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With all the current speculation surrounding the start of the new trial week — what with Alyce LaViolette, witness tampering, Facebook death threats, Grace Wong, potential mistrials and other stuff —  check out the post below from our regular contributor Al, which sheds more light on the current state of play.

Here goes…

“… I think this judge has ended up somewhere between the devil and the deep blue sea, and a lot of it is of her own choosing.

If she dismisses the case due to the public’s reaction, JM and the family is going to throw a hissy fit.

If she dismisses it due to the victim’s family’s actions it sort of puts JM in a tough spot because he probably then is faced with having to prosecute them and they’re going to throw a hissy fit.

If she declares a mistrial, the defense is going to claim that given the international hue and cry, there can be no fair trial anywhere, ever.

If I was the judge I would tell the state to make a straight up plea deal with the defense and get it over with. And the plea deal I would urge them to take is something that would be the equivalent of her having to wait for another trial, say another year or so.

I know this is going to go down rough with the Alexanders, but it’s better than opening that witness intimidation can of worms.

Now I wonder if the judge has thought this out, and the reason she wants to have Wong up first is so that, if she can find some reason to declare a mistrial based on what Wong says, it might give her a way out.

She can then declare the mistrial, have JM take a plea deal and get the whole thing cleared up. That way none of the rest of this stuff ever needs to be discussed, and she draws a deep sigh and hopes she can make sure this never happens in her court again. I bet the Hon. Sherry Stephens never has cameras in her court again.

If she cannot get some reason based on Wong’s testimony, then I suspect she’s going to have the worst few days of her life.

What a cock-up this whole thing has become, and all because this judge could not keep control of her courtroom. I bet if we didn’t have all the sensationalism originating from JM’s office and his demeanor in the courtroom you wouldn’t have this state of affairs.” — Al

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Jodi Arias - Kirk Nurmi April 4th 2013


  1. excellent post!! Agree 100%…this judge has lost complete control of this trial, imo, weeks ago. With the threats of career ending for defense expert witnesses, enough is enough!
    There is no way this trial can continue on the path it is currently headed. My belief, at this time, with the extreme threats being made to the witnesses, I think the US attorney General needs to get involved. This is not to be tolerated, and the only thing that will make these idiots stand up and pay attention is if someone from the feds steps in and puts a stop to it!

    • Since the County Attorney and State Attorney General are political hacks I don’t see them taking action so maybe the Feds should take control.

      • I wonder if that blog radio program could be forwarded somehow to Eric Holder’s office….I bet he would be very interested in hearing it

    • In June of 1994 95 million viewers watched the infamous low speed chase in pursuit of OJ Simpson. Judge Ito stated well in advance that the jury would be sequestered. The trial began in January of ’95. Home computers were in less homes compared to today and cell phones were not “pocket computers” as they are now. Even with less access to 24/7 information this Judge had the foresight to sequester. There is no excuse at all that Jodi’s jury was not sequestered. They have had more down time than courtroom time, it’s ludicrous to believe that they have not seen, heard, discussed, etc anything outside of the courtroom. For this reason alone Jodi cannot possibly get a fair trial. Not to mention the continuous unfair rulings of the Judge and the ridiculous behavior of JM, the list goes on and on.

  2. Well, I think events are moving much faster than this.

    I want to see HLN taken down ( along same lines as News of the World ).

    And that’s just for starters.

    This is too good an opportunity to miss!

  3. I listened to some of the tape Eb posted April 15, 2013 @ 1:24 am. It was Tricia’s True Crime Radio with Beth Karas, Holly Hughes & KatieCoolLady. At 39:50 on the tape, Holly Hughes, a former prosecutor and HLN Legal Analyst, said:

    “Let’s be real, girls, we all know some of them are watching and reading and looking but we all know none of them are going to admit to it on the record.”

    This comment was in relation to the Jodi Arias trial jurors and the media. I suppose there’s no way she really knows the jurors are ignoring Judge Stephens orders. It could be the statement of a cynical former prosecutor. We know what prosecutors are like. Maybe, Judge Stephens should question her in court like she did with Jean Casarez who made a comment on HLN TV.

    • Wow she said that. So they admit they could be influencing the jury and I guess they do not care. Interesting, I need to go listen to that.

      • Lets face it, how many of us could stay OFF our computers, not watch TV or read newspapers or magazines for months? It’s ridiculous.

        • And if they are really not watching it, which I personally do not believe.

          What about the influence from their friends, family, and neighbours??????

          The last set of questions proved that the jurors watch and listen to HLN.

        • I could if I was in Bora Bora sitting on the beach soaking up the rays , sipping on a cold cocktail….. ( wink).

          But being in Arizona, with mass media all around you, computers, television, cell phone, tablets, newpapers, trashy magazines at the check out, friend and family asking questions….. Find it hard that one of them hasn’t seen something at this point in the trial.

    • So TimeWarner has 4 divisions:

      Home Box Office, Time Inc., Turner Broadcasting System and Warner Bros.

      and within Turner Broadcasting System, HLN is one brand.

      A brand that is becoming tainted I would say.

      • I use to work for time warner for over 7 years. Bad press, is good press for ratings. They don’t care about honesty, only about ratings.

        • Perhaps Rupert Murdoch once thought that about the “News of The World”.

          We will see.

          The main thing I want to get across to people ( and before the trial ends ) is that news sources have to be treaated with caution.

          They have effectively incited a mob that has been intimidating witnesses and influencing the jury ( by their own admission ).

          I hoep their rivals put message across loud and clear at some point.

  4. That analysis by Al, very promising and practical too. I’m not sure I hope for it, but it is just good common sense. Ideally we’d go to verdict and get not guilty and Jodi goes free. A plea deal means a long stretch in prison, and I hate to think of her wasting so much time in prison when she could be out using her talents and goodness in this world, enjoying life. She’s got so much to offer this world, it is such a waste her being locked up like this. I don’t know what a 2nd degree murder deal would entail, how many years that would be, I don’t have any delusions that JM would agree to a time served release for her though. It’s such a shame that this beautiful soul is stuck in a cage, when she was only trying to protect her own life. The Jodi Arias that I am in my limited capacity familiar with I don’t picture in a cell. I picture her lighting up the room with that smile, laughing and singing, and bringing happiness into peoples life. The state of Arizona is depriving so many people of that enchantment. What purpose does it serve to have her in prison? Look at her, she’s never hurt anybody in her life. I bet she would avoid killing an insect and shoo it outside instead. Tell me this gentle spirit is any kind of danger or threat to anybody? It’s really outrageous. So much potential….how tragic.

    Sorry, just my rant for the day.

    • No need to apologize. We all have strong feelings about this trial. This is the place to share how we are feeling. You aren’t the first person to cut loose with a rant on this site and I’m sure you won’t be the last. 🙂 We all get frustrated at times re this circus of a trial and Jodi seems to get lost in all the craziness.

    • Sorry I have to be honest I think the Judge has been terrible, and I have stated over and over that Jodi had no history of violence but do to the disproportionate amount of violence in the killing, If Jodi did it as she said she did, I cannot see any Jury releasing her to the public, its just the way our system is, Lets say she flipped out etc. The danger of someone flipping out again would be a reason a Jury will not let her free the Lawyer who was on Greta weeks ago stated that the Prosecution overcharged and he thought it was Manslaughter which I agree with. I do see meddling with the LDS Group as its pretty transparent so that can be an issue since they have descended on Amazon FB etc. The interference of this CULT is very obvious.

    • Jared Wolf,
      I enjoyed your “rant for the day” 🙂 Although, I’m certain that Arizona will NOT be a safe place for Jodi when she gets out of jail. My goodness, they will build a gallows and have a festival. I am honestly frightened for her when she regains her freedom…she will be entering a far more dangerous hell than that in which she is currently living.

    • I heard 2nd degree murder is 16 years and the judge has the option to increase it or decrease it up to 6 years. So it could be as high as 22 years or as low as 10 years. So, with her 5 years served on July 15, 2013, she could be out in 5 years if given the minimum (10 years) or out in 11 years if the judge doesn’t intervene or out in 17 years if she gets the maximum. I think this is correct but I wouldn’t bet money on it.

    • I know where you are coming from but it is clear in my opinion that is not a possibility here.
      If the jury was sequestered maybe but since it was not and its obvious someone on that jury
      has been watching. There is a good chance that he will be elected foreman for what he knows.
      She will not walk with this jury. In these circumstances the best we can hope for is a good plea deal

  5. They have families, televisions, radios and friends please your honor tell us again how they are not seeing, hearing or watching. Only those who feed off of negativity and anger watch anyway, those interested in the truth are here.

    • This is what outrages me that this a jury in a Death Penalty case is not sequestered. That absolutely blows my mind!!!!!

      • A death penalty case that has widespread daily media coverage, is talked about all over the internet, and pretty much has a television channel dedicated to it.

      • Shameful that this jury was not sequestered. Mistrial is the only answer. This judge is so afraid of consequences to her own career/reputation, and relationship to the prosecutor that she has convinced herself of the fairy tale that the jury is not watching/reading media reports and listening to friends and family every day. It’s called extreme denial.

  6. Getting ready for work I accidentally watched a smidgen of The After Dark trial waiting for Robin. Vinnie was pimping the theory that after TA was killed Jodi put him in the shower to mimic the movie Psycho. Say what? Surely you jest!! Of course the pretend jury bought it! 12 guilty’s on premeditation from the ‘sheepish’ bunch.. Gimme a break. There needs to be a mistrial and Jodi released for time served and HLN should be served it’s ass on a platter. JM should be removed from DA’s office, handed an orange jumpsuit and ordered to pick up trash on the side of the road.

    • I am not sure if anyone watches the daily show but I go to my hulu plus app to watch it to have a few good laughs. Anyways they did a great job of making fun of that after dark show. It was some dumb reenactment of how she stabbed him when his back was turned in the shower. It was good ol VP doing the slicing of one of their host. I know there is nothing funny about any of this but a comedy show making fun of that show helped lighten my mood after feeling down on Friday.

    • That is very very staged its obvious they have 2 seconds of defense and tons of people on the prosecution, the people who watch HLN are usually very prejudice, HLN is always pro prosecution.
      It really caters to a subhuman mentality of hate rage etc.

    • Gwen et al,
      Just when I think HLN couldn’t be MORE absurd than they have been…they prove me wrong. I hope those commentators who were once respectable lawyers, police officers, journalists, etc will ask themselves, at some point, “What the hell am I doing with my life? Why am I behaving like an idiot? Why am I adding to the evil in this world rather than helping to curb it? Is THIS what I wanted when I started my career?”….Hopefully, one day soon they will realize…REALIZE, REAL EYES, REAL LIES…

  7. A juror question posed to ALV has been irritating me not just because JM seized the opprtunity to attempt to discredit her testimony but because the question had undertones of discrimination. The question as to whether or not ALV had ever testified for a man in criminal court seems on the surface a fair and approriate question but thinking deeper into the question itself it is bothersome to me for the sense that it disregards a human beings civil rights. What if the circumstances of the case were just differernt by a small factor such as age or color, sexual orientation,race, religion, disability and the one factor that leads me to feel that this particular question should be stricken from the record, gender identity. Any thoughts on this concept or am I being prejudicial to Jodis case.

    • ITA, good point guess i never thought of it that way. I totally agree about the question being stricken i really saw no point in it anyway. Some of the questions asked were questions JM beat to death anyway. Not sure if this juror was “having memory problems or didnt understand” But i guess by the time JM gets through with his questioning on the subject, I wouldnt understand either. He needs to take questioning a witness 101 again. But then again, I think he knows exactly what he is doing. By the time he is done, if you are not sharp, you will have answered just the way he wants you too or be so confused you have no idea what or how you answered. That is where I think AVL is sharp, she refused to answer the way he wanted her too. She stood her ground.

    • I didn’t like the question but I didn’t take it as a gender identity question. It seemed to me like it was more about implying that alv was possibly biased to automatically seeing women as victims and men as perpetrAtors regardless of circumstance. Or implying that alv had no experience with cases where male was the victim. Because they also asked who was the greater perpetrator of domestic violence, jodi or Travis.

    • Terrible questions very pro prosecution did she touch Jodie?? pretty Sick so I believe the Jury was already contaminated. They might as well have come out and stated Are you a Man Hater very Nasty inappropriate questions by a Jury that has already found her guilty.

    • Wow, Congrats AL on your post being featured. I remember reading it yesterday and it was very insightful as always. Praying for a good day for Jodi and the defense team. Does anyone know what time trial is going to start today?

    • Well-deserved notoriety it will be. Al is an intelligent, circumspect and engaging writer. And wow, now i willbe one of those people who can brag that, “Oh, yeah! I used to read his stuff BEFORE the whole world knew who he was.” :Cool:
      Kinda feels like watching Bruce Willis back when he was on Moonlighting…..
      except this is way more than mere fame shit… it’s about history in the making, and about how whst goes down in this trial affects not only Jodi’s future, but ALL of our futures in this world of rapidly evolving social
      evolution. Imo.

      • “Well-deserved notoriety it will be. Al is an intelligent, circumspect and engaging writer. And wow, now i willbe one of those people who can brag that, “Oh, yeah! I used to read his stuff BEFORE the whole world knew who he was.” :cool:”

        I agree! I feel the same way when I read some of the awesome posts here.

  8. how on earth can Jodi even receive a fair trial???????? I’d love to ask the judge this. Is there another solution than putting an end to this trial?? I strongly think society needs to react now to the cyberbullying in stopping this, it will not get better it will get worse for sure. Simmular steps should be taken as were taken against discrimination. Wishing ill upon someone should not be tolarated any more in whatever society .

    • forgot to say good morning and wishing you all a wonderfull day, be good to yourself and spare your nerves in these upcomming days of trial. I guess whatever the outcome will be justice will be served now or later

    • Indeed, vebe, something *has* to be done. The ramifications of this are very very serious. Expert witnesses are not going to be willing to testify in high profile trials in the future, especially those who have families. Not only will Jodi not have had a fair trial, but nor will any other defendant in a high profile trial in the future … unless something is done.

      • I agree Jodi is not getting a fair trial and I have no idea how she will in the future in case of a mistrial. It also might affect future high profile cases as you pointed out. What these haters did to ALV is inexcusable and she even had to go the hospital. I am writing Amazon daily until they fix this injustice. She is a wonderful woman who has done amazing things in her field and I hate what hey have done to her just because she testified. She is not on trial last time I checked. She even taught me things about my own life from my past abuse.

        • It is an incredible travesty, AJ. Jose Baez, in his book, talked about his own difficulties finding experts in the US because of the high profile nature of the Casey Anthony trial. Many told him they were sorry, but they had families, and couldn’t go through the harassment they might face. They were talking about the media harassment. Now, this trial has brought that type of harassment to a whole nother level where someone Alyce has had calls to her office and calls/letters/emails to people running her speaking engagements. All this was occurring BEFORE she left the stand, so it is indeed witness intimidation. That type of behaviour goes far beyond free speech.

        • I wish we could do something to let Alyce know that some of us do support her. I have been feeling so upset about what people are doing to her. It’s so sickening.

          • Yeah, me too. Sadly, I couldn’t find an email address anywhere on ALV’s website and I think she mentioned that she doesn’t really use email that much anyway. When Dr. Samuel’s website was still up I had sent an email to him to thank him and show my support, and he was very appreciative.

            I remember a poster on this site mentioning they knew a support worker who knew ALV and this poster was going to inquire to see if there was a way we could send ALV our thoughts and support. Don’t know what happened to that though.

        • I agree, ALV does not deserve this. She is taking the brunt for the public outcry against jodi . It seems like most jury members respect ALVs testimony but she has a tough Job as do all the defense team. This would not have been such a high profile case if jodi would not have talked so much before trial, especially her appearances on media . Those are what made this such a high profile case. This case is hard to defend because of all the talking that jodi did before trial . There is a good reason why they say never talk without an attorney!!!!


    Came across this comparison of Travis’s and Jodi’s blogs and thought it might be interesting. I liked this one best: “A look into an alleged day in the life: This sounds so darned wholesome, but where’s “Call an ex-girlfriend and tell her I want to jack off in her face and then tie her to a tree and stick my d*** up her a**.” He forgot to mention THAT part of the day.”

      • Hear hear Also!!! That was a great comparison and I am sooo sick of this hero worship of TA. The guy was a phony on so many levels no matter how hard they try to spin it.

        • Indeed, and I really hope you saw what I posted late last night when I couldn’t sleep. It’s a Motion In Limine JM submitted in June 2011. The bottom of Page 9 is what is most worth reading where two different psychologist experts, both Dr. Samuels and Dr. Karp (the expert prior to Alyce) submitted reports wherein they discussed Travis telling Jodi of his interest and experience with sex with young boys, how he had a couple of sexual experiences with little boys, fondled little boys, and confessed about it to a bishop, although not his bishop. The reports were sealed unfortunately. They should be seen by everyone!

          • I love how it talks about basically the defense not being able to talk about lack of premeditation. Geeze!! That’s what she is being charged for and they can’t prove a case that she didn’t?

          • Yes I did see that and I thank you for informing us about this. I agree there seems to be so much evidence suppression in this case and it needs to be shown.

            • I agree with the amount of evidence suppression. It’s like the Prosecution wanted to keep absolutely everything out. I guess maybe that explains why they haven’t spent much time proving that she didn’t premeditate the murder.

              As far as I am concerned, any and ALL evidence should be allowed!

              The alleged “forged” emails that TA wrote… did they ever have a handwriting analyst look at these?

              • They were actual handwritten letters and yep they did have an analyst review them and he found they were more than probably Travis’s handwriting.

          • Also Abused…this is so sad…

            There will not be a future for both Dr. Richard Sameuls and Alyce LaViolette if Wendy Murphy and her lawyer friends gets their way in DESTROYING them as expert witnesses…

            Read how she brags about DESTROYING their credibility….


            8:30 into the radio video…Wendy Murphy continues here saying everything that Alyce LaViolette said in this case will be used against her…that all the lawyers are already gathering up all the transcripts of what Alyce LaViolette has been saying as well as Richard Samuels…

            Wendy Murphy continues to say that the lawyers are getting prepared to use these transcripts against them in any of their future cases..Wendy Murphy says they WILL BE DESTROYED…She says this is just the “Nature of the Beast.”…

            Wendy Murphy says…We will..We who work in this business WILL DESTROY them as expert witnesses for the rest of their lives…Wendy Murphy then says…So…I hope it was worth it…she said that she sort of described it as the selling of the soul…

            • It is sad, they didn’t do anything and yet their careers are over? All because they testified in a trial? That’s just so wrong on every level!

            • Oh boy! I hope the defense has THAT to use in the witness tampering situation.

              do these people not realize that the very thing they are doing could prevent them from having a fair trial themselves someday?

              They don’t realize that their own statements can be used against them in the court of law to make THEM look guilty even when they are not…

              Who is going to testify for them then?

            • Also Wendy tells everyone to write to the state licensing board to revoke ALV’s license. So if it can be proven that letters came from websleuth members to that board, it can be tied directly back to the Alexander family as Katiecoollady, sits with the family in court, gather donations for them, was able to find free housing for them, she has given gifts of ties to JM and Flores, candy to JM, has gone on a hunt for the gun with TA’s sisters, has dinner with them, etc. So there are links back to the Alexander’s to this witness tampering and harassment.

          • I think SJ should post this on the front page of this site. In those letters TA wrote, he talks about his pedophilia. Everyone needs to see this. Good find AA.

          • Also Ab, not sure why, but when I tried to open the link, it began to cause prob’s with my computer. Was anyone else able to open it? Darn it, I can’t. I have to shut the computer down and restart the computer again. Let me know if there is another way to access this doc. I’d love to read it. Or can you post the impt parts via cut and paste for those like me who can’t access it? Much thanks to you AA! 🙂

  10. Good morning to all …Today history will be made!!

    Did anyone see the last sidebar Fri
    All of them were laughing upthere
    I think Al might just have something.
    He is one of the shi..ning stars out here… Congrats
    Al….your OCD has paid off.

  11. I was looking at Jodi’s twitter page and ran across a post by Kathy Monkman aka katy kool lady. She is actively raising money for the Alexanders also. This week-end she requested everyone send $10 for the Alexanders. She reported being near her $5000 goal and then reported that one donor had sent $3500.
    And on it goes….cha ching!

    • Why do they need donations? They’re young, they’re healthy, they can work, and there’s a whole slew of them, some of them are married with children. Their brother died 5 years ago. I’m a woman who had to move across country 22 months ago to get away from my abusive husband who wanted to kill me, and start my life over in an area where rent is not cheap. The state of FL gave me $1500 to move which didn’t even pay for the truck, gas, meals and hotels along the way. I lost everything I had and I had no family to turn to for help. I got a job and I work my butt off. I’m still trying to pay off my friend for the $1500 she graciously gave me to pay a lawyer who was a piece of crap. Have you seen me asking for donations?

      • Not to mention when I was looking at one of the sister’s FB walls where she had the petition to disallow Alyce from speaking, I saw where they were traveling around, staying in hotels, and eating steak dinners. Must be nice!

        • Yes and I read that one of the sisters was boasting about their 4 maids at one of the places they stay or stayed. She was bragging that her wonderful husband left The Book of Mormon in Spanish for them. Oh how charitable they are *cough*

        • Yeah, that’s why any sympathy that I had for them has pretty much evaporated. They’re enjoying the fame a bit too much. I don’t even think that their main focus is Travis anymore; it’s on the donations.

      • I hope someone reports this to the IRS as I think there are tax implications involved here, since the Alexanders are not a charitable organization.

    • Do we really care if they’re begging for money?

      I am more concerned with how this trial is going to play out. HLN NEEDS TO GO DOWN
      TA’s family needs to come to terms with who is really was

      I hope his friends can live with themselves ..$$$$$”$” the root of all evil ..

      • I care because there are battered women who would be able to leave their husbands if someone gave them $5000 and I know some of them. They’re living in absolute hell and terror but they can’t afford to leave.

  12. Good Morning Everyone!! It’s the start of a new week, possibly a week that will begin with some positive things for Jodi!

    It is April 15th, my daughter’s birthday, and we are in the grips of a snow storm!!! Yikes!!

    It’s a lovely winter we are having this spring! 😉

    • Good morning Gail. Indeed it is April 15th, my son’s birthday. My baby is 17 today! But unlike you we will be close to 90 today! Happy birthday to your daughter.

      While making a slight donation at the casino this weekend I overheard a group discussing the trial. Needless to say, not friendlies. What really caught my attention though were their statements that they know of people they work with who have posted on this site with the mere intent of getting under ones skin. They simply post for fun to get crap started (or try to anyway). So beware all, if you see a newbie and their comment appears to be somewhat off topic, it could be their attempt to engage in nothing more than mindless dribble.

      Back to topic, I see the word mistrial alot this morning. I for one would hate to see this. Too many studies show the higher success rate for the 2nd trial. Add to that the diatribe on defense witnesses, I just don’t see it as a good thing. And let’s assume the jury may be watching something such as “the new hit show HLN After Dark” (lol…it is bad), from what I have seen they have not had a 100% guilty verdict on that show yet. Let’s remember the mantra….all we need is one. Everyone have a great day.

      • Hi Kathi!

        thanks for the heads up…usually we can figure them out and just ignore…but ya know how that goes sometimes.


        I hope you donation at the casino was enjoyable!

      • Happy B day to to your children. My babby turn 26 on Sat.

        If you read Al’s post it will give you hope. There is No way out now. THERE WILL BE A MISTRIAL.
        Just when it’s going to happen is anyone’s guess. Honestly I think it’s been in the work’s and that is why the sub’s were upset ..jimo

    • Morning Kathi!

      I am looking forward to this week being a turning point for this sham of a trial. I hope that over the weekend, many of the cast members at HLN took some time to reflect on the impact their negative coverage has had on this trial and even if they don’t regret anything, being the assholes that they are, they at least fear some sort of repercussions for their irresponsible behavior.


  13. I hope they declare a MISTRIAL. The entire thing has gotten way out of control here! HLN needs to stop sending out these shitty programmes about the trial as they are causing damage to the defense team meaning that Jodi is basically not getting a fair trial

  14. Hi, everyone.
    My stomache is twisted in knots today with the suspense of wondering how trial and side-hearings pan out today and I cannot watch it because have personal dumb challenges of life i have to confront today which makes those stomache knots even tighter. Wish there was some kind of phone app where i could use ear buds so as not to miss out on everyones posts today – i feel even more knots coming from JAII site withdrawal pain. Keep the faith, wish I could be with you all, hope i can sneak in a peek tonight to see what jsppened. Ciao.

  15. Who is Wong, and what is that testimony supposed to be about? Sorry, been working, a few days behind on video and trial

  16. I just read about and email sent to caepv to complain about Alyce and this is the response the person said they received.

    “Thank you for your email. Alyce LaViolette is no longer affiliated with our organization”

    **According to another source, Alyce was advised last week that her membership in the national organization had been permanently cancelled.
    Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence

    Any way to find out who the ‘another source” is anyone?

    I find this absolutely ridiculous if it’s true. Over 30 years of work and one trial brings about total destruction of all her work?? Why???

          • They did take her book link down but in fairness, it links to Amazon and I’m sure they don’t want to put anyone in a position to have them criticized for reading the book and leaving a factual and accurate review.

        • Her name is in the list of Individual Contributors. I don’t know what to think, a friend of mine in the States called them and told them if they did in fact permanently cancel her membership, they are disgusting!

        • I don’t think she could have been forcibly removed from the board without some type of due process within the organization. The only way she could be off the board is if she voluntarily resigned. And if she was off the board, they would take her name off of their website.

  17. Yet another conflicting response from Amazon. One day they say they are going to fix it and the next day I get this. This does not mean I will stop contacting them though.

    I understand that you feel very strongly about this issue. One of our goals as an online retailer; however, is to offer our customers the ability to express a wide variety of viewpoints in our Community features. Given the fact that many of the reviews for this title relate to a controversial subject matter, it is unfortunate but inevitable that some of our customers may find a few of these viewpoints objectionable.

    While we do strive to build a sense of community, it is important to note that customer reviews are submitted by customers like yourself, and are not employees of The opinions expressed by customers, both on and off our website, do not reflect the opinions of

    We value all feedback from our customers, and I thank you again for taking the time to send us your comments about this issue. Although we won’t be able to comment further on this topic, we hope you’ll allow us to continue to serve you.

    We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Best regards,

    • They must have a few, what I call blanket replies to choose from when they get these emails from us. Here is another one:

      Thanks for bringing these reviews to our attention. We’ll read each of the reviews and remove any that violate our guidelines. Any reviews we find outside our guidelines will be removed within 48 hours.

      • Yes I received one of those as well and another identical to someone else on this site. One of them was even addressed to another customer’s name.

        • They are not doing anything about these post because they are selling more books.Another company cashing in on this case.

          • OR Amazon is worried about being sued for Free Spech violation. That response sounds like a response coached by a lawyer!!

            • I’ll take that as a compliment. There all cashing in, T.A. family,H.L.N.,Arizona,for publicity ther’re getting,even though it’s all negative. The only ones not cashing in is the innocent Jodi and all of the people that support her including me.

        • I’ve dealt with Amazon for YEARS (but through a different platform that I used up until about a year ago; it’s a work from home site that they have and this is what I’ve learned dealing with them through that) and persistence pays off. The first few responses you get are canned and then that little link in the email that says did I answer your question or whatever it says, click no on that and it’ll travel up and then keep sending emails. If nothing else, call and demand to speak to someone based in the US, which will likely need to include asking to speak to someone in Legal. ALL of the reps that respond by email are Indian-based and probably haven’t a clue what is even going on in our news. It may help that if you guys can include a screenshot from one of those websites that are telling people to go leave negative reviews for her even if they haven’t read the book and to do it basically out of spite. It will likely take months to get those reviews off, but if they get enough emails and/or phone calls about it, I imagine that they will take them down, especially since they’re going after people associated with ALV too and not just her (co-authors).

          • I was going to say something similar. These outsourced reps are just going to the “complaint about reviews” script. This needs to be handled at the corporate level, not customer service.

  18. Good morning, All!

    Today is the first time I have thought that a possible mistrial may occur.

    The fact that the judge told the jury to be available on their cell phones earlier today, and told Ms. LaViolette she may be released from her subpoena, and the fact Mr. Martinez’ boss has been on TV saying this jury should have been sequestered, combined with the massive wave of witness intimidation leads me to believe this judge is actually considering it.

    We will see.

      • I did indeed, AJ! Today I will follow as much as time allows, unfortunately, I have a TON of stuff to do, due to my very unproductive last week. 😯

    • Can you imagine if the haters are the ones who end up causing a mistrial? Man, would that be some sweet irony. I would of course feel bad that Jodi would have to go through another trial, but at least she is well-liked at Estrella and would not have to worry about facing the DP for a while.

      • I think they’ve come to realize that now. I’ve noticed some of their comments being a little more subdued.

        I must admit, I’m curious to watch HLN today to see if they’ve reigned themselves in…but that’s probably wishful thinking. An asshole in an asshole is an asshole. It’s about money and ratings for them. *sigh*

    • A mistrial isn’t going to do anyone any favours, in my opinion. This case will have to be tried all over again. The prosecution will have more time to attempt to preclude even more evidence. Jodi will be even more worn out. Nurmi will probably finally be able to withdraw. Alyce and Dr. Samuels will probably decide NOT to testify again and/or retire. The defense will have an incredibly difficult time finding other experts. And finding an untainted jury pool all over again after all this publicity will be an absolute impossibility.

      • Well, if the judge forces them to reach a plea deal, the whole thing is over with, or if she dismisses the charges with prejudice.

        • The judge is NOT going to dismiss the charges. She has not done that before the trial, and she’s not going to do it now. It’s not as if there was any groundbreaking new evidence never heard before that was suddenly revealed during the trial. The judge has known about all of this evidence for quite some time. She is also not able to force them into a plea bargain. The best she could do would be to suggest it. She has allowed trial to proceed and therefore, if there is a mistrial, the prosecution will have the right to a new trial. The prosecution refused an incredible offer to murder 2. JM believes he is winning this trial, and a new trial will only give him more power and weaken the defense further.

            • Tampering with a witness is plenty good enough reason to dismiss the charges.

              I don’t think you quite understand American criminal law.

              • There is no way a second criminal trial is EVER going to happen because Arias cannot get a fair trial anywhere in the country.

                I honestly don’t think you understand American criminal law at all.

              • The witness still managed to testify competently. While I would never profess to be an epert in criminal law, however, I did take classes in criminal law and procedure in law school in the US. In addition, I worked for a couple of criminal defense attorneys while they were involved in murder cases, and sat in court during voir dire, so I think I have a fairly good grasp of criminal law. What’s your experience exactly? Have you ever sat in a courtroom during voir dire?

                While it would be difficult to find a truly impartial jury panel for a retrial, a judge isn’t going to throw the case out because of that. If you research what happened during the highly publicized trial that resulted in the legislature enacting Megan’s Law in New Jersy, for example, the judge still believed that an impartial jury could be found and deliberately empaneled 4000 for the venire. Judges often ask potential jurors during voir dire if they’ve heard about the case. If so, the judge asks if they can still form an unbiased opinion based on the evidence. You’d be surprised how many people say yes and/or they don’t believe everything they read in the paper or see on TV.

          • Nah, I think a new trial would deflate Kermit’s ego. He’s so confident that he has this one in the bag and he’s not used to being called out for his shit.

          • Unfortunately I agree.. the only way it would work would be if the whole thing started from scratch with new jurors.. and the State won’t grant it..

            And all the time, Jodi languishes in jail 🙁

            An Appeal is the only way forward, as I see it.

      • Also, I know that you have been hard done by our judicial system, and it couldn’t be more obvious that Jodi has as well, but how could they possibly try her again and have any hope of conducting a fair trail? I’m with Al and tonysam. If a mistrial is declared, the most the pros can hope for is a plea deal. And an Man 1 deal at that. I still have confidence that the joke will be on them. Same with Ogre.

      • AA

        You are so right. Mistrials that lead to a re-trial almost always end in a victory for the prosecution.

        However, I think there may be (and that is a real tentative may be) an advantage to a mistrial in this case. If the mistrial is due to prosecutorial misconduct the defense may be able to get a ruling of dismissal with prejudice simply by pointing out that at this stage the jury pool is horribly tainted. They may have to take it up the chain to various appeals levels but it is possible.

        If the mistrial is due to witness tampering, I think the defense would have an even stronger case. They could argue that after what happened the last time around, there is no way they can get a panel of experts to testify for the defendant. That being said, her ability to defend herself has been compromised due to no fault of her own. This would then violate her constitutional rights, etc.

        Now, even though they have reasonably strong arguments on their side there is no guarantee that they will prevail. On the other hand the prosecution has no guarantee that the defense will not prevail in its attempts to get this dismissed with prejudice, especially if the defense can show that the prosecution had some direct or indirect role in either witness tampering or tainting of the jury pool.

        That scenario, where both sides have an unforeseeable outcome to various motions and appeals is the ideal condition for a plea agreement.

        And you have to remember that the County Attorney has to justify, to the taxpayers, the cost that is going to be incurred for any re-trial, which could add up to another hefty chunk of change.

        • This is not a run-of-the-mill murder case. Because of the unique circumstances surrounding it, it calls for a unique conclusion.

          There will be NO retrial.

          • County Attorney Montgomery is an elected official, and I would think he would want this thing resolved once and for all.

        • I’m sorry Al but I strongly disagree. As I said above, a judge can empanel a venire of thousands to ensure that an impartial jury could be selected. In high profile cases especially, no one expects an unknowledgeable jury. They merely expect one that can push aside their personal knowledge of the case, fairly review the evidence and form a conclusion.

          Not to mention that there are still people who are completely unaware of this trial. My fiance’s father, for example, had never heard of it as of last week. I was unaware of the Casey Anthony trial while it was occurring. I saw one post about the verdict on Facebook, but other than that, knew nothing about the case.

          In regards to not being able to find experts, the burden for dismissal would be on the defense. They would have to show that after contacting numerous experts, they were not able to find any. The judge could issue warrants for the arrest of the experts currently testifying if they refused to testify at a retrial. Sure, it’s unlikely she would do that, but you never know.

          Also, the judge could insist that a different prosecutor be appointed to the case if she rules that JM has committed prosecutorial misconduct (although I doubt she will).

          As to whether Maricopa county would retry this, did you listen to Vladimir Gagic’s last broadcast? He talked about the reasons why he is 100% confident that they would and was debated by Fenton, a regular guest on his broadcasts. Also, as an elected official, the county attorney in an area like that, where there are many Mormons and many many conservatives, would definitely want to retry the case.

          But I sincerely doubt the judge will grant a mistrial.

          • This is not a run of the mill trial, AA. Jodi Arias cannot get a fair trial, so the only solutions that are viable would be plea bargain or a dismissal.

          • You are living in a fantasy world, AA, if you think nobody in Arizona hasn’t heard of the trial.

            This calls for a plea bargain at the very least.

            • If OJ Simpson was able to get what was considered a fair trial, then so can Jodi Arias.

              Sorry tonysam, but you are NOT right about everything all the time.

              • I sure hope that is true. But CA is a more liberal state I think
                with more people that think outside of the box. It seems to
                me Arizona is full of Mormon’s/LDS which are very conservative
                an I would even say after reading their doctrines a lot lately
                they have some behind the times feelings for women an a
                lot of races. I know they state they do not follow all the old
                doctrine but I do not believe that ALL Mormon’s/LDS are
                for letting it all out in the open.

              • Maybe there could still be some folks in another city of AZ who have not been exposed to online comments and haven’t seen or heard about this case on regular news or tabloid television.

                Don’t live in AZ myself, but must say most people I speak to know next to nothing about this trial. Two individuals who had heard something said, “You mean the AhrEEas trial?” and, “Oh, the AriONis trial?” So they likely hadn’t heard her name spoken very often in the news – maybe only read her name.

                The rest of the people I’ve spoken to about this trial are not even aware of it taking place, so this means I’ve not spoken to anyone who is actually following it. I have to start from zero when bringing it up so I don’t try to make it a topic of conversation anymore. There is too much ground that’s been covered in court.

                I checked out HLN on the weekend and some of the “tv type” jurors were given more airtime than usual to explain how the prosecution has not proven pre-meditation, particularly with respect to the gun.

                Some of the jury questions (for any of the witnesses, including Jodi) that seemed asinine might have been asked in order to clarify something that may not have been an issue for the person writing the question. If a juror were worried that an issue was Controversial Enough to possibly be a concern for other jurors (when the time for deliberation occurs – I’m not implying that I believe the jurors are speaking to or arguing with one another at this time) it might be brought up by a juror during the Q&A period for clarification, simply because some people have a “devil’s advocate” mentality. Still other people could feel that if no questions were posed, it might seem that they were not actively listening, so they seize on the most “murky” issue that crosses their mind, often an emotionally laden issue. And some may ask a question in an effort to put an issue finally to rest. They could be so tired of even thinking about a particular topic that they are not anxious to have to argue about it in deliberations.

                Each time one of those “doubting” questions is presented, it can be answered by the witness without much fear of objection as long as they stick to the topic. Very often the doubting questions that are allowed the jury are compound questions. They can be irritating to hear, yet that leads me to believe that the questioner is looking to give the witness more rein (like a horse’s rein, not “reign” as in a monarchy) in answering, as opposed to setting up a more narrow scope for a response.

                I am not able to suggest an educated guess on which way this trial is going to go, but I will say the judge seems to be very reluctant to criticize JM’s often belligerent behavior. I find that odd. Stating that he (JM himself) doesn’t “care about blind people” was quite astonishing and it would take any decent person aback. When asked about it later, JM stated that he wasn’t any louder than anyone else during that face off….but that was probably not true and his bringing up “loudness” was just a distraction from the content, which was needlessly disturbing in tone and unquestionably lacking in humanity.

                Willmott had to object several times to JM’s “yelling” at Dr. Samuels: “Judge, could the prosecutor not yell at the witness?” <[Words very close to those.] Why couldn't the Judge have tried to take control of the contentious situation in chambers having to do with evidence that Dr. Samuels wanted to present?

                It is very intimidating to have the prosecutor belligerently insist that "caring" for others is irrelevant when the justice system itself is charged with a duty to protect the rights of individuals. It's as if JM was announcing to Dr. Samuels that they had entered the Twilight Zone and that there was nothing that this witness, a caring professional, could do about it. JM announced, in effect, in maintaining his own callous disregard for human frailty, "Vengeance is mine". And this took place right in front of the "impartial" judge.

                I believed for many weeks that Stephens was a fair judge, but I began to question my belief in her a few days ago when she let JM read ALV's notes aloud in court in front of the jury after Willmott had objected to those notes being read aloud. At first the objection was sustained and JM was told to summarize, which he did. But then he began to read directly from ALV's notes again and was allowed to continue over Willmott's objection. I thought this was unfair – if only because the Judge was not consistent in her own ruling.

                By day 43 of the trial, JM's tone towards ALV had improved considerably. I also observed ALV deep breathing during sidebars on that day. She was not looking about the room with the lightness of demeanor that she had prior to the "Snow White" contretemps. After that day she simply looked down at nothing in particular and took the sidebar time to breathe and calm herself.

                Also Abused, thank you for the information about abusive perpetrators. I think I have heard recently with respect to DV that very young children being neglected at a critical time in life can develop anti-social tendencies later that could lead to serious acting out. This is either "attachment disorder" or akin to it, which IMO (not an expert in the area at all) is an emotional "failure to thrive". (Maybe heard this from Alyce and so should go back and look at her direct testimony myself – or heard it on the radio?) Let us know if you learn more about this, please.

                I think it's important for babies to have lots of affection; children tend to turn out okay even with nannies and relatives caring for them because they just need that physical and emotional bond with SOMEONE even if Mom and Dad are preoccupied with other, possibly sick children. Thanks.

    • I wonder if they do have to re-try this case if the defense will be able to get more evidence in this time. They will have a hard time getting witnesses to testify too.

    • Some people still think she is going to be retried, but these people ignore the reality that the county attorney ultimately makes the decision to retry, not JM.

      There is no way JA can get a fair trial anywhere in Arizona. It’s a plea deal or an outright dismissal (not unheard of).

      This is a unique case because of the outrageous publicity and witness intimidation. It calls for a unique solution.

  19. Good morning all – going to be an interesting day for sure. Great posts from everyone, as always.

    I hope we get some sort of real resolution for the hate mongering thats been going on towards LaViolette and the others. They should be held accountable in a court of law for their witness tampering, death threats, etc. The depths that people have sunk to in the case are really unbelieveable and sad.

  20. I’m sorry I haven’t read all of these posts – so if it has been answered my apologies – what did TA’s family actions that could cause a mistrial?

    • WOW – what terrible grammar I used – LOL. What I mean was what were the actions of TA’s family that could be the cause of a mistrial.

      • Mary, what has been discussed thus far about that is that some of the family members actively promoted the slander campaign against AL. Thankfully, some of us have proof of that via screen-shots taken from their various sites.

        • Thank you SIL. Shame on them – AL is doing a fine job. I’m sick to death of people discounting the fact that Jodi was abused by TA or denying that she was abused. While there may be no evidence that TA physically abused her – there is clear evidence that he verbally and emotionally abused her. They keep trying to make him out to be an angel – well the evidence is clear he wasn’t.

          • Mary, I actually read on a different site, that wasn’t abuse, it’s just how young people talk to each other these days, and ALV was too old fashioned to recognize this. If this is how it is with young people, I’m glad I’m older or I would end up a spinster.

  21. I forgot to say yesterday when I went on that idiot site , that they had a mock up of A.V. working at Micky Ds,wearing a micky ds uniform. They also had a post with judge judy. Can Micky Ds and Judge Judy do something about this? Or is this a freedom of speech issue?

    • Who the hell are they to mock Alyce and people who work in the service industry? Jerks. Most of them probably don’t even have jobs because they’re on Facebook spewing hate 24/7.

  22. Good Morning! It’s a gloom Monday morning here! 🙁

    I have a Dr. appt at 10:30 CST so, I won’t miss a thing! 🙂 Yippee!!

    But, I have noticed that the haters keep on hatin’……at least they’re consistent, eh? LOL!

  23. When this trial started I was one who watched on TRU-TV. . Then later it was carried by HLN. My thinking about this case started changing shortly after the trial started . I eventually found this sight and have made only one comment before. You have many verbose and intelligent comments by others and I appreciate being able to view them. Daily I have been getting a feeling of disgust in my gut as to the continued coverage by HLN. To that end I stopped watching their coverage and use the online live coverage instead. The actual happenings in the courtroom are bad enough to watch as I see so much outright questionable behavior by JM and the sisters of TA. However I tried watching some of HLNs other programming this weekend (but none of any of the shows that were about the trial) and finally had to stop watching due to all the propaganda that they were streaming at the bottom of the screen on every show plus the commercials for their well known shows. I just finished sending them an email ( I know it will not mean a damned thing to them ) and told them I am now totally an exviewer of HLN because I was tired of their constant bias and brainwashing. Just want you all to know that here in fly over country is one little old woman who will not be spoonfed by the major media. Praying for more fairness and justice for Jodi….

    • You’re awesome Laura, good work.

      By the way, I know I’m probably the most verbose poster here. But honestly, I prefer the term “brevity challenged” as it doesn’t have the negative connotation that I’m just including words for the sake of verbal diarrhea! 😀

      • from your previous posts, I believe you have been brave to share your life experiences. You will probably never know if one of your posts motivates a woman to make changes in her life. I am most likely about 2 generations ahead of most of the posters on this site but many of us before your time had our own types of challenges in our marriages. And since it was a different time , the community acceptance of a complaint of abuse was simply not there. I had thought it had changed but the this trial has brought out what “a dirty little secret ” it still is. To all of you who have endured so much, I send a special hug and hope to see a day when women truly understand their worth and that they are strong enough to accept only respect from their partner and teach their sons the value of love in an honorable way.

    • Laura, thank you.

      your post makes me feel so good! It gives me so much hope for humanity. Please keep posting and forgive some of us who at times use colorful language. =)

    • Laura,
      From the beginning and on purpose, I decided not to read anything or watch this trail on TV. I decided to watch it live stream or nothing. I don’t need the talking heads to tell me their slant on the trail and comments about “stuff” the jury will never know. I wanted to be opened minded and reach my own independent opinion. Early on, about the 5th day of trail, I started questioning the premeditation claim. I decided then I could no longer play juror, so I started looking for more unbais information. I didn’t visit any of the hater sites. Mostly, I read news report and court information. I found this site and loomed around reading post for a sometime. One day when reading here..I made the decision that “these are my people” site voicing my own concerns and providing open discussions. Needless to say, I’m bias now, and would not be a good juror, I fully support Jodi, her team and this site. Welcome little ole women.

      • thank you, Ann. Guess I am a novice as it took me a while to learn there is a live feed. But so glad I found this site—As an old woman who is a self taught computer user, I simply googled Jodi Arias and found this site..You are all an inspiration to me as to strength and intelligence of young women. As a mother of only sons but now have two wonderful late teen and young 20 year old granddaughters, I am seeking any and all advice to help me teach them about life.

        • Yes she can, in an implicit sort of way.

          Here are the options she has:

          1. She can dismiss the case with prejudice.
          2. She can deliver a directed verdict, even at this stage. What a directed verdict says is that the evidence provided by the prosecution in their case in chief did not prove the charges and hence the judge directs a verdict.

          3. She can wait for the jury to deliver a verdict and then override that verdict.

          So she can let it be known to the prosecution, that she does have these options open, and if she should choose any of them there is nothing the prosecution can do, because double jeopardy applies in each one of those cases.

          But I don’t believe Judge Stephens has that kind of gumption.

          • >>>1. She can dismiss the case with prejudice.
            2. She can deliver a directed verdict, even at this stage. What a directed verdict says is that the evidence provided by the prosecution in their case in chief did not prove the charges and hence the judge directs a verdict.

            Did the defense move for a directed verdict after the prosecution rested? If the judge was going to enter a directed verdict that the prosecution had not proven its case, she would have done so BEFORE the defense put on their case, not at this point in time.

            >>>3. She can wait for the jury to deliver a verdict and then override that verdict.

            A judmgne notwithstanding verdic entry is very rare, and in a very high profile case, I don’t believe it’s ever been done (but I could be wrong). I don’t expect this jury to come back with a verdict of murder in the first, and so, I sincerely doubt the Judge would enter a JNOV for a lesser verdict. Remember too that JNOVs are appealable.

  24. I hope that if they bring an end to the trial it’s with a plea deal and she doesn’t have to serve extra time. She’s been in jail for five years and the jail year isn’t like the calendar year so if she gets 10 years for example more than likely she’d serve like 7-8 out if the ten years. It is the media’s fault this trial became a mockery of the justice system and judge Sherry DOESN’T have control of the courtroom whatsoever. She doesn’t know when she calls an “overruled” or a “sustained.” I’ve heard her call sustained on JM and them he will ask THE SAME exact question AGAIN and she will say overruled. Jennifer Wilmott is usually jumping out of her chair to no avail. Our court system in the United States is supposed to allow the public to view the trial so I understand this completely. In some ways would we even know the severity of how messed up these proceedings have been without the ability to see the trial? The problem here has been IMHO the twisting of information by the media primarily HLN. Their behavior isn’t illegal but I believe it’s unethical because they’ve created a soap opera/realit show out of this trial where a woman’s life is at stake. Now, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Thomas Montgomery story. It’s about an Internet love triangle gone wrong. The main points of the story are that Montgomery and a woman start an online relationship and they both lie about their ages, looks and other things. She finds out about it and they “breakup” but continue this back and forth relationship online. She starts “dating” online one of Thomas’s coworkers who montgomery kills out of jealousy. At the end of the story Montgomery goes to jail but the lady pretending to be a young blonde 15 year old (she was actually 46, married and was not the person she portrayed in her profile) didn’t do anything illegal because at the end of the day it’s the Internet. It’s all pretend. These two adults were getting off portraying themselves as someone else. If it ended there it wouldn’t be a big deal but Montgomery killed someone over jealousy. This type of thing is what I compare HLN is doing with its viewers. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. There actions of misportaying Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander may not be illegal but I do believe its unethical. I don’t think that freedom of the press was founded and written to be used in that way. Freedom of the press was written so we could all discuss freely without repercussions our thoughts. I think they are feeding a lot of misinformation and they are behaving unethically. As a society we’ve progressed to the point we are in where I hope we can hold discussions freely but most importantly where we base out arguments on true statements and facts not the bias manipulation of information and sometimes lies.

    • Right – the media is much to blame here. The Judge seems not too far behind with her lack of a disciplined courtroom.

    • We put a lot of responsibility on the Fourth Estate, and it used to be a venerable profession. This disgusting fascination America has with salaciousness and celebrity is tainting an essential component of our free society. I am becoming ever more optimistic that the judicial process will work some rough justice out for Jodi, but it is a despicable commentary on the state of our culture and society. I’ll be happy if a mistrial and plea deal is the result, but deflated about the larger implications for our Great Experiment.

  25. Mistrials are rare and expensive, especially in a case as big as this.

    Even with a mistrial, this case will just be tried all over again.

    I’d be really surprised if the judge calls a mistrial given what we know so far but we’ll see……

  26. I am going to throw a wild card here but i just cant shake the feeling. Remember Lonnie D Day 12 when JW entered into evidence 2 pics and forgot the numbers Lonnie D accidently held them up to look at #’s on the back and Surprise you could see the pics there were some freaky business with male private parts well those pics were not shown in court that day only by accident and was briefly talked about they were not entered into evidence for no reason soooo is Lonnie going to come back to the stand and talk a little more about those pics and what he found on TA’s computer. Just speculating and also I think those 2 pics are the originals to the chemically processed pics of JA’s foot and the suppose dragging down the hall. This is mo but i have been thinking this for a while.

  27. The Judge should have had control of this court room from the start. There should have been warnings sent out to the attorneys on how to act. The Jury should have been sequestered. She should have called Judge Perry and asked what to do. lol If there is a mistrial and it cost them money then I do believe the fault falls on the Judge and Kermit.

  28. Today will be interesting to say the least. A mistrial would be warranted but that would be unfortunate because Jodi would have to suffer through this all over again.

  29. Hi all! I have been here since i unfortunately lost my job in February. I love all of your respectful comments and valuable information. It truly is nice to find a place with intelligent people to discuss what i find is a complete disgrace to the judicial system in this country. i just sent off an email to HLN & CNN because i just couldn’t take doing nothing anymore. Probably won’t help but it’s something 🙂
    Here’s what i sent 🙂
    “I would like to express how disgusted i am with HLN’s coverage of the Jodi Arias trial. Your “journalists” are appalling in how they describe expert witnesses ex. Dr. Richard Samuels as a “Shrink” and Alyce LaViolette as a “battered woman expert”. Dr. Samuels is a respected psychologist and Alyce LaViolette is a respected Domestic Violence expert and for your supposed “journalists” Domestic Violence is not just a “battered woman” issue, it can happen to both men and women. HLN’s entire witch hunt has completely turned me off to ever watching HLN again. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Your biased coverage and lack of basic common respect for professionals is vile. I have no problem with your “journalists” disagreeing with the defense expert witnesses but they deserve to be shown respect and your channel lacks these basic skills. I will never tune into your channel again unless you get control of your supposed “journalists” and actually report the full truth not just set out for a witch hunt and silly entertainment. A young girls life is on the line with this trial and your channel has turned the judicial system into a mockery and i would never consider what you do responsible reporting. “

      • Not a problem 🙂 This is the only place that has kept me sane watching this trial lol
        I honestly was watching HLN at the beginning and when they would discuss what was happening in the courtroom all i could think was “are they watching the same trial i am?”. It baffled me and i just in my gut had a feeling that something was off about this case. Then i found this website and was like AH HA! it’s not just me 🙂 Wish there were more critical thinkers out there like there is here unlike the sheep that just follow the masses.

  30. I clicked on a link, I thought it was going to be pictures of a young Jodi, like it said, it wasn’t. Pictures of sloths and making fun of her relatives, they are having a field day over on Travis (who will soon become a saint, complete with halo) facebook.

  31. Good Morning everyone, Happy Monday.

    Al, great post, as always. Your still a steary eye’d missle man.

    We need to all keep something in min;. These people dont really hate ALV or the DR. Or Nurmi.. They hate Jodi Arias.

    They dont really like JM, they hate Jodi Arias.

    The problem, or perhaps the quandary here is why has so much negative attention/anger now been shifted from the actual defendant to the witnesses and the defense team?

    I’m no shrink… but I have always held the belief that anger is the easiest of emotions to understand and control. Anger, IMO, is a “bi-product” of another emotion, and only ONE…Fear. People do not get angry unless they have fear. Fear that someone isn’t listening, fear that someone will hurt you, fear that someone is going to get away with something, fear that you won’t fit in..etc..etc.. I cannot and have not ever found one example of someone being angry that couldn’t be brought back to “what was the person afraid of”, if it is a rational fear or not. (On a side note, when you are angry, ask yourself the simple question “what am I afraid of?” if you can’t answer it, then your anger will soon go away because you will realize there is nothing to be angry about, and when you can answer, then you know what to deal with, the thing caused the fear.) This isn’t always a bad thing.

    Anyway, I reason that out, to help us understand what is it exactly that these people are “afraid of”? Are they concerned that Jodi will kill again? Are they afraid that the first assumptions of the case may be wrong and now they are stuck? Are they simply afraid that someone will get away with murder? ( I don’t believe that one, for most people, as they sure don’t care this much about all the other murders)
    Sometimes I think people “think they should be mad”, because they are afraid of the work it will take to make an actual informed decision. They see a dead child in the street and automatically assume there must be a “bad person” that caused it, because to find an acceptable explanation for the death of a child is HARD work. They are afraid of this hard work and also the emotions that they will have to deal with. Instead, they grab a pitch fork and start yelling. They look and act mad, but they are really just scared.
    This death is very hard, on the surface, to understand. After all, a decent looking, young, energetic man was shot then stabbed many times and finally had his throat slit. To be able to try and understand this takes A LOT of work and open minded thinking. I think most people in the public are afraid of that kind of work, so BOOM, here comes the anger.
    When they see a witness that makes sense of this killing, they get scared that Jodi will walk, so BOOM, her comes the anger, as misdirected as it is. The very fact that so many people are angry at ALV is proof of the effectiveness of her testimony.
    We tend to do the same thing on this side, towards JM, we can’t stand the little fucker, but that’s because we are scared that his “tricks” may be working on the jury, we are scared that he is breaking the rules of our justice system, we are scared that our justice system doesn’t really lend a blind view to both sides.

    Why are hater sites like HLN doing so well? Well, its right there… “HATE”. They are masters of scaring people! It takes a lot of fear to get to hate. They scare the shit out of people with dramatic headers of “BREAKING NEWS”…then sit back and watch the scared masses work themselves into a rage.
    Hate sells, we all know that. All you have to do is scare people. (If you want someone to believe there is a heaven, convince them there is a hell)

    Politicians use this all the time. They no longer tell you why to love them; they simply scare you with things about the opponent, so that you get angry with the opponent.
    I’m Pissed off! Why? I am scared that our legal system is broken. I am afraid that we are convicting people and stealing their lives away, unjustly. I am scared that innocent people are being prosecuted in the name of OUR society. As part of that society I take great responsibility in not wanting this to continue. I’m also scared that we are becoming increasingly lazy. People like NG feed on these lazy masses, and sooner or later I’m going to cross paths with one of these people and they are going to directly influence my life. I’m afraid of what will happen then.

    • Insightful post… I think JM sounds angry for the same reason. Fear. Fear he can’t prove his case and he only can express his emotion yelling and appearing angry but the root of his emotion is right back to fear because he doesn’t have enough to prove his case.

    • sirlips….I love your post too…and it kinda goes along with something that I was thinking about over the weekend….

      Jodi knows so many things about so many people including her Mormon friends, and people of PPL and the Mormon Temple…things that probably none of them would ever want to be known…

      I feel that is their fear…the exposure of their secrets…they would rather see her dead than ever be able to talk about those things that they want to remain silent…

      It’s obvious that many of those people have kept their “hatred” toward Jodi alive in the social media…

  32. I think there is a possibility of mistrial because the witness tampering is a very serious and sensitive matter. I think the judge sounded irritated on Friday because of all the crazy events this trial has brought to the table. She has to seriously look at all the evidence and make a sound decision because her district/local voters are watching what she’s doing with a magnifying glass. They’ve used this case (Martinez and judge sherry and the DA) as a political ploy. I’m not from AZ but I bet you there’s been alot of things going on there that they felt they needed to use this case to make an example of because other things happened. Even though the family of Alexander may have wanted to pursue the 1st degree it was ultimately up to the DA office. It’s truly sad how we allow ourselves to become political pawns of the state and government. I hope Jodi Arias is able to effectively defend herself and demonstrate to this jury she’s been overcharged and that Saint Travis wasn’t much of a saint at all.

    • Judges are appointed in AZ by the governor using merit selection. They are not elected. That’s why the vast majority of them are Republican at the moment.

  33. I have been thinking about ALV testimony and the saying from the “The Godfather” came to my mind in understanding the dyamamics of the relationship with JA and TA. “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer” I do not think TA was jealous of other men that Jodi saw I think he was concerned that she would reveal things about him. If she hooked up with another PPL big whig THAT would be a threat. I think he strung her along for that reason and I think that is the threat they posed for each other. The violation of trust was about what each of them had over each other. That is why this story is so complex and I do think that sex tape has something to do with why it happened, NOT Cancun!!

    • I think it was kind of a “if I can’t have her, nobody can have her”. She was on her way to see another guy. He begged her to come see him. Maybe he didn’t want her to leave because he knew where she was going.

  34. Good morning everyone.

    Happy Monday, Happy Birthday(s), Happy Tax Day and anything else I may have missed.

    Onward and upward we go…

    • *\ 😀 /* Janeen, Thank you and Good morning to you. We all need a bit of encouragement today and I, for one appreciate your positive attitude 🙂

      • Thank you so much Dorothy!!!

        I will try my best today. I may scream some expletives though…I will apologize in advance… 🙂

  35. Honestly i will be PISSED if they call a mistrial. First of all Jodi wil have to sit in Jail till the new trial. Which is bullshit because she shouldn’t have been in there to begin with because no one should be punishd like that for defending them selves. She wouldn’t have fled . She knew she was innocent of what they were charging her of. Second calling a mistrial to me would look like she was working with Jaun and they knew they were close to a not guilty verdict and a mistrial would be the only way to keep her in jail. I look at it like this. Let’s keep moving forward so Jodi can have her name back and her life. God this poor girl has been traumatized. First by having to save her own life, then by being subjected to prison. WHAT THE HELL KIND OF JUSTICE IS THAT?!? I know just like all of you Jodi will be found innocent. I will be pissed if they call a mistrial now when one should have been called like 6 times already. from Juan getting info from sky while watching the trial on tv BEFORE she even testified to the judge not sequestering the jury FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. The case was HUGE before the trial even started. This whole thing makes me sick. Oh yeah by the way , Thanks Jodi for me for finally telling Nancey Grace F* you . MAN that was a long time coming. That Bitch is out of line. We love you Jodi! And by the way we all feel the same! (about Nancey!) Love ya!!

  36. O.K. time to relax a little before it starts. I don’t know what will happen today but I have a felling whats gonna happen tonight at Jauns house. Jaun enters the house, Hi jauan how was your day? Did I ask you to ask me that? I think I want to have sex. Girlfriend goes to bedroom, Jaun: Did I say I wanted it now? Get supper on the table. Girlfriend proceeds to get supper on the table, Juan; Did I say I wanted supper right now. I need a drink, Girlfriend proceeds to get drink, in Jauns case a nice glass of warm milk. Juan; Did I say I wanted my drink now I have to use the bathroom. While in the bathroom girlfriend hears him crying. Whats wrong Jaun, Jaun; Willmont , Nurmi, the witnesses, and Jodi are all driving me crazy, I’m losing this trail, Wa Wa Wa I’m such a loser. Hee Hee Hee!!! Ok lets all have a good day and hope it goes in Jodis favor. GO TEAM JODI we will not be defeated!!!

  37. A little Moday morning humor to add some levity to todays events.

    …So, ive decided to open a bait shop. Im going to call it HLN. We will specialize in suckers, leeches, maggots and nightcrawlers.

  38. Will be checking back in after work. Altho I am retired, after a couple of years I went to a part time job to force me to get up and out of the house. So sending my hopes that today will be a good day for the defense and Jodi..

  39. This is the first time I’m glad there is a guard beside Jodi (i.e., with Travis’s siblings sitting right behind her).

  40. JM”s references to “dogs” and “gophers”, seriously what a dick he is. The dog he sees in the reflection does not have a stick, the stick is up JM’s ass

  41. bahahahaa Love that Glen!! i know i know, i’m a lil late, BUT better late then never!! i myself have not an inch of faith left in the justice system after watching this mess they call a trial, my blood pressure goes up every time i hear that friggen trolls voice and grind my teeth every time he whines to the judge (like a spoiled brat crying to his mommy that the cool kids wont play what he wants to play), and then i have a really hard time watching this “SUPREME COURT JUDGE” intentionally mishandle this trial and let JM continue his child like antics!! THIS IS LIFE OR DEATH, not a friggen high school play!! Ya maybe travis had friends that didnt know the DARK side of him, but how much brain work does it really take to look at allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the texts and emails that have him in his OWN words threatening, calling names, black mailing, and strait being abusive to jodi?? I truly believe he was physically abusive too!! I JUST DONT GET WHY PEOPLE ARE THAT IGNORANT and keep stressing how WONDERFUL and CARING he was!! even on the sex tape he was was talking crap about other people!! he reminds me of one of those people that tell you what you want to hear and how great you are but then turn your back and he talks about how awful you are!!
    AGAIN i ramble on andddd on, sorry to anyone i annoyed but i just have to vent once and awhile about thgis frifggen trial and to be honest……AND DOING HERE IS THE ONLY PLACE THAT I KNOW THAT EVERYONE HERE FEELS MY STRESS, PAIN, and AGGRAVATION!!
    love ya guys!! keep your heD UP JODI!!

    • As they say, there are nowt as queer as folk, as exhibited in AZ and the judge in this trial–what’s she on, a trip?

      She might as well be the Mad Queen in Alice in Wonderland and shout, ”Off with her head”

      I feel the same way you do, carrie, I shall never understand it either.

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