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So… after the pitiful display of bad acting in last Thursday’s half-day fiasco, the AZ State Circus starts up again today.

I’m not too sure who’s scheduled to show up and do their thing today… but I dearly hope that when Jodi gets to talk to the jurors — as we’re still expecting her to do — she uses the words “sorry“, “ashamed“, “thank you” & “please.

Here’s how it should go:

“Listen up. Based on your wholly inappropriate actions throughout this trial… your evident inability to see, hear or think properly…  and your abject failure to uphold the constitution, you are no more than a sorry-ass excuse of a jury, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Thank you for nothing.

Now please stand for Jodi Arias… you bunch of retarded motherfuckers!”

Sound like a plan?

Sure it does.

And although I’ve been wrong about a few things already… for some very strange reason, I get the feeling that this piss-poor excuse of a judge & jury will not come back with the much trumpeted and eagerly anticipated DP verdict. I mean, come on… they already effortlessly fucked up the previous 2 verdicts… surely they can’t do it 3 times in a row. After all, this is still a very basic self-defense case.

As always, we shall see. But irrespective of what they come back with, the appellate courts will ultimately fix this kangaroo court bullshit — and I’ve no doubt we will be successful.


The force is with us.

So peeps… leave your comments below. Kick off is scheduled for 10:00 am JT.

Team Jodi

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    • Wow! I had no idea there was a wiki on this trial too. Now I know how i’ll spend my afternoon, thank you to who ever put this together!!!

  1. Good Morning..Yup you hit the nail there SJ. I agree they will not come back with the DP.
    But I never thought they would give her Pre Med M1. Fuckers….OK I really have to clean up my mouth.

    Well after my meltdown yesterday ..I’m mad as heck….I’m not used to the feeling of hate and guess I feel guilty. I just know that if you live with negativity you become negative.

    • I don’t know people I don’t trust this jury I think they are going to come back with the DP. This has been one crazy trial I cannot understand why witness’s were intimidated and this was ok with the judge. I saw posts on Facebook threatening the people who were going to speak for Jodi today . Someone posted the criminal record of Jodi’s friend on FB who does that? I saw threats to the lives of these people and the prosecuter making threats to a witness? That was his best Jack Mc coy move what a dick. What do these ballon heads think? they will walk her into one door and out another dead? If they were so worried about the cost why not make a deal with her and save the taxpayers all that money. She gets death it’s going to cost this state another 1mm with all appeals and if I were her I would exercise that right. I would say to Jodi stay strong and we care about what happenes to you.

  2. Good morning, everybody. It’s 12:54 am in Hamburg, Germany and my boyfriend is preparing lunch in the kitchen. I feel really sad today. I don’t know how to stomach what will happen today.

  3. Good morning! I haven’t been able to sleep at all, I am so nervous for today. I am anxious for Jodi. I have a question. I read on a post on this sight the other day when court was cut short on the day when the families and friends were supposed to give speeches on behalf of their friends ad loved ones. Anyhow, someone posted that the girl who was supposed to speak on Jodi’s behalf showed up high on heroin. I have searched the web looking for this information but I can not find anything to support these claims. Do you guys know anything about this witness and if there is any truth to these rumors? Love you all, and big hugs today to you all, Jessie meow!

      • Oh, o.k. thanks for that D. She must have been too scared by the lynch mob. This intimidation of witnesses is not only a shame but I am sure their is a law against witnesses being harassed and threatened!

        • The witness intimidation in this trial if out of control. Of course people are afraid to testify they will have to deal with the bullying in the courtroom from Kermie then the intimidation outside the courtroom by these crazy people on twitter and social media making their life a living hell.

          Also in the Sunday thread someone posted a letter that was posted on the AZ web site imploring that ex boyfriend of Jodi’s (the one with the son) to not testify. I hope he at least stands his ground and will give his testimony today even if he will be crucified later by the HLN henchmob.

      • Are you kidding me? Backed out as in not going to give a statement on Jodi’s behalf at all, or just that day?

        • No wittnesss, no biggie. Appeals are winnable. The defense is not stupid. Juan was absolutely horrendous to every wittness and especially expert witnesses. He was like a child that turned every word upside down, in every possible manner, to confuse, intimidate, and get the answer he wanted. Once he received the word he wanted, even if it was a single word “yes”, he would spin it and try to make the defense wittness, eceryone of them, appear to have agreed with his misstatements. This abuse was calculated in an effort to make even the jury intiminated of Juan. He is a bully and after the Casey Anthony verdict, no one wants to deal with the public abuse. This would not have been an issue if the jury sequestered. Juan put on a dog and pony show for a long time now and he proves media interaction violated Jodi’a right to a fair trail. He literally repeats recommendations of Nancy G. and this is no coincidence.

          The jury should have been sequested.The Judge knows it,the media knows it, and anyone with an UNBIASED brain, realizes it. There is so many things that are appealable. The is not a witch hunt. There were many, many, violations by Juan, and the judge could not agree with a mistrial, I believe, because there was already so much money spent on the case already, that she would look bad. This in itself, proves misconduct, media input, and violates Jodi’s right to a fair trial. Nurmi will win.

          • I love that you said everything so well! She can have an amazing appeal as this situation is so messed up. Poor jodi I feel terrible for her!

            • Thanks. I truly watched the case and kept an open mind. I think it is funny that Juan was let down today. He wants the spotlight. No witness matters at this point. I like shutting Juan up. He makes my head spin. When he first started attacking all the witnesses, I literally started to laugh, then I realized this is how he ticks. Unreal. Just a spin master that should have never been permitted to abuse the witnesses the way he did. It was very calculated to intimidate the jury as well. It will come out. These shows all play a part in the abuse as well. Anyone that takes the stand will have to fear harassment for a long time, not to mention ridiculous exploitation from Jane, Nancy, and the great Dr. D. who thinks its funny to shame people, especially profession people.

              • I started watching when jodi took the stand and I hate juan martinez. I am close friends with a judge and probation officers and none of us can believe that the jury wasn’t sequestered. Its amazing how our of control jm gets and the way he treats professionals is ridiculous. I’m a senior in college for psychiatry and I’m shocked at How stupid and illmannered that dr damarte was. Pathetic descibes her and her form of practice. I hope jodi stuck with it in appeals and gets this conviction overturned. That was abuse no matter how you look at it.

      • Too sad that she was so intimidated that she won’t be able to testify today because I really thought she would be able to show what a kind and loving person she is! They have made her out to be such a monster it is just so hard to comprehend how unfair & biased this trial has been. I wish they could at least have video taped her testiment!

  4. The news here just said that Darryl Brewer is the only one speaking on Jodi’s behalf. Also, that if Jodi speaks today, she cannot be cross examined.

    • Thank GOD the weasel cant go after her again!!! Too bad we all couldn’t assemble a letter to be read in court and sign all our names to the letter.

      • Jen good luck today. It really wont be that bad. I had all ⁴ wisdom teeth pulled last year. One was impacted. I didn’t need drugs after just motrin. But I will keep you in my thoughts…


      • Yes. I will be sending you happy thoughts during your surgery! I have to get my wisdom teeth out in July….not looking forward to it.

    • I’ve been assuming all along that Jodi will make a statement & there will be no cross. Last night I started worrying that she might not let her attorneys edit any statement she prepares. I hope this doesn’t happen because it’s critical that she doesn’t say anything that would be “evidence” of a mitigating factor or innocence of the crime. If she does, that will open the door for JM to cross examine her and/or call rebuttal witnesses.

    • They said her other friend might not show up because she has been intimidated online and if that is the case, that is grounds for appeal, she is so scared already that she didnt want her face shown, wow, see what the crazies at HLN have done to the American justice system, they should be so ashamed of themselves and the way that they have inflamed people to the point of more violence and hatred

  5. Good Morning everyone.

    Trust y’all had a fine weekend.

    Morning music.

    As to SJ’s comment about these yahoos getting it wrong three times in a row. Just watch.

    Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said

    “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”

    and the lack of stature of the minds on this jury is indeed mind boggling.

        • It was good. I really needed to just chill out. Now getting ready for crazy weather thats on it’s way.
          Can you ground adult children? My son said he’d fix my PC this weekend….
          Needless to say he didn’t.

          So are the kids just about done with school?

          You going to be around today?

          • You can try with the grounding. My Mom still tries.

            Kids still got another month. School doesn’t let out till mid June.

            I’ll be in and out today, gotta work.

            • I was 23 and had to stay at my Moms when I was between jobs and she GROUNDED me. I had people in the house when she was out of town. My 19 year old sister also was grounded. We both had children of our own and still got grounded. We knew better then not follow the grounding we were never to big for a smack. I think in my whole life she only had to spank my butt once and she smacked my mouth twice. Once when I was 14 and I called her the B word and then when I was 24 when I said the same word. I was spanked when I was 10 or 11 for doing something REALLY bad and I cant remember what it was now. So OG FOR IT CINDY!! GROUND him you are still his Momma. Use the line “I brought you into this world and I sure will take you out if you don’t follow my grounding.” That’ll scare him.

              • I tried grounding my daughter whom turned 18 this past Saturday! We had wicked weather Sunday & and she (after being gone all night -night before wanted to drive 30mi out of town to stay night with het cousin. But weather was so bad no-one should have been out in it! She came home-finally, with an attitude of course! Grounding sounds good to me!

            • Wow another month…that’s just wrong..But I guess it keeps them from getting board.
              Ya I’m sure that works just like it does with my boys..Kinda hard to ground kids that don’t live with you..LOL. My younger son always just laughed at me when I tried to ground him. He just said “Do you really want me to drive you crazy more”…Had a good point..He’s ADHD and if he gets board it’s not fun…LOL. But he really never really needed to be grounded..

              • They’ve shrunk the summer break down to a little over two months around here. School lets out in Mid June and they go back before labor day.

                Less time to drive folks at home nuts.

                • Our kids get out next week and don’t go back until. The day after Labo Day….Not sure when they chang it. My kids went until the middle of June.

  6. That is good news, I was so worried that Juan M would pull his bully card out on Jodi and whomever spoke on her behalf. I hope Jodi has had enough time over the weekend to rest up and get her mind set a little bit more stable so she can do a good job on the stand. She looked absolutely beaten down the other day. Poor baby girl!

    • I don’t know if Brewer can be cross examined. The newscaster here only said Jodi couldn’t be. Who knows if he is even right about that.

      • Actually the newscaster said that the court was installing a box of stones outside of the courtroom and charging $50 per stone to benefit the Travis Alexander Legacy Fund. They had planned on doing this in January, but HLN convinced them that the American people needed to be reminded of the frontier justice that made this country what it is today.

  7. You never know with this farce of a trial! Why weren’t Travis’ witnesses who spoke on his behalf cross examined, because they are family?

    • Victim Impact statements.

      Also, if Jodi addresses the jury, that is a chance the defendant has to “address” the jury, and that is not open to cross. Any witnesses the defense puts up for mitigation are open to JM’s cross.

      • Interesting. In IL, during this phase of a trial, witnesses to character of the defendant were NOT subject to cross-examination. Is this another funky AZ rule?

        • AA,
          Being from the Land of Lincoln, that abolished the DP in 2011, do you agree, the change wasn’t a “we the people” think the DP is wrong vote. I feel it was abolished due to the cost of prosecuting DP cases and political pressure from our neighbor Wisconsin, no DP state. I feel the “killing fields” played a huge role.

  8. Good morning everyone
    I had a really hard time sleeping &
    Got up, did some reading, still
    Miss Insomnia was still weaving her
    web so I decided to watch a movie.

    I watched Runway Juror. Wow talk
    about opening my mind up to
    theories after watching that movie!

    Anyways hope you all had a nice weekend
    and today we all unite for Jodi
    no matter what the outcome is, i am still
    tasting the bitterness of how tragic this
    journey for Jodi & all of us endured.

    Still cannot believe how much hate can
    seethe out of stone hearted humans
    and why I feel such intense negative
    energy surrounding me & my universe.

    I hope that in Jodi’s heart resides the real peace.
    When that is understood and felt, that’s when her life begins changing.

  9. Morning all…love your morning message SJ…as always, an inspiration.

    Still have company staying with me,so I won’t be able to stay on the site for long. I will admit, it’s very difficult, trying to ‘live’ with people who just don’t understand…which pisses me off, considering I went through abuse. How quickly people forget…anyhow…I’m going to try to ‘live stream’ court on my Ipad, with earphones rude lol…but I’ve invested 4 months of love and tears into this trial, and I don’t want to miss another opportunity to throw my Ipad…on something soft of course, and yell out..’you bunch of mindless m’frs….”

    Jodi, sweetheart…be strong….everything will work out in the end, because, unlike now where you have a bunch of stepford people deciding your fate..,,out in the real’ world you have people who have studied this case inside and out and will fight for you until justice is truly served. (((((JODI, and FAMILY))))

    Jennifer…good luck with your oral surgery today !!! (((HUGS)))

    Ciao for now…love you all to bits….xxoo

    • Very odd how people just seem to brush abuse under the rug isn’t it. I feel your pain on being around people who are not beleivers. That is my life also.

      I hope the weather holds so that I can watch.

      • thanks CJ….it’s my company that doesn’t or refuses to ‘get it’…my family does. However, they did see the bruises and the lasting effects of the abuse, so it kinda pisses me off that I feel I have to justify how I feel for Jodi. So, I just don’t, cause close-minded people will never understand, resulting in my head feeling like it’s going to explode into space…lol….thank God for all of you on this site…and my brother who is a pretty easy going guy, doesn’t say much about anything, but went absolutely nut crazy when I had the trial on, and the little prick (JM) opened his mouth…LOVED his reaction…lol

      • cindy, I think with many people its a case of my abuse was worse than your abuse.. how ignorant can one get!

        • Heather 1 truer words have never been spoken.My own sister even said that. No one knows what happened that day. I’m sure that Jodi will someday tell us about all of the abuse she endured at the hands of Travis. ALV Even said that there was more.

  10. I am not going to have the mettle to watch today. I reject the verdict and the sentence. It’s a sick sham perpetuated by the hate brigade and fed by the media. They are like emotionless robots. Juan-droids. Nancy-bots. I bet they all bleed green.

  11. Folks,

    I would suggest y’all don’t get worked up into a tizzy today. This lynch mob is set to go where it’s going.

    This thing is going to end up in the appeals court, where, I feel there is a lot of merit. But today this spineless jury is just going to do what it seems set on doing, and will then proceed to crawl back under the rock they came from.

    So, hang in there, one way or another the fat lady isn’t singing today.

  12. good morning all
    I see sky hughes is on hln with her big toothy idiot grin telling the jurors to vote for dp. Just to make double extra sure they know the ta family wants it-
    Very good article on occupy hln about how the siblings and cash hughes are raking in the dough off the moronic masses.
    I hope Jodi gets thru today with the dignity and grace she has shown throughout this ordeal. I will be praying for her and thinking about her as I go about my day.

  13. Good morning! I think they’ll give her the DP just because they came back with all the wrong verdicts. And dear old Juan will continue using the pictures of Travis’s body for shock value. It’s so terrible! I’m upset like all of you here. I really hope that this goes thru quickly and she can get started on her appeal process.

    • I swear, if that man could have, he would have emblazoned TA’s slit throat pic on a T-Shirt and worn it throughout the trial. 🙄

      • Oh he is going to pull allot of crap today..How can he honestly live with himself..he is NOT GOD!!!

        So lets say that a few people on the jury didn’t watch HLN or anything else.
        I really wounder how they are going to live with themselves when they start reading everything that was not shown to them. I just hate this fricken state of AZ..

      • Great pic of TA too I might add. The people who are responsible should come forth and take credit for that fine work. Let Jodi go home.

  14. Buenos quesadilla’s ! I will be unable to watch today thanks to that annoying work thing that takes all my time. For all of you that are able to view, may you not lose your shit Daryl brewer , thank you for speaking , I hope you say something meaningful and not creepy ( the beginning of his original testimony always creeped me out “how did you know Miss Arias?” “We were in love.”) To the friend who didn’t want her life destroyed by speaking on her behalf : sweetie, they already had your number before you backed out. I doubt you could have done much for her defense anyhow. While the sentiment was nice, I think we all understand why you couldn’t/wouldn’t get up there. Jodi- I pray that you find the right words and that in time you will have peace in whatever way you can get it.

    • I feel so awful for her friend. She’s been cyber bullied this weekend so much. I’ve seen aweful things written about her and I understand if she backed out. I just wonder why? This person hasn’t done anything to anyone of the bullies. She’s an advocate and friend but I guess it’s a crazy thing.

      • She never even made it out of chambers. They mentioned her name during the broadcast, and the moment they did that, they sealed her fate. It is not a winning situation to stand up for the new “most hated woman in America.” Which I still don’t fucking understand , what is it about this case that peoe have lost their sense of decency?

        • “Which I still don’t fucking understand , what is it about this case that peoe have lost their sense of decency?”

          There are already some answers to that question. And there will be plenty more analysis in years to come, I’m sure. I hope. Or, this is just one sign of America marching forward into another dark age.

    • Daryl brewer seems to be the only one brave enough to come forward and speak on Jodi’s behalf, inspite of death and what ever other threats the lynch mob is dishing out. Isn’t it sad that all the other people in Jodi’s life, the ones who knew her and cared about her, can only think of their safety, when Jodi’s life is at stake. And looks like, if the roles were reversed, Jodi sure would have stood up for each and every one of them, without worrying about her safety!

  15. Good Morning Everyone..
    Wanted to say good morning fast. I have to get the little one ready for school. She was up half the night because of the storms our power was out FOREVER and she was freaking out about tornados. We were watching the Billboard awards and the news breaks kept coming and she got so scared by them.

    I chickened out of oral surgery today. I will explain later why.
    Praying for Jodi today and hoping she feels all of our support. Does anyone know if Donnovan can still talk to her or not?

    • Morning Jennifer! I owe you an email, but have been busy with other things, so I apologize for the delay.

      Hugs to you!

    • Jen I hear you on the weather. We are in line for it today.
      Poor baby..I know how she feels.

      As long as your not in pain you can chicken out. It took me 6 months before I did it. You just have to be in the right mindset….

  16. I too am pretty sure that those so called “Jurors” can not wait to give Jodi the DP. to satisfy the hungry ,blood lusting, HLN gang who have been crowing all weekend about how giving the D.P. is the ONLY fitting outcome for Jodi that this country wants, and I mean ad nauseam. And OF COURSE those jurors have been watching the bobble heads all weekend and want to satisfy them so they can get their chance to be on HLN and have their 15 minutes of fame. I have this all figured out already. As others have pointed out, we will have to wait for appeal time to really have some impact and open the eyes of the powers that be , that this trial was anything but fair and most definitely not just. When the dust has settled a bit and the mob and the HLN mafia are slobbering all over the George Zimmerman case, That is when we can make our move. Nothing pro Jody is going to get done while the media and the masses are still invested in her, but as these vampires of the human spirit often do, they will finally tire of Jody and will latch on to the next tasty tragity to suck all of the blood and life out of.

    • Like you, Jessie, I fully expect the jury to return with the death penalty for Jodi. I’ll be surprised if they don’t.

      I hope no one here is holding their breath as the appellate process is a very Very VERY lengthy one. The direct appeal is first, and well, let’s put it this way, briefing alone takes around 4-5 months (and that’s if no one requests more than one extension or files motions that cause further delays — and that usually happens). After that, appellate opinions take another 6 months minimum. But it’s usually more like 1-2 years.

      Just as an example of a significantly minor appeal in an intermediary appellate court (not a state supreme court). I was divorced in June 2012. I filed my Notice of Appeal in July 2012. The case was finally fully briefed at the very beginning of January 2013 (it was really fully briefed before Christmas, but due to technical issues, the amicus curiae did not get their motion and brief in until right after the new year). I didn’t request oral arguments (which Jodi’s appellate attorney certainly will), but there is not even a hint of a decision yet.

      I hope you’re all in the for the long haul.

      Also, while there are a few potentially meritorious points for direct appeal, VERY few jury verdicts are overturned (less than 10%) on the first go-round. If she gets the death penalty, it can go from the AZ Supreme Court to the US Supreme Court (discretionary). After that, post-conviction relief can be filed and go from the trial court to the intermediary appellate court to the AZ supreme court (discretionary) to the US supreme court (discretionary). Then, there’s federal habeas corpus which can go from federal district court to the intermediary federal court of appeals to the AZ supreme court (discretionary) to the US supreme court (discretionary). (By discretionary, I mean they don’t have to accept it.) Each step of the way involves briefing and months and months (maybe years) for justices to render an opinion.

      Like I said, stick around for a few years and don’t get frustrated along the way.

      • I figure it’s a long process. But better late than never to have this whole trial and charade over turned or whatever legal term can be used for this scenario. I just hope it happens.

      • AA you are very knowledgable in the law. I live in the Northeast part of the country where this
        would never have been a death penalty case. Although Pa. has a death penalty and it is used
        at trial, an execution has not been implemented in several yrs. and that defendant dropped his
        appeals. Adjoining states, N.J and Maryland have did away with the death penalty.

        Do you see this happening in Az.? I know New Mexico also dropped the death Penalty.

      • AA thanks I think.. I know that today will not be good but I do want to have a bit of hope. Well the thought of the fricken state of AZ having to pick up the tab makes me very happy. But Jodi on death row really just pisses me off and makes me sad for her.

        I’m sure JM will be the biggest FH today.

      • Hi “Also Abused”,I am so sorry for the pain you must have gone thru during your divorce. And yes I am aware of how slow the court system can be. I too was in a horrible, abusive relationship with a beast of a man that used to put me in the hospital on a regular bases and tried to kill me several times. It is a long story and I am sure you know and understand how horrible and difficult these situations can be to get out of. I had very young children involved and I was only a teenager myself, so I am sure you can imagine the mess I was in. By God’s grace I got out alive, but not without a lot of mental and a few physical scars. with all that said. I do know it will be an uphill battle to try to overturn Jodi’s verdict or try to get her a new trial. What she needs is a bulldog of a lawyer, one who would Juan Martinez to shame. Jodi needs someone who is passionate and brilliant and a real fighter, If she can obtain such a lawyer I do believe there were enough fuckups in this trial, and it can be done. Anyhow, Big hugs to you and lots of kisses, xoxooxox Jessie

        • Jessie, I’m so very sorry you went through all of that. It must have been so much more difficult with children. Welcome to the world of survivors!!!

          Honestly, a bulldog of a lawyer is NOT what is needed for the appellate process — although one would be helpful if she were granted a new trial at any point. For the direct appellate process, she needs a team of brilliant researchers and an incredible brief writer who can capture the attention of the bored judges and their staff who read briefs all day long, day in, day out. The process is quite different from a trial. If oral argument is even granted, it is normally 10-20 minutes per side. I’ve seen few rare exceptions where 30 minutes per side was granted. But there are no witnesses presented.

          • AA, you seem to be very knowledgable about this. what do you think will happen in this case? Do you think the appellate court will overturn this jury’s verdict? Do you think they will go by the facts in the case and not public opinion? Is there any hope for Jodi? I have lost faith in this judicial system completely.

      • Debra Milke’s appeal took 22 years for a court to remand back for retrial, which has yet to be scheduled. In the meantime she still languishes on death row in the great state of AZ.

        • It’s terrible, isn’t it? She was only 25 years of age when she was arrested by that dirty cop. She went through such a lengthy appellate process prior to habeas corpus (which is her first victory). The good news is that unless the state decides to retry her (which would, I think, be far too embarrassing for them), she will be released, possibly within the next year. The bad news is that she’s lost half of her life because of a dirty cop and she can never regain that. Tragic!

          • AA

            It is truly terrible. As I understand it the Arizona Attorney General doesn’t want to retry her, they want to appeal the decision to throw out her conviction. And still she stays in prison. Now that the conviction has been overturned surely she should be released. Why are they still allowed to keep her in prison under those circumstances?

            It is deeply worrying when prosecutors are unwilling to accept the truth and instead try to reinforce the convictions they know to be wrong or crooked it is deeply worrying. And it seems to happen a lot. Kerry Max Cook was another example when the prosecutors KNEW he didn’t commit the murder but at every turn, they fought not just to keep him in prison but to kill him.

            As you say appeals are long and often tortuous, but some are indeed successful. Let’s hope Jodi will prevail in what is likely to be a long and difficult journey ahead.

            • “It is deeply worrying when prosecutors are unwilling to accept the truth” This is what really, really bothers me. I often read about these cases, have always looked at the facts on the table (so to speak) and then cannot fathom why the prosecutors do what they do. Are they so enraged that they truly believe their own lies? Or are they embarrassed that they don’t want the truth to be known? Do judges really feel the need to ‘protect’ the judicial system, somehow, and so figure the less overturned verdicts is better for our country? Because its not. I recently saw one woman doing life because her boyfriend (killed her roommates) presented a letter in which ‘she’ admitted guilt. That was the only evidence. Later, the boyfriend’s fellow inmate admitted to forging the letters – and she was STILL denied on appeals. Why? And can we do anything about it this whole, horrible system?

          • And no recourse.

            And it seems that this “dirty cop” syndrome is endemic to Maricopa County – Esteban Flores being the next one to follow in those footsteps.

      • Oh AA, its obscene that Jodi has to suffer more of this. Its just so inhumane, how CAN these people do this to her?

        Here in the UK it would have been all finished with months ago. Such people are worse than animals.
        Its a job to take all this in. I feel so angry.

        • Heather, I believe the appellate process in the UK is also quite lengthy, although not as lengthy as here. There are just so many more cases here that are appealed, many of them frivolous. My understanding is that the crown scrutinizes cases more carefully before granting the right to appeal. Perhaps the same scrutiny should be applied here. It literally requires at least one brief to be filed, and for the other side to file a motion that the appeal is frivolous and/or vexatious (which is rarely granted in the first place) for an intermediary appellate court to throw it out.

          There’s a very creepy man by the name of Bill Windsor who created a “movement” called Lawless America (quite the name, isn’t it?) a few years ago. After filing several hundred lawsuits and as many appeals (coupled with thousands of extremely lengthy motions), he finally has to FIRST petition the court for consent and prove that his claim is not frivolous/vexatious before being granted the right to file another lawsuit in the state of Georgia. (I’m only aware of him because he at first pretended to help domestic abuse victims — which was later revealed to be untrue.)

      • I am ready to stick around for as long as it takes. But the thought of Jodi living out her sentence, on death row or Life in prison, for years, is difficult to stomach.

    • Yes, if anything the US is a country with ADHD. 5 second blurbs for the talking heads and move on to the next train wreck. The appeal will work behind the scenes and will be JA’s only chance at justice. I think a DP sentence gives her a better chance at life, and I don’t mean a life behind bars.

      • “if anything the US is a country with ADHD. 5 second blurbs for the talking heads and move on to the next train wreck”

        Sad, ain’t it … 🙁

  17. Good Morning hope everyone had a nice Sunday, not looking forward to today.My heartfelt prayers go out to Jodi and her family today. I just wanted to respond to a post from yesterday that I just read this morning about someone hearing or reading about how the matchmaking came about. I had posted some time back about it. D Hughes said on JVM he introduced TA to JA at a Las Vegas convention. R Burns testified that he and Z Lovingier, S Hughes brother, were playing pool at D Halls and JA’s name came up somehow and ZL told RB he should give her a call and he did that night and they talked. They emailed and text after and set up a time for her to come to Utah to meet him and go to some ppl event, convention or whatever they were having. CH said on 48 hours JA pursued RB because he was another rising star, just like Travis and that they met at a break out session they were having.

  18. Jessie well said! I’m just praying Jodi can hang in there. My heart was bleeding for her last week as she looked so beat down. What really pisses me off is all the HLN monkeys saying how Jodi needs to say I’m sorry and take responsibility for what she did. Now they know she has to watch what she says for the appeals process and further more she has already done that when she testified. But how does one say that just because you as a jury convicted me you were right. There have been many innocent people in prison and on death row that would not be remorseful BECAUSE THEY ARE INNOCENT! It’s a catch 22 for her.

    • aww, Thank you Tim. I too will be praying with you for Jodi to show her never unwavering class and enduring strength thru this next phase. I know what you mean, like how is she supposed to say I’m sorry I had to defend myself from your abusive brother! It is going to have to be a very carefully crafted speech that shows remorse, but not guilt. Hopefully Jodi and her lawyers have made up a bit and they have helped her compose a touching, heartfelt speech. Anyhow, Lots of love and kisses to you all, Jessie Meow!

  19. Morning everyone,

    Has anyone seen this? Fuckers. And they call themselves Christians. Who’s benefit is this for if not the jurors (who are following the admonition). Yeah, sure.

    Occupy HLN

    Is this NOT crazy? Mormon Media Blitz in full effect ALL Sunday making the case that Travis was an angel, a pious saint, and therefore (although this is a singular domestic incident by a female who, unlike Travis, had no violent criminal history) Jodi should receive the Death Penalty.

    So you have Mormons who call themselves “pro life” and preach “forgiveness” blasting cyberspace all day, Sky Hughes appearing on blog-radio, and they’re all doing this as a final push for the DP (and the associated scam funds from the emotions they can rouse)?

    ~ Jason

    • So, if a ‘media blitz’ is being done as a push for the death penalty – are they acknowledging that the jurors ARE watching / listening to media? Because, they are the only ones that would need convincing. Yet another grounds for mistrial, imo.

    • I agree. There’s a special place for these people. Karma always comes back around and will catch up with them sooner or later. Prayers and thoughts for Jodi today. Whatever the outcome, we all will have to continue our support until the appeals process. I also agree that JA shouldn’t have to apologize to these people when it was an act of self defense. She already stated that she hoped they find peace. Apparently they haven’t or the wouldn’t still be giving interviews and continuing to make profit. A family that’s truly mourning a loss is not worried about press interviews and profit. The don’t appear devastated. They appear greedy..big difference.

  20. Morning everybody. I had a lousy day yesterday so did not get to post. Have some kind of stomach bug. Still don’t fell all that. Anyways, looks like I did not miss too much except for the continued harassment on facebook towards Jodi’s two expected witnesses today. These motherfuckers don’t realize all of this witness intimidation can be one of the many grounds for appeal. EVERY defense witness has been maligned, threatened and vilified. And all the while those druggie and rap sheet Alexander leeches are collecting funds from the adoring masses without a care in the world.

  21. I’m a little scared that people find it quite ok to impose a death penalty without any in depth assessment of the issues. That affects all of our collective humanness. Even in faraway countries like I am.
    I am appalled at the scary level of dumbed down discourse that has become ‘infotainment’.
    It’s not even ‘information’ nevermind ‘entertainment’, it much much worse.
    It has no rigorous thinking attached to it.
    What happened to the man who was doing the MBTI survey? This is clearly an intuitive/sensate argument!
    Very very sensate narcissistic cult (no offense to sensates who have more sense lol)

    • “That affects all of our collective humanness.”

      That’s right, it does. Right now, this trial is an example of how inhumanity is encouraged and reinforced. The justice system and the media–including the social media–are truly in bed together. This is political. Jodi is such a small player in all this–practically insignificant. But she is being used to manufacture consent for an even more depraved vision of “justice.”

      • If Jodi is able to understand the overall girth of this trial, it would be very hard to keep fighting,
        I would feel quite helpless to be honest.

        I truly hope something positive comes out of today’s wothlessness of the system.
        Or the many days of worthlessness; the waiting for justice is absolutely trying.

        Jodi has been so strong, I hope she can continue to hold on.
        And is able to never stop fighting this shit show.

        • Something WILL come out of this. Nurmi, like Baez, has a point of view that can bring light to how the media and justice system work for–how shall we say it?–“certain” types of clients and victims. I hope Nurmi and Willmot talk and talk and talk until they are blue in the face. People need to hear it.

  22. Good Morning Everyone!

    Praying that Jodi be strong, no matter what happens. Praying for us, so we can endure this torment. Praying for Jodi’s mom, grandma, and siblings to give them strength.

    Praying for humanity because at this point I’m truly disgusted with all the hate that’s out there. I can’t find the words to describe how much these people have destroyed that part of me that believed that most people are basically good.

  23. a question for geebee

    regards your theory about the Walmart return is the reason why they dont find the gas can return record than how is it that they even have records of transaction from 2008 it should be all stored in the other stores records ?

    • If the records for store #5751 for June 3 are checked, the return should be there.

      I’m assuming that the transaction data would not be destroyed for any reason.

        • Well that’s what happened… it would seem.

          I don’t think Amanda Webb knew anything about the move in 2010.

          She didn’t even know that it’s SKU not “Skew”.

          Let’s face it though – would this really have made any difference to the jury?

          Their minds were probably made up a long time before.

          It’s a very difficult case to understand, they failed, it happens.

          • I’ve been meaning to comment on that Skew thing. It’s standardly used in the vernacular. I worked at a retail establishment while I was in grad school and we always called it a “skew”. We did spell out PLU, but the SKU was always spoken as “skew”. Akin to humvee or jeep.

            I agree, it probably wouldn’t have made a damn of a difference with this jury, but given that 100% minus a damn is probably some real number, one can’t help but feel that the defense should have at least tried. But that’s all water under the bridge now, unless they did it with a sly look towards an inefficient assistance of counsel claim, which could still be years away.

            Other than those of JM, I am very confused by the actions of the other players in this drama, including the judge and the defense team. JM was just out for blood, and looks like he’s going to get what he was after.

            • I’ve always heard it pronounced as “skew” also. Acronyms in this country are rarely spelled out and often “pronounced.” That may be a UK v. US difference in the vernacular.

        • I would assume, Det. Flores said “that is not important” like he did with the rearrangement of the closet!

      • of course it was checked this was the the whole thing what JM asked her and he took out a whole bunch of record from jun 3 of 2008 and asked her if she was able to see this return so im confused

  24. I know this sounds like I am not being strong
    but there are things I can really handle and things
    I choose not to handle.

    Honestly I am not going to watch today live
    because I feel my immune system is already
    jacked & I barely got any sleep.

    If they hand Jodi the DP I am going to feel
    gutted and very sad. People like us have a gift
    of compassion, to see things the way they truly are.

    I don’t know about you guys but this is like
    some freaky deaky David Lynch nightmare
    So surreal yet so fucked up!

    I feel so sick this morning. I cannot even
    meditate. Sometimes the only zen at the top of
    the mountains is the zen you bring up &
    this morning I am lost in some valley
    sad & depressed at our society.

    I need sleep. Hang in there everyone.
    You guys are the best!
    Always sending hugs and love, Josh
    & especially to Jodi & her family today.

    • It starts at 1pm eastern, so 12 noon central. be careful cutting the grass! Watch your precious toes, wear tennis shoe, not sandals! We can not handle any more bad news! “Take good care of yourself, you belong to us” LOL! We Love ya honey,Jessie

      • Thank you Jessie. Love you too! I wear steel toed shoes even though I drive a ride on. I posted on my facebook last night. “I would rather shovel snow than cut grass, is that wrong?”

        I’m surprised I didn’t get unfriended by some for that comment.

        Heh heh

  25. This was posted on one of the TA fundraiser sites. Wittness tampering anyone?

    Darryl Brewer, I know some of your family members read here and perhaps you do also…

    PLEASE. Rethink your decision to speak on Arias’ behalf. You have a son who may one day wonder why his father felt the need to beg for a murderer’s life. Travis Alexander was murdered in cold-blood. He was a good man. His death was premeditated and brutal. Arias has ruined the lives of many. She does not deserve AZ to spare hers. Walk away with your dignity and reputation. Arias wasn’t worthy of you then and she certainly isn’t worthy of you now. In the words of Juan Martinez, “the only appropriate sentence … is death.”

    • Wow!

      I believe his son will respect him more because he stood for what he believes is right. It’s not as if Jodi is some stranger to his son.

      • If I were his son, I would be proud of my dad because he stood up for Jodi when everyone else was too scared to do it!

    • Wow! That is terrible. And, if it is true that Jodi’s other friend backed out of speaking because of possible retaliation that is also horrible. Is there anything that can be done? It is not right that witnesses are being intimidated this whole trial and shows that this trial has not been fair at all. I wish Jodi’s sister or mom would speak. Why can some people be crossed and others not? I’m confused about that.

    • Maybe his son will see how a real man speaks out for someone he loved and believed in. Maybe his son will see how a real man stands up to the ravaging of a bunch of haters, because he believes in something. Maybe his son will see that people are worth fighting for. Maybe his son will see a father with a sense of moral decency and humanity. Maybe his son will see that you stand by your friends and don’t sell them down the river when the going gets tough. Maybe his son will see that a real man doesn’t give his love and friendship lightly, but when he does, it comes with certain commitments.

      And I believe that a boy who can see all of that in his father is truly blessed.

      Good for you Mr Brewer – you, Sir, are a true gentleman.

      • I am proud of Darryl for standing up for that beautiful girl that he probably still has love for and how could he not. We adore her.

      • Yes! He is a true gentleman! Thank you Mr.. Brewer, for showing the world how a decent human being stands up for someone, while others seem to take pride, in cashing in on someone’s unfortunate circumstances!

  26. I am going to record it and try to have a decent day and watch later. I almost wish I believed the preposterous theory of the prosecutor and the haters so I could stomach it better. It’s terrible to wish you were that stupid. I kind of hope that Jodi says ‘If you believe I committed this murder in the manner set forth by the State, and obviously you do, then give me death but I know in my heart that’s not what happened. Sleep well.’

  27. Good morning my friends !
    I wasn’t able to post yesterday, because my mom was sick and I was busy taking care of her and I also take care of a friend that has no place to live and has two broken hips. I just want you to know that I will read all the posts later. Right now I am a nervous wreck and I will probably miss the trial..have to go to doctor’s appointment.
    I am very scare that Jodi might ask for the DP ( I hope I am wrong ) 🙁
    I will try to be positive and will pray for Jodi, Jodi’s mom and grandma and all of us !!!
    Love you all !!!

  28. Good morning everybody!

    I am not going to be near a computer for the rest of the day…PLEASE know I am here in spirit for the bullshit today.

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((I love you all))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  29. Hello everyone, I have only posted once before, but I read your posts everyday. I would first to say thank you all for so much information about the case that the media does not nor will not say. I have stopped watching HLN, because I have never seen so much hate for one person in my life, and I watched the LMN movie about the Blue eyed Butcher, and read some things about her but she never drew as much hate has Jodi has this past 6 months. I have seen, read, and heard some things about her that was not only degrading, but I would not wish what she going through on my worst enemy. The media has made such a case about her? Why? I personally believe that each person who spews out hate, has some issues within themselves, but they are portraying it be Jodi’s fault. I do not know the case like the regular posters so I do not nor will state what happened nor why. But the one thing that I do know is that the posters who come here everyday or quite often, you all have become family via the internet and I have read some posts about how some people feel left out about the other pages are password protected that they do not have access too. I can understand why you all are so cautious because I have seen some of things posters have said and how they make fun of this site because you believe in Jodi Arias, but I hate to see you all let the people who do not care tare your friendships apart. I believe that anyone who really reads this site knows that you all have one common goal and that is to support Jodi, and they cannot stand to see how you give hugs, make jokes that only you can understand at times, or how you make sure that every one is okay in each other’s family. You all have done something that others wish they had, and that is a common goal that others may not agree with. But I just wanted to say do not let others tear your cyber family apart, because each and everyone has something you can do or offer to assist Jodi in this time of need. I will not take up anymore of your time, but let me say this you are special group of people who will stand up for what you believe in no matter what others say. And I truly respect that about each and every one of you. Just know that when people are talking about you, evidently you all are doing something right. And I send my thoughts and prayers out to the Arias family, because I have two daughters, and I don’t know if I could be as strong and Mrs. Arias during all of this hate towards her daughter. A mother daughter bond is special, even when we don’t agree, but i would not wish the kind of hate that is shown in this trial on anyone whether I know them or not. I am not a troll just someone who wanted to know the real story about what happend without anyone telling me what I should believe, and believe that is Jodi should be set free. Sorry to take so much space but I just wanted to let you all know how blessed you are to have each other so don’t let the haters tear your friendships apart. May God Bless each and every one of you and Keep you and family safe. please keep posting so that people like myself can know what really happened not, what HLN is saying happened. i am speaking from an outsider looking in, and I do not want to offend anyone because I am sensitive too lol

      • Thanks for your post Yolanda! 🙂 that is so nice to here on the day the jury wants to put this woman to death

    • Good morning Yolanda and welcome. You have put many people’s thoughts in a nutshell. I have 2 daughters slightly younger than Jodi and I think that’s why this case resonates so much for me as well. My heart aches for Jodi’s mom. I fell that we will continue to recieve latecomers for whom HLN’s Koolaid has worn off and they will begin to realize that this is a witch hunt of the worst kind. We need to be welcoming to those people. Just because they took a little longer than others to realize they are being fed a line of bull does not mean it should be held against them. You are right, we truely do have a family here. I find it encouraging that I am in the company of others with the intelligence to know when they are being led by the nose and have broken off and refused to believe their line of crap.

      Once again, welcome, and glad to have you aboard.

    • Thank You for the Post! Nice of you to take the time to read, then the time to comment.

      There is a reason they are called “haters” rather than “level headeds’ ” or “well informeds’ “

    • Yolanda – I do remember your post. Thank you for what you wrote today. No matter what I know and truly believe that the regulars here will keep fighting together for Jodi. Trolls and haters only make our bonds stronger.

  30. Goodmorning good people!

    Hoping for a better outcome for today..although this tainted jury has shown its true colours.

    The taliban is banging their drum profusly to get every last blood red cent into their grubby hands before their 15 minutes is up.

    We, on the other hand, are here for the long run!

    Have a 4 hour trip to airport this am..hope to be back here with you all soon.


  31. I have come to expect the worst possible conclusions from this trial. I always hope for the best but seriously, what are the chances of anything fair coming out of this circus?
    If they had the opportunity the Travis Taliban and the Alexander Acolytes would execute everyone one of us on this site for supporting Jodi. Those people go out of their way to attack Jodi’s family and friends for supporting her and they get away with all of it.
    I blame Stephens, Martinez, HLN, The Mormons, the LDS and a gutless jury for this debacle. They want everyone who supports Jodi in any way shape or form dead.
    Everyone with any type of authority in this circus has lost their f’n minds with what they are allowing to happen.

  32. What is Jodi even going to say to the jury if she speaks? It’s a waste of time with them. They have proven themselves to be heartless and cold as ice as well as gutless.
    I’f I’m Jodi I’d say fuck all of you. You want me dead so bad go ahead and do it. You’ll have to live with it the rest of your miserable lives. I’ll be at peace.

    • Maybe Jodi needs to use another person’s words when addressing the jury and court.

      Here’s what she needs to say!!!

      “I don’t understand you, but I don’t try. I know that the only person I can judge is me. I can’t judge any of you. I have no malice against you and no ribbons for you. But I think that it is high time that you all start looking at yourselves, and judging the lie that you live in.

      “I can’t dislike you, but I will say this to you: you haven’t got long before you all are going to kill yourselves, because you are all crazy. I have done my best to get along in your world and now you want to kill me, and I look at you, and then I say to myself, You want to kill me? Ha! I’m already dead, have been all my life. Its all your fear. If I could get angry at you, I would try to kill every one of you. If that’s guilt, I accept it……”


  33. Since I’m an equal opportunity asshole;
    I have been giving tips for JW, Nurmi, The Jury, The Judge and Jodi, so they can maybe be successful, however i have never given you my “Lipsism” Juan, so here yah go buddy….

    Dear Juan,

    A few tips for ending this trial with a bang! BANG! Bang! Good luck, hope these help:

    1) Be sure to talk VERY slowly and softly when you have anyone in support of murdering Jodi on the stand. The jury is dumber than the offspring of Donald Trump and the first hot chick to die in any scary movie. They will never notice the inconsistency.

    2) Be sure to talk very fast and very loud when you have anyone in favor of Jodi on the stand, ESPECIALLY Jodi. If you can interrupt her, badger her and belittle her that would be perfect. After all…she is a…gulp…liar.

    3) If anyone is starting to make sense, stop their line of thought with a quick objection. Regardless of the need, simply object and the judge is sure to give you a sidebar to interrupt the point.

    4) Try and use the ole “shock and Awe” tact…its beautiful. Whenever someone is making a true and heartfelt statement for the defense, especially Jodi, be sure to throw things, drop things and if needed quickly put up a picture of the virgin victim with his neck wound gaping open. Also, don’t be shy to throw in a few pussy and asshole pictures of Jodi, for good measure. (its hard to look sorry when you have a picture of your turd shooter on the big screen)

    5) We have heard you badger, slander, yell, interrupt, throw things, drop evidence, etc… I think today may be your last chance to throw in a new trick. Perhaps you could shoot off a gun with blanks in it? You know, just to get their attention! I think you need to step up the circus 1 more level. Anything to get your name out there, get the juries attention, scare the defendant and show the news, you too can “make shit happen”. (More on making “shit” happen in a few minutes)

    6) I would also suggest, at the end of the final phase, that you “HI 5” the judge and yell “we did it!”. Sports stars do this all the time, and you are a fucking star! Plus, she (judge) will appreciate that you are sharing your stardom with her, after all neither of you could have done this without the other. Teamwork at its best…Go team!

    7) I’m not sure, but if you could find a way to incorporate a bikini wearing female midget… it would really bump it up a notch. Its summer and the bikini is always a great idea. Midgets have been trending this year, so what better than a chick midget in a bikini? Perhaps you could call her to rebut Jodi’s mother, after Jodi’s mom has pled for her daughter’s life? Maybe this midget was cornered in a bathroom by Arias’s mom and told the little gal how much she actually doesn’t like Jodi? That’s just a strange thought…the bathroom story…but be sure to use the midget idea!

    8) I have noticed that you have not leaked, er, i mean… I noticed you’re office has not “made public” any new videos of Jodi for a while, be sure to do this right before the jury deliberates on Murder or life confinement in a box. Anything extra you can give the jury…er i mean…”public”, the better. Do you have one of her eating a burger or a steak, perhaps eating chicken? Your bff’s at HLeN could play the “carnivore” angle.

    9) While we are talking about videos… I don’t suppose you have any of Travis performing a miracle? Obviously he did miracles, but do you have one on tape, this would help show the jury how this witch slayed the “sheep of god” while he was doing the “good work”.

    10) I know you have been holding back, which is why your face is often red and you are always scowling…but on the last day…i think i have a “grand finale”. Drop your pants, take a steamer right in your hands then fling it right at the defense team. Yep…fling that shit at them! If you can get a bit on the families too, then blame Jodi, that would be spectacular. I know you’re thinking this may be “crossing the line” especially after the bikini midget, but OH NO….you are the man, and no one can stop you! After all, you’re doing this in the name of JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS the saint. Just look at the picture of his dead body, that will fuel your motivation! FLING, FLING, FLINGGGG that poo!

    Good luck Juan, and keep up the good work! You are killing the killers’ one witch at a time! Well done.

    (I am now going to go outside find a wall, paint a circle on that wall, patiently wait for the paint to dry, then I am going to grab my hair and savagely beat my own head against the wall until my sanity comes back or i drop to the floor dead, either way…it will be a better day than it is now)

    Good Morning everyone, hope you had a great weekend.

    • Sirlips
      maybe he has a gopher in a cage under his desk he can release if he thinks D. Brewer is getting to the jury.

      • I think you are on to something there…lets add that as #12.

        (please note that i skipped #11…mainly because im mysterious)

    • Since you are already set up to paint…do you mind paitning a circle for me? I know I will feel like using it after listening to JM close this out today.

      • I can hook you up. sure.

        When my wives show up, im sure they are going to need a few circles painted for them to.

    • Sirlips,
      Good morning partner!
      I’m always amaze how talented you are to post what my heart feels. How is it you know me so well? 😉
      I know you need to reserve room for ALL of you sister wives, but could you paint a circle, for your ole partner?

      • I did, and regardless of what others may think, yours and Basse’s are closer to my circle than the sisters circles. Gotta keep a pecking order in the hen house yah know!

  34. Hello everyone as you’ve seen OccupyHLN has been attempting to uncover the truth about the scams using Travis’s name to raise money. It’s very sad and I hope that these people are held accountable if they in fact are running scams. As of right now it appears that way but I’m not the one to judge.

    Justice for Jodi is what’s on my mind and I hope she gets it sooner rather than later.

  35. I’ve discovered a few people on Twitter that are pro Jodi. I’m using the Juan Martinez method of finding Jodi supporters. My stirring of the pot and poop slinging at the Taliban and the Acolytes over the last few days has brought a few supporters to the surface.

    • I think your suppose to smoke pot, not stir the pot. But you have the poop slinging correct. The things floating to the surface need to be watched closely, sometimes they are poo in supporters clothing.

  36. A big thank you to the staff of this website. Last week was very hard for me, I lost my son right before my grandfathers funeral and this is my first time back here. Without this website I would be so lost on what is happening with Jodi. I can now clearly feel the pain her mother is in and I pray Jodi is not sent to death row.

    Dear Jodi, keep trying to fly. Let your dreams guide you.

    • Sorry for your loss Amy.

      I didnt win the lottery this weekend, yet…but i can send you an autographed picture of me in a pink speedo, if that helps 🙂 Smile…heal…smile…heal….smile!

    • Oh my Amy, I’m so terribly sorry. Such a tragedy to befall upon your family. My thoughts are with you.

    • Amy I’m so sorry. I know there’s nothing I can say…just want you to know I’m saying a prayer for you and your family.

    • Oh my god, Amy. My heart breaks for you! I too lost a son 5yrs ago and I know your pain. My deepest heartfelt prayers and sympathy is with you as there is no greater pain than losing a child. I will carry your pain with me today, as it is my honor to try to lighten your immense burden, for you to know you are not alone. It will always hurt to breathe without your child, but you will learn to live with it and honor your son’s memory. Do the things that would make him proud.

      Truly, truly broken hearted with you,

    • I just read and am so sorry to hear about your loss. I cannot even imagine what you must be feeling; but I am praying for you today. I pray that I can absorb some of your pain, I pray for your comfort.

  37. …::: True, this world of ours is full of hatred and disbelief, but that is no reason why we should not love and why we should not believe. We must love and believe in order to empty the hatred-sea. :::…
    – Sri Chinmoy

    • I just read a quote from a book on St Francis of Assisi. It’s something an angel said to Brother Elias.

      It’s okay you don’t have to believe in the angels and stuff the quote is just cool 🙂

      Take care not to be as angry as you appear to be because anger darkens the mind and prevents it from discerning the truth.

  38. Good Morning…my people!!!!!

    SJ…love…love…love “Jodi’s” speech to the jury!!!!!!! Thanks for the morning laugh!!!!!

  39. Like I said before I have had good times on pro death sites, because my protestations are posted along with nutty witch burners, and they are still there in all their glory of reasonable argument. I urge you all to give it a go, just don’t take personal slights seriously, they are to be pitied. I sort of enjoy seeing my disagreements there, because they sound so reasonably thought out in comparison to frenzied vigilante justice. I get a wee thrill out of outsmarting them, but it’s not hard as you can imagine…

  40. Good morning,
    It was good to see the activity on this website and rating in May. Thanks SJ for the updates.
    Slept for 4 hours. I got today off to support Jodi live. I had a good talk with myself not to think negatively. I decided to march on pleading for LIFE without the human defense I carry for all the injustices this defendant had endured. Even though, there may be impostors among us, I say to you, this is an unbreakable team. Life is a privilege not a luxury. Even when we make a mistake, we all need support no matter the measure of it. In times like this, we need a Team to breathe sanity and hope to hang on. Jodi has this team’s support. Thank you Team Jodi for moderating comments here. People first and mercy for all.

  41. I can’t believe all this crap about death threats against Jodi’s friends wanting to testify. Something has to be done to these morons.

    • It may work in Jodi’s favour.

      It’s just another reason why the whole circus is invalid.

      Maybe Jodi will get up and simply say “I do not recognise the validity of this trial”.

      Probably not, I don’t think it’s her character, but it would be justified.

    • F*ck the HATERS. I’m so infuriated with the public’s lynch mob mentality over this trial. Sad, sad times we are witnessing in America. How anyone could have watched this trial and not come to the conclusion that TA was an abuser is just ludicrous.

      It’s hard to say what the others who have testified on Jodie’s behalf have felt from the lynch mob, but I would certainly like to think that absolutely NO ONE would keep me from testifing on someone’s behalf to the truth – the fricking truth people!

      God bless Darryl Brewer for his willingness to do the right thing for a young lady he once loved that is getting sent to death row (most likely) by the BS haters. It’s totally appalling that Jodie is getting a tougher sentence than most of society’s child rapists, serial killers, etc……makes my stomach turn upside down.

    • There should promptly be an all out criminal investigation by the FBI into the numerous witness death threats in this case. Period. Our society should demand this ! WTH are we as Americans lowering ourselves to by acting like barbaric fools. No one deserves this simply because they were a witness in a trial. People need to be held accountable !!!

      • How is it possible for such misconduct, corruption and death threats be allowed in this trial and the CA trial and nothing is done about it.? Why is it that Casey A and George Z have to live in hiding for fear of their lives? If JA was a free woman today she would have to do the same. Why? How can anyone wish death upon someones life and it not be taken serious. Isnt there anything anyone can do to put an end to this maddness. This a crime and these people need to be stopped!

        Found this pic and in my opinion IT IS A DISGRACE. A church with a huge sign that reads On the Eighth Day God Created Juan Martinez. That shows just what your church is all about and I wouldnt step foot in it. You all should be shamed to even walk the streets and proclaim you are a Child of God. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth. Revelation 3:16. You will be held accountable for your actions come judgment day. And not only that it is on the Maricopa co attorneys office facebook, what does that tell ya, nuff said

      • Well HLN certainly talked about her being one of two planned witnesses on Thursday. They’ll have to give some explanation as to why she’s not testifying and what the long delay was about.

        • They can just smear the character of the witness. Easy as pie. Who’s to say HLN doesn’t have an important role this intimidation campaign?

    • Who, do you think, are the racketeers? Is this organized (a Mormon effort) or random (members of the deranged public)?

      Is Darryl Brewer being harassed as well?

      Crazy, crazy, crazy.

      • I think most of these threats come from people who are full of hate either against themselves or against women.

        • Too bad that doesn’t narrow down the list of suspects! That could be the entire Mormon church, or some nice little housewife who believes Jodi represents the evil of her sex.

          • I think you hit it on the money “some nice little housewife who believes Jodi represents the evil of her sex,” which would explain why so many women hate her for No Reason.

            • Oh, they have reasons! They are just not rational reasons! They say they hate her for being a killer, but, frankly, I think killing is at the very bottom of their hatred-list.

              The woman-to-woman misogyny is this case has been astounding. I really didn’t know it runs as deep as it does.

              • Well right, internalized misogyny is still misogyny.

                But so is focusing only on the women who are outraged about this case. We saw the same thing during the Casey Anthony trial, so I don’t think it’s that much of a surprise either.

                People have said many times that a mostly male jury would help Jodi, because it was assumed they would protect her from the jealous rage of the female jurors. But that didn’t happen did it? Anyone care to talk about that?

                • Before I saw the hate behind the comments from men, I never would have understood the depths to which they hate her and women! Men that is.

                • Here is a sample in case anyone doesn’t believe you:

                  Submitted on 2013/05/20 at 1:02 pm | In reply to Jeff in mesa.

                  I hope to have her body donated to me so i can cock gag that whore one more time after they juice that cunt.

                • MB, with regards to the sample you provided-
                  I am confused. The guy hates her so much, he wants her killed, but wants to have sex with her corpse? Please keep a record of his comment, as a proof of his necrophiliac passions, for his day in court will come soon, either in a body bag or as a defendant!

      • Yeah, this is criminal justice. The operative word being “criminal.” This is vigilante, mafia-like stuff. A murder one conviction isn’t enough, apparently. Every twisted mind wants a piece of HER murder.

  42. They said her other friend might not show up because she has been intimidated online and if that is the case, that is grounds for appeal, she is so scared already that she didnt want her face shown, wow, see what the crazies at HLN have done to the American justice system, they should be so ashamed of themselves and the way that they have inflamed people to the point of more violence and hatred! Someone needs to start paying attention to what is going on in Arizona and NOW – Gol DAM IT

    • From what I’m seeing on the news she has received death treats. I believe that Jodi does not want her to put herself through this. What a fallacy this has become!

      • AA – I am just curious; were the threats to ALV also grounds for appeal? Or are there no records of it… I’m just curious why nothing was done about it (so far, anyway). Thanks.

    • Kmea, I wonder what the fuck the jury is suppose to think now??? No-one showing up or standing up for JODI?? NO-ONE?? This jury has no idea who Jodi is, I doubt they give a rats azz anyway. HLN only wants to see her beg for her life so they can call her a liar & a fake. So sick of all this! Also, I wish the defense would have shown this anger & emotion right out of the gate not at the 11th hr.

  43. Good morning to all of you there are so many here can’t remember all the names and then type you here I need a hug I cry for Jodi the Hughes train is on its way for her and the jury will also get aboard toot toot of to jail we go they are still at it on TV kill the bitch wondering if she will say she is sorry for killing him for 4 months she has not and she will not because she did not kill him so I sit here alone today brother is of to the doctor to find out what is wrong with him is it cancer or something else we don’t know so lets say a Hail Mary full of grace the lord is with you and pray for the sinner who killed Travis and is letting Jodi die for it 😥 😥

  44. Sorry I started commenting without saying good morning/good afternoon!
    ((((((TEAM JODI))))))))

    I don’t feel nervous about today bc I am really looking forward to the appeal process already!

  45. Geebee 2 – I started reading your web site. Wow! It’s FULL of info. You have clearly done a ton of work on this! I’m really impressed!!!

  46. Goodmorning friends! Another grest post SJ, thanks! Iv geen thinking, since Jodi rather have the DP, the jury will give her LWOP. Im scared ans worried for both but I blv DP would be the best way out. She’ll have a chance for that appeal. Ir would she still get a chance at the appeal if she gets LWOP???

  47. I am smokin’ HOT right about now…..this has got to be a very bad “B” movie!!!!!

    This is a damn shame when a person can not get a fair trial in America. The verdict I have no doubt will be over turned. How stupid of the Alexander family ……the poor white trash that they are…….to feed into this chty. Surely they realize the actions they have cause and feed into will greatly increase the chances for Jodi receiving a new trial?? HLN and all those azzholes who report on that program should rot in hell. What kind of society have we become then witness are threaten with death for testifying.

    What is happening to this country??? When the DA can lie, cover up, destract and hold back evident allow witness intimations to continue in a case just an get the DP conviction. I am so pissed right now….. I can’t even think straight….this WHOLE trial has been one HOT MESS!!!!!!!

    Where’s my medication?????????????????????

    • LOL!! Love you Moni! Don’t worry just another page to add to the file:)
      Today is a temporary thing. This is NOT over, It is only the beginning. It will be a process, but we will get this mess fixed!!

    • Moni, I’m thinking the same thing. Unfortunately, I have been watching trials for some time – but more recently I have been seeking out those who have been sentenced the DP and LWOP. It is a rude awakening to me how this is not uncommon. Our justice system is far more flawed than I ever thought. I couldn’t sleep last night due to this awakening as well as knowing how much hatred our country has, and I feel for Jodi. I pray constantly throughout the day and night. I still believe in the power of prayer, although I am not religious (I am spiritual). I keep the hope that this trial is awakening more people about the injustices of the system. I just hate that someone like Jodi has to endure this. Not one bad word from her mouth, no animosity, only kindness – and the kinder she is the louder the hate becomes. It just doesn’t make sense.

  48. Judge Pickel head is late as usual it 11:31 here I hope and pray that something like the FBI has stepped in to stop the madness that this woman has allowed to play in her court and that new evidence comes to light. I pay my Hail Mary for you Jodi and to all the sinners who put you here

  49. I’m sure whitnesses for the defense across the board will be called during appeal hearings. or send letters relaying the threats and intimidation that they expierenced during the days and days following their testimony. The media might feel better that they got the verdict they wanted… They’ll move and years from now they will barely report on the fact that the verdict is overturned or sentence reduced. So many issues during the trial. If she gets LWOP I think she has to pay for her appeals. DP I believe state pays for all 3

  50. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 1m

    Nurmi just arrived and asked judge if she had received the motion he filed yesterday, she said yes. #JodiArias

  51. This is a sad day. In my heart, I so want the jury to NOT give Jodi the DP. However, from what I’ve heard, I think she has a better chance for a good appeal with DP. I think the states pays for all counsel, and she gets “top-of-the-line” services along the way. That would be the one advantage for her. I know she said she wants DP, but I think that’s only because she doesn’t believe she’d win an appeal. I feel certain that this verdict will be overturned at some point in the appeals process; it has been such an outrageous trial. I just want to today over with, and get the appeals process started. And we need to find out what we can do to keep Jodi’s spirits up through that long process.

  52. Argghhh, I work at a TV station so we can put TV’s on and my two co workers have HLN on right now, I want to tell on them, we are only supposed to watch our networks but I cant tell on them, I am trying not to pay attention but the idiots just flashed something like, Jodis life in the slammer, seriously? they said slammer omg, I hate HLN and this black judge is just “slamming Jodi” all morning ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Im gonna throw something

  53. What time is it in AZ right now?
    Also, is anyone else able to get on AZCENTRAL.COM ? I watched the trial there and now I get a totally blank screen. No html or anything…

    • What time is it in Arizona? It’s death time. The fucken circus will begin late as always. Martinez didn’t find a midget yet. That all they want, death. It reminds me of a old western movie, where the crowd comes to watch a hanging. No it doesn’t make Arizona look good, but it’s not all Arizona’s fault. I bet this would of been different if the media stayed out of it. Thinking of you sirlips, I will now go bang my head on the wall so maybe I can wake up. I just heard MISTRAIL was asked by the defense. There is hope after all.

  54. I have lost a few followers on my twitter lately, I think I had some Nancy Grace or HLN lovers but no hate tweets, this is sort of the last straw, witness intimidation

      • Taliban Taliban Taliban Taliban Taliban wonder if the FBI can see this they say the watch for words like this and If they do are they on the hunt for the killers that are now profiting from this

        • Good point! Death threats are illegal! Any site or person or screen name that made death threats to anyone involved in this case like Alyce or Jodi or any of Jodi’s witnesses should be taken very seriously. Just another example of how this is a case is completely backwards.

    • I shouldn’t have been surprised to see the haters in denial that any witness received a death threat. When hate clouds your mind you can’t think.

    • me too, on facebook— the way I see it is good riddance- In fact, I had to speak my mind to a so called DV advocate who is clearly not educated enough to claim his title–oh ya, he is a pastor too.

      He was the pastor that Stacy Peterson confided in about her knowledge that her cop husband (Drew Peterson) killed his former wife Kathleen Savio. Stacy went to him because she was in fear of her own life which eventually she went missing in 2008… This so called pastor is named Neil Schori, he did nothing to report the crime or any information that Stacy told him about Kathleen Savio’s murder and the fact that Drew Peterson coached Stacy to be an alibi for Drew Peterson— In my opinion, Neil Schori’s silence had everything to do with Drew Peterson getting away with the murder, still to date, of missing Stacy Peterson.
      In fact Justice was finally served for Kathleen and Neil Schori was called to testify in this case and he even said that he did nothing to report the crime because of confidentiality factors—I’m sorry but it was a flippen murder and if that information was told to a therapist or medical doctor, it is the law to report the crime to appropriate LE officials, how can that be any different for a pastor of a church. Stacy was in fear for her life and didnt know who to turn to for help since her husband was the cop… Today, Stacy’s case is unsolved as she has never been found. It didnt have to be this way if that so called pastor did the right thing.

      Here’s the post and thread that got me all fired up (my comment is in there and boy did his followers jump all over my comment to stick up for him with their disgustingly gross and abusive comments… this pastor and his followers have some real issues.
      these people call themselves christians.

      Neil Schori
      Friday near Aurora, IL via mobile
      Evidence that our world is jacked? There is a Jodi Arias Support Page.
      Like · · Share
      1 person likes this.

      Denise P. Oliver I guess cold-blooded homicidal maniacs need love too…
      Friday at 5:05pm via mobile · Like

      Neil Schori Remember the song: “Naughty Girls Need Love Too”?
      Friday at 5:06pm via mobile · Like

      Denise P. Oliver I’m sure I would if you hummed me a few bars! LOL
      Friday at 5:07pm via mobile · Like

      Nate N Stace Chalmers Evidence that I need cable again….I’m out of the loop
      Friday at 5:09pm via mobile · Like

      Neil Schori All you need is Twitter, Nate!
      Friday at 5:14pm via mobile · Like · 1

      Aaron DrballzDeep Fielder It was a complete accident..poor girl accidentally stabbed her husband 27 times sliced his throat and shot him I.n the head. When did this become a crime?
      Friday at 5:15pm via mobile · Like · 2

      Neil Schori My cousin, Aaron, has always been an outside-of-the-box thinker
      Friday at 5:18pm via mobile · Like · 1

      Mandy McGlothlin I recommend this Facebook page to anyone interested in details about how Jodi’s family has been talking about Travis’ siblings. The page supports Travis but also gives a lot of insight to her supporters.

      The State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial
      AZ v Jodi Ann Arias : Jury selection – Dec 10 ; Opening statements – Jan 2 The …See More
      Page: 50,815 like this
      Friday at 5:48pm via mobile · Like

      Megan Christopherson Benton There’s people out there that support everything. People that write letters to people in jail wanting to marry them! Seriously, it’s so sad.
      Friday at 5:54pm · Like

      Tracey Murphy So again, and I’m proud to be a part of the support page. Your comment is insulting to me and by calling the world ‘jacked’ is maybe your opinion though not all are as ignorant as your posts show that you are. I mean really neil, where in the bible does it say that its ok to persecute and judge another. I am clearly disappointed in your lack of compassion and knowledge when it comes to being a domestic violence advocate. The people on the support page are survivors of abuse and dv advocates that find comfort in talking with others about their experiences with abuse and supporting others.
      Saturday at 10:11am · Like

      Aaron DrballzDeep Fielder I completely agree. It is completely okay for a jealous human being to mutilate someone bc she was abused with no signs of bruising. We should let her go. While we are on the topic of no respect for human life,I know if my pregnant wife is verbally abusive and beats me up it should be okay for me to give her an abortion with a coat hanger and throw her down a flight of stairs..why would that be frowned upon?
      Saturday at 10:21am via mobile · Like

      Aaron DrballzDeep Fielder Maybe I could throw the fetish down at her dead body In some sort of a touchdown celebration?
      Saturday at 10:23am via mobile · Like

      Aaron DrballzDeep Fielder That was susposed to say fetus not fetish. Who is anyone to judge another human? Maybe I can use the umbilical cord to funnel beers Into my system in celebration of the death of my wife bc she was abusive
      Saturday at 10:52am via mobile · Like

      Mandy McGlothlin I have never understood why people think they need to put their opinion on someone’s post. Especially if it’s starting a debate. If you don’t like what “Pastor Shori” has to say.. *Put it somewhere else!*
      I travel all over the U.S. as an investigator &…See More
      Saturday at 10:52am via mobile · Like · 2

      Mandy McGlothlin I also have the link to where Jodi was telling all her “supporters” that the money she was raising from the survivor shirts she was taking up money for.. They have no affiliation with Jodi Arias The State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial *check out the shelters response*
      18 hours ago via mobile · Like

  55. barf…lissette is on the azcentral live feed. I can’t stand that twit. she was the one that did the interview with jm.

      • I live her in phoenix and every single one of these loser reporters EXCEPT Michael kiefer is biased and team travis. again…EXCEPT Michael kiefer.

        Michael kiefer reports that Jodi’s witness drops out because she was threatened
        Chris Williams reports that Jodi’s witness drops out CLAIMS she was threatened…loser

  56. I’m going to run and mail Jodi some postcards before the trial starts. I’m DVRing just in case. I think the DP may be better for appeal which is scary to say but I’m afraid if that happens her spirits will just drop. I write more than one postcard at a time bc my handwriting is the worst. I wish we could write letters. Usually I write one postcard about this site and all the support and how much you all love her and are doing for her and the other postcard is something funny about me or my cats or something friendly to make her smile maybe.

    • Thank you, Danielle. Thats very nice of you! Im also thinking the DP is better for the appeal. I put myself in Jodis shoes and I’d rather have the DP too. I wouldn’t want to be locked up LWOP and she said that too.

  57. jose miguel @reporterjmiguelThere are people walking around taking pictures of the door to the #arias courtroom. Need I remind people this is a murder trial??


  58. What a jackazz!!!!

    9:50 AMsteve krafft @SKrafftFox10#jodiarias #fox10 Okay peeps you make the call! Will Jodi ask to live or die when she addresses the jury today?

    • Ugg! I don’t wish this on anyone. But I do wish they would have a moment of clarity and think about if this was someone in their family or someone they cared about.

  59. Lissette Martinez@martinezliss

    Members of the public being aloud in now #JodiArias

    Really Miss Channel 12 News reporter? I thought you had to be quier in court? Why do we allow morons on the freakin news?

  60. Always think before you speak so that you will not later regret what you have said. Words from the tarot card today.

  61. Hearing the defense Team has filed a motion for a mistrial this morning. Probably due to the continued witness death threats.

  62. Trial won’t being starting any time soon with the closed door hearing for motion for mistrial being argued this morning….stay tuned.

  63. So apparently Jodi’s friend isn’t going to testify now because of the threats she has received. These people are nuts! I hope they realize they are actually helping Jodi with all this witness tampering because I’m sure it’s good for appeals.

    • I’ve been on the phone with a client for TWO HOURS but was trying to listen to her & the trial. Did Nurmi actually say “death threats”? Did he say she WAS threatened or she FELT threatened?

  64. What an outrageous situation where death threats are made against witnesses in a death penalty case where the life of a human being is at stake. Unbelievable. Why is nothing being done? Death threats are not “freedom of speech”.

  65. Dont know if this has been talked about, sorry if it has. I havent read all of todays comments.

    But I just read somewhere that there was ANOTHER motion for mistrial. Anyone know what this one is about?

    • No word on that yet. It was just mentioned right before your post. Possibly the witness tampering/death threats.

    • It was regarding P. Womack – she was threatened for testifying and has backed out. She doesn’t want to testify for Jodi now….so Nurmi filed for mistrial for the “nth” time….

    • The DT did file another motion for mistrial. Not sure what about, but guessing the witness death threats. I think they are in chambers arguing it now.

    • Its ridiculous, someone that loves the defendant CANT be a witness to TRY and save the defendants life because they’re scared if death threats! How fair is that?! This has NOT been a fair trial since the beginning, I don’t know what’s wrong with this judge. Its like she wants Jodi dead too! She shouldve put a stop to this a long time ago!

  66. two more co workers are standing right in front of me watching HLN – I got a few ideas from our side of things in and they were kinda open to it but I wish they would turn it off, but Nurmi filed for another mis trial? like that will work but I sure do wish

  67. Serial Killers and rapists and pedophiles like Travis don’t get the hate that Jodi gets.
    The Mormon Mafia, Travis Taliban and Alexander Acolytes wield a lot of power between them. Which
    group(s) do Sherry Stephens and Juan Martinez belong to?

  68. Hey ladies and gents, I will be watching the trial and popping in here throughout the day. I have a VERY busy day of work ahead of me 🙁
    Good luck to Jodi and (((hugs))) to you all!

  69. OMG I am so nervous! I am so glad that Jodi’s former live in boyfriend, Darrell B has the stones to actually stand up, show his face and speak positively on Jodi’s behalf. She should have stayed with him and his son. Just think of what a beautiful life they could have had together had she not had the misfortune of meeting T.A. and falling for all his B.S. It is almost time for court….Big hugs to you all. smooches xoxoxoJessie

  70. Someone on twitter said although a mistrial would be unlikely it would only effect this part of the case. Verdict would still stand. How can that be?

    • Yea right! Death threats have heen made to OTHERS too. To J. WILMOTT: what do they think?!!!! They have been getting away with it and the judge is letting it happen! His do we know that the death threat to JW didn’t make a difference in ther job performance? ?????? It shouldve been a mistrial there!

  71. When did this type of trial occur in our lifetimes? NEVER, I have NEVER seen such a miscarriage of Justus. Whoever sat on the Jury, whoever shouts for her death, whoever gleefully squeals at her pain……….. Wait, it is coming for you, KARMA.

  72. The defense should have pointed out that others were afraid to testify at all during the trial so they didn’t which hurt her also.

  73. Hey guys!!
    Just got back from my father´s funeral 🙁
    I havent obviously had the chance to catch up with all the comments from yesterday and today but I’m nevertheless here,ready to support our beloved angel.


  74. There is great article circulating around Twitter called occupy HLN about the mishaps of Chris Hughes and others. Also Jodi’s childhood friend doesn’t want to testify in the mitigating part of the death sentence after receiving death threats. I am sure the corrupt HLN will not report these things.

  75. Here is a fact while we are waiting for this f-ing trial! FACT: 70% of all death Penalty sentences are overturned. A small glimmer of hope! God this waiting is torture…

  76. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 59s

    Defense team and #JodiArias just came out of chambers. She smiled at her family and then sat down. We should begin shortly.

  77. This is trivial….I hope Jodi get to pick something that she really likes to wear today. Maybe it’s a girl thing but I always feel better with my favorite clothes on. I’m fighting back the tears…

  78. i agree not sequestered = not fair .
    Casey’s Jury were sequestered , that way they rendered a true verdict based ONLY on what they heard in court.
    Justice for Jody

    • Not only were they sequestered they chose jurors from a different County. They didn’t get jurors from the immediate Orlando area because the Court knew there would be impossible to find impartial jurors. This crew in Mesa is 100’x as biased as anyone during the Casey Anthony case.

      Its a sad day for our judicial system and I hope all these misteps end up in Jodi getting an appeal. BTW it was nice to see KN using some piss and vinegar in his remarks today. I wish he had used this tone more during the trial.


  80. Hi everyone,

    I have posted here I don’t think since the verdict. My thoughts and emotions and feelings on it are very overwhelming at times, other times I just try to focus on my life and not let it get me down. But as I’m awaiting today’s penalty proceedings I’m in one of those overwhelming moments that I just feel the need to share. Nothing I’m saying hasn’t probably already been expressed here a million times, but just sharing anyway.

    I’m not just angry about the denial by the media, the jury, and all parties involved of Travis’ abuse of Jodi, I’m sad and very disturbed. They (the media, the womens groups, etc) try to suggest that she has hurt the cause for DA victims, and yet they clearly can’t see they are the ones doing the hurting.

    A week or so ago I went to my Mother in Law’s house. No one had mentioned anything to me so I was completely stunned when I saw my sister in law, with half of her face black and blue, bruises all over her arms, and a look of sadness and embarrassment in her eyes. What I couldn’t see was the skull fracture she had as well in forehead. I quickly found out it was the boyfriend she’s been dating for well over a year. I found out that this isn’t the first time it had apparently happened, this was just the first time her family was seeing the bruises and knew anything about it.

    He was arrested, but she did not press charges. And now a week later she has gone back to dating him, forgiving him, making excuses for what he did.

    They are not married, they do not have children together, they don’t even live together. There are no ties keeping her to him, but she went back anyway. And it reminds me of arguments I’ve had with others who suggest that Jodi clearly wasn’t an abuse victim because she went back and she had no ties to keep her there. She could have moved on with her life and didn’t.

    My sister in law is the perfect example that they are wrong. My inlaws have confronted him, they have begged her to walk away. But she won’t. Does this mean she is not a victim of abuse? Does this mean the bruises – that this time around we could see – aren’t real? Does this mean that the abuse she suffered beforehand wasn’t real – because we couldn’t see it, and she went back?

    I see court has started, so I will stop now.. but so unbelievable sad today.

    • Ashley my heart breaks for you and your family. I have noticed you missing lately. I will be praying for her. I hope she finds the courage to get out. Are the two of you close? As an adult you can’t force her to leave but maybe if you are able you and your family could set up some sort of mini nest egg for her. Who knows when it might come in handy.

      • Jaz,

        Thank you for your kind words. Sadly, with my Sister In Law, she is a grown woman who will make her choices regardless of our suggestions, hopes and fears. I love her, but I don’t understand her decisions to go back. And Jodi’s decision to go back – we don’t understand it, why would she make that drive to see him, when she was away from him, she was free. But not understanding something doesn’t make it not true, and that’s what’s getting lost in this whole circus unfolding in Arizona. Which leads to more ignorance being spread on the topic of domestic violence, and more demands being placed on the victims that can’t always be met.

  81. Ok everyone what I am I missing. I haven’t watched this part of the trial because being the soft hearted person I am, I just couldn’t do it.

  82. This is such bullshit. He’s basically saying in a roundabout way that if she testifies, she’ll be prosecuted for those pictures and her drug use so he’s intimidating the witness as well or that’s the way it looks.

  83. I’m watching DVRed stuff I just got in but this is awesome! GO NURMI! I’m at 1:31pm it’s 1:39 here. So this all looks good!

    Jodi looks good today!

    • She really is a joke. Does not even pretend to be impartial.

      My head feels like it is going to explode. I don’t know how Jodi remains so calm.

    • I think they know now that it’s pointless because of the fact that they’ve proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the court is EXTREMELY biased and for that matter so is the jury. They’re paving her way for her appeals I think.

  84. This is an appeals ploy. Defense cannot properly present its case. Pickles court will be chastised by the Supreme Court.

    • Yes, the way she handled the motions will not help her much. Wonder why this one was in open court and others were sealed? I understand the pressure not to have the county pay for a new trial but it will still fall back on the state. So political

  85. What a frickin’ farce of a trial! Judge Pickles does not appear to give a crap about protecting witnesses for Jodi.

    • This entire trial should be an example everywhere for law students – how NOT to run a courtroom and get 5 months of taxpayers dollars wasted and thrown out on appeal.

  86. You can tell this f’ing judge just wants this over. What a sad representation of “justice” in America. Why is there a seal? Jodi’s not even going to testify on her own behalf??

  87. Woooooooowwwwwww! FUCKING BITCH!!!!!! I cant blv this! And Nurmi n Wimott just request to withdraw from the case! Well, I can see WHY now! Its the best thing!

  88. Oh my Nurmi is pissed! Don’t blame him at all….although I am astounded that Pickles did not find some reason to hold him in contempt for his “attitude” Which I feel was well understated given the circumstances. Personally I would have probably been disbarred. He is a patient and good man.

    On a different note. What the hell just happened? I got sidebar and then the seal?

  89. What the fuck??!?!?!?!?!? She assumes Jodi wants to ALLOCUTE?????!?!?!?!?!?!!? OMFG…

    This is beyond shameful….BEYOND

  90. I wish I could be as incompetent at my job as the so called judge is at hers and still stay employed.

    What a frickin joke! I guess looking on the bright side it is good for Jodi’s appeal.

  91. damn that Judge hate hate her she need to be looked at by the FBI if you are watch this do something otherwise the US is at has to step in do it and do it now

    Taliban do you see my word here where the hell are FBI you are suppose to be looking for these words and I do not USE this word to hurt the US but to draw you attention to the injustice that is playing out in AZ we need you help got to Occupy HLN site and you will learn a lot more

  92. Why was the motion denied for defense to withdraw? How can the judge force to continue this trial when witnesses were intimidated and that defense has no witnesses? This is preposterous!

  93. They said “please rise”, not “stand for the jury” .. that usually means the judge got off her lazy ass and headed for chambers.

  94. MaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15Atty Kirk Nurmi picks up his brief case ..and defense atty’s return to Judge’s chambers with #jodiarias

  95. Why am I not surprised? The defense has been handcuffed for this entire trial by this judge. There’s proof of witness intimidation but I guess that doesn’t matter. There’s proof of personal attacks on witnesses but I guess that doesn’t matter either. So again, what was fair about this trial?

    • Absolutely right Jeff.
      This charade of a Judge has lost all pretence of fairness. To instantly dismiss Nurmi’s points and said “can only speculate” why the witness doesn’t appear is simply unbelievable. And this is justice in Arizona?
      The lynch mob might get what they want, but when you have such a crooked and corrupt judicial system as this, they should be careful for what they wish for. Everyone should be terrified at what is happening here.

      • I am terrified. I am terrified because of the big picture. I am sure that the media = HNLtv are puppets and do it all on purpose following an agenda that had surfaced several times in the last years. They teach Americans a false understanding of American law – so we/they will be ready to do the same in some future trials. Jodi’s case is publicized now because it has enormous appeal due to the potentially “scandalous” content. In itself the case would be quite average to me – which would show if it were treated with justice.

      • I surely hope that the witness will appear in an interview…..but she is too afraid of being asked self incriminating questions and then be prosecuted by JM if she does not plead the fifth (you know that any unscrupulous reporter is going to ask her about drug use…..they all heard it today and know tom ask). . I may be wrong, but if one pleads the fifth I think they have to answer ALL questions by pleading the fifth, not just some they prefer not to answer.

        It is no surprise that JM is using this kind of intimidation….even in this phase of the trial. HE WANTS THAT NEEDLE IN HER ARM….and would probably administer it himself if he could. He is pure SCUM!

  96. I’m behind bc I’m on HLN. Nurmi is rocking right now on my end. I am so sad to hear he didn’t get through their potato brains.

  97. I am still shaking me head at this joke of judge.

    She really seems like she was miffed that they would even bother bringing and of this up.

    I hate they way she refers to Jodi.

    Feel so bad that Jodi is going to have to spend so much time in such inhumane conditions while she waits for her appeal.

      • And Nurmi didn’t put it under seal for a reason. It’s all on tape and tapes are forever and FAR more reliable than transcripts because court reporters make mistakes. When this case goes to appeals court, all they have to do is look back on the trial tapes and they can see the judge was biased throughout the case and appeal will hopefully be granted. Not to mention, her job just went up in smoke!

      • Thanks ((((((Janeen))))))
        Sounds like what she had been doing for those long 18 days while testifying and none of the jurors were eager to listen!!

      • Janeen, why do you think “allocute” meands “to admit”? She has the opportunity to SPEAK or give a formal statement……it does not REQUIRE that she ADMITS to murderl. If she words it properly she doesn’t have to “admit guilt”….but merely to express her sorrow that Travis is dead and how that effects his family. She’d be a fool to admit or deny anything.

    • It means she will read a statement explaining why the sentence should be lenient. That’s my understanding.


      In the criminal procedure of some common law jurisdictions, an allocution or allocutus is a formal statement to the court by the defendant who has been found guilty before sentencing.

      A allocution in mitigation allows the defendant to explain why the sentence should be lenient.

    • 1.The procedure during sentencing when a judge gives a convicted defendant the opportunity to make a personal statement on his own behalf to mitigate the punishment that is about to be imposed.

    • In the criminal procedure of some common law jurisdictions, an allocution or allocutus is a formal statement to the court by the defendant who has been found guilty before sentencing.

      A allocution in mitigation allows the defendant to explain why the sentence should be lenient.

  98. i dont get it what does her past history of drug use or selling photos have to do with her testimony ?
    no one cares about patty ,darryl or even TA’s sibling’s history . its not relevant
    Juan is just picking at things so nothing is fair for Jodi .
    he does know that he did not create arizona’s law , right ? right ? someone tell him , he’s just a prosecutor im sure there are many more in arizona !

    • Yes, hes using everything to intimidate witnesses. That was a great example from Nurmi but the judge didn’t want to hear it because Patti wasnt there to explain why?! DUHHHHH ITS OBVIOUS BITCH!

    • It sounded like PW didn’t want to be asked or answer questions on those subjects in open court. JS said that the defense had been offered the opportunity to have her and any other witnesses testify in closed court and for the records to be sealed. I don’t know why JA’s attorneys didn’t go for that. It seems like turning down that opportunity really limits appeals in this instance.

      • I believe JM threatened or “informed” PW that if she testified about her own drug use she could or would be prosecuted. Even if behind closed doors or “sealed” JM would/could carry out his THREAT. That folks is the INTIMIDATION.

  99. So its like they quit because it has been IMPOSSIBLE for them to do their job and the judge denied itz, so they came back with well we’re NOT going I to work, no witnesses, thats it! They’re forced to play this way for Jodi! I 100% understand!

  100. I’m a little behind I think.
    No witnesses for the defense…I dont know how I feel about this.

    This court is a shit show.

    • I feel the same way freshair-now HLN is barking about how of course JA will take the stand and talk about her art and how much she loves being on camera and the limelight-how long she was on the stand before OMG DID THEY FORGET THE FUCKING DUMBASS JURY ADKED OVER 200 DUMBAZZ QUESTIONS INCL JUROR #8 Bitching about it & his drunk azz was one of the ones asking assinine questions!! LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE!!!

  101. Happy KN demanded the mistrial hearing be out in the open court.

    Kermit has been intimidating everyone & giving the ‘trier of fact” a bunch of speculation BS throughout.

    Will Justice be served @ the 9th district court of appeals – Jodi released & Kermit disbarred ( maybe some jail time for lying to a jury)

  102. What the eff just happened? Seriously, what just happened? I know Nurmi is frustrated, it was pouring off him in waves, but why isn’t Darryl testifying? He came survived Juanabee once before! Jodi needs some help!!!

  103. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 3m
    Dennis was explaining to me the family of Travis’ and friends had some new keychains and other Travis trinkets this morning.

    • Hopefully this will be the last day they’ll be allowed to hawk their goods at the courthouse. The amount of money they’re making off their brother’s death is downright shameful!

    • It’s like going to “Dollywood” in Tennessee and everything is Dolly this and Dolly that…grrr…..

      • Hey hey now, don’t you sass Ms. Dolly. She really is a motivational person who made something from nothing. Sorry, I am a Southerner at heart. At least you didn’t have the nerve to bash Bear Bryant 🙂 Them would be fightin words lol

        • Me not bashing no one…Ms. Dolly is one of my favorites…love going to Dollywood..spend lots of money buying all that Dolly this and Dolly that stuff…LOL…

          “WAR EAGLE”….LOL…

          • Oh geez Truthseeker… I thought all this time we were on the same team and now I find out you are a scum sucking Auburn fan? Just kidding, love you lots. Just left land of the Dolly this weekend……shoot me an email next time you go and we will eat some pancakes together and talk shop….not football!

      • And I sure hope they don’t forget the tax portion of the income they’re receiving off it either because Uncle Sam will want his portion of ALL proceeds, no matter how ill gotten it was! I read the OccupyHLN article last night and was astonished to see just how hands are being greased.

    • This disgusts me on so many levels. They want to get up in court and talk about their great loss and with the Sneer’er how his life is a hot mess, he can’t sleep, has to leave his daughter etc. yet they sit back and continue to use their dead brother to hawk goods and rake in more money.

  104. Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to stop in and say hello all around, but

    what just happened?? Do we know?

    (I’ve taken a break from watching live feed, just following the posts here and watching to see how I can help in some way after sentencing has happened)


  105. wtf is going on? I have to watch fucking HLN cause my computers audio is fucked up! No witnesses? No Darrell? Will Jodi speak?

  106. Does anyone have a screenshot of the threats made to Patty Womack?I cant remember who said they saw it on TA site.I think FUJuan said she could not find it?

  107. That judge had that pissed off look around the bottom of her mouth before Nurmi even finished talking…she already had denied in her brain before she even finished listening to Nurmi…then she was quick to say denied….what a bitch!!!

    • Yes, she was denying it before he was finished speaking. That was obvious.


      Nurmi was elegant in his indignation. But, I could feel his blood pressure rising. Still, he was a sight to behold.

      • I LOVE THAT MAN…

        Simply put: He cares for human beings…

        I know that some other two leggers out there are other type beings…

        But NURMI is all caring for the humans!!!

  108. This corrupt, biased and unfair trial trial is as unfair and disgusting as the not guilty verdict of OJ’s Murder trial…
    What is Judge Pickles problem??? is she being intimidated and threatened by prosecution as well? I cant even comprehend her rulings.

  109. This has got to be a plan to get a faster better appeal. I just have to think this is a plan on the defenses part. The only word I can think of is clusterfuck.

    • Totally agree. Why capitulate to this charade of a trial. Forgiveness only comes from god and one’s self. Death penalty appeal is the only way to fight this corruption, take this out of the lower court. And if the AZ Supreme Ct is just as corrupt, take it to SCOTUS.

  110. If there isn’t public outrage by this point I am completely lost as to why. The justice system will be forever tainted thanks to this case. The judge should be thrown out on her patootie.

  111. KN and JW know that this trial was a no-win from the get-go! KN stood up and told it like it is, and Pickels is going to be in hot water down the line!!! There will be a successful appeal coming our way! Defense laid it on the line, no more BS!!!!

  112. The travesty continues. I have a bad feeling about this entire witch hunt. This court and the mob will not be satisfied until they put Jodi to death, and that breaks my heart.

    • Barbara,don’t worry….this trial is so messed up that I feel in my heart that there will be a successful appeal!!! This whole trial has been a travesty!!!! Believe me there is an Atty or Atty’s waiting to re-try this case!!!!!!

  113. jose miguel ‏@reporterjmiguel 24s
    Court is adjourning. Court to resume at 9am tomorrow morning. As to why is sealed.
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    Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 1m
    Judge Stephens consults with Staple Lady and then addresses the court. She is talking about the sealed proceeding just now. #JodiArias

  114. OMG….. Not suprised though…. This is another issue
    for appeal… Gonna be such a long list… Will be difficult
    To narrow it down to worst offenses there are so many!

    • Some of this is normal. Attorneys have to ask for mistrial, etc., to uphold ability to appeal, whether or not they have a valid motion at the particular time. I am kind of surprised today as if the witness has been threatened, that seems like a big deal.

      I have never seen Kirk Nurmi as animated and pissed off as today. JW looks angry too. Can’t blame them.

      I feel bad for families — all there for 10 minutes of court.

  115. I’m sure the jury has already seen on their electronic devices what just happened in court….grrrr….

  116. I’m so confused. I fear how the jury will perceive it if Jodi has no witnesses in mitigation on her behalf.

    • Do you honestly believe the jury is going to give any weight to witnesses she puts on? There is no one on this earth that the defense could call that would sway this jury away from the DP. If you know of one I sure would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

      • It wouldn’t hurt her to have mitigation witnesses. Not having them may imply all sorts of things to a jury. The only way this could be a good thing is if it helps Jodi upon appeal. I hope there is a bigger plan to all of this.

    • It is not him, it is a defense strategy move for appeal. He is willing. Patti Womack asked to withdraw, according to AZ Central, because of death threats!

    • I think the defense wants to come back with: they couldn’t do there job to the fullest, the witnesses were intimidated.

      J. Wilmott knows whats shes doing. She’s a DP lawyer.

    • Social Media all weekend warned Darrel B. ” Don’t testify for a convicted M-1 defendant & ruin your young
      daughters life’.

      This isn’t a trail in search of the truth – probably will bring an end to TV trials for entertainment.

      Nancy DisGrace will have to move to Las Vegas ?

      • Well that shows what brainiacs the TA klan are, since Dayrl has a son. There needs to be stricter laws when people are threatening people online, it’s disgusting what’s been said about witnesses and family members, and criminal in some cases, imo.