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So… let these clueless fucks come up with some more bullshit today. We’re used to it by now, aren’t we?. After that, we can start preparing for the appellate courts and the appeals in respect of this AZ State Circus debacle.

And while I’m on a roll, let me tell you this — and let’s see how little of it appears on HLN later today:

TA’s retarded & inbred meth-head loser family seriously need to get a life, and quit playing the fake sympathy card for anyone that’s stupid enough to give a fuck about them. So yeah… to the meth-head family I say fuck you and the drug dealers dicks you all rode into town on. You, just like all the other sick pedo-hugging fucks should never have been born in the first place. The world would have been a much better place without you… just like the world is a much better place without that TA asshole.

The same sentiments go out to all the mormon motherfuckers still clinging to the illusion of Jodi’s guilt, just to make them feel “better” about themselves. Good luck with that. Fuck you too, and the bishop you’re always giving head to. You know who you are.

This will always be a very basic & grossly overcharged self-defense case, with no credible evidence to prove the contrary. If there is credible evidence, then I’ve never seen it. I’ve seen Walmart receipts and deposit slips… I’ve also seen rape-themed text messages… and I’ve heard an audio recording of some pervert wanting to tie a 12 year old girl to a tree and fuck her in the ass. On top of that, all I’ve heard is a lot of bullshit fantasy speculation, hearsay & assumption from Dirty Sanchez — a miscreant excuse of a prosecutor who’s not even fit to shovel shit from one place to another without arguing with the shovel.

The jurors… for reasons yet to be specifically determined, must have been watching a different trial altogether. So much so that they not only failed in their duty as jurors, but they also failed to uphold The Constitution. Another bunch of motherfuckers to behold. Please stand for the jury? Fuck you.

Here’s permanently pissed up juror #8 talking about being approached & questioned during the trial, watching TV and seeing all the newspaper headlines. “Did anyone attempt to speak to you about this case?… I see no hands.says Judge Pickles. So much for that BS…

[hdplay id=225 width=500 height=300]

Ok then… in summary, and just in case anyone needed reminding…

We are here for the long haul.

We are proud to stand behind and support Jodi Arias.

Always have done.

Always will do.

Nothing will ever change that.


NEVER DOUBT IT FOR ONE SECOND… if you do, then you shouldn’t even be here.

Leave your comments below as another new & star-spangled bullshit dawn breaks over Arizona.

The real battle starts today folks.

Are you up for it, or what?…

Team Jodi

PS. I nearly forgot this…….

Justice for Travis has been served - Jodi Arias Is Innocent-com

Let this be a warning to any other self-righteous bastards that think they can verbally & physically abuse women and get away with it.

Because the fact of the matter is… in the cold light of day… most of the time you can get away with it )and do)… but sometimes… well… you just can’t. The photograph above is testament to that fact.



    • Me to. I will be so pissed if Jodi gets life. She and she alone should be the master of her fate. I can’t wait till Monday when she finally gets a chance to tell the jury to go fuck themselves and shock them with her (righteous) desire to die and not be caged. She going to take control Monday!

        • I agree she has worth. But I have to respect her decision. She always boldly speaks the truth, and she won’t be hamstrung by her fric and frac “legal team” any longer. The Jury is in for the surprise of a lifetime when she addresses them Monday. Nurmi and Wilmott can’t hold her back, she is too courageous.

      • Hola, I am confused. Since I work so many hours I can’t follow it all. Whoever I ding this excellent site, is saying about Mormons & the bishop. I thought she is Mormon. Did she denounce that cult? I don’t want to group her in with the statement above.

        peace out!

    • It’s going to be a very long week-end. Hope y’all take time to re-energize ‘n keep Jodi in your hearts. Night all. thanks for this great spot where we can all gather and support Jodi and each other.

    • I dont believe that is up to you, your the 2nd alternet…there is a good chance you could be spending a day of relaxation with JM, followed by a night of “relaxation” with Jm, followed by a slow death due to herpagahnasyphilaids.

      Good luck!

  1. Bravo SJ!!! couldn’t have said better myself. I for one will be here for the long haul. And will continue to write to Jodi in jail at least once a week or more when possible.

    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • Thanks Ray! I think the long haul may well be a very long one – BUT we are up for it and we are ready!

      >>> JUSTICE FOR JODI! <<< SJ Team Jodi

  2. Gotta go to meetings, will check with you guys when the days done.

    Keep the faith and may the pox be on JM, Pickles and their insidious cohort.

    They’re going to have to live with this.

  3. Oh man SJ I just finished reading the above. My you DO have a way with words. Couldn’t have said it better myself, and the picture definitely fits.

    • Again I say……


      Mad Midget will get his!

      SJ, can you start a fund for Jodi’s Appeal? I will give her money, but would like to help her get a MEAN Attorney! And, BTW – You’re awesome!!!

      JUSTICE for Jodi!!

          • I would like to donate what I can for her appeal when the site is ready. I pray for justice for Jodi. She and her family and friends have endured the worst injustice I have ever seen.

            • It doesn’t matter what Jodi does! MAN! If she smiles, she’s wrong, if she sits there, does nothing, she’s wrong, if she cries, it’s fake, if she said sorry….it would be, O she doesn’t mean it, or it’s too late, if she doesn’t say anything, she’s still wrong! My goodness!!! This is sick!! LEAVE HER ALONE!! Go after the PEDO PERV will ya!!
              I’m sure the DRAMA is coming from Bobble Head today! Did anyone else catch her looking around (behind & beside her), then looks at the jury, and cries!! What a FAKE!

                • i pray Jodi will stay MUM w/o expression… sick of them saying anything she does is wrong…so already said she was sorry on the stand…..they need to repent to her.TA FAMILY JUAN HORN FLORES this court the haters

              • You are so right! It doesn’t matter what Jodi does or says at this time HLN will distort it into something its not. For crying out load she can’t win for losing. Talk about hate crimes, that is what HLN has done to Jodi. Always trying to de-humanize her. What a bunch of shit this has become. I’m so sick of hearing of what a great guy TA was. He lived a lie, plain and simple. It used this poor girl for his perverted fantasies and dumped her in the end. The bastard got what was coming to him.

        • OMG I’m so glad to know that’s coming!!!! When these hateful bastards find a new host to suck from WE will STILL be here, and we WILL be VICTORIOUS!!
          I just want this bullshit over today so we can get to work. FUCK THE HATERS and their MOTHERS! JUSTICE IS IN THE BAG!!!!!
          PS- I love you so much SJ for not giving a FUCK and not backing down to these pedo-hugging assholes!!

        • SJ, thank you so much! I can’t believe what has been allowed to happen to her. I fantasize about getting her the right legal people behind her and bringing down this whole entire farce. I really want her to walk free sooner than later.

          But, sorry for the ramble. Thank you!

  4. I’ve been away on a business trip and I’m just catching up on the news. Well, I’m not surprised. What else are we to expect from such a biased jury and a biased system. It’s so easy to look back now and realize Jodi never had a chance. And now I hear her lawyers were trying to get out of the rest of this. That’s so cheap of them. So, while I’m praying for an appeal, and a good outcome for Jodi – I’m not really sure she will even get justice with an appeal. Not in the state of AZ.

  5. Does anyone know if the motion to drop out of the case by the defense might just be a strategy for future appeals?

  6. Good morning SJ, Tony, Ray, Al, elna, Michelle K, Mary, Rachel, Crooked, BevM, Rainy, Lynn, Ann, Renee – ((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))) to you all

  7. Hi folks, I have been away since last Friday and I missed out on yesterdays events (and it seems like some stuff going on here)… I have not watched any news or “news”. What happened? Anyone could briefly fill me in I’d appreciate it. Was there sentencing? I don’t know if I want to hear bad news…good news would be better.

    • Is this my Dorothy that was going to leave site around the time password/vent happened?? If so, HUGS to you D!!! I missed you!!! <3

      • Thank you Lynn! I missed you too and everybody 🙂 …I got the p/w to the first vent site but after posting a few comments I realized it was a “VENT” page specifically for that… so I didn’t hang out there ..but…I see there have been two more added. Read SJ’s post re: more creeps trying to invade our space…why can’t they get a life already?
        There was a death in my family 😥 so I haven’t been back I think since last Thursday… (I think…sometimes I don’t know what day it is)
        Is something supposed to happen today in court? I can’t bear to cry any more than I have been… so I have been avoiding the news, etc.

        • ((((((((((((((((Dorothy)))))))))))))))))) I’m so sorry to hear about the death in your family…

          The sentencing phase begins – we have to listen to “victim impact” statements and then they get to sentence her to death – which we all know is coming…..

          • Thank you (((Janeen)))…
            victim impact statements… I can NOT be witness to that SHIT …I can NOT bear to watch anymore. Is the jury going to do the sentencing or will it be the judge? Was anything live yesterday? I feel like I am going to throw up… 🙁

        • Dorothy!!!!!! So sorry to hear about your loss…sending a prayer your way~I wish you well! <3

          Am glad to see you on here again! 🙂 And Dorothy, I am not going to watch much of today..I am not going to put myself through any more anguish, so will get most of my info from this site..and I agree with Janeen, they will give her the ultimate and it will be over for now, but Dorothy Jodi will recover and get a new trial and a different outcome!! Too much has gone on that is obvious corruption!!!!

          And give a hug from me to your Baby Girl! <3 My old boy is doing ok, and still his fiesty Jack Russell self! 😉

          • Thank you for the prayer Lynn…(((HUGS))) I feel like a zombie.
            I’m glad your boy is better…his breed’s feistiness and high spirit is in his favor when he needs it the most 😀 . How is your Aussie baby? Hugs and kisses to them. They must be keeping you quite busy. My Boston “Belly” was just outside. I thought she was basking in the rays BUT there are birds nesting in the tree. She rolled in the bird turd (I think, whatever it was it stinks 😯 ) and I had to wash her up. My goodness she will find SOMETHING to get into. I love her.

            I won’t watch any today either… If I NEVER see sister eye roller 🙄 and sister crocodile tears 😥 EVER again…I will feel blessed. I will pop in here for an update. My state of mind is putting my dyslexia in overdrive so I am having a difficult time reading, concentrating and typing.

            • LOL D! Seems like if there is anything disgusting in the yard to roll in, our dogs will find it!!! 🙂 Aussie Boy is doing good, took him to groomers last week~She actually thought my Boy was not just German Shep/Aussie Mix, but because he has “feathers” that he might be part Golden RetIeiver(sp) as well! Add another one to the mix!! 😉

              I have my spells with concentration as well, and don’t want my BP to go up listening to the impact statements today! Will see you on and off on here! Stay strong Sister!!! 😉

          • Thank you so much TR… I am trying to stay focused but just can’t even read well… I am already in tears after reading some of the comments here. I don’t know if I will be able to stay much longer…

    • Sorry about your loss, Dorothy. I was wondering what happened to you. I’ve been here only on and off – life has gotten exceptionally busy lately. So, welcome back and hope to ‘see’ you on the pages, here and there! (((hugs)))

  8. To go along with the picture I have a message for the haters:

    Explain to me why you are so shocked and disgusted by this photo?
    Then explain to me how you can cheer Jodi on to the death penalty?

    You are contributing to the death of an innocent human being….there is no way to change my mind about that. But remember Travis’ death is what pays the toll for Jodi’s. So in my mind you are celebrating the death of Travis.

  9. Good Morning Team Jodi!

    I won’t be able to see the going-ons at the courthouse today, but I will be able to read what’s posted via my phone. =)

    Praying for sweet Jodi. After this farce is over, our true mission begins. We just need to get through this somehow. Hugs to all of you!!


    • Agreed Pat!!! 😉 Also have you done Jodi’s chart? I wasn’t able to get my PC started yesterday..I have the link that you sent me, so am planning on doing one, but wondered if you have already done one!

      • No.. not her birth chart..

        Jodi for today

        Wrapped up


        Valid during several days: During this time it is often difficult to keep the real and the ideal sorted out. This is an extremely spiritual influence, which may make the real world seem inadequate to you, causing you to seek an escape into a more ideal and perfect “reality.” Normally this escape is not through drugs or alcohol, but if you have a predisposition toward them, it could work out that way. Usually, this influence indicates a mental state in which you become wrapped up in all manner of abstract speculations or high ideals that are difficult to actualize.

        On another level, this influence may tempt you to become involved in unrealistic schemes that you could only believe if blinded by extreme optimism. You may want to gamble and take risks with your resources, and if you are not careful, wild speculations and gambling could leave you bankrupt. Oddly enough, some people are so geared that they can handle the gambling aspect of this influence very well and make seemingly wild investments pan out. Usually these people have a talent for calculating the risks, however. Remember that there is a difference between amateur and professional gamblers. The main point here is that if you are tempted to get into some investment scheme, make sure that it is within your area of personal expertise.
        Under certain circumstances this influence can signify the beginning of a very idealistic kind of relationship, one in which you look to your partner as a kind of god or spiritual guide. This may or may not be an accurate picture. You must be careful here also, because you could idealize a person beyond all reason, even when he does not want you to do so.
        And of course, you too could be the victim of an outright deception. Be careful to deal with people as they really are, by accepting them as they are and not demanding that they conform to an ideal in your mind. ……

        • Thank you Pat. I will do Natal Chart to get some insight on her life path~

          This part of your post just about sums it up doesn’t it:

          And of course, you too could be the victim of an outright deception. Be careful to deal with people as they really are, by accepting them as they are and not demanding that they conform to an ideal in your mind. ……

            • That’s why a Natal chart would be perfect. I’m going to also try to use my ancient “Astrologer” cd..It is such a fantastic will give an idea of whats to come!

              • good.. future forecasting is hard to do manually!

                I have some info on a chart that combines astrology/numerology and tarot..I will have to really dig through my stuff to find it though..

                • That would be interesting…My Sister actually does all of that for a living..but unfortunately she has not followed the trial closely and got some of her info off of main stream media..needless to say, I have not asked her to forcast any of this. I’m a bit dissapointed with her…

              • Hi Lynn and all,
                Just got time to read some posts.
                Astrologer cd? That would be great if you could share on this post. I love astrology too.
                It would bring some interesting light for those of us seeking answers.
                My heart and stomach is aching. Can’t sleep and feeling humanly down right now.

  10. It was a hard for everyone yesterday….I will be praying for Jodi and her family. My heart is breaking for them and I want so bad to give her a hug….i have to remind myself that God has a plan for her and that everything happens for a reason…..All of the HLN so called professionals will have their karma, a person like those idiots are not worth the air they breathe. They will regret, one day, of all the horrible things they have said about all of the people they have damned. They are the ones that need help!!!! May all the Guardian Angels protect our Jodi today..

  11. I love you all!!!

    We are accused of being “crazy” for supporting Jodi. You know what? If “they” are “sane” then I will be proud to be”insane” if that means I follow the constitution and apply any and all reasonable doubt in favor of the defendant. Call me crazy (because watching this farce of a trial, I feel like I am taking crazy pills!) for doubting the integrity of a dead man that thinks fucking a 12yr old is hot, practically “raping” a woman when she is miserable is okay, leading a double life is honorable and speaking to another human being and calling them the most horrible names one could imagine is acceptable because you think you are entitled!!! If that makes me crazy, then I will claim it!!!
    We are suppose to be a civilized country but had Jodi either just chopped his head right off or walked into a crowd and shot a bunch of people in the same state of Arizona she would not be tried for the death penalty, and in fact could have spent just 15yrs in prison!!! Am I really fucking crazy? Or is it the state of Arizona and HLN and the lynch mob they have ensued?!

    • SET, we are sane….all you have to do is listen to the increasingly out of controll ranting of JVM to know that there is something seriously wrong with her and her cronies!!!

      • That’s the truth!!! They want to convict Jodi for the same reason they wanted to convict Casey, because they lied in a situation where they were terrified. It IS wrong to lie, yes. BUT THE PUNISHMENT SHOULD NOT BE DEATH! Maybe the reason they acted differently is because they were ABUSED and that changes who you are and who you trust. But as it stands, if you don’t act “right” and if you lie because you are scared, then you must be guilty. It’s disgusting!

        • Even the inflection in how the talking heads speak is designed to inflame viewers…I bet that there are people other than us that can see thru this…I think this might be HLN’s downfall!!!

          • You’re not the only ones that see it. I do too. What makes me so mad is the very people on HLN who constantly make such an uproar about bullying that goes on with kids, are doing the EXACT SAME THING themselves! I can’t even stand to watch HLN anymore cus all they do is make fun and light of this case and BULLY. Im also very sad to say that im beginning to lose all respect for Dr. Drew as a professional clinical psychologist. As a professional I would expect him to behave more appropriate, but no he joins in on the bullying too. Then you go on twitter, under #jodiarias and its completely disgusting what people are saying. Society makes this big campaign on bulliying, but look what theyre teaching our children!

        • a friend of TA was just asked…Is there anything JA could say….that would make u 2 ask the jury to spare her life……No was the answer…Hypocrites…Liars…pray 4 jodi 2 stay MUM …that eats the haters up….they need to feel the pain

        • Yes Jodi lied! She told them that on the stand. But wait a minute they say everything that comes out of Jodi’s mouth is a lie. So which is it HLN, JM, and Flores. Was she lying then. If we are going to convict someone to death for lying then all the Politan’s in DC would be on death row. They try to put everyone in the same mold, “that a normal person would have called the cops”, what a bunch of shit that is. Let’s count the lies that Martinez, Horn, and Flores told. And their expert quack DeMarte. Give me a break.

    • SET…we are the minority, but we are not the ones acting like a bunch of psychopaths…The haters accuse Jodi of being all kinds of horrible things…but if they were to analyze their own pathetic lives, they would see the true horror of what *they* represent.

        • They do Pat…and that is very sad. You can look at it this way..out of every negative thing, there is a positive lesson…maybe all of what has happened will come back three fold on these people!! Maybe there will be some form of reform on reporting..maybe HLN will loose can only hope! They reflect the worse side of being human..hateful and shamefull!

  12. Thank you, THANK YOU, for today’s post, SJ. Especially the final words.

    There is a universality in Jodi’s story. It is personal and particular for her, but it is also universal for the rest of us. We will keep on fighting the good fight for her. She does not deserve to go down for this.

  13. SJ – I was reading along and thinking “Oh my, SJ is going to have a stroke” I was seriously worried about you picturing you there abusing your poor keyboard while you slammed the keys. Then I got to the bottom of the page and well…….I am no longer worried about you, I am laughing at the mental picture of you giving the “Italian chin flick” to the computer screen. Eloquent as always. Now dear……In through the nose and out through the mouth…….

  14. I felt the defense were different yesterday. It appeared they felt defeated. I guess I would be feeling that too given all the motions and objections they have given without support from the judge. It was a different attitude yesterday for them. I think they worked very hard for Jodi throughout the trial. Maybe some of us think they should have done this or that but I respect the fact that they worked very hard.
    Today is a rubber stamp day in the court of circus clowns. I don’t expect much. I did say a prayer this morning for Jodi, her family and the defense lawyers. I am not a person of religiosity nor do I want to be. To be such is to be very judgmental and unforgiving. I do believe there is a Higher Power or force that allows for us to make our own decisions but every now and then that Power shifts things without our help. It isn’t over. It is beginning….a new beginning. One that won’t be led by zealous ignorance of the “Taliban” noted on this site. I hear the anger about the kangaroo court and I feel that way too. At least SJ is clear about what he really thinks and feels. One has to honor that. I do.

    • I think Judy that the Defense Team knows that they can’t do anything with this corrupted jury….but it’s going to be ok..there will be a new start and everything will be ok!!!! I truly believe this with all my heart!!

  15. When we were wondering where Tonya was, I was thinking about TonySam..I hope all is well..I didn’t review all the posts from yesterday so wasn’t sure if TS is on..

  16. I was thinking of Jennifer Willmott yesterday while watching the could see her body language to Jodi’s totally changed – there was no more whispering and chit chat. I just wanted to give Jodi a big hug because you could tell she felt completely alone in the courtroom yesterday. Last night I was thinking how cool that JW and KN are sticking by Jodi then I tune into this morning’s news and see they were denied a motion to quit the case yesterday, it’s shocking that they would do that to Jodi after all the man hours, sweat and tears investested into this case.

    Jennifer and Kirk, if you read this –
    then I would tell you that you have done a good job supporting Jodi legally so far, this is your case! You should continue to want to represent your client to the very end and I don’t just say that figuratively, but morally. Most importantly:HANG IN THERE!!!! I believe in you!!!! And I also believe you have laid the groundwork to forge on for an appeal!!!! Think positive I will say a prayer for the Arias team today!!!! : D

      • yes Kira, I just heard that on..urgh HLN..maybe it was because of Jodi doing interview?? Maybe there is some stragity behind it? Hopefully there is an Atty waiting in the wings for appeal..

        • I’m thinking along those lines. At this phase the defense has to walk on egg shells & not make the jury mad at them/Jodi. Your right, your in control attitude, meek as mice strategy, in hopes they don’t vote for the death penalty.

    • I really don’t know what to think about Jen and Nurmi anymore. I do however appreciate how diligent they were in documenting everything that went wrong with this trial. And because of that, Jodi will prevail. So in essence. I don’t want to say anything bad about them because in my heart I know, they were fighting a losing battle. And I know they realized this right at the beginning when the judge started pretty much licking Juan Martinez’ balls.

      • Very true, I guess it’s a lot tougher when ur the one between a rock and a hard place, I guess you just do the best you can and press on. .. I’m fired up about juror 8s statements last night though and am once again left confused, Im considering even changing my profile name to CONFUSED1 .. So I thought the admonition was so that media such as newspapers weren’t even supposed to be accessed during the trial? ? ? ? What exactly does “you are not to watch any of the media relating the case” mean? Does that mean if you are a juror that you can go home and watch HLN Channel, but as soon as you see something relating to Jodi you are “supposed” to change the channel? If you are allowed to read the daily newspaper with something likely relating to Jodi’s trial in the local paper everyday then what is the point of the admonition? Since we know he did access media while serving as a juror, shouldn’t that be cause for a re-trial in itself?

      • Poor defense that painted the picture that Jody intentionally touched the alleged victim in manners that was cruel and unjust.
        The defense knew that the biggest problem with Jodi’s self-defense argument is that she was going to admit to the jury that she committed the crime of assault; thus, she was going to hand the prosecutor his case on a silver platter. The defense team that needed to gather their wits and introduce Jody as the abuse victim she was instead of focusing on the alleged victim’s sexual attractions, his lack of morality, his secrecy, etc. Where were the experts that should have identified evidence at the crime scene that supported Jodi’s theory of self-defense? For example:
        Marks on the walls, cabinets and floor which show she was not at fault in creating the situation giving rise to the affray; had a bona fide belief that she was in imminent danger of death or great
        bodily harm and that her only means of escape from such danger was in the use of such force and that she did not have violate any duty to retreat how she moved to protect herself.

        The bullet casing found at the scene not matching those report stolen from her grandparent’s home (if the casing did match the prosecutor would have focused on it, but nothing was ever said regarding the casing).

        The possible involvement of the roommates in staging the scene against Jody – how could roommates live in a house where a body was decomposing for five days and smelling up the place?

        • Omg kris, I totally agree! I can’t help but compare this defense team to Casey Anthony’s! Also, have to say although I don’t know anyone on this list yet, I was so very thankful the day I found it!! I seriously thought I was alone out here in truly believing in JA, I felt the same way about CA! I don’t post very often because just about every single thing already being posted is EXACTLY how I feel about this entire nightmare! I LOVED SJ’s post!!! FUCK EVERY LAST MOTHER FUCKER ON HLN & THE SO CALLED AZ JUSTICE SYSTEM! I thought those MFERS learned a lesson with CA-I guess not-because they are just as EVIL as ever!!SICKOS supporting sickos!! One day down the line when the truth comes out I hope someone out there has an entire television NETWORK replaying just how evil they are ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT 24/7 non-stop forever!! I hope those fuckers never work another day in television for the rest of ALL of their lives!! I’m So mad I my mind goes places it shouldn’t!! On another note I have a daughter turning 18 this saturday and at least have that to keep me sane till next week!! Bless everyone here for standing with Jodi!!

    • I think that Jodi and her attorneys are at odds because Jodi WANTS the death penalty – it goes against everything Kirk and Jennifer know about doing their jobs to represent someone who WANTS to give up.

      And they may well be duking it out with her to at least let the jury make the DP call. Because I suspect (maybe a legal mind will clarify for me) that the ‘automatic state funded appellate process’ that kicks in with a DP verdict from the jury will NOT happen if Jodi stands up and asks for the DP herself.

      That’s what I think is going on…. figured that battle was waging ever since her interview last week.

  17. Ok I’ve got a few things to say about Juror #8’s interview on Dr. Drew last night. I didn’t watch but I did print out the transcript and read it.

    So he feels like he let the Alexander family down. I thought he was there to listen to evidence and make a judgement whether or not Jodi was guilty of the crime she was charged with, who knew he was there in support of the Alexander family. Way to stay objective and unbiased Juror #8!

    And what’s with the statement about how he felt worthy to make it to the final 18. So being on the jury gave him worth? It’s interesting that one of the first things he said when he was pulled over by the police was that he was a juror in the Jodi Arias trial. It seems that Juror #8 is getting a lot of his self-worth from being involved in this trial.

    I would like to know how he was able to put all those media reports he saw, before he switched the channel, out of his mind in order to remain objective in his assessment of Jodi’s guilt or innocence. Was Judge Steven’s admonition about anyone approaching the jurors or just members of the media approaching them?

    The part where he was asked about if Jodi was trying to influence the jury by looking at them. He said he looked at her frequently but tried to stay focused on the witnesses and what they were saying and not on Jodi. Then the next thing he said was that he found it irritating to see her doodling or writing notes. How the hell does he know what she was doing, maybe she was doodling or maybe she was writing notes? And if he was so focused on the witnesses and not so much on Jodi why would he get so irritated?

    I really hope Juror #8 goes on a national media tour and keeps talking about this case. The more he talks and the more information he gives, the better for us.

    The more I hear about this jury the more I can see that Jodi didn’t stand a chance with them.

    • That last sentence should read – The more I hear about this jury the more I can see taht Jodi didn’t stand a chance with them.

    • Juror #8 is a pathetic famewhore who was serving for all of the wrong reasons. He needs to put down the bottle and get a clue.

      • Just waiting for the books to come out….I will not contribute a dime to any of them!! Including the Alexanders!!!

      • He sure is a famewhore.

        If I would be a juror and mess it up by drunken driving I would try to avoid any media attention and I would feel a bit ashamed instead of seeking media attention.

        • You would think so ToniW, but I wouldn’t put anything past any of these so called “jurors”. And like someone on here said before, why wasn’t Drew all over his ass about drunk driving????? Some specialist in addiction he is!! That juror could of killed or injured someone!!

    • I agree Bunny! Let him keep talking..insert foot in mouth!!! As I’ve said before, I think this jury had their minds up from the beginning and already know what they are going to do today b/4 the impact statements. And they were listening to friends and family and media….jury misconduct!! Appeal!!!!!!

    • Bunny, you said it perfectly. I couldn’t agree more. I hope, hope, hope that he keeps talking…And I hope that when the remaining jurors get dismissed, they also give out interviews. Oh God, PLEASE!! Because I know they will feel safe and more than likely made out to be some kind of heroes. Believe me….that will happen.

      I just hope that they run theirs mouths on and on and on and on….

    • Well I for one am glad this juror is talking. His comments SCREAM juror misconduct across the board. And what about the other interview he gave when he was saying jurors had tablets, cellphones, crossword puzzles, and ipads to pass the time. Keep talking baby! Keep talking!

    • Bunny the part that left me astonished was how “he changed the channel if it came on TV” and that “his coworkers talked about the case and would tell him no I can’t.” So the judge asked that stupid fucking question everyday. Did he raise his hand? No he didn’t. The whole thing is a fucking farce. Listening to his interview last night pissed me off. How many of those jurors did the same or worse during their “admonition?”

    • Yes juror #8 what a real piece of “work” he was! These jurors should have been sequestered..end of story. That dumbfuck judge i think several call bobblehead is a joke & just as evil as the rest if them! I ALWAYS suspected they were watching the media-look at the first media site he ran too HLN! Did you like how dr dick said basically not to worry about his DUI he did such a fantstic job-how the hell does anyone know except by the EVIL VICIOUS jury questions he sent to the defense witnesses! FUCK HIM! But keep talkn u bastards!

    • Bunny well said! Juror #8 already had his mind made up before all the evidence was presented. I’m glad someone else picked up on this as I did. What was screaming at the TV when he was saying all this shit. This jury was biased from the beginning. I was so sick when Doctor (not) Drew was trying to comfort #8 about letting down the TA’s family. How sickening! This man was charged with EXTREME DUI! He got drunk and got behind the wheel of his vehicle and put other peoples lives endanger and then tells the cops that he’s a juror on Jodi’s trial. Was that a get out jail free card!!! We have to remember that doc drew is nothing more than a blood sucking scam artist. Let’s see, 5 celebs commit suicide under his care! Made around 300k promoting a drug not even approved by the FDA.

  18. SJ good post. “fake sympathy card” totally love that expression.. Those PRICKS will milk every sucker they can while it lasts. Hopefully they will have so much money they will fall back into the grasps of their meth head buddies and spend it all…after of course the 10% the LDS gets… The theatrics and the bullshit I have seen go on during this trial…just blows me away

  19. Did you all hear Dr. Phew last night raving over his new boyfriend Juror # 8, who is “such a great guy” that he got drunk and got behind the wheel of a car? Drew didn’t consider how this fuck could have easily killed someone and be facing trial in “Salem” AZ–only he wouldn’t be convicted of anything because he is a white male. Plus, this fuck wad said on national TV that people at his job that he worked every Friday repeatedly talked to him about the case and he “turned the channel” or “walked out of the room” when Jodi Arias trial coverage or commentary came on TV–sure! I have some ocean property in AZ I want to sell.

    • LMAO @ “his new boyfriend”

      Dr. Spew does remind me of a jealous little bitch sometimes.

      actually, most of the times.

      actually, ALL the time! =)

      • Yep… Mr. Spew who WAS a chemical dependency counselor, telling Drunk Juror he was so proud of him…. yeah, good job, drunk juror, with your “EXTREME DUI”

        I hope he gets the book thrown at him…and even more so, I hope Kermi prosecutes him.

        • I want to see that happen too. I want the red-faced fucker to sit opposite Kermit on the witness stand and get blasted repeatedly.

        • Yes it would be GREAT to hear volumes of gruesome speculation Juanita could mesmerize another jury about the folks the EXTREME DUI CRIMINAL could have killed or maimed had he not been pulled over after LE noticed him weaving onto the bike lane.

          He promptly LIED to LE claiming he only had ONE BEER an hour prior but somehow blew a .206 – twice the legal limit.

          Since lying and hypothetical’s are good enough to warrant the DP in Joe Arpaio country I vote he gets tried under the exact same rule book they use for Jodi.

          Where are the MAD moms? They should be up in arms protesting about Dr Spew for ignoring the drunken elephant in the room who was arrested with slurred speech, blood shot eyes, reeking of alcohol and staggering about at 9:45pm on that Saturday night. Heck, that’s early for a night out on the town – I’m sure he was just warming up.

          It’s too damn bad the sneery faced brother wasn’t on that bike path and plowed into by that extreme drunk driver. Would of given the cry baby sister a shiny new freshly filled blue bag she could cry herself another river over.

    • So funny that you say how Dr. Drew was saying how juror #8 was so great! I was watching with my dude last night and I looked over at him and we both said Really, this juror gambled with everyone’s life he had made close contact with the night he was driving while intoxicated!! It’s funny how HLN changes the context of right and wrong “accordingly” to their headline.


      • “It’s funny how HLN changes the context of right and wrong “accordingly” to their headline.”

        Nailed it Rachel!!!

  20. I’am so tired of HLN showing this “2 minute of BS” WE get it faggots. You juan! You juan! You juan! Happy now? Let me email you cookie laced with my dicksnot. faggots

  21. SJ-
    This post has now become my favorite ! Didn’t think you could out do yourself but you have ! BRAVO and Thank You for telling it like it is.


    Dear lurkers and possible new posters,

    I would strongly advise you to take the time to read lots of comments and familiarize yourself with the documents that are provided on this site, including the myriad of topics that have been discussed.

    If after reading and thinking for yourself you still want to ask us questions like: “Why did Jodi lie”, “why do you make fun of the TA family”, or “Why did the defense bring up pedophilia?”….then you probably don’t belong here and shouldn’t bother posting your fake “I’m nervous” comments, or “I’m worried” comments, Cause I call BULLSHIT!

    Damn, Now I need another pair of shitkickers .

    • Amen! If they have been following us all along they would know, if they just found us and believe Jodi is innocent like we do they would read every thing they could. Haters we are all here because we don’t believe every piece of shit that “they” try to feed us disguised as truth. And we are not biting on what you are serving up either.

    • “Cause I call BULLSHIT!”

      Oh, yes. If I read, “Why won’t you just list for me the FACTS about why you think Jodi is innocent?”, one more time, I swear, I will open a fucking vein. Their obvious baiting is an insult to our intelligence. Also, is fucking Google broken? Find the answers for yourself, assholes.

      (Sorry about the profanity; I’m super-pissed at what Jodi’s about to be forced to sit through.)

  23. Good Morning Peeps!! I’m so PROUD of our fearless leader, SJ!!
    I don’t give a FUCK about what happens today. It is ONLY temporary.

    Glad to have our infamous TA in blue pic plastered again!! It’s a GREAT tool to weed out the fence sitters!! At THIS stage in the game I don’t have the time or the patience for the nicey-nice bull-shit, If you do not FULLY support JODI, FUCK YOU!!
    That includes YOU TOO MOM!!! LOL!! kidding, have no idea how she feels 🙂

  24. Spew is saying its funny how people who are in trouble hire a professional and then refuse to follow their direction.

    Kinda like following the direction of a “Dr” and then killing yourself?

  25. So, I just don’t get it. KN and JW really want off? At this time?? Then what, she sits there all alone and does what? Who would fill in?

    I’m kind of shocked by this. It just makes me feel even worse for Jodi. No wonder she looked that way yesterday, I think she probably just pissed off at everyone right now. Geez!

    • EVERYONE associated with this parody of justice – EXCEPT FOR JODI and the ARIAS Family – are professional “beat a dead horse” ass wipes….

      The infliction of torture, physical, mental, emotional – is the modus operandi………

      Hopefully down the road, we will learn WHY they tried to stick it to Jodi – at the most inappropriate time.

  26. If the laws in AZ are as tough as the ones in Texas, I know why Drunk Juror #8 tried to play the “I’m on the Arias Jury” card. Here he would have had his license suspended and could have faced some jail time.

    He’s lucky he didn’t kill anybody with his car, that’s probably why he feels so sad he won’t be able to take part into killing Jodi. And if he was the one asking all those snarky questions…well shit. Now I know why they were so disrespectful and belligerent. He also looks like an abuser.

    Him and Dr. Spew should get a room and spend time exploring each other. (I just threw up in my mouth a little)

    • He better be careful….he keeps flapping his drunk ass mouth – and getting behind the wheel of a car inebriated he will be doing time with Bubba and Bubba will be teaching him about what happens to SNARKY know it all fuckwads who abuse women and cream their pants at the thought of putting a young woman on death row……

  27. Dr. Drew should know, how many patients did he lose on Celebrity Rehab? That’s how effective he is.
    He lost a few to overdose I believe. I think we all know how caring he is now….Jodi’s case has brought his true nature to light.

    • Dr. Drew clearly needs an intervention he’s an attention whore, and you’re right he doesn’t see the harm he does only the $$$ he can make by joining the salad tossers=(

      • Yes! R.I.P. MIKE STAR! ALICE IN CHAINS is one of my favorite bands of all time. I was so disgusted with “DR. Drew”. He did a disservice to mike and I truly believe that being degraded on that stupid reality show added to the decline and eventual death of Mike Starr.

  28. Monkey face jvm is on the hang living now network reporting that D.T. wants out. I hope this has something to do with appeals. I believe that pickles messed up once again by taking her freedom of speech away. Even prisoners have rights you stupid bitch. They will have a field day with this case on appeals. If Jodi can hang in there a little longer,I know maybe three more years, but she has a good case on appeals. This case was a farce. Yes I do believe that some rich over the top attorney is watching this and will take this case pro- bono. Good luck today Jodi and be tuff, don’t let the pedo hugging alexanders get in your head like that good for nothing brother did to you. They are all idoits. If I were in your shoes I would not apoligish to any of them. You did nothing wrong. You are the savior of many other women and children that that asshole pedo would of fucked with. So sorry your paying the price, but I thank you for putting him in that bag. Now lets all say a prayer for Jodi and have a nice day. Oh I almost forgot, it’s national peace day today. Guess I am a peaceful person after all ..

  29. I think the dr. misunderstood the hippocratic oath and it took it to mean I must be a hypocrite. For months he’s been saying JA is evil and has no soul, she psychotic, etc. And then last night he says she’s human. Are they backpeddling because they realize the hate frenzy they are responsible for.

    But then he goes and attacks JA’s mother and says if she would have done something pedo king might still be alive. If it wasn’t for the people here, I would lose my faith in humanity. Dumb ass lemmings would follow them over a cliff. That’s the scenario I’m praying for.

    • And why don’t they ever consider if the naked man had STOPPED when he had a gun pointing at his naked ass this pdeo freak, anal lover, lying abuser might not have been left to rot in the shower either.

      He. made. choices. also.

      He needs some accountability for the outcome too.

    • TB, I thought the same thing. What a joke this man is. He has done nothing but spewed hate at Jodi for the 5 months and now he has feelings for her. Give me a break! And then he cries about the negative tweets he has gotten, what a joke!

  30. A few days ago I had said that I was new to the trail and heard and seen aliitle of this. Now that I’m up to speed I CAN NOT BELIEVE WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I support JODI I am and will be in her corner.

    This is not fair nothing shows and supports M1 to me. I am not too much of a fam of her counsel though( sorry) but JM has nothing He to me seems to have a Napoleaon complex.

    • Good job No Way!

      It does take a bit to get up to speed with all the BS to wade through in the media. Coming here is the best way to get through it.

      • Thanks BeeCee

        I feel as though I’m trapped in a box and I can’t get out. I see the BS on TV and the web and I’m screaming off the top of my lungs saying no way!!!! I just wish I could do or say to wake people up. They are blinding by this media hype and I think people are seeing this as a reality tv series. This is someone’s life we’re talking about here. Jodi is being SOOOOOOOOO unfairly judged. This JM character needs to be put in his place. If I didn’t live on the east coast I would be in Az supporting Jodi at the courthouse.

  31. Hey all! I don’t comment much on here, I just try to keep up with all the comments. Couldn’t watch much yesterday…Jodi looked so heartbroken that it brought tears to my eyes. What a travesty this whole trial has been! I am really concerned about the chance for a fair trial with HLN out there and the lynch mob viewers. Beginning to feel like the courts are nothing more than reality tv (pre-scripted and the whole nine yards).

    • If they are going to allow HLeN to possibly influence a jury, then they should just make it one huge fucking debate, invite US and invite the haters, let us all spew our rants and shit, then the jury can go back to making up their OWN minds. Which is how it should have been in the first place.

      I’ll testify…to the obvious.

  32. As I sit here day by day watching Judge Pickles derail this case by shooting down every legit objection by Kirk and Jennifer make, it makes me sick. Yeah, Juanito is the lynch mob ring leader, but Pickles was supposed to have controlled this courtroom. So here’s a message for her that reflects my sentiments and likely reflects the sentiments of some others here.

  33. BevM, Sorry I didn’t get a chance to reply earlier to your comment, so I thought I would re-post it here and then RANT AWAY…as that’s what I do…

    QUOTE- BevM “Mormonism is right up there with Scientology in my opinion.”-

    My rant:

    Mormonism is right up there with “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Moby Dick”, and “Huck Finn”…they are all fictional stories that became very popular. The only difference i can see is people that like the last 3 were not dumb enough to pray to the whale, the Wolf or the River.

    I don’t mean to offend, but as soon as we convinced people to live their lives based on a “story of miracles” rather than what our humanity told us…it was all downhill from there. I know, i know…humanity does bad things…sure, but if we weighed the evil done in “a Gods” name vs the evil done by “bad humans” i think we know what way that scale would tip.

    I know many GREAT people that are religious that love, honor and respect others. This is because these people, no disrespect, have a “buffet” style of belief. They base their belief on the bible, for example, but they use their HUMANITY to decide what part of the bible they follow and what parts they don’t. (Often I hear these folks say things like “im not religious, im spiritual” or “I don’t believe in religion, but I do believe in a god”) In my opinion they are following the rules of common sense and humanity, not the “bible”. Some people need this crutch to justify their behaviors, some do not. Regardless of what they call it, I don’t care. It doesn’t have to be real for me, it just has to work for them. I only take issue when people stop using their “buffet” style of belief and start using the EXACT doctrines as a true and real guide to live life by…THEN…force that belief into everyone else’s lives. An example: We shouldn’t use birth control, per the Catholic Church, not because its good/bad for us, but because GOD says it’s “wrong”…THEN they try to pass laws over EVERYONE that are based on this “god”.

    If you don’t think the Mormon Church has an influence on this trial and the people in it….then you have 3 screws missing and 2 of the screw holes are already rusted shut.

    When i do good, i take credit for it, when i do bad, i take responsibility for it. -Nuff said

    When they do good, they (ultimately) give credit to someone else, and when they do bad, they (ultimately) blame it on the boogie man.-nuff said

    This, in my opinion, is why “god” is an amazing thing for an amazing number of people, yet it has NO PLACE AT ALL in our government or our “systems”. As a delegate in my state, I have often said “this is why I don’t want my president preaching in my church and my pastor running my country, but both should be welcome in each other’s houses.” I’ll respect that you believe as long as you respect that your belief shouldnt have anything to do with how i run my life, including the laws that we all have to live by.

    I’ll leave you with this… In AZ, where 87% of the population claims to have a belief, of some kind, in some “god”, they ask the witnesses in court to “swear to god, however that may be to you”. So, they use the theory of “god” as the ultimate authority in the court. They don’t ask you to swear to “the country”, “your own humanity”, “the judge” or “yourself”…they set the bar at “god”. This tells me “god” is the courts highest authority. Now, in that same court, what would all those jurors think if the defendant, such as Jodi, simply said “God” made me do it?” Would they still put “god” as the highest authority and let the defendant free? I’m going to guess “NO”. Sure, she COULD be lying, but if they had no proof to convince them otherwise, then the “god” reason is as plausible as any other…Especially when the government has “admitted” the plausibility of “god” by making them the highest authority in that system. Remember “beyond a reasonable doubt”? Wouldn’t most of these 87% probably call this defense “less than reasonable”? What does that say about our system and the belief of these…believers?

    “God made me do it! Can I go home now?”- Jodi Arias. Could you imagine the vampires at HLeN then? Yikers!

    • Sirlips, I think and feel as you do. I am an atheist and therefore everything you have said I have said at some point or another in my life. I like the way you tied it to the courtroom. Some states have gotten rid of the ” so help you God” part and I glad. It should be that way in every courtroom which of course is a legal and federal or state entity. The religious have a way of sweeping these inconsistencies under the rug. I know there are many religious people who are not like the ones we think of when it comes to the hate mongering that we see on TV and on the TA support sites, but all must realize that when it comes to justice you can’t have it both ways. If you think God is the ultimate form of justice then you should never advocate killing another. You should never be hateful and nasty to others. I can be hateful and nasty all I want. LOL.But seriously, I try to treat people the way I would like to be treated and while I have called some of the sheeple out their ignorant, morons, etc. etc. I don’t think that is hateful. It is just calling it as it is. The stuff that has been said about Jodi, her family, the defense witnesses, etc. is beyond the pale and that is what I am referring to. And then these people go to church on Sunday, just as TA did. Then come home, beat their wives and kids, kill the neighbors dogs, and watch HLN so they can get their nuts off. I became an atheist at around the age of 10 because I thought they were hypocrites. I used that word then and I still use it now 49 years later. Nothing has changed. The dumbing down of America in fact is getting worse and religious unreason is strengthening. All good religious people should demand that the Mormon church be investigated in this case.

      • I agree with you Nh. I am agnostic, but we see things the same way. I just dont take the last step to say “i KNOW their is not god”. I’ll keep an open mind, but im not holding my breath.

        I know people dont blaim god for all the bad things that happen in this world, thats all US, but then why should i thank him for when good things happen?

        I posted this a while ago: I very good baseball coach once said something along these lines; “I don’t like it when my players point to the sky and thank god, because it makes me wonder why that same god didnt like the pitcher”

      • NH, well said. I do believe in God and his Son Jesus Christ. But what you said is very true. I too am sick of so called Christians hiding behind God and his word to justify there actions. I call them Sunday Christians. The hate that they of spread over this trial is unacceptable in God’s eyes. They are nothing more than the hypocrites that Christ through out of the temple. And I won’t start on the Mormon denomination, I don’t have that much time.

  34. Awesome post as usual SJ .. the gloves are off . . lets get ready to rumble, the prize is already in the blue bag . .. oops

    The apology ta ppl are looking for . . get over it whiney asses. If ta did to me what he did to Jodi, it would be me in court and I wouldn’t say I’m sorry either.


      Ill apologise to the haters when they apologise for cheering the death of a person on the steps of a US courthouse, then crawl on their knees to the arais family for all the hateful things they have had to deal with…oh, and when they fire JM for not doing the job we actually hired him to do. then i’ll apologise, until then, they can all bring a spoon and eat my ass!

      I sure would look at that as a warning if i was abusing my family…you never know where you could end up.When your little, you go to the corner, when you grow up, you go to the blue bag. (thats AZ moto, isnt it? be good or we will KILL you too!?)

      I really hate that someone had to fill that bag, to teach abusers what could happen, but atleast the example was a worthy subject.

      • “When your little, you go to the corner, when you grow up, you go to the blue bag.”

        OMG sirlips, that was funny!

        I think that be cool on a t-shirt with the blue bag on it…maybe an empty one just to show it can still be filled. LOL

      • I am proud to say I live in a state that in no time in history was a DP state. Killing someone for killing someone is incredibly flawed logic. And for those who believe God is the ultimate judge then let him decide. We have no right to take anyones life for any reason. LWOP is a much harsher sentence than most civilized countries hand out

      • Agreed! There is so much hateful things posted about Jodi Arias and her family and even associates its sickening. People want apologies for a this guy but he’s dead and the pic isn’t gonna hurt him in anyway. Yet they post awful things about the Arias family and associates to RUIN their lives. That is wrong. At this point the picture of the body bag is child’s play in comparison to the awful things posted out there about the living.

  35. Quote for the day:

    “I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice.”
    Abraham Lincoln

  36. This jury HAS to be seeing something from the media. This JURY 8 has to be getting paid for his interviews and is saying anything to stay in his 15 minutes of fame. Someone has got to step in and correct this. I would like to see the lawyers from the OJ case years back come to the rescue. We need to save Jodi. Without a doubt you could understand why she did this. Can understand that she had reached her breaking point. Can understand that she went blank and this occur. I’m not saying she should just walk but in no way should we be at this door defending not to be on DR. It’s crazy

    • Did anyone catch what Juror#8 claimed on Dr. Douche? He stated that people did come up and say stuff to him but he informed them “I’m not allowed to discuss the case”, then he said if anything came on the tv “he changed the channel”, if he saw anything in the newspaper “he wouldn’t read it”….ARE u kidding me???? Then he went on to say how he was so invested in this case…this Mr. Gibb is a total liar and whack job…go back the bar. He’s a liar and apparently a drunk too.

  37. Today’s admonition:

    If you’re not 100% pro-Jodi, don’t even try to comment. Today is not a good day for you to fuck with us.

    Does anyone disagree with me when I say:


    I see no hands….


  39. “It’s better to be hated for what you are
    than to be loved for what you’re not” – Kurt Cobain

    Jodi is being hated because of what she is: a person with feelings, a person with love, a person with faults, a person with fears and a person who makes mistakes…
    TA is being loved for not being genuine, for playing people, for manipulating people, for mocking a whole cult, for not respecting anyone or anything… BUT he is being put on a pedestal as a saint. So what he really was was a fake.
    Jodi might have frozen at the beginning and tried to ‘get away with murder’ (and let’s face it, we all would have done the same when we realized what we had done) but she has now come clean and knows that she will deal for her actions. She has to start forgiving herself. I personally believe that she did us all a favor concidering the fact that there is one less sadistic, pedophile, selffish bastard around.

    • Exactly Pandora…Everything that Jodi did makes her more human in my eyes. And everything these people are doing in trying to destroy her…makes me feel that there’s something seriously wrong here and it has nothing to do with Jodi.

  40. I haven’t read thru the comments yet, this might have already been addressed by someone else here.

    How did this guy’s fellow employees ask him about the trial? They shouldn’t have even known he was on that jury right? You cannot see the jurors on TV, so how would anyone even know to approach him?
    Jodi needs her someone to take this to an appellate judge and get to the bottom of this.
    The only way people could talk to him about it is if he had been going around telling people about it right?

    • THATS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT!!!! I thought that was odd to. Well its like i said the other day I guess these fucks are going to see what its like to have interviews put you in jail. Because his interview isnt the only one that could lead to that CH on CNN saying he hacked into TA from the time they found the body till Flor-fuck told him to quite. Both of those fools will be in solitary. At least thats where i heard cops and those who get attacked alot in prison go.

    • yes, I have thought that for a while.

      There are so many things wrong with this whole jury fiasco it’s hard to know what part is worse.

      • Also, didn’t one of his neighbors say he told them what trial he was a juror for but didn’t really talk much about it? I believe it was with a local news reporter once his DUI was made public. Does anyone have a link for that or remember that interview?

    • I dunno, I think most of the time the dreaded ‘jury duty’ doesn’t last more than a week or two. When his dragged on for several weeks AND he was available to work on the weird days there was a break from trial, it probably became obvious which jury he’d landed on.

  41. From an editorial column in the Arizona Repulic – posted on February 7, 2013 8:52 am by EJ Montini. There was some talk yesterday about a letter writing campaign. The column lists some names that might be a good resource for us going forward.

    From suspect’s lust to our bloodlust

    Before we decide whether to kill the pretty young accused murderer Jodi Arias there are a few people in Arizona who would like us to ask ourselves if we should kill anyone.

    “The reason I introduced the bill (HB1048) and will keep introducing the bill is that I hope someday we will repeal the death penalty,” said state Sen. Ed Ableser, a Democrat from Tempe. “I have to maintain a hope that we can talk about capital punishment in a serious way.”

    The senator’s bill would abolish Arizona’s death penalty.

    He doesn’t expect it to pass.

    He’s doesn’t even expect it to get a hearing.

    Dan Peitzmeyer, a local anti-death penalty activist, has created an online petition at the web site that he hopes will motivate Republican state Sen. Rick Murphy, chairman of the judiciary committee, to give the bill a hearing.

    “People say they like capitol punishment but the more they learn about it the less they like it,” said Peitzmeyer, who heads Death Penalty Alternatives for Arizona. “If people really liked the death penalty they would at least know how many people we executed in Arizona last year. Ask them. They won’t have any idea.”

    I had to look it up.

    The number is six, which ties us for second in the nation (with Mississippi and Oklahoma) behind Texas (15).

    Sen. Ableser told me, “The death penalty is discussed all the time in academia. One of my mentors, (Emeritus Professor) John Johnson of ASU, has published countless reports on the fiscal benefits of getting rid of the death penalty as well as the societal impact and the distorted sense of justice.

    “And my faith, the Ten Commandments, tell me this is wrong. But there are also the many cases where DNA evidence has turned up later and exonerates people.”

    According to the Death Penalty Information Center, “Researchers have employed different approaches, using different assumptions. However, all of the studies conclude that the death penalty system is far more expensive than an alternative system in which the maximum sentence is life in prison.”

    At a time when Arizona is looking for ways to deal with the high cost of education, health care, Child Protective Services and more, why wouldn’t we consider the tax dollars saved by abolishing the death penalty?

    Sen. Ableser believes he knows the answer.

    “The only argument for it is vengeance,” he said. “But justice is supposed to be about more than that. And a sentence of life without the possibility of parole is still justice.”

    Prosecutors like the death penalty, not only because they believe it is a fitting punishment for some crimes but because of the bargaining power it gives them. A death penalty threat can motivate one suspect to roll over on another.

    The state Department of Corrections web site lists 123 inmates on Arizona’s death row, including three women. Jodi Arias, the tabloid media sensation claiming self defense in the killing of her lover Travis Alexander, could be the fourth.

    The sordid details of her trial fascinate us. So, too, would a post-conviction sentencing hearing, when the suspect’s lust is replaced by our bloodlust.

    “The arbitrary nature with which we apply the death penalty is appalling,” Dan Peitzmeyer said. “I don’t believe we are executing the worst of the worst. I believe we’re executing the poorest of the worst, or the ones who had the worst upbringing, or the ones who had the worst representation.”

    All these arguments have been heard before.

    Voters in California had an opportunity in the November to repeal the death penalty in their state. They rejected the ballot measure, even after independent analysts estimated that abolishing the death penalty could save California taxpayers $130 million a year.

    “I have no illusions about success,” Peitzmeyer said. “But I’ll keep pushing for a change.”

    I called him a Don Quixote.

    “This is a moral imperative for me,” said Sen. Ableser, “I won’t quit.”

    I called him a Don Quixote, too.

    Theirs is a noble quest.

    In Arizona, however, a couple of idealists with jousting lances are no match for an executioner with a syringe.

  42. This case is painful to watch. Martinez has not proven one thing that cannot be reasonably argued and yesterday he even went on to describe blood spurting and the exact sequence of events as if he were there. People are sucking up this shit. What in the hell is the matter with I found this site which has some intelligent comments on there regarding her innocence and how she has been railroaded.

  43. Krista I agree 100% with you This asshole #8 is only saying whatever he needs to just to stay in the media. Before you know it he’ll have a sitdown on HLN… ASSHOLE

    • I think he’s sucking up to help himself get out of trouble re the DUI? LOL @ Juror #8 when the trial is over, and all those happy-assholes ignore his calls.

      • Basse-
        You are so right as usual. That piece of shit is trying to suck up to the Mormons who own and run the Judicial sytem in AZ. His DUI will probably disappear, since he has done so well supporting the Prosecutors office and the family.

  44. Heres another Great Quote

    ” Compassion is not judging others for the decisions they have made when you do not know the options they had to pick from.” I love this because no matter what anyone says the only ones that know what really happened is Jodi Travis and God. We (even the haters) will never know the OPTIONS she had.

  45. I haven’t decided yet if I can stand to watch today’s proceedings, if I have the stomach for it, because I know that most people in the courtroom–the prosecutor, the judge, the jurors, Travis’ family, many of the spectators–are thinking about and longing for Jodi’s murder. Of course, they would call it longing for “justice.” But, we know and most certainly Jodi knows that what they really want is to kill her. Why don’t they get honest and call it that? Just come out and say: we will not be satisfied (or so they imagine) until her murder is planned, legitimized, and hanging over her head for years.

    There’s a lot of talk about how Jodi’s wish/preference for the death penalty is a ploy, a manipulative “reverse-psychology” move on her part. They are basically characterizing her as a petulant teen-ager who is trying to get her own way. They snicker and scoff and dismiss as if she wasn’t even a human being. This is so unbelievably heartless and cruel (sociopathic?) that it leaves me dumbstruck.

    Do these talking heads hear themselves? Do they grasp the gravity of the situation? Jodi is facing people who want her to be dead. How plain is that? And she has to stand for them, show them respect, hold her emotions in check (apparently with the help of chemical restraints).

    Since when is grasping for the flimsiest thread of human dignity a “manipulation”? Facing people who consider your life worthless, facing people who have the state-sanctioned power to literally take your breath away, is a form of TORTURE–psychological torture in this case. That she killed someone, that she’s now a convict, does not change this fact in any way: this IS psychological torture. These psychological laws apply whether one is good or bad, or, like most people, somewhere in-between.

    Wanting some control over whether you live or die is NOT a manipulation or a ploy, it is NOT a disease. If it’s self-destructive, well, then, that’s a pretty rational response to a hopeless situation, isn’t it? Jodi, at this moment, knows that that the people she is forced to face are actually praying for her murder. It’s difficult to imagine not having a suicidal response to that.

    I’ve been reading this Amnesty International document called “The Death Penalty V. Human Rights: Why Abolish the Death Penalty?”

    A couple of quotations:

    “The physical pain caused by the action of killing a human being cannot be quantified. Nor can the psychological suffering caused by fore-knowledge of death at the hands of the state. Whether a death sentence is carried out six minutes after a summary trial, six weeks after a mass trial or 16 years after lengthy legal proceedings, the person executed is subjected to uniquely cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment.”

    and …

    “Like killings which take place outside the law, the death penalty denies the value of human life. By violating the right to life, it removes the foundation for realization of all rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

      • I don’t think Americans for the most part are willing to read something like that. It makes them question their whole nature and reason for existence. They want to believe in the God of the Old Testament. It makes more sense to that. Figure that one out. I don’t get it.

        • You’re probably right, NH; resistance is strong, because it requires the difficult and painful work of self-examination.

          Yeah, the God of the Old Testament. The cruel, vengeful, authoritarian one who dispenses love in an arbitrary way, and who makes terror and respect one and the same. Are we a bunch a emotionally-stunted, self-centered toddlers, or are we grown-ups who are capable of relying on own consciences, and capacity for empathy, to create and maintain a civil society?

    • Pique, isn’t is ironic how the people who want justice for the murder of TA are the same people who are trying to get the death penalty for Jodi. What does that make THEM??? MURDERERS by law….

      • Yes, Pandora, it is! It’s a wonder their hypocrisy doesn’t cause their brains and hearts to crack under the tension and strain of an untenable position.

        And I’d venture to guess that the overwhelming majority of people licking their lips in anticipation of Jodi’s demise don’t care an iota about “justice” for Travis. For them, Travis is just an image, an idea, a cardboard cut-out that they can stand behind to hide their perversions. What is ENJOYING the pain and suffering of another?–it’s a perversion.

    • Great post Pique!!!!! They get off on seeing her hurt, they want to see her cry (there crocodile tears but they still want to see it).

      • Tell me about it, LC. According to them, her tears are fake, yet, they take so much pleasure in her emotional pain. Which one is it? Both, I guess. By poking her with a stick, they acknowledge that she’s human; by laughing at her human pain responses, they dehumanize her. They HAVE to dehumanize her in order to live with themselves, in order to keep seeing themselves as decent people.

  46. Goodmorning! Thanks SJ, another great post! It’s UNBELIEVABLE, like Jodi never deserved the same rights we all do. Jodi was convicted way before she even took the stand. The case might as well had no prosecutor (Martinez wasn’t needed/ he didn’t do shit)! The media convinced the jury.

    Juror #8 admitted to being APPROACHED but ignored when judge bitch asked if ANYONE had ATTEMPTED to speak to him about the case. Did he not understand, was he drunk? He obviously wanted to STAY a juror, even if it meant lying, he tried to get out of a DUI by TELLING the police he was a juror on the Jodi Arias case. Come on WE know this loser talked about the case and he wont admit it. He wouldn’t even admit to the court that he WAS approached, that people DID attempt to talk to him about the case!!!!!! That makes me sick!!!!

    So, now that its in the open and he opened his mouth on national TV, what is going to be done about it, what is Nurmi going to do about it?????

    • Morining LC!
      And I bet something will be done about it, or you would think it would be..some Atty out there is watching and waiting!!

      • So Juror #8 thought Jodi MUST has some psychiatric diagnosis because looking at “the thick book (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) ” Dr. Samuels referred to during trial, “there must have been something she could be diagnosed with in there” . OMG, are you serious, you would convict her because of some absurd idea you had and NOT THE EVIDENCE!

        This my, friends, is a juror who has no critical thinking skills, could not follow instructions and makes a decision to drink and drive. I might add, Dr.D gushes all over him during the interview and completely ignores the obvious. I would have loved to have had the question posed to this juror “Why would you drink and drive?” Oh no, this juror can do no wrong. HLN certainly does apply different standards, doesn’t it. HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!

    • “So, now that its in the open and he opened his mouth on national TV, what is going to be done about it, what is Nurmi going to do about it?????”

      I hope that will be one more piece of the overturned conviction puzzle that we will be handing the haters down the road.

      No offense intended, but I don’t think Nurmi is the best one for that process…he really didn’t do that well on the evidentiary hearing thingy.

      Remember that?

        • No.. I don’t trust him either..he is going along with the Mesa pols so that he can get along in his new practice!!

          Another platform for Jodis appeal… poor defence

        • Me either. My God, how I wish he could have the passion on Jodi’s behalf the way that Jose and Cheney did for Casey! That really comes across in a compelling way!

      • Yea BeeCee, I agree with that. I don’t think Nurmi was that motivated about this case. We ned a HUNGRY lawyer. Weather he/she wants to make a name for him/herself, the more the want it, the more they’ll want justice!

      • MORNING Kmiller & Janeen! We’re ready for today no matter what it brings!!!! Hopefully Jodi will get what her heart truly wants.

  47. It makes me sick every time I see one of those bug eyed sisters sitting wiping their fake ass tears. Sitting there right next to that jury putting on a show of sympathy. I don’t know her name, but that little fat one has crying on cue down to a art form. An ex-juror said the jury wanted to deliver a verdict for the family. This trial has been a disaster from the beginning. At least Jodi has great appeals issues.

    • Lilly, OMG! Exactly my thoughts!!! Did you see her yesterday, looking at the camera and everytime it would focus on her the waterworks would go off!!!

      • Yes, I saw that. She is such a good actor. They must have practiced this from day one. Cry one cue, then jury and be happy.

        • So all this eye rolling, face making, fake crying, going out of the courtroom ( that should’n be allowed in the courtroom ) paid off for the TA’s family. They jury felt SORRY for them, and that I guess is a good reason to send somebody to death 🙁
          How about Jodi’s family?
          I am disgusted with the jury and the judge that allowed this circus !!!
          The world is watching this trial. How can America expect to be respected by the world, when we don’t respect our own people ?!?
          We condemn the auctions of the Third world countries, and yet we act like one, with the lynch mob and circus going on.
          Sorry for my bad English.

  48. LETS ROCK AND ROLL I’m up to it SJ good read above your words are true let the truth come forth so that are Jodi will be set free let the ass fucking Travis family see we mean business and if you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen from your loving family supporter we are here we will never leave

  49. Hello everyone. Will be popping off and on to catch up today. Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Keep me informed 🙂

  50. Good afternoon friends,

    My post ended up in the middle of the page, so I am re posting it
    I haven’t seen Tonya posting, does anybody know if she is OK? Last time she mentioned something about shootings outside her house. Just concerned 🙁

  51. One more quote (for the days to come):

    A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.

    Elbert Hubbard

    We are by your side Jodi…and you WILL be victorious. Be strong sweetie. Today will soon be over.

  52. Hi, I was wondering if you are going to do an “Exposing the Myths” page like you did on the Casey Anyhtony page? I’m a bit overwhelmed with all of the conflicting stories and info circulating and it would help to see a simplified version of what the prosecution is claiming and what the truth is.

  53. Notice the really skinny sister keeps her tattoos covered up in front of the jury? She has them all over her body. I guess she is ashamed of them. Nothing against tattoos at all, but why is she covering them up. Let the jury see them.

      • I have tried to hold back on them too, but after seeing them sit there with their fake tears …I can’t help myself. I have no sympathy for them. I agree, pure trailer trash.

      • agree Jeff..and the teeth..surprised she hasn’t had any work done with all of the “donations”…course with that wreck of a mouth it’ll lake some time..

  54. Wondering if the girls will actually be able to squeeze out any tears today. Cuz I damn sure haven’t seen any so far!

    It’s repulsive that they act like that in front of the cameras yet NOT ONE SINGLE TEAR flows from their eyes.

    I hope Tanisha’s lips don’t get stuck on her nasty teeth while speaking today!! LOL!

  55. Good morning family!
    Anyone looking forward to today’s proceedings?No?I thought so.I’m actually dreading it as much as I dreaded yesterday.

    But as SJ stated :We are here for the long haul.
    We love you angel Jodi.

    P.S: (reposting from day before yeterday’s page for Pandora)
    Hey Pandora!!!!
    Oh wow,what a surprise to see another greek here even at this point in time.
    Απο πού εισαι; Αν έχεις λογαριασμό στο FB θα ήθελα πολύ να σου στείλω αίτημα φιλίας,είναι χαρά μου να έχω μια ελληνίδα να τα λέμε για την υπόθεση.Η Τζόντι είναι πολύ σημαντική για μένα και έχω αφιερώσει όλους αυτούς τους μήνες σε αυτό το σάιτ με όλους τους άλλους ευφυείς ανθρώπους έδω, μαχόμενοι για το δίκιο!!!

  56. The interview of juror #8 on Dr. Drew’s show last night was disturbing. After Mark Eiglarsh asked him about avoiding people and the media about the case, his response lead me to believe Ms. Arias did NOT get a fair trial and that sounds like it’s going to be a great issue on appeal. WTF was the judge thinking in not sequestering the jury? This case has had about as much (if not more) interest than the Casey Anthony Trial.

  57. Just wanna give a SHOUT OUT to all the haters who are COMPLETELY OBSESSED with us!!
    A big THANK YOU for the site traffic, and for spreading the word so all the sane people who are looking for fellow supporters know where to go!!
    Your efforts are noted, and your work ethic is admirable!

  58. Now they are on HLN wanting people to send money to the sisters. The day I do that is the day you can say I’m crazy. Why would anyone give these people money? They have chosen to be there. Jodi can’t help where she is so she deserves all the money she can get, but the family shouldn’t receive a dime for this.

  59. Since everyone is doing quotes today, i thought i would post a few of my own, you may have to guess who some of them are from…

    “It’s better to be in a courtroom with the possibility of death, than in a BLUE BAG with no possibility off life”

    “If you think sex is a pain in the ass, its because your still a ‘virgin’ “-TA

    “be careful who you lie to, you may be listening”- SirLips

    “They just found the body of my best friend, anyone up for shuffle board before we do a little skeet shooting?”

    “Some of the other prosecutors say I have ADD, whenever they say this i tell…hey look a squirrel!”

    • because they are not stupid. ? . ?

      Obviously they cant get a fair trial.

      Their careers are going to be mocked for all eternity.

      They have recieved death threats.

      The have a private practice and are being forced to rep this defendant because it started when they still were Public defenders.

      Because they can not, will not, have not been effective.

  60. I am so at a loss with this whole situation. When I first found out about the case, and made a conscious decision to go online and seek information and to watch trial coverage online , it was MY CHOICE . At that point, had that been how this trial might have continued..that one would have to do their own research… It may, MAY have been possible for this trial to have been on a more level playing Field. But over the last couple months the shit has exploded to the point where I have been avoiding watching TV. To wake up in bed last Saturday and turn on GMA and to see them doing a walk through of a highly accurate replica of Travis’ bathroom..WTF? Good morning America, really? Dr. Drew what the fuck happened to you? You would have stuck with love lines, that’s what you were good at. You have lost all credibility and you have become a disgusting sack of shit who belongs on HLN with Nancy what’s her fuck and the rest of those sleazy losers …I feel sad for all of you sick bastards who seek fame and financial gain on behalf of the death of one and the possible future death of another. No one deserves this, no one . You should be sickened with yourselves, and rest assured it will eventually come back to haunt all of your black hearts…..


  62. SJ-
    Here is a link to a prison advocacy group here in Arizona. Donna Hamm has been extremely successful in takiing on DOC and advocating for prisoners rights. She has a plethora of resources and you may find her assistance extremely valuable. Jodi is going to need help in every aspect going forward, not just appellate issues. DOC will screw with her in every way they can, like receiving her mail, making her phone calls, her recreation time etc. She will need help fighting from behind bars and this woman’s voice has been heard!

  63. I cant get this song out of my head

    Jodie’s got a gun
    Jodie’s got a gun
    Her whole world’s come undone
    From lookin’ straight at the sun
    What did her boyfriend do?
    What did he put you through?
    They said when Jodi was arrested
    they found him underneath a train (shower)
    But man, he had it comin’ Now that Jodie’s got a gun
    she ain’t never gonna be the same.

    Jodie’s got a gun
    Jodie’s got a gun
    Her dog day’s just begun
    Now everybody is on the run
    Tell me now it’s untrue.
    What did herboyfriend do?
    He jacked a little bitty baby
    The man has got to be insane
    They say the spell that he was under the lightning and
    thunder knew that someone had to stop the rain

    Jodie’s got a gun
    Jodie’s got a gun
    Her dog day’s just begun
    Now everybody is on the run
    What did her boyfriend do?
    It’s Jodie’s last I.O.U.
    She had to take him down easy and put a bullet in his
    She said ’cause nobody believes me. The man was such a
    He ain’t never gonna be the same.

    Run away, run away from the pain yeah, yeah
    yeah yeah yeah
    Run away run away from the pain yeah yeah
    yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
    Run away, run away, run, run away yeah

    • I’m sorry but I don’t think “Jodi’s got a gun” is funny….

      Jodi would NOT want us to be looking at this that way. She DID NOT want to kill him. This parody of a song makes it sound like she went LOOKING to kill him.

      I’m sorry but that’s how I feel. I think it SUCKS.

    • Sorry, something seems wrong with the words here. I respectfully request that you request this be taken down. This is not a proper reflection of what this site or any of us here are all about – At least in my opinion. 🙁

  64. If I Was KN I would have used Jauns words against him ” The state is asking you to find cruelty in this killing because he KNEW he was dying for those 2 minutes it took for him to die. It was Psychologically torturous and cruel. Well does that same apply to every human? HE, THE STATE says it does. THAT ANYONE WHO KNOWS THEY ARE DYING WHILE THEY ARE DYING BY THE HANDS OF ANOTHER IS TORTUROUS AND CRUEL. Well if thats the case that ALSO applies to Jodi. Because if you give her the death penalty. She will be tortured cruelly by the Knowledge of knowing she will be put to death. how can you say you agree with that and in the same breath condemn this woman to die. !!! That makes the state, through you NO BETTER then the monster they have made jodi out to be.” I would have thrown that in there some where!! Your thoughts? Who knows maybe he’ll say it today.

    • AMEN Krista….

      EXACTLY – when they sentence her to death – I hope that thought sits in their stomachs. I hope that it makes it impossible for them to eat, sleep and function.

  65. Tweeter:”Samantha just seen weeping in the hallway before the session”

    be careful there Samantha,you dont want to be OVEREHEARSED!!!!

    And Fuck you btw!!!

  66. This might have been said before, but there is a reason that a mistrial must be granted: Juror 8 — yeah the one who was kicked off. Well he admitted people tried to talk with him (of course he went on to say he just walked away), but my point is that when the judge asked if anyone had tried to talk to the jury about the case, as already said, “I see no hands” BS followed. Maybe I’m crazy, but isn’t this supposed to be a serious trial. WTH is going on??? Lying jurors should = dismissal and acquital. Btw, hi to everone, I’m new here, but better late that never I guess, and I refuse to be a sheep following the hln shepards.

      • Thank you so much:) At least maybe this could be used in appeals….jury tampering or something (i just know it;s a big deal).

        • How do they get an appeal and how long does it take? Every time there was a reason for a mistrial Judge Pickle would not allow it.

    • This is VERY serious, and if no one does something about it, we should ALL be very, very, very afraid.

      The American Constitution is being made a mockery of.

    • I guess everyone gets a fair trial except Jodi Arias. Jodi’s trail has been the most unconstitutional trial I’ve ever seen in years of watching trials. I’m hoping with a new judge for appeals ..Jodi will finally get what she should get, a new trial. This judge can’t be a part of the appeals process, so there is a little hope.

    • Dismissed jurors don’t matter as much in the grand scheme of things as the ones who delivered this verdict. But Juror 8 basically admitted his coworkers knew he was sitting on the jury. If you were gone 4 of 5 days a week at work something would have to be said about it I guess. Compound that by all the jurors then add in all potential sources for a tainted jury and none of it is surprising at all. Every single one of those jurors had their minds made up long ago from all the access to the outside false information and distortions.

      Bottom line, Arizona doesn’t give two shits about giving a M1 death penalty case an impartial jury. Sequestration should be mandatory in high profile cases. This will be overturned one way or the other as there are a laundry list of appeal options.

      • “This will be overturned one way or the other as there are a laundry list of appeal options.”

        Right on the money Kalista!!

  67. I thought KN and JW have not been as sharp as they should be lately and not pursuing stuff like they should, ie Horn typo bring up the lying by states witnesses ,etc

    • I think the “typo” by Horn was being saved for closing arguments. That’s why Wilmott specifically said, everything else in your report is correct, right? One of the jurors just happened to pick up on it and asked the question, which sucked the wind out of the impact of it because he had the chance to respond.

    • Stan, I honestly don’t think there was much that KN and JW could do with this jury…they did point out the inconsistant statements from Flores/Horn, and then Juan extending the time of killing to 2 min, and KN pointed that out to the jury..didn’t matter..yes I think there could of been more that they could of done (hire there own ME etc..) but in hindsite, would any of this matter to a tainted jury???

  68. SJ – Besf Post Ever!

    DEFENSE TEAM – you guys did a phenom job – i can understand
    your frustations with this evil & corrupted bunch of jurors

    JURY 8 – Go suck a hot bowl of dicks you drunk driving fine
    example of a hot famewhore mess!

    JODI – You have allot of support even though some of them
    are staying quiet, they will all slowly come out of the woodwork
    just like we here all have. Hang in there and keep your strength
    self-preservation and dignity up & know things will be better.

    Dear JM, FUCK YOU, kthx

    And for all of you, here’s a quote I would like to share
    with everyone who has taken the time the past few days
    i know it’s been hard ( i myself have been way too disgusted
    watching these nasty vile pieces of work to even comment
    yesterday, yes TA sister’s i am referring to you. )

    Here’s the quote for all of you supporting Jodi:

    Once you have started seeing the beauty of life, ugliness starts disappearing. If you start looking at life with joy, sadness starts disappearing. You cannot have heaven and hell together, you can have only one. It is your choice.

    Have a beautiful day everyone!

  69. Good Day Friends – Just getting logged-in just in time for the start of trial. It’s going to be a tough day for sure. Alot of emtotions – may everyone have the strentgh to endure this.

  70. So we are waiting for the son of a bitches to start? I hope all the trolls are out bigtime today so that we can tell each of you thank you for sending the Jodi supporters to our site.
    TEAM JODI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If you see any troll comments, let us know! Just put troll under their comment somewhere. Thank you 🙂

      • will do sugar! I honestly don’t know if I can stand to watch what happens today. I know the motherfuckers are out for blood. I know Jodi is going to win and this will be overturned but dammit it’s the in between that’s getttin me!!!!!!!!! I do know THIS, they won’t shut me up and I WILL NOT STOP supporting Jodi!

  71. Okay….why are there TWO pages for Thursday May 16……are you guys trying to confuse me?????…..Really doesn’t take that much to do as you see…..anyway copying and pasting my post from the other page:

    Good Morning y’all!!

    I have been a bit concerned about what Jodi may say if she even speaks today. But then I think….how much worst can it get for her………..

      • Stan…..I’m not concerned about where she will stand as much as I’m concerned about what she’ll say while standing. She looked a little medicated yesterday and out of it…….just don’t know which Jodi will show up. The one in last weeks interview…..or the one who was on the witness stand for 18 days.

    • Me too. Giving what she said during that interview and if it is true about kn and jw wanting to be off the case god only knows what poor Jodi is thinking right now.. my prayers are with her.

    • ((((((((((((Moni))))))))))))
      Frankly,I dont want Jodi to take the stand.For God’s sake she was there for 18 days straight and not one word of what she said was taken into consideration.She was mocked,ridiculed just so the jurors would copme back with qustions like ”Why should we believe you now?”

      I want her to save her dignity and keep silent.There’s nothing she could possibly say at this point to make these motherfuckers like or spare her.

  72. My God, they’re replaying that number 8 guy again…and he’s saying Jodi spent too much time on the stand…Hmmm let’s see, she on trial for her life, so maybe she has THE RIGHT to set the record straight and deserves as long as she needs to tell her story…too long??? WTF? In a murder trial? Who in their right mind could sentence someone as bright and articulate as Jodi to death? We are the only western country that still uses the dp (as far as I know)….disgusting! i CAN’Ttake hln….remind me of the people that used to go to the the Roman colleseum to see as much gore as possible…ugh

    • Sorry Eos…but “being bright and articulate” should have NOTHING to do with it – she should NOT be sentenced to death because she is INNOCENT…..

      • yes, you’re right…nothing was proven except that she almost was killed in defending herself…I just meant that from these jurors persepctive (even though its wrong) , they would haver to be psychopaths to give her teh dp.

    • Oh really did he notice that half of that time on the stand was at JM’s hand? He should be hiding his face in shame the drunkard—nobody gives a shit what you say about Dr. Samuels and your rude questions. Go crawl back into your bottle since you lost out on the book deal your fellow jurors are sure to write.

    • shows you how smart he is, jodi does not control how long she testifies, its the lawyers , defense, prosecution and then start again with jury questions

  73. I could be wrong about this but I think what’s happening with Wilmott and Nurmi is strategic.

    Usually after a conviction there is a very limited time to file an appeal, I think in AZ the timeframe is 14 days; in most states it’s like 10 days. Most likely the attorney that handled the trial will not handle the appeals process because appeals are normally handled by attorneys that have experience with the appeals process and in dealing with the higher courts.

  74. hang living network just said jurors are coming in drips and drabs. You ain’t far from the truth there HLN!!! Drips and drabs, the whole fucken trial was drips and drabs.

  75. My brother has been up for awhile and before he walked out the door he said oh jodi lawyers quit can anyone confirm this TV says they are in the judges chamber of horrors

  76. Hey guys,
    I actually have to run out so I’m dvring trial. I’m sending some postcards. I added another one with what Chris said, not to give up bc people here are working for her.

    HLN just said juror 8 has great insight into the trial. No insight he was listening to HLN.

    No matter what happens I have such a positive attitude from you guys. I feel like you guys know what to do and where to go from here. I feel like there’s a plan and even if I can’t help w the law there’s something I can do. We really are a team! I’m so positive today. Wow I woke up on the good side of the bed.

    ((((((((((((TEAM JODI)))))))))))))


  77. Suit up everybody and put on your hip boots cause its about to fly and it may get deep. Im not sure I can stomach it but going to give it my all. Jodi Arias dont give up or give in ’cause karma will come their way. To all the lying corrupt family, friends and officials, I hope you reap what you sow.

  78. A freind of Travis,s was on Haters Lying Now station and said she ran into one of Travis,s sister and her daughter outside the courthouse and how she cried because he would never meet the neice! WHAT THE HELL. T,s sister should kiss the ground and thank God that would never hapeen. Especially when she turned twelve!. What the hell are they going to talk about on stand when they have not seen him for four years. More lies.

  79. WHAAAAA …?

    Did I hear this right? From an interview Samantha gave to 48 Hours re her brother Travis:

    “My brother was shot and stabbed multiple times, and his throat was slit. I knew that it was murder. I knew it was. I knew it. I knew something within my heart, something really bad.”

    No shit, Sherlock? You, a police officer, SOMEHOW knew that a gunshot and nearly 30 stabs wounds were not indicative of suicide? How has this bitch not made detective yet?

  80. Appellate issues I can see.

    1..Jury misconduct..Juror 8 has already said people approached him and talked to him, and while he has been excused, he could have tainted that jury while he was still there.

    2..The media circus and Jurors easy access to this circus…Jurors have been watching this, no doubt.

    3..Prosecutor misconduct…Beating down witnesses and making them afraid to testify.

    4..The contradictions between Flores and the medical examiner. Seems they changed their story several times during this trial.

    I’m sure there are many more reasons for appeal, but didn’t list them all.

  81. Yes, we are a team. You fence sitters need to pick a side if you haven’t already, go back and look at the REAL evidence, not the hypotheticals that kermit came up with as he drew emotion from the jury with the pics. Read the reports, look at the evidence, take time to notice all the lies and all of the info that was conveniently left out and the people who refused to come forward, the death threats against the people who tried to tell the truth, the way the IDIOTS tried to ruin the career of a woman who has worked her entire life to bring DV into the OPEN. The woman who called the police to tell them to check out her husband cause he had something to do with Travis’ death and then wound up dead, with a gunshot to the head. Suicide? I think NOT. Take a LOOK at the REAL EVIDENCE, not the crap that you have been fed. Surely you are not tooooooooo afraid that you might learn the truth? Go ahead, look at what is real and PROVEN, not a theory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TEAM JODI!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cjs post right on . . if it’s not considered and understood .. get your color books and crayons out and see if you can stay inside the lines to come up with the picture . . unlike jm who fks up the real picture scribbling outside the lines

  82. Is it Wilmott who’s in charge o Jodi’s outfits? What’s with the ill-fitting tshirt? It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

    • It does not matter what she looks like or what she is wearing at this point in the least and it never should matter.

      • I think it does matter. That’s why she isn’t wearing a prison outfit: because it would prejudice the jury. I think they should take as much pride in her appearance at the end of the trial as they did at the beginning.

    • Yes, it’s heartbreaking!!! I noticed it yesterday. It would have been nice to see JW at least put her arm around Jodi.

      Hi everyone,

      Not sure I will be able to watch all this crap today. Hugs to all.

    • Stop criticizing her clothing. What should she have worn a ball gown????? Fucking-A.
      She is being sentenced today for fuck’s sake.

      Good GOD I’m losing patience……

    • I dont think they ever ”tried”. Try for what?Make her look beautiful??? This is NOT a beauty pageant,you know!! This woman gets to learn if she DIES or LIVES for fu*k’s sake!!!

  83. I am saddened that the DT looked at bailing out just last week after the verdict 🙁

    With CA it was evident throughout that they respected her, cared about her, and even liked her. They surrounded her with love and protected her. No such thing here. My heart is heavy for JA, knowing that she knew all along that all they were doing is rote representation of their jobs.

    • Yes, that’s what I was talking about in my last post. It does look like they stopped trying. I thought JW looked strangely when Jodi would get her attention to say something.

    • Does Nurmi like Jodi, I’ve heard different things (but i’ve learned no to trust mainsteam or hln news about this farce..), or is it sort of like playful banter between him and Jodi (not true animosity)?

  84. I’m so glad to see Samantha found yet again the time to go to a hair salon and have her hair done!!! I know I do it too,when I’m emotionally broken/devastated/a total wreck oh yeah I run to the nearest beauty salon.NOT!!!
    Fuck you bitch!! You ll be crying your eyes out in a while,RIGHT?????????

  85. The judge is talking. Giving instructions. The jury hasn’t followed instructions yet. Never! They have no facts to back up their decisions.

    • Yeah, she’s just wasting her breath. They couldn’t give a fuck less about instructions – or evidence for that matter.

  86. Out if the blue I get a phone call from the local news station CP24 asking for an interview about the arguement I was involved in during my flight home from Paris. So frustrating I can’t do it and share my side to story. Would love to stand up and publicly state that I do NOT believe Jodi deserves to die. But it would be career suicide and they have their facts mixed up, they claim that the plane was almost grounded (No! I was removed from my seat and forced to sit beside a crew member).
    I wish I had the ability to stand for my convictions like SJ, AA, Renee, tonysam, ALL of you here….too many to mention.
    Thanks again for this forum and all the support you show for Jodi and each other!

  87. I’m not tuning in for the court proceeding today. I think the outcome is just for show and the jury already knows what the outcome will be .This jury has already shown they don’t give a damn about evidence or about following the law. They want to kill her. I will be glad when this trial is completely over and we can really get to work on Jodi’s behalf.

    On the up side, I hope to never have to look at the Alexander family, Juan Martinez, Judge Stevens and Det. Flores ever again.

  88. What a joke. Just drag her out and hang her now. Everybody except Jodi’s family and the defense team look like they just want pickles to shut up so they can kill Jodi. We love you Jodi,. If you get your chance to say anything, SAY, FUCK YOU ALL!!!

  89. Jodi will be going through a living hell today. Looks like heavy duty. meds they have her on. He faces looks swollen.

    God I hate. these people…. I know Gods arms are around Jodi…….

    • I’ll watch it later as I cannot stand to see it as it unfolds. She looked so sad yesterday – like she’d been crying for days. I do hope they have her medicated so none of this is processed by her and that she is detached completely. At this point it makes no difference.

      I will never comprehend how there are so many humans who are enjoying this and pig pile on, who feel this end justifies their *eye for an eye* behavior.

      No wonder there is and never will be an end to abuse, abuse of animals, abuse of children, abuse in government, abuse in LE, abuse in the church, abuse in medicine … pick any direction. We yammer daily how we want to put an end to violence but it’s never going to stop. Not when the definition is selectively decided. We like to pat ourselves on our backs for being civilized and so cutting edge.

      I thought there was a great story about the carpenter who was sentenced to death and was suppose to return someday. How little some of us have taken to heart of the moral to that story. They aren’t much different than those depicted in that story who crucified that man and had no idea why. We aren’t much different than those who stood by, unable to change the outcome.

      • Used to agree with that thought but those effers would be biased within weeks worse than this group of misfits standing as judge and jury of Jodi.

    • that poor sweet girl…she looks as if she’s absolutely given up…..angel wings surround you Jodi….be strong sweetheart…

  90. I’m so worried as I’m looking at Jodi’s face.Either she’s heavily medicated or she has given up on life already.

  91. I have another mitigating circumstnce to add to the list, how about: “Defendant is an American citizen and is guaranteed the right to protect her own life under the U.S.Constitution.” Grrr