Motion to Vacate Aggravation Phase Verdict (PDF)

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Click the link below to read the Motion to Vacate Aggravation Phase Verdict, filed June 21st.


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From FOX News:

Jodi Arias’ attorneys have asked a judge to vacate the jury’s decision in her murder trial that the 2008 killing of her boyfriend was “especially cruel,” a finding that allowed the panel to consider the death penalty.

Defense attorneys argue in their motion that the definition of “especially cruel” is too vague for jurors with no legal experience to determine what makes one killing more cruel or heinous than another.

The filing also appears to challenge a landmark 2002 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that found a defendant has the right to have a jury, rather than a judge, decide on the existence of an aggravating factor that makes the defendant eligible for capital punishment.

The high court determined that allowing judges to make such findings violated a defendant’s constitutional right to a trial by jury.

“Given the apparent difficulties that judges faced (prior to the ruling) in applying the statute in a uniform, consistent manner, juries are understandably even less equipped to do so,” defense attorney Kirk Nurmi wrote in the motion filed late last week.

Nurmi argues the term “especially” when coupled with cruel, heinous or depraved in a murder case, was first used when judges had the authority to determine factors that could make a defendant eligible for the death penalty, before the 2002 Supreme Court ruling.

“By including the word `especially’, the statute was designed to be employed by a judge, one presumed to have the depth and breadth of experience to identify those first degree murders `above the norm,”‘ he wrote.

Nurmi added that under current law, “layperson jurors” are left to “muddle through” the definition, with a defendant’s life in the balance.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery called the motion a standard procedural move…….

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    • the word “especially” aggravated was used to describe the punishment as of “greater offense” for a more harsh sentence, however, “especially” is vague and throu other cases cited on the motion Nurmi points out that the jury didnt or couldnt have known that is what the definition of “especially” meant. Therefore should be stricken making death penalty impossible. I THINK, GO TEAM JODI

  1. I have not forgotten you all either, going on vacation next week, finally, and soooo busy at work making sure everything is done, so hi 🙂

  2. Still here and hoping for the best for you, Jodi I don’t currently have a job or I would send you out some money

  3. I was asking about you on the other page Ann. Good to see you but I miss the black cat. I hope you’re doing well and I feel we all support Jodi emotionally just by sticking up for her!! I wish I had lots of money to send too.

    • Hi Gwen, the above Ann is not me! I have a job and that is why I’ve been gone. I’ll be back as soon as possible. It looks like you guys are holding down the fort fine without me.

      • Hey Ann!! I don’t post very often anymore either since work gets in the way but it’s good to see that black cat on occasion. lol

  4. Hello all, I have been lurking and keeping up. I am going to read this motion to see if I understand any of it.

  5. I just read the motion to vacate. I got confused around the Carlson court part where it is being compared to the State v Milke case. My question , assuming I have some understanding, is How did Milke get the dp? what made her case especially cruel, heinous, or depraved? ” especially”, being the operative word, because I do think this crime was cruel, heinous and depraved, but according to the definition, the victim has to be aware and/or feel pain.

    I like the part where it explains an efficient Murderer could possibly not fall under this category but someone with a weak gun or a shaky hand could. Or that was my take anyway, the Motion to Vacate, is a little above my legal understanding, ok a lot.

  6. Hey everyone! I just finished writing a post on my blog that details Travis’s abuse on Jodi. Hope you all enjoy reading it!

  7. skimmed over bits and pieces

    looks like others have assisted, because it’s so long, and detailed

    my suggestion to you, read it as it is or if you’re going to dig deeper and try to decipher it, , realize such takes time, it’s heavy lifting

    a little bit deeper than you were taught in high school :O

    i grabbed some links that may help anyone attempting to decipher a small part/piece
    multiple monitors is also of great assistance

    arizona’s criminal code

    the united states constitution

    arizona rules of criminal procedure


    legal dictionary
    an example

    don’t get tangled up in or reach an impasse with the citations

    they’re just where the court or anyone can locate the extract, or principle


    • Signed and shared!

      It needs 100,000 signatures so unless we all share the link I cant see it happening. C’mon people,share!

  8. The following is what I wrote for the white house petition. Pardon me because I can only write broken English. The reason I support Jodi is the trial is ill-conducted against her. Some of the arguments might not be so convincing. But the evidence of somebody manipulating the case is just overwhelming!


    Something Fishy Is Going On

    A trial is not a revenge, but this trial looks like a well planned revenge.

    1. Somebody desperately wants Jodi Arias to be portrayed as a cold-blooded killer. But she is not.

    2. Comments on those court recordings with slightest traces of favoring Jodi Arias were invariably suppressed.

    3. Bizarre things happened. Some jurors were dismissed without convincing reasons. Text and messages were not completely analyzed, because it takes too long to do?

    4. No convincing evidence on “The victim was stabbed before shot.”

    5. The way the lawyer asked Alyce Laviolette is not appropriate. That’s interrogating, not asking.

    6. The evidence of the media manipulating this case is overwhelming.

    7. I just hope that the victim’s religious and Jodi’s ethnic background do not play any role.

    • Where you say “Somebody wants Jodi Arias to be portrayed as a cold-blooded killer.” – I have studied several similar cases, and there is a common pattern. It’s very,very hard to understand, but the fact is that these people are mistaken not malicious, it’s caused by prejudice. There is also corruption, which follows from the original mistake.

      Yesterday I came across this brilliant quote, by the Nobel Peace prize winner in 1991:

      “It is not power that corrupts, but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it.”

      • I can tell ‘they’ are fearful. I think they are so used to having that power and getting away with so much for so long. Now, that Jodi has shed a giant light in their direction, we are all going to speak out, and someone with even more power than them will take notice. I pray that people are disbarred, officers are fired and charged, and an bigger more in depth investigation takes place.

      • Nice quotation, geebee2. Thank you. I believe that when we dig down, and get the bottom of the maliciousness, we find prejudice, mistaken assumptions and, ultimately, fear. But we spend most of our energies on dealing with what appears on the surface. It’s difficult to get past that point–it’s so emotional and troublesome and urgent–that we seldom succeed in exposing what’s underneath.

    • A million Thank yous!!!!! I’ve signed and put it it on FB, I’ve also twittered. 🙂

      Thank you for doing such good works! ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    • I’m amazed you got to sum it up in just 7 points,I know I couldn’t have.

      I shared it on my FB wall and all Jodi FB groups I’m a member of.

  9. Watching the never-before-seen footage from the trial and witnessing Juan Martinez’s behavior makes me wonder how I ever could have supported this guy in the beginning. He is rude, disrespectful and sarcastic and he was aided and abetted by Judge Stephens. I feel like that she ceded control over to him just as Judge Ito did to Johnnie Cochran during the OJ Simpson trial. Judge Stephens was on autopilot for most of this trial and she is an embarrassment to the judicial system.

    When I think of how Travis Alexander treated Jodi Arias and what she had to go through, and then to have Juan Martinez treat her in a similar fashion, it only makes me more angry because Jodi didn’t deserve either treatment. If Juan Martinez wants to be respected, then he should damn well give it back to others. Treating witnesses and his fellow attorneys the way that he does only makes himself look like an ass and the fool that he is. He deserves every amount of scorn and criticism that he receives from people.

    • I always say, you get what you give. We over at JAII don’t respect Jaun because we wouldn’t treat a person that way and we find it unacceptable. The haters think he’s great because all you have to look at is their own performance to know that many of them are very much like him. They respect that kind of performance because it mirrors their own. I can only imagine what they are like in their personal lives. Probably rude, abrasive, tyrants. Their families are probably afraid of them and jump when yelled at (out of fear) but also probably have very little respect for them.

      • Exactly BevM! Birds of a feather flock together. I can’t imagine treating anyone the way Martinez treated witnesses….including his own.

        • Or disrespect my own colleagues they way he disrespected Jennifer (”maybe you should go back to Law School” ) .I thought he only acted as a jerk during his ‘live performances” but it seems that he couldnt help it even during sidebars!!

          • I totally agree, Maria. I think Jennifer Wilmott has 10+ years of trial experience. What does law school have to do with anything at this point? The prosecutor can’t even come up with a good insult when he wants to….which is always. That’s why he has to resort to throwing objects, arm flailing, yelling, interrupting witness responses, etc. etc. He is not a talented lawyer. I’ve always thought that people who argue the best are the ones that keep calm, cool and collected. I still can’t get over when he threw that camera. Wilmott and Nurmi even hinted that they believe there is something fishy about that camera, and that it may still need to be examined further.

    • I’ve watched a lot of trials through the years and I’m in the legal profession and very familiar with the Judicial System and Prosecutorial MISCONDUCT and that is just what JM engaged in. The endless badgering of witnesses. He refused to let defense witnesses finish their answers and he engaged in way too many hypothetical questions and scenarios. This was a complete travesy of justice and I hope Jodi gets the appeal she deserves.

        • Hey Maria. I’m not an attorney but I am an Administrator for the District Ethics Committee. So what we do is review all complaints against attorneys and Judges and Prosecutors. that’s why I was especially appauled by JM’s behavior. I deal with misconduct charges on a daily basis and even on our worst day I have never seen such an unprofessional display. here in my County he would have been admonished from the Bench by the Judge and that paper flinging and berating of witnesses would have stopped PRONTO!

          • I have added your comment to:


            Perhaps you would like to do a more extensive article on Juan’s misconduct.

            I remember one incident where he tried to get an unintended answer into the record, JW objected and there was a sidebar.

            I never watched any trial before, so have very little idea on what the range of acceptable conduct is.

    • When I see the das and attys on the Zimmerman case and compare it to Juan, it makes me sick that he is allowed to get away with his behavior

  10. This article explains it fairly clearly:

    I think the jury foreman made a fairly good point that decisions of this type actually cause a heavy toll on jurors. Never mind that they got the facts completely wrong, it’s just not right to place the emotional cost of this type of decision on anyone.

    Yet another reason why Arizona should abolish the death penalty altogether.
    They have been trying to kill a woman for a long time, and many seem to be innocent.
    What on earth is the point of this? Looking forward to news on Debra very soon.
    A textbook example of why the death penalty should be abolished.

    • “Those are defense attorneys doing their job advocating for their client,” Montgomery said Wednesday. “Obviously, we disagree.”

      F U Montgomery!

      • BTW, you get different adverts on different days…

        They are all somewhat relevant…

        Sometimes it’s cute dogs and cats…

        Before it was a rather sexy Lynx advert, with someone (a juror) hanging upside down!

        I guess I’m reading far too much into this, amazing how this targeted advertising stuff works.

    • Jodi has such a gorgeous smile and does show such grace under pressure. Then below it the creepy sisters celebrating the DP. I think one of the creatures gave a thumbs up sign. And I made the mistake of un-muting Juan for 1 second and all the horror of his behavior came rushing back. They are the epitome of bad taste and trash.

  11. I’m not always on this page of late but I want you to know that I am always here in spirit, well done to everyone, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

    Me! xxxx

    We Will WIN and be VICTORIOUS!!!!

  12. Good afternoon to all my friends!
    I tried reading the motion and got confused! LOL!
    I did understand that because the jury doesn’t have legal experience, they are not in a place to determine if a killing crime is more cruel than another.
    So the defence team made this motion to take the DP off the table? Am I right until now?

    Who gets to decide if this motion is accepted or not?
    Does kermit have a say in this?

    If I have understood this all wrong, please – someone! – explain!!!! 🙂


  13. Hi all,

    To follow up with Moni’s question, I agree with Jay’s viewpoint that the word “excessive” was too vague. It is far too open to interpretation.

    The judge said that there’s always some cruelty that goes along with a killing; but that aggravation can only be found if it was excessive, cruel or heinous.

    In fact I did a post not too long ago that raised this same issue. How can the jury make the leap that Travis’ death was “especially cruel,” when there is no point of reference to decide how many stabs it requires to kill someone? I have never heard of a stabbing death requiring only one or two stab wounds, so the idea that 29 stabs is “excessive” or “especially cruel” seems to be a gross assumption.

    I read a story about a woman in Seattle who was randomly stabbed by some dude 29 times, and she lived to tell about it. She was stabbed the same amount of times Travis Alexander was stabbed, but nobody is out screaming for the blood of her attacker. There was a woman in Bellevue WA that was stabbed 72 times by her ex husband. Some dude commented “That’s up there with Jodi Arias,” but no it’s not; if we’re counting stab wounds then her murder should be seen as twice as bad. But because people like Travis Alexander are perceived to be worth more to society; her 72 stab wounds were downplayed and reduced down to the 29 it took to kill him.

    So it seems to me that the jury PERCEIVED that Travis’ death was heinous, excessive and cruel without much to back up that viewpoint except their own internal prejudice. Had Travis been female, not white, or lived in a poor neighborhood I doubt they would have come to that conclusion. They would shrug, say “sucks to be her” and long forgotten about it already.

    This is why more and more every day, I am a proponent of having a certified jury system; and it be required that the professional jurors be educated in every subject relevant to criminology but especially sociology and social justice issues. That way they have a realistic grasp of how their actions can affect the rest of society. Or, we should just get rid of the death penalty all together, since most people don’t seem particularly invested in making sure that justice is handled properly, fairly, and in accordance with the law.

    Regardless, at this point, I just don’t trust that a jury of one’s peers guarantees anything except that the status quo will be propped up. Remember that our “peers” include everyone that was outraged that Casey Anthony was acquitted, regardless that there was ZERO evidence to convict her. Jodi should have never had to pay for someone else’s anger towards someone else; but thanks to HLN and an easily duped public she did. She didn’t just pay for defending herself, she paid for OJ, for Casey Anthony, and for every abuser that believes she should have layed down and died when Travis said it was time. I am disgusted, no that is an understatement, in what American justice has become.

    • Marianne I hope you don’t mind I’m copying and pasting your post, I think it explains it better than I could:

      “Somehow I made it to the end. Not that I really understand. It does seem to be in the wrong branch. At one time, the judge would make the decision because they understood what the definition was and everything was made on a consistent decision. Over time, the jury started making the decision on cruel, heinous acts. Judges started getting less consistent because they were not making the decision themselves. So you could get a serial killer who would abuse victims for weeks who would get life in prison. Then you would get someone like Jodi who supposedly had 68 seconds of doing a heinous crime in self defense. The two of those situations don’t equal themselves out. But this happens all the time. Which is why so many cases were referenced. Because there is such a huge deviation, besides that it just isn’t fair, Kermi is saying we needs the correct standards to make sure that our deviation is statistically within proper limits. Since the judicial branch is not educated anymore to make that decision (for some reason), it is supposed to be researched and made into a specific policy/rules for all jury members to follow.
      I hope I made sense.”

    • MB, thanks! Yes, it is true: where is it written what amount of stabs is “excessive” or “especially cruel”?

      In the haters’ case they all wanted to hear “I’m sorry YOU stepped on ME”. That is what is such an anomaly in their way of thinking. Jodi made awareness for abused people to stand up for themselves and to say ENOUGH!

    • I agree that the jury should have a frame of reference in determining if the crime
      was especially cruel. At the same time this trial was going on there was a case in the same
      courthouse, where the defendant was allowed to plead to LWoP. The man kidnapped a woman,
      forced her to get money from her ATM machine so he could rob her and then he killed , bludgeoning
      her and stabbing her.How many aggravating factors are there in this case compared to Arias?

      Jarad Lockner received LWOP. He killed 6 people in Az., wounded six others.

      I do think that victims should be considered, but I don t think their considerations should include
      the Dp. The DA s office represents the people of the state, not the family of the victim.

      • Page 20,second paragraph says it all to me (since I’m no legal expert) :

        ” So, in Arizona in year 2013, in one Arizona trial court, in order to be sentenced to death a defendant must inflict extreme physical pain or extreme mental anguish, while in another Arizona trial court, inflict mere physical pain or mental anguish in order to face the death penalty. Moreover,there is no definition of what consitutes ‘extreme’ physical pain or mental anguish over ‘run-of-the-mill’ physical pain or anguish. That problem is left to the untrained in the law layperson jurors to muddle through. Yet the death penalty lies in the balance. ”

      • Oh I totally agree Joan! Martinez is a representative of the State, he’s not the Alexander family’s private lawyer. His job is to uphold and help protect the rights of citizens, not throw them under the bus. I don’t know how he sleeps at night.

        • He became and Advocate for the family not a representative of the State. His behavior in this trial was unbecoming an Officer of the Court but what did he care the Judge let him run roughshot over the entire process. 🙁

    • MB,
      You are so correct. Jodi is taking the responsibility for Casey Anthony, for OJ and it was so taken out of context and just what the public was waiting for. I didn’t get a chance to watch Casey so I didn’t have an opinion. I know what I heard the public say. But when she was found innocent I thought: Good for her! What upset me was this young woman ha to hide out. Nobody knows what situation they are going to find themselves in. Whether innocent or guilty. Why did so many people throw so many stones? OJ, years ago. I don’t remember a lot. But did any one win but the lawyers?!
      So the American people still are looking for the person to put to death! How pathetic! Plus I still have a million questions about how Jodi could have been responsible for killing Travis. The detective had to know Jodi I) could not do that successfully by herself, and 2) there is no way she could have pre meditated that.
      MB when you speak of the Jury having a certain certification, I thought ” Oh, yes! “! I did Trauma Nursing on the highest level of trauma in a hospital in one of the hospitals that take the worst Trauma patients. I was listening to the trial and Martinez trying to make Jodi sound a pre meditated cold blooded murder with his display of pictures. He tells makes such a big deal over all her 29 stab wounds. If she pre meditated it, why would she have to kill him 29 times? Wouldn’t she find out what was the best type of knife to use and exactly where to stab and how to stab? 26 superficial stab wounds. No pre meditation. Who shoots someone with a gun that the bullet can’t move past the cartlidge. A gun without velocity. Horn kept giving the wrong anatomic information. The blood went into TA’s neck area for some thing that didn’t make sense. But I don’t remember Horn talking about the broken neck. How did Jodi break TA’s neck? I still can’t figure out how Jodi got a dead body into the small shower stall. Even if I was to decide she snapped and did it, I would not think premeditation. I really think I would have too much reasonable doubt. I could never convict on my education and experience. I know me. Even with the idea of her snapping, there is to much reasonable doubt. MB, these juries need to be taught what reasonable doubt is. Who taught them Anatomy and physiology ? I am so mad!

      • I also remember the stab wounds from the back were done at an angle that seems to indicate that Travis was on top of Jodi and she was trying to get him off her.

        Yes, we need a certified jury system, complete with totally randomized selection from any of the states. Fly them in from Alaska, I don’t care. And we need to make sure they’ve got a bachelors or masters degree in something other than marketing or management. And if the death penalty is being sought, there should be mandatory sequestration with monitoring of personal electronic devices and Internet usage.

        I’m puzzled how people don’t understand that a “jury of one’s peers” also include people who are grossly prejudiced, ignorant, uneducated, or have such deep personal issues that they may take it out on defendants. If it were their family or friend, would they want some schmuck that dropped out of high school deciding guilt or innocence based on evidence they can’t hope to understand or think critically about? That’s providing that they are even capable of understanding the directions given to them. Don’t get me wrong, I know Jodi only has a GED and is very literate and smart; but let’s face it not everyone is even if they do finish high school or have some college under their belt.

        There’s a serious abuse of power going on in Arizona and it makes me sick to see people *cheering it on* like it’s fucking awesome. No, it is NOT fucking awesome. This is the shit people jumped across the pond to GET AWAY from way hundreds of years ago. And in an ironic twist of fate, it appears our European cousins are more progressive than we can hope to be in the next twenty years. Go figure.

        • Well for example, say Jodi was chosen as a juror. I can see her asking questions and having to understand before making a decision. Not just being lazy and going along with everyone else. I myself would need to ask questions. So somehow each juror needs to have some type of specialty.
          I know about the abuse of power in Arizona and I am still walking around with my mouth open. I keep thinking someone is going to come along and put the judge, Martinez, the detective, Horn, Montgomery, and all HLN in Jail. How are they aloud to get away with it?


    while attending to some e-mail issues at yahoo, i came across a seemingly reasonable article there on the current motion by kn and jw

    i casually looked at the comments section, and there were the “haters”, others have mentioned

    well i thought this is too good an opportunity to pass up, and that i’d have some fun at their expense, which i did, and in passing realized the extent of the extreme fear that these “haters” are totally engulfed in

    last night i posted the comments under another name, and within a few minutes the “haters” had sought to have it removed, which it was, quite irrationally, but nevertheless i didn’t care

    i laughed for quite some time about this incident, the haters, and what the incident revealed about the “haters” fears and psychopathology

    here’s the link to the article emtitled Arias attorneys seek to vacate death eligibility

    here below was my post, which i’ve tidied up a little, which to anyone having read my posts knows is needed

    “THOSE posting below are clearly dedicated lifelong morons and ignoramuses, or as they would describe themselves, ignorami [ incorrect usage ]
    PROBABLY members of that bizarre patriarchal, polygamous interplanetary cult, called latter day morons, the product of a rush of blood to the head of that delusional criminal run out of new york,
    joseph smith, and epitomized recently in the person of warren jeffs
    HEY morons, what kirk nurmi wrote in his motion was clearly so far above your cumulative intellectual levels, that not one of you cretins revealed the merest flicker of a functioning brain cell manifested by any rational capacity to address the substance of his motion
    huh ?
    IT’D be easier to explain modern abstract algebra to petri dish of amoebae, than law to you cretins
    FIND a more productive use for your time
    try directing traffic at a busy intersection

    • That’s hilarious Wes!

      But ain’t it the truth??

      I’ve sworn off Yahoo the same as swearing off Facebook. Both sites are infested with the puny minded trying to band together to make themselves look bigger/more intelligent than they really are.

      • Yeah, they actually think we take their opinions seriously. All I’ve ever heard from them is superficial insults about appearance and perceived behaviors. She’s on trial for murder, not for what she wears, how she talks, the color of her hair. They can’t cite any real facts, and analyze any inconsistencies from the state of which there are plenty. They are HLN Zombies, that’s all.

    • I would caution against this, based on experience in other cases. What can happen is that you lock these people into an even more stubborn frame of mind. I know it can be frustrating, but the best policy is to stick as close to the facts as you possibly can, and not respond in kind to insults. The Christian philosophy of hating the sin but not the sinner, if you will.

      At some point you will meet with a response along the following lines:
      (1) I refuse to talk about it.
      (2) Ok, but what about this? ( Changing the subject )
      (3) We have discussed this before and I have made up my mind I refuse to discuss it
      (4) She is guilty, the jury said so
      ( and things along similar lines )

      At this point the best thing to do is simply not respond, because they are not making a rational argument. However, if they are arguing rationally, it’s fine to respond and point out the truth. The truth is this was a massive case that’s very difficult to understand in detail even without the pernicious prejudicial coverage on HLN. I also perceive a subtle but gradual shift in opinion as responsible people start to gain a perspective on the case. To some extent I think it can be best to lie low, and let the ignorant people move on to some other subject, while building up knowledge about the case that is solid.

        • Goodmoring everyone! !!!!

          Geebee2, I will check it out too. I had started on a project but its taken me some time. I noticed lastnight that there is a petition up on “We the People” (username: F. Zhou) posted the following link:

          The site hints that ceating a duplicate or similar petition will make it harder for you to get an official response. Instead, sign and help promote the one that has already been created. So even though I had a few more valid points regarding the state/prosecution errors and misconduct, I feel like we should ALL sign it and ill work on something else.

      • I was very happy to see your comment geebee2. I agree that its fun to do what Wes did, but in the end its basically name calling.

        I’ve been in the online “debates” before. My opponent (at least in my opinion) made jokes and called me names, but did not respond with any substance. I may have been wrong (I wasn’t), but I won the debate anyway because I made arguments while he called me names.

        I don’t want to offend Wes or anybody with this post. I agree that its fun, and I do that kind of thing myself, but I think its counterproductive and this is too important.

          • That’s a very good question, and it got me to thinking. All I’ve done so far is try to make the case with a few people that the trial has been unfair. Probably better than nothing, but not much.

            I don’t want to give up my (relative) anonymity, but I would like to do something. I’m guessing that the best thing I can do is donate money. Is there a way that can be done anonymously?


              • Thanks for the fast response!

                I guess I should have looked at the support page. I have a habit of skipping that kind of thing.

                Anyway, I sent an email to get instructions for mailing a donation. I’m really happy that there is a way to help anonymously. I know its not a great idea to send cash in the mail, but I’ve done it many times before (I have grown up kids) and I think its probably safe if done properly. Whoever made that an option made an excellent decision. Its a great option for people like me, who want to help but don’t want to risk public crucifixion.


      if they had any sense they’d see the results of such an attitude of appeasement of the mormon theocracy in the region

      jodi has been convicted of m1, and faces the death penalty

      i’m busy for several days but after that, i may decide to deal with their incredibly simplistic, naive and counterproductive advice, or self righteous suggestions

      probably appropriate for kindergartners, and younger, but …

      it ignores the vile history of the mormon cult

      it ignores the writings on religious cruelty etc, i posted here earlier, from bertrand russell in 1927, almost a century ago

      it ignores the words of martin niemoller:

      “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
      Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.”

      their weak and cowardly suggestions ignore reality

      they smack of the appeasement of hitler by neville chamberlain before ww2

      their attitudes are the antithesis of the words from elie wiesel:

      “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”
      Elie Wiesel

      “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”
      Elie Wiesel

      they ignore political reality, and the arsenal of tools to deal with aggression by others

      they ignore the wider violence of language talked about by alyce laviolette

      they can have their own views, but they cross the line, when they took it upon themselves without any showing of knowledge to attmept to lecture me

      i have only dealt with this topic in a perfunctory way here, and may make fuller explanatory comments later

        • no, not at all

          in brief, my post at yahoo had a number of purposes

          one was to attack them as a group, a greater threat to them, and without any preceding interaction with them

          it was prompted by their comments clamoring for good’s death, and that of her lawyers, in as many ways as their limited imaginations could devise

          the substance, and consistency of their posts, and cohesion indicated that they might well be from the same group outside the website

          one of their purposes was to attempt to dissuade comments from others ie an aspect of cyber bullying

          if they are mormon, they are isolated, and especially vulnerable to outside reproach in a public forum, especially ridicule, humor and mockery

          i used that to belittle them, to expose them as hate filled ignoramuses

          my comments were designed to rock them back on their heels

          if many of them were mormons, they are isolated from the general moderating effects of the wider society

          the mormon cult is isolated, secretive and malicious and its adherent are allowed to and channeled into self
          righteousness, hate, and cruelty
          but they are not alone
          the us have religion, self righteousness, hate, and cruelty in spades, as do other states

          mormons have from inception sought a theocratic state, in which religion and politics were merged

          bertrand russell about a century ago wrote about religion and self righteousness

          “The Idea of Righteousness

          The third psychological impulse which is embodied in religion is that which has led to the conception of righteousness. I am aware that many freethinkers treat this conception with great respect and hold that it should be preserved in spite of the decay of dogmatic religion. I cannot agree with them on this
          point. The psychological analysis of the idea of righteousness seems to me to show that it is rooted in undesirable passions and ought not to be strengthened by the imprimatur of reason. Righteousness and unrighteousness must be taken together; it is impossible to stress the one without stressing the other also. Now, what is “unrighteousness” in practise? It is in practise behaviour of a kind disliked by the herd. By calling it unrighteousness, and by arranging an elaborate system of ethics around this conception, the herd justifies itself in wreaking punishment upon the objects of its own dislike, while
          at the same time, since the herd is righteous by definition, it enhances its own self-esteem at the very moment when it lets loose its impulse to cruelty. This is the psychology of lynching, and of the other ways in which criminals are punished. The essence of the conception of righteousness, therefore, is to
          afford an outlet for sadism by cloaking cruelty as justice.

          It would seem, therefore, that the three human impulses embodied in religion are fear, conceit, and hatred. The purpose of religion, one may say, is to give an air of respectability to these passions, provided they run in certain channels. It is because these passions make, on the whole, for human misery that religion is a force for evil, since it permits men to indulge these passions without restraint, where but for its sanction they might, at least to a certain degree, control them.”

          • good’s = jodi’s
            bad spell checker !
            bad, bad !
            i’m going to scold my spell checker while i’m drinking a cup of coffee or maybe while i’m fixing it ?
            naw, i’l be kind to it
            good spell checker, my fault
            mea culpa

          • I like Bertrand Russell’s thinking on religion and toxic righteousness. Definitely illuminating when it comes to personalities like Travis’ and all those sadists, in the media and all over the Internet, who cloak their “cruelty as justice.”

            Thanks, Wes!

      • Hello Wes,

        First, I want to say that I did not intend to lecture. I’m not great at expressing myself, and I was concerned (apparently correctly) that my comment would be offensive, but it was definitely not intended as an attack.

        The point I was trying to make is that calling people morons, amoebae, cretins, etc is not going to change anybody’s mind. My concern is that it will provide ammunition to our opponents. If they can point to name calling as a what the pro JA people do, it can distract from the substantive arguments.

        I think that a good example of an effective comment is MB’s response to my comment. He/she called me out (at least that was my interpretation) about criticizing vs doing something productive. It made me uncomfortable at first, but then it motivated me to do something.

        I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done next to nothing here. I haven’t read your posts, but it sounds like you’ve put a lot of effort into them and they may very well be profoundly important. I’m not trying to trivialize what you’ve done. I just prefer to leave the name calling and content-free arguments to the other side.

        This will be my last post on this subject unless you want me to follow up. Its annoying when people consider spam to be an argument, and I’m not going to do that. If you want me to respond, let me know and I will be happy to. Otherwise, I’ll just sit here quietly.



        • I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable or called out. You had posted only one time before and I was interested in what your plans were. You sort of showed up out of the blue and started making statements about what is or is not acceptable. Hand slapping is a no-no, our posters are free to express themselves as long as they aren’t attacking other posters. Here’s the site rules for future reference:

          Wes is a long time poster who has brought a lot of links and information to the table. He never vents, except for today, and the one chance he gets to; the response he got was less than supportive. So I understand why he got defensive, as other posters are allowed to vent without criticism. Everyone’s entitled to a bad day every now and then.

  15. IMO crime of passion or self defense should have been the verdict. This jury was biased from the start and there are so many wrongs by the State and the judge’s rulings that some of the appeals should remedy the outcome in due time. I don’t post much these days but I still check in almost every day to see if any progress has been made to help Jodie.

    • I disagree quite strongly there. In my opinion and experience people in a state of dissociative amnesia do NOT undergo a personality change. I have personal experience of this. They will function is a strange, habitual way due to having no functioning memory whatsoever, repeating themselves endlessly, but personality does not change. Jodi defended herself, which is a basic instinct that cannot be over-ridden, and eventually the situation must have become so desperate that she had no choice but to kill Travis, but I strongly believe she did not “snap”. That belief is not rational IMO.

          • I see nothing in that article which in any way proves Jodi did it. And while there is evidence to show that she was there, both the timeline, the clean execution style of the crime itself – and the interrogation tapes suggest that others may have been, indeed most likely were involved.

            • Hope

              I’m a very firm believer in Occam’s razor.

              It’s crystal clear to me pretty much what happened, nothing is unexplained, I have a clear idea of how the fight went, the crime scene is pretty darned clear.

              You cannot ignore the photo at 62 seconds for example… the idea that at the very moment Jodi got acute stress amnesia, other parties mysteriously appeared, is highly improbable. On the other hand, a desperate fight for survival in a state of acute stress amnesia fits perfectly with all the evidence, and Jodi’s (completely truthful) testimony.

              • I’m with you, geebee. The simplest answer is usually the best. I believe most everything can be explained with Jodi’s story. I think every word she told on the stand was the truth. Besides her lawyers telling her, no matter what, she had to adhere faithfully to the truth, otherwise she would trip herself up. Especially during 18 days on the stand and taking a mental and emotional beating from JM. I saw absolutely no inconsistencies in her story. I think one of the bits that make people think there were others involved is the question of how he ended up in the shower? My theory is that realizing how injured Travis was, Jodi’s adrenalin kicked in (like mother’s lifting cars off their children) and she managed to get him in without damaging him further, in an attempt to clean his wounds. We must remember that she was in some alternative reality at that point.

      • I have had a personal experience with a man who also had an abusive relationship with his mother, although not as severe as the abuse Travis experienced. I experienced someone exploding like a volcano, with little or no reason whatsoever. I remember flying across the room at the beginning, and then really nothing after that during the first occasion. I really only have one memory of each time, like being choked. Thankfully, I had someone help me and two city cops stood guard while I moved out. The points I’m trying to make are that Travis blowing up over a dropped camera and Jodi’s loss of memory fits with my experience absolutely. I personally don’t believe I had any personality during those events, but my body was merely reacting to what was happening to it. Family of origin for Travis is a huge issue in this case.

  16. Jodi’s latest tweet:

    ” Jodi Arias ‏@Jodiannarias 37m
    Just finished To Kill a Mockingbird, which I managed to avoid reading in HS. I understand now why it’s a classic. Good read. ”


  17. Hi family, I hope everyone is doing well today. I just wanted to stop by and give you all some cyber-smooches! Love ya, Jesse xoxoxo

      • I am going to go sign it now! Lets keep posting the link especially when there is more traffic on the sight.Love ya, Jesse

      • I know Maria, but it was firts posted lastnight, late! So, I was thinking about asking SJ or MB if they can post it up on the front (to help promote it). Its worth the try. And if we ALL put our part and pass it on, who knows.

        I blv there are people that are NOT supporters or come to this website, that KNOW there is something fishy about the case, that the state fucked up big time and might also want the Obama administration to take a look at it.

        • I’ve shared it on 5 FB groups,I got a lot of Likes but only a bunch of people signed. With so many Jodi petitions around maybe people didnt understand that this is actually something that can have an impact.

          • Right! This one can actually get somewhere if it hits 100k. That’s what we need, for someone from the Obama administration to take a look at this whole fucked up shit that the STATE OF ARIZONA and the media did to get a conviction.

            I don’t have fb : (( and I know a lot of people, ill try to email the link through.

  18. I have a question… from what I see and have gathered from Jodi’s personality, which I really love and see a lot of myself in, she appears to be very animal friendly. I am a huge Peta supporter and animal lover and mother to 3 beautiful Persian cats. I am very disturbed by the mention and the mere thought that Jodi had caused harm to an animal! I find this very hard to believe by any stretch of the imagination.. What in the world is JM referring to when he mentioned exposing this supposed “harm to an animal” by Jodi?

    • Its BS!!!!! Exaggeration of course! If it was coming from TA this issue would’ve been ignored or past on like they have with everything else. They would’ve excused it with, “oh, a man will always be a man” whatever…

    • Ok,so she ‘poked’ a cat when she was young. I’d call that a naughty child. Kermit read ALV ‘s notes and went out TOO far trying to imply she tortured animals. Hey! Even Pickles didnt let him make these accusations so… Just his imagination going wild again.

        • Go to the other page ”Trial sidebars videos unsealed” and watch the dialogue.He talks about something in ALV ‘s notes showing that Jodi was violent towards animals as a child (which seriously made me LOL because she is an animal lover) but not even Pickles thought it met the ”torturing’ criteria HAHAHAHA!

  19. That is why I was so surprised and offended at the accusation. Jodi cried when she saw the photo of Napolean, (TA’s doggie) at trial. I remember Nancy Grace making a huge deal out of Jodi showing emotion for the dog, like it was ridiculous to her that she would cry over a dog. That really upset me! I am very emotional about animals in particular.

  20. everyone on here we all support Jodi thank god for K.N. and J.W. they are doing everything they can to keep Jodi off of death roll they both care about Jodi so much. K.N. and J.W. are caring lawyers and people this case must be so hard for them if Jodi is sentence to death roll they will be the last ones to be with her so I think they are fighting to keep Jodi off of death roll not just for Jodi and her family but for them to they don’t want to watch her taken from the court house to go on death roll. if they vist her on death roll she will be in handcuffs they wont be able to touch her at all that would be really hard for them to see her like that. so we need to show them support send them letters start support facebook page for them J.M gets so much support and K.N and J.W get hate on facebook someone put up a page do not hire J.W. and someone put a page up called K.N. a whale this is really upsetting for us to think about Jodi may go on death roll and we never met her K.N. and J.W got really close with Jodi they must have alot of sleepless nights we all seen J.W. face in court sometimes she looked like she was about to cry

  21. (((((((((((((((((((LC))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((my sis))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello everyone! Happy Thursday! (((((((((((((((((MB))))))))))))))))))))) I adore you girlfriend! ♥♥♥


    It is not even dinner/supper time and I already need a drink! Anyone care to join me?!?!?!?

    • ((((((((((( sis)))))))))))))

      I don’t drink but this trial has turned me into a chain smoker,LOL! I’ll join you sitting by my window,enjoying the rain(finally!! ) and a cig.

      • (((((((((((maria)))))))))))))) Until 3 months ago, I was a chain smoker too. I bought an ecig on a whim, and have not smoked since! And I didn’t gain a pound quitting (yes, I am vain that way)

    • (((Janeen))) (((Maria))) Happy Thursday! Tomorrow is my last day of work before a week-long vacation. I can’t wait!

      • ((((((((((((((((((LC, MARIA, J, RACHEL)))))))))))))))))))
        I want in on those damned hugs.

        Hope you are all doing fabulous. I feel so lost without talking to you all as much….ugh…working…haven’t had to in 3 years due to school, and this internship is seriously draining me.

        But I lurk every day, and I am still 100% TEAM JODI ♥♥♥


  22. This is kinda off topic but…..

    OK so I caved and went to the haters page to see what all the fuss was about. OMG what unfortunate losers they are! It’s like a front for BDSM over there. You’ve got the violent, abusive males who like to smack women around and are PISSED that Jodi wasn’t going to take it anymore and stood up for herself. Then you’ve got the insecure, submissive females who think men abusing women is not only ok but is nothing less than they deserve.

    I particularly noticed one who admits she’s a Masochist who seems to have taken it upon herself to “educate” the rest about her submissive escapades. I’m sure her master is real proud. Seems a bit exhibitionistic to me but hey, whatever gets her jollies. She’s probably sitting naked at her computer with a dildo up her arse, and hopefully a ball gag. (Oh no I’m probably giving her master some ideas) heh heh you’re welcome.

    So I expect the males (I reserve the term “men” for the guys who post here and actually have balls and integrity.) are getting their rocks off listening to her pathetic stories. Google BDSM guys I’m sure you’ll find much more interesting material.

    Anyway, I wish I had the time back I wasted checking them out. It’s very sad that they lack the intelligence to come up with their own material and have to resort to coming over here to copy/paste what we say. Last time I wasted time over something this pathetic was when I watched the movie, Memento. Gawd I’d love to have THOSE two hours back!

    Oh, no, have I said anything libelous? Have I made any grammar or spelling errors? If so I’m sure they’ll be all over them like snot, or roaches, or the snot AND roaches they are.

    Have a nice day 🙂

    • 😆

      they are indeed, a sad, fucked up lot, ay?

      They have taken over Cavin’s page, and have turned it into some twisted shit…

      If I were someone who just accidentally stumbled on that page, and even if I were a TA supporter, I would IMMEDIATELY leave thinking I had stumbled upon a S&M for Middle Aged Bitter Women, and the Men Who Rape Them. I would worry about viruses to my computer….and if I ever met one of them, I would worry about viruses just breathing their air.

      • OMG Renee you crack me up. I have not heard of Cavin’s page but I can imagine it’s an “experience”. S&M for Middle Aged Bitter Women and the Men Who Rape Them? Priceless!

        I definitely would not want to breath the same air as some of those STD riddled losers. Probably the reason they see nothing wrong with TA’s shrunken, reddened, worn out cock is that it looks like theirs. heh heh

    • BevM–they won’t quote you, or anyone who takes them to task or exposes their cheap and dishonest tricks with a thoughtful and nuanced argument. They’re after easy targets, and quotations taken completely out of context to be misrepresented and put in the worst possible light. It’s all about self-congratulations and jeering to feed their fragile egos–not to defend the Alexander family as they self-righteously claim. The mildest and most articulate of the lot is actually the masochist, who is capable of thinking about this case in shades of grey instead of in black and white. Seems others there haven’t really noticed this ability of hers; perhaps they’re more interested in her sexual exhibitionism to care!

      What’s funny to me is that I would suspect the Alexander siblings, Hugheses, et al. would not want their “pious” reputations to be associated with that bunch!

      • Yup those two families have definitely gotten into bed with the devil haven’t they?

        I seem to quote my mother a lot on here but here’s one she always used to say. “If they’re talking about us they’re leaving somebody else alone.” So carry on guys….

        • Oops. I spoke too soon. If a woman doesn’t have a master, apparently she’s a “frigid bitch.” Well, it’s all to be expected, I guess. The Jodi Arias trial has turned woman against woman; divide and conquer is alive and well.

          • I am accused of being frigid. I am okay with that. If I need to be called frigid because I feel no need to talk IN GREAT DETAIL about my personal sex life, than I all happy to be frigid. 🙂

            • Yes, Renee. Together with the “man hater” accusation, it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book to coax women into mollifying others or into submitting to “prove” their sexual availability and desirability. Or, if that fails, to get them to just shut up.

              I knew a woman who worked as a clerk in a lesbian/feminist bookstore who was asked, practically on a daily basis, if she hated men. You know, because if you care about the status of women and/or don’t have a sex life with men, the reason must be because you hate them, right? It’s all about men, apparently. Anyway, she got to the point, where when she was asked about her assumed man-hating, she just said “yes–yes, I do.” It’s a good answer to a stupid and aggressive question. Same with the frigidity thing …

              (((((happy frigidity)))))

            • Nothing personal, but I don’t want to hear about your sex life as I’m sure you also don’t want to hear about mine! 🙂

              • I tell you what, I hate men. SOME men. I also hate women. SOME women. BUT I love, love, love my husband, and what we do sexually is between me and him.

                I also LOVE women, SOME women. I LOVE men, SOME men.


                • Yes………………..assholes; be it man, woman, or beast- can fuck off. Then, they can fuck off again.

                  I love being treated with respect and love. ♥

    • Hello BevM,
      Cool, they are copying us. I guess if the truth has to hitch a ride from a hornet, at least the word is still being spread……….Jodi Arias is innocent.

      • Well they can copy whatever they want. I will not go there again. I work full time and have a busy family life. I don’t have time for all their negativity. Even though I disagree with their beliefs I believe in their right to voice those beliefs. Just as I believe in ours. I will focus my spare time at this site or playing WOW.

    • Bev, your post absolutely had me in stitches….so funny!

      I had a little foray myself over at that lovely website to voice my dissidence. They claim they want to put a stop to slander and libel against the family and friends of Mr. Alexander.

      But here’s the thing that really perplexes me. When I challenged them to copy and paste ANY libelous thing that I’ve said that they so dearly love to accuse EVERYONE on this site of doing, they posted a FB profile name of someone whom I had never heard of and attributed it as my own. I informed them that they were incorrect, and I asked them to point out one single thing I ever typed to prove their claim about me as being libelous. No one ever responded to that.

      However, what ensued was to reveal on their website that my husband died of aids and that I had an opinion about Christianity. Of course, it was incumbent upon them to also post my FB profile picture and my FB addy. So I saw all of that and thought, what the heck, they’re just rabble rousers. I didn’t see any need to defend myself, because they were at least posting TRUE information for a change, (although I thought it was a cheap shot to try to hurt or embarrass me about my husband’s death, as they know fully well, as do all of you, that aids is a very stigmatizing disease.)

      A few days afterwards, I was reading on here that one of our long-time posters was retracting any support she had ever made on Jodi’s behalf. So I moseyed on over to the dark side to see that their taunting had caused a long-time defender of JA to place herself at their mercy, and in doing so, went to their website and retracted any support she had voiced in support of Jodi. For me, that was the coup de gras – such evidence of cyber-bullying. So I went over there and told them how I felt. I have since been banned.

      P.S. Oh, they also mocked me when I told them that I trust my intuition. When asked about my opinion that I believe Jodi is innocent, I replied to them that I had no facts, but that I relied on my life’s experiences and intuition AND that I had followed the trial . I forgot to mention to them that the burden of proof is on the State to prove its case and that the defense does not have to prove anything. I think they forgot about that. I do believe sincerely that it’s all black and white over there and shades of gray are non-existent.

      I’m sorry for my rant for those of you who would rather not hear about our detractors, but I selfishly needed to vent!

      • SD….

        PLEASE do not concern yourself with the bullshit from the WCA bullshit site. (For reference, look at my gravatar and surmise what WCA would mean….LOL)

        I read your conversation with those S&M vultures and KUDOS to you for handling yourself with dignity, grace and honesty! You were magnificent and I applaud you!

        They have hard-ons for certain posters of this site, yours truly included….so let them obsess and taunt, and brag about their “open door policy”.

        For what it’s worth SD, they posted my personal information including the fact that I filed bankruptcy in 2011 of which they called me a fiscal loser in additon to being a mental loser. They also posted my home address and some other personal information that was obtained by the “I’m smarter than Columbo and can find out anything about anyone via the internet” individuals over there. I have also been called a “whore” and “nothing but a common street walker” and that I would make good company for Jodi….which I agree with!

        You are a stand up woman SD. The fact that they lower themselves to the point of stalking people on other websites just to give them a hard time says so much more about them than it will ever say about us.


        • Thank you so much Janeen, for your support. I wonder why in the world they find posting such things as they did about you and me as being a virtuous means to their end? Or am I giving them too much credit?

          • Too much credit indeed!

            They seem to have appointed themselves the Internet police and are bordlerline psychotic in their vision of making us all ‘own’ our comments and exposing us all to our family members and the general public. I believe they think we all harbor a fear that our words will cause strife in our relationships with our loved ones, which is quite comical. At least in my instance and in some that I know I can speak for, the people that know and love us know exactly what we have said, they know our views, they know our opinions, they know what we would say in any instance, maybe not verbatim, but they have an idea of how we feel. It isn’t a secret. We are not fictional characters playing Dr. Jekyll on this site and then logging off the internet and becoming Mr. Hyde to interact with society and our loved ones.

            SD, you are part of our family here. You are always welcome to be YOURSELF here. I hope you know this site will forever be a “member judgment free” zone. We may sound like we are judgmental of some people that will remain nameless because they aren’t worth mentioning…and I make no apology for that; neither would any other member here!

            But as far as OUR members….we are family. We stand up for each other unconditionally and wholeheartedly. ♥

            • You are so right, Janeen. I am the same on this website as I am in EVERY aspect of my life. Although some of the people whom I love may disagree with me, they love me regardless of our differences of opinion.

              Thank you, Janeen, so much for your opinions and for letting me know I’m always welcome.

              I remain convinced of Jodi’s innocence and would like to thank a poster above….I think RB?…for posting some salient points. Those points he/she made are the very reasons why I believe in Jodi’s innocence.

  23. WTH happened with the petition??

    Now it says : ” The petition you are trying to access has been removed from the site under our Moderation Policy because it is in violation of our Terms of Participation. ”

    F.Zhou are you here?

  24. I support Jodi publicly and am not ashamed but I won’t sign anything that could be a trick by the drooling masses to get your name so they can ‘out’ you on the internet. Which really means annoy the heck out of you in the virtual world. So far I have had no problems but I don’t visit the hater sites either. Why dignify them with any sort of interest or response? It’s a waste of time. Unless I know 100% for sure that a petition is legit and will truly be used to help Jodi my motto is DTA.

    • I don’t know how sincere or disingenuous the petition might have been….

      But I didn’t even consider signing it because this just isn’t something the White House or the President would get involved in.

      People seem to get pretty carried away with that We The People petition site – I’ve seen all kinds of crazy stuff turn up there. And while this one wasn’t as crazy as some, it had no more chance than the craziest of them to gain the attention of the President.

      The only people of power in Washington that might, at some point, be of help to Jodi are the Supremes – and Nurmi kind of kicked them in the teeth with this new motion.

      • The first time I heard of We the People petitions was a while ago here. When I saw that there was indeed a petition for Jodi I followed the link signed and shared it(to my mind it was a White House related petition,didnt seem like a scam) I should have probably thought it twice.Now I am angry at myself for being naive when we have all here experienced first hand different shit that has at times befallen us!

      • Yes, Journee, I went to have a quick look and saw some of the petitions. Wow! Holy homophobia and creationism! And, to be fair, there was other stuff that wasn’t crazy. I would assume, though, that only Americans–“We the People”– can sign these petitions? And, I didn’t see any names publicly displayed …

  25. Good evening everyone!

    How is everybody?!?!??!!?

    Since this site is for adults, everyone pull up a chair and let’s enjoy some coffee cake and coffee……….My bestie, Renee, can’t join us tonight….she’s on her second honeymoon with her AMAZING husband who loves her more than any man has ever loved his wife…..she’ll be back in the morning……..

    My sister ((((((((((((((((love you Maria))))))))))))))))))))

    BevM….LOVED LOVED LOVED your post on the other thread!!!! OMG you hit it girlfriend!!!

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs to everyone)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  26. FWIW, I’ve noticed that so far I’ve only had 1 response from a Travis Alexander supporter on my most recent blog post. Looks like I finally found something that shut them up. 🙂

  27. TGIF good morning all, finally the end of a very, very long week I’m glad it’s about over.

    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  28. The performance of the judge in the Zimmerman trial has slightly altered my view of the Arizona mess. Though I still contend that FART-inez’ behavior was reprehensible, unprofessional and unethical, all Stephens had to do was say no. Many have opined that FART-tinez conducted the matter himself without assistance or co-counsel. Nothing could be further from the truth! His assistant was none other than the presiding judge. Miss Arias never had a chance and it was Stephens who ensured the guilty verdict.

    • Yup, llanger; she was completely off her rocker. That bobble head bitch was so far over her head and so far in Kermit’s pocket, it was like a bad joke.

      She needs to give back her robe and go back to being what ever the fuck she was before she was mistakenly appointed a judge.

      Have a wonderful day, Jodi supporters, and TGIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ♥TEAM JODI♥

    • It is a stark difference. The FL judge controls her courtroom and the attorneys respect that. Fuck-tinez would have been found in contempt of court. Now THAT would have been justice.

    • What a contrast, isn’t it? Of course it is likely that Arizona courtroom is an aberration of the typical courtroom decorum, but those involved in the Zimmerman case, which has had a thousand times more publicity than the Arias trial thanks to the racial overtones of the case, have made sure everything is conducted with the utmost professionalism.

      That Arizona courtroom was a disgrace to American jurisprudence.

    • Jodi’s trial was the first I have ever followed,given the fact that trials are not televised in my country. I had followed Casey’s trial through the media (YT videos,interviews,documentaries etc).Needless to say,I hated her guts.When the jury came back with a not guilty verdict and after watching juror No3 ‘s interviews whre she stated there was just not sufficient evidence to convict her I was like ‘Wow,could it be that there was so much misrepresentation of facts by the media?’ and start digging. That’s why when I heard of Jodi’s case I refused to listen to anything the media had to say,instead I got down and started reading,the Flores report was a good start. What took place in that courtroom might have escaped my notice and I would have carried on believing this is typical behaviour on the part of bopth the judge and the prosecutor had I not found this place and you people or if I hadnt devoted a lot of my free time reading topic related links articles etc that were an eye opener!
      Now when I read your comments about the difference between the Zimmerman’s and Jodi’s judges I want to go and watch so bad but I dont wanna be emotionally involved in another case so I refrain from doing it. Any suggestions of videos or articles that distinctly point out specific differences? (I know for example the jury is sequestered in this case)

          • The key witness – John Good – who saw the two struggling in front of his house just seconds before the gun went off placed Travon Martin on top of George Zimmerman – person with black/dark skin on top of person with light skin – also person on top with dark shirt/sweatshirt on top of person with red jacket – also saw Travon straddling George Zimmerman and pounding on George MMA style – no doubt about it, Travon was punching George’s lights out all while George is crying for help nonstop to which no one comes to his aid. He defended himself and should be acquitted.

        • No, they really don’t have any shame or social conscience. They are like a cancer that is rapidly eating away at your justice system.

        • Yup they have fired up the lynch mob again this time its GZ’s head on the chopping block. I did watch After Dark a few times just to watch Vinnie P EAT CROW! They had the insta polls etc and the two times I watched both polls were in favor of GZ by 60 – 70%. It was fun to watch VP’s head exploding. But we all know they will ditch GZ like a hot potato when July 18th rolls around and their main cash cow Jodi is back in the spotlight.

          • Sorry I missed VPs head exploding, but I have almost entirely stopped watching HLN because it just disturbs me too much.

      • Regarding your question about whether it is true that there could be so much misrepresentation about facts in the media, I thought it would be worthwhile here to bring up Michael Jackson as an analogy. Aside from anyone’s personal opinion, before Michael Jackson died, much, to me– seemingly most- of the media, promulgated the notion that most people considered Jackson to be freakish, creepy, and deserving of contempt. What is truly dangerous about the power of the media is the media’s ability to create in the public’s imagination the belief that there is a widespread, pervasive, ” shared consensus” opinion, which then takes on the appearance of becoming ‘reality’ since it appears as the norm.
        After Michael Jackson died, it became undeniably apparent that the false consensus reality view that a large portion of the media tried to portray as representative of the actual views of the actual majority of real people—it became undeniably apparent that overwhelmingly, in reality, the majority of real people, actually felt respect, love, and high esteem for Jackson.
        After Jackson died, it was obvious how the same media that made their money off of ridiculing Jackson, suddenly reversed their approach and lauded him.

        • Michael Jackson is a good analogy, Amy. People were obsessed with hating and ridiculing him; then they went quite silent when he died, and suddenly he was loved, admired, mourned. The public imagination–what people can be convinced to see and to feel about the famous/infamous–really can be powerfully shaped by the media. Much, much more than we’d care to admit, I’m sure. Great post!

  29. Eli,

    I posted this on the Task Force page but just in case you wander by here first I am re-posting:

    I would like to participate in “analyzing the evidence and show the reader how premeditation is not proven at all and is quite the opposite.” I’ve posted previously just how ridiculous the State’s week-long premeditation plan is and have expanded on that theme since then.


    1. She started planning the killing at least one week before (with the theft of the gun).

    2. She decided to do it moments before she attacked him.

    THEORY 1: Week-Long Plan

    While the State apparently convinced the jury that Jodi’s story doesn’t make sense, in reality, her story makes infinitely more sense than the State’s. Here’s what the prosecution would have us believe:

    That a woman of above average intelligence (with no criminal history) decided (out of pure jealousy) to drive 1000 miles to kill her lover and that the premeditated plan she came up with was as follows:

    by Jodi Ann Arias

    1. Steal the murder weapon from my grandparents’ house just one week before I kill him (surely no one will ever be able to make the connection) and stage it to look like a robbery (so that there will sure to be a police record.)

    2. Rent a car 90 miles from home to avoid detection (but don’t forget to attract attention by quibbling over the color.)

    3. Drive down to Darryl’s house near Monterey and borrow gas cans so as to disguise travel route (rather than just buying cans along the way with cash because, of course, we can totally trust that Darryl will never mention the gas cans when the police inevitably come knocking on his door since the police will obviously be investigating all of Travis’ friends, including – and perhaps especially – me.)

    4. Drive over to Mesa and arrive at Travis’ around 4:00 am. (Note to self: Must find out when roommates might be home or could possibly come home.)

    5. Don’t shoot him immediately and quickly beat it out of town so as to avoid being seen or arriving suspiciously late at Ryan’s in Utah, who will, by then, be expecting me in approximately five hours. (Instead sleep the night with Travis and have sex with him so that my presence will be thoroughly imprinted all over the scene.)

    6. And be sure not to shoot him in the middle of the night while he’s sleeping. Instead wait until he’s fully awake and conscious (so that, in the name of all fairness, he can have an equal chance of killing me instead.)

    7. Before killing him, have him take photos of me – with time stamps. (Just be sure to throw the camera in the washing machine before leaving – rather than disposing of it along the way with the gun.)

    8. Do not drive directly to Utah up Highway 17 (even though already running quite late at this point) but rather make a detour over to Hoover Dam (maybe to take in the sights).

    9. And somewhere between Kingman, Arizona and Hoover Dam be sure to call several people on cell phone (so that there’s a clear record of my travels north out of Arizona – in spite of the reason for getting the gas cans.)

    Yes, quite the plan…

    THEORY 2: Instantaneous Premeditation

    In this theory (just in case the week-long premeditation plan doesn’t fly with the jury) the State contends that, because Travis wouldn’t take her to Cancun, she (apparently being the real life version of the Glenn Close character) decided then and there to kill him. And, according to Dr. Horn’s modified testimony, she first used the knife (which she had somehow squirreled away), stabbing him while he was in the shower. Somehow he ends up at the sink where he’s checking the damage and spitting blood and she then “stabs” him in the back nine times while he just stands there. (And, by the way, those knife wounds to the back look more like sideways slashes that might occur if he was on top of her or he had his arms wrapped around her and she was slashing sideways around his back trying to get him off.)

    I thought for sure that the jury would want to play detective and would go over the crime scene photos (with a magnifying glass if they had one) and would certainly see how the State’s case doesn’t make any sense (well, foolish me). So I would very much like to do what I had hoped they would do. Please let me know how I can participate in this endeavor.

    • And I just now have come to realize what Item #10 in The Murder Plan was:

      10. If the police do notice any of this, just deny being there and that will be the end of it.

      • Oh oh! I have a bunch of those:
        ”Since thorough premeditation is the key to my success, do not use gloves so as to make sure I leave fingerprints”

        ”Do not kill him in the middle of the night; wait half an hour before his roommates come home.Sounds enough time to commit a murder and clean up the mess of the crime scene.Also,it increases the chance of beeing seen covered in blood by a neighbour passing by”

        ”During the attack do not wear shoes,only socks;half an hour is enough(see note above) ”

        No7 ” After the killing be sure to take the time to delete the photos he took of me.Last time I checked the police doesnt have state-of-the-art technology equipment.No way are they gonna retrieve them! ”

        • Thanks, Maria. I will be expounding on all points so am happy to have your thoughts and input to incorporate.

    • And I am open to any and all additional items on Jodi’s Murder Plan. (You may see other pieces of the State’s inane theories that we need to pick apart.)

    • In point 1 I would add
      ”Never mind the rifles. Make sure to take the gun with the smallest caliber possible; that will give me the chance to start a knife fight with a 200 pound man”

  30. Instantaneous premeditation…that’s a good one RB. Nothing screams crime of passion or self defense more than this case yet the jury bought it. They closed their eyes and ears and minds because Juan, Nancy, the media and the public wanted it to be this way so bad. Evidently they were replaying Fatal Attraction in their heads. It’s beyond belief.

    • Truly, Gwen. Beyond belief. Either those jurors lied about not already presuming her guilty (just to be on a high profile case) or the system somehow picked at random, out of the entire general population, eighteen misogynists. That’s not only beyond belief, it’s down-right scary!

    • It’s what happens in a witch-trial – confirmation bias.

      There is an interesting case starting 31st July, news report

      “As the struggle continued, Rodriquez tried to leave the trailer on a bicycle and grappled with the officers over the handlebars.

      As Rodriquez stood near the bike, Virgillo said, Chrisman raised his gun and fired.

      The chief and other police officers described the dog that was shot dead as a pit bull, though relatives and neighbors said the dog was a several-month-old boxer puppy.

      Virgillo had told investigators the dog was barking but never threatened the officers”

      With Juan Martinez and Sherry.Stevens.

    • Doesn’t anyone else think that the jurors were ‘hand picked’ to deliver a guilty M1 verdict? I know about voir dire, but I’m wondering about actual jury tampering.

      • Amethyst,
        I think jurors are picked by the different teams. I don’t understand that procedure. I have heard such things that defendants can pay experienced people that do this as a job to help there team. Some where I heard that Jodi didn’t have the money for that. But I really don’t know. So don’t take what I am writing as what is true. If you find out more, let us know because I would be interested. Thank you.

        • I think that would require quite a massively secret conspiracy, Marianne. And one of my favorite quotes (by Mark Twain) is that “three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead.”

        • Oooopppps! I’m sorry, Marianne. I obviously misread your post. I see that you are talking about hiring jury consultants while I was hearing “paying professional jurors to sit on the jury.” My Bad!!

  31. As Nasty Nance is fond of saying ‘there are no coincidences in criminal law’ so these jurors had an agenda or were just highly impressionable and wanted to be part of the ‘in’ crowd rather than follow the rules of evidence. To add to your theory of Jodi’s plan…10. Stop, get my nails done, just in case it all works out and I don’t have to kill him.

  32. Hello friends!
    Just dropping in for a quick hello. I am entertaining a visitor for the weekend and will not be around so much.
    Hope you guys have a great Friday and a super weekend!
    (((((Jodi,TeamJodi,my cyber sisters& brothers)))))))

    Maria, are you around hun?

  33. Hey everyone! Guess what I got in the mail today? A “Survivor” t-shirt! 🙂 I love it and thank Jodi and her family so much for it, but I have mixed feelings about it. I really feel like that I should give this shirt to a domestic abuse survivor. Don’t get me wrong. I love the shirt. I just feel like that I don’t deserve it.

    • JM,
      so happy for you! Buying the t-shirt was important to the Cause because the money will help other DV victims.So,dont stress yourself over keeping or giving it away.Do what your heart tells you. (P.S: I’d keep it LOL 😉 )

      • Thank you, Maria! I’m going to keep it. The first thing that I did when I got it was I picked it up and I held it close to my heart. I know that many people will say that it’s a “woman’s t-shirt”. I disagree. I think that both women AND men can wear it. Plus, I am a heterosexual male that is quite secure in his sexuality and masculinity. If some people want to make fun of me for wearing it, let them. I’m not looking to score points with them. What matters to me at the end of the day is what God thinks. As long as God sees me in a positive light and approves of what I’m doing while here on Earth.

        A lot of people talk about God and what’s in the Bible or the Book of Mormon, but then they live their lives the exact opposite way. This is what frustrated me for years about the Catholic Church. Many people were going there getting dressed up and pretending to be into the prayer and hymns, but in reality they were bored, looking at their watches or like they didn’t really want to be there. At the time I was a kid and I really tried to get into the spirituality of it and I loved it. I loved that aspect of it-the candles, the stained-glass windows, the feeling that I was in the same room with Jesus.

        But the Catholic Church really turned me off when they were harboring priests who were child molesters or transferring them from parish to parish. A lot of people said “A few rotten apples shouldn’t reflect on all of the good work that the Catholic Church does”. I disagreed. I said that one child that was abused was too many. However, many years later I realize that Catholicism as a religion has many good things about it and the Church overall does a lot of good work around the world. And, it took too long, but they finally took action against the child molesters and it was long overdue, but give them credit for making the right call.

        Truth be told, I consider myself to be more spiritual than religious. I am a Christian who believes that Jesus Christ is the savior and the son of God, but I respect all religions and non-believers. To me, all of the religions of the world are like branches that belong on the same tree if that makes any sense.

        • It does.
          To me there is only One Truth, that everything is intertwined.That’s why I consider myself Spiritual,not religious.
          It is the ‘organized religion’ that started trouble for mankink,imo. When the ultimate goal is no longer spirituality but power then no good outcome can be expected. Too many man-made rules interfering with the true message. Even in Jodi’s case, things would have probably turned out a lot different if the Mormon faith,its rules and TA’s effort to keep the facade hadnt been in the way.

  34. It’s nearly 6:30 pm here in Phoenix – temperature 117 degrees. Of course, it’s a dry heat so it actually only feels like 110. 🙂

    • RB in AZ says:
      Your writings make great clear points. What is not clear is why the defense could not present enough of these clear apparent doubts to even 1 juror with a backbone. But we know (an they all knew) that had one juror had a backbone they alone would have cost Arizona millions of dollars, and would have had to worry about being outed, for the remainder of their life. That’s gonna be a one in a million type person. Highly unlikely to find those type jurors.Casey Anthony’s jurors lives were threatened to the point that the court refused to release their names. America knew how Casey’s jurors were threatened, Jodi’s jurors were afraid for their lives, I am certain of this.. They weren’t interested in giving Jodi a listen. They wanted juan to shut up too, and get this case over to go back to their regular lives. They knew their lives were in jeopardy if they even thought about helping Jodi. These jurors need to be made an example. They need to be subjected to their own inhumanity. I know their refusal to consider Jodi’s side HAS to keep at least 1 of those spineless jurors awake nights. As clear as many have made Jodi’s case, she needed a break, she needed a celebrity lawyer that would have had the clout to stand up to juan and pickles to not back down on their antics to the point of making a spectacle of the trial and refusing to stop making a spectacle of juan and pickles’ behavior ’til their point was clear to everyone. Free Jodi, she’s done her time!

      • All good points, johnm. I do hope karma is slapping some of those jurors upside the head. It’s a shame that only those with a conscience might suffer from remorse but maybe one of them will ultimately step forward and reveal what insanity took place in that jury room.

        • It is one of our only chances, for them to straighten out their own mess. If I live long enough I’m gonna go on geebee2’s wiki and quote the HUNDRED+ times juan interrupted a witnesses’ answer with a curt “YES or NO” comment, creating this aura of righteous sanctimony that pickles sanctified and the defense didn’t have the wherewithal to dismantle. I wish Al was here to legal speak us through these hindsight points. We need to find a likely lawyer for Jodi and petition them to get Jodi out of this bullshit.

        • Karma and conscience are two very different things.
          Karma will definitely get you sooner or later which I hope happens in those jurors’ case,because clearly they did NOT do what their civilian duty dictated. You cannot convict someone of both premeditated and not premeditated murder (with the charges contradicting each other)based on nothing but circumstantial evidence, perjured testimonies that were changed in front of your eyes or simply emotions. So fingers crossed 🙂

          As for conscience it has always been my strong belief that to be tormented by it, you need to have understood what you did was wrong. What if you haven’t ?? Now if all 18 of them were as bright (sarcasm) as Tara and those other 2 ladies, then I totally give up on hoping that they might be having sleepless nights. Quite the contrary. These people are naive and stupid enough to believe they have served their country by doing what they did.They are proud of it, it’s their moment to shine, havent you seen them parading on the different TV shows? Only the Foreman seemed to have a bit of what we call critical thinking but unfortunately not enough to distance himself from the lot when deciding upon the verdict. So again, conscience clear,sleeping like a log.
          This trial has shown me that the human species is still quite close to our ancestors the monkeys. We are happy being thrown bananas and entertained by mirrors to serve as animals in a cage. Thanks to HLN for playing the zookeeper!

    • I don’t know how you people do it. 80 degrees is too hot for me, let alone over 100. 😛 I’m one of those people that would prefer the cold over the heat. Although both temperatures to the extreme are unpleasant. My perfect temperature would be about 60 degrees.

      • I’m with you Britney! Today it was nearly 30 degrees Celsius–well over 80 Fahrenheit–and I’m still dying over here. May have to sleep outside tonight, on the balcony. Some of us just aren’t made for this! Hoping for some rain …

  35. I made an quick analysis of women executed in the US since 1976

    Drugs – multiple events
    Velma Barfield – developed drug addiction via pain-killers, subsequently killed six partners. Apparently reformed in prison, politics involved in clemency decision.
    Wanda Jean Allen – low IQ, hit by truck as child – double murder of female partners – domestic violence, she being the abusive partner
    Kimberly McCarthy – crack cocaine addict – multiple murders of elderly under care for financial gain ( presumably to buy drugs )

    Serial Domestic violence murder, no drugs
    Judy Buenoano – a genuine psychopath – murdered several husbands with arsenic, motive apparently financial
    Betty Lou Beets – long history of domestic violence, attempted murder of previous husbands, killed final husband.

    Intelligent radical
    Lynda Lyon Block – intelligent extreme radical – killed a cop – dubious self-defense claim

    Single event – not “worst of the worst” IMO, so DP probably not justified if that is a criteria
    Karla Faye Tucker – joint felony murder under influence of drugs, did not strike initial blows. Model prisoner, international clemency appeals ignored.
    Marilyn Kay Plantz – drug addict, killed husband for money in conspiracy with boyfriend
    Teresa Lewis – low IQ – single incident (husband+son), did not carry out murders herself, financial motive
    Lois Nadean Smith – single murder of her son’s ex-girlfriend, some doubt as to whether son was the more guilty party

    Possibly innocent ( by reason of unusual defense )
    Christina Marie Riggs – severe depression – killed own children then survived own suicide attempt – unjust IMO – mental illness, state-assisted suicide
    Aileen Wuornos – prostitute – multiple killings – possibly in self-defense ( but … well, it was multiple times… )

    Possibly innocent ( by reason didn’t actually kill anyone )
    Frances Newton – allegedly murdered her own family – some doubts about facts. In fact I would say considerable doubt, and an insufficient motive.

    I think there is just one genuine psychopath here – Judy Buenoano.
    The others can be attributed to “heat of the moment” / drugs / depression etc.
    I don’t think any of them would be a significant danger to prison staff
    ( which is pretty much the only argument I would consider valid for having DP at all ).
    So in my view there is no justification for killing ANY of these women.

    • The only one I really know in your list is Aileen. Her life was tragic from start to finish. I believe she acted in self-defense the first time she killed. Her first victim was a sexual predator. What happened to her after that, I wouldn’t pretend to understand … Except to say again that her life was tragic–full of abuse and lovelessness. Seemed that she desperately needed intensive psychiatrist care, not to be sent to death row. Then again, I don’t support capital punishment, period.

  36. Jodi’s tweet-“OMG, It is mathematically impossible to write everyone back, but I’m working on a solution to this dilemma.”
    I hope your twitter proxy reads this webpage and relays all the positive sentiment to Jodi! I’m sure you’ll find a solution Jodi, and I pray a solution to free you is forthcoming.

  37. FWIW, if you’re ever feeling frustrated or angry about what some people say and do who hate Jodi, what consoles me and inspires me whenever this happens is focusing on something positive because that usually takes the sting out of it. I focus on the positive that has been accomplished through the people on Jodi’s side especially the ones who helped make this website possible. I focus on Jesus Christ and I ask myself “How would Jesus react in this situation?” It is impossible for me to answer that question, but I’d like to think that Christ would offer this advice: “Forgive them for they know not what they do. Thank you, Lord, for my enemies”.

    And then I think about my family and friends who love and care about me. 90% of the people that I know love me and care about me. 10% don’t. That comes out to about 9 out of 10 people. 9 out of 10 isn’t bad. It is impossible for everyone to like you, love you and/or care about you. And some people just aren’t ever going to take the time to really get to know you. I accept that. I can’t worry about them. I only worry about and care about people I care about that care about me.

    • JM

      Your posts are always so good and thought provoking, I wanted to share with friends something, I believe, you posted but I can’t find it. I am hoping you can help me. It was about Amanda Knox and it was a satire.

    • I’m not a religious person but I’m reminded of something I told my son during a time when his good nature and generosity were being taken advantage of – that the real lesson that Christ tried to teach us (and that few people seem to understand), is that if you want to be a good person you have to expect to get crucified once in a while.

      • RB,
        Very well said. It is also said that God gives each person a cross to bare depending on their inner strength (some crosses are ‘heavier’ than others). I do not want to be blasphemous and disrepectful to any religion, but IMO I think Jodi has been a target of god and he doesn’t stop adding weight to this cross she bares. Yes, she is a very strong person but, for crying out loud, isn’t it about time that weight from her cross should be lifted?!!! She has suffered enough.

  38. Happy Saturday, fellow supporters!

    So, I’m hearing it is extremely hot in Arizona (conversion for anyone living outside the USA :117 fahrenheit = 47 Celsius)
    O…M…G…..!!! I can’t stop thinking of poor baby Jodi, having to live in a small cage with no fans or A/C. How is this allowed by Human Rights organizations??? How is an inhumane sadistic bastard like Arpaio still elected and supported by people over there???I saw some pics last night on FB of women’s prisons in Mexico and I swear if someone hadn’t told me, I’d think they were pics of regular bedrooms not prison cells! But yeah, Mexico is portrayed as a third world country,right? Well, they could teach Mr Arpaio a few lessons when it comes to treating inmates!
    I am disgusted. I’ll be thinking and praying for Jodi even more today.

    • I studied Criminal Justice a few years ago and while jails and prisons are meant for punishment, this doesn’t mean that they should have substandard conditions. Prisoners are humans, too, and deserve to be treated with basic amenities as anyone else should have. Also, I think that a lot of people erroneously believe that “jail” and “prison” are the same thing. They’re not. Jodi is in jail right now. If she is given a life sentence, she will then move to prison.

      • I know the difference a jail and a prison are not the same. All I meant to point out is that ”punishing” and ”torturing” are two separate things with boundaries well distinct that should not be mixed up or used by people who drunk by their power think they are at liberty to play God.

        • Oh Maria, I know that you know the difference between a jail and a prison! So does everyone here. I was talking about people outside of this website who don’t take the time to study cases and are ignorant of this. I know because for many years I was guilty of that ignorance.

    • I’m pretty sure that the jail is air conditioned, not positive but the jails here in Virginia are. I have visited people I know in Shenandoah, Rockingham, Page counties and Middle river (Augusta county) and they are all air conditioned. I can’t imagine that the jails out west in the desert are not.

      Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia

    • ((((((sister Maria)))))) <3
      I agree with you that Apraio is stepping on the human rights of all prisoners of that jail. What he lacks of understanding is that there is a huge difference in punshment and torture. That kind of heat is torture to the point of becoming illegal.
      For example, aren't people that leave their animals and children in a car with the window rolled down a bit sued and arrested because it is dangerous? Especially, in the summer we have heard of tragic deaths because of that kind of stupidities. Well, having inmates stuck in small jail rooms with a temperature of 117f without any means of air conditioning is also an act of cruelness and stupidity.
      Apraio should be arrested by himself and put in one of his own jail rooms!

        • Rb, thanks for the info. It makes me feel a little bit better knowing that at least Jodi is safe from the heat.

          • Yes, the heat is a definite killer here. Two summers ago an elderly woman that lives in the same complex I do, lost her air conditioning. The repairman didn’t have the right part and couldn’t fix It until the next day. He offered to put her up in a hotel for the night but she didn’t want to leave her cat behind in the heat. The repairmen found her dead the next morning. The cat survived.

        • Hmm…weird thing is that when you check site and read the info on all jails only ”Tent City” is the one where they say there is ”heating and cooling”. (it kinda fugures though.If there werent he would be widely criticised,after all it’s just tents in the desert)
          No such info on Estrella. Or Durango. Or Lower Buckeye. To make a long story short,unless I see pics of the fans or the air conditioners themeselves, I wouldnt trust that sadistic pig.

          • Plus, ever since I ‘ve read about Marcia Powell I just can’t seem to get that thought out of my mind. I know the incident took place in Perryville but that’s where Jodi is going to be eventually transferred to so… I am lways worried about her, especially now during the summer months.

  39. Barry Gibb, of the Bee Gees, is working on new music inspired by the highly controversial trial of Jodi Arias in America. The singer says he is writing a song about the case.
    Arias was convicted in May of murdering her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, a Mormon, in 2008 and is on death row in Arizona. At the trial, which became a media circus, Arias claimed that she had killed the salesman in self-defence.

    “What I am writing at the moment is a track about the Jodi Arias trial in America,” Gibb says. “The girl has been found guilty and is facing the death penalty. There will be at least one track about that – it has really struck me.”

    • I think this is massive …. best news ever, a real breakthrough..

      Just watched Laura Robson make a come-back at Wimbledon.

      But nothing like the come back Jodi WILL make… talk about being on the brink.

      • It would be amazing.
        It reminds me of Bob Dylan and his song “Hurricane” (“Hurricane” is a protest song by Bob Dylan co-written with Jacques Levy, about the imprisonment of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. It compiles alleged acts of racism and profiling against Carter,[1] which Dylan describes as leading to a false trial and conviction – info from wikipedia).
        Barry Gibb writing a song would be a great way to make awareness to the world of the injustice that had been done to Jodi.

      • GeeBee, I’ve been working on wikispaces and think I pretty much understand it. However, I am having trouble with headings. On some (but not all) pages, if I change a line to, say, Heading 1, save the page and then return to edit mode, the heading has changed back to Normal. Have you experienced this problem?

          • I’ve been messing with a site I started, largely to learn wikispaces but also thinking it would be good for the Task Force to have a place to ultimately store and share their work products: Save seems to be working because after I save the headings are there. It’s when I return to again edit that it reverts back to ‘normal’. Please join the site so that you can perhaps look at the problem with me. I really want to have headers since they are what generates the Table of Contents.

            • Still not quite sure what the problem is….

              When editing, there is drop down next to the Save button with “wikitext editor” which is a kind of “source mode” editing that can help if you have some kind of format problem,

              1st level Headers in source mode as
              = xyz =

              2nd level
              == xyz ==

              etc. good luck, I’m off to bed.

              • Thanks, GeeBee. I will look at the source code (my background is software engineering so I can hopefully figure it out.) Nighty-night, sleep tight (whatever the heck that means.)

              • UPDATE: GeeBee, I found the problem. I had changed the formatting of the text before setting it to Heading 1. Wikitext didn’t like that. It just wants to see = xyz =, no additional formatting within span markup. Once I removed the formatting all went well. Thanks for the wikitext tip.

    • Maybe he’s reading this website and saw that “Stayin’ Alive” comment that I made a couple of weeks ago? 🙂 I have a friend of mine who lives in Florida that knows Barry Gibb. Barry is a good guy and has been through a lot in the past few years with the deaths of two brothers and he lost his younger brother Andy in the late 1980s. He’s a very compassionate person and I wouldn’t doubt that he’s on Jodi’s side here although I don’t know for sure.

      • Hope so… why not ask your friend to check?

        “The Bee Gees sold in excess of 200 million records worldwide. At one point in 1978, the Gibb brothers were responsible for writing and/or performing nine of the songs in the Billboard Hot 100. In all, the Gibbs placed 13 singles onto the Hot 100 in 1978, with 12 making the Top 40. The Gibb brothers are fellows of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA). At least 2,500 artists have recorded their songs. Their most popular composition is “How Deep Is Your Love”, with 400 versions by other artists in existence.”

        from wiki. Barry Gibb obviously has a lot of influence, when he speaks people take notice.

    • I’m sorry that we only have one Bee Gee left to do it, but I know it will be beautiful nd I can’t wait.

  40. Good morning all, the weekend is finally here and I’m so tired that I don’t feel like doing anything but I guess I’ll do something even if it’s wrong. Maybe a trip to the car wash (‘ole blue my Harley is looking pretty nasty) and a little ride over in the mountains.

    Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Hello Ray Ch.
      Get motivated and wash your Harley! LOL! Beauties like Harleys should be pampered!
      Have a great weekend!

      • Yes Maria I did get ‘ole blue shined up and went for a nice ride up in the mountains. The mountains here are not real big like they are in Europe (the alps) but they’ll do. I live here in the Shenandoah valley its almost as pretty as Greece 😀

  41. Happy Saturday to all my cyber family!
    Hope everyone has a great, relaxing day!
    Miss you guys and will be fully back from Monday on!

    Prayers and positive thoughts to our girl, Jodi.


    • Hello cyber sister!

      Tomorrow will be prayer day for Jodi and her family. I hope everyone (regardless of beliefs)keeps her in their thoughts and prayers, just as we do every day.

  42. Excerpt from sidebar released from about slashing tires while ALV testifying:

    Willmott: “There’s difference between advocating on behalf of the defendant and just trying to answer truthfully. She’s just trying to answer truthfully. The reason why there is no information that has come in that Ms. Arias was the one who slashed Mr. Alexander’s tires is because there is no evidence of that. And even the state agreed to that, including Detective Flores. That’s why it doesn’t come in, that’s why it wouldn’t be appropriate as a 404B issue to come in.”


    • For those who aren’t familiar with 404B (I had to look it up), it’s bringing in prior bad acts to show a propensity.

      • And just to top this off, Marie Hall one of the first witnesses to testify to all these bad acts was quoted in Flore’s report as saying that “she didn’t know too much about Jodi, other than what she learned tonight” speaking of when she and the friends were at Travis’s waiting for the police. So it’s just a bunch of gossip she heard from a bunch of hysterical people. I’m sorry, I just can’t get over this ..

        • Yes, Carol. Major point. Why in the world was Mimi Hall even allowed to mention this bunch of gossip? I wonder if that can be part of the appeal fodder.

        • She said she didnt know much and admitted that all she knew was gossip (hearsay,hello?) but Flores goes on for A PARAGRAPH to list all the nasty things Mimi Hall supposedly learned that night! Geez…. Even if someone had a videotape with someone else doing the killing it would take a looot of talking to convince Fauna to investigate them! He was fixated on Jodi from the first minute.

      • I’m amazed that JM would even try to bring that in. Talk about your someone needing to go back to law school!

        • And I’m amazed that Jennifer even had to argue the point at sidebar in order to keep it out. I never went to law school but it’s one of those obvious things to me. Am I possibly missing something?

          • No you arent!! Un-freakin-believable! No evidence to support it. What doesnt he get? How was he allowed to even argue about that? I guess the same way he built his premeditated theory around a burglary which Jodi was NEVER arrested for or charged with (because remember premeditation was basically built around the gun and the gas cans) . Still, he got to talk about it as if there was solid evidence that she did it. Never mind about ”beyond a reasonable doubt” . It is obviously a term widely abused in the Arizona courtrooms or that one in particular by both the prosecutor AND the jurors!

  43. Good morning Team Jodi!

    (((((((((((((((((hugs and love))))))))))))))))))))

    Happy Saturday everybody! Cheese cake at table 4; refreshments include coffee, tea, and a HATE FREE zone!

  44. I’m going to be writing a blog article tonight where I dissect the Jodi/Travis sex tape in great detail. Personally, I’m not looking forward to this, but it is part of the case and I’m not approaching it from a salacious angle a la HLN. I’m approaching it from a historical and legal level as it is a recorded document that was very important to this trial. I’ve only heard excerpts of it so this is the first time I’m going to listen to the whole thing. I’ll post a link later tonight.

  45. I love all of you, but I’d like to recognize maria rigadopoulo and publicly say that I hope you didn’t misinterpret what I wrote earlier as this was not a reflection on you. I always enjoy reading your posts, Maria, every day and yours are often the first ones in the morning. It is quite illuminating to wake up and see your positive views be the first thing to look at every day. It never ceases to amaze me at how positive everyone is here most of the time and how this juxtaposes against the perception that some people outside of this website might have about us. Anyways, I just hope that my sincerity comes across and you know that I and many other people here appreciate you, Maria.

    • (((((((JM))))))))))

      Of course I didnt misinterpret it! How thoughtful of you… You are indeed a very kind person.I just had to turn off my computer and go out,it was a hot yet breezy day today and I wanted to enjoy it out in the open.LOL, you should always take time difference into consideration if I dont answer back immediately.

  46. I didn’t watch the Lifetime movie because I knew I’d be throwing things at my perfectly good television. However, I am interested to see how they portray the State’s ridiculous scenario of the actual killing. So I did watch this excerpt from the movie that just depicts the shower scene.

    This short video stops with the first stab. For those who watched the whole thing, is there more to the scene? Or is this their chicken-shit way of avoiding the inconsistencies in the State’s theories compared to the actual crime scene, all under the guise of sparing us the gory details?

    Even this short exposure to such rubbish made me want to strangle someone.

    • The video won’t play 🙁 I don’t remember the scene stopping with just the first stab; it showed Jodi stabbing him in the shower and him dragging his bloody body on the floor,basically reaching the end of the hallway by himself while she was watching with a look of satisfaction on her serial killer’s face and then slashing his throat.Which kinda begs the question:where the fuck is the dragging mark? Gimme a break! The scene of the killing was so overly dramatic and full of lies and inconsistencies just like the rest of the movie. I was laughing the entire time because I would otherwise either cry or break my screen!!

      • Thanks, Maria. I will search out the rest of the scene. I never did understand the State’s entire theory, it was so disjointed so I was wondering how Hollywood interpreted it. I want to take it apart, piece by piece.

      • Remember is is just “based on”.

        I think overall the Lifetime movie is a good thing, because it does highlight the issues in the case.

        At least some viewers will ask “is this believeable?”.

        BTW : I’m finding a really useful tool to monitor high quality discussion.

  47. I would like to ask each of the jurors if they are indeed so sure “beyond all reasonable doubt” that Travis didn’t attack Jodi first. And then what in the evidence makes them so very sure. Because that’s the bottom line question here. Who initiated the physical fight? Then I would further ask them:

    If we were in Las Vegas and we knew nothing more than that a man and woman had engaged in a violent battle, and if you were going to bet your hard earned money on which of the two was most likely the instigator of that violence, based on statistics alone, which would you bet on? I would have to put my money on the man. That’s not bias, it’s not man-hating, it’s based on sound mathematical probability and I would be a fool to bet otherwise.

    Now, given this statistical data (see let’s add to that Travis’ documented family history. To begin with he grew up with meth-addled parents and witnessed such things as his mother emptying a gun into his father’s car and his father taking an ax to his mother’s possessions. Police were called but they did nothing. So this is where Travis would have learned how one handles anger as well as the lesson that there are no real consequences to domestic violence. Further add to this the knowledge that four of Travis’ seven siblings, who also grew up in this environment, are convicted felons for such things as domestic violence, battery, burglary, shop lifting, impersonation and possession of drugs. (Granted this does not prove anything about Travis except for the propensity and statistical probability for that type of environment to foster questionable and sometimes violent behavior.) Compared to this Jodi’s upbringing was a cake walk so why would I want to bet that she was more likely the one to have first attacked? No, I’m now doubling-down on Travis.

    And then there is the evidence of mental and emotional abuse from Travis (something he probably also learned in his childhood), documented so very clearly in the emails and text messages. Berating, name calling, going on for five hours over a perceived slight. Nowhere is there evidence of Jodi acting in such an ugly and demeaning manner. At this point I would be placing my life savings on Travis as the initiator of the violence.

    But the jury apparently would have put their money on Jodi, so positive they were (above and beyond all reasonable doubt apparently) that she started it. I wonder if they had been gambling with their own money, rather than with Jodi’s life, if they would have bet the same way.

    • The last sentence of your post was so powerful!
      Apparently the jurors had no problem taking huge leaps when it came to the prosecution’s theory of premeditation but were reluctant to do so regarding the abuse that took place.
      Even the foreman who says that he believes there was indeed mental and emotional abuse from Travis was hesitant to assume that there was physical abuse.Which in and of itself sounds stupid (why is it so hard to go from point A to point B?) if they were consciously listening to ALV ‘s and Dr Samuels’ testimony.
      But by that point I think they had already made up their minds,Martinez had them all brainwashed to believe that both ALV and Samuels were ‘hired guns’ and they probably chose to disregard their testimonies.
      Given that we haven’t heard from all 18 of them I would give them the benefit of the doubt but I don’t think anything any of them has to say in the future will make me change my mind that we were dealing with 18 narrow-minded, full of prejudices and pre-conceived notions individuals from the get-go.

    • The whole Trial was done wrong. The jurors totally forgot that the conviction is based on reasonable doubt and the state has to prove their case. Martinez and the judge deflected the truth. Well Martinez did the deflecting and the judge aloud it. We also know that the jurors were getting information from outside the courtroom and were affected by the trial by media. The whole Arizona legal system apears corupt.

  48. If anyone was a hired gun it was the prepubescent Doc ‘Bitchy Resting Face’. And the ME. She makes a whopping $300 an hour but I bet the Horn isn’t paid quite as well, so I guess he was just happy to be Kermi’s bitch. I don’t think the jury had any brains to wash to begin with. Their dura mater could have been easily dry wiped clean or a slight breeze could have blown them away. Sorry, but I have zero respect for this jury.

    • Hey (((((((((((((Gwen)))))))))))))))

      I haven’t heard anyone say that they hold any respect for them! Just sayin…..LOL LOL

  49. That absolute waste of money, time and energy movie is on that stupid cable network as I write this! They are as bad as HLN with the repetitive bullshit!!!!

    • We greeks often use an italian phrase that goes ” Una Faccia Una Razza (One Face One Race) ” when we wanna point out the many similarities between ourselves and the italian people.
      Fits pretty nice here,for HLN and the Lifetime Network!

  50. (((((((Janeen))))))) I saw that roll by on my guide channel which is why I came in here to type. I mean it’s the worst movie ever made. Maybe even worse than Lindsay Lohan’s ‘I Know Who Killed Me’! They need to give it a rest. I just hate to hate on people doing their civic duty if I actually thought this jury was doing that but I don’t. So I am not sorry although I do sympathize for their lack of brain cells though. lol

  51. Honey you are being too kind! “lack of brain cells”…LOL LOL I would have phrased that quite differently! LOL LOL

  52. is the a rebroadcast link for the zimmerman trial ?

    i’ve watched about 5 to 10 minutes of it in total

    difference between night and day with jodii’s trial, and the zimmerman trial

    in jodi’s trial massive almost continuous misbehavior by jm and at a minimum massive incompetence of stephens j.

    the judge and lawyers in zimmerman showed how to conduct a fair trial

    haven’t read much above but i presume it’s been obvious to everyone

  53. Well, I started some controversy on here one time when I used the ‘f’ work inappropriately so I am trying to water it down and be a little more PC. I am tippy toeing around how I really feel about these errr ‘dull knives in the drawer’, ’20 watt bulbs’, ‘lightest color crayons in the box’, if you get my drift. Night all!

  54. Hi all, I thought I’d share something amusing I just came across.

    So I’m downloading trial videos to make a video about the jurors (Gwen, I think you’ll like this lol) and I ran across the following comment:

    “jayrod2 1 month ago
    Why does the judge allow this Gus fruitcake to act like that in court!!?? What an asshole! His whole business IS a pyramid scheme. Salesman like him are some of the lowest of the low. Full of himself”

    Now isn’t this hilarious coming from the hater camp, considering TRAVIS was a salesman for the same damn company?

    So if Gus is of the lowest of the low, then what does that make Travis?

    Why do the haters open mouth just to insert foot a moment later? Rhetorical question!!!

    • MB,
      Please don’t tempt me,LOL! I have quite a lot of adjectives and nouns in mind to describe TA if need be 😀

      • I hear you Maria, I really do. I’m trying not to start a pile on Travis, but damn if I couldn’t let that stupid comment go by without giving it an honorable mention to add to our ever growing pile of dumb comments from the internet. lol!!!!

        Ok everyone, have a great night! ♥

    • This is very typical of hater comments. It like their arguments (if you can call them that) have no logic. Gus was the lowest of the low, but Travis who was working to become like Gus, was a successful holier than thou businessman. This is why I hate the haters.

  55. Gwen honey……

    There is no “watering down” of anything here girlfriend! Pleaseeeeeeeee do not police yourself to the point that he feel like having to tippy-toe here!!

    You have definitely been around long enough to know how we all roll around here! LOL LOL

    Hey (((((((((((((((((♥M♥B♥)))))))))))))))))))!!!!!


  56. the Motion to Vacate Aggravation Phase Verdict, filed June 21st. is in legalese very difficult for the unitiated

    i posted some material in the last few days on how to crack the code

    should be in two adjacent or nearby posts
    i can’t find it now

    for anyone interested i suggested a task of deciphering the entire motion
    changed my mind
    only attempt to decipher the first page or two pages in line with my posts

    from that you’ll see that deciphering the rest follows the same pattern of analysis, terms, sources, etc

    lots of work

    need multiple monitors

    i haven’t read it
    i suspect and i hope kn and jw had help from other experienced attornies, experts in this field


    Can we play a game like who can post the most posts in the next hour?!?!?!?!?!? We need to get our quotas up honey…….we are just NOT saying enough!


    • LOL LOL sis! It’s quite late for me (you know that already)

      Let’s just add then :


      ♥ ♥ ♥

      • Yes sis…we certainly do! I know it’s very late for you honey. Go get some rest. We’ll make a date for a party when everyone can participate at the same time!

        I love you sis. Sleep well honey.


      • I was visiting my parents the other day and they had HLN on. *rolls eyes* But they had the Zimmerman trial on and I was struck by how civil and respectful the rival attorneys are of each other. Quite different from the open hostility we witnessed during Jodi’s trial.

  58. Hey everyone! I just finished writing a new blog post that I think that you all are going to really enjoy reading. It is called “Dissecting The Jodi Arias & Travis Alexander Sex Tape” and I went into as much detail as I could about it. It honestly was very difficult for me to listen to this and, at times, I literally felt nauseous while listening to it. But I made myself listen to it and I learned quite a lot from it that I mentioned in my post. Here is the link:

    • JM, I was checking out your post about the sex tape. I believe it always takes two to tango, and I feel that both were participating willingly. There were times when Jodi sounded uncomfortable. I realize that at no time did TA ever say he had actually heard a 12 year old girl orgasm, but just the fact that a man would say those words makes me squirm with discomfort. If any man I know personally ever said such a comment I would make a point of never leaving my young daughers alone with him. I just find it an extremely distasteful comment. I would also wonder how he knows what a 12 year old girl actually sounds like when she orgasms. The whole topic makes me very uncomfortable. It reminds me of the fact that he surfed the internet using a proxy. Makes one wonder if he found websites that actually had 12 year old girls orgasming? TA is not here to defend himself or explain such things so of course we are all speculating about what he really meant or where such a comment was coming from.

      I wonder if TA really did want Jodi to tape their conversation like she stated he did. I’m sure anyone participating in phone sex would never intend for the conversation to ever be heard by anyone else, especially their friends and family. However, in TA’s case, weather or not anyone else would have heard them, being a man of God, TA should have known that God would know what he was doing. He never seemed to censor himself like one would expect a man of God to do, did he?

      I was particularly struck by how judgemental TA was. He continually put people down describing them as Godless, have no soul, were the worst ones, waste of potential, biggest ass, hypocrite. Most religions disapprove of people judging others. Perhaps this is not the case among mormons?

      As far as the tape as a whole, it’s just phone sex like people all over the world are doing. I’m positive there’s much “worse” being said in phone conversations. Most will never wind up in court.

      The great tragedy is that two lives were ruined by this whole fiasco. Both lost their lives in their own way. It’s tragic what both of them and their families have gone through. If only we could turn back time. I agree with you, I wish this had never happened.

      • BevM,

        Thank you for your comments! My analysis of the sex tape was motivated because of the incriminating things that Travis said to Jodi on it, not the sexual stuff. In fact, FWIW I fast-forwarded and skipped through the conversation that was purely sexual. I heard enough of that stuff on HLN when they played it to death during the trial.

        I consider this audio to be an important document because it is one of the last remaining documents of Travis Alexander’s voice and one can clearly hear the disdain and contempt in his voice for certain people. One can clearly hear how he gets defensive and behaves in an opposite matter of someone who is a gentleman. Jodi talks about wanting to cuddle with him and being content with that and he responds with “I’m getting tired”.

  59. I am so sick of the bullying from the prosecutor. I have an uncle on death row in Maricopa County Arizona and I will be sitting right where Jodi’s family is right now. I attended court every day and went to alot of the after hours jury setups from HLN and believe me if you show support for Jodi, the crowd becomes a lynch mob in a minute. Truth means nothing and the process of justice is lost in the court of public opinion. You can tell Jodi is a wonderful girl and it was all I could do not to hug her each day. No one is perfect. No one knows how they would react in any situation until they are there. The people chanting “kill” mostly claim to be highly religious and they are so hypocritical. The bible says “judge not lest ye be judged”. I hope Jodi stays strong and knows that I love her and think of her each day. Love from the cane lady.

  60. Wonder if anyone caught last night’s Dateline episode called “Suspicion”? It centered around a husband & wife from Utah (!) accused of murdering their father. The couple insisted they were innocent and told a story that no one believed – ie, that they had interrupted two individuals wearing black ski masks who had broken into the house and killed their father. The two murderers told the couple they would kill them as well because they were witnesses to the crime . . . but in the end let them go. It reminded me of Jodi’s story of the two ninjas whom she said murdered Travis, and then let her go unharmed. The accused couple on Dateline were very close to being convicted, as no one believed their story. Fortunately, at the very last moment, a surprise witness, whose conscious was bothering her, came forward and said she knew who killed the father . . . her ex! If not for this witness the Utah couple would undoubtedly have been convicted.

    I was amazed how close this was to Jodi’s story. It makes me hope that some ‘surprise witness’ will come forward to say they know who killed Travis . . . and that it wasn’t Jodi. If any of you have a chance watch the Dateline episode online, I think you will find it very interesting . . . and hopeful.

  61. I watched an episode of 48 Hours last night in which there was a horrific murder of a teenage girl and during deliberations the judge actually declared a mistrial because the jury was discussing something that had not been entered into evidence that would have hurt the obviously guilty defendant. Whereas Judge Pickles let anything and everything, including the kitchen sink, be thrashed about on the stand. Nothing was off limits or out of bounds! So tragic that Jodi got stuck with this insane clown posse that runs the AZ court system when she is so obviously NOT guilty of M1.

    • My poor Jodi seems to have all the bad luck in the world. To use your words ‘she got stuck with’ Pickles as the Judge. Martinez as the Prosecutor, Flores as the lead(my ass)detective and 18 HLN-lovers and buttheads as her jurors.
      Not to mention, ”Mr” Alexander…

    • I really don’t understand how they were having a sidebar discussing the 404B issue of the slashing tires, etc. when Ms. ALV was testifying. JM said she brought it up with the christmas tree thing when already he had Mimi & Lisa testify to these previous acts that weren’t even properly investigated and at no time was it ever proven that she did any of these things. I don’t believe myself that Jodi did either the slashing of tires or the email to Lisa. Nov. or Dec 07 was when this happened. At that point, Jodi had already decided Travis was not the guy for her to marry and she testified she went home to visit her family at Christmas which made her want to move home. Also the email contains disparaging remarks about Travis, something that she did not do in any of her written words. Even previous acts that someone has been convicted of are sually not allowed in.

      • Good points. Of course Jodi had nothing to do with the tire slashing – I don’t actually know who it was (and I don’t want to know), but obviously it was related to one of Travis’ many other women.

        JM was just thrashing about bullying the judge, who unfortunately seems to have exercised little control over his antics ( not my strong point, because I only ever watched this trial – I defer to the opinions of others ).

  62. Good morning all, getting a late start….a little too late to get to church. I just got the riot act from my daughter for missing church. I guess that’s what happens when you get old and give out like me. But I will be praying for Jodi just like I do every day.

    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  63. I was searching the web last night and found a you tube video of a chic who says she dated the same bobby Juarez as Jodi did and he was very physically abusive to her and she thinks he may have also been physically abusive towards Jodi and tried to chock her. Does anyone have any info on Bobby and where he is now etc? I would like to see if this is the same person??

  64. I consider the content of this quote by Osho to be relevant to the trial, and also to the way media today is so ravenous for pointing fingers at people and pillorying them, all the while profiting off of the target’s vulnerability so that careers can be advanced and money can be made, but mostly, I suspect, so that sadism can satisfy itself and hide behind different disguises.
    I apologize for the length of the quote.

    “The past has praised the righteous man very much. But the righteous man is not the right man. The idea of being righteous is egoistic. The right man– the really right man– remains blissfully unaware of his rightness. It follows him like a shadow, but he is not self-conscious about it. The righteous man exhibits it– he is not only self-
    conscious, he makes others also know about it. He goes on exhibiting- – he magnifies it. He is always carrying the look of holier -than-thou.
    The past has suffered very much because of the righteous man. He is phony, he is pseudo. His whole motive is to be praised by others, to gain respectability, to reach heaven and enjoy all the joys there. He is not really interested in virtue, virtue is a means for him. And virtue can never be the means for anything else. If it is, then it is not virtue at all any more. Virtue is the end unto itself.
    So go beyond the righteous man, only then will you be the right man. Go beyond that attitude of the holy man. Be ordinary, just ordinary, utterly ordinary, and you will know some extraordinary joys.
    Don’t let religion become your ego trip. It becomes it, and it becomes so very easily. In fact, it is one of the most subtle ego trips possible. To have money, to have political power, is gross, but to have virtue, to have saintliness, is very subtle. And one can go on being trapped by it forever. It is so subtle that it needs great insight to understand it.
    So remember it; never feel holy. That is the attribute of the unholy man: to feel holy. Never think your self higher, better, holier than others. To compare is ugly. Be a nobody. Live your life with tremendous awareness, but without any comparison with anybody.
    And then you will know who you are, and then you will know what this existence is, and then you will know the joys of real virtue. Then heaven is not something after death, then it is here now.

    • Nice. Similar, in a way, to the Russel quotation Wes posted a day ago. But from a different view–questioning “what is virtue?” rather than “what is evil?” I like them both; their ideas are essentially the same.

      Travis and Jodi’s relationship, the dynamics, the mistaken ideas about righteous and virtue, is now being echoed and played out by the public and the media. At the deeper level, the polarization has very little to do with either of them, except as points of identification in the status quo and the ideas that keep it place–for instance, ideas about virtue and evil.

      • I agree with you Pique; the polarisation has very little to do with Jodi and Travis. Your comment about “points of identification in the status quo and the ideas that keep it in place” names precisely
        what all of this is about.
        It explains the virulent sadism that is occurring.
        Often people are identified with their conditioning, and don’t realize that they can exist apart from conditioning.
        Wes’s posts of Bertrand Russell’s comments a few weeks ago was what inspired me to post the Osho quote.
        If people could accept themselves for all that they are, and not reject nor repress parts of themselves due to conditioned beliefs about what should be or should not be, those same people would be able to accept other people’s differences.
        When I think about the way conditioning influences people, I think of William Blake’s phrase,
        “mind-forged manacles”.

    • geebee2,
      if there’s a way for us to encourage Barry Gibb, let us know. Haters voices will NEVER have an effect on what Barry’s song would do. His legend will get many to think again. Maybe even sway a celeb lawyer Jodi’s way. It’s funny a high profile lawyer has not weighed in to help Jodi. I guess it’s money. I know a song would lift Jodi’s heart high! Keep us posted!

  65. Hey family!

    Although not religious, I’ll be joining a prayer circle for Jodi and her family in about an hour. Anyone who wants to send positive energy and thoughts to our girl can join!

  66. Loved the post JM. One thing I might disagree with is that – from what I can tell, via Jodi’s letter about TA being a drain on her bank account – is that TA may not have been as successful as we have been led to believe. To me this is but one of many indications that the image of TA that has been presented to the public was a thorough whitewash.

    Do I feel bad for TA? YES. He was an accident waiting to happen from the day he was born. He was an injured bird that never really got the kind of help he needed. Ditto the rest of his siblings.

    One final thought — there is NO WAY that one of my sons, who are about the age of TA, would EVER say anything remotely like what TA said to Jodi or any other woman, no matter who she might be. And there is NO WAY any gentleman at any age should be saying that kind of stuff, I don’t care how much he is “Led on.” Sex talk is one thing, verbal abuse and manipulation quite another.

  67. Hey dipshit,

    Since you pay sooo much attention to this site ( NOT) you would know that jay bass & comp has never posted here. Have you missed SJ’s posts about Jay bass? SJ cant stand him you idiot. I was one of the ones who helped break that stupid story you asshat.

    You have really lost your ever loving mind on this one.
    Jay bass has never been welcome here and the “mods” are not part of his secret groups because wait for it, wait for it!!! We saw through his shit MONTHS ago. AND as far as Jay using the JAII logo, he’s stopped aside from his secret groups to WHICH I do NOT BELONG.

    The pedos you refer too have not posted here you idiot!

    Furthermore, keep your cyberbullying libeling ass up with all your lame cohorts and you will see. We do know who you are. We are not shocked or dismayed by you as you lost the plot long ago. This is the only time I will address your loser, fake posing self who uses multiple male and female screennames with your self absorbed posts all over the web. You move from group to group until each group figures you out and bans your ass. You’re only noteworthy because of the bullshit you pull.

    We also could care less about your little moles in JAII, BRING IT.

    TOTT is a legend only his mind, a rebel without a clue, a loser who doesnt play well with others and his last post proves what everyone already knew.

    • (((((((((((((((((((JC)))))))))))))))))))))

      BAM! BAM! BAM! You are AWESOME JC!!!!!!!!!!!

      And that is all she wrote folks!

      “Screenshot that assholes………………………..” – MB

      • and…..just for shits and giggles……

        How the fuck would those freaks know about those three assholes and what they post in “secret” pages – if THEY aren’t members or if their moles aren’t members or they are friends with friends of friends of friends? Who’s the ones hob-knobbing with the pedos?????

        Not SJ. Not JC. Not MB.

        All they know is how to be trolls and lurk where they are not welcome. And if they aren’t the ones doing it – they are having others do their dirty work for them. GOD forbid they use their real names and stand up! Pleaseeeeeeeeeee.

        Show us your friends and we’ll show you what you are…….birds of a feather……….trash begets trash…………

        • You said it. TOTT is so brilliant HE couldn’t figure out that Jay was intentionally keeping the mods out for reasons too obvious for his hack moles. Does he know Jay was slamming JAII too in those secret groups? How useful are these moles if they cant get their stories straight? Or is that TOTT is DESPERATE to discredit this site now? I think that’s it. Classless loser he is.

    • JC; I never read that ass hats posts, ever. They are too long, too boring, and she is a delusional nut bag. If fact, I have read nothing over there in well over a week, when I realized they were not actually bullies capable of stalking and hurting us, but rather… they are bored and over sexed twisted perverts who love, love, LOVE being hit, raped, and otherwise victimized. No wonder they love Travis, they wish he would tie them to a tree and rape them like they were 12 year old virgins. They probably got very turned on when Travis said he would like to “cork the pot of a little girl” . I imagine they masturbate to this site all the time.

      They live, eat and breathe this site… and I don’t care- they are bringing in massive hits for this site and thus, keeping it at the very top of Google searches.

      I had an awesome weekend, hope you all did too. But my hangover is hungover, so I am gonna go cuddle with the hubby and relax.

      ♥ TEAM JODI ♥

    • Well JC I have no idea what prompted your post but you sure told em off. You go! I just can’t understand anyone’s preoccupation with a website they don’t agree with. Not to mention, where do they get the time? They must be unemployed slackers, spending all their time on the internet on the taxpayers dime. Nice to know where your tax dollars are going huh?

      • The resident bully in chief was trying to associate us mods with hiding the truth from the posters here about some scamming pedophile Jodi supporters and a guy named jay bass a supporter who set up a scam appeal fund on the web. These people do not come here. I don’t even know these people aside from jay bass who was a part of the scam using jodi’s name to get money for his personal expenses. SJ never trusted him and spoke about him in the site. I barely knew that guy and based on what I did know, seemed sketchy. It was time to respond. I’m done concerning myself with that site as it just hit an all time low even for them.

    • JC, I admit I don’t understand all the details regarding what is going on here, because I don’t use Facebook, or participate in secret groups–whatever they are and however they operate–or remember any posts here about the characters in question.

      BUT, I do get the the gist or your inspired rant, JC–and I think it’s fabulous! For such a self-proclaimed superior bunch, they really must work on their research and reading comprehension skills, yes? Actually, I know they are capable, so it must mean accuracy is being deliberately sacrificed for the sake of painting, with the broadest brush, a heterogenous group of people with diverse motivations and opinions and histories, and with only the flimsiest of connections with one another. Tsk-tsk … it’s so dishonest and unsubtle.

      “Rebel without a clue”–snort!

    • JC, I am so glad that you know who that disgusting person is. You go, girl! I stand behind you in any effort to expose that person who is an intentional cyber-bully!

      • Yes. Bigtime cyberbullying. The way they went about getting their message across was WRONG on so many levels.

        • Amen. We can agree to disagree, but they most definitely crossed the line. I personally hope that they will stop their insane agenda, but I know that’s unrealistic. I’m idealistic and hope for the best. Always.

          • (((((((((((((((((SD)))))))))))))))))))))

            Happy Sunday to you darlin’. I hope you had an awesome weekend.


            • ((((((((((((Janeen))))))))))). It hasn’t been long enough, dear. Tomorrow will come soon enough, at which time I will be back to business and putting this whole fiasco of a trial behind me for a bit. 🙁

      • LOL LOL ((((((((((((((tonysam)))))))))))))))))

        You can say that again!!!!!!!!!

        “screenshot that assholes………………” – MB

    • None of these 3 scammers has ever posted here.
      I knew Jay Bass was bad news early on, not early enough though. I had even accepted his friend request. At first he just sounded as if he had the hots for Jodi, then he got too religious for me, praying all the time( sorry dude,that sounds too fake gimme a break), then he got all whiny about fate and how cruel it was on him (death of a loved one,he was diagnosed twice with cancer) which sounded a bit too familiar 😉 and then bam one day he founded a donation site for Appeals. I was dumbfounded!! What freaking appeals???? And then his friends were exposed too.

      So let me get this straight, is the fucktard on the other side saying we welcomed that shithead? LMAO!!
      He hasnt done his homework, it seems!

      • Maria,

        When i first met jay bass, he was running ONE page ( that i know of LMAO ) that teamjodi facebook page which was moderated better than all the others. Tanisha was on the list according to him which prompted to me ask jay what was up with that? He told me by facebook PM that he was 1.) taking care of a newborn 2.) was a webdesigner for monster 3.) had left monster because he had a better job offer and didnt have time to run teamjodi facebook anymore and LEAST but not LAST 4.) when I asked why he supported Jodi he said his sister killed her ex who was abusing her and did time for manslaughter but was charged with 1st degree! I heard these stories over a one day period a couple of weeks after he set up teamjodi. Then it became really busy here and I wasnt on facebook much during the trial. Anyone who knows me on facebook also knows I barely post on facebook and am not in the secret groups so im only in the know because of a real friend who let me know what was going on in these groups. BEFORE, the story broke about him, I heard he was talking shit about SJ/our posters in his private groups so I messaged him and asked him what the fuck was up but in a nice way. He insisted I call him instead of talk via facebook. I did because I wanted to see what he had to say for himself. He denied ever talking smack and told me then that 1.) he hired Jodi’s lawyer ( yea right) and 2.) needed to recoup the money by setting up the appeals fund and 3.) that he talked to Jodi two times a week ( sure you do ). I got off the phone thinking what is going on?! I talked to two people about it who I know had been working on figuring out what was going on with him. He also friend requested me with a page created that made him look like he was an arias!? I messaged him and asked is this a jodi family member OR jay bass and he said BOTH. Currently, he has created MORE fake pages out there with the JAII logo I hear. He has been asked to stop but will he? No. And those pedo people who are his roommates, well I only heard about that crap AFTER the appeals fund he set up was called out. I don’t even know those kirkpatrick people, therefore I do not owe anyone an explanation about these assholes because what I know I just stated! LOL

        • Apparently he has asked a lot of good looking women to call him 😉 And yeah he had an ‘Arias’ account too. He kept telling how he talks to Jodi but I must have missed the part where he claimed HE had hired her appeals’ lawyers,HAHA! WTF?? So many crazy people out there,I’ve lost count geez…

          • Ain’t that the truth? We can’t be held responsible for every stick of bullshit out there, just because it’s been thrown by some loon making up stories.

            Some people need to get a hobby!!!!

    • Hi JC, “hey dipshit” indeed. lol Do these people ever do anything but sit around trying to lie about other people on the Internet? I don’t normally call other people losers either, but if the shoe fits…

      I didn’t even know who Jay Bass was until he tried leaving a comment bitching that SJ said a snarky comment about him. Since then what I’ve been told of him, has alarmed me, and I immediately shared that opinion with you and SJ. That was before I heard about the new stuff that came up.

      The only thing I can say is this: There is no proof, nor will there ever be, that we are involved with any kind of money because we have always supported Jodi FOR FREE. Why? Because we feel and believe she is worth supporting FOR FREE. It’s not our fault the rest of the internet can’t wrap their puny minds around the idea that why yes, there are people who like Jodi and don’t need to be bankrolled to post in support of her. She is a kind, gentle, compassionate soul that deserves to be defended, not ridiculed or railroaded by abusers, misogynists, or multimedia dollar media outlets that care more about ratings than how their programming affects society or the justice system.

      And for anyone who doesn’t know, or is TOO DENSE to figure it out for themselves, anyone can steal a web site’s logo and pretend to be affiliated, it doesn’t make it so. I mean, come on really. Does that fall into the category of magical thinking? I believe it does. If anyone has stolen the logo from this site, clearly we cannot be held responsible any more than we can be held responsible for Dave Hall’s behavior. Duh derp de der!

      • I noticed that he was using this page’s logo for his scam, and I asked him WHY, and he deleted the comment and banned me.

        • Right, and he has as much credibility using our logo as he would if he stole Pepsi’s logo and pretended to be affiliated with them too.

          I’m starting to think the hater sites are like a stupidity filter. The angry, abusive, and easily duped will be less likely to post at our site, increasing the quality of content posted here. Maybe there is a silver lining to all this. lol

  68. Okay, I have kept quiet about this until now, but I’ll keep this brief. I don’t like what the haters on that other website are doing and saying, but it doesn’t bother me. Why doesn’t it bother me? Because I am confident and I know that their reaction or overreaction is because they are scared to death of us. What you are witnessing is fear manifesting itself into attacking Jodi and all of us with vile, mean-spirited and cruel comments. These people aren’t even interested in supporting Travis Alexander anymore. They’ve taken it upon themselves to turn that piece of shit website into a tool of hatred, a weapon to try and hurt each and everyone of us. There’s just one problem with this: they can’t hurt us if we don’t let them.

    They try to leave all sorts of cruel and disturbing things about me, other posters and Jodi Arias on my blog. I have to approve all blog comments and as soon as I see their B.S. I remove it ASAP. Yet that doesn’t stop these losers from trying to post even more cruel and hate-filled comments that frankly are disturbing a lot of the time. The tactics that they use on Facebook and other social networks are akin to what the Nazis did in the 1930s. They try to shut down anything that they feel is a threat to them and that is what we are to them: a threat. They are frightened of us and that is why they react the way that they do: fear. Always keep that in mind. Bullies are nothing but gutless turds and that’s all these people are. And karma has a funny way of evening things out over time. Our day will come, believe me. And when it does, these people aren’t even going to know what hit them.

    • Of course they’re not interested in supporting Travis and family. That’s just artifice, an excuse for the addiction that lies beneath. It’s obvious to me that what concerns them most, what fascinates them and inflames their passions, is punishment. Like characters in search of an author, they are the impulse to punish in search of “crimes.”

      Punishment, apparently, is exciting, cozy, secure; if someone is “paying” for his badness, real or perceived, all is well in their world. 

      So a small group of people colouring outside of the lines in a variety of ways, expressing opinions with which they do not agree, stirs up in them cravings for the punitive. They feel they must keep everyone in line, and like a pack of maniacal school marms, they threaten with the switch and the whip and rant about “accountability.” 

      Good grief. They could be indulging in this pastime by taking on groups with actual power, but they’ve set their sights on a wee little corner of the Internet, which they visit compulsively to collect material which is then converted into a type of pornography–material to get themselves hot and bothered enough to make threats and plans for enacting “consequences.” Far as I can tell, this is a collection of self-righteous abusive personalities gathering together to socialize, bother and harass others, and play in the only way they know how. 

    • I agree JM they are like Nazis. It seems cliche, I know, but that’s the only way to describe HLN, the Travis Taliban, and the hater sites that do nothing but create fascist bullshit out of thin air and present it as truth with nothing to substantiate it. On top of it, they are abusive, sexist, and have no concept of rational limits and boundaries.

      They are afraid of us because we speak the truth without censoring ourselves, and their attempts to censor us have failed. They can’t stand the idea of being in a situation that they cannot control. It befuddles them when victims don’t acquiesce to the abusers demands, hence the only reason they have ever bothered talking about this case.

      I like your pic of the survivor shirt, by the way!!!!

        • Ugh. Ugly men with ugly, twisted mouths and ugly voices. There is a story, which sounds made up, that Freier could’ve saved himself when a bomb hit the courthouse, but that he ran for his precious files before taking cover. I’d prefer to believe that he died while still clutching his vile, fascist files. But, I think it’s too perfect to be true.

          • Thanks, had never known that and looked it up. It is a most fitting end if true and the one I will remember regardless. I could easily see Martinez in the same situation still holding a walmart receipt.

      • Thanks, MB! Those people can’t make up their minds about me. One day I’m a raging “queen” and the next day I’m infatuated with Jodi. LOL

    • I have seen exactly the same thing on the Amanda Knox case.

      There are three websites ( one split into two after a big row! ) that spew hatred.

      People with opposing views are not allowed to post, with a bizarre exception of being allowed to post on Tuesdays only!

      Best thing is mostly to ignore them. It does not good.

      If you want to discuss in public, choose a neutral site with proper moderation.

      e.g. comments under national newspaper stories, groundreport.

      Be very calm and factual, don’t respond to hate.

  69. Hi All!
    Its been awhile… trying to get caught up to all the info. How’s everyone doing? The losers on the other side are still at it, eh? Can’t wait when the lid is flipped on them. As JM above said “Our day will come, and when it does, you bet they’ll be floundering around wondering what hit them”. R’mber NG when the CA trial results came out? Sorta like that, except with a BIGGER bang!

    On a lighter note, I was watching ‘Big Brother’ tonite, and wondered how well JA would have done on it. With her smarts, wit, and beauty, she’d have won all the games and the big prize. On the other hand, imagine TA prancing around the Big Brother house as Eddie Snell!! Would not have been so pretty, nor him trying to win one of those endurance races… She would have done well on ‘Survivor” or ‘Amazing Race’ too.

  70. Good morning all, another Monday……….I can hardly wait :-/ I heard this morning of a wild fire in AZ. 90miles or so NW of Phoenix 19 young fire fighters killed, when praying for Jodi say a few words for the families of these fire fighters.

    Ray in Harrisonburg VA.

  71. Hey there friends!
    It’s the first of the month! Happy July to everyone!
    Hope everyone had a great weekend!
    (((((((((Hugs to my cyber Jodi Supporting Family)))))))))

  72. Morning friends (Gawd I sound like NG (gag)) Just wanna wish a Happy Canada Day to any Canadians out there. Next comes Independence Day. We are SO lucky to live in North America!!!! (Even though the justice system often leaves a lot to be desired.)

    I am not a violent person and could never imagine killing another human being, but would I EVER love to get my hands on the slimebag who created Windows Registry Cleaner. Just spent an hour cleaning that shit off my system. Some people just have TOO much time on their hands. Why can’t they use their skills for good instead of eeeVIL!

    I have some minor road rage issues too!

    Anyway, have a great day!

    • ((Thank you!)) 146 years old does not seem like that old. I agree that we are both lucky to live in our respective countries and it is wonderful to have such a great neighbour

      • Your welcome Pan. We welcome all who wish to come here. Are you living in Canada now or Greece? I’m sure you told us somewhere along the way but I don’t remember, lol.

        Just got back from seeing “The Heat” with Sandra Bullock. Great movie with lots of laughs.

        • Born in Canada but living in Greece since I was 12.
          I love Sandra Bullock. She has such natural beauty, just like Jodi does!
          Thanks for the info about the movie. When it comes here I certainly will go and see it.

      • Oh, The Heat!–a touch too violent for my tastes, I must admit, but very funny nonetheless. I believe my teen-age daughter was the loudest laugher in the theatre; after seeing Bridesmaids, she can’t get enough of the wonderful Melissa McCarthy …

  73. Goodmorning friends !!!!! Just wanted to stop by and say hello, I havent been on, hubby is home or a few days : ))

    Have a good day everyone!

  74. We’ve got Canadians, Irish one’s and Sweeds, we’re one for all, we’re all for one, we’re all on Jodi’s side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good morning everyone! Hugs! I haven’t been posting much but I’ve been reading and keeping up. I just haven’t felt good but I think everyone knows that. This piece of bone is still working out of my mouth and still running fever. LOL, I just had to use the line from the movie, I’ve always loved it.

  75. Happy July! Get your birthday postcards in the mail, remember to have e postage metered NO STAMPS. Also I am not Jay Bass I just have the same first name, am a JAII supporter and many of you have made me feel welcome. I like it here.

  76. Happy July Team Jodi!!!!





    (((((((((((((((((((((((Team Jodi))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I insist that we all gather for Jodi’s birthday on Tuesday and have cheesecake and drinks! I have a picture of the cake!!!! You guys will LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is so much bullshit floating around the internet, in Facebook, on twitter, on many, many, many websites……it is truly amazing how almost instantaneously it flies. All over the United States there are moles and sneaky ass cowardly bastards reporting back to their waste management royal couple on each and every step certain members of Team Jodi take. I mean it is pathetic how assholes in Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, California and even Louisiana just to name a few….salivate for “new” information and “new” items to “expose” such as who’s befriending whom and where Team members post other than here.

    For the record, the only erotica I have a liking for is Madonna’s album….NOT bullshit fiction…at least Madonna uses her real name and stands up and says “Yeah this is me if you don’t like it kiss my ass” – she doesn’t hide behind made up personas and pseudonyms.

    • Hey, Hey, Hey (((((((((((hero)))))))))))))

      My weekend RULED. Stayed in a kickass swanky hotel, the concert was AMAZING, which I have wanted to go see FOREVER and would have driven a 1000 miles to see. Fell really damned hard on some spilled beer and have bruises on my bruises, but every damned one of them was worth it.

      I would LOVE to join you for some cheese cake on Jodi’s birthday. 😀

      We all need to send her a postcard, as well.

      ♥ TEAM JODI ♥

      • (((((((Renee’))))))) bruises on bruises are a requirement when attending a kick ass concert!!!LOL! I am so glad you had an amazing time. You deserve it girl!
        Yes, yes, cheesecake sounds just right!

        (((((((Sisters and brothers)))))

      • Good to be back, took a few days off. Took a little time to read Team Jodi’s posts. Great posts.

        Watched a little bit of GZ’s trial. I realized how far back in time AZ court system currently resides. Jodi got driven down the bias trail. The GZ judge rules her courtroom, unlike somebody we all have heard of. So far, both sides are very professional toward each other and witnesses.

        HLN still likes to slant things to bring in the $

        HLN, speaking of jvm, GMAB, “why would somebody shoot a kid with Skittles”….yes this is another a terrible ending. However, Aaron Hernandez, 23 year old big 6 foot one 245 pound pro football player for the Patriots , was shown in a video buying blue Bubblicious bubble gum before or after his supposedly crime.

        What a freaking spew. Hey HLN, we can think for ourselves!

    • Hey (((((((((sis ♥ ))))))))))))

      Thanks to my dear TR, I’ve already sent Jodi a B-day card,well a plain postcard that is but I wrote Happy Birthday and other wishes in a more elaborate way and drew little flowers all over it ( which still seemed like a 5-year-old’s sketch in the end but oh well…) so if anyone is planning on sending her a postcard this week, make sure you wish her Happy B-day, next Tuesday is sooner that we think and we do not know how long it usually takes for the mail to reach her.
      Other than that I think July 9th should be another Survivor Day and we should DEFINITELY celebrate, because Jodi is ALIVE to tell her story and to grow another year older.

  77. Have you noticed that the narrative amongst the TA camp has changed in recent weeks? For the longest time they tried to prop up “Travis Alexander The Great” as this saint that was brutally murdered for no reason by this evil, heartless wench named Jodi Arias. Now, the narrative has shifted and they are using this new party line: “We know Travis was no perfect, BUT…” They are acknowledging finally that Travis was, in fact, infallible and might have on occasion behaved less than perfect.


      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
      Edmund Burke

      “We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”
      Elie Wiesel

      “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation.
      We must always take sides.”
      Elie Wiesel

      “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”
      Elie Wiesel

    • It’s just a sudden flash of intelligence striking their brains like lightning.No doubt it will soon go away and they will be singing his praises any day now,so don’t hold your breath. Do not get overly excited. They re incapable of being different OR seeing the bigger picture!

    • I haven’t been watching the TA camp since I stopped watching HLN, but I believe you.

      I suspect they knew all along TA wasn’t the saint the media portrayed him to be, it just wasn’t convenient at the time for them to talk about it.

      Contrast that with our group, who has spoken the truth regardless if it was popular or convenient to our position. One of the many differences between us and them.

    • Brittany, I like that very much. I try to think and behave that way, too.

      However, when people assert that they think I’m STUPID because of my opinions, it kind of riles me a bit. I do so dislike the feeling of being unjustifiably judged. We can all have our own opinions about something, such as those of us who are supporters of Jodi disagree with her detractors. I say let them have their opinions! But when people who disagree with me call me stupid or mock me because of my thoughts and opinions, that’s when I cannot make nice anymore.

      Some people take a stand and, while doing so, become sadistic about it — looking for a soft spot to prove their sense of superiority to themselves and to their cronies. Woe to those who are faint of heart that fall into that kind of company. I have to take a stand against that kind of behavior because it’s just wrong for anyone to be bullied.

      • SD, you couldn’t have picked more appropriate words… they have become sadistic in their effort to control and bully. I see it on FB quite a lot these days.

        In fact, I think some of the biggest assholes are not assholes at all, but are people who feel strongly about what they feel, and the only way to express it is with asshole behavior.

        There are a couple people out there I am very interested in having a talk with………….on neutral ground. Not here, and not there. They and us may have a hell of a lot more in common than any of us think. But because of ONE TRIAL, WITH PEOPLE WE DONT EVEN KNOW, it has come to this. In my real life, I enjoy debate, I enjoy hearing the other side. We have all become so hateful and mistrustful that I question that is even possible. There are some certifiable loonies out there I would NEVER even attempt to debate….but there are others (hear me, LLM) that I would like to talk to. But they behave in such irrational ways that a person is really turned off even trying. Not to mention the trust issue.

        • I totally agree with you, Renee. I enjoy lively and stimulating conversation with people who don’t always agree with me as long as it’s civilized and conducted in a respectful manner. I also agree with you that if we all sat down in a neutral place, that we may be astounded to find the similarities we share in spite of our differences of opinion about this trial.

        • One other thing I forgot to say is that, for an example, my husband and I were of different political persuasions, and during election years had many lively debates about our favorite candidates, but at the end of the day we respected each other’s opinions and went to bed not feeling offended or belittled by each other. That’s the way discourse should be, IMO.

  78. A quick good morning to all my friends here in our cyber home.
    Wishing everyone a fantastic Tuesday.

    Sending my (((((hugs)))) and love to Jodi.
    TTY guys L. <3

    • Morning girlfriend!

      Love and Light to our ((((((Jodi)))))))))
      I hope somehow she feels our love for her (she does actually, she’s said so to people who have spoken to her) ♥

      • Hey gals… miss you both! Internship seems to take much of my day time, and evenings I spend offline if possible with the hubby. Hope you both are doing fabulous. ♥


  79. I’m working on a new case very brief case summary:

    The lead detective lied on oath.
    The medical examiner’s testimony was inconsistent with the autopsy report.
    Key evidence was withheld by the prosecution, resulting in long delays, while Jodi was locked up in an airless jail for nearly five years.
    An analysis of closing arguments shows that the only solid evidence against Jodi was that she did not return a kerosene can to Walmart.
    The defense were not given a fair chance to challenge this evidence, and offered no cross examination of the Walmart witness.
    The witness had worked at Walmart N. Main for only 5 months. Jodi returned the kerosene can to a Walmart N. Davis five years earlier.
    The trial was unfair – counsel, witnesses, supporters, journalists and even jurors all received death threats.
    One key defense witness was threatened with perjury charges if he testified – he did not testify.
    The threats continued even into the penalty phase, where a mitigation witness did not testify after she and her young daughter were threatened.
    The jury was not sequestered, and was proven to be contaminated by prejudicial coverage.
    The day before the jury delivered it’s verdict,the governor of Arizona declared Jodi to be guilty.
    A proper evaluation of the evidence shows Jodi Arias to be entirely innocent of any crime.

    This whole process was completely unjust.
    How can this process possibly be proper under the US constitution?

  80. I read that yesterday CNN posted George Zimmerman’s phone number and Social Security number. Whether you agree with Zimmerman or not, I think this is a major violation by a television news network. I haven’t watched much of the trial, but so far I think that the prosecution is blowing it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Zimmerman acquitted, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    If I was Jodi, after she gets released from jail or prison I would sue various media for libel and slander for the way they treated her throughout this trial. Team Travis loves to say how she’s never going to get a penny in the future if/when she writes a book or sells artwork. We’ll see about that. Because I hope that Jodi sues each and everyone of their asses for damages after she is free. And if I can be a part of her team to help her, I will do it. And I got news for them: we WILL win. We WILL collect damages. And when that time comes, we WILL put together a coalition that will expose the liars and haters and receive justice.

    • JM I saw that report about CNN broadcasting for the world to see GZ’s SS#. CNN has no shame they allowed their sister network HLN to run a modern day witch hunt against Jodi and they now are temporarily moving on to GZ. Vinnie P is yet again in the bag and JVM and Nancy are right there with them. Almost every media outlet yesterday had to admit that the Defense made mince meet out of the prosecution’s case and turned their witnesses into defense witnesses. Yet you turn on HLN and you think your living in another universe.

      Jodi was slandered left and right and continues to be slander meanwhile they portrayed Travis as someoen who walked on water and anyone who dared to challenge that was just some evil uncompassionate person.

      Also on a side night Jeffrey Toobin (who can be a major tool) he is CNN’s legal analyst he made a slight jab at Kermit last night. He was applauding defense attorney O’Mara’s cross and he said “see you CAN do an effective cross w/out YELLING AT WITNESS AND TOSSING PAPERS!


      • I am hoping that when the public notes the contrast of the way the Arias and Zimmerman trials were\ are held, that it will cause them to start to consider many factors in the Arias trial, like hln bias, overcharging etc.
        Currently, I am not up to date on the Zimmerman trial, but I am hoping that the public who believe in Zimmerman’s right to defend himself— and believe that it was self defense———I hope that will have a ‘spill over effect’ and cause people who were anti– Jodi to begin to reconsider their stance.

    • There is no excuse for CNN posting GZ’s personal information. However I don’t think he should walk. I think he is guilty of manslaughter. Had he not stalked Martin there would be no case. I think he was a wannabe cop. I had one like him in my old neighborhood and it didn’t take long before I knew he was dangerous. And my guy was a former cop!

    • I agree JM! One way or another, the media needs to be held accountable. George Zimmerman has a constitutional right to the presumption of innocence, same as Jodi was supposed to be entitled to that; and I am disgusted to hear of this.

      There is no reason in the WORLD for average people on the Internet to be held to a higher standard than multi-million dollar media outlets. None whatsoever.

      The only way CNN/HLN will change their tune is if they have to fork over a heft chunk of change.

      I never thought I’d say this, but they’ve become the liberal version of Faux Newz. Just as sexist, just as propogandized and stooping to the lowest of the low they can to target ordinary American citizens in their fucked up sense of justice.

  81. Good morning all, its Tuesday hope today is shorter than yesterday 14 hours….I’m getting WAY too old for this.

    Ray in H-burg VA.

  82. I was thinking about using this post for my blog, but you all will be the first ones to read it on here. It is called “Why Real Men Support Jodi”.

    Last Friday I received my “Survivor” t-shirt in the mail. Some people (not on here) mocked and ridiculed me for ordering it because they say it is a “woman’s t-shirt” and they made assumptions about my sexual orientation. This kind of behavior I could expect from kids in middle or high school, not grown men and women who many are parents themselves today. Yes, I bought a “Survivor” t-shirt. I bought it because I wanted to help raise awareness and money for domestic abuse survivors and I wanted to support and help Jodi Arias. A lot of people talk about doing the right thing, but very rarely do they act upon it. I don’t want to be one of those people. I may be a man of many words sometimes, but what separates me from many other people is that I follow up my words with action. And my support for Jodi Arias is motivated by my unconditional love and respect for women because I am a gentleman. The world is in need of more gentlemen these days because we appear to be a dying breed. Justin Timberlake sang a few years ago of bringing “sexy” back. I would like to bring “gentle” back as in gentleman. Or, to put it another way, I’d like to bring “real men” back.

    Real men walk their talk. They don’t go around telling people how to live their lives or refer to them as “Godless” or “soulless” and then behave in ways that could be considered Godless or soulless. Real men want to get inside of a woman’s heart and mind before they get inside of her pants. Real men don’t call women names like “slut” or “whore” and then keep going back to have sex with them. I’m sorry, who’s the slut and whore again? Real men are content with cuddling with a woman and don’t have to have sex every waking moment of the day. Real men aren’t afraid to say “I love you” to someone they supposedly care about, especially a girlfriend. Real men don’t hide their girlfriends from their family and friends. Real men are happy and proud to be with their woman and don’t care if anyone approves of their relationship or not. Real men don’t harass women whether face-to-face, behind their back or on the Internet. Real men don’t want to be playboys; they would rather be husbands and fathers. Real men don’t see women as disposable objects; they see them as flesh and blood people that are truly the other half of the sky. Real men get such a buzz from that first kiss and every subsequent kiss thereafter that making love is like icing on the cake. Real men don’t force women into sexual scenarios that they feel uncomfortable about or don’t want to do. Real men never lay a hand upon any woman except one of friendship, love and respect. Real men feel a certain responsibility to stand up for and defend women who are abused and protect them from anything or anyone that threatens them in any way, shape or form. Real men would rather find one woman to meet, fall in love with and marry instead of being with so many women in one year that they can’t remember their names or care less about what they do. Real men spend most of their time listening instead of talking to a woman. Real men don’t create websites designed to bully, harass and hurt people especially women who have survived domestic abuse. Real men aren’t afraid to express their opinion no matter how controversial and they don’t run or hide from having to face criticism or scrutiny. And, last but not least, real men support Jodi Arias because they see her as someone that could be their sister, their friend or their girlfriend and we are unashamed to say we love her as we would our sister, friend or girlfriend.

    I take great comfort and solace knowing that there is a higher force around me at all times that knows what kind of a person that I am. I don’t think it’s enough to preach from The Bible or The Book of Mormon. Anyone can read those books and memorize scripture to the point of being able to deliver sermons at a moment’s notice. But what good does it accomplish if the person that is preaching the sermons doesn’t believe what he is saying or lives his life juxtaposed to what he is preaching? Yes, I realize that we are all human and infallible. I understand that it is impossible for all of us be perfect. However, it is not impossible for all of us to simply be good or to do what is right. Good men don’t behave the way that Travis Alexander behaved. They don’t have fantasies about 12-year old girls having orgasms. The kind of men that fantasize about 12-year old girls having orgasms can be found in jail, prison or your local sex offender registry.

    We hear so much these days about the “bad boy” and how many women tend to go for the bad boy. Sadly, I think that Jodi Arias was one of those women who gravitated towards the bad boy. What happened was she gravitated towards a bad man. Without question, Travis Alexander had a wild streak that Jodi found attractive, but he also had a violent and abusive streak which she found unattractive as well. There is a misnomer that many people have and that is that good guys or gentlemen lack a wild streak or unpredictability. This is not true. Men like me can be wild, unpredictable and spontaneous. The difference is that we never hurt anybody. And we have a belief that says that no amount of pleasure derived on our behalf is ever worth any amount of someone else’s pain. Some people say that guys like us are “too good to be true”. I say that guys like Travis are “too true to be good”.

    • This post brought tears to my eyes, JM. I was married to a real man for 25 years. We were soulmates. We were parted too soon due to his being exposed to toxins during the Gulf War. The illness that ensued killed him ten years later.

      Despite the Army having taught how to kill, he was a gentleman in every sense of the word. There are still real men out there.

      It’s not easy for a man to be a real man in today’s culture. Real men are not supported nor encouraged. They are ridiculed. DH’s fellow troops called him a faggot and a monk because he remained faithful to me on long deployments.

      He was accused of being a “pussy” because he loved me enough to let me do my own thing, because he had no fears about my faithfulness when he deployed, even during our 7 years in Germany. You see, DH’s first sergeant advised to take my car keys and military ID to make sure I stood home while he was gone.

      Even the brass was hard on real men. It was a hard talk and a harder walk for DH, and it’s not gotten any easier for men to be gentlemen as the years have gone by.

      I know you are a gentlemen JM and I treasure you for it. There aren’t enough men like you to go around.

      ((((JM and all the other gentlemen out there))))

    • Very nice JM! I’m bringin’ gentle back! I have changed so much in past few months since my eyes were opened by Jodis brave reaction to TA’s attack. As a songwriter I have become more cautious at my approach to paint a picture with words; who and how they might affect a person that type of thing. I am even changing the band name which was created out of immaturity and a real lack of effort. It will be a lot of work as I have received a lot of backing from a good record label and they don’t understand why I would do this now. I cannot in good faith pursue and earn money with this current title. I am proud of my last record but am embarressed by some of the lyrical content now that I have learned so much about Jodis difficult life experiences. I will be starting a new record that will be positive which I hope will spread into my lifestyle. That is one change I will make through all of this. Thanks for letting me share!

    • Your sexual orientation should not even be questioned or mocked. Who cares? I don’t. I’ve talked to you one on one, and I don’t believe you are gay, but I would not care if you were. I am so sick of these close minded bigots and homophobes who think there is something wrong with you if you are gay. There is nothing wrong with being gay or straight just as there is nothing wrong with you being whatever race you are. What if these people had a child who was gay? Would they ridicule their own flesh and blood? I sure hope not. And I applaud you for purchasing the shirt as a way to support Jodi and domestic violence victims. Plus, the shirt will always remind you of this point in your life. I actually attached the note I got from mine in my journal as a reminder of the trial and this time of my life.

    • Beautiful post, thank you JM!

      I also believe in bringing gentle back. One of the reasons I like Jodi (and you!) so much, is because she is a gentle soul. It goes to the core of her being as a compassionate person.

      One of the biggest issues I have had with this case is the assumption that Travis was just doing “guy stuff” and Travistown kept saying he was fucking awesome for being the biggest, loudest, most aggressive asshole he could be. Puke!

      I agree with your assessment about Real Men(tm). Thank you for posting it!

      I see nothing wrong with dudes wearing women’s tee shirts. Women wear men’s shirts all the time, why can’t it work the other way around? There are men who wear high heels to walk to raise awareness of domestic violence, and you are like one of the many brave souls who do what you can to get people to *wake up* and take notice of what’s going on with this problem. Thank you!! <3

      I think it's fantastic that you are true to yourself and are secure enough in your manhood, that you do what you feel and not give a shit about the rest of the Internet. You are awesome!!


      • Thank you, MB and to all of you for your kind words! I should also point out that Travis made Jodi wear underwear with his name on it and I would NEVER do that to Jodi or any woman. I believe she also had a t-shirt that had Travis’s name on it. Geez, this guy had some nerve.

    • “Real men don’t create websites designed to bully, harass and hurt people especially women who have survived domestic abuse. Real men aren’t afraid to express their opinion no matter how controversial and they don’t run or hide from having to face criticism or scrutiny.”

      Indeed. And real people with legitimate concerns do not attach pictures to made up screen names while asserting they are NOT posting anonymously ( get real) nor do they threaten to out people using narrative based on lies, false accusations and innuendos. If they were truly concerned they would communicate effectively. When I read a post directed at me, by someone who claims to be a writer while at the same attacking me with blatant made up b.s. to the point I could only stomach reading the first paragraph and leave, the writer is demonstrating their shitty communication skills. A good writer would know how to word their statements so their target WANTS to continue reading.

  83. Very nice JM! I’m bringin’ gentle back! I have changed so much in past few months since my eyes were opened by Jodis brave reaction to TA’s attack. As a songwriter I have become more cautious at my approach to paint a picture with words; who and how they might affect a person that type of thing. I am even changing the band name which was created out of immaturity and a real lack of effort. It will be a lot of work as I have received a lot of backing from a good record label and they don’t understand why I would do this now. I cannot in good faith pursue and earn money with this current title. I am proud of my last record but am embarressed by some of the lyrical content now that I have learned so much about Jodis difficult life experiences. I will be starting a new record that will be positive. I have been trying to shed light as to why I have been drawn to everything going on here, at first it was an exact birthdate to the year along with & birthplace, that caught my attention on the computer screen but it goes further than that and as I realize I am learning how to be a better person and to stand up to bullying and how much it exists I think there is a lot more about to reveal itself Hopefully the court gets exposed before Jodi is completely consumed by its corruption. Thanks for letting me share, GO TEAM JODI!

  84. Wonderful post JM. Too bad we can’t clone you! I want to add something to your comments. Real men don’t raise a hand to women or children, COWARDS DO. The same coward who would NEVER raise a hand to another man because he knows he would get his ass kicked!

    Jodi and TA definitely had a different type of relationship. Far be it from me to judge their choices. But I truly believe that he was using her from the day they met, but even so, he knew how to reel Jodi in and keep her on the line.

    Now I am not referring to consensual kinky sex. I’m just saying that whatever adults do consensually is THEIR business. Maybe at first Jodi actually liked the bad boy image and naughtiness of TA’s sexual proclivities. Probably because he coupled it with very sweet gestures designed to make her fall in love. I just think those sweet gestures probably decreased over time and that would be very sad to Jodi, as it would with any one of us.

    Wasn’t it convenient how, even with the distance between them, all it took was a phone call and guilt trip and bingo, Jodi would be on the road to see TA. He really did have an unhealthy hold over her. Reminds me of a friend of mine who is involved in the D/S scene. She thinks she has found her one. Over time it’s become apparent that he is married. How convenient for him that they live in different cities. He finds ways to get rid of his wife, then snaps his fingers and she comes running. Puts everything, including work and family on hold for this “man” she loves. He is somewhat older than her, (obviously she has some Daddy issues but has never had therapy for this.) It’s absolutely pathetic to watch, but I just watch in silence because I can’t make choices for her. I will be here for her when he eventually kicks her to the curb (probably when she realizes that this is not enough and she wants more, but he will not be willing to give more). There are no winners in a situation like this. I especially feel for this jerks wife. She’s really the innocent one. My friend is successful in her career and should have more self respect than this. This is not a comment on their choice of lifestyle, it’s merely my distaste for the way my friend is being used. Many similarities between her and Jodi in my opinion.

    • I agree Bev, great post!

      I am not into BDSM either, in fact I scoffed several times when people accused Alyce LaViolette of being old fashioned because she called abuse for what it is – abuse – instead of trying to spin it or repaint it as “erotic humiliation” or sex games. So the logic HLN promoted was that if a woman was sexually open minded or adventurous in any way, that it was safe to assume that anything and everything her boyfriend or husband did to her was just part of some long running sex game. It promotes the stereotype that only pure, “good girls” can be victims of domestic violence whereas the “bad girls” somehow deserve to be treated badly.

      Like you, I know women who are into BDSM, and they are in fact victims of domestic violence. There is a huge difference between passionate spanking and having a laptop thrown at your head. But that’s not what the Traviban or HLN would say, they’d say no, she likes it because she was open minded and tried something a little out of the ordinary between the sheets. Therefore, the abuser can do whatever he likes now. Like how people assumed because Jodi had anal sex ONCE with an ex boyfriend, that must mean she consents every time thereafter.

      I am like you, I really don’t care what people do behind closed doors as long as everyone is adult, human and capable of consenting. In fact I think the haters are extremely repressed for making a huge deal out of Travis and Jodi’s sex life; when the problem was the psychological dynamic between them that was acted out during sex that was the problem. I could care less about oral and anal, unless it’s used as a way to establish dominance, which is what Travis seemed to do. The haters hear “oral” and “anal” and little else. I bet they’re reading my post and can’t understand a word of it because I happened to type the word “sex” and they can’t get past that. lol

      This trial was a great opportunity to talk about how some relationships are very unhealthy, like the one you described. I have seen it in both vanilla and BDSM people, where one person has a hold over another person and they lose all sense of their identity and autonomy. Even men can get attached to the proverbial “sexy bitch” and go running back to her the moment she crooks her finger to beckon. Like Alyce LaViolette says, it can happen to anyone, and I consider her far more progressive because she knows what healthy relationships actually are, unlike the majority of her detractors which are uneducated and full of themselves.

      Just on a side note: It amuses me to hear that haters have blathered about their sex lives on the Internet, for all to see, just to prove something about themselves. What a colossal yawn. Nobody gives a shit, and if they do, they need to get out more. Sex is only a BIG DEAL to repressed, inexperienced people who don’t know that they’re just discovering has been in fact done since forever. Sex can be an expression of many things, but when it’s done in an attempt to impress others or prove one’s fuckability, it becomes a joke and an unfunny one at that. I don’t measure a person’s value by how many people want to bone them, I measure that by what they can contribute to society. If all they can say is “Look at me! Look how sexualized I am!” then well they need to try again another time; because any rabbit can fuck and reproduce, it takes a grown, competent person to produce something of value to society.

      • “Sex can be an expression of many things, but when it’s done in an attempt to impress others or prove one’s fuckability, it becomes a joke and an unfunny one at that.” LMAO Or, when the discussion is intended to put down those who don’t understand the lifestyle using personal attacks instead of explaining. I have no problem with the lifestyle.

        Nevertheless, What I fail to see, is how travis and Jodi were into the BDSM lifestyle. I get the impression some view their relationship as such – yet, they never claimed the lifestyle, based on what we know. The BDSM folks I know, claim their lifestyle and discuss the consensual aspects. I have a friend who is a dom who actually trains subs for other doms. He said he didn’t view Jodi and travis a BDSM couple. Yes there was kink but i didn’t see the dom/sub dynamic.

        • I am not sure there was even kink. In most relationships, oral, vaginal and sometimes anal is the norm. But I DO think tying someone to a tree and ass fucking them is a little off the norm… and I view the oral sex on the porch and chucking a Toblerone at her face was just plain mean.

        • Well right, there was no safe word. How are we to make that leap, that Travis and Jodi were a BDSM couple without the most basic of safeguards to ensure everyone is consenting? Without consent it’s not BDSM, and you’re right Travis or Jodi never claimed to be in the lifestyle.

          So what was the point of it being brought up? To conflate abusive behavior with kinky sex to make it more acceptable? And if being a little adventurous in the bedroom is going to be misconstrued as a desire to be abused; then what is the point for women to try anything new if she’s going to be told “once consenting always consenting”? Like when Jodi had anal sex with an ex-boyfriend, the haters were all over that as though it gives Travis or any man to perform anal sex without the courtesy of asking permission. There’s no point if people are going to find any reason to downplay abusive behavior.

        • JC…Okay….’fuckability’ ???


          i seriously spit my drink out of my mouth. Bahahahaha

          I however believe she would do anything for him. She believed in him so much that she sacrificed her dignity. I wish she could have believed in her own beauty and stayed away from that punk!

      • MB,JC,Bev, everybody,
        I just want to run something past you. With the whole sex side and the mormons not suposed to have vaginal sex. Since, somehow it is the biggest sin in the world per TA. Does anyone think the anal sex with Jodi (females) was a connection to pedaphilia(hope I spelled it correct)? Just a question. Because I don’t remember a mormon Biship being a witness and on the stand saying vaginal sex is a huge sin before marriage but the mormon church makes exceptions for anal sex. And that anal sex is at times even suggested to couples before marriage if they can’t wait for the sexual act.

        I have to go out for a few hours. I will be back in about 6 hours. I hope that question makes sense.