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The Alexanders are patently revolting to me. They remind me of what gets stuck to the bottom of your shoe walking through a stable. Such a pious and sanctimonious show they put on for every fool who couldn’t see they were nothing but money grubbing scavengers playing victim and orchestrating a totally contrived eye rolling charade to extract money from every wallet within their grasp.

They were no more closely associated or had a “loving” relationship with Travis than the Hatfields felt passionate kinship with the McCoys. Travis was on his own wavelength and his siblings treated him as no more than an incidental in their lives. Their only commonality was sharing the same parents. In fact their relationship was strained and estranged. Try to find family photos on the internet with their arms around each other hugging each other, I dare you! Or even just pictured together! I spent hours and all there are, are photos with Travis “the player” Alexander doing his gigolo act with other women.

You would think with this pity-pull of phenomenal proportions that the internet would be inundated with the intimate evidence of the close relationship of this pretense put-on; as if Travis was Beaver from Leave it to Beaver. It’s a farce and if Travis had died of natural causes, there is a better than even chance they would have debated if it was even important enough to go to Arizona for his funeral.

If that had been the loss of the brother of 98% of other families, family photos picturing them together in various moments of loving admiration or unmistakeable closeness would have been plastered all over the internet from family albums.

Put these pretenders on a polygraph and ask them if they would give back the money they’ve extorted if Travis could come back to life tomorrow. When they said yes, the needle would fly off the machine.

They’re like the leeches that became instant grieving relatives of their dear long lost uncle when it came time for the millions being handed out for those who perished in the Twin Towers. Or like someone who gets tapped in a minor fender bender by someone going five miles an hour and they fall out of the car onto the pavement screaming of the horrific pain in their neck, yelling ‘oh my neck, my neck.” Ya right.

If you needed any more proof than their coordinated group walkout just recently performed at their perceived opportune time for maximum disruption and feigned drama for their fan club, you’re a moron. If it wasn’t further evidenced by the equally repugnant jurors who participated in the fun fest after-party with them, you’re a double moron. There should have been a lady there giving oral to a donkey and then the sideshow would have been complete.

I would have been a little less revulsed if they had shown even the least bit of decorum or a hint of the class shown by the Arias family. But there was NONE. The evidence that was laid out before them of the underworld of Travis Alexander was ignored and treated as a mirage. Listening to the abusive, vile pattern of a classic abuser in his own voice on the tape recordings was reduced to eyeball acrobatics and scoffed at as a boring waste of their time. Of course it was, the truth didn’t matter. The opportunists had their chance to play the role of the grieving heart-stricken mourners and Travis’ death was like manna from heaven. It was so devastating they needed a trip to Cancun to drown their sorrows. They’re as phony as a Rolix watch.

Alexander was a mutation of his own making and was a master player, while at the same time possessing volcanic private rage tendencies wrestling with his own demons that he knew were sick and perverted. Jodi Arias witnessed all of it. Travis treated her as a marionette that he could control and manipulate. Raging one moment and apologizing the next. It was a land mine waiting to explode.

When he made the decision to once again opt for an assault and battery which she had succumbed to before, he made his own decision for the consequences. One of them was not going to leave that bathroom that day on their own power. It was Jodi who prevailed, it’s as simple as that. You do not have to hope and wait to find out if the next action of your unhinged assaulter won’t be the equivalent repeat of what you’ve already experienced before.

The only thing that comes in a close second or maybe even ties the disgust level of the Alexanders, is the abhorrent representation of Jodi’s defense. If the appeals court doesn’t find abject monumental incompetence in the presentment of her defense, it will stand alone as one of the worst decisions in appeals history. The only thing that should be difficult is deciding which mind boggling ruling by a totally clueless, manifestly incompetent judge and a cheerleader for the prosecution, or equally mind boggling blunders by the defense team, that should be cited as the reason for a new trial.

Martinez should have been drenched in sweat looking over his shoulder fearing the marshal to come over at any minute to put handcuffs on him and throw him in jail for contempt sanctions. This time hopefully, the appeals court when his name lands on their desk AGAIN for evidence fixing and subornation of perjury, his Hitler-esque reign of signing autographs and putting undeserving or innocent people on death row culminates in his receiving bread and water through prison bars. Prison would be too good for this prick who searches for the truth like Iran searches for ways to show the world their nuclear enrichment facilities.

I am never failing to be astounded as I find more and more ultra gross negligence of Nurmi and Willmott. It could only be appreciated if there was a way to roll back the clock and have Jodi represented by a seasoned, proficient and competent defense team to show the comparison. If you are a pro-prosecution Alexander junkie, your head would virtually be spinning it would be so incredible.

I just found AN-O-T-HER example which couldn’t have been more important to shove down Martinez’ throat and pivotal in destroying his concocted daily bullshit-a-ganza of manufactured fairy tales. It was probably premier in the panicked decision to change the order sequence of the gunshot to being last. And it was left literally unaddressed by Nurmi or Willmott to further show the sheer lunacy that Travis would have been immediately incapacitated if he was shot as Jodi testified he was.

If you even consider for a MOMENT that he had the potential to slam her to the floor, you KNOW that he created a fear in her that would have been perceived by every one of us as the prelude to even a greater fate. Others had seen the result of his temper before, but incomprehensively, weren’t called to testify to it by her lame and tortuously poor defense team that she was forced to accept. The evidence at the crime scene reeked of corroboration of her sworn testimony.

This was a muscled mass of a man who outweighed her by 80 pounds or more and routinely exhibited his proficiency and love for UFC as well as his wrestling prowess. How ironic that she’s the one convicted of a felony when he committed felony assault on her that caused her to fight for own life.

Nearly every person who was remotely savvy about what the stopping power of a .25 acp was, would have testified that it’s the next thing better to having nothing. But that’s all. It’s a pee pee gun. You have something hard and somewhat pointed that you can shove in your attackers eye if they are close enough. It’s ineffective at close point blank range documented in many cases as researched by a well known gun expert named Evan Marshall, who developed data from shooting victims treated in emergency rooms.

In one example, a pimp shot one of his hookers at point blank range seven times in the head with a .25 acp. She went to the hospital a week later complaining of a headache and they found seven 50 grain full metal jacket pieces of projectile lodged between her scalp and her skull that was creating pressure on her skull. None of the bullets had penetrated her skull, they just traveled around underneath her skin.

If that’s not enough click here to look at this compiling of evidence. It took a period of ten years by someone who wanted to document facts and dispel the theories of hype. Note the percentage of cases where the .25 acp DOES NOT incapacitate and the percentage of “one shot” stops.

Now lets get real here, this extraordinary proof of evidence in how weak this gun is could be the proven result of what happened to a woman who was shot with the gun inches from her head seven times and developed nothing but a headache. But couldn’t allow a hulk of a man on adrenaline overload to still be a fully capable combatant in a fight after being shot only once? And with the least damage-inflicting type of bullet as well?

I hadn’t realized that Martinez had teed it up so perfectly to rivet this fact in the brains of those lard heads on the jury that adds even MORE credence, that’s it’s even MORE unlikely that the shot did anything but send Alexander into an avenging state of pure intent to kill or cause great bodily injury to Jodi. But it was completely muffed.

One shot, as already stated, can be next to useless at POINT BLANK range in stopping an attacker. But this wasn’t even the case with Alexander. Even by the totally in-the-tank medical examiner for the prosecution, he confirmed that the distance Alexander had to be shot from was AT LEAST two and a half to three feet. The distance was indeterminate due to the total lack of the usual residue or stippling effects that are unavoidable if shot from any shorter distance. But the opportunity was never seized on to capitalize on Martinez’ own venture into opening the door, and to obliterate the likelihood that Travis was even *that* close when the shot was fired. Because he wasn’t !

Look at the perfect admission of it and confirmation by Martinez himself…watch how he realizes he is about to torpedo his own case showing the dimensions of the bathroom and comparing it to where she said she was standing. Then how he tries to deftly rehabilitate his blunder by trying to shorten the distance again of how far Travis was away from her when the shot was fired, by having Jodi say she had her hands “outstretched.” Hoping that nobody would notice he had further just screwed his own theory.

It was a Xmas gift to the defense that couldn’t have been more devastating and they pissed it away. Travis could have been as much as SIX FEET from her or more when that gun went off. Click here to watch Jodi’s testimony.

Nurmi, instead of letting Martinez sink in his own quicksand is objecting to the measurements. Jodi never acquiesced to him being any given distance from her when the gun fired. That’s why Travis did not fall on her in a face to face posture. But instead, as she testified, fell near her lower legs and fortunately allowed her to get away before he could get on top of her. Nothing could make more sense to corroborate her account. A body in motion tends to stay in motion as per the long established Newton’s law. And that is exactly what Alexander’s body did. His charging momentum carried him into her. But he, and this is per the Maricopa cretin’s own measurement diagram, was at a distance that minimized the effect of the mouse gun’s bullet even more.

Hence the blood that appeared all over that bathroom evidencing the battle that only one was going to survive.

The establishing of the weak stopping power of the gun used, was absolutely crucial ! It was at the epicenter of whether Travis had the present ability to attack her after the shot. And then to tie it in with everything else in that bathroom that SHOWED it was a life and death struggle, from which only one was going to walk out of that bathroom.

The stupefyingly ignorant jurors ignored it, Martinez had dodged another nail that he almost put in the coffin of his own case, and Nurmi let it be just another example of the start to finish prolific incompetence.

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  1. ♥ Everyone is busy but please take time to write to Jodi and share your Love with her!

    How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
    ~~~~~~ Anne Frank ♥

  2. Very interesting regarding the distance that the medical examiner says she had to have been from Travis’ head when the gun went off. Those nitwits on the hate page are now buying into their latest great theory that she shot him, standing over him in the shower while he was still seated (after blinding him with the camera flash), meaning, of course, that she first went and got a step ladder so that she could be sure to be standing that high above his head. (At least they’ve finally come around to agreeing that he was shot first, contrary to that totally lame scenario presented to them by their beloved Juan who can do no wrong.)

    • And this newest theory (supposedly further proving that Jodi is a homicidal maniac) also refutes Horn’s testimony that Travis was, for sure and no doubt about it, incapacitated by the gunshot. They now believe that he could still move around. But, hey, isn’t that what Jodi said and was accused of lying about? So now they apparently don’t believe either Martinez or Horn but that doesn’t matter, they don’t need clear or even competent evidence to convict, once they’ve decided “The Truth” based on conjecture.

      • 😆 Gosh Heather1, Have you not heard the version where she arrived and escaped on her broom? Oh, very believable 😆

        *Personally, IMO, there was a long line of people who had it in for Travis Alexander and Jodi wasn’t in it, she actually truly cared about him. Go figure……smh

      • No! No! No!!! Jodi blinded him by throwing shampoo in his eyes! That’s how she had enough time to get the ladder! Duh! 😀

  3. Thank you Jade. Someone with the right stuff WILL put your arguments and most of our sentiments in front of the appellate and we’ll see what real attorneys can do.
    Both Nurmi and Jennifer were not experienced enough to put frog and pickles in check. I know a great attorney would have found a way to regroup and bog things down when faced with the gunshot last tactics and perjury. Why Nurmi wasn’t the point on cross examining Horn and why Jennifer never put Dworkin on blast for saying there was porn,then being bullied to say there wasn’t porn is just weak.
    Jodi WILL get the proper help, and Jodi will ALWAYS have our support!

    • Johnm, unfortunately the defense team didn’t have any passion during the first trial. They made a lot of mistakes and didn’t insist on matters that would have helped Jodi out.

      Unfortunately, even though they showed more passion in the second trial, it was too late, IMO: the verdict was already out. And I am certain that some of the things that came out during the second trial were because of Jodi: when she stated that she wanted to represent herself, that’s when the porn was proved.

      If the defense team was passionate and had pursued the porn stuff, the pedophile stuff, the perjury stuff, the evidense tampering stuff during the first trial, Jodi probably would have been on a Greek beach right now, working on her tan.

  4. Great article Jade !! 🙂

    IMHO….The medical examiner, Dr. Kevin Horn, equivocated and mislead throughout his testimony and desperately tried to “disavow” his own autopsy report without really disavowing it. Now that’s something!!!! He really ought to be soooo proud of himself to be able to accomplish a feat like that !!! The bullet “must have” “had to have” gone through the brain…Really ??? A simple yes or no would have been the appropriate answer but he couldn’t do that or it could technically be lying under oath and God knows Dr. Horn didn’t want to do that, oh no !!! So he had to make is sound as though the bullet went through the brain without actually definitively stating it. He had to make is sound as though the knife wound to the chest could have produced the blood that TA coughed up without actually definitively stating it but instead using generalities and non-specific hypotheticals which were completely MEANINGLESS!!!!!!! Hey, Dr. Horn, WERE NOT ALL STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WERE DOING !!!!!!!! You were dancing on a high wire that little dictator JM put you on….my question is did little JM convince you to do this? Huh, how did he do that? Or did you just do it bc you are a fool who doesn’t understand that what goes around comes around…so watch that boomerang now, It might just come back to bite you in your @@@….okay !!! IMHO

    • Great article Jade! The compiling evidence was most interesting and accurate! I know some gun nuts that was so very impressed! I did watch/listen to Jodi testimony, I believe she did tell the truth and I feel she was retraumatized 🙁 I guess I need to let go of the fact that I never could believe that she was strong/able to drag and put TA back in shower by herself. AMAZING! Fear has a powerful influence over mind/body/spirit! Hope you can bring the corruption of JM, Horn, Dict Flor and phony DeMont (what ever her name is) and the weak judge DOWN FOR THE COUNT!!! Hopefully this will speed up Jodi’s release! Jodi has been imprisoned long enough! #1 J4JA

  5. At times Horn testified that the brain was almost non-existent it was so decomposed to fit the fact that he could not see the supposed wound through the brain. At another time he testified that the whole body was in intermediate stage, normal green-grey in color. I found this site which is quite different from Horn’s timeline on decomp. – Gross Examination & Findings – Post-mortem Changes (Warning: Very, very graphic site)

    “The brain turns a pink-grey color and undergoes liquefaction over a period of weeks”, not as he described eight days later.

      • Yes, Horn was full of it and trying to make his story on the stand fit the prosecutor’s theory and demands…IMHO….he was worthless and the idiot jurors could not use what little brain power they had to decipher his nonsense….equivocations, misleading testimony, etc…..he had the audacity to sit there and try to say things that were not consistent with the provable facts…as always, IMHO…

        • Horn should have everything right by penalty retrial – the fourth time on the stand and two chances at writing his autopsy report, the second being December 2013. There are so many other things as well, but I don’t think that he has the number of holes right. As I count them, there are three – one in the frontal skull in the superior orbital bone, mentioned in original autopsy report, and then the two that were thrown in on Day 54, the entry and exit in the anterior fossa (front of base of skull). By my count that makes three, not two and does that mean the dura was ruptured in one, two or three places?

          Retrial Day 2
          JW: Okay so you couldn’t see any damage? Horn: There’s two holes in the skull, and the overlying dura which is what is reflected in the amended report, but I did not see a wound tract, that defines bleeding tract through the brain.

          Sur-Rebuttal Day 54
          JM: I’m going to show you exhibit numbers 653 and 654, and see if you recognize those. Horn: Yes. JM: What are they? Horn: They are photographs of the base of Travis Alexander’s skull. JM: And do they indicate or show the entry wound of the bullet? Horn: The entry and the exit, yes.

          Original Post-Mortem Report:
          Gunshot Wound of Head
          The wound track perforates the anterior frontal skull near the superior orbital bone and traverses the right anterior fossa, without gross evidence of significant intracranial hemorrhage or apparent cerebral injury.

  6. To your point Jade. Someone told me the Alexander are taking donations for the family to go to Cancer via Twitter because Travis would have wanted that. Apparently donations are pouring in. Sick.

  7. What a thorough and on the money summation of the farce the state of Arizona and the Alexanders created and called justice.
    Jodi deserves another trial if anyone ever did.

  8. Thank you Jade for yet another really great article! I sent Jodi a birthday card, it’s one of a painting I think she’ll love, I hope it will inspire her!

  9. Hoping and sending prayers for Jodi and our friends in Greece. ♥

    Romans 12:12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

    • Yes Cat she is. Although she is limited because she is only allowed a certain small amount of envelopes. As time passes she will be able to answer more letters so hang in there. For now, we need to concentrate on sending her all of our love through the mail. . .she appreciates everyone’s thoughtfulness. ♥

    • Plus, by the time Jodi was permitted to any envelopes and stamps, she was flooded with letters and mail! Patience and she will write back!


  10. Thank you Love. – This girl needs a freaking break and a new trial with competent Attorney’s.
    I sure hope the Alexander’s enjoyed their Cancun vacation after begging for donations because” that’s what Travis would have wanted”. Come on now, really??

  11. Jade as always an amazing post….that family saw a cash cow or is that dog in their beloved t-dog. he used all and they use all….seems to RUN in thar clan like – – it! But $$ does bring out the beast in some….and that boy loved $$….and that family is holding on to that….the trip…Really I for one would give to send em on a trip….to MARS. they could use VIRGIN…..LOL..t-dog..even he would get that joke. Great work on the .25 issue…but what really speaks volumes is the video on Phineas Gage and how He took a hit 1600 x,s greater then t.a. and may not have even passed out. And 3 months later got on with His life. The one thing I find in that case is the fact that 23 out of 24 were allowed to try their very best to MURDER an innocent…..I have never seen one truth from their mouths that proves it was what they convicted HER on. Because they can,t find it Seems they all know SHE,s guilty they just can,t say how. Well AMERICA now WE know there,s 23 who believe in injustice even after they take an oath….there,s a word for that….TREASON. they were on a mission for that family…..and soon an APPEALS court will show their evil and vile ways. Does not contempt apply to all in a court of law….even a baby abuser…!

    • I was clumsy in conveying my intended reference in that sentence and left out a couple of words.

      I didn’t mean that there were “zero” photos. In searching through hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of photos in places where I would expect to find them, even I found two. But the way they played up their pity party, it was like they couldn’t get through a day without talking to him. That is pure bull apples.

      If they were served a subpoena to produce all documents of correspondence and photos showing this super closeness they feigned prompting all these tears and orchestrating everything but a telethon for sympathy, that would be a mighty small pile. Even the photos you linked, look like they were made to pose at gunpoint.

      I still think the Alexanders are vile and disgusting and are doing everything possible to capitalize on Travis’s death.

      But we certainly want to keep everything honest so now hopefully it is ha ha ha ha.

  12. I fade into the abyss for a short while and holy moley, the birthdays are piling up lol. Happy birthday everybody–Canada Carol, Still Out There, SJ and anybody I may have missed. Or will miss lol!

    SJ, when Jodi walks free, she will have you to thank for whatever time her incarceration is shortened.

    • Hi Jade,

      It’s a Team effort for sure… and all we know for certain in that every day that passes takes us one day closer to Jodi’s release.


      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<


    Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves. -Abraham Lincoln ♥

    • (bowing my head in shame…. AGAIN!) I’m so sorry for missing out and not wishing all my American friends a Happy 4th of July. I hope everyone had a great time and stayed safe.

      I don’t know why – and this song has nothing to do with Independence Day BUT every 4th of July it comes to mind, so even if I’m belated in my wishes, I dedicate this song to all my American friends:

      Now I’ll go to the ‘time out’ stool and give myself another time out…. *sigh*

      • Pandora, you are forgiven…… You do have a whole mess of stuff going on around you. . . get off that stool!!! 😉

  14. Happy Independence Day to those in the U.S. To our Jodi family in other country’s happy Saturday!!!

    Please keep Jodi, Pandora and Maria in your thoughts and prayers….

  15. Happy 4th of July to everyone – whether you’re in the US or elsewhere :mrgreen:


    Never question it.

    Never doubt it.

    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  16. A big thank you and a huge hug to all our friends overseas who are thinking of us today ♥ ♥ You’re all so considerate and kind.

    Holding our breaths here……

  17. The Hughes said that they went through “everything” before turning the evidence over to Flores and even had some of TA’s journals before they were ordered to turn them over. The only reason they could come up for TA’s shorter but still vicious rant at Jodi on the 16th was that it had to be the sex recording. I’m no shrink, but reading his journal entry of that day sure gave me a hint. Not to mention the fact that Jodi wrote the email on the 16th, saying that all the abuse that was dished out by the Hughes for even TA and her being friends was no longer worth the effort and that she was cutting TA loose of the burden.

    TVA’s Journal 5-16-08
    “I am on the phone with a long winded associate. So I thought I would multitask. Nice guy but I’m busy. Mimi called me and gave me the let’s be friends talk. DARN IT. DARN IT. What can a brother do. I did the best I could figure out. But nerves was my enemy. Anyhow I am bummed but at least I can move on. This had been a very unproductive week. Too much website obsession. Anyhow I’m over it. I’ll wait til morning and evening and that should be enough. I’m gettin cabin fever too. Literally, this house is driving me crazy. I have such random thoughts .

    Anyhow it’s only gonna get better. Problems tend to solve themselves and things get better if you will them to. So the Future is looking good. Nothing really to complain about. Okay, well I’ve vented enough. Time to get back to making the world a better place. “ T.V.A.

    • Why were the Hughes never arrested for evidence tampering? Anyone else would have been.
      💡 BUT anyone else wouldn’t have been tampering with evidence of their BFF death, they would have let the police handle the investigation. SMH 🙄

  18. On the subject of Greece….it looks like the “no” side is ahead at 60%. The Greeks say they don’t want to be frightened into a yes vote….which will make life even harder on them. My heart is with the Greek people. Sorry for getting off topic on this site but I just have to say something of support. No body likes to be bullied into more austerity measures. They are suffering enough already.

    Have a great day everyone.

    • Judy, I also voted no. I will not be scared into a situation that I know will be the end of my country and the end of the young Greeks’ future. We Greeks are survivors. We have pride and although we are a very small geographically-wise country, our hearts are huge and our souls are even larger. We have ‘filotimo’ and we do not kneel in front of terrorists and blackmailers. (Leonidas and his army of 300 went against the Persians that were thousands. And that is not a fairy tale, that is true history. As Leonidas and the 300 warriors did, so will all Greeks now. ♥)


      • Pandora, I am so proud of your people! And of course, of your stand! Bravo! Positive thoughts for a continuing success story! The free world needs it!
        I love and respect your country

        Greek history is the foundation for all of us who live in a democracy. The world didn’t develop ideals, philosophy, education, all by itself; the civilized world has Greece to thank for the freedoms they enjoy.
        More than that, we are, and should be, indebted to the Greek people for their present courage; their perseverance in adversity is awesome! We all need to strive to keep up with the Greek people’s refusal to be bullied and coerced and intimidated.

      • Pandora, I know that the Greek people were being pressured to accept more pressure and stress and I know that some have resorted to suicide because they can no longer care for their families which means everything. It is all just too much. Please know that I have a very special place in my heart for Greece and its people. I have spent time there and have friends there and I have experienced the generosity of the Greeks. I hope things get better for you all. Best wishes

  19. I don’t have a twitter account but I am able to see that Nurmi is peddling his weight loss book to haters! How pathetic!

  20. Reeva Steenkamp’s family sat in court throughout trial and honored the judge’s request: “Respect the courtroom. If you cannot, I will advise you to leave the room before trial starts.” They sat there graciously, with dignity, following the rules according to the judge’s instructions. Their pain was no less than the alexanders. On the contrary, if we had to compare, I’d say their loss was much ‘fresher’ than the alexander’s was. And yet, not a ‘peep’ out of them. Not a head shake. Not even an eye roll. Nada.

    See, it’s not about liking or disliking someone ‘just because’. It’s their behavior that makes others sympathize or not with them. If you ask me, the alexanders brought this on themselves. How can you sympathize with people whose behavior is very close to that of trailer trash: disrespectful, tantrum-full (I know it’s not a word, but it sounds just right), unethical, immoral, rude and lacking of all manners.

    Again, it’s not about ALL alexanders. For example, I have never heard anyone trashing the aunt, or some of travis’ siblings or even his brother-in-laws. It’s about certain alexanders:

    samantha’s behavior all through both trials reeked of spoiled brattery. Her ironic eye-rolling, head shaking, crocodile tear crying testimony from the gallery was notable to us, thus notable to the cameras thus notable to the jury. How many times was she caught seeking the camera to start her performance? Every single time, it was on cue: if the camera was on her, she started her tactics. After a while, Samantha was so predictable that if she missed a chance to behave like a stuck up dick, I was in shock. 🙄 (rolling eyes! Yup, I can do that too. Not as well as samantha but nevertheless, I can).

    tanisha’s behavior was also as theatrical as her sister’s. Her sour pussed face every time the camera caught her was more disturbing than someone giving head and not enjoying it. She too had adopted the head shaking tactic and her whaling cries were so excessive that it was easy to comprehend how fake they were. No tears. Not one. Whaling cries? Plenty.

    steven’s behavior was also disrespectful but not near as good enough as the previous two. His constant ‘Elvis’ lip thing was a total bust. He wasn’t even good at expressing ‘disgust’. All it showed was him desperately trying to impersonate Elvis. And him blaming everyone for his failed life? Come on man, get a pair! I hate wimpy pathetic men that cry a river and blame everyone else about their own screw ups. No wonder his wife left him, he couldn’t man up. (SMH – see! I can do that too!).

    The group ‘stand up and exit the courtroom’ shenanigan was the crème de la crème. That was low even for them. Then the ‘runaway’ younger sister, running out of the courtroom crying her lungs out (no tears; only sounds) was also a tangent that I didn’t expect. Let’s not forget that steven also pulled that shit (he too walked out as a demonstration of his unapproval). And to think: all this happened in 1 trial day. In a matter of a few hours.

    Honestly? It’s not totally their fault. The biased judge allowed all of it. I was waiting to see the permitted limits of these shenanigans. Once the trial ended, I finally realized that there were no limits. The judge didn’t care. With her silence, it seems she approved of it and enabled it to go on and on and on. That’s how worthless Judge SS was. And there is not a moment of doubt that she can claim that she never saw any of these shenanigans. If the camera caught them, if we witnessed them, if the defense team complained about it… how can the judge not have seen all this. Both the judge and the jury saw all of this. Make no mistake.

    For months and months, judge SS allowed it and that itself proves how ‘fair’ she was. 🙄 🙄 🙄
    In any other courtroom the judge would have held the alexanders & co. in contempt or would have at the least booted and banned them from the courtroom for disrespectful behavior. (I can visualize Judge Belvin Perry or Judge Thokozile Masipa dealing with the alexander shenanigans… that wouldn’t have been pretty AT ALL).

    So, if the alexanders wanted respect and sympathy, they should have behaved respectfully and ethically. End of story. I don’t have empathy for revengeful, uncivil individuals.

    • I seen where they were saying steven was on basically on his death bed in hospital but wouldnt tell what was wrong with him!???? Another plot to beg more money? Know they are plenty pisst that they cant get their hands on Jodi’s appeal money! I read where they have said “theres got to b a way!” When they post that steven is gravely ill in hospital but wont tell whats wrong with him even when ta supporters ask, that leads to a lot of the imagination!!! Like maybe he pee in the water while on his vacation in Cancun allowing a parasite to swim up his urine stream into his ding-a-ling???? Or had sex with one of the local boys contracting hepatitis?? I have heard where people have won trip to Cancun and come back with hepatitis from eating the shell fish! Anyways who would know but his illness seems to be a secret! OR just a plot to beg for money with no questions asked! WEIRD.

      • Gravely ill? On his death bed? Oh dear, lol. I think he’s had sex with Morticia way too many times, and she’s given him (like she has many others) some hard-to-spell and difficult to get rid of STD :mrgreen: C’est la vie, MF’s!

        Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

        • Hi SJ,

          Do you know anything about JODI’s new attorneys, how is everything coming along?
          I know they are more respected than JW and KN but is everything looking co-assured? If you can’t talk about it it’s o.k.

  21. Pandora, you said it perfectly….take a bow.

    SJ we were talking about this yesterday. OK I don’t like the guy but I don’t wish him bad health. He’s been messed up for years now. But they will blame it on Jodi. the guy doesn’t work so who’s going to pay for the hospital bills??? Oh yes that’s why Tanisha has put it out there with don’t ask questions….. Ya another scam to get $$$$$$$. She would use anyone in her family…..

  22. Stephen’s illness has been posted. He has had it since age 15. Ulcers of some type. I will see if I can find it. He is much better from what I read.

        • yeah, something was said about him being allergic to the antibiotics normally used for treatment – but of course we have to consider the source

          I dunno – a lifetime of puking sounds really miserable to me

          • I have to agree with you Journee. Might explain that God awful expression he always had on his face……

            Anyways we gave him his 10 minutes of fame. Yuck!!! Played right into Tanishas hand.

        • About half the population live with the H. pylori bacteria but many live without any symptoms. Living conditions like that of his childhood is one of the causes.

            • “You can get H. pylori from food, water, or utensils. It’s more common in countries or communities that lack clean water or good sewage systems. You can also pick up the bacteria through contact with the saliva or other body fluids of infected people.

              Many people get H. pylori during childhood, but adults can get it, too. The germs live in the body for years before symptoms start, but most people who have it will never get ulcers. Doctors aren’t sure why only some people get ulcers after an infection.”


              • Maybe, just maybe, they shouldn’t have gone to Cancun for a celebration and stayed home and taken care of their own families, all by themselves without help from the sheeple. Seems they have proven Travis was right, they are very dependent and needy. IMO

              • Thanks CC. I really didn’t know anything about it. Do you think stress could play a part in it? His marriage falling apart from his PTSD that had nothing to do with his brothers death…. I don’t know but having a sister like TS sure would be enough stress to land me in the hospital.

              • What the bacteria does is eat away the protective lining of your stomach so that the acid causes peptic ulcers. The docs used to link ulcers with such environmental things such as stress and smoking for two. It makes sense that things that would increase the acid in your stomach would make it worse. I think it has a lot to do with personality myself.

                • It could CC. He doesn’t seem to be a very strong person. He’s got more going on then just this.

                  I really don’t wish him any ills. Karma you know. Now his sister…that’s a different thing. Perhaps she would be better off shutting her mouth and taking care of her children…..Be a good role model. Not spending so much time scamming money from people. IMHO

    • Pandora, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and Maria for your beautiful country! One would think that yr country would have great wealth because of ancient ruins like the Acropolis in Athens along with the beautiful sea! 2004 Greece hosted the Summer Olympics! All tourists want to go to Greece!!! I have an elder friend thats family migrated from Greece to the US and became merchants and did very well! Now she is in her late 70’s and retired she asked me to babysat her 2 small dogs so she could go back and visit family members that stayed behind. She was gone like 3 weeks upset and disappointed because it was no longer her home country she remembered. She told that the Asian people have bought everything like in businesses. I told her the US is getting the same way. Iranians and Asian people are owners of a lot of real estates and shops! I do feel US is making a mistake by selling out but as we all know “Money Talks” Hope theres a turn around for yr beautiful country and people! God Bless!

    • Dwight, we now know thanks to Jodi taking over her case for a time and from Neumeister that anyone who opened it up would have seen that the thing was loaded with evidence of all kinds of porn. Juan knew about it and that is why he was looking for it the day the old defence team went to the police station to view the evidence. Chris Hughes was on blog radio just before the first verdict and according to him, he had spoken to the lead investigator and was reassured that there was zero porn to be found. Very telling statement about both parties IMO since we now know the truth about what was really on it.

        • Exactly. The evidence was controlled to fit the prosecution’s fairytale story…These are plain and simple Brady violations, period. The defense does NOT have to ask for the evidence…it has to be given over by the prosecution’s office without reservation which it was NOT. It was covered up in a text book Brady violation. And IMHO the underlying issue as to why the coverup and why go to such lengths to destroy the credibility of Jodi? Answer (IMHO) – MORMON LDS community. It’s that simple, protect the Church at all costs.

          • One would think everyone in that particular ward (whatever they call it) that the Hughes and TA were members of should be investigated to the upmost degree. Why haven’t they? Lies upon lies is what they are about. They want to play with innocent peoples lives then it is time to pay the fiddler. Self Defense is not a crime! Lying, tampering, concealing, deleting and withholding evidence are all crimes in the US. Jodi protected herself from a vicious attack from a known abuser. . .one may not create fabrications of a death to fit a fairy tale.

            It has been said over and over again that Jodi Arias is a liar and she did to begin with. Who wouldn’t have knowing the type of greedy people she knew TA was involved with. Jodi has not lied since she has been in the trial. But I say the biggest and most professional liars in this charade have been the Defective Detective Flores, the Hughes, the media and the one and ONLY Juan Martinez. Yep, they deserve the Ultimate Trophy for Lying. It will catch up with them. Squirm away worms Squirm.
            Corruption is everywhere in this mess.

            • Let’s not forget horn, the other toad. So tell me, why did frog ask horn what a shot to the head would do if it was first, when you claim it was last? Why bring it up? The answer is, because it was first.

              • JUANITA brought it up to set up the big Houdini act that Dr. Horn was about to partake in – that is a little slight of hand misleading of the jury. Juan baby needed to have Dr. Horn make the jury believe that if the shot was first, that TA would have been incapacitated immediately don’t ya know ?? Afterall the bullet “MUST HAVE” penetrated the brain – not that it actually did, but ya know that’s just minor details, ya know, details…stay away from the details bc they will rat you out…Dr. Horn’s performance was purely a poetic ballet with all the pirouetting and high wire balancing that he did in order to say to himself, “Self, hmmm, I am not actually lying so it’s okay with me !!! LOL!!!!” WAKE UP YOU STUPID IDIOT JURORS !!!! DO WE HAVE A BRAIN ANYWHERE CLOSE BY ??? Did you hear what he said??? His answers should have made you stop dead in your tracks and say, ENOUGH !!! There is an aircraft carrier full of reasonable doubt in this case and I go no further !!!! He was equivocating so much if he equivocated any more in his answers he would have fallen out of his chair from the reject button on the dunk machine !!! EQUIVOCATION IS NOT 100% TRUTH, IT IS MISLEADING AT ITS BEST, AND PERJURY AT ITS WORST !!!!

                • …they had to make Jodi look like a liar…you know…protect the church AT ALL COSTS….AND WIN AT ALL COSTS !!!! MOTTOS OF THE DAY !!!!

                • You got that right BB! frog had no chance without horn’s and flores’ lies, even with Jodi confessing, frog would have lost without them.

                • Really does not calculate in the minds of mob mentality. The bottom line is Nasty Fuckface and the HLN poison insemination crew set the tone for the weak and would not have mattered what defence was used as these people had already been brainwashed. IMO

    ♥ Don’t forget to send Jodi a letter and donate for her Appeals Fund!

    ♥ “We learn something from everyone who passes through our lives.. Some lessons are painful, some are painless.. but, all are priceless.” – Unknown ♥♥

    ♥ Together we WILL make this happen. ♥ ((((((JODI)))))

    • In a word, no.

      But according to Perryville’s protocols for capital offenders, it will be a minimum of two years before Jodi is likely to share a cell with anyone else.

      Meanwhile, though, she will gradually gain more access to and interaction with other inmates there – which makes it not exactly ‘solitary’ in the traditional sense. She will be able to take classes, she’ll be able to have a job, etc. and not locked alone in her cell all the time as she was at Estrella.

      If it were me, I’d find a solitary cell with the ability to still get out and interact with people now and then FAR preferable to having to share a tiny cell with someone not of my choosing.

  24. Ok guys, I’m going to be totally off topic right now but there are a few things I’d like to tell know-it-all dumb fuck Mike LeBlanc and the other fuckers (from Super Duper page) that are happy about what’s going on in Greece and find it appropriate to joke about it:

    First off, getting excited with Greece’s crisis is just plain sick! It’s like someone getting excited with a catastrophe that happens in your country. How the hell would YOU like it if someone would be doing the ‘happy dance’ when USA was in financial crisis and people were dying of hunger and committing suicide because they couldn’t feed their family? Do YOU find that fucking funny? Do YOU find that fucking entertaining? You sick fuck? Is that what YOU have become? Are you proud of yourself??? Being happy about a whole country facing poverty? Making jokes that Maria and I probably caused this tragedy due to karma???? No, my friend, that is not acceptable. As it would never be acceptable for me to make any jokes about the lives that were lost and traumatized with the tragedy of 9/11. Back then, I (the person you are dissing by your comments) send donations to families that needed economic help. And I send donations for the Katrina tragedy. And I will send the puny amount I have in my pocket if someone else needs it more than me.

    Second off, you idiot, peabrain POS: If Greece exits EU, YOU too are going to be fucked! It will influence the economy not only in European countries but in your country too, you fucking shitface! So for YOU being so sarcastic and being so proud of Greece heading for bankruptcy is like you are being happy for what will happen to your economy.

    It’s gonna be a domino effect… It will be a disaster for all countries around the world!

    And yet, when YOU too in the near future start living in poverty, I personally promise YOU that I will share my food, my home, any money I have, with YOU. YOU wanna know why? Because I am a human being and I feel the pain of my fellow human beings. I have a heart, I have a soul, I have filotimo, I have humanity, I have compassion. Where’s yours?

    So in the meantime, while YOU still have t-bone steaks to pig out on, while you still can afford gas for your car, while you still can go out and enjoy a beer, I tell you: GO FUCK YOURSELF. When you step into my shoes, I’ll tell you: Welcome, let me share with YOU whatever I have….

    P.S. I have been offered a lot of money from friends and I have declined. Not only because I have pride BUT because I still have means of living as a decent human being whereas others search in the dumpsters to find a meal. I’d rather my friends’ money go to those people than to me.

    P.P.S. If I ask people to donate to Jodi’s fund, it’s because I alone can’t offer Jodi (my friend) the money she needs for her appeals. And for miss CB fuckface (ya, you know who you are miss CB) to even imply that I might be involved with the appellate money, moreover scamming anyone, just goes to show how bitter, disgusting and evil she is. Not me but her for thinking that way. So she too can go FUCK HERSELF. Btw, she (CB) can roll up her money and stuff it where the sun don’t shine. Maybe then she’ll (CB) calm down a bit.

    Peace out and please donate to Jodi’s appellate fund. (because no matter what you say, I will continue to try and raise the money my friend needs to get a fair chance).

    ((((Jodi)))) ♥

    • Hi Pandora,

      You make a lot of good points in your post for sure.
      As we already know though… the pedo-huggers, collectively, are a very low form of life… and they operate at a level far below ours.
      Their comments (which you referred to in your post) are proof of that.
      Filotimo. Onwards!

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

    • Don’t waste any energy trying to reason with people who support,adore, approve of and applaud a person like Travis, his behavior and the way he led his life. If Travis is the kind of person they look up to and find worthy to fight for, then it goes to show that these people are equally deranged. (FYI: just because someone’s dead doesnt mean they should be made into heroes when if fact they were SCUM. Simple!
      If death sanctifies you, then oh my….. thousands of dangerous MFs should have been forgiven by now)

      WE choose to support Jodi because we believe she simply defended herself and was grossly overcharged. And the rest of course is history.
      So, fuck the haters for saying whatever they want about Greece. Μπαινάκης-βγαινάκης φιλενάδα 😉

      As for CB, well………… Time always exposes TWO-FACED bitches like her 😉 Bwahahaha!

        • Omg Pandora I am so proud of you!!!! You rock… These people have no clue what’s in store for all of us!!! What happened in 2008 in the US is nothing compared to what is coming.

          Stay strong and please don’t be to proud if you truely need help.

          Love ya and your in my thoughts!!!

          • for sure cindy! so odd how people think their intelligence and perspective makes them immune. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

          • Cindy , yr probably so right! Back in the early 70’s USA was having real hard times. Was going through the gas crisis. I was living in Alkhobar Saudia Arabia and a dorm student in Bahrain during school year so I was not living in US.. “Alhamdulillah” (Thanks b to God) I do have question.. if jm is cut down to size for his illegal actions AND breaking evidence like the camera in his side show , does Jodi have to go through yet another trial or could the Supreme Courts just throw everything out from misconduct, evidence tampering, and tainted prosecution/witnesses? You can just bet those roommates didnt call cops for 5 days waiting on chris hughes to finish up like grabbing journals etc. and give his OK to call the law. Makes me wounder why hughes HAD TO B MADE BY COURT ORDER to hand over journals, What was he hiding?

        • love you all !!!

          there for the grace of god go I

          everyone should hang on to their hats cause we are in for a bumpy ride

    • You Rock Girl 🙂 keep up the good stuff, all will work out for you and your Country. I feel that the funds you have deposited in your Karma Account will carry you forward.

    • Pandora, Maria, All of Greece, and all of TEAM JODI are in my prayers. I pray for each and every one of you and your families to be strong and be able to stay the course that lies before all of us. When one country is hurting the whole world is suffering. May God Bless All! ♥ (((((JODI))))) ♥

  25. Found this article about Juan Martinez on Twitter this morning. Part praise, part criticism. Does have some information about Arizona lawyers trying to bring a case against him.
    BTW, sorry, I haven’t commented for a while. I’ve been trying to get information on one specific aspect of Jodi’s trial without much success. Probably will be a dead end but I want to find out one way or another (if possible). Happy birthday to Jodi tomorrow. Probably will be an emotional day for her.

    • I love these apropos quotes in the above article, provided by Mel McDonald, a onetime judge and U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona, now working as a criminal-defense attorney: “Juan is a victory-at-any-cost prosecutor driven by his own ego….He lies easily and he always overreaches, always plays to the mob mentality.” McDonald then goes on to say, “He doesn’t play clean, and he is far too devious for me to have any respect for him. He is dangerous.”

      Thank you Mr. McDonald for saying it like it is.

    • 😯 OH GOODY GOODY CC53 I’ve missed you terribly!!!!!! 😆 I was getting ready to go on a broom ride looking for you! Happy to see you!!!! ♥♥♥

    • “Some of the Juanettes claim to have taken matters into their own hands, literally. At least one woman, a trial watcher who became a regular “commentator” on national shows, bragged to other groupies and to at least one reporter about having bedded Martinez. Untold others in the blogosphere fantasized in writing about doing just that. (For the record, Martinez has a longtime partner with whom he co-owns a home.)” 😆 scoopy

      • “How much longer Martinez remains at the MCAO remains to be seen. More than one source in and out of the agency says he is angling for a national media forum akin to Nancy Grace’s, a kindred “they’re-all-guilty” sort with a knack for overstatement. He’s also said to be doing a book about Arias with a ghostwriter.”

        I believe it was Steve Krafft who said if kermit did write a book it would change his opinion of him.

        Very good article cc53.

    • This may be pure coincidence, but Deanna was babysitting Naps at TA’s house while T-Dogg and Jodi were travelling to a convention a couple of days before he complained about the journals being missing.

          • Cookie baking was a different time because both Jodi and TA were on the road going to OK convention in March 2008. I’m sorry I don’t have a link, but I based it on TA’s journal entry of March 18th and his and Deanna’s text message records and put the two together. The exhibit page number of the journal is 000873. He mentions his missing journal a few times after.

            TVA Journal entry:

            “Well a lot of things have been lost. I lost my journal so now I’m writing in this one. I lost my IPod. Hopefully it is around here somewhere. I lost a diamond ring but apparently Jodi took it for some reason. So it’s found. My roommate thinks he lost his camera but it is in my BMW. He didn’t lose it but what it is doing in my BMW?”

            * Reid Deanna
            03/13/08 01:51:17 Read Inbox Phone Incoming Where’s nap’s cage?
            03/13/08 01:51:56 Sent Sent Phone Outgoing In the gar-ash
            03/17/08 09:18:02 Sent Sent Phone Outgoing Nice picture on my dresser.=)
            03/17/08 18:57:19 Read Inbox Phone Incoming Thought you might like that 😉

        • Dwight Huth,

          I agree with you that, IMHO, Deanna took the journals!!! Your explanation of why she would take them is excellent!

          HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODI!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


          (((((TEAM JODI)))))

      • If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it’s a duck…no such thing as coincidence in this case !! LOL!!! Or should I say, if it walks like a hippo….oops that was rude…sorry !

  26. Another issue is when Jodi said to dect. Flores “do I need an attorney present?” Thats when all should of stopped! Her rights were in violation then/there!! Flores should of stop with all questions and Jodi would of lawyerd up and would of probably walked away from all this phony BS! The less she said the better off she would of been! Her Attorney would have advised her on what she would say through him/her. That weasel flores needs to be held accountable for ALL HIS VIOLATIONS!

  27. Did Jodi take a polygraph test (info included in Court Docs)? Are the results of test known? One thing…I don’t understand why supporting Jodi includes scathing comments about his family?? Jodi said she regrets causing pain and wishes they find peace–regarding both families. We must remember that his family wasn’t aware of most aspects of his life–it’s all news to them–they knew the good side. We don’t need to call them names as it distracts from Jodi’s cause.

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