Motion in Limine to Preclude Certain Testimony (from June 2011)

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Check out the document listed below.

It’s the “Motion in Limine to Preclude Certain Testimony” document filed June 27th 2011.

It was obviously Martinez’ initial attempt to stop any credible evidence of the verbal & physical abuse TA subjected Jodi to — (and TA’s pedophile-related antics) — to be relayed in court by Dr Richard Samuels.



“Defense experts should be precluded from testifying that defendant acted without premeditation, impulsively, fearfully or other similarly descriptive terms.”

“Defense experts should be precluded from testifying that the victim was “hypersexual”, had paraphilia, pedophilia or similar conditions or tendencies.”

And this from the Conclusion:

“Whether defendant acted with premeditation or in self-defense or was fearful when the crime occurred are not proper subjects of expert testimony and should be precluded.”


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

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      THIS JUDGEMENT PRECLUDES FURTHER ARGUMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    • Hey, Evenmore,
      i argree with u on that comment sometimes people just dont see the good in people they just need to make them see reason that jodi is innocent in this fight twe just keep or hope up no matter what even if its gets harder and harder ..

    • Here they are:

      1. Re; survivor T’s, we’re phasing out the white, redesigning lettering and raising prices b/c we were losing $ on s&h

      2. 100% of proceeds still going to support survivors of Domestic Violence.

  1. it looks like the defense will still argue self defense i wonder if the jury can dismiss the premeditation charge?

    • I really wish they could go back to the beginning of this travesty of justice, because her original explanation for what happened is the only one that makes any sense. She was so young, naive and trusting.
      Those who talked her into changing her story set her up! That includes her ‘appointed’ lawyers. They probably thought self-defense would be easier to prove, or that being psychologically afflicted would explain everything. Nothing but the absolute truth should have been used.
      Before the lawyers tried to figure out ‘what might work’, they should have focused hard and deeply on what Jodi said from the beginning.
      She accidentally shot T in the face but not fatally, two people came in. They told her to leave, that they would take care of T. She left. T was not dead. She was not there when he was killed in a masculine manner of murder. She was on her way to visit a friend. Someone called to tell her T was dead. She was not told how he died.
      Who, what, when, how should be the focus of a detective’s job. Inconsistencies of the roomers’ stories, odd time-line statements of ‘friends’, untimely suicides of friends, fraudulent enterprises of the whole bunch of them and I could go on, all these should have been throughly examined in order to pull everything together in a logical, truthful account of what happened.

    • I have a comment published under

      as follows:

      “Yet those concerns are minor compared to the net benefit of that coverage.”

      Perhaps, but how are the rights of defendants factored into this equation?

      The problem is that the commentary is of an abysmally low standard.
      The worst offender is HLN, creating prejudice on an unprecedented scale.

      In the Jodi Arias trial this resulted in witnesses being intimidated, contributing to the miscarriage of justice that occurred.

      On the plus side, the trial has exposed the appalling corruption and lack of integrity in the US justice system, specifically in Maricopa County, Arizona.

      I have documented this in great detail at

      • Right, so if they want to show a trail, video tape it, and then wait until it is over to show it. Keep it closed from the public while it is ongoing, and then they can televise the whole thing later.

        That reduces the sensationalization aspects, the tainting of jurors by the media, and people still get to see what went on, but after it’s all over.

    • It seems like a great time to look at the evidence! piece by piece!
      Actually, although the prosecution made a ‘big deal’ of the gas cans, they are really just a Red Herring in this case. They do not prove anything except that Jodi had full or partially full gas cans.
      So what? What the gas cans did was distract from the lack of physical evidence in the case.

      No gun was found.
      (The only proof we have of a gun is what Jodi said: she accidentally shot T in the face.)
      No knife was found.
      Hence, no fingerprints were found on either a gun or a knife.
      Supposition does not equal proof.
      No blood was found in the rental car.
      The State couldn’t do it.
      They used many distractions, such as:
      Her stealing Grandpa’s gun, no evidence she did that.
      Her slashing tires, no evidence she did that.
      Let’s take a look at the hall way between the bedroom and the bathroom. Looking at the picture of the hallway does anything look strange (like all the blood is on the edges of the hall)?
      Could it be that the bloody body was carried down the hallway by two people. perhaps in a sheet or a comforter?
      When placing the bloody body in the shower, could blood have spilt and a foot touched it?
      It was obvious a bloody mess.
      Could a bloody hand have touched the wall to keep one’s balance?
      There is no absolute indisputable evidence that the handprint was Jodi’s.
      There was ‘something’ about the handprint evidence being ‘consistent with both T and Jodi.
      But, Jodi was there and could easily have touched the wall with clean hands.
      Her DNA would have been there even if nothing had happened to T.
      Where was the defense’s forensic expert?

      • Maybe I’ve misunderstood you, but are you saying Jodi is lying about shooting TA out of self-defense, or that the jury should doubt that she shot him? Please, I don’t think this is the place to challenge Jodi’s credibility.

        If I have misunderstood you, I apologize, but with regard to the absent weapons, I don’t see what you’re getting at — on the stand, Jodi explained the circumstances that led to her needing to go for the gun.

        I’m seriously starting to wonder about the motives of people who seem to be indirectly suggesting that JA was not telling the truth on the stand. She took an oath and swore to tell the truth, and stated emphatically that she was telling the truth. When we start down the road of providing alternative scenarios that are in opposition to Jodi’s sworn testimony,(even if we have the best of intentions, to see Justice for Jodi ultimately) it is akin to saying she was lying in court.

        • Hi persephone, welcome aboard.

          I agree, I do not challenge Jodi’s credibility or the defense’s need to be fully forthcoming about her relationship with Travis so everyone got the full truth of what happened and why it happened.

          We do allow for alternative theories to be presented, though, as long as it’s presented that they are just theories. Most folks are pretty good with that.

          I don’t believe the defense team would have hired the best of the best of the best to pore through Jodi’s journals and the electronic exchanges between Jodi and Travis if there wasn’t abuse involved. Is it possible that a third party was involved? Yes, but I prefer to focus on what’s been said in court. I do love a good conspiracy theory every now and then though. lol

        • peresphone,
          Jodi testified to recalling nothing after the gunshot – between the gunshot and finding herself in the desert hoisting the gun…I believe it is only natural for many to want to fill in that gap by adapting the facts that are in evidence and what may seem to logically fit with that evidence. To say that one believes, with the evidence that was presented, that it is plausible that another person or other people could/must have been involved, does not imply that Jodi was lying on the stand. According to Dr. Samuels’ testimony, Jodi’s mind, during the fight or flight response, did not even CREATE memories for her to recall at some point. Our human nature wants the entire story but that is something that will never be…unless there IS someone else who was present during that time and is able to reveal the part of the event that Jodi does not, and will never remember on her own.

          Personally, I find it quite interesting to hear other people share with us what they feel may plausibly have occurred between the gunshot and the tossing of the gun in the desert.

          • That’s true too, Dorothy, I think we talked about how even if there were a third party, Jodi might not even remember them.

            I’m ok with the not knowing, though. I agree, though, human nature is curious and wants to know what’s more. Sometimes there is no more, but our minds abhor a vacuum.

            • Hi MB,
              There is something in me that feels there is (or WAS?) someone out there who could fill in those blanks. I honestly believe Jodi can never recall that part of that day even though I truly want her to tell it all…it’s like pages, important pages, missing from a book. I don’t mean to imply that such a serious, horrific, event is nothing but a page-turner novel to me. There is SO much more to this case than what is missing from that day. When I really think of it, I believe that it is a blessing to Jodi’s present emotional existence that she is unable to recall the more gruesome parts of that day. With everything she had to endure, the fear, running for her life, defending herself, well that’s more than most people have had to live through…that is certainly more than I could bear. I have had nightmares of being chased by something evil that was close on my heels and have awoken still shaken by fear…and those were only nightmares, not reality. My heart bleeds for Jodi and at the same time I admire her because she is still holding her head high.

              I will continue to hope for a miracle, for true justice, for Jodi’s freedom. I watched every minute of this trial and still cannot understand how the jury reached their verdict. They mustn’t have been paying attention to the defense at all.

              • “They mustn’t have been paying attention to the defense at all”

                That’s correct.

                This is called prejudice, tunnel vision, confirmation bias.

                A lot of people suffer from it. More concretely:

                Why might a jury find Jodi guilty anyway

                (1) The Walmart gas can return : this looks quite convincing at first sight. It seems to show Jodi lied about the gas cans. But see Walmart Return.

                (2) The defense case is hard to understand – the memory loss from acute stress, Jodi running round in circles, etc. Unbelievable! See Defence narrative

                (3) The lies Jodi told in 2008 – that’s quite hard to understand – most people think if someone is lying, they must be guilty.

                (4) It’s perhaps hard to understand that Jodi, despite lying, was suicidal.

                (5) The theft of a gun from her grandparents house. The problem here is that the bullet found doesn’t seem to be hollow point.

                (6) Various other “suspicious” things, possible inconsistencies, etc. ( Discounted Evidence )

                (7) Pure prejudice. Some jurors decided early on Jodi was guilty, and didn’t consider anything else.

                (8) Pressure from outside the courtroom.


  2. Re the In Limine motion, I would say Martinez is probably correct.

    The trouble with lawyers is that they are often quite good at detail like this ( he may have used a fairly standard boiler-plate I guess ), but usually they are quite hopeless at seeing the bigger picture.

    I mean Martinez trying to comprehend domestic violence is like expecting a young child to comprehend the proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem ( chosen as an example of something I have never fully comprehended ).

    • BTW, what did Martinez use to do before putting innocent people on death row?

      Was it prosecuting drunk drivers, or something like that?

      I would say that is an appropriate role for him ( he did catch one of the jurors, with a tip-off, didn’t he! )

      • It’s just some kind of “ground rules” ( literally “at the start” ).

        Generally a witness cannot for example just say “She is guilty” or “She is not guilty”.

        The same applies for other final matters in issue.

        So a witness cannot directly say “It was premeditated” or “It was not premeditated”.

        All part of the legal stuff. But if the jury isn’t listening, what difference does it make anyway?

  3. Preclude this… preclude that…and all that is left is overruling all defence objections!
    Yup, ’twas a fair trial indeed! NOT!
    kermit bashing and attacking Jodi and all defence witnesses was fine though, huh? NOT!
    pickles allowing that and all the circus acts to happen in her courtroom was fine, huh? NOT!
    This trial was outrageous, at the least.

    TGIF! Hello my Jodi cyber family! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend planned!
    (((((((((Jodi and cyber family))))))))

  4. Jesus why not just clamp a Scold’s Bridle on Jodi and be done with it! Sometimes I feel like we’ve all been zapped back to the 1600’s! What’s alarming is that Judge incompetent is very likely to allow everything this imbecile asks for!

    • It really is the same. Technology changes but animal nature doesn’t.

      Although normal females as individuals never kill without reason, sometimes they will gang up on a weak member who is more attractive than they are.

      The same as bullying in the school playground.

      • My mind just can’t comprehend so many people having such an aversion to what they believe Jodi did, and then coming up with such heinous punishments for her. I think my head’s about to explode!

        Yes the scolds bridle would work perfectly for their objectives. I first heard of it when I discovered Minette Walters, a brilliant English writer. I was working as a librarian at the time and I read everything I could get my hands on that she wrote.

    • good god.

      I thought I was pretty well read, but I had no idea there was ever such a thing as a scold’s bridle.

      It’s amazing how creative people are with devising ways to torture those they deem weaker or less than they. the rack, gas chambers…..

      And yes, now people are doing it cyberly.

  5. (((((OUR SITE JODI’S SITE)))))

    The Prosecution witnesses should be precluded from lying on the witness stand.

      • ” The reason why there is no information that has come in that Ms. Arias was the one who slashed Mr. Alexander’s tires is because there is no evidence of that, and even the state agreed to that, including Detective Flores.”

        REALLY Martinez??? But yet, somehow, you got to mention the tire slashing didnt you?So you would have a story to base your stalker story,RIGHT? Shame on him,I hope he’s haunted by his conscience at nights(IF he has one)

        You cant imagine how much I HATE that midget!! Physically nauseous every time I see his effing face.

      • I was actually referring to this:

        “Detective Flores. That’s why it doesn’t come in. That’s why it wouldn’t be appropriate as a 404B issue to come in. When she, when she’s talking about the big picture, she’s trying to answer his question because he’s trying to paint her into an answer that isn’t true. She can’t answer it yes or no and that’s what she continues to say.”


        Flores is arguing for Alyce here!
        We should link the sidebar in to the context in which it occurred ( in Alyce’s testimony )

  6. I wish it were possible to go back to the beginning of this travesty.
    The only logical account of the events is Jodi’s original story.
    Jodi accidently shot T in the face, which was not life threatening.
    T screamed at her and body slammed her.
    His yelling, and surely her screaming alerted the roomer and his girlfriend.
    The Roomer and girlfriend entered the room, told Jodi to leave, and that they would take care of T.
    Jodi left and drove towards her friend’s home.
    T was not dead when she left.
    Someone called her and told her T was dead.
    She was not there when he was killed.
    That is her story and she should have stuck with it.
    It makes perfect sense.
    Is it really too late for the truth?

  7. Dear Team Jodi and & all of my JAII peeps:

    I wanted to respond to your posts here because I wasn’t sure if you would get this message on the other page. First, I want to thank all of you who responded and for being so honest about how you feel. Second, not only is this the #1 Jodi Arias support page on the Internet, it is the BEST website. I also want to thank SJ for creating this website and providing us with an outlet to support Jodi and her family.

    I would like to clarify something that I said earlier about criticism of Travis Alexander. I agree with what Maria said 100% and I did not mean to infer that we should never bring him up. What I was trying to say was that *I* would rather focus on Jodi henceforth and not focus on Travis, his family or anyone else. Does that make sense?

    I think that we have a great group of people here supporting Jodi Arias. And I want to reiterate that I am proud to be associated with you all. ((((Team Jodi))))

  8. So, I know I came to this site pretty late into the game & that I don’t post here often, but I truly am devoted to this cause. Unfortunately, the prosecution has made it all but impossible for any significant evidence that would indicate abuse to be admitted into court & I’m afraid they can get away with it. I sincerely feel that at this point the best possible things that can be done is to file an appeal. I know Jodi doesn’t want to do this, but I hope she understands that it is her best possible chance at having a fair trial as well as receiving both a just conviction & just sentence. The obvious reality of an abusive relationship is that abusers hide the abuse so they can continue it, & victims help hide the abuse due to fear &/or a false sense of loyalty. The fact that there is no clear evidence of abuse does not discount the possiblity of such. On the contrary, it showed that the abuse was well hidden & not recognized for what it was soon enough by Miss Arias. A prior abuse victim who can testify to their experiences of their abusers bidding the abuse or themselves bidding the abuse could have helped a jury to understand how abuse could be possible without there being evidence to prove it. It may have also helped the jury to sympathize with Jodi & truly see her as that person fighting for her life. I thought the incident in the car with their friends really hit home, but I guess it didn’t. That’s exactly the cowardly shit abusers do. They don’t want you to be able to prove it, they might be forced to stop. I’ve SCREAMED at the top of my lungs that there are different forms of abuse & shown how Travis was obviously abusing Jodi in these ways, special abuse being by far the most obvious & significant. If I could post the pictures here of the diagrams I would be ECSTATIC, because you can clearly see how trapped she was in this web of abuse & how easily it might have been for her to not even realize it until it was too late. I came to this site very late because I spent my time watching the trial, screaming obscene shit to the members of HLN because I couldn’t tune them out without missing something, & making my own decisions about what I believed, doing my best to remain unbiased & not let people TELL ME what to think. I still came to the conclusion I still truly believe in: Jodi is not a murderer, she either did not do this or she did this in self defense. From the outset I truly believe there was a possibility that this had something to do with blood atonement & some other people who did some very shady things before & right after Travis’ death, but I also have a ton of evidence which leads me to believe that this was self defense. So, in a nutshell, I have reasonable doubt, a lot of it, & I still don’t understand why not even one juror felt that way. I think media presure had a lot to do with it. People didn’t want to be blamed the way the jurors were in the Casey Anthony case & even without watching the media the jurors knew that society & the public had expectations of them: kill her, like they should have Casey Anthony. That was the general ethos. The motions for mistrial weren’t granted even though they should have been, & I truly feel that even though Jodi doesn’t want to go through this again, she deserves a fair trial & she owes it to herself after all she’s been through & put up with from this terrible system to make sure she gets one. What does she have to loose at this point? The worst has already happened. I know Jodi (and I’m saying this TO Jodi) that it seems easier to just let the river take you, but remember salmon, always. It sounds stupid, but they always keep swimming upstream. The water carries them back down & they never make it past the rough waves, but they never stop trying & they never stop fighting. Nature doesn’t intend for us to lay back & take the blows as they come, love, life expects us to take control & roll with the punches. You are strong. Fight for everyone who isn’t strong enough to fight, fight for a cause. Make up for what you have done even though you have no reason to feel that guilt you feel. Soldiers take lives because of loyalty & duty, you took a life because of a duty to protect your own. Your sadness is understandable & so is your guilt, just as is that of the soldier, but you cannot punish yourself, God chooses our punishment, not us, you can only make it right with yourself & your own soul. As for the hair posts, I was not being sarcastic or anything & I was not being a silly. Jodi has beautiful hair, long or not, & she has to stand tall, refuse to let the media make her humble herself into being a meek mouse. I mean, geez, that nasty place has probably given every prisoner trench foot & she can’t have an anit-itch cream? I say, stick it to ’em & walk into court with cute hair that doesn’t require things she isn’t allowed to have. Not only that, but if I was stuck in a place like that with little to do, you best believe I would be making some use of my time. She obviously can’t have a pen in her cell, I doubt she has many books… If she likes magazines & is doing things with her hair, it might be cute to get some cute styles that she doesn’t need anything for on a postcard now and then. My number one concern right now is making her smile & making her life in there more tolerable until we can get her out of there. It’s her temporary home, the least we can do is make it more comfortable. (((((((((Our Site))))))))) Thanks for reading my ramble.

    • OMG… “Special abuse”? ROTFLMBO!! OOOPS!! Text prediction. *sigh* That should have been “sexual abuse”, don’t laugh at me friends, I’m sure it’ll be a real giggle for the haters as it is. 😉

      • Oh, SJ, is there any possible way to add some kind of data dump to the site so people who do not have emails for moderators or access to other areas of the site can send pictures or other kinds of files for you guys to look at?

          • I would have pulled up this diagram & started checking things off of the list the way Kermit did when Miss “Know-It-All” was on the stand.

            • Oh you mean fill in the bubbles? lol! I had totally forgotten about that. 🙂

              Yes exactly, if we’re filling in bubbles there’s a LOT to be filled in with his behavior too.

                • LL,
                  I loved reading your ”ramble” as you called it 🙂 You are such a sweetheart and your post was so moving.I can tell how much Jodi means to you.

                  Unfortunately,Jodi can’t file for an appeal right now unless this trial ends; which itt hasnt since we dont haave a sentence yet.So the only thing we can do is wait…
                  As for the things she has in her cell,yes you’re right;she cant have a pen that’s why she writes her postcards in pencil.However,I can guarantee you she has a lot of books (after all she’s allowed to have only 3 books at a time) and there are people who have subscribed her to newspapers and magazines.Which is great because with her wits and high IQ,reading sounds like the ideal alternative for the time being,meaning her being in a lockdown 🙁

          • [???] Minimizing, Denying and Blaming

            Making light of the abuse
            Not taking partner’s concerns seriously
            Denying that the abuse occurred
            Saying that the partner caused the abuse
            Blaming an outside event or situation for the abuse (loss of employment, drugs or alcohol, an argument, etc).


            ✓Making the partner afraid by using looks, actions or gestures [Just look at some of the photos they took together.]
            Smashing things
            Destroying property and personal belongings
            Abusing, maiming or hurting a family pet
            Threatening to hurt extended family/friends
            Displaying weapons
            Hiding or destroying important papers (passports, ID cards, health care cards, etc.)
            ✓Threatening the other person [???]
            Driving recklessly

            ✓Emotional Abuse [This one is very obvious.]

            ✓Playing mind games and sending mixed signals [Obvious.]
            ✓Making partner feel guilty or responsible for abuse [Obvious.]
            Encouraging children to belittle their parent
            ✓Lying to or cheating on partner [Sure did, & not just Jodi either.]
            ✓Claiming jealousy [Yes.]
            ✓Ignoring feelings, jokes, insults, name calling and labeling [All the time.]
            ✓Withholding approval as punishment
            ✓Put-downs of roles or abilities, such as that of a parent or education level [Likely, ???]
            ✓Private humiliation [Yes’ir.]
            Degrading or controlling choices (clothing, food etc.)
            ✓Demanding of all attention [Of course, look at his story telling video & constant antics, center of attention.]
            Resentful of children or threats against or to take children
            Threats against the marriage
            Threats of ‘outing’ a partner
            ✓Lack of cause and effect between actions and consequences [Most definitely.]
            Claiming to forget abusive incidents, minimizing or denying they occurred
            ✓Questions partner’s sense of reality and causes partner to question sense of reality [Oh yeah!]
            ✓Veiled threats [Si!]
            ✓Claiming partner is hysterical, paranoid, psychotic, mentally ill, suicidal and/or homicidal [“…psycho…”]
            Threatening deportation
            ✓Degrading of culture, religion, nationality, profession, gender, and/or sexual orientation [Likely, ???]


            ✓Controlling or limiting of outside activities partner is involved in [Yeah]
            ✓Eliminating support system [Yeah]
            ✓Limiting who partner sees and talks to [Um Hmm]
            Tracking or monitoring activities and/or whereabouts
            Using jealousy to justify the isolation
            Not allowing partner to drive or have access to a vehicle
            Not allowing partner to learn English
            ✓Isolating partner from friends and family
            ✓Moving away from friends and family [Fact]
            Not allowing partner to have contact with people who speak the same language
            Threatening friends or family members so that they may be reluctant to have contact with partner

            Using Children

            Making partner feel guilty about the children
            Practicing child abuse or incest
            Criticizing partner’s parenting skills
            Refusing to pay child support
            Using children to relay messages
            Using visitation to harass partner
            Threatening to take the children away
            Threatening to move out of the country with the children
            Threatening to call CPS or INS
            Threatening to harm the children
            Teaching the children to disrespect their parent
            Constantly undermining partner’s authority with the children
            Not taking proper care of the children during visitation

            ✓Using Male Privilege

            ✓Treating partner like a servant [Maid]
            Making all of the decisions for the family
            ✓Being the one to define both men’s and women’s roles [ahem]
            ✓Expecting to be treated with a level of respect that the abuser does not return [ahem]
            ✓Quoting sources such as the Bible to justify actions [AHEM!!]
            ✓Uses gender “myths” and “roles” (society reinforces these) [………]

            ✓Economic Abuse

            ✓Makes partner economically dependent [Housekeeping job.]
            Preventing one from getting or keeping a job
            Making partner ask for money
            Taking all of the money
            Giving partner an allowance
            Making partner account for every penny spent
            Not letting partner have access to the family income
            ✓Acquiring great amounts of debt [Owed Jodi money]
            Refusing to pay child support
            Not allowing partner to complete job training classes
            Denying ability to work or getting partner fired
            Forcing partner to do illegal work

            ✓Coercion and Threats

            ✓Threatening to kill [YUP]
            ✓Making and/or carrying out threats to hurt partner [Yup]
            ✓Threatening to leave [???]
            Threatening to commit suicide
            Threatening to take the children
            Making partner do illegal things
            Threatening to report partner to the INS
            Promising that the abuse will never happen again
            Threatening to family and employer

            ✓Sexual Abuse

            Forcing sexual activity, rape, forced sex, sex against your will
            Refusing to wear a condom
            ✓Sexual jokes or demeaning remarks toward your sex [Yes, often]
            ✓Name calling, sexual labels [Yes, often]
            Criticizing, demeaning and/or questioning sexuality
            ✓Demanding monogamy, while insisting on freedom for self [DUH!!]
            ✓Humiliation [Of course!!]
            Unwanted/forced touching
            ✓Justification of unwanted sexual acts [Yes]
            ✓Labeling sexual abuse as consensual behavior [Yes]
            Forced to look at and/or engage in pornography
            Demanding sex with threats
            Withholding sexual attention and ignoring sexual needs
            Forcing prostitution
            Making partner feel guilty for not wanting to have sex
            ✓Normalizing abuse, which can be especially confusing if it is the victim’s first sexual relationship [Yes]

            ✓Using Physical Violence

            Throwing household items as weapons or otherwise
            ✓Grabbing, pushing, shoving, shaking, jerking, slapping, biting, pinching, hitting, bruising, punching and/or kicking [Yes!!]
            Pulling hair
            Throwing or restraining [Yes!!]]
            Restraining while hitting or punching
            Physical abuse during pregnancy
            Deprivation (food, sleep, medical needs, etc.)
            Strangulation or hands around your neck
            Lacerations or cutting
            ✓Broken bones, internal injury [Finger]
            Threats or use of conventional weapons, such as guns or knives
            ✓Disabling, disfiguring permanent injury [Finger]
            ✓Shows of strength [Often]

            • And there it is people, the cold hard truth. Imagine if I crossed out everything that doesn’t apply… Fact: Travis Alexander WAS abusive toward Jodi. It’s undeniable.

              • No doubt about it. And, like Maria said earlier, it isn’t disrespectful of the dead to be honest and critical about them. I wish that Travis hadn’t died, but I can’t change history any more than you can. Not only was he verbally abusive towards her, but physically as well. That IS undeniable. And I know that not everyone likes to hear that, but that is the truth. I think that Jodi Arias’s biggest mistake was staying with Travis Alexander as long as she did. She deserved better. But, sadly, she is not alone as there are many women and men who have been in similar abusive situations as she was.

                Nobody is saying that Jodi is perfect, but how can anyone justify Travis’s behavior? How can anyone make excuses for him by saying that, well, yes, he acted like a jerk, but Jodi should not have kept coming back to him? Yes, Jodi could have walked away and, in hindsight, should have walked away, but that is very easy for someone to say when they haven’t been in an abusive situation. It’s not that easy. I certainly can understand why people think this way, but unless you’ve been in that situation you don’t know what you’re talking about. Jodi deserved better than Travis Alexander. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. He used her and abused her until she finally had enough and she stood her ground. I’m sorry that it resulted in Travis dying, but I DO NOT believe that Jodi pre-meditated his killing nor do I believe that she killed him with malice. Just my .02

                • Jeff, also remember that she DID try to get away! She moved 800 miles away and was pursuing a potential romantic interest with Ryan Burns just prior to Travis attacked her. He attacked her during the most dangerous time for abuse victims – when she was leaving and getting back to her old self.

                  The evidence is so overwhelming and clear, it’s mind boggling to try to fathom why people refuse to see the situation for what it is. Yes, I agree that it was in Jodi’s best interests to try to leave earlier but then the fact that she didn’t speaks to the reality of the abuse she was living with. She was unable to make decisions in her own best interest, even after moving 800 miles away; Travis still refused to let her go.

                  I do not relish in Travis’ death, but I also think he kept pushing Jodi’s limits and shit happened. He attacked, and she defended herself. She has a right to defend herself, yes even if she’s under someone else’s roof. There is no excuse for the state of AZ to imply in not so many words that Travis had a right to attack her in his own home. That’s just disgusting.

                  Also – this isn’t just about Jodi’s choices either. Travis had MANY choices too. He could have let her go when she left. He could have stopped having sex with her. He could have stopped sending her abusive text messages and emails. He could have apologized to her for the way he treated her. And the most important issue of all – he was the dominant one in the relationship so he had more agency to make those choices between them.

                  It’s interesting that people keep saying that Jodi should be held accountable when she has shown MORE accountability in this entire trial than anyone. Plus they are unwilling to hold Travis accountable for his behavior, or choices he made that could have been better or resulted in a different outcome. Putting it all on Jodi is society’s way of blaming the victim and giving a pass to the abuser.

                • Exactly, & it’s especially difficult when the person has a false sense of loyalty. A good book is “Adult Children of Alcoholics”. It was originally intended for ACOA, but it applies to any form of dysfuctionl atmosphere in which a child grows up: drug abuae , gambling, over eating, domestic violence, child abuse, etc. Children in these homes learn a false sense of loyalty very early. They learn to cover up for the parent who is abusing drugs, beating them, what ever the case may be. They make excuses for them… They see the other parent do this or the parents do this for each other & learn to consider it normal. Jodi’s parents were abusive by definition & the atmosphere was at least slightly dysfunctional. She also never told anyone about what her parents were doing, etc., so we know from her childhood experiences that she had that kind of loyalty, the kind that the other person does not deserve. This aspect would make it even more difficult for her to leave an abuser.

                • I hope my last two comments aren’t seen as offensive, I am only basing them on Jodi’s testimony is court. I mean no disrespect toward her parents or family.

            • Wow when you see it all listed like that it makes it crystal clear. Funny how some of us have been able to come to the same conclusion that Jodi was abused, while for others, it’s right over their heads.

            • LL,
              Thank you for that excellent visual and for posting it here for us! Great job!It surely hits home even more ,seeing everything written down and checked.

              I cant stress this point enough: abuse is abuse! Who’s to say there should be a pair of scales to weigh the seriousness or not of a person abusing another one?
              If it ‘s emotional and not physical,does it not count? If is psychological but mild and not to the point of ‘character assassination’ does it not count? Does it only have to be physical?And if that’s the case, if it is not documented does it not count?
              I guess witnessing what we have witnessed during the past 7 months unless you’re severely beaten up and have enough photos to put into your personal ‘archive’ you dont stand a chance of EVER being believed by the the police or society. Which is absolutely disgusting,immoral and wrong. Abusers are as dangerous as criminals,Domestic Violence results in deaths. But what HLN and the haters suggest is that we turn a blind eye. Guess what? We ain’t!!

              • Mnaaaw!! *happy tear* Thank you, Maria, for your kind words!! ((((Hugs Maria, Admins & Our Site). <3 🙂 I had to take a lesson from Martinez on this one & create a visual checklist for people to see. It's much harder to deny when you see it all laid out like this & a lot of these criteria can be proven & are not simply based on Jodi's testimony. You also brought up a very good point Maria, because people experience abuse differently & it affects them in different ways. Just because someone isn't pounding in your face doesn't mean you aren't being abused. Even verbal abuse alone can seriously affect a person in a severely detrimental way. I see billboards all over about child abuse & how the scars of verbal abuse never go away… Moreover, my ex used to PUNCH me in between my legs for "trying to give that to someone else", which was untrue anyway. He may not have hit me in the face, but is what he did to me not just as bad if not worse???? These people do TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE things & they don't deserve to get away with it simply because they HIDE IT so well. How is that justified???? AT ALL????

                • Also, I don’t think people realize that the fact that so many people do not recognize this as abuse substantiated the claim that Jodi didn’t recognize it for what it was either. Sure, she may have known & considered it to be a bad relationship, but she probably thought to herself, “He’s never punched me in the face, or beaten me up really badly… It must not be abuse,” & that makes me sad.

    • Wow, LL thanks for posting and sharing the links!

      Good for you for standing up for your right to make up your own mind! <3

  9. I didn’t read it all of this but the gist I get is, ‘we must bury the truth so as not to besmirch the pristine, although false, reputation of TA in order to get a death penalty conviction rendered against his victim.’ So I’d say, all in all, the plan almost worked. That’s the key word…almost. Which is why Juan was pouting when the jury locked on the penalty. More time for the truth to come out and that’s the last thing he wants. He’d rather see a beautiful, intelligent, vulnerable, abused and manipulated young woman be put to death than to see his pack of lies exposed.

    • Well right, Gwen, a woman’s word is now worth nothing. If there’s not a video tape of the abuse or rape, photographs or audio; then we cannot speak up without being accused of lying. Even then, as we saw with the Steubenville case, they STILL try to make it look like we asked for it or deserved it.

      It’s such bullshit, it really is.

          • I don’t either but anger makes us say bad things. Maybe if he had a daughter who had been treated in such a manner he wouldn’t be salivating at the mouth at the thought of Jodi’s death.

            • I totally agree! Yes, IF he had a daughter, IF he had any female in his life that cares one iota about; maybe then he would reconsider how the consequences of his actions affect all victims.

              The fact that I know that yes he does have women in his life, and he still acts like this; makes me believe he’s incapable of caring about anyone but his own ego.

              I know you didn’t mean it Gwen, no worries. 🙂

  10. According to you know who, Jodi’s tweeting is going to taint future jurors and condemn her to the death penalty. No wonder I stopped watching you know who.

    • Except that Jodi’s not tweeting. It’s friends of hers tweeting on her behalf. It would be like having a Twitter profile called “We Support Jodi” and Jodi’s friends tweeting back what she told them. So what? They can’t stop Jodi from talking…or can they?

      • Jodi’s tweeting is gonna taint the Jury? ROFLMAO!! Thanks to anyone who said that (HLN probably) That really made my day,I couldnt help laughing. I know I should be crying but it goes to show the kind of sociopaths they all are. It must be by far the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard throughout this trial!
        7 months of non-stop BS reporting,lies,stretching and twisting the truth and Jodi tweeting about what book she last read is gonna taint the Jury. Ok….Whatever…

    • According to HLN who did EVERYTHING THEY COULD to taint the jurors and congratulate them and pat them on the back for trying to put a battered woman to death?

      As if they have any room to talk.

      • If HeLLN expects anyone to believe there is a potential juror in the US who hasn’t been tainted I could get rich selling oceanfront property in the Mohave desert! Maybe some remote tribe in the jungles of Africa are untainted but if Nance and her posse could get to them they would. That sick bunch isn’t happy unless they are stirring hate and pitting human beings against each other. I sentence the whole network to death.

        • What I don’t understand, Gwen, is why they keep picking on people who are innocent of the charges against them.

          They devoted SEVEN MONTHS to defaming Jodi, accusing her of things with NO evidence, and then patting each other on the back for acting like atrocious bullies. And it’s so easy for them isn’t it? There they are in air conditioned offices picking on a battered woman who is indigent and been in jail for five years. How BRAVE they must feel, being able to hide behind their cameras and digital lynch mob while satisfying their arousal to see a woman murdered. And they call HER a sociopath? Despicable!

          • You should watch the netflix series Orange is the New Black. It is a very good prison comedy/drama that shows how badly insecure men who are in authority roles over trapped helpless women can behave. I guess it’s the ‘too much power/too little dick’ syndrome. No doubt Kermi suffers from this affliction.

            • This reminds me, I was thinking of doing a post about my gravatar.

              It’s Thor’s hammer, and it comes from the movie made after the comic. I never read the comic but I like the movie. The plot goes that Thor was granted the hammer to defend Valhalla, but after using it to be an aggressor; his powers as a god are taken back by Odin and he is banished to earth to learn the wisdom of how to wield it again. He meets and falls in love with a mortal woman and their relationship is based on respect, helping each other and problem solving (saving the world, et al). Their relationship is not based on one person lording power over the other, nor does the lead female sit around looking pretty. She plays an active role and is smart and capable. The movie is also funny because after abusing his power, Thor comes off looking like a delusional crazy person, not unlike Kermit. 🙂

              I could go on and on, but the movie has a great message – plus Thor’s hammer makes for a good visual when I have to whack a mole. There’s probably a few people out there who assume I’m Asatruar; but no, I’m just a boring Agnostic that likes pg-13 action movies. lol

            • You have to remember that for JM it’s a job. He has to prosecute lots of cases, and most of the time he will do a good job. But on this case he simply was/is not qualified. He just doesn’t understand the issues in the case. He thinks he proved something when he didn’t.

              It was a difficult case, that’s true. But when you have a difficult problem, you need an expert not an unqualified idiot. That’s the problem in Maricopa County, and get many cases wrong. They just won’t listen to people who know better.

              • He reminds me of George W. Bush: says something absolutely ridiculous, struts off acting like he said something & is then cheered for by mindless drones posing as human beings…

            • A REALLY great one is a movie called Sucker Punch. You don’t believe me now, but if you watch the movie you’ll get it, I promise.

          • Funny thing is, most CEOs are sociopaths… Could it be possible? LOL they do this white for ratings. It’s a show for drama queens & gossip mongers who need something to talk about & someone to hate on. I called in a million times with simple, unbiased questions & they wouldn’t allow me on air, but people saying the same hateful b.s. were. They control the show, every tiny aspect of it, even what people can & cannot say. The entire chanell is just pathetic.

            • I do think it’s possible. Sociopathy at worst, malignant narcissism at best. They have no concept of boundaries or respect for the rights of others. It’s a ratings-at-any-cost attitude, the truth and Constitution be damned. The smug satisfaction they get from shitting on a battered woman who is already down and out is pathetic indeed.

              • I agree, and the fact that they pretended to care about Travis or his family was downright repugnant. None of them gave a shit, not even Nancy Grace. It isn’t about justice, or reporting the truth, it’s about ratings, what’s dramatic & exciting. HLN & Lifetime should just mold into one.

      • I agree. Nancy Grace was so pissed when “Tot Mom” walked if there wasn’t at least a M1 conviction I think she would have had a tantrum on camera… If only…

  11. Ok, well I’m already in not so great a mood and now this.

    The thing that gets me, is that Kermit perpetually denies that there is independent and corroborative evidence that Travis was indeed an abuser.

    It’s like all those text messages, emails, and the phone sex tape where Travis talks about whooping Abe-the-Tool’s ass is somehow meaningless.

    The level of DENIAL he must have, to PRETEND that the mountain of evidence proving Travis to be an abuser is astounding. It is baffling to me how any person can be so DENSE.

    Oh, I find it very unprofessional for them to use the term “self serving.” Uhhh, so that means that even if it is the truth, if it helps a defendant’s case even just a little it should be scorned and thrown out?

    And what’s all this about hearsay? So Jodi’s word is good for nothing, I see we’re back to that again. Second verse, same as the first. Apparently eyewitness testimony isn’t valid anymore in the state of AZ. Condolences to any decent people living there, especially Jodi as she has been royally screwed over.

    Is Kermit TRYING to make it harder for rape and abuse victims to come forward? Is that what this is about? Because that’s the impression I’m getting.

    • It’s only an impression. He is just a prosecutor doing what he does. He understands very little.

      There are no limits to the amount of denial a stupid person is capable of.

      I’m not joking.

    • And yet people can’t see why she would lie in the beginning… Obviously, even if she had told the truth, this would have been the outcome even if she did tell the truth. She did what any sane person would do when faced with a dilemma like that. Self preservation is the most basic of instincts. Both the act itself & the lies were a simple matter of self preservation. You can’t condemn a person or call them an evil sociopath for that.

      • The ironic part of all this is, the Travis Taliban will understand why the Alexander family lied to police and impersonated each other; but they staunchly condemn Jodi because she lied to police? Uhhh am I missing something here? If we can’t reasonably expect people to tell the truth when facing a drug conviction, for what reason can we reasonably expect someone to tell the truth when she kills her abusive ex boyfriend in self defense? The rationalization and double standard is staggering, is it not?

        I can’t imagine ANY person eager to tell police “Why yes, in fact I did kill someone” when they know the rest of the tawdry details will be held against them. It doesn’t seem that people want to punish Jodi just for stabbing Travis to death in self defense. They also want to punish her for being an attractive woman with an active sex life (so puritanical yet they call us old fashioned), lying to police, not leaving her abuser, having sex with a man she loves outside of a committed relationship, “religion shopping” aka not being Christian enough, not being white enough, the list goes on. They’re not seeking “justice for Travis” because they really believe she planned and did all this. They’re seeking institutional punishment of abuse victims that don’t lay down and die when their abuser says so. That’s not justice, that’s oppression.

        • Oh, no joke!! With all due respect to them, this was a family with serious criminal history & drug problems & Travis was obviously an abusive individual. He clearly did everything to keep his image squeeky clean, so why would he ever let anyone have even a chance of noticing that he was abusing Jodi? Jodi knew that truth or lie, she was fucked, to say it bluntly, & she chose the best option available to her. Moreover, if people thought Travis was killed by intruders none of the nastiness would come out. Of course the decision isn’t PERFECTLY rational, but who could be expected to make a fully rational decision without the advice of a half ass decent attorney? The was the person to hate, the person to take their anger & frustration with the economy, the war & Casey Anthony, to be completely honest, on. People needed someone to hate, something to distract them. The fact that this whole ordeal was largely a distracting & source of entertainment for people disgusts me.

          • Amen.
            You have put it correctly! The ‘5 day’ story had to keep the ‘crowd’ clean. No one except Jodi was expendable! The Faith had to remain clean, the ‘crowd’s’ quick money deals had to remain viable, everyone close to the ‘event’ had to have ‘air-tight’ alibis. 5 days was more than enough time for them to accomplish ‘their story’. However, 5 days ALSO makes people anxious; ‘ like when will this ever be over?’ ‘Who can we call to end this? Oh, let’s call Mimi’ Whew!
            Like many mysteries, it might work to follow the money…

    • You know MB,I’ve given what you’re saying a lot of thought and havent been able to reach a conclusion.

      Is Martinez in denial or does he know and understand everything yet pretending he doesnt?
      The way I see it,if he is dense as you said I can only feel sorry for him for having reached a certain age but hasnt acquired the appropriate wisdom and maturity.So he behaves (and subsequently prosecutes his cases) in a childhish way.Remember his theatrivs?Jumping up and down,throwing evidence on the floor,yellig till he got his!! In fact ,I hope he’s dense! We have a greek proverb that goes” You cant be mad at a hen for not being able to understand Maths” .
      The thing I’d be terrified to find out is that he may very well know the truth,may very well SEE Jodi’s point yet in order to win this case in order to boost his career and become an overnight sensation he’s willing to mislead everyone,Jurors and the public opinion alike.He is a Prosecutor after all,he chose this career,which means he’s stuck with ALWAYS being against the defendant.What sad life he must lead…He has to seek people’s death or punishment even when deep down he knows they are innocent.

    • I don’t think it necessarily “hate”, but I suspect he does have some issues from his childhood.

      It’s not really relevant, except in terms of understanding how he behaves.

      I am NOT going to start researching JM’s childhood. We have quite enough evidence to go on without that!

    • I lean more towards believing that he feels women are inferior to men, which would expliain why Travis could do no wrong, Jodi was simply a disobedient & unchaste woman to him. “Smite her!!” BTW, is JM a Mormon? Just curious, because that could explain a few things.

  12. Hi team!! I have been reading everything and I even got my 75 year old mom into analyzing the case. She was a bit intimidated to post anything because you guys are a rather tight knit group.

    My mom Carol Handy ( has spent hours analyzing the case and she believes that the defense attorneys manipulated Jodi into trying the self defense. My mom watched everyday of the trial as she handled her own business. She is no dumb woman. She is very savvy (in part because I am an attorney and love discussing cases with her).

    Carol Handy believes in Jodi. She believes that the roomies killed TA.

    For reasons known only to you guys, my mom’s first and only post was not allowed!? She is your biggest senior fan!

    She feels very hurt that Team Jodi has in effect rejected her. SHe felt an emotional bond that we all feel. Please reconsider posting her comments or, alternatively, please write her an email and explain what she wrote that was unacceptable.

    Power to Jodi (I wish Nurmi had the passion of Attorney West in the Zimmerman case). Mom and I think about and pray for Jodi everyday.

    • Cheryl

      I can see why people may think this, but if you look very carefully at the crime scene (something that was never done at trial ) it is possible to reconstruct what happened.

      Things like where Jodi dropped the knife, the linen cupboard door being opened during the fight, the blood spatter on the toilet, the blood trail at the end of the hallway, there are many clues that all confirm Jodi’s testimony, and make it possible to reconstruct what happened after she lost her memory. Have you explained all this to your mum?

      I really don’t think all this is compatible at all with anyone else being involved.

      • Could someone else have been using the weapons & been involved in the struggle? I can see where the evidence fits her testimony, but is it also possible that it would fit with an alternative scenario? Think about two people we have discussed here & their actions not long at all after the fact… I think it’s POSSIBLE that something is missing here. I try to keep an open mind & explore all possibilities. Personally, I would be interested in hearing what Carol has to say.

        • I don’t think it is. Well, anything is possible, but you are getting into very, very implausible scenarios.

          I did consider all sorts of alternatives during the trial, especially regarding when Travis throat was cut and by whom ( himself or Jodi) and for what reason.

          But generally I come back to the simplest hypothesis ( Occams razor ), which is that Jodi cut Travis throat when she had no other alternative ( i.e. he was about to choke her ), ending the fight.

          • I’m personally not a fan of Occum’s Razor. I’ve found the simplest answer isn’t always the best or the most accurate. My mind always stumbles on a few things: Travis’ heavy body drug & lifted, the shoe print, the smell & the roomates, Jodi’s first story, the behavior of two individuals after his death in particular, blood atonement rituals, & the obvious manipulation of the case & the trial… It’s Luke they’re going through an awful lot of trouble to silence her. I don’t know, there are just some things that really seem strange to me & I can’t help but wonder if the crime scene would fit with someone else being his attacker.

            • I discussed the shoe print with SJ the other day.
              He suggested it couldn’t be one of Jodi’s shoes…
              Maybe that’s true, I don’t know how to be sure.
              If so, I think it was made when the body was found.

              I have considered all the things you mention.
              The problem comes when you try to integrate ALL the evidence, not just some of it.
              I keep saying that…. I cannot stress that too much.
              Re the smell – people may have noticed it, but often people don’t take any notice of something like that. They just think “well that’s odd” and carry on. Psychology.

              • How could it have been made the day the body was found? It was summer,it was hot. it took the 5 days to find the body and the rest of the blood definitely appears dried in all the photos.

          • Whatever happened after Jodi left T’s house is simply logical supposition.

            Perhaps the roomer and girlfriend called a mutual friend for help.
            T wasn’t dead from the gun shot, but he probably wasn’t functioning well.
            Perhaps when the mutual friend came, looked at the pictures in the camera, was appalled at what he saw, and he (they) decided T was deserving of an Atonement death. They are all members of the same Faith.

            Slitting another person’s throat – IN TWO DIRECTIONS – (right to left then left to right like a V) – IS NOT something a gentle, young, passive woman would do, or could do. She would have to be Hercules’s twin sister to accomplish this feat! Really???
            Thrusting a knife twice into a man’s abdomen and chest is also NOT something a gentle, young, passive woman would do. So, then what was T doing? Just standing there looking at a huge knife pointed straight at him? A trained foot-boxer, no less, lets this 120 pound girl shove a knife into his abdomen TWICE! REALLY????

            These methods of murder are something strong, angry, men do. They do this for more than one reason. Sometimes it is really for Atonement. Sometimes it is done for revenge. Sometimes it is done out of Fear of Loss. Fear of Loss (of goods or money) is of paramount importance in Ponzi Schemes being successful.
            How many WOMEN do you know of in the Justice History anywhere who have accomplished this feat?

            I do not know what happened after Jodi left. It really doesn’t matter. T was alive when she left – hurt, but alive.

            She has always said she doesn’t remember using a knife to hurt him. MAYBE that is because she didn’t use a knife to hurt him!

            The horrific legal system has been turned upside down, and one is excepted to prove they DIDN’T do something wrong. That is another fight which really needs to be Fought with Vigor!

        • The other thing I would say ( and I say this also to people who think Jodi might be guilty ) is that you have to find a narrative/theory that fits ALL the evidence, not just some of it.

          The extra points not brought up at trial are very significant.

      • I am not sure by your response BG2 whether we agree or disagree.

        The similarity between the Zimmerman case and the Arias case is that they both had elephants in the room. Zimmerman’s attorneys faced the elephant and passionately defended their client. In contrast, Arias’ attorneys recognized the elephant, went to the store to buy it food, protected the elephant’s friends and family and forgot they had a client on trial for capital murder.

        My point is that the time in this country has long past that we can rely upon police officers and police detectives to honestly, thoroughly and properly investigate a crime scene. Police officers and prosecutors first and foremost want an arrest and conviction. It’s a notch in their belt and ensures their re-election or promotion.

        In the Arias case, the giant elephant in the room was the Mormon Church. In the Zimmerman case, the giant elephant in the room was racism. Both cases involved a potentially sympathetic victim. One was a sexual deviant, probable scam artist and domestic abuser. One was very likely a drug abuser who was kicked out of school, perhaps involved in burglaries and whose mother sent him off to live with his dad because he was too much for her to handle.

        The difference in the case (from my perspective as a former practicing trial attorney) is that Nurmi was in effect walking on proverbial eggshells so as to not offend the Alexander family or the Mormon Church. There were so very many issues Nurmi could have addressed (such as atonement killing, ponzi schemes, roommates not smelling dead body for days, suicides, arrests, the lack of blood evidence on or around Jodi, etc). But I got the sense that Nurmi was more concerned about not offending the Alexanders or the Mormon Church than he was concerned about zealously representing Jodi.

        IMHO, the physical evidence at the scene does not support the conclusion that Jodi was a single murderer (not even in self defense). There must have been someone else present who may have in all likelihood threatened Jodi to stay silent lest her family be killed. My conclusion is based on, but not limited to, the fact that (1) if Jodi dragged a partially decapitated body down a hallway, there would be pieces of carpet in TA’s neck and head (2) if Jodi dragged the body and placed TA nicely in the shower, there would be evidence of scrapes on both TA and Jodi. Jodi could not (by herself) have lifted the decapitated TA over the threshold of the shower. His head would have fallen off. [Sorry to be so graphic]

        This brings us to why Nurmi would have ignored the physical and other evidence and convinced Jodi to blaa blaa blaa. It would be reasonable in the highly Mormon populated Arizona that Nurmi was concerned about his own reputation (as he was starting his own practice). But Nurmi seemed overly concerned that he not offend the Alexander family or the Mormon Church. He wouldn’t touch those issues with a ten-foot pole. And by Jodi claiming self-defense, Nurmi assured himself that those potentially sensitive issues would be irrelevant in trial and never brought up.

        Now consider Zimmerman. In this case, there is no dispute that Zimmerman shot TM. (Whereas in Arias, the jury believed one statement by Jodi because it fit the a story. That statement was that she shot TA accidently and in self-defense. The jury then dismissed as mere claims by a pathological liar everything else Jodi said. That makes no sense. If someone is a liar, why believe anything they say? So then, we have to wonder why Nurmi apparently convinced Jodi to drop the intruder story and go instead with self-defense. I mean, if she shot him in self-defense, why wouldn’t she admit that she was so scared and crazed that she also stabbed him? It would be reasonable to stab a person who was attacking you. I personally think Jodi is honest and could not bring herself to lie about stabbings that someone else had done.)

        Back to Zimmerman. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton forced the arrest and prosecution by insisting that Zimmerman racially profiled and murdered TM. The police and prosecutors were apparently intimidated by Jesse and Al. Interestingly, private citizens are actually allowed by law to racially profile so the prosecution’s case was bogus from the jump. Just like TA, we were all to be so overcome with emotion that a young man died that we would refuse to use our own common sense.

        Unlike Nurmi, O’Meara and West look straight in the eye of the elephant in the room. The Zimmerman defense took on the racial component and surgically dismantled it. TM called Zimmerman a “crazy ass cracker.” Where I come from, that is a racial remark. But, as a private citizen, TM had every right to say it. TM did not, however, have a right to beat the crap out of Zimmerman.

        If O’Mera and West had concerned themselves with the sensitivities of the Martin family and danced around the issue of race and the fact that TM attacked Zimmerman, the verdict would have been guilty.

        IMHO, if Nurmi had been professional and zealous enough an attorney to face the elephant in the Arias courtroom, Jodi would not be in jail.

        • Excellent post Cheryl!!!

          I go back to Detective Flores report, way to many flaws, the finger was pointed in Jodi’s direction from day 1. How many days did Travis lay in that shower? closed doors, air conditioner on (doesn’t matter)..the smell of death you can not escape, it is not tolerable, it is a smell of no other. In saying that, go back to the interrogation of Ms. Arias, she didn’t know how Travis was killed, the calls made to Flores, she was fishing for information, not trying to cover her tracks.

          I firmly believe Ms. Arias was a victim of abuse. The “Power and Control Wheel” could have been used, many methods could have been. Unfortunately in this case, there was a great deal of cover up. Like, Ms. Arias said in her last interview the one person she thought she could trust, she couldn’t, she was let down.

          In saying that, there were many gains in this case, I personally believe JM was even in way over his head. Yes, he was acting for the family. Remember the family wants DP, nothing less. In the end JM backed off, we don’t know what he really believes, (I personally believe he pushed DP cause that’s why he was brought on this case, as we all saw and still see, the Alexander Family” is not letting up.

          Loss memory or not, only Ms. Arias can expose the case. We can look at this case from all angles…..the one thing we all agree on “is nothing makes sence”….all our heads are spinning, trying to find a clue. Why? Cause the facts before us, were manipulated, falsified, hidden etc……There was extreme cover ups, states witnesses lying, the main investigator (couldn’t even get his facts straight) Then there is Ms. Arias, she stuck to her facts, and JM felt it necessary to twist every word that came out of her mouth. All the jurors saw, was a LIAR, gosh if lying is what convicts you today, I would never want to go before a judge.

          I do believe Ms. Arias!!!! Self defense, Intruder story, what ever it may be, “She is INNOCENT”, and like she stated if, TA was alive he would state just that!!!!!!

    • Hi Cheryl!

      Just have her try again! Maybe there was some sort of computer/internet glitch going on the day she tried. I know I have had problems before.


    • Hey Carol welcome to the site and a special welcome to your mom! I don’t know why your mom’s first post to the site did not go through but I wouldn’t rule out a computer glitch. It wouldn’t be the first time a person’s post disappeared. It’s always great to have some new people join us. I’m looking forward to hearing what you and your mom have to say.

    • Cheryl and Carol welcome!
      Tell your mom to try to post again. We would love to hear her point of views about the case and exchange comments.
      ((((((Cheryl & Carol))))))

      • (((((((((((((Cheryl))))))))))))))


        I agree with my dear friend BeeCee. There have been some glitches with internet traffic. Have mom post anything she wishes. As your post found its mark, so to will your mother’s.

        I hope you come in and post again.

  13. So much for getting the truth!
    So much for having a fair trial!
    Do we have any attempt to be a fair and partial
    Hell NO!!

  14. Looking at the last two minute entries

    we have

    “The Court has received and reviewed the Motion for Extension of Time to File Response filed by Counsel for the State. IT IS ORDERED granting the Motion”


    “IT IS FURTHER ORDERED Counsel for the Defendant shall have until 5:00 p.m. on 08/05/2013 to file a Reply to the State’s Response.”

    The thing is, what if JM’s response is late? Then Jodi’s lawyers may not be able to meet the second order.
    Well, at least JM’s summer holiday may be spoilt (here’s hoping).
    Of course the fact that an innocent Jodi is sat in jail more than 5 years after she was arrested doesn’t concern anyone… no, they will be taking their summer holidays as usual. Makes the blood boil.

    BUT.. please don’t say anything about individuals that is not fully warranted. It’s the system that I hate.
    It badly needs reform in a lot of ways – that’s what Jodi is fighting for.

    • In a 2002 first degree murder case against David Wayne Carr, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Colin Campbell during a continuance panel ordered Marintez to prove why he should not be held in contempt of court for failure to disclose his witness list.. The county hired a hard-hitter attorney to defend him. He could have been disbarred or gone to jail for six months. I found this atricle in the Phoenix NewTime News.

  15. Good morning, everyone! How are you? Well, I got the 10 postcards yesterday in the mail and will be sending them out later this morning to Jodi. Hopefully she will get them soon. It took approximately a month for her to write me back the first time so it may not be until mid-August when I hear back from her, but that’s okay. Anytime I hear from Jodi I always look forward to hearing from her and love receiving her letter. I’m going to give her as much positive reinforcement as I can. 🙂

  16. I would just like to say something here about domestic abuse survivors. Some of you on here have courageously shared your stories and they never fail to break my heart. One woman’s story, in particular, recently was shared on this website and it literally had me in tears. I realize that women are not the only ones who suffer at the hands of domestic abuse, but in the majority of cases it is women. And I also know that there are some women who post on my blog or email me privately to tell me how they would love to post their stories on JAII, but they don’t out of fear of reprisal or retaliation. I find this to be very disheartening. Because these women are sisters of Jodi Arias and I believe that these women and men who are out there need to have people listen to their stories with an open ear, mind and heart and their mouth shut. No man or woman who is a domestic abuse survivor should ever have to experience someone shouting them down or attacking them because they are brave enough to share their experience with the rest of the world.

    I am and have always been a gentleman who is proud to stand up for domestic abuse survivors. Jodi Arias just happens to be one of many domestic abuse survivors that I support and I just want to say that if there is a poster or a lurker on this website that doesn’t feel comfortable sharing their experience here, that you are ALWAYS welcome to post and share your experience on my blog. I promise you that you will NEVER have to worry about someone attacking you or censoring your posts either. I can totally understand, though, if you’re not comfortable with this.

    I’m going to be writing to Jodi this morning and I’m going to tell her about so many of the wonderful people on this website. I want her to know your names so she can include you in her prayers and know that so many people out there love her and support her. Thank you for listening. I love you all.

    • You rock Jeff 🙂

      It’s too bad people are afraid to post stories here. We know whose fault that is.

      We can still support each other without knowing details.


    • Jeff, what you have heard is a lie.

      If you look in posts back, there have always been domestic abuse survivors that have posted their stories here. None of them have ever been judged or attacked or ridiculed; except by the haters who try to make abuse survivors feel stupid or incapable of judgement after victimization.

      If you have gotten a comment or email that is concerning about this site, please forward it to SJ. Do not spread vicious rumors here. Thank you.

      • MB, I understand but I honestly was not spreading vicious rumors. This is the last time I’m going to publicly comment on this. If I get any comments or emails concerning about this site, I will forward to SJ. Thank you.

        • Thanks Jeff, I appreciate it.

          I think you’ve been trolled by the haters who want to start shit via proxy of your site to ours.

          The only thing I can think of – and it was brought to my attention offsite – is the poster I recently banned for saying shitty things about me, SJ, and the site while trying to post their life story. This was after I had given them two warnings to be respectful, and they even posted under another email to go around being in moderation.

          They may sound sympathetic when they’re trying to elicit a reaction from you but they are not victims. They are perpetrators with no respect for boundaries or the rights of others.

  17. Good morning all, I’m glad the work week is over 54 hrs. this week. I’m getting way too old to keep up this pace. I guess I’ll get on the Harley and go for a ride before it gets too hot, then get back home and write a couple of postcards to Jodi. Y’all have a nice Saturday I’ll check back later.

    Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Hey Ray! How are you? That’s awesome! 🙂 I just dropped off 10 postcards to the Jodi in the mailbox. I mentioned some of you on here who have been some of her biggest supporters and how awesome you all are. And I also let her know how much I appreciate SJ creating this site for us to show our support of Jodi. I’ll let you all know when I hear back from her.

      • Hey Ray and Jeff!
        Ok I’ve got a confession to make: I’m sooo envy of you all with dozens and dozens of postcards available to send to Jodi. LOL! I’m kidding,my good friend TR sent me 5 postcards and I was able to put down my thoughts (well,most of them-the postcards are really small),making sure I mention SJ ,this site and how many wonderful people there are supporting our angel.She hasnt written back but when she does I’ll be screaming with joy; you’ll probably hear me all the way to the USA 😀

        Jeff, I have a request to make: next time you write to her,can you please mention my name and Pandora’s? It is so difficult for us to communicate with her and we want her to know she has supporters from around the globe. Oh! Tell her about geebee too,it’s difficult for him too since he lives in the UK! Thanx honey ♥

        • Maria, funny that you mention that! I mentioned both you and Pandora in one of my postcards today. I even pointed out that you both are from Greece. 🙂

        • Just got in had a beautiful ride today not too hot but very humid. I’m fixin to sit and write Jodi a couple of postcards, Maria I will mention you and Pandora to Jodi I’ll ask her if she can mail overseas (I’m not sure how overseas mail works pretty sure it costs extra postage though). I have told her before that she has more supporters out here than she can imagine. Pretty sure she knows that though but I always mention it, it has to make her feel good. That’s what it is all about.


          Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

          • Awwwwh Ray, you are a sweetheart! Thank you so much for including us in your postcards to Jodi. Rachel had done the same a while ago and I am deeply touched by both of you!
            Ray, if you get a reply from Jodi and she has info about oversea communication, it would be great if you told Maria and myself. Don’t post it here tho, send the info to SJ or the admins and they will send it to us via e-mail.

            • Pandora, it is the least I can do for y’all. You’re here posting everyday I think it would great if Jodi could send and receive mail from all of the overseas supporters.


              Ray in H-burg Va.

          • Thank you Ray!!
            I hope she can mail overseas although given Arpaio’s sadistic rules I wouldnt bet any money on it.The only good thing about her going to Perryville is that we will be able to write letters and not postcards,so regulations may be more ‘loose’…

            • Maria, the way things are going it could be a long time until she gets to Perryville. I’ll tell her that if she wants to write to y’all that I can be a go between, she can send mail to me and I can make some kind of arrangement maybe through the admins here to get it to y’all overseas. Food for thought.


              Ray in H-burg Va.

                • Pan I’m on facebook and twitter look me up, btw Ray A. Chastain is my real name.


                  Ray in H-burg Va.

              • (((((((((RAY)))))))))

                How sweet and thoughtful of you ♥

                I’ve sent Jodi 5 postcards which TR helped me acquire and send,still waiting for Jodi to answer back (poor baby only gets 10 envelopes a week so keeping fingers crossed). Since I dont wanna burden TR all the time, Pandora and I can arrange something with you so as to be able to write to Jodi.
                Thanking you in advance 🙂

                • (((((MARIA&PANDORA)))))

                  I’m glad to help anyway I can, y’all just let me know.

                  Ray in H-burg Va.

  18. Hello everybody. Hope you’re all having a great weekend. It’s beach time for me as I work a night shift tonight and tomorrow night. Sun and sand, here I come!

      • Yes I always take sun block and a beach umbrella (for myself and my dog). Nothing wrong with getting a bit of a tan but I am Caucasian so I’m trying to bring in pasty white! lol



    remember it was only a request by the prosecutor, back in 2011, it was one sided and didn’t deal with the defenses response, or the judges rulings on it

    from a cursory reading, it was overbroad by jm

    what is jm’s character as a prosecutor ?

    he’s a zealot, he’s malicious, and an unethical and unprofessional prosecutor !

    by way of proof, compare him, and judge stephens, to the zimmerman prosecutors, and judge !

    from a legal point of view i thought i’d find some legal links this morning to help explain a motion in limine in more depth

    the material covers criminal and civil motions in limine

    1. A Guide to Presenting Motions in Limine by law professor wes porter, not me

    a very good general video explanation at youtube

    2. When to File a Motion in Limine
    The Importance of Filing Motions to Exclude Evidence

    3. What is a “motion in limine”?

    4. Motions in Limine: Uses, Abuses, and Pitfalls

    longer and more detailed

    5. down the track there should be appeals and post conviction review

    6. a number of quotes by edmund burke
    some from the first of the three pages of quotes by him

    “They never will love where they ought to love, who do not hate where they ought to hate.”
    – Edmund Burke

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    – Edmund Burke

    “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
    – Edmund Burke

    “Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.”
    – Edmund Burke

    “Never apologise for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologise for the truth.”
    – Edmund Burke

    “It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”
    – Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France

    “No power so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.”
    – Edmund Burke

    “Never despair, but if you do, work on in despair.”
    – Edmund Burke

    “There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men.”
    – Edmund Burke

    “As the rose-tree is composed of the sweetest flowers and the sharpest thorns, as the heavens are sometimes overcast—alternately tempestuous and serene—so is the life of man intermingled with hopes and fears, with joys and sorrows, with pleasure and pain.”
    – Edmund Burke

      • maria and BeeCee, you’re both welcome 🙂

        the quote by edmund burke that “rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength” i believe applies to the prosecutor jm

        • Oh,absolutely!
          And the quote ” The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” I think applies to all Jodi supporters out there who should not be afraid to voice their opinion and do something to help Jodi!

  20. The case of Jodi is much bigger than what it appears, imo. I’ve been reading into cyberbullying and internet law and the history of censorship. I’ve discovered some very fascinating information about the tactics used and feel compelled to warn others about what may be happening.

    Below is taken from:

    Scientology has a reputation for hostile action toward anyone who criticizes it in a public forum; executives within the organization have proclaimed that it is “not a turn-the-other-cheek religion.”

    The organization’s actions reflect a formal policy for dealing with criticism instituted by L. Ron Hubbard, called “attack the attacker.” This policy was codified by Hubbard in the latter half of the 1960s, in response to government investigations into the organization. In 1966, Hubbard wrote a criticism of the organization’s behavior and noted the “correct procedure” for attacking enemies of Scientology:

    (1) Spot who is attacking us.
    (2) Start investigating them promptly for felonies or worse using own professionals, not outside agencies.
    (3) Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them.
    (4) Start feeding lurid, blood, sex, crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press.

    Taken from

  21. Okay, I guess I’m in. I am so troubled by the incestuous allegations about the Alexander family. I won’t be participating here anymore. If any of you would like to keep in contact, please feel free to ask SJ for my email address. Take care, you good and kind folks. I’ll see you one day.

    • Yea I know I have said some things I am not proud of. I plan to be more reasonable and more careful what I say from now on. I think many of us would agree that during the heat of the trial and the frustration of what seemed to be not a very fair trial many of us got upset and said some hurtful things. I plan to try not to lose sight of the fact that there are two families involved here and both have suffered a terrible loss, but in different ways. I am a very tolerant person and I don’t judge others, their lifestyles or their choices. However, I have looked over old posts of mine and wondered at times, “Who is this person and what was she thinking???” The words were said and can’t be unsaid, so all I can do at this point is try hard to do better and remember not to lose the person I am during this process.

    • SD,

      There have been no “incestuous allegations” here.

      People say things sometimes in aggravation, but I have never seen anyone post something implying or stating that anyone here actually thinks that happened in real life.

      You are the only one to bring it up on this new and current page. I don’t see it mentioned in frustration ANYWHERE on today’s page. did I miss it?

      So maybe it’s just best not to mention it? I would hate for someone to think we actually believe that here just because you keep bringing it up.

      I certainly don’t believe incest happened. But if anyone has joked about it in the past I am not going to perpetuate a joke like that by dredging it up on every new page that comes up.

    • SD, it is sad to see you go. If you do change your mind, your cyber Jodi supporters family is here to welcome you back. Take care.

  22. I was watching the news today and had mixed feelings to see they were covering (not extensively though) the Zimmerman case.As I’ve said before I know nothing about it besides the basic ‘story structure’,however I couldnt help feeling there are so many double standards in our modern society.
    Jodi’s case never made it to any Greek TV station,there was no news coverage,no mention of her name,no nothing. Except for a couple of online articles whose text length was about 10 lines and which were a mere translation of HLN’s articles with the usual graphic details and name calling for Jodi.Why is a young woman’s life,abuse and self defense story not relevant,not important,not worth-mentioning is beyond me…

    • maria

      Don’t worry about it, this is how news (in newspapers etc,) works.

      Zimmerman will probably now be forgotten. Obama has spun pretty grotty cover tale.

      Just be ready for when Jodi is in the news again.

    • I agree, Maria. I think that the Zimmerman/Martin story was played up more because it had a racial component to it. And I find it incredibly distasteful how the mainstream media has tried to divide America along racial lines. They are the ones trying to stir up the pot here between black America and white America.

        • “It’s up to y’all to “catch it and deal with it” the way y’all should.”

          Wow really. So if he’s weighed in about Zimmerman why isn’t he trying to help Jodi?

          This isn’t a Zimmerman debate page. Please don’t bring it here again. Thank you.

          • Well Moni is gone. She tried getting a nastygram through and cussed me out, her usual style. I expect she’ll be posting at the hater sites screaming about how intolerant I am, just like all the other banned posters who feel entitled to stir the pot and bring debates here that have no constructive interest in supporting Jodi.

            This is a privately owned web site. Posting here is a privilege, not a right. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t ban people because I disagree with them. I ban them because they’re disrespectful assholes that want to start arguments or make accusations. I’m done with all that drama, and I’ve been done (for the millionth time). Get used to it.

            • well that’s a bummer, I don’t know if I have seen her post in a while anyhow.

              I agree with you about bringing debates that don’t belong here.

              Love the ban hammer by the way.

              Maybe the passionate people should type their responses in word, wait 15 minutes and then read it before deciding if it is worth posting or not.

              ((((((all the posters I haven’t seen in a while))))))

              • I think it’s a bummer too BeeCee. I really liked Moni. Too bad despite being nice to my face she thinks I’m full of “CHYT.” *shrugs* That’s fine, it’s her opinion to make. In about a day, I will have completely wiped her from my mind; like I did Cindney until someone else happened to remind me about her and how she’s likely trolled Jeff’s web site.

                I guess I should clarify a few things:

                I have no problem talking about relevant issues THAT TIE INTO JODI’S CASE. There are plenty of discussions about racism and sexism, ect; despite that I do my best from talking about anything political. I am more than happy to have such discussions but I refuse to have them with people who believe a “discussion” is them telling me what to think and me sitting there nodding. I don’t think so. Moni’s “you should” demands is what got her the first warning, her flagrant disrespect is what got her banned. I could care less about people’s opinion, it’s the dictatorial behavior I refuse to tolerate. It’s not Moni, or anyone else’s place to tell someone else how to feel about the Zimmerman trial. Even the President of the United States does not have that right to infringe on a sovereign individual’s right to make up their own damn mind.

                Like I’ve said on many occasions – I have NEVER been to the hater sites to try to change their minds. 1. I never saw the point and 2. I’d rather spend my time supporting Jodi. The fact that they refuse to reciprocate that same respect and leave us alone says a lot about THEM.

                Another difference between us vs them – we don’t see every damn subject as a debate to be had. There IS such thing as having a civil discussion, even a passionate civil discussion. Strong feelings are bound to present themselves; but that’s not an excuse to disrespect posters and mods because someone isn’t buying the media’s line of bullshit. Hasn’t anyone learned a damn thing from Casey’s or Jodi’s trials? Apparently not.

                One last thing – I refuse to “debate” with people who pretend they want a discussion, but what they really want is to use me as their emotional toilet. Yeah, I don’t think so. I refuse to engage anyone who believes that they are entitled to dump an avalanche of abusive bullshit on me. I refuse to engage anyone that doesn’t have a firm grasp of the FACTS of this case to have a coherent conversation about it at all. Lastly, I refuse to engage anyone who instigates and tries to pass it off as reasonable conversation. No, it is not reasonable and I have a right to call BS what it is and not feed any further into immature crap. It’s MY time and energy, and *I* decide how I spend it, not anyone else.

                I’m not even sure why I’m bothering to post this, but I suppose I feel it’s necessary to say and it’s something I want to get off my chest and be done with. I also have an upcoming post that ties into this, so at least there’s relevance to upcoming content which is why I’m posting it and not deleting it like other vents.

                I know you will understand all this BeeCee as well as many other posters here. Unfortunately the people who need to read this most are the ones who are least capable of comprehending and respecting boundaries and sane standards of behavior. Even though I am typing in English, I’d might as well be babbling in Klingon for all the good it’s going to do with people who love drama and think it’s a thrilling rush to be an asshole.

                Hence – Thor’s hammer. If people are going to be so stubborn and obstinate that they refuse to listen to reason or respect the line I draw in the sand; then I am not dealing with them. I am going to bonk them like whack-a-mole and forget about it. Maybe then they’ll learn, but I’m not holding my breath.

  23. I’ve posted shamelessly bad stuff about the other side that I was pretty sure wasn’t true, like NG probably keeps her husband chained and starving in the basement, that JM probably tortured small animals as a child and that JVM could possible be Michael Jackson in drag but, hey, they should show more compassion for another human being besides TA, whom they don’t know, never knew, will never know so therefore they can make no knowledgeable claims that he was the greatest guy on earth. But they do it anyway. So I make no apologies for my speculations.

    • LOL Gwen, and like most of your comments your speculation amuses me. 🙂

      They speculate and try to pass it off as fact – big difference between us and HLN, don’t you think?

      • I want to thank SJ and MB and all the admin of this support page for bringing the truth to light and marshaling resources to help Jodi and helping us to keep in contact with her. Maintaining this site must take a phenomenal effort, and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. -S

        • Hi suzanne, I like your statement: “I wish to concentrate on what we can do for Jodi, not find things to get our panties in a wad about in order to leave the site.”

          Well ain’t that the truth. My focus is to help Jodi, but I know everyone’s going to have a bad day every once in a while. As Gwen and BeeCee pointed out above, an insult or joke is not a serious claim to fact. If someone calls someone a motherfucker, most reasonable people understand they do not say that because they literally believe they fuck their mother and are making a serious claim that they have. They understand that people say it when they’re pissed about something.

          Not saying that motherfucker is always the best way to win friends and influence people, but it’s slang and pops up every now and again. So how should I react? Should I criticize, stamp my foot, and leave? Or should I find another way to approach this? I don’t agree with everything everyone’s posted, and I’m sure the feeling is mutual towards some of the things I post. That’s fine. The question is, should we sit around and argue about it, wasting time, energy, and bandwidth that is being paid out of pocket by the site owner? Or should we focus on supporting Jodi? I’d rather do the latter, and save arguing points that are relevant to the case.

          • There’s something I’ve been meaning to post about for a long time but never got around to it.

            The spoon theory:


            The theory goes like this: Time and energy are like a handful of spoons we pick up at the start of each day. Every time we do something, we lay down a “spoon” to get it done. Someone with special limitations (whatever they may be) may spend more spoons getting things accomplished than a well functioning person. Some days you may have less spoons than other days, and you may spend more spoons getting everyday things done depending on how hard you have to struggle to carry on with everyday life.

            The spoon theory was presented as a method to understand people who have chronic illness, but I think it can be applied to healthy people who are dealing with special limitations too. I think we all have a limit to our spoons, so it’s up to each person to decide how they want to spend their spoons through the day; and how their choices give meaning to their life.

            A comment by BeeCee comes to mind, when the haters wasted their time crusading against a minority opinion on the internet (us) instead of prioritizing their life responsibly. ” […] I would love to give you some of my medical issues, and the medical issues of the good people in the world, so you have something to really be concerned about, and something constructive to spend your time on. […] spend time with your families and do something good before you run out of chances.”

            It’s so true. Even if you are healthy, tomorrow is never guaranteed. There are a lot of people out there who would give their left eye to Odin it if meant having gobs of energy again, enough so that wasting time on the internet arguing with total strangers didn’t put a dent in their daily spoons. Not only is it ridiculous to pretend that wasting time engaging with trolls has any credible payoff; let alone when demanding people to waste what little time and energy they have getting browbeat by self righteous abusers. We all have our own struggles, whether they be health problems or otherwise. As much as I’d like for people to learn to respect their own limitations, and the limitations of others; that won’t happen as long as they believe that aggression and a sense of entitlement have a place in society.

            • Oh,wow! ♥
              First of all,I do vividly remember that comment by BeeCee and the chills I got reading it because it so wonderfully sums up what people should always keep in the back of their minds:nothing should be taken for granted,especially this life we live, the little time we have on mother Earth.
              MB,I couldnt thank you enough for your comments,sometimes it’s all I need to just shake all negativity off and refocus. Not that I believe most of us have ever lost their focus.Yet sometimes life or other people get in the way and we tend to forget what’s vital and what’s not,what should our priorities be and the predominant reason we decided to embark on this journey of seeking true Justice: JODI.

            • MB, good afternoon.
              Thank you for sharing this theory with us. It is so true that almost all people do not understand how valuable each and every day of our lives are. Unfortunately, we get a ‘wake up call’ only when life whacks us upside the head.
              I too, lose focus many times and consume valuable time (that I am never going to get back) on situations and stuff that are not worth it. Thankfully, those times are momentary and I refocus on what really matters.

    • LOL Gwen!

      exactly! And, none of us here have taken your frustrations/speculations and spread them all around the internet trying to harm anyone…or actually believed they were true.

      Quite frankly, I like being able to laugh at some of the images that come to mind with some of your posts. (and some of the other posters)


  24. I had a bad night last night guys & I’m pretty upset, so forgive me if I don’t pop in for a day or two. I’ll respond to everyone soon. ((((((((All & Our Site)))))))) <3

  25. Just finished my annual cycle race. I felt fine, finished strong, but time was rather slow, 4 hours 20 minutes for 80 miles, 25 minutes slower than my best. Basically I didn’t any speed training, and also I’m overweight ( about 8kg more than my weight 2 years ago ). But it doesn’t matter. I have no regrets whatsoever about the time I have spent on various cases of injustice.

  26. Good morning Team Jodi!

    I hope everyone is enjoying some rest and relaxation time.

    (((((((((((((((((((Team Jodi)))))))))))))))))))))


    • Hey there girl! I was just asking where you were! LOL
      You haven’t been around lately. I hope you are relaxing and having a great time whatever you are doing!
      Did you send my love to Renee’?

      (((((((our site – Team Jodi)))))))

    • Hey there my sisters!!! ♥ ♥

      It’s been pretty cool where I live. There was a storm even the other day,which is totally uncommon during summer in Greece. But I prefer it to the scorching sun and 42 °C !

  27. It may seem odd to be re-visiting this, looking more closely at the “gas can” theory.
    We know it’s not true, but can we spot any obvious problems with it?

    One thing is this:

    What is the capacity of the kerosene can she bought at Walmart?
    If it is less than 5.10 gallons, the prosecution theory doesn’t work.

    But there is more. Note, I am just working on this, there may be mistakes.

    • Well, thinking about this

      Converting, 0.1 US gallons = 0.666139 imperial pints.

      This is a significant amount of liquid. It seems unlikely a 5 gallon kero can would have significant excess capacity.

        • And they are not coming up with an answer..

          I think this simply refutes Martinez’ whole gas can theory in a way that anyone can understand.

          Someone suggested she spilled some gas. 2/3 of a pint? No way.

            • I don’t think so either. Not everyone is a human calculator. It’s his way of trying to make her look stupid; but he comes across as such because if she doesn’t know the answer, that goes to show she didn’t buy the gas cans to calculate how much she would need to make it out of Arizona without stopping for gas. If someone is premeditating a murder and buying gas to do it, they’d know the answer. Derr Kermit!

              • You would also need to know the mileage of your car, and even in the trial, nobody knew the mileage of the rental. Jodi had no idea and JM took a wild guess.

              • What am I missing? Who cares about the gas cans? What relevance do they have in the case? IMHO, the gas cans were always a red herring. If JA intended (as the prosecution would have us believe) that JA filled the cans to avoid being seen getting gas en route then why did JA make such a scene when purchasing the gas? She paid multiple times and that just drew attention to herself.

                I say “so what” to the gas cans.

                • I dont think the jurors said ”so what” to the gas cans though…Disturbing as it is, I think the gas cans were one of the main reasons she got convicted of premediatation.

                • BTW, can everyone see “Blackadder”.

                  It’s one of my absolute favorites, but I think the BBC have blocked it for the States and probably Canada was well.

                  It really does give a good idea of how a witch trial works…

                • I agree Cheryl. IMHO there is nothing to suggest that even if she did bring gas cans that they weren’t for the purpose she gave on the witness stand. Just because people don’t necessarily agree with her reasoning for bringing them doesn’t mean it wasn’t the truth. Likely the math question was his way of taking a stab at her IQ & trying to show that she isn’t as smart as everyone says she is. Obviously, if she is so intelligent & calculated she had every ability to go about this in a much smarter way if she was premeditating a murder & she would have known better than to continue a discussion, especially after knowing she was going to jail, with Flores without an attorney present. Martinez’s theory is so silly & beyond ridiculous that I just don’t get it. Jodi didn’t even know about the Cancun trip, which was his supposed motive, the gas cans were, I agree, a Red Herring that proved nothing & so were the hair dying & photos. Either everyone on that jury was stupid enough to buy his b.s or they were biased from the start, that is obvious. None of this proved premeditation or disproved self defense. I’ll never get over how baffling all of this is.

            • I could do it sitting here in the comfort of my own home and get a rough answer, but I guarantee I could not think straight under the stress of being on the witness stand. I better continue to obey the law because I would be a basket case if I ever had to testify.

  28. Hi all. 🙂 Just wanted to let you know this is my daily check-in. I haven’t done much commenting but I try to read all the comments and to stay informed daily. Thank you all, especially SJ and admins, for keeping this available. I think of Jodi every day and send her my most positive vibes.

  29. Good morning all, Monday what a bummer, back to work I guess I’ll get to rest when I’m dead (LOL). gotta go to the post office today I ran out of postcards its hard to say everything you need to say on those little bitty cards without using 3 or 4. Y’all have a great Monday I’ll check in later.


    Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Happy Monday Ray! Hang in there!! 🙂
      Thank God those postcards are cheap. LOL! Sheriff Joe does make it hard,doesnt he???


    • Hi there Ray! You wouldn’t believe it but just before a while I was talking to Maria on the phone she was telling me the same thing (about the size of the postcards)!

      • Hey Pan & Maria just got home I stopped by the post office and got more postcards 37 cents each they are only 3 1/2″ X 5 1/2″ and can be no larger 4 1/4X 6″ blue or black ink ONLY no markers, crayons, stickers or decals of any kind and NO stamps metered postage only. She can only have 5 photos at a time. I had a picture made into a postcard (the I have on facebook) I sure hope it made it through, I think she will smile ear to ear

        (((((PAN MARIA)))))

        Ray in H-burg Va.

  30. Morning everybody. Just checking in to say hi. Finished my night shift and now off to bed. Behave yourselves 😉

  31. Good Morning my brilliant minds and fellow Jodi supporters ♥ ♥

    Last night I was watching videos on YouTube and you know how this mystery site works: you’re watching one thing and all of a sudden you find yourself in the dark side where you wonder ”how did I end up here?” LOL LOL! Anyways, I ended up watching the Tyra Banks Show where she had 4 of her AMNTM girls talking about their own experiences of Domestic Violence (haters hold your breaths) by their boyfriends! First of all,it reinforced what I thought we were the only ones to say: that domestic violence doesnt necessarily involve 2 people who are married and live under the same roof and/or have children. It could be a casual BF/GF relationship and still be considered ‘domestic’ violence.
    The stories were of course heart-wrenching and one of them really matched Jodi’s story which understandably made me emotional.

    Now,I know I know! Tyra Banks show=cheesy,not well-respected blah blah blah… I’m not saying it’s big news or something (it was an old episode after all) but I kinda liked the idea of a public figure being open tohave guests and talk about DV. Just saying… 😉

    • Morning Maria!

      I totally understand about ending up on the dark side. I still don’t understand exactly HOW I get there sometimes.

      I guess the internet is like a bunch of shiny objects. I look at one article/photo/video…oh, there is another…then, oh what is that??? The next thing I know, I have spent 2 spoons on the internet and have other things I need to do, LOLOL.

      Hopefully down the road more and more people will understand that DV can be between people who don’t live with each other and may or may not be married.

  32. I’ve been checking on tire slashing and the first time it comes up is the 2nd day of trial when Flores sits on the stand all day and they play the two recorded phone calls of Jodi, the first one being late AM, early PM on the 10th. Answering a guestion posed, Jodi said that Travis had his tires slashed around Christmas. He was worried about it and she was worried about it. Is that why it was allowed as evidence from Mimi and Lisa?

    When Ryan was on the stand, he said that he had heard Travis was a flirt and JM threw an absolute fit about it being heresay.

    • hmmm, that is a good theory Canada Carol.

      I have no legal knowledge though. I do wish some of our posters with legal knowledge would come back and share.

      To me, during the trial, it seemed like JM would bring in whatever the hell he wanted regardless of whether it was true or not. So, I don’t know if he would have even cared that Jodi testified about it.

      And then he has the audacity to prevent so many things that could have helped Jodi.

      I really wish he could be disbarred for perpetuating the stalking/slashing lies.

    • Canada Carol:

      Jodi’s recorded statements absolutely get into evidence because they are not hearsay. You are right, the “flirt” comments are arguably hearsay and that is why the comments did not get admitted into evidence.

      Without discussing all the nuances of the hearsay rule and its many exceptions, it is easy to think of hearsay this way: Is the written or oral statement someone is trying to get into evidence a statement that was made outside the courtroom & is the statement being offered for the truth of the matter asserted? For example, if we were talking about a text message then the discussion would be: is a text message being offered into evidence to prove that the content in the text is true or, alternatively, is the text being offered to prove something else (like he was alive at a certain time or whether he texted her at all). The same rationale apples if a witness wants to testify as to what someone told him about TA.

      Now is where it gets interesting with respect to the “flirt” comment. The comment might have been admitted into evidence if the actual person who called TA a flirt was available to be cross examined. If the actual person who called TA a flirt flips on the stand testifying and denies ever making the comment -that then the issue is one of witness credibility for the trier of fact (in this case, the jury) to decide.

      The logic behind keeping most “out of court statements” from becoming evidence is that the person who made the statement cannot be brought into court to be questioned and cross examined. TM texts, letters, etc were the subject of hearsay objections by JM because (1) the statements whether oral or written were made outside of the courtroom and (2) TA was obviously not available to be cross examined.

    • I’m surprised that no one ever considered that he may have slashed them himself. If he wanted to make her look like a stalker…he could easily work new tires into his budget.

  33. I just realised something about the Tessoro witness..

    There is an elaborate dance, which seems to be all about not letting the jury notice that Jodi bought 5.1 gallons of gas – which doesn’t fit in a 5 gallon kerosene can.

    Given she did have two 5 gallon gas cans, and they took only 4.8 gallons each, this is a pretty good argument.

    People on other side are suggesting she spilt a load of gas – that’s just grasping at straws I think.

  34. I just had a thought, did they check the trunk of the car for gasoline spillage? You would think if she was carrying a trunk load of gas around, there would be evidence left in the trunk. I never heard any evidence from Columbo about that.

    • Hi there Carol. I am almost sure that the car was never carefully and thoroughly checked by specialists. It was a sloppy job done leaving a lot of unasnswered questions.
      Most cars that are involved in evidence are never really checked out like they are suppose to be. Here in Greece, there is an open case of a young 26 yrs old man that was kidnapped over a year ago. They found his car and even though the police claimed that they had checked the car and didn’t find any evidence his family wouldn’t let it be. So, his family payed a specialist (after a year since the man was kidnapped) to recheck for evidence in the car. After using special machinary and liquids and although to the naked eye the trunk seemed clean and fine, they found an enormous amount of blood that was the young mans.
      I am writing this just to show you that most people do not go to the trouble of doing their jobs the way they are suppose to. That way, a lot of valuable time is lost and evidence (or no evidence) that would prove a lot of things get lost.

      • One time, I took my little dog with me in a rented car. He’s just a little hypoallergenic guy that I had just bathed and had four layers of blankets on the seat. Somehow when I took the car back, they gave me a warning about pets. I don’t know how they knew, because I had even opened the windows, but they seem to check very carefully so they can charge for additional cleaning fee. Flores didn’t even suponea Travis’s phone and computer right away,and didn’t say on the witness stand how long it did take him to do it. They didn’t look at it for a year and half so I wouldn’t have expected them to do it.

        • I think it’s inexcusable that the phone and computer were not checked out right away. They are such a wealth of information these days and could have gone a long way to either proving or disproving accusations. Also the ISP could have been subpoenaed. There are so many discrepancies like this that make people like us speculate that either the police department was incompetent, or that maybe they DID check these things out and didn’t like what they found because it didn’t fit into their agenda. Fair or not, it gives some of us reason to question their actions.

          • Canada Carol & BevM,
            I couldn’t agree with you more! “Fair or not, it gives some of us reason to question their actions.” : well said.

            • Pandora & Beverly M!
              You are right IMHO. The investigation was sloppy AND they most probably didn’t like what they found; So, your reasoning makes the gas cans seem irrelevant to me. What exactly do they prove?
              JM, it seems to me, through a lot of ‘stuff’ which sounded ‘damning’ and ‘damaging’ but had little ‘meat’.
              If you were on the jury, not the ones who decided this case, how would you evaluate the evidence?

              • Hey Carol, welcome.
                “If you were on the jury, not the ones who decided this case, how would you evaluate the evidence?”
                Which jury are you refering to, if not the one that was on the case?
                How would you evaluate the evidence?

                • Hi, Pandora!
                  What I was suggesting (poorly, I admit) is that an unbiased, thinking juror, would (IMHO ) view the evidence the prosecutor introduced with logic or skepticism depending on what the evidence was.
                  In a way, all of us on this site are trying to evaluate evidence. As far as I am concerned, if light is shed on some piece of evidence, or lack of evidence, then perhaps a lawyer, or appellate lawyer would look at the evidence in this case more critically.
                  If I had been on the jury in this case, I would, and I am confident you would scrutinize every shred of evidence presented. So, in a way, all of us are in the mode of jurors!

                • Hi, Pandora!
                  What I was suggesting (poorly, I admit) is that an unbiased, thinking juror, would (IMHO ) view the evidence the prosecutor introduced with logic or skepticism depending on what the evidence was.
                  In a way, all of us on this site are trying to evaluate evidence. As far as I am concerned, if light is shed on some piece of evidence, or lack of evidence, then perhaps a lawyer, or appellate lawyer would look at the evidence in this case more critically.
                  If I had been on the jury in this case, I would, and I am confident you would scrutinize every shred of evidence presented. So, in a way, all of us are in the mode of a juror.

                • Carol, I totally agree with you. Any serious person on a jury would take all evidence into consideration and not try to make a decision about somebody’s life based on their opinions instead of the law.

                • Pandora:
                  I keep reflecting back to the movie “12 Angry Men”!
                  One, and only one, man saw the truth and he ‘showed’ the other 11 why they were all wrong.
                  The fact that not even one juror could see the poor circumstantial case presented to them is beyond belief; that, to me, is the most disturbing part of this case (IMO).

  35. I am wondering if anyone has fallen victim to any of these strategies for criticizing the trial or for supporting Jodi:

    (1) Spot who is attacking us.
    (2) Start investigating them promptly for felonies or worse using own professionals, not outside agencies.
    (3) Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them.
    (4) Start feeding lurid, blood, sex, crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press.

    Please, SJ, can you give anyone who contacts you regarding these tactics my email addy?

  36. Hi Janeen,

    I should explain. I’m interesting in the tactics used to silence people who disagree. So if you disagreed with someone who thinks Jodi is guilty, and that person did any of the following things, I’m interested.

    1) Spot who is attacking us: if they sought out your information in an effort to know who you are (ie, found out your real name, occupation, or any other personal details) and ‘outed’ you.
    2) Start investigating them promptly for felonies or worse using own professionals, not outside agencies: If they looked into your past and tried to ‘out’ you by posting details of an arrest, addiction, or any other issues a person may have had in the past. Any involvement with courts or anything that is public record, they will find and use to intimidate/threaten.
    3) Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them: If they responded to any efforts to investigate who THEY are by demanding you be investigated and by threatening to involved law enforcement.
    4) If Start feeding lurid, blood, sex, crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press: If they posted any information on a blog, this would count as ‘press’.


    • Okay………………………………………

      I will request your email address and we will talk offsite. One of my conditions in our conversing would be knowing who you are. I am using my real name and I expect the same courtesy in return.

    • I think I asked SJ to froward it.

      Actually, I now have four more solid points on the gas cans,.

      (1) There is no transaction to fill hypothetical kerosene can at Pasadena.
      (2) The transactions at Pasadena and Tessoro are well accounted for by Jodi “topping-up”, and the air temperature.
      (3) The 5.1 gallon transaction makes no sense if it was filling the hypothetical kerosene can. It would be unsafe, and too much gas.
      (4) The 5.1 gallon transaction is inconsistent with the 4.785 gallons she puts in Darryl’s gas cans.

      • point (3) is not very strong in my eyes because if she had 2 gas cans than you must say that she filled up more gas in the her tank and cans it only works if you say that her tank was way bigger than the normal size

        because the total of gas she filled up in Tesoro was 25.355 gallons if you say that the 5 gallons gas cans would not hold more than 5 gallons than you need to have a tank of 15.355 gallon to hold the rest of the gas

        • Ely how big was the tank on her car? I for got.

          I got gas the other day to cut the grass and I remember thinking it seemed to hold more than the actual size of the can. I didn’t take actual measurements or anything and of course our gas is in litres. I won’t need gas for a while again (unless the grass starts growing in warp speed like it tends to do) but next time I fill it up I will pay more attention. Just out of curiosity.

    • The last day or so I have had long debate on Twitter and Disqus re gas cans.

      These points have emerged.

      One unknown is where Jodi refilled between Redding and Pasadena.

      That is important, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence on that.

  37. BTW, reading at a certain blog, it’s clear that the whole JAIAB thing and a lot of the trolling was due to a few inappropriate remarks here that were made about Alexander’s family.

    So please be very careful what you say, anything you say here that you cannot fully back up can and will cause a reaction that is damaging to Jodi.

    So please, stick to facts. I don’t have any particular posts in mind, and I know they had to work through thousands of comments to find things, and I know it’s unreasonable, but just bear it in mind.

    • Hi GeeBee, We do not make comments based around what any other parties may think, do or how they may react. What you deem as “inappropriate” may not be deemed the same by someone else. I’m surprised you even went down that rocky road. We call it as we see it. Always have, always will.

      Team Jodi

      • SJ

        I know, but going too far is risky, and a single comment that is not fully justified by public evidence can spark off a violent reaction that takes a lot of work to calm down.

        I’m talking about a few posts that people on here have acknowledged were made in anger regarding the Alexander family.

        It may seem unfair that there are millions of posts on HLN that are far worse about Jodi, and that’s true, but as they say, sometimes life just isn’t fair, and we have to deal with it, as Jodi does.

        • Hi GeeBee,

          That’s all fine, but like I said… we do not make comments based around what any other parties may think, do or how they may react. We do not aim to be politically correct.

          Not sure what the “spark off a violent reaction that takes a lot of work to calm down.” stuff means either. I must have missed out on all that.

          Team Jodi

        • GeeBee, do you know what I do when I see a site that makes up upset?


          You are, in essence, refusing to hold violent perpetrators accountable when you imply that voicing an opinion on a privately owned web site somehow instigates criminal behavior.

          Like I’ve said before, I CANNOT and I also REFUSE to be held accountable for the lack of control and poor choices of others.

          This case has brought out the worst in people, this is true. But if the worst is making a few lousy comments on a web site; then that’s the least of my worries.

          Since you have visited so many hater web sites, have you thought about going to THEM and telling THEM to stop posting hateful content against Jodi, her family, her friends, or her supporters? Likely not. Even on our worst day, NOTHING posted here even begins to match the hateful vitriol by the Travis Taliban. Until they are willing to take down every stick of vicious comments left, there is no reason to demand our posters do the same. Yeah, it’s easy to try to bully a minority opinion into shutting up, but it’s a lot harder to ask 40k, blood thirsty death eaters to live up to the standards they demand from us isn’t it?

      • I had to remove your comment because it included a hater link.

        We do not link to sites that take screenshots of our comments and place out of context, then present their warped version of what goes on at this site as factual.

        We do not encourage our posters to visit web sites, or engage with people who invite “debate” but only want to use us as their emotional toilet.

        If someone is trying to see the light, then they need to look at the facts of this case, not demand Jodi supporters explain themselves to them.

        You are one of my favorite posters, but SJ and SJ alone has the final say as to what gets posted here. Not me, not JC, or anyone else. He is the one paying for the domain, bandwidth, and server upgrades to help a small minority of people deal with a whole lot of nonsense from thousands of haters. He has allowed you to post your links gratuitously, please give him the respect he deserves by posting in accordance with the rules.

        Before you reply, keep in mind, I have saved you from the ban hammer at least three times. Please do not force my hand to be the one who has to do it. I would prefer you stay and keep posting; but if you continue I will have no other choice. Thank you for understanding.

        • MB
          I only just read this, but I don’t believe I posted a link to a hater website.
          If I did I apologise.
          The discussion I have been having is on twitter and DISQUS at Latinos Post.
          People can post opinions we may not like at those sites, but they are well moderated.
          Anyway, let’s move on.

  38. I am reposting as I believe this thought goes along with this post. I may be totally out in left field…. In saying that…JM was appointed to Ms.Arias’es case, as he was a prosecutor that handled DP cases, and DP is what TA’s family was requesting, nothing less. As far as JM understood the case, I too believe, his brain was wrapped around a pole, like most of us!!!! The case presented by the state was based on circumstantial evidence. In other words, that shows JM had few actual facts with which to build a proper case. Any witness that may hurt his case he intentionally tried to discredit whether they deserved it or not. Reason being, to sway the jury, to plant the idea even if the judge overruled. JM was very well aware that the jury was falling for his bullshit by the questions they were asking. To sum things up, the case presented by JM was proof that he too was overwhelmed by the lack of evidence presented to him by the leading investigator. Therefore, he played the bully, had the jury eating out of his hand, succeeded in having witnesses falsify facts intentionally or not. In the end most people that followed this trial, whole souled, came out with the feeling, ” what the hell just happened”!!!

    I always go back to Detective Flores report, so flawed. The facts in this case were manipulated, falsified and many state witnesses lied. The smell of death, you would not bypass, it is a smell you can not ignore! Ms. Arias wasn’t even sure how TA was killed, go back and listen to the interrogation interview with her, so telling. Her phone calls to Flores wasn’t to cover her tracks, she herself was fishing for information. As Ms. Arias said in her last interview the one person she thought she could trust during this trial, turned their back on her. Also recall when Ms. Arias stated if TA was alive he would tell you I did not do this. There was so much to gain in this case by many. Whatever story may hold the truth, we know Ms. Arias is “Innocent”!!

    • Karrie,
      You make excellent points. All which show reasonable doubt. The jury had a lot of reasonable doubt. Beegee2 is speaking of gas cans. The stupid jury took what Martinez said and just agreed . No one thought anything out. That trial was not justice. It made a mockery out of justice .

    • Good points.

      Many DAs in the United States appear to think it’s ok to lie and misrepresent or suppress evidence.

      It’s not just JM, although he takes it to extreme levels.
      It’s a culture that seems to have developed over a long period of time.
      I have seen it in many, many cases, just not generally as extreme.

    • Karrie,
      unfortunately it seems that we belong to a relatively small minority that has talked ad nauseum about what you’re writing. Looking back,I think one day I might be able to understand (but never forgive) why Martinez,Flores or Horn did what they did; their career was far more important than the actual truth and Justice, which supposedly they serve. We should be surprised and shocked but come to think of it, it’s not that uncommon; think of all the dirty politicians,sherriffs (ahem!) and all kinds of people with positions of power and how ruthless they are to reach the top of whatever goal they have. So,when it comes to the 3 Stooges (maybe 4? if we count Pickles too) for the time being all we can do is wait till the sentencing phase is over so we can start focusing on her appeals,where these 3 (or 4) will pay for all their wrongdoings.

      On the other hand,what will always come to mind as the ultimate injustice was how ridiculously un-commited these jurors were; meaning the lack of real motivation or drive to listen closely and dig through the testimonies and evidence so as to reach an informed decision and not one based on HLN crap at worst, impressions and emotions at best!! Whoever says they didnt do so, I dare them to go and watch their interviews! It’s absurd!There is no talking about the evidence in a detached scientific way; it’s all about how they felt,what they thought of Jodi,how it affected them psychologically to which I say ”BS”. That is not how a Juror is supposed to vote,this is not about how YOU feel,this is about making decisions in a cold,realistic even cynical way. What they did was unforgivable. I hope they pay for their ‘crime’ every night when going to bed.

      • I sit back every day, and go over all the facts of this case, does it consume my life no, what it has done, is opened my eyes.

        Over many years of my life I have sat in court rooms. You think the big cities is where Kangaroo Court lies, try living in a small town of 3600 people. Our court rooms are worse than “Kangaroo Court”!!! Many innocent people are wrongly convicted, because of who they are, what last name they may hold, association, what mood is “crown counsel in”, what judge are you facing, is it drug and alcohol week, does your crime relate, I can go on and on. Many lives in the small town I grew up in were destroyed beacuse of the unjustice that lies with in our court systems. It starts with society, seeps into the laws of authority, and wham, the courtroom is no better.

        Is money involved “yes”, can you buy your way out, definately, are you a child of a prominent person, or the poor kid on the block, again I can go on and on.

        Where does it end, well I can only see it worsening. Why, do I say that? Because the earth today is filled with so much hatred, it comes in sooo many forms. Love, does that word exist, does the word justice come out of ones mouth, or is society as a whole, sooo ready to convict, to tare down, to feed on the weak.

        All, I am saying to you great people supporting Ms. Arias, its apparent you all show such compassion for a just world! Let your love grow, hold your anger, where it belongs. “Innocence”, is what remains on this PAGE. Ms. Arias will receive justice!!!!!

  39. Great thoughts Karrie! Sounds like your on the right tract. I’m hoping someone will be able to get the truth out and help Jodi Soon!!!!!

  40. Hi !
    My computer is still in the computer hospital. I have been trying to follow the posts on my phone. They sound wonderful . It is just difficult for me to respond. I will do the best I can. Hoping my computer gets out of the computer hospital. Hugs to all 🙂

  41. PS I also think that everyone on Team Jodie have shown respect to Travis’s family. It is very clear that Travis’s supporters haven’t failed to research for themselves. We all have expressed our sorrow for their loss too. Travis and Jodi were both victims. But, it is so clear that Jodi has been the ultimate victim during this whole ordeal. Stay strong Jodi.

  42. I think my head is going to explode. That fucking alcoholic has been lawyer Jane Velez-Mitchell has written a book about Jodi’s case. No doubt full of lies and bull shit and worst part is she will probably make a boat load of money off of Jodi’s back. There ought to be a law. I’m so fucking mad I don’t know whether to shit or go blind. AAAAAAAGGGAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F&%#@*^^<>. There now I feel alil better.

    Ray in H-burg Va.

  43. While I did sympathize with the Alexander family’s loss I am not here to make nice with anyone who is instigating turning this tragedy into a double homicide with Jodi’s death. And, in my opinion, that’s what it would be if they sentence her to the DP on this flimsy to non-existent evidence of premeditated murder. It’s ironic that they can plan, legally, for years to take her life while speculating wildly over a damn gas can and Clairol. Also, scary as hell to think they don’t really need concrete proof to commit their heinous crime. It matters not that Jodi was a victim and may well have acted in self defense. Talk about intent…one jury won’t do it so, by golly, lets just throw together another one and see if it sticks. So excuse me if I am feeling no love for the state of AZ, Juan Martinez OR the Alexander family.

      • WELL SAID, GWEN!

        Who said death is not a tragic event? Did ANY of us ever say we condone murder?? Um..NO!
        However, there’s a difference between hearing about a killing,feeling sorry for the deceased and then move on to untangle the thread in order to find the truth and hear about a killing and trap yourself in emotions of hatred and bloodthirsty vengeance. I am sorry but this doesnt sound like an advanced 21st century society to me.It sounds chaotic and anarchist and what’s even more saddening is to realize there are still laws that will dictate to sit a new Jury just to make sure the perpetrator dies.The example these laws set is ”eye for an eye” so if that’s what it all boils down to,then why not go entirely back to animalistc behaviors? Because honestly,to me it’s the one and the same.Only that we ‘glitter’ it up and make it fancier with modern courtrooms and well-dressed lawyers and judges who participate in legal killing.

        There are two regions here in Greece where there was a long standing tradition of family vendettas.People who felt they were being wronged by someone would kill him,his family would kill the perpetrator,then the perpetrator’s family would kill a member of the other family and so on and so forth. We even have an expresion that goes ”take the Law into my own hands”, which I’m pretty sure exists in the english language too. The reason I’m giving this specific example is to show that of course a person’s family will want to revenge the death of a loved one.Most of the time,killing the murderer is what comes to mind. But do we really want to be a society of brutes??Isnt it hypocritical to pretend we leave it to the Law to decide when we push for the DP yet we know that the Death Penalty is just licenced murder??

        • Yes, you are right–they glitter it up. Hypocrisy is intrinsic to a lack of integrity, and much of so- called civilization functions through means of systems and ideologies that act as impersonal machines which then perpetrate harm. These machines justify themselves by hiding behind labels and abstractions, so that the actual people doing the harm can rationalize their behaviour by saying it is the law, justice, what the bible says, etc.. It exemplifies what Hanah Arendt referred to as “the banality of evil”.
          Also, regarding Christianity, I thought that the whole point of Jesus and The New Testament, was that compassion, love, mercy, and forgiveness, was to replace and supercede an Old Testament Mosaic ” eye for an eye” ethos that heralded an angry, jealous, vengeful God. Jesus and the New Testament proclaimed a God that is ONLY loving——thus, there is no justification for the death penalty.
          Real religion is about advocating for love and life, and has nothing to do with punishment.

        • Maria, did you ever hear of the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s? That “feud” lasted almost 100 years. Two family’s one in eastern Kentucky and the other in western West Virginia started in the 1880’s and I think there is still hard feelings. People here in the “south” carry a grudge a long long time there are folks here that still haven’t got over losing the war. They won’t even call it the civil war they call it “the war of northern aggression. Some people (LOL).

          Ray in H-burg Va.

          • Hey Ray,

            I think AZ and others still lives in the past. The Hatfields and McCoys have been having a reunion in June to put the past behind them.

            • I’m glad they finally worked things out. I think I did hear something about that a while back.

              Ray in H-burg Va.

          • I have no idea who the Hatfields and McCoys are but I get it, it sounds like a family vendetta. Oh wow…I thought these kinds of things have become obsolete.
            They’re having a reunion?? I pray they’ ll work things out and wont try to shoot each other 🙂

    • Well remember in Jodi’s interrogation she said if she was going to do it she would use gloves? I think that says a lot. These days with DNA available as well as more tools to investigate, even people in law enforcement can’t pull off the perfect crime. I think when Jodi said that, she was really saying that if she was going to do it she would have planned it better and not have been so sloppy. I have trouble believing she did what they said she did, because I deal with death all the time in my work and I can tell you a dead body literally is dead weight and very difficult to move. Coupled with that, a body that is wet from just getting out of the shower, and wet with large volumes with blood would be nearly impossible to move.

      However, even if we assume that Jodi did everything they said she did, I truly believe the evidence speaks to self defence, possibly coupled with a crime of passion. Only she and TA know what transpired between them. TA was a master at using cruel words. Who knows if they argued and some things were said, coupled with the dropped camera, that just escalated out of control. I struggle to accept that all this happened in the short time they said it did. It just seems like an insurmountable task to complete. I honestly believe that it came down to, “kill or be killed.”

      I am fortunate in that I have never suffered domestic abuse although I certainly have witnessed it but I know that any time I have ever felt in fear, even if it’s a bug, I committed “overkill.” That’s what I think might have happened.

      It just seems wrong to me that they can seat a new jury to decide on just the penalty phase. It hardly seems fair, and I’m not just saying that because it’s Jodi. I would say that no matter who it was.

      • Hmm… I will make a qualification.

        Some of the statements in Jodi’s allocution are hypothetical.

        That is, she is having to assume that her appeals will fail.

        Her statements in her allocution have to be understood in that hypothetical context.

      • Bev, people(well,haters) give Jodi way too much credit talking incessantly about her ingenuity in planning this and how she did this and that to premediate the killing yet when they are faced with the ‘holes’ in the State’s theory and all the discrepancies i.e the paper trail,the chaotic murder scene, the filling of the gas cans, the hours between her arrival and the time of the death with the risk of being caught by teh roommates, the photos that were left behind as opposed to the murder weapons and so on they go back to their ‘she’s a stupid bitch’ .They cant have it both ways! Martinez knew this,he knew there were a lot of logical gaps that a perfect crime would not have and subsequently resorted to smoke and mirrors or red herrings tactic.

    • I do not condone his actions but I most certainly understand where he is coming from!

      Ray in H-burg Va.

      • Good morning all, it’s that time again WORK AAAARRRRGGGGUUUHHH! I’ll check in later.

        Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Yes… apparently it’s ok to send deaths threats to “regular people”, but when you send one to a so-called celebrity, well, it’s a different matter altogether. Even more so if they’re black.

      Team Jodi

    • Oh wow that is truly scary! With the stuff they found in his car it looks like he had something violent planned. People don’t typically carry around zip ties and numerous guns. There are some nut cases on both sides. I know months ago I and some other people made some comments on that web site that wants to make HLN accountable and some guy was absolutely adamant that some other posters and I should identify ourselves and where we live so he or “someone” could come to our house and pay us back for what we were saying. He just kept on and on about locating us. Scary indeed.

      As much as I believe this whole thing was a travesty of justice, I will not let it consume me. I do have a life outside of here and I will not let this case invade all of my time. Anyone who is doing that needs to take a long hard look at themselves and realize that it’s not healthy.

      However SJ you are right, its only because its a celebrity (and I use the term loosely here) that anyone’s taking any notice of it.

      • This is definitely NOT the way to help Jodi.

        Violence is just a completely bad idea.

        It gives ammunition to the other side, it solves nothing.

        The United States is still a democratic country, however corrupt and flawed, and taking the law into your own hands just makes things worse, much worse.

        Incidentally, if you are ever demonstrating and things look ugly, just leave. It’s not worth it.

        • This guy obviously has some big issues, and that is what is so dangerous about what HLN and now to a certain extent, CNN are doing by continuing to be so trashy and cruel and continuous in their coverage of these unfortunate people in traumatic events. I don’t have to think very hard to come up with my guess as to who the two female anchors are. I wish that they would think about what they are putting out there for all these whacky people to consume very day, all day long.

          • THEY DON’T CARE!!! all they know is the more they get people stirred up the more ratings go up, more ratings = more $. They should be charged with inciting violence, violence = ratings & $$$$$. The two female anchors make me want to PUKE!

            Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • No one ever has the right to threaten or hurt anyone. I’m sure most of the general public realizes that if the man accused of making threats, David Lee Simpson, truly did have a malicious and nefarious intent to harm, that that proclivity is soley and uniquely due to any pathology in HIS psyche, and that pathology is really only about him, and not this case. This case is only a convenient excuse or outlet for him to unleash the sickness that is already in him. Such is the case also with the countless incidents of violence and hatred that take place daily in the world; people do what they do because of who they are, not because of the people they are perpetrating against.
      I agree that Jodi and Travis both deserve compassion; complex psychological factors stemming from childhood wreaked havoc on their lives, and ultimately ended in tragedy.
      The media should stop trying to divide this country by fostering sensationalized splits and dissension. The media should foster thorough-going discussion, examination,, introspection and understanding—not promote shallow debates, which are only pseudo substitutes, and a convenient format for gladiatoral-like combats that serve as spectacle and opposition.
      This site not only advocates for freedom, justice, and right to speech for Jodi, but for ALL people. Again, though, no one has the right to threaten anyone, nor do they have the right to advocate harm.
      I want to take this opportunity here to say that I began posting here some time in May of this year, and while I haven’t yet been able to spend time reading much older posts, I did think I once came across a post by an Amy that wasn’t me, but an Amy who was here before me. I could be mistaken though, since I could not remember where I saw the post, and I did not research the old posts to truly determine if there was a previous Amy here.
      When I started posting on this site, I did not know that the site did not screen for duplicate user names, so from now on, in my posts I will indicate that I am Amy2, just to be sure that anything possibly said previously by another individual, is not erroneously attributed to me. I am sorry for the length of this post, but with all of the controversy, I do not ever want something falsely attributed to me, that I never said in the first place.
      Anything I post is uniquely my opinion. Posting on this site does not in any way mean that I agree with each and everything posted by other people on this site, and I’m sure that generally applies to everyone.
      I truly feel compassion for the Alexander family, and I am truly sorry that Travis died. My primary concern is that Jodi Arias regain her freedom, and be rescued from the clutches of an unjust legal system, and a despicable media propaganda campaign of lies and psychological savagery.
      While Jodi Arias’s freedom is my first
      concern, I must repeat, everyone’s freedom is my concern. We live in an era of unprecedented access to information, and unprecedented outlets and avenues for personal expression, yet ironically and absurdly, all of our freedom and right to individuality and speech, seem to be more endangered than ever.
      For example, when ‘political correctness’ first came into vogue in the eighties, it surely had a laudable aim, but now so often expression and action are constrained by what I like to call the ‘thought police’.
      Milan Kundera’s phrase, “the non-thought of received information” has, for me, long been an apt characterization of this, and how people are unknowingly influenced, determined and controlled.
      I realize this is not anything new, though, and has always been the case since the inception of society; now however, the phenomena of censorship, repression and oppression, is easier to discern for those who have the eyes to see.
      I am sure many of us grew up hearing stories about the lack of intellectual freedom and expression in communist countries, and never thought in the U.S. that we would experience a similar oppression. It is truly frightening and a danger to the soul of humanity.

  44. I just hope that that Simpson man has not been a part of this site. We are not about violence nor vengeance. I hope he has never posted here and thinking he was only joking or talking big, I made any replies to him. OMG! I want it on record that I in no way condone his behavior nor am I associated with him. I am glad he was apprehended before he carried out his threats. I bet there are nuts like him who have entertained similar actions against some of us here. Imagine all the crazies who hate Jodi… what would happen to her if she was to be set free.

  45. Dorothy, i’ve just read your post, and have a general idea that a person named simpson considered paying hln a visit ?

    i know nothing of hln except as written about here

    i gather others here have similarly been agonizing over their words

    my thoughts are that the teams in black helicopters are unlikely to be paying you a visit

    think of all the violent talk that goes on daily by others, especially the media, across the us, and globally

    there is more than mere talk there is action
    there are wars which slaughter people by the millions; it’s a very busy and popular activity

    the general rule is that countries domestically frown on private killings, which spread disharmony internally, but otherwise the rulers of nations have no qualms, in killing people by the millions, and from the evidence, they actually seem to enjoy killing others

    wars aside, the us and most western nations are deep in the second great depression, from which nations deliberately have instigated poverty, inequity and injustice

    there are much greater general political and economic forces at work in the world than the infinitesimally minuscule power of this website

    for instance, have we any evidence that we’ve ever managed to change one mind among the haters ?
    i have never seen any such evidence
    perhaps that we spread information convinced some, but changing a confirmed hater ?
    i doubt it !

    power or control over the resources is the general ulterior aim of the violence, domestic or international

    that aside, unless some here have such power over others through our words or some form of mind control, hitherto unknown to the world, i think we should be largely free from reproaching ourselves on that score

    do you imagine the media, the contunuously offending media, are agonizing over any such potential or hypothetical culpability they should have ?
    even though that is not our measure, i doubt it

    on the issue of mind control, none of us have that power

    however, to be rigorously scientific about it, i will try an exercise in mind control

    here goes:

    the thought is ….
    “all those who have kept secret, facts are relevant to this case, come forward to the police authorities immediately and inform them of the facts !”

    i just concentrated on that thought
    it is done
    if there are waves of confessions, mind control really has something to it

    i presume the idea is that mind control works equally well for good, as well as bad ?

    Dorothy, if the confessions immediately start pouring in, then you might need to re-examine every word, or phrase or misunderstood gesture that you’ve ever made in your entire life

    i very much doubt you that are very busy sinner, but for all those minor transgressions you fault yourself for having committed, you have made your hypothetical confession, go in peace !

    i personally have always been unconvinced by, any and, all religions, but i think that’s the catholic absolution of sins ?


    • Wes, I don’t quite understand where you went with all that. My comment was just what I said and how I felt about a man who allegedly made death threats to two members of the media (undisclosed) and was apprehended prior to carrying out those alleged threats. There have been some quite violent comments here, whether made out of sheer frustration or in jest, but in either case, I hope they were not made on this site by that particular Simpson who has been on the news. It turns my stomach to think that any human being would plan to carry out such vile threats as that man has allegedly made… “hang her from a tree and gut her like a deer” how sick is that? I just hope that he was never here and I have not, or any of us has not. for that matter, entertained or conversed with such a twisted person.

      And Wes, for the record, I am not affiliated with ANY organized religion. I was not seeking absolution of sins. You evidently read WAY too much into my comment.

      • I was a little confused too Dorothy, Maybe Wes was well-meaning but had one too many beers tonight. lol I, too, hope that sicko hasn’t been near this site but there are crazies all around us so who knows. One bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch and I hope it doesn’t give the media fodder to label all Jodi supporters as such when, in reality, we are mostly intelligent, compassionate, reasonable people who believe Jodi got a raw deal and want true justice to prevail in the end.

        • To my knowledge, he has never posted here and it is unlikely that he ever posted here.

          We get thousands of hits per day, and don’t have nearly as many regular posters. The odds of him posting here are very slim, and if he did – which I doubt – it would likely be a one time post we wouldn’t even remember. If worse, he would have been banned. I would not allow misogynistic crap like “gut her like a deer” and neither would SJ or JC.

          We are not like the haters, we do not believe violence and death solves problems, we do not believe in harassing or stalking people, or trying to ruin people’s lives. We are not HLN either, we do not believe in making money from the tragedy of everyday people. We are Team Jodi, and we are above all that nonsense.

      • Dorothy

        i see team jodi admin has commented aready

        i drafted some comments before i read theirs

        i think they’re relevant to your specific concerns, so i’ll post them

        i was light-heartedly attempting to lift the burden of responsibility for the actions of others you appeared to have placed on your shoulders

        your comment,

        “I hope he has never posted here and thinking he was only joking or talking big, I made any replies to him. OMG! I want it on record that I in no way condone his behavior nor am I associated with him. ”

        i attempted with kindness to put your comments into a wider context, or perspective

        even though we’ve read that the pen is mightier than the sword, the power of the pen in the age of the internet is greatly diminished, where there’s millions of voices

        sickos are able to visit this site, including even visits from the very sickest, the travis taliban, the media, and those who feed on hate

        my comments to Dorothy above i think are also relevant to your concerns:

        ” I, too, hope that sicko hasn’t been near this site but there are crazies all around us so who knows. One bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch and I hope it doesn’t give the media fodder to label all Jodi supporters”

        personally i’m not a adherent to the one bad apple analogy
        my experience is that there’s often many more bad apples

        maybe a cockroach analogy ?
        if you see one cockroach, there’s tens of thousands behind them

        Gwen, with respect to your comments about the media, i don’t think we should self censor the truth as we each see it, but be brave in speaking out against injustice, here in particular as we have seen it in Jodi’s case

        lately i came across various quotes, including some from elie weisel, a holocaust survivor

        i think they are apt

        “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. ”


        “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”

        while there is concern about the violence you refer to, remember there is also the institutional violence that is rooted in the culture and institutions of societies, different in different regions of the country

        jodi’s case for instance
        of late we have witnessed the vast differences between how the law was applied in jodi’s case to that of zimmerman

        to any fair minded person, zimmerman had a fair trial, independent of the verdict

        we know jodi was denied justice, a fair trial, an abnegation of the rule of law

        the police, the prosecutor, the judge and finally the jury in maricopa county, arizona, and the culture and institutions out of which they all arose, denied jodi justice

        • CORRECTION:
          we know jodi was denied justice, a fair trial, an abnegation of the rule of law

          SHOULD BE:
          we know jodi was denied justice, a fair trial, a NEGATION of the rule of law

    • “there are much greater general political and economic forces at work in the world than the infinitesimally minuscule power of this website”


      “do you imagine the media, the contunuously offending media, are agonizing over any such potential or hypothetical culpability they should have ?
      even though that is not our measure, i doubt it”

      Yes! Thank you!

      I have never pretended that I could change anyone else’s mind. I suppose if I felt I had that power, I’d be visiting the hater sites and taking it up with them instead of volunteering here.

      I think I have also said before, that’s it’s very shitty for anyone to hold us to a higher standard than HLN or the rest of the corrupt media that actually DOES have the power to influence people’s behavior. Had HLN not reported on Jodi’s case in a now seven month, 24/7 hate campaign; we would have not seen the throngs of assholes outside the courthouse getting ready to dry hump the steps at the first sight of “guilty.”

      How about people worry about THAT for once? The US Constitution that everyone says their so proud of was trampled on by 40k hateful witch hunters and nobody but us could be bothered to point that out.

      THAT is more worrisome to me, than some whackadoo from AZ threatening reporters I never even heard about. It’s easy to deal with one whackadoo, it’s not easy to deal with 40k torch bearing assholes.

      • It’s true there is little one can do about the thousands of people who watched HLN and read their newspapers and swallowed it all whole.

        However it is possible to talk to the much, much smaller group of people who studied the case closely online and still came to the wrong conclusion.

        It is these people, who are significant in influencing opinion, that I do engage ins rational discussion where possible.

        Follow me on DISQUS or Twitter to see how it can be done. It is somewhat exhausting, I don’t bother much with people who are not genuinely interested in factual discussion.

        • Hi GeeBee, and that’s fine if that’s what you want to do. I just can’t have the hater links up.

          Also, I want everyone to remember that going to those sites and commenting will leave your IP, email address, or other identifiable information. One reason I highly recommend NOT visiting those sites is because the haters want info on Jodi supporters to make us feel ashamed for being part of the minority opinion. I am compiling information on cyber stalking and cyber harassment laws so people know what their rights are.

  46. Good morning to my cyber family.

    Been reading the comments above and wanted to voice my thoughts.

    Firstly, MB: THANK YOU! Yes, your comments are precise refering to that whackjob Simpson.

    This site and especially SJ and the admins can not be held responsible for any whackos out there that are apparently off their rockers. Nor can any of us know what each person hides inside them. Even if this crazy person had ever posted here using a fake name, how in the world would any of us have known?

    For example, does anyone know what the stranger sitting beside us on a bus (smiling nice and looking normal) is thinking? NO. They can be terrorists for all we know and we would never have noticed. The same thing applies for this site. Does anyone actually think that a whacko would write a post saying ‘I’m gonna do this’ or ‘I’m gonna do that’ and we would take no action? They would be reported immidiately to the authorities.

    So, it would be nice for a change to stop making hypothesis and wondering if Simpson ever posted here and take a minute to be grateful that no tragedy occured by this crazy person.

    SJ, be careful because the next thing you know, your site might be blamed for global warming! LOL!

    Hope everyone has a great day!

    (((((((((Jodi Supporters))))))))

    • You have a great day too Pan!

      I agree with all your points. I’m a mod, not a mind reader. If I were that’d make my life a whole lot easier.

      Damn skippy if someone posts something hideous like that whackadoo did; we’d ban the asshole and take the IP address and email straight to the cops. We aren’t keyboard jockeys either. If we need to go to the authorities we’ll just DO IT.

      I remember when someone called in a threat to Jennifer Willmott. Now should I start pointing my finger at the State Vs Jodi Arias facebook page and blame them? What kind of response would I get? An avalanche of bullshit accusing me of blaming the wrong people; with legal threats thrown in, but somehow it’s perfectly acceptable for the Travis Taliban to say whateverthefuck they want about this site and never be held accountable. Whatever. One rule for them, another list of rules for us; the hypocrites can’t even live up to their own damn standards let alone have any room to point the finger.

      Oh I’m sure we’ll be blamed for global warming eventually, and the economic collapse of 2008. They’ll probably blame Jodi for that, though, because their hero and demigod Travis Alexander died that year so the ENTIRE WORLD had to have gone to crap because of that. It couldn’t be that Wall Street gambled with the nation’s prosperity and lost, or that fighting two wars and allowing mortgage companies to bamboozle illiterate borrowers into signing up for horribly inflated loans didn’t bankrupt the country. No it’s because the Second Coming of Jesus, er; I mean Travis Alexander the Great, was stabbed to death in self defense. And even though I say this all sarcastically, you know there’s probably about twenty haters out there taking this seriously enough to build a monument to worship at the feet of the World’s Most Famous Abuser and will start a web page devoted to how Jodi Arias single handedly ended the American dream (along with her followers, who must be stalked, harassed, then outed to humiliate them and prevent them from getting jobs). And they call us crazy? 🙄

  47. Reading this report

    and judging by the tweets, I think perhaps he did not have an intention of carrying out his twitter threats, and has deliberately got himself arrested as a form of protest.

    These tweets seem to be echoing Travis Alexander’s plan for Jodi that we heard in the sex tape, except that he does not say he plans to “stick it up her arse”, as Travis did.

    • Yesterday, I did still say I was still processing it.

      The key point I missed is this : “If he really meant to carry out these threats, why post them on twitter?”

      • Please,can we just move on from that sicko,stupid obsessed individual?? He was a nutjob,why mention him anymore? Because he threatened 2 famous reporters,right?
        But when Jodi’s family members receive death threats nothing is done!!! Suuuure,I get it. NOT!

  48. That would be a pretty fascinating headline, geebee2: “Man gets arrested for using Travis’s words towards junk food news reporters”.

    I smell deception in that article you linked to. I wonder how we can find more information on this guy?

    • Oh, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen just as bad (if not worse) in the amazon discussion forum for ALV’s book. I’ll have to go back through my screen grabs.

      • Sam,
        It amazes me that the powers that be focused in on the threats made to the news commentators and apprehended a suspect, but it seems that relatively little or no steps were taken when it came to threats made toward ALV. This adds just another injustice to the obviously numerous examples of injustice that occurred throughout Jodi’s case. The “law” 🙄 has obviously taken the side of the prosecution/media and has dismissed or ignored all the blatant evil that has been directed toward the defense and those associated with it, which includes us. Just when I think there cannot possibly be anything else that befuddles me which creates MORE bias in this case, along comes something else.

        • It sure does show some bias, Dorothy! Perhaps it could show a direct link between CNN and the county sheriff if properly investigated. I’ve read online that the prison lobby and CNN are linked but have never bothered to check that out.

          I keep thinking of this guy going to court and saying “But those weren’t MY words. They were Travis’s words.”

          • The more I read about Joe Arpaio, the more I think he may somehow be related to this supposed stalker case. He set up a media blitz before. In 1999, he staged an assassination plot against himself for publicity. Can you believe it?

            • There is also information to be found online about certain individuals benefiting from imprisoning people unjustfuly. I can play a Link if you like.

    • My Press Complaints Commission decision arrived today.

      I have scanned it in ( see my site ).

      It’s interesting that the latest Daily Mail article “New York man ‘obsessed with Jodi Arias threatened anchors for their negative coverage of murder trial’

      says below it

      “Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons.”

  49. Latest tweets from Jodi:

    Jodi Arias ‏@Jodiannarias
    Here’s why u shouldn’t buy my mail on Ebay: I will write u…. FOR FREE. Don’t get suckered.

    Jodi Arias ‏@Jodiannarias
    Another reason: opportunists are passing off fraudulent mail as mine and people are falling for it.

    Team Jodi

    • Are people really falling for that sh*t? Oh boy…


      Always great to hear from her ♥ ♥

  50. OK Guys I’m giving you all fair warning that if your post fits under my criteria or TFL (too fucking long) then I won’t be reading it. It’s too hot, humid and nice out to spend hours at the computer reading long, repetitive, monotonous posts. I’m sorry if anyone finds my choice of language offensive but some of you have gotten a little long winded lately. The use of paragraphs would make some posts a little more reader friendly also.

    That’s all for now.

    Have a nice day.

    • Well, Bev, some of us are posting from smart phones & it is quite difficult, I would know, & we have no Tab key. I have recently begun breaking up my posts into sections using enter, so I hope that helps. Personally, I am not concerned with what you do or do not read, but please be aware that a substantial post may mean that the individual has something important to say. There is no reason to be rude & take a stab at posters here. If you don’t wanna read the post, that is your business, but I see no reason to be rude about it in front of everyone. People should feel comfortable to post their thoughts here without their formatting or the length of their posts being criticized. Some have more to say than others.

  51. I was thinking about records Jodi’s trial may have broken… here are some possibles:

    Number of days from arrest to sentence
    Number of days on stand for a single individual on trial
    Number of days from verdict to sentence

    Less serious:
    Number of tweets from courtroom
    Highest number of Disqus posts on a single Latinos Post page.

    Do if any of these are wrong? Other possible records?

    • We’ ll have to wait for the sentence to be decided first, of course…Then we can talk about numbers 😉

      • What happens if an appeal against the aggravation verdict succeeds before the DP retrial is finished?

        Do they abort the DP retrial, and retry the aggravation phase?

        To be honest my mind cannot cope with the various mind-boggling possibilities.

        How any of this makes the least bit of sense I really don’t know.

    • Geebee2:
      May I add?
      The number of days between Jodi’s arrest to the beginning of her trial.
      What ever happened to the Constitutional right to a speedy trial?

      What legal argument could the prosecution have used to delay the trial 41/2 years?
      What did he need the long period of time for?

      It brings to mind the time the roomer’s needed to get their stories straight. About 41/2 days!

  52. In agreement with BevM about the long posts but I did manage to make it thru most of Wes’s and, yes, I concur with your cockroach analogy so let’s keep the Raid handy. lol And I will never keep silent when I feel that someone has been as wronged as Jodi has. But to me, it’s not about vengeance, it’s about justice. I feel that most on the other side are so blinded by their lust for revenge that they fail to see or refuse to see that Jodi is a wonderful, talented, intelligent, spiritual young woman who, sadly, ended up meeting a cad who intentionally stripped her of her dignity and annihilated her self esteem. So here we are. Has she not had that misfortune she probably would have never gotten anything more than a parking ticket on her record. Unlike the Alexander clan who all seem to have rap sheets. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that dig. I, too, want to thank the administrators for this site which is truly about Justice for Jodi!

    • Gwen,
      I totally agree. What about the rap sheets? WTH. Jodi would probably never been cited in Mayberry for jaywalking…Why the did Tanisha hide her tattoos. Nothing against tattoos, but why did she hide them….I still cannot grasp this freaking trial circus and the actors wannabees on hln. GMAFB!

    • Good morning Krista, that is a very good question. Why were the defense witness’s death threats not investigated? Why Nasty Disgrace and Jane Velez-Mitchell ? Are the more important than ALV or Jodi’s friend or Jodi’s parents. I guess you get special consideration when you are a professional shit stirrer. While I don’t want anyone to get hurt it is kinda nice to see the shoe on the other foot. Y’all have a nice day I’ll check in later after work.

      (((((TEAM JODI)))))

      Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia

    • Krista,
      I’ve known you for a long time through this site and you know that I agree with you almost always.
      This time,I dont. Sorry, but this post of yours is a bit extremistic for my taste,especially the first couple of sentences. You ”just LOVE” this guy and ”want to thank him” ???
      For what? For acting like a freaking terrorist? For doing the exact same thing we’ve been condemning all along, in other words resorting to violence and death threats?

      That man is a disturbed individual, his actions have NOTHING to do with his support for Jodi or indignation towards HLN. Do not be that naive. He possibly suffers from some kind of psychological issues: psychosis,suppressed and displaced anger issues, or maybe even something more dangerous.I’d bet good money on that!
      So,I for one, do not want to be associated with such person not even as a joke. If HLN or Nancy are to receive justice this will be done through a court of Law,not through bullets!!

      Jodi supporters have always been in favour of peaceful ‘protests’ and are patiently waiting for justice for Jodi.

    • Hi Krista I must say I disagree with you about Simpson. He truly must be a psycho for what he had planned, and we don’t need maniac’s like that driving around with a trunk full of guns and ammo. There have been too many innocent people killed by guys like him. As much as I dislike NG and HLN now, I used to watch it quite often. I was already questioning her objectivity before the JA trial but when she became so one-sided I really began to question her and stopped watching. Prior to that I thought NG was a decent human being and I felt I could trust what she reported. It’s when I lost trust for her that I stopped watching the channel completely.

      Having said all that, she is a mother with children, a husband, parents and family who love her, not to mention a lot of fans (apparently). She doesn’t deserve threats like this nor does she deserve to live in fear. It’s bad enough when people make threats in the written word, but when they take steps like this guy did to act them out, well that is truly scary and definitely not cool. No doubt he was a loser who was never going to do anything significant in his life and he felt that his actions would make people notice him. (Like Mark Chapman)

      Hopefully this guy will get some time behind bars which will make the rest of the population much safer. If he wasn’t fixated on NG it would have been someone else he turned his anger on.

        • Exactly, Geebee2. Arpario should start investigating all the sex crimes he ignores rather than chasing down (or planting evidence?) people threatening him or his minions at CNN. Especially considering his history.

          Why does Sheriff Joe think it’s okay to let rapists and child molesters go free? If Penn State can get harshly critiqued for not investigating Sandusky, how come Arpaio gets away with closing cases where there is clear indication of child sexual abuse? It’s all very, very, very stinky.

          • I have a question as to why it’s Sheriff Joe anyway, if this guy’s in New York, and HLN is in New York and Atlanta, aren’t they?

    • I don’t like to see this here. I don’t think any of us promote violence or want it promoted on our SUPPORT site. Just saying.

  53. Giant HUGS for the faithful posters for Team Jodi! I have not daily posted, but I try and keep up reading.


    I pray for Jodi and her family…..

    i’M FAR TOO TIRED NOW. HUGS AND LOVE ALWAYS TO ((((((((((((((TEAM jODI)))))))))))))))

    • OK,good for them! (that’s my civil response)

      (upset,uncivil,foul language response) They have GOT to be kidding me!!!! Geebee,you may still processing it I have already an answer:Fucking HYPOCRITES!!! How DARE they? Where was Jodi’s case in all this? Oh NOW they need training events on DV huh? How ironic! And just so we’re clear: is it a strangulation exclusive training program ?
      Because to the best of my recollection,Jodi testified she was choked by Travis till she passed out! Are any other kinds of domestic violence included in this seminar?

      (on a lighter note) if that’s what it is about ,they shouldnt bother attending this training event. It’s Maricopa County,after all! I can wrap it up for them:

      ”Ladies and gentlemen,here are some techniques to facilitate you when dealing with potential DV victims.Strike up a friendly conversation along these lines and try to elicit crucial information:
      -Ma’am,you’re saying you were strangled by your husband?
      -Show us some photos where the bruises or marks are clearly seen.
      -I dont have one.
      -Nothing we can do. Have a nice day.”

      • maria

        I don’t know. It’s possible that there are different/new factions within the office.

        It is quite bizarre though – but then so is everything that happens in Maricopa!

        For the moment it’s something I don’t understand, which means it’s best to reserve judgement.

    • Maybe somebody somewhere was listening to Ms. LaViolette when she spoke of what she helped accomplish in California years ago.

  55. The only one things that they care about are money and ratings. I would love to see everybody cancel their subscription to CNN and HLN. I wish the whole country would.

  56. Since things have been a bit tense and I don’t want to break any rules, I’m asking before posting something. There is a new Jodi Arias support site. Am I allowed to post the link here? I’ve been there and like I said, it’s brand new and there have only been a couple of posts so far.

    • Pamela, this is a Jodi Support site.

      This is the site that Jodi trusts. This is the site that Jodi trusts to collect money for her commissary account and the site that she trusts to sell items to help animals and domestic violence.

      I post ONLY here because I trust SJ not to collect my email and IP and try to track me down somehow. I personally don’t need the links to any other sites.

      I also will not post anywhere else because I don’t know if they are true Jodi supporters or they are just trying to collect email and IP’s in order to track people down and harass them. I don’t get harassed here. I may not agree with everything that everyone posts on here, but I know I can share my thoughts and frustrations without getting a photoshopped image of my family/myself being killed in the mail. I also don’t get phone calls telling me to change my mind. etc, etc.

  57. HI EVERYONE!!! ((((HUGS)))))) About my post above. Its ok you dont have to agree . BUt i think its awesome for everyone to see the other side has an ugly face to. This is the firt negitive action from any supporter for jodi or Casey. I think its about time these bitches get alittle scared. Do oi want bad shit to happen to them . No. do I want to see them get a taste of the own medicine. DEFINITELY!!!! They get thousands of people to riot FOR them. Now there is 1 just 1 that wants to give it back to them and oh he’s extreme!!! Whatever!!! Don’t give me that shit “Oh she’s a mom. a wife , BLAH,BLAH, SHE DOESN”T CARE ABOUT THAT SHIT. EVERYDAY SHE PUTS HER STUPID ASS UP THERE AND SAYS WHAT SHE SAYS, CAUSING PEOPLE TO RIOT AND CAUSES PEOPLE TO KILL THEM SELVES AND YOU WANT TO JUMP ALL OVER A GUY WHO GOT FED UP WITH IT> THATS BULL SHIT!! Thats why this bitch is stiill doing what shes doing. You can think i’m extreme all you want but this bitch had this kind of thing coming for along time. Honestly I cant believe it hasnt happened sooner. Or like i said it happens so much she just shrugs it off. Do you think she’ll take shit seriously now?!?!? No. Her deal with the devil will protect her. Look it did this time. Oh yeah by the way . Do you think this bitch worries about the mothers,wives, sisters SHE HAS KILLED? FUCK NO!!!! Oh and what about jodi being a sister,daughter,friend. I think this was good hopefully they will learn. But you know what they wont. I’ll write a book on these bitches to counter the one on Jodi. Then maybe they will realize people really are paying attention to what the hell they are ACTUALLY doing!!!!!! In a legal way that is. Yeah so thanks david for flying that freak flag high. Hopefully you actually saved these stupid bitches.

    • I know where you are coming from Krista.

      It’s the history of human conflict. It’s the never-ending question of when one should resort to violence in the hope that there will be a net benefit.

      The United States invaded Iraq on a false premise. It has been embroiled in Afghanistan, people are dieing, nobody quite knows what for. The government is spying on it’s own people as never before.

      Is there such a thing as a just war? It’s the same question.

      I believe not – I think violence just breeds more violence, it’s a never ending cycle.
      But there are no absolute answers – Jodi had to resort to violence to survive.

      • geebee!!! ((((((HUGS))))) I am working on scanning that letter fr you!! I also wrote jodi and asked her if she could write me a letter for you to post just for supporters!! I will let ya know what she says!! I’m just upset that Nasty does ALL THIS SHIT and then when some FINALLY has enough THEY are the bad guy. well folks if nasty had respect for the country that “LOVES” (and i use the term loosely) her then we wouldn’t be here would we. no because Jodi would be free because this was CLEARLY a self defense case and Zimmerman ould be a nobody and casey wouldn’t be in hidding. It really pisses me off that THIS BITCH started soooooooo much shit and some one was finally feed up enough to take action. AT LEAST SOMEONE IS!!!!!! I am working hard everyday to do the right thing and let the legal systen handle it. well as we wait this cow is ruining more lives and nothing is done to her. Nasty has killed at least 2 people just because. The victims had NOT been to trial. Had NOT been convicted, and yet she opened her big mouth and now 2 women are dead because of the back lash these women faced. People don’t understand what kind of monster this cow is. I have done hours and hours of research on Nasty and EVERYONE would vomit at the injustice that has happened because of the person. Even when she was a prosecutor (WHICH IS WAY WORSE) she used knowingly false testimony FROM A COP mind you during a trial and was so out of line the suprme court of georgia called her out on it!!!!!! I have a petition, i am going to write a book, and i have written the President. Can you really blame someone who is in fits over this shit that KEEPS ON HAPPENING ? NO. HELL it didn’t take even half that to get people to want to hurt jodi and ALV and Gus and Casey and on and on. No violence is never the answer for a disagreement. But it can be an answer when its the only option. who knows what this guy has been through? we don’t know if he tried to go through the legal channels. just like we don’t know if all it took was Nasty being a bitch and not letting him talk on her show. But this bitch needs to see the reality of her actions. And I think david did that. See you cant just start shit and expect everyone to be ok with it. EVERYONE IS NOT OK WITH IT. I just wish Nasty would target Weiner or someone who can be like Fuck this bitch and get her ass in a cell of her own.!!! AHHHH…. I love you guys!! I want this country to be a better place for everyone and It won’t be untill Nasty and her ass camp are off the air!!!

    • Hi Krista, I understand why you feel the way you do, although I disagree with David’s actions. I don’t think yet more violence, even verbal violence, solves anything.

      With that said, I do agree that it’s abhorrent that Nancy Grace, JVM, ect have had ZERO accountability for their actions. Lives have been destroyed because of them, and they make no effort to change their false narratives or admit when they are wrong. They also present themselves as a legitimate news source when they are clearly biased and incapable of reporting just the facts, and if tabloids have to have a disclaimer so should they.

      What irks me is how they accuse Casey Anthony of loafing around when it’s them who made it impossible for her to get a job after her trial. How is she supposed to get hired or hold down a job with the constant reminder of the media’s horrible accusations that were NEVER proven in a court of law? Most people can’t function well having depression or some other health problem; let alone dealing with that kind of BS. If they want people to hold down a job, then maybe they shouldn’t be waging wars against grieving mothers, battered women, or neighborhood watch dudes.

      • No joke!! Who DOESN’T know who Casey Anthony is? Who do you think would hire her & live with the backlash for it? She has it worse of than a felon right now due to public opinion, which HLN helped to mold. It isn’t her fault she can’t work. It’s obvious why she can’t. Again, people always making something out of nothing. It’s like people have selective sight & hearing. They don’t even listen to common sense reasoning. Effin media monkeys… SMH

  58. There has been discussion on whether JA’s constitutional right to speedy trial vas violated. The answer is “no.” On March 12, 2012, the Maricopa Court under Judge Stephens addressed the issue and stated ” . . . to ensure that she had an effective representation by counsel, Defendant Arias had to agree to continuance of the trial to October 2012 . . . ” and ” . . . the delay of the trial was indispensable to the interests of justice so that newly appointed counsel can have sufficient time to prepare . . . ”

    That being said, why should a criminal defendant be forced to give up her right to a speedy trial & have to suffer and languish in jail because attorneys keep changing. It wasn’t JA’s fault that her first attorney had some conflict of interest. Would love to know who that client was (of that first attorney) that caused a conflict with JA! Maybe a bank fraudster? Maybe a roommate? That part of the case deserves investigation.

  59. It’s my understanding that we aren’t supposed to post links to such sites but I could be wrong.

    Just consider this:

    When you go to bed with the devil, you may wake up scorched.

  60. Bev, it’s a support site. I read several support sites on a daily basis. I don’t agree with everything that is posted on them, but it’s how I stay informed.

    • I’m just saying I’d stay away from “support” sites run or initiated by people who would rather see Jodi fry, that’s all.

      I’m also speculating if there’s an ulterior motive, such as collecting IP addresses, email addresses or general personal information.

      Then there’s the obvious one, trying to put an end to this site.

      • I agree BevM. They don’t really support Jodi. They aren’t interested in being cooperative with supporters they don’t agree with either. They want to sit on the fence, and pretend that is supporting Jodi. No it is not.

        I agree with Wes’ comment that silence only enables the oppressor. Travis was Jodi’s oppressor. Silencing criticism of his abusive behavior only enables and emboldens other abusers to continue abusing. That’s what they do – they minimize and obfuscate the abuse; which is one of the tell tale signs of power and control dynamic.

        I am working on some research about abusive behavior, and will be making a post about it soon.

        • I am so glad that you finally had a chance to look into this more fully, MB!! With my personal life right now (which I have no problem discussing with you privately) I have been unable to do more research or work than I have. However, I have some very important things on my list of things to do in regards to this case that I have either already shared or would be happy to share if anyone else has the time to look into it. As soon as I have more time & some things get worked out I plan to take this bull by the horns & write a paper, which I will be happy to send you a copy of & may submit for publication.

  61. Anyone else think its FUCKED UP processeds for JVM book about jodi is going to the travis alexander family charities?!?!!?!?! YOUR THOUGHTS BECAUSE I”M GETTING MORE PISSED AS I READ THIS SHIT!!!!!

  62. Hey everyone. Happy Thursday.

    I have been in back and forth emails with GD. It is quite interesting to say the least.

    One of the items I have been made privy to is that the poster “cindney” was in fact an imposter. She is a HE, NOT an abuse victim, NOT a wealthy woman who wants to donate her money to Jodi. He/she was a fraud.

    BevM…I told you girlfriend, I got this one! 🙂

    Tugging at our heart strings seems to be the modus operandi of deceivers. We all need to be very, very careful.

  63. Hi everyone. Happy Thursday.

    I feel I should post this in public because it concerns our integrity as a team.

    I have been in conversations with a new poster offsite. I have been informed the poster “cindney” was in fact a troll. She was not even female – she was a HE. He is not an abuse survivor. He does not have money to donate to Jodi unbeknownst to his family. He was a fraud.

    BevM…I told ya girlfriend – I got this! 🙂

    We must be very, very careful when someone comes into this site and “spills their guts” in a public forum, especially if they are hiding behind fake poster names and refuse to own up to their big brave words by doing so under their own name.

  64. Hey everyone. Happy Thursday.

    I have been in discussions with a new poster offsite of JAII. I have been informed the poster on this site known as “cindney” was a fraud. She was not even female; she was a he.

    There is no “abuse” story. There is no money to leave Jodi behind her family members backs. It was all deception.

    We must be very, very careful with new posters who come into this site and willy-nilly decide to “bear their souls” and post their stories of abuse under FAKE poster names. Yes some people do wish to share their story and remain hidden. That is why we must be careful. Unfortunately there are people out there that will tug on our heart strings with nefarious intentions.

    BevM…I told ya girlfriend…I got this one! 🙂 I hope you are well!

    • Thanks Janeen, it looks like we’ve had some issues with the site lately. I decided to leave your comments as is.

      I have screenshots that show this poster is not who they claim to be; and I also have screenshots that show the comments were not edited. I will post screenshots shortly.

      For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, this is what happened. SJ posted a snarky comment about the family, and like clockwork the closet pedo-huggers were out to take out their anger on anyone they could. They accused the mods of editing their comment. When I checked their comment there was no snippet of code on their email to show it had been edited. When I said this, I also posted that if they had a problem with SJ to email him directly instead of trying to publicly scold him on his own web site. I think that’s rude. So anyway, I also posted a warning that applied to EVERYONE that any accusations about editing comments or publicly criticizing the site owner will result in a ban. Contrary to popular belief, and the projection of trolls on the Internet, I don’t have time to sit around talking sense into people. They will either respect the purpose of this site and the people who run it, or they won’t. I should not have to sit around explaining that this is a privately owned web site, and posting here is a privilege not a right.

      Well Cindney got all bent out of shape and threw out yet more accusations of shit like reading too much into her comments, ect and so forth. I told her that she was put in moderation until she could learn how to respect the people who run this site. Then, to get around this, she posted under ANOTHER email address; deliberately to go around being in moderation and accusing me of being a Nazi.

      So I banned her. I don’t think any reasonable person would put up with that kind of verbal abuse. Apparently this caused the anti-Jodites to propel themselves into yet another easily disprove smear campaign and post Cindney’s comment as though it’s “proof” of abuse survivors being banned. What they didn’t say, is that I didn’t ban her for claiming to be an abuse survivor. I banned her for disrespecting SJ, me, and deliberately going around moderation in collusion with the “other site” that shall remain nameless for it’s famous shit disturbing activities. Cindney was a troll, plain and simple.

      They even harassed Jeff Mills, and had him believing that I was a big meanie who silenced an abuse survivor. Uh, no. Putting in abusive language in the same post as a sob story I can’t even verify to be true is not proof of anything but to the lengths they will go to be manipulative.

      • Ok here are the screenshots:

        Here is the proof that cindney lied about her comments being edited:

        Here is email address search showing Cindney is a man:

        Here is the screenshot showing that Cindney posted as

        Oh wow can you say BUSTED?

        Please note: I have left all information intact. If you buy into their sob story and email them I CANNOT and I also REFUSE to be held responsible if you email them and by doing so, give them your own email address, name, IP address, or any other information as to your identity.

        • MB, thank you for the information and proof but you don’t need to prove anything to us. I trust your word. I never doubted your post for a moment. But as long as you did post that info, it goes to show that you are a damn decent friend! ♥

          • I agree! Imagine, these people are grown folks acting like they’re in middle school.


        • I also thought it suspicious that she (he) was claiming to have sent Jodi $100 a week and then “worried” aloud that such donations might be considered “income” by the IRS. I think this whack job was tryihg in a not so disreet manner to subvert Jodi’s commisary money to the Meth Heads. That was my first thought.

          • Oooh good point. I didn’t even think of that. Yes, please speak up if you think someone’s posting some hinky stuff. All donations are taken care of off site, none of us mods have anything to do with it. We don’t see who has donated what, so when he posted publicly about making a large donation it made no sense to me anyway.

    • Janeen, thanks for your post. You are always protecting us and watching out for the good of ((((((((((((((((our site)))))))))))))))).
      I love you girl! ♥

    • There are literally no words to describe my gratitude to MB, JC ,SJ Janeen and to every poster here who always have the site’s best interest at heart . Thank you for having our backs ♥

    • I have shared my story under another name, but I have also said so outright & did so because of it’s relevance to this case in regards to the behavior of abusers & their victims. Honestly, anything significantly personal, especially anything that might include loved ones, I feel obligated to discuss under a pseudonymn simply because I have seen the kind of malice & harassment people on the other side of the fence are caplable of & I don’t need or want that in my life. I truly hope that no one here worries about my presence, because it would be needless worry. However, I do not blame anyone for questioning anyone here. Apparently these people go to serious lengths to infiltrate this site even though they have very little reason.

  65. Well, We all are upset by the injustice that has been happening to Jodi. I have to believe the NGs and the JVMs of the world will pay an ultimate price one day for their part in it. Once, I checked out the Travis site and happened upon the Memorial Site and the Travis the Better Blogger site, It all makes me so sad to see how many people have been led astray on this whole ordeal. The pictures with all his so-called friends made me sick. He didn’t realize the type of people he had introduced into his life. They all were hiding behind their smiles. . .where were they when he needed help? Maybe they were looking back at him in the shower the day he died. Who really knows. It scares me to think that they might have served a part in his death. . .more so than Jodi did. It really makes more sense than anything else. He was surely caught up with a very dangerous untrustworthy group of people. If they were true Christians why did they not help Jodi instead of lying about her? Money seemed to be the root of their whole existence (not working hard for it too). Also the hatred seemed far from a Christian minded group. Where will this all end. ..I am still praying for Jodi because I have believed her to be innocent from the first time I heard anything about all of this. Bless her heart! Also I will continue to pray for all my TEAM JODI members. Stay Strong Jodi.
    PS Don’t’ forget to sign the petition for getting rid of Nancy. 🙂

    • Hi RLove, no problem. It’s not just you, there’s been a lot of posters experiencing posting problems. We’re trying to work it out. Thanks for understanding!

  66. I’m trying some “old boy networking on twitter”.

    Can you really get a life sentence for stealing socks? Welcome to the US & madness of #ThreeStrikesLaw

    @richardbranson You can be held in jail for 5 years for defending yourself against an abusive bf and given DP retrial ->

    @richardbranson Hi Richard, I’m a Stoic as well, but you probably left just before I was there. My daughter has dyslexia, just diag. at uni

  67. I have a hard enough time being me, let alone making things up. I don’t use my last name because, frankly, I am not into IPs and everything you need to know to protect yourself from these idiots.

  68. Still reading all.
    Been really busy and I dont have much to say at this moment.
    So just wanted to say hello.

    Hope everyone is doing well.
    Hope Jodi is well.
    Miss you guys,

  69. Good morning all TGIF! Hope every one has a great Friday. Looks like a beautiful week end ahead lower temps and very low humidity a great week end for a long ride.

    (((((TEAM JODI)))))

    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

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