCE there is a matching-gift campaign, why not donate to Jodi’s Appellate Fund? Because THAT’S what she truly needs – money for future appeals.

                  Needless to say, whoever can afford to do both (donating and putting money in her comissary) shouldn’t be discouraged.

                • Just a couple of questions, but thanks everyone.

                  The Alexanders can get 30% of Jodi’s commissary money????
                  That sucks!

                  YES, I would love to give both, but not IF there is a chance in hell the Alexanders
                  could take it from her.

                  Is there an appellat lawyer that we know of that is going to take her case?

                • Yes, the Alexanders have most likely already started sharpening their CLAWS like the good VULTURES they are. It’s a matter of time before they will be getting out 30% (though I also heard 20%) off of Jodi’s commissary money 🙁

                • maria,
                  That tiny bit of money for her to live on, they can get?
                  They are not only vultures.
                  They are fuckinmeanschemeingcheapassholes.

                  Maybe they should go talk to their bishop and ask him
                  if there is a way to treat people nicely.

                  In fact maybe they should take a few lessons
                  from Jodi.
                  She must have been the only kind one in that whole sour bunch.

                • Nothing has been ruled yet about the alexanders getting their paws on a certain percentage of Jodi’s commissary. If I’m not mistaken, that is going to be a court hearing in June. The one Jodi denied going to. Of course, we all know what JSS will rule. But until then, we don’t know for sure what the amount will be.

                  Jodi is more than fine with commissary money right now (she has more than she can spend). I think that donating to her appellate fund is more helpful at this point.

  22. ♥♥♥ TGoodnessIF !!! PRAYERS FOR JODI AND TEAM JODI!!!! ♥♥♥

    “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Sell your possessions, and give to the needy. Provide yourselves with moneybags that do not grow old, with a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches and no moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Luke 12:32-34

  23. U know that one feed on why Jodis trial drug on and on?! Well there was several good comments . This one had 13 likes and I tried to like also but it changed to 7 and would not give me the option to like, only unlike! So I replied to several comments telling them I agree with them and this site is being manipulated and corrupt that it wont allow me to like! I did leave my own comment and they took/closed the site.. the site had people leaving comments that day and even the day before! So Corrupted!

    • ♥ Where there is a will there is a way!!!!! PERFECT!!! Thanks Alan, made my day!!!! ♥♥♥

    • Awesome news Alan! Hopefully, the amount will continue to grow significantly each week. People have to remember that each dollar makes a difference! I have made out a program and donate each month an amount. If each of us can put aside all the change (in coins) that we don’t actually care to use then you’d be surprised to see how much that amount can accumulate to!

      (((Jodi’s appellate fund))) ♥

  24. SJ and Jade – I read an article where Chris said that Jodi lies lies and lies because that is what she does. Travis also said that Jodi was a liar and was for certain that she was stalking him and had slashed his tires. All throughout the first part of the trial Juan spread the same malcontent slurs of Travis and Chris to the jury through the porn issue as well as the friends of Travis repeating the same defamation against Jodi that they were told by by Travis. Now why are we hearing all of these propaganda attacks about Jodi after the night that Chris, Skye, Travis and Jodi spent the night in the same house where Skye caught Jodi evedropping and was creeped out. Sky was creeped out because something that the three of them were discussing was heard by someone who wasn’t supposed to have heard it. Chris and Travis telling their lies about Jodi was done to make certain that everyone that Jodi might contact and tell them about what talked about were made to think that Jodi was spreading rumors about them before Jodi was able to get the conversation out in the open. That way because of Chris and Travis’ influence in the community could be used to affect the so the called rumors in such a way to make everyone think that Jodi was lying so that anytime Travis called on her he or any other member of the male ward could have sex with Jodi anytime they wanted to and however they wanted to so that Jodi would be branded a liar if she told anyone about it. So far two men of the group Abe and Travis have engaged is deviant sexual acts with Jodi and then made her seem to be the one who was at fault. Maybe a secret group where the men had sex with women the Mormon way because the Mormon faith is dominated by the female this making the males look for sources other than their wives to have sex with however the male wants it.

    • Dwight,
      You know maybe the real reason Jodi might have looked “surprised” and I say that’s what it was
      because Jodi could never look scary. That’s just absurd!
      IF ta did have any kind of affairwith that witch, maybe that’s what Jodi saw.
      Has anyone ever heard what Jodi thought?
      OR just the side of the hughes?
      Talk about lying, that group could write a book on how to lie and get by with it.

      • They made that story up on 48 Hours. The truth was they were not happy with the way Travis was treating Jodi.

        • Made the story up that Jodi saw the three of them talking and she had this
          “bad” look on her face. “Scary”

          If Jodi can’t say what happened there, how can we know?

          I really have a hard time thinking that the Hughes ever worried about how ta was treating
          Look how all of them are treating her now!

          How does anyone know what they were talking about, except the Hughes?
          I don’t believe one thing that they say.

          • We who followed the case know the Hugheses really liked Jodi prior to TA’s death and knew what a scumbag he was and didn’t like the way he was treating her.

            The “evil look in Jodi’s eyes” was load of b.s. Chris Hughes told to the despicable Maureen Maher in that vile 2009 48 Hours piece on the case, where the anti-Arias mob mentality really began.

            • I followed it from the beginning until I got enough of HLN
              and the hate towards Jodi.
              Nothing changed!!

              Even had a new hate show at night that I thought was total bullshit.
              I believed Jodi from the beginning because I could either believe her OR
              HLN’s total bullshit.

              They HLN wouldn’t change, they just got worse SO I quit watching then.

              I NEVER believed anything that they said about Jodi, period!!!!

              I knew anything after that would be all hate so I didn’t watch 48 hours
              or anything else about her.

              I never heard anything at all about Jodi or ta until after the death of ta.

              I believed her and certainly had no reason not to like her, so YES, I believed her from the beginning and I also liked her.

                • R.Love,
                  Can you imagine the Hughes really EVER liking Jodi?
                  They just used her like ta did.
                  A friend doesn’t turn on a friend like that group did.
                  I think I also remember them saying that they knew she was bad for ta.

                  As friends,????
                  They sure treated her like crap.
                  She let her borrow her dress the first time she met her?
                  Big Deal!!
                  Like they say, with friends like them, who needs enemies?
                  They were really cruel to her.
                  I also watched this from the beginning and never trusted any of them.
                  OR believed them.

                • Aly, when TA first set his eyes on Jodi, she was in danger from that point on. Jodi was walking into a “battlefield” without anyway to protect herself from the vicious and mind controlling scammers that she was surrounded by. Jodi hadn’t been schooled from birth to be a lying and conniving worthless human like TA had. Apparently, that is what his church was about. Heck, didn’t TA even state that Jodi was his next victim. . .boy, that was an understatement!!! Jodi was in trouble from the very first day IMO. They are all nothing but pathetic predators. Worthless and disgusting is what they are.
                  The truth will come out. . .we will all give it the time it needs. Tic toc……..

                • R.Love,
                  I beiieve the truth will come out also.
                  It’s taken 7 years of Jodi’s life, but truth doesn’t come from this kind of group
                  over night and we know it.
                  I do believe we are getting closer everyday though.

                  I’m not the person that will just say in this case “it is what it is”.
                  No, there’s way too many unanswered questions and the REAL ones will show
                  the truth. You can’t keep blabbing like the predators ( you’re absolutely right, that’s what they ALL are ) without getting busted.
                  I sure long for that day. Too many family hurt forever by these kind of predators.

                  If they have patience, we have more.
                  Jodi is not going to spend her life in prison.
                  I realize this “group” is a hell of a lot bigger than we are, but the truth is even bigger than they think. Their real colors are going to show, even though some still want to hide it.
                  It ain’t happening!!

              • I know Jodi mentioned her name in her original testimony but I don’t see any easy reference to her without going back and reviewing all her testimony. Is there a particular reason we’d like to have her name or is it just curiosity?

                • Aly, Jodi testified on Day 14 (1:00:00 – 1:13:50) that she car-pooled with Michelle (the woman who ppl hooked her up with when she signed up online who was kind of her boss) and another woman named Lenore who she didn’t know at the time but became friends with later. Michelle had convinced Jodi to go for career reasons and she had already missed the previous event because Jodi had gone to her cousin’s wedding.

                • Yes, Thanks Carol

                  I just couldn’t remember if Jodi met her from PPL or was a friend of her’s
                  Did either one of them know Travis first?
                  It’s not a real reason. I just wish they would have known him and warned
                  I know this is a rediculous thing to think now that IT already happened,
                  I just wish she had never met them.
                  More just a comment!

    • Dwight, you said :
      ” So far two men of the group Abe and Travis have engaged is deviant sexual acts with Jodi ”

      NOT TRUE OR ACCURATE. Abe Abdelhadi never had sex with Jodi.

    • Dwight, truth is that the hughes sat down and put the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ in their liking Jodi. Everything pointed to them claiming to hate her because the majority of the people hate her thus that would be more audience and support from all those haters. The hughes had planned all along to write a book about Jodi and travis. Hating Jodi would make them more money… so we all know that they are money lovers and so lying was the best way to go: The more they claimed to hate Jodi and present her as a monster, the more money they were sure to make.

      I wonder how much they’ve profited off of their book? Was it worth selling their soul to the devil?

      • Pandora
        Maybe they should ask the bishop if it was worth it. : )
        Maybe the bishop and some others should look in the mirror
        and ask themselves that same question.

  25. I’m soooo DAMN mad at myself and this bucket of lies that i saw on the “Lifetime” movie. I hurt after watching the 30 min i did!! Why is everyone ignoring the truth that Jodi was abused to the point she faught to save her life!?! Fuck

    • They have been too busy Lying For The Lord = LDS/Mormon/PPL/LegalShield/Scammers that is why.

    • Ugh! Why did you watch that shitty movie? It is full of lies and inaccuracies! The characters are disturbingly and stupidly one-dimensional, there was apparently little research on TA/JA relationship. The screenwriter probably just watched Nancy Grace then sat down and wrote that crappy script! (Creative Writing Lessons, hello??? Ever heard of that? LOLOLOL! )

      I watched till the end,a TOTAL waste of time. Plus, I didn’t know if I should cry or laugh – I was THAT mad!

    • Mel, that movie was rubbish. I actually laughed at a lot of scenes while watching it! I wonder too where they got their info. 90% of it was pure fiction. Logic says that: how can someone make a movie of a case that was still being tried. Not everything was presented when that movie came out. We learned so many things from the re-trial that were not even referred to in the first trial… They should do a re-make apologizing to Jodi for slandering her w/o knowing all the facts.

    Please give whatever you can to help our Jodi!! No gift is too small. Never Doubt Us We Are Here For The Long Haul and We Will Make Sure The Truth Is Heard!!!!! Their are some who should be very afraid.

    “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”
    ― John Bunyan

    • Ooops sorry . . . There are some who should be very afraid.

      I just want to be correct with my thoughts just in case someone else might want to use my thoughts. 😉 You know how that Cut & Paste thing can misrepresent a particular subject. ♥

      • One thing I know about those cut’npasters, it’s not Jodi they hate, it’s the love of hating they crave. If it wasn’t Jodi it would be someone else. Expressing hate is how they rejuvenate their conceit, emotional loneliness, and unconscious insecurities.”Please read and comment on my hate speech, so I may know I’m important in your eyes too!”

        • You hit the nail on the head, johnm!! This is exactly what’s wrong with them. And this is exactly why some of them who have said “I’m done!” are still around talking about, commenting on, cussing at and hating Jodi. They define themselves through hating someone else. Too much anger, frustration, hatred, PAIN, traumas buidling up since childhood or later on in life that they are trying to heal or deal with through this trial.
          THEY are driven by hatred; WE are driven by love and support.

          • Monica Lindstrom wrote an article about Jodi yesterday to mark the 2nd anniversary of her conviction (Monica’s “reason” for doing the article). I didn’t post it here because there was nothing new including people complaining “when will stories about Jodi ever end.” This morning there were 21 comments (about 20 against Jodi & 1 guy supporting her but claiming Travis was a heavy drug user).

            • I made the mistake of commenting to back up a friend of ours only to find out that the one that was posting under our friend’s name was a hater/ imposter. SMH.
              ML is one of the people that was always complaining about the never-ending trial and how she couldn’t wait for it to be over but here she is still posting about Jodi… goes to show that she’s a lousy journalist when she doesn’t have any other topics to write about that will make headline… I feel sorry for that useless woman (just kidding! I feel no sympathy for her!)

  27. Really gave me alot of thought of Heather Soper comments and opion! She brings up a lot of insight to this case. I feel Jodi is very lucky to have this woman in her corner. Hope she will get involved with Jodi new team of attorney s . Even tho Jodi walks threw the shadow of death trolls FEAR NOT for Saint Michael is with you!;) We humbly pray.

    • Heather is an awesome supporter. Haters attack her because she’s not easy to ‘take down’. So they gang up on her but she is a rock when it comes to defending Jodi. I don’t understand what you mean when you say she should get involved in Jodi’s new atty team. Am I missing anything?

  28. Because a blogpost (by someone named Sarah) with a large collection of false information about the appeals process has been circulating, I will link one more time to this memo by an Arizona lawyer explaining the stages and types of appeals.: You can quickly see from this that Sarah has no idea what she is talking about. In particular, her claims about the JAA Appellate Fund are as wild and inaccurate as her claims about PCR and Federal habeas proceedings.

    • Alan, that’s a 2007 article…wouldn’t the law have changed a bit in Arizona since then…even regards appeals, appellate, etc?

      • I haven’t seen a more recent document of its kind online. I actually found it in a hater group. My document was written by an Arizona lawyer, and the appeals-fund FAQ’s were based on input from Jodi’s legal team. They are consistent with each other. By contrast, this “Sarah” character is not a lawyer, and she makes absurd statements like the one just below. Even someone in a hater group who knows some law is contradicting her, so it’s safe to dismiss her as an ignoramus.

    • Thank you for the link alan!!

      I had to try to open it 3 times, however. Wouldn’t work but it eventually did so I downloaded it.

  29. To cite just one example, Sarah writes (in italics): “There has never been a conviction overturned at the federal level where there has been forensic evidence at the crime scene.” Huh? Of the thousands of convictions overturned by federal courts for constitutional violations, no defendant left forensic evidence at the crime scene? How can anyone write such stuff?

    Sarah is just telling haters what they want to hear. I would not mention her at all except to ensure that no potential donor is deterred by her pretentious nonsense.

    • Same shit, different day, Alan. What do you expect? There are only few people out there that are not on Jodi’s side BUT will state facts even if it doesn’t ‘fit’ their opinion. Those ones? I respect. The rest will make up anything just to make them feel better…

  30. This just shows how Arizona courts/judges don’t care about abused children/people. (I wrote about this case earlier on this year) For yesterday, this is what they ruled, Minuteman can grill accusers in sex-crime trial, imagine they are letting the abuser grill the two young girls who were abused by him & had to go through all the horrific first case drama when he was convicted of those same charges.

    Now they are granting him permission in his appeal case to question them. This was first granted him in the Superior Court, then Prosecutor objected (not Martinez) & demanded the Court of Appeals looked at the matter, & they came back and said we can see no reason not to grant it…even though the three abused are still children. Court now has given permission for the appeal trial to be delayed.

    What a mad Justice System they have in ARIZONA.

  31. Judge in Arizona kept with Prosecutors who called for the death penalty to stay; Defence Attorneys were seeking for it to be dropped from sentencing. Judge agreed it should be kept but gave reasons for further decision to be taken by Court of Appeals. For now, it stays.

  32. Man in Prescott, Arizona, gets 22 year for murdering a woman & 5 additional years for burglary AT HER HOME? Am I missing something here? Like how Jodi has been singled out?!

    • Seems to always stem from the LDS community of friends and family of TA. It has never made sense. Why Jodi unless there is something else someone is hiding. . . . .lots of money has been made for all of them. . . .

      • R., you are so right! It was about the attention and publicity Jodi’s case would get. And it’s all about politics and religion/cults. There was a lot at stake with Jodi’s case: elections, keeping facade in the mormon cult, television channels making thousands of dollars… Jodi was that perfect scapegoat for their success… humans have little value when they are put against ‘wins’, cults and money.

        • Pandora,
          I think they never like their members anyway, they just put up with them
          for the money and to control them.
          Most cults only love themselves and if you leave them, you’re nothing to them.
          That’s really love, isn’t it?
          The asses!!!

  33. The conversations I listed were the ones specifically about money. There were several more as well. In May they also were in contact on the 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 22nd, 24th, 31st and then June 1st.

  34. “Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face”. – George Eliot

    Happy Mother’s Day Jodi Family Moms. Have a wonderful day. My thoughts are with Sandy and hope she finds comfort with her family today.


    ♥”The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ Honore de Balzac, author ♥

  36. Beautiful saying, R. Love!!! Happy Mother’s Day to you, also and to all the Mothers here at our Team Jodi family, Sandy Arias and to all Mothers everywhere!!! May God bless you all!!!

  37. Happy Mother’s Day to ALL moms here and around the world ♥ ♥ ♥

    Thinking of Sandy Arias today ♥

  38. Sandra, I just read your article about Paul Sanders__ Juror#13, on your Inconvenient Truths blog, and if my understanding is correct, I am shocked by the revelations!

    In Paul Sander’s OWN words, he writes that Jen Wood___A MEMBER OF THE MEDIA___ approached Paul Sanders DURING THE COURT TRIAL and gave him the ‘heads- up’ on the fact that the Information Officer told Jen Wood that the defense was intending to investigate whether Paul Sanders was using a recording device DURING THE ACTUAL TRIAL PROCEEDINGS in the court room

    ••••• I thought the judge considered it illegal for a member of the media to talk to a juror while the trial was still going on, and I thought it was illegal for a juror to talk to a member of the media, at any time, while the trial was going on.

    In fact, Beth Karas felt it was her duty to inform the judge that a juror approached her and asked if she was Nancy Grace. Then, shortly after, the judge dismissed the juror for having spoken to Beth Karas.

    If I remember correctly, you wrote, ‘Information Officer’, and said the ‘Information Officer’ first approached Jen Wood to give HER the ‘heads up’ about the defense intending to investigate Paul Sander’s possibly using a recording device DURING the trial.

    Is it true that the ‘Information Officer’ was Flores?

    If so, isn’ t that illegal, and why did not Flores immediately tell the judge about this possibility of a recording device being used?

    AND, why was not a bailiff immediately commanded to search Sander’s ‘pockets, ‘bags, etc.’?

    ••••• Furthermore, regardless of whether or not Paul Sander’s ever had/ used a recording device during the trial, isn’t everything described above, if in fact true, and if I am understanding what you reported, isn’ t all of the above highly illegal?

    And Paul Sanders documented this in his very own words!

    Also, Sanders mentioned that his sole intent was to provide ‘Justice for Travis’ ___ also in direct opposition to the judge’s instructions.

    Oh, I almost forgot, wasn’ t Paul Sanders required to raise his hand, when the judge asked if anyone had spoken to the media?

    And I must mention how fanatical Paul Sanders’ characterisation of an attempt to investigate him ( to uphold propriety and the law, none the less!) __ how Sanders’ labeled that as ‘evil.’ His complaint shows how irrational and prejudiced was his attitude towards Jodi and the defense team.

    I apologize in advance if I misunderstood the import of what was reported on the Inconvenient Truths blog, but if I understand correctly, this is a very serious matter that should be made known to the proper authorities at once.

    P.S: Heather, I liked your article that was featured on Sandra’s blog.

    • Amy, that Paul Sander’s dude was on some other jury and now he thinks he is an expert and covered Jodi’s trial. He had these very long detailed notes that made one wonder how he could have possibly created them without a recording device.

      • Thank you, CanadaCarol.
        I thought he was on the Arias jury. I din’ t notice the words, “in the gallery,” even though I read it twice.

        • It confused me at the time as well when they called him juror 13. He was one of that bunch of trial watchers where the one got kicked out for the day because of her bad behavior. SMH

          • Paul Sanders was on the jury for the Marissa DeVault trial. He wrote a “book” about his experience as a juror during that trial. Here’s how he describes it:
            “In this story, I was a Juror. However, I will always remember it as more than that. This story will live within me; it is a part of me. I am no longer just Juror #13. I am a friend of Dale Harrell. I know, along with eleven others, that we brought justice for his death.”
            Dale Harrell was the man killed. Just from these brief comments, you can see that Sanders had the same idea as some of the jurors in Jodi’s trial, i.e., that their job was to bring justice to the dead person by finding the defendant guilty. He even refers to Dale Harrell as his “friend,” which seems to me as very odd and at the very least, an over identification with the dead guy (I don’t want to call Harrell a victim b/c DeVault is appealing her conviction).I think there is another article about Sanders online by someone, other that Sandra, who has criticized him severely for cashing in on people’s misfortune. I think it was written by a lawyer.

    • Funny, I was just looking at that article yesterday. The Douglas Grant case that Martinez prosecuted in 2009 was another Mormon case. It seems Snarky used some of his same sleazy tactics in there as he did in Jodi’s.

      From Kiefer’s article:

      “The prosecutorial high jinks, which McDonald chronicled in motions, began in the pretrial stage. Martinez had to be compelled to turn over Faylene’s letters and journals in which she happily proclaimed that she would soon die and go to heaven.

      The court record shows that Martinez avowed that he had turned over all farewell letters from Faylene when he hadn’t. Martinez also denied having tape recordings of interviews with certain witnesses, though they eventually materialized. The judge ordered that the materials be turned over and threatened to dismiss the case “on the basis of ongoing discovery issues.”

      In pretrial hearings, Martinez grilled Grant’s new wife and another former girlfriend about intimate details of their sex lives, down to whether they wore thong underwear or had performed oral sex in cars.”

      • It seems that he’s obsessed with sex! Maybe he’s not getting any and detests anyone that is! He is a joke and one day soon, his shenanigans will come back to bite him in the ass!

          • R. Love.
            I really believe Pandora has really hit on the whole problem.
            I think none are in that community.
            So, they’ve used this as a big you know what to them.
            What sickos.
            Wait until you’re 30???? REALLY????

  39. For those who have been asking:

    The MAX that can be taken from Jodi’s commissary account -or sent to it- is 20%
    (not 30% !!!!).

    This is for court-ordered restitution. No restitution has been ordered as of yet, but the restitution hearing is scheduled for June 1, 2015 (as you know). Jodi will not be attending, but Jennifer will.

    Once restitution is ordered, whatever the amount is, the max that can be taken from her commissary account (including money sent their in the future) is 20%. Period. So, when this occurs, should someone send $100 to her commissary account, $80 will go to Jodi’s account and $20 will go to the Arizona State Treasury. That agency then disperses it to the Alexander’s.

    • Maria, thank you so much for the correction.
      Goes to show you can not believe everything you read.

      Now I also read that Jodi would only be aloud to have $15.00 in her account a month. That was from a spokesperson from the Prairieville. Now if that was salt informationI’m very happy!!!!

      • Thanks maria,
        To the Alexanders, WOW.
        I can understand if it went to the prison to keep it up, but not that family.
        They’re probably fighting over the $20.00.
        What a joke they are!!

        I sure don’t get the $15.00 a month.
        20%, she would get 10.00 and the ##### 5.00?
        That really galls me!!

        I’m still going to send her some to help.

        BTW, I made a mistake on how to send it. It was
        I think that I said up top
        So correction!!!! : )

    • Truth is, is that the alexanders will pay a whole lot more money for that court hearing than what they will ever get in total from Jodi. It just goes to show and proves who is moving on and who is still fixated on Jodi.

      • REALLY!!!
        Don’t you just they would just get over it.
        That’s what they said.Move on assholes!!!
        They REALLY don’t have a life!!

  40. HAPPY MONDAY TEAM JODI!! Step by step we will get there, it’s a new day, a new week, a new chance to give of ourselves to help Jodi receive her FREEDOM AND JUSTICE!!! TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS!!! No Problems!!! GIVE AND RECEIVE, no gift is too small! ♥

    “The best revenge is not to be like your enemy.”
    ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

  41. Justus, I found this communication between them showing some of the same patterns of control and verbal abuse as Travis used with Jodi.

    Reid Deanna & TA
    02/01/08 21:34:13 Incoming Did you watch it yet?
    02/01/08 21:35:58 Outgoing Yes. It was pretty good but I wanted more.
    02/01/08 21:36:58 Incoming That’s what she said
    02/01/08 21:37:45 Outgoing You whore.
    04/05/08 23:15:23 Incoming Maybe another time then… But this month is going be get increasingly busy as it goes on. Don’t worry I’ll try to fit you in somewhere in there
    04/05/08 23:16:06 Outgoing Damn you to hell!!!
    04/05/08 23:18:02 Incoming Well… That’s a slight over reaction.
    04/05/08 23:18:28 Phone Outgoing Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    04/05/08 23:19:29 Incoming Are you back on the crack?
    04/05/08 23:20:16 Outgoing None of your F’ing business!!!!!!!!!!!
    04/05/08 23:21:39 Incoming I’ll take that as a yes…. Now f off and die!!!
    04/05/08 23:24:46 Incoming I didn’t mean it baby… Ike’s sorry baby]
    04/09/08 18:02:21 Incoming Haha… I knew there was something.
    04/09/08 19:16:49 Outgoing Shut up Deanna. Do you think I planned it that way?
    05/01/08 06:00:03 Incoming Wow… Feelings are offically hurt
    05/01/08 06:20:09 Outgoing Yeah mine are I texted you 3 days ago with no rly.
    05/01/08 06:21:59 Incoming Lies! … Must have been some other chick 🙂
    05/01/08 06:22:46 Outgoing Lots of other chicks but you too.
    05/01/08 06:00:03 Incoming Wow… Feelings are offically hurt
    05/31/08 04:54:40 Incoming Im in az! Liz’s recept is tomorrow night. Can u make it?
    05/31/08 05:00:19 Incoming Hello?
    06/01/08 02:23:37 Outgoing I’m in stake conference.
    06/01/08 02:30:54 Outgoing Ill probably be there next weekend.

    • SICK, SICK, SICK conversation between the two…just WOW ! and to think that she portrayed him as so respectful of her, yeah right !! “Are you back on the crack?” Really there is always some truth to the things that people say even if it is not totally true there usually is a thread of truth running through it….and I have always thought that TA was either doing drugs or on steroids in view of his obsession with kick boxing, fitness, the size of his biceps, etc…and his totally unstable emotions….this could explain why he exploded over such a simple thing as dropping a camera (okay it was new but no harm done to it and certainly no need to attack someone over it ) And when she says she is sorry and that she knew there was something..I believe she was chiding him about his use of drugs….or am I misreading this perverted, abusive, sicko convo these two were having….

      • I can’t imagine Jodi ever saying to Travis: “Now f off and die!!!” Can you imagine how that would have been used against her? And, of course, Travis’ abusive words are not even seen as abuse. They’re just kidding around, right? Just like Eddie Snell telling a woman in the audience that he wants to beat her. Just a joke, right? But, again, if Jodi had said such things it would have been used as proof positive that she’s an angry person capable of attacking another human being. It somehow just doesn’t have the same implications for St. Travis.

    • Disgusting! Whatever TA was up to, it was NO GOOD! Makes sense to me BB. The more I think of the lies that have been created to portray him as a Saint I want to P U K E !!!!

      • Myself R.Love UGH!!

        Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, But don’t about the DEAD. You’re making
        a bad person out of the dead.

        If he was the saint they talk about he WOULDN’T be dead.
        They absolutely chap me.

        He was a radical ego maniac that thought he was God’s gift to the world.
        I’m sick of the idiots that hear this and see what they saw and are appalled
        that all of the idiot hypocrites that stand up for such a person.

  42. Carol Handy I checked for you today to see what the other conversations in May were about.

    05/05 – TA wants her to check his website to review the beginning of his book.
    05/08 – Deanna is travelling to Mesa.
    05/24 – Chatting about food and a certain restaurant.
    05/31 – Deanna “I’m in AZ

      • I guess maybe they think we are being sacrilegious because we are saying unpleasant things about their patron saint. And maybe because, in their minds, we are continuing to hurt the long suffering family of their patron saint. As you said, Carol, nobody’s forcing anyone to come read anything we’re saying. If the family is reading it then they are just seeking out ways to keep their anger going (a favorite pastime of angry people) and if the congregation of the Church of St. Travis is spending their time here and reporting it back to the family, then they are the ones who are doing the so-called hurting and they need to go get a life, do something productive.

        • Isn’t that the truth.
          I don’t like their sites and I just don’t go there.
          I’m thankful that I found it.
          IF they think anyone that doesn’t agree with them
          should shut dowm their sites, that’s really how shallow they are.

          If something hurts them when they do it, well I would give them the same advice a DR. would,
          JUST DON’T DO IT!!!!!

    • Ya, them and thousands others! LOL! It is laughable that they try to take this site down because it’s ‘insulting’ but nevertheless read here all day. What fools.

        • Aly, most of them probably need a dictionary next to them to look up ‘the big words’ they don’t understand! :mrgreen:

  43. On May 8th, Monica Lindstrom wrote a piece for the second anniversary of the conviction and closes with questioning whether justice was really served considering Jodi didn’t get the death penalty. Judas Bitch!

  44. Good morning to all!! Well, well, well Miss Deanna. So Travis was always loving and respectable to you….hummm. Ya OK it’s your lie guess you can tell it anyway you want….Except she you stood there in open court and swore to tell the truth!!!

    Sounds to me as if Travis was canoodling with you along with oh how many others…. The problem with lies is someday the truth does come out!!!!!

    So you made a trip to Mass on 5/31/2008. Hummm now that is interesting…. Didn’t you just move back home to be with mommy and daddy??

    • Cindy, I don’t know if she was being threatened, paid or just plain hateful and stupid for telling all those lies. Result is that travis ‘deflowered’ (LMFAO) her and now she will never be able to be married in her cult. She is used goods. IDK why some people don’t have any self respect.

  45. Why is a rag like “Venture Capital Post” writing nasty articles about Jodi? What does she have to do with venture capitalism? Oh, that’s right! More sick readership means more capital. “Vulture Capitalism” is more like it. And I never cease to be amazed when I see these idiots decrying that the judge was favoring Jodi through all this. What the fuck! If that were the case Jodi would now be looking at a chance of release in 25 years. There was nothing forcing the judge to sentence her to natural life except her own prejudice. These people need to get their heads up out of their asses!

    • Justus, I could never figure that one out myself. We all heard her and what see said to Jodi… We all saw how many motions she denied….. She had her mind made up long before the misstrial. That person was going to sentence Jodi that day……

    • They must’ve been following a different trial or on some heavy duty narcotics if they think that JSS was favoring Jodi.

      • No Pandora,
        They’re just stupid.
        You can stop narcotics, but STUPID??
        No chance!!

        Well, I am up wayyyyyyy to early.
        Couldn’t sleep.
        Going to sleep now, while everyone else waking up. : )

        Good night or Good morning, where ever you are.

        Probably Good Morning to Jodi!! : )
        I am sooooooooooooooooo proud of her.
        She is a much better person than those that want to hate someone,
        anyone doesn’t matter to them. They’re going to hate.
        That’s why they’re miserable!!

        Sweet Dreams : )

    • jojnjo:
      You really have been digging!! 💡 and finding a treasure of information.
      I only read parts quickly as I saved the PDF’s to read more thoroughly later.
      Something I saw gave me hope for the first time in ages….
      Thanks so much!

    • What if there is evidence available for DNA testing in the hands of the Prosecutor, and this evidence was either tested previously and those results were not given to the defense; or, this evidence was NEVER tested, and that the results of testing for DNA would or could help Jodi Arias?

      Well, it appears from the changes in the rules of criminal procedure that can be done even after sentencing or appeals.
      This new broad change is at the website jojnjo linked to above.

  46. I gather Jodi’s cell is next to Shawna Forde. Shawna has a facebook site called Free Shawna Forde. That ought to be an interesting set up because Shawna is known as part of that crew who paroled the border in search for people crossing the border illegally from Mexico. She is in prison for being part and parcel of a murder of a child and father. Interesting cause Shawna actually comes from Everett, Washington and has quite a history.

  47. Very glad to see that JODI has a woman defending HER…AGAIN! Time to rip az. a new crater. Show the world the truth of that SHOWTRIAL and how the innocent get railroaded. Just let the FACTS and TRUTH destroy az.s case of hate and lies and corruption. This win at all costs shows pure evil…..hey tiny I,m talking to you!

  48. One of the hater groups has posted a letter Jodi wrote to some supporters a few weeks back about the first 10 days of her new life in Perryville. JAII readers will be encouraged to hear that she had very positive things to say about the prison staff (efficient and professional), the food (a big improvement over Estrella), her cell (clean and newly painted), and other prisoners (many past friends from Estrella, now in PV, are warm and kind to her). She seems to be making the transition very well, but still has very limited mail supplies, so cannot communicate with supporters as easily as before.

        • Yes, Welcome back Pandora. : )

          I know I’m not here a whole lot of the time, but after you covering the last trial, you
          needed a break. : )
          How’s your puppy???

          • Oh, my poor Bobber. He went to dog paradise in December (when the trial was going on). He was an old fellow (19 yrs old) and needed to move on to his next life. Fascinating thing is that two days later, a kitten showed up and adopted us! 😉 Hercules, the cat, helped me in dealing with my loss but Bobber will never be forgotten. He was with me half my life!

            ((((Bobber)))) ♥

            • I’m so sorry for your loss. I understand the pain when our babies leave us – my Harry was 17 when he left me last May. I miss him every day. I do hope that your heart is healing as much as it possibly can.

              • Thanks Paige. Yes, he is thought of and remembered daily. Many times, I catch myself doing things that I would do when he was around (ie, walk carefully in a dark room just in case he’s lying around and I don’t see him and step on him. 🙂 )

                • So sorry Pandora,
                  That is so true. You catch yourself doing things that you always did.
                  Mine loved to ride. I would try taking the keys down very quietly,
                  After our loss, I noticed myself still doing the same things that I did before.
                  He loved cheese. He could tell anytime I was getting it, evem if he was sound
                  asleep. Tried getting it really quietly too. : )
                  Never worked.
                  They give the family unconditunal love and so much joy.
                  Hercules, what a cute name. : )

                  Just like R.Love said came to help mend a broken heart!!!
                  I certainly came to a loving home. : )

    • I needed a break and get some personal things done. But I’m back with a vengeance towards anyone that dares disrespect Jodi! 😀

  49. It makes me wonder how the other site gets a letter that Jodi wrote to a “supporter” Kind of strange.

    • Judy, big story – many moles involved! 😉 The haters are dying not having any news from Jodi so you can imagine their delight in getting their filthy claws on sth new from Jodi! Now they can sleep a good night’s sleep again after reading from their favorite target!

    • JODI requested fot that letter to be posted on line and addressed that letter to all her supporters, appreciating all your support, Love, and friendship. Deep, deep, gratitude for each of her supporters. She goes on to say that, “all her supporters are precious to her.”

      The letter is dated April 24, 2015

      …..but maybe one of the “Hater” websites copied and pasted it to try to gain some publicity.

    • OMG! Yes! I totally forgot to wish Marja a happy birthday! My sweet Marja, may you always laugh with joy, cry out of happiness and have inner peace!

      ((((Marja))))♥ ♥ ♥

  50. Just posting this for the record, to let you all know about same.

    Kirk Nurmi on his “Twitter” page, writes, despite Jodiarias letter sent to her supporters, I did not “bless” her statements during sentencing, far from it.

    Same has made it to the “Hater” sites.

    • Sounds like a teenager in high school, doesn’t he?
      Myself, I didn’t bless a few things HE said, but I’m over him.

    • I read that this morning. I have stayed away from that site the last few weeks. Way, way too much hate and BS for this old girl.

      I was just floored that he would come out with any statement at all. I’m not impressed
      at all. But I also am 100% convinced that it came from him.

      Jodi had every right to say what ever she wanted to say!!! She knew it would not make any differences!!! I for one am very proud of her!!!

      God bless you Jodi!!!!

    • jojnjo, I notice the “State” page reposted his tweet with quote marks around the word “supporters” as well as “bless” but you only have them around “bless”. Did you just leave off those extra quote marks or did the haters add them?

  51. Happy Thursday everyone. Let’s start our day with some fun & facts:
    Today – May 14th, 2015 – is:
    – Ascension!
    – National Buttermilk Biscuit Day!
    – National Dance Like A Chicken Day!
    – The Stars and Stripes Forever Day!
    – Underground America Day!

    I’ll try and post updates everyday!

  52. I don’t know why Nurmi felt it necessary to comment on Jodi’s remarks. It feels like a rerun of his “9 out of 10 days” statement, like he’s trying to placate the haters with “Don’t blame me, folks. I don’t like her either.”

  53. Nurmi is trying to find a way back to appealing to the masses. Maybe he’ll write a weight loss book and use Jodi’s name or similar. I also think Jodi challenged him, and his ego didn’t like that. And of course, a lot of other things, but yeah, I’m convinced he didn’t like her not submitting to his judgment on all things legal. Jodi had a right to be involved with her defense, and Nurmi should have found a way around any friction caused by that, instead of not seeing her for five months, or whatever it was. If Jodi refused him a time or two, then so what? It was his responsibility to find a way to work things out. He went to the judge, rightly perhaps, but in Maricopa, the logic and decisions made defy any rational logic I’ve ever seen….anywhere. Also, I just read where someone said he should have taken his plea to get off the case to a higher court. But alas, none of that happened, and the result is what it is. For now.

    • Exactly right! He didn’t like the little woman challenging his big male ego. I think that whole incident when she had an emotional breakdown (after learning Nurmi had turned down the offer to play the sex tape to the jury only) was very telling. He responded to what is quite an understandable reaction (at least understandable to someone with emotions) by telling her: “You’re not going to get your way just because you throw a tantrum.” A tantrum??? This was a 28-year-old woman in crisis and he treats her like she’s an 8-year-old spoiled child? Would he have said that to a 28-year-old male client? His private practice is all about proving to juries that the women who claim abuse are all liars. Why should he have felt differently about Jodi? I think a lot of stuff was never investigated by Nurmi because he just didn’t believe her and wasn’t going to waste time and money.

      • Exactly to infinity!!!! Jodi’s been treated with disrespect, like a child everyone seems to think they have a right to spank and ridicule since this all began. Nurmi under estimated Jodi, as did quite a few others. Same with Juan. His little man’s ego caused his drive to win at all costs to….hopefully, cost him one day…soon. Through the court system, haters. I want him alive….. 🙂

    • I’ll be appearing there later tonight… selling SJ t-shirts and signing autographs :mrgreen:

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

      • I adore you SJ! You are my hero!!!! After 3 years, they still don’t get it! The more they hate you, the more it makes you proud and happy!

        ((((SJ for president)))) 😀 ♥ ♥ ♥

      • SJ they might let your cats do the chicken dance with their high heels on!!!!
        Wouldn’t that be fun??? ((((((((SJ’S Dancing Cats)))))))

    • Too funny SJ,

      “and if Chris Hughes wants to dedicate a book to a guy that fucked his wife in the ass (and in all probability, fucked his son in the ass too), then good luck to him. It’ll take more than selling a Kindle book to fix all that.”

      Meow a good day!

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