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Here’s a message Angela Arias (Jodi’s sister) posted here a couple of days ago. With the massive volume of traffic & comments we’re now getting every day, I guess very few people saw it, so I thought I’d re-post it today.

After reading it, you’ll see why I used the “us” and “them” references in my “Rising Above the BS” post from earlier this week.

Here’s Angela’s message…

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Submitted on 2013/01/29 at 7:56 pm
From: Angela Arias

Jodi is my sister. I just want to say that she is the most amazing person I have ever had in my life! She is the only person I could ever trust with all of my secrets. I just want to let all of you know that she has a lot of people who love her.

I hear a lot of people saying that her family won’t go public to defend her. it is not because we don’t support her! it is because those news stations like to twist your words around and manipulate what you say into what you they think you mean.

I would also like to put out there that Travis’s family or his friends who ever they are are horrible people!!!! I have gotten threatened repeatedly by his followers!! They even went to the length of calling my 2 year old daughter a cunt. They, whoever they are, threatened her life!! So I want to know how they are honoring Travis’s memory by threatening an innocent little girl?? I love my sister and that is all I have to say.

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MySpace pic from 2007: Angela Arias, Jodi Arias, Julie Arias

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    • Dear Jodi & Team I have been in abusive relaitionships and i was allso abused by my father he would beet the crap out of me,call me a slut and would tell me I had the devil in me and that he had to beet the devil out of me,and he would tell me I was going to hell,I had to for give him just so i could move on, I am now 49 years old….I”m so sorry you have to go through this,I beleave you and i’m praying for you..please don’t listen to nacey grace she likes to make everone look Guilty she’s sutch a bitch…you are very beautiful and smart young woman..I pray they let you go home.and maybe your team should put your family on the stand to support your innocence and tell the jury how mutch you are loved by people who realy know you…I live in Canada, Vancouver Island,BC… in a little town,Chemainus..If you ever want to talk pls email me..Good Luck Jodi !! Big Hugs From Me To You

    • Hi Jodi just wanted to say i haven’t heard all the evidence but i’m 25yrs and i’ve been in a very abusive relationship sine i was about 17 and i’m still in it just don’t know how to get out my husband hits me and tell me the most awful things you could ever think about believe me i have broke his hands twice and slit his wrist when you’re in a relationship like this its only you knows what you’re going through trust me even the police didn’t believe me i am surely on your side and i pray to go that everything goes of well may the lord be with you and your family. I’m from Trinidad and Tobago

  1. What a great photo! I hope Jodi knows that there are people who are not blind dumb idiot sheeple who believe everything that the media feeds them on a spoon.

    She looks happy there 🙂

    I think the abuse she suffered is what has made her not smile much anymore. I can tell a difference in the photos from before Travis and after Travis. The knuckle dragger armchair psychologists who say she has soulless eyes…they are misinterpreting pain and suffering as being soul less, they are ignorant.

    • Angela- The 3 of you are soooo beautiful and I can see your love and adoration for your big sis. Saying a prayer right now that you are reunited soon. Stay strong for your family and know that there are still some people who critically think and can see through the media spin at play.

    • Having been through a life with an abused female, my mother R.I.P. I know the symptoms of abuse on the victim. And I have been through the psychological effects of post-stess disorder.

      I believe Jodi suffers from Disassociative Disorder. Check out the afflections/symptoms. I have previousely been diagnosed with the disorder, but have come through it with medication and treatment.

      Yes it does take an individual out of the conscience present and disturb memory function in extremely stressful situations.

      Please let it be that Jodi is not playing out just to get out of trouble. If that is the case I would ask for the death penalty to save my family grief.

  2. Stay strong Angela. I hope through this hole trial things ease off a bit on all the hate people have. I am very open minded on this case and I am routin for Jodi. It’s not ment as a funny gesture but because she deserves a second chance at life. There are reasons why it came that far but I habe such a gut feeling she will not get the death penalty. I do feel bad as well for Travis family but let the court’s decide weather or not he had something to do with its rationale act. Much Love to Jodi anf Angela and the Arias Family along with the Alexander family. May God bless you all and may he bring peace to this case soon. Angela can you tell Jodi GODSPEED for me and I wouldn’t mind writing to her if you guys don’t mind.

    • Very good post T. Robles! You really touched on the human side of this tragic case too. Everyone, no matter which side they are on should remember that and not treat this as if its a sporting event like the Super Bowl, Olympics, or World Cup!

    • Robles- well said! I pray for all those involved and affected by this. Everyone is human and until we walk in anyone’s shoes, all we can do is pray that God be with us all. I too would like to write to Jodi and send her money for her to use at the jail commissary. Anyone have that info?

  3. Wow Angela hang in there sweetie what a nasty thing to say about your daughter. The person that said that to your daughter is just mad probably because your are intelligent enough not to have your daughter around them. I believe Angela that your sister is innocent and the way she was treated that would drive any woman to go mad. I also want to say that I do not believe she had any part to do with Travis’s murder and if she did, it was self defense poor Jodi I hope she get’s released but I also wanted to say that my prayers and thoughts are with you while your sister indure’s all this garbage from what the court and other people are throwing at her. My prayers, my thoughts, and my strength are also with Jodi as I believe she should be aquitted. Jodi I want you to know that I am always praying for you and I hope you stay strong and keep smiling as you deserve to be free and happy.


      • Hi T.Robles,

        Thank you very much. You know I am happy she has taken the stand because now she can speak the truth with what Travis did to her…sure her attorney’s are there to speak for her but nothing is better than it coming from the victim I believe Jodi Arias. If anyone should have gotten the death penalty it should have been Casey Anthony and the father who sexually abused there child….but of course they had to let that nut walk free. But I look at that case and I can’t help but always wonder back on to Jodi’s situation she admitted to killing Travis yes but again self defense…so what I am saying here is they let Casey go and she was just nuts why not Jodi??? when it was clearly self defense. Also they are trying to say that jodi took picture after picture and caught her killing Travis??? I don’t buy that how could she defend herself and yet take pictures?? so it is my beliefe that as she was fighting him off the camera could have still been on and it shot the pic otherwise as I have said from the very beginning she did not do this alone. You mean to tell me that out of all the people living in that house that Travis’s friends claimed they did not trust Jodi actually left for a week and not been in that house for a single second to check on Travis??? I find that to be a load of B.S. I never heard anybody say he had friends outside of work it was always oh the company this and traveling here or there with co-workers or me (Jodi) and Travis and his friends (mormon) when to his house and hang out…there for he had no friends. Travis was ripping people off buying lying and scamming them and making money off them that I am 100% sure that some in the bunch had it out for him after realizing they have been screwed. Will they investigate that? Hell no to much paper work for the state not enough money and to much paper work and of course which they hate to admit that they were wrong and here the investigation starts over. I pray to god that Jodi sue’s these people makes a 649 jackpot and goes to the carribean and throws a party when she is set free. FREE JODI SHE IS INNOCENT!.

        • You may want to check out SJ’s sister site,, for details on why Casey was and rightfully should have been found not guilty :). She has a lot of supporters among those of us on Jodi’s site.

  4. Hi Angela. My heart goes out to you and your family at this horrendous time, especially your parents who are suffering much more than anyone could ever know, having their daughter on trial for killing someone and her body being displayed for the world to see. Jodi looks haggard right now. I am sure that every time a picture is shown in the courtroom she is reliving that moment over and over. She probably has many many nightmares about it as well.
    I was at her myspace page today listening to some of the songs on her playlist. From her choices, one could tell how she was feeling at the time. All the songs she chose had meaning for her. Trying not to love you by Nickelback showed her constant struggle within about being with Travis.
    I feel badly for her that it came down to a kill or be killed between them, because there is no winner. Everyone suffers.

  5. Hi Angela,

    I am so sorry for what you and your family are currently going through. Stay strong and pay absolutely no heed to the twisted sick minds that are out there, the voyeuristic and the demented that try to insert themselves into this case by making threats on the innocent family members. The rage ‘they’ have is misplaced and the fact they are exhibiting it towards you, shows exactly who they are and why you should not give them even a moment’s attention. But I think its important to remember that this case has brought out a lot of sickos (quite frankly on both sides of the fence) , people that have absolutely no involvement whatsoever and while I can understand why you say that it’s Travis’ family and friends doing and saying these things, most likely it is not. Its the periphery people…the anonymous nobodys that have no connection whatsoever to Jodi or Travis but feel they know everything there is to know about this case and thus have some sort of ‘right’ to lash out…I have been in a slightly similar place in which you are today and can tell you that while I know it is so hurtful to be attacked yourself (let alone your daughter) …it will be important , eventually, to get over any hate towards Travis’ family. This is strictly for your own mental health and well being believe me. Your sister can get justice …. But the real sickos, they are unlikely the family and close friends of Travis…they are devastated like you and your family are and really do not have the energy…at least as it pertains to you and your daughter. I am pretty sure they understand that you are also very much an innocent in this whole thing.

  6. I think it is fairly obvious to anyone, who simply watches the trial footage and makes effort to avoid the Nancy Graces of the world, that Jodi did not do this in cold blood, if at all.  Personally, I can get past her initial lies to the detective fairly easily: she was young, scared, wanted to forget and deny. Completely understandable and not difficult to rationalize. I also see her second claim , of two people killing Travis, far more believable and can’t help but wonder if her current defense is not the result of advice from defense council: “This is your best chance of avoiding the death penalty”.

    I live in Canada. I became aware of this trial a few weeks ago via a friend who “subjected” me to Nancy Grace. I am a very critical thinker. I avoid mainstream media and news like the plague and was shocked at how absurd Nancy Grace and her “panels” behaved, and at the utter lack of critical thought displayed by the people in my presence during that farce of a show. It once again highlighted the state of human consciousness, in regards to the majority, and their inability to defend against the “power of suggestion”. Everything Nancy Grace said, the people in the room absorbed and assimilated into their own perception, not realizing that their assertions and contentions of Jodi being a “psycho stalker murderer”, were based 100%, fully and completely, on absolute ignorance.  The baselessness of their “new found beliefs” was not recognized by any of them. Mindboggling to say the least. 

    I believe, upon further reading, that Casey Anthony, should be the platform from which a campaign is launched, via law suits, to end the public existence of “Nancy Graces”. People like her have no purpose other than ratings and revenue generation, via simplistic and baseless rants. Pure stage play, which provides no value to society and only serves to incite people, indeed in the case of Casey Anthony, an entire Nation! 

    As far as Jodi goes, I wish her well. What the masses will not learn from the Nancy Graces, filling their noggins with pure speculative trash, but is nevertheless the truth is the following:

    The complete absence of any form of rage and jealous filled past makes it difficult to believe she did this. The people who really know her also find it hard to believe. She seems to have displayed a rather level head towards what her and Travis’ relationship was and accepted that they were not destined for one another. Travis’ friends on the other hand are obviously biased and considering how little they really knew of their friend, combined with the apparent large volume of lies Travis told them; Jody stalking him etc, puts anything they have to say in serious doubt. 

    The physical aspects of the crime are also difficult to accept. Travis was a big, strong, young man with a wrestling background. There were 27 knife wounds and 1 bullet wound. According to the medical examiner the gun shot did not occur first, nor the throat cutting, the ONLY two wounds which, according to him, would have renderer Travis defenseless almost immediately.  The wound to the heart, even if it occurred first would not be immediately incapacitating, however if it was the first knife wound that leaves 25 more which are superficial in terms of mortality, prior to the finishing throat cutting. I can assure anyone reading this that we know enough about “fight or flight” instincts with living beings on Earth, that Travis’ reaction to any one of these non-fatal wounds would have been “explosive” to say the least. It’s difficult to rationalize how a single 115 lbs female could utterly dominate a 200 lbs male and inflict that type of damage in such a short span of time, without being, and pardon my French “knocked the fuck out” in very short order. 

    It does not make sense. 

    There are two things which stand out as odd to me and should have been investigated more thoroughly.

    1. That bizarre threatening e-mail sent to Travis’ girlfriend, rife with religious undertones.

    2. The ancient, voluntary and seldom occurring Mormon ritual of “Blood Atonement”, whereby a Mormon would have his throat cut from ear to ear as the only means by which he could atone for sin and be permitted into heaven. I’m not saying Travis volunteered at all, but it is a very odd COINCIDENCE that he was a sinning Mormon AND had his throat cut from ear to ear. Any devout, disturbed and fanatical Mormon would see Travis as a terrible sinner who was also trying to corrupt devout Mormon females into being sexual sinners as well. 

    The truth is the truth is the truth. Whether You, I or anyone chooses to believe it….or not.

    For me, my limited impression of Jodi is that she was a kind, gentle, intelligent, loving, well rounded, thoughtful and lively young woman, for 27 years of her life. As a young woman she wanted to find a man who would love her and support her and journey with her, just as my own daughter will someday try to do. Perhaps as a father to a young daughter my heart is now overly soft, but I am a reflective person and the experience has been insightful. One thing I have realized and that has changed the way I perceive any woman I may have in my life, is that all little girls are precious, and that when they grow up they do not stop being so. All people are, of course, but I refer only to the opposite sex as this is what this case revolves around. It is quite obvious that Travis did not have this insight. He was selfish, manipulative and deceitful, using Jodi as a plaything, and if he died due to that I do not think it likely it was by Jodi’s unprovoked hand, if by her hand at all. 

    I will close with one of my favorite messages from the late Carl Sagan, who was a gift to humanity far greater than any “Book of Fairytales” ever has been. It is applicable to any number of situations on this messed up Planet, including this tragic event between Jodi and Travis:

    “Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,” every “supreme leader,” every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there-on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

    The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner, how frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another, how fervent their hatreds. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.

    Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.

    The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet. Like it or not, for the moment the Earth is where we make our stand.

    It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.”

    Travis B.

    • Travis,

      I agree with you. We weren’t there at the time the murder happened, so its difficult for anyone to make judgments. The best the prosecutor and defense can do is try to put the pieces together enough to prove their case. I was one of those Casey Anthony haters and a Nancy Grace addict, but after a while I began to see that the Nancy Grace / Jane Velez Mitchell’s out there get paid by bringing drama and hype to every single one of these stories…and not everything they say is fact. A lot of what they say is exaggerated hearsay and they draw conclusions based on what the media will be emotionally moved by. I’ve even heard them give inaccurate information.

      Wel, I guess you could say I had an “ah-ha” moment watching Jodi’s trial. its just not adding up for me. I think there’s more to this story…she does not strike me as a cold-blooded murderous type of woman. I am very interested to see what the jury decides w/o having the exposure to media hype.

      Its sad to see that Jodi haters are taking this out on her innocent family members.

    • Did the part about the the throat being slit to enter heaven because of all that he did .come into play in the court room,I was just reading what Travis B. said.Who knows maybe one of his friends who saw him already dead decided to do that so he could enter into heaven’s gates,I mean nobody really knows if anyone went in there and didnt want to be the one to call the police due to being a suspect.

    • Travis B _ Oh WOW how your writing did go straight to my heart and break it, but in a good way.
      The TRUTH is the TRUTH. How I love the simplicity and the fidelity of that concept.

      Your precious little girl has a wonderful gift to be blessed with a father of such depth of wisdom and caring. It reminds me of the aftermath of the stanzas in “The Rose” We are drawn to what we perceive as love, thinking it will be all wonderment. But love is in truth, a Painful teacher. If we manage to ride her to the end, we will have learned one lesson. Please keep posting, and often 🙂


      Shh I was frightened yesterday, and now I’m not. Thank you from a 75 yr. old dreamer.

  7. SJ or Angela,

    First of all, I’m sorry you and your family have to live in total fear, especially your little daughter.

    Here is something from your statement: “I would also like to put out there that Travis’s family or his friends who ever they are are horrible people!!!! I have gotten threatened repeatedly by his followers!!”

    I was hoping to get clarification. I know it’s easy for me to assume things about TA’s friends, family, and followers, so I just wanted to confirm something before I go off on them.

    The language you used made it sound like these people calling and threatening you did not identify themselves–specifically as friends, family, mormon?? followers. Is that true?

    When you said “… whoever they are” it made me think that they never identified themselves as his family or friends or followers.

    Please clarify this before I jump to conclusions about TA and his family, like people have done with your sister.

  8. Angela,

    I’m feel sad and angered to hear that your family is being harassed by Travis’ followers even having to endure an attack on your two year old is absolutely unacceptable illegal. Your family and Jodi are in my prayers.

  9. Travis B.

    When talking about Jodi being small and Travis being big, were you thinking that because of their size difference as well as the time it took, that there must have been someone else helping her? Or what did you mean, sorry I didn’t understand.

    • Hi Mickey,

      Yes that is my contention. As per the medical examiner the bullet could not have come first as it would have debilitated Travis immediately. The cut to the throat could not have come first as it too would have caused instant debilitation. The obvious evidence at the scene of a wounded and travelling Travis, rule out either of those injuries happening straight away.

      That leaves the chest wound and 25 superficial, shallow non-fatal injuries sustained, some of which were defensive in nature.

      Although human beings have the luxury of forgetting, due to our sophisticated mental and societal development, that we are at the core, animals, evolved on earth with all of the defensive and offensive instinctual abilities observed in the rest of nature, when all of that luxury is stripped away we are in fact just that: Animals.

      I can assure you and anyone else that when a 200lb human male is attacked and perceives a threat to his life, as most assuredly Travis did, and then sustains a superficial, non-debilitating “stab wound”, the instinctual adrenaline fuelled reaction that follows from that person is going to be very, very rapid, and I mean rapid. Fucking FAST and very explosive is probably the best way to express it. Period.

      If the bullet is in fact ruled out as the first wound inflicted, as per the medical examiner testimony, then I am sorry but Jodi could not have dominated him based on superficial stab wounds to the point that she could practically decapitate him. I am not being sexist or chauvinistic, just realistic. She would have been taken down a few seconds after the first failed attempt to kill him. A 115 pound male would have suffered the same fate.

      Unfortunately, due to the “Guilty & Self Defence” plea, the prosecution in no way needs to explain how she managed to dominate and subdue a stronger, heavier and faster opponent. Its a non-issue.

      It still doesn’t make it believable though. To me, it’s just a plea. I could be wrong.

      • Travis,

        I agree with you and obviously the ME … the shot and neck slash were not only not first, they were probably the last two.

        I agree with the immediacy of the adrenaline, but I disagree with a person’s ability to immediately comprehend and then focus and channel that energy into the correct defensive action.

        I think it’s helpful to distinguish between wounds that are:

        Immediately incapacitating (neck slash, shot)
        Superficial (in the sense of not immediately incapacitating–but each of which loses significant blood to begin to weaken and lose capacity for FULL thinking and ability)
        Superficial (in the sense of severing muscles/tendons, not bleeding much, but limiting the movement and power of those muscles/tendons)
        Superficial (in the sense of defensive wounds that contribute to some blood loss–like those on his hands)

        And add to that, like the ME indicated, when someone is moving around like Travis, and adrenaline is pumping through their system, they lose blood very fast–especially when compared to standing/laying down with no adrenaline. And as the ‘superficial’ wounds accumulate, the blood loss also is cumulative.

        Since I believe Jodi initiated the attack, she had the jump on him, the element of surprise, and in my opinion would have gotten in multiple stab wounds before Travis had the ability to comprehend what was even happening, and start to respond

        And even if it took him only 3 seconds to figure what was happening AND turn around (assuming the attack started with his back turned, which seems like a logical attack strategy to me against a bigger more powerful male)–that’s another couple stabs in those 3 “extra” seconds.

        Remember, the entire attack, from the last photo, camera drop, the fight itself, grabbing knife and gun, dragging, wiping off wounds per ME’s comments, took 1:38. That leaves 27 stab wounds to happen in a very short time. Which makes me think a couple stabs in those 3 or 4 seconds is very likely.

        It’s my understanding that because there was no other blood, dna, or evidence of other people involved in the struggle, in addition to my line of thinking above and that Jodi had her own adrenaline rushing around in her system, I’m leaning towards her ability to ‘accomplish’ this on her own.

        Yes I know, the trial ain’t over yet.

        Oh sh@#$%!!!!T, Jodi’s on the stand. All bets are offfffffffffffffffffffff

        • To: Travis B. and Micky D.

          I hope commenting to the both of you at the same time will work, because cut/paste won’t work for me on this website. I admire the rational thinking I detected in each of your posts, and you both seem to be puzzling over the same issue I am currently keyed up about. I’m looking for feedback.
          I want us to SOLVE this murder. I want us to put a name on the real culprit or culprits and clear Jodi’s good name. AND This drags us back to the “bullet first or bullet last” issue. I am on pins and needles to hear from each of your respective perspectives after you check out the essay referenced below.

          I am guessing that you have not yet run across documentation that the medical examiner, one Kevin Horn, has himself a credibility problem 🙁 Enter: “Proof-of-Perjury-Law” its by Richard Speights. You will find a version of “bullet first or bullet last” that is my current favorite 🙂 I am most interested to hear your take on the juxtaposition of the contradicting theories. I can’t wait to get another point of view on any and all of the mysterious pieces to this puzzle. When all is said and done, I believe we’ll have ourselves a murder mystery that rivals that of the Kennedy assassination! Every day now, those of us on this site are pooling new clues that advance our search for the truth.

          Yea, Team Jodi

      • Unless I am misunderstanding you, here are my comments regarding your thoughts on the gun shot not being first. First, for years Flores said the gunshot came first. Second, Dr. Horn’s report is in direct contradiction to his testimony in that in his report it states clearly that the dura mater was intact and therefore the bullet did not enter the brain. His report was made just days after the death and he would have no reason to lie on that report. When he testified I believe IMHO that he perjured himself when he incorrectly stated that the bullet passed through the brain and would have debilitated TA. Then when JW pointed out to him that he just contradicted his own autopsy report all he could do was literally put his hand up to cover his mouth and say it was a “typo.” It was not a typo, his report was accurate. Everything in his report is consistent with the bullet not having passed through the dura mater and so my conclusion is that he was persuaded to change his view on this in order to advance the state’s theory that the gun shot came last and could not have come first bc it would have debilitated TA. Well, the truth is that the gunshot did come first and it did NOT debilitate TA as it did not pass through his dura mater or his brain but instead made a path through his sinus cavity and went into his jaw. It was a small caliber bullet and is not unusual that it was not a fatal shot. So bottom line is that Jodi told the truth when she said that she shot him first. But the prosecution could not have it that way bc it did not fit their phony theory of the case. Flores also IMHO perjured himself when he changed his previous testimony and statements that the gunshot came first to the gunshot came last. So you see:

        1) the autopsy report confirms that the gunshot did not pass through the dura mater and therefore did not pass through the brain. Dr. Horn testified against his own autopsy report then lamely blamed it on a “typo” but his report is consistent and nothing in it shows that the bullet passed through the brain and the dura mater was intact.

        2) Flores for years stated and testified previously that the gunshot was first and then lamely blamed it on a “misunderstanding” years later

        3) Jodi testified that the gunshot was first.

        The gunshot was first. The state has created a false theory in order to win at any costs and put Jodi to death. They have committed Brady violations, prosecutorial misconduct, perjured testimony of state witnesses and this case will be overturned if not in the AZ Court of Appeals then in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Brady violations are an absolute guarantee of an overturn of the criminal verdict…….

    • MickyD,

      Unfortunately, it can happen. Using a sheet is commonly used by therapists, nurses etc, to move someone much bigger than them. I don’t think this is an issue. Anyway, unless the defense brings it up, this is a non-starter. My opinion. Sadly.

      • Sure. But I’m not referring to moving a dead body. I’m talking about the medical examiners testimony which stipulates 25 non debilitating wounds occurring prior to the 2 fatal and incapacitating ones.

        In my opinion, with out a severely debilitating wound occurring as the first strike, Jodi or any person significantly smaller person would have been immobilized in short order by Travis after the first non-fatal wound. He would be in an adrenaline fueled survival mode. There is no dispute. It’s built into each and every one of us even if most of us will never have it triggered and are thus incapable of comprehending it.

        That being said, there is one way in which Jodi, being very much physically smaller and weaker could dominated and subdued Travis. That would be possible if she herself were threatened and entered into an instinctual, adrenaline fueled survival mode via an attack on her.

        And yes it is a moot point due to the guilty plea, however it doesn’t make it any more likely that she could win such a contest based on anger and jealousy alone.

        My main point to the family is that, as difficult as it is to ignore, the main strea media does not deserve their attention. Nothing there but enormous ignorance and hurt.

        • There are so many unanswered questions. Travis was right handed and they showed many times defensive wounds only on his right hand. What on earth was he doing with his right hand? There were no cuts on his right hand. And another thing, why would Jodi move him to the shower in the first place? And how could she walk all over the house doing laundry
          without making any blood marks? And she would have to stay untill laundry finished wash cycle and stay to get another load in? In such a short time?And nobody was using the laundry in the meantime after the murder? And I believe the camera was not found by the police but roomates found it? Something is not right there at all.
          Or if she wanted to kill him and she had a gun on her, why didn’t she just shoot him? There
          is a big point for self defence. And such experienced photographer as Jodi would know that you can’t destroy the chip. I think, that camera was put in the laundry by accident, together with
          towels or beddings. And there are many and many more questions I have.So much stuff
          does not make sense.

          • Thorina, I applaud you for your instinct to continue to harshly question the superficial information that we are being fed. We have yet to come anywhere near to understanding what is the real truth. Please search “Innocence-Proof-of Perjury-Law” compiled by Richard Speights. It is a critique re testimony of medical examiner, Kevin Horn’s autopsy report and his witnessing for Juan Martinez on the stand.

            Please send us feedback. I am passionate about getting more input from rational thinkers that expands the restricted stream of “information” we are being fed.

            I personally aspire for us to SOLVE this murder mystery, so that Jodi will not only be freed, but her good name will be exonerated. Please help us with feedback.


  10. Hey Angela,

    I am so sorry for all the pain that you are enduring at the moment. I can’t imagine what would it be like to have the unbelievable pressure of this trial hanging over your head plus the constant negative media coverage.

    I like others, am absolutely disgusted that people think they have the right to abuse and threaten your family. In regards to remarks and threats passed towards your young child, this is a despicable act and I would be reporting it to the police.

    We all know that Travis friends etc are two faced, lying mongrels who only have their own interests at heart. Don’t worry, they can continue their hate but the karma bus will run them over. Hang in their. Much love to your family. We are all backing you guys and Jodi. x

  11. Hi Angela,

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I simply cannot imagine what you are all experiencing at this moment – to have your precious little girl threatened like that is unthinkable! To hear your account of you and your family being stalked, threatened, and your child violently sexualized horrifies me. To think GROWN PEOPLE act like such jerks to little kids is unconscionable.

    I support Jodi 100%. Since day one I knew there was something off about the way this case was being presented to the public. I think anyone who pays attention to all the evidence will draw the conclusion that not only was Travis a user, manipulator, and abusive: but that he may have brought her to his house to die that day. Why else would he want Jodi to “swing by” before she visited this other male friend she was interested in? People so quickly assume that Jodi was the one who killed him in rage – but all evidence points to Travis being the jealous, rageful one.

    I keep my hopes up about the trial, and that it’s result will be a verdict based on reason, and not emotions and suppositions of “what could have happened.” I do not feel that the prosecution has fulfilled their burden of proof beyond any and all reasonable doubt – in fact Martinez simply gives one version of “what could have happened” and expects the jury to buy into his version of reality without question. In fact there is NO evidence of premeditation! I do not like that man, and if the forensic evidence really was enough to convict Jodi then he wouldn’t have had to destroy her character and humiliate her with naked pictures.

    I keep Jodi and your whole family in my thoughts every day, and hope that every day will be met with renewed strength and truth.


  12. Sadly I have been in your shoes sis. We support the ones we love. I have done the same thing just recently. Family has to stand on what we believe even we are standing alone. God bless you dear.

  13. Angela…I am a friend of Jodi’s & have been for many years…I believe it was you who I spoke to on the phone once a long time ago…I called for Jodi & it was you who answered the telephone…you let me know that she had moved to Monterey, CA…anyway you were very very nice & I am truly sorry you are being threatened like this…people that are doing such things are as bad as if not way worse than they are accusing Jodi of being!!!
    I hope everything is OK for you and your family…I live here in Yreka…if you need anything just contact me on my cell I will post it here…it is (530)***-****…God Bless You & Your Family…& for Jodi…GODSPEED!!!!!

  14. i am very impressed with the comments from the kind, smart and insightful people on this website. i would just like to add, the Arias family has shown a lot of grace under fire. I know that jodie has confessed to killing travis in self defense but. Travis above makes a good set of points….has anyone asked jodie what time she left Travis home? could she have left earlier than 5 or 5:30pm, and it was someone else with the camera? the foot and the leg in the photo, jodi said “that’s not my foot” it might not have been her foot. the killers face wasn’t shown. is that why travis looked so funny in the photo, he expected it was jodie with the camera and instead it was someone else? jodi’s handprint in blood on the wall, was it really jodi’s? actually then, the only evidence is the handprint on the wall, and i’m wondering about that now if it really was hers and if not, how could it get there. i wonder if the police have gone over all of travis business investments. he could have gotten in deep dangerous territory with finances in lots of ways. maybe he cheated someone, didn’t pay up. it could have been a paid hit. and someone wanted him to really suffer. maybe some other dude resented this charming ladies man. jodi seems awfully kind hearted, travis would call her at late hours to talk and she never got mad at that. in one interview she said he would text her at night and say, “ok its safe to come over now” and she would go over and spend the night. no one has proven she slashed his tires, i suspect it was the real killer..jodi might have confessed because she is scared to tell what she really knows i have reasonable doubt she committed this murder.

    • Your theory seems a little far fetched. She killed him in the heat of rage and passion. Ppl forget, he used Jodi and treated her as a whore. Jodi just fell for the wrong guy. Travis had no moral guidance while growing up, remember, his parent’s were meth junkies and were unstable mentally. They were in no position to properly raise and train Travis about morals. What’s worse is letting a “Mormon Church” get involved with the process. Please, a religion founded by a man with several wives and finding gold tablets with revelations written on those tablets. Not to mention that the founder of Mormonism was murdered by a group of people, himself. Those ppl are nuts, with their “don’t drink coffee” crap, but engage in oral sex behind closed doors. Travis had his nerve disrespecting the Hugh’s hospitality the night he creeped into Jodi’s room after the Hughes had gone to sleep. I would have screamed rape. That would have put an end to Travis right then and there, for the whole world to see.

      • James, You raise an interesting perspective on the dynamic played by the mormons in this entire puzzle. They may mean well, but reading through this trial, I have observed that a lot of their doctrines end up working against them. Such as how that whole group of repressed mormans living in Travis’ house all seemed to be pair up behind closed doors all the time. These young people did not appear to me to be developing appropriate bonds of genuine friendship. When the detective questioned them, they couldn’t even remember when they last saw Travis. It seemed like they couldn’t open up to one another and be supportive,

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  15. You’re most definitely spot on about the Arias family Jackie! You can tell right away that this is one good and decent family. Jodi’s mom and sisters are such perfect ladies too.:-)

    • Aww, me too. That’s a sweet thing to say. It’s great look for and see the good in folks.
      Thank you for posting your observation. It made me stop and think, and adjust my prism.

  16. Hello,everyone and a big warm hug to Angela and her family.First of all,I want to say that I’ve been watching this trial from the other side of the globe,being Greek,so pardon my english.I’m constantly praying for Jodi,sending out Light and Love to her.I really hope she can handle all this,while the trial is unfolding.Honestly,I’m quite relieved I found this site coz,I thought I was the only one supporting this woman.There’s nothing out there but people full of sick heatred,mean words and comments that make my heart go numb and stop-how can anyone hate someone so wholeheartedly ,even if they are accused of murder?It’s beyond me! Has any of them ever being in a relationship with the other person being manipulative and/or narcissistic?Believe me I have and I know what it means to go back and forth,to have become a toy in someone’s hands,especially when you’re in love it’s like a spider’s web from which you’re unable to escape.
    When looking into Jodi’s eyes it’s hard not to see the pain.When looking into the matter more carefully,it’s impossible not to see that there are so many things left unsaid or not explored.Why isn’t there anyone interested in sharing Jodi’s real story?Like many of you,I’m left with a million questions which I don’t see the defence team raising or being willing to raise.
    Angela,if you’re reading this plz tell your sister she’s supported 100%.

  17. A few things in this trial/history/story do not make sense to me. They are:

    What kind of rite of protection was Travis performing before Jodi arrived (per the roommate)? and more importantly, why did he feel the need to do so? Is that a common practice for Mormons?

    Jodi was certainly acting suspiciously regarding gas cans, dying of her hair, license plate etc but if I put the rite of protection and Jodi’s behavior together, seems to me that perhaps the two of them were very nervous about something/someone.

    I generally don’t buy into conspiracy theories but I did come across several mentions of a blood atonement. Perhaps there are still vigilante Mormons among Travis’ group. Seems Daniel and his sister were a little bit off. In one of Jodi’s interrogation videos, she mentioned a man and a woman attacking Travis and threatening her. Daniel was very knowledgeable and seemed very serious about his beliefs.

    Makes me wonder why he was so descriptive and appeared so passionate, while his sister-who oddly enough tagged along on their vacations-was not as talkative. She is the willing, unwilling accomplice. Perhaps the blame lies there, between the two of them. We know Daniel and Travis had tension. Just theorizing. And if Jodi spent significant time with Daniel and his sister’s family, perhaps she too learned of the blood atonement. Of course, loyalty among religious family (remember Daniel said Jodi was like his sister) might deter Jodi in voicing who she thought was there that fatal night in the bathroom.

    Just one of many theories. Many more questions but I’ll save those for later!

    • I don’t really know why they make such a big deal with the gas cans. If I drive long distances I always have extra gas in the can with me. Specially in the dessert.So what is the big deal? And I believe that this was not the first time Jodi borrowed the cans, only people like Nancy Grace can make such a big deal of it.

      • Very well put. I also thought that the gas can weren’t odd and being blown out of proportion. I have gas cans attached to my JEEP; I could only imagine how bad HLN would try to make her look if she drove my JEEP with all the emergency crap I have in it.

  18. Angela, I am so sorry for the threats that your family is having to deal with right now. Anyone who would say such nasty things about a two-yr-old will surely go to hell.

    Please know that there are many of us who support Jodi. Many of us have been in relationships with men like Travis – manipulative, egotistical, and “double-life” leaders.

    I am continuing to pray that the truth is shown about the kind of man Travis really was – not what his “dear friends” try to portray.

    God bless your whole family! 🙂

  19. Angela, along with everyone on this post I hope that your sister, Jodi is set free. I am so sorry that you and your family are going through this horrible nightmare. No matter what, no matter what happens, stay strong n have faith. When something in my life goes wrong my mother always tells me that she doesn’t always have answers, that GOD has a plan for all of us no that he know what he is doing, that things happen to us for reasons, to have faith n pray n believe.

    God Bless you n your family, Angela.

  20. Reply for Angela:
    I have watched this case and done as much research as possible… What I have to say is I am
    a 100% supporter for Jodi! Stay strong and know that every night I pray to God
    that she come home soon. I want to send money to her for what ever she needs but don’t know where to send!!! Can you get that info for us? To all the Arias’ stay strong and hold your head up high! Jodi did what needed to be done and I believe that there is a piece of this story that people like ignorant Nancy Grace fail to realize!

    • Nancy Grace is a sicko. She’s been riding on the fame of her old fiancé getting murdered like, a 100 years ago. Nancy Grace will beat that dead horse and play that old record all the way to her grave.

  21. I am not a hater of either party ! I believe in self defense. I am not familiar with mormon faith with the throat cutting issue . I have been watching and taping this entire trial acting as though i was a part of the jury. Jodi does not appear to be someone who could do such a violent crime. I have looked at all the photos of Travis’s body. I can only assume she continued stabbing him to end a painful death. I wish i could ask her question i would ask If he was wanting to act out a sex scene modeled around a violent rape and it got out of hand. I Jodi wanted to completly end his life she could have shot him while he was sleeping.
    As far asTravis’s family yes its wrong to say harsh words and threaten a young child and all related to Jodi if i were you i would not shout out to everyone what they say and do to you guys cause it just stirs the pot. Also Jodi did admit she killed him and they had to see those horrific photo’s. I give them the benefit of the doubt ,that they are blinded by their words. I feel they will need professional help them funnel their hate to a positive reaction. Whatever the out come i do wish justice be served and i like to let you all know your in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Yea, Jodi admitted she killed him. Kudos for Jodi coming clean with the truth. Jodi certainly had more balls than Travis!!!!!!

  22. I just wanted to add that Jodi is hurting and needs our love and prayers, not to mention our support. I hope you get home soon!

  23. Sorry your family is being put thru hell, especially your daughter. That’s sickening! I know they want to apint a picture perfect man of Travis, but he is proven to be a liar and manipulater to his friends, family and church. People always want to stick up for their kids, but sometimes actions speak louder than words. He was using Jodi from the get go and his friends know it. Hell, his roommate told her sister how he was (cheating) and Travis would’nt leave her alone. He was a pervert too…no guy would compare a women to a 12 yr old child, that’s warped! I’de say he was into young girls already. Crime of passion is what I see, and a man walks on that all the time. Trying to make a example of a young women. I think she and your family has been put thru enough and should be time served! Most men don’t even serve 4 or 5 yrs on “crime of passion”, so why should she? He screwed with her head and tried to own her for what he wanted from her. I believe that would drive anyone over the edge. Easy to say things when it’s not you involved. Good luck Angela!

  24. Angela,

    Those people are filthy, It’s ironic to hear such crude comments like that coming from people who pride themselves in not drinking diet coke! I am so sorry that you and your family have to go through this. Pretty soon this whole circus will be over and your family will be reunited with Jodi. Continue to protect the rest of the Arias family, I understand why you guys don’t want to come out into the media because people like Nancy Grace would have a field day with your thoughts and emotions. I pray that Jodi walks by the end of this trial!


    Fight On! From Southern California!

  25. You go Angelia!!!!!!! After watching day 14 and listening to Jodi’s testimony, Travis was just a selfish, sex addict. Aside from TA being a hypocrite, he neglected to learn the utmost of God’s commandants, that is, respecting others. I truly believe that Travis just used her for his own sexual gratification and led Jodi on. Ppl who hide behind religion are usually found out. As the New Testament teaches, “There is nothing that is hid that will not stay hid, but will reveal itself in the truth for all to see.” Travis should not hidden his motives for being with Jodi. If he really “felt bad”, he would not have continued using her for sex and leading her on.

    • Even if all these things are true, they are not grounds for arrest and consideration for prison.

      a hypocrite, he neglected to learn the utmost of God’s commandants, that is, respecting others. I truly believe that Travis just used her for his own sexual gratification and led Jodi on. Ppl who hide behind religion

      Jodi had a man who loved her, he said he still loved her…she used poor judgement in dumping him
      After a time period he might have reconsidered not having children. In ones life your get few
      opportunities like he offered her. Someone once said “what if you make a mistake and lose your fate?”
      Clearly she made a mistake and lost the fate of having a man who loved her and who had shown that over a four year period…for someone who offered nothing.

  26. Something really struck me about this message. I assume Angela put some thought in this message, and although short, it was an effort to relay a message, and it seems to me, two things were being relayed. 1) Jodi was someone who she could tell all her secrets to. Of all of the things Angela must love about Jodi, why did she chhose to relay that Jodi can keep a secret? Not, Jodie was kind, careing, or loving, though she is obviously those things, why a good ” secret keeper “? 2) the friends or family of travis are danderous. Does anyone think for a second the people who threatened her childs are capable of making Jodi fear for her life? Even to the extent that she is willing to take the wrap for murder rather than live in a prison of fear of them forever.

  27. Angela, I am so sorry to hear that they are talking about your daughter that way. I do not even know jodi but I am not going to judge her at all. I have even written to her where she is now.

  28. I am sending my thoughts from London, England. I just wish I could help, I feel powerless which is why I am sending my thoughts.

    Keep strong, Jodi, I am thinking of you.


  29. To Angela Arias and the entire family. My Husband and I understand and are supportive to you and Jodie. We see the signs of TA abuse towards her. and we are so sorry his awful family treated you and your family and especially your little Angel with such distaste… they should be ashamed for their actions. You have our support and we have been watching everyday and since me and my husband started a Non- profit Org to help abused and battered people. and we see Jodie has been abused and we fully understand her and support her. stay strong. God knows the truth and remember he is in control always !

    Hugs to you all , stay strong, and stay close. Love to you all especially Jodie
    GodSpeed, in hopes she comes home.

    • I need to get in touch with the defense team as i have come across some evidence of things that have been said Yrs ago…..and I need to get touch base with them… it is a matter of clearing Jodie from this horror and hopefully release her from jail… please do not post my info on this page… my husband and I have been doing some research…. and still doing more… please have them email me before they close their questioning……. for this info thanks…

  30. Angela,
    I hope you are able to read this. First I want to start by saying I think the fact that you and your family are not going to the media is the RIGHT thing to do. I think that it is terrible that the “cult” that follows the prosection and the Alexander family has drug your baby girl into all of this. I will keep her in my prayers. I believe n Jodi and saw right away when sh was on the standing telling what happened that day that she had been in fear of her life and was telling the truth. I can tell that she is a survivor of dating violence because I too am a survivor and see so many of the same behaviors in Jodi that I have.
    I pray for Jodi nightly and hope soon she will be able to be home with her family where she deserves to be. I saw after the Casey Anthony trial how hard it was for her to return to Florida and pray that doesnt happen to Jodi. I would like to get you my contact info. I live out of state far from Arizona and have friends with several rental units if Jodi needs a safe place to go. If you read this and would like that contact info I will get it to SJ and then it can be passed to you I dont want to post it on here because of all the haters that come on here.
    Again Please know that their are people out here that believe in Jodi. I can not imagine the pain your family goes through each and everyday with her in that place.
    God Bless you,

  31. I’m watching one of the so called “news” programs at this moment. This is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter what side your on or if you are waiting till the last second to make up your mind after seeing all of the presented evidence, the way these so called news and legal professionals are recapping things is so unfair. Saying they see smiles where there is obvious grief, acting as if they know what someones tears mean, saying the body language shows anything definitive, speculating on and on over little things that have NO meaning. It just disgusts me.
    It truly sickens me that they are so full of themselves and their ratings. I hope they all go through something traumatic where either they or their loved one is in a position of judgement. We’ll see if they are as critical when they are in a position where public opinion is so important. P.S. either way, I feel that Jodi is very classy in the way she is handling Mr. Martinez. He on the other hand is a total monster. It is not necessary to totally destroy someone emotionally to prove your point. He shows no class or professionalism. People like that disgust me. Even if she was found 100% guilty of premeditated murder, she still has HUMAN rights and should be treated with dignity until such time as she passes away either by natural causes in prison or by the death penalty. No living human being deserves to be continually brow beaten and belittled. She has handled herself amazingly well.

  32. Angela,

    I was unaware of your sister’s trial until a week ago when I was switching through TV channels and landed on TruTV.
    I watched to find out what Jodi was accused of and heard the tape of this terrible abuse Travis did to her, and kept watching the trial.
    I am convinced now that your sister is totally innocent and a victim, and is still persecuted and vilified by the media and others. Hopefully at least someone on the jury will remain sane.
    I wish you and your whole family the best.

  33. What an amazing young woman. She is your sister and my prayers are with you and with her. I have many problems with this victim Travis Alexander. It hurts my heart for you and your family. Jodi hasn’t been convicted of any crime. She is presumed innocent. I agree these shows like Nancy Grace the whole HN network is so pro-prosecution they forget the Constitution. I believe in due process, I believe in the defendants presumption of innocence and I hope your sister like Casey Anthony gets a full acquittal. For these people threatening you and your family how Christ-like is that? Oh it seems just like their friend the rules don’t apply to them and they think they can do whatever they want. Yes very good examples of Christianity….hypocrisy I call it. Best of luck to you Angela. Love and Light!!

  34. I admire Jodi so much. A whole month on the stand, answering tough questions carefully, intelligently, articulately. She spent her twenties searching earnestly for a path in life that would work for her — a religion, a profession, a worthy partner. It is so tragic what came to pass. I wish her the best and just wish I could hug her.

  35. I don’t know I was following the case since begining and had a feeling in my heart that she had no other choise so in my heart she was self defending herself, I’ve been through abusive relationship but I couldn’t get away from the man because I loved him with all of my heart and I helped him financialy and at the end he is cheating on me ! So I feel for Jodi. I’m sorry she’s going through all that ,, I did learn a lesson which is only my family deserve my love (uncondetional love) but in a relationship with a man it’s ok to have feelings but don’t mess your own life because he cheated or something like that because that show how low class is that man and he deserve no one drop of tears from your eyes. Good luck.

  36. Hi there

    I am a Canadian and in watching the trial I have to say that I am a PROUD Canadian. Thank God we do not live in the dark ages and do NOT have in the death penalty in our country. Our great leaders abolished it in 1976. My prayers go out to the Alexander family and to the Arias family. This is hard on all of you.

  37. I rarely take sides in this sort of case simply because I am not part of the process, ie I’m not on the jury and I’m not a lawyer. BUT, and there is an exception to every rule, in Jodi’s case I am on her side. I can’t say one way or the other if she did or did not do this but I can say that the evidence being presented in court is lacking and the prosecution is bringing shame to the justice system. Besides all of that my real stance is that Jodi is fighting for her life and she needs to try very very hard to stop protecting her abuser. I know she has put him on a pedestal, and I hope some day she can come to terms with why she has done this. I have a strong sense that Jodi is in fact, a wonderful young lady and IF she had been treated properly and with respect, Travis would have had a truly amazing woman in his life. With that said, I have little doubt that Travis was a terribly broken person and given a different upbringing and early moral guidance and therapy he would have turned out differently. This entire situation need never have happened, but it has and I throw my support for Jodi. I am also usually against the death penalty and that is 100% true in this case. Be strong for Jodi.

  38. Wow I have been following this case since it happened. I think it’s fabulous that Jodi’s mom Sandy and her aunt have been at Jodi’s trial every day; as well as other family members when they can, like her dad and sibs. That must be difficult in terms of $$. Can I help the family be there for Jodi/support the Arias’ family’s support of Jodi, financially, or in other ways where they benefit, without it going in Jodi’s commisssary account, i.e. make a payment to their hotel/landlord, send grocery card, etc.?

  39. I believe in Jodi’s right to due process and a fair trial. Whether she is guilty or innocent, it shouldn’t factor in the way the public treats jodi’s family. Angela, you are a victim in this as well, and so is your daughter. I pray for everyone whose life has been affected by this tragedy, and hope that you and your family, regardless of the verdict, can find some peacse.

  40. That is sad about your daughter. I admire you for defending your sister! I would do the same for mine. I respect you and your family. May God Bless your daughter and your family…

  41. Hi Angela

    I am on your side and your sisters Jodi side, I suggest to ignore the haters and hang out with the people that support Jodi in this time of terrible turmoil in her life. I live in Salt Lake city Utah and I sent Jodi a post card around 4 days ago. I can not imagine what you and your family are going through but I will keep you in my prayers. I AM SPEECHLESS AT THE FACT THAT YOUR TODDLER DAUGHTER WOULD BE CALLED A CUNT. THEY SHOULD ARREST THE PERSON THAT DID THIS. I GUESS THIS IS THE TYPE OF PEOPLE THAT SUPPORT TRAVIS. I AM HOPING THAT SHE DOES NOT GET THE DEATH PENALTY, I AM PRAYING FOR HER, TAKE CARE ANGELA

  42. I Love Jodi and I Wish that She had gotten the medical care that She needed as Her actions against Travis were caused by a mental/emotional problem. The ferocity of the Crime shows this, but the State was too hyped up by the Hate Fest and wanted to look Good.
    I Will Always Love Jodi and Hope for Her. I have written Her in Prison and She has answered twice.
    God Bless and Protect Her.

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