Mistrials & Witch Trials – the State circus rolls on

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Last Sunday (4/7), the Defense filed yet another Motion for Mistrial.

>>> Click here to read the Motion for Mistrial (PDF) <<<
(Inability To  Provide Effective Assistance of Counsel due to Prosecutorial Misconduct)

In addition to referencing “the circus like atmosphere inside the courtroom” and the likeness to the Salem Witch Trials… the Motion cites specific acts of  prosecutorial misconduct, including:

* Counsel for the State yelling at witnesses, attacking witnesses on a personal level and throwing evidence.

* The State releasing evidence to the media.

* Evidence tampering.

* Martinez showboating on the courthouse steps.

* The berating of defense witnesses via e-mail, telephone and in various internet forums.

The Motion also includes these direct statements:

…This State of affairs has placed counsel for Ms. Arias in a position that they cannot fulfill the duties they owe Ms. Arias, pursuant Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 6.8.

…In further efforts to prove his case in the court of public opinion rather than a court of law on April 4, 2013, the State unapologetically admitted that it had released a plethora of damming evidence that would not otherwise come into trial to the media.

…Counsel for Ms. Arias cannot meet the dictates of these guidelines when defense experts are being harassed inside the courtroom by the prosecutor and outside the courtroom by those who chose to mimic his  behavior in other public forums.

…Based on the facts and law cited above it is beyond legitimate dispute that the conduct of the Prosecutor has placed counsel for Ms. Arias in a position where she cannot present a complete defense and where she cannot receive effective assistance of counsel during the trial and any potential sentencing phases. Thus, the trial at issue does not comport with the dictates of the 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution and Art. 2, §§ 4, 15, 23, and 24 of the Arizona Constitution meaning that at this point in time that the only constitutional course is to declare a mistrial.

Leave your comments below on this ongoing fiasco…

Team Jodi



    • I want a mistrial because of all the idiocy being allowed to parade about in the courtroom and outside of it; that being said, I’m terrified of a mistrial at this point! When Martinez files a motion to retry Jodi (and don’t you just know he WILL), she doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of receiving a fair trial, not only in Arizona, but anywhere… Not after all THIS media jackassery!

        • It’s a lose-lose situation for Jodi, and I might sound like a bratty toddler when I say this, but IT’S NOT FAIR!

          • That’s also the problem even with winning an appeal and having it remanded back for trial. How can this poor girl EVER find a truly impartial jury?

        • Sometimes the only words that even begin to make sense when talking about these people are made-up words, LOL! 😀

          • True! True! I love the made up words for the jackholes.

            hmmm, if I ever get time I should go through and list them all!

            Hah! time.

      • This judge probably won’t grant it, but it should be granted. Then, afterwards, a plea deal is worked out, and hopefully the defense can work out a favorable agreement for Jodi, like manslaughter or negligent homicide. Then the case is over with.

      • Ain’t that the truth!!! I’m watching the end of yesterday’s (day 43) and I find as I’m sitting there watching JM go off on poor Alyce yet AGAIN my look of exhaustion matches everyone’s in the courtroom already before I even notice I’m doing it lol. . .yea it’s sad that the judge is allowing him to do this. . . JM is degrading Jodi just to do it, it’s like he is talking shit in legal jargon that doesn’t serve a purpose or that is derived from any basis whatsoever..c’mon “did you talk to the seven dwarves.” Judge shoulda threatened to charge JM with misconduct right there..JM go back to the thrift shop that issued you your law degree

        …. I’m not even looking forward to watching today, it’s like watching JM bash the witnesses and that’s all I’m seeing at this point

    • I think Ms. Violetta is doing a great job, because martinez is just so rude and conduct is not professional in a court of law..

  1. Perhaps if the mistrial comes (and it should) they should send the 1.5 million dollar bill to Dr. Drew, Vinnie Politan, Nancy Grace, et al. While taxpayer’s have had to pay for this, the HLN motley crew have made about ten times that amount on exploitation.

    • It is shameful how this trial has been handled both inside and outside the courtroom. What has happened to our professional people? What has happened to the upper- management CEO’s who are to be responsible for their employees unethical behavior and actions.? What has happened to our News people, and media outlets? Respect, truthfulness and honor, where did it go? Who… are the higher level of management executives for the cable HLN who has allowed and evidently approved of their own employee’s outlandish, disrespectful and unethical coverage of the Arizona Jodi Arias trial?

      • Exactly, these news networks are about the pursuit of ratings. Morality is not considered because it’s not needed to aquire the piles of money they make. If a live telecast of an execution would boost their ratings they would do it if they could.

      • I want to say that it was the outlandish guilty until proven innocent attitude of Nancy Grace in a short news clip that got me into this trial. I couldn’t believe that when the trial is still going on and all the evidence hasn’t been presented that she could talk “as if” Jodi is guilty like she was/is.

        Our whole judicial system is wacked and I feel sorry for Jodi Arias having to deal with or rather be subject to it. The cameras should never be allowed in the court room and then there wouldn’t be this circus going on. Since they are “we the people” have to watch it to form our own opinion in order not to take the slanderous news broadcast as fact.

    • and to the admins of the The State vs Jodi Arias Justice 4 Travis Facebook, whose site was whipping up the frenzy and posting phone numbers, addresses and the like of Alyce LaViolette and encouraging people to falsely slam her book on Amazon, Google, Barnes and Noble; as well as encouraging members to call Alyce’s speaking engagement and demand they fire her…as well as show up and throw things at her..

    • Right on Chris11,those bastards like Dr Drew and company should foot the bill for this trial,they were the ones that started it all,This is the biggest reason there should be no cameras or media coverage in a high profile M1 trial,I said it before,in Canada they ban this type of media circus,the judge usually imposes a media ban.Jodi will never have a hope in hell of getting a fair trial ANYWHERE,those assholes at HLN have broadcasted their bullshit to the four coners of the earth,the only solution if there is a mistrial would be a plea bargin of lesser charges,I can see it now if the SPINELESS JUDGE calls a mistrial,HLN would be on the band wagon citing the costs of a retrial and spreading more hate about the cost the Arizona tax payers.I doubt a mistrial will be called,the judge has no balls and people like Katie Prick will have their mugs splashed all over the media spewing garbage about how it is unfair to the Alexanders to have to go through this all again.Pretty convienient the the prosecutors office leaked out evidence at key times of the trial,The cops are liars in this case,the prosecutor really has a mental problem and the judge is lost in space,FAIR TRIAL I SHOULD SAY NOT,never was from the get go,how blatently corrupt does the state have to be before the defendands rights are violated,obviously it is plain to see by most,but the judge is either totally ignorant to the situation or she is working on a career boosting experience,my heart goes out to Jodi,she is in a no win situation all around because of the moronic attitudes created by the media.American Misjustice at its ugliest.

  2. 2nd? Haven’t been to bed yet…2:57PT….

    I have been avoiding going over to the TA FB lately. Couldn’t sleep so decided to take a plunge deep into the bowels of the hater site to see what’s going on over there.

    No one over there seems to be able to spell or string a complete coherent sentence together. There is a lot of vitriol and very little substance.

    My conclusion….the defense is in pretty good shape. 😉

    I’m going to bed now and setting alarm for 9:00AM just in case court starts on time!

  3. With respect to the two motions filed yesterday, I don’t think this judge is going to declare a mistrial at this stage. Though she may sequester the jury. I think the County attorney’s office saw this motion coming, actually Nurmi probably sent it to them before filing it in court in the morning. That is probably what explains JM having calmed down a little bit yesterday (probably along with his boss recoiling with the bad press he got over the weekend break).

    I’m not really sure if a mistrial at this stage hurts or helps Jodi, I’m going to have to chew on that for a while.

    This stuff with testing those shelves.If the judge allows that to come in, she probably will have no option but to allow the defense to conduct their own tests. I don’t know what the tests were that the Prosecutor did, but if anyone at the defense monitors this site, or if anyone knows anyone on the defense, they should be made aware of the fact that they ned to go get hold of a physicist real quick.

    As far as I could tell, the DA’s tests consisted of putting some weights on the shelf and possibly seeing when they toppled over. The problem you have with that test is that it is a static test. Jodi running and stepping on that shelf is a dynamic phenomenon. The field of physics that studies the effects of forces on bodies (Mechanics) is broken into two parts – statics and dynamics. The same body reacts very differently when subjected to a steady static force when compared to a dynamic force. Furthermore forces themselves are vectors, i.e. they can have various components acting in different directions. So when you place a static weight on a body it’s all acting downwards due to gravity. When you apply a dynamic force (e.g. Jodi jumping up on the shelf) the force that gets applied to the shelf can be applied in all kinds of different directions, including a component that may be acting in a manner that may wedge the shelf against the back or sides. Lastly, on a thing like a shelf, the spot where the force is applied can have a huge impact on how the shelf behaves.

    There is no way under the sun that a test that consists of placing weights on the shelf could ever mimic what happens when a running person, with some unknown velocity and acceleration steps at some unknown spot on the shelf, with her foot angled in an unknown manner, and maybe her hand resting on some unknown part of the unit.

    The defense definitely needs to get a physicist in to testify to that fact. As an engineer, I know we would never accept such a test for even a school lab project, leave alone a case where someone’s life depended on it.

    I know some of you know how to get in touch with the defense, please get this to them, ASAP.

    • “The problem you have with that test is that it is a static test. Jodi running and stepping on that shelf is a dynamic phenomenon.”

      Right on! I hope there is someone on the jury who knows this without it being spelled out for them.

    • The problem with these tests as I see it is they are admitting there was a gun in his house,otherwise why bother going through all the trouble to try to disprove her claim of getting up on a shelf? If I were a juror, I would be thinking there was a gun in that house.

    • It has already been tested. Look for the HLN YouTube video where they have Jose Bias (Spelling) in the room that they have made up to mimic the closet. There is a guy for the defense that weighs almost 200 lbs. that steps up on the shelf and grabs the gun, and the shelf holds him, and JA doesn’t weigh 200 lbs.
      Jose also said since there was a casing in a pool of blood, that didn’t have blood on it, supports JA story that there was a struggle, and the bullet casing was kicked during the struggle, and landed into the pool of blood.
      Watch that video.

      SJ, if you could just find that video, and cut the pro juan side out of it, and post the defense side, it explains a lot.

    • I would not be surprised if Juan Martinez’s performance has a negative affect on his boss, Maricopa District Attorney Bill Montgomery, Az Attorney General and the Az State Bar…….. as this trial has bloomed out to ……. nationwide coverage, with the courthouse street lined with Media trucks, out- of -control massive, pervasive and prejudicial media coverage. Does anyone not see anything wrong with
      HLN where two (2) of the shows have their “own Jurors”? Has this become a mockery of our judicial system? Why is this being allowed in the United States? God Bless America.

      • Will, There’s a video (on AZCentral, I think?) of Bill Montgomery discussing Martinez’s new-found “Celebrity Status” and going into detail about how many phone calls, emails, walk-ins, etc the DA’s office is receiving from people wanting JM’s autograph, to talk to him, praising him, ad nauseum. He looks rather pleased with himself regarding the outpouring of support for JM. It’s sickening!

      • If people could only see what the media is really doing to us. I long for the day when someone produces a good documentary exposing this for what it really is.

    • The problem is the trial is almost over. I don’t see it going more than a couple of weeks, max, judging from the purported rebuttal witness list.

      The judge should end it in a mistrial, then both sides can get a plea deal. There is NO way Jodi Arias can EVER get a fair trial in this country.

    • Forgive me if I’m missing something here, but the first thing I thought about when Jodi said she stepped quickly on the shelf was: What could already have been on that same shelf – (closer to the wall) – the weight of which would COUNTERBALANCE her weight, thus preventing tipping. If someone else has mentioned potentially counterbalancing items, (sorry for the shouting in caps) I’ve not seen it thus far here. If such is not factored in, and as Al (the engineer) states, replication of her brief weight placement is not done in a DYNAMIC fashion, the value of the test is dubious at best. The shelving and what was ON the shelf in question must both be duplicated.

      Jodi stated in testimony that she is not certain whether she used her free hand to grab a higher shelf (in order to steady herself) while she reached for the gun. So the test has to be done both ways, without a hand-hold and with one. Using a handhold on another shelf obviously reduces the amount of pressure her foot delivers to the shelf in question.

      Don’t most people examine a new surface visually and/or apply a bit of weight to test supportability before “throwing” one’s full weight onto it? Jodi stated that she had used that shelf before as an “assist” when cleaning. She also stated that she was given space in the closet by Travis at some point to store stuff so was familiar with the closet and its contents.

      • Because this new MD graduated driving scheme doesn’t let them get a real driver’s license till May 30th. And even then, its’s some kind of provisional license and I’m not sure about how the law works since there’s some nonsense about more than one teenager in the car at one time. So I’m getting ready to buckle down and buy 2 cars.

          • Still looking for that pot. And LOL my butt.

            Fortunately we set up college funds the day they were born, and along the way grand parents and aunts and uncles have put stuff in there on birthdays and Christmas and the like along with a hard monthly direct deposit from our side. So we’re sorta good for 4 years. After that it might get rough.

            But hey that’s life, and as I learnt from my Dad, the best thing we can give these two is a good education and the tools to make something out of themselves.

  4. “Counsel for Ms. Arias cannot meet the dictates of these guidelines when defense experts are being harassed inside the courtroom by the prosecutor and outside the courtroom by those who chose to mimic his behavior in other public forums.”


    abusers mimicking abusers

    • BeeCee, darling, they don’t see themselves as abusers, even though they most certainly are! They consider themselves to be “Warriors For Travis” (I kid you not, I’ve seen that in the comments of every single major news network article I’ve read regarding yesterday’s fiasco that I’ve read).
      WTH are these people smoking? Even if I wasn’t a member of this site or a Jodi Supporter, I’d still think they were idiots! Runaway trial, a 3-ring circus media, an abusive idiot Prosecutor (such an embarrassment to not only AZ, but to the whole US), and a bunch of batchit crazy “fans”. These are all things working against Jodi, and that makes me so sad. 🙁

      • I don’t get the whole obsession – I don’t want to see anyone killed regardless of how they may live their lives. But the level of worship these people are engaging in is really disturbing. I have to wonder what their families think about them.

        • I agree. It’s awful when someone gets killed. But people get killed every day…what the hell makes Travis so damn special that his groupies are ruining the lives of everyone who’s testifying for Jodi?

        • What I want to know is what is the state of the world today that Jodi is so hated? How did all this hatred begin? Sure, everyone hated OJ, a celebrity, for allegedly killing his beautiful wife and her boyfriend. Everyone hated Jeffrey Dahmer for allegedly being a serial killer. Everyone hated Scott Peterson for allegedly killing his wife and her unborn child. Everyone hated Casey Anthony for allegedly killing her baby daughter. Everyone hated Michael Jackson for allegedly being a pedophile. Everyone hates James Eagan Holmes for gunning down innocent moviegoers. Everyone hates Adam Lanza for gunning down little kids. There’s some justification in all of those because they were much loved celebrities beforehand and/or serial killers and/or mass murderers or children were hurt.

          But how did everyone come to hate Jodi Arias, a previously unknown adult woman, for allegedly killing her adult boyfriend? I mean, it happens every day of the week. Look at the headlines. Woman kills her boyfriend for cheating. Man kills his ex-wife in her church. Woman kills her boyfriend in front of his young siblings for talking to his ex-girlfriend on the phone. Boyfriend accidentally shoots girlfriend in the neck while arguing with her. Ex-boyfriend kills ex-girlfriend on the street after confronting her with her new boyfriend. Woman kills boyfriend for allegedly cheating on her. Woman kills her boyfriend and dumps him in a garbage bad at a resort, claiming he abused her. These are real headlines you can find in a 2 minute Google search from 2012-2013. What are these people’s names?

          So how did the hatred for Jodi Arias come to run so deep? Is this just on the heels of Casey Anthony where people feel there was no justice and are taking it out on the next person? Was it Jodi’s lies and the fact that she went on TV? Was it the brutality of the wounds? What caused this? And why are people on a witch hunt before a jury decides on the case? What is going on in the world? Can anyone speculate?

          • I really wish I knew what it is about this particular case that has whipped people into such a frenzy. Of course, the media has a lot to do with it, but why this case? I live in NJ and a few weeks ago, I noticed a headline saying a woman here was convicted of manslaughter killing her boyfriend – and she lied about what happened at first. This is the first I heard of this case and it happened less than an hour from where I live.

            Sadly, I think it comes from the perceived “value” of the victim. White, young and perceived as good, good looking, religious, wealthy (not necessarily what I think, but that’s the general perception)? Way more valuable than an African American guy in a poor city killed by his Hispanic girlfriend – and you know they’ll probably say she is here illegally. It’s just like the “missing white woman syndrome” where missing white women get all the attention and national headlines when the African American and Hispanic missing women go largely ignored. It’s truly sickening.

            It’s also slut shaming to the max. When I first started following this trial, I was less aware of the level of abuse and was like SO WHAT? when it came to a lot of the sexual stuff – I’ve certainly done and said pretty much everything that was on their menu and I am just a normal person. So that made me really angered over how some of the masses were treating Jodi – she’s a whore and he’s a red blooded man! These sickos seem like they actually have crushes on TA, at least the ones on WS. I stopped going there weeks ago and kind of wish I could just get them to ban/delete my account because I don’t want any association with those clowns.

            • Great post. The asshats on the State page act like they have crushes on Travis too. The MDS losers just think they’re right about everything.

            • Speaking of WS, I listened to one of their pod casts and an attorney was telling everyone to write to the California board that licenses ALV and file a complaint about her lying on the stand. People are out to destroy this woman, and I am like everyone else here WHY?
              WTH is going on here?

              • You can thank HLN, NG, and her minions for this. People are answering the hate and following a lynch mob. Isn’t this how the third Reich rose to such power? Jodi doesn’t equate to the million of jewish lives lost, but the principle of hate mobs is the same.

            • So true Marguerite: “she’s a whore and he’s a red blooded man”. In 2013, a woman who isn’t married and enjoys sex still = whore. A man who sleeps with everything that walks and acts like a whore, he’s just a “red blooded man”. When is this going to change? What happened to Women’s Lib?

              I like sex. I’m not married. I’m a red blooded woman. But I’m certainly not a whore.

          • Jodi is jealousy fuel for the masses – plain & simple. The more they see her, the more jealous they become… which ultimately turns to hate.

            The actual trial itself has very little to do with it.

            Team Jodi

            • I very much agree with this SJ. I’ve seen it happen over and over again, especially when a young woman is pretty, has some confidence, and has the ability to attract men. There is a culture out there of jealousy, especially from other women, that they target young beautiful women because they have everything they think they can never have. I must also add that there are many men out there as well, hate Jodi because they’ve been rejected by girls like her. { ex Abe Abdoholi} spelled wrong sorry…:{
              It is fueled by the media, who is constantly shoving in our faces pictures of these unobtainable beauty standards, and grooming our young men to seek out only women who fit these molds of perfection. So you have alot of average looking people out there who are being compared to girls like Jodi, and now she’s become the target of resentment for all those years of rejection. Its classic, many movies have been made with this same type of story plot. The popular girl ends up with nothing, and the homely average girl gets the guy in the end….but the reality of it is, Jodi isn’t the villain as she being made out to be. Its the evil HLN media hosts that have cast her in that role, she doesn’t deserve to be there.

          • And on top of everything that you’ve mentioned, Jodi HAD to, for SELF DEFENSE or SHE’D be dead!!! That OR someone else had to be the one that did this. There STILL IS NO EVIDENCE OF PREMEDITATION! !!!

          • Well you have all the ingredients for a hot soap opera; pretty girl, lurid sex tales, some Mormon mysticism, brutal killing, etc. Gets the whole “reality TV” industry churned up. They have two ways they can whip up their ratings. Get everyone churned up for innocence, or get everyone churned up for guilt. And unfortunately it seems hate always sells better, since you can then bring out all the lurid details, etc.

            And a pretty girl is a better target than some abusive proctologists dream come true.

            It’s pretty much a sick commentary on mankind, but it’s an old old story. That’s why they paraded scantily dressed young women through the streets before burning them for being witches. Never heard of a warlock being subjected to the same.

          • Speculation:
            I think you hit the proverbial nail on the head in your last paragraph. If I were to rank them… I would rank the brutality of the wounds first; JA’s TV interviews second ( which in my opinion opened the door for the explosion of media coverage), the expansion of access and use of social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter , You Tube and the like,also the popularity and increased support of reality TV type shows…. especially those dealing with relationships ( think The Bachelor!).Personally I stay old school and have resisted getting swept up and / or involved in any of these forms/forums, and only use Emails and Text messages on a Tracfone, which aggravates a large number of family members! When I discovered a forum on QVC re: JA and TA I knew things were really out of hand !I also think there is an element of “selection issues” the fact that you’ve got young attractive white “successful singles”, the Mormon Church, a Multi Level Marketing Business,and lot’s of Sex…. Makes for the perfect storm! You didn’t see the same concern for the Black Lady in Florida, who was recently convicted for shooting her husband… You saw very little about her case until AFTER her conviction… No HLN, No 48 Hrs. interview…
            As an aside… I really appreciate your and Al’s analyses of the trial and evidence.

            • Samj-

              Or the woman who put her baby in the microwave…… coverage, no courthouse street lined up with media trucks. Looks as if the media cherry-picks the cases, then runs them into the ground…….non stop. Was it because the mother was a black woman?

              • Lots of cases are far more brutal than Travis Alexander’s murder, but there isn’t an organized cabal of cultists who are out for frontier justice the way this case is.

                Again, the fault lies with CBS News to begin with because they didn’t check into Mormonism or PPL or the seemingly cultlike reaction among so-called friends and acquaintances of Travis’s.

            • There are a LOT more brutal murder cases than Travis’s, I am afraid, and these murder cases don’t get this kind of attention.

              I think there is a lot to be said about Travis’s friends and associates having twisted the truth to save face and having gone on national television.

              It’s virtually an organized lynch mob.

          • CBS News is largely to blame for this fiasco to begin with. They crossed the ethical boundaries of reporting when they interviewed Jodi for national television when they KNEW there was something not right with her and that she had NO attorney representing her. Then you had the PPL/Mormon crowd of Travis’s friends/associates who got up on national television and LIED about the relationship. I am not referring to people like Taylor Searle who really didn’t know about the relationship, though he did peddle bullshit that he just “knew” it was her when the police were called, but Chris and Sky Hughes, both of whom LIED on national television about the relationship between Jodi and Travis. But until the trial actually happened, and HLN got wind of it and magnified the case a million-fold, did the mob mentality escalate. It is almost organized, I believe.

          • I’ll try. I think its a case of inverted jealousy. If Jodi was plain, ugly, had no self esteem, wasn’t educated, wasn’t beautiful, didn’t speak well, etc, they would all be supporting her.

            As she is none of the above, they hate her.

          • Also Abused, here is my opinion as to why there is so much of a “Salem” 1692 atmosphere to this trial. Consider the following: Sonia Sotomayor, a Latina, is seated on the U.S. Supreme Court. Mitt Romney, a Mormon, runs for president of the U.S. on the Republican ticket. Both are very recent “firsts”….both fairly “contemporaneous”, as Ms, Arias would say. Pushback? Backlash? Polarization? This trial and how it is being reported by “The Powers That Be” is a manifestation of some of the less visible political and social tensions these two very significant events have engendered.

  5. I wish I understood or knew more about the average person in that area (i.e., the average juror). It seems JM has a very long history of behaving the way he has done in this trial. I remember reading about a case he prosecuted in 1999 (State v. Falater) where he verbally attacked a clergyman for wearing his collar to court, and verbally attacked just about all the witnesses. I don’t think his behaviour would be acceptable in many jurisdictions in the US, but it seems to be effective in that part of AZ. I wonder why that area accepts different standards.

    • I think he won the Falater case (and Wendi Adriano’s) on the strength of the evidence, not his performance. I read an article awhile back about the Falater trial and the writer wasn’t very kind to Martinez.

      • I agree. There was an eyewitness in the Falater case which is very difficult for a jury to ignore. Wendy Andriano had a terminally ill husband and was having affairs with other men. Again, difficult to ignore. But the point remains. The juries in AZ don’t seem to object to JM’s antics. I think other jurisdictions would.

    • If you need to talk, you can email me, Cindy. I’ve had my own personal problems come up because of this ridiculous trial! SJ can give you my email if you decide you wanna vent about it, darlin’! ((HUGS))

      That goes for every single “regular” who posts on this forum, BTW! My Jodi family! 🙂

      • Thanks Ashley….it’s just a story of the Prosecutor lying to the people in the case saying if he plead guilty he would get time served. So after a year he went to court yesterday and plead guilty to something he did not do….so the hell would stop and everyone could get on with their lives. So guess who is sitting in jail right now? He gets sentences May 20th. Oh by the way he has tried to take his life two times now in the past year……

        • Omg cindy, thats so fucked up! Im sorry to hear that. Prosecutors do that just to get a guilty outof them and then not give a shit.iv read it online, they’re known for doing that.

        • That happened to a friend of mine a long time ago too. She tried fighting after being set up for a drug charge by her ex-boyfriend, but it just got so hard. This girl never even smoked a joint in her life. The prosecutor kept at her and at her to take a plea and she finally gave up and did. But then, the judge switched the sentence recommendation and she ended up doing more time. It was soooo hard. When she got out, she was NOT the same sweet innocent girl she had been beforehand. She ended up marrying some gang banger loser she met in there. I lost touch with her after that.

  6. The perfect video and song mashup for this media mess (and JM’s behavior!):

    “Circus” & “Womanizer” live. Seriously, the atmosphere created here is EXACTLY how I feel watching JM’s effed-up fairy tale ‘Alyce in Juanderland’… And the lyrics, how fantastically apropos!

    JM (coincidently TA as well, hmmm…) :
    “I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins,
    Spotlight’s on me and I’m ready to break!
    I’m like a performer, the dancefloor is my stage,
    Better be ready, hope that you feel the same!

    All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus!
    When I crack that whip, everybody gon’ trip just like a circus!
    Don’t stand there watching me, follow me, show me what you can do!
    Everybody let go, we can make a dancefloor just like a circus…

    There’s only two types of guys out there:
    Ones that can hang with me and ones that are scared!
    So baby, I hope that you came prepared…
    I run a tight ship so beware!

    I’m a like the ringleader, I call the shots.
    (Call the shots!)
    I’m like a firecracker, I make it hot
    When I put on a show!”


    JM (again, TA, too…) :
    “Boy, don’t try to front; I know just what you are!
    Boy, don’t try to front; I know just what you are!
    You say I’m crazy?!? I’ve GOT your crazy!
    You’re nothin’ but a Womanizer!

    Daddy-O, you got the swagger of champion…
    Too bad for you that you just cant find the right companion.
    I guess when you have one too many, it makes it hard…
    It could be easy, ’cause who you are, that’s just who you are, baby!

    Lollipop, you must mistake me, you’re a sucker
    To think that I would be a victim – not another!
    Say it, play it how you wanna, but no way I’m ever gonna fall for you…
    Never you, baby!

    Womanizer, Woman, Womanizer
    You’re a Womanizer!
    Oh, Womanizer, oh,
    You’re a Womanizer, baby!
    You you you are! You you you are a
    Womanizer, Womanizer, Womanizer!

    Boy, don’t try to front; I know just what you are!
    Boy, don’t try to front; I know just what you are!
    You say I’m crazy?!? I’ll SHOW you crazy!
    You’re nothin’ but a Womanizer!”

  7. I am absolutely sicken by the way our judicial system has played out in court. I still don’t understand why Mr. Martinez is allowed to continue to act, belittle and defame witnesses. All he is doing is making a mockery of our due process and adding fuel to the public lynching.

  8. I know some dont feel like a mistrial is a great idea for the defense, especially at this point. BUT, there has to be a reason why Nurmi is pushing for it, I blv they WANT a mistrial and if they’re requesting it and want a mistrial, then I say, YES, let the mistrial be. Nurmi and Wilmot know what they’re doing.

    So, , will we find out if it will be granted or will the court blow it of like they did with the last few?! This whole thing has gotten way out of hand and if the mistrail is granted I think they shouldn’t televise it until its over.

    • LC,

      I don’t really know if Nurmi and Willmott actually expect a mistrial. Some of what they are doing is almost necessary for them to be able to create a record for an appeal. If they don’t they’ll get into trouble with not having a record that says they objected to this stuff during the trial.

      The fact of the matter is that they really have very little to gain by a mistrial. Everything that went down in this trial is now a part of the official record and can be used in any future trial. So any weakness they may perceive in Jodi’s testimony, or any other witnesses, can’t really be corrected since the prosecution will just whip out the record of this trial and rehash the whole thing. In as far as any rebuttal they may have for the prosecutions case to date is concerned, they can still do it, since the defense case in chief is still open and can be kept open really easy. A little attorney sickness here, a little defendant sickness there, a request for a couple of days of continuance etc can get them all the time they need. Plus I doubt if the judge will stop them from putting on witnesses if they claim that they need to address issues brought up by the prosecution in cross examination.

      So I really don’t think this mistrial issue is one they expect to win, or necessary want to win, but they do need a record for the appeals if they should be needed.

  9. Could the motions for mistrial and putting things on record be for appeal issues if DP granted? I can’t see this judge granting a mistrial. I simply wish she had sequestered the jury and this would have taken care of their seeing what they should not.

    • Yes, that’s absolutely what all of the mistrial motions are for. Jose Baez filed numerous motions for mistrial during Casey’s trial in the event that an appeal would be needed.

    • Yes, they’re preserving their objections to what they see going on by filing such motions. If they didn’t, they would have waived their right to object.

  10. Good morning all my fellow Jodi followers.I was so pissed at the media yesterday,I sent a e-mail to the Jane V. show.I was gonna sebd it to Nancy Space,but decided not to.Heres what I sent.{ I checked of your positive comment box,so take this as you may. Why are you guys being so onesided? There are a lot of parents out there that have kids I relationships that they don’t approve of.I really think this was a stuggle to live on both sides.You could have Travis A. on the stand for killing Jodi. I have a daughter who was going out with this guy six years ago.She had moved out of our house at 17.She coulded deal with her mother anylonger.My ex-wife was Bypolar. After learning more about her new boyfriend,I tried everything to get her out of there.The guy was on drugs and getting my daughter hooked as well.He also had a gun collection.Anyway one night I got a call from this stanger and he told me I had to get my daughter out of that house. I agreeded,I said yes I’m scared that he loses it and kills her. I was shocked when he told me no she’s gonna kill him.Well after getting law enforment involved and my daughter getting help,she finnaly relized Dad was right and moved out. She got her owe place back in our area.Two years ago she met this wonderful guy.They moved in together and I’m happy to say have a new baby boy,my first grandchild.This case hits home for me.I am so thankful things turned out like they did.And I thank god for my kids and grandchild everyday. So please don’t be so onesided .Thank you for your time} I don’t know if they read it,but I did have to make them aware.

  11. It’s somewhat sad to see Dr. Clueless, Vinnie Politboro (he would feel right at home in the Soviet Union), Nancy DisGraceful and Mike (everyone’s a crook) Brooks), et. al. destroy their professional credibilities, if they had any to begin with. It’s nothing new, however. It’s called worshipping Mammon.

  12. On Good Morning America they are doing their stupid segment with Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace and the words on the bottom of the screen say: Famous Fairy Tale used by Defense. They can’t even get it straight that its the prosecutor using it not the defense! The whole segment was taken up by Dan and Nancy arguing over if JM should yell at witnesses or not. Of course NG has no problem with it!

  13. I hate to say this but I can not take another day of JM. GOD love those that can sit here and watch. Look at the pic. of AL when she first took the stand and what she looked like yesterday. He should be on the stand for the harm he is causeing. How little respect he has for people and the court.

    • Yeah, I’ve decided that I can’t take any more of Kermit either. I hate him, and I don’t often say that about a total stranger. I’ll read along here and turn the trial on when Jennifer/Kirk are up, but no more Kermit. Not his rebuttal, his closing, nothing.

  14. This whole trial is making me so sick that I can barely watch it anymore. There are Judges all over the country shaking their heads at the fact that this jury is not sequestered. Even if it hasn’t happened in 20 years in this jurisdiction- doesn’t Judge think that THIS case would be a good one to bring it back?!? I just don’t understand it. This whole case is a mockery to the 5th Amendment. Juan Martinez is a horrible attorney. He has no co-counsel bc no one could ever reasonably work with a man who yells 24 hrs a day. There are so many reasons why this should be a mistrial, but that isn’t going to happen. No matter what the world thinks of Jodi, she by law deserves a fair trial, and this is anything but.

  15. Mistrial would be good in this case everyone. Its like a defensive in sports getting a play over and knowing what play the offense is going to run. It gives the defense a blueprint as to what the prosecution has, and they can prepare accordingly.

  16. I have been watching trial. If the judge can t sequester the jury, she can shut down the cameras
    in courtroom, this would also help to turn down the vicious retoric.Most trials are not televised and the
    system works just fine.
    I don t think Jodie was a stalker. Travis made sure was available for sex and she loaned him money.
    I don t think one has sex and borrows money from their stalker

    • Amen Joan! I have been stalked. You get a restraining order and avoid the person at all costs. You do NOT repeatedly invite them in, tell them “make your self at home”, have phone sex, have other sex, go on trips, take pics with….leave the door unlocked.

      You get a restraining order, you change the locks on your door, you call the police.

        • This is what I want to ask the Travis Lover’s who lurk here…..

          HOW can they possibly think she stalked him, when he behaved this way.

          It defies logic.


          • You said it!!! People should watch the show “Stalked – Someone’s Watching” to see what REAL stalking is! Those people are scared to death and absolutely do NOT engage the stalker in any way! They don’t call them up and have phone sex or have them over for actual sex!!! TA said that about her to cover his tracks in case she called or texted when he was with another girl. I truly believe that! His friend even said that he told TA that Jodi might freak out over the mean email he sent her and he said TA said he wasn’t scared of her. Too much conflicting shit, but the fact that he invited her in for sex clearly shows that he was not scared of her!

          • Renee-
            Sorry to tell you, but these people will never stop drinking the TA Kool-aid. They are members of a cult and their hatred and blind following is part of the brainwashing that the cult is so good at. I am more convinced than ever, that the Mormon cult is behind much of the hatred and outright lunacey. Reminds me of the new TV show starring Kevin Bacon called The Following.

            • TR,
              Good post. It ironic that you mention The Following. I was watching it last night and this trial and the Mormons are so much like what is happening in The Following it’s scary. The problem is this trial is real life and death. It does show how easily people can be manipulated into believing what you want them to believe. It’s sad that so many people don’t have a mind of their own.

              • Joe-
                You are correct,it is sad that people are so desperate for belonging that they will follow complete evil lunatics. It’s nothing new: Charles Manson, David Keresh, Warren Jeffs, Jim Jones and the list goes on. I think what is most scarey about the Mormon cult, is that the LDS has made itself to appear more mainstream, while they still follow the leader Joseph Smith. They do have some power, they actually had a candidate in the Pres. race. I was ignorant to the mainstream Mormon cult, until I began viewing this website and reviewed the infomation shared by other posters re: the cult. They have infiltrated this trial via HLN, PPL etc. I believe TA fancied himself as somewhat of a cult leader, and was gaining a following via PPL, and targeting vulnerable women. Poor Jodi never stood a chance against it, especially considering her own history and vulnerability.

  17. Ok, I have to be totally honest, so here goes…

    Also Abused: I truly appreciate your sense of humor, sweetheart; your zombified JM avatar pic is, in theory, absolutely freakin’ HILARIOUS! In full-disclosure, though, I must admit that every time I see your pic, it scares the absolute living shit out of me… Even more so, in fact, than when my friend (without warning) sent me a picture message proving that, yes, there really IS such a thing as a Clown Spider. *shudder*

    Whew, glad I got that off my chest!!! 😀 Please continue, LOL!

  18. I’ll never understand why so many people believe what the media tells them to believe. It’s hard and very frustrating to even watch this trial now. Something really needs to be done about Juan Martinez and Judge Sherry Stephens but apparently nothing can be done. Martinez has shown that he is the one that runs the courtroom while Stephens bows to him and calls him master. It’s like Martinez is playing the role of Travis Alexander while Stephens is Jodi Arias.

    • I know, right, Joe? I feel like the whole cast of this fantasy trial are live, living evidence exhibits…for the defense.

      Each day, he shows us how an abuser acts, and each day Sherry shows how an abused woman can be controlled and manipulated.

  19. There was some talk about bringing down this site/scam talk? I went and looked, it is being talked about by Chris Stark, add her to the long line of “mentally challenged” people from the Casey Anthony days. WTH

      • I am, forgot about her during the Casey trial. There are a couple more that I’m waiting to put their two cents in. The mantra is Blood Money, everything is blood money….

        • Posting on this safe, respectful site has cost me ZERO. The TA site asks for money from every single person.

          one day, they asked each of it’s 33,000 members to send the Alexanders 20 dollars a month– so that the Alexanders could have $650,000 a month for expenses of attending the trial of their estranged brother, whom before his untimely death, they hasn’t spoken to in YEARS.

          • WOW….and to think we can see it for free… I do not condem then for being there. I know if it was a member of my family I would be even if I had to live out of my car.

            • True, Cindy… But I sure as hell wouldn’t advocate ANYONE sending me $650,000/month to cover my “expenses for attending the trial”. That’s $20 of hard-earned, much needed cash from 33,000 people who could probably use it for their own families’ needs.

          • 33,000 *FANS*… They’re ridiculous! At least we don’t act like we all know Jodi or her family personally, and we call ourselves Jodi’s SUPPORTERS.

            What the Hell did Travis or his family do to gain “FANS”?!?

            • My father died when I was 15 years old. It was very tragic and I’ve never recovered. Also, as you know, I left a very abusive marriage and my ex-husband took everything I owned and had worked for all my life. So, I’m really a very deserving cause and would like some fans please. Oh and can you please each send me $10 each per month, while you’re at it? I’m going cheap here because I am hoping you’ll choose me over the Alexanders. Thanks, fans.

  20. I subject myself to HLN everyday simply bcuz it is the only feasible way for me to watch the trial. The ONLY reason their ratings are up is bcuz TruTV took In Session down from 6hrs to 2hrs. Assholes!!! That being said, there ARE defense attorneys that bring up points that we discuss here and I am grateful for that! Jason Lamb is one and Dwayne Cates is another. Dr. Drew had a female attorney on last night (can’t remember her name) that was saying it’s B.S. to say Alyce is “unlikable” bcuz she bites back and gives JM a taste of his own medicine. I was like, hell yeah!!! Even Dr. Drew agreed that JM is taking a HUGE risk by attacking her like that in front of the jury! I have heard from MANY attorneys on there that JM should have accepted the plea bcuz he is not proving pre-meditation in the least. Also Jean Casares was actually giving Alyce credit for holding her own.
    So, I would qualify myself as an extra frustrated trial watcher since I listen to the constant twisting bull shit that is spewed by these “journalists” all day every day. It is disgusting when they literally gloss over the facts and report their one-sided, fairytale shit! The greatest yesterday was JVM “Jodi’s parents thought she was crazy!” Then subtly mentioned that they thought she was bi-polar, they never said crazy! I not bi-polar but have struggled with depression and anxiety after losing a child (5 yrs ago) and that freakin pissed me off! Those in glass houses should not throw stones, you crazy ass alcoholic, tree hugging bitch! Lol!

    • Whenever one doesn’t know what may be wrong with someone, the term Bi-Polar, sociopath, personality disorder is always thrown out there. Half the time the person throwing it out there doesn’t have a clue, but it is easier labeling someone then digging deeper into what may be wrong.

      • People say “bi-polar” about someone who is moody these days. It’s kind of like “retarded” has become a bad word. Now, “bi-polar” has gone the same route. I think what her parents meant was that she was up and down. In fact, her father described it perfectly. She would call one minute in a great mood. An hour later, she’d call back crying. A day later, she’d call back and be angry. That doesn’t describe a person with bi-polar disorder. But, it perfectly describes a woman who is being abused. I wore those shoes and did many of the same things to the few friends I have. One of my oldest friends described me as being sooo different than the person she’d always known and she never really knew what to expect when I called. I could be sweet as pie, or a bitch from hell.

        • Excellent post, AA!
          ( I enjoy and learn from MANY of your posts, but found this one especially on point and instructive)

        • I totally agree with you. Many people throw around psychological terms as “every day language” and most haven’t a clue what they are talking about. “Bipolar” used to be called “manic/depressive” and it requires medication… is not just “moodiness”. I just love it when people throw out the term “sociopath”….when even psychologists and psychiatrists will tell you that diagnosing a “sociopath” is not as easy as people think.( What really burns me up is the so called “Doctor Drew” diagnosing people he has never met. He is a disgrace to the medical profession ).

          Jodi’s father and mother are the most clueless parents I have ever seen. The mother’s accusations are lame…..”she grew pot in her room when she was a teenager”, and “she always suspected we were searching her room”. Well, I would too considering they did it once, they will do it again. If you watch the video taped interview with the father you have to really listen or you would miss that he says “she has been acting like this for the last year and a half”……but of course, HLN never airs that sentence in the interview.

    • After the trial of Casey Anthony, I turned off HLN forever. I will not lessen my IQ by watching. I watch the trial on live stream.

        • Oh, God. I don’t even want to think about that…

          Blame all THAT on Al Sharpton & Co for turning it into some racial issue that doesn’t even exist.

          • Yep, Al, Jesse, Maxine, Julian Bond, and the rest of the “Soul Patrol” will be out in force once that trial starts too!

      • God love ya, Cindy! Thank you for that. The only reason I can live is my three other beautiful children that are (thankfully) here with me and in my care. I had to learn to breathe again and it hurts every minute of the day, but I have learned to live with it. My heart is forever broken and I will never be the same. But I try to honor my little boy by being the best mother I can be and never taking my children for granted, not for one second! It’s the hardest thing a person can go through, IMO.

        That being said, it breaks my heart to thing of a young Jodi and young Travis. These precious children that were pure and vulnerable and subjected to the abuse/neglect of their parents. Parents MUST take on the responsibility to ensure that our children are being cared for and loved and talked to and RESPECTED as people. I am in a healthy, happy marriage but I was brought up in a home with an abusive father. Many times I wished he would just hit me rather than call me the names he did and break my spirit the way he did. I just thank God that for whatever reason, I was able to seek help through counseling and realize what was happening and how to avoid marrying someone like my father.
        I think the blow up between JA and TA was inevitable based on their issues from childhood and the fact that they both seemed to run away from their past. It all came down to who was gonna live and who was gonna die. It’s tragic, terribly so but I think it’s the truth.

        • Oh God Bless You Set. That is my worst nightmare I can not even begin to imagine. When I lost my mother I learned what primal scream is and lived in a fog for about a year. Since then I have often thought how would I ever survive losing one of my sons and pray I will never have to find out. I cried reading your post and my heart goes out to you and again God Bless & a big hug!

    • I watch the trial via HLN as well, but I DVR it so I can skip through the bullshit! =)

      Since I can only watch it when I get home from work anyway, I stay updated via this site.

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site!!

      LOVE IT.

    • I think all the parents said in their interviews was that Jodi “has mental problems”, not “crazy” or “bi polar”. Her friends told them to get her help because they thought she was “bi polar”, when those friends also have no clue as to what that means.

      I can’t even recall how many times I have listened to the idiots on HLN (aside from a few defense attorney’s who get shouted down by them) and say to myself: “wait a minute….that’s not what he/she said”. It is unbelievable how they twist testimony and other “facts” to suit their own biases. (biases that make them a lot of money).

  21. Since the entertainment shows, like HLN, can’t seem to understand what “line of thinking is”, maybe we should have some fun at their expense and make up our own “lines of thinking”, ala the “defense uses famous fairytale as defense” that was just ran on HLN.

    I suppose they have made the rules already, and we should follow their standards:

    Rule #1 All statements must contain exactly zero proof to their factuality

    Rule #2 All statements should be able to be taken 2 ways, but obviously slanted towards hate, fear and drama

    Rule #3 When using statistics, exactly 76.2% need to be made up on the spot.

    Rule#4 If what you are saying contradicts anything you have said in the past, its ok. You may consider just saying the new information LOUDER and more often. (However, this does not mean you should EVER admit that you made a mistake)

    Rule#5 Double negative statements are encouraged, but it is not ok not to do this.

    Rule#6 All swear words need to be converted to the most childish reference that can mean the same thing, as in “that man was kick right in the ‘little baby doohickey’ “. “Shit” must always be referred to as “dooky or poo poo”.

    Rule #7 Never worry about what people will think of you comment, as there are always more “stupid fucking people” that will like a crappy comment, than common sense thinkers that will like a well thought out articulation of the facts. (Please refer to yesterday morning session for my rant on “all the dumb ass people we live with” it was posted at 2:25 site time)

    Rule #8 Stop reading these rules, these people don’t really have or play by any rules.


    So, here goes:

    Real (fake) story:
    On Sept. 5th 2014 Nancy Grace won an award from CNN for raising ratings on her daily show. For this, she received a $50k check to donate to the charity of her choice. Her husband, who is a janitor at a children’s mental health facility, was amazed when she decided to donate the funds to his employer’s facility. When presenting the donation Nancy made the following commitment to the facility “I promise that for the next 5 years any further awards i win will also be donated to your facility”

    Which allowed us to create:



  22. I was just looking at Michael Keifer’s twitter site.

    Here’s what I found. I don’t know how many of these folks are on this site, but it looks like the tide may be turning. This is not what the tweets looked like a few weeks ago.

    Lara Martinez ‏@liebenlaramutti 15h
    @michaelbkiefer Maybe you should take some time off so you don’t come off so snarky and pro-defense in a case where there is NO DEFENSE.
    Retweeted by Michael Kiefer
    Collapse Reply Retweet Favorite More
    5:16 PM – 8 Apr 13 · Details
    Lise Lasalle ‏@LiseLasalle 14h
    @liebenlaramutti @michaelbkiefer Snarky? You must mistake Michael for Juan Martinez. if there is NO DEFENSE, there is NO PROSECUTION.
    CitKane ‏@4citkane 14h
    @liebenlaramutti @michaelbkiefer Unfair! Michael has done an unbiased job. U should follow Nancy Grace if you want the fairy tail version.
    bragbag ‏@JackalEntertain 14h
    @liebenlaramutti @michaelbkiefer you don’t even need a defense. Juan hasn’t proved anything that we didn’t already know. He’s a loser
    cindy ‏@cashleys13 14h
    @liebenlaramutti @michaelbkiefer The only way to be is pro defense in this trial. Martinez in it for his own fame, not for the truth
    Don Cook ‏@doncoo3521 13h
    @liebenlaramutti No Lara its called SELF DEFENSE. Juan old school and effective but he’s losing the jury. HLN loves him.

  23. Good morning my fellow truth seekers! While I regret having not taken a second sick day from work, I also smile inside knowing that by my lunch break I will have the option to fast forward through Juan’s antics vs.being forced to watch him paddle against the tide , with Flores sitting behind him taking notes….

  24. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Willmott whispers with #JodiArias. Nurmi skulks around with his hands in his pockets. Samantha was taken to the back left side room.

  25. FWIW, I thought Casey was guilty until I watched the trial. I first saw Jodi’s case on 48hrs and knew she did it but my husband and I both thought, this woman was abused bcuz of the rage with the stabbing. I think she needs to have a jail sentence (not life in prison) but also needs therapy not the death penalty. (I do not blame the Alexander family for wanting it, as I am sure I would if it were my brother regardless.) Zimmerman, yikes. To be honest, right now I think he is guilty, but I will watch the trial and see the evidence myself before I start yelling he is guilty from the rooftops. (Again, do not blame Trayvon’s family in the least bcuz that was their child and I would be doing what they are doing if it was my child!) Essentially, I am OPEN-MINDED and always use my own brain to look at both sides. Things aren’t always black and white and unfortunately we still live in a very close-minded society!

    • I “LIKE” YOUR POST but don’t agree with _every_ word of it. I don’t think Jodi stabbed him “in a rage” for the past abuse he inflicted on her, but because she was TERRIFIED that if she didn’t keep stabbing him he would get up and come after her again. I also believe that Travis is the one who grabbed the knife because he is the one who knew where he left it. Somehow, she struggled with him and the knife came loose and she grabbed it and DEFENDED herself.

      With that said, if I were on the jury I would have a hard time finding her completely innocent of all charges……but she certainly does not deserve the death penalty. It is so very unfortunate that she cannot remember WHY and HOW she started stabbing him.

  26. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Nurmi and #JodiArias head back to chambers. Willmott and Alyce follow along. Juan and Flores are still here.

  27. Hey all,

    I really can not believe I am posting here, but here goes…….. I too started out watching this trial on Insession/HLN and have now come to a place where I am sick, disgusted and generally disappointed at the actions of many, both in and out of the courtroom. My opinion of Jodi’s guilt/innocence is not what is relevant. What is relevant is “was it premeditated and why did it happen?” That and only that is the purpose of this trial! For crying out loud she said she did it! Did the prosecution prove their case? With 3 gas cans and an upside down license plate? Pleeeeeeze!

    I came here because I needed some balance. I needed some additional perspective. I needed to feel like I was not loosing my mind. I needed to understand that I am not the only person that can see holes/have questions about this case. Knowing and experiencing what is out there EVERYWHERE else, thank you for that perspective!

    I remember watching a movie recently where public hangings, burnings, live people being drawn and quartered left to die an agonizing death was the norm for exacting justice. I remember thinking at the time, ‘how could so many people just stand around watching such horrific things happen to one of their own?’ Well, now I see how that can happen. I am watching that very SAME THING in this trial!!!! As a person of faith I can only believe that God is disgusted with us watching the hatred being thrown at everyone and anyone connected to this defendant. To an opposite opinion of their own!!

    Yes, I know that TA was brutally murdered. I get that. It was HORRIFIC! But we live where the person accused of that crime is on trial AND that trial IS NOT OVER!!

    I will now go back to my live feed although I am nauseated beyond belief! Thank you. I can honestly say I have a tiny bit of relief just writing these words.

    • Mommabear…….thanks for a great post. I could have written the exact same words you wrote but you said it better.

      What makes me mad as a hatter is InSession/HLN anchors who are SO BIASED it cannot be called “reporting” but is a LYNCHING. They tell LIE AFTER LIE EVERY DAY….and of course the biggest liar on HLN is the WITCH Nancy Grace. I watch the live feed….without any commentary….where I am able to hear only what the jury is hearing, but then tune in later to HLN and am told that what I heard is not what they heard. It must be that the majority of their viewers are the stupidist people in this country, or how could HLN’s ratings have SKYROCKETED since this trial began. Now they have the dumbest, most biased show added to the mix: “After Dark”, where they hand pick a “jury” who hears the biggest bunch of crap from Vinnie Politan and Ryan Smith (two of the dumbest anchors ever) to “decide” the guilt of innocence of totally irrelevant and isolated incidents in the trial. It is truly DISGUSTING and an insult to the justice system in this country. (I watch it only so I can SCREAM at the tv screen. lol).

  28. Now HLN is running support pages and posting rants.

    ” I am the admin for the Joey Jackson Fan page helping her out until she returns on Sunday.”

    who posts this on another support page for what’s his name, I’m so sick of his name:

    ALYCE’S PUNISHMENT… So it was confirmed last night that Alyce Loviolette DID in fact approach one of this sister’s of the victim Travis Alexander in court on Thursday. VICTIMS FAMILIES HAVE RIGHTS…. And so and so forth….

    Hopefully, the defense team investigator can add this crap to his long list. I know we don’t think HLN is real media but others do. IMO, admin for joey jackson should not be running support pages for Travis.

    Also, I noticed that there are alteast two different addresses and funds for travis family. How much money do they need?! If I am in error about the addresses please correct me.

    The travis legacy fund, and a totally different page are soliciting funds for the family. Plus necklaces for something else.

    In my opinion, this family is totally and completing milking it from supporters, gaming the system while exerting undue control over the proceedings because Judge Sherry lacks. I’m running thin on empathy for them at this point.

    The line between the media/victim/defendant should not be blurred and should stay unbiased. HLN in part with Bully in chief Martinez, has taken over this show, and is willfully encouraging, & inciting the mindless into behaving like hate filled zombies.

    • JC-
      I am with you JC! I am a very empathetic person, but now have pretty much lost all empathy for the family of TA. I really don’t see them as grieving his loss, but trying to gain finacially from it now. It also appears that they, like TA, really like the attention and the limelight.

      • I agree with that. I can’t have empathy with those that do not show remorse in actions
        but only hatred an ugliness day after day. This did not happen yesterday. There are
        a lot of facts that show the opposite of what they believe.

    • If people would go through Tanisha’s FB page they would come to realize this is very
      true. I scrolled back for a few years an got a pretty good view of who she is. An you
      can read comments an such to see how a person converse’s with others. This is no
      Angel either in my opinion.

      I hold no empathy for the family due to they actually contribute to the hate that is spilled
      out on FB on the Justice for Travis pages an other support pages for Travis. They
      add to it. They thrive in it just as HLN does an it makes me sick. For these are people
      that will pretend they are Christians in Life. Mormon’s/LDS.

  29. I have been watching this trial for months now and have only followed the live feed and the so-called “reporting” on HLN. HLN makes me sick to watch but until now this is all I had to express my thoughts on this BULLY/ ABUSIVE nutcase of a prosecutor and the unfair trial this judge is allowing to happen.

    I thought the Casey Anthony case was painful to watch and that prosecutor Jeff Ashton was the biggest a-hole of a prosecutor ever to try a case that was broadcast live. But Juan Martinez TOPS JA by a huge margin. This man does not want the TRUTH and prevents witnesses from speaking their mind and FINDING the truth in their testimony. This man wants nothing but to WIN, WIN, WIN……and certainly not the TRUTH. He is an expert TRICKSTER and uses word warfare to make points that are so irrelevant to the guilt or innocence of this woman that I simply don’t understand how the judge allows it. I can only pray that this jury, just like the one in the Casey Anthony case are seeing right through this unscrupulous CRAZY , abusive man. I am one who believes juries GET IT RIGHT in 95% of cases. They got it right with Casey Anthony…..let’s see if they are smart enough to get this one right.

  30. great now they are going to bring in lip reading experts on dr. drew to decipher what jodi says to her attys. that is wrong.

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